VonShef Ice Cream : Works well, easy to use

This is a very sturdy and reliable ice cream maker. This is a very sturdy and reliable ice cream maker. However i did have to return it because i am a handicap person and had to much difficulty in trying to use this product.

I’m so happy i bought a small ice cream maker. I’m so happy i bought a small ice cream maker. It’s easy to handle, to clean and makes just the right amount. It is not too noisy and s a great buy.

My first and last icecream maker. So easy to use, just put the container in the freezer at zero degrees for 24 hours then just put the ingredients and wait 25 minutes for homemade ice cream.

This is a great little machine. Make sure you don’t use more than 2 cups of base liquid at a time – if you do that – you’re golden. Also, here’s a tip: freeze whatever container you will be scooping your ice cream into for storage/eating – the ice cream does melt quickly. This is a great little machine.

  • Works well, easy to use
  • This is a great little machine
  • I’m so happy I bought a small ice cream maker

VonShef Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Maker Machine 1.5-QT

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  • Voted by Great British Food Magazine as one of their Top Five Ice Cream Makers on the market
  • The VonShef Ice Cream Maker makes delicious home-made Ice Cream in 15-25 minutes, as well as Sherbet, Sorbet, Gelato and Frozen Yogurt. No rock salt needed!
  • Create your own flavors and open up a new world of taste
  • 1.5-Quart capacity double insulated freezer bowl. Bowl Dimensions: Overall Height – 5.9 Inches, Outer Diameter – 7 Inches, Inner Diameter – 5.1 Inches, Depth – 4.5 Inches
  • Low Noise (65dba). With ingredient funnel. Size: H:9.8 Inches x D:8 Inches. Easy clean accessories

If you enjoy frozen homemade dairy and fruit treats — buy this. This unit was purchased as a christmas gift for the grand kids. I was a little apprehensive as to its quality considering its price. As of the last report, it works amazingly well if you follow the instructions and it works exactly as advertized.

This ice cream maker is very easy to use. It has three parts the inner bowl which needs to be frozen for a minimum of 8 hours before making the ice cream, the cover with the motor, and the outer bowl that holds it all together. After the inner bowl is frozen for 8 hours i add my favorite ingredients and 20 minutes later i have soft ice cream. If i want it to be harder i freeze it in a different container for a little longer but i actually prefer the consistency of the ice cream as it just made, so i make small amounts. I have made ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt. Super easy and i am able to experiment with non-standard ingredients and get the sweetness to my own liking (i don’t like it to be super sweet). The ice creams comes out smooth and rich, no ice crystals. The ice cream maker is not very loud. You can see and hear it making ice cream in my video.

The product works very well, and my 13 year old daughter has taken responsibility for production of our ice cream. The ice cream maker works as expected, but having homemade ice cream is so much more delicious then store bought, which now tastes fairly stale in comparison.

It gives a good freeze, is the perfect size for serving 4. This arrived friday—we’ve already made frozen yogurt on saturday and a custard ice cream on sunday and its a huge success. It gives a good freeze, is the perfect size for serving 4 people, and is much quieter than i expected. I froze my mixing bowl as well as the machine bowl before making my last batch and it speeded the churn time to only about 10 minutes. Wish it came with more recipes (there are only 5) and that they were in cups, not ounces.

I’ve used the machines several times. Very nice not too loud and works great. My friends love it as i make enough to give dine away.

I love this ice cream maker. It works well–makes the ice cream in about 30 minutes. You have to be near the kitchen, because when the ice cream is done, the motor shuts down–kind of grinds like it will burn itself out if you don’t turn it off. I scoop the ice cream into small, individual-size freezer containers if we aren’t going to eat it right away. It makes just the right amount for the two of us to enjoy for about three or four days. I am definitely getting my money’s worth because i make coconut milk ice “cream” which is very expensive at the store. I think three batches of ice cream have more than paid for this machine. We make low- or no-carb frozen desserts and are having fun experimenting with the recipes.

Its motor overheats and trips after 15 – 20 minutes. Its motor overheats and trips after 15 – 20 minutes while ingredients are still in liquid form. According to the instruction book the freezer bowl should be kept in a freezer capable of reaching -18 degrees celsius for 8 -12 hours prior to using it for making ice cream while normal household refrigerator’s freezer cannot achieve this -18 degrees celsius temperature.

I made watermelon ice cream.

So nice not having to use salt and ice. We leave the freezer bowl in our deep freezer to be ready to use.

While at a trip in italy, i went to a gelato/pizza cooking class at an organic farm outside of florence. The gelato was sooo good so when i came home i had to pick one of these up to try all the recipes i received in my email when i got back to the states. So far this machine had done it thing in the second part of the gelato making process that we learned to do. Hope it holds up since i’ve been using it alot making many batches of different flavors of gelato.

I returned it because the blade would get stuck when. I returned it because the blade would get stuck when the sides would freeze, so the middle did not freeze equally.

Timely delivery etc were fine. I have not yet used the product as the voltage in india is 220 while that of the ice ream maker 115 – my mistake – i am looking around locally to a step down transformer. If not successful will order one from amazon. Remind me after a fortnight.

I created mango ice cream: only, pureed mango. Amount to your individual taste, cream, sugar to taste, bourbon vanilla extract.

This ice cream maker does a very good task as extended as you chill the freezer bowl. This ice cream maker does a superior job as very long as you chill the freezer bowl sufficient. The initially time i tried using the machine, my freezer environment was on low so the freezer bowl did not get chilly ample to make ice cream. After i chilled the bowl adequately, the machine made ice cream immediately in under 20 minutes. The resulting ice cream is soft and will need to be place into the freezer to harden entirely. I had a ton of fun using my new ice cream maker. I like that the vonshef is smaller than the cuisinart ice-21 mainly because i do not have a whole lot of storage area in my little kitchen area. I also like how the areas are effortless to clear. With the cuisinart, the freezer bowl spins to churn the ice cream. The vonshef utilizes a paddle to churn.

Quite mouth watering and uncomplicated to use. . I bought this for my daughter when i was going to, so i had a possibility to use it myself. It is quick to use and really quick. If you like it soft provide as i do you can consume it following 20 minutes. If you want it to be tougher, put it in the freezer for a when. I utilized erythritol in spot of sugar to sweeten the ice cream. I’m scheduling to buy one for myself.

I like this ice cream maker. I like this ice cream maker, it is effective very nicely. The only ‘miss’ is that the paddle doesn’t scrape the sides or the base of the bowl. I’ve created strawberry and peach custard design ice creams so much and i have been extremely happy with the outcomes.

Make absolutely sure you freeze it for an proper total of time (8hrs) our ice cream arrived out watery. Maybe we essential to use much more cream.

I have only utilized it two occasions so considerably – on the lookout forward to much more experimenting.

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