Wüsthof Wusthof 10″ Ceramic Steel – Ceramic knife sharpener.

I work in a slaughter house and i needed something that would help me maintain a sharp knife wusthof 4455 did the job i would highly recommend this to anyone who works in the packing plants or simply for home use.

Course grit makes fast sharpening.

Husband thinks this tool is awesome.

I own two sets of chef knives. Both are fine instruments but, neither hold an edge worth a darn. I’ve tried several ‘steels’, including the ‘v’ type ceramic sharpening blocks and the sharpening systems recomended by both companies. I recieved a gift certificate for christmas so i thought what the heck i’ll buy the wusthof 4455 10 inch sharpening steel/ceramic. It is the best investment i have made in a long time. This ceramic steel works like a champ. I have used it on every knife i own including my bread knives. This ceramic puts a factory edge on knives with little effort. A few swipes and you are good to go.

This is a great steel, the color is unique enough to spot, the grit is pretty low, so careful with your thinner knives, but works great, and hasnt shattered on me yet.

Sets the edge nicely even for my global knives which a usual sharpening steel has little or no effect. Just a few strokes with this ceramic rod and all my knives are sharp again.

  • Sharpens Knives Well
  • Sharp knives are the safest knives
  • The Wusthof sharpening Ceramic rod satisfies my sharpening requirements.

If your shopping around for a sharpening steel or any kind of knife sharpener for that matter, get this wusthof 4455. Its light in weight and easy to handle. I have a inexpensive chicago cutlery set that i really like, but they had lost their factory edge and the sharpening tools i was using just didn’t get them all that sharp. I was really skeptical about this even working. Literally made two strokes and my knives had a sharper than factory edge, it really blew me away.

Does a nice job in short order, not sure how long it will last but i’ll probably buy another one.

This is one of the more expensive sharpening steels and it works great. Just don’t think you are gonna use it without first using a honing steel.

This thing is a work horse, i beat the crap out this daily and it takes the abuse and still after almost three years sharpens my knives extremely well, i couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

Love it – sharpen up some dull knives quickly.

Features of Wusthof 10″ Ceramic Steel

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  • Hard ceramic shaft
  • F360 Grain

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Does a very good job of sharpening my wusthof knives. I have use this item for a few years and have not noted that it is wearing on the blade as i seem to recall one reviewed saying. Of course wusthof or henckels knives are not exactly easy to wear down.

I purchased this sharpener and about 4 other various sharpeners with different surfaces (diamond, ceramic, to have on hand to sharpen my knives. I am not an expert, i am a newbie and i wanted to experiment and find which various sharpening steels would help me sharpen my wusthof classic knives.

I bought one of theses wusthof ceramic sharpeners when i started culinary school 6 years ago. It hasn’t lost a bit of its grit after hundreds of thousands of swipes and is perfect for the ultra-hard steel of top asian and german cutlery. Cleans up easily with soap and water or stone oil. I recently ordered a second one, but only because the first was stolen.This thing will be the last ‘honing steel’ you ever buy.

This mug will outlast your knives. If even you were going to spend a fortune on custom blades,this steel would outlast them.Excellent,if not perfect,like my title claims. This mo’fo’could sharpen shin bones.

The quality of this sharpener is on par with the wusthof knives themselves. I was struggling with getting a good edge from the standard steel sharpener. Several passes on the ceramic unit brought the knives back to factory sharpness. This is a must for those people serious about keeping their expensive wusthof blades sharp.

Sharpening steels are generally ‘. This tool is not what i would refer to as a ‘steel’ (for obvious reasons), but is very effective at honing a knife edge. It’s a bit aggressive, but when your knife needs a bit more than a ‘polishing’, i find it a very good alternative to the stone or ‘chefs choice’ application. I also find that after using the ceramic, a few additional swipes on my actual steel (pretty old and worn, but still effective) produces a decently refined edge. I apply my steel after each use of my knives before putting away. I will use the ceramic a little less frequently, but find it a good addition to my arsenal.

Hard ceramic shaft

I liked this product in keeping my wusthof knives have a sharp edge until it fell out of my hands and shattered on my tile floor. Had to buy another wusthof steel but not a ceramic one.

Much more sharpening friction and it actually sharpens. Nothing else to say that other reviews don’t.

If you’re someone who just wants a sharp knife with minimal effort, this is the ‘steel’ (not) for you. I do a real sharpening of my knives only every few years, basically because i’m just lazy. 🙂 this ceramic steel really keeps a nice edge on knives without frequent sharpening, but it accomplishes that by being a pretty aggressive sharpener.

I find that the ceramic steel hones the knife edge finer than a metal steel. One drawback however, if you drop the ceramic steel, it will break.

I have several knives in our kitchen which needed attention and sharpened them using this steel, also worked great on my hunting and fishing knives.

The wusthoff 10 inch sharpening steel does a most excellent job of sharpening even the hardest of japanese knives.

F360 Grain

Better than the standard metal steel, produces a very sharp blade. Planning on giving as gifts.

This sharpening steel is wusthof quality, and is what it’s advertised to be. I thought all steels were only for honing, and was unaware that some, such as this one, are specifically for sharpening. This steel will put a decent edge on a stainless steel knife, but i found the edge to be a bit rough and difficult to hone with my wusthof 12′ honing steel. If i were going for a sharpener, i don’t think i would go with this. Because of my confusion, i’ve begun researching specific sharpeners and ceramic honing steels. To clarify, i originally purchased this steel to finely hone high-carbon steel blades. This steel is most definitely not for that, but the mistake was mine.

Reasonably priced, well protected for shipping, quick delivery. After using it one time on each knife in my wusthof set, i removed my original steel sharpening rod and replaced it (in the block stand) with this one.

For convenience and safety, i like to keep my knives at their sharpest. This ceramic sharpening ‘steel’ does more than a traditional metal steel. It contains abrasives that will sharpen your knife as well as re-align the rolled edges of the blade. Don’t overuse it though as its mildly abrasive surface does remove tiny portions of the blade with each use, unlike its metal predecessor. Being ceramic, it is fragile and will shatter into pieces if dropped onto a hard surface such as a tiled floor or granite countertop. I keep mine in a drawer with only soft neighbors such as pot holders and oven gloves, in a trimmed back version of its soft surfaced shipping cradle.

I was very impressed with my wusthof knives when i purchased them several years ago. Recently they were getting very dull and the steak knives were practically useless. I didn’t want an electric sharpener as i don’t like the thought of grinding away significant amounts of metal to get a sharp edge. This ceramic steel was an excellent solution. It took 10-15 strokes per side for most knives, but they were sharp once again. I even used it quite successfully on some older high carbon butcher knives. Overall, i’m very satisfied with this item.

I have used many methods over the years to sharpen knives. Since the word sharp is subjective first then let me clarify what the term sharp means to me. The ability of the knife to cut thin slices from a tomato or to shave the hair from your arm easily. I have found that if i achieve that level of sharpness i have a knife that is a pleasure to use in the kitchen or in the field. The wusthof has a grit of 800 and is coarse enough (and is so much harder than a steel) that it has the ability to put an edge on a knife rather than just straighten an edge as a steel would do. I have found it to be so easy to use i have stopped using any other method.

I cut meet for a living and this really help bring back and edge in between stoning.

I agree it is a little aggressive but i think it is appropriate for dull knives. Just be careful if you don’t know what your doing. Maybe practice on an old (less expensive) knife until you get a feel for it. After you sharpen, you’ll want to use the honing steel to finish it off.

I have a lot of different chef knives that i use, from chicago cutlery to wusthof to hinckels to my pride and joys. My shun ken onion style chef knife and carving knife. I have tired many different rods for my knives like grooved rods, diamond rods, other types of ceramic and finally i got this rod. The other rods were ok for my lesser knives, but for my shun knives, they didn’t really ‘cut’ it. This rod is perfect for the multilayer ice hardened steel of the japanese knives. If you are looking to hone the knives like the wusthof or hinckels or something in that class, then this rod isn’t really necessary, but if you have some really nice knives that you want to keep sharp, then this is the rod for you. Just wipe down with soap and water or clean with stone oil after every use, and it will never lose it’s coarseness.

This steel will give you a good edge quickly but will need to be followed up with a less abrasive dressing steel.

I absolutely love this steel. It hones and sharpens and keeps a nice sharp edge on my knives.

I have a few very good knives, that i keep up after every use. This sharpening rod, has kept my knives razor sharp. I was even able to revive a good knife that i had let go too long. Pro’s:very easy to sharpen my knives, and keep them sharp. Metal tends to wear off of the knife and onto the ceramic, making the ceramic less coaese, and therefore not able to sharpen anymore. You have to wipe down the sharpening rod each time you use it, or it will become less useful. No instructions to tell you about the best way to use the rod, or how to care for and maintain the rod. If you don’t know how to sharpen a knife properly (i just learned myself), go to youtube and watch some how to’s. Practice on a knife you do not care about at first to get the feel of a ceramic sharpenning rod, especially if you have expensive knives and do not want to ruin them.

This is a very very good sharpener. Our knives have not been this sharp since they were new. Even someone who has neverused a sharpener before, will be very happy with the results from this one.