West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Loving this bread machine for perfect gluten free bread!

This bread machine is the first one i’ve ever had. While it was a bit larger than i expected, the machine still fits nicely on my countertop. The machine makes a variety of bread types and sizes. Works great and produces wonderful results. The instruction booklet comes with about 10 – 12 recipes, so if you are looking for recipes to use, there will be some included. The directions were easy to understand and i was able to make bread the very same day i received the machine. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a breadmaker.

I got 3 years out of this inexpensive bread maker and used it weekly for two of those years. It gave up the ghost two weeks ago (motor quit). I have no complaints about the machine. The last 6 months i was using it on the ‘dough’ feature and then baking the bread in my oven, only because baking it in a regular loaf pan allowed the finished sliced bread to fit better in our toaster.

West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non-stick coated 2 lb loaf pan
  • Electronic settings with 12 menu selections
  • Delay start to have fresh bread whenever you want it
  • 600 Watts power

Wonderful to have fresh bread instead of store bought. Kids really enjoy it and when it broke (see next) it was a noticed by all. Died 4 months later but i’m still going to give it 5 stars and here is why. We called the company, and with minimal information given to them regarding date code, etc they are shipping us a new replacement by fedex. Sometimes things break, but the vendor is willing to back it up with no hassle or hoops to jump through so it retains 5 stars. ————————revision – 2. First one died as explained above. Company quickly replaced it.

Our old sunbeam finally quit because the kneader (?) in the pan finally gave out. We’re satisfied with our replacement. First loaf set with ‘color’ at medium didn’t rise enough and the top was white. Changed color to dark and they’ve been perfect. Possibly my wife’s recipe needed the extra heat.

While this is a touch noisier than i’d like it to be, it works well. I couldn’t make un-crumbly bread loaves, and i never did figure out how to slice the odd-shaped loaf sensibly, but i do like it for dough. I use 75% whole wheat dough every time, so i often set flour and liquid (water, canned milk, juice for sweet breads) to soak overnight (which does really improve rising), run it on mix for a few minutes, unplug it to reset it, and let it sit overnight. I then plug it in in the morning on 8 (dough cycle), let it finish the cycle, take it out, shape it or freeze it (yummy pizzas are easy with this dough), and let it rise again before baking. The other shortcoming of this particular brand is that there’s no pause button. You have learn the timing of the cycles if you want to remove the dough to do something fancy right before baking in the machine, as the book that comes with it doesn’t detail the minutes in each stage of the cycle. But i got it very cheaply, in the month before christmas (when these seem to be cheapest), and i don’t regret it. I make all my own bread and i was darned tired of kneading. Hint: you really need to freeze grated (or better, diced) cheese for cheese bread and add it as late as you can in the final mix cycle.

West Bend 2 Lb. Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : This breadmaker works very well. I have two disappointments with it. First, the instruction/recipe book does not list the timings of the machine, ie: the times the different cycles take – so that one knows when to add extra ingredients (such as nuts and fruits to the dough during the last few minutes of the knead cycle, or a time when one can remove the dough in order to remove the kneading blade so as not have the blade baked inside the loaf making for difficult slicing and broken slices. Second, on the 1 and 1½ pound loaves, most of the dough balls up in one corner rather than making a loaf it produces a ball of bread which does not cook well in the center. One 1½ pound loaf i did had a ‘half loaf’ appearance with a small knob which rose out almost to a corner of the pan on the end opposite of the accumulation of the most dough.

I use their wholewheat recipe with my extra doses of nuts and seeds and with some herbs, sometimes a bit of milk or malt root beer, celery salt or grated carrots, almond slices or onion chips. I craft the most amazing nutritious and delicious german-style breads – fast and easy. I take out the inner container, put all ingredients in [first the liquid ones. Stick it back into the machine, set up the program, select ‘dark’ for crust and start it. I like to give it additional 30 minutes bake [setting program to number 12]. Minimum is 1h but i simply stop it after 30 minutes. As my breads are wholewheat and super heavy and moist [i add italian cold pressed olive oil] inside, i need a bit extra time. Setting to program 12 is useful to get crust that’s a bit thicker and addictingly crunchy and out of this world. ]

Bought this bread maker for my wife. I looked at many other bread makers before settling on this one. It received great reviews and the price was unbeatable. Neither of us have ever used a bread maker before. This unit is very easy to use and makes wonderful bread. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive machines, but it does what it promises and it does it well.

I bough this machine for my son. He loved it so much, he raved about it, so i bought a larger double-blade one from the same manufacturer for myselt, and i also love it. It makes perfect pizza dough, and the home made bread is fantastic – i no longer buy bread from the store.

I love this breadmaker so much. My co-worker turned me on to it so i bought one in an effort to be healthier and to be able to make bread with ingredients i can actually pronounce. Not only is the bread healthier this way but it tastes delicious. I let my friend sample one of my breads and she was hooked instantly. I actually bought one for her as a housewarming gift. This machine makes it so easy–just put in the ingredients and a few hours later you have a fully baked loaf–no kneading, nothing. At first i was worried that this might be one of those appliances that you use once and then it ends up sitting there collecting dust afterwards, but i have been using it regularly for months now and never buy bread from the store anymore. I love knowing what’s in the food i am eating. I am trying hard to stay away from chemicals and processed foods and this machine definitely helps me do that.

My wife and i decided to get a bread maker and initially i was thinking of taking the plunge on one of the high-end models. After reading many reviews on several models in the $200+ range, i took a look at this one. As far as i could tell they all had pros and cons and this one seemed like as good a solution as any. We’ve had it for a month or so and are very happy with it. It seems to be well made and works as expected.

It has been almost two years since i purchased this bread machine. I use my bread machine about 2 times per week. It is now getting a little worn down. Liquids are starting to leak out the bottom of the bread pan. I have adjusted to this by putting in some of the dry ingredients ahead of the water so that the water cannot easily leak out. Also, the machine makes a lot more noise than it used to. Even though i have the bread machine in the garage, i no longer make bread at night because it wakes my wife up (i sleep through most anything though. That being said, it seems like i always end up wearing out a bread machine after a couple of years. I tried an expensive one once (a zojirushi) and it wore out in about the same amount of time.

We love our bread machine bread and make a loaf a week average. This west bend is a good value and works fine, but the 2 lb loaf’s finished texture is not as compact as the 1 1/2 lb loaves. We also had to order new plastic bags to fit that size. Now, we only make 1 1/2 lb loaves and are quite happy with all the results. West bend supplies great recipes on line.

I’ve been using bread machines for close to 20 years now. Some have been very high end 200$ and up machines and one was a kmart no-name blue light special. I make bread 3-4 times a week so a truly cheap machine will wear out on me in 6 months. When my cuisinart finally suffered it’s last gasp we also had an expensive car bill. Looking about we decided to try this unit. Like most bread machines, the negative reviews were largely operator error or the rare manufacturer defect (replaced a cuisinart over that once so can happen to anyone). Smile, i am a very happy camper 7 months later with a background in the high end machines who can tell you this is a perfectly decent machine. It’s easy to load and set and doe not have the total flexible nature of a fully programmable one but most of us do not need or use that. There are 2 tricks to this machine. It likes an extra tb or 2 of liquid in a 2 lb loaf because it ‘breathes more’ so some escapes and it does not deal kindly with those who try to measure flour by scooping it from the bag.

Have had machine for over a month and make bread 3 to 4 times a week. Will admit that the first 2 or 3 loafs where not perfect but after that have been getting some great bread. Have even been using it to mix and knead dough for stuff that i will have to rollout and bake in the ovendownside – you must follow directions to a t if you are using the timer for a latter start. When ever i start the machine, i always check the dough about 5 mins after it starts to mix and will add a little water/flour depending if the dough looks dry or too wet. If set the timer to start while you are not there to check the dough, better measure the flour and water perfectly.

I ordered this bread machine based on the other good reviews i read. I really love it for my gluten free breads. The bread rises so nicely and the texture is light, soft and airy. The machine does not have a gluten free cycle, but that did not concern me. I use the dough cycle, when it is finished mixing thoroughly, i turn the machine off, let the dough rise about 50 minutes then just bake it. I have made six loaves and perfect every time. I may buy another just for back up. If you want perfect gluten free bread that is soft and moist inside and a nice crunchy crust, i highly, highly, highly recommend this machine. Sorry, i have no idea how regular wheat bread is in it, but i am sure based on these facts, one would not be disappointed.

I bought this as a gift for my wife, who had been hinting for a bread machine. In the 2 months since she got it, she’s made dozens of loaves and every one has turned out fantastic. She’s used other brands in the past and rates this one better than units costing several times as much. Highly recommended, especially considering the price. Only time will tell, but so-far, so-good.

I am very pleased with this bread maker. The cost was low and the quality/features are high. I just completed my 10th loaf and have had no problems. I usually make a whole wheat/multi-grain bread with variations and have had all loafs come out excellent. I have owned a different bread machine for years but had lost the enthusiasm for it due to its shortcomings but now i’m back and loving the bread.

We’ve been using this product for a couple of months now. I had a breadman machine for 20 years that we finally wore out after using it 2-3 times per week. I had been looking for a replacement scanning reviews and finally decided to try this model due to reviews and low cost. There seem to be many bread machines out there with very mixed results, so i didn’t want to spend too much money in case it didn’t work well or broke quickly. So far the west bend has lived up to reviews. We make a lot of dough and then cook it ourselves and all the different varieties have come out perfectly. We’ve used it a time or 2 for complete loaves and the results have been mixed. We have used different recipes than the owners manual lists, so that may be the cause. Pro’s: easy to use, lots of options available, low costcons: a little on the big side, takes up a lot of counter and/or cabinet space.

Arguably my greatest amazon purchase to date. I think it would just be easiest to list the things i love. At the onset, my only complaint is that the pan makes a loaf that is closer to a square than a rectangle:1) the dough mixing option is the best. I use it the most as i prefer to mix the dough (with the auto warming feature) then bake it in a baguette pan or stone in the oven. 2) the non stick internal pan is really not stick. You could get away with just wiping it down and not even washing it. 3) it doesn’t get overly hot and is a reasonable size. 4) $55 seems like a steal, so far i have not had a single problem with it. 5) there are a million options for all types of bread, dough, and speeds.

This bread maker does the job. It’s inexpensive and so far i’ve had decent-sized loaves and no failures. We bought this to make our own low-sodium bread, particularly in hot weather when using my oven would make life inside unbearable. When salt is left out of the recipe, the yeast rises too fast. Ways to control the yeast so it doesn’t cause the dough to explode out of the pan is to add no salt and less yeast (e. Of yeast instead of 2); or, add no more than 1/2 tsp. Of non-sodium baking powder (ener-g) and the amount of yeast called for in the recipe.

Most of the time i use the dough setting since a standard size loaf is better for sandwiches. When the bread is part of a meal, the shape of slice doesn’t matter so i use a setting that makes and bakes the loaf. Homemade bread costs a fraction of the store bought bread and tastes much better.

West Bend 82419P Air Crazy Corn Popper : Coffee roasting

Had one as a child with many fond memories if movie nights and popcorn. You get healthier popcorn than the microwave brands and it makes your house smell delicious.

Still having difficulty with the kernels flying out of the machine. Have been told that i need to purchase store variety popcorn, rather than one that is advertised.

This was actually my second air crazy that i used specifically for coffee. I roasted at least twice a week and the first one lasted just over two years, and this one didn’t make it six months. They both started making extremely loud noises immediately after starting the machine and then first crack started to come later and later and later and then stopped happening all together. It just wasn’t getting hot enough. I’m sure it’s ok for the popcorn user, which is what it was made for (obviously), but those who will be roasting coffee (which requires a longer operating duration), look elsewhere. I now use a stove-top popper for roasting coffee, and will never go back. Gave it 3 stars because it did work for a while, and i was not using it as the product was intended to be used. Rigorous use destroys its lifespan.

You need to put a deep bowl under it, it spits popcorn and hot colonels all over the place. Other than that it is small and compact and look good.

  • Still playing tennis.
  • Not great for coffee roasting
  • So easy to use, my kids make their own popcorn now!

West Bend 82419P Air Crazy Corn Popper, Purple (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pops up to 4 quarts of popcorn in 3 minutes
  • Hot air popper, no oil required
  • All removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Easy wind cord base with On/Off switch
  • 1040 watts, 1 year warranty

I can not only pop corn but set up snack bowls all the while popping the corn. No more having to stand gaurd to stop popper from making a mess l love my air crazy popcon popper air crazy popcorn popper.

Part of a grouped color birthday gift and coolest auntee points for the best present everrr.

Ok ~ i was blinded by the purple and the 5 stars from the review and didn’t check to see this was the same as the black one i already had, that shots those kernels all over my kitchen and dinning room. Was depressed at first, but not sure why, this one is not a ballistic as the 2 black ones ive had that were the same model #. Do still have to keep batting back the unpopped kernels, like playing tennis, while it it popping. True there were not as many unpopped kernels in the two bowls i’ve popped w/ this one. Not sure if it is because of the purple or it is newer made than the one i have.

The item came very fast and the relative was thrilled about the popper. I was thinking of getting one for myself later after the holidays.

Tried it yesterday loved it pop corn pop so fast dont even make a mess i would recommend to every one.

No more scorched oil from making popcorn on the stovetop. I have had this for about 7 months now and so far it has worked great for us. It does leave a few kernels unpopped after each batch, but not a big deal. Also, the butter doesn’t usually melt in the cup–too far away from the heat and not enough time for it to melt. Instead, i just put some butter or coconut oil in the bottom of the bowl and let the hot popcorn melt it.

Not nearly as noisy as one i had years ago.

Its great for when you want a quick snak.

It works really well, heats and pops fast, and looks stylish if left out on the counter.

This has been used as both a popcorn popper and a coffee roaster. For it’s price, it’s a little gem.

I have a similar if not the same model in black that i purchased 4 years ago (it is not the larger model that catches on fire—82416). If you buy the right popcorn, the result is great—light, fluffy, and all that stuff and there’s no plastic taste or smell. However, it is a gymnastics juggling clown act to use it. Until it builds up some popped pieces, i have to tilt it back to prevent the kernels from flying out. While it is tilted, i have to hold the top very firmly since it does not lock into place—both the machine and the top get very hot, so major oven mitt coverage is needed. Once i can set it straight again, i then hold a large wire mesh sieve at the mouth of the chute to catch the product before it gets to the bowl. I have to do this to prevent popped fluffies from flying all over the counter and to catch the raw kernels that get carried up and out by the rising popped corn. I stop the popper to get it to cease firing, carefully pour the popped corn from the sieve into the bowl leaving the raw kernels in the sieve, toss the un-popped kernels back into the machine, give it quick shake to sift the kernels down past the popped corn inside, then start it up again. Fill, sift, repeat until all the corn is done. If i don’t go through all this hassle, then i waste a lot of kernels—up to a third will go into the bowl un-popped.

This is a very basic machine, not much to go wrong. For the money, you can’t go wrong. Getting back to old school popcorn instead of the microwave type, brings me back to what popcorn flavor and taste used to be. I’ll never go back to the “wave” for popcorn again. But like others have said, buy house brand popcorn, not orville’s. You will be quite happy with taste and money saved.

This popper blows the kernels around in a circle rather than straight up. This works for smaller heirloom corn and sorghum. It also does great for regular popping corn. Not to mention how much i love the green color.

The popper is light, easy to use, and very fast. It pops half a cup of popcorn, approximately, in under five minutes. Further, it makes popcorn that is much healthier than the microwave variety, as it uses no oil or butter. Some users have complained that it emits a chemical smell, but i found that that was only the case for the first time i used it; i haven’t smelled it since, and i have used it plenty of times. Also, some have stated that it does not pop all of the kernels, or that the kernels/popped popcorn shoots out of the bowl onto the floor. No, it doesn’t pop all of the kernels, but this is the case for any method of popcorn popping. Those kernels can probably be reused in the next batch. As for the kernels/popcorn shooting onto the floor, many have said that ‘it goes all over. Yes, a few kernels or pieces of popcorn will probably go awry with each use, but it isn’t a big deal.

Works pretty good to roast green coffee beans to medium roast. Vents are on the side rather than in the center so that is a good thing.

I modified this for coffee roasting and it worked great. It has the correct airflow as recommended by sweet maria’s.

I like air popped corn that i top with pure coconut oil. I bought this to replace an approximate 10 year old air popper that just wasn’t getting it done any more. So far i can say i overpaid here on amazon — several local stores have this for less than i paid and over christmas, one local store had it on sale for $20 less than i paid here at amazon. But amazon brought it to my door so that counts for something :)i love the purple color. The popper works better than my old one but i’m worried about longevity. A few notes:* good news: it works* bad news: this thing reminds me of the sound of a leaf blower when it is on. It doesn’t sound like a super-well-made leaf blower either. * good news, bad news: the top plastic piece (not the butter holder) gets very hot. The good news is that it melts butter (or coconut oil in my case) way better than my old air popper. * bad news: after almost 4 weeks of daily use, this thing still smells like pathetic made in china plastic when it’s hot.

Product arrived promptly and as described.

West Bend Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Kit – Five Stars

Helps to get to know cotton candy machine.

I used this kit with the cotton candy maker shown on the box.

Good quality taste and fast shipping. Gave this to my daughter’s family for christmas along with a cotton candy machine and they report they love it and used all of the sugar quickly. Only down size is they should come in bigger bottles.

I received this & something was wrong with it so you all told me to send it back which i did. The next day had got the replacement before you got the one back. I could n’t beleive it cause usely you have to receive the bad one first & then send the new one out. Thanks for the fastest replacement.

The grand daughter enjoyed it.

Its fine as long as you have a decent cotton candy machine. So its okay with to try for your self.

  • So much fun
  • Four Stars
  • Glad I Purchased This!

Cheap works fine for what it is.

Granddaughter loved it taste great.

Tasty sugar for your cotton candy maker. Each of these flavors is distinct and worked well in my machine. No more fairs needed to appease a sweet tooth.

Great addition to our cotton candy maker from back to basics that santa brought for christmas.

We used this with the waring pro cc150 cotton candy machine. It worked great and tasted great. The cardboard tubes are good for one use. I will by this again when i need a refill.

Features of Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Kit (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For use with Jelly Belly cotton candy maker
  • Paper cones have a colorful bean pattern

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Once i got the hang of making it, i was surprised at how well this thing worked. My daughter loves the taste.

It’s wonderfull,just like i remember as a kid.

Item sent quickly – just as described.

My daughter loves to play with this. I have the back to basics machine. She is 12 and is able to do it by herself and also clean it up.

Bought this for my daughter 8th bday party, all the kids loved it.

I absolutely love cotton candy and buy it whenever i see it. Not real thrilled with the stuff in plastic containers, and the bagged stuff is not the best, but on a cone at a festival is sheer heaven to me. So last year i asked for a cotton candy maker for my birthday. It’s not as fast as the big fair machines, but it does the trick and cures the cravings. This sugar is the ticket – tastes exactly like the stuff of my dreams.

For use with Jelly Belly cotton candy maker

Well worth the price and so glad i have this on hand. I do recommend this brand and as always order from amazon and you will not be disappointed.

This product tasted very good and works great if you have a properly working machine. I would recommend this product.

Goes with the jelly belly cotton candy maker.

I used this with the back to basics cotton candy machine. It flossed very easy, and didn’t give us a problem. Everyone said it tasted like the one at the fair.I would recommend this for making cotton candy in cotton candy machines.

I bought this to go along with the back to basics cotton candy maker and it worked just as it should. 2 colors/ flavors (blue & pink) with plenty of sticks. I did learn that you need to put the end product in bags if not eating the cotton candy right away. We saved a nice big fluffy cotton candy stick for a cousin and it had ‘melted’ to nothing by the time he came to the party. 1 tbsp = 1 nice big fluffy stick of cotton candy. The sugar comes in bags, so i put the remaining sugar in old cupcake sprinkle containers to use when the next birthday comes around. (cotton candy maker used) http://www. Com/gp/product/b005m7urhc?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s01.

Made way more cotton candy then expected for a great price.

Paper cones have a colorful bean pattern

Cotton candy was great and kit worked very well with machine.

Didn’t taste like i was expecting and the bottom candy had a hard time sticking to the cones that were included. Could be that i need practice but there weren’t tips or suggestions included for this process.

Our family loves this product, tastes like the carnival cotton candy you get from the fairs. Comes with plenty of cones and pink and blue sugar.

My grand children love this cotton candy kit.

Spun well and not oversized proportions. Although it did not take the full measurment.

My grandbaby loved the taste of the flavors.

West Bend 85157 7-Quart Oval-Shaped Crockery Cooker : Crockery 7 quart oval slow cooker

I use it a lot, still works great.

As i have seen elsewhere , the outer surface gets really hot. It also seems to cook hotter than most slow cooker recipes , therefore quicker. Just adjust the time for cooking and be careful of the outside heat. I am pleased other than that.

I just purchased this slow cooker and i have to say, i am very impressedi have tried other “higher end” makes and none made a roast like this one. The last one i purchased from jcp and it took 12 hrs for it to finish. I left this one on for 5 hrs while i was at work and boy. I have never had a roast just like this one – amazingi am looking to buy one for my mother.

This replaces a very old one that i broke the crock bowl. Cheaper to buy new one that to run down a replacement. I am looking for a workhorse of a slow cooker in a large size and i think this fits the bill. Wish it had a rubber ring on the lid for a proper seal, but aluminum foil works fine. Hope it lasts as long as the last one.

  • I like the warm setting
  • Slow cooker
  • Wonderful crock

West Bend 85157 7-Quart Oval-Shaped Crockery Cooker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless-steel oval-shaped slow cooker with 7-quart capacity
  • Low, high, and keep-warm temperature settings; on/off indicator light
  • Removable dishwasher-safe stoneware crock doubles as a serving dish
  • See-through glass lid; stay-cool handles; instructions and recipes included
  • Measures approximately 11-4/5 by 17 by 10-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

It’s large enough for almost any need and the crock is very easy to clean. I also love that the black crock color doesn’t show stains that develop over time in a white crock. And the brushed stainless aluminum exterior is also super easy to keep clean. Thanks west bend for another in a long line of superior products. I highly recommend this slow cooker. Stay blessedpeace, love and light ;-).

I love this but the only problem i have is being gone from home (at work) every day at 10 1/2 hours. The low setting is too high for many dinners that i put in there and have found the warm setting is just right for us.

Big eaters in our house for pulled pork, sunday roast. Bought this to replace older smaller crock pot that shorted out. Discovered the plug came out the bottom of the unit and moving in across the counter caused the wiring to bind and short out. This unit, along with all other i saw at store have the same design. I am sure it is so the crock will fit in the walls of the pot, no room for wiring. Will be careful not to move this one across counter when full of food to prevent this from happening again. Great color, nice fitting lid.

It looks great and i have used it a couple of times and it was all so easy to cook. I am not the worlds best cook but with this even my chicken pot pie turned out great. The chicken i cooked turned out so tender that it fell apart.

West Bend Bread Maker, Very Nice Bread maker

I bought this for pizza dough. The bread comes out looking like a real loaf of bread, same dimensions, just half as long. The two mixing paddles do a much better job than our old single paddle bread maker ever did. The instructions are very thorough and easy to understand. Just push a button for whatever you are making, and that is itif you are buying your first bread maker, get this one. You won’t be sorry and will be much happier. The bread is betterthan anything at the grocery store, and soooooo fresh. The pizza dough makes a pizza that tastes better (and is much cheaper to make) than anything that we ever ordered in a box.

This bread machine works very well. The bread came out perfect every time. The only complaint i have is that it is a bit difficult to remove the bread from the pan. I have used other brand bread machine before it was easier to remove the bread from it. I think the style of the loaf may be the cause. The reason what i still give this bread machine 5 stars was because that was the only thing made this machine less than perfect. I wanted a good tasting bread. For a novice bread machine user this machine was very easy to operate.

I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with the amount of crap they put in our foods. From chemicals to poisons, a lot of manufacturers just don’t seem to care. You’ll notice the most popular bread on the shelf has around twenty ingredients. The only real alternatives are the frozen varieties which will cost twice as much and taste twice as bad. So this christmas i decided to give myself a bread maker (juicer and ice cream maker) as a gift. After a lot of research i figured bread making would take weeks or even months to perfect. I was not optimistic about creating an edible, first loaf. Positives:+ it cooks perfect bread with little effort.

Key specs for West Bend Bread Maker (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Measures 18 by 10-1/2 by 11-4/5 inches
  • digital control panel; 12-hour delay timer

Comments from buyers

“Great machine just not so great user manual
, Extended Review
, Not as good as the West Bend I replaced, but made some adjustments

We bought this machine after reading a lot of reviews and going to bestbreadmachinereviews. We looked at breadman, than oster, then this one. After having it for a couple weeks and making several loaves, i’m very happy. Not one loaf has come out poorly; all are excellent consistency and rise. I have noticed a tendency for the dough to get lumped in one end of the bread pan after the second kneading cycle. Not sure if that is the recipe or the machine, but it bakes just fine and if i’m really concerned i can push it to the center of the pan pretty easily. Clean up after use is a breeze. If the paddles are stuck, just soak in warm, soapy water. Even sticky pizza dough comes off without much effort.

This is one of only 2 bread makers available that make a horizontal loaf like you buy in the store. The other is a $280 machine. I have never owned a bread machine so i did quite a bit of research online before making my decision of which machine to buy. The west bend hi-rise works great, the recipes that i have tried taste great, but the breads in the recipe book that comes with the machine seem a bit too heavy and dense as compared to store bought bread. I am now using a recipe that is very light and fluffy. Tastes good and is not dense. Makes good sandwiches and toast. Here is the recipe:ingredients: 1 cup + 2 tablespoons warm water at 115 degrees (water volume man need to be adjusted up or down by 1 tablespoon depending on your local environment) 2 tablespoons white sugar 2 1/4 tsp (one package) yeast 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 tsp salt 3 cups bread flourdirections: 1: place the water sugar and yeast in the bread pan of the bread machine. 2: let yeast dissolve and foam for 10 minutes. 3: select basic cycle, 1- 1 1/2 pound loaf setting and light crust.

I wanted to start making my own bread and at first intended to do it by hand. However, the idea of an automatic bread maker was seductive. After researching the lower end of the bread machine spectrum i decided to pay a little more than the bottom price and settled on the west bend 41300, mainly for the dual blades, versatility in settings, and loaf pan shape. The machine is easy to use and clean. So far, i have made a variety of basic breads and they have all turned out awesome. I have not had a problem with the kneading blades sticking in the loaf – they are easily removed if they do – and the machine seems sturdy enough. It is fairly large, so if you haven’t much space you’ll want to make sure you have a place to store it when it’s not baking. On the whole, i’m extremely pleased with this addition to my kitchen tool set. It’s very simple to use and has the promise of being versatile as my bread repertoire develops. You will definitely want to buy a bread making book or check out a few from your library, though.

Other reviewers have done a nice job of summarizing the pros and cons, but for consistency sake i will rattle them off in a quick list:pros:-reasonably priced for a machine that makes large loaves-horizontal pan makes a ‘real’ loaf of bread-has a ‘sandwich’ setting with recipe, you can actually use this bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that kids will eat (thinner crust then a typical bread machine that make a tube style loaf)-loads of settings to deal with a large variety of breads, more than i will ever use-doesn’t ‘walk’ on the counter-very short learning curve, get it and bake quickly-bread turns out great, the most important feature-delay option allows you to load the machine at night and have fresh bread waiting for you in the morning-i am the only one in the family that likes whole wheat, and i can make a small loaf with this machine-dough only feature is a must and this one has it-double paddles are a new must for me-it can handle the largest loaf of white bread with no problem, have not tried a heavier dense loaf yet at full size-no preservatives needed so better for my familycons:-it is large on a counter, hence the ability to make large loaves-the sandwich mode takes 3 and 1/2 hours to go through the cycle-you really have to shake the heck out of it to get the bread to release, people with heart issues may want to take note-the paddles have both baked into the bread on each loaf, just a pain and not a reason to avoid the model-minimal recipes, but recipes are so available online or in a book, it does not bother me-pan is thin, and the non-stick coating also seems that way, just hoping that long term the pan holds up-lid is kind of loose out of the box, hopefully the hinge holds up-display is tough for me to read-beeps cannot be heard with normal family noise, ok my family is big and loud so this may not be an issue for most-manual is not very goodnow for the math. (ok, i admit that i am a math teacher. )whenever i purchase a gadget like this i always consider how long it will take me to save money using it compared to purchasing the product (bread) in a store. Can i justify paying the price for the machine, or is it just another one of my novelty kitchen gadgets that i will never use once the novelty wears off. (ok, i admit that i only used my crepe maker 3 times. What was i thinking?)1 loaf of store bought white bread is about $2 for a mid priced loaf where i live. 78 divided by 2 = 38 loaves of bread. Now, consider you have to buy ingredients and pay for the electric. I purchase bread flour from costco and yeast also, significant savings compared to buying the silly little jars at the local grocery store and small package of bread flour. You can freeze yeast, so freeze it and take it out in small portions and it will last for years.

This machine is my 3rd bread maker. This is the best one i’ve used. I don’t like the ‘tall loaf’ bread machines, this makes horizontal loaves from 1 lb up to 2. I make all kinds of bread and it definitely lives up to it’s name, hi-rise. . I have had dough rise up to the lid lol great, great machine. In fact, i’m going to be ordering a second one so i can make 2 loaves at once (big family lol) parts are easy to order too, if you accidentally scratch the non-stick and it starts to flake off, or lose 1 of the paddles. . You can order just the pan or just the paddles. I will be ordering 1 of each, just to have. As long as you don’t use an abrasive sponge or knife to get the bread out (i always turn mine upside down and shake it out) they should last a long time.

My previous breadmaker had problems mixing, especially thicker doughs like for wheat bread. I know another person who also has to scrape the sides of her breadmaker while it’s mixing to make sure all of it gets mixed. I am very pleased with the westbend hirise breadmaker that i bought. I have made two loaves so far, one large and one small, and the dual kneading blades really do the trick. However, the first time i used it, i didn’t press one of the sides of the pan down far enough and it shook loose during kneading – a pain to put back on without stopping the whole process. From then on i just made sure they were both pressed down very firmly and double check it before i start the machine. I saw some reviewers say they needed to let it run a cycle before actually baking with it, but i didn’t need to do this and the bread tasted fine. I just washed the pan and kneading blades with dishwashing soap and water before making my first loaf. I’m very happy with this breadmaker so far.

Had an older single blade breadmaker that produced tall,square loaves-worked fine but i was ready for a two blade, more traditional shaped loaf machine. This seems at the moment the least expensive two bladed machines and i just couldn’t pull the trigger on a two hundred plus machine like a zo- iam sure it is fine , but after using this machine a few times i can’t believe it is worth over two times the price. This machine has been a joy- the bread is nicely shaped and every loaf has come out perfectly. Yes, the manual is sparse, but it says all you need to make fine bread. As far as recipes- there are numerous books available with a ton of good recipes and the internet has a ton more. It is quiet- you do need to run the bake only cycle when you first get to burn off the residue from manufacturing- let it cool down, wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go-no big deal and hardly annoyance as some have stated. Use your old recipes, explore new ones , but be prepared to enjoy homemade bread. This machine is definitely the real deal.

I have had several bread machines dating back to the first ones that were available back in the 90s – some good, some bad. Most recently, i had an upper-end ($200+) machine that gave out after about 5 years – and i was disappointed. Their cs suggested replacing the pan and paddles but they weren’t sure that would be the answer – and at $100+ for just that, i decided to just go for a lower-end machine. This is not a bad little machine. Yes, i am spoiled – but, really, for the price it does the job. It bakes a decent loaf of bread and the variable sizes is a nice feature for the price, as is the horizontal loaf. There are only two beefs i have with the machine:1. The paddles do get embedded in the bread. And i knew that was a possibility from the reviews – i just didn’t think they would be embedded so deeply. I never had that happen much in my prior machine or at least they were easier to remove.

We’ve been using breadmakers for over 10 years. When the bread pan on our old welbilt wore out, we were disappointed to have to shop for a new one. Fortunately, this machine didn’t disappoint. There were many comments about the recipies in the book being wrong, so right from the start we used our old standby for whole wheat and every loaf has been perfect. In fact the thing is so easy to use i didn’t bother to read the manual at all. There is one thing to watch out for, several other reviewers gave me the tip. Don’t just plug it in and bake your first loaf of bread. Take it out in the garage and run it through a bake cycle to burn off the factory oils or else your first loaf will stink (the house too). It would have been nice if they had included the bake cycle times in the manual, but someone has kindly found them and posted them under notes next to picure on amazon’s website.

After reading all of the different reviews for the breadman, zo, and this one, i finally decided to dive in and hope for the best. I took the advice of many and let this one run the first time dry, empty – no ingredients to burn off the ‘factory oil’ smell. I am more than glad that i followed this recommendation, because it was god-aweful. I received my machine on a blizzard snow filled day and had the windows shut. I turned it on and left it running in the same room that i was doing some work in. Never for a moment did i expect the ‘factory oil’ smell to be so bad. Couldn’t west bend burn off the smell at their factory before shipping it to me??my second issue was the manual’s recipes. I’m new to baking bread and making my own bread so i figured i would go with some of the recipes from the manual. Needless to say, the bread came out like hard bricks. I tried the whole wheat and regular bread, both came out terrible.

I got this machine for about 2 months ago and finally ready to write a review. I went through so many recipes and finally figured out the one that i like and works. I have several experience like others mentioning that bread have collapsed during bake cyclebut i figured out that usually i need to reduce the liquidand i realized that any recipes which uses less that 3 1/2 cups of bread flour don’t quite work for mei do wanna share my recipes. It requires a lot of ingredients and digital scale but trust me, it worths it500g bread flour40g butter50g suger40g honey6g salt2 eggs plus milk (i need the total weight to be 340g)6g yeasti know it’s annoying i don’t use measuring cups, but this bread is so sweet and you can enjoy it by itselfand you will not believe how soft it is. Since it uses eggs and milk, i don’t recommend to use timer for this recipe.

I’ve owned this machine just at two years. I use it frequently in the winter months, sometimes as often as 3 times a week and it still functions pretty much the way it did when i first purchased (march 2011). On the plus side:bread quality (5 star): initially the loaves were lopsided and fell. It took some internet searching and tweaking of recipes to determine that i needed to add slightly more water than standard bread recipes called for and about 1/4 tsp less yeast to get perfection. I also use only the light to medium crust settings. This machine is by far the best i’ve used for bread texture as the kneading process is very thorough (similar results to hand kneading all those years ago). The settings are easy and intuitive. The paddle removal tool comes in very handy to remove hot paddles from the bread. For the price it is a very solid and dependable machine that does an excellent kneading and baking job (if your recipe is right).

I bought the west bend 41300 hi-rise machine based mostly on the reviews here and on other sites. It would be hard to find something better in the under $100 category. It’s not a ‘zoji’ but it does a fine job of imitation. And since the manufacturer is in my home state of wi, i almost had to buy this one. I just received it off the ups truck this afternoon. After washing out the pan and running an empty bake cycle to burn off that ‘new’ smell, i threw in my favorite wheat bread recipe. This is my first dual paddle machine, and i am impressed with how well the tag team effort works the dough. The loaf came out of the bake cycle with a nice uniform color with a good crust on it. I personally like a heavy crust on my homemade bread. The interior of the loaf showed a nice uniform rise pattern.

I bought this machine after using my older bread maker for years. The older one still works, but doesn’t have as many options as the west bend, and it makes vertical loaves. I wanted a machine that makes a more traditional loaf. I looked at all of the horizontal loaf machines that i could find in stores and found that most of them either had an odd sized/shaped pan, only a single kneading paddle, or were not very well built. The west bend machine is sturdy, has a nice sized pan that locks firmly into position, and has two well placed kneading paddles. The non-stick surface on the pan and paddles works very well, although they must be washed only by hand without immersion. The non-stick is very good and washing them without immersion actually takes less effort than it would to make space for them in the dish washer. (important – putting any part of this machine in the dish washer will likely ruin it)the machine’s programs are easy to use with selections for recipe type, loaf size, crust type, etc. I have also found that the number of programs and options that are available on this machine has kept me from having to make custom programs for my bread, even though that option is available. The machine remembers what it is doing in case there is a power outage and programs can be canceled from the front panel if the wrong one is started by mistake (my old machine had to be unplugged and started over).

So after many years (yes, i said years) of failed bread attempts, both machine and hand made, hubby and i decided to give it one more try. We have had many culinary successes, but breadmaking has never been one of them. That is, until the 41300 hi-rise. I won’t bore you with all our failures, except to say they have been numerous and spectacular, and the results mostly inedible. Occasionally we would gnaw off a piece of one of the bricks just to say we had a bite. Wait another day and the same bite would have caused a dental emergency. To cut to the chase, we made a ‘perfect’ loaf of bread on our first try with this machine. By perfect, i mean crispy crust, light and airy crumb and wonderful flavor. Granted i’d done endless hours of research before the machine arrived and was armed to the teeth with tips. The main problem we have at 5280 ft.

This machine has not impressed me that much. It does make basic bread recipe from the manual booklet fairly well. The quick bread & rapid bread recipes have been flops. The shape of the machine makes it very difficult to use on the average countertop. I have to fill the pan & load it into the machine on my island. Then carry it to the counter & plug in. The paddles do get stuck in the pan and soaking doesn’t always remove the crust around them. So you have to unscrew them from the bottom and pry them out. After owning this machine for a while i find myself using it less & less.

This is my first bread machine, though my mom made bread at home in various ways while i was at home. After reviewing this model and comparing it to similarly priced breadman machines, i decided on this one since it had a higher positive-to-negative ratio than the others. Received it on christmas eve day thanks to amazon prime one-day shipping and opened on christmas (what a wonderful surprise.I read through all the reviews to see if anyone had major heating / ingredient trouble and decided to try out the super rapid for my first loaf. I used a pre-made bread mix (1. 0 lb recipe) from the grocery store to make it super easy on me, plus a teaspoon more yeast as noted in the manual for this setting. In 2 hours plus cooling time, the bread baked wonderfully. Using the plain white mix, it baked evenly in the machine and came out with a golden brown crust — also very even — using the medium setting on a 2.

First loaf was about 6′ high at one end, and about 1′ high at the other. Worst thing is that the loaf totally would not come out of the pan – had to cut about 1/4 of the loaf away at the short end and use a spatula to pry it out. Had to apply so much pressure that the blade came out, embedded in a very thick, nearly burned bottom crust – rather than tear through the bread. According to troubleshooting, i need to add a little more water and my guess is that ‘light crust’ should be used instead of medium, however it also says that a burned loaf means that the unit is malfunctioning. . I will probably try one more time and if it still burns will contact seller for a return and try a different model – which would be a shame because there were so many really good reviews. . First update: next loaf came out much better. I could tell the texture of the dough was much smoother as i watched it kneading. I took the advice of another poster and removed the blades right after the 3rd rise cycle started (simply opened the lid, grabbed the dough, pulled out the blades, lightly shaped the dough into a loaf and tucked it back in to rise. Worked out great, but the crust is still too hard on the bottom. Next time will reduce sugar and add still a little more liquid. After several fallen loafs, i ditched the recipes that came with the bread maker and tried a whole wheat recipe from king arthur flour website and voila.Finally a beautiful loaf of whole wheat bread.

So far i have been making bread every week. About every other week i make two loaves on the weekend. The unit is large but makes a great sized loaf. When i make the correct adjustments to salt type and such the loaves come out great. Just a hint, weigh your ingredients instead of using a measuring cup or spoon to get consistent results. I have been making white and wheat bread. I have only had one loaf of bread which was too dry. I had to make room on a separate counter in order to keep it out in the kitchen.

Has many different options on types of breads and loaf sizes which is helpful. It is very large so needs plenty of space on counter if your going to use is a lot. It’s a little noisy so we wait until we are done for the evening in the kitchen and then fire it up. All in all it makes great bread, and we really enjoy it. We tend to take it out and use it more during the cooler months. It’s a little on the heavy/solid side so keep that in mind if your storing it over head. A good solid unit however so that’s a good sign of a well made product.

Received my bread machine and baked a loaf of hawaiian sweet bread. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars is because of two things. I dislike the way the viewing windows are. My old machine had a good size viewing window made of glass. Very easy to see the progress of your bread. This one has two small windows made of plastic and it is very difficult to see what is going on. The 2nd reason is it has a ‘process’ button and no where in the manual does it say what the ‘process’ button is for. I don’t like pushing a button without knowing what it does first. Otherwise, it baked a beautiful loaf and i had no trouble getting the loaf out of the pan.

West Bend 41077 Just For Dinner Breadmaker – Perfect for a single guy!

Thank everyone who gave this breadmaker rave reviews. They were all i needed to convince me to purchase this beauty. I have never owned a breadmaker before, so i can’t speak to its relative merit compared to any other machine. But, i can say as a totally novice breadmaker, i hit the road running with this machine. So far, 3 months of bread making and not a problem. Living alone i seldom bought bread because i just couldn’t make it through a loaf before having to toss it out. But, with this machine, i can have bread anytime i want (as long as i keep bread flour in the house) and have plenty for 2 days. Absolutely the best toy i have ever purchased for myself.

I bought this in 2007 and we make bread for communion every week abd it really does work as fast as it claims. A nice small loaf of bread in less than an hour. Three years later we’re still using it every week.

I have been using it a lot a lot since i bought it few months ago. It was a christmas present for myself and my family. It is an absolutely important machine for me since the day i received it. My family and my friends love my bread. I have even given it as presents to some friends. Anyone who are concerned with healthy eating should buy this machine and make their own bread. Once my family is used to eating our own bread, we discover that the bread that one buys from stores are way too salty and sweet, and there are also undesirable things that are added.

It’s been gathering dust for years, but glad i got it out – now i’m making a loaf every day or two for me and my flatmate.

Got this little jewel so my husband could have homemade bread for dinner. Well they say man cannot live on bread alone, but i think i can live on this bread. I make the french bread recipe and he loves it. Doesn’t take up much room and ready in 45 minutes.

This is my second breadmaker and i pitched the first one because i just didn’t like the quality of the bread produced coupled with the facts that the machine was big, noisey and took 3-1/3 hours to come up with a loaf of barely acceptable bread. I purchased this unit on total impulse yet with the thought that it would be a smaller-sized unit — well, it turned out to be just shorter. However, the cooking time of 45 minutes i found great, and even more to the point, the loaves of bread made from their recipes are great. I am addicted to their feta cheese with black olives bread, but there are a lot of recipes included with the unit and i haven’t tried a bad one yet. I would recommend this breadmaker for anyone who would like hot, fresh homemade bread to add to their meals. Can you tell i’m a bread lover?.

  • Ya gotta love this machine
  • Perfect for a single guy!
  • Bust Purchase of the Year

Yet another person who wasn’t sure about this. Our old bread machine was over 10 years old, and still had a separate rubber gasket between the pan and the baking unit; when pickle underfoot, our cat, decided to play hide and seek with the gasket and permanently hid it, we had to start looking at new bread makers. I thought i wanted another large one, but this looked intriguing, and the positive reviews outnumbered those for most other models, so i took a chance. As soon as i got it, i rinsed it out and made a loaf of bread for supper, and it came out so good that once we finished supper, i made another loaf, this time cinnamon-raisin bread, to have for breakfast. Oh, and you don’t need salt – i’m on a low-sodium diet for chf, and leave salt out of everything; the bread comes out fine nonetheless. As long as the sugar is in there, yeast can feed on it. I usually put a pinch of powdered ginger in, in place of salt – it doesn’t have an obvious ginger flavor, but zings things up a bit, bringing out the flavors of any other spices more. I’ve tried several of the recipes that come with it by now, and all of them work fine without salt.

I cannot say enough good things about this bread maker. I owned the large bread maker before but this is my favorite. The advantage of the larger machine is more versatility and options. For instance, i like my bread very lightly toasted. Many of the larger machines give you options regarding cooking times – not this one. The larger machine also gives you the options of cooking 4 different types of bread. Another issue is that the loaves are small. Those things said, i still love this machine. With a 5 minute prep time and a 45 minute cook time you can have fresh bread every day. The loaves are enough to feed 4 people. And for busy people like me who think that even 5 minutes prep is too long, you can pre-pack all the dry ingredients in zip-lock bags (great activity to do with kids) and just pull one out when you need it, toss it in with the water and butter and in 45 minutes – fresh bread.

The first one arrived broken from amazon. I called the manufacturer and they sent a new one, without any hassles, and that one works just fine. I wish you could set it to let the bread rise a bit more, but i guess its simplicity is what makes it so affordable.

I got this for my parents for christmas (2003) and they can’t say enough good things about it. They rave about the taste of the bread, claiming it is the best they have had from a bread machine. It makes a loaf in 45 minutes or so, and the size is just right for 2 – 4 people. As long as the machine continues to function, my rating will remain five stars.

Ok, i’ll say right away that this machine makes a small loaf, about 3/4 of a pound and roughly 4 x 6 x 4′ high. I — and the machine — keep busy, especially while our nephew is staying with us. This bread has a way of vanishing because it’s so good. I’ve made white bread, wheat bread, raisin bread and my house specialty, wheat with oatmeal and walnuts. The machine takes only 45 minutes from start to finish. After my experience with a different brand of machine — waiting hours only to throw out some soggy rejects, i’m especially happy with this one.

Features of West Bend 41077 Just For Dinner Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Quick baking–oval shaped, dinner-size loaf in 45 minutes
  • Convenient settings for basic, specialty, and wheat breads
  • Easy-to-use controls with LED indicators
  • Ideal for dinner parties of 2 or 4; gourmet recipes included
  • Measures 9 by 10 by 11-1/2 inches; 90-day warranty

Make sure this fits
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Love,love,love this little breadmaker. Please please bring it back again, i never had anything but success with itand there was such a variety of bread recipes with it. Perfect for one or two at a meal. I keep checking online inthe hope i’ll see it back again soon.

Splendid to have good bread in 45 minutes. The small size loaf is just right & prevents having to freeze leftover slices which never taste as good as fresh. Breadmaker works well & shows promise for a long run in our kitchen. My only reservation is lack of control over browness of the crust: just one pre-set result. Operation couldn’t be simpler.

I received my jfd this morning. After i finished up with my work for the day i decided to play with my new toy. I made the plain white bread first — just like the recipe in the book but i did add one teaspoon of vital wheat gluten. It was ok– loaf right to top of pan — but a little too dense and cakey for me. So i made another loaf and let it run through the knead/rise cycle twice before letting it bake. Perfect — loaf was a good inch above the top of the pan. I shared that first loaf with my little friends in the back yard. The perfect loaf will be enough for me for several days. I don’t eat bread all of the time so i’ll probably bake about one loaf a week except when my kids are home. Then, it will increase big time.

~this is a good bread maker for a small family. We are asians who don’t eat a lot of bread and only need one loaf of bread from supermarket per week(for breakfast). This machine allows us to have fresh bread every two days. I just bought it for a month but i already tried several breads. It takes some experiment(at least for me who didn’t have any bread-making experience) to get the best result. But since the bread is small, it’s not so difficult to ‘finish’ the not-so-perfect result. Now my~~ husband and i fall in love with this little machine. Everytime he heard the ‘beep’ alarm(bread is done), he will rush to the kitchen to have a taste no matter he has a full or empty stomach. Very few items i bought could be praised as ‘good investment’ by him.

Many recipes for white, wheat, & rye. Fresh hot loaf in less than an hour.

We’ve tried three different recipes so far. My wife loves the french bread. It’s simple, easy and makes great tasting bread. The loaves are small, but they’re just right for two people. If we have guests we’ll just cook another loaf.

Quick baking–oval shaped, dinner-size loaf in 45 minutes

This is my first breakmaker. I just made my first loaf of bread with this machine today. I was very happy with the result. Now that i know i can make fresh bread, i don’t know if i’ll ever go and buy ready made bread from the grocery store since most ready made bread contain preservatives. I don’t have another bread machine to compare this one to, but i can say that i’m happy with the bread it makes because it doesn’t over bake it. I tend to like very soft bread, with lightly browned crust. I really don’t like hard crusts – i rather eat under cooked bread than hard crusts. This machine bakes the bread exactly the way i like it – soft. It’s also fun to have a window to see it knead the dough. I don’t have any complaints.

I, too, was wooed over by the raving reviews on this bread machine and decided to purchase it. I received it yesterday and baked my first loaf today (second is already under way). The instruction manual is extremely clear and easy to follow. They provide 27 recipies for different types of breads. I had to go out and buy bread machine flour (i also bought whole wheat flour because i wanted to make whole wheat bread) and fast rising yeast – readily available at any supermarket down the baking aile – and that’s all i neededafter putting the ingredients in and turning the machine on i just had to sit and watch it mix the ingredients into a beautiful dough. It was a fascinating transformationonce done i tasted the bread and was amazed. My first loaf of bread was perfect. And it certainly didn’t take culinary talent, as i have none. What you do need to have is proper measuring tools (normal measuring cups and spoons) and that’s about it. Clean up was a snap and i was off and baking my second loaf in no time. Regarding the loaf size, it is just right. The way i cut it this time i only 6 slices out of it, but they were extra thick slices. Next time i’ll cut them more thinly and it’d make 8 sandwich-thickness slices, no doubt.

This is the first bread machine my husband and i have ever owned, so while i can’t compare it to other machines, i can say that the west bend has absolutely delighted us from its first use. We are not experienced bakers, so this machine must be very forgiving because it has turned out terrific loaves of bread, time after time, without a single ugly-looking or off-tasting mistake. The machine really does complete the entire bread-making process in 45 minutes, which is terrific because i can put the ingredients in the machine, turn it on, and by the time i finish cooking the rest of the meal, the bread is done. The loaf is easy to remove from the pan, and clean-up has been a snap. The machine goes through only one rise cycle and requires an entire packet of quick-rise yeast, which does give the bread a slightly ‘yeastier’ taste and aroma than other breads. But we still find the bread delicious and are not at all bothered by the slight yeastiness. To us, it just tastes hearty and flavorful. As others have said, the baked loaf is a very cute oval shape (not a weird, tall cylinder, like full-sized machines apparently make) and is perfect for two people. To be honest, it’s really more than enough bread for two; we slice it into about 5 or 6 slices (3/4-inch wide), and usually save 2 of those slices for later, to have as an after-dinner treat with some sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. For comparison, if you eat at outback or lone star steakhouse, the west bend loaf is taller and produces a few more slices than the brown bread loaf they bring you as a free appetizer at those restaurants.

I can not tell folks how pleased i am with this ‘just for dinner’ bread maker. It was delivered at 5:15 pm tonight and by 6:30 i had already baked a delicious rye bread to go with dinner and the smell of fresh baked bread in the house was wonderful. I have had a full size bread maker for 15 full years and purchased one from a catalog before they had ever hit the store shelves in america. Most folks at the time had never heard and could not believe such a device actually existed, much less actually take dry ingrediants and turn them into bread. I became tired of my machine however, as time went on, because of the time it took (4 hours), the size loaf it made, and the time involved in the clean up (kept getting longer and longer and. . ) honestly, it was just a hassle and the family never could finish that large loaf of fresh bread before it got stale and always ended up throwing a quarter or a half a loaf away. Over the years, i have looked into another machine, but figured why bother, i never saw much innovations or improvements in them. The west bend ‘just for dinner’ maker is just the ticket. I of course read about the 45 minute cycle from beginning to finished product but it was still a joy to behold.

Perfect little loaves everytime – in no time at all. Delicious taste/texture, good crumb, not too dark. I live alone and one loaf takes me almost through the week. There are some limitations such as there is no ‘dough-only’ cycle, and fewer recipes. But remembering what this machine was intended to do; produce loaves of bread for two people in 45 minutes, it does exactly that.

I knew nothing about breadmakers. Sure like everyone i read about thembut it seem the better a model was the more they seem difficult. Theni spotted the just for two, took my time read all the reviews and orderedit. I followed the recipes that camewith it, but did make a change like that one lady suggested about dissolving yeast water and sugar first. The first few times i made thebread not dissolving yeast i thought the bread tasted yeasty. But hersuggestion fixed problem. It’s adorable, perfect hot bread and justenough for 2 hungry people or save some for breakfast. Bread to meloses some of it’s appeal when cold, so no leftovers suits me fine. I have not made a bad loaf yet. I do cheat and use some mixes, carefullydividing in half as mixes make a 3lb loaf and this little guy makes 1. I add nuts, crushed fread banana, seeds, and in under 5 minutesto prepare you would think my bread was gourmet.I love it, it’s so simple stupid which is exactly what i needed.

Convenient settings for basic, specialty, and wheat breads

The west bend just for dinner breadmaker is a rare gem. It functions exactly as advertised and bakes a delicious small loaf of bread that’s hot and fresh from your own kitchen. (and the loaf isn’t that small either — it serves a group of four along with a hearty main course or a group of two along with a lighter entree. The recipes (included) aren’t complicated and call for readily available ingredients. I’ve tried several varieties and i love them all. The just for dinner breadmaker blends quality and convenience in an economical package. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a smaller, and perhaps first, breadmaker.

I read the reviews for this breadmaker and absolutely couldn’t resist buying one for my small family. My son is a 19 year-old college student, and one of his favorite pastimes is eating me out of house and home. My west bend breadmaker arrived today, and i made bread for the first time in my life. My first attempt at breadmaking turned out beautifully. As i am writing this review my son is finishing his second slice. Yes, it is a small loaf, but this small loaf will feed four people easily. The directions and recipes are easy to follow, and clean-up was a snap. I highly recommend this breadmaker to anyone who loves to serve their family hearty fare.

I bought this breadmaker because my husband loves homemade bread, but i have not wanted a big bread machine that takes hours to make bread. It’s simple, easy and quick. The little loaf is just the right size for a dinner for 3 or 4 and maybe there will be a slice or two leftover for a snack. I have made the recipes that are included and i have adapted recipes. All loaves have come out perfect.

To tell you the truth, i was very sceptical when i first got this machine. But once i made my first loaf, i started to understand all the praise. But i didn’t really understand until i got another bread maker which has all the bells and wistles. This machine is best for every night use. This really is the easiest, and fastest bread machine. And, it makes enough bread for a family of four with no left overs to worry about (which get stale in one day). My guess on size is that it makes about a 3/4 pound loaf. There are plenty of recipes included with the machine, but if you really want quick, west bend sells pre-made mixes on there website westbend. Com, which have turned out perfect for me everytime. Every loaf i have made with this machine has turned out perfect.

Those are two things my past bread machine lacked. Fits right into the corner nicely.

I have two of the bigger, takes longer types my family has long gone, and we are just two again. But do like the product that comes from this one. I do let it raise twice, because i can. And enjoy having fresh bread more often, and able to enjoy many different kinds.

I know it shouldn’t, but i am still surprised when a product performs better than i expect. We ordered this little bread machine when our old hitachi started making bricks instead of bread. We looked at several models and of course read the reviews on them. We liked the idea of a smaller loaf and the short (45 min) cycle time, so we decided to give this machine a try. Yep, it’s a little loaf, but it’s perfect every time and in the time advertised. It will make 3-4 sandwich’s, or enough toast for two or three. It took a day or so to get use to the small size of the bread but now that we have used it for a couple days we can’t imagine going back to a full size machine. We have been using the basic bread recipe that came with the machine and it has come out perfect everytime. The manual is very good and the directions are simple and easy to understand. We were eating the first loaf of bread within an hour and a half of opening the package.

Easy-to-use controls with LED indicators

Many years ago i owned a 2 pound breadmaker. It was an excellent machine, however 2 pounds of bread with no preservatives results in wasted bread. This machine is perfect for your typical single guy. You get plenty of bread for a dinner for two. But if you are the only one eating, not so much as to have the bread go to waste. The unit cycle time of 45 minutes allows you to plan, or even last minute plan a meal with fresh bread.

Makes a small loaf so i don’t overdo it on bread.

This machine does not really need any more accolades, as plenty of people have spoken about how wonderful it is. The small loaves are great so you can eat all the bread before it goes bad, and so that you can have variety. And the bread is greatbut i wanted to mention something others haven’t — i have had this machine for years and it is still going strong. I just dug it out of storage after moving, and am so excited to be using it again. Not a single glitch, started right up again and i had a hot loaf in less than an hour.

I have a full size bread maker which i love, but really only used on the weekends because it takes abut 4 hours to make a loaf of bread. A friend recommended this machine and because of the price and reviews i ordered one. It surpassed all my expectations and it really only takes 45 minutes from start to finish.I made a perfect loaf to serve with dinner on the day i received it with no problems. The next night i made 5 different types of bread loaves for a friend’s birthday without a hitch – each came out perfectly and the machine was ready to go again within 15 minutes after the end of each baking cycle. Unlike my old maching, this one is much smaller and sits on my counter without taking up too much space – plus it is very quiet and doesn’t shake. I highly recommend this machine.

It is unfortunate that west bend has discontinued this product. It is the perfect breadmaker for a small family or a couple. Easy to use and great results in just 45 minutes.

I bought this bread maker 7 years ago, & it’s still working the same as when i first bought it. Before this we had a huge 2 full loaf maker, it was loud and for us way to big. This makes a nice sized loaf for 2 adults and a 14 year old boy (who loves making his own ideas). If you can find one, go for it.

Ideal for dinner parties of 2 or 4; gourmet recipes included

I’ve used this little breadmaker to bake everything from cornbread to christmas stollen. I get six thick slices plus two ends out of a loaf. It browns well and the loaves are delicious. I bought a larger, fancier, more expensive breadmaker for christmas cooking, but i came right back to this one and have nothing but praise for it.

I have a big bread machine which works fine, but i find it hard to eat an entire 2 lb. Loaf of garlic/onion bread or whatever. This machine makes a little mini-loaf of specialty bread–perfect for dinner. As others have said, it is easy to use. Just throw in the ingredients, press start and voila–45 minutes later, delicious hot bread for dinner. I highly recommend this great little appliance.

I am not especially good in the kitchen; however, my oldest daughter wanted a breadmaker so i bought this west bend. My daughter (age 15) has made bread herself. My husband and i also have made bread. The loaves are small, but we don’t mind. We use it with our dinner, and everyone has enjoyed it. It takes about 10 minutes to stick everything in the breadmaker. Follow the directions and put everything in the order listed. Then the bread comes out perfect every time.

I cannot say enough nice things about this ‘little guy’. Though little is the operative word. Which works for methe original review was written after i made two loaves – though amazon managed to lose most of it. At this time, i can’t begin to count the number of french bread loaves and honey wheat and rye, etc. , that have come out of this machine. I have noted others have grumbled about a ‘yeasty’ tasting loaf. Personally, that is a plus, to my way of thinking. That is controlled by the amount of liquid, ‘fat’, and sugar you include in the recipe. I also enjoy a crusty heavy textured loaf. In fact, i purposely adjust my recipes to make just those loaves.

After reading the mixed reviews on this nifty kitchen tool, i was a little hesitant. However i bought it anyway since i really dislike store-bought bread, and i am glad i did. I started with the basic recipe, and like others, i did notice the yeasty flavor. It bothered me a little, and i considered returning the machine. But i really wanted to be free from buying bread at the store, so i decided to try some of the ideas mentioned in these reviews. The one thing that made all the difference is proofing the yeast before putting everything in the bread maker. Once i started doing that i turned out tasty loaves every time. Proofing the yeast is simple and quick to do. I start by heating the liquid for the bread to 100 – 110 degrees f in a small bowl in the microwave, then i dump in the yeast and a portion of the sweetener. That lets the yeast get started while i measure out the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

I’ve had this breadmaker for a bit over a year now and i still love it, though the honeymoon has worn off somewhat. When i first got it, i made at least two loaves per week. Now it’s one every 4-6 weeks at most, but that’s to be expected with any new toy for meit doesn’t mean it’s any less of a machine – i just have other toys to occupy me when i get bored, so i’m not swimming in bread anymore. It’s still great when i have a person or two over for dinner. I think it makes a nice amount of bread for 3-4 people for a single meal. When i make it just for myself, i usually have bread for three days or so. One of the really great things is the ability to experiment with flavors. I get tired of plain white bread so once you understand the science of bread making (the base ingredients must be measured rather precisely) you can experiment with substituting sugars (use honey instead for example) and fats (olive oil instead of butter). You can also use different herbs, cracked pepper, whatever you can think of to make a new loaf of bread.One of my favorites is a combination of two breads in the recipe book that comes with the maker – italian herb + cracked pepper.

This bread maker is very simple to use and both recipes i have tried so far have turned out perfect. It takes a few minutes to put in the ingredients, turn it on and in 45 minutes you have a hot loaf of bread fresh for dinner.

I had been looking into buying a breadmaker and after reading the many positive reviews on this one, i made the purchase and am very pleased that i did. The instructions/receipes are very clear and easy to follow and cleanup is a breeze. So far i have made the basic white and honey oatmeal bread and they turned out perfectly.

This machine is so easy to use that there is no excuse for not having fresh bread whenever you want it. Some tips: do not use packets of yeast. As author kay rentschler pointed out in a popular illustrated cooking magazine, the amount of yeast per packet can vary greatly. Buy yeast in bulk and measure it as needed for more consistent results. Also, do check the dough after 4 minutes of kneeding and adjust with a teaspoon of flour or water if needed. (king arthur’s web site is a good resource of what the kneeded bread should look like. ) and resist the temptation to eat the bread right away.

Have baked more loaves than i thought possible and they all get eaten because they are such a great size for a three person household. Some days i have kept it going almost non-stop as these loaves are also great gifts. What a handy kitchen item–and it does very well with specialty recipes.

I have purchased this machine after reading all of great customer reviews on amazon site as well as other site. Performance itself is surly fantastic, and cost performance is wonderful. It is just about the same size as rice cooker; so it does not take precious space of the kitchen counter. I strongly recomend this machine for all.

All recipes use 1/2 cup water or milk, 1 1/4 to 1 1/3 cups flour and 2 1/4 tsp of rapid-rise yeast. That much yeast will impart off flavors to the bread. I have been able to reduce the yeast to 1 heaping teaspoon by using some of the 1/2 cup of water to proof the yeast for a few minutes before adding it to the machine. This is kind of a pain in the neck, so i took off one star. It only has the choice of whole wheat or basic cooking cycles. It does not display a timer or allow for delayed start. This is good since you would have to convert your own recipes to the above proportions.

West Bend 53655 5-Cup Hot Pot, Love It Before It’s Delivered!

Perfect for home, office or travel. The first one i got as a gift when i went to college, twenty-five years ago. It’s a purple one, that i still have and use everyday at home. When i wanted one for the office, i searched for the same brand and was elated to find it on amazon. Not crazy about the white- but it works so well whenever i need it. I just keep a gallon of bottled water in my office, for convenience. Even my co-workers come to use it to avoid walking to the break room. Water doesn’t come to a rolling boil- but it’s piping/steaming hot. Never had a problem brewing tea, or instant coffee, etc. You hear it sound like it’s steaming/boiling and you’ll know it’s ready.

I have been using this hot pot to make tea for at least 10 years, every saturday & sunday. I keep one up north at a cabin and one at home. One of them just stopped working (after 10 years of use). I bought a different one which was way too big and turned off after the water was done boiling. I love that this doesn’t turn off, it keeps my water hot as long as needed, until i decide i want it off. Yes, i have forgotten to unplug it many many times, even when i had used up all the water. Since i only use it on weekends i have found myself leaving it on for an entire week. It is still hot, my teabags are stuck to the bottom of the pot, but it kept working year after year, never close to a fire. Of course i wouldn’t recommend leaving it on, but on the many times that i have, all i had to do was scrape off my teabags, and start it again. Since i only use if to make tea i don’t mind the tea residue, but i scrub it and it cleans up without a porblem. I love that it boils the water, and once it has boiled it seems to reduce temp to a ‘keep hot but don’t keep boiling’ temperatur, perfect for my tea. I am going to order another one, the picture looks identical to what i have had for 10 years.

We purchased this hot-pot to replace one which failed after several years of service. It was/is used for almost 2 hours/day to heat water for tea, coffee, whatever. It brings the water to near-boil quickly and holds it hot enuf for tea. I usually start with a little more than enuf water for the first pot to make it heat as quickly as possible then refill it after use. The old [similar pot worked every time except the last time and the new one works fine also. We heat nothing but water so cleanup is trivial. ]

Key specs for West Bend 53655 5-Cup Hot Pot, White (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heats water quickly for instant snacks or beverages
  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic temperature control and turn-to-secure cover
  • Interior cup level markings and pouring lip design helps reduce dripping while serving

Comments from buyers

“Hot Pot love affair
, Love It Before It’s Delivered!
, West Bend Hot Pot

Could not find this pot any where. I had bought one about 15 yrs. I decided to go on line an look there and wa-la . I found yours and i was so happy. It has been on 6 trips with me since i got it.

Update march 21, 2014: the new white one arrived quickly and is as good as i expected. It heats water very quickly. I think the cord and plug are heftier than on our previous one, an improvement. The plug has a bigger flange making it easier to pull out of the socket. Someone please tell me, does this product have run-dry protection?. If you leave it plugged in with the top off, and it runs dry, will it shut off to protect itself or will it self-destruct???. (i threw the instructions away before i read them completely. )the amazon review gives its noise as a negative characteristic. I see it as a positive because when the mild roar ceases, that is the signal that the water is hot and ready to use. The west bend instructions advise against using the pot for anything but heating water. I can’t imagine users fouling the pot with icky soup and oat mealoriginal review:love it before it’s delivered. Because we had a black-colored version for decades until recently the plug exhibited problems, and plugging it in didn’t produce any results. I could have put on a new plug, but since the price is affordable, and white looks nice, i ordered a new one. To use it, your ear has to become tuned to the buildup of the sound of the water nearing shutoff temperature, and then the silence when it is ready and shuts off.

I’ve been using this model for a few decades. I use mine daily, so it gets its mileage. It’s not warrantied for life, of course. This model doesn’t bring water to a roiling boil–but it gets water hot. I’ve lived at sea level for several decades during which i’ve used the west bend hot pot. So i don’t need the water to boil (212ºf at sea level) in order to get hot water. At most higher altitude towns and cities, water has a boiling point of ≥200ºf±, so maybe such locations would see boiling before the thermal shutoff switch activates?. I’ve done mountaineering and know how it is to have water boil at.I have high quality tap water in my area, so i’m not using this hot pot for water sterilization.

This was to replace a similar pot that i’ve had for many years. Hope this one lasts as long. My only comment is that i wish they come in clors other than white or at least in two colors. Looks so plain and out of place with my mostly black or stainless-steel kitchen equipment. Good thing it is compact in size and can be somewhat inconspicuous.

The first is in daily use at my office, and this one is for my home. It heats more quickly than a microwave, and keeps my tea hot without boiling away. I take it when traveling as well, because it is better for tea than the hotel coffee pots. This little pot has been used for heating soup, for heating the water for knoxing my synchronized-swimmer daughter’s hair, for any use of hot water in a hurry.

This hot-pot is absolutely essential for living at college. While you can get your regular meals at d-hall and at other eating establishments, the hot-pot especially comes in handy for late-night snacks, like ramen noodles, as well as soup, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider. Keeps the stuff pretty darn hot, and it doubles as a pitcher. It also is taller but not as wide as most hot-pots, so it has a smaller ‘footprint’ when you’re storing it.

I bought this to use while camping. It is nice and neat and works great. Good for heating water for tea, coffee, or soup.

This hotpot keeps my water warm throughout the day. It doesn’t shut off automatically, and has no temperature adjustment. The design of the heating element makes it hard to clean.

I have had several west bend hot pots over the years. They don’t come close to the west bend. It’s quick and easy to use and they last a long time.

This hot pot is great if you are a college student and want to make hot tea any time of day. Here’s the trick to get almost boiling hot water: realize that the pot does not ‘control’ the temperature per se, it just heats up the water and continues to do so for up to 20 minutes. Therefore, if you want one cup of water as close to boiling as possible, fill the pot just over the 2 cup line, let it heat up for at least 6 minutes, if not 10, then pour yourself some hot water. And it doesn’t really make up to 5 cups, that is, it will only fill up 3-4 coffee mugs maximum.

This is a handy appliance to have around. I purchased this one after my last on gave out following 15 years os service. It heats the water fast and instead of boiling it simply keeps the water at temperature. If you leave the lid on you can go all day without evaporating the water.

Works good and is functional.

The hot pot arrived as promised and functioned as per description.

This is really good hot pot it heats up fast and it gets very hot. I really like it because it is light to carry and just plugs into wall wait a few minutes it is hot water. If you like it simple just fill up and plug in then this is the hot pot for you.

Excellent, very satisifed with the product but surprised the cord is not detachable like the original.

Little tooepenseve but a good productp.

West Bend 6113 Nonstick Countertop Grill and Panini Press – Made some really good sandwiches!

It is light and easy to use and easy to clean.

We use for panini sandwiches, burgers, and chicken.

Dont know how good this works i bought it as a christmas gift for my boyfriend he loves making grilled cheese sandwiches so i figured be great gift for him and plus a griller too i want to suprise him.

My favorite grilling machine.

Works very well, makes great paninis. Unfortunately, the top doesn’t rotate so it is hard to make a big, meaty sandwich.

The items was exactly what i wanted to give as a christmas gift it is nice to see a variety of items on amazon.

  • Works great with one caveat 😉
  • Not great but not bad
  • Yummy!

I used this only a couple time. My daughter saw it and wanted one. Very good control, easy to clean.

It is small but efficient and works well for our needs. It is an appliance that is a good value.

It’s like because:likes for:lower price. S need longest electric wire. The top grill dos’nt fit for higher or thicker sandwiches.

Made some really good sandwiches.

It’s doesn’t heat up enough to really sear anything. It really just toasts bread – which is great for grilled cheese sandwiches but not very good for meat. It cooks, just doesn’t give that real grilled flavor.

Features of West Bend 6113 Nonstick Countertop Grill and Panini Press (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Countertop panini press opens 180 degrees for use as an indoor grill
  • Upper and lower, ribbed, nonstick grill plates; floating hinge; cool-touch handle
  • Slight slope helps drain grease away from food; “power” and “ready” indicator lights
  • Dishwasher-safe grill plates and grease tray; user manual with recipes included
  • Measures approximately 13 by 11 by 8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I like everything about it except it seems to get too hot too fast. Easy clean-up and non stick surface are great.

The item was delivered on time, and so far we have enjoyed it very much. My husband likes to use it for everything. Even his blt, and it worked fine. I clean mine with a paper towel, if you have burned something a little bit, be sure to get all the black char off of it before using it again. It is very easy to clean up,if you follow instructions.

I’m glad i bought this grill. It makes good sandwiches and grills veggies and meat to put in them. Adding jarred sweet red peppers to the cheese etc makes the sandwiches even better.

Good little grill and panini press. Love how fast it heats and easy to clean up. The only thing i would have liked even more is an on/off ability. That stated, it is well worth the price.

I was looking for a press that had removable plates for easy cleaning. I had to pay a little more but it is worth it. Very easy to take the plates out as put them in the dishwasher. I have had items with non removable plates and they are hard to clean. There are many choices out there – recommend the removable plate kind.

Now i bought this for my husband and we have never owned a panini press before. It works very well with one caveat. They tell you to press down for several seconds when you make the panini. This is so light that if you use too much pressure, the grill will topple forward. Was really not a problem because you remember not to do that a second time.

Countertop panini press opens 180 degrees for use as an indoor grill

Somehow i thought the top part of this unit would rotate just a bit so it would lay flat on top of the sandwich i want to grill. Anything more than about 1′ has to be turned around halfway through to get the outside edges grilled as well as the original inside ones. It works well and the vendor was just fine but i am disappointed with it.

I use this grill quite a bit and it performs well. It heats up fast and cooks evenly. I have used it for steaks,chicken and sausages. You will need a cookie sheet under it because when you open the lid some of the drippings drop behind it. No big deal but a little messy.

This is a very limited utensil. I thought i would use her a lot more than i do. If you grow on it it’s splattered grease all over the place and if you put the top down it’s hard to tell when something is done. I wish i had not purchased it.

I find that the top section needs to be held with a potholder to keep it flat when closing on a sandwich. Not the easiest thing in the world. Anybody have a better way please post it here.

The receiver loves it and grills sandwiches, even meats, quickly. Plates easily clean in dishwasher. Both a real advantage to a busy family with active children.

I like how compact this panini press is and i appreciate that it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Upper and lower, ribbed, nonstick grill plates; floating hinge; cool-touch handle

This lil panini press definitely gets the job done. It upgrades my boring sandwiches into hot little morsels from heaven. But it is very far from perfect. On taking it out of the box, i couldn’t tell if it had been used or made in the most crazy, destructive, dysfunctional factory in the world. It had quite a few little dings and scratches on the plastic handles. It is so disappointing to wait for something to come in the mail, get excited about it and have it come out of the box looking like someone else returned it the day before they sent it out to me. Luckily, the grey ‘stainless steel’ surface was fine and still protected in factory plastic. I’d been craving a panini for a week and didn’t feel like dropping another 10$ at the cafe down the street, so i bit the bullet, washed it very thoroughly and it’s now sitting on my counter. One of the reasons i gravitated towards this model was the price and that is advertised as having a floating hinge, which in my understanding, means that the top lid comes down directly on top of the sandwich, ie like a press should, and would not come down at any kind of angle like the george forman grill. There is a slight swivel, but all in all, it comes down at an angle and depending on how tall the sandwich is, pushes the contents off.

Very handy and small footprint.

I ordered this to replace an older george foreman grill. I could not be happier with this product. This is so much more than just a great panini press. I have used it to grill chicken breasts, pprk chops, burgers, et. This is a great alternative to using my outdoor grill during the winter months. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly and, best of all, the removable plates make cleaning so much easier than what i had before.

I bought this panini press for my parents’ house to have while we’re visiting because my children are fans of the pressed sandwich. It’s easy to assemble, clean & use, and the paninis come out great.

Foreman grill that i dropped with the west bend model. I wanted a unit with removable grills which are much easier to clean than fixed grill models. This grill is about the same price as an entry level g. Foreman but is hands down better quality. The grill is attractive, well made, and has logical features like a raised back hinge, indicator lights, and lay flat capability. The grill heats up quickly and cooks food evenly. The removable grills make cleaning a snap. The rear hinge should have a bit more movement in order for the top grill to lay flat on a thick panini, but otherwise the unit is great. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

I found out i was gluten intolerant just over a year ago and i’ve finally found quite a few gluten free breads i enjoy. However, i mostly toasted it in the toaster oven before using it and then made open face sandwiches with it. I have been using this grill and panini press for several weeks now and it was wonderful to have that first great grilled cheese (with onion, zucchini and ham) that tasted fantastic and was easy to fix. I’ve had other sandwich combinations since, equally as good. The press cleans up easily and the tray catches anything that slides off, such as when i used a bit too much cheese. The grill plates are non stick so i was pleased to find that even the cheese that overflowed just wiped off with a damp paper towel even after sitting for a time while the press cooled down and i enjoyed the sandwich. I would give this grill five stars however i haven’t because it doesn’t have an off and on switch so it has to be unplugged to turn it off. The other thing that i wish was a bit better, and others have commented on, is the hinge doesn’t allow the lid to press down evenly over a sandwich with several ingredients but i get around it by turning it half way when half done and this also adds a nice checkered grill pattern. The lid does stay up when i open it to remove the finished product but it makes me nervous because it looks like it will slam down any second. I sometimes click the hinge button and lay the top flat just to be sure.

I picked this brand and model over the george foreman grill, because it opens alllll the way back. Has quick easy removable grill grates. Is lower prices and can also function as a panini press if i want to grill sandwiches, etc. So far, i use it open faced to grill chicken, steaks and i highly recommend this item. Grill grates are also dishwasher safe. Have had this grill now for 6 1/2 months and use it frequently. They just snap in and out and all the grease drippings are neatly stored below the grill plates. Very happy with my purchase.

Slight slope helps drain grease away from food; “power” and “ready” indicator lights

I was expecting a little bigger machine, because of all the others i have seen. It does the job though and does it well. Great for sandwiches and quesadillas. Would recommend if size isn’t the issue.

Takes grilled cheese to a whole new level and clean up is a snap, the non-stick surface works super-well. Does drip a bit while cooking but the convenient catch pan captures the careless assembler’s ‘over exuberance’ (and i do get carried away when i’m stacking one of these bad boys).

I like the west bend gill because it has removable plates, not like the last one i had, i really like the builtin grease cup mounted under the grill cooking plates, i have used the george foreman grill and its nothing like the west bend grill, and i found out its more easy to put away with the size and weight, for one its alot easy to use and setup i had the grill for a month and i totally love using it, i would tell all my friends that you cant beat the price and the way it cooks.

I love how this grill opens up flat to two grilling surfaces for burgers, chicken or fish. It has a place for the fat to drain like a foreman grill only the clean up is much easier. I have enjoyed many panini sandwiches such as a tuna melt, chicken articoke spinach, and turkey blt. They were all delicious and toasted to perfection. I found it was better to butter the bread first even though the intructions say you dont need to. I had trouble at first getting the top of the grill to lay flat on the entire piece of bread which left it mostly toasted on one side. But i use a hot pad to move and tilt the top grill at an angle so that it lays flat and toasts the bread evenly. The grills slide off easily when a button for each grill is pressed. The easy non-stick surface wipes clean. I dont regret purchasing this grill.

We use this 3-4 times a week. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking to buy a panini press for home.

Bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter. She had picked it out on the amazon website. She loves it and her 15 year old son uses it a lot too.

Dishwasher-safe grill plates and grease tray; user manual with recipes included

This panini grill has become a well-used a appliance in our home. You get a hot and tasty sandwich shop type sandwich at home. We do prefer to use a specialty bread, like pumpernickel, because regular bread can get dry fast on the grill. We love it, and use it a lot.

My husband and i love the sandwiches we are creating. There is no end to the variety also i have grilled fish and beef so far.

West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Great Pan but Keep Your Old Thermostat if it still works

I ordered this as a replacement to the one i was using. I should have gotten this size before< i really love it.

Certainly got my monies worth.

The only thing i can think of to improve this would be to have a type of ‘pour spout’ for the grease/drippings.

Key specs for West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large, family-size capacity is easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Allows for healthier cooking as well as easier serving & draining
  • Easily view cooking progress
  • Stylish product design, provides easy and safe handling

Comments from buyers

“12” West Bend Electric Skillet
, West Bend Electric Skillet
, Not quite as good as my 20+ yr old electric frypan.

I previously had an older (20+yr) black and decker skillet which unfortunately came it’s demise this past summer cooking up hundreds of sausages for a stampede breakfast. I purchased this new one primarily because of the deep sides (which i love) and because i remembered that westbend was a good kitchen appliance name, from my days working in housewares at woodwards in the 1980s. I like the deep sides and glass, clear lid. My only complaint is that the pan sides/bottom are generally thinner than my previous pan and there are definite hot spots in the element circle area. I understand that most, if not all, current (circa 2000s) electric pans have this same issue. So, for me, it’s really not a true complaint, just a disappointment, because i really enjoyed using my old, deceased pan better.

We’ve bought several of these over time and use it at least once a day. We took it on our vintage trailer camping trip to florida for 5 weeks and it was a great help. We have the larger one but the size of this one is much more convenient. Because we use it so often we usually have to purchase one about ever two years. The surface does wear out eventually.

I love my electric skillet its my camp and home favorite.

Make sure you have the control inserted firmly. I couldn’t get it to heat at first but it wasn’t making contact so when it was pushed in more firmly it worked. Cleans up nicely with the non-stick feature. I would buy from amazon again.

I like the design very much and the size is fine. The glass lid is great because you can see what is going on inside the skillet without having to take the lid off. The knob on top of the lid keeps working loose however.

This is exactly what i wanted. I could not find one in the stores that was this deep.

I had one years ago and loved it then but other appliance came along and i never replaced it. Now that i have i can’t figure out why i let the old one go. It’s easy to use, heats up quickly, cleans easily and then stores away. I love it and won’t live without one again.

It was a gift and they like it really well.

I replaced an older west bend skillet with a similar one from a groc. After the first use i found out what was wrong–it could not be immeresed in water. I went on line to find one because none was available in stores. I’m greatly pleased that i could find one. The only negative is that the handles seem too large for washing or storage.

I bought this non-stick pan to replace an old aluminium one and it works fine but the cord is about two inches too short to properly reach the outlet, not a problem with the old pan. The clear lid is great and the pan is very light. Buy the bigger one if you have alot of mouths to feed, this is just right for one person’s meal.

Nice item cant say more it was a gift thank you.

Great had no problems with it , the teflon will wear thin after continuous use , that can be expected for the price.

This product is a bit of a disappointment to me. The heating element is much smaller than any other electric skillet i have ever owned. It gets too hot in the center and has cold spots at the edges. The first pancakes i made were like moon pies – black and white – from the hot and cold areas of the pan. I’ve since figured out some of its idiosyncrasies and can cook better on it. But, things that i try to brown do not get crispy. The temperature control is not too accurate; things are either set too high or too low. That’s why i give this product 3 stars; it’s just ok.

Skillet works well and deep sides are nice to have. However, i am very disappointed with the condition it was in when delivered. One side was slightly best which would not allow the top to fit properly. Had to bend it back into shape so that the lid would fit. Sending it back was not an option as my time is very limited as i am caretaker for my very ill spouse.

I bought this primarily for its compact size.

I go through electric fry pans like water, it’s my most-used kitchen small appliance. Got this one to be on-deck for our current west bend, which is the traditional metal-lidded one. I haven’t actually used the new one yet, so i can’t rate how it cooks, but we did test it to make sure it works. Eventually it did heat, but it was so hard to plug the cord into the pan. Decided it was worth keeping the skillet, but hope eventually it will work more smoothly. I really love the depth of this pan. 12′ is big enough for most of our meals, but the extra deep sides allow plenty of room for gravy, or stirring. This is great, since the glass lid makes the pan shorter than the old metal one.

Nice skillet; i’m happy with it. I especially like the depth and it’s very easy to clean. The glass lid makes it easy to watch ‘what’s cooking’.

Deep sides lid you can see through while cooking easy to clean and cooks nice.

Westbend makes the best electric pans. Had a few other brands and were not pleased. Went back to this brand and it is a winner. The pan is deep sided and gives you extra room other brands don’t. I will always go to west bend for reliability and quality hands down. You will never go wrong with them.

It’s the perfect size for meals for 2-3 people. I really like the extra depth – others i looked at were only half as deep and would have never worked for the recipes i make.

Very useful to avoid mess when frying or cooking or if you like to keep food warm for later. Easy clean, enough deepness for frying and good to be used by everyone at home. A plus is that you can bring it out to the porch when a meal outdoors wanted, if no plug there just connect to an outdoor extension cable.

West Bend 6130 Raclette – Five Stars

I bought this to use with my husband for our in home date nights. We love to try different cheeses and make our own charcuterie plates. I am so glad we bought this grill.

It was the most inexpensive product we found and had good reviews. We have only used it once, but were happy with it. Took a little while to heat up and you will probably need an extension cord, but our company loved it and we had a great dinner.

Once we had the thing going, we had a wonderful party and all our friends liked the food very much. But it is a little on the flimsy saide as we were able to compare. We already had one that was a different brand, though.

Love it have had many a great evening around my raclette.

Being new to the raclette scene, my husband and i bought this to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, we use it at least twice a week now, usually more. The granite top is the only one we’ve used as we like the idea of being ‘cave people’ and cooking on a rock. It works great, though it takes a while to pre-heat. Instructions included advise that you rub oil on it before heating so as to ensure non-stickage. For the most part the stone is easily clean-able, though food does get cooked on. Soap and water and a little elbow grease does the trick. We love the stone so much we haven’t even touched the grill part as i read some other reviews about it getting warped. The non-stick pans and spatulas are also really great. They can be easily wiped clean with a paper towel while ‘raclette-ing’ for quick replacement of cheese or veggies. The heating element is solid, and for the price, i can’t imagine why anyone would need to buy a more ‘high-end’ one. Definitely going to buy one of these as wedding presents for everyone i know and then some. If you’ve never used a raclette and are nervous about shelling out $100 bucks or more for a high-end one, try this one first.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing for Beginners
  • Very happy find
  • love it and the bonus granite top!

Great for dinner with family and friends. Efficient and warms up quickly.

It’s slow melting the cheese. Also the shape of the mini pans is triangular which does not fit the size of the cheese slices well. Minor detail but coming from a swiss national, trust me it will get to you. Lastly, the scrapers are plastic. Not sure i don’t prefer wooden ones.

We first saw a raclette grill while visiting family in germany. Good ideas and recipes online.

Lived in france the last 3 years, before that in germany and hungary. I had quality european raclette grills. This one doesnt really make the top 10 for me. The real problem is the heating element that is much to weak. It takes a looong time to heat up and to get any color on your cheese is very very time consuming. Aside of this, good price, the stone is a nice extraall in all a little bit more power would have made this a good product. Like this, i would call it not the best buy i did this year.

We bought this product to use it for a christmas eve dinner (raclette) with friends and liked it a lot. The raclette party grill is easy to use and to clean. Only thing i noticed was that it seemed to heat slowly. Thus, it took a while until the cheese melted. But everything else was perfect and we enjoyed it. I would recommend this raclette party grill without hesitation to family and friends.

If you really like to do raclette, kick in some more money. Pans just do not get as hot as some of the nice ones i have used. The grill top with granite stone however works perfectly. For the occational use, it works.

We have always loved doing raclette and this set is great. The food cooks up great and fast when hot, and melting cheese below is the bestclean up is pretty easy, and i have thrown the shovels and scrapers in the dishwasher with no problem. The top has gotten scratched already and is somewhat flimsy, but for the price, i think we will get many good uses out of it before its done.

I bought this after getting back from france where we enjoyed a raclette party with a similar grill. We’ve used it twice in less than a month, and it’s been great fun for us and our guests. This is perfect for a small party as there are 8 little pans. Everyone liked making their own combinations of cheese, meats, & vegetables, and then cooking them on the grill. Large eggs take a while to cook, but i couldn’t find any small eggs, so i separated most of the white and just cooked the yolk, it was much faster.

Not sure how it could be better, or why you would need to spend more than this. The stone is very nice and heated up very well. We cooked all kinds of meas and cheeses on this with no issues. The plated underneath are non st ik so the cheese just slide right out with out using the scrapers. My family loved this for our christmas eve dinner and may become a holiday tradition.

I am overall very satisfied with the raclette grill. I haven’t tried the grantite stone top yet but was happy about the other top. I haven’t noticed any warping of the top like others mentioned but i noticed that the temperature went down drastically but that was most likely due to us adjusting the temperature. I haven’t quite figured out yet at what temperature i have to set it to get the best results but the more i use it the better it will work. Will buy a few more for family. I am highly recommending buying this grill. It is much cheaper than most other raclette grills. Well worth every penny spent.

It was over 16 years since we first experienced raclette in germany. I was very excited to find that i could purchase one that is fitted for 110 (us electric). Raclette is a very communal way to have a meal. Everyone has their own skillet where they grill their ingredients which are mixed with cheese. It takes time and lots of conversation to do it properly, which makes it a great party meal. It’s a great way to spend a winter’s evening. This raclette grill comes with two tops, one is metal and the other stone. We have not used the metal yet because the stone works great for our purposes. The only problem i have is the length of the cord–it’s too short. You will have to use an extension cord, so order a heavy duty one made for heating appliances.

Great way to entertain a group of up to eight folks for hours. We do anything from meats and vegetables to pancakes and omelettes.

Definitely a very cool machine. Great customer service from the manufacturer. Lost a raclette dish and the people at westbend sent us another, at no charge. The granite slab is an added bonus. Can be used to grill food on top, (which is it’s purpose but i never do, i’m in it solely for the cheese. ) or i use it as a cheese board. Just like the ones i had in europe but it plugs into an american wall socket. Just what i was looking for. Consider going to a real cheese store and buy some good raclette and have them cut it for you or be sure to cut good thick enough slices of whatever raclette or other (not recommended) cheese you use.

4 diners is the most you could possibly do as the top cannot accommodate any more than that. I would have thought the grill top would have charred the food more than it did, so that is my only disappointment. Does not come with tongs, so need to order those separately as they are definitely needed. Slice the meats thin and it works fine. I tried lamb chops once and it took forever to cook.

The stone top sees much more use than the grill top which is a bit thin but functional.

Raclette is a variety of cheese. It’s a very earthy, very intensely flavored swiss-style cheese from france that is so favored for its depth that it inspired a whole style of food preparation and service, and lent its name to the device used for such. In a nutshell, raclette (and any other varieties of cheese you favor) is shredded and served with vegetables, meats, fruits, breads, and other dip-able, top-able, bite-sized foods. We also make buttered noodles, seasoned rice, and raw pizza or biscuit dough because that’s the way we roll here. And all these things — raw, and par-cooked alike — are served as one would serve fondue: in great abundance and ready for customizing. Thinking ‘fondue’ is a good idea as raclette is rather like deconstructed fondue. The process is simple: guests take the accouterments, grill and sauce and season them atop the griddle, and on personal handled pans, melt their choice or mix of cheeses under the broiler beneath the grilling surface. So what you wind up with is savory tidbits you then top with melted cheese, and enjoy as-is or atop fresh bread or some other starchy staple. We generally serve three or four cheeses (and if you have dairy-avoidance issues to consider, since the pans and prep are all ‘every man for himself’ you can also offer vegan and lactose-free cheeses that won’t be interfered with by other offerings) which we shred for quicker melting.