Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender : Awesome.

I’ve had my vita-mix for less than a month, but so far so good. It really pulverizes raw veggies and frozen fruits or ice. It makes wonderful smoothies and will definitely help you get fit and healthy.

This is the machine to have it if you want to make whole food drinks. I use it a least twice a day with no problems.

I have worn out other brands but see this as a long term product. Simply built but sturdy and functional. I use this blender daily for my morning smoothie. Frozen berries, almonds, and ice are no problem.

  • Love this thing
  • Vita-Mix does what it says!
  • Love it

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2-speed blender with thermally protected 2+ peak horsepower motor
  • Stainless-steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings
  • Clear 64-ounce non-toxic polycarbonate container; locking lid and plunger
  • Easy-to-clean front panel; full-color recipe book included
  • Measures 7-1/4 by 8-3/4 by 20 inches; 5-year limited warranty

This was one of the best investment i ever made. I had try the ninja and it doesn’t compare to the vitamix. I know it is a bit pricey, but i think it is worth the price.

I purchased the vitamix about one month or so ago. I haven’t tried making soups or anything else besides green smoothies, but it does the job, and is so easy to clean.

This is the most powerful blender that i have ever owned. This will out perform any blender on the market from making healthy drinks to even making ice cream.

Although the vita-mix blender is in it’s 5200 series, i chose the 4500 series because of vita-mix’s great reputation as a powerful blender, and of course, the lesser price. This blender has done everything i’ve asked it to and exceeded by expectations. I can always trade up when or if i’m ready.

I bought a vitamix mixer to make “green smoothies” to boost my family’s health. It is definately a quality product and i am very happy with it.

This machine goes way beyond blender. This is a juicer, blender power making machine unlike any other, the best nutrition machine ever.

The vitamix is an excellent product. I am now getting vegtables i never would eat because of the preparing involved. Another good thing is that they are organic and raw not cooked. The real plus is the easy cleanup i highly recommend the vitamix 4500. Thank you and i am glad i got one.

This is, no doubt, a very expensive piece of equipment for a home kitchen. I had a cuisinart blender/food processor for a long time. We make smoothies every day: 1 type for my kids and 1 type for my husband and myself. That being said, no matter how little or how much i put into the thing, it took forever and i always felt like it was going to explode, i had to shake it to prevent the ingredients from getting logged and actually had to defrost any frozen fruit prior to using or it would not blend them thoroughly. And, it always bugged me that the machine was made in china. When i decided to look for a new one, i specifically did a search for a blender made in the usa and found vita mix. I researched and reviewed and decided to take the plunge given they have such a great warranty and also have such a great reputation. I called vita mix directly and they couldn’t have been more pleasant to deal with. The woman answered every question i had in great and thorough detail. They had some ‘specials’ running and i mentioned that some of the things included weren’t things i needed so she offered to replace them with some other items that i actually did needthe machine arrived quickly and it was easy to use out of the gates. I use it for small batches and large batches of smoothies. Just make certain you use the tamper if you have a good deal of solid versus liquid in the blender. I haven’t used it for juicing because i use a champion brand juicer for that.

This is the most extraordinary blender i’ve ever used. It is twice as big as most other ones and has the power to handle it. I also like that you don’t have to take it all apart to clean it.

While the price may seem high for a blender, after having this for a while now i can tell you that it is worth every penny. Whatever you are making, whether it is a smoothie or peanut butter this gets it done. The quick recipe guide will keep you busy with it for a while. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Nothing compares to a vitamix.

It gets used every day and is so easy to operate and clean.

I love my blender and use it daily.

Powerful blender is great for making green smoothies and soups. Great price and arrived very quickly in 2 days.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, easy to blend – just great. I’m making soups, dressings, juices, dips, hummus. Highly recommend if your serious about eating right, cooking or experimenting with cooking. I also but a raw cook book and having the vitamix helps a ton with the recipes.

I have nothing else to say, but great. Well, one more thing: hey vita mix corporation, you lost a star because you don’t offer a glass container. Your blender is so exceptional you can literally good soups in it, but who wants to have hot liquids in plastic where the resins well leach out into your food?.Not me, so vita mix, make a glass container already, please.

I have had this for over 3 years and dont regret it at all. It makes my shakes taste magical.

I purchased this as a wedding gift for my daughter as she’s become addicted to to mine. Neither of us can live without it. I taught cooking for 20 years and learned the hard way not to bother with cheaper versions. Df vitamix 1700 turbo blend 4500 countertop blender with 2+ hp motor.

Vitamix Vita-Mix Vita-Prep 64 Oz 3 Speed Blender : I don’t understand the fuss

This thing is very powerful. I can’t say that it completely emulsifies, but it’s close. Great for smoothies & veggie soup.

I bought this machine from jl hufford but didn’t realize that it was listed at “market place” on amazon. The shipment was quick and the product was in new condition. However, i might be the 1% unlucky customer since the motor gave weird sound. I called vita-mix customer service and confirmed that i needed to return it. Jl hufford gave me 100% refund for the machine but i paid the shipment. The refund was processed 2 weeks after the machine arrived at the company. The experience was not bad except that i don’t think i should bear the return cost since the product is defective. I wrote to the company seeking an answer before sending the machine back, but got no reply. Perhaps they tried to pretend not hearing from me. Anyways, i did not want to argue with them over $20.

One of the strongest vitamix, it’s almost the same horse power what i have on my old vitamix 3600+ 3hp vs 4hp peak, but in new design, well money spent.

It may not have the fancy knobs and buttons of the other models, but of all the vitamix models this one has the most power (3 hp). 3-year warranty vs 7 with the consumer versions, but if you are just making smoothies in the morning for yourself this thing should last as long or longer than a consumer version. Like some of the other users i did notice the weird smell it puts off with initial use, after a day or two this went away and everything is fine. Nice long power cord that you can wrap around the base to pick up the slack. Don’t be fooled, this is a monster of a blender. Not even in the same ball park as any of the other competing brands. There’s a reason why 25 year old models are still getting $100 – $150 on ebay. These things last and their monsters. I turned 3 lbs of whole raw carrots into soup in less than 2 minutes – no joke. I did not receive any discounts, freebies, or other renumeration for my review.

  • This is the Marshawn Lynch of Blenders — Beast Mode!
  • Most incredible blender
  • Five Stars

Vita-Mix Vita-Prep 64 Oz 3 Speed Blender

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Larger 3hp motor means you can run it for extended periods of time without overheating. Variable speed control allows you to chop, grind or blend different ingredients at exactly the right speed for exactly the right consistency.
  • Accelerator switch allows even higher speeds for purees or fine blending.Cleanup is easy, simply rinse out the container after each use, and you’re ready to use it again.
  • Comes with a TAMPER to push ingredients down into the blade. The tamper fits through the hole in the lid and catches on the lid before it can reach the blade – designed for safety and functionality!Specially designed, large 64oz clear polycarbonate container is virtually unbreakable and lets you see inside.
  • Functions: On/Off switch, Speed Control Knob, and Accelerator toggle for maximum smoothness.3 Year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship which includes 1 year service contract (US/Canada).
  • Includes a complete 54 page recipe manual that explains methods, variations and suggestions for a myriad of menu items. This manual is for commercial volume recipes.

Hands down this blender does it all. I have been using the vitaprep 3 non stop, every day for the last three weeks. I have made everything from smoothies, bisques, soups and even ice cream in this baby. I bought the grain blade and i now make my own flower for bread and my own hot cereal mix. This thing is freaking awesome. Its a lot cheaper at jlhufford. Compros: it will handle just any job you throw at it. Cons: just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I have made scrambled eggs and peanut butter in this thing. The food came out great but the egg and peanut butter is very hard to clean off the blades – although its not recommended – i recommend taking apart the blade and base during every cleaning and get a good hard tooth brush to clean the blades.

I don’t understand people and their silly expectations with products these days. No i haven’t been a vitamix user for over ten years as i’m not a dinosaur blah blah blah etc. . The moment i turned my prep 3 on i knew it was outstanding. No presets no extra buttons or lights just variable speed and high speed. It’s built like a tank and performs like a fined tuned race car. Can handle anything i throw at it without hesitation. What else do people want nowadays?. Do they want the blender to cook for them too?. If you want the top blender here it is.

My wife using thses in her cooking classes. Believe me they go through the paces, and they perform well. She has 2 and they both are wonderful.

I bought this in 2007 when they were pretty new. It had an ugly container but works great. I use it about 3 times a day and for a year of this unit’s life, i used it in a raw vegan lunch cafe that i opened in the back of a health food store. Store went out of business but the vp3 kept on going. During that year, i used it at least 20 times daily. I am still on first blade and my smoothies are very smooth but take a little longer to make. Customer service is also wonderful.

It’s one of the best products a kitchen can have.

I have had mine for 4 weeks now and have used it at least 4 times a day. So glad i went with the 3 hp motor on vita prep 3 over the home model with 2 hp. I did not buy it on amazon because it was not the cheapest price. Do your research to find this model cheaper. 00 cheaper with free shipping and 5 huge bags of big train coffee/smoothie mixes free with mail in rebate. That made all the difference in affording this blender over the home model.

If you only expect and will only accept the best thing in life then this is the blender for you. This isn’t just for the chefs or the restaurants but also a blender to have for body builders. I work out twice to three times a day and this blender helps me to prepare my protein meals and gain masseating 5 to 6 times per day is very hard and time consuming. I use this product to blend my protein and fruits together and i can skip 3 solid food meals because of this blender.

My first vitamix was the first model they ever built, with the motor used in saws, still have it but i thought i would get the prep 3 because i wanted a machine that would do more than the one i already had, vitamix was having a sale on this unit (many many years ago) got it, use it every day, i am amazed at the negative comments i read here, my unit looks an operates as well as the day i first got it, came with 2 sets of blades, have not used the second set, and forgot i had it until i went to look at the recipe book, the clear plastic container is not scratched and i put ice cubes in it every day, i couldn’t be happier with this machine, for me it was a wise choice, i just can’t believe what i read in other reviews.

Have had for over a year now. Every morning my wife and i blend various raw veggies and/or frozen fruits for yummy smoothies. Ample power to suck all foods to bottom of carafe for ease of blending. Far better process than juicing. Blends roughage into delicious drink. And super ease of clean up, simply put carafe in dishwasher.

The vita-prep is really a chef’s dream come true. We’ve had it for 2 years now, and it still works just like the day we bought it. Smoothies are a breeze, and it will chop up stuff so efficiently that you could make juice out of just about anything. Whole carrots = carrot juice. This thing grinds up anything – nuts into dust, ice into gelato.

(vm0101d) vita-prep 3 commercial food blender variable speed 64 oz. 0 liter) high-impact clear container w/wet blade black base 54 page recipe and technique guide 3 peak hp 120v 50/60 hz 12 amps cul listed nsf certified. This commercial food blender is very good.

This is a very strong machine. Can make ice cream with frozen strawberries within 60 secs, and it is perfect. Just wish it came with a smaller container as well. The one it comes with is huge, and slightly awkward for making small amounts.

Please dont waist money with the oders brands i been use that in a restaurants for 15 [email protected]@ its a maizing.

I worked in the same restaurant for 8 years. The vita prep 3 was used ferociously daily for anything from gallons of soup, to colored oils, to emulsifying sauces to making pasta, making pesto, and lots of other stuff i can’t think of right now. We abused it on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how many spoon and spatula handles were chewed up by hitting the blade when pushing stuff in towards the blades, and we never had to replace the blade. During that same time we had many commercial stick blenders, and even commercial ovens that did not last as long. In all that time, we only had to replace 1 $20 gear. No piece of equipment in that restaurant was more abused and lasted longer, other than a crazy old robot coupe processor. That said, for most people who use this at home for a smoothie everyday or an occasional soup puree, the 2 hp models are more than enough and you get a longer warranty. I finally bought my own vita prep 3 a couple of years ago and it’s as awesome as it was the day i bought it. If you want a seriously awesome product that will last a lifetime, do not hesitate to buy the vita prep 3.

It’s the best and what i expected.

My neighbor across the street has a vita prep that is a 1-2 hp bought from a big box store, which has an excellent return policy. She uses hers for her morning drink and has had to return it 2 times. With that said, we use ours for morning drinks and on occasion for blending veges for soups, etc. We have had ours for 4 years with no problems. Yes, the large hard plastic carafe it comes with is not very sound, however, we are still using ours despite the hair line cracks. And yes, hard plastic does scratch. And scratches will show on clear containers such as these. And i do wish vita mix produced a glass version; however, i would never go back to my pretty lime green oster blender, with glass carafe, to blend what we now blend, which includes nuts and ice, on a regular basis. In fact, i upgraded because that blender began its last leg when we started blending drinks with ice on a regular basis during the summer.

But i got my first vita mix in the late 1970’s — the 3600 (which they claim wasn’t made till early `80’s but i know where i lived when i had it — and i’m 98% certain it was 1979). It was a 3+ hp and it did smoke when i abused it (by kneading bread dough at the high setting — didn’t read the directions). I used it off and on for years, sometimes stored it in garages or basements for a few years and forgot about it. It was exposed to bugs, animals and the elements for long periods, but when i decided to use it, it always worked. This past year i used it a lot for green drinks, smoothies, and sorbets. I like sorbets a lot and the frozen fruit is hard on the machines if they don’t have enough horse power. The green drinks and sorbets became part of my daily diet (i liked the raw family’s ‘green for life’ program) so i needed another vita-mix at my boyfriend’s house. I bought the 5200 thinking it would be like my 3600. The 5200 is fine if it is your first vita-mix and you haven’t experienced the 3600’s higher hp, or if you don’t really need the hp. I liked the metal container of the 3600 better — i could toss it in the dishwasher anytime.

A little background is in order so that i can establish to prospective buyers’ satisfaction that i know what i’m talking about. I’ve been a vita-mix owner since 1988. My first machine was a new 4000 bought direct from vita-mix that was still working perfectly when i traded it up for a 5000 ~10 (give or take) years ago. I’ve been very happy with my 5000 but it started behaving in a quirky manner–i discovered that this was due to the blade assembly’s having become loose over time (i’m going to assume that this is in part due to the fact that my smoothies push the recommended percentage of frozen ingredients to the limit and i blame myself for not noticing it at once). Fortunately, i have the special wrench for tightening the assembly’s nut but it was clear that the bearings had become at least somewhat stripped. I was loath to spend $100 on a new assembly or container with assembly and since i like and often make use of the 5000-series’ very low variable speed and minimum blending amount, i was disinclined to trade in my 5000 on a next generation model, at least not at this time. I’d been aware of the vita-preps (there’s also a 2-peak hp model) for years and was initially curious about why the prep 3 had a 3-peak hp motor rather than the 2-peak of the 5000-series machines. I made it my business to find out and will not only share the reasons but will compare the performance of both the prep 3 and my 5000. I recently ran across a deal online on a new prep 3 that was much too good to pass up and i figured that i could jump on it and still use my 5000 as a trade-in towards the price of a next generation unit should any disposable income find itself in my wallet (i freely admit to being an appliance junky–there are worse character flaws). Besides, there’s still a possibility of helping to launch a smoothie division within a company here and it might be better to pitch with a demonstration using the commercial equipment i’d insist on using.

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz : Absolutely wonderful!

I own a smoothie and juice bar, and currently have 5 of these and they are amazing machines. Maybe a bit extreme for home use but does a great job commercially.

Would highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing this vitamix. Love the automatic programming. When working alone, it frees me up to expedite transactions for customers.

This is a very well-known brand, no need to talk much. I recommend for heavy duty home/commercial use.

Coming over from the ninja series blender this was quite the price jump; however well worth the money. First off i bought this for a healthier lifestyle and i don’t hesitate to spend the money for my health and a quality product. I was tired of blending kale, spinach and other types of lettuce in my ninja to only come out like apple sauce; now i get professional quality smoothies and i’m not chewing my drink. I use this blender every day and i enjoy the fact that i can push the preset button and walk away to prepare my other meals. Again 1k for a blender is absurd; however if you got the coin and want a blender that could spin the poop stains off underwear buy this blender.

  • Promoted as “The Quiet One” definitely could be more quiet
  • Like Killing a Housefly with a Cannon!
  • QUIET and QUICK!

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz, Black

I use this blender at work for commercial applications. It’s very quiet and easy to use. It makes some of the best smoothies i have ever tasted and quiet. It blends ice well and doesn’t leave chunks. I like how it has a digital display that you can choose different blending times and programs. The only con i can can think of is the blades are non removable that can make cleaning annoying, it has plenty of power for all your blending needs.

Can this quiet one blender can make ice cream without the accelerator/tamper tool?.

The baristas love the quiet blender.

Ok i have had this and a vitamix at home at the same time. With the stealth lid closed this is the quietest blender out there and has a 10 year warranty. Of course if using the twister jar for small batches of ice cream or anything else, the stealth lid must remain open making it one of the loudest blenders of this level out there. Bad news is that mine came with three “jars”, all of which were defective because the spindle holding the blade was wobbly or too tight. Blendtec is nicely replacing them at no cost to me. ) the base that the jars sit on (i. The top of the blender base) has metal prongs to hold the jar. Those prongs are short and slippery plus the fit of the jars on it is sloppy.

We upgraded from our vita-prep vmo101 and this one is great. Love the automatic settings.

Been using blenders in my smoothie business for 13 years- this is the quietest one yet and with 3 hp- it makes smoothies really fast .

Amazon has great vitamin blenders for under $400 and they work well but are noisier. Well, get some over the ear peltor ear protection for $15 (they have kids sizes too for the little ones) and keep it in a drawer above your blender. I think this is a nice blender but it takes up a lot of room, is crazy expensive, and unless you are making as many smoothies as jamba juice its pretty crazy to spend this much on a blender. Its much quieter than the regular one but not worth $600 more if you are just making one smoothie a day. Bonus with the ear protection, every time i take my kids to the 4th of july fireworks i know where to find ear protection for the whole family. And when the smoke alarm goes off unexpectedly…boom…. Ear protection right next to the blender.

Absolutely the best blender on the market, we bought 2 of these for our juice bar, we use them all day every day to blend smoothies as well as various frozen coffee drinks, love the programmability, they should call it the “almost silent one”.

I did a lot of research before buying this machine. I already had a vm 500, which i decided to donate to my office. I wanted something quieter for making smoothies early in the morning, but i also did not want to give up the “food processor” capabilities of a standard vita-mix. So i bought this one and a 750. I bought the quiet one for its convenience (press and walk away), its programmability, its robustness, and its quiet. It has exceeded my expectations. I use it generally twice a day, and it has never failed to liquefy anything i put in it.

I had been using them professionally for years and they really last. Thousands of smoothies and iced coffees and no problems. The only part i ever recall ever needing to be replaced on the older machines was the $12 drive sockets, which seem to be made to be sacrificial as a fail safe to prevent damage to other parts. I just bought a used the quiet one. It’s a little insane for home but it cost me about the same as a home version for sale at costco. It is ultra quiet, even quieter than my cheap tiny oster 20 speed with its tiny motor. The programs are great as they automatically start slow and bring it up to speed. I also like how the large 48oz advance containers don’t require tamping down ingredients to get an even and smooth purée. Speaking of smooth, this thing crushes the ice so smooth and quickly that it doesn’t have a chance to start melting, so smoothies stay thick with an even texture and no straw blocking ice pieces.

This is definitely one of the better blenders out there. Is super quiet and also blends very well. Only problems are that the lid sticks when trying to pull up and sometimes comes off as a whole. Also the rubber between the lid and blender is not a tight fit.

A++ worth the money and very quietthe best blender we have ever owned, and the last for the price. Great quick 1 button options (#3 for protein shakes) easy clean up and very industrial but very quiet.

Desire it did some of the things the more cost-effective vitamix products do like handle matters actually difficult to blend veggies and warm soup, for the revenue it should. Not a big trouble, just switch it off and press the stuff down with a spatula. What i preferred most was a quiet expert blender. I just about shed my hearing with my blendtex design. I adore the quiet mixing of this product of vitamix and the added huge capability.

Quite quiet and upgrades considering the fact that the previous variation have the blending down to a science.

Hello i been wanting at this solution for a whilst and genuinely genuinely fascinated would appreciate to consider it.

Saved me some revenue and now sent off to family members in mexico they love it and will want a further one before long.

Like some other people have claimed this is a bit extreme for residence use but in the curiosity of retaining the wife happy and preserving my psychological overall health we ponied up and designed the acquire. Prior to receiving this my wife’s blender was possibly a walmart distinctive or a thing another person else’s partner manufactured disappear and she happened to locate. Every time she fired that detail up it sounded like she was grinding up a jar of nails. The tv set experienced to be paused, little ones and animals took refuge in the considerably corners of the home, and immediately after a handful of years of this i believe that i can relate to how most dogs must really feel just about every time someone gets the vacuum out. Her reward for all this suffering was a chunky smoothie and jar that experienced to be disassembled to be cleaned. When she made the decision it was time to get a new one she needed one thing that was less complicated to thoroughly clean and would do a far better work of blending. Just after viewing a vitamix demo at costco she was marketed and required the professional 750, i wanted something quiet. Following examining various unique products, reading through many reviews, and observing various youtube demos this product remained a prime contender. I was having a tough time with the concept of dropping a grand on a blender but then begun to believe about some of my far more high priced purchases that are only made use of periodically and understood this is some thing she will use daily. I would have no dilemma paying out the similar revenue on a thing of high high-quality to sit in the garage or gun harmless, so it grew to become rather effortless to justify.

Clean transactiongreat merchandise.

Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester 64-Ounce Container – So glad I ordered this!!

This substitute canister is as sturdy as the vitamix item by itself. Installation was very simple – while a solid wrist is required to undo the previous canister. The item wrench instrument is great for the work. This services from a company is remarkable – quite a few other providers would require a obtain of entirely new unit which, to me, would have been a different needless toss into our presently overcrowded refuse spots.

Excellent size for every day use. But if you are hunting for the easy off lid. You should not bother this will come with the previous lid.

Container and wrench as marketed. Blade and retainer nut were interchangeable with my sixty four oz. Wrench worked like a appeal well worth the extra bucks expended for this. Amazon question weblog by consumers and purchasers really helpful. Thank you for all the responses. I purchased an more retainer nut but it was not necessary will be returning it. My vita blend is a straightforward model with just superior and minimal speeds.Here are the specifications for the Vitamix Eastman Tritan Copolyester 64-Ounce Container:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large 64-ounce container designed for the Vitamix appliance
  • Drip-free spout; raised calibrations in ounces, cups, and metrics
  • Spill-proof vented lid with measuring cap; virtually unbreakable
  • Wrench and Blades Are Not Included
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 9 by 13-1/2 inches; 3-year warranty

I just love this 32 ounce vitamix container. The selling price was quite very affordable, and delivery was much faster than i predicted. The container which arrived with my new vitamix (64 ounce) was considerably to massive for single servings. The new container will come devoid of blade assembly, but swapping blade assemblies above from one particular to the other was extremely easy.

The only guidelines it arrived with have been to talk to the house owners handbook, but it is quite noticeable which way the wrench engages the nut on the bottom of the container. The blades pretty much drop suitable out, so be geared up. I known as vitamix client assistance (800. 26490) and they told me that my nineties nourishment center was viewed as element of the c or basic sequence, as considerably as what container it utilised. These use the container with a sq. base which sets down outside the house the four black centering posts. The 32oz substitute containers should also in good shape, but the 48oz would not.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Highly recommended replacement pitcher for the 1990’s Super 5000
  • Perfect New Container for my Vitamix 5000
  • Smaller container for smoothies.

Replaced broken container for design vmo103 (early 90’s) had just replaced the blade. The blade removal wrench operates slick. Straightforward to get rid of and change the blade. My old container was incredibly cloudy. Also started possessing cracks that leaked poorly. The more recent style cap is simpler to get on also. More mature design and style caps experienced to pop underneath the hold down tabs. And if you did not get it on limited and device was in high manner.

This is truly a significant good quality vitamix item. I forgot that i still left a teaspoon in the blender pitcher when building a protein shake. The motor of the vitamix is so highly effective the spoon blew a gap in the aspect of the pitcher when i commenced it up. This replacement pitcher is just not exactly the same as mine, the manage is not reinforced with the delicate-grip element of the initial 1, but it works just fine. The pitcher is challenging plastic and i’ve employed it above a thirty day period now with no concerns at all.

Soon after my first vitamix container shattered right after a freak accident, i rapidly went on-line to uncover a substitution. I felt terrible when the container shattered for the reason that i make healthy smoothies each day and experience they are critical to my health. So i was so happy and relieved to locate this very affordable replacement. Arrived swiftly and appears to be like awesome immediately after my other was really dull and discolored with my hefty use. Now be mindful there are no blades on the bottom, so you have to rescue the blades from your previous pitcher or invest in it individually.

A person – two – three, straightforward peasy, two minutes, the time it took me to change the blade from the outdated container to the new one. Time zipped ideal by and in advance of i knew it the issue was a accomplished deal. I’m very pleased with the new container and i truly like the new lid-with-the-ears advancement.

Its been going solid for over 14 several years but the container begun to give way (chips and cracks). Parts are expensive but when you are chatting vitamix, it is well worth it. This container obtained excellent critiques and the value was acceptable. My wife can make smoothies for breakfast just about day to day. Been employing it for at minimum the past 6 months and it is undertaking properly. Ideally my vitamix will out-dwell this container.

I preferred to supply some data that wasn’t obvious for me when reading former assessments for the 32oz canister. My moms and dads gave me their aged 5000 model which they bought about 2006 or 2007, not guaranteed, they explained to me that the guarantee has most likely expired so that’s my guess. It has the 64 oz polycarbonate canister, so i wanted to get the new bpa absolutely free 32oz canister. The unique tamper has the ‘step’, so it operates fine for the 32oz canister. If you have a tamper that is fully smooth then it won’t do the job and you will have to get a new a person. You don’t have to have the mini-tamper offered on vitamix’s internet site for the 32oz canister. Also, the original retainer nut for the 64oz canister functions fantastic on the 32oz canister. From what i could determine, many people today claimed that the 64oz retainer nut would not healthy, but their 5000 models should be more mature than 2006. I acquired the retainer nut bought listed here on amazon, and the unique and the new a single are just the exact same dimension, so now i am returning the one i just procured (they are about $14). It is super basic to swap blades from the aged just one to the new a person, so people debating that shouldn’t fret.

The only rationale i am offering this three stars is that it failed to fit my mixer that i was making an attempt to switch the canister. I appreciate the idea of it not coming with a blade as the blade i had however labored although my previous canister experienced shattered. The lip on the base was way too shorter. By one/4′ i did a tiny resolve by chopping a sliver off the outdated canister so i had a sq. of plastic all the way all around the bottom that i set on the vita mix then i additional the canister and it will work just good as it essential to be raised just somewhat. Fyi i have the 5200c vitamix which i bought at costco. So until you are helpful i would not advise this product if you have that vitamix. Or else it was a wonderful deal. I would have returned it but i wanted it promptly and could not wait for the replacement from vitaix to appear. But now i had 2 canisters the first medium dimension and this additional large dimensions which is terrific for so a great deal extra.

My older 64oz container is great–though never put them in the dishwasher since it makes the plastic look milky, but i wanted a smaller one for daily use. This was a great price, and came with the tool to switch out the wet blade. Make our morning protein shakes, a quick swish in soapy water, and done.

Better good quality than the first pitcher i experienced. The software that arrived with it was helpful for taking the blade off of my unique pitcher, but failed to support as a lot with putting in the blade on the new pitcher. The pitcher also seems to help you save a whole lot of physical place for a compact reduction in volume (which is nice for residences).

I have a vitamix from qvc a couple of decades in the past and i like it but didn’t use it as significantly as i believed that i would due to the fact it would not healthy under my cabinets. For $39 that trouble has been solved. I took the blades of the 64 ounce container and put them on the 32 ounce. I have stowed the sixty four ounce so that i can use it as essential.

My fifteen calendar year outdated plastic bpa made up of container was developing cracks and i was in denial for very some time. I appreciate my vitamix and wasn’t confident that the new one particular would be compatible. To get started with, i am not a mechanical form but the wrench was basic to use. Most of all, the previous container experienced a problematic lid that was difficult to maneuver. The new container is so significantly easier with rubberlike flaps that go around the container somewhat than forcing the lid into the container. This vitamix runs perfectly no prepared obsolescence with these merchandise and the new container makes me love it much more.

Soon after decades of use, the container on my vitamix 5000 formulated a crack. Immediately after reading through the evaluations for this container, i requested it and acquired it two times before than promised. The wrench provided labored correctly. It took me 6 and a 50 % minutes to remove the blade assembly from my aged container and put in on this new a person. Gorgeous container, and the more recent type lid is a aspiration to use. I’m sorry i waited this extensive to upgrade to this outstanding, bpa-free of charge container. Exceptionally delighted with this products. Be aware: this critique is for the sixty four ounce container.

This was a ideal substitute for my container. If your container is leaking or is cracked this is the most effective possibility for substitution. However, you need to have to assure you have the blade and black foundation intact on the base. If you do not you will require to purchase an solely new container with the blade put in. It is easy with the wrench to eliminate the foundation and install the new one particular even so, i obtain myself owning to give it a tiny tightening each so often. My tightening abilities are clearly no match for the vitamix manufacturing facility.

Firstly when i look at this photo, it appears that the blade is integrated as you see a container with blade and the wrench for putting in the blade. That is not the situation, you get only the container and very little more. I am really dissatisfied that the blade section rusts as h2o sneaks in under. Requirements taken apart each time i wash it.

I was a minor hesitant to buy the container with the tool – afraid i would not be equipped to take out and re-put in the blades effectively. I taken out them from my previous cracked container in about 30 seconds and gave them a good soak and scrub just before re-putting in them (3 minutes) on the new improved container. A quick soapy swirl to clean up and ensure seal and i am excellent to go.

High quality materials made my old vitamix look new once again. I had replaced a defective variable switch on my older vitamix (easy to do), now it also works like new. The price was the best that i had found on line.

Vitamix TurboBlend VS Blender : The best blender EVER

My wife was hesitant about spending so much money because she wasn’t convinced we would use it often enough to make it worth it, but we sure do. We make smoothies almost every day and often make cashew butter, mashed cauliflower, mashed sweet potatoes, etc. It’s so easy to clean and so powerful. If i had to complain about something i guess it would be the noise, mainly when on high, but that’s to be expected.

I have to write a review of this phenomenal blender. It has to be one of the best investments i have made for the health of my family. Not being someone who inherently enjoys or knows much about being in the kitchen, having the vitamix has changed it to looking forward to creating many things myself. I relish the green smoothies, raw soups and pattes we make on this powerful blender.

I purchased this vitamix blender in may 2012. I have been using it about four days out of each week since then. I started by following the recipes in the cookbook that accompanied the machine but after i got the “hang of it”, i have created my own smoothies – greens and fruits and yogurt and a little maple syrup once in a while to add sweetness – all organic, of course. The power this machine has is unbelievable. I do wear ear protectors when the machine is on because the motor is noisy, but i don’t find this a problem at all. Anyone who is considering purchasing a high quality blender should consider this brand. And consider paying a bit more for the variable speed that this model has.

I have been hearing about vitamix for years, i didn’t think i would be able to ever buy one. But some unexpected changes made it possible. So i watched lots of youtube videos and read lots of reviews. Slowly i learned that the vitamix 1732 turboblend vs blender had a base motor that could do all the things the high end models can do but without the frills; no programmable functions, no house beautiful looks, no comfort grips, just a hard working machine. So i thought i could just about afford this model ( i told myself i could not afford not to buy it ), and i made the order. I think my heart stopped for a second. It is a lot of money for a blender but it is a lot of blender. I have never owned a blender before. I didn’t even have a spatula, i was that clueless. When i unpacked my vitamix i was like a deer in the headlights, and wondered how i got so over my head.

  • Best blender ever and much more!
  • Variable speed is essential, best deal here
  • Careful: You’ll Never Be Satisfied With a Traditional Blender Again

Vitamix TurboBlend VS Blender, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ten variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups
  • The size and shape of the 64-ounce container is ideal for blending medium to large batches.
  • With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds
  • The blades in the Vitamix container reach speeds fast enough to create friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to steaming hot in about six minutes
  • Live fresh recipe book, let’s get started dvd instructional video, and a Filtration bag included

I had heard all about the vitamix, its durability, its versatility, and so on, but i wasn’t sure i was ready for the leap to something with this much clout. Now i don’t know how i ever did without it. I use it at least once a day and up to 5-6 times if i’m cooking a big meal or getting ready for a party. It does the job very efficiently and the clean-up is super easy — i never wanted to pull out my old blender because it was such a chore to use and clean, but the vitamix is ready and waiting for anything i can hurl at it, and it makes we actually *want* to do more cooking/blending. I’m on a serious smoothie kick now, and i feel really strong and healthy.

For anyone who is researching the vitamix, let me be the one to tell you it is awesome. I was first made aware of the benefits of the vitamix from a friend who has had one for 20 years. They have never needed to replace their vitamix even with the 7 year replacement policy. Since receiving my vitamix i have been more than satisfied with this product. It is easy to use and has an excellent recipe book. I have tried about 10 of the recipes so far and every one has turned out exactly as the recipe states and each has been tasty and healthy. I first planned to buy the vitamix to make baby food for my 3 month old son, but now my husband and i find ourselves making smoothies, soups, peanut butter, and sauces. The best part is i am able to put whole fruits, nuts, and vegetables directly into the vitamix and can benefit from all of the vitamins in these health foods. The blades are extremely sharp and have not faltered in any way no matter what i have put in. I am so happy to be making healthy food with all of the nutritional values without having to give up taste.

I bought this as a gift because i was so impressed by the one i bought for myself. The most powerful feedback i can give is that i eat more fresh vegetables because of this blender. For that reason alone, the blender is value-added for me. I especially like that i can freeze fresh fruits or vegetables, and then incorporate those into high-nutrient smoothies.

This is by far the best blender i have ever had. It is so powerful and simple to use. I haven’t tried making soup yet but so far the smoothies and salad dressings i’ve made have come out great. It is also so simple to wash. I love to put in the soap and water and watch it clean itself. Then just rinse and let drain in a colander. I just wish i hadn’t wasted so much money buying all the others i’ve owned.

I bought this think for my wife almost five years ago (dec 2012). Honestly i thought $500 for a blender was crazy. However, she uses it daily and this thing can blend anything. Recently it started smoking and i called customer service on a saturday. They had me do a few quick checks and determined the pitcher bearings were work out and just sent us a new one in the mail free of charge. The warranty on this thing is good for seven years and they provide free shipping and repair. It isn’t often that a company these days have a legit warranty but these guys are the exception. I say the money is worth it to have a quality product with a great warranty.

Decided to start eating healthier a couple of months ago. Bought a cheap blender at meijer to get started, but ended up chewing many of the “smoothies”. Did extensive research, and finally decided to pay the bucks to get this blender. I’ve used it every day for close to two months now, and i’m totally satisfied with it. Would make the same decision again.

Hands down the best blender i’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Nothing but smooth consistancy and operating ease. I still find myself as excited to use it as the first time i tried it. The recipe book and milk bag are a great bonus, i can’t wait to make my own almond milk and once it gets colder soup will definitely be on the menu.I previously had an oster and a magic bullet but after dealing with lumps and grit and hard to clean parts i can’t see myself ever buying or recommending anything but vitamix from now on.

I have found the mercedes of blenders. Buy one and you will never need to replace it. My son in law bought one, dropped and cracked the mixing cup and they shipped a new one immediately at no charge. Later, he lost one of the feet off the bottom of the unit and they sent four new ones, no charge. I thought customer service left this country a long time ago. By the way, makes the most amazing pesto. It is better than any gourmet restaurant. Recipe from vitamix no less.

I waited three years to review this product. Simply because i wanted to see if it stood the test of time, constant use and the incredible 7 year warranty. It hasthe vitamix is simply an amazing blender. I use it everyday at least twice a day. Mostly for green smoothies and protein superfood smoothies but also for broccoli creams, pulverizing cinnamon sticks or making humus and cashew spread instead of using cream cheese. It can do it allit’s easy to clean (just soapy warm water run it on high for about a minute and then rinse) and is always ready for another smoothly, cream or spreadi have also put its warranty to the test as i have had two cups break down from constant use. But vitamix customer support couldn’t be easier to deal with. They simply asked me what’s wrong and then sent me a replacement cup which usually arrives within a week. The first time i panicked and got a ninja because i didn’t know how i was going to make it without my smoothies even for a single day.

I think we might have gotten a lemon and thank god i bought it through amazon so i could simply send back and get my money back. They were very good about it. We found that we could smell the motor when trying to make smoothies about 3 weeks into owning it. It gave off a burning smell. So rather than deal with watching the problem increase or decrease we returned the item. I think with the price we paid i will buy one at costco since i can take it back no questions asked long after a 30 day warranty period offered by amazon. For the price we paid i want to make sure i can return the unit without any problems and i don’t want to mail off to vitamix under their warranty. When it worked it was great.

I thought i had a perfectly good blender. But i kept reading about these vitamix’s and how lucky some people are to own them and how they will change your life. Eventualy i bit the bullet and got one. It sounds like a jet engine in your kitchen. But (expletive) me it blends everything consistently and quickly and it has changed my lifenut milks are easy. Kale – completely liquadized. In my old belnder it tasted like i was drinking lawn cuttings. Now it is a green super shake. I use this twice a day at least. Breakfast smoothies; nut milks; deserts; veggie drinks for the kids. The tamper tool is good, the hemp nut milk bag perfect. The recipie book is full of good recipies that you will want to try.

I put off buying a vitamix for the longest time because of the price but after two weeks i’m happy to say it’s worth every single penny. It does everything i want including making green smoothies 6-7 times a week with lots of frozen fruit to perfect texture; makes the best creamy peanut butter i’ve ever tasted, it’s so easy to clean, and i swear if it came with cables it could jump start my car, if needed. Don’t waste your time and money on any other blender. I’m vegan and this machine is made for how we love to eat. Oh, and keep the box it comes it ’cause that makes it easier to take on road trips.

Not to mention it comes with good instructions. The only time i ever had an problem with it was when i very first started employing it, and i did not want to run turbo on it for the reason that i was worried, but i realized that you won’t be able to set it on much too lower of a location for too lengthy when making peanut butter or it will shut off routinely, which was frightening mainly because i thought i broke it. But following a couple minutes the car shutoff disabled and i was able to complete. That is the initially and previous time i at any time had an problem. I make plenty of raw vegan recipes for my partner and i that have to have a high pace food stuff processor, and having tried out to full these with other blenders in the past and employing this one now, there is no levels of competition. Turboblend just trumps everything else i have at any time utilised. The price is a minimal substantially, but contemplating the warranty and time you are going to help save not messing all-around seeking to uncover the most effective deal is effectively truly worth the cost. My husband and i just thought of it a necessity given that it would assist us with extra healthy decisions given that we are on the ‘eat to live’ diet program. The income we saved on healthcare charges and insulin for diabetes will have price tag us significantly far more, so you just seriously have to take into account the alternatives and glimpse ahead to see what it can do for you, as with any major invest in.

Most crucial machines in my kitchen. Evening and working day big difference from my previous ninja blender. No much more bits in my smoothies, they are so easy now. Mix nuts, seeds and many others into a fantastic powder. I like the pusher stick issue. I seriously like the self clean attribute.

Portion of my raw vegan cheater life style is a massive raw fruit and veggie smoothie in the early morning (photos of just one of my smoothies had been uploaded to this solution impression checklist), a gargantuan raw veggie and fruit salad at lunch, then regardless of what the heck i want to eat in the evening, enjoying my wife’s great cooking. This individual vitamix blender permits me to produce overloaded smoothies (effectively past the advised two/3 crammed mark) each and every one working day and residence made ice product almost each and every night time. The ice product is the most tricky on a blender’s motor, but this vitamix blender can consider it. I use 4 frozen bananas as the foundation, one/two cup almond milk, yet another one/2 cup of other frozen fruit (cherries or strawberries), 1/4 cup of walnuts or dark chocolate, and it’s possible some agave nectar. Absolutely healthy and very delightful, but it burns out the motor of the other blender i used to use – sigh. The vitamix 1732 turboblend vs makes a sleek ice cream out of these frozen fruits in fewer than thirty seconds. As for my each morning smoothies (recipe for a single of them is in the graphic description in the photos i uploaded over), i overfill my smoothies and still get an even blend. I never go beyond the advisable 45 seconds on higher – and by no means have to except if i designed it way too thick (>4 bananas devoid of increasing liquids). Without having this blender, having uncooked vegan for breakfast, lunch, and dessert would be pretty boring. My two, 6, and 8 calendar year outdated sons like my smoothies and ice lotions.

Its noisy but blends any and every thing. I am on a juicing and healing quick and have set this blender as a result of its pase. I use my juicer for my juice and the vitamix for my smoothies alongside with blending my protein mix into my juice. Would have supplied it a five if it was not so noisy on the substantial turbo placing which i use for my protein powder.

Immediately after much looking through on the issue and a individual testimony from a great good friend i purchased a vitamix and went on a mainly ‘raw’ diet regime. I have never ever felt healther and in 3 months have misplaced ten lbs devoid of even attempting. The vitamix would make prep so uncomplicated and the blended mixes are like velvet. I take into consideration it an expense in my health.

If you are critical about applying a vitamix, you need the variable velocity (vs). And i never mean just superior and lower, but one-10, in addition to higher and very low. With that, you can make cole sole in 2 seconds (no kidding) and a whole lot of other issues that you could not with far more limits, because different issues call for various speeds, in some cases increasing incrementally. This is the very same selling price, deal and guarantee that you get if you get directly from vitamix. I was tempted to rate it only 4 stars, simply because it is way overpriced. With an amazon retail outlet card, it truly is desire-free of charge if you shell out it off in 6 months — and that is essential, for the reason that whopping interest applies if you will not. Vitamix has a payment strategy, too, but you have to pay out additional when you order and have only 3 months following that to fork out it off. So amazon’s offer breaks it up into six more compact payments, which will make it the most economical way for lots of of us to get one particular of these machines. There is nothing else very like them. Blentec is the only other product to even take into account, but i do not know if it has variable speeds, far too.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender : How did I live this long without this????

My old blender (a cuisinart model) could not handle complete produce, so it was really hard to stay determined with my veggie smoothie routine with the more pre-blend chopping. My previous blender finally had concerns with the plastic ‘clutch’ tooth chipping, so it was time for an improve. I had a hunch vitamix was the way to go just after seeing them in use at jamba juice. I assumed jamba would go with a brand name and common design and style that would keep up for commercial use. At any charge, i’m really delighted with this blender and will propose it to mates. I like the tamper device, it’s pretty beneficial and developed to not contact the blades.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender (1944) with Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes Book and Two Accelerator/Tamper Tools (Brushed Stainless Finish)

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  • Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender (1944) with Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes Book and Two Accelerator/Tamper Tools (Brushed Stainless Finish)
  • Bundle Includes: (0703113019449)
  • 1 x Superfoo1 x Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender (1944) – Brushed Stainless Finish with the newly designed 64-ounce container is perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.d Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes Book — Everyone loves smoothies & this is the ultimate smoothie book, written by Julie Morris. Morris whips up 100 nutrient-rich recipes using the world’s most antioxidants.
  • 2 x Vitamix Acc1 x Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes Book 1 x Vitamix “Create” Recipe Book with Chef Michael Voltaggio Instructional DVD for Professional Series 750 Machines – 1 x The Getting Started guide contains introductory recipes and techniques chosen by our culinary team to help familiarize you with your new Vitamix machine. – 1 x Hosted by Chef Michael Voltaggio, tutorial DVD
  • 2 x Vitamix Accelerator/Tamper Tools – 1 x Vitamix “Create” Recipe Book with Chef Michael Voltaggio Instructional DVD for Professional Series 750 Machines – 1 x The Getting Started guide contains introductory recipes and techniques chosen by our culinary team to help familiarize you with your new Vitamix machine. – 1 x Hosted by Chef Michael Voltaggio, tutorial DVD

I have applied it day-to-day considering the fact that it got right here.

Use this each day and it is awesome.

Great electrical power, does every little thing ive requested it to do, really very well.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender (1944) with Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes Book and Two Accelerator/Tamper Tools (Brushed Stainless Finish) : Great machine so far, my daughter makes delicious almond milk with it. The other daughter wanted me to chop onions. . I tried both with water and without. Pulse a few times, nice diced onions, and only a couple larger pieces. We kept them larger as we are not a five star restaurant. I tried to make a smoothie and it was too airy. Tried to strain it, still too many bubbles. I will play and figure it out. I love the videos you can find on how to work it.

Best professional blender in the market.

Spouse is pleased,,, all that issues.

This blender helps make me smile every time i use it. It is an amazing blender that can do pretty much almost everything.

A great way to get the vitamins and minerals and veggies we all require .

A breeze to turn fresh new create into delicious and nutritious smoothies, soups. Want significant responsibility transformer for use in singapore.

Does all the things it suggests and a lot more. The item lives up to the hype. Soups, smoothies, dry grain processing, you title it.

Enjoy my vitamix blender—use it each individual day.

I am sooooo in love with my vitamix, i have named her bertha, and i use her just about each individual working day. I required a tremendous blender to aid me in my quest into vegan cooking, and experienced study all the wonderful testimonials about this ‘it’. Don’t know how i did with out it all these many years. Amongst the practically each day smoothies, the sauces and the potential to chop any greens in a moment’s time is wonderful. You can find a cleaning application that can take seconds to operate.

My whole household employs this several times day-to-day. Will normally possess a single of these vitamix blenders.

As a result far, makes amazing smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts.

Product satisfies the demands.

Expanded my blender capability at minimum by 50% over just one replaced. Simply cannot visualize any blender recipe it cannot deal with and with much more dependable outcomes.

It normally takes every thing i set in it and will make it a liquid.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Glad for the other reviews to make my purchase

Finest $600 expense i have each individual built. I preferred a blender/extractor that would offer sleek effects. I attempted some others, then study shopper report review — this was listed as range just one. I took my time, additional investigate, went to a store and seemed at the device. All the equipment is metallic and major excellent metal that will not tiredness. Acquired it about a thirty day period back. It is the number one particular piece of equipment in my kitchen area. Smoothies with raspberries and chia seeds — are comprehensive smooth. It even that a cleaning attribute, so it is extremely quick to consider treatment of. Couple months back i experienced emergency oral medical procedures.

So perfectly manufactured and so easy to use.

I adore this blender and 2hp ability. A lot more than adequate electrical power for household use. I can’t nonetheless justify the cost of $600 bucks for this except for the seven decades of warranty. Despite the fact that there are superior run 3hp alternatives in the industry more affordable (pretty much 50 percent the cost), i did not get those because of my electric power expenses for the added 746 watts for each operate and the want for a 20a independent circuit to operate any of the 3hp options. 5 hp waring – i take into consideration the most effective right after seeking it out at my mates location. Com/b004ujkki43hp cleanblend – not analyzed, but has the ability of 3hp motors to mix anything at all. Com/b0094b94bm2hp breville – more affordable choice. Similar foundation constructed quality, a little bit much better container built. Improved outcome than most of the other blenders, not as vitamix. 2hp sprint – the most inexpensive identical option, full plastic foundation. Com/b00aizbmmwturned away from ninja, oster and other people. I have borrowed my friends and we experimented with our blenders. Waring was the best as it was faster than vitamix. Vitamix is excellent for extended run. If price tag is the only constraint go for sprint, make positive to call them and negotiate a greater offer on warranty. If you can spare a little bit much more, breville manager is good. Vitamix is the finest, only the $600 price tag tag could possibly be frightening. Or get the 3hp selections and pay back a tiny top quality prices regular monthly.

Key specs for Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Brushed Stainless with Cookbook:

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  • PVC plastic BPA-free housing in stainless steel
  • 2.2-peak-horsepower motor and wide blade radius
  • 2-piece santoprene rubber lid with a removable plug for adding ingredients while use
  • Stainless steel blade construction
  • 64-oz. carafe is BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester

Comments from buyers

“A must-have for every kitchen, Best Investment in your Health, Vitamix (2HP) or Waring (3.5HP) or Breville (2HP)”

Happy for the other reviews to make my order.

Best blender on the market place, this is definitely professional machine, entirely value the cost you fork out truthful. With the vitamix, i truly feel like my soup style like clouds.

This blender is the same if not superior than most significant finish coffee shops use for their blended and frozen beverages. Is effective so very well with any components and comes with fantastic recipe e-book.

A lot more than lives up to it’s name. Look at any and all youtube films and you will see. However learning what it can do.

Gave as a gift and nonetheless obtain thanks.

Finest on marketplace, a b1t highly-priced, but. . Would make the very best ice and alcoholic beverages drinks. Its just a damn excellent blender. Try to remember, its a near to $five hundred. Blender, every thing tastes much better from a $500.

As a substitute of a conventional juicer that throws absent all the fiber and just keeps the juice, this lets us to try to eat complete fruits and greens. The cookbook and web site make it quick to learn new recipes, and the equipment cleans alone which helps make us really joyful. We use ours between 1 and 3 instances a working day and haven’t had any troubles. It truly is provided us an uncomplicated way to have a healthier diet plan, and by producing it so fast to make a healthful smoothie, we can conquer starvation a lot quicker than heading out to eat and for less dollars. Cannot feel we failed to get one of these faster.

I freeze cleaned strawberries, peeled bananas, pineapple parts and other fruit, then place parts into the blender with simple yoghurt. Making use of the plunger, it arrives out like ice product. I burned out a kitchen area assist top model executing this, and am marketed on vitamix.

Acquired this and donated my blender, foods processor, and juicer. It does the job of all 3 and then some. The costly expense has been very well value it so considerably.

I made use of my friend’s for a month in advance of biting the bullet and purchasing my personal. I was put off by the selling price issue. What i learned is that it is really worth each penny.I tried using other blenders and they didn’t even examine. I’ve been thrilled with the vitamix.

I really don’t know how i at any time lived with out this. The finest blender i have ever had.

It blends even fibrous greens and fruits into a velvety sleek consume when you increase drinking water, juice, milk or anything else. It is quite quick to clear and really well built. Selling prices on this design ought to be decreased now that they have the touch display controlled model.

I have experienced this blender for a when now and i can inform you it really is worthy of the value. This is the blender of all blenders. And i glimpse ahead to employing it for a very long long time.

Very high priced, but does the careers extremely effectively.

My inexperienced smoothies are clean and creamy in seconds. I am very pleasedi have been seeking this for years.

I feel it is very well truly worth the price. I’ve had it for a several months now and still use it almost daily. I have had no issues with it and the establish excellent makes me assume it will past a life time.

It’s so easy to use and to clean. I have made many smoothies using my vitamix. It’s incredible that you can throw whole peeled oranges into the machine and the vitamix can purée them up smooth and without jamming.One of the best purchases i’ve made. The seller shipped it quickly and it was packaged well and was as advertised.

Vitamix 780 G-Series Next Generation Series Touchscreen Blender : A real powerhouse!

I love this machine so much. It was a very good investment.

It’s great for what it does and does it better than any blender out there. It would be nice to have a programmable timer / display and more easily readable graduations on the pitcher. Very difficult to see if you need to be accurate with measurements. However, like one viewer said. It will even pulverize the smallest of seeds and liquify any fruits / fibrous vegetable you throw in it. If you want the smoothest and most consistent blend you can possibly make, vitamix is the only one you should invest your money in.

Very pleased with both the quality and performance of the vitamix 780 g series. Will continue to recommend it to friends and family.

We had the $200+ ninja top of the line blender for about a year and were never totally pleased with the performance. We bought the vitamix after seeing a live demo where leafy greens just disappeared into the smoothie. This wasn’t even remotely possible with the ninja blender. After two months we’re still very pleased with the performance. Is it worth the almost $500 difference in price?. That’s a lot of money, but if you want professional juice bar results at home and love your smoothies you’ll need a blender of this quality. I just wish we hadn’t spent the money on the ninja first.

  • Vitamix vs. Ninja – knockout!
  • A perfect blender! You can blend everything with it such
  • Magic in 10 seconds

Vitamix 780 G-Series Next Generation Series Touchscreen Blender with 64-Ounce Container + Introduction to High Performance Blending Recipe Cookbook + Low-Profile Tamper

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Touchscreen Control Panel – The LED control panel is made of hardened glass to resist cracks and scratches, and easy-tap buttons are only activated by touch, not splashes or spills
  • Included Low-Profile 64-ounce Container – The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container is perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets
  • Automated Blending with Pre-Programmed Settings – Five pre-programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes
  • Pulse Feature and 10 Different Speeds – With the Pulse feature, layer coarse chops over smooth purées for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups. Choose from 1-10 on your speed selector with a simple to touch to blend at the perfect speed for your meal
  • Comes Packed with an “Introduction to High Performance Blending” Recipe Cookbook and a Low-Profile Tamper

You can blend everything with it such as chia seed and hemp seed and you wont feel any of them. I use it everyday and i love it so much.

I’ve been using my vitamix 780 for a few months now and i’ve found it to be a great addition to my kitchen. I typically do not mix anything that requires such a workhorse of a blender but i like knowing it’s there if i need it. I use it every single day for blending smoothies and it handles frozen fruit and ice like it was cutting through hot butter and even has a setting or self cleaning. I’ve bought blenders in the past that didn’t handle ice or frozen fruit very well, especially not at the same time so i’m glad to have a blender where i don’t have to worry about burning out the motor just making a smoothie. I also love the consistency of my smoothies when mixed in this blender. I can shove a ton of vegetables nearly whole into this thing (although i do normally at least cut them in half just to get more in) and the vitamix has no problem turning them into an actual smoothie and not just cutting them up. You know the consistency of the smoothies you get from smoothie shops?. Yeah, that’s the kind of consistency your smoothies will have after being mixed in the vitamix. For me there is no other blender that can compare to the performance of the vitamix.

Easy to clean also, no knobs or ridges to get into.

It makes making certain soups really easy and makes a killer marguerite.

I have always wanted a vitamix but waited because of the cost. I finally decided to splurge. Love the automatic controls on this too. It changes speeds on its own depending on what program you choose. Looking forward to the soups when it gets cooler.

This blender literally pulverizes seeds and gives me the smoothie consistency i did not have with a nutribullet. Very happy, easy clean up and auto setting so far is great.

Programmed feature easily makes smoothies from frozen fruit and vegetables.

Pricey but does a great job.

Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender – Nothing compares

Great solution and i like it. I did not envisioned how beneficial it would be. I am making use of it generally for smoothies but i designed hummus, almond milk and split pea soup. Ideal now it is the most utilised appliance in my kitchen area. Wife was skeptical but now appreciates it as perfectly. We are striving to maintain nutritious everyday living model and this is super addition which is supporting to preserve me and my relatives healthy. I have the omega masticating juicer but this is a great deal much better since it keeps all fiber and make me drink the whole veggies and fruits.

You bought to wonder why i give so a lot of five star rankings. Alright this is the king of blenders – i nevertheless blush at how much we paid for this gadget – i’ve purchased autos for fewer. And with that said my wife built me do it. And as the most important prepare dinner in the household i said ok. Very well if you are ridiculous about juicing (and we are) and you’ve browse and feel in the tenants of the ‘grain brain’ eventually you decide that the jack lalane juicer (et. ) you conclusion up wanting er for all its greatness is using out a whole lot of fiber that we very simple need to keep in our meal plans. So then you start out wanting for one thing that juices with the fiber. And these men are 1 of the major machines to do it all. We splurged for the professional series for a uncomplicated explanation – we like pink but additional about counter room is often at a premium and the professional series is just small more than enough to be able to healthy below our common kitchen area counter. Ah bet you did not assume of that. Get your measuring tape out right before you purchase the common model.

I have been a vitamix admirer for more than forty a long time. My 40 calendar year outdated device continue to is effective terrific. When my daughter moved in for a several months and brought her more recent model vitamix with her, i fell in like all over all over again. Sizzling soups, smoothies every single morning. I toss everything in my smoothie without having at any time getting ‘chunks or pieces’. Beets, carrots, seeds, ginger root, are some of the more difficult points that go into it without having a hitch. I would not want to live with no it. So i am not, i experienced to get the hottest design which i suspect will previous longer than i will.You will never ever need a further blender, this is the machinecan you explain to, i adore my vitamix.

  • All-around Winner
  • Vitamix Professional Series 300
  • More than what I hoped for

This is the greatest blender i’ve at any time viewed or owned period of time. This thing will mix everything. I am looking forward in employing it a large amount for a long time to arrive. We need to have acquired this blender yrs back alternatively of getting anything at all else.

Very pleased with this buy. Quite pleased with this buy. The vitamix did not are unsuccessful to perform as promised. I quickly gave up earlier tries at juicing and could never get above the ‘bad’ experience of throwing absent all that superb fruit & vegetable pulp, permit following juicing. That is not a trouble with the vitamix. I can effortlessly mix five-7 vegetable servings in a person smoothie. Vegetable pulp is sleek and goes down simply. I consume concerning 10-12 raw veggies a day this way. It normally takes a when for the entire body to regulate to such a drastic food plan modify. Also since mixing uses all the vegetable & fruit pulp, it requires considerably less food items than juicing. So greater for the human body & less complicated on the pocket e book.

Features of Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender, Onyx

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  • With our most powerful motor for household machines, quickly blend virtually any whole-food ingredient with ease.
  • The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container is perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.
  • With the Pulse feature, layer coarse chops over smooth purees for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups.
  • Ten variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purees to the heartiest soups.
  • Electrical Ratings: 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps

Extremely recommended and worth the money. Extremely suggested and well worth the revenue. I have been changing blenders for yrs following beating them up making smoothies, and this a single plainly will stand the check of time.

I have examine across the evaluations from 5 to one particular star, and happy i bought it. I use it for electrical power beverages and smoothies. The kind of drinks i like should be wholly smooth, no lumps, or pieces floating around. That is accurately what i get with this product. It is effective quite quickly, and effortlessly. Clean up up is a breeze, i fill it fifty percent way with water, just one drop of dish soap, and run the machine for thirty seconds on high, rinse perfectly and i am performed. It has a very very long cord, is heavy, but even with my ra, the no skid surface will make it easy to get a grip on. I maintain it on a minimal rolling desk, now so i do not have to raise the large motor portion. I am glad with the vitamix professional 300.

Experienced an additional model of blender for numerous several years, but it could not take care of the more durable components to make veggie smoothies constantly still left chunks. Not an issue with this vitamix: i can blend carrots, ice, celery, and so on. And the drink often comes out clean and creamy. Cleanup is also a breeze: right just after earning the smoothie, just rinse the jar and the lid under scorching water, and it truly is good to go. High priced for a blender, but certainly well worth it.

Vitamix professional series 300. Although for several years i desired a vitamix, in retrospect the wrestle to make the selection was perhaps a bit out of proportion but investing that amount of money of funds on a blender triggered me, time and yet again, to vacillate. But all that completed was to delay the inescapable and waste funds on lesser appliances in hopes of acquiring an reasonably priced substitute. When i realized there was no substitute for a energy blender, my remaining problems have been regardless of whether i would use the appliance enough to justify the cost and if so, which product should really i invest in. So, in january 2013 i built the conclusion to acquire primarily based on my each day early morning smoothies and the lack of ability of my trusty oster beehive blender to absolutely decimate fruits and greens – particularly leafy greens like kale but also things like unpeeled apple. This shortcoming prompted me to insert expensive inexperienced food items powder to the blend mainly because i felt all those vitamins and minerals were being crucial. I attempted to choke down chunks of fruit, greens and bits of unprocessed greens but in the end it was not palatable and a wholly unpleasant way to start the day. A handful of years ago i wasted cash on a comparatively high-priced juicer that extracted all the pulp leaving fundamentally a sugary, watery juice. So substantially squander is included with juice extractors. I was getting large luggage of several vegetables at the warehouse retailer and filling my refrigerator to the issue that the house was confused to the detriment of other food stuff that needed refrigeration.

Like lots of other folks, this has been on my want listing of ‘nice to haves’ for years. If you are imagining about ordering this product, but you are on the fence, just do it.I promise you will not regret it, this is the most effective kitchen area order i have ever made. I’ve only experienced my device a several days and have created several smoothies, using frozen and refreshing fruit, and i have to say they are improved than any juice halt, jamba juice, or county good smoothie i’ve at any time had. What is finest is you are in handle of the ingredients. I’ve also produced a great strawberry sorbet ice product, no unwanted fat. Right now i manufactured a broccoli cheese soup with coconut milk and chicken broth, as an alternative of the milk it termed for in the recipe, immediately after only five minutes in the vitamix, my soup was creamy, incredibly hot and mouth watering.I like that you can acquire one particular of the vitamix recipes and tweak it for your eating plan and style buds.

You will still be savoring the quality prolonged just after you’ve got forgotten the value. . As a person who employs a blender each working day, it is so awesome to last but not least have a real strong higher-excellent blender. I’ve experienced it for about a month now and i’m glad i invested the funds for a serious vitamix. Way far more effective and able than the kitchenaid 5-velocity i upgraded from. It truly is awesome to be in a position to throw all my ice into my smoothie at the moment (and crush it just on velocity 2 out of 10) instead of the one-dice-at-a-time regime i had to do on lesser blenders. Even however i purchased this mainly because it was shorter than the 5200 series vitamixes, i found out it continue to failed to rather fit beneath my cabinets with the rubber lid on, so if that is important to you, make guaranteed to measure. Also, i think the narrower/taller pitchers on the 5200 series vitamixes are almost certainly marginally much better for scaled-down batches (say, down below 32 oz).

Browse all people else’s testimonials. There is a cause this is the most effective blender in the world. I use it at minimum two times a working day and it performs fantastically and it really is not really hard to cleanse up. Only thing i do not like about it is that i are not able to dismount the blade from the jug, so that when i make some thing really thick and creamy like hummus, a good deal gets trapped underneath the blade and i have to do a little bit of spatula gymnastics to get it out. But for the electricity of this blender, it’s a tiny concern. I am pregnant and earning myself green smoothies every single working day was a delectable alternative to salads so that toddler bought extra nutrition.

No chunks of kale like we use to get with a standard blender. It has been about two years because we purchased this off of amazon and it is even now likely solid. We use it for building coconut milk and smoothies generally so i won’t be able to attest to the heat soups and this sort of. But it blends kale and spinach to practically nothing. No chunks of kale like we use to get with a common blender.

All the things a single could want in this class. I was wondering it would be heavy and noisy, but this vitamix is considerably considerably less noisy and lighter weight than the kitchenaid blender i had earlier. Producing nut butters is a snap and cleanse up is much less difficult than other blenders because of the broader foundation.

I have owned this blender for about a year now and. I’ve owned this blender for about a calendar year now and you should not know how i acquired together with no it. My former blender was a cuisinart that, soon after 19 several years, was continue to performing but experienced hardly ever been a stand-out at everything in specific. This blender is particularly what i’d anticipated for a vitamix as it does all the things in stunning style from generating the smoothest smoothies to generating mayonnaise, almond butter, bread crumbs and chopping pecans. You title it, this blender can manage it with finesse due to the variable pace knob. Never regret not getting the pro 750 which has the timed packages as i am a manage freak and doubt i might have considerably use for them. It is completely well worth every single penny.

Wise expenditure in your health. It chews up something and almost everything. We now have fruits and veggies in our diet, yay.No subject what you feed it it usually arrives out with zero solids, if you want. Not even a speck of a good. Though it was a tough pill to swallow paying out $512 from seller bigkitchen, i have no question it was an exceptional order with no regrets. The name of vitamix high quality and the reality that we are lastly eating fruits and veggies everyday helps make expending so considerably income worth it. I visualize acquiring this tremendous blender for 20 decades.

I have done a whole lot of investigate on blenders above the a long time and have upgraded from a bathroom regular cuisineart blender, to a ninja, and finally to the vitamix. The ninja was a huge move up considerably less complicated to clean up, much more strong and i was really satisfied with it for a lengthy time. But my juicing/smoothie generating requirements have greater about the yrs and i have been finding that the ninja would not do that excellent of a job when throwing kale, broccoli, chard and so forth at it. My smoothies arrived out with tons and lots of bits, and i finish up possessing to do a great deal of chewing. So i decided to go all out and get the new vitamix and i am so happy i did. It genuinely does reside up to the hoopla and almost everything i have thrown at it will get blended much extra smoothly. I have not had to use the plunger that arrives with it, and my smoothies come out as very good as when i go and obtain them at a genuine smoothie/juice place. I was expecting it to be loud following observing some youtube films possibly on the optimum location it is louder than the ninja, but i will not even require to change it all the way up and so for basic use it is truly quieter, which is a awesome bonus. Coming to conditions with the expense hole in between this and other blenders took me some time, but now, almost everything makes perception.

Prevent looking at evaluations and just strike that buy button currently. I purchased this monster about 8 months ago and it is the single ideal expense i’ve made in that time. This factor will demolish just about anything you put in its path. When i swap it on lights in the property dim as the 2. 5 horsepower motor macerates anything at all that should really be unlucky adequate to be in its death jaws in seconds. Total uncut fuji apples and huge uncut carrots: been there performed that. Kale with hearty stalks: do not even make me laugh. Inside about fifteen seconds and some slight suggestion with the bundled plunger tool i can change a container comprehensive of uncut frozen (or new) fruits and veggies into a tasty mash of smoothie goodness. It suits everywhere in my kitchen area simply because of the low and extensive form aspect of the demise chamber.

It is a vitamix, require i say far more. I required a vitamix that was potent and authorized me the handbook management to approach. I just never like the car pre programmed presets that could or may well not operate for your varying requires. This device is quiet for it truly is sizing and power. I like that it accommodates the smaller sized 32oz containers as perfectly. I waited a extensive time prior to shopping for a vitamix. Now it feels like we’ve never been without the need of it.

This is one of the most important and handy investments i have created. There is practically nothing the vitamix cannot do and i use it just about every working day. My vegetable and fruit consumption has enhanced 10 fold with daily smoothies which are speedy and quick. The texture that is manufactured with this blender is amazing and i am however in awe each time i use it. It also makes soups in file time. I developed a cashew cream for a recipe recently and it was unbelievable. This is a dear piece of devices but it is effectively really worth it for people that invest time in the kitchen area. As this is the newer style i can’t speak for the former types but this one fits beneath the counter and whilst loud on substantial speed it is anything you rapidly grow to be accustom to (apparently quieter than previous products). I would very suggest this to anybody who is serious about equipment for silky easy, effective blending qualities.

I investigated blenders for months, talking to blending enthusiast good friends, and pouring around every evaluation i could discover. Narrowed my research down to a vitamix (and blendtech, with vitamix taking the slight edge), so now essential to find a model – the new motor with a continuous cooling supporter is substantially improved at cooling when the blender is used at slower speeds (less overheating and shutdown challenges), the extra hp is normally a very good detail, but when put together with the wider foundation blender container and four-inch blades it will allow for a great deal less difficult move to the blades for more substantial items with significantly less tamping (i almost never have to have to use the tamper). The skill for it to now in good shape less than the counter is just another extra bonus. So i was torn among the 300 professional and the 750 professional. Based on opinions from numerous blender close friends, the presets on the 750 are not actually essential (as they tweak nearly each mix to suit vs. A preset actual time) and actually the presets get in the way somewhat utilizing the speed management. A one of a kind function i love is that if the blender is accidently remaining on large (velocity 10) and then turned off, when the device is turned again on it starts off back up at a velocity 1 (so contents are not needing to be cleaned off the ceiling). Also it truly is in fact a digitally managed speed command, so i. , pace #seven is the precise very same rpm just about every time. I am beyond pleased with my selection of the vitamix 300 professional and would recommend identical make/design to any person wanting for a prime overall performance blender. I really should insert that the vitamix professional 300 is the exact as the 7500 and the creations elite, other than the creations elite has the 48oz container and just about every model has a exceptional cookbook. If you are hunting for a low cost you can get a reconditioned pro 300 directly from vitamix for a $120 discounts off the retail value – and if you have to have even extra to justify purchasing a $four-600 blender vitamix can break it into three payments (1st payment is fifty% + a just one time $15 cost, then subsequent two months is the break up remainder of the stability), notice: if you check with they will also incorporate no cost transport and a established of vitamix spatulas. Update: my container evidently experienced a seal that was not adequately seated (under no circumstances leaked, just recognized that the bottom of the gear was incredibly hot and spotted the seal), callled vitamix, despatched them a sensible phone picture and they promptly despatched me a new pitcher, which includes a pre-paid out return shipping label for the outdated pitcher – excelent consumer support, what an american ought to be.

No a lot more seeds ruining my smoothies. I bought this for producing fruit smoothies and child food items. For the fruit smoothies, i preferred a little something that would pulverize berry seeds so i could have the nutrition with no the yuck of a bunch of seeds. I acquire the frozen berry mix from kroger (blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries), and pour pure pomegranate juice about it, and gradually change up the vitamix until its on complete pace for thirty seconds. Then i add a minimal protein powder to it on reduced. Wonderful smoothie, with no seeds. The seeds are fully pulverized into just little tiny pieces of fiber it operates wonderful. It also worked on vanilla beans in milk for preparing vanilla ice product.

This is a need to have for in general wellness. If you make two inexperienced smoothies, juices a day, exercise, be reliable you will see the fat fall off. And if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, your total health and fitness will strengthen. I designed the best hummus ever and will tackle some soups this week. This device is the very best point in your kitchen, above a blender, a food items processor, all of it. And i am stating this because i have them all, but very little compares to simplicity, quickness and all round cleanse up to this vitamix.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 Blender – This thing blends like a champ!

Use it each individual solitary dayit’s wonderful all of the items you can do with it, and how effortless to use.

Leaves blenders in the dust. This equipment only appears to be like a blender. We appreciate it for its sheer electric power, ease, and functionality. Though juicers get out some juice, this a single liquified what you put into it, retaining all the goodness of the fiber with none of the chunks. My 16 12 months old daughter demonstrates it off to her friends, creatively making smoothies with impressive substances this sort of as spinach, which grinds so finely all you see is a inexperienced tint. It tends to make me wonder why we place up with any former type of blender.

Kale, spinach and carrots are a each day aspect of my diet now.Here are the specifications for the Vitamix Professional Series 500 Blender:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Three pre-programmed settings offer consistent results with walk-away convenience for Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert recipes.
  • Easy to use Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature
  • 64-ounce BPA-free container with spill-proof vented lid
  • Backed by a 7-year full warranty and 30-day guarantee
  • Commercial-grade 2-peak horsepower motor

Vitamix 1710 professional series 500! nutritious diet plan is a fantastic helper, but also a great instrument for lifestyle. Balanced diet is a very good helper, but also a very good instrument for lifemy spouse is very fond of this new command interface, simply because the outdated vita-max vitamix 1710 professional series 500 has a new functionality manage, so we use extra efficient, boost our have faith in itsbecause a healthy food plan is extremely crucial.

Quick to work and fast, but also lound. Feel it will be utilized usually. The supply was not so satisfactory, delayed for about two months until eventually i obtained contact with the hotline operator, was informed my info needed to be submitted and finished.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Blender on Steriods
  • I have found a new way of health maintenance.
  • The best appliance I own

Vitamix 1710 professional 500. Received rid of our affordable blender and invested in the vitamix 1710 professional 500 blender. In fact, bought it for $a hundred more cost-effective via amazon.

I bought this blender to make eco-friendly smoothies and protein shakes. It will work pretty well and is quick to cleanse. It is far more pricey than some other products but functions considerably superior than my typical blender. It is powerful and blends the drinks to perfection. Heat water and a fall or two of dish detergent, operate the exact application and it cleans itself properly.

Adore this equipment but soooo dear. We’ve been pondering about shopping for the vita mix for some time, but hated mortgaging the house for a blender. At last gave in just after savoring some samples from a demonstration at a area meals retail outlet. I use the blender daily for smoothies and soups and am sure i will develop my usage to include things like other food items considering that it is so effortless to use and clean. There is no need to get anything aside. That makes for safer clean up up. This equipment is beautifully potent and blends to a wonderful clean consistency. It can be significant so there is minimal counter dancing and the best is really secure. I cannot give the vita blend five stars simply because it is way far too expensive for the common human being, and simply because it was unclear in the buy that the tamper comes with the blender, so we bought a different a person. Not a big offer but unnecessarily aggravating.

This factor is rather loud but so is a chevy v8 with 1000 horsepowerthis vitamix could probably try to eat up an complete mustang too.

Use it nearly each individual working day for smoothies and the total wheat bread recipe is wonderful – make bread all the time now. Received one particular for myself and just one as a present. Required all the functions – won’t be able to request for extra. Use it almost just about every working day for smoothies and the entire wheat bread recipe is great – make bread all the time now.

My daughter is a heath nut and advised i get a vitamix. I have had a juicer for at least ten a long time. It is a whole lot extra balanced with all the nutrition than my juicer. Plenty of items to take a look at soups,ice product, i hope to check out most of the recipes and make up my own.

It was my intention to change my eating plan and use this device to do so. I can say i use it two times a day and it is all that i hoped for and all it was promoted as. This tool will be with me for existence.

I have discovered a new way of wellbeing routine maintenance. . I have found a new way of overall health maintenance. It will make mouth watering drinks and i know i’m getting almost everything i want in my daily diet plan.

Our outdated reasonably priced blender was leaking and just not accomplishing the position of creating smoothies when our son received braces. I have not even gone by recipes. Just thrown in fruit, ice, stevia, and fruit juice. The e book has a variety of recipes for grinding, smoothies, soups, and many others. I want it arrived with additional smoothie recipes.

The finest blender i have ever viewed. This is 1 of the very best points i’ve at any time purchased for my kitchen area. It powders practically almost everything. I use it to make almond and pistachio flour and also to powder sugar (which is way a great deal much less expensive than obtaining it in the supermarket) and its effortless to use. And the great factor it came with a recipe e book wich will come with soo a lot of suggestions that i love. Even my mom went insane for it. It is surely a must have in the kitchen area and what i love is that it has a seven 12 months total warranty so i dont have to be affraid of any deffects it may perhaps come with (if it has any).

This is certainly the best blender i have each and every experienced. It grinds anything and cleans up so promptly. I am creating all forms of eco-friendly smoothies and it even makes factors like hash browns in a next. It will come with a fantastic recipe e-book but i also acquired additional smoothie ebook recipes to try out out. Really like, like, enjoy my vitamix.

Durable, trusted, uncomplicated to use and very best of all, effortless to cleanse.

I was utilizing a standard blender to make a morning smoothie. I am not a enthusiast of breakfast, but my health practitioner said to at least make a morning consume with some flax seed and protein. I watched u tube films of the distinct makes, and based mostly on the advice of a mate, went with the vitamix. I got this a single for the reason that i needed the pre-set features (to avoid operator error). I make environmentally friendly smoothies in the early morning each individual day. I have produced soup (broccoli cheese, hen tortilla, and many others. I will in no way live once more without a person.

You can make ice cream rapidly and incredibly hot soup severely superior. I cannot say adequate very good factors about this. The previous mixer you will at any time have to buythrow away your juicer save your time and healthier. You can make ice product swiftly and very hot soup severely superior. I are not able to say ample superior factors about this equipment.

This is definitely a good device. This is actually a great machine. Puree soups this really stands up and enterprise stands at the rear of this solution.