Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer : Best Rice Cooker ever!

My wife is japanese and i lived there for several years. This is a great rice cooker that cooks 5. 5 cups of rice, which is plenty for dinner and for left overs. Highly recommend it and it has been very reliable.

This is a great induction rice cooker and warmer with multiple programming options. It is attractively designed and easy to carry with the attached handle. It takes the guesswork out of cooking rice and, if desired, the timer can be set to have cooking completed by a specific time. The only issue i have with the cooker is that, when using the programmed settings, the timer does not display the remaining cooking time until approximately 8 minutes before it will finish. There is a chart showing estimated cooking times for the different varieties of rice, so if you refer to that, you can figure out when the rice will be ready. I have not yet used the gaba brown setting, but increased nutritional value is the benefit of that extended cooking time. This is not an inexpensive appliance, but i have enjoyed using it and we eat rice much more frequently than when i prepared it on the stove and had to closely monitor it.

I’ve made rice several different ways over the years, but the zojirushi np-hbc10 is by far the best i’ve ever used and the quality of the rice that comes out of it is amazing and rivals any that i’ve had in restaurants in both korea and japan. Prior to this, i’ve been using a $30 steamer with a timer on it and i thought that was easy to use. As far as ease of use, this thing blows it away, drives off, comes back, pokes it with a stick then blows it away once more for good measure. As others have mentioned, one thing to note is that when you’re measuring your rice, use the included measuring cup that’s gauged for the japanese measurement. Other than that, wash your rice, use the measuring marks in the pan for your water and sit back and wait for the best rice you’ll ever have. I make a lot of onigiri using sushi rice and this cooker does an amazing job. I’ve even experimented with rice-based lunch dishes mixing a bunch of things from the cupboard and it has never failed to impress. I highly recommend this rice cooker. Having used much cheaper cookers, i was a little leary to pull the trigger on such an expensive unit, but i’m glad i did.

I was never a fan of rice because no matter what we did, we couldn’t get the moisture content of the rice right. It was always too mushy or too dry. Wild grain rice was more difficult because of it’s longer cooking time. We tried a cheap rice maker and the rice burned to the bottom. Then a coworked recommended paying the premium price for this unit and insisted i couldn’t screw up the rice with this. That recommendation was correct. Making perfect rice is easy and it’s perfect every time. Brown, white, sushi, gaba, etc. You will not regret buying this. We use it 2-3 times per week and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

  • The Best Rice Cooker I’ve Ever Owned
  • cup size explained + my two cents from 20 years with a Zo
  • This rice cooker is unbelievably good. I’ve used and been familiar with Zojirushi rice

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with Induction Heating System, Stainless Steel

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  • 5-1/2-cup rice cooker and warmer with micro computer technology
  • Superior induction heating evenly distributes heat for excellent results
  • Multi-menu cooking functions; LCD control panel; keep warm; timer
  • Spatula, spatula holder, and rice-measuring cup included
  • Measures 14-3/16 by 9-13/16 by 7-15/16 inches

I’ve owned this rice cooker for four months now. I use it about 3 to 4 times a week with stellar results each and every time. I’ve made rice, short grain rice (to make sushi with), brown basmati rice, short grain brown rice, mahogony and wild rice mixed together, and even quinoa with it. They have all come out perfect with it. A lot of times, i’ll throw in the rice in the morning and don’t even think about it until dinner comes around, at which point i have perfect rice waiting for me. However, i must say that when i did this with quinoa, i felt it came out a touch bitter (it had been in there for almost six hours). I’ve also made gabba brown rice but have to admit, didn’t notice a difference with regular brown rice. I grappled with which size to get for a good month before i actually ordered it. We’re a family of five and i was making a rice or grain each night with dinner (never had my results come out this perfect even though i’m a pretty good cook). If you don’t know what size to get either, i have some helpful information to guide you.

If you consume a lot of rice, it is worth spending the extra $ for this cooker. I wasn’t a fan of brown rice until i cooked it in this rice cooker. . Fluffy w/ the slightest hint of a crunch, perfect. It’s quite and the setting are easy to use. We have had it for nearly a yr & no issues w/ this unit.

Sometimes i think i purchased zojirushi np-hbc10 5-1/2-cup (uncooked) rice cooker and warmer with induction heating system, stainless steel because i think “zojirushi” is so much fun to say. This is not the case, however. I did a lot of research and really agonized over the most sensible machine to purchase. Rice has always been a problem, because an electric stove is not sensitive to cutting down on the heat quickly. Boil overs and sticky gummy messes were often the result. I had a great gadget that was a glass disc you could insert in the bottom of a pan to prevent boil-overs. That got tossed after one broke and i had to throw away a whole pot of beans. The solution presented itself at a luncheon when a great friend of mine offered to cook the rice for me in her rice cooker in my kitchen. Not only did it free up a burner for me, but the rice turned out terrific. After reading many reviews and learning the different types of rice cookers, i had to decide whether i wanted to spend the money for an induction rice cooker.

This rice cooker is unbelievably good. I’ve used and been familiar with zojirushi rice cookers as roommates have had them in the past, but this was my first purchase of one on my own. Zojirushi’s build quality is excellent. And the machine just cooks perfect rice, all the time. This model, with its extended menu set, allows for a lot more options—brown rice, sushi rice, different degrees of hardness, etc. It also offers a porridge setting, which has become one of our favourite functions for this machine. With it, we can make oatmeal, polenta, or other things of that ilk. So, i can load it up with steel cut oats, set the time for 7am, and bam, breakfast is ready. Same for rice and dinner time, rinse your rice, measure it out, set the time for 6pm.

Hi first off i have to say i absolutely love this rice cookeri looked at and read all the reviews for multiple brands and kept coming back to this one. I feel the price is good for what you are getting there are definitely different prices and lots of different features but the convenience of set it in the morning and go and it be ready and waiting for you when you want it is great and the keep warm feature i’ll admit at first i thought the rice might just be ok but after trying it right after its done or several hours later its still perfect. My girlfriend is asian so we rice almost every day so for us its definitely worth the cost. Her family also owns this same one. I do agree however with other reviewers that if your using this only a few times a week or occasionally its probably a little expensive and i would buy one the the other zojirushi models. I have had this only about 2 weeks and have tried white and mixed rice only i’ll update when i try the sushi and brown rice settings.

Before this rice cooker, i had used only two methods to cook rice; paraboiled rice bag in boiling water and a black & decker rice cooker that cost around $20. The b&d would always burn the bottom of the rice and brown rice was always on the crunchy, under cooked side. I just settled for it thinking that’s how it had to be. Then i purchased the zojirushi. The initial cost is a lot to consider, but i have enjoyed this rice cooker. I have now tried different types of rice like black japonica, white/brown jasmine, wehani, basmati regular brown and white rice. I now have an appreciation of how rice is supposed to be prepared. I really like having rice as a side now and that says a lot coming from a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Throw in any aromatic rice and the whole house is filled with mouth watering fragrances. I have used the keep warm cycle for up to 24 hours after the rice was done and it was still moist and delicious. You can also cook steel cut oats in this rice cooker which is a real treat if you like oatmeal. It has a cycle called gaba brown. I think this cycle makes the brown rice more tender as it heats the rice for 2 hours at about 120 degrees before cooking it for an hour to increase the amount of available gaba. For those who, like me haven’t heard about brown rice and gaba, it is a molecule found in brown rice that promotes some level of relaxation (based upon dosage of course.

Are you tired of rice that is sometimes great and sometimes only so-so?. Do you put your rice on high and forget to turn it down until you smell it burning?. Well, this rice cooker will solve those problems forever. It’s so easy, and the rice, whether brown or white, is perfect every time. All you need is a few stir-fry recipes and you can enjoy quick, easy, and nutritious meals. It’s so easy to clean – no more scrubbing those scorched pans or stove tops. I can’t say enough about this product. Update: i’ve had this rice cooker for 4 years now and use it a couple of times a week – sometimes more. My favorite use is making risotto. You lightly brown the onions and rice right in the pan, add broth and wine and walk away.

I am a chinese and i eat rice for over 25 years. As the world’s most good at eating race, i strongly rocommand you to by this japanese rice cooker. Although chinese always feel not that friendly to japanese, we have to admit that they do a much better job in technology. For example, the technology such like ih heating, coating and the tank manufactur is much better than us. Ih and the tank makes the rice performance better that normal rice cooker. The coating layer makes it easy clean. The computer control system helps a lot on cooking. Me and my friends loves this rice cooker. And it has worked for me two years without a problem. The bad thing is the japanese is discrimination against overseas markets.

This is an induction rice cooker, with nearly 2000 watts of power, in europe you’ll need a voltage converter erich is heavy and expensive, not worth the buy. You can but it at yumasia or something similar. Its a page of uk where they sell adapted rice cookers.

My wife never used to like rice, she loves the rice that zoji makes it for us, especially on the gaba setting. We eat at least one meal a day from it, usually two. Yes it is well made, attractive and made in japan. Useful info:the zojirushi measuring cup is approx 2/3 of an standard imperial 8oz cup. 66 “real” cups of uncooked rice. 3 zoji cups of rice makes a big enough batch for 8 people to have a large side of rice. 2 zoji cups makes enough for two people to eat rice as the main meal. There is a separate scale for brown rice, of which 4 is the maximum. The gaba setting is effective at starting the sprouting process. Using lundberg’s short grain brown rice (organic) on the gaba setting white tips are visible on the ends of the rice. Lundberg’s short grain organic brown rice is fantastic, as is black rice (aka forbidden rice)clean up is easy, we use a couple swirls with a nylon brush on bowl and removable lidhow we use the zoji:in the evening we load zoji with 1 zoji cup of mccanns’s steel cut oats and a tablespoon of whole oat groats and bit of salt. We fill the water up tp the 3 mark on the white rice scale. We use the porridge setting and have timer 1 set to 6am.

This rice cooker has made life so much nicer. I like the taste and feel of brown rice when it has been in the gaba mode. I have been trying different recipes in the book “the ultimate rice cooker cookbook” by beth hensperger and julie kaufman. Tapioca pudding, orange dessert quinoa, japanese barley and rice are some recipes i have tried so far. This rice cooker can be used for more than rice. I like the bowl that the rice is cooked in. This nonstick heavy duty bowl can be taken out to clean. It has lines inside to show how much liquid is used for various kinds and amounts of rice.

This is the best rice cooker out there. I had a previous zojirushi that i used for 14 years. And it was still working without any issue. But i wanted to get the stainless steel as all of my other appliances have been upgraded to stainless steel. Have to say though that this cooks the rice very well. Also the rice bowl inside is heavier and the overall build seem much better compared to my old one. Do not use those cheap rice cookers. The difference in the rice is so much better with this even though the price is higher.

I could never imagine brown rice could be so good before i made them in this small little device. I have been using brown rice on and off for few years now. But cooking it was difficult. Won’t come right every time and all those brown rice issues. So, finally i took the bullet and spend 200+ on this device. I am happy i first made brown rice on porridge setting. Yesterday, i tried them on brown rice setting. I never ate brown rice with so much happiness. Just based on those brown rice i don’t care that i paid so much for this device. If you can afford it go for it.

I purchased this rice cooker to start eating more brown rice as well as to make sushi rice. I did my research and i found a lot of cheaper models that people had good reviews and bad reviews on. The biggest reason i chose this brand and model was for the longevity of this appliance and how much i intended on using this in my kitchen and also the japanese are known for making quality products. My experience using the rice cooker has been great and i have used it about a dozen time with less then a month of ownership. The cooking functions i have used on it so far are, quick cook, regular white rice, gaba brown, brown rice and sushi rice. All of these setting worked great once you set the 24 hour clock you can tell the unit when you want your rice to be done by and it will be ready by 5:00pm when you are getting off work. I do want to share with you my experience with the sushi rice function because it took some getting use to. The inner pot has different water levels marked on it so you can use the cup it came with to measure the rice and fill the water level accordingly. Well the tricky part is when you add one cup technically its about 3/4 of a u. Cup to the pot the sushi line that says 1 is asking for about 400ml of water. The problem is when you put 400ml of water or fill it to the first line the rice is too soft almost like mush. So i then scaled back the water to 300ml and again the same problem so i cut the water amount in half to 200ml per cup of sushi rice and now it makes restaurant quality sushi rice. The other settings make great rice as well and i did find that the gaba rice to be a bit on the soft side i may play with the water level as well. Sorry it was a long review hope you liked it and thanks for reading.

We were a little hesitant to buy this rice cooker because of the price. We eat a decent amount of rice, but not for every meal and not every day. Still, i thought it would be nice to try one with the induction heating, and we liked the zojirushi website. Needless to say, i never knew rice could be this good :d every type of rice was amazing. It spread on the nori very easily for making sushi. Oh, and the gaba brown rice was soo good it made a boring vegetable soup taste greatif you definitely do not want to spend this much on a rice cooker, there are other options, but if you’re not sure, i say take the leap. We almost didn’t buy this one, but are now very glad we did. We originally thought the quality wasn’t going to be that much different, but it absolutely is.

Can’t say enough good things about this rice cooker. I bought this for my wife in 2008 and it has been used 3-4times a week since then without any problems. It’s easy to program with various types of rice and makes it perfectly every single time. It’s also easy to clean as the parts remove from the cooking unit easily. The nonstick coating on the actual cooker pot is very durable and only has a few superficial scratches after years of use. This product got me buying more zojirushi products and every single one has been outstanding.

This product is what it is supposed to be. It is a high-end rice cooker with a slew of good features. I have been particularly happy with it’s keep warm feature, which keeps rice warm for day without burning or getting stale like some other models i have had in the past. If i have one complaint, it’s that it seems to cook a little slower than most rice cookers. On the other hand, i haven’t had a bad batch yet, so maybe other rice cookers are rushing. I have used it to cook a number of other grains (oatmeal, quinoa, barley) and had good results. It costs a lot, but i’m getting my money’s worth.

This has replaced my mom’s cuckoo pressure cooking rice cooker that failed in two years. So now she doesn’t have to leave brown rice in water overnight. The only negative would be the price. Simlar spec’d rice cookers are at least $50 cheaper. I just hope this lasts long as our other zojirushis which has been years and still going strong.

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