VonShef Electric 5 Tray Variable Temperature Food Dehydrator : Great for beef/deer jerky!

As soon as the package arrived i was ready to start using it. The first thing i did was dehydrated tomatoes from the garden. I set the temp control, placed the 1/4 in cut tomatoes on the rack, sprinkled them with salt, pepper and italian seasoning and parmesan cheese and start dehydratingi used the control guage to set them at the highest temp which is 135 degrees in order to see how hot the machine would get if it was going to get hot at all.At the three hour mark i checked the tomatoes, turned them over on the rack and seasoned that side as i had the other side. The toms were a little over half way dehydrated at that time. I left them in another two hours to finish them off and by that time they were perfecti paid full price for this product, and i would recommend it to anyone that wants to start dehydrating their foods. I have another one, not the same brand, and am much happier with this brand that was only half the price of the other one.

Bought this for my daughter for christmas. She needed it to make venison jerkey. She loved the gift but hasn’t had a chance to use it yet.

VonShef Electric 5 Tray Variable Temperature Food Dehydrator

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  • The quick & simple way to dehydrate & preserve foods for healthy, natural & delicious snacks. Perfect for beef jerky, banana chips, dried fruits, fruit roll ups and many more
  • Ideal for drying food for lunchboxes, snacking & grazing
  • Dehydrating extracts moisture but retains nutrients, vitamins, minerals & taste. As well as preserving the foods for months
  • 5 tiers of drying using a Flow-Drying system to slowly extract moisture & preserve foods
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to control the drying process (120 – 160 Degree Fahrenheit)

Fast delivery exalent makes grate jerky love the temp settings.

This is my review for vonshef electric 5 tray variable temperature food dehydrator. I am always looking for ways to eat healthier and i really enjoy munching on dried fruit, but many of the times they add sugar to it and that makes it not ad healthy as it could be.  i tested this one out by adding a bunch of mixed fruit – pineapples, kiwi, apples, bannanas, and so fourth. The machine itself worked good. I did have to rotate the trays once. So i am not so sure the air circulates as well as it could. Or maybe it was something i did wrong.  this machine comes with 5 trays and 3 different tempature settings 120 f, 140 f, and 160f. Machine also looks really nice.  they instruction book has some spelling errors which was kinda funny being that i spotted them as spelling is not my strong suit.

 this dehydrator works well. I would like to state though that the directions for time are not at all accurate and in celsius. At least in my instruction manual they aren’t directions for american use. I chose to test this with apple rings and pineapple chunks. Apple rings take several hours and pineapple normally takes a good 12-18 hours to dehydrate at 135f. Longer if you want them condensed even smaller. (the manual stated something like 6-26 minutes, that just would never happen. ) i left it on overnight for the pineapple and it did well. Another thing to take note of is the on/off knob. The manual states that you push the button to turn it on.

VonShef Electric 5 Tray Variable Temperature Food Dehydrator : We have been on the lookout for a decently priced dehydrator to make some beef jerky and this product was just what we were looking for. Made some killer beef jerky the other day when the product arrived👍.

I bought this for some quick jerky, and i couldn’t be happier. It’s not a professional grade dehydrator, but you can’t beat the 25 dollar price tag for what it does.

Worked well, but i was not happy that it did not have a ‘on/off’ switch. I had to unplug and plug it in when i wanted to stop it. Otherwise it worked just fine.

Works great for dehydrating camping meals. The trays are a bit awkward. Use tupperware lids for smaller food and sauces.

Works great i’ve used it for 4 batches of beef jerky now and its worked great every time. The racks are easy to clean with a brush or rag and hot water.

Still trying to figure out tempatures to really crisp us fruits but good quality.

This is a good dehydrator, but the directions are somewhat complicated on what settings for what fruit/vegetable.

It works really good except the off switch does not turn it off i have to unplug it from the wall to get it to turn off and it came that way.

Great buy and fast shipping.

You’ll have to rotate trays occasionally. Other than that, it’s great.

Worked well to help me save some of my especially good harvest this year. Have done kale, cherry tomatoes, basil, and much more.

I have big family plans for this years gifts already give it a try and i love it ,can’t wait to make the grandkids lots of treats and to be putting all that good health good stuff for you in my home is awesome ,thank you so much.

The knob in the front doesn’t work, so we just plug/unplug it. We use this strictly for making chicken jerky for our dogs.

Does not maintain the temperature that it is set for adding to drying time.

Works great for drying herbs from our garden. Going to try bananas next for dog treats. I like that it has multiple temperature options.

Very easy to use and easy to clean. My dog loves the sweet potato treats i’ve been making.

Noisy & not as efficient (takes much longer, even if i increase temp above recommended settings) as my previous dehydrator. Would not buy this brand again.

VonShef Frozen Dessert Maker – Totally works.

Makes a great natural sorbet.

Not ice-cream but a good healthy choice. Stuff does not push out all the way.

Take care of your bodyit’s something that i love to do. I like finding ways to make eating healthy, more delicious and not to mention fun fun fun. So i found myself one day last week, browsing on amazon for cool products. It’s cool to browse but sometimes you never know what something is really like until its right in front of your eyes. Well because i’m an optimist and know that everything is always working out for me, i decided to hit the check out button and buy this lovely machine. I forgot to mention i looked at videos of it on youtube and even compared it to a dessert bullet machine but decided to go with this one because of the price and because of the simplicity of parts and clean up. Clean up is so important to me, on a side note i used to have this juicer and though i loved it, it took forever to clean it which made me not want it anymore. I loved the eating healthy though which is something that i’m fortunate and lucky enough to continue. On arrival day, i came prepared, i bought lots and lots of frozen fruit from walmart, mostly organic.

I wonder before i got this product how easy it was to use, and it’s so much easier then i thought. . And super fast, making the perfect sorbet. I recommend if your looking for homemade natural yogurt or sorbets and ice cream, this is great to get for yourself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Fun Machine!!!!
  • I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my VonShef!!
  • Amazing! I’m vegan and don’t eat dairy

I was worried it wouldn’t work very well because it’s so inexpensive but it is awesome. It makes a delicious treat with little effort. But peel the bananas befor you freeze them, i didn’t think about it the first time and it was much more challenging.

I’m vegan and don’t eat dairy, and sometimes dairy free ice cream isn’t what i’m looking for because it has too many calories. This is great because it’s similar to sorbet but with the texture of soft serve i love it.

Takes frozen fruit and makes it in to a great sorbet.

I’ve only had this a few days, but i’m totally hooked. I have a major sweet tooth and love ice cream, but i’m trying to eat more healthfully. I’ve only had it a few days, but i’ve used it every day. My favorite, though, is banana with powdered peanut butter and cocoa. I used 1 banana and about a teaspoon each of the powders. I thought it might need to be sweeter, but i was happy with it the way it was.

Exactly what i wanted for all the frozen over-ripe fruit that i save. Just remember to save it in pieces small enough to put into the tube. . Maybe save the fruit in ice cube trays and when frozen, just collect the cubes in a bag to keep in the freeze to use when ready. Wonderful for those evening cravings.

Ok, but not what i expected.

Does what it’s advertised too do. Cheap alternative that functions like the overpriced versions.

Much cheaper, easier, & healthier than an ice cream maker. Freeze fruit in smallish chunks (or buy frozen fruit). Turn it on, push down with the plunger. Takes a very short time to make a serving or 2. Would take a while to make a whole lot.

This is way better than the cheaper tv versions you see. I ordered one of those i saw highlighted on hln news, and it didn’t work at all. This works great, much higher quality.

Very easy to use and clean and makes yummy desserts.

It was a gift for my daughter. She used it right away and said she loves it.

Easy set up, works well, and taste great.

This was a gift for my dad for his birthday. He is trying to eat more healthy but loves frozen treats in the summer. So this is a perfect alternative for him. He has already used it and says it works great.

Awesome for my daughter who wants ice cream all the time and now we are having healthy fruit cream instead. Put a little cream or milk in as you do this and it comes our more creamy and soft.

It’s great for anyone who loves sweet treats. This is my first time using it and made it with frozen strawberries, blueberries, bananas and vanilla yogurt that i also frozen. I also added some dark chocolate chips. I think it’s a great way to help your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

. Easy to use, clean up and most of all tastes great.

VonShef Professional 250 Watt Hand Mixer – Includes – 2x Beaters : Not what I thought it would be.

I received my old hand mixer in 1963. Even though it is still working, i was teased that it was very slow and heavy so i broke down and bought this one. It is light weight and runs really fast. Other than making cupcakes for children’s class parties, i didn’t use the other one very often either which is probably why it still works.

All the xtras worked just fine.

However, the eject button is so difficult to push. I had to use a hammer or my fist to pound on it in order to eject the beaters. Since i’ve used it, i don’t feel like return to the seller. I do not use hand mixer often as i have a kitchen aid stand mixer which is excellent. I use this hand mixer just to beat my egg for omelet.

Have used it a couple of times, and works great. Will update once use it more.

  • Great little mixer
  • Reasonably good but eject button is stiff
  • Great mixer, Great price.

VonShef Professional 250 Watt Hand Mixer – Includes – 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks and a Balloon Whisk + 5 Speed With Turbo Button

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  • Powerful 250W Motor to Whisk, Mix and Knead
  • Includes – 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks and a Balloon Whisk
  • Stylish and Sleek hand mixer in a Robust Silver and Black Design
  • 5 Different Speed Settings, Turbo Function and Ejection Button
  • Convenient and Easy to use due to lightweight nature

This item performed exactly as it was described. I was quite pleased with its very stylist look and performance. It certainly gets the job done.

Should have listened to some reviews that talked about the exceptional high speed. Its a too speedy and sprays batter all over.

I’m giving 3 stars generously, because it broke on the first use. However, i was mixing something very thick so maybe i expected too much from a smaller, simple mixer. But yeah, it broke first time using it. The part that holds the attachments in on the inside, the plastic bit, snapped and fell down into the mixer.

I am very pleased with this. The price was great and this has a lot of power.

This mixer surprised me with its overall excellent quality and performance. I did not know the brand, but now i will respect any product by vonshef.

Just used this mixer for the first time and loved it- we’ll see how it holds up over time, but as for now, its great. I read some reviews saying that the low speed was too fast and that is completely opposite of my experience, of all the mixers i’ve ever used (maybe they’ve all been really crappy), this actually has the most variance in speed from low to high. Its really nice that it has the different attachments as well. My only complaint is that the turbo button didn’t seem to do anything, but the fast speed is fast enough so its not a big deal. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Arrived fast works as expected.

Just needed a hand mixer with more power and a boost of power. The extra attachments were a bonus on the purchase.

Lightweight, powerful, excellent value. After a little more use – i agree with the folks saying it is a little too powerful on low, it tends to throw food out of the mixing bowl. My wife was mixing a batch of butternut squash with some maple syrup and ended up with squash in her hair.

This hand mixer is exactly what i was looking for. I specifically wanted to have the dough hooks as well as the regular beaters. Bonus was the balloon whisk. I have used it for whipping cream as well as meringue and it performs, i feel, better than the beaters for whipping. I am very pleased overall and would highly recommend this hand mixer.

This is one awesome little mixer. Looked everywhere before deciding on this model and sure am glad i found this.

I am using it for bakery every week, it’s works well, cheap but powerful.

I wrote a really good review twice, my phone deleted it,-twice. So let me get straight to the point. Its big enough to get the job done and small enough to hideaway when not in use. I only make cheesecakes,cakes and bread. By just looking at it i didn’t expect much from it at all but it proved me wrong, i would recommend this item.

Great value for a powerful mixer. Care has to be taken initially for mixing as there is no slow speed, so the mixture has to be in kind of none powder form before using the tool.

This is a pretty sleek mixer. It’s very strong on the first setting. I might prefer it to go a little slower because when i put the flour into the cookie batter it flew all over the place. But there was absolutely no problem with heavy mixing. Have not yet tried the dough hooks.

This replaced our old hand mixer. Very good except that the slowest speed is still pretty fast.

I do not know what problem others had with the speeds, mine is perfect. I had beaters from an old mixer from the ’70’s that i use with it, as the ones that come now are flimsy. But, that is the only somewhat minus for the item.

Used it only once so far to make french macarons. Does a good job wisking an eggs and mixing dough. Great product especially for so low price.

VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender : TIME/LIFE SAVER PRODUCT !

Just tried it for the first time for broccoli soup. Naturally, it was a bit over the max level and beeped but not till it was finished. My sister raved about hers and is losing weight by making healthy fresh foods and staying away for processed foods. This is a well made product.

My first 2 attempts were failures need more practice with soup maker.

VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender with 56-Oz Capacity

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  • Create your own fresh & healthy homemade soup & smoothies
  • and control what goes into your food^The VonShef Soup Maker will automatically blend and cook your veg into soup to your chosen consistency in just 25 minutes^Make Chunky & Smooth soups
  • as well as blend
  • boil
  • simmer
  • make smoothies
  • cocktails
  • crush ice & more^Built in safety controls: Over-spill & anti-dry^Capacity: 56-Oz (Serves up to 6)

Very happy with purchase, just put all ingredients into pot and push the button. In 20-30 minutes, soup is cooked, blended and ready to eat. For multi taskers or people in a rush this is the way to go, i can even get everything ready in pot and cook at work to have homemade soup.

Makes perfect soup in a minute.

VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender with 56-Oz Capacity : This little thing works just like it advertises. Just enough for several bowls but not so much that you’ll be eating it for days. I’m really happy with my purchase. Go to youtube and see many recipes for this product. In the uk it goes under the brand morphy richards and owners have posted lots of videos.

I love making fresh, hot soup in such a short amount of time. I also have relatives in ireland who have a soup maker that looks very similar to the von chef and works the very same.

Amazing, i cannot stop making soups. One more delicious than the other and all in 25min.

When it’s working, the con you can’t see inside while it’s cooking, the pro : easy to use.

The soup maker seems to work well but the instruction book is useless. Eg it tells you to add olive oil and then says do not open the soup maker , even a ventriloquist couldn’t acheive this.

A visitor from the uk told us about this soup maker so we did a search to see if it was sold in the us. Fortunately, we found the unit (but with us power, of course) sold by designer habitat on the amazon marketplace. We’ve already run about six soup recipes through it in a week and a half and it does a fantastic job.

This has become my favorite kitchen utensil. I love itso amazed by the quality of soup in just 20//25 mins. You can literally throw anything into it and you’ll love the end result.

We bought this as a gift and it was well received. Works great and was a great price.

I wish it had more capacity. But it does what it says it do.

Now this one works perfectly.

Clever device that does exactly what it should. The built in blender blade makes it perfectly easy to quickly thicken soup at end of cooking. Makes two large bowl servings. These days with fresh produce so easily had , it only makes sense to cook up one’s own soup , light or hearty , mild or spicy ; ).

Used it two (2) times and it made creamy, smooth and hot soup. Look forward to using the chunky setting.

This is the best soup makermakes the best healthy soups in just 20minit is so easy to clean and so very easy to make.

Makes my life easier, i make puree for my baby, healthy soups for myself and even some jam .

I have made at least one soup a week since i got it and a few weeks i’ve made 2 soups in a week. It is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet and it is great fun playing with recipes. I have found that i enjoy the smooth soups the most and for some reason they make me feel fuller and last longer. I think it is just because my brain thinks i am getting some lush wonderful cream soup when all it is is veggies and broth blended up. My current favorites are a pea soup with ham made using frozen petite peas, and a basic tomato that i decide when i have a serving if i want it plain or if i want to add some hot sauce (or chipotle) to kick it up, or leftover rice, or a little blue cheese. Also a butternut squash is on my normal rotation, i’ve also played with things like a play on a chicken fajita flavored soup using onions and peppers, a clove of garlic, a few baby carrots and a celery stalk (those are just because i love them in soup) a tsp of fajita or taco seasoning, a chicken gel pot and water set to smooth. . When it was done i diced a chicken breast i had poached into it and it was a great cold day soup. I also have on my list to try a cauliflower or broccoli and cheese soup , a beet, a sweet potato and parsnip, a potato and leek. So many to tryand it is so easy to clean.

The product arrived in good shape and days earlier than expected. I know the soup maker from europe; it was great to find one at amazon here in the us and at such a reasonable priceliterally 35 minutes after i unpacked and cleaned the machine, we had a delicious fresh soup on the table. Just cut up some vegetables, onion, tomato, etc. (recipe booklet included), add about 2 – 2 1/2 cups of water, salt, pepper, etc, 1 or 2 bouillon cubes (and a teaspoon of flour if you like to thicken the soup a bit), choose one of two programs and push the button. 25 minutes later, the soup is all ready to be served.

We have been using this soup maker daily for one year and a half, it still works well. In the afternoon i put the veggies i have in the fridge, plus a little lentils or buckwheat or rice. I choose the smooth or cook-only program and half an hour later diner is ready. We are 2 adults and one 2 year old and we usually finish it.

VonShef Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer Machine : Part of it broke already!!

I’m fighting bone cancer, which there is no cure yet, ( but that is another story) this a fine product wife makes me a glass of juice daily owner over 6 months a sweet operating machine love it i think it going to save my bacon. My wife found that running the pulp thru a second time get additional juice out of pulp. Buy it you won’t go wrong this the 3rd different juicer we’ve purchased this a deal at $109 my $600 machine died then bought a low cost pos it died in 2 months. This baby is like the proverbial timex watch takes a licking and keeps a ticking.

Exactly what i was looking for. I’m on day 4 now of fresh juices and very happy with this machine.

This is my first juicer, so i wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a little frustration getting the juicing screw seated properly, but one it was in place, the lid went on easily. As recommended, i cut my fruits and vegetables into chunks that fit easily into food chute. I have used cucumber, carrot, spinach, apple, ginger root, red cabbage and lemon (without the peel). The only thing i would do differently is cut the cabbage smaller and do a better job of interspersing the cabbage with the other produce because it clogged the pulp tube a bit. The resultant pulp was pretty dry and the juice had only tiny bits of pulp. The juice tastes very fresh and bright due to the cold processing. Clean-up is very easy, just a little attention required with the brush to insure nothing is left behind in the strainer.

So far it works great and produces some great pulpy juice. Cleans easy and the pieces are put together easily.

  • Clean up isn’t bad, made a decent amount of juice although it
  • the lid went on easily. As recommended
  • shef juicer the first time and find it a great juicer. Easy to assemble and easy clean up

VonShef Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer Machine with Quiet 200W Motor for Highly Efficient Juice Extraction – Red

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    by entering your model number.
  • Low Speed Extraction Method – the low speed of the motor makes extracting juice an efficient and energy-saving process. Extracts instead of grinding, retaining nutrients and enzymes for a healthier natural juice
  • Suitable for a wide variety of ingredients including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, wheatgrass and leafy veg (such as spinach, kale and parsley).
  • Powerful 200W motor processes high fibre fruits and vegetables effortlessly without overheating. Ultra-quiet operation extracts juice quickly and quietly with a higher yield compared to traditional centrifugal juicers.
  • Easy to dissemble and clean – simply pour water through between juices. Comes complete with cleaning brush, 0.8L pulp container and 0.8L transparent juice collecting jug. All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Contemporary red design, sleek and compact in size for convenience. Size: L: 10.2 x W: 7.5 x H: 16.3 inches (approx.).

It’s a decent juicer if you are planning on only juicing fruit or vegetables that do not have stems or stands. I chopped celery and kale into about inch long pieces, with the kale i removed the stem only leaving the leaf sections and alternated between apple slices, kale, celery, carrots and cucumber with hopes of avoiding clogs. It clogged up after a few minutes and each time i would clean it out it was always the celery. Clean up isn’t bad, made a decent amount of juice although it had some pulp it wasn’t bad. If you are considering this and plan on trying celery or something similar you might want to keep looking. I attached a couple pictures showing the clog and how it gets backed up when it does clog. I ended up returning it, knowing i will want to juice celery.

Quiet, efficient, and easy to clean. Does a better job than some of the centrifugal type juicers that i’ve used in the past.

Let me start off by saying that the picture is misleading. There is not a large opening to place your food. Most items have to be cut which can be an inconvenience. The juicer itself shakes and appears rickety. I typically only juice celery so it’s not as if i’m putting bulky food into it. The excess food has trouble dispelling from the machine. It’s bunches up which requires digging it from the machine. This alone should earn one star but because it does produce the juice that i expected and because it’s hardly the most expensive of the juicers, i have it 3 stars. If you’re on a budget, it may be a decent choice. If you can spare the extra money, go for the breville.

This juicer completely surprised me at well it worked. I have enjoyed many a juice made from kale, apples, and other fruits and veggies. For the price this juicer is amazing.

Must cut fruit/veggies into small pieces. Don’t jam a whole carrot down there. Does not like pineapple, celery, ginger or any stringy fruit/veggie; these plug the machine very easily. Pulp is very wet still after being extruded, i had to buy some cheese cloth to squeeze out the extra juice. Easy to clean, easy to handle once you get the hang of it. Never owned any other kind of juicer so nothing to compare it to.

. It’s not perfect because is a little difficult clean. By the way i like this machine.

I was quite surprised by how sturdy it is. It is easy to assemble and use especially if you read the directions first. I cut up apples, oranges, used baby carrots and spinach. After reading the directions i put spinach first and then carrots got good juice. The pulp seems dry but i have never had this type of juicer before so i don’t know what to compare it to. This is the first day i have had it so tomorrow may be different. It is a little taller than i thought but that is no big deal.

Is quiet and really gets the nutrients. The pulp tends to get caught with more fiberous vegetables and is a pain to clean up. It works for me as a beginner. Maybe should have done more research to find one that is easier to clean and maintain.

Works well, reasonably easy to assemble and clean. Only odd thing is that you need a phillips head screwdriver to remove the silicone restrictor to clean the pulp channel.

Seems well made, has safety interlock, pulp is very dry, lots of juice.

Does what it is supposed to do. I have been juicing for the past week with this affordable machine. Saves me a trip and a ton of money by helping me avoid my favorite juice shop. I just would highly advise anyone considering purchase to be careful with celery-maybe break it up a bit and alternate a “juicier” fruit (like apples/pineapples/citrus) or veggie in between to keep it from clogging. I use a knife to declog the chute. Also, the black giant screw looking thing needs to be firmly pressed down. Don’t be like me and spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to snap the lid shut— the screw more than likely is the reason lol. There’s a convenient brush to help with cleaning and once you get the hang of taking everything apart (it all comes apart), you will see the cleanup job is similar to most juicers. Minus when celery is involved lol.

It’s very good but it leaves way too numerous residue fiber which i have to unusual out about 3 or four times ahead of i drink it.

Started using my new vonshef right away and i absolutely love it. It extracts the juice very well leaving behind a dry pulp and it’s not noisy. It’s easy to wash after each use and doesn’t make a big mess like some juicers i’ve had in the past. I did my research before buying this one and highly recommend the vonshef professional.

Most of the occasions i operate the pulp in various periods at times. A great deal of pulp be trapped on the inside so no a whole lot of juice goes to waste. Great when producing almond milk, and with carrots, first rate with leafy greens.

I acquired this juicer in june of 2017 (one yr and four months) and the basket that holds the fruits and veggies whilst they are currently being processed, broke. Way too highly-priced to brake this shortly.

Enjoy it simple to cleanit truly fulfill my speciation.

I purchased this soon after borrowing my buddies cheapo $30 walmart juicer. New juice looks to be the only factor i can preserve down this pregnancy so i did a good deal of investigation and arrived throughout the von shef line of juicers. The slow juicers supposedly get much more nutrition from the fruits/veggies which is ideal for me simply because of my incapability to intake a large amount of nutrition at this point, it has a very compact design and style though it is tall and will not match in my counter with the lid on but that is wonderful for me as it can sit to the aspect or in a cupboard when not in use or drying on the drying rack. I love how quiet this is, i get up nicely just before my little ones in the mornings to make my juice and have some peace and quiet right before all hell breaks free in our home and the other juicer was so loud it would wake my youngsters up. This is unbelievably quick to wash which is constantly a bonus as a mom with a fast paced daily life to just rinse and set down to dry on the rack. It is also exceptionally efficient as eradicating all liquids from the veggies/fruits, the other juicer in essence just blended it up and kinda mashed the juices out which remaining the pulp sopping wet, this juicer leaves the pulp pretty dry so i sense like i am getting all the juices and hence the nutrients achievable from my fruits/veggies. Total with the steep discount getting presented on this i am extremely content. Update 08/17/2017: i managed to break just one of the gears that enable make this juicer spin so i established about trying to get in touch with the buyer service section. The electronic mail in their web page held currently being returned as undeliverable ([email protected] Com) so i searched the organization on facebook and messaged them to each their us and u.

VonShef 300 Watt Stainless Steel Personal Sports Blender : It doesn’t mix it all up well, always have

Great product, makes smoothies comparable to a major juice retailer.

I like the product but cannot find replacement parts.

I am really enjoying my blender so far. I think the bottles are my favourite part. They’re so easy to clean, the perfect size for transportation, and the accompanying lids make them great for travel.

Best smoothie blender i have ever used. It is durable, attractive, easy to use and inexpensive for the quality. The rubber feet on the bottom of the unit keep the blender in place during operation. The best part is that it does not add extra air or “froth” your smoothie.

  • So far no bad news! I like that it has 300W Power
  • Best smoothie blender I have ever used
  • It doesn’t mix it all up well, always have

VonShef 300 Watt Stainless Steel Personal Sports Blender, Shake and Smoothie Maker – 2 x 20 Ounce Bottles and 2 x 14 Ounce Bottles

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make healthy and tasty drinks on the go! Create milkshakes, protein shakes, fruit juices, smoothies and slushes in seconds!
  • Powerful 300W motor with strong stainless steel blades capable of blending a wide range of ingredients effortlessly.
  • Comes complete with 2 x 20-Oz & 2 x 14-Oz BPA-free bottles with spill-proof lids and carry handles.
  • Compact, lightweight design in stainless steel/ black – perfect for taking to the gym, work, commute, college, travelling and more. Fits most car cup holders.
  • Easy clean – removable parts are dishwasher safe.

It’s great it’s small enough i can take camping to mix smoothies.

Love it so far so good no complaints ,, i use it only for protein mix and fruit and it works wonderful it grind hemp seeds great , love the 4 handy bottles , very powerful. I don;t grind ice cubes with , however i heard if you do too much at once it can damage the blades and wear off too quickly , so 1 or 2 cubes at a time with little water. One of my favorite kitchen appliance.

It does the job but it is cheaply made.

This is a great product and very easy to use, i can make all kinds of great home made smoothies and icecream to, its a great product and the price is good for this product.

The other reviews had me worried about this product, but my own experience has been much different than most who have reviewed before me. I’ve been using this unit for over a month now. I make at least one shake or juice a day and have had nothing but good results. This small unit is very powerful and thoroughly mixes my items up into a perfect texture. I like using spinach, avacodo, strawberries, and various coconut milks to make my shakes. They make me feel great and taste very good. I like that this unit is small and super easy to use. I prep my bottle and add the lid with the blade and just mix away. Clean up is simple and the bottles are well made and easy for me to take to the gym or wherever i’m headed.

Really good smoothie maker the only problem is that cleaning the larger bottles is really difficult.

This smoothie maker is awesome. Since i have had it we have used it every night. Not only have we made smoothies but also milk shakes, mixed drinks. Can’t get over how strong the blades are on this mixer. It literally chops the ice up in seconds. Has no trouble chopping regular size ice or the small chunked ice. The containers that come with this to mix with can be used as a to go cup with a handled lid and mouth piece to drink from. Different size containers small and large. The options are unlimited on what you can make. Fresh fruit, frozen fruit some many different combinations that use can different it up everyday.

Very convient and work fantastic. . Bought it 2017 and still using it.

I like that it has 300w power versus some of the other blenders i found for the price with only 200w. The plastic bottles have not leaked yet, don’t know when that will happen however it is almost inevitable with any bottle. The material for the bottles themselves is not the highest quality material, obviously, so this was expected. It does do the job though, and it only seems like the plastic would break if you drop the bottle when it is full. In that case, that is your bad. The little latch for the mouth piece looks like it will last, cannot comment on this more yet. The one thing that you might want to look out for is when you go to blend. Don’t try to blend halfheartedly, when you turn the bottle to blend, do it in one motion. Otherwise you might end up grinding the rubber teeth a little.

Great little smoothie maker.

But does anyone know where to buy replacement cups, etc?.

I am ordering for my daughter now. I have received it as a gift and to be total honest since i have had it i have used it once maybe even more time a day, in the morning and as a evening snack. Trying to lose some weight and always felt bad , having snacks at night but with this smoothie maker , i add all kinds of different fruits and i have found a great secret to share with you, instead of adding plain water icecubes i have been putting different kinds of juices each time i fill up icecube tray with the juice, i personally use half the sugar or even diet juices such as cranberry, crangrape, orange juice , etc. I put the flavored ice cubes in, crushed them first then added the fruits i desired at that time, now never get it watered down.It is awesome my daughter fell in love with it, so now she wants one for herself , for her home. My two other children still living at home use it everyday. Its great for kids , making this for him especially when he needed to drop a few ponds for football, which was extremely hard with his sweet tooth , like his mom this was absolutely perfect for him, he satisfied his sweet tooth in a healthy way and yes he was able to play in his age group because yes he lost the weight he need and i didnt fell so badly like i was depriving him of a treat. We all absolutely love this product and to be able to make in minutes and then go off with your very own container to drink out of makes it even better, which i thought it could’nt get any better, it surprised me and it did.This is a perfect house warming gift, birthday and of course christmas gift.

It doesn’t blend it all up properly, generally have to acquire it off shake it all around and set back again on often have to do that two times. Won’t be able to set powder in blender initially usually it’s going to stay in the base and not be mixed up all through.

I enjoy the containers, they are superb and spill evidence. Even so i will not see this lasting a prolonged time, won’t have a great deal of ability.

I seem to be to make smoothies far more than this minimal guy can take care of at instances. I ended up finding a further much more impressive device but did acquire a person for a friend and it is perfect for him.

VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide/Water Oven, Great budget machine

This comes with a rack you can use to stand your food items up, it also can help if you are applying ziplock bags, you can continue to keep the major out of the drinking water. This would not seal tremendous limited, but you don’t need to have it to. Evaporation isn’t really an challenge unless of course you constantly open up the lid to verify on your food items.

There are two things i do not like about this product or service. Very first the challenge with the pump becoming incredibly gradual to key. The 3rd time i used the bath, the pump experienced not primed soon after thirty minutes. When the pump will not prime, the h2o does not flow into in the bathtub and the pump is very noisy as discussed in other opinions below. I was shocked the recommendations did not deal with this issue. On online, i noticed the suggestion tu use a straw from before comments, but i had none out there. I assume i came up with a better solution even though, i utilized the tube from a windex spray. You can slash the tube and use it like a straw to syphon the air out of the modest gap at the bottom of the bath. The tube fits tightly in that gap and the succion is ideal. Not a extremely sophisticated solution in entrance of your attendees i believe (intellect you, with sous vide you typically commence cooking a very long time just before they arrive).

Mind you i have only cooked one particular time making use of this equipment so much, but it worked at marketed and it cooked my steaks to a fantastic medium scarce. This has all of the options of the only authentic competitor on the market place, at extra than half the price tag. I won’t be able to comment on the longevity of this oven nonetheless, but the develop good quality appears to be really pleasant.

Key specs for VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide/Water Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cook a wide range of foods – including fish, meat, vegetables and more whilst retaining all of the natural moisture and flavour
  • The premium sous vide has a capacity of 8 liters (270-Oz) and can hold 6 vacuum sealed food pouches. Programmable time range 0 – 24 hours, controlled temperature range 0 -210°F/ 99°C
  • Prevents freezer burn and is suitable to use for water oven/bath cooking method. Reseal food in seconds retaining freshness and flavours for longer
  • Power Rating: 800 W Product Dimensions: 15 inches x 10 inches x 9 inches

Comments from buyers

“The equal of other, more expensive devices., Convenient and easy to use controls, Easy to use startup machine”

This device works truly perfectly i’ll cooked roast and steak and pork came out excellent.

This issue is awesome and has definitely allowed me to cook some of the best food at any time. So simple to use and no clear up .

I am a chef and just bought this minor sous vide for tests. It will work wonderful and the operation is so simple.

I was completely ready to expend $300+ for the ‘name brand’ product or service, and i’m so delighted i did a small additional digging. I’ve applied this weekly for the previous 6 months and it functions great each time. I delight in that there is an actual pump to preserve the h2o circulating. This does create sound, but it can be quite quiet and i really don’t come across it frustrating. I might unquestionably obtain this once again.

I have been on the lookout for an low-cost drinking water bathtub cooker for fairly a whilst and saw this a person on amazon. I opened it, whipped it down and started off a 4lb brisket flat correct away. It is exceptionally quick to use. I established the temp at 140f and established the timer to 23:fifty nine. The only negative is that the timer has to be reset for cooks about 24hrs. It is no that massive of an problem. I just reset it following 24hrs due to the fact i wished my brisket to cook dinner for 48hrs. I hugely propose this cooker.

So significantly so good, i acquired it yesterday and was likely to check out a tri-suggestion, i cooked it for 3 hours and likely could have long gone yet another hour or two but the steak came out great just a minor challenging. The water container part is not that major but it fits a very good dimension chunk of meat. It warmed the water speedily and is pretty quiet. The only disadvantages i have come throughout are these, you can not alter the time immediately after it has presently began, and the 2nd con was it ran at 133. 6 on my digital thermometer when i had it established for 131 i can modify the heating temp given that it appeared like it stayed constant at the temp. But all in all i would propose this to some 1 on the lookout to consider new approaches to cook dinner.

I have hardly ever tried sous vide cooking in advance of, but experienced completed analysis for the previous 2 several years. We attempted salmon fillets very last evening. Now we will do pork chops next. No troubles with temperature variation or pump not becoming primed with the very first use. Just the suitable sizing for a couple of retired folks.

A small above a calendar year ago i bought a sous vide immersion circulator, and fell in like with sous vide cooking. I resolved to try a h2o tub equipment this time. So considerably i’m actually impressed, the temperature is place on and the machine is whisper silent. It comes with a rack, and the lid means you you should not have to worry about the water evaporating. These things and an unbelievable very low selling price make this equipment a winner.

Ok, i just bought this right now and only had time to run some checks i. Why five stars?one) even though it is cheaply manufactured, you get what you shell out for. I paid out future to practically nothing for a h2o oven that will carry out improved than a sousvide supreme costing twice as a great deal. Why, because this oven has a circulator, people do not. two) this device is effortless use, started off suitable up and held temp to in a degree for about two hours. I was stunned at how speedily it arrived up to temp. I crammed it with warm water, but then place a jar comprehensive of cold h2o in it. It took 10 minutes to get from 126.

Unboxed it (properly safeguarded with styrofoam finishes to the box. (sorry men it is a undesirable habit i picked up. ) loaded it to just more than minimal with 100°f h2o, and established the temp to 146°f and the time to one hour. Started off it, and instantly the circulation pump began. Following about 17 minutes, the temp was at the picked 146°f, and the time experienced counted down. The directions say to include 15 minutes to the prepare dinner time to let the bath to warmth up. I shut it down and reset time and temp. Even though it experienced been heating, i took two large frozen-sound hen breasts out of the freezer and place them into ziploc freezer luggage with olive oil and garlic.

Quite exact cooking with fewer thoroughly clean up and points to place togather. Leaves meat incredibly flavorful and hardly ever dry. Helps make harder cuts of meat style wonderful with very small talent. You do not need a committed tub which is a superior point and the insulation should make it cheaper to operate in the prolonged run. Con: it can be a basic starter model and so does not have any of the bells or whistles of the other designs. Won’t be able to handle with a clever cellphone or through wifi.

Performs incredibly nicely and quick to use. I ordered this item for a xmas present for my wife we used it four instances and it stopped operating. I contacted client services and they replaced it and it’s doing work high-quality.

My only grievance is that when you consider the lid off right after cooking, the condensation accumulates so considerably on the lid that it drips all over the place – other than that, this is a top rated-notch equipment.

It is truly fairly accurate. The confined place is an issue as is the lack of insulation. That remaining stated, you cannot conquer it for the income.

This is a good product or service, as marketed, arrived immediately and extremely effectively packed.

This is my initial sous vide equipment and i love itit does the job definitely perfectly – it stays at the established temperature (for the most component) with a minor fluctuation. I have experienced some of the finest cooked steaks due to the fact acquiring this merchandise and would absolutely endorse, i mean fifty bucks for the matter – you cant go wrong.

I really like utilizing this in conjunction with my traeger grill.

3 stars, product came with drinking water buoy that senses you will find water in it was detached from its tiny holder. Preset that and the device manufactured the greatest burgers and steaks i have at any time experienced. Sous vide is the only way to make a steak. Even so, right after three works by using, the water circulator stopped operating and manufactured some loud struggling appears all through the completion of our 3rd and previous usage. I examine critiques that were excellent so i purchased this one particular. Most likely just received blessed is all, as these factors can happen. Not absolutely sure if the subsequent a single will be the exact corporation or not.

Was ready to prime circulation pump with a turkey baster because of to past reviews, but it was not necessary. Device has carried out flawlessly with no problems in anyway. Can’t believe that the deal i acquired. Couldn’t invest in the pieces to make my personal for this. Sorry the manufacturer experienced to enable them go so affordable.

This unit functions excellent, at a fraction of the expense of other models. The controls on best are much greater than the types with controls on the entrance, and are fall dead very simple to use. Push temp then + or – to established increase/lower the temp, press time then + or – to elevate/decreased the time. I tried using a several of the other stick immersion models that you clip on your have container and the controls on them were beyond convoluted and horribly created. This unit is a refreshing breath of refreshing air as significantly as simplicity of operation. I do would like it would bear in mind my selection of f over c concerning works by using, but a extended push on the temp button variations the scale quickly enough. Yet another enormous as well as to a unit like this is the h2o vessel is insulated, and it has a really secure prime that seals well due to the fact there just isn’t the higher portion of a clip on unit protruding as a result of the lid. As for the pump not starting, i did encounter that a few occasions when the unit was new. But right after a thirty day period or so of usage, regardless of what was preserving the pump from reliably setting up was going and given that then each individual time i fill it up and transform it on the pump operates flawlessly.

VonShef Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe – Stylish : Good product, worth the money spent

It’s ok – don’t really use it as much as i thought i would.

I have the starbucks verismo maker. They used to make milk pods to make your lattes with but did away with them and started selling a mik frother instead. Starbucks frother was more than twice the amout of this one. I have used this one many time with no. It heats the milk and makes plenty of froth.

After having purchased and used a nespresso frother i wanted to purchase something similar for a friend, without spending a nespresso-load of $found this vonshef, never heard of the brand. Let me tell you it is every bit as good as the nespresso. Both are used more than once a day, every day. If it weren’t for the look of my nespresso retro frother i’d quite happily go with another vonshef when the time comes.

This looks like an expensive frother and works like one also. It even brings almond milk to a nice froth.

  • Great Frother for beginning barrista
  • Let me tell you it is every bit as good as the Nespresso
  • Works perfectly!!!

VonShef Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe – Stylish White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Froth up hot and cold milk at the touch of a button! Perfect for a range of delicious drinks including lattes, cappuccinos, iced drinks, coffees, chai, hot chocolate & more!
  • Heats milk to around 149°F. Heating capacity: 6.7fl oz, Frothing capacity: 3.3fl oz
  • Cordless design with 360° swivel base, non-stick interior, indicator light & automatic switch off
  • Size: 6.3 x 4.6 x 7.3 inches, Power: 450W

Since hurricane maría hit puerto rico this was a huge success since no electricity i can heat water in a gas stove and that’s it.

Used to have a verismo, the frother that comes with the nespresso, but i lost a piece to it and needed to order a new one. This is so much cheaper and works the same.

Good product, i do wish it would heat the milk a little more but overall works great.

Great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

This is the best frother ever. It is easy to use and clean, and it forms a pretty nice foam within seconds plus it warms the milk at the same timeanother plus is that you can also get foam or warm a liquid separately. I first tried the frother because my roommate bought it and now i bought it for my dad and my aunt and she bought it for my uncle and now all my family have the frother.

I wish it would heat the milk more. I have to run it 2 or 3 times just to get it semi hot.

Lattes with frothed milk every day.

I’m just not sure what i’m doing wrong, but when i used my mira which i bought on amazon the froth was incredible like a thick soup. This was nothing like that and i wish they had stopped carrying that brand.

Just received the vanshef electric milk frother. I wanted to purchase an inexpensive one to see if i would like it and use it regularly. Only a few parts: unit, a unit for froth, a unit for stirring, a lid and the heating pad with cord. My husband is very particular about his coffee. He only likes flavored liquid creamers to whiten his coffee. We have a keurig and he will drink five cups a day, at least. I called him into the kitchen and lined up 2%milk, his creamer, my lactaid. The frother only holds enough liquid for one cup. That’s perfect for us, since we make one cup at a time. First i made certain the frother attachment was placed correctly into the unit. Now we added the milk to the frother to the designated line (very important not to overfill).

Great product, highly recommend. Has 3 functions for heating and frothing, just frothing or just heating.

This is a great frother, but i’m pretty disappointed in the heating aspect. The cycle is so short that it barely gets my milk lukewarm. I get fair (not great) results if i run it four times in a row, but the directions recommend at least three minutes rest between cycles, and it triggers a safety shut-off if you use it five times in a row. If you’re looking for something that actually heats your milk, this probably isn’t the product you want.

I experienced a vonshef brother for just about five a long time,also labored great. Assistance was quick and delivery was absolutely free.

VonShef Electric Milk Frother : Here’s what we do like about it

Reading through some of the mixed testimonials, i was just hoping for the best when i requested this. However, having used it for just about two months, i have to say, this thing is awesome. Just pour the milk in, thrust the button and in a couple minutes you have heat froth. Yeah, so when you pour it, the heat milk pours out first and foam floats. Huge deal, life is hard, huh?. So, if you want just the froth, choose up a spoon and scoop it on the best of your drink. Have you people hardly ever watched a barista just before?. Lol if you have at any time frothed milk the old fashioned way with an all metallic cup and steamer or with an all metallic frother, you know how considerably time this will take and what a mess clean up can be. By comparison, this thing is like a aspiration. Just rinse it out soon after and wipe down with a paper towel and its clear.

I have a mira frother and wished a second one for our minimal getaway position. I was disheartened not to see an equivalent just one on amazon, and had a several some others to choose from in the very similar cost variety, this a single bundled. I researched testimonials and films and selected the von shef because it seemed quiet, failed to have substantially scalded milk to adhere and the whip is in the bottom. This point can make just about no seem, where my mira sounds like a little plane getting off. The mira has the whip hooked up to the lid, but possessing it in the base is just fantastic, it arrives right out for cleaning. So considerably no terribly burnt milk on the base but i’ve only made use of it a few situations. I like the two lights so you can tell if you might be whipping or just heating. All in all, i will be taking this a single property and bringing the mira to the lake spot, simply because i like this just one better.

VonShef Electric Milk Frother, Warmer and Cappuccino Maker, Cordless, 360 Degrees Swivel Base, Stylish Design

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • High Quality Stylish Stainless Steel Design
  • Cordless Frother, Frothing Capacity 4-oz
  • Heats Milk to Around 150°F, Heating Capacity 8.5oz
  • 360℃ Swivel Base
  • Automatic Switch Off, Heat Resistant Handle

Virtually as awesome as the nespresso aeroccino variation, but much less costly. The largest big difference is how the minimal spinny parts attach to the device. With the nespresso edition, they stick on with magnets, but the vonshef ones stick on with low cost plastic tabs. So this just isn’t a lot of a challenge so considerably, just a little more difficult to adhere on, but have the possible to crack. The only other element i seen is that milk sticks to the base of the inside of the device a lot more than the nespresso model. Easy to wipe out with a paper towel. This is only a difficulty if you are performing many batches of milk. By the second batch the milk stuck from the previous go-round burns to the base a minimal. In general, i am however quite happy with this.

I have contemplated on paying for a cappuccino device but have used this alternatively. I use it to froth milk for my coffee resulting is a wonderful latte. Take note for uncooked milk consumers out there, it may well not froth the cream really perfectly primarily if you are like me and you use all of the cream, even the thickest section of the product. Nevertheless it is continue to a good solution.

I utilised to use steam from my expresso maker to froth. The von shef is easier, faster, no far more tricky to clean up, and makes much more and thicker froth even with two% or soy milk. I be concerned about getting rid of the little round spring that is necessary. It’s also a tiny complicated to clear away the spring when cleansing the pot and to set it back on prior to frothing. That loses the von shef a single star.

VonShef Electric Milk Frother, Warmer and Cappuccino Maker, Cordless, 360 Degrees Swivel Base, Stylish Design : Coffee, hot frothy milk, and vanilla. There is nothing better than that in the morning. Who needs to spend a fortune at a fancy coffee shop when you can make a specialty coffee to your liking at home every day?. Also, as an added bonus- i get to drink hot, fresh coffee in my pajamas every day.

This milk frother operates good. While i want the thermostat on it was set a bit higher, (private choice), it does exactly what it is designed to do. I have not employed it to just heat milk, only with the frother whisk. Working with cold-brewed coffee concentrate (heated in microwave), i can have hot cappucino in less than 5 minutes, such as setup/place away. The milk froths fantastically (i have applied 2%, entire, and two% chocolate milk blended with half/half). Be aware: straight chocolate milk froths only about 50 percent way). It was quick and quick to thoroughly clean by promptly rinsing out, a brief wipe with a cloth. As some other reviewers claimed, not all milk froths the very same, and i have discovered what community models froth much better than other people.

Not precisely ‘what you see is what you get’. The picture is not of what i received, mine appears to be exactly like the ‘epica’ frother. On the other hand, i picked this up on amazon on sale for 30-two dollars. Just a guess, but i wager some enterprise is turning these out like mad and just rebranding them all. All that mentioned, this functions excellent. Compact foam bubbles that never collapse although ingesting your coffee. I could never ever get that with my handheld frothing wand. I would also notice that if you use this to just warm your milk, it also works excellent. Having said that, it will depart a brownish movie the place the milk acquired a very little far too scorching. Not really a challenge, as the nonstick tends to make it rather straightforward to wipe out.

The only point i would recommend is not filling it to the max line. It matches about a cup of milk, but when you froth it, it spills out. So i finish up putting in a 50 percent cup of milk and it is effective just great.I believe the max fill line would be ok if you have been just heating the milk, but will not fill it that higher and froth it.

I bought this to go along with a delonghi espresso maker that also sits on an electric base. For me it tends to make the fantastic total of scorching frothy milk for one cafe latte (i like a lot of milk, about a 1:one ratio with my espresso), but due to the fact it performs so quickly it’s a snap building a second 1 for a friend. It is simple to clear (nonstick coating inside of), just about sound absolutely free, unobtrusive on my kitchen counter at 8in superior, and an ingenious design holds whichever of the two adapters you are not making use of (a person is for frothing, just one for stirring) in the lid so it really is never misplaced. I’ve been applying for about 2 weeks and really pleased. I have only at any time used complete milk in my espresso and in this, and i conclude up with tons of froth.

I want it would warmth the milk up to a hotter temperature, but other than that i adore this and it is considerably enhanced my working day to day everyday living (i make a ton of lattes and teas at household, and like to insert scorching milk to my espresso v.

The frother is effective incredibly well. Only difficulty is that milk burns and sticks on the base so i have to scrub with cleaning soap and sponge soon after just about every use. Can’t just rinse it and enable it dry. I have tried entire milk as we as 1% milk. Not confident if other brands have improved non-stick coating.

Silent as a church mouse when in use and tremendous straightforward to preserve clean up. When i first commenced utilizing it i was utilizing 1/2 and one/2 and there was little froth and generally large bubbles, so i was upset at very first. Then i commenced working with two% milk and the froth was excellent, and the milk nice and incredibly hot. So it tends to make a difference as to the type of milk you use.

Disclaimer: this is the 1st milk frother i have ever owned so my evaluate will be from a constrained perspective. Temperature is quite incredibly hot (previous starbucks batista) and i’d say it’s really near to that 160* they use as a preset. I use the milk heating resource (not the wisk/froth) device and it continue to foams up albeit evenly as its much closer to a aerated milk foam than cappuccino foam. For my wants i can do fine without having the frothing wisk. Just one, if you use thicker milk like egg nog, you can go past the max line and it will not likely make a mess at all. Additionally, you can go earlier the max line as perfectly if you just want to heat the milk absent of foam.

No much more obtaining to go to those coffee homes. In spite of what the instructions say, methinks it is effective most effective with skim milk. In truth i have no other selections, tho i could mix some fifty percent and fifty percent in the skim and see if it issues. In the past, acquiring fats-no cost milk avoided all the stickum on the milk scorcher. I am a lot more of a scorcher than a frother. I burn up the milk as an alternative of the beans, kindof a reverse starbucks.

So i see individuals leaving terrible testimonials about how it stops working soon after a couple months, just one factor i surprise is if they got the bottom moist ahead of plugging it in. I make absolutely sure mine is 100% dry in advance of clicking it in and it will work fantastic for me. If it receives wet it will brief circuit. It froths surprisingly effectively and heats it up wonderful. It does toast the base of the milk so make absolutely sure to wash it out correct absent. But i am extremely content with it. Consider it for milk on best of chai.

Five stars simply because i obtained my dollars refund, it did not do the job mainly because of my fault, i purchased an american ability vault for the asian vault and it brought on a limited in the fuses.

This was presented as a gift to a pair just having married. I have listened to very little but really excellent items about this milk frother. They say it is froth’s the milk up very well and is rather speedy. They can also just heat the milk and not froth it if they want to insert it to their coffee that way. It was given to them to go with the nespresso inissia espresso maker. They say that it is a great mix for their coffee program. They completely appreciate, love, appreciate it. I considered that the cost was extremely competitive when compared to some of the other frothers that i have witnessed for sale on amazon. Excellent quality at a actually very good price.

Applying 2% milk with the wisk provides a great deal of froth for a yummy latte. I experimented with combining flavored creamer with two% milk with quite excellent success. I’m slightly bewildered how the electric power for the heater is picked, looks i ought to cycle by way of the electrical power a pair of occasions. Be extremely very careful with the stir blade considering that it’s effortless to misplace. General this brand name will work as nicely as the $89 brand at the place of work.

Procured for underneath $30 on gold box, excellent benefit. Product is effective as explained- hot frothed milk in about 90 seconds, chilly in about 60. Rather easy to clean up- the milk compartment is set fewer deep that the leading conclusion competitor, which can make scooping out milk scum easier. My only problem is with regard to durability- the steel rim of the pitcher is very slender and appears to be like to some degree warped currently, making me ponder as to top quality of construct. But at 1/three the rate of the top conclusion competitor, i am content with this product or service (will update six months out).

In the final thirty day period i have bought two distinctive milk frothers for use in distinct spots, and i will share the execs and cons of every: vonshef top quality vs. Capresso frothpro: i experienced a capresso for the past two years and i liked it, so purchased one more a single when my first 1 stopped working. For a various locale, i determined to check out out the vonshef as i preferred the smooth search of the unit and it was a little bit cheaper. Vonshef: smaller base with tall pitcher – all the electronics are developed into the pitcher which lifts off of the base, and as a result, the pitcher retains less milk and is substantially heavier than the capresso. It cannot be submerged for washing. It is very tranquil when frothing – practically silent – and the excellent of the froth is fantastic. When hot frothing, equally machines go away a bit of scald residue on the bottom of the pitcher, but the scalding is significantly thicker and more noticable on the vonshef. It will froth the two warm and cold, but with only one particular press button (‘on’) it is a very little bit fiddly to application for chilly froth as a substitute of very hot. It arrives with just one attachment every for one) heating only or two) heating and frothing. The attachment that is not remaining employed is saved inside of the lid.

Earlier i had usually used the milk steamer on the side of my espresso maker for my coffee. I would warmth the milk a minimal to start with and then foam it as soon as the espresso was finished brewing. I balked a small at spending $thirty on one thing that would just warmth and foam my milk, but it was really worth just about every penny. I am in really like with this detail. Pour a minor milk in, change it on and a moment or two afterwards i have heat milk and a ton of foam. Cleanup is uncomplicated, pop the little wisker out and then cleanse with a sponge and soapy drinking water. Update twelve/thirty/15 – heating ingredient died 🙁 contacted the vendor and they are changing – not guaranteed what the warranty is but i absolutely sure am glad i am within it.

VonShef Deep Fryer – Deep fry everything

Consists of all the oil splatter and is easy to use/clean up. Temp only goes up to 375 but that’s about all i will need.

Tried out it 2 times so significantly and it cooks properly, also appears to be easy to clean.

I gave this 4 stars for one particular purpose. For the reason that it needs two cans of shortening. If you have a massive family members, or have to have to cook dinner big food stuff products, then it truly is excellent. If you just want to cook dinner fries or shrimp you may want to get a lesser a single. Other than that i think it performs terrific.Here are the specifications for the VonShef Deep Fryer:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Large 3L capacity Deep Fryer with basket from VonShef – perfect for frying sweet and savory recipes including chips, fish, chicken, doughnuts, fritters, chocolate bars, spring rolls and more!
  • Contemporary, high grade stainless steel housing with viewing window in lid and removable non-stick enamel oil pan. Stainless steel frying basket with detachable cool touch handle
  • Thermostatic temperature control – adjustable between 250°F – 370°F
  • Features non-slip feet and built-in cable compartment for convenient storage
  • Size: 16 x 8.5 x 10 inches, Power: 1700W

Utilized it the moment so significantly for onion rings and they turned out best. No splattering due to the fact the oil pan is deep.

Fantastic item, does all it promises and additional. I very advise this products.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best fryer out there!
  • Deep fry everything
  • Excellent First Deep Fryer! ?

This fryer was fantastic for my tiny evening meal party of eight persons. This fryer was great for my modest evening meal social gathering of eight people today. It cooks evenly and is easy to function. We fried fish to purchase for our visitor as they arrived. This fryer was also really easy and basic to assemble. The only problem we experienced was considering that the cord is sort of magnetic it would not continue to be linked if you moved it all around normally i would have rated it a five star.

I bought this deep fryer final december 2017, for my daughter, nanette. I have never employed a deep fryer, and my daughter also, had no knowledge with any deep frying. So, in january, i nudged her to figure it out. First issue we did was obtain articles on the world-wide-web to assistance out. I viewed although nanette cooked. Everything she made was fantastic. And her spouse, david, was handing her things, “here, fry this” — pickles, cucumber slices, environmentally friendly beans. Almost everything cooked correctly. The deep fryer was easy to clean also. A few of months back, we understood the wire was far too scorching and emailed the company. A consultant emailed back again in just hours, and he routed the problem to a different rep right after i replied back. Ideal absent, i acquired an additional e mail and all interaction was polite and skillfully taken care of.

This fryer did the occupation just fantastic. It was huge enough, held temp effectively plenty of, and in general did what you’d assume. All of a sudden started off shorting out and i had to return it.

The unit heated up substantially speedier than the prior fryers i’ve experienced prior to. Also the lid aids for splatter, whilst you really can not see much, but that remaining reported i would advocate this product, clean up is a snap, i have only utilized it at the time, i have no complaints.

Good product or service, rapid shipper, very endorse a+++++.

The deep fryer is effective fantastic and it is a good cost for what you get.

Definitely impressed with my deep fryer. It utilizes a massive bottle of oil and i have been frying everything and everything. I retain it on 375 levels for frying my own taco chips and french fries. I have also made use of it to fry breaded shrimp. Almost everything will come out ideal. It has a pleasant basket that lifts and you can relaxation it on the edge for draining off the excess extra fat. I like that it has a lid with a filter on the leading so as you cook you can keep the lid on or cook dinner with it off both way you prefer. I do use it on top rated of my cooktop just beneath the vent admirer. I operate the vent supporter as i fry in order to retain the cooking smells in the home to a minimum amount.

I appreciate this deep fryer, easy to use and clean. Use a person comparable to it when we go to canada many instances yearly. Saves the mess making use of oil in a pan and the clean up.

I like this fryer is effective wonderful.

This fryer is smaller sized than predicted. This fryer is smaller sized than anticipated. It will get the job finished but my final fryer (this was a alternative) has a timer so i could multitask.

It heats up very quick and will prepare dinner a lot of food at a person time. I now deep fry every little thing that i can consider of. This is almost certainly earning me less healthful, but it is incredibly handy and would make foods flavor much better.

Not the ideal good quality, a minor flimsy, strange how the plug doesn’t securely connect to the fryer. Even so, when heated up, created fantastic crispy chicken wings. Produced 3 batches in succession, all came out good, oil stayed nice and sizzling. Once more, not the greatest high quality fryer, but for the value, i am contented.

Terrific little home fryer heats up quick retains heat and easy to clean.