TANICA) Start Set Yogurutia Blue Ym-1200-nb [Corresponding to Amazake-natto Kefir Yogurt : Multifunction yogurt machine

Recommended by a friend and i’m so glad i got it. Unlike most yogurt makers, it comes with a programmable 25-65c temperature control as well as a 1-48 hour time setting. It has been working perfectly without needing a power converter. Even though the user’s guide is in japanese, most recipes can be found online. Have been making the best yogurt (41c/6 hrs) and fermented sweet rice (35c/72hr).

I am mainly using this to make natto. There are many recipes i can’t utilize because they are in japanese. Pretty expensive for simple cookware like this.

I succeeded to making natto by using one. Haven’t try to making yogurt yet.

Tanica yorgrutia is well known as no one fail to make delicious homemade yogurt in japan. I was so glad that i found in amazon. Since i got this yogurt maker, i made 4 times of 1 1/4 qt (one container capacity) already:) i can’t go back to store bought yogurt anymore. It’s not only you can save money but the most importantly it’s deliciousit’s very easy to use it. It came with full colored recipe book but it’s all written in japanese. All the homemade recipe even tanica yogurtia said “do not use “ultra pestered” or “pestered” milk and i wanted to use an organic whole milk but i couldn’t find the milk that is not “ultra pestered” or “pestered”. I finally decided use my favorite brand “simple truth organic whole milk ultra-pestered anyway. Surprisingly, i succeeded to make delicious yogurt. I also tried with 2% fat organic milk but the result was little runny. So far whole milk makes the best result.

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  • I was so glad that I found in amazon
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Start Set Yogurutia Blue Ym-1200-nb [Corresponding to Amazake-natto Kefir Yogurt

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  • Start Set Yogurutia Blue Ym-1200-nb [Corresponding to Amazake-natto Kefir Yogurt
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It is worth to purchase it and take a very long journey to arrive.

It took some testing to get the temperature right. Consistent temperature is not easy to hold if using smaller amounts of liquid. When making yogurts at full capacity, no problems. The extra container, lid and top are convenient to have.

It’s very easy to make yogurt with the yogurutia, and i’m looking forward to trying to make amazake and natto, too. I did buy a small transformer to step down to voltage a bit, just to be sure, but it’s a really nice machine to have. When sterilizing the parts, don’t make the mistake i made and boil the top cover; unlike the plastic used for the yogurt container and its two lids, the machine’s top cover deforms under heat. It was fixable, but it’s still something to avoid. It’s important to note that all the instructions and recipes are in japanese, so that could present a challenge to some people. Nevertheless, the machine itself is quite simple and works great. I’m curious to find out what other things i can ferment in here.

It works perfectly just as it says.

My wife has used this to make yogurt at least twice a week and it is always delicious. I highly recommend this product. (unfortunately everything – including all buttons, the manual, etc. – is in japanese, though, so please have someone read it to you or learn japanese before buying it.

The yogurtia is what every yogurt maker should be. It has temperature & time control. So often, yogurt makers are set permanently at one temperature with the ability to change only the time fermenting. I don’t understand why more makers can’t include temperature control. Well, here is the yogurt maker you want. You can set the time anywhere from 1-48 hours, and the temperature anywhere between 25-65 degrees celsius (77-149 fahrenheit). You can use it to keep things at room temp to ferment (caspian sea yogurt) or go higher up to ferment things that require a hotter environment than regular yogurt. I specifically splurged for this machine because i wanted something to make natto (45 celsius). Electric blankets never gave me a consistent result. Made my first batch of natto and came out perfect.

I used it almost 10 years and then got one this amazon. I love this product and use it very frequently.

Got this just for making natto at home. If you get the right beans, pressure cooker, spores and method, you’d get perfectly sticky nattos. However, do not attempt to ferment more than 1. My experiments taught me that if the amount of cooked beans exceed 1/2 of this container, the fermentation would not be as thorough. I speak japanese so i cannot tell whether this would be easy to operate for those who doesn’t speak japanese. But since all you need to do is to adjust the temperature (displayed in c, not f) and time, in theory, you should be fine if you are willing to learn by trial and error. I connect this to a voltage step-down device to ensure that the current won’t burn the circuit. Have been using it for more than 1/2 year and i make natto at least once a week. Conclusion: great device that seems to be quite reliable.

I absolutely love this yogurt maker.

I love this productit is very expensive to buy japanese food product in the us. I am lucky enough to be able to buy koji at my local store so i have been making my own miso with this machine :)if you like white, light, sweet miso, this will be great. I double the salt content for my recipe, and works greatalso, this is great for raising bread dough at certain temp. (not suitable for big portion since this is quite small)-1 star because instructions and buttons on the machine is in japanese so it will be difficult for those who don’t read japanese. Also, it does not beep when it’s finished so i sometimes forget that this is onyou will need adopter for this to work in the u.

I use this product to ferment my own natto, which is the food that contains the highest level of vitamin k2 (mk 4). It comes out perfect every time. It is the only yoghurt maker i know of that allows you to set the exact temperature (computer controlled) that you want, which makes it ideal for fermenting natto. Note: this product is manufactured in japan for the japanese market. No english, but it isn’t hard to figure out. One control lets you change the display up and down from 0 – 24; that’s operating time till automatic shutoff in hours, of course. The other control lets you set the temperature that you want in degrees celsius. You will have to make the conversion to fahrenheit. 2nd note: ac voltage in japan is 100 vac, so you may wish to purchase a voltage reducer.

Works great when i make natto. It makes about 10 portions or so out of 300g soy beans. A must have item for japanese people if you live outside of japan and love natto.

Makes perfect yogurt and natto everytime. The instruction is in japanese. Luckily, my husband was able to translate the whole thing for me.

I’m really glad i bought this one. This yogurt maker is adjustble temperture, and also has a timer. But this one is made for use in japan. Instruction book and recipe book are in japanese. You have to set temperture with celsius. If you are used these kind of things, this yogurt maker is great.

Sturdy, easy to hold and manipulate appliance. The yogurt produced has been uniformally good although uneven in terms of the texture (more or less liquidy). It would be nice if there could be more precise controls including finer calibration of the time.

I was worried about the voltage, but no problem using it in the us so far. I’ve made soymilk yogurt using plain almond milk yogurt tab, and turned out perfect. It comes with 2 sets of containers, and the recipe book (in japanese) is great if you can read it. You can also make amazake, miso, natto, koji, sourdough starter, to name few. I should have bought this a long time ago.