Waring Pro WPM10 Professional Popcorn Maker : Very good priced.

The popcorn maker needs to be handled with care and it is easy to burn yourself with it. The popcorn needs to be watched and turned off immediately when it stops popping or it will quickly burn the already popped corn.

Great product, the first one lasted for 3 years and was used every sunday.

Quit reading reviews, and buy it. Used only once so far, however it is great. Pops in about 5 minutes to perfection ( you must be quick about flipping the bowl, and getting the heating plate off ). Do not use a full 2/3 cup of corn like the instructions say. It pops too much for it to hold without making a mess. ( the corn we used pops a big kernel. Smaller kernels will probably be ok with the full 2/3 cup ).

Makes excellent popcorn in under four minutes using hot air. If you love popcorn, this is a winner.

  • Highly recommend!!
  • Best popcorn machine ever
  • family tradition revived

Waring Pro WPM10 Professional Popcorn Maker

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  • Halogen heater with built-in stirrer system
  • Plastic lid/serving bowl combination
  • Able to process larger batches up to 20 cups
  • Large vents for steam release – keeps popcorn dry
  • Faster popping time than other units; quick heat-up time

The best part about this popper compared to the others i have bought is the plate can be removed to be washed. I don’t have to worry about the bottom body getting wet. I also find the dome shape best. Cuisinart has a nice popper, but the shape is slightly off and i found the kernels do not pop all the way to the top. One thing, when there is about 2-3 seconds between pop sounds, turn off and turn over. Works fantastic with orville redenbacher popping oil and kernels.

This is my 2nd one after 4 years of the other. But i use it a lot and love it so that i bought another.

My only issue is that i cannot make a small amount of popcorn for one person. Perfect for two or more people though.

We use this like 4 times a week, love it.

I make 2 or 3 batches of popcorn daily. This machine is sturdy and efficent.

Pops popcorn good leaving very few kernels. I’ve bought several different models over the years and prefer the ability to disassemble it and properly clean it.

Better than movie popcorn and better for you. This is absolutely the greatest popper ever. This was the fourth one i bought. I started buying it for gifts after i got my own and everyone really loves it. It requires very little oil so it’s a good knack for every one.

Product as expected, timely delivery.

Make popcorn quick and works. Only negative is the plastic clear top doesn’t fit tight enough to the heated base and kernels squeeze through the gap and land on countertop.

Popcorn is such a great family movie tradition we have picked back up after getting this little beauty. Waring has a great reputation and we bought theirs based on the popcorn nerds we know giving them the thumbs up. Also handy having all the mess contained in one bowl. Cooking try comes off for easy cleaning. Good luck finding non-gmo popcorn seeds though if you are interested.

Fun and easy way to make your own popcorn.

Had an older model of this brand and the lid cracked so we replaced it with this one.

The very best little popcorn machine at any time. Effortless storage and simple to clean up.

The on/off button is a good function.

I experienced a different variety of popcorn popper and the coating commenced carrying off ideal absent. This popper popped practically promptly and popped every kernel. This popular has a significantly better coding and will not appear off. I would recommend this popper to anyone who enjoys fantastic pop corn.

It seriously requires the dishwasher or the turning system would not get clear enough and begins to smell like rancid oil. This is the 2nd 1 we’ve acquired. The only purpose it desired changing is that we might been washing it by hand. It actually requires the dishwasher or the turning system would not get clean enough and commences to scent like rancid oil, and transferred that to the popcorn. We’ve been placing the new 1 (lid, bowl and turning arm) on the top rated shelf of the dishwasher and they do just good.

Bowl broke and there is no replacement for it. Would make fantastic popcorn, but remain beside it: the time from ideal to scorched is about 1 second.

Thank you oprah for recommending it. Please always use natural kernels. Add coconut oil as your oil of choice as it can stand high warmth.

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Waring Pro WPM10 Professional Popcorn Maker
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