Tatung 3 Cups Indirect Heating Rick Cooker : 3-cup Rice Cooker

I can’t believe how much rice comes out of this thing. Its so compact, for my airstream. The entire batch of rice is cooked evenly throughout. No brown crust, no mushy top, just 100 % beautiful fluffy riceyou will have to take the recipes as a suggestion / starting point only. And be willing to adjust the amounts of the rice and water incrementally until you find your perfect result. So there will be 3 or 4 batches that aren’t perfect; don’t give up, theres a learning curve. Once you get it right, its a dream. Rice, water, push the button.

Good size, fit my family need. Good size, fit my family need. The great thing of tatung brand rice cooker is it can use it as a steamer.

Good but misleading description. I purchased this item based on other reviews for simplicity and product reliability. The first thing i notices is that there is a difference between their definition of a cup and the standard american definition. Their cup is the plastic measuring cup included; the manual states this is really only 3/4 of a standard cup. Therefore, it is not really a “3 cup” rice maker. Even though there are only 2 of us in the family now, it would have been nice to actually make 3 cups, instead of maximum of 2. Having know this, i would have ordered the 6 cup. I don’t know if i can return it, or the shipping may be not be worth the effort. Secondly, the directions for making brown rice are sketchy.

Oh the joy of cooking with stainlesssteel. This has been a dream come true for me. Ss inner pot and indirect cooking method. I would have preferred the outer body to be ss too. But that would be wishful thinking i guess. Ideal for 2-3 persons cooking.

  • Perfect niche product
  • Best rice I’ve ever made
  • It boils too hard; I could use better instructions for brown rice

3 Cups Indirect Heating Rick Cooker

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  • Rice Cooker, Warmer, Steamer
  • 3 Cups
  • White
  • 350 W
  • 3 AMP

I love this little mighty mo. It is solid, metal, and perfect for 2 people and/or tiny kitchen who are concerned about health and want therefore an aluminum pot, and also want a solid quality cooker. Going strong after a year, no problems. Cleans up easily, and stainless steel of lid and rice bucket still buffs to a shine. Easy clean-up because not stuck to bottom. For whole-grain/brown rice, we just add more water for an extra cup. For instance, if we want to make 3 cups of whole-grain rice, we put water in the pot (inner bucket) up to where we estimate a ‘4’ line *would* have been, and also, we put water under the pot (i.

Sorry it took a while before this review. Anyway all this time, this tatung i purchased had been used everyday. I was looking for a rice cooker that’s good for just i and my husband. Rice is part of our daily diet. My first rice cooker, perhaps 30 years ago was a tatung. I loved that rice cooker and used it for a long time. When it finally went bonkers, i changed to another brand (i got tired of the old brand?). I was then not aware of the danger of using aluminum cookware but when i learned about it, i became cautious about using them. The aroma brand that i had was fine, too, but it was aluminum and my husband had the habit of cleaning the pot with steel wool when rice sticks to it–therefore, the coating was scratched up and the aluminum part was exposed. I had been eying another tatung at an asian market that i go to but they were the 5-cup and i really want a smaller one, which amazon carries. I cook 3 cups (the plastic cup included when you purchase the cooker; this is not the regular cup that we use for recipe measurement) of brown rice in this pot everytime (last us 3 days).

It’s exactly what i expected. The size is good for single use, and the gadgets are complete. Recommend for people for cooking for only one or two.

I’ve had my tatung 3 cup unit for two years. Use it everyday, mostly for brown rice, sometimes white, or even mix brown/white. Never precisely measure water for inner pot, or outer pot. Never sticks using mild scrub sponge, after quick soak. No teflon coating to eventually scratch and peel, or contaminating the rice. Here’s a video on using the cooker: https://www. Com/watch?v=fkljrzprvqyupdate: i’ve now used the cooker daily for 3. Never failed to cook properly, never sticks to pot, easy clean w/o teflon. For more variety, i’ve switched to a mix of brown sweet (short-grain) rice and white short-grain rice, in 2:1 ratio. Using short-grain brown and white rice makes for a moister texture, and more delicious.

Work as expected and still using it.

Stainless steel bowl & indirect heating are a must. Ive purchased a few of these in my days and, in my opinion, this manufacture makes the best quality machine. Mine is ten years old and still running. I purchased this one as a gift and i have given several friends this unit as a present. You can spend four times as much money but you are just wasting it. This brand is found in 90% of the homes in china where they make rice daily. Beware of units that have a teflon coated bowl because i have tried several of them and, you plan on making rice more than once a month, they wont last a year before the teflon is coming off into your rice. “indirect heating” means that you put water in the bowl with the rice and you also put water outside the bowl into the rice cooker. This enables the machine to cook the rice on the top at the same temperature as the rice on the bottom of the bowl giving your rice a greater consistency.

Works well, reliable brand, somewhat noisy. I’ve only used this once, but it cooked the rice evenly and well. No more than average sticking to the bottom. It makes a boiling sound / quiet clinking of the lid against the rim as steam escapes, so if you want it to be completely silent, this is not the choice for you. It’s small enough for a single person or a couple, and large enough to accommodate a couple guests. The cooking instructions for rice are clear. My parents have a larger tatung rice cooker that they’ve used every 1-3 days for 5 years and it’s still doing well. I will update when i’ve used it more and for different things besides rice.

Wonderful indirect rice cooker. This indirect rice cooker has been an essential appliance of asian households. Making rice is so easy, and the cooker itself is more versatile than the direct cooking one. This can double as a steamer or boiler. The dishes you can make it limitless. Just beware this 3 cups size is really small, good for small households.

This is my first rice cooker; i am very pleased. It makes great rice in about 30 mins. It is a bit loud when it is cooking (rattling lid), but it is easy to clean and compact. I like the traditional, old school look too.

Excellent product but mine turned out to be bad. This is a very good product. Mine was defective and had to be returned. They were very prompt with the returns and in giving me the refund. I do plan to buy this again once i get a chance. I would have given it 5 stars – but stopped at 3 since mine was defective.

It’s so useful cause we cannot live without having rice~it can also make congee and souplove it very much.

I bought this cooker for the food safety aspect– no teflon or other coating used on the stainless steel cooking pan. It took me a while to get the hang of the proportions for two-pot steaming, but once i figured out how much water to use in the inner and outer pan, it seems simple enough, and this system really does make the best rice i’ve ever made. I’ve made several varieties of rice in it, to date. I usually put a bit of olive oil in the pan (i do it on top of the rice and water, but others may disagree with this), and i’ve not had a problem with the rice sticking to the stainless inner pan, but i usually remove the rice to a serving bowl with a fork. This may be blasphemy to the serious gourmet, but because of the integrity of the properly-steamed grains, i even find that the rice from this cooker reheats well in a microwave the next day, if you add a tiny bit of water to it and heat it in a microwave-safe dish. That’s unheard of with over-cooked ricehighly recommended.

Great size, in good shape my loved ones need. Superior sizing, suit my family want. The excellent thing of tatung model rice cooker is it can use it as a steamer.

Usually takes a few of periods to get it but wow stunning rice. Works wonderful with veggies and still left overs. Usually takes a few of occasions to get it but wow beautiful rice. Functions wonderful with veggies and remaining overs taste excellent.

Fantastic companion for school child who overlook the property food.

This rice cooker helps make fantastic rice each individual time with absolutly no browned rice on the base at all, the rice on bottom seems to be precisely like the rice on prime. Straightforward clean up and fast cooking. Making one serving of rice will take only fifteen minutes. I like to slash up some very hot thai peppers and cook dinner them correct into the rice, often changing h2o with hen broth. Just insert a very little butter, salt, and pepper and you’ve got got a wonderful spicy rice that will be good with any meal. You will not regret shopping for the rice cooker.

Our initially tatung lasted about 15 many years, so it was a no-brainer to switch the rice cooker with the similar model/form. I strongly suggest this merchandise for fantastic rice each individual time. Just keep in mind to unplug your cooker it will continue to be heat.

Great sizing for one-4 people today. Excellent measurement for one-4 people today. Doesn’t consider up a great deal area in the cupboard. And, it can be not created in china.