XProject 178.18 Milk Frother 14 fl oz, steel-tray-150, Silver – Five Stars

The best milkfrother i ever purchased. Quality product i can rely on in the morning to make frothed milk.

We moved to a small town that does not have any good coffee shops nearby. My husband loves getting a latte in the mornings but for almost a year we could not without traveling to the ‘bigger’ town. With the frabosk frother he can finally have what he wants. It was so good to see the contentment on his face on father’s day when i handed him ‘his’ coffee. The frabosk is easy to use and cleans like a dream. We are so glad i found this on amazon.

Have a backup in our earthquake kit .

Looks great and works great. It’s a little smaller than i expected but it’s fine for 2 regular cups of cappuccino with all the froth it makes. Heats on stove without ‘hot handle’ issues and makes froth quickly with a few plunges when removed from heat. Not even a small scratch on the steel. It didn’t ship in any special packaging, just plain (no name) box and covered in brown paper but it got the job done. If i buy a bigger one i will be ordering this same brand.

I was looking for a milk steamer and frother and this one does what it promises. You can froth cold or hot milk, and if youadd just a little sweetner you can make whip cream. Love it plus it comes right from italy.

I bought a mr coffee espresso machine. Easy to use and ready by the time the espresso is done. Would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting good creamy froth.

  • Five Stars
  • Great product! Worth the money

I was lucky to have stumbled on the frabosk frother four years ago at sur la table after years of seeking and trying frothers. This simple and inexpensive frother is absolutely the best and i have given several as gifts over the years to friends who marvelled at the amazing thick and rich cream this produced. My friend’s two daughters who both work at starbucks fell in love with my frabosk and loved making and preparing coffee while visiting. Yes, they also got one as a gift. I keep my frother in the fridge with low fat milk and not a day goes by that i don’t pull it out for my morning coffee. Yes, i use it with cold low fat or skim milk and it is heavenly. The froth is so creamy that it sits on top of your hot coffee and it is terrific over hot cocoa. Simple and wasy to use, just add milk, pump the little manual knob on the top a few times and viola’, perfect cream froth every timeno batteries, no high tech stuff, no glass to break, no plastic to get dull. The stainless steel looks brand new after all these years and it’s dishwasher friendlyhighly recommend the frabosk frothers.

I’ve been using this frother almost every day for a couple weeks, and it’s great. I use a moka pot to make my espresso roast, and i was looking for a way to get the foamy milk without buying an espresso machine. With a little skill, this works great. The trick is, finding the right temperature for your type of milk (i’m going to use a thermometer to find the just right temp). Too hot and it doesn’t keep the foam, too cold it doesn’t foam at all. But just right, you can get a nice consistency, even with almond milk. Best results so far are with whole milk. If you have a moka pot or french drip, i totally recommend this product.

My last frother was glass and it did not take long to break. Plan on buying one more for the boat.

This is the easiest and best way to froth milk. I won’t bother again with a steamer.

One of the best products to work foam.

Features of XProject 178.18 Milk Frother 14 fl oz, steel-tray-150, Silver

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  • 18/10 stainless steel body
  • Heat resistant black plastic handles 3 cups
  • Made in Italy

Make sure this fits
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No problem with how it works, but wish i bought one slightly larger. Keep in mind, you can only fill about half way in order to leave room for the frothing process.

This is an excellent way to prepare your hot milk ‘capuccino’ style. Place the desired amount of milk(skim;semi-skim;or whole) in the container and gently heat it up until bubbles form on the sides. Remember,warm(don’t boil) the milk. Remove from heat and then place the hand held plunger into the container and move up and down until the milk is as frothy as you like. Remove the plunger and pour the milk into the cup of espresso coffee and you have a delicious capuccino. My only quibble is that i would have preferred it teflon coated rather than pure stainless steel for ease of cleansing. Otherwise,it is a very good product.

This certainly creates a wonderful thick froth using very warm whole milk. If you heat the milk in the cappuccino maker on your stove, you’ll find that there is a residue firmly stuck on the bottom of the creamer that is difficult to clean. I wish frabosk made the creamer with a thicker metal bottom so that the milk would not stick to the bottom. Now i heat the milk up in the microwave in a cup then pour it into the cappuccino creamer thereby eliminating scrubbing the bottom of the creamer.

It works great with organic 2% milk.

After using my glass creamer (i call it a frother) for several years, i knocked it over on the counter, ending up with a very nice frothing part. This frabosk replacement is metal, so will not break when dropped. I usually heat the milk in the coffee cup in the microwave, then pour it into the frabosk creamer for frothing. But i could put the frabosk creamer directly on the stove. This is a nice size for making one or two lattes. Both parts go into the dishwasher for cleaning.

This creamer makes the creamiest head ever. I purchased one for my best friend as a gift and she loves it too.

18/10 stainless steel body

Heat resistant black plastic handles 3 cups

Made in Italy