Vitamix S30 Personal Blender : Daily smoothies are now Easy Peasy!!!

I had a regular size vitamin and loved it. I wanted something smaller sine i make smoothies every day. It is quite powerful and lives up to the vitamin name.

I love this blender and use it almost every day. Easy to clean and can pop all but the blender blades in the dish washer. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a quick smoothie or other blended drink.

Nice to have a blender that can blend ice. Took me a while to decide which blender to buy. Nice to have a blender that can blend ice, my old blender couldn’t do that.

I use my vitamix every week. It started off as a smoothie thing but now i am really enjoying making home made almond milk. The single serving container is easy to clean and very convenient. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth it.

  • Love this blender!
  • Love my vitamix!
  • This blender is great!! It’s perfect for my needs

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender, Black

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  • 20-ounce portable container with flip-top lid
  • 40-ounce compact container for small family meals
  • Easy-to-use Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature
  • Powerful 790-watt motor
  • Backed by a 5-year full warranty and 30-day guarantee

Good for making veggie and fruite juices. Good for making veggie and fruit juice.

I got this a few days ago ($398 from chef central), and already it has become a fixture in my kitchen. Overnight, it has allowed me to improve my diet enormously with minimal effort. I come home from work, toss some veggies and fruits into the small container, screw on the blade, seat it into the mixer base, and 30 seconds later i’m relaxing on the sofa enjoying fresh produce as my after-work cocktail. The price is high compared to the magic bullet and similar blenders, but the thoughtful design and solid construction is what you’re paying for – and it’s worth it in my opinion. The produce is ground up very quickly and thoroughly, no matter what you put in there. The idea of using one container for mixing and drinking is pure genius, and makes preparation and cleanup very easy. I just rinse two pieces out when i’m done, and every once in a while will run them through the dishwasher (but take the gasket off first). The small footprint of the machine is much appreciated in a small nyc apartment: the larger version with the more powerful motor would have been difficult to find room for on the countertop. There are some fiddly things to be aware of, which are made clear in the instructions but apparently can still cause problems if not thoroughly understood.

I’ve owned the vitamix 5200 for years and have used it to make smoothies. When i saw the s30 i knew it was time to downsize. I got my s30 yesterday and made my first smoothie this morning. It’s much quieter than i thought it would be. It blended my drink in record time and it was smooth, just like the 5200 would make it. Because i’ve used the larger blended for so long, i can see that i’m going to have a bit of a problem with portions to make the single serve drink. Since i’ll be using this on a daily basis, this shouldn’t remain a challenge for too long. The other main difference is the order of the ingredients. Vitamix is very specific about the order that things should be placed into the container. This also is extremely intuitive and should become second nature after a couple of more smoothies. This blender comes with quite an extensive recipe book and i’m looking forward to trying some of their recipes. You know how you get stuck doing the same recipe over and over?.This book has given me some fresh ideas about combinations for smoothies.

Used to have another brand that left pulp, so glad we went this route, no pulp and easy cleanup. Use it mostly for smoothies but have made soup in the larger container works great. Comes with a large recipe book.

I have totally enjoyed this vitamix and feel that i have nearly gotten. I have totally enjoyed this vitamix and feel that i have nearly gotten my money’s worth in 3 weeks. I am a cook who invents for myself and this blender is not the place to do that. The portions and order of adding ingredients are important, so following the wonderful recipes given was important for me as a “training program. ” i have made pesto and amazing shakes with greens and fruits and feel secure that my health will reflect an improved diet. I am actually considering putting one in the kitchen of my workplace for the purpose of “fast food” there. I quickly rinse the parts right after i pour my smoothies, and except for the gasket and threadings, they look out out-of-the-package clean with not much additional effort. I did experience an overheating on one run like an earlier reviewer but found i hadn’t seated the blending canister properly on the motor. I also experienced a stoppage, but then discovered another human error with how i had packed the ingredients.

The only way to eat raw and healthy.

Its everything i ever wanted. It used to be such a hassle to make a smoothie with my old blender. First of all, it would be a big mess with cups and spoons and the blender glass would usually sit in my sink for a day with all the mess–and my old blender used to splash and jam and i’d use a wooden spoon to dislodge pieces of fruit–what a hastle. Then i’d end up with 60-ozs of smoothie–way too much, and so it would sit in the refrigerator. It took 20 seconds to clean the blade from the cup of smoothie i just made. Now i rinse the cup and i’m done.

Very easy to use and not too big for our kitchen counter.

. It has honestly given me a renewed sense of health and well being inso much as a piece of equipment can. The true joy of owning this piece is the power and ease of use. Making healthy smoothies is not a chore. It’s a great investment so long as you know that you will be using it often and not letting it collect cobwebs.

What can i say, it’s a vitamix. I don’t really use the individual to go cup since i mostly drink them at home. I the other container is 48 oz but that’s not really big enough if i want to make smoothie for all 3 of us because you can’t actually fill it to 48 ozs. I wish this container was a little larger but it’s perfect for making for just myself each morning. It’s powerful and i love the spin dial. Nothing digital to try to read.

Great blender, this is my 2nd one.

The greatest obtain i could have produced. I’m a nurse and this is wonderful for carrying to do the job.

There is never ever a chunk of ice.

Excellent addition to the vitamix loved ones. Got a seconod person container so there is usually one particular handy.

It is really best for my requires, will not acquire up substantially counter place and clear up is straightforward. Note: pursuing the vitamix guidance for loading items into the blender and everything blends up just fantastic. The unpredicted bonus was the two 20 ounce to-go cups. I failed to comprehend i would be capable to blend beverages in the cup. The blender base screws on to the cups and you place it on the base then mix. Also, the insulation on the cups are terrific, i put my chilly drinks in with a little bit of ice and it stays nice and cold.

Every day smoothies are now effortless peasy. I had always regarded a vitamix, effectively realizing it was an expense. Just after my ninja broke down two times, i knew it was time to make that worthy expenditure. The s30 is perfect for me as i make each day smoothies and dont want to clean up a significant device. I am also equipped to place in uncooked vegetables and get a smooth consistency, a thing i hadn’t experienced in the ninja. I am very pleased with my vitamix.

I appreciate this, i use it at minimum when a. I adore this, i use it at least once a working day. The journey cup is so practical. Both of those containers are exceptionally straightforward to use and to thoroughly clean.

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