West Bend 53655 5-Cup Hot Pot, Love It Before It’s Delivered!

Perfect for home, office or travel. The first one i got as a gift when i went to college, twenty-five years ago. It’s a purple one, that i still have and use everyday at home. When i wanted one for the office, i searched for the same brand and was elated to find it on amazon. Not crazy about the white- but it works so well whenever i need it. I just keep a gallon of bottled water in my office, for convenience. Even my co-workers come to use it to avoid walking to the break room. Water doesn’t come to a rolling boil- but it’s piping/steaming hot. Never had a problem brewing tea, or instant coffee, etc. You hear it sound like it’s steaming/boiling and you’ll know it’s ready.

I have been using this hot pot to make tea for at least 10 years, every saturday & sunday. I keep one up north at a cabin and one at home. One of them just stopped working (after 10 years of use). I bought a different one which was way too big and turned off after the water was done boiling. I love that this doesn’t turn off, it keeps my water hot as long as needed, until i decide i want it off. Yes, i have forgotten to unplug it many many times, even when i had used up all the water. Since i only use it on weekends i have found myself leaving it on for an entire week. It is still hot, my teabags are stuck to the bottom of the pot, but it kept working year after year, never close to a fire. Of course i wouldn’t recommend leaving it on, but on the many times that i have, all i had to do was scrape off my teabags, and start it again. Since i only use if to make tea i don’t mind the tea residue, but i scrub it and it cleans up without a porblem. I love that it boils the water, and once it has boiled it seems to reduce temp to a ‘keep hot but don’t keep boiling’ temperatur, perfect for my tea. I am going to order another one, the picture looks identical to what i have had for 10 years.

We purchased this hot-pot to replace one which failed after several years of service. It was/is used for almost 2 hours/day to heat water for tea, coffee, whatever. It brings the water to near-boil quickly and holds it hot enuf for tea. I usually start with a little more than enuf water for the first pot to make it heat as quickly as possible then refill it after use. The old [similar pot worked every time except the last time and the new one works fine also. We heat nothing but water so cleanup is trivial. ]

Key specs for West Bend 53655 5-Cup Hot Pot, White (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Heats water quickly for instant snacks or beverages
  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic temperature control and turn-to-secure cover
  • Interior cup level markings and pouring lip design helps reduce dripping while serving

Comments from buyers

“Hot Pot love affair
, Love It Before It’s Delivered!
, West Bend Hot Pot

Could not find this pot any where. I had bought one about 15 yrs. I decided to go on line an look there and wa-la . I found yours and i was so happy. It has been on 6 trips with me since i got it.

Update march 21, 2014: the new white one arrived quickly and is as good as i expected. It heats water very quickly. I think the cord and plug are heftier than on our previous one, an improvement. The plug has a bigger flange making it easier to pull out of the socket. Someone please tell me, does this product have run-dry protection?. If you leave it plugged in with the top off, and it runs dry, will it shut off to protect itself or will it self-destruct???. (i threw the instructions away before i read them completely. )the amazon review gives its noise as a negative characteristic. I see it as a positive because when the mild roar ceases, that is the signal that the water is hot and ready to use. The west bend instructions advise against using the pot for anything but heating water. I can’t imagine users fouling the pot with icky soup and oat mealoriginal review:love it before it’s delivered. Because we had a black-colored version for decades until recently the plug exhibited problems, and plugging it in didn’t produce any results. I could have put on a new plug, but since the price is affordable, and white looks nice, i ordered a new one. To use it, your ear has to become tuned to the buildup of the sound of the water nearing shutoff temperature, and then the silence when it is ready and shuts off.

I’ve been using this model for a few decades. I use mine daily, so it gets its mileage. It’s not warrantied for life, of course. This model doesn’t bring water to a roiling boil–but it gets water hot. I’ve lived at sea level for several decades during which i’ve used the west bend hot pot. So i don’t need the water to boil (212ºf at sea level) in order to get hot water. At most higher altitude towns and cities, water has a boiling point of ≥200ºf±, so maybe such locations would see boiling before the thermal shutoff switch activates?. I’ve done mountaineering and know how it is to have water boil at.I have high quality tap water in my area, so i’m not using this hot pot for water sterilization.

This was to replace a similar pot that i’ve had for many years. Hope this one lasts as long. My only comment is that i wish they come in clors other than white or at least in two colors. Looks so plain and out of place with my mostly black or stainless-steel kitchen equipment. Good thing it is compact in size and can be somewhat inconspicuous.

The first is in daily use at my office, and this one is for my home. It heats more quickly than a microwave, and keeps my tea hot without boiling away. I take it when traveling as well, because it is better for tea than the hotel coffee pots. This little pot has been used for heating soup, for heating the water for knoxing my synchronized-swimmer daughter’s hair, for any use of hot water in a hurry.

This hot-pot is absolutely essential for living at college. While you can get your regular meals at d-hall and at other eating establishments, the hot-pot especially comes in handy for late-night snacks, like ramen noodles, as well as soup, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider. Keeps the stuff pretty darn hot, and it doubles as a pitcher. It also is taller but not as wide as most hot-pots, so it has a smaller ‘footprint’ when you’re storing it.

I bought this to use while camping. It is nice and neat and works great. Good for heating water for tea, coffee, or soup.

This hotpot keeps my water warm throughout the day. It doesn’t shut off automatically, and has no temperature adjustment. The design of the heating element makes it hard to clean.

I have had several west bend hot pots over the years. They don’t come close to the west bend. It’s quick and easy to use and they last a long time.

This hot pot is great if you are a college student and want to make hot tea any time of day. Here’s the trick to get almost boiling hot water: realize that the pot does not ‘control’ the temperature per se, it just heats up the water and continues to do so for up to 20 minutes. Therefore, if you want one cup of water as close to boiling as possible, fill the pot just over the 2 cup line, let it heat up for at least 6 minutes, if not 10, then pour yourself some hot water. And it doesn’t really make up to 5 cups, that is, it will only fill up 3-4 coffee mugs maximum.

This is a handy appliance to have around. I purchased this one after my last on gave out following 15 years os service. It heats the water fast and instead of boiling it simply keeps the water at temperature. If you leave the lid on you can go all day without evaporating the water.

Works good and is functional.

The hot pot arrived as promised and functioned as per description.

This is really good hot pot it heats up fast and it gets very hot. I really like it because it is light to carry and just plugs into wall wait a few minutes it is hot water. If you like it simple just fill up and plug in then this is the hot pot for you.

Excellent, very satisifed with the product but surprised the cord is not detachable like the original.

Little tooepenseve but a good productp.