Zippy Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper : neat little popper.

I purchased this on the 11th of march 2015 and cannot remember if i wrote a review or not, so here goes. This makes the very best popcorn i’ve ever had and i eat a lot of popcorn, sometimes even have it for dinner while watching a dvd. I use 3 tablespoons of canola oil and 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels; the kernels i use are jolly time select- premium yellow non-gmo which can be found here on amazon. About a month ago, the little knob on the turning handle came off and i was having a hard time using it because i had to hold onto the piece with a pot holder, so i wrote to the company to ask about buying a replacement. Even though i was past the 2 year warranty, they immediately mailed me a whole new lid at no cost to me. Hard to believe in this day and age but it’s true. If you love popcorn, i encourage you to try one of these zippy pop products. So much better for you than the microwave packets and makes better popcorn than other machines and i’ve tried a lot of them over my 73 years.

We are hard-core popcorn lovers and have used stir-crazy poppers for years. When the last one bit the dust, we decided to try something that doesn’t need to be flipped, and easier to clean. All kernels are popped, and it is easy to add unmelted butter through the small hole.

Arrived right on time and had been perfectly described…. The very best popcorn popper ever. When the knob detached, the company sent another one overnight at no cost.

. But it’s hard to pour the popcorn into a bowl because if the spinners on the lid.

  • Best Popcorn Maker Ever
  • love love love this popper!
  • This is the one for me.

Zippy Pop Red Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Glass Lid, 5-1/2 Quart Capacity

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  • Premium aluminum pot with non-stick interior, finished in a colorful pop of red
  • Innovative design features patented tumbling mechanism and vented, tempered glass lid
  • Patented tumbling mechanism features a unique stationary baffle and propeller arms to coat each kernel with seasoning
  • Create custom snack mixes by adding ingredients such as chocolate, caramel and more through the silicone covered flavor port
  • Dishwasher safe and built to last; 5-1/2 Quart Capacity; 10-Inch diameter

But of oil, bit of popcorn, equals snack heaven. Easy enough for a man to use. I don’t have microwave so i was shaking pan over stove for popcorn. Sure it was great exercise, but not so much fun when movie was getting ready to start. Now less than 5 minutes (we timed it)and yummy fluffy goodness.

This is an excellent product. I held off on the review to see how it would do with frequent use. The non-stick surface really is.And the popcorn turns out perfectly. I just wipe it down with a paper towel. The handle is sturdy and it doesn’t get hot.

Well, the 3 little friction tabs on the rim of the pan fell off during the 2nd use and i think i ate one. The pan pops the corn very well but is somewhat cumbersome to use.

I really liked this product, but lost the little rubber stopper making it completely worthless. Couldn’t find a replacement stopper.

Size is medium, so if you have a family bigger than 4 you may choose one bigger.

I’ve read a few bad reviews on this but honestly it worked perfectly. It worked much better than we expected. I used 1/2cup of corn which is max but you can pop that much. 1/2 cup ends up being about a 1 gallon ziplock bag of popped corn. Overall i am very satisfied with this purchase.

Very sturdy turning mechanism and the non-stick coating is great. I use this to make kettle corn and the melted sugar wipes right off.

This does a wonderful job of popping almost every kernel. We’ve only used it a couple of times, but are completely satisfied with the popcorn it makes. I would deem it flawless, except that storing this with the handle in the lid is a challenge. Ours needs to sit on a shelf in the laundry room for want of enough storage in the kitchen.

The popcorn popper is definitely heavy duty. I am giving a 4 because the red is coming off onto my stove burners. Other than that it would recommend it.

Second one i’ve purchased and this one seems to be better made.

I bought this to roast coffee because of the glass lid; however, the paddles don’t touch the bottom, so i used a different glass lid and stood at the stove shaking the pan like i was in a jiffy pop commercial. Fortunately, i come from strong pioneer stock and was able to handle this chore, but i could have achieved the same results with the pot that came with the lid i used.

It was a gift but i received prompt shipment and item was as described.

Much better than old whirly pop. Glass top is easy to see when things are about done, easy to add and mix salt/flavors through the hole. Toss in dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Lots of fun gathering together and popping the old fashioned way.

Pops great without super high heat.

This is such a cool popcorn popper, because you can add the butter and salt while it’s in the pot, then pour into a bowl piping hot, ready to dig in. Plan to give a bunch as gifts.

Not sure i’d buy again doesn’t cook popcorn to evenly i don’t love it.

This popper is small, but sufficient. I purchased it because i had bought some popcorn mixture and did not realize it was not microwave ready. It is as pictured, but light weight.