Tatung 6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer : Five Stars

It works well and does a nice job of steaming rice. It takes a bit to understand that the measuring cup that comes with the steamer is not equal to a standard cup. Your must use the cup that comes with the unit to get good results. Also it was disappointing to find, contrary to tatung advertising, that the warmer must be turned on by hand after the rice is finished steaming, therefor you cannot leave it unattended if you don’t want your rice to be cold when you return. It works much better than our former rice cooker that had no steaming and burned the rice at the bottom of the pan.

Alittle bit of a learning curve, but makes the best rice.

The rice stick to the pot if i leave it out for a while to cool down. Otherwise, it is good and serves the purpose.

This rice cooker is a very nice product. It performs just as i expect. I am very satisfied with this product.

  • The best rice cooker you will ever own
  • Good Rice Cooker, but not for small batches
  • Tatung TAC-06KN6 Cups Indirect Rice Cooker

6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer

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  • Multi-Functional Rice Cooker & Steamer
  • 6 Cups Stainless steel rice cooker.
  • With warming On/Off Switch
  • All the accessories: lid, inner cover, inner pot, and steamer plate
  • Good for cooking white, sweet, and brown rice.

I’ve had this rice cooker for a few months now. I make rice or quinoa in it about three times a month. I don’t need to make a lot of rice, so making one cup (included with cooker), comes out a little dry sometimes. I have to figure out how much water to put in to get it just right. On the whole i am satisfied with the cooker. Next time i’ll buy a much smaller appliance. Rice cooker that i loved until it broke. I gave this one four stars because i sometimes can’t get the consistency i want with such a small batch.

This cooker works great as advertised. It is a very convenient utensil as well. Rice, stews, buns can be made/steamed to fully cooked in 15 minutes.

This is my first adult rice cooker and boy, does this make the best rice ever. This does not even compare to your typical $20 rice cooker. This makes the fluffiest, most delicious rice. It tastes exactly like the rice that my chinese friends make.The annoying thing is that it comes with its own measuring cup which is not a standard size. I’ve lost it a couple of times and it’s hard to get the measurements just right. It can also get complicated because you have to put water inside with the rice and outside of the inner pot too. However, this is worth it for the quality of rice that you get. This comes with a helpful little insert to tell you not just how to make rice but also how to steam veggies and make soups. I haven’t tried it for that yet but i’d love to eventually.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. This is my second “tatung” rice cooker in thirty years so that has to say something. My first one still works but i am afraid it will fail one day so to be on the safe side, i purchased this one. We have used it several times now, and like the first, performs perfectly.You will not be sorry if you purchase this rice cooker and plan to have for many years. Cooks, white rice, brown rice, steams, so many things.

Makes perfect, burn-free rice and other grains. It takes a bit of practice to adjust the amount of water in the cooking and outer vessel if you’ve been using a direct heat cooker, but once you get that down it is an excellent cooker. (don’t put it under a cabinet while cooking – it produces a lot of steam – put it on a counter with plenty of room for the steam to rise.

My four star rating means “very good–recommended. ” i bought the tatung tac-06kn 6-cup rice cooker to replace a cooker that worked but i did not like the non-stick cooking vessel. I was not looking for, or knew of, the indirect cooking method but i prefer the results to direct cooking. I have cooked two batches of rice so far and i like the results. It is easy to use and to clean. The tatung literature says this model does not have an automatic warming cycle. However, when my tatung finishes cooking it automatically switches to warm–so. ? i am accustomed to the high quality of my all-clad cookware which is heavy, high quality stainless steel/aluminum or copper cores and permanently riveted stainless steel handles. In contrast, the tatung is made of much thinner gauge stainless steel and plastic handles attached with screws and that’s why i did not give it 5-stars. I recommend increasing the amount of cooking water slightly as compared to the tatung instructions if you like a moister, fluffier rice.

Tatung used to make good quality products, old rice cooker was made to last10-20 years, but this new rice cooker, is suppose to made with stainless material, but it still gets rusty in some area. I used for about a year, then it was not working. A friend of mine fixed it,the fuse inside cause the problem. This product is too expensive that should lastlong time rather than a year.

Tatung’s items are generally in good quality.

Cooks a perfect bowl of rice. Fluffy, steamed, soft, even. Not mushy on the bottom or dry on top. Stainless steel inner pot easy to clean and don’t have to worry about nonstick coating being scraped off. No spillage from the sides while cooking if instructions followed properly on how much water to place in outer pot. Its worth the investment if you eat rice frequently at home. Couldn’t be happier with this product.

I bought this old fashioned rice cooker because i could not find a stainless steel bowl replacement for my beloved zojirushi. The rice that i get out of the tatung is okay, though my mother turns her nose up at it. The keep warm feature is not good for using more than an hour or so– the rice completely dries out. Edited to reflect that i may not be using the keep warm correctly, as others seem to have good results. I’m using the cup included, not sure why the rice gets mushy on top but dried on the bottom when i use the keep warm feature.

This rice cooker works very well. We have owned numinous rice makers and this is by far the best. The rice never sticks and is always done to perfection.

I’m really surprised that rice doesn’t stick to the stainless steel bowl. Why were we using the unsafe teflon coated ones for so long when they are not safe?. It also comes with a small cover so you can put the bowl in the fridge with the left overs and it takes up very little space. Haven’t tried it for steaming yet, but so far rice is great.

I researched many rice cookers over a period of several months trying to replace a 15-yr old inexpensive, but reliable plastic cooker/steamer that had been a gift. This time, i wanted to avoid both plastics & non-stick materials. I also didn’t need or want to store a very large cooker since, it’s just the two of us @ home now. My decisions narrowed the field considerably. Excluding many big name brands like zojirushi, panasonic, and tiger. The buffalo brand rice cooker from malaysia projects a very modern design, great functionality & electronic features. However, the buffalo cooker’s hard-wired led battery has to be replaced by the manufacturer about every 3 years or so. All of the fuzzy logic cookers have similar battery replacement issues. The prospect of the future hassle & the cost of service & shipping each time the battery died was a major detraction for me. That’s when i hit upon the tatung tac-06kn in my search.

I bought this for my wife last christmas, 2014, and she loves it. I will probably purchase another for my daughter this christmas.

Great product, love that it’s 100% stainless steel.

No more aluminum or teflon added to the food.

Taiwanese people use this to make their rice.

Pros:rice comes out perfect once you know the proportionseasy to cleanas simple as possiblecons:the lid rattles loudlyit spews and spurts water on everything in the vicinitywhen the lid is modified and/or weighted to control the rattling, the water boils overcould be the perfect cooker if they figure out how to control the rattling/spewing. If you do buy it and figure out how to address this, please let me know.

Tatung – THWP-40 – 4-Liter Thermo Water Boiler and Warmer – Stainless Steel Inner Pot – Highly recommended! Very sturdy and big capacity

Stable stainless steel inner. It even has a blue led mild on when you dispense the water. It’s a little bit cumbersome as opposed to my japan elephant manufacturer 1, and buttons are a tiny harder to push. Also, the back feels hotter. Update two/21/2015i attempted the le chef brand name, and it was negative expertise. The bottom inner rusted in just a month of use. I finished up going again to working with the tatung for past two months, and it has held up well. No indicators of rusting, and functions nicely.

Ive experienced it for a pair months now and so much so excellent. It is a pretty hassle-free merchandise to have, i appreciate the security aspect where by you have to push the unlock button prior to water will dispense. Took me a although to determine this out as i assumed the pot was damaged when water would not dispense when i pressed the dispense button. Incredibly intelligent way to retain mishaps from taking place.

Really like it retains water scorching quite easy to use.Here are the specifications for the Tatung – THWP-40 – 4-Liter Thermo Water Boiler and Warmer – Stainless Steel Inner Pot:

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  • Two way water dispensing system either electric pump or cup
  • 360 rotation base design
  • Automatic keep warm function
  • Stainless steel inner pot makes it easy to clean
  • Good for instant coffee, tea making, and when you need hot water immediately.

This is a stable and good quality products. The down aspect is that the move is also solid so a single must be very thorough.

Really sturdy and major capability. The water temperature is not pretty scorching but fantastic for producing tea. I didn’t find any challenge with this thermopot.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Finally! A hot water pot that uses STAINLESS STEEL instead of non-stick coating like Zojirushi. Simply perfect for tea-drinkers
  • Good design, sturdy, easy to use, but just not hot enough
  • works well so far, well made

Required a stainless steel warm water dispenser. Almost nothing extravagant, does the task. I can see how this will fail when the dispense push button goes poor. There are other steel water dispenser out there for less but this is the obly one particular on amazon.

I like it really a great deal, is effective very nicely.

Even so inside materials contruction not way too superior.

However, found a little rust like stain at the base after five months of use.

Fantastic excellent and simple to use.

Purchased this as a gift for a college certain grad. Figured for tea and soup this would be ideal for dorm lifestyle. I examined it just before i wrapped it and it was wonderful. I had read that at times the water tastes humorous, but i ran two pot fulls to start with in advance of i tested to make guaranteed it was cleanse and there was no style at all.

When i was purchasing for the thermo pot, my criteria is that it has to have stainless steel inner pot. I hate people chemical coating matter. So my solutions are really restricted. Taiwanese buddy informed me that tatung is a incredibly responsible brand name in taiwan. Rate is incredibly reseanable and it has stainless steel inner potit seems pretty effectively created. The motor of dispenser is robust. The lock function is effective for house with compact children.

I purchased this for my mom who beverages tea all day. She definitely loves it, retains the water sizzling all day and retains much more than a gallon. I would definately advocate this.

Nevertheless, the retain warm temperature is cooler than a past tatung 3l model i applied and you can find a lot more heat dissipated from the back again of the unit. Would have been 5 stars if it could continue to keep the water at a greater temperature (this is not quite warm ample for loose leaf tea) or diverse temperature configurations.

My father-in-regulation and i drink tea all day long, so i acquired this water boiler to switch our electrical kettle. Despite the fact that the kettle worked high-quality, it has a minimum sum of water that you will need to have in it to boil, and it is significantly extra than one cup. It will not preserve the water warm after it is really boiled, and i never like to consume re-boiled water for my tea, so i waste water just about every time i make a pot. Then i spent some time in a rental household in asia and they experienced a water boiler like this a single, and i was in heaven.Almost boiling water at my fingertips all working day extensive 🙂 i needed a reservoir that was stainless steel, and regrettably, the fancy japanese kinds are all non-stick, which i’m not buying. I won’t be able to envision why you would want non-adhere in a water boiler (it’s possible to lower the scaling?) this a single was stainless, so i obtained it. Even so, this particular water boiler would not have a temp location and the water will not stay hot enough. It is not lukewarm or anything, but it is unquestionably not scorching adequate for tea. It might be scorching plenty of for pour around espresso, however, if that’s what you would use it for. So i’m returning it and getting the rosewill a single that is stainless and has a temp placing.

It came in the great situation and operates as it advertised.

Like this model and very happy.

My outdated tatung electrical thermo pot broke down soon after several several years (sorry, i forgot how extended it has been) a couple months ago, i are not able to reside one day with out it, so i swiftly searched and observed the identical model title, identical dimension. This new one has arrived for just about two months now, it is geared up with some sudden new characteristics: cup change, and water stage lights up when unlocked. They are fancier but not vital. The tatung model will make durable and long lasting items, my final 1 proves it was a fantastic invest in in advance of. Its cost is a minor higher than other more affordable types (but a lot much less than zojirushi or panasonic,) i am positive it would last, far too. 1 be aware: since the steam vent is on the best address, when you open cover to refill water, steam/water would drip down a minor, this is expected but be careful through water refill.

Amazing thermo water boiler preserve the water scorching all the time for fast espresso or tea.

I purchased it primarily based on the very good assessments i see on this product or service. It have been making use of it for 4 months. The buttons are not as intuitive as the more highly-priced japanese makes, but it is really far more than respectable for the cost.

Tatung – TAC-06KN : Fantastic Rice Cooker

I am so joyful i ordered this rice cooker. I have been employing it just about every day for soup. I really don’t have to have to be concerned about cooking time like i boiled soup with typical saucepans. I can chill out and enjoy my soup just about every time. When i bought this rice cooker for soup, i also bought a compact rice cooker from tatung. The minimal cute man created fantastic cooked rice each time. They both of those so uncomplicated to use, so uncomplicated to clean up. Producing soup and cooking rice grow to be an pleasurable job.

I loathe cleaning inside the rice cooker. I sense like it requires up my time. You have to actually know how to evaluate your water and rice accrodingly or your rice is not going to turn out the way you required – you already know that every rice cooker is diverse and it differs. I essentially follow applying this rice cooker to make guaranteed i cook the rice the way i required it. Usually, everything is excellent.

I investigated lots of rice cookers more than a period of time of quite a few months striving to replace a fifteen-yr previous inexpensive, but trustworthy plastic cooker/steamer that experienced been a reward. This time, i wanted to stay away from both equally plastics & non-stick resources. I also didn’t want or want to retail store a incredibly big cooker because, it truly is just the two of us @ residence now. My choices narrowed the industry significantly. Excluding lots of massive name brand names like zojirushi, panasonic, and tiger. The buffalo manufacturer rice cooker from malaysia projects a pretty modern-day style and design, good performance & electronic features. Nevertheless, the buffalo cooker’s difficult-wired led battery has to be changed by the producer about each and every 3 years or so. All of the fuzzy logic cookers have comparable battery substitution troubles. The prospect of the potential hassle & the price tag of service & transport each individual time the battery died was a major detraction for me. That’s when i strike on the tatung tac-06kn in my look for.

Very simple, long lasting, and stainless. My mom has been utilizing tatung solution for 50+ several years. I was happy to discover it on-line. There is no other rice cooker can do much better job than tatung rice cooker. I use it to cook dinner or steam practically almost everything. By the way, the cooking instruction is just a guideline. Putting excess drinking water in the outer layer is just producing it prepare dinner lengthier. As for the rice container, my mother always makes use of 1:one ratio (1 cup of drinking water for a person cup of rice) to cook dinner ‘california #1’ or ‘cal rose’ rice. She’d insert much more water for very long grain rice.

We like this cooker for the reason that it is pretty simple to use, and cook dinner high quality rice. The trouble is that we uncovered some erosion immediately after we use quite a few days.

Tatung – TAC-06KN(UL) – 6 Cup Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker – Silver : I’m glad i bought since some of the reviews were a bit contradicting. This is my best appliance purchase so far this year. It has exceeded my expectations. I use it to cook peas, organic brown and black rice and it does a phenomenal job. It’s much faster than a panasonic fuzzy logic rice cooker i had. The guy that reported problems about the cooker being deficient is wrong. His review almost made me not buy this thing. I ended up buying this because the other two stainless steel rice cookers on the market were cheap looking and cheap in price since they were both around fifty bucks. This unit has great build quality, cleans up easily and cooks very fast. I even use it to cook soups.

A excellent item, much better than i anticipated. Tatung can make rice cooker for more than 60 many years. I know most chinese like it.

Amazing how you can purchase 1 of the most iconic taiwanese appliances in the us. It just would make cooking a breeze.

It is cook dinner well,is generally simple to clear,small cooking time,you also can steam many unique foodstuff. It also has little hole to allow steam go out.

I have this type of cookers for several several years. I acquired it because i gave absent to a pupil. It’s truly pleasant to have this cooker.

This a person is petty goodall stainless is more overall health for us.

It is effortless clear than outdated model.

Speedy shipping and great value.

I purchased a tac-06kn(ul), but i received a tatung tac-06kn. I feel that’s alright, then i begun to use the rice cooker. Soon after 3 times, i give it five stars, because of the subsequent good reasons. The very first, it is uncomplicated to thoroughly clean. I just want to clean up the internal pot. The second, its inner pot is built by stainless steel. The third, when it do the job, it never ever splattering sticky rice h2o in the vicinity. The fourth, the rice isn’t going to sticks on the base mainly because of its great design composition.

Effortless to cleanse, operates superb, steams nearly anything meat, fruit, beans,veggies. Requires a much better writen instruction booklet, but try something you can’t hurt this pot.

I feel this is quickly the very best rice cooker out there. Even the double boiler heating ingredient section (the coloured types have an aluminum heating factor). At no time does your food stuff or steamed h2o touch aluminum or teflon. You never finish up with foodstuff reacting with the aluminum and altering it really is taste or turning into an aluminum salt with it is really related wellbeing risks. The high quality is exceptionally substantial. It is really designed to very last a long time.

Beware the cooked rice will adhere to the base of the stainless pot for the reason that it is not a nonstick pot. It is challenging to clean the pot unless of course it is soaked in incredibly hot drinking water for a though. Considering the fact that this is indirect cooking method, water must be placed in the internal pot for cooking. Rice cooked evenly and no issue with top quality. Just have to remember this is not the normal nonstick cooker.

Completely wrong products picture on amazon. I experimented with replacing a cooker i had that died following 3 decades – no heating – but ended up with a tiny unit. The rapid dying of former device also would not inspire self esteem for current tatung solutions but i am inclined to give them a different consider.

I love the rice cooked by it — soft but not drinking water-ish.

This rice cooker is the best.

When the water starts steaming, the lid moves all-around generating sound. Or else it does what it was advertised. It also will take longer to prepare dinner the rice than my past cooker.

It can be superior for regular cooking but seems way too compact for rice cakes make.

Tatung – TAC-10G : It is not just a rice cooker, buy it and find out why everyone should have one in their kitchen

A requirement for the kitchen. I desire there are far more colour options in the us but i am nevertheless joyful with the white.

Very good for 2 weeks, and then completely die on me. When i required to acquire a rice cooker, all my family informed me to get just one of this. So, even it charge four times than other models, i acquired it in any case. After few moments cooking, all around two weeks right after i been given it, it just do not warmth up any longer. I wrote to the vendor to request a alternative and not still received any reply but. I will update when i obtained a response, just hold on your obtaining right until you know how they deal with this variety of problems. You should not acquire stuff price a lot more cash and not arrive with liable service. I initially gave the item 1star, and now up-to-date to 3 for their provider is wonderful and prompt. They ship me a return shipping label and replace the broaken elements, which is very good more than enough for me. (it will take about just one week for this course of action) i do hope this one particular will final lengthier, ta-tung is incredibly well-known of it durability, it shouldn’t breakdown like this.

Tatung – TAC-10G (SF) – 10 Cup Rice Cooker – White Aluminum Cook Pot

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Tatung’s easy to use one step rice cooker features a 6- or 10-cup serving capacity that will cook your rice to perfection.
  • Once your rice is cooked, the cooker will automatically switch to keep-warm mode and keep your rice at perfect serving temperature for up to 6-8 hours.
  • It can also function as a steamer to give you more options for your dining pleasure.
  • Stainless steel inner pot and accessories include steam tray, rice spatula, removable spatula holder, and measuring cup.
  • Tatung cooks rice, brown rice, soup, seafood, and boils and steams a variety of other foods.

Saved my daily life in taiwan, finest kitchen area products ever. . So, expending numerous months in taipei, taiwan with nothing at all to cook on but a scorching plate and a person of these cookers (exact same cooker, but in all probability 30 several years previous), i was in a position to make good and nutritious foods any time i didn’t sense like going out to try to eat. This factor ain’t very – coloration options in taiwan had been confined to seafoam inexperienced and 1970’s vomit orange – but guy, is it functional. This is a excellent unit useful for so much far more than building rice: steaming greens, cooking dumplings and baozi, even generating soups. Every single taiwanese i know owns 1, and they past without end. It reminds me of the american-designed kitchen area appliances of yesteryear in terms of simplicity and longevity (you know – like that sixties , airstream-trailer-lookin’ toaster your grandma continue to utilizes).

‘it’s not like the a single your taiwanese mother has. ‘. They utilised to be very strong and very last for a long time, with a heavier lid. This 1 is designed of pretty slim metal, and when you cook with this one, the lid rattles the complete time the steam arrives out. I like the older racks superior, although this one particular may well be less difficult to clear. The new rack also would make certain nothing at all will idea in excess of. (it truly is a slim flat sheet of steel with holes. )the pot inside of is awesome, and has a good lid, too. It really is good it has an on/off swap, so you you should not have to unplug it if you want to change it off (like the aged types).

Very best rice cooker – can also steam fish, veggies, etcetera. . In legal guidelines noticed what i can do with this rice cooker (steam fish, veggies, etcetera), and they preferred one particular. You will not likely get these burnt rice you get from other highend rice cookers.

Tatung – TAC-10G (SF) – 10 Cup Rice Cooker – White Aluminum Cook Pot :

This cooker does a whole lot far more than just cooking rice. I use it to make soup and will be applying it to steam veggies much too.

This rice cooker is the ideal. It has a stainless cooker insert (exactly where the rice goes) alternatively of nonstick. I actually didn’t like that my wife’s prior (and well-worn) rice cooker had a nonstick cooking surface. That fact on your own can make it one of a kind amongst rice cookers. We use it for sticky white rice only. You have to set some h2o in the space outside the house the internal stainless cooking pot, but you do not have to evaluate as precisely as the recommendations suggest. The 50 % cup of water (or so) positioned in the outer cooking space adds a sure top quality to the rice. It can make a slight but noticable boiling-rattle noise when it’s cooking rice. It has a definite retro attraction a great deal like a dependable small steam engine locomotive.

It was so really hard to find a rice cooker with no teflon. The inner pot is simple to take out and clean. The rice cooks a great deal far more speedily than my previous a person. The heat aspect is wonderful if you want to make it early and preserve it prepared to serve.

Each individual residence has one of these when i was increasing up in taiwan. My mother was really planning to invest in a single for me and ship it all the way to the us. I am so happy that this rice cooker is obtainable on amazon. It is popular for its durability and versatility as nicely as the top quality of food (particularly rice) you can make with this trusty cooker. The oblique heat method is what established this cooker apart from everybody else. It is especially useful for stewing and producing chinese design and style soup. Rooster pieces with some wintertime melon, shitake and ginger steamed in a lined ceramic pot. Tremendous common chinese rooster soup where no drinking water is included, just the goodness of the rooster. You can also cook several dishes in it if you stack the dishes.

I’ve made use of tatung all my life as did my mother. I like this large sizing due to the fact i can use it for steaming other meals goods, not only for earning rice. The only disadvantage i truly feel is that the maker modified the design and style so that the plug is hooked up forever to the rice cooker. More mature types employed to have the cord detachable so the unit could be washed conveniently. Now it is a bit of a trouble to wash the rice cooker simply because i need to access above to an inconvenient location to unplug/replug the rice cooker and also simply because i have extra problems washing the unit with the cord hanging off the aspect as i attempt not to permit it get damp though i scrub the inside of the pot. Normally, i’ve normally cherished this model of rice cooker due to the fact it steams the rice rather than utilize direct heat.

My friend only utilised it when and mentioned it really is so far so fantastic. Which is the purpose i give 4 stars. This was a present for my friend. It truly was sent couple days b/f the believed time. My buddy only applied it as soon as and mentioned it really is so considerably so very good. That is the explanation i give four stars. In the long run if i have more info from my buddy i could modify it to greater (hope not worse).

It is not just a rice cooker, purchase it and uncover out why everybody must have 1 in their kitchen area. Practically every household in taiwan has a person of tatung’s oblique warmth rice cooker and pretty much all learners who vacation to a various state will just take a single with them, why?. Simply because it is soooooo useful. Whoever is looking through this assessment or taking into consideration obtaining this is due to the fact you want to locate a rice cooker, ideal?.Incorrect, you want to buy foods that can be conveniently done so that you can save cash for dining out or lots of time cooking. I am not expressing to consume out or shell out some top quality time cooking is negative, simply there are occasions (or i should say, extremely frequently) that you are in a hurry and with no time to put together for a meal. This rice cooker would not only cook rice, it cooks almost everything. There’re tons of recipes on-line that reveals you how to merely toss in all the materials (of class, you might will need to minimize/ chop the products as instructed) and it will put together a wonderful dish for you. You then can go away it by itself and the food will be completely ready. It can also cook noodles, stew meat and many others.

Brown rice cooks fantastic also. Look no additional – this is a wonderful rice cooker, which we use for brown rice. Like one more reviewer claimed, it functions best on a one:one ratio for brown rice. We use one 1/2 cups of h2o in the pot (our normal measuring cup, not the more compact 1 that it will come with), then 3 cups of brown rice and 3 cups of water in the cooker (disregarding the directions). We established a timer (purchased individually from amazon) for 35 minutes, which is the approximate time it can take for the rice cooker to change from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ and then established the timer for 10 minutes to end cooking on the warm setting.

But my mom told me it can use for 20 years.

This rice cooker is the best. The cook time is fast, without fuss and the outcome is fantastic rice, never ever sticky. The pot is also simple to clean–five stars for confident.

It appears to be like like a cheap imitation. The electrical twine is substantially thinner than my old a single. The internal bottom leaves some stain after cooking. It appears like a inexpensive imitation.

Producing rice, buns, soups and much more.

This rice cooker is astounding, can do so significantly things. I had just one for 18 and half years, it was my fault to crack it. I experienced to invest in a further one particular suitable away. This rice cooker is wonderful, can do so a great deal stuff, genuinely great high-quality, totally really worth the dollars.

Excellent for multipurpose chinese cooking.

I have utilized tatung rice cookers for pretty much forty several years. But i never find any improvement over the several years. Nonetheless, it is however the finest rice cooker compares to all other rivals.

Can not are living without the need of it for cooking rice.

Tatung – TAC-6G, I recommend this to people who are health conscious

Finest rice cooker, tatung helps make the ideal rice cookers.

Really like, love, really like this rice cooker. I use it for just about anything – lentils, quinoa, oatmeal. The hotter attribute is fantastic too.

Superior than other electric rice cooker. It really is a lot superior than other electric powered rice cooker. It is really simple to use & clean, can be used to steam other food stuff.

Key specs for Tatung – TAC-6G (SF) – 6 Cup Multi-Functional Rice Cooker – White:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • A multi-functional rice cooker and steamer that is great for preparing hot fluffy rice, steaming veggies and seafood, and a variety of other dishes.
  • This easy-to-use one step rice cooker makes up to 6 cups of uncooked rice (12 cups cooked rice).
  • Durable 18/8 (food grade 304) stainless steel inner pot and outer pot, it’s easy to clean and retains its luster over time. The indirect heating technology heats and steams the entire pot, so dishes are tastier and are cooked evenly.
  • The cooker features a “Keep Warm On/Off” switch. With the keep warm switch ON, your dish will automatically keep warm after the cooker finishes cooking. Accessories include steam plate, inner pot lid, rice spatula, and measuring cup.
  • Cooked has four distinct modes. Braise mode which is ideal for lightly frying food. Steam Mode which is made possible by the outer pot that you can fill with water. You can also use this pot feature for cooking rice as well. The fourth mode is the stew mode. The stew mode is great for preparing soups and stew during cold weather months.

Comments from buyers

“Making quinoa or rice the super simple way, great customer service, good product with minor problems., It is a must for me for my life style as I don’t like to use microwave so I rely on this steamer “

And the best for steam cooked rice. Solid rice cooker, and the best for steam cooked rice. It the design is improved by glass cover with steam controlled hole, i’ll give a.

Great excellent and does what it is expceted.

It is a will have to for me for my lifetime style as i really don’t like to use microwave so i count on this steamer. It is a ought to for me for my lifestyle fashion as i really don’t like to use microwave so i depend on this steamer solely. Just have to plan forward and have food items warmth up ten-fifteen min.

Immediately after listening to about how it is not superior to prepare dinner rice in an aluminum rice cooker, we were looking for a stainless steel model. We’ve been working with an similar one to this a single for five-6 years and it has held up in best situation even after pretty much each day utilization. I also usually place the rice pot in the refrigerator because i make a full pot and then we take in leftovers for a several days. You can get this in chinatowns or asian grocery outlets for normally a much less expensive price than on amazon.

Building quinoa or rice the tremendous very simple way. To start with off, the buy arrived ideal on time in fantastic order. I ordered this for a good friend due to the fact i’ve been working with tatung rice cooker for several years due to the fact it is so straightforward to use. I do it my way which i feel is even easier. I place one cup of h2o in the outer pot, 1 cup of rice or quinoa in the interior s/s pot collectively with one cup of filtered h2o and 1 cup of hen broth. I place the interior lid on the s/s pot, place the large out lid on best and press the lever. twenty minutes later i have a excellent pot of rice/quinoa and by no means fret about rice sticking to the base. The out pot is produced of aluminum and does accumulate some scale deposits in excess of time so i need to have to use a tablespoon of de-scaler, like applied in h2o distillers, and it arrives out flawlessly clean and sparkly. I do this for aesthetics considering the fact that i hardly ever cook dinner meals in the out pot.

Rice does not stick in the base – steam layer is fantastic and it is significantly less messy – really like it.

Effortless to use and healthier than electric powered cooker. This is suitable for cooking rice and any beans/lentils. Easy to use and much healthier than electric powered cooker.

The most loved of the kitchen. The fundamental rice cooker that doubles as a steamer or reheater. I use this for anything – cooking rice, porridge, steaming or reheating. By no means contact the microwave once again.

Keeps coming back to this one. Looks basically the same as what i had 30 yrs ago. . The versatility is just unmatched with the newer versions. Is it even checked to see if it is more efficient?.

I had been utilised the tatung rice cooker for 40years. It can cook rice, steam food items and cook dinner soup. My mother has two which is over 10years a single for cook rice one for steam food items or cook soup. This just one i purchase for my daughter she’s went to faculty and this is extremely effortless to use.

They never imply a conventional mesuring cup in the directions. When they say ‘cup’ they mean the exclusive cup, not a typical cup evaluate. Replace ‘cup’ in the directions with ‘included plastic cup.

It’s fairly standard as much as working with it, but much from typical in the final results. The mixture of the rice absorbing h2o and remaining steamed at the exact time provides a fluffy, gentle rice. The stainless steel bowl signifies that the lining will never use off above time — which is why i acquired this cooker: to exchange a single whose ‘non-stick’ lining experienced worn off.

A very good traditional rice cooker. The design has been the same for the last sixty years when it was first created. The unique inner pot design is versatile, it is not only cooking better rice, but has other uses as well. It is well made and substantial, it will last a long time, from what previous users have commented. The cons: the six-person model is made of aluminum, it left obvious stained marks all over the inner pot as well as the cooking pot, right after the second use. The ten-person model is made of steel, they said it won’t have the same drawback. Either for the ten-person or the six-person model, the cost is more expensive than other american brands.

There are a million rice cookers on the current market, and plenty of them boast all kinds of state-of-the-art features, have keypad-like buttons, and/or electronic readouts. If you might be a tech gadget junkie then probably you might be into all individuals bells and whistles, but i have a tendency to go for the extra basic, time-analyzed products and solutions that have as several additional functions as possible. It is my considering that the extra factors a product or service has to do, the much more that can go completely wrong with it. And i am a bigger believer in the concept that the best goods are streamlined to do 1 detail genuinely very well and never even trouble tacking on a bunch of attributes that raise the cost tag but do not automatically improve on the major function. That staying said, this tatung 6 cup rice cooker suits the bill of what i seem for in kitchen appliances: easy structure, effectively-produced, straightforward to use, and moderately priced. It can be not the lowest priced, but certainly not the most expensive. I’ve experienced almost nothing but good ordeals employing this rice cooker, and all of the beneficial opinions listed on amazon have tested correct. The oblique heating is fantastic, and i’ve not however encountered any burned-to-the-bottom rice (i do generally increase a nominal volume of oil, about a teaspoon, or a tiny little bit of butter right before introducing the rice and drinking water). An additional thing that was a selecting issue in my acquire was that this rice cooker has a stainless steel lid and bowl (in which the rice actually cooks).

Purchased this about one particular month back just after plenty of exploration. It works as predicted so far: all staiinless metal, oblique heating which i definitely like. My rice has never ever trapped to the base of the bowl so no waste at all. The device auto shuts off right after the drinking water in the outer pot runs out.

This is a nice simple to use rice cooker. Its easy to clean and maintain. We have had other cookers in the past that were difficult if not impossible to clean. Simple is the best way to go.

Great client company, good solution with minor challenges. . I bought the rice cooker mainly because most my mate has 1, and also my tiger rice cooker commenced to have challenges. When i bought it, the inner pot has big h2o stain(appears to be like staying applied), so i wrote to vendor, he was quite handy and inclined to support me get replacement. I know they are just have this merchandise, not responsible for the high quality, but i was glad that seller choose responsibility to assistance me. I bought my replacement from tatung united states organization, they are really friendly too. I haven’t use the pot until finally my tiger cooker completely broken which is practically 2 thirty day period later, observed out the on and off switch is not doing the job, it’s always on, but it cooks alright, i can make soup and cook dinner rice, operates just good. I still wrote email to seller advised him that swap is not functioning, failed to be expecting will get reply, just remind him that gonna observe out the product or service. Astonishingly, he did wrote back again to me subsequent working day and mentioned will aid me with this problem. I will phone tatung myself, but i would advise this vendor. In general, i like this pot,but should test sooner.

Even nowadays there are all types of extravagant rice cookers this however stands out as tremendous easy model to use. And we know it will last at the very least thirty yrs.

I advocate this to people who are wellbeing conscious. This is my 3rd tatung rice cooker, i own ten cups & 3 cups & i nonetheless have them, i bought this dimensions since of my household dimensions,it can be stainless, extra much healthier to prepare dinner rice, it will past extended. I advocate this to persons who are wellbeing conscious.

Ideal multipurpose rice cooker and steamer.

Tatung 3 Cups Indirect Heating Rick Cooker : 3-cup Rice Cooker

I can’t believe how much rice comes out of this thing. Its so compact, for my airstream. The entire batch of rice is cooked evenly throughout. No brown crust, no mushy top, just 100 % beautiful fluffy riceyou will have to take the recipes as a suggestion / starting point only. And be willing to adjust the amounts of the rice and water incrementally until you find your perfect result. So there will be 3 or 4 batches that aren’t perfect; don’t give up, theres a learning curve. Once you get it right, its a dream. Rice, water, push the button.

Good size, fit my family need. Good size, fit my family need. The great thing of tatung brand rice cooker is it can use it as a steamer.

Good but misleading description. I purchased this item based on other reviews for simplicity and product reliability. The first thing i notices is that there is a difference between their definition of a cup and the standard american definition. Their cup is the plastic measuring cup included; the manual states this is really only 3/4 of a standard cup. Therefore, it is not really a “3 cup” rice maker. Even though there are only 2 of us in the family now, it would have been nice to actually make 3 cups, instead of maximum of 2. Having know this, i would have ordered the 6 cup. I don’t know if i can return it, or the shipping may be not be worth the effort. Secondly, the directions for making brown rice are sketchy.

Oh the joy of cooking with stainlesssteel. This has been a dream come true for me. Ss inner pot and indirect cooking method. I would have preferred the outer body to be ss too. But that would be wishful thinking i guess. Ideal for 2-3 persons cooking.

  • Perfect niche product
  • Best rice I’ve ever made
  • It boils too hard; I could use better instructions for brown rice

3 Cups Indirect Heating Rick Cooker

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Rice Cooker, Warmer, Steamer
  • 3 Cups
  • White
  • 350 W
  • 3 AMP

I love this little mighty mo. It is solid, metal, and perfect for 2 people and/or tiny kitchen who are concerned about health and want therefore an aluminum pot, and also want a solid quality cooker. Going strong after a year, no problems. Cleans up easily, and stainless steel of lid and rice bucket still buffs to a shine. Easy clean-up because not stuck to bottom. For whole-grain/brown rice, we just add more water for an extra cup. For instance, if we want to make 3 cups of whole-grain rice, we put water in the pot (inner bucket) up to where we estimate a ‘4’ line *would* have been, and also, we put water under the pot (i.

Sorry it took a while before this review. Anyway all this time, this tatung i purchased had been used everyday. I was looking for a rice cooker that’s good for just i and my husband. Rice is part of our daily diet. My first rice cooker, perhaps 30 years ago was a tatung. I loved that rice cooker and used it for a long time. When it finally went bonkers, i changed to another brand (i got tired of the old brand?). I was then not aware of the danger of using aluminum cookware but when i learned about it, i became cautious about using them. The aroma brand that i had was fine, too, but it was aluminum and my husband had the habit of cleaning the pot with steel wool when rice sticks to it–therefore, the coating was scratched up and the aluminum part was exposed. I had been eying another tatung at an asian market that i go to but they were the 5-cup and i really want a smaller one, which amazon carries. I cook 3 cups (the plastic cup included when you purchase the cooker; this is not the regular cup that we use for recipe measurement) of brown rice in this pot everytime (last us 3 days).

It’s exactly what i expected. The size is good for single use, and the gadgets are complete. Recommend for people for cooking for only one or two.

I’ve had my tatung 3 cup unit for two years. Use it everyday, mostly for brown rice, sometimes white, or even mix brown/white. Never precisely measure water for inner pot, or outer pot. Never sticks using mild scrub sponge, after quick soak. No teflon coating to eventually scratch and peel, or contaminating the rice. Here’s a video on using the cooker: https://www. Com/watch?v=fkljrzprvqyupdate: i’ve now used the cooker daily for 3. Never failed to cook properly, never sticks to pot, easy clean w/o teflon. For more variety, i’ve switched to a mix of brown sweet (short-grain) rice and white short-grain rice, in 2:1 ratio. Using short-grain brown and white rice makes for a moister texture, and more delicious.

Work as expected and still using it.

Stainless steel bowl & indirect heating are a must. Ive purchased a few of these in my days and, in my opinion, this manufacture makes the best quality machine. Mine is ten years old and still running. I purchased this one as a gift and i have given several friends this unit as a present. You can spend four times as much money but you are just wasting it. This brand is found in 90% of the homes in china where they make rice daily. Beware of units that have a teflon coated bowl because i have tried several of them and, you plan on making rice more than once a month, they wont last a year before the teflon is coming off into your rice. “indirect heating” means that you put water in the bowl with the rice and you also put water outside the bowl into the rice cooker. This enables the machine to cook the rice on the top at the same temperature as the rice on the bottom of the bowl giving your rice a greater consistency.

Works well, reliable brand, somewhat noisy. I’ve only used this once, but it cooked the rice evenly and well. No more than average sticking to the bottom. It makes a boiling sound / quiet clinking of the lid against the rim as steam escapes, so if you want it to be completely silent, this is not the choice for you. It’s small enough for a single person or a couple, and large enough to accommodate a couple guests. The cooking instructions for rice are clear. My parents have a larger tatung rice cooker that they’ve used every 1-3 days for 5 years and it’s still doing well. I will update when i’ve used it more and for different things besides rice.

Wonderful indirect rice cooker. This indirect rice cooker has been an essential appliance of asian households. Making rice is so easy, and the cooker itself is more versatile than the direct cooking one. This can double as a steamer or boiler. The dishes you can make it limitless. Just beware this 3 cups size is really small, good for small households.

This is my first rice cooker; i am very pleased. It makes great rice in about 30 mins. It is a bit loud when it is cooking (rattling lid), but it is easy to clean and compact. I like the traditional, old school look too.

Excellent product but mine turned out to be bad. This is a very good product. Mine was defective and had to be returned. They were very prompt with the returns and in giving me the refund. I do plan to buy this again once i get a chance. I would have given it 5 stars – but stopped at 3 since mine was defective.

It’s so useful cause we cannot live without having rice~it can also make congee and souplove it very much.

I bought this cooker for the food safety aspect– no teflon or other coating used on the stainless steel cooking pan. It took me a while to get the hang of the proportions for two-pot steaming, but once i figured out how much water to use in the inner and outer pan, it seems simple enough, and this system really does make the best rice i’ve ever made. I’ve made several varieties of rice in it, to date. I usually put a bit of olive oil in the pan (i do it on top of the rice and water, but others may disagree with this), and i’ve not had a problem with the rice sticking to the stainless inner pan, but i usually remove the rice to a serving bowl with a fork. This may be blasphemy to the serious gourmet, but because of the integrity of the properly-steamed grains, i even find that the rice from this cooker reheats well in a microwave the next day, if you add a tiny bit of water to it and heat it in a microwave-safe dish. That’s unheard of with over-cooked ricehighly recommended.

Great size, in good shape my loved ones need. Superior sizing, suit my family want. The excellent thing of tatung model rice cooker is it can use it as a steamer.

Usually takes a few of periods to get it but wow stunning rice. Works wonderful with veggies and still left overs. Usually takes a few of occasions to get it but wow beautiful rice. Functions wonderful with veggies and remaining overs taste excellent.

Fantastic companion for school child who overlook the property food.

This rice cooker helps make fantastic rice each individual time with absolutly no browned rice on the base at all, the rice on bottom seems to be precisely like the rice on prime. Straightforward clean up and fast cooking. Making one serving of rice will take only fifteen minutes. I like to slash up some very hot thai peppers and cook dinner them correct into the rice, often changing h2o with hen broth. Just insert a very little butter, salt, and pepper and you’ve got got a wonderful spicy rice that will be good with any meal. You will not regret shopping for the rice cooker.

Our initially tatung lasted about 15 many years, so it was a no-brainer to switch the rice cooker with the similar model/form. I strongly suggest this merchandise for fantastic rice each individual time. Just keep in mind to unplug your cooker it will continue to be heat.

Great sizing for one-4 people today. Excellent measurement for one-4 people today. Doesn’t consider up a great deal area in the cupboard. And, it can be not created in china.

Tatung TAC-11KN – Best rice cooker

Tatung is the best of rice cooker. Tatung is the finest of rice cooker. We used rusty just one for above 20 several years. As we observed out amazon has the stainless 1, we purchased correct absent. Mates arrive around to our household, they praise it, not only the high-quality of tatung, and the shiny exterior.

Now can obtain the finest electric multi-purpose potshowever, it is challenging to uncover the replacement interior pot.

This kind rice cooker have a lot different purpose, this is my 2nd a single. Just really like it and past a single i utilized it for very prolonged time, ideally this a person will be the identical.Here are the specifications for the Tatung TAC-11KN:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Cooks up to 11 cups uncooked rice (22 cups cooked rice)
  • Multi-Functional: Stews, Steams, Boils, make Porridge or Brown Rice
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel inner and outer pot
  • Keep warm On/Off switch
  • Includes steaming tray, measuring cup, rice spatula, and inner pot lid
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

I like the cooker but the instructions that arrived with it. I like the cooker but the directions that arrived with it have been not excellent. The moment i googled it on the online and located out how to use it, i was all right with it. I have not utilized it a great deal however, but do would like there was a much better guide with it.

Love the audio of the tapping kettle as rice cooks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Tatung makes the best rice cookers hands down
  • Good Stainless Steel Rice Cooker
  • A stainless, multifunction, and auto time control rice cooker meets my need.

My taiwanese buddy encouraged this cooker to me. She mentioned this is the oldest and the most respected rice cooker model in taiwan. I observed a rice cooker at her household passed from her mom for just about twenty several years, and it continue to will work properly. It can steam rice, veggies, eggs, an fish incredibly speedily. I would say anybody who want to stay away microwave oven could change to this onei am truly amused by how very simple engineering can bring us benefit and style at the exact time. We are surrounded by far too quite a few fancy factors nowadays, and often we fail to remember that we can get improved factors by traditional way.

Tatung can make the best rice cookers fingers down. Tatung makes the best rice cookers fingers down. We had to change a 20+ year previous a single with this new model due to the fact the old just one was getting quite filthy because of to neglect of treatment on our part. I will say the previous 1 worked for 20+ a long time up until finally the day we decommissioned it and we be expecting almost nothing but the same create high-quality from this new one. Highly advocate this item. The stainless is a pretty nice tricky and tends to make it glance excellent and match all the other kitchen stainless appliances.

Best inside to steam foods. . Perfect for employing dinnerware, such as bowls or plates to steam foods.

My spouse and i really like this rice cooker in fact, we have been utilizing it as a cooker and steamer. We are delighted that now we are in a position to get away from a microwave oven which is not good for our meals and overall health. I extremely advise this solution.

My spouse and i really like this rice cooker in fact, we have been utilizing it as a cooker and steamer. We are delighted that now we are in a position to get away from a microwave oven which is not good for our meals and overall health. I extremely advise this solution.

This rice cooker has experienced very good name for decades. This rice cooker has experienced excellent track record for decades. Despite a lot of new output arrived out, we however really like this product.

This rice cooker is a pressure by mother nature. A person of the finest creation of human mankind. I use it to steam anything and all the things. Tremendous quick to use and a breeze to thoroughly clean. Traditional and modern layout all in a single, what can you talk to for extra?.

When i was cooking a significant pot sweet rice. . The rice undercooked, when i was cooking a major pot sweet rice.

I purchased this mainly because it was all stainless steel within and out. The interior cooking pot is not coated with teflon or any non-stick materials and that’s what i preferred. Since the rice is steamed from the outside as well as remaining cooked from the inside pot, the rice turns out very moist, but cooks really speedy. The no-nonstick interior pot wasn’t an problem, the rice on the base does not adhere. General – our household loves this rice cooker and i feel excellent about substances not leaching out of the teflon and into my foodstuff about time.

Utilised this pot for numerous months now and we beloved it. The negatives about this is you have. I made use of this pot for many months now and we liked it. The drawbacks about this is you have to get steaming trays different. I did get the steaming tray, but it was a small disappointed for the reason that you can use the trays and cooking rice at the same time. 11 cups pot is as well superior to place the steaming tray on the pot. All round, i would advise this rice pot if you lookup/glance for a stainless steel merchandise =o).

I received what i anticipated and the value is affordable so i did not need to have to shop in store that squander my time.

Versatile rice cooker and steamer. This rice cooker will work good. The structure allows you to steam all kinds of factors together with making rice. It can make rice extremely properly, and it never burns the rice at the bottom like a lot of other products. The stainless steel is also really uncomplicated to clean and superior high-quality. The only unfortunate matter is i lost the measuring cup that arrived with the rice cooker so i have to guess on the amount of h2o to add.

Use this for hotpot, steamer, very hot soup, and many others.

This kind rice cooker have a lot different purpose, this is my 2nd a single. Just really like it and past a single i utilized it for very prolonged time, ideally this a person will be the identical.

I like the cooker but the instructions that arrived with it. I like the cooker but the directions that arrived with it have been not excellent. The moment i googled it on the online and located out how to use it, i was all right with it. I have not utilized it a great deal however, but do would like there was a much better guide with it.

I like the cooker but just want it can past extended. I purchased on november 24, 2012 and right now is september 25, 2016. I failed to anticipate it only last for ~ 4 several years. Is there any way i can get a new 1 for a price cut?. I like the cooker but just wish it can past longerthank you.