Whirlpool WMC30516AW 1, Product OK But Other Issues

I have a built in shelf to house my microwave. It was difficult to find one large enough to fit, but also small enough. Most of the larger cu ft microwaves were a couple inches too long. This one literally sits at the edge of my shelf, but i wanted to get the largest amount of cu ft possible. I just wish i could find a microwave of this size that i could push the #1-9 and get that many minutes instantly. This one lets you do 30 second increments, which works, too. Make sure you do measure where your microwave is going before you purchase any.

I have only one problem with the microwave. . The colon between the hour and minutes on the clock continues to blink. I called whirpool and the gal did everything she could working through many procedures to try to stop the blinking without solving the problem. Since i don’ t feel it is serious enough to go through returning it she made a note of it just in case another problem arises because of it in the future.

I love this microwave because it cooks evenly and fluffs up the popcorn. I use it primarily to warm leftovers and it does a great job. I usually use a power level so the food warms gently. It fits in our small space perfectly but is a nice large oven. It’s easy to read the controls and simple to operate. Our old microwave wasn’t as powerful as this one and didn’t cook as well.

Key specs for Whirlpool WMC30516AW 1.6 Cu. Ft. White Countertop Microwave:

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  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-

Comments from buyers

“Whirlpool 1.6 cu ft White Microwave
, Stubborn old woman replaces 30YO microwave
, Heats food fast

Larger than necessary, it seems. Door seems a bit sensitive, causing delays in starting.

This is an ok microwave for the money. It is a bit noisy, and it does not have quick buttons–for instance, if you press ‘3’ it does not automatically put in 3 minutes and start.

For the price, it’s hard to see how this microwave oven could be beat. It performs all cooking tasks quickly and efficiently. The only surprise was its size. Listed in the ‘small countertop’ category, this model is half again as large as my previous microwave–if this is what passes for small these days, i’d hate to see what a ‘large’ microwave oven looks like.

I went into mourning when my 30yo amana radarange plus microwave-convection oven, big enough for a 20lb+ turkey, gave up the ghost this summer. Unable to find anyone in the area who would take on repairing it, i had to face replacing it. I settled on this whirlpool microwave. It’s a lot smaller, but i love the features. Very efficient, lives up to its billing. And the service was fantastic–it arrived within a couple days of my order. My amana lives on as a faraday cage–perhaps one day i’ll find a repair guy who likes working on classics. Even if i do, i won’t give up my new whirlpool microwave.

Easy to use and clean,size is good for a normal familywhite color is bright and easy to wipe off.

I was locked into getting a whirlpool because it ‘fit the hole above my stove, and the trim kit with minor adjustments” in my 10 year old house. I kinda’ liked my old whirlpool better because it was clear glass in the front (this one has black glass and is harder to see in when you are melting butter, etc. Also, the old one kept pinging periodically when you didn’t remove heated food, and i tend to forget sometimes to remove my tea. This one just gives you the one ping. But other than that, it works perfectly. And it was so much cheaper than the same model being sold at sears at other stores, and free shipping to the door (i live an hour’s drive from town.

The product was ok (but the width could have been a little wider for a large platter). The issue was that it did not have a valid serial number (manufacturer would not register it for warranty). After a a few go-arounds with the seller we were able to return it for a full credit (thanks to amazons help).

I used it for just less than a year and the unit quit heating. So i had it replaced under the 1 year warranty by whirlpool. The new one works great and i hope it lasts longer.

Heats food fast, but inside light very dim and door and release release button seems kind of cheap. Not as nice as my old one, but heats the food as well and much cheaper in price.

We are very pleased with this microwave. We had the same one in an over the stove model and loved it, would have brought it with us if we could. After trying two cheaper ones that cut out when microwaving something for over 4 minutes, we found this again and jumped on it.

‘ machine offers good power, controls that are as ‘user friendly’ as any and moderate operating noise levels. However, the door’s window is very difficult to see through; it features the usual, many holed microwave screen but adds a protective, dark liner sheet that is not intended to be removed. The view into the oven’s interior during cooking is both dim and blurred in spite of being lighted. Cooking jobs that must be watched, e. , sauces, boiling down fresh fruits—anything that ‘runs over’ easily—are tricky to manage; the great advantages of this kind of microwave cooking become instead a dreaded chore. (all of our previous microwaves featured clear vision to the interior). Disappointing; and so far no helpful response from whirlpool to this comment/question: the darkly tinted liner is not necessary for safe microwave operation. Why is this nuisance featured?.

Whirlpool WMH31017HZ Microwave – Love the look and performance

First off, i don’t know why amazon is so expensive on this unit. I just bought one today at a big box store at their regular price of $250. I bought the prior model to this one a little less than 4 yrs ago when i bought my new construction house and upgraded to stainless appliances. One day it worked fine, the next it would act like it was working, but the food wouldn’t heat up. Microwaves are supposed to last approximately 9 yrs. I am not happy about having to spend another $250 after just barely 4 yrs. Shame on whirlpool for making disposable appliances nowadays. I will say it is a nice looking microwave, but i agree with other reviews that the fan is useless. No suction at all if you place your hand under the filter. I also don’t understand why most microwaves are rated at 1000 watts and every frozen dinner on the planet says it is tested with an 1100 watt unit.

I just purchased this whirlpool stainless steel microwave a few weeks ago when it was on sale for fathers day and today i installed it. So far it is works well and it looks really nice. So we will see how well it keeps up, compared to those counter microwaves that usually last for 10+ years. I will update my review after a few months of use. Before installing read:for those who are installing this microwave themself, make sure you remove the outer frame and modify the two bolts that bolt the microwave to the top of your cabinet. Whoever designed this microwave and decided to use clip on threaded nuts instead of welded nuts to hold the microwave in secure is a complete imbecile. After trying to install the microwave, one of the bolts pushed in the clip on nut and it took me a few minutes to figure out why it would not screw in properly. After i noticed that the nut was pushed in i removed the case and used jb weld to secure both of the nuts to the microwave frame. I included pictures so you will see what i am talking about. One star was taken away because of this issue.

Delivered on time, looks great and working well.

Very sleek and beautiful microwave. A bit heavy for the design, but it is holding up well and we’ve been using it for a few months. This microwave meets my needs in this regard. This microwave has lots of power. I think whirlpool and kitchenaid tend to be the nicest out of all the kitchen appliance products. So, far my opinion has been sustainednow the bad. This was my first microwave install and i recommend hiring someone to do yours.

Bought this to replace a builder-grade off-brand unit that came with the house. In performance and style, this whirlpool microwave is absolutely superior. A few notes:- heats faster and more evenly than i’m used to. Depth is 17 inches, which is one inch larger than my old microwave. Thus, i’m able to use my large square plates in this one. I installed in a slot previously occupied by a microwave, so i did not have to cut a vent hole or locate studs. I did have to remove the old mounting plate, which was shorter. This unit came with a cardboard template to locate the bottom line of the mounting plate on the wall. This wall template worked fine – i simply drew the line, then held up the metal plate, and drilled into the studs in the appropriate holes.

I purchased this microwave at best buy. From reading the other reviews i guess whirlpool does have a problem with the way these units are packaged. My lg microwave suddenly stopped working and i am ashamed to say that the majority of my cooking is done in the microwave – tv dinners, oatmeal, popcorn etc. So i wanted to buy and take home my purchase immediately. After shopping at home depot, lowes and costco i found that none of these retailers kept over the range microwaves in stock. The same proved to be the situation at best buy except they had this whirlpool microwave that had been returned because of shipping damage and was available for immediate sale and for $100. 99 regular price because of a large dent on the left rear that cannot be seen after installation. I had read reviews and intended to buy a samsung unit but, i did not want to wait 3 days for delivery and for $150. 00 i figured it was worth the risk.

  • Very sleek and beautiful microwave. A bit heavy for the design
  • Awesome microwave. It is has a lot of capacity
  • Easy install. Looks great. Works great.

Works great, looks good but sticks out from cabinets. I had it installed and they had no problems what so ever.

It only took an hour to replace the old ge microwave. And this new one does the job. However, it was shipped in a partial box (box on the bottom, plastic surrounding the product). After unpacking there was a dent on the side but it is hidden after installation. There was a minor dent on the front but you need to look hard to find it. It wasn’t worth the hassle of sending it back.

I moved into an apartment about 6 months ago that had this installed. It’s worked well for me, but i don’t know anything about the long term reliability. I’m posting to share something i found in the manual. Press and hold the ‘2’ key until it beeps again. This tells the microwave to never make any tones – no beeps when you input numbers, and no beeping when the time is out. All microwaves should have this feature.

This microwave is pretty good and very quite. I love the way it looks in the kitchen. However, that being said the reason i am not happy with this item completely is because of the way it was packaged when shipped. They don’t box this item right and the corners are all exposed during shipping by the time i got it it was all warped and dented. Luckily it was on the side that you cant see when installed and nothing was damaged except for the optional vent part that came with it. Also, the install directions are very confusing.

Bought this at christmas time to replace a ge conv/micro that cost $1200. This is the slickest microwave you could imagine. Works great and heats faster than the old ge; that cost 5 times more. If you want a ss microwave, to go over your stove, and dont want to break the bank, i couldnt say enough about this one. It works flawlessly, and performs with the best of them. With that said, i was very disapointed with the limited manual that comes with it, and owned it for a month, before i realized that that 99% of the info, that i was looking for, is on a label inside the door jam ??????????????????. There is no mention of that fact in the manual; and all the codes, and info, i was searching for is printed right there on the bottom of the door jam; if you know where to look for it. So in closing this is a run to buy it purchase; and you will not be disapointed in the unit in anyway. Read all the codes inside the doorjam on the bottom and life will be good for you excellent plus on this unit.

Features of Whirlpool WMH31017HZ Microwave

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  • Weight – 65

Make sure this fits
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I found it cheaper at lowe’s by $150. Too late now, it’s too cumbersome to return.

It’s beautiful and works great.

Lighter than the ge one it replaced. Easy, simple to use touchpad. Installation was easy and i am not the best when it comes to installation of appliances. I usually pay someone but the previous reviews indicated it was simple and they were right. You just need 2 people when you are ready to lift it up and hang it in place.

We ordered this microwave at lowe’s a couple weeks ago, and had it shipped to our house. On receipt, the packaging looked undamaged, but when we removed the packaging, we found major dents on two sides that could only have been inflicted before it was packaged to ship out. Even though the dents wouldn’t show once the microwave was surrounded by kitchen cabinets, they were big enough we didn’t trust the integrity of unit. So we called lowe’s, took it back and swapped it for another one in stock. Got this one home, and found it was also damaged inside the intact packaging, this time in such a way that it kept the unit from fitting properly on the wall bracket. I didn’t want to go through another return, so fixed that with some pliers and a long lever to pop out the dent. It seems amazing that whirlpool would damage its own products before packaging. The microwave does work fine, looks nice, but i shake my head every time i look at it.

It is has a lot of capacity and capability.

I have used this for about a year now and have no complains. It is very heavy and difficult to install, but worth the trouble.

Weight –

Easy to follow installation instructions and cooks great. Of course, the holes from my old ‘ewave’ did not line up with this model.

This is a beautiful microwave that happens to match all our other appliances. I bought it to replace a samsung that had burned out. It does an adequate job but the food, cooked for the same length of time is not as hot as with the samsung. Each microwave had the same power but the samsung was more powerful. I should add that it was also more expensive. The whirlpool is a good buy.

I would genuinely love to provide comments on the utility of this microwave but seeing as it just arrived at my door in pieces after 15 hours and 3 minutes being jostled around on the ups truck – albeit still neatly wrapped – i will defer judgement and comments until the replacement unit arrives in the future, or in new buzz word terms – moving forward.

Love the look and performance.

Same as it was described, best part, i did not have to go anywhere, it came to my house right on rime.

Our over the range microwave died suddenly in our new home. I was not the original purchase of this particular appliance, and it was over 10 years old. So i began looking for product replacement. I found a whirlpool model online that had some nice ratings, but when i went to my local big box store to purchase, they didn’t have the exact whirlpool model i had read about. What i found, was this model, which i assume is the newest version. The microwave has a very nice finish. The door and front feel fairly sturdy. I tend to hate overly complex controls. I want power and simple controls.

Just moved into a new condo where builder had installed this item. I am too short to use an over-the-range microwave safely for cooking, but may use it for defrosting and such. It seems to be much more powerful than my ge of similar nominal wattage; we’ve badly overheated a couple of things already. There is evidently no capability for ‘one-button’ cooking–can’t press 1 and get one minute on high. Does anyone have a clue what power setting is appropriate to use for defrosting?. Ge is 50% but that seems too high on this one. Auto defrost requires idiotic routine to use. Have to put in number code for item and its weight — seriously, to defrost an english muffin??. We won’t be tossing the ge just yet.

This is the first time i installed an over the range microwave and i find the installation process rather easy contrary to what other customer review had said. I use the over the roof vent feature but the template can be misleading as it tells you to cut a bigger hole for the the vent more than it’s needed. I replaced my old hood vent and used the old duct which is 4×10 and it fits just right. The damper also fits perfectly to the existing duct and it works flawlessly. I placed a weather strip around the vent of the microwave to create an air tight seal.

Whirlpool WMH31017AW Microwave : Looks good, works well

I purchased and installed the wmh31017aw 1. White over-the-range microwave, the white version of this microwave. Pros: a major consumer magazine rates whirlpool tops in reliability. At its price this is, as expected, a pretty basic microwave, but fulfills our needs. It heats well, is very attractive, the microwave and fan are quiet, controls are convenient for basic operations. The installation templates are printed on the cardboard packaging, to use for accuracy. Two sets of bolts are supplied to work for the cabinet installation. A wall mounting bracket is also supplies with screws and pop back bolts as the alternate.

I thought i had purchased a 1000 watt or higher oven, but 950 watts this one has, has done all i asked it to do and so far i am very pleased.

Venting is open at the top, though.

Shipped on time – easy installation.

  • Great Value – Very Quite – Great Looking
  • Turn up the power.
  • Excellent Microwave — does the job!

Whirlpool WMH31017AW Microwave

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power
  • Hidden Vent
  • 2-speed Fan/220 Cfm
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 15/16″ X 17 1/4″ X 16 1/8″ In.

Shipping was fast and the packing was supreme. Easy to install, we are doing a remodel and i had my points to use. So happy i used them on this microwave. My other appliance are whirlpool and it looks great with everything.

Excellent product — does the job. I have one in my home, and when an older over-the-stove unit failed in a rental, i immediately ordered another. A few things are tricky in the install, but were easily and quickly resolved. In this case, the older unit had limited functionality, the whirlpool has several features new to them that are real benefits.

The template was completely wrong on where to put the screw holes on top, resulting in too many holes being drilled into the shelf above. Other than that, this was a solid purchase.

Over the range microwaves are a wonderful way to save counter space. This one gives you the option of venting the fan to duct work, or back into the kitchen, and fit under my standard height cabinets very well. Be advised that this requires a 20 amp gfi outlet to be installed inside the cabinet over your stove. This isn’t hard to work out, because chances are in a newer house, your existing vent hood has electrical for it’s fan and light. Watch a few youtube videos of these being installed and you should be fine.

All that i expected at an excellent price. My son was able to install it with just a few adjustments. Very happy with our purchase.

Installation was a breeze going from whirlpool a to whirlpool b **note to installer** be sure to change fan mode before installing. We forgot, had to disassemble and change. Wasn’t hard, just inconvenient.

The microwave works great and the new features are very helpful.

I gave it a 4 and not a 5 because on my previous microwave i was able to just push one button and now i have to usually push 3 to get the thing to do what i want. We vented it to the outside and it was easy to install, did not take up much cabinet space and heats well. I like that it does not have the vent grids in the front.

Good unit and fast shipping i would order this again.

Very satisfied with this microwave. It has all the features, fit in nicely above the stove, and works like a charm. Very important: there is a template for ease of installation that you detach from the box that your microwave was shipped in. That template is helpful when you need to drill holes for mounting your microwave. The hi-low nightlight feature is also very nice.

We were able to install it with two people – one to hold and one to install.

This microwave arrived on time and properly-transported (fantastic ailment) and is effective like a attraction. It has almost everything we wished – enough energy, turntable, adjustable heat options and extra – so the only purpose it obtained four stars is two-fold: indeed, the mounting directions ended up straightforward to observe and we had no difficulty placing it up, however, considering the fact that we had been replacing an previous a single, we would have ended up with a better result just likely with our intestine. Next the instructions, we ended up with a bigger gap involving the top rated and the cabinetry than we would have favored. Secondly, as quite a few persons claimed, the user recommendations are bare bones, nevertheless, thanks to amazon customers’ critiques, we were able to know how to adjust the heat settings and discover the food items codes talked about (inside of door). So my only genuine grievance is that the food stuff codes aren’t enough – indicating, there are none with small more than enough portions to adequately use the reheat button and such, ensuing in overcooking everything, so as an alternative, we merely change warmth options and guesstimate the time ourselves.

What a great up-to-date microwave. The first night i punched numerous holes in a butternut squash, then microwaved it.

Matches in the common over selection gap with only a small sum of protrusion. It sticks out more around the variety than the one it changed) distinct controls and pretty operation.

This product was very effortless to put in. Came with a template for simple mounting. Biggest complaint is its pretty noisy when you use the supporter. Right before this microwave we had a modest counter prime just one, that was probably 600 watts. Very well this baby will warmth some food items and immediately. Took a little bit to get use to that more power. But it is even now doing the job sturdy, and will get utilised various times each day.

It is ideal for my requires, largely re-heating foods.

This was purchased to exchange an present more than-the-selection microwave. It fit perfectly in the 30 inch vast opening and i was capable to do the ‘one person’ install (not recommended) by stacking many objects on the stove to bring the microwave to a peak that permitted me to mount the unit on the wall mounted help. (an excess pair of hands would have saved me a few minutes).

Whirlpool WMC30516AS 1 : Excellent product

Employed this microwave as a ‘built-in’. I experienced a certain width opening in some shelving and required the most cu ft and functions in this width. Only been using it for a couple weeks on the other hand it has satisfied my anticipations. The human body of this unit is black so if you are on the lookout for an all stainless for countertop use this would not be the 1.

We have experienced this model since 2012, and it however seems as very good as the working day it arrived out of the box. My spouse and i use it every day, and there is unquestionably no seen wear on the exterior, in particular on the key pad. Granted, the inside has a couple of slight melt away marks and stains, but all those are owing 100% to consumer mistake, no fault of the oven. I would purchase a different, if necessary, with out hesitation. We have not had a person issue with this microwave, not even acquiring to substitute the gentle bulb, soon after repeated use for the earlier 4 (4) years.

Whirlpool WMC30516AS 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

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  • Whirlpool 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel, Built-In Capable with Sensor Cooking

This microwave oven has fulfill my expectations. It nonetheless works completely (we use it each day) following nine months. It can be simple to use and easy to cleanse also. The door launch drive button needs a very little bit effort to open, but you will immediately get made use of to it.

Desired a new stainless steel microwave. It is only stainless on the front, black in all places else.

Had to replace the 1 that arrived with the dwelling (very same design) since my boyfriend burned the inside of it. It is rapid, quiet and i like all the options about it. Simple to keep clean up except if you date my boyfriend. Then he will burn up it 1 way or another so maintain him out of the kitchen area.

Whirlpool WMC30516AS 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave : Very satisfied , looking great, aaaa.

Best pricing on the net.

Would give this 5 stars but ours began to smoke after 2 yrs. Purchased particularly the similar model due to the fact amazon price was so excellent compared to the nearby shop with 2x the cost. Stayed with same design due to the fact matching trim previously in location.

This specific microwave model was custom installed by our home builder using a trim package. The producing day on the unit was august 2012. We moved in the house and began utilizing the microwave in april 2013. The procedure and capabilities ended up far more than satisfactory. I purchased a 4 yr warranty extension in april 2013 via whirlpool but is essentially backed by assurant provider security, inc. In july 2014, the microwave ceased to heat. I contacted the support section at assurant who related me with a neighborhood appliance fix business. The equipment fix technician suggested that this microwave unit is not serviceable. So i went again to assurant, who following numerous phone calls, made available close to seventy five% of the charge of a new microwave as outlined in their assistance deal. If it had been in just the to start with yr of ownership, a new microwave would have been presented to me.

Highly effective for the dimensions and gives excellent choices for the expense. As a aspect be aware, it is incredibly silent although cooking foodstuff.

This model is a newer edition of a single that we experienced for many decades. It matches flawlessly in the custom made cabinetry that we have. It appears to be great and functions truly effectively. We’re incredibly joyful with this order.

The case is not (what i consider) up to whirlpool quality. Thrust buttions controls and door button is challenging to see.

We bought this microwave somewhere around 3 years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. It was excellent, no issues. Until two days ago when out-of-the-blue it just stopped functioning. No warnings, no prior difficulties. We tried out plugging it into diverse retailers but absolutely nothing. I wish i realized what the challenges was, if it could effortlessly be fastened. Other than the fact it will not function, it is in brand new situation. It will make me unhappy that appliances seem to be so disposable these days. I try out to use the microwave really minimally.

Great solution but shopper support is lacking. Expended 36 minutes on maintain just after not remaining in a position to comprehensive the on line support ask for. Microwave heats meals promptly and thoroughly.

Performs good, louder than my prior unit.

It operates good as a microwave, but the handle pad is a little smaller and you have to be very careful wherever to thrust to get the button you want. Window is really hard to see the meals by means of, and it always fogs up making it even more challenging. I like the favorites software, but they must create in an automated hold off among levels. This is for the reason that if you method 1 min at substantial, and one min at fifty%, you essentially get about 1:15 straight large. A third stage would also be nice. I really don’t like the drive button door latch. It will take a ton of hard work, and if it gets soiled, is tricky to clean simply because it pushes in one/four inch without any effort and hard work, creating wiping it hard. It ought to have s straightforward cope with.

We had the olver assortment product in our dwelling but experienced leave it when we downsized into an condominium. This is the countertop design of the one we had to leave behind. As the wiseman saidi have a content life when i have a happy wife.

Microwave match correctly into the cabinet produced for it.

Easy to use and economical.

Went again and forth about which microwave to buy. Having experienced whirlpool solutions in the previous, i realized that this was the brand i wanted. The coloration of the stainless steel matches perfectly with my other whirlpool brand name appliances and the blue display screen panel provides a feeling of particular-ness that a common eco-friendly display lacks.

This microwave will satisfy my demands at this time. I am perfectly delighted with the wattage of this microwave, this microwave changed one with significantly a lot less wattage.

Whirlpool WMH31017FB 1 : New WHIRLPOOL MICRO is GREAT

Operates great and was an effortless set up.

It arrived rather late (three weeks) and. Mounted in a rental house for tenants, they love it. It arrived really late (3 months) and when i referred to as to verify on its standing, amazon was awesome in obtaining out why it was late, and supplying a significant price reduction for my ‘trouble’. Critically, this is why amazon is killing the levels of competition.

Whirlpool WMH31017FB 1.7 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range, Combination Microwave Oven, Black, 1000 Watt

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  • This product is highly durable
  • This product adds a great value
  • This product is manufactured in china

Wonderful solution, require to use a diverse shipper. This is a good product and i would like i could give ot 5 stars but it showed up a minor dented from the shipping and delivery. Absolutely nothing i could not take care of, will work excellent however.

It was a tiny complicated to install mainly because the just one we had there before mounted in a different way. This brought about us to have to redrill by way of the ceramic tile backsplash but my husband is handy with instruments and it was up by the second working day. I am savoring possessing the glass tray carousel and the oven alone is awesome and significant. It has different settings on the light-weight which is awesome to have above the stove.

Quite pleasant priced microwave,previous whirlpool micro lasted fifteen yrs,only prob with the outdated a single is the deflector plate arching. Burnt as a result of,did not want to pay back fifty five. 00 to replace,purchased this model quite amazing got it on sale for 195. Straightforward handle panel,like it so much.

Whirlpool WMH31017FB 1.7 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range, Combination Microwave Oven, Black, 1000 Watt : My husband installed it and it is working great. I would definately recommend this item.

This oven came with our new dwelling. The builder mounted it in january, 2009. It died two months ago, february 2014. Through that time it labored correctly. We utilized it every single day for building popcorn, heating breakfast, and warming meal. I’m giving it four stars for the reason that it did not last for a longer period.

Having said that, it was taller than my previous one particular demanding me to go the previous bracket, and it is noisier.

It is effective greater than my very last microwave. But this a single is bigger than most. We experienced quite a time installing it. But after up, it worked very awesome. Now if it will just last extra than two a long time. All the microwaves now are lasting only two years even if they are pricey. No actual way to repair them both. So if this lasts far more than 2 decades, i am going to be pretty joyful.

It will work high-quality even without all the bells and whistles my outdated. All my google lookups instructed me this design was similar to the one particular that broke. It appears the very same, but has fewer options. Not the seller’s fault, but relatively whirlpool for inaccurate products s/n mapping. It operates wonderful even without having all the bells and whistles my aged a single had.

Really very good for the value, with some reservations. I purchased and mounted the wmh31017ab, the black version of this microwave. Execs: a major customer journal charges whirlpool tops in trustworthiness. At its price tag this is, as predicted, a rather primary microwave, but fulfills our wants. It heats properly, is (in black) fairly appealing, the microwave and supporter are peaceful, controls are hassle-free for essential operations. Disadvantages: 1 of the installation templates is printed on the cardboard packaging, the edges of which shred when minimize, producing the template challenging to use correctly. The bolts provided will not get the job done in a deep cabinet and it took excursions to four hardware merchants to discover lengthier replacements. The instructions did not contain an possibility to hardwire the electrical connection, so i experienced to swallow tough and minimize the twine without the need of realizing what i would come across once i had (turned out not to be a difficulty). I exhausted by the wall, but there’s an outlet for inner exhaust, and it opens upwards towards the ceiling. You will find no grid to continue to keep compact objects from falling into the system of the microwave from the cupboard above. I used some semi-rigid plastic display screen and apparent silicone sealant to defend this location. The person instructions which arrive with the oven are completely inadequate, and whirlpool’s web-site won’t appear to have any far more. Just as an example, it states to contact cook dinner, enter the selection code of food product, enter quantiy, then touch the commence manage.

It arrived with a dent in the rear of the device. We are assessing as we use it, since it is not noticeable that the injury has an effect on its procedure. Considering the fact that the destruction is hidden by the set up, it may possibly be cosmetic only.

This microwave seems to be and do the job very properly so far. I set up about a month back and so much it has carried out the occupation.

Incredibly nice microwave, but 1st one arrived entirely trashed. If you can feel it, this sixty five pound microwave was shipped sandwiched between two pieces of foam and then shrink wrapped. Not a box anyplace in sight. The very first a person seemed as however it had been dropped from the roof of a two tale making, extra than at the time. Amazon transported the 2nd one particular promptly and even nevertheless it also was dented, it was usable. We really like the microwave quite significantly. The supporter is two speed and incredibly silent as opposed to the frigidaire it replaced. Also has two amounts of underneath hood lighting.

I have only had it for a pair weeks. Troublesome function one: if the door has been closed for far more than five minutes, you have to open up and shut the door all over again to get the microwave to work. At to start with i assumed it was faulty, but it turns out this is a ‘feature’, supposedly to avert accidental starts. Irritating feature 2: lover will come on automatically if stove temperature beneath gets way too very hot. I guess this 1 helps make much more sense, but lover is loud. It truly is also deeper than my prior one particular and sticks out a couple inches from my cabinets, and the supporter vent on major has no grill, so objects can fall in. In retrospect, i would like i’d sprung for a additional costly and better designed model, but i can dwell with this just one.

I bought this to switch and equivalent just one that experienced stopped doing work in a rental. Supply was extremely speedy and item was as introduced.

Purchased this as a substitution for the one particular that came with the dwelling when i acquired it, great in good shape. Operates flawlessly and was much less expensive in selling price then just about anything in its class at lowes or property depot.

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler – Great water dispenser with adjustable temperature.

Either way it is really irritating and the cause for the three stars and. The solution performs well with hot and chilly water and the compressor runs quiet, but there is a rattling seem that is loud, i am not guaranteed if this is on all these coolers or just mine , both way it is really irritating and the explanation for the 3 stars and not five. Seller transported immediately and acquired speedily so that is a positive also.

Will work just like i like it ?.

Fantastic product but quite sophisticated to regulate temperature.

  • Exactly what I wanted.
  • Best Water Cooler for the Price
  • Pretty well built and the storage below is sometimes useful

Best water cooler for the price tag. My wife and i bought this whirlpool commercial water cooler to switch and older whirlpool water cooler that we experienced for quite a few a long time and had began to leak. It lasted a really lengthy time and had been joyful with it first enable me say that amazon did an remarkable career delivery to us immediately with no paying for any distinctive transport. We requested it on 21 december 2015 and we experienced it on our front porch on 24 december. The unit came perfectly packed for shipping and delivery so there was no injury at all to the unit. It was very effortless to unpack and set up. We are really joyful with the unit. It has two switches on the back again of the cooler 1 for operating the cooler and an electricity saving switch to change off if you are not likely to use the hot water portion of the cooler. The other pleasant thing we noticed is that the compressor is so quiet you can’t hear it turn on and off. Which is a person of the most spectacular issues about this cooler. Also, we really like the more storage cabinet at the base to place some items in it. Take note: the bottom storage place is not cooled by the compressor but serves as storage if you need to have some far more room to set a couple of cans away someplace. Also, the 5 feet that screw into the base of the device are excellent for leveling the device if needed.

Finest water cooler i’ve owned. . This is the first cooler that i’ve owned that is built to freeze and it would not end working. You can established the exact temp of hot and chilly water. The only thing that i skip is a fridge rather of just a dry storage region underneath. Guess i’ll keep quick hot and cold things down there and get a mini fridge for the business.

Features of Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Storage Cabinet, Digital Temperature Display, Ice Chilled Water, Steaming Hot,Full Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Bottom cabinet is handy storage for your cups, tea instant coffee and soup, NOT REFRIGERATED
  • Digital Temperature Display for cold and hot, so you know exactly what temperature you are pouring
  • Chillingly cold water is cooled by a large piece of ice, 9°F colder than most, The hot water is kept steaming hot at all times to make delicious tea
  • High grade stainless steel front features curved edges to highlight the stainless steel from many visual angles
  • Outlasts other brands as the compressor turns on less frequently because of the proprietary cooling system technology. Robust commercial design has unbreakable water faucets, a solid steel frame that can take over 300 lbs of top weight, and cold rolled steel sides

The water cooler was really properly packaged. The water cooler was very properly packaged. Considering that you have to tip the cooler in get to screw the leveling feet in, you have to wait 4 hrs just before you put a five-gallon jug on and plug it in. The only have to faucet flippantly on the buttons to set the temperature. The chilly is set to 36 levels farenheit and the hot was set to 199 degrees. The device runs incredibly peaceful and appears wonderful. We would most certainly advocate this machine.

I like it, excellent cost and attractive. I like it, great price and attractive. I labored good for a number of weeks then sprung a leak. It’s possible a fluke maybe not we will see.

I can reside with its faults- not ideal, but functions very well. I go back and forth from truly pleased to genuinely angry at this thing- and nevertheless i sustain that i am not completely insane. I’ll clarify:when you put in it, it is important to alter the ‘feet’ underneath so it really is correctly level and sitting on all 5 toes. If it’s not, it will rattle. That’s fantastic, no difficulty, and simple to do. I see many people today on various boards and critiques mentioning a rattle. It receives the cold water actually chilly and the hot water genuinely hot, which is perfect. It’s quiet when set up effectively and it’s steady even with a full bottle on it so no real fear about the little ones or cats knocking it more than.

Water is ice chilly and boiling hot and stays at the temps i set it at. Unit is extremely tranquil and set up was really genuinely straightforward. Just plug it in, established the temps, and fall a jug on major. Took a few several hours to achieve the temps soon after it was established up but the temps keep sound the complete time i have experienced it now. Security lock on hot will work effectively and shut off for hot on back again functions as perfectly. The bottom operates perfectly to keep tea and hot chocolate blend. It is not refrigerated but is a good storage space.

Quite effectively built and the storage under is at times beneficial. Rather well designed and the storage under is often useful for little youngsters to get cups from. Been applying it for about four-five months now and have not experienced any difficulties. The laptop or computer is a minimal slow and buttons are difficult to push to established the values for water temperature and to go via the menu, bit the good news is that is additional of a one particular time setup so you you should not have to deal with the buttons a lot just after that. Hot water is quite hot and can prepare dinner oatmeal, tea, etcetera with it. There is also a button for water ‘as-is’ that has not been heated or cooled. The toes on the base of the device stand-up firmly and look to be really sturdy. There is certainly one in the middle front that would seem to make it harder to tip more than.

Obtained the whirlpool major load commercial watercooler. Arrived in two times from a non prime vendor. Just obtained it these days, effortless set up and performs good, the hot water reaches 199 degrees and the chilly 39 levels. And it has a digital display. Only detail i didn’t like is you have to download the instruction handbook on line. Other then that the water obtained to the temp i selected inside a hour. Also has a smaller storage unit at the base ( this is not a refrigerator) but comes in hand to shop cup of noodle soups, oatmeal, tea hot chocolate.

I bought and returned 3 other water coolers prior to i found this 1. Its peaceful, dispenses water rapidly and the storage compartment is a fantastic bonus. I love that i can handle temperature configurations.

When taken from the box i found the entrance panel was damaged off and the buttons barely labored had to glue back again on.

Great top quality, interesting overall look. Terrific high-quality, attractive physical appearance, and does what is asked of it. It heats and cools water for refilling reusable water bottles and building teas and other hot drinks.

I can change to any temperature i want and its very valuable for storing my bottled water at the base for when i want a space temp after a really hard exercise routine.

It was uncomplicated to put alongside one another and even came forward of the. I obtained this water cooler for my workplace. It was simple to set alongside one another and even arrived forward of the scheduled delivery day. It was a wonderful addition to our place of work.

Really wonderful unit, like the hot water attribute for tea and so on.

Most effective for my family and i uncovered this excellent and incredible device. I researched a whole lot to see which water cooler device was likely to be most helpful for my domestic and i uncovered this great and astounding device. What i liked the most is that it has a compact compartment in the base, it was truly easy to assemble and clean up and that is elevated from the floor with five legs.

I really should of get the one particular with a freezer or a ice maker on the bottom. I like this a ton but when i acquired it the box experienced a significant dent in it so it can be type of twisted w/dent on the facet but i’m superior.

It is uncomplicated to fill your reusable bottles with owing to more time. I have this item about 2 months now and i am acquiring no issue with it. It is easy to fill your reusable bottles with thanks to extended opening where the spigot/faucet is, chilly is fantastic and the hot is hot enought for tea/ espresso or hot chocolate. Safety button with hot water button, so it is protected for kids.

Wonderful water dispenser with adjustable temperature. . Speedy shipping, and it arrived in a incredibly properly packed box. We experienced it for couple months presently without having any dilemma. Really like the point that it has hot, cold and space temperature. Anything will work actually well and it seems really clean up and really. Really uncomplicated to run and it is really very. The only down side is, it is kinda tough to near the storage doorway entirely but that is not a major deal. Over-all, we enjoy this water dispenser.

The whirlpool commercial water cooler for our office and take pleasure in acquiring cold thoroughly clean water. We ordered the whirlpool commercial water cooler for our business office and get pleasure from owning cold cleanse water. We like that we can turn off the hot water element, and that it is incredibly tranquil. Over-all, we are delighted with our purchase.

The only motive i gave it a. My wife enjoys this color since she can have hot water for tea, chilly consuming water, and luke warm water for the espresso maker. The only purpose i gave it a four was the directions do not notify you that immediately after you established the water temperatures the display defaults again to the precise temperature currently. So just after i established the cold water to 39 degrees and the hot water to 199 degrees it would go back to ninety three and 95 degrees. So i saved attempting to reset, finally realizing that the display was demonstrating recent temperatures.

Whirlpool Stainless Look Countertop Microwave, Mighty Little Appliance :)

Fantastic space saver i was searching for. It saved sooooo a great deal counter area. We have a household of 3 and it suits us flawlessly. I had one particular of the big stainless microwaves, just took up so significantly counter house. Only down facet is you can not style in a specific time for a little something to warmth. You push the start off button and it is computerized thirty seconds (press twice, 60. And so on) now that it is really been a handful of weeks, i you should not definitely overlook the range negative.

Very awesome compact microwave. I don’t have a whole lot of counter space, so i wished something compact to swap my extremely big microwave. This a single suits properly in the corner, appears to be excellent, and is straightforward to use. It truly is smallish, but that’s okay, which is what i wanted. It takes lengthier to warmth points up, but i knew that going in dependent on the dimension, so yet again that is alright. I now have a compact microwave, and i have one particular that works well, is good searching, is quite affordable, and doesn’t acquire up a lot counter house so i am joyful. Really advised if that is what you are seeking for also.

Great in shape for my scaled-down kitchen. This is the excellent alternative for limited room and if you just never see the stage in a huge microwave oven. It does just what i need it to do. I heat up plates of leftovers, re-heat my coffee and make popcorn. Whirlpool has completed a fantastic design position with this product. The rounded back permits it to tuck into a corner. (see image) would very advise.

Key specs for Whirlpool Stainless Look Countertop Microwave, 0.5 Cu. Feet, WMC20005YD:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Fits easily into corners to maximize counter space
  • 10 Power Levels, 750 Watts Cooking Power
  • Add 30 Seconds Option
  • Quick Touch Popcorn Button
  • Tap Touch Controls

Comments from buyers

“MY DREAM CAME TRUE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, It’s perfect for me., Perfect Space Saver!”

I had observed a tiny blue dice micro wave some years ago. Following 16 many years of services it last but not least wore out. I love the dice shape and took a possibility on purchasing this minimal gem. It is the great exact size, the outside is fabulous and it has extra electrical power than the final microwave. Would not wait to order this once more.

My aspiration arrived correct ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. With no spot but my kitchen area counter for a microwave, i’ve used the very last 10 several years on the lookout for the smallest a person i could discover – at final, i’ve discovered it. I never ‘cook’ anything in my microwave – i use it to warm things, soften stuff, defrost things and make popcorn – that’s about it. Even now, i would skip it the very first time i enable a cup of coffee get chilly or required to melt some butter, so i just are unable to carry myself to be without 1. I don’t want/need a microwave oven with a good deal of bells and whistles. All i want it to do is the handful of things i talked about, and i want it little, genuinely compact. Honestly, i think there are a great deal of individuals who use a microwave oven just like me, and i consider whirlpool is amazing for acknowledging this and building a genuinely compact microwave oven just for this demographic. And pointless to say, it would best for a college or university dorm area. No, it will not have a keypad to enter in the cooking time – it has in addition and minus touch buttons (+ -) to add or minimize the cooking time – massive deal – how challenging is it to touch the + button 3 occasions, followed by the commence button to give your chilly cup of espresso a 15-next heat-up?.Also, if the ‘start’ button is pressed, it turns the oven on and quickly sets the prepare dinner time for 30 seconds, then each and every time it truly is pressed once more, it provides another 30 seconds.

Compact and sweet – a microwave that is not unappealing. Compact and cute – a microwave that is not hideous. I set mine in a detached dwelling place of work and it fits the decor just good. Practically appears to be like like a laptop check from the front. The top and sides are painted silver metallic. (exact tone as a silver automobile, just not as shiny). The back again is rounded so you can area at any angle to match in a narrow spot or in a corner. The buttons are fine – push + or – buttons for five second increments, or just push the start out button various moments for 30 2nd increments. Keypad is overkill, who ever sets a microwave for nearly anything other than 5, 10, fifteen or 30 2nd increments anyway?the microwave is 750 watts, so not as strong as much larger models, but will work just good, just a small little bit slower.

It is effective excellent and suits awesome in my place. Really don’t inform everyone what you paid out for it simply because they will make entertaining of you. But i imagine it can be truly worth it for the counter area saved and the cuteness. I reside by yourself and will not want to use it for extended 20 moment casseroles. It matches a complete sized supper plate and the glass plate within is on a convert desk.

Smaller place microwave appears to be like awesome and will work nicely. . This microwave is for modest spaces and basic microwave tasks. I recently downsized from a significant dwelling to a compact apartment. I tried out residing without the need of a dishwasher and microwave for just one year to see if i actually wanted them. I understood i do need a microwave for defrosting and swift reheats. I no more time have to have a dishwasher. This microwave is compact and appears to be like additional like a smaller television relatively than a microwave. I have a properly remodeled kitchen and required a non-descript on the lookout appliance. Other microwaves i looked at ended up too large with hectic keypads on the entrance. I have utilised this microwave for a week.

Everyone thinks it is a tiny television when the initial see it. Then when they come across out it is a microwave, they think it is a terrific plan. And now that i have utilized it for a handful of weeks, i assume it is a great product. We have moved to a new household and are not able to have an around the stove microwave. I looked at lots of countertop models and did not like the idea of shedding a whole lot of area to one. When i to start with seen this a person on amazon, i did not consider it and pretty much pushed the ‘place your order’ button for a standard countertop unit. But i paused, and went back again and re-study all the data, and the opinions and realized it was actually what i preferred. It seems to be great tucked into a corner, works nicely and is no louder than other microwaves i have owned. Now, if you truly do a ton of microwave ‘cooking’, you would be improved off with a larger sized capacity equipment.

It was excellent when it labored. . I miss the working day when appliances really lasted for a sensible total of time. 1st my mini fridge dies right after 3 decades and now three yrs to the day, this microwave is having difficulties with the touch sensitivity. I am getting definitely fatigued with engineering at this position. All the things seems to be produced to die within just a several months to a couple yrs no issue how tiny you actually use it.

Small is what i wanted but, wow what fantastic excess capabilities and it is beautiful. Certainly it is little but, that is what i necessary and what i am used to. I cannot get my biggest supper plate in but, i can get my lesser ones in. I really like how the again is rounded. I experienced a sharp half pint that ultimately died after 24 yrs. This has way much more functions than the sharp. I have very tiny counter area so, thank goodness i identified this.

Astounding minimal microwave, fantastically made, cleverly developed, i loved it the minute i opened the box. I purchased it for my major rig as area is extremely minimal in a sleeper taxi. Sad to say, it seems that a top quality microwave insists on becoming powered by a quality inverter if you want to use it off the grid. It will only work with a pure sine wave inverter, and however, my truck is outfitted with a common inverter so i had to return it. All over again, this unit will not operate on a common inverter, campers, rvers and weekend captains beware. Wonderful selection for the modest kitchen area or dorm space although.

Like this – perfect for a tiny kitchen. From the second i took it out of the box, it looked wonderful, in good shape best in my modest newly reworked kitchen and performs wonderful. I place some cash into my new kitchen area with a really good on the lookout again splash in tile and glass. I did not want my old big white microwave oven taking up one total wall. I do not use the microwave that significantly, so this is fantastic. It is not all that strong but if you are obtaining one thing to heat matters up or make popcorn and you want fashion and splendor – this is it.

Like this – perfect for a tiny kitchen. From the second i took it out of the box, it looked wonderful, in good shape best in my modest newly reworked kitchen and performs wonderful. I place some cash into my new kitchen area with a really good on the lookout again splash in tile and glass. I did not want my old big white microwave oven taking up one total wall. I do not use the microwave that significantly, so this is fantastic. It is not all that strong but if you are obtaining one thing to heat matters up or make popcorn and you want fashion and splendor – this is it.

Experienced it for a 12 months and we are quite glad. Some pals discovered it in our kitchen and. Had it for a year and we are extremely glad. Some good friends found it in our kitchen and bought one just like it. Fantastic for a person serve heating or baking potatoes, but probably not appropriate for significant dishes, because of size and energy. Incredibly un-intrusive in the kitchen area – we preserve it in a corner in an or else hard to achieve spot.

Compact and sweet – a microwave that is not unappealing. Compact and cute – a microwave that is not hideous. I set mine in a detached dwelling place of work and it fits the decor just good. Practically appears to be like like a laptop check from the front. The top and sides are painted silver metallic. (exact tone as a silver automobile, just not as shiny). The back again is rounded so you can area at any angle to match in a narrow spot or in a corner. The buttons are fine – push + or – buttons for five second increments, or just push the start out button various moments for 30 2nd increments. Keypad is overkill, who ever sets a microwave for nearly anything other than 5, 10, fifteen or 30 2nd increments anyway?the microwave is 750 watts, so not as strong as much larger models, but will work just good, just a small little bit slower.

Great in shape for my scaled-down kitchen. This is the excellent alternative for limited room and if you just never see the stage in a huge microwave oven. It does just what i need it to do. I heat up plates of leftovers, re-heat my coffee and make popcorn. Whirlpool has completed a fantastic design position with this product. The rounded back permits it to tuck into a corner. (see image) would very advise.

Packing and ship was pretty very good. The microwave fits my purpose with its sizing and exclusive layout. The touch controls are very delicate nevertheless the unit by itself does have a tendency to go when open and closing the doorway owing to its small footprint and weight but all in all i do like the unit and have recovered substantially wanted counter area replacing a big heavier lg microwave. I am content with the invest in and would recommend if a man or woman is needing a compact microwave.

Quick to use and won’t consider up alot of counter space. Also sits larger so it is straightforward to thoroughly clean. A very little shorter in peak within but it is just used for heating up foodstuff, not cooking a ham or turkey in it.

Fantastic style and a satisfaction to use. I will have to say i never thought i would publish a glowing overview for a microwave but this whirlpool is outstanding. I’ve owned about 4 microwaves and this one particular is the best by far. My very last microwave conked out just after only 1 one/two yrs and i hated all the things about that piece of junk. This whirlpool is designed very well. Here’s what i like & appreciate:one. Modest footprint on counter2. Reasonably quiet (when compared to other individuals i’ve owned)three. Interior mild quickly goes off when doorway is open up immediately after a several minutes4. Remarkably powerful for a little microwave. I generally use it to cook leftovers and vegetables and isn’t going to appear to acquire a lot for a longer period than my previous 1100 watt monster. A reminder beep if you haven’t taken off the meals after a couple of minutes.

The fantastic microwave for me. My last microwave was about to give up the ghost, so i commenced hunting for a excellent alternative. I have to say that i need to have looked at hundreds of microwaves, but each individual one of them were also massive – too bulky – and experienced way too numerous capabilities, i use the microwave for heating frozen veggies and heating up still left overs. I hated all of the ridiculous location and buttons on my final a person, so when i noticed this tiny matter i understood i would discovered the just one. This microwave is very little on the outside the house and major plenty of for all of my demands on the within. It sits in the deep (and or else worthless) corner of my counter and seems wonderful. When i will need some corn or peas or brussel sprouts i just pop them in and operate up the timer for a couple of minutes – yay. It heats rather promptly and evenly and when it’s completed gives a several small (and not bothersome) beeps. It is a aspiration arrive correct for me.

Small, great corner use, fits a total plate. Wants a keypad, quieter beep to be five stars. . Pros: modest, will take up only a tiny counter space and matches nicely in the corner of kitchen. Even though plastic, the look sort of matches stainless whirlpool appliances. Fits a frequent dimension plate, great for any person who doesn’t use a microwave for cooking whole foods, uncomplicated reheating and other use. Downsides: a important pad for time, even if compact, would be a big moreover. I never thoughts pressing start a couple instances to get to three-4 minutes of cooking time, but my spouse states she’d desire a keypad. Additionally, it beeps loudly with just about every touch of a button. The beep could be a lot quieter for my taste. The blue clock is okay, but incredibly vivid.

Small is what i wanted but, wow what fantastic excess capabilities and it is beautiful. Certainly it is little but, that is what i necessary and what i am used to. I cannot get my biggest supper plate in but, i can get my lesser ones in. I really like how the again is rounded. I experienced a sharp half pint that ultimately died after 24 yrs. This has way much more functions than the sharp. I have very tiny counter area so, thank goodness i identified this.

This microwave is particularly what i have searched all around the position for. Like quite a few other people, i don’t have a large amount of counter house and a created in microwave would signify eliminating the extravagant range hood that was in the dwelling when we purchased it. I had a counter top microwave/toaster combo that was high-quality, but took up additional place than i appreciated. The toaster part ultimately gave up after three several years of day by day use so i broke down and acquired a toaster. That intended 1 much more thing on my counter that i had no home for. It is unquestionably excellent house-smart. It is also great as considerably as simplicity of use. I never like factors that require me to consider a faculty study course to figure out how to use.

Whirlpool WMC20005YW 0, Brilliant. Having the controls underneath the oven means the

five cubic feet countertop microwave oven is the greatest microwave we have ever experienced. We sold our property, where by we had a developed-in micro, and moved into a apartment four decades ago and acquired a modest haier. The only issue fantastic about the haier was, it was tiny, so when it blew out we experienced to go compact once again. I fully counted on the testimonials for this micro and, thank you everyone, you are so correct. I bought the white 1 for the reason that my counters are white and it is so lovable, just nestled into that tiny space. The greatest section is that it definitely performs effectively. We feared generating popcorn, which the haier under no circumstances, and i necessarily mean under no circumstances, did properly. Always burnt no matter what we tried out.

Quite, quite satisfied with this. . I got this microwave yesterday and i have been smiling about it at any time considering the fact that. I just really like how it looks in the corner of my kitchen area. The only damaging to me is that it can be sort of high-priced for a little microwave, but what was the past factor you acquired for your kitchen area that just made you delighted?.Since the only con i can consider of is the selling price, i will just run as a result of the professionals as i see them. Each other microwave i have ever noticed (with the exception of the sharp 50 percent-pint) seems to be fairly substantially the identical: a horizontal rectangle with a door and a keypad management panel to the suitable. The base controls and deficiency of numeric pad make this point glimpse completely unique, and in a superior way. (really don’t fret about the deficiency of a keypad, the controls are a no-brainer.

Over-all i like the oven and i am happy i pick it. I am in a position to prepare dinner using tthe round white corning casseroles i applied in my past, traditionally configured, oven. Also equipped to make popcorn in my nordicware popper or in usual sized pre-packaged microwave popcorn. So no disappointments as significantly as what suits. I just have to cook points a tiny extended since this oven is a little considerably less effective. One thing else various is that the ground of this oven is thicker so it truly is more length from turntable area to countertop. You can find electricity ranges, four of themi feel. Not as numerous alternatives as my old oven but 4 is a lot for me. Reheat uses a seventy five% energy amount.

Key specs for Whirlpool WMC20005YW 0.5 Cu. Ft. White Countertop Microwave:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 750 Watts Cooking Power
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Add 30 Seconds Option
  • Quick Touch Popcorn Button
  • Tap Touch Controls

Comments from buyers

“Very, very happy with this., Small kitchen (or large) = PERFECT, my perfect microwave, Countertop Microwave, Perfect for a small kitchen, 750 watts and beautiful!”

This is an amazing microwave for a small kitchen area house. My compact condominium has, oh, perhaps three x 2 foot counter. I failed to want one particular of those mondo-brick black microwaves hogging up the room and building it glance messy. When i 1st opened this critter in my business office wherever i experienced it shipped, it looked kinda even larger than i imagined and i thought they could make it smaller with the thick sides. But when i got it property, it worked correctly with the place. :-)i was organized to sacrifice electric power for this cuteness aspect, but i undoubtedly have not felt that is the scenario.

Cute, but will not match sq. dinner plates. . This is a cute very little microwave. It can be continue to a minimal much larger than i was expecting, but it does consider up fewer counter space than typical microwaves. The only terrible issue about this microwave is that if you own sq. plates, you will never be equipped to match your dinner plates in there. I didn’t realize this when i bought it. I can nonetheless in shape smaller sized sq. plates in it, and if you have round plates, people would be good. Just be conscious that you happen to be not heading to be capable to in good shape some sq. or rectangle dishes/containers in it that you would be in a position to in a common microwave.

Why is it so superb to have a square microwave alternatively than a rectangular 1?. Extremely encouraged for little kitchens.Took a person star off since it isn’t going to have a thrust to open function, you just form of grip the doorway and pull it ahead.

Obtain if it you want the condition and dimension you should not if you will not. Matches in a limited space, and has a far better variety aspect for my spot than most microwaves which are wide and small. That was the explanation i purchased it. It operates wonderful, and is tall ample on the within to in good shape a 2-cup pyrex measuring cup. To start off it, you push the start off button, which presents you 30, and preserve pressing that for +30s increments. That is effective out effectively in my view. Even so, the timer is a soreness, simply because the ‘+’ button adds little by little escalating increments starting up with +5s. 5 moment requires 17 keypresses, as well as pressing the timer button. Also, the beeps are seriously loud and are not able to be altered.

Obtain if it you want the condition and dimension you should not if you will not. Matches in a limited space, and has a far better variety aspect for my spot than most microwaves which are wide and small. That was the explanation i purchased it. It operates wonderful, and is tall ample on the within to in good shape a 2-cup pyrex measuring cup. To start off it, you push the start off button, which presents you 30, and preserve pressing that for +30s increments. That is effective out effectively in my view. Even so, the timer is a soreness, simply because the ‘+’ button adds little by little escalating increments starting up with +5s. 5 moment requires 17 keypresses, as well as pressing the timer button. Also, the beeps are seriously loud and are not able to be altered.

It’s so considerably smaller sized, but still does the task. The inside of is rounded, so it is straightforward to thoroughly clean. It has a ‘lock’ function that would be great if you have adventurous youngsters. Attributes are ability amount, timer, reheat, defrost. I was concerned about the skill to control the quantity of seconds, but it is in 5 second intervals up to one particular moment and goes faster from there. Door is quick to open one particular-handed. It truly is style is these types of that it appears like a tv, and it is squarish. Really endorse this minimal jewel.

This microwave just isn’t great but it can be ideal for me. Some people would assume it truly is a tiny loud, both even though operating and the beeper. It normally takes a small extended to warmth than much larger units but which is to be expected. These are minimal troubles for me. It is just the ideal dimensions and suits nicely in the dead room of a corner. Has freed up counter top area. It heats frozen meals just great and that is all i use it for. If i had been questioned what wants enhancing, i’d like to be capable to key in the heating time fairly than press the button up and down. And backlighting for the buttons.

I just got this microwave, and i really like it. It tucks into the corner of my kitchen area leaving me some added counter room, and it appears to be like fantastic. I would go so much as to call it lovable. The largest of my supper plates matches with house to spare, and observing how every thing i microwave is either on a plate or in a mug or measuring cup, i don’t have a reason for a thing larger. The only two issues i’d improve: a marginally more time wire and a quieter beep. It can in fact be really loud when you happen to be urgent buttons, so don’t assume to do any stealth reheating. As for the electrical power, it usually takes about two minutes to get a mug of amazing faucet drinking water warm, which i consider is entirely in just rationale for the sizing.

Despite the fact that this microwave is fairly dear, it was worth it for us, as it saves worthwhile counter room in our not so massive kitchen. Only point which is definitely annoying: for each and every time you press the button, it beeps and there is certainly no way to transform it off. If you want to warmth up a mug of milk, let’s say for two. five minutes, that usually means 18 significant pitched beeps. Small of that, i have no complaints.

5 starswhirlpool wmc20005yw . five cu. Countertop microwave oven 750 watts white ship by way of amazon. 5 starswhirlpool wmc20005yw . Countertop microwave oven 750 watts white ship by way of amazonfits regular plates and get them incredibly hot inalmost identical amount of time as 1000watt oven[increase additional fifty percent moment cook timebuy it. ]

Best for a little kitchen. It can take up scarcely any area on the counter, and the wire is properly concealed behind it. It performs good for just heating things up and defrosting. The only point to be knowledgeable of is that this seriously is a small microwave. You can healthy a total dimensions dinner plate, but there is not a good deal of peak inside. I could not use my microwave rice cooker in this mainly because it was far too tall, so i experienced to obtain a counter best rice cooker alternatively, which would not appear to be to operate as nicely. Other than that, this microwave appears fantastic on the counter and does the career.

I have been employing this solution for a month now and so considerably so superior. A smaller footprint that requires the minimum amount of money of house on my countertop. It is taller (heigth) and less vast than the other 700 watt microwaves i investigated. A regular size plate fits beautifully.

I bought this minimal microwave two-1/two yrs back. Predominantly, i use it to heat up my dog’s food stuff: 12 seconds in the early morning and 12 seconds at night time. Having said that, the microwave time models are 30 seconds, so i stand in entrance of it until eventually it counts down from 30 to eighteen (thirty-18=twelve), then whip the doorway open. I have also utilized it to microwave riced cauliflower. Due to the fact it truly is only 750 watts, it takes virtually 2 times as prolonged as the recipes suggest. It can be a little bit light in the overall body, so when i open up the door the force of it sometimes pulls the oven out of its situation on the counter best (do not fear – i’m conversing a few of inches, not a pair of feet below). The deck of the oven is increased when compared to most other microwave ovens, so i’ve managed to nick the heck out of the glass turntable by misjudging the peak and smashing containers in opposition to it. Mainly because it’s small and lovable – like a puppy dog.

This unique sq. microwave appears to be like like an aged tv set. You 50 % be expecting to see an episode of i appreciate lucy on it. Very seriously however, this is pretty ingeniously developed equipment. The electronic controls and clock are on the base somewhat than on the side and there is no numeric keypad. Cooking situations are in increments and there are three more options for defrost reheat and popcorn. The display screen clock, with blue led lights, is big, desirable and easy to examine. Beeps alerts when food stuff is done and when you need to have to switch the item that is defrosting. The genuine innovation is the rounded back again, so the microwave can in shape into a corner and choose up about the similar amount of money of counter room as a common smaller microwave, but have ample interior house to accommodate a complete sized meal plate. We purchased the white to match our toaster, mixer and food processor and it seems to be excellent.

four/2016 update – three yr lifespan. I cherished this microwave’s dimension and form but in the final month (four/2016) i had two sparking incidents, thankfully i was in the kitchen and acquired it unplugged quickly. Nowadays i was hunting online to see when i purchased it (april 2013) and if anybody else had described related difficulties. I see that there are very similar testimonials so you should not feel sick acquire a different even tho i like the dimension and form. Up to date 4/2016it was challenging to locate a compact microwave that didnt search low-cost, this appears to be like pleasant and works excellent, a keeper.

Modest kitchen area (or substantial) = excellent. Like most folks who purchased this microwave, i wanted house on my counter top rated for one thing other than a massive steel box. This microwave practically does almost everything my old kitchen aide did except permit me to punch in occasions by using a vital pad. I reheat my tea & still left-overs.

The ideal mic for a one gal in her small apartment. I was getting fatigued of going to ebay for the sharp ‘half-pint’ microwaves. And the curved again genuinely does make it great for occupying the ‘useless space’ of a kitchen area countertop’s cornerbuy thissleek style. Useful tap of start button provides an additional 30 seconds to overall time. Carousel-type glass dish inside of is wonderful for even cooking/heating.

We necessary a modest microwave when we moved into a tiny condo with pretty little counter room. Most of the testimonials mentioned this was the best alternative and it is. It usually takes up extremely tiny space, moreover it fits effortlessly into a corner. It has a rotating glass tray that holds a standard dimension supper plate. It truly is tall sufficient to healthy a sixteen ounce mug with home to spare, but it is shorter than lots of regular microwaves. It has digital controls that are quite simple but work just great. We’re more mature and in fact actually recognize that simplicity. Some issues acquire more time to cook but not by significantly. If you want all the bells and whistles and to be equipped to zap factors swiftly, this is not the microwave for you.

Acquiring the controls beneath the oven usually means the. White countertop microwave brilliant. Owning the controls beneath the oven implies the footprint is lessened, visibility within increased, cleansing less complicated. This is not a little microwave. It does have a more compact footprint than most, but it holds a entire sized dinner plate simply. Cooking moments are not insanely sluggish. Really like that the light-weight goes on and stays on whilst cooking. Extensively happy w/capabilities and measurement. Excellent for corners or just on counter.

Would like it was marginally greater inside. . Really like that it sits in the corner and does not take up a great deal counter house. But for the total of space it does choose up, there need to be much more area inside of. It truly is definitely massive sufficient all around for a supper plate, but it truly is not extremely large. Even when i set a thing smaller in there, like a bag of popcorn, it finishes up squished and touching the major. I stored it, but would not invest in it again.

Despite the fact that this microwave is fairly dear, it was worth it for us, as it saves worthwhile counter room in our not so massive kitchen. Only point which is definitely annoying: for each and every time you press the button, it beeps and there is certainly no way to transform it off. If you want to warmth up a mug of milk, let’s say for two. five minutes, that usually means 18 significant pitched beeps. Small of that, i have no complaints.

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler : Great Cold Water Dispenser!

Water coolers are not just for the office. Bought this water cooler for our cabin. Our well water has too much iron in it to be drinkable. So we bring up our city water. After 13 years of using a hand pump on the water bottles we decided we needed an answer to our problem. Well this water cooler has been the answer. Not sure why we did not think of this earlier. Has really worked perfectly at the cabin. The whole family enjoy the convince of the water cooler.

Very pleased with this as a replacement cooler. We purchased this water cooler to replace a very old but reliable cooler that had finally given up the ghost. This whirlpool unit is nice and compact, with a smaller footprint than our old standard cooler. The build quality is good, and it feels extremely solid despite being entirely made of plastic. I particularly like the five adjustable feet (allows it to be perfectly level on uneven kitchen rustic floor tiles) and the press-down dispensing buttons that can’t break off, unlike traditional levers. The unit definitely delivers colder water than our old unit, and it is very quiet when it operates. The only criticism is that when i first arrived, despite my having followed the instructions for sanitizing the tank with a bleach solution, the water it dispensed tasted undrinkably of plastic. We wasted half a container of water before looking up online how to deal with this problem. We found that a 50/50 combination of hot water and vinegar left in the machine for several hours followed by flushing with several gallons of tap water totally solved the problem, and the dispensed water is now cold, fresh, and perfect.

Could not ask for more (maybe better packaging). So far works great and i have not issued with the quality. I actually like that it is a simpler (no water design). The front panel above where a cup was inserted arrived damaged/out of place. Maybe i could fix this but i haven’t made the time.

Like when you are filling a water bottle that has. This is in a production facility and for the short time we have used it. It has consistently maintained cooler water than the other model we have. The only problem would be seeing exactly where the water comes out without squatting down. Like when you are filling a water bottle that has a small opening.

  • Water Coolers Are Not Just for the Office
  • Adapter no splash cap required !
  • Great Cold Water Dispenser!
  • The unit is compact and setup easily. It has the adapter installed already to pierce
  • Very pleased with this as a replacement cooler
  • I love this water cooler

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Ice Chilled Water, White Water Dispenser

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Chillingly cold water is cooled by a large piece of ice, resulting in water that is 9°F colder than most coolers
  • The proprietary cooling system technology extends the product lifespan because the compressor turns on less frequently
  • Robust design can take over 300 lbs of top weight, surviving years of constant heavy bottle slamming

We ordered this and it arrived it great shape to japan. We ordered this and it arrived it great shape to japan. So far it works as expected and the water is nice and chilled. Placing the jug into the cooler is a little tricky bc of the design i believe and we spill a lot of water in the process.

I purchased this a few weeks back and included the unboxing and first thoughts from my daily vlog. Here’s a snip from the vlog covering this water cooler and how to clean it. I’ve had zero issues and love it. I don’t even hear it run and it serves ice cold water. Not sure why the negative reviews but we love it. If anything changes i’ll update the review.

The water is cold which i like. The only thing i’m not pleased with is when you put the water bottle on and the plunger goes through the plastic cap water from the chamber splashes all over the cooler even when i drain both. Other than that, it’s great.

I have not experienced the problems some of the other reviewers have had. Our cold water feels cold (i have not checked temperature). It dispenses @ a reasonable speed. We put a jug on immediately after setting up and it did not have a weird taste. We have had it for over a month. The one i have @ home from the bottled water company is much louder. Good height and our city water is fine, so we use the re useable caps and refill our bottles here.  water bottle cap for 3 or 5 gallons – non spill (quantity of 6) made in usa. I would purchase another if we needed to. The only thing i blew it on is not getting one with hot water as well, but that was my bad.

The water cooler has many nice features. It is easy to operate and easy. The water cooler has many nice features. It is easy to operate and easy to put water on. The only thing for a complaint is our company is at an elevation of 6,500 feet. The original setting was not cold enough. Our maintenance man turned up the coolers on two separate occasions, but it could be a little bit colder. Other than that, we are totally satisfied with the purchase.

Arrived on time and very well packaged without any damage. Easily assembled within minutes. Big plus for me are the large “push” buttons on top instead of the traditional spout handles that can break off. Not quite ae tall as the ones you would get from a water bottle company, so easier to load new bottles onto.

This is a good water cooler. I had purchased another cooler and the water was never that cold and it trickled out. It was frustrating me, so a month later i bought this one. The water is always good and cold, its a good size and the water comes out faster. I like that it has both hot and cold as well and a little space underneath to store cups or whatever you want.

I’ve had two other brands (regalta and haier) in the past and this water cooler really does dispense ice cold water. I get a pretty consistent read of 42 degrees for the cold water and 52 for the room temperature water. This machine also dispenses water a lot quicker than the lever type models i have owned. I like the design of the water dispenser buttons on this whirlpool model which are designed not to break off and you never have to worry about the buttons ever being left in the “on” position. I do use a easy load reusable no splash cap (screw on) on the 5 gallon water jug to avoid spilling water all over. The cap works great with this machine and no more water spills. I also like the fact that it uses the “ice bank” technology so the dispenser isn’t constantly running so it’s very quiet and still quiet even when it goes into it’s cycles. I have owned this dispenser for a few weeks and i am extremely happy with this water cooler so far.

Best and coldest water cooler. It’s compact, and keeps my water extra cold (which i love). I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Although we have had many water coolers previously, my husband is now drinking water on a regular basis.I believe that it’s due to the temperature, as i still purchase the same water.

L almost forgot what it was like to have cold clean water.

If you’re on the fence buy it. Especially if you have kids and you live in the desert like us.Our kids literally drink 2-3 times the water they did before we purchased this. The water cools off quickly and tastes so good compared to tap. We just fill it up at our local grocery store that’s about a mile away it’s $1. 25 for the whole 5 gallons we only have two bottles and we just rotate them it’s very easy very efficient and we couldn’t be happier. We’re a family of 5 and it works great.

My cooler was delivered the other day. Very easy to set up and the water is colder than any machine i have had in the past (i have had bottle water service at our home for the last 25 years). I highly recommend this product.

Can sometimes get vapor locked. Just tap the facet of your bottle and it will refill. Make guaranteed to give it an hour or two appropriate-aspect up prior to you fire it up so the compressor oil settles. Excellent for players/it people seeking to slice out the soda, etc.

Only been using this about two weeks now, but so considerably so great. It is a standard device which i adore. The much more extravagant kinds appears to be to crack and put on out. Using this and looking at the simplicity of it i assume (hope) this a person holds up properly for a lengthy time to occur.

Whirlpool water dispenser – ideal for our wants. We receive the water dispenser speedier than what was scheduled it arrived on saturday and was quick to established up. I do concur with a number of other folks that the condenser does make a little bit of sounds, but that is not an difficulty for us at all . As far as had been concerned that is just becoming exceptionally picky. The water dispenser it is really self by whirlpool will work perfectly . It features specifically as it is marketed. We did look at getting just one with place temperature, chilly and sizzling water dispensing, but for our uses home temperature and chilly water dispensing are perfect . I would remarkably advise this products .

I’m delighted to refill the bottles to go onto this cooler. This cooler offers a good deal of cold water, unlike the chiller in the water dispenser in our new refrigerator. I am happy to refill the bottles to go onto this cooler realizing my relatives is consuming loads of good, cleanse water.

Very simple, clear-cut set up, effortless to use, cold water is cold, frequent water is. . Relatively chilly which is troublesome to sig. Straightforward to load and unload, stable and will not idea as soon as toes are adjusted effectively. You will discover the motor audio for the to start with week, and when it shuts off there is a slight rattle, possibly this is various from other products, but i equate it to a more cost-effective fridge condensor rattle and you never discover it right after a handful of moments. Not overy noisy but you do recognize when it really is actively doing the job. It does what i want, no extra frills which is good with me.

Definitely could not ask for anything much better.

Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0 – countertop microwave.

This is the excellent microwave for use in modest areas, like my kitchen. It nestles cozily into the corner beneath the cupboards and fits my biggest dinner plate with relieve. The structure of this microwave is refreshing compared to each individual other microwave underneath the sunshine. It’s important to note that environment the prepare dinner time can be time consuming. Even so, for my employs (reheating a plate, cooking a frozen burrito, melting butter, and so on) the ’30 second’ button is adequate (you can press it several situations, so if i want to reheat something i just press it four times and i am completed). I am happy to give up the whole quantity pad for the space conserving comfort. Yet another critical point to be aware is that it is decreased wattage than most microwaves, so you may need to have to nuke points for a little lengthier than you might be utilized to.

I are living in a tiny household (400 sf) so i do not have a great deal room for everything. This may perhaps be much too shortly for a evaluation (as i just acquired the microwave y’day) but so considerably it truly is just ideal. I adore that the controls are on the base as a substitute of on the aspect, as my microwave cubby is only sixteen. I like the design and the quick setup, as effectively. It’s perfect for an apartment, dorm space, or business kitchen. Just one issue to be aware – on the within still left wall (if you might be experiencing the microwave), there’s what looks like a cardboard panel screwed into the wall by the vent. There is just not nearly anything definitive about what to do about this panel, and given that it seems to be like it could possibly be eliminated, i known as whirlpool consumer services to get some clarification. Prolonged story brief – you should not remove the panel, it’s meant to be there. Other than that momentary confusion, i’m genuinely happy with this solution.

The simplified controls make sense above all. Want it had a timer functionality independent from microwaving. And the plastic sheeting on the deal with / controls is currently starting up to arrive away, which makes it appear older than it is (only 3 months). Not certain how it will look in 10 several years, which is how extensive i expect it to function.

  • Glad I spent the extra $50 for this one.
  • Compact but powerful
  • Not Pleased First time around – I’ll try a second time
  • Great One-Of-A-Kind Microwave
  • Excellent. 8 units used by 200+ employees daily.

Extra units must be obtainable in this condition and dimensions. Glance close to at microwaves and you will usually see they are all the exact same rectangular condition. If you live in a modest condominium, counter space is typically high quality serious estate and a microwave eats up rather a little bit of that area. That was the scenario in our place. We had our aged microwave on top rated of the fridge due to the fact we couldn’t sacrifice what very little counter space we had. That had its have troubles since neither one of us is tall so reaching up with a spatula to clear away a microwave dish experienced a number of drop occasions. Our aged 1 just lately conked out so off i went in research of a small device. I saw this one particular and had a eureka second. Considering the fact that it is only about fourteen inches huge, i believed it would fit in the corner following to the coffee maker and when set up, it truly is terrific.

The door opening is about 3 and a quarter inches earlier mentioned my countertop. So i can leave compact bowls and other matters on the counter without having to shift them 1st to open up the door. Absolutely love that element of it. I want either a dial to transform of just hit one button to transform it on. I would absolutely endorse this to any person wanting to preserve counter room.

Features of Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Product Information 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven Maximize your counter space. This sleek microwave s unique rounded back allows it to fit into corners, making it ideal for tight spaces like small kitchens and dorm rooms. It can also fit a full
  • dinner plate thanks to a glass turntable that is larger than those in standard comparable microwaves. Finally, anintegrated handle and console, blue LED display and easy-to-clean Tap Touch controls give this model a sense of
  • modern style. 750 Watts Cooking Power 10 Power Levels
  • Add 30 Seconds Option Quick Touch Popcorn Button Tap Touch Controls

We scrapped our large designed in microwave and got this modern tiny beast. Fits flawlessly in a corner on the counter. We have fiesta plates and we concerned about them not fitting, but they do no problem. I also really like the fact that you never enter a prepare dinner time, you just strike ‘start’ and you routinely get a 30 2nd time, have to have additional just strike commence once again and it will increase an further 30 seconds – definitely intelligent when you begin employing it. I am no microwave qualified, but it does feel more impressive and heat much greater than our aged ge spacemaker. Incredibly satisfied with it just after about a thirty day period of use.

. I am gentle on it as i examine a couple factors about the door latch and letters rubbing off so owe are cautious but we have experienced no challenges at all. Its a great space saver and will work nicely. It is not quite potent so i do have to set matters in a tiny extended but about all.

Uncomplicated to operate will do the job with 1500w inverter and it matches completely on my cascadia cupboard.

eight models utilised by two hundred+ staff members daily. . We purchased eight of these to use in our business cafeterias – they have been in spot for approximately six months and get extremely high use by 200+ employees. They perform pretty properly and every person would seem delighted. I was hesitant because they are a lot more highly-priced than other options, but decided to invest in these due to the fact their width was quite a few inches considerably less than some others – so we could healthy additional. They do beep loud (no problem for us) and you need to have to comprehend you set the time by selecting in increments (i. 10 seconds) fairly than punching in an quantity of time. Update: immediately after 3 years of heavy workplace use, all eight of these are in wonderful form and get the job done flawlessly.

The most effective compact microwave ever. I love the design and style of this microwave-it suits into the corner of my counter so fantastically and the controls are at the bottom as a substitute of the facet so the door opens even if you have a plate on the counter in front of it. Oh yeah, it is effective wonderful, too.

Great one-of-a-kind microwave. I wished a smaller microwave for my rv, but the types i discovered locally experienced very small cooking cavities with a however quite more substantial counter house footprint. This design is distinctive in that it has a smaller footprint, but a more substantial cavity. A big 11′ supper plate will healthy with simplicity. Bagged microwave popcorn cooks and fits properly. Cooking electricity wattage is 750 watts, and full appliance wattage attract is 1200 watts. 750 watts of cooking energy may perhaps seem reduced, but this device appears to warmth issues in about the very same time as my a thousand cooking watt kitchen unit. Dimensions are marginally more substantial than advertised:highest outer= fifteen ½” wide x 14” deep x fourteen ¼” tall. Inner cooking cavity= 12” large x eleven ½” deep x 6 ½” tall (turntable plate best to cavity leading). Turntable plate is heavy glass, and 11′ in diameter.

I have been searching for a corner microwave for many years. My daughter discovered this for me. Don’t ussully get appliances on line. Compact, quick to use and incredibly superior high-quality.

We enjoy this little microwave. We’ve had it for a pair months now and it has held everything we preferred it to. Purchased it from amazon and it arrived two days later (no person in city had any).

Whirlpool countertop microwave. . I had just reworked my kitchen area and explained the prefect factor to have would be a corner microwave. I was informed there was no these matter. Properly, i had to show to myself that this was in reality legitimate. Immediately after several evenings of exploring, i ran throughout this little attractiveness. I made the decision to buy it and am i ever happy i did. It matches beautifully in the corner of my counter and i use it for ninety five% of almost everything that requires to be microwaved. I nonetheless have the major mohonkin’ unit on a counter by my again doorway for issues that need high wattage. But this very little sweetie is my go to microwave. If you have limited counter place and you should not want to put in a microwave that needs to be vented, do your self a favor and give this a person a try out.

Only operates on pure sine wave inverter. . This micorwave only operates on a pure sine wave inverter. It will not operate on any form of modified sine wave inverter. I purchased this microwave for my semi truck and have tried using to get it operate on many inverters with 2000w and over, the electric power is on but no heating in any way. I last but not least obtained a pure sine wave inverter and it basically worked like a appeal.

It’s compact (though deep- which is great for plates). It truly is little (nevertheless deep- which is fantastic for plates). That currently being explained, touch controls are a minor above-delicate and the door will at times imagine it’s open when it isn’t. But it cooks and warms just wonderful. With the scaled-down sized microwaves, there are just heading to be sacrifices.

Our kitchen has minimal kitchen area counter house so this attractive tiny microwave matches perfect at just one end of our counter in a corner following to the aspect of our fridge. It matches a huge evening meal plate. The only point that would have been pleasant if you could punch your individual time to heat a little something. It begins at 5 2nd intervals and then when you access a moment it jumps to fifteen second intervals, and then jumps to thirty 2nd intervals when you access the 3 moment restrict until eventually you attain the preferred heating time. We will not thoughts this too much as we have gotten use to it. We only use this for heating factors up.

This products was not acquired for my personalized use, but for my son who lives in a small apartment in florida. His opinions is that it is a great and efficient microwave and it matches well in his condominium.

I bought this to save counterspace and the reality i only use the microwave for reheating tiny meals and popcorn. It performs these functions properly. It may not have the most electricity but if an additional thirty-60 seconds of reheating time is heading to throw your day off, you have more substantial complications than this microwave.

Happy i expended the extra $50 for this one. .Mini-microwave is just what i required. My office kitchen is tiny, so just about every foot of counter place is valuable. This little microwave has changed a big 1100 watt one, and only in 1 respect does it not measure up:the orville redenbacher ability pop was a -popping flop. Sorry to say, possibly mainly because of the angle of the microwave emitter, i couldn’t get the energy pop to develop more than a couple of tablespoons of popped corn right after 4 minutes of trying. Much too terrible, mainly because the ability pop allows you use bulk popcorn in the microwave, but it was no go. On the positive pop-facet, though the guidance advise you use the one.

The most lovely minor microwave around. I only use a microwave to reheat espresso so when i purchased my new residence and it did not have a microwave in the kitchen area i was variety of like, meh, no biggie. On the other hand, right after quite a few weekends of cold coffee i caved and went wanting for a compact microwave that would look adorable on the kitchen area counter with no getting up also substantially room. I am so freaking delighted with this. It is literally the most adorable microwave that you could at any time want. If you do ‘cooking’ with a microwave, then this isn’t really your very best alternative. But if you happen to be searching for a thing to warmth up a beverage or reheat a little something small then this dude is good for you. Have i stated how adorable it is?.

Appreciate the dimensions and overall performance of this. This will match in a smaller space, nevertheless will maintain a whole measurement evening meal plate. I unplug it when i am not using it because of to other opinions. The thirty second button isno issue at all and meals heats perfectly and immediately.

Ordered this microwave to replace the greater a person i experienced that took up a great deal of my counter room. This 1 arrived pretty swiftly and i really like it. It is ideal for building a standard dimensions plate of foods. It will make popcorn and i couldn’t be happier with the dimension. It suits fantastic in the corner of my countertop.