ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Zwilling J, Excellent Product

This is the mack daddy of sharpeners. I put this next to the one i have been using for the past several years and the henckel steel puts mine to shame. It is thicker and longer than my old one (get your minds out of the gutter). I thought about getting one of those 2 or 3 stage sharpeners where you slide the knife through. I really wanted to learn how to properly sharpen a knife. Henckel’s website where they have several ‘how to’ videos. The one i viewed was how to sharpen knives the correct way. I practiced for about an hour on an old dull knife lying in the drawer. Once i recieved this sharpener, i grabbed my henckel pro s santoku knife i bought a few days ago and introduced it with this new twin pro steel. It has brought my knife back to life and i have only used the knife a few timeswords of wisdom: sharpen your knife before and after you use it. This will prolong the life of the knife and your enjoyment of cutting; for example cutting through ‘not yet ripe’ tomatoes. That will put a smile on your face :)i am now a ‘rehabilitated newie’ home cook who enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing meals thanks to great equipment.

I purchased this 12′ steel to replace the substandard 9′ steel that came with my henckels professional s knives. I’ve owned the knives for a good decade and was regularly honing them with the original 9′ steel. I knew it was substandard and continued to use it but finally got sick of the 9′ steel’s small size, weak performance, and perpetually loose handle (they’re poorly made). Though i have good technique and have kept my blades very healthy with the old steel, this is truly a professional tool that has brought my knives from merely ‘sharp’ to ‘factory new’ quality. A few swings before each use and these are sharper than the old steel could manage and like a whole new set of knives. Though i use my knives every day, i hone them carefully and can’t see that i will ever need a professional sharpening. If you’re trying to decide what steel to buy – just get this one. It’s built like a tank and i imagine that it will last as long as my knives. Dull knives are dangerous knives.

I have used henckels for many years.

Key specs for Zwilling J.A. Henckels 32555-310 Professional”S” Sharpening Steel, 12-inch, Black/Stainless:

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  • For most home chefs the sharpening steel will realign the edge and remove any niche or burr.
  • For most home chefs the sharpening steel will realign the edge and remove any niche or burr

Comments from buyers

, Outstanding! What took me so long??
, Great sharpening steel!

This is a great honing steel for upper end knives. We just purchased six zwilling-henckel pro series knives and this honing rod does an excellent job of keeping a good edge on them. I read somewhere that it has a rockwell hardness of 66. It gets used frequently and looks as though it will last.

This is as advertised and is a very functional steel.

Good for poking guests from inside a cabinet.

I sharpened my henckels knife with this, and after giving it some serious tlc with this steel, some oil and time, i decided to put it to the test. I was able to drop a green pepper from 5 inchs above this blade, and the pepper split cleanly in two and fell to the sides. I was able to ‘rose pedal’ a tomato no problem. I was able to shear a piece of standard printer paper clean in half, no tugging. Wanted to try and split a hair with it at that point, but my wife said no. If you buy high end knifes, you need something harder than they are to hone them on, plain and simple. Check this thing out, you will see the difference.

I bought it additionally to a brand new knife set and i am glad i did. Good brand, i recommend their products, they’re worth every penny.

I’ve been using it at work for a while now and it keeps my knives sharp when i need them to be.

The handle is very comfortable. It puts a nice edge on all my knives.

So honestly, i have a different knife sharpener that i prefer but my hubby and son love this thing. And if they like it, they will use it. That means i always have a sharp knife in the drawer so i love it too.

Finally a sharpener that you can actually feel biting into the best steel blade knives. I have been thru several brands of these sharpeners, all ended up in the trash. You get what you pay for, and this one is worth the price.

When someone bought me a set of *good knives* for a gift this was included. They thought, and i did as well, that this was a knife sharpener. After 8 months of use resulted in some very dull, expensive knives i asked a friend about it. These tools are excellent for what they do but they dont sharpen, per se. As the knives are used the blades lose their *straight* edge. You cant see it with the eye but it effects cutting. These will perfect the edges between uses, and probably prolong time between sharpening a bit but they wont make a dull knife sharp. I dont have any experience with any other ones. Many appear quite similar so its hard to know at times what makes one better than the other.

Replaced a nearly twenty year old henckels steel that came with my zwilling j. Henckels knife set and block. Puts a very sharp edge on my recently professionally sharpened knives.

This product is really great. It was a present for my husband.

Last one lasted almost 30 years.

We’ve had great luck with j. No problem sharpening my non-serrated knives with this.

This is my first honing steel, and i am very happy with it. It is nice and hefty and feels high quality. I noticed an immediate difference using this on some of my knives. I am glad i bought one that will last, because i am never going back to not using a steel on my knives before each use.

What more can i say and henkel stands behind their products. I purchased a set of henkel everstar (never need sharpening ) knives that in the 1990’s were top of the line and very expensive. I contacted henkel in 2008 expecting to get the run around or ‘where is your receipt from 13 years ago. To my surprise the us rep’s manager wrote me back to pick you a new set, send me the dull blades and they would replace it all. I purchased this sharpening blade and when they sent me the replacement knives that did nee sharpening, they sent a sharpening blade also at no charge. Now this is a reputable company.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Trust me it is the good jam.

You can buy smaller honing steels but if you buy this 12′ you’ll cover all needs in your cooking/kitchen sharpening requirements. I don’t like the diamond steels as they take off too much metal from the knifes and wear out too fast. This 12′ regular honing steel will be the last steel you’ll ever purchase. When i was young my father had 2 restaurants in chicago, i remember the steels we used everyday in the kitchen’s prep room and taught me to use a steel prior to any cut. Ever since i’ve used a 12′ steel which is a lot safer, as it keep the blade farther away from your hands.

This honing steel compliments my pro-s knife-ends very well when in their wooden case/display. Since my knife set sits very prominently in the kitchen, the look was important to me. Just as important is the function, which is very good. The steel is well balanced, and more substantial than others i have used. My gf is petite, but likes it very much also. I find it easy to use accurately for a quick hone.

It’s zwilling henkles, not henkels international, so it’s good quality. Check that: excellent quality. My review title is the best onomatopoeia i can come up with for the sound the knife edge makes against this steel: it’s like butter, man. Two items of note: 1) this is not a sharpener. It won’t make a dull knife sharp; it *will* keep a sharp knife sharp. Just 2-4 passes on each edge: up, back, repeat. Before or after each use, and your knives will stay sharp for 6-12 months. It’s 12 inches of steel and 6 inches of handle: 18 inches overall, not including the loop. That’s fine if your knife block is deep enough to hold it.

I have been using an old chicago cutlery steel for years. And for years i have known it didn’t do much for an edge. That changed instantly when i finally splurged for this henckels steel. Wow, this really does the job.A little work on the diamond stone to get the proper angle and this new steel keeps it razor sharp.