VonShef Frozen Dessert Maker – Totally works.

Makes a great natural sorbet.

Not ice-cream but a good healthy choice. Stuff does not push out all the way.

Take care of your bodyit’s something that i love to do. I like finding ways to make eating healthy, more delicious and not to mention fun fun fun. So i found myself one day last week, browsing on amazon for cool products. It’s cool to browse but sometimes you never know what something is really like until its right in front of your eyes. Well because i’m an optimist and know that everything is always working out for me, i decided to hit the check out button and buy this lovely machine. I forgot to mention i looked at videos of it on youtube and even compared it to a dessert bullet machine but decided to go with this one because of the price and because of the simplicity of parts and clean up. Clean up is so important to me, on a side note i used to have this juicer and though i loved it, it took forever to clean it which made me not want it anymore. I loved the eating healthy though which is something that i’m fortunate and lucky enough to continue. On arrival day, i came prepared, i bought lots and lots of frozen fruit from walmart, mostly organic.

I wonder before i got this product how easy it was to use, and it’s so much easier then i thought. . And super fast, making the perfect sorbet. I recommend if your looking for homemade natural yogurt or sorbets and ice cream, this is great to get for yourself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Fun Machine!!!!
  • I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my VonShef!!
  • Amazing! I’m vegan and don’t eat dairy

I was worried it wouldn’t work very well because it’s so inexpensive but it is awesome. It makes a delicious treat with little effort. But peel the bananas befor you freeze them, i didn’t think about it the first time and it was much more challenging.

I’m vegan and don’t eat dairy, and sometimes dairy free ice cream isn’t what i’m looking for because it has too many calories. This is great because it’s similar to sorbet but with the texture of soft serve i love it.

Takes frozen fruit and makes it in to a great sorbet.

I’ve only had this a few days, but i’m totally hooked. I have a major sweet tooth and love ice cream, but i’m trying to eat more healthfully. I’ve only had it a few days, but i’ve used it every day. My favorite, though, is banana with powdered peanut butter and cocoa. I used 1 banana and about a teaspoon each of the powders. I thought it might need to be sweeter, but i was happy with it the way it was.

Exactly what i wanted for all the frozen over-ripe fruit that i save. Just remember to save it in pieces small enough to put into the tube. . Maybe save the fruit in ice cube trays and when frozen, just collect the cubes in a bag to keep in the freeze to use when ready. Wonderful for those evening cravings.

Ok, but not what i expected.

Does what it’s advertised too do. Cheap alternative that functions like the overpriced versions.

Much cheaper, easier, & healthier than an ice cream maker. Freeze fruit in smallish chunks (or buy frozen fruit). Turn it on, push down with the plunger. Takes a very short time to make a serving or 2. Would take a while to make a whole lot.

This is way better than the cheaper tv versions you see. I ordered one of those i saw highlighted on hln news, and it didn’t work at all. This works great, much higher quality.

Very easy to use and clean and makes yummy desserts.

It was a gift for my daughter. She used it right away and said she loves it.

Easy set up, works well, and taste great.

This was a gift for my dad for his birthday. He is trying to eat more healthy but loves frozen treats in the summer. So this is a perfect alternative for him. He has already used it and says it works great.

Awesome for my daughter who wants ice cream all the time and now we are having healthy fruit cream instead. Put a little cream or milk in as you do this and it comes our more creamy and soft.

It’s great for anyone who loves sweet treats. This is my first time using it and made it with frozen strawberries, blueberries, bananas and vanilla yogurt that i also frozen. I also added some dark chocolate chips. I think it’s a great way to help your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

. Easy to use, clean up and most of all tastes great.