Universal Vacuum Bags Four FoodVacBags Rolls – – Great value and quality

Great price for refills for my foodsaver machine. They do not fit in the machine as the diameter of the roll is too big, but it doesnt matter. I just cut off the amount i need and then use it as required.

I am very impressed with the quality and the price of the foodvacbag products. I use them with my 4400 series food saver brand sealing system and they work wonderfully. I have tried the name brand bags and rolls and actually found the foodvacbags brand more to my liking. They fit perfectly, they make a perfect seal every time and they are slightly thicker than the food saver brand rolls. Not to mention they are much, much more affordable. I love this 4 pack packaging with the 8′ and the 11′ rolls in one. Its a real bargain and i use both sizes every week. I seal a lot of food, by the way. I have a chest freezer and i always buy in bulk. I also feed my dogs a raw meat diet so add about 14 lbs of meals for dogs every week that i weigh out and seal up in serving sizes for them.

Need to reorder, work great.

I love these and buy them often, will buy again.

Great bags for sous vide cooking and freezer storage. Great customer service and lightning fast shipping.

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  • Great value and quality
  • Have used these in the past and they work well
  • Four Stars

Have used these in the past and they work well. Have had no problems with them. I do have to re-roll them to fit in my food vac but it’s not a problem and a lot cheaper to use these.

Better than the original and a lot lot less expensive.

Multiple repeat purchases, should be self explanitory.

Makes great bags – great value – work well with my ‘off brand’ vacuum sealer.

Works just good as the ones that came with our foodsaver but for much less.

Bag rolls work just fine but rolls are too big to fit in my sealer.

Very good quality don’t tear like other brands do. I will purchase more in the future thanks.

I’ve worn out three different vac sealers over the years so i’ve got quite a bit of experience with vac bags. I’ve typically used the ‘food saver’ brand so i was hesitant to test out a bag at nearly half the cost. I have been pleasantly surprised at their performance. On the foodsaver bags, it was typical to have bags simply fail to hold vacuum for whatever reason (small leak, etc). I have had virtually zero bag failures with the foodvacbags. I’ll never go back to the more expensive bags.

There is nothing i can say bad about thes rolls, except they are too large to fit in my food saver roll storage area. I had to cut the roll in half to fit.

Got the rolls, used the rolls and they worked great. . Not bad considering wal-mart was the competition.

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Four FoodVacBags Rolls - (2) 11" X 50' and (2) 8" X 50' Roll Commercial Vacuum Sealer Bags Food Storage
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