Waring (BB150S) 32 oz Two-Speed Bar Blender – Love the stainless steel container!

This waring commercial basic bar blender is perfect for making my daily smoothies. The stainless steel container is easy to clean and unbreakable, which is a blessing.

Worthy successor to an identical blender i bought from waring that lasted 20 years of harsh use. Unqualified recommendation to buy.

But i haven’t tested to make more than ten shakes to make a durable statement. Here are the specifications for the Waring (BB150S) 32 oz Two-Speed Bar Blender:

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  • Basic bar blender helps to create quickly and easily perfect fruit smoothies, frozen coffee drinks and more items
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic material
  • Features 1/2-horse power, 2-speed motor and heavy-duty die-cast motor housing
  • Rugged, one-piece stainless steel cutting blade, removable and user-replaceable metal-reinforced rubber drive coupling
  • Includes dishwasher safe stainless steel container with 32-ounce capacity

My husband and i wanted to to get a vitamix but vitamix only comes with a polycarbonate container which, i’ve read, becomes cloudy from daily multi-use and may release harmful chemicals into the food. The waring (bb150s) 32 oz two-speed bar blender comes with a stainless steel container. It does not have the same horse power as a vitamix but it blends fruits and veggies to a smooth consistency, it crushes ice to a slushy consistency in a blink and it is much, much cheaper. We’ve had it for over a month and so far we love it.

This blender has no issues blending whatever i put in it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect compact, efficient bar and smoothie blender.
  • Love this blender
  • Great blender! I use this for my meal replacement shake and love it.

Toughes, meanest t blender i’ve ever purchased. You could make soup out of nuts and bolts. I used to get blenders from big box stores in the $40 to $60 range for making smoothies and shakes with ice. The motor always burnt out in 6 to 9 months. This blender has been going strong for 3 years or so. It is louder than the others but that’s fine since it blends my drinks in 10 to 15 seconds. There are also no semi-whole ice cubes left over that never got broken up, which was a problem with past blenders.

Bought this for my husband as a basement bar blender. Now we also take it with us when we go away for hockey tournaments to make healthy breakfast smoothies. It’s very light, small and convenient.

We have been through emulsion blender after emulsion blender and while we will find a good one, after enough times of using an emulsion blender to make smoothies and protein drinks with ice in them we end up with a problem with the blades. We got this thing and it is super easy to use, crushes ice in seconds. Seriously between me and my boys we probably make 4 or 5 protein drinks a day with ice and have had no problem at all. My tip for the make is i really wish there was measurement indicators on the cup. Like 1 cup line and 1 1/2 cup line etc that way i would have to waste a measure cup. For those that don’t know this easy clean up tip. Here you go: fill the cup to the line with water add a bit of soap, but the top on and run on high and boom the cup is clean.

I have this blender for 20 years. , never once had to replace any parts. , i use it every day for anything that i can think of. It purifies everything in seconds. , hope they never stop selling it.

I was going to get herbalife shakes and they used this blender there. I bought the same one and i love it.

I replaced an older model just like it because it chops ice really good for smooties. So many other blenders leave big chunks of ice. This one does great for a good price.

We grind dog food pellets once each week for our special-needs swiss mountain dog. We have used a series of consumer-grade units, but they are all very slow, and the results have to be dug out of the glass container with a wooden spatula handle. This waring commercial bb150s basic bar blender with stainless steel container does the job in less than a tenth the previous time required. Furthermore it’s easy to empty; just slap it gently on the side of the metal container, and you’re done.