Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-4500 4 – Good product!

Its pretty good,we are using it when we are bringing food for outing. I rated it 4 because i am hoping you can make one w/c the heat will stay longer so that it is still hot in the afternoon.

It takes a little transition, you just can’t throw in a crockpot recipe to cook. But with a little adjustment we are cooking many things in it. We have not tried to cook anything without liquid though. Things stay hot (like 170) overnight if brought to a good simmer before putting it in. Drop to 130 if left in 24 hours.

These should totally be made more available in the usa. No more burned oatmeal stuck to the bottom of my pan in the morning. Here are the specifications for the Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-4500 4:

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  • Non electric slow cooker with one 4.5 liter (4.75 qt) stainless steel thermos shuttle chef inner pot
  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos thermo pot for efficent, long lasting heat or cold retention
  • Bring food to boil and let it cook in it’s own retained heat. Can keep hot food above 160F for over 8 hours after simmering
  • 18-8 thick stainless steel inner pot and lid with clad bottom (induction stove top ready)
  • Bail handle will lock lid down securly for easy transport Note: item is imported with box & literature geared for the Asian market. NO recipes in English provided.

Very good in other food preparation also.

The food is piping hot, however you do need to come up with your own recipes. Thermos shuttle chef kps-8000 8l thermal cooker vacuum pot slow cooker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 1.5 L RPF-20 is perfect – Yes, it comes with English language receipes and instructions!
  • It works.
  • Expensive- worth it. Tried other brands

We bought this thermal cooker to replace our old one we got from asian market. The cooker inner unit is much thicker and the seal of outer unit is better too. And it is in perfect size for small family. We use it mostly to prepare cantonese soup. Most of others are too large to finish in 2 dinners.

I purchased my rpc-4500 thermos shuttle chef, virtually new, on ebay. Cost $85 including shipping. There is a place, mentioned by another reviewer of this product, thermalcookwaredotcomdotau. Avoid thermalcookwaredotcomdotau they are a total rip-off. All their items are insanely over-priced. If you need parts or accessories for your thermos thermal cooker just do some research on-line. Or look on ebay, and be patient, give your search 90 days or so – and you will save a lot of money. I own one thermos rpc-4500 shuttle chef thermal cooker. I also own a saratoga jacks 7l double pot thermal cooker, and a city star 7l thermal cooker (exactly the same as the saratoga jacks thermal cooker). Primarily i use the thermos shuttle chef 4.

Cooks most things in a few hours after a few minutes of boiling. The small size is ideal for one or two people. Much better for my needs than the large models available in the us. Not sure why they don’t sell these here, but if i have to go to canada to get it, i’m happy too.

I put my lunch in the inner pot and boil it in the morning and then put the inner pot in the outer pot 1 minute after it is boiled. I take the cooker to work and have hot lunch meal every time. Convenient, efficient, and save energies too. I am pleased with the performance.

I used this quite a bit and have been for several years. Once you get used to it and understand how to cook your favorite grains with the right amount of water, boil time, and rest time, it makes grain preparation easy to manage.

This is a very effective, small thermal cooker, perfect for 1 or 2 people if you don’t want to deal with leftovers. The narrow shape makes it very easy to store in my cupboard or when car camping. And it came faster than expected.

I use mine every day to cook delicious, healthy, nutritious, affordable meals. The stainless steel inner pot makes this 1. 5l thermal cooker a big step up from cooking in a thermos.

Why aren’t these more available in america.

Works as advertised and comes with good recipes tailored for the cooker.

Like the other reviewer pointed out, it is much safer. I can throw all the ingredients in and put it on boil in the morning and when i come home from work in the afternoon, my meal is ready. I’m always afraid to leave my crockpot on while i’m at work. For a long time i couldn’t find any thermal pots in the us but all my family overseas were using them. I actually bought mine when i was on vacation outside the us and had to bring it back in my luggage which bent it a little so the seal is not perfect but it still does the job. Worth the expense in the energy it saves. Basically a crockpot without all the electricity.

This has been one of our most useful purchases ever. Raw ingredients can be brought to a boil and sealed in the evening. The next day, the pot contains a perfectly cooked, piping hot lunch. I would buy more if they were to become available again.

This really owns what i’d hoped it would do. We bought it to use on our boat but it’s great in town too. My husband’s homemade chili cooked and stayed hot all day without having to leave gas or electricity on while we were at work.

I purchased this for travel days and potlucks. I did not realize how much i would use it for everyday meals and such. It is much safer than an electric slow cooker and produces far superior results with only a small learning curve. This is much better constructed than the cheaper foam filled models. I expect many years of service from this high quality setup. -place the ingredients being cooked into the ss inner cook. -bring it up to temp and hold for 10 mins or so. -place the ss lid on the inner cook pot.

I love this thermal cooker, but since i bought it for $65 and it’s now skyrocketed in price up to about $182 , i have to say it’s not worth it. A vacuum-lined thermal cooker is truly the best. It’s sleeker, lighter, and better insulated, but, the styrofoam-lined ones are almost as good (and are good enough), and many of them have a second inner pot which can bake cornbread at the same time the larger bottom pot is cooking the soup/chili. They are also competitively priced. Nissan thermos needs to bring down their price to around $100 and add a a second inner top pot to be competitive, and then their product will be the best hands down.

This is a great product,the food is piping hot, i homemade chili cooked and stayed hot all day,highly recommend!.

I made a moroccan soup–fully cooked and added it to the inner pot. I then heated it very quickly in the pot but i was afraid that the thick soup might burn. So, the temperature wasn’t optimum. After 8 hours the soup was still 152° f. This is still very safe temperature. The inner pot has a shoulder making it smaller at the top and slightly harder to pour into.