Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler : Great Cold Water Dispenser!

Water coolers are not just for the office. Bought this water cooler for our cabin. Our well water has too much iron in it to be drinkable. So we bring up our city water. After 13 years of using a hand pump on the water bottles we decided we needed an answer to our problem. Well this water cooler has been the answer. Not sure why we did not think of this earlier. Has really worked perfectly at the cabin. The whole family enjoy the convince of the water cooler.

Very pleased with this as a replacement cooler. We purchased this water cooler to replace a very old but reliable cooler that had finally given up the ghost. This whirlpool unit is nice and compact, with a smaller footprint than our old standard cooler. The build quality is good, and it feels extremely solid despite being entirely made of plastic. I particularly like the five adjustable feet (allows it to be perfectly level on uneven kitchen rustic floor tiles) and the press-down dispensing buttons that can’t break off, unlike traditional levers. The unit definitely delivers colder water than our old unit, and it is very quiet when it operates. The only criticism is that when i first arrived, despite my having followed the instructions for sanitizing the tank with a bleach solution, the water it dispensed tasted undrinkably of plastic. We wasted half a container of water before looking up online how to deal with this problem. We found that a 50/50 combination of hot water and vinegar left in the machine for several hours followed by flushing with several gallons of tap water totally solved the problem, and the dispensed water is now cold, fresh, and perfect.

Could not ask for more (maybe better packaging). So far works great and i have not issued with the quality. I actually like that it is a simpler (no water design). The front panel above where a cup was inserted arrived damaged/out of place. Maybe i could fix this but i haven’t made the time.

Like when you are filling a water bottle that has. This is in a production facility and for the short time we have used it. It has consistently maintained cooler water than the other model we have. The only problem would be seeing exactly where the water comes out without squatting down. Like when you are filling a water bottle that has a small opening.

  • Water Coolers Are Not Just for the Office
  • Adapter no splash cap required !
  • Great Cold Water Dispenser!
  • The unit is compact and setup easily. It has the adapter installed already to pierce
  • Very pleased with this as a replacement cooler
  • I love this water cooler

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Ice Chilled Water, White Water Dispenser

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  • Chillingly cold water is cooled by a large piece of ice, resulting in water that is 9°F colder than most coolers
  • The proprietary cooling system technology extends the product lifespan because the compressor turns on less frequently
  • Robust design can take over 300 lbs of top weight, surviving years of constant heavy bottle slamming

We ordered this and it arrived it great shape to japan. We ordered this and it arrived it great shape to japan. So far it works as expected and the water is nice and chilled. Placing the jug into the cooler is a little tricky bc of the design i believe and we spill a lot of water in the process.

I purchased this a few weeks back and included the unboxing and first thoughts from my daily vlog. Here’s a snip from the vlog covering this water cooler and how to clean it. I’ve had zero issues and love it. I don’t even hear it run and it serves ice cold water. Not sure why the negative reviews but we love it. If anything changes i’ll update the review.

The water is cold which i like. The only thing i’m not pleased with is when you put the water bottle on and the plunger goes through the plastic cap water from the chamber splashes all over the cooler even when i drain both. Other than that, it’s great.

I have not experienced the problems some of the other reviewers have had. Our cold water feels cold (i have not checked temperature). It dispenses @ a reasonable speed. We put a jug on immediately after setting up and it did not have a weird taste. We have had it for over a month. The one i have @ home from the bottled water company is much louder. Good height and our city water is fine, so we use the re useable caps and refill our bottles here.  water bottle cap for 3 or 5 gallons – non spill (quantity of 6) made in usa. I would purchase another if we needed to. The only thing i blew it on is not getting one with hot water as well, but that was my bad.

The water cooler has many nice features. It is easy to operate and easy. The water cooler has many nice features. It is easy to operate and easy to put water on. The only thing for a complaint is our company is at an elevation of 6,500 feet. The original setting was not cold enough. Our maintenance man turned up the coolers on two separate occasions, but it could be a little bit colder. Other than that, we are totally satisfied with the purchase.

Arrived on time and very well packaged without any damage. Easily assembled within minutes. Big plus for me are the large “push” buttons on top instead of the traditional spout handles that can break off. Not quite ae tall as the ones you would get from a water bottle company, so easier to load new bottles onto.

This is a good water cooler. I had purchased another cooler and the water was never that cold and it trickled out. It was frustrating me, so a month later i bought this one. The water is always good and cold, its a good size and the water comes out faster. I like that it has both hot and cold as well and a little space underneath to store cups or whatever you want.

I’ve had two other brands (regalta and haier) in the past and this water cooler really does dispense ice cold water. I get a pretty consistent read of 42 degrees for the cold water and 52 for the room temperature water. This machine also dispenses water a lot quicker than the lever type models i have owned. I like the design of the water dispenser buttons on this whirlpool model which are designed not to break off and you never have to worry about the buttons ever being left in the “on” position. I do use a easy load reusable no splash cap (screw on) on the 5 gallon water jug to avoid spilling water all over. The cap works great with this machine and no more water spills. I also like the fact that it uses the “ice bank” technology so the dispenser isn’t constantly running so it’s very quiet and still quiet even when it goes into it’s cycles. I have owned this dispenser for a few weeks and i am extremely happy with this water cooler so far.

Best and coldest water cooler. It’s compact, and keeps my water extra cold (which i love). I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Although we have had many water coolers previously, my husband is now drinking water on a regular basis.I believe that it’s due to the temperature, as i still purchase the same water.

L almost forgot what it was like to have cold clean water.

If you’re on the fence buy it. Especially if you have kids and you live in the desert like us.Our kids literally drink 2-3 times the water they did before we purchased this. The water cools off quickly and tastes so good compared to tap. We just fill it up at our local grocery store that’s about a mile away it’s $1. 25 for the whole 5 gallons we only have two bottles and we just rotate them it’s very easy very efficient and we couldn’t be happier. We’re a family of 5 and it works great.

My cooler was delivered the other day. Very easy to set up and the water is colder than any machine i have had in the past (i have had bottle water service at our home for the last 25 years). I highly recommend this product.

Can sometimes get vapor locked. Just tap the facet of your bottle and it will refill. Make guaranteed to give it an hour or two appropriate-aspect up prior to you fire it up so the compressor oil settles. Excellent for players/it people seeking to slice out the soda, etc.

Only been using this about two weeks now, but so considerably so great. It is a standard device which i adore. The much more extravagant kinds appears to be to crack and put on out. Using this and looking at the simplicity of it i assume (hope) this a person holds up properly for a lengthy time to occur.

Whirlpool water dispenser – ideal for our wants. We receive the water dispenser speedier than what was scheduled it arrived on saturday and was quick to established up. I do concur with a number of other folks that the condenser does make a little bit of sounds, but that is not an difficulty for us at all . As far as had been concerned that is just becoming exceptionally picky. The water dispenser it is really self by whirlpool will work perfectly . It features specifically as it is marketed. We did look at getting just one with place temperature, chilly and sizzling water dispensing, but for our uses home temperature and chilly water dispensing are perfect . I would remarkably advise this products .

I’m delighted to refill the bottles to go onto this cooler. This cooler offers a good deal of cold water, unlike the chiller in the water dispenser in our new refrigerator. I am happy to refill the bottles to go onto this cooler realizing my relatives is consuming loads of good, cleanse water.

Very simple, clear-cut set up, effortless to use, cold water is cold, frequent water is. . Relatively chilly which is troublesome to sig. Straightforward to load and unload, stable and will not idea as soon as toes are adjusted effectively. You will discover the motor audio for the to start with week, and when it shuts off there is a slight rattle, possibly this is various from other products, but i equate it to a more cost-effective fridge condensor rattle and you never discover it right after a handful of moments. Not overy noisy but you do recognize when it really is actively doing the job. It does what i want, no extra frills which is good with me.

Definitely could not ask for anything much better.