Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 Dozen Donut Maker, Baked donut maker

Boy am i glad we went with this instead of the easy bake oven my granddaughter wanted. The design of donuts on the top made her squeal with delight. This cooks the donuts so quickly and evenly that we had dozens in no time.No spray was needed and nothing ever stuck. We filled a squeeze bottle with batter for ease and neatness. We made a donut recipe first, then we filled the maker with belgian waffle mix and wa-la, mini waffle donut dippers. Kids want them all the time now, they just dip them in syrup. I looked at all the donut makers available and this one was by far the cutest and made it a perfect gift for a kid or an adult. Next we will be trying some savory garlic rolls in this, as well as brownie mix and cake mix.

Love to make pumpkins donuts without the frying.

Key specs for Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 Dozen Donut Maker, Blue:

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  • Enjoy fresh baked homemade donuts holes with the 12 pc. mini donut maker without frying
  • Makes 12 mini donuts right in your own home
  • Non-stick cooking plates for healthy baking
  • Warm up & ready lights indicate that the donut maker is on and heating
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy
  • Enjoy fresh baked homemade donut holes with the 12 piece mini donut maker without frying
  • Makes 12 mini donuts right in your own home
  • Nonstick cooking plates for healthy baking
  • Warm up and ready lights indicate that the donut maker is on and heating
  • Nonstick plates make clean up easy

Comments from buyers

“Boy am I glad we went with this instead of the easy bake
, A fine alternative to the Sunbeam models, but still not perfect
, 12 donut maker-Sunbeam Jardin

This was the 2nd time i ordered this donut maker, from a different company. Although it still is a sunbeam product i thought i would try a different vendor. The 1st one i purchased, the ready light did not come on to indicate that the donuts were done and guess what the ready light does not come on this one either. It does make great donuts but you have to keep checking to see if they are done, very inconvenient. I did contact the company and they refunded my shipping + 10 % off. I don’t really feel like returning this item either so i will have to deal with the malfunction.

You need to do some test batches to get the timing down. It doesn’t tell you when they are done/ready to remove.

I’ve been through 3 different models of donut makers (what can i say, we make a lot of donuts in my house). The two other models were sunbeam (the blue mini donut maker and yellow-with-blue-sprinkles donut maker). Each of the three models had pros and cons. I had been annoyed enough with both of the sunbeam model’s latches that i tried a different brand with this one. This model does latch/unlatch shut better than the sunbeam models, and doesn’t require potentially burning my hand to undo the latch. I appreciate it’s use of space much better too- it’s nice to get a full dozen done at once. However, i prefer the sunbeam’s recipe (it’s basically like donut-shaped breakfast cake), and this tasty treats model has a higher temperature, making it easier to burn and harder to cook through thoroughly.

I received this donut maker as a birthday present from my brother. I’m so pleased with nearly everything about it. * i just finished making my first batch of mini donuts and it was easy and super fast and a cinch to clean up. There are lots of mini donut maker recipes online these days so taking a basic cake mix based recipe i found, i modified it to make ‘cooler lemon dusted donuts. ‘ the recipe is: 1 boxed lemon flavored cake mix; 1/4 cup vegetable oil; 1/2 cup milk; 1 egg. Put the batter into a 1-quart sized plastic lunch bag (zip top or not, just something to contain the batter). Cut one bottom corner off the bag about 1/4 inch. Spray the donut iron with cooking spray (or wipe it down with a paper towel and some vegetable oil), just enough to slick up the surface a bit.

Since i fell in love with a doughnut machine a church friend had years ago i have unsuccessfully looked for one until now. I am delighted to have finally found one and am pleased with it.

We gave this to our daughters as a christmas present. Our 11 year old can use this on her own. It is too hot for the 7 year old to use on her own, but she can mix the batter and with a long spoon/spatula and adult supervision, she can put the batter into the molds. We have made the recipe that came in the instruction book and we substitute a gluten free flour blend. Please know, however, they are mini doughnuts. We have not had any issues with uneven browning. I will concur with other reviews that say the indicator lights are not very bright. I have to hold my hand over them a bit to see if the light is on or not.

It makes the best donuts i’ve ever tasted. Grease- less you can not beat this with abaseball bat. I’m very pleased with the product. My customers say these are the best donutsthey have ever tasted from me now. Thank you for making this machine. It’s is my business saver for sure.

The best part is the recipe book.