Twinbird Sake Warmer Tw 4418b Osake Kan Portable Machine : I’m felling in love with this product

Great alternative to the microwave, much healthier. It warms up the sake very fast and keeps it warm for a long time. Everyone that drinks hot sake should have one.

Sake Warmer Twinbird Tw 4418b Osake Kan Portable Machine

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I love sake – especially when we go out for japanese food or sushi. . But i have always wanted to have the same experience at home but not have to use my microwave to get it. . The twinbird sake warmer answers all that and more. All the instructions and the things on the warmer itself are all in japanese. However, the only thing you need to know, is the on/off button on the side, off, the light is off, on, the light is on. The slider bar on the front goes from 0 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius. The markings are as follows – position 1 – no heat – position 2 – 37 celsius = 98. 6 fahrenheit – position 3 – 44 celsius = 111. 2 fahrenheit – position 4 – 51 celsius = 123. 8 fahrenheit – position 5 – 60 celsius = 140 fahrenheit. I tend to like between 4 and 5 but everyone has their own taste and temp levels for sake – and the twinbird can handle it all.

Only used it a couple of times so far but i really like it.

As most reviews have said, the instructions are in japanesse but i think that adds to the sake enjoying experience. Plus you do not really need the instructions as anyone with any common sense can figure out you turn the switch to ‘on’ and then slide the dial to your desired level of heat. I always slide it to the hottest temperature to get it going then knock it down one to keep a low simmer. The cord wraps in a space under the base for easy storage and the kettle it self seems to be somewhat nonstick so a quick rinse out is all you need afterward. Again, this was a great purchase and i’ve used it at least once a week ever since i received it.

Sake Warmer Twinbird Tw 4418b Osake Kan Portable Machine : Perfect warmer, gets to perfect temperature quickly, works reliably, a great investment for the war saki enthusiast.

Excellent product, dose just what it suppose to.

The only problem is there is no indicator that the sake has reached the desired temperature, so you have to keep tasting the sake to see if it’s actually warm enough for you.

I got it for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loves it. All directions are in japanese, but the company i ordered from provided a translated copy of the essential parts of the manual.

Unfortunately, all directions in japaese. Fortunately, easy to figure out through the pictures.

I’m felling in love with this product. It works great for me who love hot sake. I can enjoy and sip at home comfortably, without having to be in a restaurant.

I have had it for about 2 weeks, and it works wonderfully. I work at a japanese steakhouse, where we serve hot sake, and the sake is comparable to the sake we have there from their fancy machine. All the instructions are in japanese, but the pictures are self-explanatory and there is a chart that shows you what each japanese symbol is in degrees celsius in the manual, so don’t worry. This is the first time i’ve ever gotten a sake warmer and i am very happy with itby the way, this sake warmer will warm almost a half of a bottle that is 750ml, so you will have plenty of sake for about 4 people to enjoy plenty of, and it only takes about 10-15 minutes for it to heat back up (also depends on the temperature of sake before warming, for example refrigerated sake will obviously take a little longer, but still not horribly long.

This warmer is amazing, it’s very easy to use even though the whole thing was written in japanese. It warms sake pretty fast, and the size of the pot is pretty big. It’s a must get for hot sake lovers. There is not any problem with the votage in us. The seller is really helpful and willing to work with you.

Instructions not in english. I only need to know if the lid can be kept on while its heating or not.

I can’t read any of the instructions or anything on the warmer it’s self but it is so intuitive that i fill the pot set the heat by color code turn it on and in a few minutes i have warm sake.

I gave the product 5 stars because it works exactly as it is advertised. The instructions are in japanese, but self explanatory and includes pictures for step by step. Only complaint was on the shipping, i ordered it on jan. 29th and paid extra on shipping. It was supposed to arrive on feb. 5th at the latest, but didn’t show up until the 7th. I will cut some slack on the shipping though, since it was shipped directly from japan. Overall, product is great and just save your money on the shipping.

I love this little sake warmer. It heats fast and keeps a very even temperature for as long as needed. It holds a good amount and is designed in such a way that the sake will not boil off over time. Easy to handle and to pour from. Can pour with the lid in place. Only reason i give it 4 stars instead of five is the instruction booklet only comes in japanese, not english. But, it’s fairly self explanatory. Anyone who is a sake lover needs this little appliance.