VACMASTER VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer, Five Stars

I highly recommend this vacuum chamber sealer. It does everything it is supposed to do. My only suggestion would be to order the filler plate set to speed up sealing of smaller items. If you do order the filler plate set i also recommend that you remove the built-in clamp. I got good seals to begin with however i am getting much better seals with the clamp removed. Vacmaster’s higher end machines include the filler plates but do not have the clamp. Another plus with this model besides saving money over the higher end machines is that it fits nicely under your kitchen cabinets.

After about 6 months of regular use (average 60-70 cycles per day) i started having issues with bags not letting the air out. They would expand to the point of pushing out from under the seal bar. Called ary tech support and the human receptionist answered, in english, on the first ring. She transferred me to techies and they answered on the second ring. After a short discussion they over-nighted replacement o-rings for the sealer bar pistons. Called back next day and one of the other techies walked me through replacing the first set of o-rings. I thanked him and proceeded to replace the other set solo. Machine works perfect again. I will be buying a second vp112s cause without this machine, i’m out of business. It’s the perfect solution to portion and inventory control.

The unit seems solidly built and comes apart easily for cleaning. After two years of use (and much less than 1000 sealed bags), the machine will sometimes start but neither create a vacuum nor seal. It usually works if i try again (or a few more times). This happens unpredictably, so it’s not related to any sort of overheating as far as i can tell.

Key specs for VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer:

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  • Redesigned heavy-duty chamber & lid allows for consistent performance with a 4 mm wide positive seal
  • Marinating cycle marinates and infuses meats, fruits and veggies; helps penetrate food with deeper flavor
  • New easy to use control panel
  • Chamber technology allows you to vacuum package liquids and liquid-rich food
  • Low-profile design hinged lid tucks neatly towards the back of the machine, making this countertop friendly

Comments from buyers

“BUY IT and don’t look back.
, Should have bought sooner
, Great chamber vac for home owner

I love this thing ( once i found a pull out drawer in my kitchen to store it. ) using it for sous vide (perfect seals every time), marinading bags and marinade function for jerky and ribs, sealing cheeses for freezing (costco sized portions too big to use quickly), vacuum sealing for clothing for travel. I am looking into whether or not i can stabilize small pieces of wood in here.

I did not purchase from amazon however i thought i’d share my solutions with amazon to issues this machine has. #1: in order to start the sealing process you need to gently press down on both handles that currently say lift here to get a vacuum in the chamber. #2: the gasket supplied with the unit is not installed upon unboxing the unit. If you lay the gasket on a flat surface you will notice that one of the sides is wider than the other 3. The wider side must go towards the back of the unit or the gasket will buckle after a few uses and will need to be manually realigned. In addition, improper installation will cause the gasket to prematurely wear and will cause it to eventually fail.

Well i have had this sealer for about 2 years now. It is a great product and it is a chamber sealer so it sucks the air out of the chamber and seals the bag then allows air back in the chamber and the difference in air pressure makes the bag contract that is how the bag is sealed. I buy bulk meat from costco and seal it all up and throw it in the freezer. I buy meat from costco about twice a year. This machine allows you to buy by the case at costco which gives you a considerable discount even at costco. For example tri-tip is normally $7. 89 a pound in a two pack from costco as of 7-2015. If you buy it buy the case it’s $6. 75 a pound and you can break up the case of 70 or 80 pounds and put each tri tip with seasoning in a bag. And freeze it for over a year and it is just as good as the day you bought it.

I got it as a bit of a splurge for sous vide cooking, and now i use it all the time. Why mess around with ziploc bags when these are pennies each and store things better?. I cook for hours most nights, and i literally use this more often than basically any other kitchen appliance i have. When i moved to a new apartment with a tiny kitchen, i gave this beast a third of the minuscule counter space — alongside my breville toaster oven and polyscience induction hot plate. If you can afford it and cook at all, just get oneoh, and the stand with the 3 rings that you can use for filling vacuum bags. You know, the one that looks like a gimmicky ripoff?. It’s actually super-useful and you should get one of those too. (aha, it’s this one: vacmaster multi-ring bag stand for vacuum packaging ).

The vp112s has a bigger chamber than i thought. My wife and i love using it. We always find a reason to use it. When putting away cheese, leftovers. Gone are the days when you are left frustrated with the other vacuum sealers. We put away a moose with it this last fall with no issues as well. The only thing is the chamber top(cover) sometimes doesn’t mate quite perfect with the bottom and it won’t start vacuuming. Just apply slight pressure to the cover for a few seconds while it starts, and it is just fine. It is so cool to even put away leftover soups if you want to.

I bought this after going through a foodsaver vac sealer every two years. Essentially, you throw the fs away when they die. I was hoping this would last longer. Its a great chamber sealer and a major plus that you can vac seal liquid, such as soup stock etc. Which one cannot do with the fs. Unfortunately, with only two years on it it simply died — no power. And the gaskets are loose and have come off. I only use on weekends in my beach home so pretty light use. Its only a one year warranty, so now i am sending back to ary for expensive repair. So, in the end, frankly not that much better than foodsaver, but i cant just throw this one away as it cost a lot more.

These guys know how to make a vacuum sealer. Powerful pump, good operation, and solid as a brick house.

We live in alaska and process our own wild game and fish. This seals well and quickly. Much better that the cheaper versions we have used in the past.

I just got this today and have used it enough to know i’m highly impressed. It vacuums better than my foodsaver. And also uses those bags, too. I can cut my own length bags from a roll. To make the first seal, start the vacuum as you normally would, but then interrupt it and press ‘seal. ‘ then the bag is ready to use. We don’t have any soup ready to freeze, so just to experiment, i made two bags of water. Try that with the foodsaver.

It exceeded my expectations. This is my first chamber vacume sealer and i’m very satisfied.

First off this is a great sealer. It pulls allot harder vacuum than a foodsaver, and the bags are so cheap that you can seal almost anything without even thinking about the price of the bags. With that said, their are two minor issues. The first is their is no canister sealer attachment point, since i only seal a few canisters a year, this really isn’t a problem. The other thing, though is that i can’t figure out how to seal a bag without pulling a vacuum. For instance if i want to seal something like a bag of chip, this unit seemed to have to pull a vacuum first. In spite of that, this is a great, though heavy unit. It does what it says, and does it well.

This is my first chamber vacuum sealer, i wish i hadn’t waited so long. We quit using out standard sealer because you had to first freeze any item that had moisture in it and then attempt to vacuum seal. We started using zip lock freezer bags instead and finally decided they were getting expensive and most items ended up freezer burned before we would use them. I researched this item on multiple sites and read a lot of reviews & decided the price and size would fit our needs. The first item i sealed of course was a quart of water and i can say i was impressed. In the time i have had this sealer i have used it about 20 times and most of the items have been broth, soup and other items with moisture in them. It is a heavy machine so i put it on a kitchen cart that i can push out of the way when not in use.

Being able to package liquids like soup, chili and things like that cuts down the waste for me living alone. I can fix real food then portion it out and package and freeze it. A word of caution, this needs to be headed. Make sure the liquid/fluid contents are no more than luke warm, any warmer and you will have package contents boiling in the bag and that does not work well. The reason things boil at lower atmospheric pressure.

Short review:if you can handle the price, this is a great chamber vacuum sealer for the home. It takes up the least counter space (but it is still very big), is easy to use, accepts a wide variety of bags, and doesn’t look too shabby either. Whether you’re using it for plain old vacuum sealing, sous vide cooking, or vacuum infusion/compression, the vp112s is a solid choice. See the full review for some usage tips and other considerations. Full review:it’s amazing that you can get a full-featured chamber vacuum sealer (cvs) for less than $1,000 these days. This is still a major purchase, but if you’re looking at this at all, you probably already know that you’re going to spend some real cash for a cvs. I’ll cover the three most likely uses for this machine, food storage, sous vide cooking, and ‘modernist’ cooking techniques. Food storage:if you’re used to using the counter top clamp-style sealers, moving to a cvs will be a welcome change. The bags are cheaper and pre-made, the process is faster, and (best of all) you can seal foods with liquid in them.The chamber of the vp112s is deceptively large, allowing you to use the 12’x13′ bags, and those hold a lot of food.

Great for freezing leftovers and reducing bulk items for better portion control.

Use this unit since 2 years, work like a charm. I save money and give to my frozen meal a protection than they deserve. I’m french and food is a tradition for me.

We’ve been using vacuum sealers since the 70’s and i’ve wanted a chamber sealer for a long time. It was only after i spent the money that i learned the real value of this or other vacuum sealers. First, let me say that the vp112s does what it is supposed to do and does it well. I do kind of wish it had the external port but, then, i almost never use the vacuum canisters or jars i spent good money purchasing. The beauty of the chamber system, as others have said, is that you can vacuum liquids. I roast a duck every month or so and use the giblets, and bones (everything except the leg quarters and breasts) to make duck soup. I add cooked rice to the soup or, sometimes i just save the soup and add fresh or frozen rice later. The vp112s works great for vacuum sealing the soup and the bags are great for heating the soup but i usually just put the frozen soup in a pan out of the vacuum bag. Some have recommended freezing your food before vacuum sealing in a chamber vac. With a foodsaver style (ribbed vacuum bags) you have to freeze wet foods first because it sucks the wet out of the food and into the seal area, yielding poor seals.

It does cost a few extra shekels , but it does everything i ask of iti replaced a weston 2300 pro for this and the difference is very noticeable. I have no problem sealing powdered eggs, milk, sugar or salt. No more problems with wet items either. i’ve found that, by buying 3 mil rolls of bags, i can make any size i want using a hot clothes iron and a carpenters level as flat surface. I can make long slender bags of very long fat bags. whatever size i want is available. now, the sizes that are available for this machine are numerous, but when i only need a few bags of various sizes, this solution works for me.

This vacmaster 112s works wonderfully. Absolutely, hands down, the best ever for many reasons. You can place your item in to seal and walk away, come back in 25 seconds, and its finished. You don’t have to stand there and hold the sealing bag. Liquid in the pouch is no problem. It will seal it with liquid and not get anything in the machine. My wife seals mashed potatoes, along with other things in portions sized for us, puts the seal outside of a pan of boiling water. In just a few minutes a meal that’s as fresh as if she just cooked it.

I purchased this machine approximately 3 1/2 years ago and have used it almost every day since. You really do get what you pay for. The companies customer service is absolutely amazing, last week the machine stop heat sealing, i called there customer service and their tech support guys walk me through how to trouble shoot the problem and then recommended a new circuit board. It was shipped immediately and had clear instructions on installation, my vacmaster is now working just like it used to and the board was only 19. I will devinately be doing business with these people for a long time to come.

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