Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8-quart Rapid Pressure Cooker : easy to use just great fun

It is the 1st one i have ever had or cooked with and it is really easy to operate.

I should be a spokes person. I honestly should be his spokes person. I have bought 6 of these 2 for myself and others were gifts. It makes life so easy and the recipes are fabulous. Give yourself a break and buy this pressure cooker, you will become an amazing chef.

Simple, easy to use just great fun.

Next best thing to slice bread. This is the best device in my kitchen. I have bought multiple appliances through out years. I usually used it once, it did not meet expectations and now it’s sitting in a cupboard or closet somewhere. I find myself cooking in this cooker almost every meal.

  • it’s easy to use
  • Simplest to use & to clean.
  • Easiest way to Pressure Cook!
  • Wolfgang Puck 8qt Pressure Cooker
  • I should be a spokes person!
  • This is a wonderful pressure cooker

Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8-quart Rapid Pressure Cooker Red

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  • Model Number: BPCRM800
  • Capacity: 8 Quarts
  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Precision thermostat – Regulates temperature and pressure
  • Keep Warm mode – Keeps the food warm at end of cooking cycle

Simple, easy to use just great fun.

This pressure cooker cooks without releasing steam as the older models do. It maintains the pressure by turning the heat on and off which is more efficient and much safer to use. When the timer has been satisfied the food is kept warm until the pressure is released or the unit is unplugged. This makes cooking fun and easy.

This is a wonderful pressure cooker. This is a wonderful pressure cooker. It is so much easier to use than the conventional pressure cooker that sits atop a stove burner where you have to watch carefully that the pressure remains at a constant level. All you do with this is to put what you want into the removable insert, place the insert and what you are cooking into the pressure cooker. Then, lock on the lid, set the pressure valve, plug it in and set the time you wish to cook. Return when the food is ready, let off the pressure. The pot keeps things warm until you are ready to eat.

Easiest way to pressure cook. I have had the regular pressure cooker that sits on the stove. You literally have to babysit it the entire time. It spews off steam and you need to learn how to judge the proper amount of steam by regulating the burner on the stove. Although i love the pressure cooker food speed, it was always stressful using it. It was why i decided to buy this. This is amazing, the easiest unit to clean ever. It locks the steam in with a valve on top that you can open to cool rapidly and release the steam. It cycles to maintain a safe and even cooking temperature. It comes with a recipe booklet.

I cooked a whole turkey and the meat just fell off the bones.

My husband loves is pressure cooker. Uses it to make his boiled peanuts to perfection.

I bought this product and i love it so i would highly recommend it.

It is a very nice pot but i am disappointed in the length of. It is a very nice pot but i am disappointed in the length of time it takes to cook. Since it is a pressure pot it seems to take to long. I bought a nicerump roast and it took twice the time it called for in the book.

Wolfgang puck pressure cooker rocks.

I use this at least once or twice per week.

I have one and loved it, i bought this one for my daughter. I have one and loved it, i bought this one for my daughter inlaw,she love it also very good and easy to use.

I am considering i could cook dinner shoe leather in. I’m contemplating i could cook dinner shoe leather-based in this pressure cooker and have it arrive out tender sufficient to take in.

Wolfgang puck 8qt pressure cooker. This is an superb pressure cooker. I experienced a stovetop 8qt presto pressure cooker that operated flawlessly for two yrs, until finally a misaligned gasket induced a enormous mess under complete pressure. I experienced debated about going electrical when i bought the presto. Properly soon after the catastrophe i made a decision to give electrical a try out and selected this model due to the fact of the simplicity. So you know i am a chef so and i am very picky about what merchandise i convey into the kitchen area. Permit me say electric powered pressure cookers are significantly extra flexible than their stove top rated counterparts. Cooking at a reduced psi and not uncovered specifically to the flame suggests almost nothing burns and opens the unit to cook much more objects, like raw pastas. The warming cycle is also wonderful when the merchandise cooking is done. This device is good due to the fact the bowl is all clad vs . non-stick (no flaking as it ages) which is also really effortless to clean up.

Very best risotto in the berkshires.

Have another p cooker but this is the max.

The first 10 days that i experienced it i utilized it five time, it can be effortless to use. And it cooks every thing evenly, all the meats are tender and style excellent. I also like the reality that it will not heat up the kitchen area. It is cash effectively used on a thing that i will use more than and around yet again.

Repeat obtain of this item for my mom.