Wabash Valley Farms Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper : First bad one out of 4

Is it legal to marry a kitchen utensil, especially if you’re already married to someone else?. Well, love knows no boundaries, and i’ve got to say, “i love my whirley pop. ” there, i said it, and i’m not ashamed. This thing makes, hands down, the absolute best popcorn i’ve ever had at home. It smells and tastes just like movie theater popcorn, and, frankly, sometimes i just want to stick my head in the empty pot and breathe that amazing popcorn smell all day long. Besides making great popcorn, it’s also really fun. My 4-year old loves to help mommy make popcorn. I always add the oil, and he adds the kernels. Then we take turns spinning the crank on the handle.

Granted, this is my first one (nothing to really compare it to) but i extensively read the reviews of all the different popcorn poppers (including the electric plug in ones) and decided the stainless steel whirley pop was the right one for my family. It was on the higher end price wise but it seems there were a lot of complaints about the cheaper version’s plastic gear always breaking. I liked that it wasn’t aluminum too (i don’t totally buy into the hype of aluminum and health problems but why chance it?). The stainless steel pot heats very evenly and this definitely does a great job of popping almost all of the kernels without burning them. It is very easy to clean (just wipe out if making a basic batch without sugar/salt). But also hand washes easily too. I’ve made the standard batch (popcorn and oil – both canola and olive) and also my version of healthy kettle corn (1/2 c. Canola oil, 10 packets of truvia, 1/4 t.

We were given one of these as a gift several years ago and we loved it. We have bought several to give as gifts and we finally bought this one to replace ours that had broken down with use (one side of the hinged lid snapped off due to metal fatigue). Unfortunately, this one appears to have some sort of problem. The lid appears to be just slightly mis-sized, and it doesn’t clamp securely to the pot as previous versions did. It slides around a little, and when you go to pour out the finished popcorn, both sides swing down and popcorn goes everywhere.

I really like this popper — popcorn tastes so much better. Quick and easy to use, though sometimes slightly difficult to empty when it pops really full. Packets of popcorn and oil are just slightly too much for this popper — have a chop stick ready to help dislodge wedged popcorn from the pot after popping if you are using these packets. One pointer: when popping corn grip the wood handle near the crank end, not near the pot itself. There are tiny gaps in the lid at the hinge that allow tiny droplets of hot oil to spatter out. If you grip too close to the pot your hand can get burned by these tiny droplets. To stir the popping corn requires only a slight grip, so gripping near the crank end is sufficient and protects your hands. One detraction: i’d like to see a second handle on the actual pot itself. The one handle it has is attached to the lid with some rather thin brackets.

  • I seriously LOVE popcorn. Over the years I have purchased just
  • First bad one out of 4

Wabash Valley Farms Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Popping Kit (Stainless Steel)

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  • The Original Whirley Pop – Make fresh theater-style popcorn quickly right on your stovetop – In Just Under 3 Minutes!
  • Sturdy Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Thru-the-Handle Operation – Spin the handle to turn the mixing arms in the pot to pop each and every kernel
  • Eliminate Burning – Completely Coat All Kernels – Custom Season Each Batch
  • Received the Popcorn Institutes “Quality Performance” Seal of Approval

Let me first say, that i almost never leave a review that’s positive, because i think something is supposed to work as described, and that doesn’t warrant a pat on the head, so when something does what it’s supposed to i pretty much just move on with my life. Things shouldn’t require modification or repair to do what the manufacturer claims it is supposed to do right out of the box. Having that been said, i just abused the crap out of this thing and it beat me. You guys like popcorn, i love popcorn (pizza, beer, popcorn and a good movie don’t always require a date as far as i’m concerned; almost just as great all by itself). No, i don’t plan to live to be 46, but i also rarely indulge in any of the above (though, those days might be over now). Constructioni miss real stainless steel. Farberware is mostly crap now, and almost nothing you buy for under $20 is worth the trip to the store (i’m talking about one single chef’s knife, et cetera; not a set). The reason is because there are actually many grades of stainless steel (regardless of what you are making out of it) and you can claim something is stainless in your advertising even if you use the absolute cheapest grade available. There are items made of grades of stainless that will rust just sitting on a shelf in its packaging, or because of the humidity in the air. Wal-mart sells a lot of them.

Over the years i have purchased just about every corn popper there is available in the home use category. I even bought one small commercial grade popper. The trouble with most poppers is the cleanup. A lot of good poppers are just not worth the fuss. The electric “spinning” models are only fair in my opinion because of the sogginess inside due to poor steam release. They are also a lot of trouble to clean. I wrote off whirly pop as a possibility for me mainly because my cooking surface is induction and it simply would not work. Also, i thought the plastic gears and function seemed a little on the cheap/poor quality side with the amount i use it. The whirley pop is a great popper and is perfect for most home users.