Waring WMK300 Belgian Waffle Maker – BEST waffle maker ever!!!

We used ‘regular’ waffle makers for decades, and finally decided to get a belgian waffle maker. We find the waring model easy to use once we learned how we were going to use it. We lightly pre-oil the iron with vegetable oil before every use. Since we like our waffles medium-dark, we take them out about 3 minutes after the timer goes off. We use a waffle recipe from the old joy of cooking, and beat the egg whites before folding them into the batter. We’re very satisfied with this waffle maker.

I’ve had this for a couple of years now and it makes the most delicious waffles. Especially if you get a great emiril recipe you can whip up some truly yummy toasty crisp warm waffles. Good for breakfast, dinner, whenever. Of course, my husband always wants to work this. Great — i make up the batter and he takes it from there. Even better with real maple syrup from trader joe’s or costco.

I bought this gadget for my husband for christmas, and it’s great. The waffles are heavenly, and the machine makes it so easy. I make the batter, but he runs the machine — which is kewl, considering there’s no actual open flame involved. All the recipes that come in the booklet are kind of complicated and mostly involve yeast batters, which take time. I made the overnight one, which tasted good; but i don’t normally want to be beating egg whites or making yeast batter on a regular basis just for breakfast, even on saturday. So we checked our ancient authority, the 1961 edition of betty crocker, and we adapted one of theirs to the following recipe, which works very well and tastes delicious. I’m including it here for readers’ convenience and hope it works for you, too. ‘richer waffles’makes 51-3/4 cups flour2 tsp. Soda1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened3 eggs1 tsp. Vanilla extract1-1/2 cups buttermilkmix flour, baking powder, salt and soda until well blended. Using mixer, add in softened butter until thoroughly distributed. Add eggs and vanilla and mix well. Carefully add buttermilk and mix until batter is well blended.

As you can see from previous reviews this waffle iron delivers. The best part about it it the predictability. There is a ‘beep’ when they’re finished and if you pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees, your waffles will stay crisp (yum) until served. Now, i love to cook so i have found the recipies wonderful and delicious. Sunday morning, fresh hot coffee, beautiful belgian waffles and crisp bacon. For the calorie guilt, just take a walk, it will be worth it and everyone will love you for it.

This is my 3rd waffle maker. I have used krupps and black and decker square waffle makers. With careful measuring, a lot of coaxing, and closely watching cook time i could get decent waffles out of those. But this waring machine is unbelievable. It produces absolutely perfect waffles every single time. It takes much less time to cook than the other machines. Whole wheat flour1 egg, separated1/2 tsp. Buttercombine milk, cream, butter, and egg yolk and mix well. In separate bowl, mix flour, salt, and baking soda.

I had waffles from this waring waffle maker while visiting at a friends house. The waffles are as close to restaurant quality as you can get. Plus you get the secret recipe for ‘overnight waffles’ in the included recipe book.That alone is worth the price of admission. Take the time to make the overnight waffles and you will never use batter from a box again. This waffle machine is easy to use and will make one perfect waffle after another.

  • makes real waffles!
  • High Quality, well built unit (so far)
  • Great gadget — better recipe

Once you have prepared your batter, you can have your waffles in as little as a minute and a half. Using the batter measuring cup that is included helps minimize batter-overflow. There is a series of beeps (6) that lets you know when it’s ready to use, and another (3) to let you know when the waffle is ready. I love iti don’t recommend using cooking spray; i usually make at least 5 waffles at a time, and the spray gets on the counter and the base of the waffle maker. So i just brush on a little oil. Cleaning it is fairly easy, but i wish that the plates were removeable because i would prefer to clean them separately. This is why i give it 4 stars instead of 5.

I bought this waffle maker to replace an older waring pro wmk300 which broke down after it fell to the ground from a fairly high shelf. Both the old and new waffle makers consistently produce very good waffles. I have been using the maker every sunday for the past couple of years and each time it never disappointed. We have had many sunday brunches with this machine with as many as 40 people where waffle was the main part of brunch. It has been reasonably fast in making waffles and i have made around 30 waffles in slightly less than an hour with this machine. One thing i noticed with the new waffle maker is that it weighs noticeably less than the old one. Everything else is more or less identical.

Over the christmas holiday i was visiting my daughter and she had received one as a gift. This was the easiest waffle maker to use that i have ever seen. Since our family loves waffles, i purchased it on-line and it arrived shortly after we got back home. The instructions are easy to understand and if you follow them the appliance works perfectly. I had to use it a few times before i achieved the level of crispness and color of the waffle that we like. It’s easy to clean and i would recommend this to anyone wanting to have a belgian waffle within a few minutes without paying a fortune at a restaurant. It has already paid for itself.

Ok, first, i have only used it a few times, so i may update this review as time goes on. However, initially, the waffle maker impresses me. It is a fairly heavy weight appliance for it’s size (not a lot of plastic on the thing, mostly metal, and seemingly fairly high quality metal. The nonstick parts work well; i haven’t had any problems with the batter sticking (but all my recipes call for either butter or oil in the batter; that helps). It’s also kind of long; it takes up quite a bit of space on a counter top. But, the real story is the functioning of the unit. The lights tell you when it is ready to work, and when you put the batter in and close it (and flip it over) it will beep three times when the waffle is done. You can adjust the darkness of the waffle by moving the dial up or down (1-6); it recommends 4 for a perfect waffle, and so far, the waffles have come out a beautiful golden brown. Now, the next part is somewhat subjective, but i don’t think they come out as well the restaurant quality waffle makers (the ones with a lot more juice that run on 240 volts). On the other hand, this is the best waffle maker that i have found so far; the waffles are crisp on the outside and tender (but still done) on the inside; the carbon malted waffles, though, don’t quite have that special taste you get in the hotel breakfast places.

I have used the waring pro several times now and it is by far the best available for home use. Yes, it is more expensive than the $15. 00 item you can buy at the discount stores but you get what you pay for. My last cheap waffle maker lasted only for a month.The waring makes great waffles from bisquick heart smart mix and cleans up easily. A great product even though made in china.

Features of Waring WMK300 Belgian Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Professional-quality Belgian waffle maker with extra-deep pockets
  • Rotary feature produces crisp crust and soft interior; browning control knob
  • Audio beep tone and LED indicators for “power” and “ready” provide foolproof performance
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing and brushed die-cast base; UL/CUL approved
  • Measures 16-1/4 by 9-1/4 by 7-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I had the unit for roughly two years. It makes great waffles, especially with the ‘good night’ waffles that you mix the night before. Yesterday, i noticed silver spots appearing in the cooking plates. Upon closer investigation i discovered that the non-stick coating is coming off. Apparently, this has been going on for a few months. I wonder how safe it is to eat the coating along with the waffles.

I bought this to use at home, but every restaurant i’ve work at has used this exact same waffle iron for breakfast service. It’s dependable and it makes absolutely perfect waffles. The price might seem ridiculous. But if you like waffles and make then with any regularity (even if just once every week or two), this is worth it. The cheap waffle irons are fine if you’re going to use it once or twice a year. Any more than that, get this iron.

I originally wanted a carbon waffle maker that i had seen in a hotel, but found they are not readily purchasable. After a bit of searching i found waring. It makes a perfect waffle every time. After two months i am still ecstatic. Now, here’s an easy recipe for making great waffles. Mix 2 cups of aunt jemima’s complete buttermilk pancake mix with two egg yolks, 1 1/2 cup whole milk, and 1/3 cup melted butter. Then fold into that batter stiffly beaten egg whites. Perfect every time after the beep. This waffle maker still makes a perfect waffle after 4 years of heavy usage. I have changed my recipe though. Use w-m’s great value extra fluffy pancake mix instead. Update: it is now 8/2014 and the waffle maker is finally worn out. It came apart at the back hinge and could not be repaired. I guess compared to the old cast iron waffle makers, its useful life span was pretty poor, but we enjoyed it anyway.

I purchased this item on 8/25/06 from amazon. They had the best price, plus free shipping. This waffle maker works great. You do have to use cooking spray with each waffle and depending what you use for mix, will determine if you will have a spill. It makes a seven inch waffle, which nomally 0ne is enough. I’m a big breakfast eater, so i usually have two. The measuring cup is pretty accurate for most mixes. If you use the bisquick recipe, you’ll have to use less batter to prevent run overs. The only problem i’ve found so far is that, the measuring mark on the measuring cup, wears off easily.

Spread the waffle mix around. I use the bottom of the measuring cup. I like my waffles a little crisp so i let mine cook an extra 20 seconds. Waffles come out perfect every time.

I was trying to justify spending a lot of money on a professional belgain waffle maker when i came across this machine about 6 months ago and decided to give it a try. I’ve had several people over for sunday brunch and they each ordered a like machine of their own. The recipe calls for yeast so unless you use the overnight directions it does take an hour for the batter to be ready to use. If i am making brunch i usually start this immediately. By the time i’m done with the coffee, getting the paper, cutting fruit or whatever its usually just about an hour. Really, who can’t figure out a way to putter away time on a sunday morning?another great plus is that unlike regular waffles, these waffles freeze beautifuly so my husband has breakfast for a few days of the week. Having read previous reviews i have made an effort to be careful with the handle and followed the seasoning directions. I have had no sticking issues and so far so good with the handle.

Professional-quality Belgian waffle maker with extra-deep pockets

Purchased 1 to see if it would be all that it said it was and went back and purchased another for a gift.

The one major problem with this waffle maker is that i’ll need to go on ‘girth-control’ pillsi usually can find something to gripe about with any product. It does what it should, the way it should, with minimum fuss and turns out consistantly excellent belgian waffles. Albeit a minor thing, i also appreciate the included measuring cup for adding just the correct amount of batter.

Bought it many years ago and it still looks new.

. This waffle maker is everything i had hoped. You can skip the recipes in the book and use a pancake mix. I selected a name brand ‘just add water’ mix. Please note that the pancake mix box will also have a waffle recipe that requires extra oil. Follow the waffle recipe exactly as it is written. The waffle maker makes outstanding waffles. I use a nonstick spray before i pour in the waffle mix. It never sticks and the results are wonderful. This has been such a treat for my family.

When i saw the belgian waffle maker, i knew i had to have it. I did not use any of the recipes that came with the waffle maker. I bought a mix from my local grocery store. I am very pleased with my purchase. I also used the number 4 setting. I would recommend this to anyone who loves belgian waffles. I plan on making every saturday morning waffle day in my home.

Anyone who has traveled and stayed hotels that offer free big breakfast has seen one of these and probably used it. Now you can have one at home and not take too much out of your pocket for it. Buy it, enjoy having a real quality waffle iron and you’ve got to love amazon. Comi can go on and on about it, but it is awesome. Comes with the cup so you know how much to pour in and then flip, beeps when ready. You will have to play around with one or two the first time to find your desired setting because some like theirs crispy and some like theirs fluffy. This is a great product, i love amazon and one of the reasons is because of the reviews. The reviews help me buy stuff without getting the wrong thing, so wanted to leave a review for this.

Rotary feature produces crisp crust and soft interior; browning control knob

Do not even waste your time or thought on any other waffle maker. This one is worth every penny. Makes wonderful waffles fast and perfect each and every time. Order with golden malted original pancake and waffle flour and you will make beautiful and yummy waffles everyday. You and your family will say yum with every bite.

Even though i had to pay a lot for freight charges for this waffle maker it was worth it. Perfect waffles each and every time. I can’t say enough, other than it’s making me hungry typing about it. You will not be disappointed. It just as good as the 300 dollar model. You must have the strawberries and whip cream ready for the first batch. . I can smell them now:)update 10/21/12 it’s been 5 years with over 120 time flawless uses and a thousand waffles later. New favorites fresh picked blueberries mixed in the batter & @ times spiced apple pie filling, always using warmed 100% maple syrup & a pat of darigold butter. I am glad we have not had any of the bad experiences that some other owners have had.

We purchased this same waffle maker while on vacation at a specialty kitchen store. We loved it so much we purchased another one through amazon at a much lower price for our son and his family. We also found that it is not necessary to purchase expensive specialty waffle mix. Any of the pancake mixes at your local supermarket will do. Just follow the directions for making waffles found on the back of box and enjoywe use pam spray oil each time we use it but remember to follow the directions that come with it about not putting any oil on it the first time it is turned on. Unlike cast iron skillets, which require you to put oil on them to season them first, this does not require oil the first time to season it. Note: when pouring batter into waffle maker pour in a circle from the outside in, rather than the inside out. It seems to work out better that way.

I was worried about size and heft but this is a very light machine despite its metallic looks. I just hope sturdiness wasn’t sacrificed in order to make this affordable. Well, this is my true indulgence purchase. I didn’t splurge on a santoku or an electric carving knife, but i felt a strong urge to buy this and have that luxury of making waffles at home. How decadent to have a designated machine for this treat. I was really worried i would have terrible results. However, nothing burned and the waffle just peeled right off in one big piece. I like the setting option to make darker crispier waffles and will be experimenting with savoury brown rice flour and egg white waffles with scallions soon. Now that i own one, i understand why owners use it so frequently.

I first saw the waring pro waffle iron in a self-serve buffet at a hotel where i was staying. It impressed me then, when, as an ‘industrial’ waffle maker, i thought it probably cost a couple hundred dollars. Then my sister-in-law used hers for mother’s day brunch. About four days later and it was here, postage paid and all of $79. It makes perfect waffles in about two minutes. Its raised design catches any drippings neatly. Its upper iron comes down and you flip it over to lock the two irons together. No unauthorized wafflage expansion. The non-stick surface lets go of the waffle every time. The thermostat controls heat. The industrial on/off switch is durable and positive. Multiple beeps sound when it has reached preheat temp and a single beep sounds when the waffle is done.

Add my voice to get this waffle maker if you want to make perfect belgian waffles. Just make sure to give a quick spray of pam every now and then (we use the butter flavored pam). I’ve used a lot of professional waffle makers at hotels when traveling and i find this one even easier to use than them. Again, you won’t go wrong getting this one.

. We had to have this once hotels started featuring waffle in their breakfasts. The waring wmk300 belgian waffle maker is rugged and easy to use. It has become a fixture in our kitchen and gets regular use. The price seemed a bit high at first, but it has been worth the extra money. No issues whatsoever, just perfect waffles every time.

Audio beep tone and LED indicators for “power” and “ready” provide foolproof performance

I always thought these machines were pretentious, until i tried one while visiting my sister. Without elaborate recipes, these make consistently great waffles. Now, on the downside, you need to eat them quickly while they’re crispy, but that’s not a problem at my house. Once the pan has been lubricated for the first use, it’s maintenance free thereafter. The bell chiming when the pan is hot enough, and when the waffle is done is brilliant – no more guesswork.

Waffles are a transportation vessel for real maple syrup. Wrought from the deciduous forests of new england where people with calloused hands set down their chain saws for a few weeks a year in order to let tree sap dribble into vessels. They then heat it over a fire made from other trees until it concentrates into an ambrosia of the gods. Pancakes, invented for their maple syrup absorbing capabilities, waffles for their syrup carrying capacity, and beards to catch the drips are just some of the equipment needed to convey this magical elixir to it’s intended destination. As such, proper waffles must have deep holes. They should stand at least an inch high and should hold at least a pint of real maple syrup. A proper waffle should be crunchy on the outside so it abrades the roof of your mouth allowing the maple syrup to diffuse directly into your blood stream. If you put aunt jemima high fructose corn syrup on floppy, tasteless, frozen ‘waffles’ designed by a multinational food company to fit in a toaster this waffle maker is more than you can handle. This thing makes real waffles that you put real maple syrup on.

It was good but started sticking 👍.

Brushed stainless-steel housing and brushed die-cast base; UL/CUL approved

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder : Meat Grinder

I bought this product after experiencing the “grey slime” issue with the kitchenaid meat grinder attachment (seems to be caused by metal shavings that are extruded along with the meat). Have used the new waring pro a couple of times now, and it works great, quickly grinds through meat, and doesn’t get clogged with fat which was another issue i had with the kitchenaid attachment. So compared to the kitchenaid it does cost 3x as much, it takes up counter space, and is a little high maintenance (you have to wash the parts by hand), but it is more powerful and does not cause grey meat, which is key. Very happy i made the switch.

I just used this grinder for the first time this past weekend. 5# of partially frozen pork shoulder, and also stuffed 2. A very nice feature about this grinder that i didn’t see listed anywhere in the description is the addition of a sausage stuffer screen. You remove the cutting blade and screen and replace with the stuffer screen. It means no more twice ground sausage like you have to do with other models. Overall i am extremely impressed with this grinder, and i will be using it quite a bit since “homemade” is a big part of my diet.

I wanted to point out a few discrepancies. The above product description reads the same as the mg800 grinder with regards to this statement: “covered by a five-year warranty, the 450-watt motor works effortlessly and operates with a simple on/off/reverse switch”. This seems to be in conflict with this part of the above product features: “heavy-duty 1000 peak watts motor “the outside of the box states that it has a 1000 peak (input) watts, motor. However the sticker on the bottom of the unit says 350 watts. So i am not sure exactly how powerful this unit is but it *looks* like it means business. :)i chose this grinder over the mg800 due to the fact it was a newer updated version with a more powerful motor and less expensive. *update* i have run 15 lbs of top round through this grinder, using the smallest grinding plate. The grinder ran effortlessly, it did not jam or have any problems. Make sure to oil the cutting blade and plate as soon as you clean it to prevent rust.

Great product, works very well, husband thrilled. Good size, not too big, easy to clean, grinds into burger so easily.

  • Good grinder for the money
  • Great Value for the Price
  • I know what I’m eating!

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra large die-cast hopper
  • On/off switch with reverse function
  • Heavy-duty 350 peak watts motor
  • Three Cutting Plates: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Includes 2 sausage attachments

The unit grinds very well and comes apart easily for cleaning. Just be aware that all the parts that must be cleaned after use (the hopper and screw) are aluminum, not stainless steel, and cannot be put through the dishwasher. The cutter itself is stainless steel, but all other parts must be hand washed in soapy water only. If you put the parts through the dish washer then a black tarnish coats the parts and unless it is completely removed it will contaminate the meat. It is not like an aluminum fry pan but must be a soft grade of aluminum and the tarnish is powdery and very hard to remove. I wish these parts were stainless and don’t know why they aren’t. Must be a cost issue, but i would pay extra for the convenience of using a dishwasher.

I’ve always wanted to makes sausages & now i am on my way. I would recommend this mincer to anybody.

I had a “hand-me-down” meat grinder from my mother. It was probably 35 yrs old, and still worked. I am so glad i decided to purchase thiswaring meat grinder. It is easy to use, durable, and nice looking. I made chop liver and it was a pleasure to feed the livers, onions and eggs through the base.

This has been a great grinder for home. We always cut up our own venison and never had a way to make hamburger.

This is a great appliance to use when you want to know exactly what your “ground beef” is. I control the quality of the meat, the section of meat (chuck, round, sirloin, etc. It’s worth putting it together, taking it apart, washing and drying it, and putting it away. Those things kept me from buying this grinder sooner, but labeling and quality of beef i could purchase is changing and i am happy i can grind my own now. The grinder i ordered from amazon ground metal against metal and left metallic scrapings in the sink when we washed the parts after grinding. We had to throw away our ground beef and go out to dinner. We did it twice, thinking we didn’t put it together well enough the first time. Actually, we had to go out to dinner twice.

It grinds meat so fast, you’re done before you know it.

I am now grinding my own hamburger as well as many other things. I would recommend this to any home user.

It grinds everything without flinching and feels very solid and well made. I’m happy and would recommend it to anyone looking for something with a little more power then their kitchenaid grinder attachment (which i have and like and use for smaller grinding jobs). The only complaint i have is that it’s very loud. I can handle it but i do prefer to operate it outside on the patio because the noise seems to bother our dog and young kids.

I was very pleasantly surprised. This grinder was extremely fast and easy to use. It was a little bit noisy, but the results were worth dealing with a little bit of noise. I would highly recommend it.

I am pretty happy with my new meat grinder. When used correctly grinds very efficiently and reasonably quickly. I have gone through 20lbs of hamburger and 16 lbs of sausage so far. Keeping the meat very cold the machine operates quickly. Easy to use and assemble and very easy to take apart and clean. You can’t underestimate the power of shiney metal in a product for astetics4.

The grinder does everything it states it will do. Very fast grinding and no jamming.

Update 06/07/12: amazon sent me a replaced unit with no rusted parts. Waring pro’s customer service is a joke, very apathetic and i stopped hearing from them after three e-mail exchanges. This grinder works great and is very fast. My mom makes two passes to be thorough, but one pass looked fine. She ground up some beef for the leanest burgers i have had in a while. She has yet to use this for sausages so i will update thisreview when she does. She does not grind anything that ever had bones in it. She is storing the blades and plates in oil and is very careful in drying everything after cleaning. I updated my rating to four stars for this unit.

It would not come apart after using. Return was hassle free and quick.

Bought this to replace the one i have and it is much faster and can handle larger cuts of meat. So pleased and look forward to years of use out of this product.

Be sure to read the manual thoroughly. It comes w/ accessories for sausage making as well.

Waring Pro WMS200 4-Slice Professional Belgian Waffle Maker – Love it! Heats up very quickly and evenly

It’s hard to close when you need to flip it over. Not exactly what i expected but it gets the work done well when you have figured it out.

This is a great waffle maker. I really like this product, we bought 2 units to handle making fresh belgian waffle style on our sunday brunch and it is exactly what we needed. Make perfect square waffle with very little overflow (no mess) and the waffle come out really easy due to the non-stick frame.

For my wife/family and they are very happy with it.

This replaced out old waffle iron. Great product, easy to clean.

Easy to use and easy to clean. Really like the adjustable temperature control.

Excellent except it needs a tray underneath to catch overflow.

  • Good little Belgian waffle maker
  • I bought it, used it and liked it
  • Five Stars

I am trying many waffle recipe, the best result is subject to the thickness of the waffle mixture, if the mixture is in liquid form(use warning classic belgian waffle recipe), the waffle is not perfectly fully covered especially the edge of waffle is thin, not firm and not crisp (already using their measure cup), however, if the mixture in thick, the result is good, but no ‘beep’ when done, i think the thick mixture to cause the machine cannot closed well, so i need to use a timer; also the color in level 4 and spray non stick oil is the best.

I’ve never had a waffle maker let alone one that spins. Granted i used a recipe off the internet as the ones enclosed required things i don’t keep (like yeast in water as a specific temp). I used the cup and poured in the middle like it said and well it didn’t spread out on one said and came out the edges on the other. The waffles were yummy and i can see there may be human error involved but since i don’t know for sure i ‘yeah, it’s alright’.

Easy to use & makes perfect waffles every time. Would recommend to everyone who loves waffles😀.

My grandchildren are enjoying their waffles.

Just got it today and had waffles for dinner. They were delicious and took just minutes.

Features of Waring Pro WMS200 4-Slice Professional Belgian Waffle Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Professional quality for home use
  • Bakes 1-inch-thick restaurant-style Belgian waffles
  • Browning control knob for custom-baked waffles and a rotary feature ensures even baking on top and bottom
  • Brushed stainless steel finish with a folding handle for easy storage
  • Power and Ready LED indicators with an audio beep tone to indicate when waffle is ready

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Would have like to have had an instruction manual with the product.

Green light comes on when iron is heated and bell rings when waffles are ready. Also cooks them perfectly, easy clean up.

Thank-you for fast shipping. Will be using for my wedding cake business.

Heats up very quickly and evenly. It’s large so it takes up a pretty big space to store it but for as well as it works, i’ll overlook that.

It says professional, not commercial works great just not the best construction.

Should have bought this years ago. Only problem i have is a measure cup was not included. I would think they would put a cheap plastic one in with it so new bees like me would know how much batter to put in.

Professional quality for home use

I have had this product for over a year. It is a nice little belgian waffle maker. Ideal for the person making waffles for just themselves, for anyone cooking for two, and for smaller appetites (like for small kids) or smaller portions (like for up to four adults eating light). As a single person who eats waffles only once every couple months, this little unit is great. Often i just put batter on two of the four small sections because half of one of these is plenty for me, though i eat very light. (tip: as another reviewer has pointed out, if you like your waffles on the crispy side, just make thicker batter.

Makes great waffles but the cord is ridiculously short. It’s so short when i lift the lid it won’t open all the way to clear the overhead cabinets.

Favorite new toy in the kitchen.

I’m not sure i’d call it ‘professional grade’ but it’s heavy duty and high quality. Very happy with this purchase.

It’s improved over previous models with better supports and built-in drip pan.

Bakes 1-inch-thick restaurant-style Belgian waffles

This unit works extremely well and easy. Don’t go beyond the setting of 4 or your waffle will be too crispy.

I’ve had other counter-top appliances (panini-press) which had waffle plates that could be installed, but they just never turned out right. Had a big family breakfast over the holidays and this thing just keeps churning out waffle after waffle with no problems. The waffles come off the irons nice a clean, nothing sticks to the surface at all. I like the different settings. Moving the knob to the max setting never burned the waffles, but made them a nice dark brown. I even overcooked the waffles a minute or two after it beeped, and still the waffles didn’t burn, only added an extra crispiness to the waffles. I would say as a cooking tip – if you like your waffles more crispy, don’t be afraid to leave them in the iron for a little while after, even on the max setting. Whenever i take them out right after the beep (on the max dial setting) the waffles still had a nice brown color, but weren’t as crispy as some may like.

Browning control knob for custom-baked waffles and a rotary feature ensures even baking on top and bottom

Brushed stainless steel finish with a folding handle for easy storage

Waring Pro TF200 Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer : The absolute best turkey you will ever eat is one that has

You would have to be a real dummy to cook a bad meal with this machine. Easy to use, very easy to clean and easy to operate. I’ve cooked two turkeys with this machine and the second one, using peanut oil, came out crisp and tasty. When i say it is easy to clean, believe it. The machine comes apart and allows you to clean each part thoroughly. Getting rid of the oil is a snap, i just empty it into the container it came out of and throw it into the trash. I hight recommend this waring pro.

This is a terrific appliance but it is for specific use. It is not a huge pot for a large turkey. It is an easy to use (indoor or out) deep fryer with a rotissiere that can be used for multiple purposes. We just used it for thanksgiving. First, i looked at the turkeys in the store and elected to get a 13 pound turkey instead of the advertised 18 pounder. Second, the true art is impaling the turkey on the two rods so that it can turn within the diameter of the basket. With a turkey approaching the width of the basket this takes a while and the difficulty is under stated in the promotional video. Finally, as the turkey cooked the skin split and a bone was exposed that increased the diameter and caught on the basket.

Waring Pro TF200 Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Holds up to an 18 pound turkey; cooks at approximately 3-1/2 minutes per pound.
  • 1800-watt heating element; 120-minute timer
  • 2.5-gallon stainless steel reservoir
  • Aluminum frying/rotisserie basket; rotisserie function uses 1/3 less oil
  • Limited Five Year Motor Warranty

I bought this as a gift to my son for his birthday. He told me that the turkey fryer did a great job for a 12 lb. He said that the only negative was that it takes a good bit of oil to fill it up for use, which is a little expensive.

I purchased this fryer because i wanted a large basket with quick heat up times. This product takes 35-45 minutes to heat up to 375+ with the minimum 2 gallons of oil. The timer is a little rinky dink timer that barely works and usually cannot be heard over the sound of oil cooking. The negative aside, once heated up it does a wonderful job of actually cooking small things such as fish, ocra, french fries and doughnuts. Thanksgiving 2012 i tried to cook a small turkey using the rotisserie feature. It cooked the outside of the turkey to perfection but the inside was still raw. I had to bake it after frying it. Update: after two years, it still works like it did on day 1. I now think that cleaning it is too much hassle so i don’t break it out as often. However, everything is still working so you know it is going to last.

There are so many products on the market today, many of which are falsely advertised and fall far short of their claims. This product is one of the very few exceptions. Even though i have only cooked one 18 pound bird in 55 minutes to near perfection, i look forward to the many years of various uses from this product. Thank you waring for manufacturing a high quality, easy to use, efficient, and easy to clean product.

Waring Pro TF200 Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer : We purchased this fryer two years ago and have fried turkeys four or five times, but only used as a deep fryer once. We have been deep frying turkeys for many years, but this unit does the same job with way less oil. The unit works very well after some modifications. The absolute best turkey you will ever eat is one that has been brined then fried. The brine does not have to be elaborate with twenty ingredients like most recipes. A simple brine with salt, a little brown sugar (half or less than most recommend), celery, onion, and garlic is all that is needed for a magnificent turkey. The most frustrating part of this unit is the magnetic power cord connection. It is designed to keep the unit from being pulled over by entanglement in in the cord. The magnetic plug is very weak and becomes disconnected too easily. I hard-wired the cord into the control panel and sealed the opening with silicone sealant.

Works great and can cook a lot of wings.

I decided after reading many reviews that i wanted to have one of these for deep frying turkeys as it would allow me to do so indoors safely and would not require the constant attention that my outdoor cooker needed. Additionally it would allow me to deep fry turkeys regardless of the outside weather year round. From the results that i got i have concluded that although this unit makes a great turkey, it does not achieve the same level of overall crisping and browning that my outdoor cooker provides. This seems to be due to the fact that my 15 lb. Turkey causes enough of a fryer oil temperature drop that most of the cooking stays in the 300°f range most of the cooking time whereas the outdoor cooker maintains the full 350°f throughout the cooking time. It never recovers the initial temperature setpoint despite the high wattage heating coil in this unit. Other than that, it does a fine job and is a well made machine that is easy to use and clean therefore earning 4 stars instead of 5. This is also not to say that i will never use it for turkeys again but during the spring thru fall weather months i may use my old outdoor cooker. For other frying uses such as chicken wings; it does an outstanding job. Have not tried it yet for steaming but i have no doubt that it will be great for that as well.

I was concerned about how much i would use one and if they really had good temperature controls. Although i have not cooked a turkey yet i love this fryer. The temperature controls are great it is easy to clean and even though you can use it inside we don’t as my wife hates the smell and it becomes part of the party.

Never had a better turkey in my life. It was so good i should have won award. Cooked it on the kitchen counter no fuss, no muss and no smokey oil.I used peanut oil which really gave it great flavor.

I bought this turkey fryer because i know deep fried turkey is the best. The manual comes with handy recipes and i tried the cajun fried turkey one for this past christmas dinner and family and guests complimented me on how good-tasting and juicy the turkey was. I gave it four stars because the 17. 98 pound turkey cooked well at first on the automatic rotisserie rod, but towards the end the turkey just sat frying on one side in the oil without rotating anymore. And it was annoying to continuously raise the turkey from the oil and line the gears up. The directions state this fryer can cook up to an 18 pound turkey, but i guess the weight was too much for it since the gear on the spit rod didn’t want to remain in contact with the gear at the front bottom of the fryer, which rotates the turkey as it fries in the oil, but eventually the turkey got done. A premium waring pro thermometer comes in the box and this was great in making sure the turkey was well-done (165 degrees fahrenheit) when i inserted it into the breast. Also butcher’s twine comes in the box and is very useful for tying the wings and legs close together so that they don’t hit the walls and interrupt the rotating inside the fryer. I recommend buying this product, but just make sure the turkey is 13-14 pounds; i think the gears will remain in contact.

This us a very good product. Safe to use and easy to operate and clean. Have used this the last 3 years on thanksgiving and christmas. Cooked whole turkeys up to 16 pounds and had great results. Just a tip, 24 hour brining makes a big difference in the moisture and flavor of the final product. Look forward to using this every year from now on.

This rotisserie is well made and fried a great turkey this last thanksgiving and christmas. Well worth the price and easy to use and clean up is a snap.

Never in my day have i had my hands on a cooker like this.

Works very well when you make sure the bird fits in the machine. My trussing skills were lacking and after the second time the turkey got stuck i just cut off the wings and legs. Then threw them in the oil after the turkey was done. I also did a 20 pound turkey but cut off the legs and wings first. I had read some reviews where it took 3 hours to warm up the oil. 45 minutes to an hour and your ready to go. I think 16# is the limit for this machine.

First use was thanksgiving 2013. Initial impression out of the box was flimsy. Edges have the potential to cut if not handled carefully while cleaning. Huge bonus is that it uses only 2. Let’s get to it:-pre-plan for oil heating time. -it has a ding timer to alert you only. It does not shut off the cooker. -as they state in the instructions you need a dedicated outlet, we blew a breaker because someone tried to make coffee. -we decided to try and make optimal use of the oil so we had three 14lb turkeys and a large chicken. These were cooked consecutively, with the only down time being removing and loading each bird. Just a side note, we flavored all four birds differently. -it is essential that you securely tie the legs and wings so they do not pop out and hinder rotation. I didn’t do the second one well enough and a wing popped out and stopped the rotisserie. Trying to re-tie a hot turkey over hot oil was a challenge (and unwise), so be smarter and pull the turkey out if you need to re-tie it.

I think it does a good job on a turkey have not tried it on any thing else.

Works well but the magnetic plug disconnects too easy.

I purchased this for camping. At thanksgiving i cooked a 12 lb. When it came time for clean up, that was a snap. The handy drain hose and spout at the bottom were great. I just filled the original containers with the oil. I fount that my cooking process had used about 1/4 cup of oil. I would definitely recommend this product.

You must watch the dvd so that you wrap the turkey properly. If you’re a person that looks for any reason to fry a turkey or always fries wings for parties, this is the machine for you. If you can afford it, buy it.

Quick note: the tf200b is the latest model, not the tf200. I ordered the ‘tf200’ from amazon, but i checked with the seller first to make sure i was going to get the tf200b, which i wanted. As of the time of this review, amazon has a separate listing for the tf200b, but the prices are higher. It was cheaper for me to purchase the ‘tf200’ and get the tf200b than to buy the tf200b directly on the other listing. The tf200b made changes to the rotisserie spit, rotisserie cap, and rotisserie support. No effect to cooking buffalo wings, but it might be an improvement to rotisserie frying whole poultry. Waring (conair) stated the tf200 performs just as well, but i’d just as well have the latest model. For years i suffered using a 6-qt stovetop fryer to cook my wings. It only held about a 3/4-gallon of oil and it was often at risk of boiling over if there was too much moisture left in the food that was being cooked.

Make sure to tie turkey as directions say so it will turn correctly. Doesn’t use nearly as much oil as outside fryers, and easy clean up. I personally would use this outside under cover just because it does leave that famous fry smell and i’m not that fond of it lingering. Turkey came out awesome and can’t wait to use on chickens and other smaller items.

Waring Pro WWM1200SA Double Belgian-Waffle Maker – Love Waffles Even More Now!

Someone commented that for the first waffle you need to wait a couple of minutes after it beeps it,s ready. Good looking unit setting on he counter which is good because it would be a pain to get out whenever i used it. Can,t wait for the grand kids this christmas. I will finally be able to keep up.

I now love waffles even more than i used to. Just ask my coworkers, all i talk about is wafflesbut seriously, this waffle maker is great. I wasted numerous hours trying out various online waffle recipes, but the included recipe for belgian waffles is all you really need. There are several more recipes i have yet to try. Also, it’s fairly easy to clean (actually, i don’t really clean it much). The only trouble spots are the hinges (front and back), but that’s because i overfilled it a few times.

Love belgian waffles in the motels when we travel, so my husband bought me this one for using at home. It works well, and cleaning is easy. I wonder if this means we won’t travel anymore since i can now get me waffles at home.

I have waited a little over a year before writing this. I have used it about 2 dozen times and absolutely love it.Definite must for any kitchen.

I was so thrilled to finally have a real belgian waffle iron. Its easy to use and clean up is easy, which is a big plus to me. I love that it can make two at a time. I’ve had total success with it. I don’t see how anyone could have anything other than success with it as long as you read the directions carefully, but some people have no patience for that then wonder why they had a problem. As for me, i’ve used it several times already and couldn’t be happier.

This makes beautifull waffles consistantly. You end up with a pile of wafles in no time at all. The only other double waffle maker i have seen was $200 more and had the same features as the waring pro.

  • Waring Pro Double Belgian-Waffler
  • Waring Pro WWM1200SA Double Belgian-Waffle Maker, Black
  • One Great Buy

We use our waring pro every sunday when the family gathers. Being able to make two waffles at once saves time and gets the breakfast on the table faster. Set the dial to desired doneness and waffles come out perfect every time. Measuring scoop makes it easy when pouring mix into waring pro. Quick to heat and easy to clean.

Absolutely love this waffle iron, we looked for a long time to find one that heated as well as this one doesmy husband likes his waffles more well done and this is perfect.

This is a great product that i have owned for about 2 months and i use it about once per week. Feels sturdy and definitely not cheap. The cooking of two waffles at once is a huge plus so we can all eat sunday breakfast at relatively the same time 🙂 i’m glad i bought this, would recommend it to a friend.

It’s very solid and the little measuring cup that come with it gives just the right amount of batter for the griddle. We love the double sided griddle which permits two people to have breakfast at the same time. Good instruction manual, can’t find anything negative to say for this gem.

Are you using in a small kitchen, has worked great so far. Definitley want to use the higher setting to ensure you get a nice crispy outside if that is what you are going for. Usually i am wary of these kinds of items that have two purposes, but this devices works great with no issues flipping from one side to the other and cuts the time and number of machines to be used in half. Built well, will update if anything changes.

Features of Waring Pro WWM1200SA Double Belgian-Waffle Maker, Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 2 extra-deep Belgian waffles – 1-Inch thick
  • Rotary feature for even baking on top and bottom
  • Rotary browning control knob
  • 3 Audio beep tones; 2 LED’s
  • Brushed stainless steel

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We let it warm over the beep notice by 3 minutes as suggested by other members. Don’t overload and use the 3/4 cup rule or cup provided. It’s very pretty and stylish on my counter.

The waring double waffle maker makes great waffles. After just a week or so, the handles stopped staying in a locked position and popped open a half inch while cooking. Waring didn’t have a good answer or solution for this; however, we found that the waffles cooked just as well with them open and kept it. It great to make multiple waffles simultaneously when you’re cooking for a big crew.

I bought this based on another review that mentioned the directional arrows to tell you which way to turn it. I have been thinking about buying one of these for a couple years, and i am happy i got this one. The arrows really do help, the waffle iron works great, and it’s awesome to be able to make two at once. Every batch i’ve made has turned out perfectly. I haven’t had any trouble getting the waffles out, even when i forget to spray the iron first. This wasn’t exactly something i ‘needed’ but i have to admit it makes me happy to have it.

Totally non-stick, only the odd crumb left to clean up (i just blow them off), fast cooking. Super feature: beeps when iron is hot & ready to cook, beeps again when waffles are done. The cook can sit & eat at the table with everyone else instead of standing guard over the waffle iron to guess when they are done.

We only use it every other weekend since eating waffles all the time puts on the pounds but if i could make waffles everyday it would be with this one. I did good when i purchased this one.

We love the double waffle iron. With 5 kids, it really produces quickly and the waffles are cooked perfectly every time. It beeps when the iron is hot and ready and beeps when the waffles are done. We purchased the carbons golden malted mix found here: b001ell60w it’s pretty good too.

Makes 2 extra-deep Belgian waffles – 1-Inch thick

Makes nice big waffles, two at a time. I can finally sit and eat with the family instead of tending to a waffle iron all through breakfast.

Sometimes i need to make a lot of waffles quickly, so i tried to find another waffle maker like the one i had been using. After trying and returning a few high-end competitor’s products, i am delighted i discovered this one. Perfect, crisp, thick waffles in record time, easy to use and clean. Now i can serve four people at breakfast with hot, fresh waffles, and the second batch will be done before they are ready for them. Just the best appliance, evenly heats on heavy plates, and after a quick preheating, making waffles is a quick and fun thing. I am so pleased with the waffle maker i wrote a long letter to the manufacturer, singing its praises.

Great to make 2 waffles at once. We used the yeast recipe included and they were delicious. Topped them off with peanut butter syrup.Couldn’t even find the double waffle maker on our small island of kauai. Amazon free shipping made this affordable.

I purchased this waffle maker for each of my daughter in laws as gifts and they both like them very much. This waffle maker is fast and the waffles are great. So far there have been no problems with them that i know of.

My entire family love this waffle maker. My kids actually visit me more often now, lol. Makes tons of fabulous, light, crisp waffles very quickly. I threw away my old waffle maker after the first batch. Once you get one of these, you’ll never go back to the old kind.

Very good product for providing hot waffles for a large group of people. Got one cooking while removing and refilling another.

Rotary feature for even baking on top and bottom

Having bought this particular item as a present, i base my review on the one i purchased a year ago for myself. . I am very pleased with the product. By using it, one will figure out just the right amount of batter to use so one won’t encounter overflow. I use the number 3 setting for the waffles and as far as clean up goes. As long as one follows the directions for first time use (seasoning the unit), you should not have a problem with sticking. I purchased the double unit because i find that little ones just don’t want to wait.

Love this product, the shipping was pricey, but worth it this machine would cost [. at bb&b, and you can’t even find it at the larger retailers. This retailer was fast and easy to deal with. To use this machine is very simple you only have to read the directions once. Both waffles come out brown and crisp, ( i set my dial to 5 1/2)i used a waffle mix the first time to make sure i had some advantage, but next time i will try my own batter. Fast and easy, professional results, very happy. ]

There are no negatives from my standpoint, when used properly (preferred browning setting and amount of batter), the results are perfect. I read other reviews and agree to let the initial heat-up time to go beyond the audible alarm, probably gets more evenly heated. I like the speed, rotating, removing and re-loading to produce waffles quickly. Dollar for dollar, this machine may seem pricey but the results are well worth the money, even with non-exotic mixes, the crispness is great. I did follow someone’s suggestion to use soda water in place of regular water, the waffles are very fluffy and light on the inside. From the deep pockets, ease of use, speed and quality, this is the unit to consider. This waffle maker has a quality look and feel, looks good in the kitchen. The shipping packaging is top notch, very well protected.

I am so glad i didn’t pay more for another. I crank out 20-25 waffles at a time with a giant batch, then freeze them and we eat them during the week for a month. I have messed with the manufacturer’s recipe quite a bit (to make them vegan) and they still come out beautifully.

I pondered back and forth between the waring pro 1200 and the 600. It appears the 1200 was a previous year model from the new production 600. The actual weight and sizes are probably nearly identical (shipping weight on my 1200 was 13 pounds). Surprisingly, the older 1200 may be a better unit than the 600, based on my use of the 1200 and reading reviews of the 600. The 1200 does have arrow indicators for which direction to turn the unit, but reviews on the 600 state it has no arrows. My 1200 turns out perfectly evenly browned waffles whereas the 600 reviews had some complaints of uneveness. Leading me to believe the 1200 has better integrated heating elements than the 600(?). Final conclusion: i am so happy that i bought the 1200, and for those of you contemplating the choice, i highly recommend the 1200 over the 600 (on the basis mentioned earlier. However, if in fact the 1200 is an older model, it may be hard or impossible to buy as soon as current stocks are sold out. Other info you may wish to know: the 1200 makes 6-3/4 inch diamater waffles approximately 1 inch thick with nice large pockets.

Love this use it at least once a week. It’s great because i make two waffles at one time and feeding too hungry teenagers that is a huge help. Cooks even and make some crispy or soft depending on your taste.

You can cook as many or as few waffles as you need. We are empty nesters – so we need that flexibility. When the kids come home – big breakfasts are a must. And we can crank out the waffles. Otherwise – just two will do. Perfect texture and color – every time.

Rotary browning control knob

Use it every chance i get and not just for waffles.

I use the waffle house copycat recipe for waffles. I can cook two waffles at once.

Have used it for about 20 meals so far and really enjoying it. The double waffle feature works great and allows me to get waffles on the table so that our family of 4 can finally all be eating freshly-made waffles at the same time. The waffles are deep and (especially with overnight recipe) fantastically delicious – crispy on the outside and soft, but cooked, on the inside. The initial warm up takes a little while but then you will be on your way. The timer setting needs to be adjusted to the recipe. For instance a very light, beaten egg recipe will cook more quickly than a heavier mix recipe. Similarly, the little scoop might not be the precise amount for every recipe but really helps keep the drips and overflows to a minimum. Clean up has proved to be very easy. Unlike our former waffle maker there is no plastic to discolor over time and any dripping batter does not get all over the cord and into crannies.

Our family loves this product. Especially for those family sit down breakfast mornings.It allows us to make fast, perfect waffles in minimal time and mess. It heats up quickly and evenly for perfect waffles every time. You have to adjust the temperature depending upon the recipe. Also, when making waffles with berries. It tends to be messy and a bit of a clean up issue. Otherwise, highly recommended.

My wife loves the waffle maker. The chimes is a bonus but the waffles are terriffic. It really produces them fast and it’s great when you have a big family. Easy to clean and it’s the best thing since crushed ice.

I bought this for my daughter who kept borrowing mine :). She loves it so much that she makes waffles almost every weekend and even takes it when she travels.

3 Audio beep tones; 2 LED’s

We are enjoying perfect waffles with the waring pro. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I highly recommend the double. We used it with company and enjoy the left overs when it’s just the 2 of us, they keep nicely in a ziplock in the deli tray of the refrigerator, be sure to cool them first.

Not only is the waffle maker easy to use, it is easy to clean. We really like the waffle recipes included and since there are only 2 of us here, we make a recipe of 6 and freeze the remaining. The maker is easy to flip; you can make 2 waffles at the same time. We’ve only used it twice but look forward to our next baking experience. It is quite a large unit so you need to find a sizeable area for storage.

Quick fluffy waffles, what a difference this appliance makes. Used the 4-5 setting for just the right crispness.

Waring WPB80R Professional Bar Blender – excellent, made in the usa

My husband loves to make smoothies, so i got this blender especially for him, and it’s perfect. He calls it his ‘guy blender’ because it has a powerful (and loud) motor without a lot of fussy settings like ‘chop’ or ‘puree. ‘ it does just one thing but does it really well. Also, my guy is not into details like ‘add liquids first,’ and he has little patience for things that are hard to clean. So the fact that he’s been using it for months without burning the motor out or getting anything stuck to the blades says a lot about how solidly built and easy to use this blender is.

This blender seems to be working well so far. My only complaint, and i don’t know if it is just the blender we received, is that the twist for the cap is actually backwards (so left does not twist off and right does not tighten instead it’s the other way around). This leads to a lot of confusion when trying to take it apart to clean.

This blender is kind of cheap and does not have the power i was expecting. Will not recommend this item.

I been using mine since i got it 4 yrs ago. Only issue is that over time it starts leaking in the bottom and it makes a bit of a mess.

This is an excellent product. We use it all the time and it works great.

Only problem is that i did not read that it came with plastic jar. Other than that its a great deal.

  • Great Value, Great Blender
  • Lives up to my expectations for a Waring.
  • This is by far the best blender that I have ever owned

This warpro is great for families who make smoothies a whole lot. I like that its pretty heavy duty and we haven’t burnt it out.

I had a different waring blender for more years than i can remember. It had a plastic body and membrane buttons with an ice crushing mode. That blender made me believe that i would prefer waring for a very long time. It died only because the plastic body eventually gave up the ghost (we’re talking >10 years) and the motor mounts broke. That ended up messing with the bearings and stuff. With no hesitation i went to get another one. I was a bit skeptical about the two mode switch, but then on the other model we mostly used the pulse and didn’t really care that much about having a lot of speed choices. I see others do not care for the plastic container, but i have no issues with it, and the shape is a key part of why it works so well.

This is–in my opinion–the best inexpensive blender on the market. I eat mostly fruit and it makes the creamiest, dreamiest smoothies. For breakfast i blend bananas, oranges, water and a touch of vit c—for a dreamcicle tasting delight. I am very hard on it too–three to four uses a day–and with a squaretrade warranty added—all is covered.

To be clear, i bought this blender from target, which had the glass container version. As of this review, there isn’t an equivalent item on amazon, so i am putting my review here. The biggest performance concern is typically the motor, blades, and assembly, so i hope others don’t mind this review. After three months of use, it’s still great. I mainly make green tea smoothies using matcha, soy milk, and many half oval-shaped ice. Each piece of ice is about 2 inches long. This blender works great for that purpose. In the beginning, i had the safety (clutch?) mechanism kick in and disconnect the motor from the blade fairly often. This wasn’t inconvenient, though, since it let me know when to shake the contents to get more of the ice to sink to the bottom. After about 2 months of use (i.

I was hesitant to purchase this model based upon some previous reviews, but finally chose it after researching many different models and other companies, mainly because the blender jar is made of plastic and the power level produced by this blender model. Some reviews stated that the blender jar does not sit on the blender correctly and may be unstable, i have not found that to be the case. This is by far the best blender that i have ever owned, i’m sure that there are better blenders out there, but for the price, this blender suited my needs perfectly. I utilize my blender to make fruit smoothies and blended ice drinks.

Features of Waring WPB80R Professional Bar Blender with 48-Ounce Jar, Chili Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 500-watt professional-quality bar blender with a heavy-duty metal base
  • 2 speeds; simple toggle switch; removable stainless-steel blade assembly
  • 48-ounce polycarbonate container includes English and metric graduations
  • Secure-fitting lid with 2-ounce measuring cap for adding ingredients while blending
  • Measures 10 by 8-1/2 by 13-2/3 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Flimsy lid and jar difficult to keep in place in use, have to hold it at the top.

The liquid holder is plastic, not glass as i thought it was. The plastic is a harder plastic so it should hold up. Mixed up a drink which included some ice and frozen banana with no problem. Just wished the container part was glass.

This blender proves there is no need to have 14 different speeds to achieve great results. The simple switch operates the blender at one of two speeds. Primary use at this time is to create smoothies, but i am confident it would perform equally well for other purposes. I purchased this blender because it is made in the usa and also because it had good reviews. Consider this another two thumbs up.

Great blender simple to use.

This blender is mostly used for smoothies and it has no trouble powering through ice, carrots, frozen fruit, fresh apples, etc. Brand (we also have their professional waffle maker) because their products are simple and easy to use (no frills) and they work well. For instance, most blenders would have a billion settings like ‘puree’, ‘crush’, etc. And have 5 different speeds. This blender has three settings: ‘hi’, ‘lo’, and ‘off’ and that’s enough to do the job wonderfully. The only thing i would change about this blender is to make the pitcher glass vs. Plastic, but really, it’s not a big deal in the larger scheme of things.

The need:i was looking for a blender to replace a basic kitchen blender that i had owned for 15 or so years. The primary use of the blender is to make protein shakes that contain some frozen ingredients. Features that attracted me:• power• simplicity• warranty• pricelet’s blend:the blender is loud but not annoyingly so. Because it can power through frozen ingredients very quickly the motor noise is more like loud white noise (consistent) than my old blender was when it struggled with those ingredients. You have to hold the jar from the top when blending, which i don’t mind so much. Also, it means that i can feel it when the blender is done chopping through the more solid items in a given mix. My old blender needed 3 to 4 minutes for a good smoothie. In this one 30 seconds on low and another 20 on high does the trick – awesomethe instructions are really clear as to, for example, the order in which to add ingredients. Since this is designed for bars there is very detailed information about ice. You should know:the instructions say not to place the plastic jar in the dishwasher.

500-watt professional-quality bar blender with a heavy-duty metal base

This does a fantastic job of blending ice for drinks etc. My main concern is that the container base secures tightly to the motor but not the the container itsself. Twice now resulting in spills. I wouldn’t particularly encourage anyone to buy this item. I got mine free through a rewards program at work and i kinda regret using my points balance on this.

Great product this was purchased for my son loves it. I have had one for 20 years in yellow love itdoes everything great.

Heavy duty and made in the good ol usa. Hard to find anything made here anymore.

Very pretty, but lightweight. . I thought the container would be glass, but it’s plastic. Sent it back as the inside had something loose that rattled.

This is my 5th blender in 10 years. I had actually given up on blenders since they always burned up after a few frozen drinks. A friend suggested a waring i am impressed. I have made frozen drinks several times and it works great. Only 1 complaint, it works a little too good, if you use level 2 for more than a few seconds your ice will be gone.

2 speeds; simple toggle switch; removable stainless-steel blade assembly

48-ounce polycarbonate container includes English and metric graduations

Secure-fitting lid with 2-ounce measuring cap for adding ingredients while blending

Waring Acme 6001 Juicerator 550-Watt Juice Extractor : Works really well!

We purchased this item to replace our 40-year-old worn-out acme 5001 juicerator. It makes delicious fresh pulp-free juice in seconds. Powerful motor does the work so you won’t have to.

I had an acme years ago and i loved it then. Frankly, i really can’t tell the difference between this one, with the stainless steel exterior and the plastic one. It has nothing to do with making juice. I would have given it 5 stars, except when i am juicing a lot of greens, the basket becomes full and makes the most awful noise. At that point, i have to stop the machine, and clean out the basket and start again. Do not mess with the filters; it’s a waste of time and money.

After buying a cheap juicer that only lasted for about 2 months i purchased the acme. Words cannot describe the difference. Don’t buy cheap, you will only pay in the long run. The acme is one of the few good products that are still made in the usa. I’ve read from reviews that it’s not uncommon for these machines to last for as long as 30-40 yrs. But the juicer sometimes goes nuts and will go out of control jumping around and spilling all the collected juice in the glass and break the glass at a tremendous force, actually pretty scary, we are leary now every time it’s used.

I bought this exact juicer used through craigslist. The previous owner upgraded to a larger juicer. I have to say that since i’m only juicing for myself that i’m very satisfied with the product. I read some of the user reviews that the lid was falling off, and the only way that i’ve found that to be possible is if you were over filling it with fruits or vegetables. I’ve found it will make 2 – 8oz glasses of juice. Even then, depending on the type of fruit or veggie you used, you might need to clean out the filter in between before you finish. I would recommend this, even if it adds time to your juicing but it’s better to preserve your motor. It’s not “quiet” but it also isn’t so distrubing you’re scared to turn it on. It’s about like a small vacuum running. My cats aren’t afraid of it, and my little neice has been known to nap right through it.

  • Mom LOVES IT!
  • best juicer ever

Acme 6001 Juicerator 550-Watt Juice Extractor, Quite White and Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Professional juice extractor with 550-watt vibration-free induction motor
  • Stainless-steel blade and centrifugal force separate juice from pulp
  • Internal mechanisms made of commercial-quality stainless steel
  • Polycarbonate housing; dishwasher-safe parts; instructions/recipes included
  • Measures 9-1/4 by 9-1/4 by 12 inches; 5-year limited motor warranty

Bought this for a very picky mom. She loves it👍🏼👍🏼.

After watching fat sick & nearly dead along with a couple other movies about the food industry, i became extremely interested in increasing my veggie intake. Juicing seemed like an awesome, easy way to do it. I found this machine in my mother’s attic () and could not be happier with it. It started right up -after a cleaning of course- and i tasted my first fresh apple juice ever. So goodthe machine is very well built, solid and surprisingly easy to clean. A scrub brush around the outside and a rinse under running water is all it needs. A friend has the jack lalane juicer, and she never uses it because it takes 15 minutes to clean it. I don’t think i am going to need to buy one.

Let me start by saying that i love this little machine. It’s a great workhorse and gets the job done. No pulp, just pure fresh juice. I love everything about it and the clean up part is easy. I can’t juice as much as i like without having to clean it out and put in another filter and start again. Okay i hate the interruption. I love juicing a whole bag of carrots at once for my entire day. Yes, sometimes i only drink carrot juice all day. Lol my old juicer was able to handle this but with this juicer i always have to stop and clean it and start again. Otherwise the juice will not flow through and it will back up in the filter area and can become very messy. But i love this little machine and i think i will have it for a long, long time to come. Update***i hate this juicer now. I just juiced 4 skinny carrots and a cucumber and nothing else will go through it, it began to gyrate and made a huge mess.

I bought my acme juicer model 6001 i believe in 1977, for about 125 dollars at a health food store on 7th ave and 12 st in nyc. I have used this juicer on average of 4 or 5 times a week. I just replaced the blade for the first time. I can’t say enough good things about this juicer. The pulp still comes out dry, it still gives a great yield of juice. I juice mostly vegetables, very little fruit, except apples and some berries. The only drawback is it’s low yield of juice for leafy greens like kale and collards. About a year ago, i dropped the juicer , and since then sometimes it will vibrate something terrible, and i got to shut it down and clean out the pulp. I remember being 21 years old and buying this juicer. 00 was a lot of money for me. But i have to say it was the best investment i have ever made. I traveled with carnivals, circus’s when i was younger, and this juicer was always with me in my trailer. Everytime i moved i took my acme with me. I look back now and think juicing and buying this juicer were 2 of the best decisions i ever made.

I only paid about $20 in a garage sale for it. Even though i thought it looked dated i also though it looked good quality as it was quite heavy. I do not find it a pain to clean. The basket just needs some dishwasher liquid and a brush and voila. It is a lot less fiddlydiddly than my previous walfart juicer, the acme is my 3rd juicer and does a damn good job of getting all the juice out as the leftover sludge is verrrry dry. I have yet to experiment with the fibrous sludge by baking it into my cookies. I now know how to juice so that it doesn’t make a racket, i carefully pick me fruits and veg and plan which ones to juice first and this solves the noise problem, if you use fibrous celery for example, then you would use it last, liquid fruits are best to use first. I bought a vitamix knock off, and i can’t stand drinking sludge ( even when i add extra water) so screw the sludgy stuff i will stick to juicing with me acme.

Ok, i have to clarify my review in saying that the acme juicer that i am reviewing was made before waring took over, so i cannot speak for the motor or the filters they now use. She got it back in 1969, when acme actually sold door to door. She had booklets as well as the plastic casing and red pusher (it did not come in stainless steel then). The basket for collecting the pulp was stainless steel as well as the blade construction and the screw that holds it all together. It still runs to my knowledge. What i can say about the juicers are that: 1. It makes a lot of ruccus getting juice out, and the more full the basket becomes, the more strain it puts on the motor and more bouncing around starts to take place (yes they move). My mother used to wrap a towel around the base to keep the sound down as well as keep the machine from traveling across the counter.

Still the classic juice extractor.

Design maximizes extraction vs other juicer types that quickly expel pulp too wet.

Himy old juiceman pro juicer bit the dust and i had to get a new one. I got the acme because it looks like it may last a long time and it has a 10 year guarantee. I was worried if i made the right choice. It just arrived today friday after ordering late tuesdayi love the acme juiceratorit is so easy to useit is so easy to cleanit makes way more juice out of carrotsit is way way way more quiet than my earlier juicer.I am going to be able to make juice when my roommate is sleepingwhen finished using it, you simply take the parts and rinse them cleaneven the strainer basket comes clean just with running water and using your fingers a bit on the inside. It doesn’t spit pulp out all over the wall and counter; the pulp stays inside the strainer basket until you decide to remove it. If you think there is too much pulp inside, it’s a snap to turn off the machine, remove the top, and take some pulp out of the basket. It makes juicing so much faster and easieri am amazed. I did have to cut the carrots near the top because they were too big for the opening but even with that, it took way less time to juice than the old juicer did. And the juice is so goodyou will love it.

I have used this rather often and have had no problems. Must remember to use the filters or plan to spend time cleaning. Juicing is easy and finished veggie drink is good. Used carrots, apple, beets, celery, ginger and all good.

Over the years, i have bought several acme juicers as gifts, this is the only one i’d consider using.

It is a pleasure to use this substantial precision-made machine. I was very grateful to other reviewers for sharing their opinions about this juicer; they were instrumental in my choosing this unit. As i read the reviews of various brands, it became clear that there is no panacea when it comes to juicers. There are relatively few parts, and they are easy to assemble and disassemble. The stainless steel basket is really easy to clean and can also be washed in the dishwasher. While working, it does make some noise but not an excessive amount. A careful read of the instruction manual helped me to use it efficiently. Still, when the pulp in the collection basket gets distributed unevenly (think, off-balance spin cycle of a washing machine) it gets very noisy. When this happens, i turn the motor off, unplug, allow the spinning to stop and simply clean out the basket with my hand. Once clear i can resume juicing.

Just got this machine today and just juiced some carrot apple juice. Very fast and powerful motor. Juice was very clean with almost no pulp due to using the paper filter (they enclose 20 in the box). If it lasts as long as everyone claims then it’ll be a 4. The only reason i didn’t go to 5 starts is the small feed chute (which others mentioned and i knew about) and the difficulty getting the pulp washed out of the basket because of it’s enclosed shape. I really don’t see an reasonable way that they can change either; without changing the whole machine. I bought it to replace my jack lalane machine who’s motor burned out. I can honestly say that this machine seems to be built much better and the pulp was definitely drier. We’ll see what the future brings.

Fast delivery 🙂 just super noisy. Don’t know why:( my godmother has an older version of this machine and its not so noisy. Other than that, it juices great.

First of all, you just can’t beat the name. Although commonly referred to as the acme 6001 juicer, the plate on the front of the unit says acme supreme juicerator (caps are the manufacturer’s. ) that in itself pretty much sold me. It’s a great machine, but it won’t juice everything and you have to peel soft produce like tomatoes and peaches. Citrus requires an attachment that is available for purchase separately. Leafy vegetables need to be balled up before juicing. It’s not hard to clean, but it does take a little time and should be done soon after juicing. I haven’t used the filters, that would speed up the process. Manufactured by waring, the 6001 is the twin to waring pje401 juice extractor. The acme 5001 is essentially the same machine with a plastic lid and bowl and a 5 year warranty.

5 years of juicing almost daily, for larger servings you’ll want to do a quick empty to allow all the juice through and to keep it from vibrating like an imbalanced washer. Thought about buying one of those juicers that make nut-butters but in retrospect i made the right decision, i’d rather eat the nuts than put them on bread.

I ordered this for my friend. She had purchased another brand which cost close to the same price, but did nothing of what this one does. She asked to go on amazon and see if they carried one. I read it to her and sounded exactly what she was looking for. She received it and that very day tried it out. She said everything and more with taking the juice out of the apples. She is more then happy with the product.

Peace, i initially purchased mind about 20 years ago, lost the part that pushes the veggies down, and had to buy a new one, the 6001. I didnt know anything about ‘filers’, never used them, didnt know the existed. I just put the fruit or veggies in, get the juice, and ‘i’m good’. If someone know how to get the instrument for pushing the veggies or fruits could you please let me know at [email protected]

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder : Very good buy

My husband wanted to make sausages at home. This meat grinder is great as we can put it away easily in our kitchen because of the size. I recomended this machine to my friends.

As good as my old one that lasted 18 years hope this one last as long very pleased.

Been in use over 4 years still looks like new and works the same. Thank waring for a great product.

I have had my mg100 for about 10 yrs, and have used it every year for grinding venison. Lately i tried to use it to make sausage, but it would not feed the pre-ground, seasoned meat mixture through the casing stuffer. Does anyone have advice or tips on using this machine to stuff pre-ground meat into sausage casings?.

  • Great product
  • Best home made sausages!!!!

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder, 300-watt, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing; Die-cast hopper
  • On/Off switch with reverse function; Heavy duty 150 watt motor
  • Included: fine, medium, coarse cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments
  • UL/CUL approved; Limited 5 year motor warranty; Limited 1 year appliance warranty
  • 16-3/8 by 9-3/8 by 8-1/2 8.0 lbs

I have not found any problems which others have noted. One inch chunks of meat and larger have worked well. I have made sausage using beef, pork, chicken and turkey. What i have found is that when using the ginder for stuffing casings i need to remove the cutting plate, particularly with poultry, as the fat and skin tend to plug the holes in the plate. Once i did this the stuffing session went very quickly. All meat should be chilled thoroughly before grinding to help prevent the fats from plugging the plate holes. It would be nice if the instructions with the machine were more explicit. That is the only issue making it a four rather than a five star purchase for me. If this machine were stolen, i would buy another immediately.

I got this grinder to turn some deer into ground deer, and it work very nicely. I cut the meat into one inch squares and even added some fresh lumps of pork lard to the mix with no problems whatsoever. I saw the grinder at bed, bath, and beyond for $99, so if you get for less you are getting a great deal. The only reason for four stars is that is is still not the best grinder out there, but for under a $100 it will serve you for quite some time.

This grinder is about as good as you are going to get from a home unit.

We found this grinder to be exactly what we had hoped it would be. We have only ground a roasted leg of lamb and it worked beautifully.

I noticed some negative customer reviews for this item; its due to lack of food experience. This machine works very well, however, you do have to compensate for the fact that it’s a home machine and it has a small feeding tube. You cannot put your average sized 1 inch/1 inch cube into the feeding tube. Yes, it will fit, but no it wont do a good job. Think about it, the big industrial machines take cubes that size. You also cannot run the machine without a steady flow of meat or have it running on empty. One of the reviews said that the machine burned out on the first try. Probably an overexageration but these machines will burn out if you run it on empty of do not keep a steady flow going through the feeding tube. I have been using a hand grinder for several months and although it made my arms look good, the job was really really tough and a lot of waste. This machine was a blessing; just be reasonable, and calm about using it, and the job will come out perfectly. Happy grinding and cheers to any and all who are out there honing and preseving the craft.

This is a great grinder, i see a lot of negatives posted about it, and i must tell you that i hated it at first. It wouldn’t grind without shoving the meat through. The issue is not with the grinder, but with the instructions. Mine came with the blade and a plate in it from the factory, i read the instructions, changed plates and went to grind. Pork with fat on it wouldn’t grind at all. The blade as assembled from the factory, and according to the instructions, was placed in the grinder correctly, but the blade was actually backward. Make sure you put the blade with the flat (ugly) side toward the plate. I then ground 15lbs of pork, with fat on, in about 5 minutes. My issue with the grinder is that i cannot find plates. I want a stuffing plate (no holes, just an open plate). Due to the design (tits on the plates, rather than on the grinder) i cannot seem to locate plates other than what came with it as replacements. In all, an ok product for the money.

I saw the iffy reviews but decided to try one anyway after spotting it at lowes. I wanted something to grind the ribeyes and chuck roasts i get at costco and this thing kicks you know what. You slice the meat in 1″ to 11/2″ thick strips up to 1 foot of so long and its grinds with no problems,i use the medium grate as the small makes burgers too dense and heavy like a meat loaf. As for the lack of stainless blade, just a quick spray of olive oil or canola before storage and the blade is stainless enough. Very pleased with machine and i see no cheap plastic parts people have talked about in earlier reviews.

I reviewed this product three years ago, and thought it was good for the money. My friend bought an lem 3/4 hp grinder and it is an incredible improvement, but last night with 44 lbs of elk left to grind i lost the lem’s blade. So i broke this guy out again. The meat had been cut into huge strips for the lem, but this little guy took it all. It took 3 1/2 hours to grind the meat and fat twice and turn it into burger. So it may not be an lem, but it proved itself once again.

This meat grinder was great. It was for a friend she loves it uses it at least (1) once a week.

Have had this grinder for 10+ years and each time that i use it i marvel at what an exceptional tool it is. I use it for grinding meat, making sausages & making pates/mousses. It is very easy to set up/take down, clean & can run for hours without complaining. It takes very little room to store.

As several other reviewers have said, this grinder is a very good deal for its price point. I’ve used it to grind chicken, pork and beef and all have come out fantastic. As some have complained about jamming it really isn’t a case of the grinders fault but rather of the meat. When grinding any kind of meat you must have it as cold as possible. It essentially should be almost frozen. If the meat begins to warm up, it will start to clog no matter what you do. This is pretty much the case with everything save for the huge industrial grinders so care must be taken before you grind meat in the first place. Anyhow, as i mentioned before, grinding was smooth if a bit slow. I had no feeding or jamming problems whatsoever. My only issue with this device is using it to stuff sausages.

Major improvement over the stand mixer attachment i had been using for years. . The plastic gear that attaches to the feed screw cracked in half. I’m willing to admit this may be user error. I haven’t reached out to cuisinart yet, but locating a replacement online has been impossible so far. I will update after my attempt to remedy the issue. 18: on my initial attempt to remedy this issue, cuisinart was very responsive.

The one i bought was the same model number but had a 300 watt motor on it. I ground 100lbs of beef the night i brought it home. While it was not as fast as my larger one, it did do the job and went through everything i gave it without binding. I did not expect it to be fast, nor did i expect it to be as strong as it was. This grinder will do a good job and i highly recommend it for home use. It would be perfect for a hunter that only has a few deer to grind each year.

Works great, you just can’t stuff too much meat in at once.

This grinder performs very well for the prices it’s been selling for. When i saw this one, it was clear i had been looking at other units that were to high in price for a home unit and for my needs. I’m getting the same grind quality seen from a professional unit at the market. Granted it is not fast, but it’s fine for me. You almost never see a grinder at any price with 3 coarsness disks. Unfortunately the disks are not stainless steel, but units costing $499. 00 often don’t have stainless either. Also, this grinder has a reverse feature which you rarely see at any price. Other posters put down this unit, but if you use it as intended, it will make you happy.

This is perfect for people like me who deer hunt and do their own butchering. Excellant well made product, easy to clean, easy to use. Put mine to good use for 2 years now. Caution, venision is very lean and should be mixed with some pork fat or bacon,sorry, that is not included,lol. And do not let your friends know you have one or you will be grinding for day’s. Compare the amazon price to lowes harware who also sells this smae one. For home use its perfect, even has sausage making attachments. Picture on the box shows hamburgers and things cooked. We even joked the ground meat comes out cooked and ready to eat according to the picture.

I read a lot of reviews of this grinder beforehand, so when i brought it home, i expected to have to be very careful with how big i cut the meat and on how much cartledge and ‘silver stuff’ i left on my venison. Well in the process of skinning the deer, i stabbed my hand and was having a hard time gripping the meat and cleaning it up really well. But i gave it a shot anyway. It just ground everything i threw at it. I made 17 pounds of ground venison, and i never had to stop and clean the grinder once. I cut the meat up into cubes just small enough to fit down the feeding chute, and i left a lot of the tough silver stuff on there. I did apply some downward pressure on the plunger, but i suspect if i had been more patient, that it would have done the job without that. This is my first electric grinder, and i’m used to doing this with an old hand grinder, which will wear you out and make you shell out that money for the local deer processor to do it for you. 00 for this grinder at my local hardware store after taxes and everything, and the processor wanted $75 just to ground; more than that for sausage and steaks and stuff. After my second deer this will have more than paid for itself, and i couldn’t be more pleased with the performance.

I purchased this grinder ‘newly’ refurbished for a great deal. I ground the meat not suitable for steaks from two deer in about an hour. It was enough to fill eight gallon size freezer bags before i split it up for the freezer. I never had a problem with anything i saw in the bad reviews. It is a home model and some extra prep is needed in cutting the meat into cubes or strips, and it is basically meant for meat. The grind is pretty fine, even with the course blade and it must be hand washed and dried to prevent rusting. The parts arent crude, they are cast. Everything fit together fine and stayed in place perfectly. The machine will start to bang a bit if you load huge chunks of meat into it but it never clogged or got too run down to grind for me. If you want a precision engineered machine for frequent use, with the capabilities to grind very course or very fine, you should spend an extra hundred bucks or so on a professional model.

Waring Pro WMK300A Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker : LOVE IT! Reccomend it!!

Very easy to use, almost foolproof in fact. Although, i do not think a fool should have one. Works just like the pamphlet said. Pour in the batter, flip the top, wait for the little beep to chime, and instant waffle. Only thing i do not like is that you cannot remove the plates to clean them, which is why i did not give it a 5 star rating.

A few years ago i bought a little cheap waffle maker from home depot during a black friday sale for about $25. After 2 uses, we got rid of it – horrible to clean and the waffles weren’t that good. We knew we wanted another waffle maker, but there were a million choices and they were fairly expensive, so we put it off. Finally, i decided to get my partner one for her birthday because she was always talking about wanting to make them at home. I am a research queen, and after doing extensive searching, i decided on this one. I am so glad i did, and it is beyond worth the money. Ease of use: i pretty much hate cooking, and i can (and like) using this machine. You simply plug it in, wait a few minutes, and it’s ready to go. After putting the batter in, you close and twist, and leave it for a few minutes. This leaves time to finish doing the dishes, or making the bacon, while not having to worry.

Waring Pro WMK300A Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless-steel waffle maker bakes thick, delicious Belgian waffles
  • 180-Degree rotating function; rotary browning-control knob
  • Power and ready LED indicators; ready audio beep tones
  • Drip tray; folding handle for compact storage; UL/CUL-approved
  • Measures 11 by 19-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches; 1-Year limited warranty

Add so e golden malted mix and you would think you were at hampton inn. Holds up well after one year of use. Try it with cornbread mix with cheese and jalepenos.

After looking, purchasing (and returning ) other makes and models — this one is near perfectbefore buying — i was reluctant due to fixed grills (had bee looking for one that had removable grills) but so far – it seems to clean up ok — so for a good solid machine — with all of the other features — and at this price — i will recommend it. And savoury waffles fit most any meal.

Nothing says ‘good morning, sunshine’. Like a hot fresh waffle, and this is the easiest and cheapest way to make that happpen. There are probably a lot of fancy waffle mixes out there, but even a $2. 50 box of krusteaz tastes great coming out hot and just a little crispy. It takes probably 5 minutes to preheat the waffle iron (during which you can mix up your batter), then another 3 minutes for your 1st waffle to be ready. Pure breakfast nirvana in 8 minutes is hard to beat. Considering i have to double toast eggos in my crappy toaster, it takes pratically the same amount of timethe only major con is that you can only cook 1 waffle at a time, so if you have a big family, you may have to stagger wake-up calls. Other than that, this thing is almost perfect. The hardest thing is learning how much batter to use, but even if you get spillover, the removable spill-tray is easy to clean. The timer has never let me down, and i now have an almost pavlovian response when i hear that little dingunfortunately, there does seem to be one major design flaw.

Waring Pro WMK300A Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker : I’ve been so thrilled to have it that we’ve been having waffles for dinner as well as breakfast. It is convenient to have some of the more basic recipes in the instruction manual, a few of which i’ve already tried to our general satisfaction :). The waffles are light which i attribute to the rotating griddle. Only thing that is still a hang-up for is when the batter is too liquid and spills over; however the spill tray catches all and the waffles taste great anyway. If you like waffles you have to have one of these. I had the old style, which didn’t flip, for all my life (i’m 50)and often the waffles came dense and hard. Preparation tip: don’t bother whipping the egg whites separately from the yolks, they come out light anyway. By the way, i’d planned a dinner and ups botched the delivery. For some strange reason they couldn’t even let me pick it up; by chance i’d gone to costco that day and they had the same waffle maker for $20 less.I bought and used the one from costco and returned the new, unopened one from amazon the next day when finally delivered.

This is the best waffle iron ever. I have owned many waffle irons, and usually throw them out because they are a pain to clean and just don’t work well. It makes my waffles crisp yet delicate, and perfect every time. The temperature control can adjust so everyone’s waffle comes out just like they love it. My hubby now makes waffles about once a week, and clean up is easy.

I have worked in kitchens, and used the professional $500 version of this. The waring pro, in my opinion, is every bit as good. I didn’t even bother seasoning mine as they suggested, and still every waffle i’ve made has released perfectly. This unit beeps when it has reached temperature, and beeps when the waffle is done. You select ‘doneness’ using a dial. They recommend starting out at a 4, but i find that a 5 makes for a better waffle. The removable tray under the iron is perfect for capturing the inevitable overage that will spill out the sides. My niece has one without the tray, and it’s a real pain to clean.

My first waffle maker was the villaware v2002 uno belgian waffler – round, which was great for waffles, but i hated the cleanup. The villaware v2002 uno belgian waffler – round lasted me about 3 years or so and when the timer stopped working, so i decided it was time to look for a replacement. When i started my research for a new waffle maker i wanted something that would have an audible timer, configurable cooking temperatures and easy cleanup. The waring pro wmk300a fit the bill perfectly. It’s been over two years and i haven’t looked back. I love the drip tray, which makes cleanup a cinch. Here’s some tips and recommendations on using the waffle maker:* if you are using cooking spray make sure that you use the kind without flour, which means you’ll almost never have to clean the inside griddle. * i tend to like the outside of my waffle somewhat crispy and the inside soft, so i rotate the browning knob to just slightly past 5. * coat the griddles with cooking spray/oil before each waffle. * when you pour the batter into the waffle maker you don’t have to fill it all the way to the edges.

We have enjoyed our waring waffle maker for 7 years until the screws in the hinge broke suddenly. We searched on your site and found that this is the most common failure for this product. But 7 years is a long time, longer than it seems most folks experience. So we ordered a new one and are excited to be back in the waffle making business. We make waffles every saturday morning and make up about 12 waffles at a time (an entire box of mix). Then we freeze what we don’t use and warm them in the microwave later. It is easier to do it this way than to pull out the maker every sat and make two waffles. We love the machine, and it makes fabulous waffles.

Ever since we enjoyed a belgian waffle at a motel which we made ourselves on a waffle maker similar to this 3 years ago, we have wanted to get a flip over belgian waffle maker. We were not disappointed when we received this product. This maker does a great job. We have not had it long yet so i cannot comment on whether it will be reliable over the long haul. We would probably use it fairly lightly, maybe twice a month so i suspect for our use it will be around a long time.

After spending a weekend at a hotel that had a waffle maker i thought i would see if amazon had them for home use. Read the reviews and thought i would try it out. We had waffle night – the kids were so excited. I bought the krusteaz belgian waffle mix at my local grocery and went to work. All you have to do is, mix, pour, close, flip and wait for the beep. Make sure you use non-stick spray and that you distribute batter evenly. This is a fun appliance and makes fancy, fluffy belgian waffles. It is big – so nothing we keep out on the counter.

Bought it before christmas and took it to my parents and on christmas morning made belgian waffles for everyone then took it over to my son’s home and the morning after christmas made them all belgian waffles. One thing i did was both mornings i made a double batch of waffle mix and once everyone was full kept making them till the mix ran out. We let the leftover waffles cool then put them in freezer bags and froze them so mom and dad could have waffles days and weeks later. We go to obx fishing every fall and the waffle maker will be going from now own. It cleans up nicely and once heated up puts out a waffle every two to three minutes unlike the old waffle makers that take approx five minutes. Look forward to years of use and when i’m old and gone someone will still be using our waring pro wmk300a.

I just recently purchased this model (300a). I’m happy to say i made a good decision on this waffle maker. The bottom tray that catches the overflow is made from good gauge steel, so it won’t warp or bend so easily. I’m a big fan of stainless steel. The trick to get the fingerprints and water marks off is to dry the steel after cleaning and then use a dap of cooking oil on a dry rag to give that shine. I’ve read a lot of comments about the maker being hard to clean. To be honest i have no understanding of what they mean. Ok, obviously it will get dirty from some overflow while cooking, but its basic cleanup like any other cooking machine in the kitchen. . It fact it’s a cinch less than 5mins total. I guess the people complaining about the cleaning wants the machine to clean it’s self.

Waffles have always been a mess at my house. What little dripping i have had falls onto a removable and very easy to clean stainless steel tray. The heat controls are great; this guy runs hot which you want in a waffle makers. I would recommend using a grilling oil spray as they are made for the high eat this guy puts off. A regular cooking spray will end up gumming up after your first few waffles.

Every saturday since mid april i have invited people over for waffles, friends, family, strangers, anyone is welcome. Every saturday i have used this waffle maker and i would like to say that it is not only easy and fool proof but it also makes a perfect waffle almost every time. The light/beeper combination means that you can walk away and work on something else while there is a waffle on the iron without worrying you will forget about it. It is easy to clean, i spray it with olive oil every 3rd waffle and wipe it off with a paper towel before i put it away. The tray comes off and washes seperately which makes cleanup a snap. This iron has made easily 300 whole wheat waffles every one of them a perfect golden brown (maybe 295 golden brown now that i have figured out the temperature dial)highly reccomend.

We had this one for over two tears my wife love it, well made excellent product reasonably priced quick delivery.

We have tried other waffle makers in the past but have found this one to be the best. I bought this as a replacement for the very same waffle maker i have owned for three years. We used our last one at least once or twice a week and had no problems with it until the teflon was accidentally scratched and became unusable. The quality of materials is excellent. This is not a flimsy waffle iron by any means. It is sturdy and well constructed. You are able to select the level of crispiness you like in your waffle and will find that your waffle comes out cooked evenly and perfectly every timebe sure to use oil on the iron when you first use it and then oil it periodically depending on how much you use it. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth and do not scrub it with any coarse materials. The nonstick teflon will keep your waffles sliding off the iron for a long time but you need to be careful not to use any utensils that may cause it to be scratched.

I never knew that if you take a little extra time and used yeast, waffles turn out soooo much better (silly pathetic single man). The brown-ness is adjustable on this baby, and it beeps when the waffle is done. If you can’t get great waffles out of this machine, then something is wrong with you :-).

We bought this waffle maker dec 14, 2010 and have used it 1-2 times a month, on average. I have purchased over a thousand things from amazon, but this is my first review. This morning, i’m making waffles for my wife and in-laws and when i’m done, i’m cleaning it. The stand on the back of the waffle iron that holds it up off of the base (and is used to swivel the waffle iron) now lifts up off of the base. I inspected the unit all over and i don’t see any way to screw it back on without personal modification. From what i can see, there appear to be cheap, plastic fasteners inside (like what honda started doing in the early 80’s to hold the door panel on the door). And those fasteners have worn out. The waffle iron still gets hot and i had no problem with it up to this point, but now the base (including the wiring) is open to batter and water and whatever inside and i can see electrical hazard signs starting to glow in my kitchen now. This gets a 3-star from me because i loved it (and everyone i made waffles for loved it), but only using it for ~30 times and then it breaking after 20 months is ridiculous. I wrote to waring from their website and explained the situation and i will probably update when i hear back from them, but i’m sure they will say ‘sorry’ or maybe not even something that nice – as the warranty is ‘limited’ and is only for one year.

This waffle maker is easy to use and clean. I was trying to find one for home use because i love the belgian waffles one would commonly find at a hotel breakfast or a breakfast buffet. This definitely makes a restaurant quality waffle. It starts an internal timer when you close and turn the waffle maker and beeps when your waffle is done. I found the best setting for a golden brown waffle to be at 3. 75 (the manual recommends 4). One brush of vegetable oil over the surfaces when i started, and not one of the half dozen waffles i made stuck onto the surfaces. The build quality is of high quality and very sturdy. Also, the handle folds for easy storage. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wishing to make a high quality belgian waffle at home or in a more professional restaurant setting.

We offer waffles for christmas morning brunch and at the summer cabin for a crowd. Make sure you spray with pam and only fill cup to line with batter. Great for entertaining as people love making their own. Make batter ahead and refrigerate until guests arrive. Have a bar of fillings/toppings (chocolate chips, pecans, blueberries. Inexpensive way to feed lots of people.

Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster – Looks nice. Toasts evenly so I kept it

For some reason toasters don’t last long. This looks sturdy and is simple to operate.

Like other reviewers here, i had the cuisinart doppelgänger toaster for many years before it finally gave out. I was happy with it and wanted to get the same toaster, only to find that it now carries the waring name on it, and also lacks the slot selection switch (which i kind of hated anyway, because you’d always forget to switch it back if you ever used it). The first toaster i bought to replace my old cuisinart was the breville bta830xl die-cast 4-slice long slot smart toaster. I did tons of research and read a lot of reviews and recommendations and took a chance on the leverless toaster. I was apprehensive of all the fanciness, but so many folks loved the thing, that i thought it just might work out. I ended up returning it after it stopped working and started flashing all the lights, customer service couldn’t help me, and everyone who gave it a bad review had the same exact problem with only one resolution – return it. So i returned it for a refund. This waring toaster, however, is still going strong after just over two months’ of near daily use. It works just as well as my old cuisinart.

Kind of a no-frills, high horsepower toaster that (to my family) is well worth the price. Thick wide slots and a tray to clear crumbs in the bottom. While this is not ugly by any means, it is not nearly as fancy looking at some of the mainstream ‘high end’ home toasters, but this definitely outperforms any of them. Lacking a bunch of extra features, i would imagine it will outlast most of them too. This is not to say that it will last forever – this is my second in 6 years – but i had two others that quickly died or just failed to toast acceptably since the first. Here are the specifications for the Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This 4-slice bread toaster is constructed of durable chrome plated steel
  • Includes 2 extra long and extra-wide 1-3/8-inch slots
  • Features self-centering bread rack for thinnest sliced breads; Great for bagels and thickly sliced bread
  • Comes with easy touch control and LED indicators: Defrost, Reheat and Cancel
  • Comes with rotary dial browning level control and quick clean pull out crumb tray

How can it be commercial and light duty at the same time?. I think it’s more of standard duty for home use.

Updatewell, after a bad experience with a cuisinart a couple of weeks ago, i pulled the trigger and bought the waring. It’s my old toaster all over again (except without the single side selector switch (but that’s okay)). This toaster smelled horrible for the first couple of cycles but that’s normal. It also buzzes a little when starting up but that goes away in about 10-15 seconds. It toasted unevenly for the first couple of go-arounds but then calmed down. I have absolutely no idea why it did that. It seems to toast better if you don’t center your slices in the slots, lengh-wise that is. I don’t know why this is either. They’re easy to get over and then it’s smooth sailing. )original reviewi gotta chime in even though i remember this unit as a cuisinart.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hums While it Works, But It Works Well
  • A Great buy, you will want to keep it forever
  • Waring Toaster

Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations. Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations.

One kind of bread we use the edges are burned so have not figured out how to prevent it from burning. Another kind of bread we use it is okay.

I bought this toaster in 2006. At that time is was a cusinart model cpt90. It still works but the electronics are cutting down the juice to the ribbons so they are not getting as hot and it takes longer to get the toast done. As i liked all the features of this toaster & felt it’s longevity was fairly good i wanted another one. Cusinart quit carrying them in 2008 but waring took over with the model wct704. I was glad to find i could still get one as there were no problems other than explained above with the cpt90. The only difference between them is the wct704 does not have a switch to turn off one outer bank of ribbons for one sided bagel toasting or when only using one side for toast. It must have created voltage/amp issues like i was experiencing so it is now gone. I gave 4 stars because i would like one slot to have one sided heat at times.

. This model is really the old cuisinart toaster. We were looking for a close duplicate and found it in the warring commercial series.

Although pricey for a toaster, it works great. It appears to be sturdy, but only time will tell.

With toasters you get what you pay for. I have both this toaster and the smart toaster from breville and i love them both. This isn’t quite as sensitive as the smart toaster with toast. It is more basic but does have a defrost button which is important in our house. I like that it can do long loaves of bread or use one slot to toast two regular slices of bread. Nice clean lines if left on the counter.

The toaster is okay, better than our last one. However, it seems to toast darker around the edges. If you keep it in long enough to toast it in the middle, the edges get too dark. Update 4/2/15: the toast is now toasting evenly and quickly. We love this toaster and upgrade it to 5 stars.

It does the job straight forward and to date no issues. Gauge for darkness of toast is ok, a bit on the side. Our previous, non warning model, had the gauges on the front which i preferred. But it stopped working after a few years so we went with the waring model this time.

Toasts all sizes of bread and works and looks great. I like the numbered dial on the right side that makes it easy adjust the toasting time of a variety of types of bread.

The one flaw with this item is that there is no provision to stop the toasting cycle before it completes its cycle except to unplug it. Very inconvenient and it will eventually damage the plug.

After an extensive on-line search, i could not find a good quality toaster that had deep slots and length for all bread sizes. This toaster meets my needs perfectly. You can toast 4 regular sized slices, bagels, or english muffins at one time or toast 2 artisan sized slices.

I threw away a perfectly good toaster after i got this one. You can do 4 english muffins, 4 bagels, the really looong pieces of good rye or sourdough bread. Toasts very evenly and the controls are easy to judge how long you need to toast.

The slots are wide enough for a bagel and long enough for artisan bread. Just be careful with the toaster settings – we usually keep ours on 2.

Owned this about a year now and was purchased to replace a similar toaster made by cuisinart (this model is supposed to be the closest replacement for that one). So far everything is working fine and if its anything like the cuisinart, it will work for many years. (we still have the cuisinart stashed away as a backup, which is over 15 years old and still works, but my wife wanted all steel instead of white – alas). Long wide slot toasters are the best as they toast just about anything from bagels, french breads, muffins as well as the typical store sliced breads. I personally like the toasters to have basic functions, because the more moving parts and controls, the more stuff will break. This toaster is used daily by family members and is not treated as kindly as it should, but continues on without error. Very sturdy construction with solid cording.

My cuisinart 2 slot, 4 slice toaster gave up the ghost after many years. Cuisinart no longer makes this 2-slot style. This is an exact replica sans the 2 or 4 switch. If it lasts as long as the cuisinart, its a bargain.

Love my new toaster it is durable and should last for years.