West Bend 6113 Nonstick Countertop Grill and Panini Press – Made some really good sandwiches!

It is light and easy to use and easy to clean.

We use for panini sandwiches, burgers, and chicken.

Dont know how good this works i bought it as a christmas gift for my boyfriend he loves making grilled cheese sandwiches so i figured be great gift for him and plus a griller too i want to suprise him.

My favorite grilling machine.

Works very well, makes great paninis. Unfortunately, the top doesn’t rotate so it is hard to make a big, meaty sandwich.

The items was exactly what i wanted to give as a christmas gift it is nice to see a variety of items on amazon.

  • Works great with one caveat 😉
  • Not great but not bad
  • Yummy!

I used this only a couple time. My daughter saw it and wanted one. Very good control, easy to clean.

It is small but efficient and works well for our needs. It is an appliance that is a good value.

It’s like because:likes for:lower price. S need longest electric wire. The top grill dos’nt fit for higher or thicker sandwiches.

Made some really good sandwiches.

It’s doesn’t heat up enough to really sear anything. It really just toasts bread – which is great for grilled cheese sandwiches but not very good for meat. It cooks, just doesn’t give that real grilled flavor.

Features of West Bend 6113 Nonstick Countertop Grill and Panini Press (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Countertop panini press opens 180 degrees for use as an indoor grill
  • Upper and lower, ribbed, nonstick grill plates; floating hinge; cool-touch handle
  • Slight slope helps drain grease away from food; “power” and “ready” indicator lights
  • Dishwasher-safe grill plates and grease tray; user manual with recipes included
  • Measures approximately 13 by 11 by 8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I like everything about it except it seems to get too hot too fast. Easy clean-up and non stick surface are great.

The item was delivered on time, and so far we have enjoyed it very much. My husband likes to use it for everything. Even his blt, and it worked fine. I clean mine with a paper towel, if you have burned something a little bit, be sure to get all the black char off of it before using it again. It is very easy to clean up,if you follow instructions.

I’m glad i bought this grill. It makes good sandwiches and grills veggies and meat to put in them. Adding jarred sweet red peppers to the cheese etc makes the sandwiches even better.

Good little grill and panini press. Love how fast it heats and easy to clean up. The only thing i would have liked even more is an on/off ability. That stated, it is well worth the price.

I was looking for a press that had removable plates for easy cleaning. I had to pay a little more but it is worth it. Very easy to take the plates out as put them in the dishwasher. I have had items with non removable plates and they are hard to clean. There are many choices out there – recommend the removable plate kind.

Now i bought this for my husband and we have never owned a panini press before. It works very well with one caveat. They tell you to press down for several seconds when you make the panini. This is so light that if you use too much pressure, the grill will topple forward. Was really not a problem because you remember not to do that a second time.

Countertop panini press opens 180 degrees for use as an indoor grill

Somehow i thought the top part of this unit would rotate just a bit so it would lay flat on top of the sandwich i want to grill. Anything more than about 1′ has to be turned around halfway through to get the outside edges grilled as well as the original inside ones. It works well and the vendor was just fine but i am disappointed with it.

I use this grill quite a bit and it performs well. It heats up fast and cooks evenly. I have used it for steaks,chicken and sausages. You will need a cookie sheet under it because when you open the lid some of the drippings drop behind it. No big deal but a little messy.

This is a very limited utensil. I thought i would use her a lot more than i do. If you grow on it it’s splattered grease all over the place and if you put the top down it’s hard to tell when something is done. I wish i had not purchased it.

I find that the top section needs to be held with a potholder to keep it flat when closing on a sandwich. Not the easiest thing in the world. Anybody have a better way please post it here.

The receiver loves it and grills sandwiches, even meats, quickly. Plates easily clean in dishwasher. Both a real advantage to a busy family with active children.

I like how compact this panini press is and i appreciate that it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Upper and lower, ribbed, nonstick grill plates; floating hinge; cool-touch handle

This lil panini press definitely gets the job done. It upgrades my boring sandwiches into hot little morsels from heaven. But it is very far from perfect. On taking it out of the box, i couldn’t tell if it had been used or made in the most crazy, destructive, dysfunctional factory in the world. It had quite a few little dings and scratches on the plastic handles. It is so disappointing to wait for something to come in the mail, get excited about it and have it come out of the box looking like someone else returned it the day before they sent it out to me. Luckily, the grey ‘stainless steel’ surface was fine and still protected in factory plastic. I’d been craving a panini for a week and didn’t feel like dropping another 10$ at the cafe down the street, so i bit the bullet, washed it very thoroughly and it’s now sitting on my counter. One of the reasons i gravitated towards this model was the price and that is advertised as having a floating hinge, which in my understanding, means that the top lid comes down directly on top of the sandwich, ie like a press should, and would not come down at any kind of angle like the george forman grill. There is a slight swivel, but all in all, it comes down at an angle and depending on how tall the sandwich is, pushes the contents off.

Very handy and small footprint.

I ordered this to replace an older george foreman grill. I could not be happier with this product. This is so much more than just a great panini press. I have used it to grill chicken breasts, pprk chops, burgers, et. This is a great alternative to using my outdoor grill during the winter months. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly and, best of all, the removable plates make cleaning so much easier than what i had before.

I bought this panini press for my parents’ house to have while we’re visiting because my children are fans of the pressed sandwich. It’s easy to assemble, clean & use, and the paninis come out great.

Foreman grill that i dropped with the west bend model. I wanted a unit with removable grills which are much easier to clean than fixed grill models. This grill is about the same price as an entry level g. Foreman but is hands down better quality. The grill is attractive, well made, and has logical features like a raised back hinge, indicator lights, and lay flat capability. The grill heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. The removable grills make cleaning a snap. The rear hinge should have a bit more movement in order for the top grill to lay flat on a thick panini, but otherwise the unit is great. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

I found out i was gluten intolerant just over a year ago and i’ve finally found quite a few gluten free breads i enjoy. However, i mostly toasted it in the toaster oven before using it and then made open face sandwiches with it. I have been using this grill and panini press for several weeks now and it was wonderful to have that first great grilled cheese (with onion, zucchini and ham) that tasted fantastic and was easy to fix. I’ve had other sandwich combinations since, equally as good. The press cleans up easily and the tray catches anything that slides off, such as when i used a bit too much cheese. The grill plates are non stick so i was pleased to find that even the cheese that overflowed just wiped off with a damp paper towel even after sitting for a time while the press cooled down and i enjoyed the sandwich. I would give this grill five stars however i haven’t because it doesn’t have an off and on switch so it has to be unplugged to turn it off. The other thing that i wish was a bit better, and others have commented on, is the hinge doesn’t allow the lid to press down evenly over a sandwich with several ingredients but i get around it by turning it half way when half done and this also adds a nice checkered grill pattern. The lid does stay up when i open it to remove the finished product but it makes me nervous because it looks like it will slam down any second. I sometimes click the hinge button and lay the top flat just to be sure.

I picked this brand and model over the george foreman grill, because it opens alllll the way back. Has quick easy removable grill grates. Is lower prices and can also function as a panini press if i want to grill sandwiches, etc. So far, i use it open faced to grill chicken, steaks and i highly recommend this item. Grill grates are also dishwasher safe. Have had this grill now for 6 1/2 months and use it frequently. They just snap in and out and all the grease drippings are neatly stored below the grill plates. Very happy with my purchase.

Slight slope helps drain grease away from food; “power” and “ready” indicator lights

I was expecting a little bigger machine, because of all the others i have seen. It does the job though and does it well. Great for sandwiches and quesadillas. Would recommend if size isn’t the issue.

Takes grilled cheese to a whole new level and clean up is a snap, the non-stick surface works super-well. Does drip a bit while cooking but the convenient catch pan captures the careless assembler’s ‘over exuberance’ (and i do get carried away when i’m stacking one of these bad boys).

I like the west bend gill because it has removable plates, not like the last one i had, i really like the builtin grease cup mounted under the grill cooking plates, i have used the george foreman grill and its nothing like the west bend grill, and i found out its more easy to put away with the size and weight, for one its alot easy to use and setup i had the grill for a month and i totally love using it, i would tell all my friends that you cant beat the price and the way it cooks.

I love how this grill opens up flat to two grilling surfaces for burgers, chicken or fish. It has a place for the fat to drain like a foreman grill only the clean up is much easier. I have enjoyed many panini sandwiches such as a tuna melt, chicken articoke spinach, and turkey blt. They were all delicious and toasted to perfection. I found it was better to butter the bread first even though the intructions say you dont need to. I had trouble at first getting the top of the grill to lay flat on the entire piece of bread which left it mostly toasted on one side. But i use a hot pad to move and tilt the top grill at an angle so that it lays flat and toasts the bread evenly. The grills slide off easily when a button for each grill is pressed. The easy non-stick surface wipes clean. I dont regret purchasing this grill.

We use this 3-4 times a week. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking to buy a panini press for home.

Bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter. She had picked it out on the amazon website. She loves it and her 15 year old son uses it a lot too.

Dishwasher-safe grill plates and grease tray; user manual with recipes included

This panini grill has become a well-used a appliance in our home. You get a hot and tasty sandwich shop type sandwich at home. We do prefer to use a specialty bread, like pumpernickel, because regular bread can get dry fast on the grill. We love it, and use it a lot.

My husband and i love the sandwiches we are creating. There is no end to the variety also i have grilled fish and beef so far.