Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder : Meat Grinder

I bought this product after experiencing the “grey slime” issue with the kitchenaid meat grinder attachment (seems to be caused by metal shavings that are extruded along with the meat). Have used the new waring pro a couple of times now, and it works great, quickly grinds through meat, and doesn’t get clogged with fat which was another issue i had with the kitchenaid attachment. So compared to the kitchenaid it does cost 3x as much, it takes up counter space, and is a little high maintenance (you have to wash the parts by hand), but it is more powerful and does not cause grey meat, which is key. Very happy i made the switch.

I just used this grinder for the first time this past weekend. 5# of partially frozen pork shoulder, and also stuffed 2. A very nice feature about this grinder that i didn’t see listed anywhere in the description is the addition of a sausage stuffer screen. You remove the cutting blade and screen and replace with the stuffer screen. It means no more twice ground sausage like you have to do with other models. Overall i am extremely impressed with this grinder, and i will be using it quite a bit since “homemade” is a big part of my diet.

I wanted to point out a few discrepancies. The above product description reads the same as the mg800 grinder with regards to this statement: “covered by a five-year warranty, the 450-watt motor works effortlessly and operates with a simple on/off/reverse switch”. This seems to be in conflict with this part of the above product features: “heavy-duty 1000 peak watts motor “the outside of the box states that it has a 1000 peak (input) watts, motor. However the sticker on the bottom of the unit says 350 watts. So i am not sure exactly how powerful this unit is but it *looks* like it means business. :)i chose this grinder over the mg800 due to the fact it was a newer updated version with a more powerful motor and less expensive. *update* i have run 15 lbs of top round through this grinder, using the smallest grinding plate. The grinder ran effortlessly, it did not jam or have any problems. Make sure to oil the cutting blade and plate as soon as you clean it to prevent rust.

Great product, works very well, husband thrilled. Good size, not too big, easy to clean, grinds into burger so easily.

  • Good grinder for the money
  • Great Value for the Price
  • I know what I’m eating!

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

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    by entering your model number.
  • Extra large die-cast hopper
  • On/off switch with reverse function
  • Heavy-duty 350 peak watts motor
  • Three Cutting Plates: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Includes 2 sausage attachments

The unit grinds very well and comes apart easily for cleaning. Just be aware that all the parts that must be cleaned after use (the hopper and screw) are aluminum, not stainless steel, and cannot be put through the dishwasher. The cutter itself is stainless steel, but all other parts must be hand washed in soapy water only. If you put the parts through the dish washer then a black tarnish coats the parts and unless it is completely removed it will contaminate the meat. It is not like an aluminum fry pan but must be a soft grade of aluminum and the tarnish is powdery and very hard to remove. I wish these parts were stainless and don’t know why they aren’t. Must be a cost issue, but i would pay extra for the convenience of using a dishwasher.

I’ve always wanted to makes sausages & now i am on my way. I would recommend this mincer to anybody.

I had a “hand-me-down” meat grinder from my mother. It was probably 35 yrs old, and still worked. I am so glad i decided to purchase thiswaring meat grinder. It is easy to use, durable, and nice looking. I made chop liver and it was a pleasure to feed the livers, onions and eggs through the base.

This has been a great grinder for home. We always cut up our own venison and never had a way to make hamburger.

This is a great appliance to use when you want to know exactly what your “ground beef” is. I control the quality of the meat, the section of meat (chuck, round, sirloin, etc. It’s worth putting it together, taking it apart, washing and drying it, and putting it away. Those things kept me from buying this grinder sooner, but labeling and quality of beef i could purchase is changing and i am happy i can grind my own now. The grinder i ordered from amazon ground metal against metal and left metallic scrapings in the sink when we washed the parts after grinding. We had to throw away our ground beef and go out to dinner. We did it twice, thinking we didn’t put it together well enough the first time. Actually, we had to go out to dinner twice.

It grinds meat so fast, you’re done before you know it.

I am now grinding my own hamburger as well as many other things. I would recommend this to any home user.

It grinds everything without flinching and feels very solid and well made. I’m happy and would recommend it to anyone looking for something with a little more power then their kitchenaid grinder attachment (which i have and like and use for smaller grinding jobs). The only complaint i have is that it’s very loud. I can handle it but i do prefer to operate it outside on the patio because the noise seems to bother our dog and young kids.

I was very pleasantly surprised. This grinder was extremely fast and easy to use. It was a little bit noisy, but the results were worth dealing with a little bit of noise. I would highly recommend it.

I am pretty happy with my new meat grinder. When used correctly grinds very efficiently and reasonably quickly. I have gone through 20lbs of hamburger and 16 lbs of sausage so far. Keeping the meat very cold the machine operates quickly. Easy to use and assemble and very easy to take apart and clean. You can’t underestimate the power of shiney metal in a product for astetics4.

The grinder does everything it states it will do. Very fast grinding and no jamming.

Update 06/07/12: amazon sent me a replaced unit with no rusted parts. Waring pro’s customer service is a joke, very apathetic and i stopped hearing from them after three e-mail exchanges. This grinder works great and is very fast. My mom makes two passes to be thorough, but one pass looked fine. She ground up some beef for the leanest burgers i have had in a while. She has yet to use this for sausages so i will update thisreview when she does. She does not grind anything that ever had bones in it. She is storing the blades and plates in oil and is very careful in drying everything after cleaning. I updated my rating to four stars for this unit.

It would not come apart after using. Return was hassle free and quick.

Bought this to replace the one i have and it is much faster and can handle larger cuts of meat. So pleased and look forward to years of use out of this product.

Be sure to read the manual thoroughly. It comes w/ accessories for sausage making as well.