Zojirushi CD-LCC50WZ Panorama Window Micom Electric Dispensing Pot – So far so good. Yes

I have now had this appliance for 11 years, and it is just now needing replacement. It has been on day in and day out for those 11 years, turned off only at night with the timer, and performed flawlessly the entire time.

Bought this gift for my mom. She loves it, of course, it’s a zojirushi – made in japan.

Excellent, this is i should buy the first time ,this is the original zojirushi, no complaints .

Now i alway have hot water for my coffee all day.

Excellent produce for our daily usage.

I am buying a second one now. I really like this model comparing to all others (zojirushi & tiger). The first one was used for about 3 years till it got rusted inside. So i hope the second one will last longer.

  • Great for the elderly! (and others, too)
  • Can’t live without my hot water pot!
  • So far so good. Yes

Useful around the kitchen and breakfast room. Works well without any issues. Much more practical than fidgety hot/iced water dispensing faucets.

If you drink more than 3 cups of tea at night it’s totally worth it instead of waiting for water to boil constantly.

I bought this to replace an older 4-liter model. This one is shorter but a litter wider. I like the panorama window to check on the current water level.

Hope it lasts as long as the last one, 10 years till it got dropped. These hot water pots are great, tea anytime. The manufacture, zojirushi is pretty much the standard anywhere in asia also. Good quality, reasonable price.

This hot water dispenser from amazon was the least expensive from any other online stores i could find. I was afraid it was refurbished or customer returned unit but when it arrived, it was clearly a brand new unit. I bought this replacing a tiger unit that finally beat the dust after about 8 years of constant use. Zojirushi is supposed to hold the same quality standard as the tiger brand. We’ll see how long it will last. I didn’t have to read the instructions as all operations are pretty intuitive. The regular cleaning may require some reference to their included manual but it’s not too difficult. The pump in the unit is very quiet while dispensing water-a plus during the quiet nights in smaller apartments or studios. Water heats up quite quickly and it’s a must for regular tea drinkers.

Features of Zojirushi CD-LCC50WZ Panorama Window Micom Electric Dispensing Pot, 169-Ounce/5-Liter, White

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  • Micro computerized temperature control system, multiple temperature settings and reboil mode
  • Easy to read panorama window water level gauge with easy-touch dispensing system
  • Non-stick interior and removable magnetic power cord
  • De-cholorinate mode reduces chlorine and musty odors from tap water
  • Three keep warm settings (175°F, 195°F, 208°F)

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I have it for less than 5 months and now it doesn’t dispense anymore, contacting amazon for the warranty repair.

Great replacement for our 10 yr old unit.

I had a 4l one that lasted for 15 years and need to replace one since the bottom starts to leak. It is my trusted brand for water dispenser. I’m looking into the 5 l this time as we go thru hot water like crazy.

Great price, arrived well packed, works great.

We used to use the regular pot to heat the water when we want to have a cup of coffee or tea. It takes time to boil water. Then, we decided to get this appliance for the family to give a try. We are so happy that we got it. We can drink our coffee and tea without waiting.

This it the second that i have owned. The first lasted decades and finally gave out (the gaskets, mostly). This one is working well, has very little to no evaporation and the water level is easy to monitor.

Micro computerized temperature control system, multiple temperature settings and reboil mode

The product is exactly as advertises.

We’ve had ours for 15 years. The gaskets are getting a little dry-rotted. Just checked into see what a replacement will cost when the time comes. We have a zojirushi rice cooker as well – probably the two consumer products i am most happy with.

I empty and turn it off each night.

Was going to buy the cheaper model, but found out that they were not made in japan. I had one before which lasted more than 10 years. Very rare to see japan made item nowdays. My wife, who drinks tea and coffee, loves it.

This is the only brand i would buy when it comes to electric hot water pot. I have one in my office for 12 years, and it still is in use. The one i just replaced for home lasted at least 15 years. It is amazing considering we kept it on almost 24/7.

👍🤓🤗 excellent machine when open the lid to fill water into pot, no water leaks to outside which some others brand did. I am happy with this machine.

Easy to read panorama window water level gauge with easy-touch dispensing system

My zojirushi cd-llc40 decided to give up the ghost after 7+ years of daily use, so i decided to purchase the larger sized llc-50 as a replacement. It’s nice having hot water always ready and the large 5l tank means i only need to refill it every 2-3 days. The temperature settings (175-195-208) cover most of the temperatures i need for brewing tea, although i have some delicate green teas that need to be steeped at 160. I wish it had a lower temperature setting like the chinese-made models, but it’s really not that much of a hassle to let my water sit a few minutes before i begin steeping my tea. Maintenance on the unit is simple, i clean mine regularly with citric acid to remove any build up, although you can use vinegar as well. We have hard water so i find that bi-weekly cleaning keep ensure i have better quality water. Overall an excellent appliance, now that i’ve had one for so long i can’t live without it.

This zojirushi cd-lcc40wz panorama very high quality i never have ,product made in japan very good thank.

Been using them for 10 years. The best brand and easier to maintain than instant hotwater that is built in.

Quality zojirushi product as before.

If you’re buying this for someone older, who thinks room temperature water is too cold, it’s going to be a huge hit. Even i use this periodically to brew tea, and the added convenience actually does make me more likely to do so. It does produce white mineral deposits that can be eradicated by vinegar/lemon juice, so it needs to be cleaned around once a month, depending on your tolerance. My mother just started putting filtered water in instead, and the number of times it needs to be cleaned has diminished drastically. The sizes can be hard to decide between, but i think this is actually the perfect size. It’s big enough to last a day or two (more if you drink other temperatures of water) but isn’t too heavy for an aging person to lift after refilling it. The little design elements such as how the lid opens and the magnetic power cord really do help; you might say this is a thoughtful, utilitarian device that is well worth the counter space. The temperature options all just sound hot, but there’s a surprising amount of discernible difference when you’re about to drink it. Some reviewers mentioned burned plastic and other issues. We’ve had ours running nonstop for about 7 months now, not even using the sleep option, and it is essentially the same as the day we bought it.

Zojirushi is always to brand to go. This is just as good as i expected. Very quiet when boiling water.

So nice to have hot water at the push of a button without any plumbing install. I would highly recommend it.

Non-stick interior and removable magnetic power cord

This replaced another zojirushi hot pot that served our family very well for many years. This is great for having hot water for instant coffee, tea, soup, noodles, and whenever a need for hot water arises.

Loyal customer to zojirushi for more than 20 years, from rice cooker, to stainless mug and this water boiler. They all fit into my need of simple lifestyle with high efficiency. Use this model for more than 10 years (still going strong), brought this unit for my parents as well as a gift for a dear friend, they all fall in love with it. Easy to use:my family of two use it daily, 4 liter is perfect for soup making, hot tea and many cups of clean warm water. Before sleep, i can one click the timer which is preset to 7 hours, so we can have hot water ready the next morning when we wake up. Easy to clean:i cleaned it once every two months, inside with citric acid and outside with baking soda, looks like new after years of usingwith such minimal maintenance and super convenience, i can’t find any compliant even as a picky and busy wife.

I love anything and everything that zojirushi produces. Just make sure that they are made in japan (this one is).

This is my 2nd product from the same manufacturer. It’s performance as what it has been in the past and has more functions now a day. I enjoy using it and will buy this product in future.

This is a great product, does its job perfectly and quite easy to use.

De-cholorinate mode reduces chlorine and musty odors from tap water

I wish it was easier to clean off the hard water yuk.

I love this so much i bought a second one when i moved across the country for grad school and couldn’t bring my first one with me. I can’t live without it and use it every day.

I have the same item that is smaller in volume. The older one is about 6 years old, works great, as long as you do the maintainence(clean it with vinegar biweekly).Love zorjirushi – have several items from them – all well designed and built bullet proof. Great service as always with great prices. Can’t beat it – great combination.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker Bundle – This aint nothing like that last old sad breadmaker that we had

My wife absolutely love it and i enjoy fresh baked bread :).

I mainly purchased this machine for gluten free bread baking and it has performed superbly. Very easy to learn how to use, very easy to use, clean and remove the loaf. The accessories are a welcome addition especially annalise roberts’ book. The knife set islow quality and my wife already put it back in the box (i just hope she doesn’t ‘re-gift’ it (: )the seller delivered my order very fast, and packaged the items safely. I would recommend the seller and the product.

The top heating element really makes a difference. Here are the specifications for the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker Bundle:

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  • FEATURES: This bread maker can make a 2lb loaf in less than two hours. Gluten Free and Custom settings will accommodate gluten free and organic baking ingredients.
  • DUAL KNEEDING: Dual kneading blades to knead the dough thoroughly.
  • CONTROLS: Menu functions include three memory settings along with an additional heater on lid function. It also includes a user friendly easy to read LCD monitor with a 13 hour delay timer.
  • COMES WITH: It includes an easy-to-follow instructional DVD, manual and a recipe booklet.
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker, Gluten-Free Baking Classics for The Bread Machine Book, Stainless Measuring Cup Set and Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set – Heavy Gauge

This is my third bread machine and i will stick with this brand. The pan is much heavier than the others.

It is quieter than my last one. This is a very good product. I would recommend it to everyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • They thought of everything in making this machine
  • better than expected from a novice
  • Excellent Value

Use this breadmaker for making gluten free breads. All the breads i have made have come out tasty and moist. Very happy with this purchase.

This is my second bread machine, the first being a westbend full size loaf machine my ex-wife got when we parted ways. I tried to find another westbend unit but apparently they are no longer being made. The pan on the zojirushi is the double paddle kind that i had before and is packed with more features than my old machine. In particular the ability to bake gluten free is one thing that stood out to me. The zojirushi appears to be very well made, not flimsy at all. The bread pan has a very good non-stick surface, along with the paddles that let the loaves easily slip out. I like the fact that i do not have to measure the temperature of the water. If the water is too cool the machine will gradually warm it up to proper temperature prior to beginning the kneading cycle. The bread i have made so far has come out very well and i am enjoying this machine very much.

Love this machine, i have had mine for over 2 years and i am still using it, bake bread every week, a little bit of an investment, but well worth it. The cheaper ones would never hold up like this one does, makes great bread, pizza dough, very easy and cakes. Highly recommend if you are serious about make your own bread, recipe book is great too.

I love this bread maker because it is easy and simple to use and has a gluten free setting.

At first i wasn’t too sure if it was user error or the machine but i soon found out when my husband made bread. . It was user error on my part. My hubbys bread was wonderful and perfect in everyday. . Will update more as we use it more.

We have baked whole wheat bread for many years grinding our own wheat and then using a machine to kneed the dough. It was a lot of work with a lot of clean up afterwards. We weren’t making bread as often as i liked so i started looking at bread machines. This one was more that i expected to pay but after reading the reviews i was convinced that it was the one we needed. We are delighted with this machine. We still grind our own grain, but after that this bread machine does the rest. It takes us about 5 minutes to put the ingredients in and set it to bake. That’s itwe first tried the whole grain recipe in the book but didn’t care for that one. It wasn’t long before we had our own recipe that works great for us. We often set it for when i’m up in the morning so i have fresh bread before i go to work.

While expensive this machine does not disappoint. Texture is great and capacity is a plus. Recipies for jam are very good and not as sweet as store bought.

My goal was for fresh healthy bread where i could avoid using any preservatives, etc. The only thing i have been able to make & have come out well is the white bread recipe. After contacting customer service, they were very nice, was told to try white bread & if it came out well, then there wasn’t anything wrong with the machine. Well, we don’t really eat white bread so the fact that white bread comes out well is not impressive for me. I have followed the directions exactly for the recipes i have tried from their book, but wheat bread failed, gluten free bread failed miserably & plain pound cake came out awful. I will admit that i have very little experience with bread machines. I think i will look for some bread machine recipes somewhere other than their books & give those a try. If i find that experience &/or recipes found elsewhere work well with this machine i will write a follow up review. Btw, i can & have baked many types of breads & pastries the old fashion way (mixing the dough in a bowl with a spoon, kneading by hand, letting it rise, punching it down, letting it rise again & baking in the oven) & had wonderful results, never had a failure. I was just hoping to cut down the amount of time required to bake bread the fashion way.

Great quality product and clear display that is easy to read.

Excellent, for gluten free as well.

The machine very good ,but i have a problem which is the machine exposed to an strong electric currentwhat i do ?.

I have had it for over two years now and have used it once or twice a week without fail. It has made a perfect loaf every single time except maybe a couple times, both my error. The more traditionally shaped loaf is very nice. If you are new to breadmakers just get a cheap one instead of this because probably 99% of people who get breadmakers use them once or twice and then never again. In fact maybe even get a used one because almost all the ones being sold have only been used once and they can be bought for ten bucks. But if you’re buying your second (or third) and you’ve been regularly making bread for a while, forget about trying to save money and just get this one now. It is well worth the extra cost.

I purchased this machine over others offered at amazon because of the gluten free function off this particular model. I have been gluten free for awhile and store bought breads tend to spoil faster than i can eat them. This machine allows me to produce lovely small loaves and it is so easy. I have baked great banana bread for my husband and granddaughter as well. I like the measuring spoons that came with my purchase as well as the cook book. The knife set is cheaply made and the block falls over at least three times a day. Must be made out of the lightest wood known to man.

I have had this beautiful machine just over a month now. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is. I have made several loaf breads, dinner rolls, hamburger, hotdog, and doughnuts with the rolls recipe. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with this machine. Although i was a little intimated at first. The only thing i will say is that the gluten-free book included with it in my opinion is a disaster. I bought the flour recommended for the recipes and did exactly what instructions called for and the breads were not good at all.I am not gluten-free but my sis-in-law is and i made it for her. I did not try the recipes in the zojirushi cookbook included so i cannot speak to as how they turn out. For myself i use a whole wheat four from great river organic milling on amazon and my loafs rise beautifully.

I’ve tried all the varieties now and it’s super consistent, perfectly shaped bread with perfect crusts all the way around.

To be honest, i don’t use this thing nearly as much as i’d like to. I mostly use it for pizza dough, and i use one of the recipes provided in the book. I get two large and one medium-sized crusts out of a batch, but i like them thin. I’ve made only one loaf of bread, and that came out far superior to any bread i’ve made in any other bread machine. Yes, it’s big – about twice the size of the breadmaker it replaced. But you can’t beat it’s simplicity, ease of use, and quick clean-up. I definitely recommend it – you won’t be disappointed.

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer : Best Rice Cooker ever!

My wife is japanese and i lived there for several years. This is a great rice cooker that cooks 5. 5 cups of rice, which is plenty for dinner and for left overs. Highly recommend it and it has been very reliable.

This is a great induction rice cooker and warmer with multiple programming options. It is attractively designed and easy to carry with the attached handle. It takes the guesswork out of cooking rice and, if desired, the timer can be set to have cooking completed by a specific time. The only issue i have with the cooker is that, when using the programmed settings, the timer does not display the remaining cooking time until approximately 8 minutes before it will finish. There is a chart showing estimated cooking times for the different varieties of rice, so if you refer to that, you can figure out when the rice will be ready. I have not yet used the gaba brown setting, but increased nutritional value is the benefit of that extended cooking time. This is not an inexpensive appliance, but i have enjoyed using it and we eat rice much more frequently than when i prepared it on the stove and had to closely monitor it.

I’ve made rice several different ways over the years, but the zojirushi np-hbc10 is by far the best i’ve ever used and the quality of the rice that comes out of it is amazing and rivals any that i’ve had in restaurants in both korea and japan. Prior to this, i’ve been using a $30 steamer with a timer on it and i thought that was easy to use. As far as ease of use, this thing blows it away, drives off, comes back, pokes it with a stick then blows it away once more for good measure. As others have mentioned, one thing to note is that when you’re measuring your rice, use the included measuring cup that’s gauged for the japanese measurement. Other than that, wash your rice, use the measuring marks in the pan for your water and sit back and wait for the best rice you’ll ever have. I make a lot of onigiri using sushi rice and this cooker does an amazing job. I’ve even experimented with rice-based lunch dishes mixing a bunch of things from the cupboard and it has never failed to impress. I highly recommend this rice cooker. Having used much cheaper cookers, i was a little leary to pull the trigger on such an expensive unit, but i’m glad i did.

I was never a fan of rice because no matter what we did, we couldn’t get the moisture content of the rice right. It was always too mushy or too dry. Wild grain rice was more difficult because of it’s longer cooking time. We tried a cheap rice maker and the rice burned to the bottom. Then a coworked recommended paying the premium price for this unit and insisted i couldn’t screw up the rice with this. That recommendation was correct. Making perfect rice is easy and it’s perfect every time. Brown, white, sushi, gaba, etc. You will not regret buying this. We use it 2-3 times per week and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

  • The Best Rice Cooker I’ve Ever Owned
  • cup size explained + my two cents from 20 years with a Zo
  • This rice cooker is unbelievably good. I’ve used and been familiar with Zojirushi rice

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with Induction Heating System, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5-1/2-cup rice cooker and warmer with micro computer technology
  • Superior induction heating evenly distributes heat for excellent results
  • Multi-menu cooking functions; LCD control panel; keep warm; timer
  • Spatula, spatula holder, and rice-measuring cup included
  • Measures 14-3/16 by 9-13/16 by 7-15/16 inches

I’ve owned this rice cooker for four months now. I use it about 3 to 4 times a week with stellar results each and every time. I’ve made rice, short grain rice (to make sushi with), brown basmati rice, short grain brown rice, mahogony and wild rice mixed together, and even quinoa with it. They have all come out perfect with it. A lot of times, i’ll throw in the rice in the morning and don’t even think about it until dinner comes around, at which point i have perfect rice waiting for me. However, i must say that when i did this with quinoa, i felt it came out a touch bitter (it had been in there for almost six hours). I’ve also made gabba brown rice but have to admit, didn’t notice a difference with regular brown rice. I grappled with which size to get for a good month before i actually ordered it. We’re a family of five and i was making a rice or grain each night with dinner (never had my results come out this perfect even though i’m a pretty good cook). If you don’t know what size to get either, i have some helpful information to guide you.

If you consume a lot of rice, it is worth spending the extra $ for this cooker. I wasn’t a fan of brown rice until i cooked it in this rice cooker. . Fluffy w/ the slightest hint of a crunch, perfect. It’s quite and the setting are easy to use. We have had it for nearly a yr & no issues w/ this unit.

Sometimes i think i purchased zojirushi np-hbc10 5-1/2-cup (uncooked) rice cooker and warmer with induction heating system, stainless steel because i think “zojirushi” is so much fun to say. This is not the case, however. I did a lot of research and really agonized over the most sensible machine to purchase. Rice has always been a problem, because an electric stove is not sensitive to cutting down on the heat quickly. Boil overs and sticky gummy messes were often the result. I had a great gadget that was a glass disc you could insert in the bottom of a pan to prevent boil-overs. That got tossed after one broke and i had to throw away a whole pot of beans. The solution presented itself at a luncheon when a great friend of mine offered to cook the rice for me in her rice cooker in my kitchen. Not only did it free up a burner for me, but the rice turned out terrific. After reading many reviews and learning the different types of rice cookers, i had to decide whether i wanted to spend the money for an induction rice cooker.

This rice cooker is unbelievably good. I’ve used and been familiar with zojirushi rice cookers as roommates have had them in the past, but this was my first purchase of one on my own. Zojirushi’s build quality is excellent. And the machine just cooks perfect rice, all the time. This model, with its extended menu set, allows for a lot more options—brown rice, sushi rice, different degrees of hardness, etc. It also offers a porridge setting, which has become one of our favourite functions for this machine. With it, we can make oatmeal, polenta, or other things of that ilk. So, i can load it up with steel cut oats, set the time for 7am, and bam, breakfast is ready. Same for rice and dinner time, rinse your rice, measure it out, set the time for 6pm.

Hi first off i have to say i absolutely love this rice cookeri looked at and read all the reviews for multiple brands and kept coming back to this one. I feel the price is good for what you are getting there are definitely different prices and lots of different features but the convenience of set it in the morning and go and it be ready and waiting for you when you want it is great and the keep warm feature i’ll admit at first i thought the rice might just be ok but after trying it right after its done or several hours later its still perfect. My girlfriend is asian so we rice almost every day so for us its definitely worth the cost. Her family also owns this same one. I do agree however with other reviewers that if your using this only a few times a week or occasionally its probably a little expensive and i would buy one the the other zojirushi models. I have had this only about 2 weeks and have tried white and mixed rice only i’ll update when i try the sushi and brown rice settings.

Before this rice cooker, i had used only two methods to cook rice; paraboiled rice bag in boiling water and a black & decker rice cooker that cost around $20. The b&d would always burn the bottom of the rice and brown rice was always on the crunchy, under cooked side. I just settled for it thinking that’s how it had to be. Then i purchased the zojirushi. The initial cost is a lot to consider, but i have enjoyed this rice cooker. I have now tried different types of rice like black japonica, white/brown jasmine, wehani, basmati regular brown and white rice. I now have an appreciation of how rice is supposed to be prepared. I really like having rice as a side now and that says a lot coming from a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Throw in any aromatic rice and the whole house is filled with mouth watering fragrances. I have used the keep warm cycle for up to 24 hours after the rice was done and it was still moist and delicious. You can also cook steel cut oats in this rice cooker which is a real treat if you like oatmeal. It has a cycle called gaba brown. I think this cycle makes the brown rice more tender as it heats the rice for 2 hours at about 120 degrees before cooking it for an hour to increase the amount of available gaba. For those who, like me haven’t heard about brown rice and gaba, it is a molecule found in brown rice that promotes some level of relaxation (based upon dosage of course.

Are you tired of rice that is sometimes great and sometimes only so-so?. Do you put your rice on high and forget to turn it down until you smell it burning?. Well, this rice cooker will solve those problems forever. It’s so easy, and the rice, whether brown or white, is perfect every time. All you need is a few stir-fry recipes and you can enjoy quick, easy, and nutritious meals. It’s so easy to clean – no more scrubbing those scorched pans or stove tops. I can’t say enough about this product. Update: i’ve had this rice cooker for 4 years now and use it a couple of times a week – sometimes more. My favorite use is making risotto. You lightly brown the onions and rice right in the pan, add broth and wine and walk away.

I am a chinese and i eat rice for over 25 years. As the world’s most good at eating race, i strongly rocommand you to by this japanese rice cooker. Although chinese always feel not that friendly to japanese, we have to admit that they do a much better job in technology. For example, the technology such like ih heating, coating and the tank manufactur is much better than us. Ih and the tank makes the rice performance better that normal rice cooker. The coating layer makes it easy clean. The computer control system helps a lot on cooking. Me and my friends loves this rice cooker. And it has worked for me two years without a problem. The bad thing is the japanese is discrimination against overseas markets.

This is an induction rice cooker, with nearly 2000 watts of power, in europe you’ll need a voltage converter erich is heavy and expensive, not worth the buy. You can but it at yumasia or something similar. Its a page of uk where they sell adapted rice cookers.

My wife never used to like rice, she loves the rice that zoji makes it for us, especially on the gaba setting. We eat at least one meal a day from it, usually two. Yes it is well made, attractive and made in japan. Useful info:the zojirushi measuring cup is approx 2/3 of an standard imperial 8oz cup. 66 “real” cups of uncooked rice. 3 zoji cups of rice makes a big enough batch for 8 people to have a large side of rice. 2 zoji cups makes enough for two people to eat rice as the main meal. There is a separate scale for brown rice, of which 4 is the maximum. The gaba setting is effective at starting the sprouting process. Using lundberg’s short grain brown rice (organic) on the gaba setting white tips are visible on the ends of the rice. Lundberg’s short grain organic brown rice is fantastic, as is black rice (aka forbidden rice)clean up is easy, we use a couple swirls with a nylon brush on bowl and removable lidhow we use the zoji:in the evening we load zoji with 1 zoji cup of mccanns’s steel cut oats and a tablespoon of whole oat groats and bit of salt. We fill the water up tp the 3 mark on the white rice scale. We use the porridge setting and have timer 1 set to 6am.

This rice cooker has made life so much nicer. I like the taste and feel of brown rice when it has been in the gaba mode. I have been trying different recipes in the book “the ultimate rice cooker cookbook” by beth hensperger and julie kaufman. Tapioca pudding, orange dessert quinoa, japanese barley and rice are some recipes i have tried so far. This rice cooker can be used for more than rice. I like the bowl that the rice is cooked in. This nonstick heavy duty bowl can be taken out to clean. It has lines inside to show how much liquid is used for various kinds and amounts of rice.

This is the best rice cooker out there. I had a previous zojirushi that i used for 14 years. And it was still working without any issue. But i wanted to get the stainless steel as all of my other appliances have been upgraded to stainless steel. Have to say though that this cooks the rice very well. Also the rice bowl inside is heavier and the overall build seem much better compared to my old one. Do not use those cheap rice cookers. The difference in the rice is so much better with this even though the price is higher.

I could never imagine brown rice could be so good before i made them in this small little device. I have been using brown rice on and off for few years now. But cooking it was difficult. Won’t come right every time and all those brown rice issues. So, finally i took the bullet and spend 200+ on this device. I am happy i first made brown rice on porridge setting. Yesterday, i tried them on brown rice setting. I never ate brown rice with so much happiness. Just based on those brown rice i don’t care that i paid so much for this device. If you can afford it go for it.

I purchased this rice cooker to start eating more brown rice as well as to make sushi rice. I did my research and i found a lot of cheaper models that people had good reviews and bad reviews on. The biggest reason i chose this brand and model was for the longevity of this appliance and how much i intended on using this in my kitchen and also the japanese are known for making quality products. My experience using the rice cooker has been great and i have used it about a dozen time with less then a month of ownership. The cooking functions i have used on it so far are, quick cook, regular white rice, gaba brown, brown rice and sushi rice. All of these setting worked great once you set the 24 hour clock you can tell the unit when you want your rice to be done by and it will be ready by 5:00pm when you are getting off work. I do want to share with you my experience with the sushi rice function because it took some getting use to. The inner pot has different water levels marked on it so you can use the cup it came with to measure the rice and fill the water level accordingly. Well the tricky part is when you add one cup technically its about 3/4 of a u. Cup to the pot the sushi line that says 1 is asking for about 400ml of water. The problem is when you put 400ml of water or fill it to the first line the rice is too soft almost like mush. So i then scaled back the water to 300ml and again the same problem so i cut the water amount in half to 200ml per cup of sushi rice and now it makes restaurant quality sushi rice. The other settings make great rice as well and i did find that the gaba rice to be a bit on the soft side i may play with the water level as well. Sorry it was a long review hope you liked it and thanks for reading.

We were a little hesitant to buy this rice cooker because of the price. We eat a decent amount of rice, but not for every meal and not every day. Still, i thought it would be nice to try one with the induction heating, and we liked the zojirushi website. Needless to say, i never knew rice could be this good :d every type of rice was amazing. It spread on the nori very easily for making sushi. Oh, and the gaba brown rice was soo good it made a boring vegetable soup taste greatif you definitely do not want to spend this much on a rice cooker, there are other options, but if you’re not sure, i say take the leap. We almost didn’t buy this one, but are now very glad we did. We originally thought the quality wasn’t going to be that much different, but it absolutely is.

Can’t say enough good things about this rice cooker. I bought this for my wife in 2008 and it has been used 3-4times a week since then without any problems. It’s easy to program with various types of rice and makes it perfectly every single time. It’s also easy to clean as the parts remove from the cooking unit easily. The nonstick coating on the actual cooker pot is very durable and only has a few superficial scratches after years of use. This product got me buying more zojirushi products and every single one has been outstanding.

This product is what it is supposed to be. It is a high-end rice cooker with a slew of good features. I have been particularly happy with it’s keep warm feature, which keeps rice warm for day without burning or getting stale like some other models i have had in the past. If i have one complaint, it’s that it seems to cook a little slower than most rice cookers. On the other hand, i haven’t had a bad batch yet, so maybe other rice cookers are rushing. I have used it to cook a number of other grains (oatmeal, quinoa, barley) and had good results. It costs a lot, but i’m getting my money’s worth.

This has replaced my mom’s cuckoo pressure cooking rice cooker that failed in two years. So now she doesn’t have to leave brown rice in water overnight. The only negative would be the price. Simlar spec’d rice cookers are at least $50 cheaper. I just hope this lasts long as our other zojirushis which has been years and still going strong.

Zojirushi NSRNC-18A 10-Cup, great product

Makes a lot of rice in one pass.

Stand leg lengths were uneven causing cooker to precariously lean to one side, after one use it burned out – electrical smell, burnt rice, and electrical system shot. Poor workmanship and qc right out of the box. Amazon promptly sent a replacement – this one works great. The manufacturer needs improving quality control before releasing their product.

Works well and keeps your rice warm :).

Key specs for Zojirushi NSRNC-18A 10-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker and Warmer with Floral Imprint:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cooks up to 10 cups of rice and then automatically keeps it warm
  • Locking lid keeps rice fresh and moist for 12 hours
  • Removable nonstick cooking pan prevents rice from sticking, cleans easily
  • Cord retracts under unit to eliminate clutter
  • Includes spatula, spatula holder, measuring cup
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

Comments from buyers

“Good replacement
, Calories All Day Long
, They don’t build things like they used to.

This rice cooker is woking good but the price is a little high than the super maket sell after i bought it.

I purchased this rice cooker for the soul reason that i was shortly due to become a student with a small budget. I also have a metabolism of a humming-bird — that and small budgets don’t mix well. But try as i might, there is no way i can fit more than 6 cups of cooked rice into my gullet over a day. That said, i measure out only 2 cups dry rice (a 1/4 cup rice equals about 3/4 cup cooked rice) and 2 cups water in the morning, let it sit for 30 minutes for extra fluffiness, and cook with a single finger press. What can i say, the rice turns out just as i expect it. In fact, there is little difference between the texture of this rice and the texture of the rice i’ve had in korea over the last two years. The best part — it keeps extremely well all day long, providing the calories i need to survive. The rice loses little moisture, doesn’t scortch, and remains flavorful. If i weren’t single then the capacity allows me to scale up. And i am expecting this rice cooker to survive a very long time based on experiences with other’s in my family (i’m thinking about floral imprinted ricecooker that survived 18 years).

Makes the best rice we have ever had – only wish we had bought it sooner. Has changed our eating habits for the better.

Cooks rice fast–twice as fast as the digital cookersi had the older model zojirushi 10-cup–i thought it was perfect. They have made this one easier to clean (wider water trough, wider drip recepticle so you can fit a finger in now). Also you can cook only 2 cups of rice if you want (the old one said minimum was 3 cups).

I’d say it is the most logical rice cooker to use, for it does not make the rice dry in around 5 days, it is really amazing. This is a replacement of my old zojirushi rice cooker that last more than 20 years.

One of the best rice cooker. Nice and fluffy rice every time. I love the rice cooker so far.

Our previous rice cooker (same brand) lasted us close to 20 years. Didn’t see a need to change brands with that kind of reliability.

After 2 years of daily use, still looks brand-new. The nonstick coating is thick and of high quality — hard to scratch. I expect this thing to outlast me.

Hope it works as well as ours.

Rice on the bottom never go brown or crunchy. I cook white rice in it at least 3 times a week. 10 cup size capacity which is great for mid size(3-5 people) family. Just follow the instructions and the rice will come out great. And i tried the warm up feature for more than 5 hours and rice were still the same quality.

This product replaced on i have had for over 10 years. We eat rice almost every day in our family. In 40 years this is the third rice cooker i have purchased.

Had one previously that went at least 14 years. Only trouble was deterioration within the lid (rust) where the insulation was. I hope they fixed that with this new one. Beside rice, we use the device to keep mashed potatoes at their peak if made ahead of time.

It does cook the rice the way i like it. This is the second zojirushi rice cooker i purchased. So far it’s great especially when we have parties. The latter was a 5 cups only.

We bought this to replace our 8 cup rice steamer that we had for over 20 years. All i can say is that this cooks our rice perfectly every time. We usually only cook 2-3 cups of rice & only when we have company over do we cook 10 cups. It has flowers, it does what it was design to do. Highly recommend this product.

This rice cook is the best you can get. Simple design, easy to clean, easy to use. One click away from cooking perfect evenly cook rice. The last one we got last about 6 years. We use it everyday, i think the thermo sensor stop working properly, so it under cook the rice. Now we getting a new one, i am sure it will last as long.

The rice container shows sign of scratches even when cleaned carefully with soft cloth, and even after few uses only.

It has a dent on the lower exterior. They way that it cooks rice is fine, the only problem with it is that once you open the lid all the water that condensed at the top drip back down into the rice causing it to become somewhat mushy. I have owned this brand of rice cooker for many years. The only reason i was purchasing a new one was due to the fact that the rice cooker that i had for 18 years finally broke down on me. Don’t get me wrong, this company makes very nice rice cookers that last a very long time, or at least they did 18 years ago.

This is by far the best rice cooker of all time. I seriously love this thing.

Not all rice cookers are the same and this one is pretty awesome. It’s nice to have warm rice all day. I was a little bitter when i saw it at my local h-mart for $20 less but what can you.

We got this as a wedding gift and use it multiple times each week, making anywhere between 3 and 7 cups of rice at a time. I’m writing this review now because i’m starting to look for another rice cooker. The cooker keeps on steaming perfectly, but we’ve slowly worn down the nonstick surface inside the liner. I’m not disappointed; we’ve had a lot of great meals because of this machine. For its successor we’re only considering zojirushi because of how pleased we are with this model. And yes, i’ll agree with another commenter that the floral pattern is part of the style. That way you know it’s a legit zojirushi and you won’t confuse it with a black & decker or westinghouse. You definitely do not want to make that mistake.

Too big for a 3 people family.

Zojirushi NS-RNC10 Automatic 5-1/2-Cup : Very Good after 13 years

My mother loves her zojirushi rice cooker. She has been looking to replace another brand & smaller rice cooker she has. Size, prompt delivery & price are great.

It makes perfect rice every time and it is easy to clean because the rice never sticks and there is no mess. I also like how it can keep your rice fresh and warm for hours if you are not ready to serve it right away. The retractable power cord is convenient, but it is starting to wear out a little bit after a year (it is only very little though).

It can be prepared ahead because it stays warm for long time. I wash the rice under running water before cooking and use 1 rice /2 water ratio.

This is the only rice cooker to buy if you are a serious rice consumer.

  • Works well and fixes the most annoying problem with conventional rice-cookers
  • Never Worry About Wrecking The Rice Again
  • restaurant quality rice

Zojirushi NS-RNC10 Automatic 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Keep warm system automatically activates after cooking is completed
  • Lock-tight lid keeps rice fresh and moist for extended periods
  • Nonstick cooking pan prevents rice from sticking for easier serving and clean-up
  • Side condensation collector and built-in cord. Accessories include spatula, spatula holder and measuring cup.
  • Dimensions 9.75″ long, 19.875″ wide, 10″ high weighs 6.4lbs
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

I always bought this brand it the best rice cooker.

Works great gets your rice done perfect every time and you don’t have to stand around the stove watching it or heat up your house with the stove. I love the fact it keeps it warm til you are ready to use it also.

This is a replacement for my 13 year old zojirushi rice cooker. Follow instructions and it makes great rice. I have been using this brand rice cooker for approximately 23 years.

It’s all the quality i was looking for, the bmw of rice cookers. Cooks rice perfectly & anyway including sticky.

I bought this exact one in china town, boston 13 years ago. It still works and travels well, and is one of the more dependable things in my life. I have wondered if should get a newer one, because the inside looks like it is wearing just a bit, but i will keep what i have. My favorite thing to to do with this is steam up some rice and while it is cooking, i throw ginger and garlic in olive oil in a large frying pan, and then what ever i have meats or veg – by the time i am done – the steamed rice is finished and i mix all together and season.

Bought it for my sister she had an older one that had lasted like 23 years. It broke about 6 month’s ago so i got this one for her and she loves it so far has cooked in it 4 times and the rice comes out nice and fluffy. Can’t help but give it a 5 star rating.

I purchased this rice cooker a year ago and absolutely love it. It cooks the rice perfectly every time and holds warm without drying it out. Being able to make the rice well in advance of serving it is a huge convenience for me. I follow the directions that came with it and have found that the key to avoiding excessive steam and spitting is thoroughly washing the rice until the water runs clear. (i purchased an inexpensive rice washing bowl from amazon that makes this process a snap). The cooker is very attractive and cleanup is easy. Prior to buying this product, i cooked my rice in a vegetable steamer. There is absolutely no comparison. I also own and am extremely satisfied with a zojirushi water boiler. Based on my experience with these two appliances, it is my opinion that this company produces quality products and i would purchase this brand again without reservation.

I used to have a zojirushi that someone decided to leave rice in and molded black, so i gave up on that one. I tried 3 different rice cookers, all american brands, and they were all terrible. The rice texture would be wrong and the warm setting would either completely harden the rice or fail and the rice would start going bad in a day. This rice cooker saved my life; you can easily keep rice in here on warm for 3 days without a problem and it’s still good. It’s a little pricey compared to american brands but it’s so worth it.

The key annoyance with the conventional cheaper rice cookers is the fact that when the rice starts boiling, your countertop becomes the recipient of a big starchy puddle. And of course you can plates or trays below the rice cooker as temporary solutions. So i was on lookout for quality rice cookers(zojirushi always impressed me with build quality and functionality). And i could not have been any happier with this unit. But not without problems(reason for 4 stars) is that cleaning the top, since the steam residue which used to spill out now finds its place on the top part of the rice cooker(thermodynamics wins). The issue is that the top part is not removable(or i haven’t figured how) and as a result, we have to resort to wiping it off and cleaning the top perfectly is a challenge. But i am hoping the heat from steam will take care of the germs which might hide in some crevices. other than this issue, a great buy.

Perfect rice cooker for the dorm or small family. Works as well as their larger models. There are cheaper alternatives, but a zojirushi will last for the long haul. Our rice cooker is on keeping rice warm 24/7 and our last zojirushi rice cooker kept cookin’ over 10 years.

The only issue i have is that as soon as you plug it in it is set on warm. Also when it’s done cooking it stays on warm. Previous cooker did not have this feature so i have to make sure and unplug as it does not shut itself off.

Warning, keep away from intense heat, as the plastic will melt. Mom left the rice cooker next to the gas stove and the side melted a bit. Still works beautifully, though.

I’ve had this rice cooker for years, and bought the same one as a gift (as the giftee requested). It is a great, basic rice cooker. Not too big, but not too small. Zojirushi has never disappointed me.

This is what we have been missing all these years. We have used a regular rice cooker of a reputable brand (black & decker) for many years. It made okay rice, but we always assumed that better quality rice wasn’t within the reach of a household rice cooker, so we never looked for one. But the zojirushi ns-rnc10 changed all that. I bought it based on reviews. After unpacking, i became doubtful because this rice cooker seemed to have the same type of heating mechanism as our old one. It sure had a lot better appearance, but how could it cook better rice if the heating mechanism was the same?well it did. It must be doing it differently despite a similar appearance of the heating mechanism. By my standard at least, the rice is just about perfect.

No complain and cooked my rice in 15-10 min. Simple and loved retractable wire.

I have been using a variety of rice cookers almost daily for the past 30 years. This is the most quiet, clean machine yet. It cooks a large batch of perfectly steamed rice in about 15 minutes, has easy to follow directions, and the rice does not stick to the pan like the other cookers i had, requiring an over night soaking. The condensation collector is ingenious. You would be foolish not to buy this if you consume rice on a regular basis.

We have had other brands of rice cookers, but they always ended up burning the rice, especially when left in the heating mode. This cooker always makes the best rice, and can keep it warm for several days. It also makes great steel cut oats .

So easy to use just by a push of a button. Exactly what i was looking for and the rice we cook comes out perfect every time.

Zojirushi CD-LCC30 Micom 3 : OMG its just wonderful

This is the second zojirushi water heater. My first one lasted for more than 10 years. It was still working fine, but i decided to get a new one and donated the first one to goodwill. I am very happy with zojirushi and making very good use of it.

I’ve had mine for over 6 years and it has served me well. But recently, i noticed tiny rust spots on the bottom of the pot and more noticeably along the edge where the lid makes contact. I’m not sure if i want to get another zojirushi; it’s pricey and some of their products are made in china rather than in japan.

I didn’t even really need one of these damn things but bought it anyway and love it. It’s solidly built, well engineered, and in general, just the sort of well-thought-out product that the japanese are famous for. It ain’t cheap, but imho, if it lasts five years, i would consider it a very reasonable price/value tradeoff. The only minor complaint is that the time to boil the full load (3 liters) from room temperature is a little excessive — 27 minutes. I think they should have tim allened it (“more power”) to speed up the “boil” mode. Keep the cat away from the steam vent.

Returned tiger brand bought from costco. Wonderful to have all year round, easy to use and clean, definitely a must have for asian household.

  • Note For Green Tea Drinkers
  • Great gadget for the impatient tea/coffee drinker
  • Great hot pot. Perfect size foe one person.

Zojirushi CD-LCC30 Micom 3.0-Liter Electric Dispensing Pot

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy to read large wraparound panorama window water level guage with easy-touch dispensing system
  • Decholorinate mode reduces chlorine and musty odors from tap water
  • Descaling mode keeps the pot sparkling clean
  • Micro computerized temperature control system, multiple temperature settings and reboil mode. Non-stick interior and removable magnetic power cord.
  • Dimensions 11.875″ long, 9.125″ wide, 10.125 high, weighs 4.9lbs

This is the 3rd zojirushi i purchased. I purchased one for myself 7years ago and it is still working nonstop. I like it so much that i got one for my older daughter 4 years ago. Now my younger daughter has her own family so i gave her one also. It definitely deserve a 5-star rating.

Like many other reviewers, i’m somewhat of a tea connoisseur. Having the correct temperature is so important to making proper tea, and this machine has made that simple. I also don’t have the greatest water where i live, so when i have made tea using water from my kettle, the result frequently had a type of film on it. Since i have received the dispensing pot, my tea is perfectly clear and delicious every time. The ease and simplicity has also encouraged me to drink more tea in a day–which is great for my health. I’m hoping that this lasts as long for me as it has for others. At first, i thought that this was a little frivolous, but if you value having a perfect cup of tea each time, then it’s completely worth it.

I am completely satisfied with the product. This is my second zojirushi pot.

Doesn’t steam as much as older models.

I was like, if the wife wants another appliance to put on the overcrowded kitchen counter for her birthday, fine. Good hubby will get her what she wants, even if it’s only hot water. But guess who uses it all day every day?.Makes my instant coffee (hey, i love starbucks too but what i need in the morning is a jolt, not an experience) even more instant. It even makes it taste better, though don’t ask me how. Must be magic, but it’s true. And now i can readily consume delicious oceans of the latest health food fad — cocoa. Put powder in cup, add water and a pinch of stevia, stir, and get happy and healthy at the same time. Here’s to a cool appliance and a clever wife :).

It took a little longer then expected but once it arrived i was so happy.

This electric pot lets me have coffee or tea any time of the day.

For quickly getting a cup of black tea or french-press coffee (195°), green tea (175°) and yerba mate, rooibos or fruit/herbal tea (208°), this machine can’t be beat, especially as it exists for 3, 4, and 5 liters of water. (being single, i have the smallest version, but in a tea shop that i frequent they use the 5 liter with good effect). It is, however, only for cups, or french presses that fit underneath the spout. It keeps the water at three temperature levels depending on what you set, and has a reboil-button, when you add water without emptying the pot first, it reboils automatically. Its normal position is 195°f which lessens the danger of bad burns (if you use it as directed that danger is nonexistent, but the preset temperature level – that you can change to 208° or 175° – is an additional safety device). If you want to brew a whole pot of tea or coffee, however, you need a traditional water heater, as you cannot pour water out of this, only use the spout. So five stars for a nifty device for grabbing cups of tea or coffee in a hurry and through the whole day (and night).

Instant hot water dispensers are very common in the japanese community, of which i am a 4th generation member. My parents have one and i used to use it every time i was home, but thought it a bit overkill for a single person. I finally bought one a few years ago because i became obsessed with loose green tea, which must be brewed at a specific temperature (165 to 170 degrees). Now i am into fresh ground organic coffee, where water should be between 190 – 205 degrees. Having the exact water temperature instead of steaming / boiling water from a kettle is one key factor in getting one of these. Now i have a family of 4, and we use this dispenser every day for coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and night. When our girls were infants, the hot water helped to warm a cold bottle of formula, or pour some hot water into a container to defrost some frozen pumped milk. The only frustration is when we forget to fill it with filtered water the night before so our morning routine is unfettered. We love this dispenser, if you think you will not use it, think again.

I recently purchased the zojirushi cd-lcc30 micom 3. 0-liter electric dispensing pot at amazon when the had $25 off $125 purchase in kitchen special. That was the best purchase i have made at amazon. I am very satisfied with the unit. I use it daily before and after work , when i need some hot soup, maybe with noodles. It is ready whenever my baby needs hot milk, was her spoon or whatever she needs. I know this unit will be dependable for at least 10+ years. Do yourself a favor and purchase this unit with free shipping.

This is an excellent hot water pot. I love having hot water any time of day or night available. I use it for tea, noodles, warming up bottles, or when recipes call for hot water, etc. I have used it every day for seven years. Only recently have some rusty spots started developing in the interior liner. I am not sure why as i haven’t used anything harsh to clean inside or anything. I just opened it one day and there they were. I am going to continue to use it until i believe it is compromising the integrity of the liner. When i order a new one, it will be another zojirushi.

I own the jojirushi rice maker and have used it for years and i love it. I wanted to buy an electric kettle for making “perfect” green tea at 170-175 degrees. I looked at all the electric kettles and most had some fatal flaw like scaling or failure to keep a constant temperature. Then i found the jojirushi line of water heaters. I just got the cd-lcc30 today but i was very disappointed by something that was a little misleading in their product description. The product description talks about keeping water at 175 degree, perfect for “green tea. ” by that description i assumed that it would heat the water up to that temperature and keep it there like other electric kettles do. It heats the water to either 208 or 195 degrees and then you then have to wait for the the water to manually cool down to 175 before it will “hold” it at that temperature. That wait can, according to the manual, take up to an hour and a half in a 68 degree room.

This is the best electric dispensing pot i ever had. Portable, light, user friendly, easy to clean.

It’s now going on 2016 and i’ve had one of these zojirushi water heaters since mid 2008. It’s been plugged in and heating virtually continuously over that period with no issues at all. In addition to it’s durability, it is very easy to use (dispense and refill). I use it every morning to quickly make coffee with my french press and to have on-demand hot water for making tea in the afternoon. The heater allows for the perfect start to every morning if the first thing you do is have a cup of coffee (well, maybe the second thing your do). Another (5 star) review states it takes 27 minutes to boil water when refilling. My experience is that it takes about 10 minutes. The 3 liter volume suits my needs well as it allows me to have my fill of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon. I typically top-off the water level before retiring at night. The heater has paid for itself many times over in the time saved in waiting to boil water from scratch each and every time i might need using a stove-top kettle.

It works quickly and well and allows me to make several pots of tea w/o refilling and reheating. I have only two minor quibbles: it takes up a lot of space on the counter and it has no on/off switch. Neither is a reason to not buy this product.

I used the hot pot while visiting my relatives in japan, knowing how well they pay attention to energy saving products, i decided to purchase one myself. I find the product to be the perfect fit for tea drinkers and coffee press users. Not bad for the occasional ramen noodles in a cup.

I use this for more than just tea, defrosting frozen veggies, making broth, a few drops on a sponge for cleaning, this thing is the greatest.

I drink a fair amount of tea, and so this 3 liter size water pot is perfect for myself. I typically only refill it once a day, at night before i go to bed. It has a 7 hour delay timer that i use so that i have hot water as soon as i get up. I use the hottest water setting that maintains the temperature at 208 degrees f. It heats up relatively quickly if it’s left at 195 degrees or at 175 degrees to save electricity, but i’m impatient and don’t like to wait. I also use it for hot chocolate, apple cider, ramen, you name it. It is very easy to refill thanks to the removable cover and removable power cord. The cord attaches magnetically, which makes plugging and unplugging incredibly easy. I do have to turn the pot around so the back is facing me when i open the cover and remove it to refill the water. If i don’t, the steam hits me on the wrist when i open it, and since i keep it on the hottest setting, the steam is scalding.

Zojirushi Electric Pot / Inner Container Cleaner : Then I washed the inside of the kettle with water and dish soap and was good to go

My total household has a zojirushi water pot. We use these on a normal basis. They are straightforward to use, and hold the pot mineral free of charge. This certain established had the guidelines in japanese, which was ok for us because we have made use of them before, but be sure to refer to the seller’s guidelines if you are not able to examine yours.

Operates incredibly properly -what a lot more can you ask ?.

Zojirushi Electric Pot / Inner Container Cleaner,(4 Boxes with 4 packets each ) 16 Packets

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Made from 100% non-toxic citric acid
  • Removes limescale buildup from hard water
  • Each packet for use on one appliance
  • Great for electric water dispensing pots and kettles, and coffee and espresso makers
  • Instructions included on package

Wonderful electric drinking water pot cleaning resolution. I have did my investigation and looking at critiques ahead of seeking this product. Now i have tried out it, this actually functions great on electric drinking water pots. I have a single pot that was badly stained from minerals and were unable to get rid of utilizing one more product or service but this just one did the career. Highly suggested, a little pricier but it’s certainly well worth it.

Does alright but not close to as good as the past coffee pot cleaner did that i ordered from you but alas. Couldn’t don’t forget which one particular that was.

Then i washed the within of the kettle with h2o and dish soap and was fantastic to go. Be aware, none of the instructions are in english. But i utilized it to clean up mineral scale out of our electric tea kettle and it labored very properly. I just loaded up the pot, poured in the zojirushi cleaner and turned the kettle on to come up to temperature. I then just still left it there right up until the kettle turned off automatically and cooled back again down again. All the mineral scale just poured appropriate out. Then i washed the inside of of the kettle with drinking water and dish soap and was excellent to go.

Zojirushi Electric Pot / Inner Container Cleaner,(4 Boxes with 4 packets each ) 16 Packets : However realize that all of. However realize that all of the instructions are in another language. I followed the pictures before i thought about my user guide that came with my coffee maker.

Important with our zojirushi pot and tough h2o. We have to thoroughly clean our pot at minimum every month, or twice regular, with our really hard water. Without having cleansing, there is large calcium buildup and we have found that can even lead to the pot to stop dispensing h2o. This is the recommended cleaner, so we use it. The multipack sizing helps with price. I just would like it did a better position of cleansing. Just after 15 month we have some permanent deposits on the bottom of the pot that no repeated cleanings will clear away.

It is so straightforward to thoroughly clean the zojirushi incredibly hot h2o boiler and warmer. I utilised zojirushi electric pot / inner container cleaner to thoroughly clean our zojirushi cv-dsc40 ve hybrid water boiler and warmer. The cleaning process took about one. five several hours, the procedure taken out all calcium deposit developed up in the inner container. The cleansing process was quick, very simple and made me seem forward to undertaking it in a number of months.

Correctly cleans my japanese h2o robot at a reasonable rate. I know i could make a citric acid cleaner more affordable, but this does it properly at a affordable rate. My japanese drinking water robot is the cd-juc22ct.

My sizzling water pot has been tasting excellent. I have been utilizing this for in excess of nine. My warm water pot has been tasting wonderful. I have been employing this for around nine months. I use it the moment every single three months to maintain the metallic style from building.

This item was really handy for me and i would surely price this a. This product was extremely handy for me and i would unquestionably level this a five star item. Would surely recommend this to other folks.

It is effective better than i expected. . I would have order this extended time back.

Genuinely cleans the electric pot. Guidelines in the bundle are in japanese but the electric pot instruction does a great work guiding just one via the approach.

Mineral create up in my machine is hefty due to our spring drinking water source and day-to-day utilization of our zojirushi 4 liter drinking water boiler. I tried out to help you save cash with my earlier boiler by making use of vinegar and other citric acid solutions. They do no perform as very well as the zojirushi cleaner and it can take permanently to eliminate the caked on minerals and rinse the vile smells and tastes of all those products from the device. A person packet per 3-7 days cleaning does a great career taking away the mineral residue from the boiler and there is no residual flavor or smell following a single rinse with water following the cleansing cycle. The price of the product is large, but getting in bulk provides a excellent value. It is really worth every single penny for upkeep of the equipment and excellent of h2o item.

Cleaned our zojirushi that experienced tough water residue developed up. For reference, it was so negative that we virtually purchased a new 1. Thank goodness we did not and identified these. I propose this to any one who owns a zojirushi.

I think it operates greater than vinegar and h2o. I will repurchase this when i run out. That might be a very little whilst because i purchased very a couple.

If rust deposits develop up on the base this is the finest option for it. Though the cleaning course of action will take a little bit long and does squander a ton of h2o it definitely will get rid of all the steel deposit establish up for the tap.

It will work quite effectively on our glass electric teakettle. It performs rather very well on our glass electric teakettle. The movie that kinds above time on the glass was totally removed. If it would have taken off the places that sort on the bottom at the heating coil place, i would have given it five stars. I have identified something that will take away the places, but the chemical compounds it utilizes are significantly harsher. I will stick with the zojirushi stuff for standard cleansing.

Terrific product or service to use to clean up my electric pot. Many thanks for the prompt shipping and delivery. Great merchandise to use to clean up my electric pot.

It is simple to use, is effective immediately. Just a tiny dear since it needs to be applied just about every 1-2 months.

Nothing at all cleans my incredibly hot water pot superior than this merchandise.

Really very good and encouraged. I just utilised it previous night to cleanse my electric water pot, fairly very good and suggested.

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer : Just buy it best rice cooker I have owned

Never go wrong with zojirushi.

Just buy it best rice cooker i have owned. Best rice cooker i have ever owned hands down. I have grown up eating rice and boy. Its worth paying for a good rice cooker.

Best rice cooker i have ever bought. Best rice cooker i have ever bought. Luks really nice n attractive on my counter top n cooks rice perfect.

  • Love it- does the job and keeps the rice warm
  • So worth it!!! The texture of the
  • A little pricey but definitely worth it!

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer, NS-TSC18 – 10 cups / 1.8 liters

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Stainless Brown
  • Includes steaming basket
  • Menu settings include: white/sushi, mixed, porridge, sweet, brown, cake, steam and quick cooking
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
  • Delay timer with (2) settings

Love it- does the job and keeps the rice warm. Love it- does the job and keeps the rice warm for hours while letting you know how long it’s been in there.

Thumbs up for this medium to large capacity rice cooker. My mother in law was skeptical at first because she’s mostly had 1990s cookers. She figured it out in a jiffy and everyone loved the rice (and lots of it).

Excellent device light weight cooks rice to perfection led menu takes the guess work out of cook time handle makes it easy to transport for storage.

I bought this to replace my tiger and it is so much better. We eat rice everyday and is product has made my experience much better. Using the old tiger we have the rice would go bad in about an hour. This one last overnight or longer. Easy to use once you learn the manual. I have not tried steaming vegetables or anything yet but so far so good. The open button for the cooker could be better.

A+ i use it everyday and love it.

Liked it but didn’t keep it because wanted pressure cooker.

The only down-side i would say is that it takes about an hour to make anything in it (i don’t know if this is normal with making rice or not). But it is easy to get the rice (or porridge) started first and then work on the rest of the meal :).

We do notice a difference on how much. We do notice a difference on how much better the white rice comes out with this cooker. More fluffy and perfectly cooked. I will say however when trying the cook the black rice it didn’t come out completely done. It was edible, but not like the how the white rice came out. We might not have put quite enough water in it to begin with, so i can’t say for sure yet. The next time we cook the black rice we will use a little more water to see if that makes the difference.

So far i’ve only used it to cook brown rice but i love the product, expensive but i think it’s worth it.

A little pricey but definitely worth it. I love this addition to our stainless kitchen appliances. It looks nice and fits right in. The rice comes out perfect each time too.It keeps the rice warm for days and even tells you how many hours ago it was cooked. The only thing i wish it would do is cook the rice quicker than 45-60 minutes. My old zojirushi cooked rice in about 20 minutes.

Been wanting to buy zojirushi. Finally bought one and i’m very happywith it.

Best rice cooker ever purchased. It is definitely worth the money. The rice is never hard or too mushy. It comes out perfect all the time.

The texture of the rice arrives out just ideal. Only rationale why i did not give it 5 stars is for the reason that of the 1 hour prepare dinner time.

Zojirushi is just one of the very best out there. Japanese rice cookers hardly ever fail to impress me. Zojirushi is one of the finest out there. While i wish i hope it can continue to keep the rice warm for quite a few times without having drying it.

Excellent item and will buy other one particular for my mother and father in law.

Moms and dads loved this rice cook dinner. They are use daily for congee at morning.

My wife needed a new rice cooker, but also one thing that could be a steamer as perfectly. Easy to use, makes best rice and the detachable pan helps make for quick cleanup. Have utilised the timer operate as well – was place on. It’s a little bit a lot more high priced, but worthy of each and every penny expended.

Zojirushi AASB-22SB Premier Air Pot 74-Ounce Beverage Dispenser, Great product, and keeps liquids warm all day very

Utilized daily, this is a excellent airpot. Following brewing i transfer my coffee to this pot each and every early morning and it delivers on demand piping hot coffee day-to-day. It has stood up to day-to-day use for above a calendar year, and now my father in regulation has decided that i am getting him one for christmas.

Terrific merchandise, and keeps liquids warm all day pretty. I dropped my past 1, and the glass inside shattered. I tried to dwell without the need of it, and could not. Wonderful merchandise, and retains liquids heat all day very well.

Had an previous just one that i liked, saved tea hot 24 hours and warm for yet another working day, but the pump had to be pushed fifty occasions just for a little cup of tea. The zojirushi keeps the similar tempature as my old just one, extremely very hot for long time, but a single pump and my cup is loaded. It was so great i acquired yet another one for my husbands sugar and cream espresso.

Key specs for Zojirushi AASB-22SB Premier Air Pot 74-Ounce Beverage Dispenser, Brushed Stainless:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 74-ounce beverage dispenser with lever-style pump for easy serving
  • Vacuum insulation and glass liner keep contents hot or cold for hours
  • Brew-Thru stem stopper and removable lid; safety lever lock prevents spills
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; swivel base; fold-down carrying handle
  • Measures 6-5/8 by 6-5/8 by 16-3/4 inches

Comments from buyers

“I was a little leery of the price, but this is worth every penny., Keeps the Coffee Hotter Longer, Keeps liquid hot for a LONG time!”

I give it a very very good overall score, but a person section was not up to expectation. The strategy of removing the top part for cleansing purposes is really rinkydink and is dependent on currently being ready to lift up that portion to the specific angle (fifty five levels in accordance to guidelines)wherever the keeping gadget will give way, then snap it off in a precise controlled minor yank or it still will not likely individual. You have to stand there flapping the best section (the black plastic section shown in the image) back again and forth right up until you experience the detachable equipment just commence to arrive free, then jerk it immediately to the remaining. The plastic clasp or hinge that retains this apparatus in put looks nominal and flimsy, and i suspect that with some put on (specially that flapping. ) it may possibly erode to the place it won’t be able to hinge or clasp anymore however, at that place i believe the pot would continue to function even if the dispenser best is just sitting there with gravity for its anchor. I like the quick and effortlessly performing dispensing lever and durable carrying take care of. The style and design is streamlined and fits very well on a countertop, also. My recommendation for the manufacturer is to make improvements to the elimination procedure for the prime section.

Another winner for zojirushi. Trying to keep drinking water warm/heat to 36 several hours is incredible.

I have applied zojirushi air pots for more than twenty five yrs. I brew a pot of tea correct in the air pot. The zojirushi quality is normally remarkable. I have missing air pots to accidents when transporting to and from work and have worn a person pump out immediately after quite a few years of weighty use. The aasb22sbd takes advantage of a lever to activate the air pump. A easy slide change raises the lever for use or releasesthe lever so i sits flush with the major of the air pot when you want to safe the air pot from pumping. This is avery nice resolution and tends to make it extremely obvious when the unit is prepared for use or secured.

Use it for much more than 10 a long time with hapiness.

Fantastic dispenser that keeps beverage scorching. I purchased one particular of these pots past calendar year but did not use it a great deal until this cold and blustery wintertime. I just lately started applying it to serve coffee at a class i educate on a weekly basis. I was so delighted with how hot it kept the coffee during the day that i recently acquired a second pot to use for sizzling h2o. It pumps pretty very well and is straightforward to clear. Though it is a little bit pricier than some other dispensers, i bought it for the reason that it had such fantastic opinions, and i would certainly suggest it to other individuals.

We are utilizing my zojiurshi aasb-22sb primer air pot 74 ounce beverage dispenser in a household ecosystem. The air pot is just as good a solution as it advertised. We are specifically impressed with the thermos capability – beverages are saved at incredibly hot or chilly temperatures for at minimum 24 several hours. My only fuss is taking away the major for cleansing. It has to be lifted to a 55 degree angle to take away it, and that is a hit-or-miss function for us.

I procured the predecessor of this pot numerous decades in the past. It proved sturdy and reliable, so when i necessary a second one, i acquired the exact same brand. The newer model gives some functions that i like improved than the first. It locks additional elegantly, it is less leak prone, and i like the style. I nonetheless use its now aged progenitor, so i have confidence in that this pot will provide me effectively for the foreseeable foreseeable future.

Retains very hot drinks very warm and for a lengthy time. . Keeps hot beverages extremely sizzling and for a extensive time. Very hot water placed in the unit remains extremely incredibly hot even just after 24 hrs. Also, just after 2 or 3 yrs, the rubber gasket / washer turned deformed from typical use and so was letting in air anytime i pressed the lever for drinking water. A contact to zojirushi and a alternative portion was en-route for some thing like $eight furthermore $two shipping and delivery. I thought this a realistic price. Following two months, no offer. A different connect with to zojirushi to clarify non-receipt, and they sent out another part once more at no cost. I take into consideration that rather very good shopper company.

This zojirushi premier airpot is all that you can talk to for furthermore some. One early morning i filled this airpot with new espresso at property and drove out to my building work web site. A few minutes following arriving i acquired an ‘urgent’ phone connect with from my venture manager who directed me to get around to an additional jobsite asap. I forgot to consider the airpot when i remaining the 1st jobsite, and did not make it back again until eventually the adhering to early morning. Upon arriving the next morning i thought that i would have to toss out the earlier days’ espresso and go find somewhere for a refill, but imagine my enjoyable surprise to uncover out that the espresso in the airpot was continue to steaming hot. And, it did not have that ‘muddy’ taste that old coffee will get. I’m 100% sold on this zojirushi high quality airpot.

Great coffee carafe that arrived unbroken. We have applied zojirushi goods prior to in actuality the identical zojirushi espresso carafe for the previous ten years. It was nonetheless working really perfectly, trying to keep the espresso hot for hrs, but the outdoors finish was demonstrating indicators of dress in. The challenge was that when we had earlier tried out to order a new carafe from the local bb shop, the carafe arrived with the inside glass vacuum shattered. That happened a few periods ahead of we gave up. This christmas my partner wistfully asked santa for a new coffee carafe, not anticipating to get the brand he desired. But, lo and behold, amazon came through and we bought our new, incredibly helpful (both equally in insulating the temperature of the coffee and in the pumping mechanism) zojirushi coffee carafe unbrokenthis santa many thanks amazon pretty significantly.

I was a little leery of the selling price, but this is really worth every single penny. . I experienced thought of purchasing a marginally much less expensive airpot, nonetheless i was swayed by the stellar testimonials of the zojirushi. I am not let down in the little price improve. I picked this up for the reason that i preferred to have heat espresso available to me all working day very long in my business. Immediately after working with this for a pair of weeks i only have glowing items to say about it. At to start with look, the espresso pot looks to be exceptionally perfectly created. The glass reservoir inside will maintain your espresso heat for as prolonged as you need to have with out ever implementing any further heat. This is specially great due to the fact i can sip all working day with out ever stressing about waisting burned coffee. By the stop of the working day any leftover coffee is still piping sizzling. As a matter of actuality, i’ve overlooked about partial pots that were being still left in it above night time and the residual heat was enough that by the up coming working day the espresso was however warm enough to consume.

Exceptional excellent, truly keeps the coffee scorching for several hours.

Terrific products and superior price tag. We go to a whole lot of events and picnics and like to deliver hot coffee not just for us, but our mates and family members customers. My wife has a good deal of card and game events in our dwelling and this dispenser gets a lot of get the job done. Products was shipped on time and was nicely packaged.

Terrific to have on hand for get-togethers so you are. Great to have on hand for get-togethers so you are not regularly creating addtional pots of espresso. Retains items warm/very hot all day lengthy (just make certain you pour scorching water in first to heat it up).

This is a respectable substitution and appears to be very useful. We might been devoted customers (14 a long time) of one more significant-title model, but it was no extended offered. This is a respectable replacement and looks quite purposeful. The only downsides are: 1) the straw inside of is made of plastic alternatively than metal. I am quite sure this will require substitute pretty on a regular basis to retain a excellent-tasting cup o’ joe and 2) the pump on the top rated would seem not built to previous (we are quite really hard on our appliances). This will provide the intent, but i am rather certain it truly is not heading to final 14 years like the past one particular.

I make espresso for the individuals at work for the reason that the coffee in themachines is nasty. It preferences like it really is reduce with barn clutter. We received a surplus cupboard and i set this zojirushi airpot into it. Asian buddies generally look to have a single in their kitchens and the liquid pumped out often looked really hot even although they filled the airpot the night just before. They reported, ‘look for the airpot that has the elephant brand. I bought one particular from amazon and it was right here in two times. ————————————————————some hints to continue to keep the espresso best: fill airpot with h2o just under boiling temp to preheat even though you are brewing.

We have had ours for 7 yrs and really like it – finally time for a substitute. We bought ours in 2008 and it really is been by significantly the ideal of three various designs we’ve tried using. Now it is really starting to shed its capacity to continue to keep coffee incredibly hot for as extensive as it applied to, so we are obtaining a further a single. A preceding commenter asked if the best can be taken off. We clear away ours frequently for complete cleaning.

Zojirushi aasb-22sb air pot. This carafe does everything i was wanting for in a beverage dispenser. It keeps beverages (my distinct option is crystal light-weight) refrigerator chilly in excess of 24 hours, even when there is only a few ounces remaining in the container and the air temperature is more than 80 levels inside of your residence. The ony damaging is the opening dimension that makes it hard to get a cleansing brush into the vacuum container. I highly advocate this individual model to any person who requirements a beverage dispenser.

Retains the coffee hotter lengthier. We bought a diverse brand and then returned it to a area office retailer simply because the rubber seal that sits below a twist-on cap was distorted and would not seal appropriately. It looked like a design problem, not a top quality manage difficulty, so we felt an additional of the exact same design would probably are unsuccessful in the exact way. That’s when we went exploring on amazon for a improved just one. The zojirushi is simplicity itself. You can find a pop-up deal with in the lid that you thrust down to pressure the espresso out and into the cup. It can be pretty straightforward to modulate the power and control the flow of coffee. The lid closes down without the need of turning, so no chance of distorting a seal. We brew our espresso employing the 10-cup evaluate on our carafe and the zojirusho very easily holds this volume. It maintains the temperature of the espresso for a longer time than our aged steel espresso carafe and we uncover later in the working day it is however fairly warm with small or no touch-up desired in the microwave.

Searched for a consume cannister that can hold and preserve incredibly hot water. Search ended with this solution. Was okay but h2o did not keep heat. I fill it in the early morning and even late at night time, the water is however piping very hot. Could not imagine life with no it now.

I currently own 1 and bought this as a gift. Keeps coffe sizzling warm sizzling for 24 hrs.

Zojirushi CV-DSC40 VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer – Good capacity, good build quality

And it is really been performing fantastic now. So i am considering that for some reason. Had the exact same correct issue some others have been complaining about with the hh error code showing up. When i in the beginning utilised distilled water in it, i also bought the hh code too. But following i unplugged it, dumped out the distilled water and then used tap and filtered water rather, the hh code went absent. Just after that, i commenced using distilled water in it all over again, and it truly is been doing work fine now. So i’m contemplating that for some reason, you have to use filteedr or tap water for the initial time. This occurred with the first unit i obtained also, but i did not use faucet and filtered water in that a person as i imagined the device was faulty and returned it for yet another a single. The 2nd device had the identical hh challenge much too when i employed distilled water in it. Hope this helps some people today obtaining the exact troubles.

Not only did it arrive swiftly (as have all of my amazon buys – you guys and your off-site sellers rock), but this device, though not cheap, is value each penny. I consume very hot tea all working day extensive, and with this device, i by no means have to hold out for my ‘electric tea kettle’ to boil, considering the fact that this combo boiler/thermos keeps it at the temperature of my picking out (selection of 3 heat settings for keep temp). Humorous how quickly we human beings turn into acclimated to very good points. Now my husband and i joke about ‘hitting the button’ for our water to boil for tea immediately after evening meal (what we used to have to do right before). Now our water stands all set ready for us to dispense it. It truly is not tricky to put up a kettle of water to boil, nor is it time consuming or challenging to push a button on an electric powered tea kettle, but i am startlingly stunned how promptly i acquired applied to possessing sizzling water accessible all day when i want it. Even much better (especially simply because of it can be three liter capability) when friends are about, due to the fact i can pour espresso or tea or warm chocolate for all of my visitors at as soon as.

Why failed to i buy one particular sooner?. It is really evidently developed by men and women who use it regularly, as it has plenty of functions that make feeling for continual use. My lover beverages tea consistently all over the day and she reported, ‘why failed to we buy one quicker?’. Beforehand we experienced been employing an electrical kettle and while it was superior, we wore it out right after a couple many years. My partner beverages tea and i drink espresso. I attempted the ‘cafe’ feature of this, where by it dispenses more little by little for brewing espresso pour-over type. This characteristic seemed to function nicely ample for my reasons. My only concern with it has nothing at all to do with the product or service, but is just a thought when buying it: i thought it could fit properly under our cupboards (which it does) but you need to have to make confident to pull it out from below the cupboards when reboiling it, otherwise you will steam your cupboards. We have picket cupboards and this remaining some residue on them and is very likely going to harm them in the very long run.

  • It is amazing, but is it worth the money?
  • The perfect replacement for an in-sink hot water faucet.
  • Peeling nonstick layer is a big issue

I could not come across the specifics on what the non-stick lining was. So i went to, what i considered was, the zojirushi corp. Web site and emailed for facts on this lining. The web page was in fact zojirushi the us corp. And the respond to is’all of our water boilers have a stainless steel inside of liner with a non-adhere coating. The nonstick coating is produced of ptfe. It is a fluoropolymer, a product generally utilised for non-adhere coating in cookware for common kitchen use. ‘since this liner will by no means be heated over 500 levels or need to be scratched and has a prolonged history of use close to the globe i am inclined to give it a opportunity. Specially due to the fact the options (electrical tea kettles) all have plastic sections in call with the water or the continual use of my gas stove to warmth/reheat water (the significant thermoses do not continue to keep the water scorching very long sufficient).

More compact then our previous similar ability water boiler. Will not heat things up all-around it, extremely minor water vapor (almost none) and just all all over fantastic.It sings a song when it finishes heating/reboiling your water, which is a japanese issue i guess, but it lets you know your water is prepared. If your water is tricky ie lots of calcium and things then i propose purifying the water, otherwise you will get calcium deposits all above on the inside which is a suffering to get rid of. Acquired it for our dwelling, mom in guidelines house, even a buddy of ours bought it immediately after observing it at our house. It is really a great addition to any house. Quick ramen, espresso, tea, or if you are in a hurry and you should not want to wait around for water to boil bam.

Features of Zojirushi CV-DSC40 VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless Steel

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Water boiler and warmer with a large 4-liter capacity
  • Vacuum-insulated keep warm provides maximum energy efficiency
  • Temperature settings include 175, 195, and 208 degrees F
  • Temperature-control system; 6- to 8-hour timer; auto shut-off
  • Measures 8-3/8 by 11 by 13-13/16 inches

No respectable residence in japan goes with no a water heater like this a single by zojirushi. I have tried using a person other brand name but it has very long since been retired (lasted two. five yrs?) even though this a person retains boiling and boiling. It truly is a little bit dear, possibly simply because of the yen-$ trade charge but that ought to strengthen with time (i would not go into economics). Even for a tiny home, i would recommend this size as it is shocking how speedily one particular consumes sizzling water. I am a little bit leery of more affordable knock-offs from other nations around the world considering that i fret about appliances like this burning down the household. When applied consistently, calcium and other salt deposits will variety – use vinegar or citric acid (can be acquired at sprouts/sunflower current market in the west) to dissolve the residue. Also, beware of steaming the end off of cupboards earlier mentioned the pot. Note: the 2 models i have are really created in japan but as you can see from this assessment, a person was acquired in the 2006 time body, even though the other ~2008. Equally are still functioning (nov 2013). It is achievable that they are no more time built in japan so, purchaser beware.

I like to notify the tale of my brother begrudgingly incorporating a sizzling water dispenser to his cluttered kitchen countertop when his asian wife moved in, afterwards declaring that anything on the countertops really should go but the dispenser. I adore my dispenser for not only tea, but for cooking as very well. I chose zojirushi since as i fully grasp it they were mainly a vacuum flask organization in japan, much like thermos® in the usa. Only right after a long time as a prosperous vacuum flask corporation did they start off creating other appliances. That is why i have confidence in the vacuum flask of the dispenser is nicely produced. So significantly, no issues what-so-ever. It has melodies and beeps, but also a silent alternative which i use and enjoy. It has a swivel base, which is in all probability a listed element i failed to spend attention to until it arrived, which i recognize.

This is my second zojirushi in ten many years. The only explanation why i had to switch it was mainly because i did not preserve it very well. It is just properly manufactured and has quite a few functionalities that are very helpful, this kind of as two diverse choices in water movement, timer, temperature set, etc. I truly like the water amount indicator on the appropriate facet, other than my young ones don’t refill the water, so i often finished up refilling the water. When you are buying zojirushi or tiger, just guarantee to examine ‘made in japan’ label. This is complete important in my house during the late tumble to early spring when kids catch cold. They adore to use this device to make various of hot tea and cup noodles. This unit could be huge if you are less than 5.

No extra vacant, burning pots on the stove. As a coffee and tea drinker obtaining a thing to automate the process of boiling water and maintaining the water incredibly hot is good. I know i have place a pot of water on the stove and overlooked that i was boiling water only to be reminded by the smell of an vacant burning pot. The zojirushi permits you to choose water temperature and ignore about it as it heats up the water. The time it will take to heat up is also astonishingly rapidly. When it reaches the established temperature, the unit maintains water at that temperature. This is a good feature when possessing company if they want very hot water on demand from customers for espresso or tea. The unit can also be programmed by way of a timer to shut off at a set time period. It also shuts off if the water degree is much too lower to boil water. The water temperature can be rather very hot, but there is a basic safety element in which you have to press a button to unlock the device to allow for water to be dispensed.

We make a pair of pots of french push coffee just about every early morning. My partner gets up early and can make just one we make a further when i get up later on. This is perfect to have the hot water waiting for him in the morning with its timer aspect, and preserve the water heat until i get prepared for the 2nd pot. Also best for warm tea throughout the wintertime. We have recognized no complications with too much steam or warmth on the outside of the pot – we were being aware enough not to set it underneath any overhanging cupboard. We like the massive capability and we experienced checked the exterior measurements ahead of acquiring so the size was not a surprise. It has a swivel foundation to make it uncomplicated to get to the release to remove the top rated and the wire for removal. Filling and emptying are simple. Ir has great basic safety capabilities with the automated cut-off of water soon after it is dispensed and the automatic cut-off of the heat if the water gets way too reduced.

It is awesome, but is it truly worth the income?. I am a lately disabled adult that can’t get adequate of a very good cup of tea. So looking at this i believed it would make a great birthday current for me, and make daily life a very little much easier all around the kitchen. It performs as it states it will. It looks bulky but is astonishingly light-weight and uncomplicated to cope with. The complete device spins on a lazy-susan product earning it east to immediate the steam vent absent from kitchen area surfaces. You will require a water pitcher of some type to fill this quickly. I have a medium sized a single sand basically filly the pitcher two times to fill this device after. The deal with on top, removable lid, and notched corner will make emptying and cleaning a breeze. The temperature attributes are splendid and accurate, there are 3:205 for noodles/ramen etcetera, natural infusions, pu-er, assam and some other black teas.

Increase your espresso and tea earning skills. Simply enhance the good quality of your coffee and tea. I use this each and every working day to put together coffee from my french push. If you can control 3 variables you can make a constant and enjoyable cup of espresso every single morning. These variables are water temperature, grind sizing, and steep time. This merchandise correctly holds the water at a consistent temperature these that i really don’t have to worry about it when i am going by way of my morning regime. I really don’t have to get worried about boiling water, and measuring the temperature ready to strike the sweet spot. I seen this products in a substantial finish tea store and double checked the opinions in this article on amazon. It was highly praised and it lived up to my anticipations. I have a zojirushi rice maker and was already pretty impressed with the good quality coming from them.

More than value the value. . I acquired this item on july 20, 2012. Other than for perhaps a thirty day period or two and a couple cleaning cycles, this product has been sitting on my kitchen counter and turned on constantly- 24 several hours a day, seven days a week. From then to right now, it has labored flawlessly. Earlier to this, i was burning through reasonably priced water boilers/electric kettles at a level of about one each and every 6-9 months. Of course, i know that it is really relatively challenging to justify paying out this significantly for a thing that just boils water, but it truly is worth it to have a nicely-created, dependable equipment that retains far more than sufficient water for no matter what your recipe demands. I really love mine, and- i am going to acknowledge it- zojirushi has spoiled me for any other model.

A content tune greets you each and every day. Most people communicate about the sizzling water. But in simple fact when you add a new equipment to the kitchen area the true concern you need to have to check with is if this excess stuff can make your lifestyle improved. This single purpose appliance is a pretty critical part of my day. It would make that incredibly significant scorching brew at the specific instant i need to have my cup. You will get pleasure from the great seems and the high-quality of the presentation. Good options are:so tall that it can fill even big pots with no lifting or tipping necessary. Would make setting up up water for pasta quite quick. Sizzling soup from an immediate ‘just include water’ is now only a moment absent. Ok, so what is this ‘happy tune’ title all about?indeed every time the pot receives up to temp.

Great capability, good create quality. I acquired this to swap the outdated electric teakettle which begun to build the dilemma with vehicle shutoff purpose. I have utilized this zojirushi product for several days already and overall i’m satisfied with it – it has a good create top quality, excellent temperature array selection, quite peaceful, quite straightforward to use, extremely safe and sound all-around small children, does not ‘overboil’ the water. There are number of slight issues that you must be aware of, however:- whilst the inside is steel with exclusive non-stick coating, there are a lot of plastic parts in the prime cover and for inside water pumping/dispensing procedure. So the device will give off an unpleasant odor for a when as it heats up. The scent does go away quite quickly – just warmth and discard several loads of water until it stops developing that odor. – the heating component is not very highly effective, it truly is about 840 watt so heating will get for a longer time than in ‘regular’ electric powered teakettle (which are normally more strong), especially with a entire load of cold water. Not genuinely a major difficulty, just be aware of that and be affected individual. – this unit does not contain battery back again-up element (which allows it to operate the water pump using a pair of aa batteries even with electric power cord disconnected), you can get a different design for that which is also accessible right here at amazon. – there is a protection feature in which you will have to press on ‘unlock’ button to start with then on ‘dispense’ button to start out water dispensing.

Owned for three several years now, nonetheless fantastic. Our loved ones has been utilizing this warm water pot lots of times a working day for the earlier 3 many years. Is effective as effectively as it did on working day a person. Only concern we have with it is loved ones users forgetting to refill the water. The within of our 3 yr old pot still looks brand name new with no any scaling. We only fill this pot with water from our four phase reverse osmosis filtration program (costco, watts premiere). By no means had to descale the pot possibly. Fyi, from my past encounter, the rubber gasket seal on the lid wears out in ~5 decades. Zojirushi purchaser help was equipped to get me substitute gaskets numerous periods on my more mature zojirushi scorching water pot.

Properly made solution – recommendation for advancement. Product or service appears to perform nicely and has been pretty useful in our home. Water heats up promptly – starting off complete with chilly water, takes about 25 min which appears pretty realistic. Have a single suggestion for advancement — an easier way for raising water temp from one placing to a different (e. There are 4 temperature options – reboil (brings water temp to 212f and then returns to prior environment), 208f, 195f and 165f. We depart the device at 195 or one hundred sixty five for inexperienced tea but increase to 208f for occasional french press espresso. The challenge is that transforming to a greater temp will result in the water to initial go through a boil cycle, then have to wait around a extensive time for temp to fall to wished-for location (don’t forget it really is insulated). Heading from 195f to boil would only acquire a couple minutes, but could acquire an hour to fall back to 208f. My answer has been to interrupt the cycle just as the temperature reaches approx 208f, but this can only be carried out by unplugging the unit from the back. It is really seriously extremely uncomplicated to do, but not the most tasteful answer. I consider absent fifty percent star for reasonably large price tag and 50 percent for the concern stated previously mentioned, but all round i am happy with the products.

Excellent for toddler bottle station. . This is the very best factor for any parent/mom and dad with infants or toddlers that have to have bottle feeds. Pretty only its boiled water on demand in a substantial temperature controlled reservoir. The water stays at the sought after temp of which there are 3 options. Not a large footprint about the sizing of a blender and smaller sized than a cake mixer/juicer. No much more waiting for electric powered kettle to boil or reboil water. Just simple push button performance that everyone who has to get out of bed at 2. 30am in the morning to mix a bottle can take pleasure in.

Great financial investment for additional reasons than a single. I am totally loving my water boiler and warmer. I drink tea, very hot lemon water, and sometimes basic very hot water every day and needed to uncover a device that would empower my practice with out the use of a microwave–for evident explanations. At initial i assumed i would go with a tea kettle, but following some research i realized most tea kettles stop up rusting out, or for some motive or one more, will have to be changed. Then, i was wanting at another water boiler and was all set to acquire, but realized that it contained plastic on the inside–which contradicts the cause i was wanting for a boiler in the to start with area. Soon following, i remembered a pair i view on youtube(itsjudyslife) and their zojirushi equipment that she employs for her tea and to make her oatmeal. I arrived straight to amazon & examine the wonderful assessments and decided to give it a go. It can be the most healthiest and inexpensive water boiler that i’ve discovered on the market. There is no plastic on the inside of of the product wherever the water is stored.

The great replacement for an in-sink very hot water faucet. . For the past 20+ yrs i have applied an assortment of in-sink-erator very hot water faucets. We drink a whole lot of tea, make oatmeal every early morning and it will make boiling water considerably more rapidly. Sad to say, our last just one, just after seventeen decades, started leaking. I checked out the new types and evidently they just are not produced as effectively. Further more, it was set up in our utility area given that we you should not have space all-around our kitchen area sink for each the water filter and the warm water faucet. I wanted some thing nearer to wherever we use it all the time. I just took place on this product while seeking at the in sink merchandise. I just gained it a couple of times in the past. Setup was a breeze and it can be functioning accurately as advertised.

Unquestionably love these items as i am an avid tea drinker. I have experienced 2 of these (one particular for work and just one for residence) for 4 a long time each and every and both of those are however functioning exact as new. Completely love these issues as i am an avid tea drinker placing back about 1 liter per day on every. I fill it with distilled water with trace minerals additional back and it is still clean up as new on the within. Only criticism is the default jingle when it boils is a bit japanese comical which you can transform to a simple beep but if it loses power it forgets that location. Also the hottest temperature though it is very hot more than enough for espresso is perhaps a touch cooler then i consider is suggested for coffee. It says 208 but following filling the cup you may well get 195 all in in the course of the brew contemplating it experienced to heat up the cup and coffee and so on. Even now it is doable but if espresso is you sole function a dedicated kettle could be improved. You can generally convey to it to reboil even though which can take about one moment from the standing 208 if you do not head the wait around. Great device, will purchased 2, a person for household and one for work.

Beneficial water heater for the really serious tea drinker. . I was frustrated with each individual time that i wished tea, i experienced to boil and regulate the water in order to get it at the proper temperature for the sort of tea i wished to consume. I had to function with a thermometer and this was very time consuming and inefficient. I preferred a unit that could give me the water at the temperature that i necessary when i desired it for my tea. In numerous means this device does assist. But, the issue i uncover is that even although it has 3 temperature configurations (208,195, 175) which are thought for the different styles of teas, getting to the ideal temperature can be a difficulty. For instance, if i had the gadget established at 208 and wished the water at a hundred seventy five when i dispense it from the gadget, i would have to thrust a button to reset the temperature and wait around for it to come down which can take a lengthy time because of to the insulated mother nature of the container. If i experienced the temperature at a hundred seventy five and wished it at 195, then i force a button and the device will reboil the water and permit it cool down to 195 which usually takes a while yet again. The device will not just choose the water to the ideal temperature–it throws it via a reboil cycle which adds time. In get to slash down on the time, i am going to typically maintain the water at 195 and use my thermometer (which i experienced hoped to stay clear of) to aid me get the water, following it is dispensed, to the a hundred seventy five temperatures for my green teas, and reboil the water if i want it at 208 for my natural teas.

A common higher-top quality zojirushi solution. This device replaces a smaller sized ‘pot’ form device for heating tea and espresso water. It is an fantastic alternative. We have made use of zojirushi merchandise in the past so we bought even with some problems about the device developing too much steam. Both the manufacturer has modified it, the folks complaining experienced negative models, or they have unreasonable expectations as to the sum of steam you develop boiling water. It creates considerably less steam than the prior device whilst making up to practically a few moments as a great deal sizzling water. We significantly value the efficiency of the device as it makes the scorching water and retains it heat with minor power use. We frequently had to reheat the water each use with our older aluminum pot warm water maker. About the only challenge i can consider anyone owning is the dimensions of the device. It creates up to four liters. We typically heat just over two liters which lasts us all working day, on the other hand we come across the bigger measurement useful if we count on friends, etcetera. The pot is also large and large (when a important amount of money of water continues to be inside) if dumping water (we adjust it every working day), a potential challenge for some people. This is not a fault with the product or service, but rather a consideration for individuals obtaining when selecting the appropriate size.