Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8-Quart Rapid Pressure Cooker Blue – I have one and loved it, I Bought this one for my daughter

Love this product, thought it was a little bit smaller.

Hard to brown meat in and slow to come to pressure.

So for the wolfgang puck is working great it is doing everything it said it would do. We have use it quite a few times now. All of the recipes have been right on point.

After i washed the cover, the odor was still there. A help would be appreciated.

I have one and loved it, i bought this one for my daughter inlaw,she love it also very good and easy to use.

I have always been afraid to use pressure cookers, but this thing is awesome. It’s become one of my go-to kitchen appliances. So far, i’ve used it to make ribs, whole ham roast and chicken wings, each coming out delicious and tender in 30 min or less. After pressure cooking, i brushed each with a sauce and put it in the oven on high heat until carmelized. I can’t recommend this enough, and the cobalt blue color is rich and beautiful.

  • Better than a Microwave.
  • it’s easy to use
  • easy breezy

This was a gift that i sent to my daughter, but since i’ve been using my own puck auto pressure cooker for about a year, i want to say that it has enabled me to do meals at short notice that i wouldn’t have dared try with my old pressure cooker. My favorite is pinto beans, which i can soak for an hour, cook in 20 minutes and have them on the table in the length of time it takes me to make cornbread from scratch, and prepare a green salad.

Wife saw this on one of the home shopping networks and just had to have it. The red color matches well with her temptations line of cookware and the other red accessories in our kitchen (perfect match for the kitchen aid mixer). Very easy to use and simple clean up. When releasing the pressure make sure that it is away from wooden cabinetry — it is very hot steam and may discolor a natural wood finish (lesson learned). We’ve never made rice in it, but it comes with all of the accessories to do so. Overall we’ve been very pleased with how our meals have turned out and how quickly meals can be made.

Easy to work easy to cook cook’s great.

Arrived on time & works great. One of the best electric pressure cookers we ever had. Fixed our first meal(beef roast) with fresh carrots, potatoes & red onions, yum . It took 45min, total not bad for a 7lb. I’d recommend this cooker to everyone, wanting to try their first pressure cooker.

This was gift for my daughter and she is very happy with it. I would definitely recommend it.

Features of Wolfgang Puck Automatic 8-Quart Rapid Pressure Cooker Blue

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  • Captures slow-cooked flavor in a fraction of the time required by conventional cooking
  • Precision thermostat
  • Keep Warm mode
  • Meaasurement marks on inside of pot
  • 37 Wolfgang Puck Recipes

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This is an outstanding pressure cooker. I had a stovetop 8qt presto pressure cooker that operated flawlessly for 2 years, until a misaligned gasket caused a huge mess under full pressure. I had debated about going electric when i purchased the presto. Well after the disaster i decided to give electric a try and chose this model because of the simplicity. So you know i am a chef so and i am very picky about what items i bring into the kitchen. Let me say electric pressure cookers are much more versatile than their stove top counterparts. Cooking at a lower psi and not exposed directly to the flame means nothing burns and opens the unit to cook more items, like uncooked pastas. The warming cycle is also nice when the item cooking is done. This unit is nice because the bowl is all clad versus non-stick (no flaking as it ages) which is also very easy to clean. Stove top and electric pressure cookers have their place, but for my money, i can say the electric pc is much more versatile.

I only cooked in it a couple of times, and now it does not work at all and consumer stated it was to late to return item.

Use this cooker sometimes 2x daily,cook potatoes in 9 min. Make stews,soups,rice always perfect and you do not have to watch the pot. Keeps kitchen cool and no mess.

You can make healthy real food in minutes. Wanted the stainless steel pot that you can get for this model.

Received a orange color, not the red. Also the plastic spoon that is suppose to come with it was missing.

Gave to my daughter as a gift because of their hectic life and she loves it.

Captures slow-cooked flavor in a fraction of the time required by conventional cooking

This is my second one from wolfgang puck. I have one for home and one for camp. Does the job its supposed to do and makes cooking easy.

It is the 1st one i have ever had or cooked with and it is really easy to operate.

These are absolutely the best electric pressure cookers out there. . I have them at every location. . And have given them many times as wedding gifts.

Easy and fast cooking and cleaning.

I appreciate for that, yes i like it.

Great pressure cooker, but tough getting return to be handled promply.

Precision thermostat

Pressure cooker came very quickly, well-packaged as promised. These pressure cookers are the best. I have given many away as gifts and every good cook i know loves them.

So far, i’ve given 4 as gifts. They’re the best, and most thoughtful, small kitchen appliance you could give a busy woman. Set it on to cook, it does everything, just as it’s supposed to, and then it keeps dinner warm till you finish folding the clothes, washing the dog, balancing the checkbook, or schlepping the kids. It’s the best assistant a busy woman could have. The only thing better would be if you hit the lotto, and hired a cook, and i’m not sure that would be better. If a cook had to hold dinner for 2 hours, you would probably have an angry cook. Food in the wolfie is microwave fast, and it’s slow cooking yummy. I have three different pressure pots.

Best risotto in the berkshires.

Simple, easy to use just great fun.

Cooks food perfect no need of watching automatic timer.

My husband cooks in it nearly every day.

Keep Warm mode

You can brown your meat before you put the lid on to pressure cook it.

I love my new wolfgang puck pressure cooker. In fact, my son was visiting and wound up taking it home with him. I ordered another one and we compare uses and recipes.

Christmas presents and they love how fast it is.

The first ten days that i had it i used it five time, it’s easy to use. And it cooks everything evenly, all the meats are tender and taste great. I also love the fact that it doesn’t heat up the kitchen. It is money well spent on something that i will use over and over again.

I love the color and that is why it gets 3 stars. It is very big so it takes up a lot of counter space. The first time i used it i noticed that the steam let off valve gets a crust of calcified water around it immediately after the water dries. The lettering on the valve was also gone the first time i used it. Should have some sort of a beep or alert to tell you it is switching to ‘warm’. There are basically no bells and whistles with this model. The chamber is a very thin coating on it so although it does have a coating to protect it from scratching, it is not much. Food takes much longer to cook in this unit when compared to the cuisinart i had but gave away. Perfect for making beans and barley and steaming artichokes. Other foods i would just make in a crockpot, on the grill or some other way.

Used it nearly every night since we got it. Looked at a few different kinds before selecting this one. Others have the fancy push buttons and digital read outs. Every video we watched about cooking in a pressure cooker before buying it said set on high. If your only going to use high why have all the other settings. Plus that would be just one more thing to go wrong.

Meaasurement marks on inside of pot

I bought this product and i love it so i would highly recommend it.