Viva Appliances Viva Self Clean Stainless Steel Water Cooler : You can do better for this price

We just received this product from a recommendation from a colleague. We are still in the process of setting it up but are excited for the hot and cold features.

The viva self clean stainless steel water cooler w/ hot & cold has been nothing but a five star product ever since it was delivered. The short story: the cold water is 38 degrees f and the hot water is 178 degrees f. The water tastes great after cleaning the tank via the instructions and running about 5 gallons through it. You can adjust the cold water temperature but i don’t think you can do so for the hot. The long story: the instructions were very clear and easy to understand. Setup was a breeze and cleaning the unit was easy. You need to make sure the unit is upright for at least an hour if not longer before use. Full clean took about an hour (mostly due to waiting for the unit to disinfect). The unit has rubber feet that can be turned to level the unit. I attached round felt pads to them to prevent scratches on my hardwoods.

Viva Self Clean Stainless Steel Water Cooler with Hot & Cold by Viva Appliances

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  • Bacteria buildup is prevented by using reactive oxygen to clean the insides of the cooler. It automatically cleans six times a day. Avoids the muddy taste that develops over time in normal coolers from not being cleaned.
  • Approximately 70% stainless steel front has the most stainless steel out of any top loading retail cooler.
  • Professional grade construction uses a stronger frame than used by normal coolers. Build quality is designed to last for many years of heavy use.
  • IceChill technology powerfully cools the water using a large ice block. Water is maintained at a frigidly cold temperature, making a delicious and refreshing cup of water. Makes 1.6 gallons of very cold water every hour.
  • Proprietary heating technology maintains water in the ideal steaming hot range. Makes robust cups of tea, instead of weak watery tea. Makes 1.3 gallons of piping hot water every hour.

The controls are too high for my one year old to reach which is great because with other coolers he soaks people’s floor because he can reach the lever.

My husband purchased this online, after reading all the positive reviews about it, and it arrived within the time frame (5-10 business days). It was easy to set up and requires you to ‘level’ it (which i have never seen before on any cooler). I love the stainless steel and also love the light that is in between the hot and cold water spouts. You can also turn off the hot water (which we did) spout if you don’t need it (which we don’t).

Set up is easy, and so far it works great. Buy it from sears and you’ll get free shipping. For some reason, the day i bought it there was a big discount andit only cost me $194. Besides, i trust sears if anything goes wrong with it.

Viva Self Clean Stainless Steel Water Cooler with Hot & Cold by Viva Appliances : I just have to find someone who can load the 5 gallon bottles on top for me. Can someone tell me where to get smaller bottles ?.

Update: had this unit almost a year and a half now. Still works as well as it did the first day. Original review:had this unit about a month now. Pros:i use the hot water out of this to brew tea, no additional heating required. It is steaming hotthe cold water is nice and cold. Some water coolers have ‘cool’ water; this water cooler has *cold* water. The self-cleaning feature is nice, less work for me. Unit was well packed for deliverythe hot water has a 2-step button which reduces the chance of a child burning themselvescons:expensiveit is a little shorter than other water coolers i’ve seen (so if you are tall, you will have to bend over quite a bit)it does make more noise than most other water coolers. Not sure if it is the self-cleaning, or because of the extra heating/coolingi think it would tip over without too much effort, so if you have young kids or large dogs, you will want to put it in a corner or attach it to a wall (no attachment hardware is included, fyi). I have a 5 year old and 2 dogs, and in a corner the unit is fine.

Very please with my new water cooler’.

To start, the installation was easy once we got the bottle receptacle up and out. Did the initial cleaning process of it to ensure the product worked to its full potential and the process isn’t difficult. Easy instructions and i like the fact that it comes with a strap to secure it to the wall to prevent any tipping hazard, especially due to the size. I like the stainless steel and the overall design of this cooler, although it is shorter and smaller than my last water cooler.It holds a 5 gallon water container just fine. Tested the cold and hot water, the cold is about 40- 42 degrees f (raytech laser thermometer) and the hot water about 190 degree f or higher (using a meat thermometer). Don’t hold me to these temperatures, i just wanted to give a decent temperature reading rather than saying pretty cold and really hot. I like that the buttons are on top, as a practical ‘child safety’ precaution. I haven’t noticed any noises with the self-clean setting, but if i do i’ll enjoy the reassurance that it’s self-cleaning and i don’t have to bother with it. I’ve researched different water coolers for 3 weeks before purchasing this one and i’m happy with my decision.

We purchased this about a month ago and so far, there have been so issues at all. The design is a lot nicer than many others and doesn’t look like an eyesore in the house. The water is quite cold when it comes out and there is also a nice nightlight if needed for evening/middle of the night usage. Overall, we are very satisfied with the cooler and would recommend it.

The look of this unit is very nice. The cold and hot features all work well. The only reason for the 4 star rating is that at times this machine is a bit noisy. I like the fact that this dispenser is self cleaning .

I gave this water cooler four stars only because it is so little. I am 5’6 and i have to bend over to get water. I replaced a standard sized cooler for this one because my old cooler would no longer get cold. Only the hot water function worked. I spent 2 weeks online researching coolers before i chose this one. I wanted a top loader because i didn’t want to deal with the hassle of leakage and other issues associated with bottom loaders. The self cleaning function is a huge plus. I routinely cleaned my old water cooler, draining it and using a bleach or vinegar solution. It was a pain to do all that work but i felt good about drinking from a clean cooler. It is a little noisy when it is self cleaning but i don’t mind it at all. It’s cute but i wish it were bigger. Other than the size i would have given it five stars.

The cooler is working well but is pretty noisy. Also, we expected it to be higher.

Whirlpool warranty support pushes you to this aging unit as a warranty replacement for their much better built units. This unit only has hot and cold no pot/coffee water non heated dispensing option. Additionally it is very noisy and way too short and i am not a tall person. It does function well at this point i have only had it a couple of weeks. It’s best features are it is supposedly self cleaning and it also has an excellent bottle piercing baffle.

Its a beautiful unit but it is designed for store bought or delivered bottles which have a rubber topper that can be punched thru when loading the water bottle. We fill our own bottles at water kiosks, so loading the bottles is very messy. Trying to load the bottles and hold them at an angle while inserting the hose drips water everywhere. Also the unit still has to be cleaned every 3 months or even when it tastes off, so paying extra for self cleaning feature defeats the purpose. Apparently the lines get clogged.

Directions need to be updated though for new self-cleaning model, they tell you to remove a piece that can not be removed with self cleaning model.

My previous discpenser lasted 4 years. It was a ge profile and the hot water heater went. The white residue from the water was like sand. This self clean is such a great feature. The noise takes some getting used to. It cycles often and sounds like water is boiling. Love the light in the dispenser area and it is small an sleek compared to other models.

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