Water Wise Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller – It was awesome.

I knew that the place i wanted to live did not have the best water in. It was my choice to have good drinking and cooking water. The best way to get that was to distill it myself. I also bought the non-electric in case of disaster as you could also use it on the bbq. Given that, it takes the best part of the day to get the five gallons that i want. I have to choose a day where i am going to be home to attend it. It usually takes 10-12 hours. It has to be attended to every 40 minutes. I live with a timer around my neck all day. I have to do this once a week.

I bought property and i’m off grid. Hauling water until we get a well. This leaves any water for drinking sterilized. Just add a pinch of iodized salt.

As recommended by the book, dare to prepare. The author thought this wonder item was no longer available except as a used item from a former owner. Therefore, you can’t imagine how thrilled i was when i found it brand-new on amazon.Here are the specifications for the Water Wise Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Not even a power outage can stop the 1600.
  • Ideal for camping; or as a backup for your electric distiller.

The unit is near perfect in design. The only teensy little drawback is the fact that you have to scrub the lime and scale off after every use.

Making my own distilled water is very important to me. This simplifies the process in a clean easy way. Now if only they included the flat bottle that the new zealand site does.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic product.
  • The only one to get
  • Ready for any disaster

We like our 1600 especially for use outdoors and on our wood stove. Itseems to have a good quality stainless bottom pan and the trays arethinner because they have to transfer the heat for cooling. Not allstainless is smooth and shiny. The underside of the trays is rough bydesign for added cooling surface. With a two year warranty i am suregetting my money’s worth. As with any product it must be used correctlyto get the best performance.

I don’t make beer or any other alcoholic beverages i simply want to distilled my water for a home project without any unnecessary water waste, this product is spot on, very easy to operate, my recommendation is to read the instructions few times before operating it. Wash it with soap and water few times before and don’t forget to add water to the cooling plates on the top.

Product is not cheaply built as some have reviewed; it’s very sturdy. The documentation states it will generate a gallon of distilled water in 70 minutes. I have timed it 3 times and my best run yet was 2 hours 25 minutes, twice the stated time. I’ve tried leveling the cooktop, the collection device adjusting the temperature with little change in result. I have only run this still on a flat glass electric stove. I believe a gas heat source may work better because of the design of the kettle.

I really like this stainless steel water distiller. I wanted to avoid anything that utilizes plastic and this was the only thing i could find. I’ve been using it for almost a year. My wife and i distill and remineralize all of our drinking and cooking water so we distill about 10-12 gallons a week give or take. When used properly i only have to refill the pan and the tiers about every 1. After its been remineralized, i’ve never tasted water so good. I actually want to drink water now, which is a big deal for me.

I asked during ordering if this was made in the usa; and the lady said yes. It took much longer to distill than i expected; and i frequently had to add water to the evaporator platters. I haven’t tasted the water yet. I presume if the collection bottle or hose was cooled (by being buried, perhaps), that would considerably add to the yield time. Marked 4 stars because of how long it took; and how much electricity. Perhaps this would crank over a hot campfire with a cool breeze blowing over the platters.

Very good product and gives a large quantity of distilled water in a short period of time. The only downside for me it that it is not regisitering zero purity on my tds, it is registering 5. Otherwise, it is the best performer i’ve seen so far.

It’s good quality, and is nice to have just in case, but darn it people the price is expensive for what it really is.

My husband was a journeyman pressure vessel welder very familiar with metal of all kinds. He says this is all stainless steel. We just made a video about it on our youtube channel, boondockabillies. We made clean drinking water from ocean water.

I bought this a year and a half ago and have used it every week. I keep 3 five gallon bottles full of delicious pure water. Well worth the price i paid and very well built.

Something doesn’t compute here and needs to be explained. The extreme disparity between all these reviews essentially cancels them all out like an algebraic ratio problem. Perhaps this distiller is manufactured out of sometimes marginal materials in an iffy environment. Having seen some of the documented chinese working conditions on tv, that wouldn’t surprise me. Does amazon quality-check the safety of food and water preparation products?. Are those seriously negative reviews accurate?.

I tested it and it really does work. You must have a lot of patience and be well educated on how to use it. This will come in very handy if the power ever goes out here, just like my solar grill.