UCO YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker, Fun, but a few drawbacks

This is a fun and easy way to make ice cream. The kids had a blast throwing and rolling the ball around and at the end they got a great flavored vanilla ice cream. Only need a long spoon to empty it out.

Our first try was not perfect, but our second batch was just right. The grandkids had fun rolling the ‘ball’ and we had no leaks the second time. We just did vanilla for starters. Be sure to measure the amount of salt and have enough ice available. I think we used just over a gallon of ice cubes including adding some after ten minutes. Be sure to keep the ball moving and stir well after ten minutes. We then did only another five or six minutes. It does harden more on the sides, but we were able to get every last drop into our bowls. We had five portions of about one third cup each.

I have the smaller size ice cream ball and wanted to try the mega size as the smaller ball did not produce enough ice cream for my classroom of 12 students. Ice cream making in the ball is fun for about 5 to 10 minutes maximum as the children said the ball was ‘too heavy’ and one child cried when another child rolled the ball too hard into his leg. The teachers had to finish shaking the ball for about 45 minutes total (one break to stir ice cream contents, empty water, refill ice and salt) the children watched as we scooped the ice cream out into cones. They said, ‘this ice cream is so good. ‘ it was a ‘neat’ experience and we plan on doing it more often in the summer months.

Key specs for YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker:

  • Dimensions: 9″ diameter (22.8 cm)
  • Wt: 1 lb 14 oz (850.5 g)
  • Durable Polycarbonate
  • Ideal for home, parties
  • Includes recipe list

Comments from buyers

“My kids loved it. It really does work.
, Perfect for a Kid’s Birthday Party
, Fun Ice Cream Maker – heavybut fun

This was a very good choice for our family. We purchased the ball for our child’s birthday party. All the party goers enjoyed their frozen treat. Definitely scrape the inside about half way through the process or you will have rock hard ice cream on the outside and mushiness in the middle. Also, the ball is not for kicking around unless you have toes of steel. We used a towel around the outside and rolled it around on the carpet.

We’ve had good results using it. It does get heavy, so be careful when using it. Allow even more room for expansion. Do this will allow the ice cream to freeze faster and harder.

The ice cream maker comes with several recipes. We tried a couple and then used them as guidelines, rather than following them to a tee. The kids have enjoyed rolling/kicking it around, but can become bored with it after a while. Make sure you follow the salt/ice ratio guidelines, or you will never get your ice cream.

We tried this on our last camping trip – worked great. I might want to buy that extra inflatable cover – as the girls were rolling it back and forth on the floor, i was a little nervous that it would break (it is pretty loud with the ice and rock salt in it, rolling across the camper floor). It was really good and made a nice amount for 3 of us to have a serving right away (of course), later that evening (yum), and even after lunch the following day. Put the leftovers in a small container and back into the freezer in the camper – was perfect.

I purchased this as a fun, interactive way for my middle school cooking students to make ice cream. They had a lot of fun rolling the balls around the classroom. There are some easy, tasty recipes included with the ice cream ball. The metal compartment that holds the ice cream is quite small. I know it is a pint, but you spend about 20-30 minutes to only get one pint. You have to scrape the metal holder ever 5-10 minutes, but you need a very sturdy scraper that is not metal. The plastic it is made of, will crack if the users get too rough rolling or shaking them. They are very heavy when filled and can hurt if rolled into your legs. It’s a good product with room for improvement. I own 5 of them in a variety of colors and paid about $25 each a few years ago.

We have fun with this ice bream ball at birthday parties and sleepovers when there are a few extra hands around to keep it moving during the freezing process. To use this easily, you also need a very sturdy wooden or plastic spoon for scraping/mixing during freezing and for serving. I find it works best with heavy cream.

This is a super idea and a lot of fun but there are a few drawbacks. It takes 15 minutes in 2 intervals to roll the thing, and time seems to pass slowly on that second pass. I did it with 3 children, and all of our attention spans waned. And unless you really keep the momentum going, it doesn’t freeze all the way so you have to eat runny ice cream or roll for a bit longer. The ball itself is also very hard so you have to be careful if you are doing this with kids. But all the flavors you can create are a lot of fun, and it’s a great concept.

And it gets tiresome when rolling it. But i have always gotten delicious results. I like that the flavor of the icecream is so pure. My toddler gets bored of tossing it- so i end up rolling it myself. It is very heavy when full- don’t think you are going to toss this to make the ice cream.

Fun way to make ice cream with young children. However, i have found i have to open it and scrape down the sides several times so we don’t end up with some froze rock solid to the sides, and soft soupy ice cream in the center. We have used the recipes included and have enjoyed the ice cream.

These were the christmas jewels and most talked about gift i have ever gave. We have used these time and time again. At the cabin, on the boat, and at home. What a great way to keep the kids engaged and these balls are tough. The teens were a bit rough but the ball held up.

Excellent for a group therapy session at the skilled nursing facility i worked in.

Keep in mind that you are ordering the larger of the two play and freeze ice cream maker balls. Size: it is quite large and when filled with the ice cream products and ice/salt, it is quite heavy. Not recommended for little children and their fragile fingers. Because it’s heavy, it gathers some momentum and i can see how someone might get their fingers/toes hurt. But the end product is enough to feed 5 people a good coffee cup full of ice cream. Noise: because the ball is larger, it does make a lot more noise. Just with the ice slushing around in there along with the ball rolling on the floor. We have hardwood floors so over the rug, we placed another blanket and rolled the ball around.

I got this for my daughter’s birthday as the bratz ice cream maker she got only made about 2 scoops of ice cream. This makes a whole quart and i had my girl scout troop throw it around and there was more than enough for all of them to have an ice cream cone. It’s a lot easier if you have a group, my girls took turns but they certainly earned their cones. I will do it with my cub scout troop when we are camping. This is a great, simple item.

Once the ball is loaded with the ice cream mixture and ice and salt, it is very heavy, approximately 20 pounds. We couldn’t imagine small children being able to help with the shaking and rolling process without being injured. Otherwise, this unit works exactly as advertised without mess or fuss. We made strawberry ice cream once and vanilla bean ice cream once. I have been looking for sorbet recipes to try out. I bought this ice cream maker to take on vacation for the enjoyment of the grandchildren but i think they will only be able to participate in the eating. The twenty-some group is very fascinated by it. So, it will be bigger kids toy.

I bought 2 of these for 2 of my nephews – ages 13 and 11 as a christmas present. I didn’t see them on christmas, but my niece was getting married on new year’s day. I thought it may be interesting to bring the presents to the wedding (so they could finally get their gifts) and bring ingredients to make ice cream. Sounds like a crazy idea, i know. But, i have to tell you what a hit it was with the kids. I put the ingredients into the ball, along with ice, and the kids rolled the ball around on the carpeted floor for about 45 minutes and made pretty good ice cream. It started out with my 2 nephews and the circle grew to 10 kids before it was done. They had a great time and enjoyed some home made ice cream. The videographer and photographer came over to see what was drawing the crowd; and, the bride came over as well. She thought it was a super idea – one that was fun and kept the kids busy for a while.

The large size yaylabs ice cream ball (quart size) is perfect for the family to enjoy making ice cream together. Can be taken on summer vacation or just used at home.

I gave these to children for christmas gifts. Every child has a had a great time making ice-cream.

For my daughter’s 6th birthday party, i wanted to try having the kids make ice-cream-in-a-coffee-can, which is really easy to do. But, practicing at home, she just didn’t see the fun in rolling around a coffee can, and it was too heavy once we added ice for her to carry. A friend loaned me her 3b scientific w64280b blue play and freeze ice cream maker, original size, 1 pint so that i could see if that held her interest any longer. It worked great, but just didn’t produce enough ice cream, so i ordered this one quart ball for the party. This was a huge hit with the kids. They loved rolling the ball up a hill and then letting it fly down. One word of advice, though, have a plan for how to make sure that all the kids get to handle the ball. They had lots of fun, and kids who normally refuse the ice cream at other parties we’ve been to all wanted this ice cream because they had made it. When you’re making the ice cream, it’s extremely important to follow the directions and open the ball and give the mix a stir (scraping the sides). Otherwise, you get ice milk on the walls and are left with milk in the center.

It works well and quicker than i thought but it is pretty heavy so it’s not really a toy. We used to make ice cream with used coffee cans and those were easier to kick around and actually have fun with. It ends up feeling slightly like a chore. Also, the ice cream ingredients tend to separate in the container. The heavier ingredients settle to the sides and freeze first. My boyfriend and younger cousin didn’t notice the difference but i was trying to make gelato and it was the worst tasting gelato i’ve ever had. Also, don’t try putting anything big in there like oreo cookies because they disinigrate into mush.

Here’s the basics:- the ice cream came out delicious. I made mine with 1 part heavy whipping cream, and 1 part half and half so it was creamy and the consistency was lovely. The two varieties i’ve made are chocolate chip/blackberry ice cream, and peach ice cream– both were great. Most of the bad reviews seem to be because people didn’t follow the directions. You have to stop and scrape the sides, add some ice, and continue throwing the ball back and forth for another 8-10 minutes. For those who said they couldn’t get the top off, there is a tool that they provide you with if the lid gets too tight. Just read the very short instructions and you should be fine. – probably not great for small kids. My boyfriend and i made ice cream with this when we went camping.

I bought this ice cream maker so my grandchildren and i could have something fun to do together. We’ve only used it once, following the directions for the vanilla ice cream. The product worked as promised, and the ice cream was delicious. My grandchildren are 6, 4 and 2 years old and i found they’re a little too young for this. With the ingredients in it, the ball is kind of heavy. To mix the ingredients, you must roll the ball back and forth, and to make the ice cream in 20 minutes, you need to roll the ball pretty fast. At their ages, the kids didn’t have the attention span or the strength to do this. I really like this ice cream maker a lot, but would recommend it for adults or children 7 years and older.