West Bend Bread Maker, Very Nice Bread maker

I bought this for pizza dough. The bread comes out looking like a real loaf of bread, same dimensions, just half as long. The two mixing paddles do a much better job than our old single paddle bread maker ever did. The instructions are very thorough and easy to understand. Just push a button for whatever you are making, and that is itif you are buying your first bread maker, get this one. You won’t be sorry and will be much happier. The bread is betterthan anything at the grocery store, and soooooo fresh. The pizza dough makes a pizza that tastes better (and is much cheaper to make) than anything that we ever ordered in a box.

This bread machine works very well. The bread came out perfect every time. The only complaint i have is that it is a bit difficult to remove the bread from the pan. I have used other brand bread machine before it was easier to remove the bread from it. I think the style of the loaf may be the cause. The reason what i still give this bread machine 5 stars was because that was the only thing made this machine less than perfect. I wanted a good tasting bread. For a novice bread machine user this machine was very easy to operate.

I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with the amount of crap they put in our foods. From chemicals to poisons, a lot of manufacturers just don’t seem to care. You’ll notice the most popular bread on the shelf has around twenty ingredients. The only real alternatives are the frozen varieties which will cost twice as much and taste twice as bad. So this christmas i decided to give myself a bread maker (juicer and ice cream maker) as a gift. After a lot of research i figured bread making would take weeks or even months to perfect. I was not optimistic about creating an edible, first loaf. Positives:+ it cooks perfect bread with little effort.

Key specs for West Bend Bread Maker (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Measures 18 by 10-1/2 by 11-4/5 inches
  • digital control panel; 12-hour delay timer

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“Great machine just not so great user manual
, Extended Review
, Not as good as the West Bend I replaced, but made some adjustments

We bought this machine after reading a lot of reviews and going to bestbreadmachinereviews. We looked at breadman, than oster, then this one. After having it for a couple weeks and making several loaves, i’m very happy. Not one loaf has come out poorly; all are excellent consistency and rise. I have noticed a tendency for the dough to get lumped in one end of the bread pan after the second kneading cycle. Not sure if that is the recipe or the machine, but it bakes just fine and if i’m really concerned i can push it to the center of the pan pretty easily. Clean up after use is a breeze. If the paddles are stuck, just soak in warm, soapy water. Even sticky pizza dough comes off without much effort.

This is one of only 2 bread makers available that make a horizontal loaf like you buy in the store. The other is a $280 machine. I have never owned a bread machine so i did quite a bit of research online before making my decision of which machine to buy. The west bend hi-rise works great, the recipes that i have tried taste great, but the breads in the recipe book that comes with the machine seem a bit too heavy and dense as compared to store bought bread. I am now using a recipe that is very light and fluffy. Tastes good and is not dense. Makes good sandwiches and toast. Here is the recipe:ingredients: 1 cup + 2 tablespoons warm water at 115 degrees (water volume man need to be adjusted up or down by 1 tablespoon depending on your local environment) 2 tablespoons white sugar 2 1/4 tsp (one package) yeast 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 tsp salt 3 cups bread flourdirections: 1: place the water sugar and yeast in the bread pan of the bread machine. 2: let yeast dissolve and foam for 10 minutes. 3: select basic cycle, 1- 1 1/2 pound loaf setting and light crust.

I wanted to start making my own bread and at first intended to do it by hand. However, the idea of an automatic bread maker was seductive. After researching the lower end of the bread machine spectrum i decided to pay a little more than the bottom price and settled on the west bend 41300, mainly for the dual blades, versatility in settings, and loaf pan shape. The machine is easy to use and clean. So far, i have made a variety of basic breads and they have all turned out awesome. I have not had a problem with the kneading blades sticking in the loaf – they are easily removed if they do – and the machine seems sturdy enough. It is fairly large, so if you haven’t much space you’ll want to make sure you have a place to store it when it’s not baking. On the whole, i’m extremely pleased with this addition to my kitchen tool set. It’s very simple to use and has the promise of being versatile as my bread repertoire develops. You will definitely want to buy a bread making book or check out a few from your library, though.

Other reviewers have done a nice job of summarizing the pros and cons, but for consistency sake i will rattle them off in a quick list:pros:-reasonably priced for a machine that makes large loaves-horizontal pan makes a ‘real’ loaf of bread-has a ‘sandwich’ setting with recipe, you can actually use this bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that kids will eat (thinner crust then a typical bread machine that make a tube style loaf)-loads of settings to deal with a large variety of breads, more than i will ever use-doesn’t ‘walk’ on the counter-very short learning curve, get it and bake quickly-bread turns out great, the most important feature-delay option allows you to load the machine at night and have fresh bread waiting for you in the morning-i am the only one in the family that likes whole wheat, and i can make a small loaf with this machine-dough only feature is a must and this one has it-double paddles are a new must for me-it can handle the largest loaf of white bread with no problem, have not tried a heavier dense loaf yet at full size-no preservatives needed so better for my familycons:-it is large on a counter, hence the ability to make large loaves-the sandwich mode takes 3 and 1/2 hours to go through the cycle-you really have to shake the heck out of it to get the bread to release, people with heart issues may want to take note-the paddles have both baked into the bread on each loaf, just a pain and not a reason to avoid the model-minimal recipes, but recipes are so available online or in a book, it does not bother me-pan is thin, and the non-stick coating also seems that way, just hoping that long term the pan holds up-lid is kind of loose out of the box, hopefully the hinge holds up-display is tough for me to read-beeps cannot be heard with normal family noise, ok my family is big and loud so this may not be an issue for most-manual is not very goodnow for the math. (ok, i admit that i am a math teacher. )whenever i purchase a gadget like this i always consider how long it will take me to save money using it compared to purchasing the product (bread) in a store. Can i justify paying the price for the machine, or is it just another one of my novelty kitchen gadgets that i will never use once the novelty wears off. (ok, i admit that i only used my crepe maker 3 times. What was i thinking?)1 loaf of store bought white bread is about $2 for a mid priced loaf where i live. 78 divided by 2 = 38 loaves of bread. Now, consider you have to buy ingredients and pay for the electric. I purchase bread flour from costco and yeast also, significant savings compared to buying the silly little jars at the local grocery store and small package of bread flour. You can freeze yeast, so freeze it and take it out in small portions and it will last for years.

This machine is my 3rd bread maker. This is the best one i’ve used. I don’t like the ‘tall loaf’ bread machines, this makes horizontal loaves from 1 lb up to 2. I make all kinds of bread and it definitely lives up to it’s name, hi-rise. . I have had dough rise up to the lid lol great, great machine. In fact, i’m going to be ordering a second one so i can make 2 loaves at once (big family lol) parts are easy to order too, if you accidentally scratch the non-stick and it starts to flake off, or lose 1 of the paddles. . You can order just the pan or just the paddles. I will be ordering 1 of each, just to have. As long as you don’t use an abrasive sponge or knife to get the bread out (i always turn mine upside down and shake it out) they should last a long time.

My previous breadmaker had problems mixing, especially thicker doughs like for wheat bread. I know another person who also has to scrape the sides of her breadmaker while it’s mixing to make sure all of it gets mixed. I am very pleased with the westbend hirise breadmaker that i bought. I have made two loaves so far, one large and one small, and the dual kneading blades really do the trick. However, the first time i used it, i didn’t press one of the sides of the pan down far enough and it shook loose during kneading – a pain to put back on without stopping the whole process. From then on i just made sure they were both pressed down very firmly and double check it before i start the machine. I saw some reviewers say they needed to let it run a cycle before actually baking with it, but i didn’t need to do this and the bread tasted fine. I just washed the pan and kneading blades with dishwashing soap and water before making my first loaf. I’m very happy with this breadmaker so far.

Had an older single blade breadmaker that produced tall,square loaves-worked fine but i was ready for a two blade, more traditional shaped loaf machine. This seems at the moment the least expensive two bladed machines and i just couldn’t pull the trigger on a two hundred plus machine like a zo- iam sure it is fine , but after using this machine a few times i can’t believe it is worth over two times the price. This machine has been a joy- the bread is nicely shaped and every loaf has come out perfectly. Yes, the manual is sparse, but it says all you need to make fine bread. As far as recipes- there are numerous books available with a ton of good recipes and the internet has a ton more. It is quiet- you do need to run the bake only cycle when you first get to burn off the residue from manufacturing- let it cool down, wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go-no big deal and hardly annoyance as some have stated. Use your old recipes, explore new ones , but be prepared to enjoy homemade bread. This machine is definitely the real deal.

I have had several bread machines dating back to the first ones that were available back in the 90s – some good, some bad. Most recently, i had an upper-end ($200+) machine that gave out after about 5 years – and i was disappointed. Their cs suggested replacing the pan and paddles but they weren’t sure that would be the answer – and at $100+ for just that, i decided to just go for a lower-end machine. This is not a bad little machine. Yes, i am spoiled – but, really, for the price it does the job. It bakes a decent loaf of bread and the variable sizes is a nice feature for the price, as is the horizontal loaf. There are only two beefs i have with the machine:1. The paddles do get embedded in the bread. And i knew that was a possibility from the reviews – i just didn’t think they would be embedded so deeply. I never had that happen much in my prior machine or at least they were easier to remove.

We’ve been using breadmakers for over 10 years. When the bread pan on our old welbilt wore out, we were disappointed to have to shop for a new one. Fortunately, this machine didn’t disappoint. There were many comments about the recipies in the book being wrong, so right from the start we used our old standby for whole wheat and every loaf has been perfect. In fact the thing is so easy to use i didn’t bother to read the manual at all. There is one thing to watch out for, several other reviewers gave me the tip. Don’t just plug it in and bake your first loaf of bread. Take it out in the garage and run it through a bake cycle to burn off the factory oils or else your first loaf will stink (the house too). It would have been nice if they had included the bake cycle times in the manual, but someone has kindly found them and posted them under notes next to picure on amazon’s website.

After reading all of the different reviews for the breadman, zo, and this one, i finally decided to dive in and hope for the best. I took the advice of many and let this one run the first time dry, empty – no ingredients to burn off the ‘factory oil’ smell. I am more than glad that i followed this recommendation, because it was god-aweful. I received my machine on a blizzard snow filled day and had the windows shut. I turned it on and left it running in the same room that i was doing some work in. Never for a moment did i expect the ‘factory oil’ smell to be so bad. Couldn’t west bend burn off the smell at their factory before shipping it to me??my second issue was the manual’s recipes. I’m new to baking bread and making my own bread so i figured i would go with some of the recipes from the manual. Needless to say, the bread came out like hard bricks. I tried the whole wheat and regular bread, both came out terrible.

I got this machine for about 2 months ago and finally ready to write a review. I went through so many recipes and finally figured out the one that i like and works. I have several experience like others mentioning that bread have collapsed during bake cyclebut i figured out that usually i need to reduce the liquidand i realized that any recipes which uses less that 3 1/2 cups of bread flour don’t quite work for mei do wanna share my recipes. It requires a lot of ingredients and digital scale but trust me, it worths it500g bread flour40g butter50g suger40g honey6g salt2 eggs plus milk (i need the total weight to be 340g)6g yeasti know it’s annoying i don’t use measuring cups, but this bread is so sweet and you can enjoy it by itselfand you will not believe how soft it is. Since it uses eggs and milk, i don’t recommend to use timer for this recipe.

I’ve owned this machine just at two years. I use it frequently in the winter months, sometimes as often as 3 times a week and it still functions pretty much the way it did when i first purchased (march 2011). On the plus side:bread quality (5 star): initially the loaves were lopsided and fell. It took some internet searching and tweaking of recipes to determine that i needed to add slightly more water than standard bread recipes called for and about 1/4 tsp less yeast to get perfection. I also use only the light to medium crust settings. This machine is by far the best i’ve used for bread texture as the kneading process is very thorough (similar results to hand kneading all those years ago). The settings are easy and intuitive. The paddle removal tool comes in very handy to remove hot paddles from the bread. For the price it is a very solid and dependable machine that does an excellent kneading and baking job (if your recipe is right).

I bought the west bend 41300 hi-rise machine based mostly on the reviews here and on other sites. It would be hard to find something better in the under $100 category. It’s not a ‘zoji’ but it does a fine job of imitation. And since the manufacturer is in my home state of wi, i almost had to buy this one. I just received it off the ups truck this afternoon. After washing out the pan and running an empty bake cycle to burn off that ‘new’ smell, i threw in my favorite wheat bread recipe. This is my first dual paddle machine, and i am impressed with how well the tag team effort works the dough. The loaf came out of the bake cycle with a nice uniform color with a good crust on it. I personally like a heavy crust on my homemade bread. The interior of the loaf showed a nice uniform rise pattern.

I bought this machine after using my older bread maker for years. The older one still works, but doesn’t have as many options as the west bend, and it makes vertical loaves. I wanted a machine that makes a more traditional loaf. I looked at all of the horizontal loaf machines that i could find in stores and found that most of them either had an odd sized/shaped pan, only a single kneading paddle, or were not very well built. The west bend machine is sturdy, has a nice sized pan that locks firmly into position, and has two well placed kneading paddles. The non-stick surface on the pan and paddles works very well, although they must be washed only by hand without immersion. The non-stick is very good and washing them without immersion actually takes less effort than it would to make space for them in the dish washer. (important – putting any part of this machine in the dish washer will likely ruin it)the machine’s programs are easy to use with selections for recipe type, loaf size, crust type, etc. I have also found that the number of programs and options that are available on this machine has kept me from having to make custom programs for my bread, even though that option is available. The machine remembers what it is doing in case there is a power outage and programs can be canceled from the front panel if the wrong one is started by mistake (my old machine had to be unplugged and started over).

So after many years (yes, i said years) of failed bread attempts, both machine and hand made, hubby and i decided to give it one more try. We have had many culinary successes, but breadmaking has never been one of them. That is, until the 41300 hi-rise. I won’t bore you with all our failures, except to say they have been numerous and spectacular, and the results mostly inedible. Occasionally we would gnaw off a piece of one of the bricks just to say we had a bite. Wait another day and the same bite would have caused a dental emergency. To cut to the chase, we made a ‘perfect’ loaf of bread on our first try with this machine. By perfect, i mean crispy crust, light and airy crumb and wonderful flavor. Granted i’d done endless hours of research before the machine arrived and was armed to the teeth with tips. The main problem we have at 5280 ft.

This machine has not impressed me that much. It does make basic bread recipe from the manual booklet fairly well. The quick bread & rapid bread recipes have been flops. The shape of the machine makes it very difficult to use on the average countertop. I have to fill the pan & load it into the machine on my island. Then carry it to the counter & plug in. The paddles do get stuck in the pan and soaking doesn’t always remove the crust around them. So you have to unscrew them from the bottom and pry them out. After owning this machine for a while i find myself using it less & less.

This is my first bread machine, though my mom made bread at home in various ways while i was at home. After reviewing this model and comparing it to similarly priced breadman machines, i decided on this one since it had a higher positive-to-negative ratio than the others. Received it on christmas eve day thanks to amazon prime one-day shipping and opened on christmas (what a wonderful surprise.I read through all the reviews to see if anyone had major heating / ingredient trouble and decided to try out the super rapid for my first loaf. I used a pre-made bread mix (1. 0 lb recipe) from the grocery store to make it super easy on me, plus a teaspoon more yeast as noted in the manual for this setting. In 2 hours plus cooling time, the bread baked wonderfully. Using the plain white mix, it baked evenly in the machine and came out with a golden brown crust — also very even — using the medium setting on a 2.

First loaf was about 6′ high at one end, and about 1′ high at the other. Worst thing is that the loaf totally would not come out of the pan – had to cut about 1/4 of the loaf away at the short end and use a spatula to pry it out. Had to apply so much pressure that the blade came out, embedded in a very thick, nearly burned bottom crust – rather than tear through the bread. According to troubleshooting, i need to add a little more water and my guess is that ‘light crust’ should be used instead of medium, however it also says that a burned loaf means that the unit is malfunctioning. . I will probably try one more time and if it still burns will contact seller for a return and try a different model – which would be a shame because there were so many really good reviews. . First update: next loaf came out much better. I could tell the texture of the dough was much smoother as i watched it kneading. I took the advice of another poster and removed the blades right after the 3rd rise cycle started (simply opened the lid, grabbed the dough, pulled out the blades, lightly shaped the dough into a loaf and tucked it back in to rise. Worked out great, but the crust is still too hard on the bottom. Next time will reduce sugar and add still a little more liquid. After several fallen loafs, i ditched the recipes that came with the bread maker and tried a whole wheat recipe from king arthur flour website and voila.Finally a beautiful loaf of whole wheat bread.

So far i have been making bread every week. About every other week i make two loaves on the weekend. The unit is large but makes a great sized loaf. When i make the correct adjustments to salt type and such the loaves come out great. Just a hint, weigh your ingredients instead of using a measuring cup or spoon to get consistent results. I have been making white and wheat bread. I have only had one loaf of bread which was too dry. I had to make room on a separate counter in order to keep it out in the kitchen.

Has many different options on types of breads and loaf sizes which is helpful. It is very large so needs plenty of space on counter if your going to use is a lot. It’s a little noisy so we wait until we are done for the evening in the kitchen and then fire it up. All in all it makes great bread, and we really enjoy it. We tend to take it out and use it more during the cooler months. It’s a little on the heavy/solid side so keep that in mind if your storing it over head. A good solid unit however so that’s a good sign of a well made product.

Received my bread machine and baked a loaf of hawaiian sweet bread. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars is because of two things. I dislike the way the viewing windows are. My old machine had a good size viewing window made of glass. Very easy to see the progress of your bread. This one has two small windows made of plastic and it is very difficult to see what is going on. The 2nd reason is it has a ‘process’ button and no where in the manual does it say what the ‘process’ button is for. I don’t like pushing a button without knowing what it does first. Otherwise, it baked a beautiful loaf and i had no trouble getting the loaf out of the pan.