Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster – Looks nice. Toasts evenly so I kept it

For some reason toasters don’t last long. This looks sturdy and is simple to operate.

Like other reviewers here, i had the cuisinart doppelgänger toaster for many years before it finally gave out. I was happy with it and wanted to get the same toaster, only to find that it now carries the waring name on it, and also lacks the slot selection switch (which i kind of hated anyway, because you’d always forget to switch it back if you ever used it). The first toaster i bought to replace my old cuisinart was the breville bta830xl die-cast 4-slice long slot smart toaster. I did tons of research and read a lot of reviews and recommendations and took a chance on the leverless toaster. I was apprehensive of all the fanciness, but so many folks loved the thing, that i thought it just might work out. I ended up returning it after it stopped working and started flashing all the lights, customer service couldn’t help me, and everyone who gave it a bad review had the same exact problem with only one resolution – return it. So i returned it for a refund. This waring toaster, however, is still going strong after just over two months’ of near daily use. It works just as well as my old cuisinart.

Kind of a no-frills, high horsepower toaster that (to my family) is well worth the price. Thick wide slots and a tray to clear crumbs in the bottom. While this is not ugly by any means, it is not nearly as fancy looking at some of the mainstream ‘high end’ home toasters, but this definitely outperforms any of them. Lacking a bunch of extra features, i would imagine it will outlast most of them too. This is not to say that it will last forever – this is my second in 6 years – but i had two others that quickly died or just failed to toast acceptably since the first. Here are the specifications for the Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This 4-slice bread toaster is constructed of durable chrome plated steel
  • Includes 2 extra long and extra-wide 1-3/8-inch slots
  • Features self-centering bread rack for thinnest sliced breads; Great for bagels and thickly sliced bread
  • Comes with easy touch control and LED indicators: Defrost, Reheat and Cancel
  • Comes with rotary dial browning level control and quick clean pull out crumb tray

How can it be commercial and light duty at the same time?. I think it’s more of standard duty for home use.

Updatewell, after a bad experience with a cuisinart a couple of weeks ago, i pulled the trigger and bought the waring. It’s my old toaster all over again (except without the single side selector switch (but that’s okay)). This toaster smelled horrible for the first couple of cycles but that’s normal. It also buzzes a little when starting up but that goes away in about 10-15 seconds. It toasted unevenly for the first couple of go-arounds but then calmed down. I have absolutely no idea why it did that. It seems to toast better if you don’t center your slices in the slots, lengh-wise that is. I don’t know why this is either. They’re easy to get over and then it’s smooth sailing. )original reviewi gotta chime in even though i remember this unit as a cuisinart.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hums While it Works, But It Works Well
  • A Great buy, you will want to keep it forever
  • Waring Toaster

Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations. Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations.

One kind of bread we use the edges are burned so have not figured out how to prevent it from burning. Another kind of bread we use it is okay.

I bought this toaster in 2006. At that time is was a cusinart model cpt90. It still works but the electronics are cutting down the juice to the ribbons so they are not getting as hot and it takes longer to get the toast done. As i liked all the features of this toaster & felt it’s longevity was fairly good i wanted another one. Cusinart quit carrying them in 2008 but waring took over with the model wct704. I was glad to find i could still get one as there were no problems other than explained above with the cpt90. The only difference between them is the wct704 does not have a switch to turn off one outer bank of ribbons for one sided bagel toasting or when only using one side for toast. It must have created voltage/amp issues like i was experiencing so it is now gone. I gave 4 stars because i would like one slot to have one sided heat at times.

. This model is really the old cuisinart toaster. We were looking for a close duplicate and found it in the warring commercial series.

Although pricey for a toaster, it works great. It appears to be sturdy, but only time will tell.

With toasters you get what you pay for. I have both this toaster and the smart toaster from breville and i love them both. This isn’t quite as sensitive as the smart toaster with toast. It is more basic but does have a defrost button which is important in our house. I like that it can do long loaves of bread or use one slot to toast two regular slices of bread. Nice clean lines if left on the counter.

The toaster is okay, better than our last one. However, it seems to toast darker around the edges. If you keep it in long enough to toast it in the middle, the edges get too dark. Update 4/2/15: the toast is now toasting evenly and quickly. We love this toaster and upgrade it to 5 stars.

It does the job straight forward and to date no issues. Gauge for darkness of toast is ok, a bit on the side. Our previous, non warning model, had the gauges on the front which i preferred. But it stopped working after a few years so we went with the waring model this time.

Toasts all sizes of bread and works and looks great. I like the numbered dial on the right side that makes it easy adjust the toasting time of a variety of types of bread.

The one flaw with this item is that there is no provision to stop the toasting cycle before it completes its cycle except to unplug it. Very inconvenient and it will eventually damage the plug.

After an extensive on-line search, i could not find a good quality toaster that had deep slots and length for all bread sizes. This toaster meets my needs perfectly. You can toast 4 regular sized slices, bagels, or english muffins at one time or toast 2 artisan sized slices.

I threw away a perfectly good toaster after i got this one. You can do 4 english muffins, 4 bagels, the really looong pieces of good rye or sourdough bread. Toasts very evenly and the controls are easy to judge how long you need to toast.

The slots are wide enough for a bagel and long enough for artisan bread. Just be careful with the toaster settings – we usually keep ours on 2.

Owned this about a year now and was purchased to replace a similar toaster made by cuisinart (this model is supposed to be the closest replacement for that one). So far everything is working fine and if its anything like the cuisinart, it will work for many years. (we still have the cuisinart stashed away as a backup, which is over 15 years old and still works, but my wife wanted all steel instead of white – alas). Long wide slot toasters are the best as they toast just about anything from bagels, french breads, muffins as well as the typical store sliced breads. I personally like the toasters to have basic functions, because the more moving parts and controls, the more stuff will break. This toaster is used daily by family members and is not treated as kindly as it should, but continues on without error. Very sturdy construction with solid cording.

My cuisinart 2 slot, 4 slice toaster gave up the ghost after many years. Cuisinart no longer makes this 2-slot style. This is an exact replica sans the 2 or 4 switch. If it lasts as long as the cuisinart, its a bargain.

Love my new toaster it is durable and should last for years.

Waring (BB150S) 32 oz Two-Speed Bar Blender – Love the stainless steel container!

This waring commercial basic bar blender is perfect for making my daily smoothies. The stainless steel container is easy to clean and unbreakable, which is a blessing.

Worthy successor to an identical blender i bought from waring that lasted 20 years of harsh use. Unqualified recommendation to buy.

But i haven’t tested to make more than ten shakes to make a durable statement. Here are the specifications for the Waring (BB150S) 32 oz Two-Speed Bar Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Basic bar blender helps to create quickly and easily perfect fruit smoothies, frozen coffee drinks and more items
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic material
  • Features 1/2-horse power, 2-speed motor and heavy-duty die-cast motor housing
  • Rugged, one-piece stainless steel cutting blade, removable and user-replaceable metal-reinforced rubber drive coupling
  • Includes dishwasher safe stainless steel container with 32-ounce capacity

My husband and i wanted to to get a vitamix but vitamix only comes with a polycarbonate container which, i’ve read, becomes cloudy from daily multi-use and may release harmful chemicals into the food. The waring (bb150s) 32 oz two-speed bar blender comes with a stainless steel container. It does not have the same horse power as a vitamix but it blends fruits and veggies to a smooth consistency, it crushes ice to a slushy consistency in a blink and it is much, much cheaper. We’ve had it for over a month and so far we love it.

This blender has no issues blending whatever i put in it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect compact, efficient bar and smoothie blender.
  • Love this blender
  • Great blender! I use this for my meal replacement shake and love it.

Toughes, meanest t blender i’ve ever purchased. You could make soup out of nuts and bolts. I used to get blenders from big box stores in the $40 to $60 range for making smoothies and shakes with ice. The motor always burnt out in 6 to 9 months. This blender has been going strong for 3 years or so. It is louder than the others but that’s fine since it blends my drinks in 10 to 15 seconds. There are also no semi-whole ice cubes left over that never got broken up, which was a problem with past blenders.

Bought this for my husband as a basement bar blender. Now we also take it with us when we go away for hockey tournaments to make healthy breakfast smoothies. It’s very light, small and convenient.

We have been through emulsion blender after emulsion blender and while we will find a good one, after enough times of using an emulsion blender to make smoothies and protein drinks with ice in them we end up with a problem with the blades. We got this thing and it is super easy to use, crushes ice in seconds. Seriously between me and my boys we probably make 4 or 5 protein drinks a day with ice and have had no problem at all. My tip for the make is i really wish there was measurement indicators on the cup. Like 1 cup line and 1 1/2 cup line etc that way i would have to waste a measure cup. For those that don’t know this easy clean up tip. Here you go: fill the cup to the line with water add a bit of soap, but the top on and run on high and boom the cup is clean.

I have this blender for 20 years. , never once had to replace any parts. , i use it every day for anything that i can think of. It purifies everything in seconds. , hope they never stop selling it.

I was going to get herbalife shakes and they used this blender there. I bought the same one and i love it.

I replaced an older model just like it because it chops ice really good for smooties. So many other blenders leave big chunks of ice. This one does great for a good price.

We grind dog food pellets once each week for our special-needs swiss mountain dog. We have used a series of consumer-grade units, but they are all very slow, and the results have to be dug out of the glass container with a wooden spatula handle. This waring commercial bb150s basic bar blender with stainless steel container does the job in less than a tenth the previous time required. Furthermore it’s easy to empty; just slap it gently on the side of the metal container, and you’re done.

Waring Pro Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker : Easy to use

I love it so much, i bought one for my sister for her birthdaytips: don’t fill the cup to the top, or it will spill over and seep out. Use a tad more oil so they don’t stick at all. Personally, i like the krusteaz belgian waffle mix, but i’ve used bisquick too and it was almost as good.

However, i have to rate this only 3 stars to warn others of a big flaw: the cord is way too short. I can’t use it easily because our outlets in our kitchen are under cabinet and the cord is so short you can really open the thing without hitting the cabinets. Seriously, the cord is about 2 feet long. It’s the shortest cord of all the kitchen appliances we own. It’s the shortest cord i’ve ever seen on any electrical device. There’s some bs in the owner’s manual about how this is a safety feature. Is it safer if typical users need an extension cord in their kitchens when using this thing?. I would recommend you look at if the short cord is going to be an issue for you before buying this device.

Easy to use makes great waffles.

Works so well my wife expects me to cook, quick and easy.

  • “.In the morning, I’m making WAFFLES.”-Donkey
  • This is the best waffle maker ever

Waring Pro Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Spray some oil on the plates after pre-heating. Mine is set on ” 5 ” extra crispy.

Two is always better than one.

I received this as a wedding gift.

Made the best waffles ever using a recipe from king arthur flour. Would definitely recommend this product.

It makes perfect waffles and it’s great to be able to cook two waffles at the same time. Shipping was faster than anticipated.

Works perfectly, and making two waffles at once makes breakfast for two or more a pleasure. With thanks to another amazon reviewer to included his/her “best ever” recipe for waffles, i include that recipe here, plus the recipe converted to gluten free. Not to be immodest, but these are the best waffles i ever had – crispy, light, flavorful. Fabulous with maple syrup, yogurt and fruit. Hope you enjoy your waffles, either waybest waffles ever: regular or gfthese are the most wonderful waffles. Makes 7-8 belgian style waffles, enough for 3-4 people. Regular:1 and 3/4 cups flour2 teaspoons baking powder3 tablespoons sugar1/2 teaspoon salt3 beaten egg yolks1 and 3/4 cups milk1/2 cup vegetable oil1 tsp vanilla3 egg whites – beaten stifflymix all dry ingredients. Stir in oil & vanilla and mix. Gently fold in beaten egg whites, do not over mix. Gluten free:mix in a medium bowl:1 cup gf flour mix (bob’s baking)¾ cup almond flour (make by processing raw almonds)3 table tablespoons sugar or 1 ½ tablespoons truvia½ tsp. Cinnamon½ teaspoon baking powderwhisk together in a small bowl:3 egg yolks1 cup coconut almond or other non-dairy milk¾ cup half and halfin another small bowl, whisk together:½ cup vegetable oil1 tsp. Vanilla extractin a dry, clean bowl, whip to stiff peaks:3 egg whitespreheat waffle iron. I set my waring iron on 5 1/2. Make sure your waffles are golden brown and crispy. Whisk the egg yolk mixture into the dry mixture.

My husband likes to have a good waffle every day. Once a week i use my waring belgain wafflemake to make waffles which i freeze for him to heat up in the toaster oven.

I got this as a christmas present for my son since he is a waffle lover. He loved it so much, he was making 2-4 waffles twice a day, so i had to start rationing out his mix.

This is the best waffle maker ever. We now make waffles on a relatively regular basis. You can make the waffles crispy or soft, just use the dial. This was a great investment.

It met my expectation very well.

Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center, Best Electric Corkscrew!

Awesome, powerful and easy to use. Love the vacuum system to cap off the remaining wine in the bottle.

This was a bd gift to my son,he loved it when he opened the gift up. The pump to remove the air and seal the wine wont charge at all,does’nt work.

Bought as christmas gift for my husband, he seems very happy with it and he’s used it quit a bit.

Key specs for Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless accents and rubberized handsets
  • Wine opener removes up to 50 natural or syntehic corks with ease
  • Electric wine preserve
  • Two wine stoppers and foil cutter
  • Charging base unit

Comments from buyers

“Just buy the corkscrew and skip the pump
, Best Electric Corkscrew!
, I thought maybe once the champagne was poured it would go flat pretty quickly but it didn’t

Nice rechargeable wine opener and sealing pump. Unlike others no batteries required. Comes with attractive stand. Unlike others not garish in appearance. Come on, this is not a kid’s rocket toy and shouldn’t look like one.

Got this for my mother in law to be and she just adores it. Definitely a good one to get for the price and its rechargeable so you never have to worry about a cork getting stuck inside.

An attractive unit to combine two appliances we have grown accustomed to having available. Nice to only have to plug in one base station. Take note of the instructions, for the winekeeper, to give any bottle with less than half of it’s content, a second, pump. I quickly discovered that the stopper will not be sealed, when you open the bottle the next day, if only pumped once.

Looks great but doesn’t seem strong enough for the long run.

This is the exact same wine center that hammacher schlemmer rates as their best. Well designed, works very smoothly, corkscrew has the right pitch so it doesn’t tear up the cork. Very clean and orderly to use and store.

Definitely love it at first seen. My friend loves it as his birthday gift.

Especially like the power cock screw. Ejects the cork with little damage to the cork. Also works with other types of stoppers with the vacuum pump.

I previously had a food network wine opener. It died in less than a year. My husband purchased this set for me and i love it. It opens bottles effortlessly and then seal them back up just as easy. It even looks nice enough to leave out on my counter full time.

Corks come out with no problems.

Working okay, but sounds like its straining. I would choose a different one as a gift.

We have given it as gifts to two friends who love wine as much as we do.

Update now, i am completely pleased with this product. I place a small non slip pad under the 1. 75l bottleso it will not move as i use the cork extractor. This requires repeating several times to removea 1. 75l cork, but works great for the 750mlsize that i rarely use.

Battery didnt last long before not holding charge. Also gets stuck when it pulls some corks at an angle.

Best wine opener we have found. I bought it for my son and now my husband wants to get one also.

It does what is was purchased to do, open wine bottles. It replaced two other openers which failed. We have not used the vacuum pump. The wine stoppers are also a good product.

It seems a little more powerful than my old one that finally died recently. The vacuum pump is pretty much worthless. My old one was a little stronger, but still did not create enough vacuum to preserve wine for more than one day. If you can find the electric corkscrew alone, i suggest you buy that.

More compact than other models and being able to keep an open bottle open a while is a big plusi would recommend this product to anyone.

Purchased as a gift for my wife. * wine definitely stays fresh longer* great look, matches any decor* premium look and feel, excellent build qualitycons:* motor sometimes sounds like it’s struggling with synthetic corks* sealer is very loudshe loves the set, i’d like it to be a bit quieter and more torquey. Long warranty, too, so no worries about motor failures.

My wife complains that the wine opener part doesn’t always work well. It sometimes chews up corks. The other functions work ok.

I would consider this set as top on the line for wine drinkers. I have not experienced any corking of my wine since using this device. The vacuum preserver is excellent. The wine tasted just as fresh 10 days after uncorking it.

Waring Pro CIG100 Professional 1800-Watt Cast-Iron Grill – several indoor grills and this is by far the best! With the cast iron cooking surface it is

Amazing easy to clean great taste.

When you can’t grill outdoors, like this city dweller this is your answer.

Good product, but does not seem to get hot enough for steaks. Like it for chicken, salmon, and veggies. Bought it because it was cast iron, and not teflon coated.

I really like this grill, especially because it is cast iron and not a non stick coating. It was easy to season, but it did smoke quite a lot during the seasoning process and first use or two. It’s much better now after 8 to 10 uses. One of the best things to cook on it is bacon. It puts the right amount of crunch without completely drying it out. I use wadded up foil to clean it if something sticks to it, then use an old dish cloth or towel to finish wiping it clean.

Works great love the cast iorn, instead of non-stick, but it keeps blowing my fuses.

It has been a very good investment and we are using it quite a bit for steaks burgers pork chops chicken breasts; we love it alot; send us more info on related products to markloren[email protected]

  • Outstanding
  • Love it!!!!! Only been 1 1/2 weeks, but FANTASTIC so far!!!
  • Love the cast iron feature, but the switch failed on two separate grills

This is the best countertop grill i’ve ever owned–and i’ve had a few in my 77 years.

Purchased for my friend, doreen. Here is her review: i have had my cast iron electric grill about three weeks and use it all the time. Best cooking product i have ever had. Everything turns out perfect from a steak to fish turkey burgers. Wish they would add another grill that could be used for pancakes or sandwiches, etc. Can’t say enough about it, no smoke, easy to clean.

One thing i love about this grill is that it has a cast iron grate so no non-stick coating to wear off and bubble up. It’s a fantastic size and works beautifully. The three stars are mainly because i have now owned two of these and both of them were working great till the switch stopped switching it on. I’ve tried to fix the switch, because when i press the lever manually (with a small stick) it works fine. It just doesn’t make contact with the switch anymore in order to trigger it. I’ve even been able to make it work again by gluing a spacer onto the lever so it is always pressed against the switch, and thus always on, but even that stopped working after a while. I don’t know if the contact just keeps shifting further and further away from the trigger or what. I just got tired of suddenly having no grill. Since it was such an odd flaw, i bought a second grill hoping that was a fluke, but no. Same problem ultimately happened.

I m a year round every day grilling kinda guy. I prefer a wood or gas grill but just to cook a burger, ahhh maybe not. It takes about 15 min to fully heat up to temp. A bit long but i can handle. Once preheated it keeps up well and holds. I am a iron cookware kinda guy too, so i know how to treat it well. Grips are the outer heat spatter sheild came assembled backward, yes really the back is is upside down, to position sides are. Also iron had a few smoothed oug machining points that made little diffrence to effectiveness of product and even covered up after i seasoned.

But it does give the food a good taste thanks to the cast iron. Somewhat easy to clean but again, it’s heavy.

Features of Waring Pro CIG100 Professional 1800-Watt Cast-Iron Grill

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-large grill cooks up to 6 burgers at a time; Great for searing steaks
  • Detachable cast-iron grilling surface provides even heat; Three temperature settings: Low, Medium, High
  • Stainless steel splashguard folds for storage
  • Stainless steel drip tray with safety interlock feature
  • Limited One Year Product Warranty
  • Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 13 x 23.125 x 4.5″

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We have bought several indoor grills and this is by far the best. With the cast iron cooking surface it is built the same as a quality outdoor grill. The heat comes from below, not from within the grilling surface. The 1800 watts allows it to obtain a high enough temp to sear steaks and such. The cast iron when preheated properly has an even temperature across the entire cooking area. As for cleaning; it is easy to clean when you season the cooking surface properly.

Great grill for inside since it produces very little smoke. It has a water filled tray that catches the fat and the burners are imbedded in the cast iron grate hence almost no smoke. This is also the downside since the smoke adds to the flavor of meat.

This is the best indoor grill on the market. I consider myself an expert on these things having used an indoor grill consistently for over 6 years. I had an old t-fal which came to and end after it simply wore out. Ever since then i have been keeping an eye on the market for a replacement. The critical requirement for the replacement to be the same method as the old t-fal, and that is, open slats/slots on the grill and water drip tray. This is the key to an indoor grill. The majority you see on the market are closed tops and are nothing more than ‘griddles’. No way shape or form is it a grill when you’re essentially frying the food in its own oil despite any method they devise to simulate a grill. It must have a proper bbq grill with slots /slots for the height to come up and the juice to drip down.

Love indoor grilling when i don’t feel like getting the charcoal started. This is the best indoor grill i’ve owned – you can just tell that it’s quality. It gets hot enough to sear (surprising) and cooks perfectly.

Why would you look anywhere else?. It’s just what i wanted and the food comes out great with all the flavor and heat you could ask for. The people leaving 2 stars if you notice aren’t very wise ppl they probably destroyed there product or didnt follow instructions upon receiving the item. Or simple a mechanical issue but thats not anyones fault the product is damn near perfection.

Bought this for it’s higher power and cast iron grate. I am pleased with it’s ability to grill and mark the food with grill marks better than the electrics i have tried. Don’t over fill the water in bottom tray. Go for less as the water detracts from heat to grill grate. When seasoning the cast iron grate don’t use regular cooking oil as suggested but instead use lard. It is available at most groceries. Cooking oil will leave the grate sticky but the lard won’t.

Extra-large grill cooks up to 6 burgers at a time; Great for searing steaks

I love using this drill, its very large so i use it on the stove. The first day after cleaning it stopped working, i was so upset. The next day i took it apart and found this safety switch broken, its there if you turn it on its side, switch is made of junk, never seen anything like it, all i needed to do was install a screw to keep electrical seal switch closed. Grill works fine, always keep water in pan and enjoy indoor grilling.

Arrived fast and the packaging was great.

Great indoor grill – just read and follow directions.

. Especially my chicken and steaks.

I’m hoping that i’m not jumping the gun and positively reviewing this too soon, thusly jinxing the whole thing. I searched for a longgg time to find some kind of ‘teflon-free/ non-stick coating free’ indoor grill. In the waring cig100, i found the perfect electric grill, coating free, heavy duty cast iron and high temp grill. I’m a tough customer to please, but this grill has been used everyday (11) since it arrived and has performed flawlessly. It’s very simple in design, easy to clean, definitely hot enough to sear things (i’m now grilling the perfect steak) and ‘non-stick coating’ freei was dismayed by only 3 reviews, but paid close attention to them. I purchased the ‘square deal’ warranty, just in case there were any future probs. The water pan/ drip tray switch did stick once, preventing the unit from turning on but seems to have straightened out. This grill is the answer to my quest for a good, affordable, indoor grill w/ out the nasty stuff that goes with all the others. If it’s possible to update this review as time goes on, i’ll gladly do so and hopefully be able to continue the high rating.

Takes a little bit to warm up but its a nice grill.

Detachable cast-iron grilling surface provides even heat; Three temperature settings: Low, Medium, High

I have not had a chance to use this yet but i purchased this grill for my daughter last year and she absolutely loves it. Be sure to put water in the bottom tray or there will be a lot of smoke.

Good if you have plenty of time to cook. Meaning it works, it takes too long to grill food.

I see reviews that talk about how perfectly this unit grills steaks, sausages, and maybe i’m doing something wrong but i don’t have those same results. What i do notice is a grill that will get hot enough to sear initially, but has trouble keeping the grill at the high temps needed to cook a steak properly when it’s flipped. The steam from the water pan also seems to defeat the maillard reaction, so it’s really hard getting the second side of the cook to come out right. It works great to add grill marks after sous vide, but if i want a good sear i’ve been using an iron frying pan and putting it in the oven at 450 after the flip.

Having grilled indoor for over fifteen years, i bought this with the view that this was the one to last for many years. And perhaps, for some, it is. I had no problem with the heat, although it would have been nice if there was a temperature guide for low, medium and high. My difficulty is in two areas. This is a very heavy cast iron grill. I couldn’t clean it without straining my back, and if i dropped it in my kitchen i would have been paying for a new floor. The second problem is related. While i followed the instructions to make the grill ‘non-stick,’ it is definitely one which food sticks to in all the creases of cast iron. Cleaning the food from the crevices took a great deal of time which i can no longer do.

Stainless steel splashguard folds for storage

Stainless steel drip tray with safety interlock feature

Waring WT200 Professional 2-Slice Toaster : toasterGood

The toaster suddenly was heating only the inside coils, after amazon’s 30 day return policy was past. I contacted waring customer service on their website, explained the issue, and was told the toaster would be replaced. They sent ups to pick it up, no charge, and then sent out a new toaster. There was a week of lag time but we had a toaster in the camper, used that, and the replacement works as it should. I wanted to post this because i saw that waring customer service had gotten some bad reviews and they replaced our toaster no questions asked and as quickly as could be expected.

When it comes to things like toasters i have never paid over $20 for one but after the last one i bought my husband said no more cheap toasters. Lol so after some research & review reading we picked this one. Also the price was way better than other sites and i got it the next day:) thanks amazon prime. This toaster is a dream it toast everything perfect from frozen waffles to our homemade bread it does a great job. Definitely a quality item but make sure you have lots of counter space as it is large. The 4 slices at a time makes it perfect for our family of 6 and we love it.

We had another toaster for years (yes a cheap one) and we complained about how slow it toasted with inconsistent results. My wife heard me complaining one day and ordered a 75 toaster online. Same day i went and ordered this waring. I had used a 4 slice waring when on vacation last year and remembered how fast it was. I also see these in the buffet style restaurants a lot (where they have continental breakfasts free). We received both toasters and tried them out side by side. This less expensive waring won hands down. Have had it for some time now and it is just fantastic. Only complaint is that it doesn’t have a cancel button – have to turn the knob off to cancel. And the dial doesn’t have markers for medium, etc.

There were a lot of toasters i was considering but this one was reasonable for being stainless steel. Cleaning the unit is easy, except stainless steel doesnt clean well to begin with. I like how everyone is complaining about a toaster when they all do the same. Even hundred dollar toasters do the same and can mess up too. It works, thats all that matters. I like the bagel mode and defrost. The turning of the dial to pop your toast early is something to get use to but is not what people are describing it as.

  • A very good and reliable toaster
  • Simply a great toaster! (while it lasted)
  • Evenly toasted bread, bagels and frozen waffles!

Waring WT200 Professional 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Adjustable shade control and cancel function
  • Defrost and Bagel LED indicator lights
  • Commercial-style brushed stainless steel housing
  • Self centering 1.3 inch wide toasting slots with removable crumb tray
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

When our ancient but good toaster finally died i was tasked to search for a new one. This four slot toaster seemed like the perfect choice based on reviewsat the time(dec 2011). My wife has a borderline hate affair with this toaster. Looks pretty nice on counter. Cons:it toasts unevenly and inconsistently. However i find it acceptable since i’m not a”each piece of toast must be exactly the same” kind of guy. One day my english muffin at the (approximately) 4 o’clock settingwill come out a pleasing light brown and the next it looks barelytoasted at all. All of the tick marks are exactly the same in size. Since there are no numbers or other differentiating indicators on thedials it is difficult to pick the same setting as the day before. Picture a watch that had nothing but secondindicators all the way around the dial. The crumb trays are extremely short and shallow. I usually start out using them but always wind up just flipping itupside down which works much better. The shortcomings aren’t bad enough for me to return it howeverif i had to do it all over again i would avoid this product.

After a miserable experience with a recommended oster – where half the elements burned out after just a dozen or so uses – took a chance on this, and – – so far – – i’m very happy with the purchase. Heavy-duty construction (warning – it’s not light and it’s not small) and it has very even toasting results. Only drawback is that the setting knob does not have printed settings – you just have to remember where you like the pointer. That might seem to be a big flaw, except that the rest of the unit is far superior to the workmanship on other mid-priced toasters.

I read many of the other reviews before i bought it and now that i have used the toaster for six months, i don’t agree with most of the cons. The toaster is bigger than my previous five fancy styes that didn’t work well over the long haul even being pricy. A couple of the reviews aren’t even talking about this two-slice toaster but about the bigger four-slice toaster. It does get hot because it toasts well. Don’t be touching the sides of the toaster. It does not look as nice as my earlier fancy toasters. You do have to cancel by turning the dial back, and who really cares. My earlier models with great cancel buttons didn’t work reliably. Using the dial works just fine. We rarely have the dial in the same place anyway since we use different breads and muffins.

We have owned the toaster since december 2011. I have found it to be very reliable, with nary an issue. Based on the some of the negatived reviews i was initially reluctant to order, buti ordered because i always toast a morning bagel before work and this toaster had both a “wide mouth” and bagel specific setting. We have been very pleased with the toaster, it works well with bagels, toast, and is easy to clean. Additionally, the metal casing is high quality and retains its “new” look after years of use. Yes, it had a larger footprint (see picture) but it does four slices and isa solid toaster and not the flimsy variety that one typically finds. The toaster setting must be set before using and failing to do that will cause the user to think the toaster is broken. This “step” has its benefits but i can understand why this causes some owners complain that there toaster is inoperable. Should the time come to replace this toaster, i will happily purchase an identical model. It is as reliable as a honda.

I’ve owned this toaster for a little over 2 years now. It’s terrific, still working just as good as the day i opened it. Toast bread, bagels, whatever, it can handle it. What else does a toaster need to do?the styling of this toaster fits with the other stainless steel objects in my kitchen, and i can’t ask for anything more out of it. Update 8/25/2016toaster still toasts toast. Hasn’t started burning anything, haven’t had an issue. Overall still very happy with my toaster.

The push slider would not keep the bread down it kept popping up on me. Could of been a fluke so i can’t say do not purchase this. But amazon took care of this situation with no delays. Immediately after they revived the toaster back.

I bought this toaster because i wanted something decent and i’ve been very pleased. I have no issues with bagels, pop tarts, frozen waffles or plain toast. I like the buttons for “bagel” or “frozen”, which tailor toasting to those types of breads. The thing i really like about this toaster is that when the toast is done, if you can’t reach the toast (too short to pop up) you just pull up on the lever about half and inch and you can reach your item without burning your fingers. It is simple and works great. I think i’ve had this for a year and still like it, i would buy another if i had to.

We’ve had this toaster for about 6 months now and are pleased with it. The construction is of high quality and the knobs and switches seem to be equally well made. About the only bad thing i can say about it is that it seems to toast a bit slowly. . Moreso than our old toaster did, that’s for sure. The positive aspect of that, however, is that this toaster gives by far the most even and accurate toasting of any device i’ve ever worked with. I’m in commercial foodservice and i’ve seen $1000 toasters that didn’t heat as evenly as this oneoverall, i’d rate it highly.

This product is very good for the most part. One aggrevating part is not the width of the toaster’s opennings, but rather the length of the openings. My wife and i like to eat ‘beefsteak’s hearty rye bread’. But unfortunately, most of the slices from the packege are too long to fit into the slots. This makes us rotate the slices in order to get them to fit into the toaster’s slots. But the bread slices stick up above the top of the toaster, which in turn does not allow this part of the bread to toast. If the slots were just a little bit longer, the slices would fit in all the way and would toast evenly. In all fairness though, i feel that the bakers of the bread should have thought about this. I sort of blame them for the problem. Why they couldn’t bake the bread to a ‘normal’ width as other breads have is beyond me.

We needed to replace a two-slice that had gone to toaster heaven. My husband did not want to look at 4-slice toasters because he thought they would take up too much room on our very small counter, but i thought the upgrade was worth losing a few more square inches of space. I did my online research and decided on the waring pro because of its solid ratings and features, but also because i have been happy with other waring kitchen appliances. I looked around locally, but no one could compete with the price i found through amazon. We eat a lot of odd bread – big & wide slices, thick home made, bagels, round loaves, and so on. The slots handle all of them without issue. Even the small end pieces aren’t a problem with the high lift feature on the handles. As far as counter space goes, this is a surprisingly compact unit for a 4-slice toaster, and the slightly larger footprint has become a non-issue. One small downside, and it’s not a big one. This toaster does seem to require preheating at times. Pop in two slices cold, and you might not get the right brownness, so you need to set it a little darker than you expect. But if you’re doing multiple slices, which we often do for family breakfasts or before school, it’s fast and accurate. [still going strong in june 2013].

It toasts well and the defrost button makes it useful for bread straight out of the freezer. In order to pop up toast before it is done, you have to turn the darkness adjustment knob past the start point. You also have to have the adjustment at a toast level. If you leave it at the counterclockwise end, the bread will not go down. This all seems obvious now but we did puzzle a bit about all this before getting around to reading the manual.

I bought this as a replacement to another warning wt400 toaster that i purchased only 3 months prior. All of the heating elements quit working after about a month an 1/2. I checked with the manufacturer to get it serviced, but the nearest service center is over 90 miles away. The price of shipping is more than a new toaster, so i bought a new one. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and so far so good. I’ll post an update is this one fails too.

I’ve had this toaster for about 4 a long time now. Immediately after two 1/2 several years the appropriate aspect stopped functioning. Then final winter it started doing work all over again. Remember to thoroughly clean out the crumb trays men and women.Depending on the variety of bread you use they can fill up genuinely rapidly.

This toaster arrives shut to what i needed, not excellent, but near. The slots in accordance to purchaser support are one. Deep, and i confirm these proportions as exact. It attracts 1800 watts of electricity, which is tops in it truly is class, and it would make toast quick. I uncovered that my unit toasts evenly on both equally sides and will tackle bagels and it also has a defrost operate. My most significant grievance is that the darkness manage has to be turned comprehensive counter clockwise to cancel the toasting operation. This is a little bit monotonous as the regulate then has to be reset for the upcoming batch of toast. The unit as packed by amazon was satisfactory, nonetheless, the maker needs to get the job done on its packaging. This item has a pretty slender stainless body and it demands a sort fitting foam jacket to secure it adequately. My 1st device arrived destroyed, which amazon soon set correct.

Really awesome toaster, it is s/s inside and out, and adequate energy to toast with simplicity. This is a ‘light duty’ professional product so it is a minimal larger sized than some other extra property oriented designs, but it performs terrific in my kitchen area and matches my other s/s appliances. A couple men and women have experienced complications with the sticker that is on the entrance (element of the marketing/details). I did have a minor trouble eradicating it, it can be a small stickie and the moment you take out it the s/s seems darker beneath. This is most most likely owing to residue and shines correct up with a tiny stainless steel cleaner. If you are purchasing any stainless appliances go forward and go to the retail store and select up some stainless steel cleaner – you are likely to need it at some issue. That currently being reported it is a small odd to have to polish it appropriate out of the box, i think they really should just not implement the sticker to the device. Overall this is a daring, wonderful machine if you have a massive more than enough kitchen to put it in, and it seems sturdy ample for yrs of house services.

Owning investigated (and procured) a bunch of toasters, the waring seemed excellent for the value. It is very hefty obligation, but it is also the tallest toaster i have ever experienced. The slots are tremendous extensive, which is fantastic for handmade bread and bagels, but poptarts really fall off the rack and get caught. A different massive difficulty is that you cannot elevate the rack devoid of turning the toasting level knob to zero. An additional step i don’t want when my toast is burning. This toaster is fast, but does not constantly seem to be to toast evenly on both equally sides.

We purchased the waring professional wt400 four slice toaster to substitute a toaster oven absent terrible. Out of the box it looked fantastic but the entrance sticker remaining a rectangular darkish place that will not arrive off. The configurations are interesting to get dark toast [on our individual toaster we cannot set it too far past light or it will burn. Also, to stop toasting process you must turn darkness knob to cancel, it is like a safety feature you cannot lift the push down levers to pop the toast. It does not have an indicator light for the regular toast setting but it does have a light when defrosting and for bagels. The defrost is a nice feature. It has all the functions needed to make toast and it does it well. So overall it is a good toaster for the price. ]

Bought this toaster to swap a cuisineart model that eventually just died immediately after supplying us many years of awful toasting. As with virtually all modern-day toasters, this a single is slower than what i might like or don’t forget from many years ago (no, i is not going to say how very long). However, it does it is occupation and delivers pretty evenly browned toast. The ‘bagel’ attribute is awesome, and i have utilised it to toast hamburger and very hot-puppy buns it also does a awesome work on sliced croissants used for sandwiches. I have seen some complaints about possessing to transform the dial all the way to the still left to pop a little something up to examine it, then losing your location. Which is fairly trivial, as the effortless way close to the issue is to just transform the dial back to exactly where it was instantly soon after you pop the toast up. And there is certainly another way, if you feel you have to have a location that is under no circumstances adjusted by even the smallest amount of money. Just unplug the toaster, and it will pop up without the dial remaining moved. This is a wonderful toaster for a acceptable selling price, and i’m expecting to get decades and several years of provider out of it. ========================== update: june, 2014 ====================the magnetic hold-down latch is now failing.

Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker : What I expected.

This is not a professional machine. If you are like us, a family of 4 that loves popcorn at any given time, then yes. Affordable and easy to operate by an 8 y/o w a bit of caution. We bought the made packs of corn/salt/oil, but as time went by, we wanted better oil (coconut), corn (we love “mushroom” corn), less salt and more butter for my husband (buy the small bottles in a 6-pack, u dont want to re-re-re-heat the large bottles). It does not make tons of popcorn and depends on the quality of your corn to pop (or not) all the kernels. Just follow instructions, and let the smell fill your tv room :)if you are the extra picky type or have super high expectations, get a real professional machine and pay an additional $200-500.

This is a very nice compact unit that fits on my counter under my cabinets. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, heats up quickly and is ready to use in a few minutes. Also, it is easy to use and clean. If you have a large family, however, this popper probably would not meet your needs but it is perfect for two-three people. We generally pop two batches one right after the other and that is enough.

I used this machine with great northern popcorn premium quality 12. I never thought that this machine would perform this much. I wanted this manufacture to avoid plastic tray and add stainless tray. Plastic tray is not good with kids food item. If this product would have stainless steel tray i would give 5 star.

My kids thought i was a santa with this present. We use it several times per week. I even use it ones for 3 hours, making countless batches of popcorn for my coworkers. Easy to handle, clean, maintain – great product and great popcorn out of it.

  • best popcorn, with caveats
  • Waring popcorn maker
  • Fantastic, just what we wanted!

Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 300-watt classic kettle-style popcorn maker produces up to 8 cups at a time
  • Reminiscent of old-fashioned theatre-style popcorn makers, but in a compact size
  • Pivoting kettle with built-in stirring mechanism; see-through window
  • Detachable kettle and magnetized door for easy cleanup; removable serving tray included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

After reviewing many popcorn makers, and wanting the best theater-type popcorn experience, i selected the waring pro for home use. I already had an electric stirring-type popcorn popper (presto, the orville brand), and was very satisfied with its performance and simplicity of use and clean-up. It remains my standard, everyday popper, but when i want the best popcorn, i use the waring pro. There are a few caveats, though. First, you must use coconut oil, the same as the theaters. Use “virgin,” not some hydrogenated product or adulterated version. Read about this to confirm it’s not unhealthy. Second, use only the pre-measured amounts, a ratio of 1/3 cup of popcorn to 1 tablespoon of oil. It is ultrafine and clings to the popcorn.

When we got it in i was a little disappointed. We also ordered a few other items to go with it. Popcorn, popcorn salt, theater butter and coconut oil. Spent just under $100 total. Yes thats a lot to spend for popcorn. This machine has performed with out a hitch. Well over 100 pops and it is still going. I will buy another once this one quits.

Movie theater popcorn actually bought in a movie theater now seems like garbage in comparison to popcorn made with this snazzy contraption. I use coconut oil rather than garbage oil bought next to the popcorn products at the grocery store. Use flavacol popcorn salt for the best results.

It has two measuring cups, smaller one for oil and the other one for kernels. Let it heat up for a couple minutes, drop in the oil and drop in the popcorn. Wait for the pops to stop, turn it off, and dump the kettle. You have to open the plastic door to dump the kettle. Would have been nice to extend the dumping handle outside the case. If you make two batches, be aware that the pan is not heated, thus your first batch of popcorn will get cold. One batch about the size of a small bag from the movie theater. To clean there is an easy method. Wait for the kettle to cool, pour some water into the kettle, and then turn it on.

My husband is a picky popcorn eater. When we got our glass top stove he could no longer use his favorite popcorn pot. He’s been lost for a few years. I bought him this popcorn maker for christmas and he loves it. Doesn’t use much counter space. It makes plenty of popcorn for him to eat. I chose waring pro because we have a belgium waffle maker by them that we bought over 7 years ago that still works. I’m so happy i found this popcorn maker for him and he loves it.

This is a good popcorn maker. It is built solid and i have used it to pop a lot of corn. It pops pretty quick once it is warmed up. I have popped twice the amount of corn that it says to in the instructions and have not had an issue. It didn’t even seem to slow it down much. The only issue i have is that because the kettle is so small that some kernels fly out of the kettle before their popped when the corn first starts popping. That is why i gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

It makes popcorn pretty well. I’m a little unclear on the “pro” designation, and the directions are a little light on detail. That said, it’s kind of fun, as a novelty item, but i’m not sure, once the novelty wears off, that i can’t do pretty much the same thing with a covered pot or pan. It seems to be very well made, really good quality, well-fitted materials, and clean up is pretty easy. Follow the directions on the first batch (1 1/2 tbl oil, 1/4 cup corn), then forget them. The directions say that will yield “up to 8 cups”. The second batch i did, i used 2 tbl of oil and 1/2 cup of corn and the popped corn filled the tray. As long as you empty the kettle (avoids re-cooking and burning the remains), you can keep on making consistent popcorn for as long as you feel like putting the ingredients in. First, due i guess to the nature of corn popping in an enclosed environment, you end up with some unpopped kernels flying out of the kettle. Second, i was a little surprised at how big the unit was. Unless you have a commercial-sized kitchen, this isn’t something you’ll shove out of the way under a cabinet. If you have kids, they’ll think it’s fun. If you want to avoid standing over a stove shaking a pot or pan for your popcorn, this is a great alternative.

So far, i am liking this popcorn popper very much. You do have to let it preheat, and because i use the smaller hull free popcorn, i do get some pop outs. If you are looking for something that will pop a huge batch, this is not your machine. It’s just my husband and myself, so it pops just the right amount for the two of us. When the grandkids are here, we will have to pop two batches, but it pops up quickly so this is not a problem. I like that it has the removable tray. Makes it very easy to serve the popped corn. It is easy to remove the kettle for cleaning, and a damp paper towel is all i needed to clean the inside walls of the popper. The tray and kettle are easily cleaned with warm soapy water. I previously had a different popper, but had to return it due to a defective latch.

This is a pretty good popcorn machine for the price. I’ve used it several times with and without different kinds of popcorn oils and it seems to work regardless of what i do, which i see as a plus. Pros:it holds a lot of popcorn in the chamberit is easy to cleanit looks nice on my counterit pops the popcorn wellpops every kernelcons:it takes a little while to warm up (which may be good because it doesn’t burn the popcorn)it is made of plastic, which is to be expected at this priceoverall this is a good popcorn machine that i use very often, and replaced every bag of microwave popcorn i would use.

Purchased this gift for my popcorn obssessed mom as a gift. It works just as described and has been a staple of every party we have had. It is incredibly easy to use and makes great tasting popcorn. We have had it for quite a while and we have never had a problem with it.If you have a big family or love popcorn it is well worth the purchase.

This product performs as advertised. It holds 4 ounces of popcorn. Not a lot, but it recovers quickly for a second batch. It takes about 4-5 minutes for first batch and 2-3 for additional. Popcorn is great, assuming you use quality ingredients. Clean up is easy and the kids love to watch it pop. I have only used coconut oil for popping. We wanted theater quality popcorn so we have not tried veg. This product is a solidly built, quality popcorn maker for home use.

I like the machine, the overall quality is not bad for $62. We have used it maybe 12 times in two weeks. The only problems are- the kettle does not make very much per cycle. We have to pop 2 cycles to fill the tray, which is enough for 1-2 people. There are a lot of unpopped kernels each cycle. The kettle is so small, and the lid is so light, that the popping kernels eject popped and unpopped corn. I get less unpopped kernels if i preheat it longer, and put in less kernels than the supplied measuring cup holds. Of course, this means 3 cycles are needed to fill the tray. Another problem is the lid handle gets hot when you do multiple cycles and have to add more oil/corn. The final knock is that the tray/glass sides have gaps, which means you get oil/corn on the sides, around the tray.

This has fulfilled my desire for getting a popcorn maker that is a minor greater than the ordinary apartment dimensions popcorn machine and that is so cute in the kitchen area, simple to thoroughly clean and the small tray inside eliminates the need to have for a popcorn scoop or supplemental popcorn container.

We bought this popcorn device for our movie space, and i went with waring since i bought a greater just one for our soccer club a couple a long time in the past that i beloved. It is a little small, and we have to make about four batches for our family of 6 throughout a movie night time. We have utilized it for the past 3 months with no complications. It holds up pretty nicely, and the kettle is strong.

I had go through a large amount of assessments about this solution. Some have been detrimental saying it was low-cost, did not previous extended, blah blah. For the rate people were being anticipating way too significantly. It was shipped way before the envisioned day. It was in best condition, really well packed. I acquired it to use it for my daughters birthday get together. I employed it for hrs, it will make a whole lot of popcorn per batch. It was pretty very simple to clean up. The tiny door even takes off easily to cleanse greater. For what i payed for this labored far better than i anticipated:).

My 1st one particular was a crazy stirrer. My 2nd was a hot air one that was junk made so a lot sound it wasnt funny. The popcorn odor is righteously great. You truly feel like ur @ the theatre. I will advise this product or service to all my mates on fb. I acquired mine made use of like new and i am quite glad with my buy from amazon.

I usually desired a motion picture-quality popcorn device and my wife received me this 1 for xmas after i did a good deal of analysis and asked for it. We have had it about five weeks and employed it two occasions a 7 days most likely. We haven’t had the concern of tons of unpopped kernels, i employed another reviewer’s recipe so we would not need to trial and mistake:one. ) run machine for 2 minutes to warm kettle2. ) incorporate 1 oz popping and topping oil (we use cheapo redenbacher’s) and 1/8 tsp morton’s fineground popcorn salt (out there at wm). ) incorporate the one/3cup kernels (also making use of redenbacher’s premium yellow popcorn)four. ) as quickly as popping stops, dump the whole kettle and wiggle the knob to make guaranteed nothing is still left, so it would not burn up. ) if you want more than enough for far more than two people today, increase a lot more oil and corn promptly.

Nevertheless it only can make batches huge plenty of for about two to 3 people at a time (and i mean three young ones when i refer to 3 people), and then you have to wait around for it to warmth next batch of oil and pop far more. But value it when you use the tasty prepackaged combo packs of the popcorn, coconut oil and buttered flavored salt. The popcorn preferences just like from the films. Figuring out the proper dimension of prepackaged popcorn and was hard- the eight oz package packs are about double the portion this popcorn maker can control at a time.

Waring Pro ICT400 Double Induction Cooktop, Terrific cook top!

Functions beautifully, straightforward thoroughly clean up. This has replaced a created in cooktop liberating up far more counter house. I suggest this merchandise whole heartedly.

The only thing i would have changed is there are two burners, but they are not equal in toughness. A person is larger and gets hotter, the other is for lesser pots & pans and the temp only goes up to about medium warmth. I would have built them both equally the similar, with the larger sized burner on the two sides. Nonetheless, it is not a major deal and i’m however savoring its overall performance, quick cleanse up, and other handy features. I would have essentially offered it four-one/2 stars rather of just 4.

Some people today described that they were being loud, but this 1 is not. It heats properly and does anything the specs say it need to.

Key specs for Waring Pro ICT400 Double Induction Cooktop:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Uses up to 70% less energy than conventional cooktops
  • Left burner: on/off, 8 heat settings, 150-minute timer; Right burner: on/off, 5 heat settings, 150-minute timer
  • Heat shuts off automatically 30 seconds after pan is lifted off
  • Safe, exhaust-free and flame-free cooking; Even heating – no hot spots
  • Must use with induction-ready cookware

Comments from buyers

“Stove Replacement, Waring, you put me at ease., Awesome product/Highly recommended.”

Not often turns on the selection, any longer.

Kitchen space temperature no lengthier an issue. Seems to be as sleek as a $one,500 genuine induction.

And the piece of head that arrives with the induction know-how is priceless.

Excellent product or service, just have to have induction cookware.

Had a tough begin prior to we understood that you had to have the pot on the burner region before it would heat up. It heats up and boils drinking water very fast.

I like my amazing pro prepare dinner major. I cooked a supper for six with simplicity and i was pretty pleased with it.

I got it to use as my key stove as we are a relatives of two and we you should not have a require for a entire sizing stove in our tiny home, so when our stove died 4 decades ago, we never changed it. Our previous broilerking stovetop lasted four yrs and i wished to update to an induction cooktop. It heats up speedily and get the pot off the burner and ta da, the burner turns off.

My son utilized this and claimed it is fantastic.

I can set this away or acquire it out to prepare dinner with. I have a compact condominium so my island doubles as my desk i failed to want a cooktop hard wired ideal into it. Would have been wonderful to rely on both equally burners to work at the very same time, instead of the scaled-down warming and only the much larger getting the large heat capability.

Acquired this device mainly because the variety in the property has a glass prime which is extremely tricky to keep cleanse. The waring pro is straightforward to keep cleanse. It heats up more quickly and the heat is less difficult to command than the one particular on the variety.

We gained this about a month in the past now, and i want i had located and acquired this device a few of several years in the past right before obtaining the fagor unit from tenting environment. This device out performs the other one particular and is pretty regular in heating at any temp variety, due to the fact it is a 1800 watt burner itmuch speedier than the 1600 when it arrives to boiling h2o. I am quite glad with the performance so significantly and would recommend this unit to any individual i know who is contemplating an induction cooktop. You should not squander your time and dollars on scaled-down much less effective models. We are fulltime rver’s and this unit is terrific on keeping the warmth down in the property, whilst having the task performed.

It will work good and seems to be wonderful on top rated of countertop.

Heats sauces gradual and evenly.

Pretty excellent high quality induction prepare dinner best. Heats foodstuff evenly and does not give off a ton of heat. Excellent for use in little spaces.

Purchased this for a tiny rental device i have.

Low profile, heats very rapid and cools down as fast ( if not speedier) than gas. Prepare dinner with precision without the expenditure or risk of fuel. Just make certain your cookware is magnetic, if not the unit does not transform on.

We moved into a studio condominium with no stove. The proprietor talked about finding a stove mounted and we recognized it would be someday but not now. This countertop stove is ideal. And we can choose it with us when we leave. It heats good, cooks properly, is vitality efficient and i would certainly invest in another one particular.

My only disappointment is that the timer does not convert the burner off. The advertisement did not say it did, i built an assumption centered on an advertisement for a further stovetop where the timer did transform the burner off.

This is my main cooktop in my cell house. My fuel stove went south and i invested in this induction cooktop. I ordered some stainless metal cookware and solid iron skillets to cook on. No difficulties and i conserve vitality prices mainly because it heats up rapid and only utilizes 110v. The added burner is a plus when cooking more than a single product. I will update this thread in a number of months to evaluation its sturdiness.

This cooktop is the ideal cooktop for a compact area. Heats extremely rapidly, and receives sizzling. It also maintains low temp (for simmering) really very well. Straightforward to clean, smaller and compact. No flame, no overheated coil to start out a fire. I recommend this cooktop to any individual. We do not have a stove, just this cooktop and a microwave and it handles all the cooking.

Waring WO50 Cordless Wine Opener – A GREAT WINE OPENER FROM AMAZON

I acquired this as a gift for my spouse who enjoys wine. She has often experienced trouble handling the process of getting rid of the cork on a wine bottle. She enjoys utilizing the electrical cork remover.We have never had any difficulty with the device. The only purpose i did not give it 5 stars was for the reason that the battery begins to lose ability after opening two or a few bottles in a row.

Received this for our bar tenders at the vfw post. But i have the very same one at household, and just after a several years, the battery actually receives fatigued.

Requires a wee little bit of energy, but nevermind. It opened my wine bottle and ejcted the cork really nicely. A little bit more substantial than i envisioned, but i observed a awesome easy location for it.Here are the specifications for the Waring WO50 Cordless Wine Opener:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Brushed stainless accents and rubberized handset
  • NiMH battery pack and charge included
  • Rechargeable base unit and removable foil cutter
  • Removes up to 80 corks with one full charge
  • Removes synthetic corks with ease

I now have just one of these and use it all the time and love it. I purchased this a single for my son and daughter-in-law and they bothlove theirs as well. I would definitelyrecommend it to everybody that enjoys a glass of wine.

After 5 a long time and hundreds of wine bottle openings i lastly changed the battery pack as it was just not holding a cost. The wine opener has carried out flawlessly and whilst i do not for see the need, i would surely buy an additional if i had to swap the waring opener.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works Best on Natural Cork
  • 5 years and hundreds of openings
  • This Seller should write a book on customer service

This is not the initially digital wine bottle opener i have had. They get the job done properly and the legitimate exam will be how long it lasts or if if the rechargeable battery is available when the time will come.

Excellent item, purchasing once more.

This is just one of the best openers ever. I love the idea of no cork in my wine. And the cork is launched quickly & in one particular piece.

It my next 1,initially lasted a lot of decades,.

We acquired a single of these wine openers as a marriage current a couple yrs in the past. Never have experienced any problems at all. Effortless to use, snug design, looks excellent on the countertop even though charging. Not long ago procured a sharper impression edition in-store for the in-guidelines anniversary. Returned and requested this one on-line. So much, they love it just as much as we do.

Great for seniors that have missing some energy in fingers. Extremely propose this wine opener.

We are ‘wine people’ and my husband loves gadgets so i received this for him a couple of valentine’s day’s in the past, right after seeing cook’s illustrated’s suggestion. We almost certainly received our money’s value of use out of it in the previous two a long time or so, but i can not say it is really a must-have. When this performs, it truly is good, but we have had various scenarios of it shredding a cork and then obtaining to commit a very long time digging the cork bits out of the waring cordless in order to get it to work once again. If even a teeny small chunk of cork will get into the mechanism it will not perform and having every single bit of cork out of the closed mechanism is awkward, time consuming, cumbersome and, previously mentioned all, discouraging. That has lead me to go back again to our easy, ten-calendar year-aged screwpull (not the huge lever designs, just the primary $ten doodad, which we’ve discovered performs even much better), which always receives the career performed the first time. The waring’s other negatives are the one more-issue-on-the-counter syndrome, which can be a headache if you might be small on area, and the fact that it isn’t going to perform pretty nicely on artificial corks. This will normally open up synthetics alright, but sometimes receives stucks, the authentic trick is that even if the corks appear out of the bottle simply, it can be incredibly difficult to get off the worm. You have to place stress on the cork/mechanism to do it, and in the procedure it can be simple to poke/stab on your own. Isn’t going to usually shred like a real cork can, but it is an additional prospective hassle aspect. I know a good deal of other men and women who have this and really like it, and if you might be opening bottles for a crowd (ten-20 at a time), or have any sort of arthritis, this is a great gadget that will get the work carried out rapidly and quickly about ninety five% of the time.

A spouse and children member has just one so we made a decision to attempt it. Is particularly what we wanted for the cost.

This is a good small item that performs very very well. Its super straightforward to use and fairly time effective to boot. The a person dilemma with it, is that if the battery dies whilst you are working with it, and the cork is even now inside of it, then it will not fit on the charging station, and you are stuck with a lifeless product. So far this has took place 2 times to me and the two periods it took a great amount of money of time to get us inside of the factor with one thing sharp to test and break aside the cork and get it out. Now i just go away it charging 24/7, which i am absolutely sure is not very good for the battery everyday living, but time will inform.

Disappointed in it’s performance. It looks to run out of steam before removing the cork. Desire we had picked a unique wine opener.

Whilst formed like a vibrator, this issue is significantly greater. It is a great device for anybody who likes wine and specifically for people who like to share wine with pals. You should be investing two times what you spend on this gadget.

Extremely great quality opener and rapidly shipping.

As usual, this was obtained on time and in wonderful ailment. This was obtained as a reward so didn’t essentially use this one nevertheless i have one of these and i love it. The person it was gifted to commented on how a great deal they preferred ours when they had been listed here for thanksgivings so.

I will take her term for it, as she can be challenging to please.

Battery life is questionable, and unable to exchange them.

This was a gift for daughter and son-in-regulation. The daughter seems delighted with this opener. I am joyful that i located a present that they value.

Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle & Omelet Maker – This is a awesome machine. When I first got it i thought

Acquired this for my wife for her birthday. She helps make tons of points other than waffles with this. She can make her personal bread and stuffs it with rooster or sausage and cooks it on the pancake facet of the waffle iron for a quick and effortless lunch. A person of the most effective factors i’ve at any time acquired her.

If you like waffles, contemplate this optional, but if you luv waffles, take into consideration this a have to have merchandise. Love waffles at residence that are basically much better than most, if not all, the high-quality breakfast eateries you’ve been sampling for yrs. These waffles give you more of what you consume waffles for. Indeed, it truly is a bit pricy, but you’ll enjoy terrific waffles for several years following you’ve got overlooked how a great deal you expended. (o k, that is probably not legitimate, you may almost certainly don’t forget how a great deal you paid, but you know what i necessarily mean).

I have not manufactured waffles in about 20 yrs. I experimented with a person yrs in the past and they always spilled about and i hated it so i gave up on waffles. This beauty is sooo easy to use. I purchased a box of krusteaz belgian waffle combine from walmart and decided to give it a check out. Each individual one a single turned out stunning with no sticking or spill about. I like that you can change how brown you want them. I really like that it beeps to permit me know that they are done. The minor indentions in the waffles are deep which is fantastic for the butter and syrup to fill up. The deal with even has an arrow on it so you know which way to flip it.Here are the specifications for the Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle & Omelet Maker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Makes a belgian waffle and omelet at the same time
  • Great for pancakes, frittatas, fried eggs, english muffins, grilled cheese and more
  • Rotary feature ensures even baking on top and bottom
  • Two thermostat and browning control knobs
  • Limited one year product warranty

I’m not just one to go away kitchen area devices on the countertop, i disguise everything, i use this so a lot it’s gained a long lasting spot. Following a several attempts the waffles arrive out excellent. The omelet side is my favourite element. I use it numerous times a 7 days for my young ones pancakes, panini sandwiches, mini omelets, grilled cheese sandwiches. I have even made use of it to reheat leftover hen nuggets & fries (really don’t judge me ha) if your a occupied momma like me this can be a very beneficial product.

Waffles and omeletes appear out shaped to perfection and it is so effortless to clear. Excellent for a saturday early morning brunch at home.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • think of it as an investment for your tastebuds
  • OMG You will love this!
  • Waited far too long to buy this waffle/omelette griddle

Birthday reward for our son, he is already utilised it for omelets and grilled cheese sandwiches and is looking ahead to getting waffles in the in close proximity to upcoming.

This has been my most effective waffle maker i have owned in comparison to the cuisinart double waffle maker i procured in the beginning but ended up returning. The waring belgian waffle maker can make fluffy even browning waffles. I have not mastered the great omelet still with this equipment, but i built great hash browns and different forms of waffles and each time the item arrives out perfect.

Believe that this would be a pretty pleasant merchandise if it labored. The thermostat on merchandise acquired more than cooked even on the cheapest location. Beware, product description says stainless steel, only the location to put the batter is stainless steel. The other development appears to be of some other materials unknown to me.

This item is properly developed, extremely simple to use, and is effective as advertised. 1 month in and we have found numerous makes use of for it over and above waffles and omelettes. The omelettes are fool proof and awesome. We have also seared shrimp and scallops, made sandwiches and a lot more. It is also fairly quick to cleanse.

I bought it as a christmas gift for my daughter. All she does is rave about her chicken & waffles or her omelets or whatsoever. So i am likely to go out on a limb right here and say it is effective nicely and does every little thing it promised to do. Imagine me if it did not i would have listened to it by now. She is quite delighted and has thanked me often. Nevertheless, i am nevertheless ready for my invite.

I really like this product i appreciate smelling waffles cooking on a saturday early morning. The other facet u can make above simple eggs its just fantastic.

This was a christmas current for my daughter and her spouse and children. It was a significant strike and is utilized routinely for waffle nights. It seems to be very well produced and worked properly so far.

If you want perfect waffles every single time this is for you they are a great deal greater than i-hop or bob evans. I have been working with it day-to-day and love it. Building added waffle blend tends to make breakfast so a lot simpler and more rapidly the relaxation of the week. Sprinkle your blueberries on the grid before you pour on the mix. I am still perfecting the omelets, but they are quite superior.

We made use of this for a july social gathering, it worked fantastic. We specifically like the omelet maker, they turned out best. You do have to tweak the configurations for personalized style but definitely well worth the money.

Happy with merchandise, effortless to clear. Adjustable cooking time is a plus, because the suggested cooking time created our waffles & omelet as well dark.

I would give this five stars but my ex spouse took it in the divorce.

This literally improve the way we put together brunch and my lunch to perform. I have almost nothing but fantastic to say about this system.

The recipient is in really like with it. She’s made use of it for all forms of remarkable points from common waffles, corn bread waffles (topped with chili) and canned cinnamon buns manufactured into waffles. She will get established with the omelet side, way too. For case in point, she’s manufactured omelets with sausage and topped with salsa. A person of her favored ‘likes’ for this cuisinart is that it’s so easy to thoroughly clean.

This equipment makes waffles and omelets to rival all those from the greatest inns i’ve frequented. It is uncomplicated to function — unachievable to make a mistake if you observe the instructions. I would propose this device to anybody such as the amateur chef.

You never know what you’re lacking finest obtain of breakfast convey, at any time.

Dimensions of letters and figures for dial are not effortless to see. Temperature location has to be critiqued based on your have preference. So waffles are in some cases over accomplished as nicely as omelets. There was a tricky pores and skin on each individual aspect of omelet. Established your dial ,then test it. Contemplate where by you want to store equipment also. It requirements a selected location. I did not get a pre-calculated cup for waffles/pancakes with my appliance so i am studying on how a great deal to put on the grids. Identified as client services in january 2018, pertaining to the pre-measured cup for the cuisinart waf-b50 breakfast express and was advised they would deliver just one but nonetheless have not gained measuring cup.