West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Great Pan but Keep Your Old Thermostat if it still works

I ordered this as a replacement to the one i was using. I should have gotten this size before< i really love it.

Certainly got my monies worth.

The only thing i can think of to improve this would be to have a type of ‘pour spout’ for the grease/drippings.

Key specs for West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Large, family-size capacity is easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Allows for healthier cooking as well as easier serving & draining
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  • Stylish product design, provides easy and safe handling

Comments from buyers

“12” West Bend Electric Skillet
, West Bend Electric Skillet
, Not quite as good as my 20+ yr old electric frypan.

I previously had an older (20+yr) black and decker skillet which unfortunately came it’s demise this past summer cooking up hundreds of sausages for a stampede breakfast. I purchased this new one primarily because of the deep sides (which i love) and because i remembered that westbend was a good kitchen appliance name, from my days working in housewares at woodwards in the 1980s. I like the deep sides and glass, clear lid. My only complaint is that the pan sides/bottom are generally thinner than my previous pan and there are definite hot spots in the element circle area. I understand that most, if not all, current (circa 2000s) electric pans have this same issue. So, for me, it’s really not a true complaint, just a disappointment, because i really enjoyed using my old, deceased pan better.

We’ve bought several of these over time and use it at least once a day. We took it on our vintage trailer camping trip to florida for 5 weeks and it was a great help. We have the larger one but the size of this one is much more convenient. Because we use it so often we usually have to purchase one about ever two years. The surface does wear out eventually.

I love my electric skillet its my camp and home favorite.

Make sure you have the control inserted firmly. I couldn’t get it to heat at first but it wasn’t making contact so when it was pushed in more firmly it worked. Cleans up nicely with the non-stick feature. I would buy from amazon again.

I like the design very much and the size is fine. The glass lid is great because you can see what is going on inside the skillet without having to take the lid off. The knob on top of the lid keeps working loose however.

This is exactly what i wanted. I could not find one in the stores that was this deep.

I had one years ago and loved it then but other appliance came along and i never replaced it. Now that i have i can’t figure out why i let the old one go. It’s easy to use, heats up quickly, cleans easily and then stores away. I love it and won’t live without one again.

It was a gift and they like it really well.

I replaced an older west bend skillet with a similar one from a groc. After the first use i found out what was wrong–it could not be immeresed in water. I went on line to find one because none was available in stores. I’m greatly pleased that i could find one. The only negative is that the handles seem too large for washing or storage.

I bought this non-stick pan to replace an old aluminium one and it works fine but the cord is about two inches too short to properly reach the outlet, not a problem with the old pan. The clear lid is great and the pan is very light. Buy the bigger one if you have alot of mouths to feed, this is just right for one person’s meal.

Nice item cant say more it was a gift thank you.

Great had no problems with it , the teflon will wear thin after continuous use , that can be expected for the price.

This product is a bit of a disappointment to me. The heating element is much smaller than any other electric skillet i have ever owned. It gets too hot in the center and has cold spots at the edges. The first pancakes i made were like moon pies – black and white – from the hot and cold areas of the pan. I’ve since figured out some of its idiosyncrasies and can cook better on it. But, things that i try to brown do not get crispy. The temperature control is not too accurate; things are either set too high or too low. That’s why i give this product 3 stars; it’s just ok.

Skillet works well and deep sides are nice to have. However, i am very disappointed with the condition it was in when delivered. One side was slightly best which would not allow the top to fit properly. Had to bend it back into shape so that the lid would fit. Sending it back was not an option as my time is very limited as i am caretaker for my very ill spouse.

I bought this primarily for its compact size.

I go through electric fry pans like water, it’s my most-used kitchen small appliance. Got this one to be on-deck for our current west bend, which is the traditional metal-lidded one. I haven’t actually used the new one yet, so i can’t rate how it cooks, but we did test it to make sure it works. Eventually it did heat, but it was so hard to plug the cord into the pan. Decided it was worth keeping the skillet, but hope eventually it will work more smoothly. I really love the depth of this pan. 12′ is big enough for most of our meals, but the extra deep sides allow plenty of room for gravy, or stirring. This is great, since the glass lid makes the pan shorter than the old metal one.

Nice skillet; i’m happy with it. I especially like the depth and it’s very easy to clean. The glass lid makes it easy to watch ‘what’s cooking’.

Deep sides lid you can see through while cooking easy to clean and cooks nice.

Westbend makes the best electric pans. Had a few other brands and were not pleased. Went back to this brand and it is a winner. The pan is deep sided and gives you extra room other brands don’t. I will always go to west bend for reliability and quality hands down. You will never go wrong with them.

It’s the perfect size for meals for 2-3 people. I really like the extra depth – others i looked at were only half as deep and would have never worked for the recipes i make.

Very useful to avoid mess when frying or cooking or if you like to keep food warm for later. Easy clean, enough deepness for frying and good to be used by everyone at home. A plus is that you can bring it out to the porch when a meal outdoors wanted, if no plug there just connect to an outdoor extension cable.

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