T-fal ZE5813 Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor : Great juicer

It is very powerful but a bit bigger for a small family of three.

This is my 3rd juicer and i can say this one is the best. Easy to use and very easy to clean.

T-fal ZE5813 Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor with Stainless Steel

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  • Whole fruit feeding tube; 2 speeds for soft or hard fruits
  • Anti-drip spout; metal locking arm
  • Stainless steel filter; 3-liter integrated pulp container
  • Includes 1.25-liter pitcher with foam separator for direct service
  • 1-year limited warranty

Simple to use & cleans easily. Have had the juicer for 1 month.

This is our first juicer and so far it is meeting all of our expectations. The pulp comes out a little wet. But i read a few articles online that say it’s best to re-juice the pulp too, so that’s what i did and got quite a bit more juice. The screen feels like it’s durable and the ‘mouth’ of the juicer is big enough to fit an entire medium-sized tomato. Pretty pleased with the purchase and the price is great.

Great machine, we juice everyday at work. Its quieter than others but dont expect a hybrid, product definitely met our expectations. Very few parts to clean, easy to open and close. I have used in the past the bullet express juicer and it would leak juice from side of machine. So this t-fal gets an a++++++++++++++++i would recommend this product.

T-fal ZE5813 Balanced Living 550-Watt Juice Extractor with Stainless Steel : I had wanted to try home juicing but was a little reluctant due to the expense of a nice juicer. I read the reviews of the t-fal and decided to give it a try and i am glad i did. It is very easy to use and to clean, the first juicer i had considered had horrible reviews for cleaning. This sets up quickly, does a great job with juicing the vegetables, even beets, and is very easy to take apart and clean. And the price can’t be beat. For someone new to juicing this is the perfect beginning juicer.

This is my first juicer and i absolutely love it. The tips in the reviews as to how to remove the basket is invaluable. Its not that the basket is hard to take out, its just that its easy to over think. Don’t try to remove the strainer and the green thing separately. Once you have removed the bulky top part lift out the filter and the basket by just pulling straight up on the green part. I felt really stupid when i finally figured it out but very relieved. I’ve noticed that the pulp inst super dry when i’m finished, but thats probably because i’ve been juicing a lot of super watery fruits like water melon. Another tip (recommended in a review) is to line the catch basin with produce bags. Just scrape everything when you are done, tie off, and throw in the trash (or you could do the whole compost thing with biodegradable bags). I had initially planned to buy a higher end brand, but as a first time juicer i was afraid that the excitement would quickly pass and i would have a $200 useless machine sitting on my counter.

I use my juicer quite often and it works great. The only hard part to clean is the( sharp. I have to scrub it with a brush but the rest pretty much rinses clean, if i don’t wait. I place a plastic bag in the discard bucket for easy clean up. It has a handy juice jug and a plastic screen that separates the foam from the juice. Its a nice looking and seems to be a high quality machine with a strong motor. It makes juice very fast but doesn’t heat the juice at all.

I am satisfied, but only drawbeck is, it leaves lots of pulp. Basically, i don’t get much juice out of amount of veggies and fruits i put in.

I have used this juicer now for about a month daily. I read some pretty nice reviews on here and was why i decided to choose this juicer over a few others in the same price range. Let me begin with what made me choose this item. Easy to assemble and take apart. Came with a stainless steel filter comes with a cleaning brush. (which you absolutely must use to clean the sieve screen with especially the back end with it’s spatula end to push the rinds through the screen when cleaning. Juicing is an essential way to get the best daily amount vegetable and fruit nutrients, when you don’t eat enough things such as kale, beets, chard, etc.

It is my first juicer, it is extremely easy to use, and even easier to clean. I use it primarily for green juices, but have also done carrot juices as well. I usually use spinach, kale, parsley, apples, ginger, cucumber, lemons, limes, beets, pretty much anything, and this machine juices it without a problem. It has two speeds and comes with a user manual that will tell you what speed to use for certain fruits and vegetables. I would recommend this juicer to anyone who likes to juice.

Not a big price difference between this juicer and the breville one, but if that 30 bucks make a difference to you, don’t fret. This is right up there with the breville, quality-wise. Would recommend without a doubt.

My masticating juicer is no longer functional :(. I had to settle for a centrifugal one till i replace the other one. For what it’s worth, i love it. Easy to take apart and clean.

Our heads were spinning when trying to figure out which brand to buy – so many to choose from. We were undecided between the breville and the t-fal. We went with the t-fal because my husband had one many years ago that he remembered to be a good, quality product. What we like is that it is easy to put together and take apart; it cleans so easy. Everything fits together so well that there is no leakage at all during the juicing process. The motor is strong enough for hard root veggies and it handles leafy greens too without a problem. It has 2 speeds (slow/fast) and we tried the slow speed but really didn’t find it a necessary addition for us. It is definitely a good, quality product we expect to be able to use for some time – well worth the money.

Great product, wife juiced for 6 hour when it arrived. Everything from apples to kale no problems then straight to the dishwasher.

I had this juicer before and loved using it. I used it every other day for 3 years, then the moter started to go on it. Since nothing lasts forever, i decided to retire it and get another one. It’s the best juicer for the price.

I am beyond pleased with my new tfal juicer. It never leaks or drips- at either end. The pitcher it comes with (not shown for some reason) is fantastic. It separates the foam out, and the pieces are all removable for easy cleaning. I simply line the pulp receptacle with a plastic bag from the produce, and it makes cleanup even easier. 🙂 this juicer looks great on the counter and is so well made- it really should be up there with the rest of the top of the line juicers, imho. The lock is great, too- none of those frustrating snap into place ones that fall out to the sides. Everything about this juicer is amazing. Tfal really should promote it better- i chose this one over the hamilton beach wide mouth because even though that one got great reviews, in person it felt cheap and plastic-y. You will love everything about this juicer.

I choose this juicer because of the positive reviews on here and i can honestly say it doesn’t disappoint. The price was great for someone just starting out juicing because i didn’t want to shell out several hundreds of dollars for something i wasn’t sure i was going to stay with. This juicer is absolutely terrific. It’s easy to take apart to clean and it does the job quite well. The directions were clear and concise and you don’t need any tools to take it apart – everything just clicks in and out. It’s also extremely easy to use and extracts lots of juice from all those fruits and vegetables you use. I’m extremely pleased with the t-fal ze5813us; i even talked a friend of mine into purchasing one and she loves her’s, too.

I compared so many juicers trying to find a quality juicer for a decent price. After reading the reviews i decided to purchase the t-fal juicer. The wide feeding tube is nice. Sometimes i will have to cut large apples in half to fit but most things fit whole. If you are looking for a powerful quality juicer without breaking the bank this is it.

Works well, just a little annoying to clean because you have to unscrew the blade each time.

I purchased this juicer based on the reviews that i read on amazon and i am not disappointed. I am new to the juicing community, but i have tried it with various fruits and vegetables and it is easy to use, cleans up well and is very efficient.

My parents really like this itemthe price is excellent.

T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster : Attractive and works great.

I’ve had this product 2 yrs it’s still going use it every day.

This product is just what i expected by t-fsl sharp looking made very well easy use cleans up easly all contols are accurate and i would buy it again boxed very well no damage great price of course.

We are great user of toast and bagels. This toaster is one of the greatest operating of any of the 11 toasters we have used in the last several years. We have only being using it for about 3 weeks, but already have found a product that is worth all the use it gets.

Had this same toaster for years and it worked well. We’ll see if this one has as good of life as our old one.

  • Nice Toaster
  • The product does what it says
  • It’s a toaster

T-fal 533200 Classic Avante 4-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting
  • 6 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark “
  • Bagel (toast only once side), Reheat, and Cancel functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread
  • Crumb-door for easy cleaning; Safe-to-touch exterior; Cord storage on base of the unit; Carrying handle
  • 1-year limited warranty

Got this to replace the same toaster that developed problems-one side didn’t heat up-after over 15 years. The old one had stainless steel sides and looked a little nicer, but, after researching other options, i went with functionality. It toasts well and i like the bagel function. It does have a large footprint, but i’m used to it. The only downside is that the slots aren’t wide enough for all types of bread. Hope it lasts as long as the last one.

Still working strong after 4years love this toaster.

Now if it, unlike any other toaster i have bought in the last umpteen years, lasts for more than a year, i’ll be happy. Like many of you (at least the older of you), i remember as a kid having a toastmaster in the kitchen that worked for at least 15 years. That was before the planned obsolescence of small (and large) appliances. Our appliance manufacturers keep trying to convince us that offshoring (read china) production results in lower prices. If we keep having to replace their trash because it stops working, where is the savings?.

It seems everyone in the house is a toast fanatic except me so to make breakfast easier i purchased this 4 slice oven. It helps keep the other 5 people in the house happy with toast or bagels and i can spend less time running between it and the stove.

Have to crank it up to toast and the cord placement is awkward. It’s ok, but i wouldn’t purchase it again or recommend it.

Be careful of it being near your cupboard, as the heat is intense.

I have had many compliments on the style of this toaster. You have to play around with the color selection, but then it works fine. I love the levers in the middle that help you get the toast out of the toaster.

This toaster i purchased before and love it. It looks perfect in my kitchen and is easy to clean. I purchased this toaster i am reviewing as a gift for a friend. I would recommend this toaster to friends.

Overall it toasts well and the adjustments function as they should, so you don’t burn the bread on the low setting for example. But the levers for lifting the toast out have failed, the first within a month of purchase and the other just recently. This is a big problem for this design because the toast does not stick out enough for easy removal without the lifting levers. We’ll continue to use it but would not purchase again.

Sleek attractive design makes it an eye catcher on my counter. I love that it’s easy to clean.

Quality isn’t the best and i had to send the first one back because the left side of the toaster would not work or engage to allow for bread to be toasted. They sent me a replacement right away, that was very convenient. So far i still think that the left side heats hotter than the right just by looking at the color of the heating elements, but the left is preferred for bagels, so that may be why. Anyways, it does the job for now.

We liked the color and shape of the toaster it makes sense for under the cabinet use, works great so far,price was great too.

I like that it is wide enough to toast bagels. However the slots are not quite long enough. I love rye bread and the slices are a wee bit longer than the slot. I wind up cutting of some of the slice. But beside that it is wonderful.

The t-fal 5332002 toaster gets the job done and quickly. After years of using toaster ovens we decided to try a toaster once again. We especially like the the bagel setting and the lift assist that saves our fingers from getting hot when lifting toast from the toaster that might not pop all the way up. Would by one again if the need arises.

When looking for a new toaster, we were not satisfied with the choices in local stores. We found this one on-line, liked its looks and description. When we received it, it was even better than we expected. It does all of the essentials and more. We love the way the middle levers help to push out items that are too low to reach easily. We are very happy with this purchase.

All around great product, but the levers don’t function as crisp as i would like. It doesn’t take up that much space and it looks great on the counter. Toast comes out just right for each setting. I would recommend it to anyone.

I was so excited to get this super awesome toaster and it has just been a let down. I had read the comments about that it didn’t toast evenly but bought it anyway cause i thought, ‘how bad can it be?. It does bug me that one side of my toast is toasted and the other doesn’t even look like it has been in the toaster. And it’s never the same in the same slot. It works i guess, but don’t have high expectations.

Excellent and kind of flashy looking, but it is great. Has several spaces for bagles, wide bread ( like homemade if you want it toasted) easy clean, good variables in lightness and darkness.

T-fal TT7061 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster – Nice design, but toasts unevenly.

I had only used it 3 times when it was hard to pop up the toast. Luckily i don’t use it a lot but i don’t think it will last very long. I guess because the toaster i had before was so sturdy. What i really liked was the slant but after a few uses it was kind of hard to pop up.

I checked all over including ebay and found that this seller offered far and away the best price. Great buy and a great toaster. Product is exactly as seller described. This is our 2nd t-fal toaster. Our first, which is 12 years old is going to our summer retreat.

The toaster works well enough. I really like the size and shape, and it is large enough to take my homemade bread. I have noticed, as other have commented on, that the heating elements do not heat evenly, so i need to flip the bread for both sides to toast evenly. Even then, each side will have dark spots and light spots. The defrost works very well, which is great for my gluten free frozen waffles. It does occasionally eject the toast out onto the counter top. What irritates me most is that it is made in china, which is not shown anywhere in the description. I went to the t-fal website prior to purchasing, and this toaster is supposedly made in france or in the usa.

Delivery was on time and the price was right. Toasts fast and the bagel selection was great. The only slight flaw is if you put in one piece of toast, the spring is so strong sometimes it pops the bread onto the counter.

This toasts a bit unevenly with the bottom of the bread done more than the top. Also, it pops out the toast very strongly – right out on the counter. All in all it is okay and seems well made, it’s just the uneven toasting that is a bit of a problem. Mechanically it functions well and its controls are nice as they have included the right hand knob to lift the toast out of the slot (which i don’t use too often as it has usually been jettisoned out on the counter.

This is my second t-fal avante and i love it. Very fast, love the ‘lift’ button that helps you get the toast out once it has finished toasting and love the button that allows me to stop the toasting process before it has finished when something toasts quicker than expected. The wide slots are great for thicker slices of toast or bagels.

  • Great Toaster but Appearance is Different Than Shown
  • Speed Toaster. Muffin Launch System
  • A jazzy-looking toaster that works!

Definitely different looking from your normal elongated cube toaster. That may be a deal-breaker for some. Nice wide slot for bagels, with one-sided toasting option. Slots come with an integrated internal frame that squeezes together as the toast lowers, and it holds thinly-sliced bread or thins flat. Many toaster lack this, and the very thin items can end up curling while toasting and coming in contact with heating elements – not this one, therefore no charring, smoke etc. Left hand lever lowers toast (only when plugged in, btw), right hand one lifts smaller toast up so you don’t come in contact with hot internal parts. Add pretty fast toast times, even toasting, easy browning adjustment, and we can recommend this based on functionality.

This one is showing signs of age within a few weeks. I guess they are inconsistent in quality.

Like the concept of the toaster’s design. Most of the time, though, it toasts unevenly, but too much hassle to return it. It is true what other reviewers said, it often pops up the bread so forcefully, it literally pops onto the floor.

I liked it but eventually the lettering wipes off making it look cheap. Otherwise it looks pretty sharp in your kitchen.

Love the look of the toaster. It toasts perfectly, browns the bread but does not make it hard like so many toasters do nowadays. The only reason i did not give it 5 stars is because the bread actually pops out of the toaster when done. You need to be there to catch it which is very strange.

Features of T-fal TT7061 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • 2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting
  • 7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread
  • Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing
  • 1,200 watts of power; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We really like this toaster. When our other one died, my husband did a lot of searching for one that was fast and had at least 1100 watts. We did buy one at walmart, the ad said it was 1100 watts, but when we opened it there were only 800 watts. So when we found this one, it really is what it says it is. Kinda had to get used to the slant of it, but it’s well made and a lot faster than our other one. We should have bought from amazon in the first place.

Toasts faster than our old base quality one, which is why i purchased this one. It is 1200 watts, which is really a minimum for a toaster imo, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life waiting for your toast to get done. I like the right lever feature that lifts up the finished toast high enough so you don’t have to stick your fingers down into the slots to grab the hot toast. The slots could be another 1/2 inch longer, but i see that as a minor ding.

More than a year ago, this one replaced an ‘under-cabinet’ b&d toaster we had for many years. In a word, it is outstanding. The counter-top footprint is not too big, and performance has been great. We couldn’t be happier, and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

The toaster is a little big for my counter. So glad i didn’t get the four slice. The booklet said it is faster toasting,nope afraid not. I have it it on the darkest setting and still have to push down bagels and english muffins twice.

We had our previous one about six years and bent something when we attempted to remove a piece of toast that was caught. We liked it so much that we wanted the exact same item. After searching for it, we found out it was no longer being produced but we were able to still find a new one still available. This is the best – repeat the best – toaster that we have ever owned. (we have been married for 30 years so we have had a few). I would not hesitate ordering the new model at all.

I like this toaster, especially the angle of it-fits under the counter top neatly, without having to move it around. The bagel function (btw amazon, learn to spell the word ‘bagel’, it’s not ‘bagle’) works great. Only problem so far is that toasting is uneven-darker at the bottom, lighter as it goes up, probably due to engineering for a lower price, but not a huge problem for me. I really do like the lever on the right side that raises the toasted items up higher to allow you to remove them more easily. Sure beats sticking two forks into the holes to remove my toast or pop tarts. Well worth the small price increase from the cheapest toasters i’ve looked at.

2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting

Bottom line what makes a good toaster is the wattage, or heat, it produces. Unlike many toaster with 900 to 1000 watts this toaster has 1200 watts so it does the job fast and better than most of the others. By the way, the 4 slice model does not have as high as wattage, so suggest the 2 slice model only. Wide openings for the toast is a plus. Spring release is strong if only one slice of bread in slot. A damper on the release would be a plus someday. Are you listening manufacture?????recommend. Great toaster for the price.

I bought this for my parents and they love it.

Have been using this toaster for several months and love it. Nice wide slots for bagels, cooks things fast, accurately, and has a convenient little crumb catcher on the back bottom side. The first couple of uses it projectiled the item out sometimes clearing the toaster completely, but after a couple uses the springs relax and you don’t have to test your catching abilities, lol.

I loved the fact that the toast comes flying out of the toaster when finished toasting. It makes me smile and is a game trying to figure out where to place my plate to catch the toast. It does an excellent job toasting and dethawing as i keep my bread in the freezer. I did not experience the middle of my gluten bread not toasting as noted on one review. I highly recommend this toaster.

Item was received on time and in excellent conditionthis item was as described. I selected this item for its perceived value and quality. After receipt, i can confirm that this was a wise purchase decision. I would purchase this again. I would definitely recommend this item. As a consumer like you, i rely on honest reviews when i purchase items and only offer my genuine interpretation. I encourage positive or negative feedback of my review. If my opinion assisted you in any way with your decision on this item please feel free to click ‘yes’ that you found it helpful.

I like the looks of this toaster but i really ordered this one because they claimed it toasted really fast. My only complaint is toasting one slice of bread is exciting. The slice pops out and onto the floor if you are not standing by.

7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark

Very happy to locate and purchase this toaster for a family member who loves this model. The manufacturer’s website had the item on backorder but amazon. Toaster arrived ahead of scheduled delivery date and in excellent condition. Toaster works well and family member is very happy to replace the one she had for years that was worn out.

I recently bought this toaster as a replacement for a t-fal toaster that i loved. This new one has a defrost feature that my old one did not have. That makes this toaster wonderful. Everything that i love about my old one has now been perfected with the defrost button. This toaster toasts evenly and very quickly. It has ample space for bagels and long bread. If you are wondering why i replaced my old toaster, it is not the fault of the toaster. Unfortunately in a recent move our toaster took a deadly beating. I knew that if it were an option, i wanted the same toaster, as this toaster has been proven time and time again over the last seven years, that is how long i had the first one. This is a great, sleek looking toaster.

I love this toaster so much. I love the feature where you can push down a lever to help get the toast to pop up so you don’t have to burn your fingers retreving the toast. I loved this so much, i bought my son one after he was divorced.

Ordered this because i liked the contemporary look for my new kitchen. Took up much more counter space than my current toaster and looked huge compared to the other appliances. Can not comment on its performance because i never used it.

I bought this toaster as an exact replacement for one i had bought about 10 years ago that stopped working well but that i really liked. The first one sent to me smelled of smoke when i plugged it in, so a replacement was sent (went very smoothly. ) the new toaster is great except that if you have a light piece of bread or a half piece, the pop up mechanism is so strong that the toast ends up on the counter when it’s done. I’ve never had that happen before with a toaster. Otherwise, i really like this toaster.

This is a great toaster and kind of nice looking – a little different than the boxy toasters. The only problem we have had is that once in a while it pops the toast a little far – has landed on the floor once. I know i saw this from at least one other reviewed and opted to buy it anyway. Most of the times, we don’t have the toast fly (not sure if it is the weight of the bread or the mood of the toaster that day). One really great feature is a lever that raises the toast higher when it is done (of course this is not needed when it has already popped all the way out of the toaster).

This is a sleek toaster that is just beautiful and equally functional. I do wish it had a digital timer but that’s no biggy.

Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread

Purchased this for our cabin. Just the two of us, so the 2 slice is perfect. It toasts bread evenly and settings work just fine. A toasters a toaster, pretty much, but i like the cool design of this one.

This modern looking toaster is bigger than the standard toaster but is an excellent one. I love the fact that if you have smaller sized bread, bagels or english muffins that sink down lower than regular bread, you can hit the eject lever after they’ve finished toasting and they pop right out. It’s very attractive on the counter but it also fits easily in the cabinet if you prefer to keep your appliances out of sight. The heat settings are very accurate, no burned toast yet.And, yes, the front is stainless.

I tried two other toasters from the big box store and was less pleased with those toasters. (+)heats up quickly and toasts bread faster than my old toaster. Good if you are feeding a large group. (-)larger footprint than my old toaster. Very small difference on dial between toasted and burnt. Resetting the thermostat to a previous setting does not always give you consistent results. Crumb catcher lets crumbs spill when moving toaster to clean counter top.

This has been a great toaster – we use it almost every day, often several times a day, and mainly for toasted bread, bagels and waffles. Some people have said it tends to shoot the toast out onto the floor – i have never experienced this, even with smaller breads and small bagels. I have had this toaster for years (8 years?) and just recently ordered another because the inside elements stopped working and it started toasting on only one side, but this toaster has had a lot of use over the years in our family. My only complaint is the picture is not representative of the way the toaster looks now – they changed the front, which now is a bright stainless finish with a raised inset, the levers are smaller as well (to see the new front design, go to: http://www. Com/all+products/cooking+appliances/toasters/products/avant%c3%a9+deluxe+2+slice+toaster/avant%c3%a9+deluxe+toaster). My old one had the sleek, flat, brushed stainless finish as shown in the picture, which was much more attractive – i don’t know why they changed it, and i am quite disappointed with the new finish and front design. Otherwise, it goes well with my other stainless appliances, while the black sides makes it look cleaner, hiding fingerprints and smudges. The slots are wide, easily accommodating large bagels, and if you push the bagel button, it will toast only the one side, leaving the top crispy, but bottom soft. I really like the high-lift lever to help lift smaller pieces out without burning your fingers.

Takes up a lot of counter space for just two toaster slots. Also sits on four small legs. Unless you get the cord positioned correctly the toaster wobbles on the four little legs.

We have to remember to turn the toaster toward the wall so that the toast will hit the wall rather than flying on to the floor – or be prepared to catch flying toast. We have noticed that the frequency of flying toast is slightly less when toasting two pieces versus one. Very attractive on the counter. And, it does make for entertainment.

Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing

My bachelor son had researched the internet for a good toaster for a christmas present, so i ordered it for him as a gift. After the holidays, he called to tell me how happy he was with it. He said it was the best toaster he has ever come across. He highly recommended it to me, as i also need to by one. Will be ordering one in the near future for myself.

Best toaster i had in quite awhile. Toasts fast compared to most of the othertoasters available in the marketplace. Tried it on bread, muffins, and toaster cakesso far, and all toasted fast and to my perfection.

T-fal Emeril by CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker, Awesome Pressure Cooker

Great features with the saute, brown and simmer settings. Who wants a slow cook setting on a pressure cooker, which is what most of them have. Love the basket which can be placed in the liquid or set above for certain meats. This has the same features as the cuisinart but had problems with it coming to pressure; half the time would just boil. Has a great recipe book from emeril. Have had a couple before this one but this is the best thus far.

This pressure cooker is the only electric cooker i have used that gets high enough pressure to cook pork roast properly. It is the top rated electric cooker for a reason.

I used to cook chicken bone broth, chicken soup, beef bone broth, beef stew taking hours on the stove but no longer. And it is not scary like the old manual pressure cooker. It can brown, and it can steam (i do artichokes in it all the time). I cook boiled eggs (4 minutes on low) in it also. It takes a while to get a feel of how long you should cook chicken (it makes the meat very dry if you overcook it) and beef too (although less sensitive than chicken) but you get a feel after a while. Can’t really do green veggies like green beans, brussels sprouts if you like your veggies super-crisp, but if you like your veggies on the mushy side, i guess 2-3 minutes on low would do it. Overall, it is a great product since it saves you tons of time and probably tons in electric bills.

Key specs for Emeril by T-fal CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker, 6-Quart, Silver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6-quart capacity non-stick and dishwasher-safe cooking pot
  • Automatic control of temperature and pressure during cooking; Three preset cooking modes: Brown, Simmer and Sauté
  • Digital LED countdown timer starts automatically once under pressure and lets you know how much time remains
  • Hermetically sealed locking lid for complete safety and peace of mind; Steam basket and condensation collector included
  • 1,000 watts of power; Recipe book included with 47 recipes from Chef Emeril and T-fal; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Pressure Cooker
, amazing, my favorite kitchen appliance
, Total winner. Recommend without reservations!

The pressure cooker and amazon are greatour chief concern is the very poor instructions that are included with the cooker. This could be a very dangerous item, yet instructions on its use are minimal. Still, we are pleased, but additional information would be very useful.

I have never been more satisfied with a cooking product than i am with this pressure cooker. It cooks delicious food and it is quick and very easy to work with. I bought my 20 year old daughter one as well and she is mastering it quickly. I also recommended it to friends who say they are spoiled by the ease of using this cooker. Not only does it cook quickly and thoroughly, it is so easy to clean up. Just remove the insert and because it is no-stick, it cleans in a snap. If asked to give up all my kitchen appliances and only keep one, this would be the one to keep.

box was completely destroyed but no damage to item.

I use this at least three times a week. It is so easy to dump everything in there and set it for about an hour and the meat fall off the bone and the flavors are infused.

Tickled pink with this pressure cooker. I can easily brown and then pressure cook or slow cook foods. Pan is heavy and washes up well in dishwasher. Be sure to use wooden or plastic utensils w pot, though. Lid is easy to clean under the faucet. The whole appliance is heavy and well made. I really have no complaints about it. My food comes out precisely as expected. May i suggest you buy hip pressure cooking cookbook as a companion?. This is my most successful cooking purchase all year. This pressure cooker is a 5 star winner.

I have enjoyed this so much. So easy and safe to use, food even taste better. Non stick, dishwasher safe and very durable.

I ‘m still getting use to a different style of cooking.

This is an amazing pressure cooker. No problems ever with cooking and the food comes out fantastic. However, i have a warning for all those out there who purchase this. Do not scratch the bottom of the pan (basically, don’t use metal utensils). If scratched, you can no longer use it and getting a replacement insert is a royal pain. The company t-fal gets the inserts from has had the inserts backordered for almost a year. Sadly for me, some ex-friends of my boyfriend ruined my cooker on purpose, knowing this, and now i have to buy another pressure cooker since the inserts are still on backorder. Be careful not to scratch it.

Love this cooker, easy to use and food tastes great. Has a small cookbook that comes with it to get you started. I purchased another book great food fast that works well with this cooker.

It comes in handy with working a full day and having to cook for a family. No need to heat up the oven (and house).

Like most people i know who have had occasion to use one of the old fashioned stove top pressure cooker, i have a story of mishap related to the pressure cooker. I once opened my old pressure cooker only to have boiling hot water splash all over me. While i was wearing a swimsuit. Thank god i was able to quickly get in the shower, thus avoiding a disaster. I find the pressure cooker extremely useful when cooking certain dishes, but after that incident i swore i’d never use it again. So, imagine my delight when i discovered this electric pressure cooker by emeril. I watched a television program where, emeril himself demonstrated the use of this cooker; i decided to give it a try. I am soooo happy i didthis pressure cooker is amazing. It’s so easy to use and with all the safety features, it’s just about impossible to have a mishap while cooking with it. I use this cooker to maker stews, chili, soups, rice, gumbo, and a whole host of other dishes. It’s user friendly, cooking times are super quick, and clean up is a dream.There is a safety mechanism that prevents you from opening the lid until the internal pressure is depressurized.

Fast shipping goodx quality.

Use it at least 3 times a week.

It arrived with two large dents. I blame the way it was packaged. I cannot leave it out on countertop because of its’ appearance. Although, it does operate just fine.

This is my first electric pressure cooker. You don’t have to continually monitor & adjust the stove burner temperature. Pressure cookers work much faster than simply cooking things on the stove. I’ve found that our food comes out with better texture and taste than if it cooks slower.

Fantastic, we are loving it. At the price we paid for this item on sale and with the free delivery, we are very satisfied customers.

This is the best purchase for the kitchen that i have ever made. This pressure cooker has literally changed the way i cook every day. I use this cooker almost every single day. I use to be scared of using a pressure cooker but this is so easy and safe that it would be hard to mess up too bad. I love that i can brown and saute right in the cooker, then when i am ready, i just crank the pressure up and let it cook. Once its done tenderizing or cooking whatever i am making, i can then open it back up and continue with the browning or saute options. It is like having another stove burner. I am an american and i cook a lot of desi food for my mixed race, pakistani and american family. The curry and salan dishes tend to take hours to make and require so many steps. This cooker has reduced the cooking time so drastically that i now spend only about 30 min making a pakistani style dish for my family.

Have only used this once and very pleased with it. Plan to use it more soon, it tenderizes meat so well. It arrived the next day (i have prime, and it was a two-day item)–i was very impressed with the speedy delivery, too.

I bought this to rapidly cook beans and stews and it is very effective in this task. I have not used it for many of the other things but being able to cook dried beans with spices and herbs, sauteed onions and so forth adds a great deal to their flavor as opposed to adding them to canned beans which i find never infuses the flavor as well without overcooking the beans to a mush. With some experimentation i have learned how long to cook different varieties of beans precisely to the doneness i like without having to stand guard over the pot.

If you have worried about using a pressure cooker before, worry no more. The cooker will not function if it is not closed properly. You can take meat directly from the freezer add what liquid you want and cook regular amount of time, it is done perfectly. So far, i have used most of my regular recipes, adjusted for liquid if needed and they have come out great. The cookbook is helpful and what recipes i’ve tried are wonderful.

I bought this as a gift and they just love it. They cook with it at least 3-4 times a week. Their only complaint is they wish there was an option to buy another pot insert so they can easily cook more things in it.

T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer : Great product!

Bough as a gift for someone who would let me know if there was a problem.

Pros:compact, easy to operate. Cons:difficult to wash, even after a dishwasher, there was residue left in the little crevices. Too small for my needs, would be perfect for 1 to 2 people, not a family, which may be obvious to some, but for some reason i didn’t pay attention to that minor detail when i bought it. If i could, i would return it.

T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer, 4-Quart, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-quart capacity (2 tiers of 2 quarts each)
  • 2 tiers with one containing a removable plate for larger items
  • Digital controls with 60-minute timer
  • Compact for easy storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

Works very well as a steamer and not as large as it looks in the photo. Still, like most steamers, it takes up a lot of space, but the clear tiers store inside each other. Just be sure you get the right one on the bottom for steaming. Much better than our old steamer.

I’m really pleased with this steamer. The unit is small and holds enough fish or chicken and veg for one or two people. The two tiers could hold a main entree for four people. It is a 4 quart capacity with two tiers, and that sounds large, but it actually isn’t because you leave some headspace for the steam. Each tier holds 8 cups, but in actuality, you are cooking on the bottom and that isn’t so large. There is a handy digital control and a countdown timer. The water reservoir is transparent, and the entire unit collapses for compact storage, so it’s suitable for small space cooking (dorm room, rv, studio apartment. )you can steam well enough on a stove, but this is a way to do it without checking your water by lifting the top constantly. The plastic is also easier to handle; it doesn’t get as hot as a metal pot. The plastic, according to the manufacturer, is bpa-free so suitable for food preparation.

I use this steamer to prep my meals for the week. I love it, but you do have to be very prompt when removing the food after the time is up or you will over cook it.

T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer, 4-Quart, Black : Does not add a disgusting plastic taste to the food that makes your stomach churn when the smell coats your throat and tongue causing bile to surge up into your sinuses making them burn as your eyes water up from the pain and nausea, blurring vision so that you miss the wet spot on the kitchen floor that causes you to slip onto the opened dishwasher where you narrowly miss the upturned knives, instead getting a concussion and mild brain trauma as your daughter runs in and starts screaming screaming screaming for mommy to come help why is there so much blood. 4/5 – did not receive head trauma.

The only way to cook veggies and keep the vitamins.

Personally love this; 2 dishes in one move:) the 2 layer idea is great.

I’ve read many reviews that steamer is too small. Actually it’s just right for family of 2. It’s true that you have adjust time of cooking (time chart on the steamer isn’t quite accurate). But you always can taste your food in the process of cooking. 2 tiers make this steam cooker perfect by size and by storage space.

This is by far the best steamer i have ever owned,so easy to use and love how it is compact to store when not using. Recommend to anyone who loves to steam.

This is the best steamer that i have used ever. The two tier portion lets you steam things more on the lower level with more control for the top section. It’s great for corn on the bottom and broccoli on top. I love it and i am a sixty-five year old man that takes changes poorly.

This is a great little steamer but i must say it feels more like a plastic toy. It is super lightweight and as a vegetarian all we use it for are. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. My teen daughter and i use it daily with no problems, the price is right, but the quality not great. I do believe it is totally worth the price – 4 stars because it is not the top tier in quality.

I am really surprised at how easy and great this steamer is. You literally just put whatever you are cooking in the two tiers then come back in an hour and its done.

She loved it, i dont know if she uses it but she said she loves it. Maybe she regifted it and never even used it, either way she loved it.

Instead of a baby food maker, i have ordered this because i want to use this for a long time. This is very compact and handy. I have used it at least four times a week not only for baby food but also my own breakfast. It is very convenient to just steam food and come back to it later, versus watching the stove.

I bought this particular brand because it seemed to be the only one with no bpa. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but have had no problems and it works great.

Really nice steamer, love using it whenever i can. Glad i went with this one over the others on amazon within the same class.

Very pleased with this purchase.

Wonderful for healthy veggies. Hubby doesn’t mind chopping vegetables and throwing them in the steamer. Thirty minutes and dinner is ready. We like to mix a lot of different vegetables at one time. Add a little greek yogurt with chopped green onions as a topping, salt and pepper and maybe some texas pete, and it is a quick healthy meal. Some local groceries are now selling tubs of organic mixed vegetables. This makes the prep a dump, set and forget and eat in thirty.

I would give it five stars if it came with a manufactures manual and i didn’t have to search you tube for how-to’s, for this item. But now that i have figured it out i’m glad that i purchased it.

This guys plastic is a little bit light weight i think, but it would be good for old folks with intense arthritis. Not so good for a college dorm. Fruits and veggies gain ‘sweetness’ when they remain on the vine the full time. When you steam those fruits and veggies, the steam has the effect of enhancing the picked-early fruits and veggies. They sweeten up in the steamer. Most steamers have 600 watt heaters on them, but this has 550 watts, and the effect is to allow the steam to work on the veggies just a little bit longer, and sweeten yet more. Things like fresh frozen green beans done for 30 minutes or more, turn out to be a taste delight. Add a touch of olive oil, and a bit of colavita balsamic vinegar and life is good.

Since i’ve gotten this steamer, i’ve only used my oven for boiling water and sautéing onions garlic and mushrooms. Clean up after has been dramatically reduced to just a few minutes with no greasy residue to contend with. Just rinse and soap is the extent of my dish washing after using this steamer. My oven asked me the other day why i don’t use it more often’. I didn’t wish to tell it that it’ll make a great planter.

T-fal TT7095002 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster : We love this toaster!

I recently purchased this toaster after reading many reviews. I enjoy the slanted slots, the lever to lift the toasted item up and the various settings. I would recommend this toaster to anyone.

I have had this product for ~3 years. It has done quite a good job in this time, evenly heating and being reliable. The only thing i don’t like about this product is that it has relatively short slats. While they are wide enough for bagels, they are too short for even slightly long pieces of bread. Although i do enjoy the ability to hit the bread push button hard and the toast ends up on my plate. Unfortunately after these 3 years, 3 moves, and a lot of use, it has started to go down hill. I keep having to up the browning setting to get it to acceptable heating. I will probobly need to get another toaster soon unfortunately. Since i like to eat a lot of handmade breads i will probobly try to get a toaster with a longer slot.

T-fal TT7095002 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1200-watt 2-slice toaster with high-speed heating mechanism
  • Extra-wide slots; self-adjusting guides ensure even toasting
  • 7 customized toasting levels; lighted reheat and bagel function
  • High-lift lever; cancel button; cool-touch exterior; removable crumb tray
  • Measures 9 by 13 by 12 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Looks sharp, works great best bagel toaster i ever owned. Does not heat the outside of toaster or counter which our last hamilton beech one always did.

This is a great toaster and it does everything they said it would do.

Best toaster that we have ever had.

T-fal TT7095002 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel : Pros:toasts evenlyangled entry makes it easy to loadunloading is very easy (even with stuck toast) with eject buttonswide slots for bagels or thick toastlooks good in a modern kitchendurable – 15 months later still working like newcons:none.

We are very happy with this purchase. This toaster is a replacement for an older avante that also had the bagel feature. The toast and the bagels are not dry, yet nicely toasted. I tried another brand that advertised a bagel feature, but it toasted both sides (not a good thing). The avante deluxe toasts the inside and leaves the outside alone.

It comes from canada, where not every complication is prevented. Thus this toaster can actually burn bread. But if you set it right, it produces the most beautiful evenly toasted slices you have seen – just like downtown. If you make only one slice, hunt for your toast on the counter where the springs toss it. If you forget to set the toaster to the right time, expect to be disappointed. You will quickly learn how to feel a slice of bread the turn the dial for the right moisture content.

This toaster has some good qualities and features. The one i was looking for is not on this model. I wanted a toaster that can toast evenly on both sides with one slice of bread. The avante does no better than cheaper toasters.

I know we just received this toaster yesterday and used it the first time this morning, but i think it is going to be the best toaster we have had in years. For the past 15 or more years, we have been using toaster ovens, but decided for just the two of us now, we could get along with a toaster. Used it for our fresh homemade bread this morning and it was phenomenal. I believe one reviewer said something like: ‘the toast was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the way toast should be. ‘ well, i am here to say, it is. Can’t wait to try the bagel button out. I highly recommend this toaster to anyone. 2/09: wanted to add this important note: we did try the bagel setting and it is the greatest thing since sliced white bread.I also love it for english muffins.

This toaster is the best machine built. It can handle a bagel to a thick slice breadmy go to gift.

Slots are not long enough for certain breads.

Absolutely love this toaster. I have a toaster oven but it takes too long for it to make toast. On this one i can put all sizes and types of bread. The best feature is the refresh button in case you forgot you had toast in there.

I bought this toaster on faith and i was dissapointed. The dial to adjust the degree of toasting is wobbly and cheap feeling. The slots for bread are wide thickness wise but not long enough to accomadate a slice of pepperidge farms double fiber bread. It toasts okay but i will give this away and continue to look for a quality toaster priced reasonably.

I never thought that i would be so estatic over a toaster, but this one is special. It toasts very fast and evenly. Even small muffins can be extracted easily.

The first one lasted 10 years. It still worked but one of the plastic levers were broken.

We bought a cheaper brand and immediately saw a difference. We returned and got this toaster again because we loved it so much.

This toaster is quite functional but is too large and really doesn’t look as retro as it does in the ad.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my father. Before this toaster he always used a knife to lift the toast out of the toaster slots to avoid burning his fingers. Of course this meant always unplugging the toaster. I bought this for him because of the angled slot design and lift lever and he is really enjoying it as he has toast for breakfast everyday.

I purchased this toaster for use in my office, so needless to say it gets a lot of use. The bagel feature is a big plus. Would definitely but the same one again.

This is the second one we bought. The only drawback is the lettering comes off after a while.

Have had one of these for 4 months now and it works great, what a novel way to design a toaster- slope the slots so they are easy to get the bread in. Ours is on the counter under the cabinets so it really works great. Well made, slots are wide enough for bagels and has a really logical-easy to use temp adjuster. The lever on the side that lifts the finished toast out is also nice to have. It’s rather big but anything other than grandmas old toaster is bigger nowdays to accept those bagels. Stainless steel is easy to clean, has a little crumb catcher in the bottom and the price was good. I’d highly recomend if you need just a two slot toaster.

T-fal Avante Icon 2-Slice Toaster : the quality of the toaster was good, but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as

My family is all about food and design. We all agree: this toaster is the very best. Provides easy access to the toasted bread since the toaster is angled and easily accessible, even when located on a counter under a kitchen cabinet (as is often the case in modern kitchens. )function: flawless — speedy heating, accurate controls, pops finished toast up well above the frame so you can easily access without danger of burning yourself.

Awesome toaster, have used for over a year. The bottom tray is easy to pull out and clean. The stainless steel looks great too but can be hard to keep clean, lol. Only issue i had so far is the nob that you push down to turn on the toaster came off the lever.

It does toast quickly which is awesome. You can put a single piece of toast in either side. I use it exclusively to toast gluten free bread. My only complaint is that the middle of the bread does not toast as nicely as the outer edges. However, that could be the nature of the g/f bread. When i broil g/f bread in the oven the edges burn and the middle stays pale. This t-fal high speed toaster is a far better alternative to broiling and much faster. I have the same toaster in the 4 slice style for regular bread which is what prompted me to buy this one for gluten free toast.

Tonight the plastic lever broke. Thinking about replacing it with a new 1.

  • the quality of the toaster was good, but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as
  • Not quite as good as old toaster
  • Works Great! And its 1200-watts!

T-fal Avante Icon 2-Slice Toaster (Brushed Stainless Steel body)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full brushed stainless steel body toaster
  • 900 watts, high speed toaster
  • 6 browning levels, bagel, reheat, stop
  • High lift lever, Crumb tray
  • 1 year limited warranty

It came very quickly and i was pleasantly surprised that it is so nice looking. I like the speed and general overall toast quality of this t-fal 2-slice high speed toaster. The toast was evenly toasted on both sides. All-in-all i’m very happy.

For the price, i did some research. In the end with many options in the $40-$60 range i liked the look of this one best. Its speed was definitely impressive. And you will quickly find the range of doneness you preferonly downside is there is no “defrost” button. I didn’t even notice this when i was comparing, or overlooked it. But i used to use this feature on my previous toaster to toast frozen store bought waffles. Since there is no defrost button, i have to toast it 1-1/2 times to get it just right. Very sleek toaster, looks great.

So far so good it is wonderful brand love it.

This toaster looks and works as advertised. Very sturdy brushed stainless steel with easy to understand controls. I especially like the “bagel” button that you push so that the cut side “toasts” while the outer side just warms nicely. Someone else noted in their review that it launches the toast when popping up. We have not experienced this noting that their are internal metal brackets that lightly cradel the toast as it is pulled down inside, then gently releses the toast as it pops up.

It toasts bread nicely, looks nice, and is light (i store it in cabinent) but it flings the toast/english muffins out so far they often land on the floor. Even when i turn it lengthwise to the wall, they fly out onto the floor.

Due to the sloped top, which the t-fal customer service person told me would not be a problem, only a portion of a slice of bread goes into the toaster; toast one side and then the other. I wouldn’t buy this item again.

Generally, it toasts well, but there is a tendency for the toast to come out lighter on the outside sides and darker on the interior sides. It does sometimes propel the toast across the counter when it pops. It looks great among my other stainless appliances and it’s shape is unique.

I thought i was ordering the digital one kinda bummed.

This toaster looks sleek and modern, but it doesn’t toast all that great. If you put it on a 4 setting, it pops up in 20 seconds and isn’t toasted. You have to max it on 8 and then watch it doesn’t burn. Also doesn’t toast evenly on both sides.

This is my second t-fal toaster both the same kind, i like it very much :-).

This toaster looked great on paper, but in practice it tended to toast very unevenly. The outside of the case also got very hot during toasting. It was hot enough that i’d worry about small children touching it during the toasting cycle. We ended up returning this toaster.

This toaster does an excellent job of toasting if you use the correct setting. The ‘stop’ pop up feature allows you to toast a bit longer and stop whenever you like. The style and look is excellent and the extra wide slots are perfect for larger foods like bagels and thick sliced bread. Also, the price is excellent and i would recommend this to anyone.

We have had it 6-years and it has gotten regular use. I am talking like, used more than one thousand times now. I am only docking one star because it doesn’t hold crumbs well; even with regular emptying of the tray, crumbs do seep out somehow and get on the counter. I wish i could deduct just have a star for this though as this toaster really is pretty dang amazing. It’s also a nice compact size and fits perfect in a smaller kitchen.

She had this model of toaster for many years and when it died after many years of use. She would not settle for another brand or style.

I purchased this toaster after much shopping around. The stainless is not lightweight, it has a nice feel and looks great on my new countertop. Stainless with a little black accent. Not to mention it makes great toast. I turn it up between 5 & 6 to get the results i want. Toasted a bagel the other day and turned out just great. I would definitely recommend this toaster.

The quality of the toaster was good , but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as it should for the quality i expected out of t-fal toaster, the first t-fal toaster i got , i had for over 10 years, no problem. At times it didn’t toast as well as it should an even times not at all, but most of the time it does toast good an even , but i have to say i am disapointed. Its well made an nice to look at.

Toasters come in all sort of prices and a lot just never seem to do what you want. It looks stylish and good and isn’t hard to keep clean. A little experimenting and i found the perfect setting.

T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster – T-Fal Avante 4 slice toaster

Immediately after buying toaster following toaster and getting sorely dissatisfied in each and just about every a single of them, i’ve lastly discovered the toaster. I adore this toaster and however a great deal of opinions point out that it is really big, it really is no broader than any 4 slice toaster i have experienced. And it undoubtedly does in shape in well with my stainless steel appliances. I appreciate this toaster, there is not one particular thing about it that i really don’t like. If you have been browsing higher and reduced for a toaster that toasts completely and you do not have to wait around endlessly for that toast. Thank you t-fal for a great excellent solution.

I acquired this toaster following i did my fair share of study and boy did i guess incorrect. I was hoping for a toaster that i could give five stars. The primary rationale we required a new toaster was for the bagel location. When we toasted bagels during the 7 days this toaster was extremely inconsistent with toasting. A single working day the 2 1/2 setting toasted properly, the up coming burnt, and the upcoming not at all. We have tried using numerous settings and none labored constantly. This toaster consistently desired to be ‘babysat’. This toaster toasted white bread fantastic but for $60 i hope all the capabilities to operate as marketed. The knobs to manage the heat options are also flimsy, there is about two/three of an inch of perform (either + or -), so i in no way understood what heat location it was on at any specified time. I will give the kitchen help (kmtt400ss) a test and see how that will work out.

I first hesistated in paying for this toaster mainly because i could not see the pics and was not absolutely sure how the stainless metal seemed and was also worried about the black plastic. After i saw a pic from the 2 slice toaster i determined to buy it. This toaster is attractive and major. I am familiar with t-fal mainly because i experienced an avant from about 7-ten yrs in the past and only stopped operating for the reason that a single day i had a vibrant idea to clean it with h2o. Anyhoot, i uploaded some of my individual photos which really should be up on the web site shortly. Once you see the pictures you will get this and with the t-fal name you cant miss out on.Here are the specifications for the T-fal TT7461 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting
  • 7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark “
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread
  • Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing”
  • 1,800 watts of power; 1-year limited warranty

It is been a long time due to the fact the times way again in the 1940s, when,as a kid of six, i acquired to stand up coming to a toaster waiting around for my parent’s previous time toaster pop up, producing a genuine, honest to goodness nicely toasted piece of bread. It only designed two slices but, when it popped, you experienced toast to your exact specs, from gentle brown to flaming black. Someplace alongside the way, the product safety, purchaser advocates, or solution cheapeners got into the picture so, toasters became greater, sexier searching, with 4 slices and colorful gadjets. The only issue with these new age equipment was, they did not toast the bread prior to popping up. Certain, if you experienced all early morning to continue to keep pushing the lever down, you could get good toast on the instalment prepare. That is, common, retailer bought bread. I materialize to be a bread maker who enjoys earning hearty, wholesome, really hard crust loves of dense bread. Most of present-day timid toasters do not even stage my bread. At the best environment, it will get three to 4 trys ahead of the residence created bread receives brown. Last but not least, i found the avante deluxe, four slice products.

I have experienced this toaster for 4 a long time now and it is the best toaster i have at any time experienced. I guess i make toast at the really the very least, at the time a day and it continue to comes out perfect. And because it has the forward slant it tends to make it so simple to see if it is carried out and performs superior below the cabinets. When i first acquired it i considered properly i never take in bagels that a lot so i genuinely do not require the a single facet toast matter. But as it turns out i seem to be to have a ton of breads i only toast a person aspect on. The only issue i would like it had now is equally sides owning a bagel one side toast factor. I swear a gals developed it. . The spherical corners would make it quick to clean up and the crumb clean out cleans east too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A Disappointment
  • Very nice toaster, it even defrosts!
  • T-Fal Avante 4 slice toaster

Immediately after we transformed our kitchen a several weeks back, we determined a new toaster would be a awesome addition. I checked on the web and observed this a person. It has quite a few features that i have by no means seen on a toaster that are seriously awesome. It has a control that lifts the toast out so that you never burn your fingers (i have had toasters while that would do that, but the toast would hit the ceiling and it would be random), so this was a really wonderful shock.

I agonized when my responsible, aged, black & decker toaster obtained a piece of bread stuck in the base (thanks to my dear partner)–that trusty toaster was terrific. The only issue i didn’t like about that old toaster was that to get it to ‘stop’ mid-cycle i experienced to unplug it. So, the t-fal’s aspect of the ‘cancel button’ sounded like a dream come correct. It is a great element, but it will not off-set the other negatives. The greatest damaging is that it requires without end to toast and it toasts erratically. Only the remaining side compartments have the ‘bagel feature’, but often (not regularly) the proper aspect will give you the ‘one facet only’ toasting. So, toasting is like gambling. Also, the element that ‘raises’ the toast is foolish. It truly is so deep that even when you increase it, a thomas’ english muffin hardly peeks out it took us several makes an attempt to figure out what was the proper location for our desire.

I did a large amount of investigate to find the correct toaster. I was on the fence on this one because of to some testimonials. I bought it anyway and was very delighted. I am not a guide reader, but i did look through while the manual right before i toasted just about anything and i am happy i did. You have to convert it on large and depress both of those sides (with almost nothing in it) for three consecutive occasions (to get the new scent out of it). It did have a robust ‘new smell’ which went away just after the 3rd time (like the handbook claimed). It does a excellent task on toast and bagels. The bagels alternative button is amazing. It only toasts the lower side of the bagel, leaving the outside of the bagel gentle. It really is well worth the bread for this just one.Other critiques about the toasting might have been from not accomplishing the actions in the manual right before working with.

Attractive addition to the countertop. It looked significant having it out of the box, but i can not imaging getting a a great deal lesser 4-slice toaster. So much it can be accomplishing a superior job. The raise function is terrific for my english muffins, and i have not experienced anything at all ejected from the toaster. The only criticizm i have is that the button/dial for toast settings seems to be fairly affordable in comparison with the rest of the toaster, but only time will notify. We haven’t experienced the toaster all that extensive however, and it does give off a burning plastic scent in the beginning (which the pamplet does alert), but just adhere to the guidance and run the toaster on vacant the initial couple instances to get rid of the scent.

Experienced a two slice proctor silex toaster for numerous several years, and eventually got drained of ready, ready and much more waiting around for things to toast. Bought this t-fal 4 slice toaster from amazon a couple months back and really like the efficiency of it. It toasts bagels, muffins and breads just the way we like them. Really don’t know why we failed to do this quicker. We paid a lot more for this one than we generally would have, but it is perfectly worthy of the big difference in selling price. It does choose up a lot more counter space than the standard toaster,but we had the house so it was good. Observed just one just like it when we went to the hilton buffet here in las vegas for people today to use to make their individual toast at breakfast. It’s incredibly strong and seems like it will final a life time. The levers in the center of the toaster elevate bread, and many others.

I would recommend this toaster to anybody. To start with, the only drawback is it is a little bit more substantial than most (more substantial ‘footprint). But it matches extremely nicely in the corner of a counter. It has quick cleanup, with good slideout bins below both of those sides. Even has a defrost environment which is nice (although i not often use this). The center levers pop the toast up out of the toaster properly so you never have to ‘dig’ even though the slots are so pleasant and large, it’s uncomplicated to get toast out. I enjoy the bagel placing, last but not least i don’t have to squish my bagels to toast them (or drag out my a great deal greater toaster oven). Also, i like the broad opening to insert your bread, even when you will not have it on ‘bagel’ environment. The plates just close about the bread the moment you commence the toasting. Really great, specially when you have curled breadthe temperature setting knobs are wonderful and i enjoy the pusbutton in the center of just about every to pop your toast up early if you like. The temperature configurations seem to be quite regular, which i’ve in no way located in a regular ‘older fashioned’ two-slice toaster. It appears to be like pretty nice and modern day on my counter and matches my stainless steel and black appliances beautifully. I utilised to ‘hide’ my other toaster in the cupboard, but this 1 warrants a position on the counter. The moment you see it in human being, and test it, i know you can like it.

Even the canine have no complaints about the toaster, and they know their toastthe toast constantly will come out browned evenly, no matter whether using either of the two slots or all 4 at when. It does make quite darkish toast if you turn it up large i discover that just in excess of the place two. five would be tends to make good toast. The bread, whilst browned on the outside, is not dried out within. The defrost alternative functions nicely, as do the lifting levers to elevate the finished toast. I have not experienced any problems with the bread shooting out of the toaster, even with some scaled-down-slice loaves. The toaster is huge, but if you have the counterspace to accommodate it, it appears to be like excellent.

The major motive i bought this toaster is its angle element. I like to be equipped to keep an eye on my bread as it is toasting so it isn’t going to about-brown and this toaster is terrific for that. Its angled layout enables you to see your toast without obtaining to put your total head above the top rated of the toaster as nicely as the heat. T-fal was the only manufacturer that i identified when exploring my buy that has this angle style and design, so why i obtained this toaster, the t-fal tt7461002 avante deluxe 4-slice toaster. As effectively as its angle layout it has the regular terminate and toast time functions, and also defrost and bagel capabilities. The only criticism i have is the first toaster i recieved transpired to be faulty (the cancel function did not get the job done) and i experienced to contact amazon. But the practical experience was not way too bothersome as amazon. Com sent me a alternative right away as effectively as an electronic mail connection for return postage on the faulty just one (i held my box which is usually a good notion till you are absolutely sure regardless of what you purchase isn’t faulty). As much as precise toasting effectiveness, this toaster has it as i only have to have the toasting dial on three and 1/two to get fantastic toast on regular bread slices.

It boasts modern day structure touches, the angled entrance genuinely helps make insertion and elimination of toast easy and not issue to cabinet heights. The elevate levers do a wonderful work of encouraging to increase up your toast so you really don’t need to have to arrive at into the toaster. These lift levers have also been up to date from the preceding generation of avante toasters (which we have) the preceding technology you would have to maintain the lever down with one particular hand and seize your toast with the other. These elevate levers lock down, so your toast is stored elevated so you can use equally palms to take out toast. The only serious drawback is that it claims higher velocity on it, but it is just not that fast. It takes a few of minutes to deliver toast or a toasted bagel. Bear in thoughts although, that i purchased and analyzed 4 other toasters before choosing this 1 and every single of the other four toasters performed even extra little by little.

I bought this toaster 10 yrs ago and i even now use it and it works terrific. But what is this rate right now???. And i have heard that now it is not the exact quality as it utilized to be ahead of. Why it is almost ten moments a lot more costly if the quality is worse now?.

I appreciated this toaster right until it stopped toasting evenly and i experienced to flip the toast and toast it once again each and every time, which became a chore. I observed a several other assessments mentioning the same detail. As a replacement, i just acquired the breville bta630xl raise and glance contact toaster and so much i am much happier with it. It normally takes up significantly less counter space, has a lot more capabilities and is classy. It also has ‘a little bit more’ button/aspect that i use a good deal to give the toast an additional several seconds without having burning it or manually obtaining to time it.

I really like this toaster with the exception of two items. It will get in a temper and shoots the toast out of the toaster and wherever it lands is anybodys guess. In some cases it shoots off to the side exactly where it falls to the ground. It also burns the toast at times. I have the darkness established at about 1-two and even that does not retain it from burning. With the exception of these two issues it can be a very good toaster. For some purpose it is really started to do this almost just about every time i use it.

After looking through so lots of negative critiques of so many other toasters, i discovered this toaster had what i assumed the most optimistic feed-back. Only factor i was not sure about was irrespective of whether it was truly worth the further revenue. Very well soon after working with now for a several months, i should say i am content with the selection. It toasts matters great – from bagels, to toast, to english muffins. I really like the added lift presented by the center controls – no longer do we will need to use something to attain within and get the toasted items. My only complaint is that the bagel and reheat buttons only have an affect on the left 2 slots. So if you want to use these features for all four slots, you won’t be able to do so.

We’ve had this toaster since may well of 2008, and i’ve under no circumstances felt that it fulfilled my expectations. To be fair, the proportions are offered, but i even now was picturing this toaster as just a bit even larger than a typical 4-slice toaster. So the fact that it didn’t meet up with that individual expectation is my personal fault. I just wished people today to be conscious of how substantial this point is. Even so, i don’t feel it met the adhering to expectations either:-the bagel and defrost buttons are only active for the remaining side of the toaster. What a waste to only be ready to use one particular facet at a time if you happen to be earning extra than a person. -acquiring bread to match squarely into the toaster is often a royal pain. The slots are slanted and you have to spot the bread in them just ideal or they end up crooked with some sections of the leading not down all the way.

When we been given this toaster it was even larger then we predicted but it functions perfectly. The only matter i desire it experienced was a gentle to permit us know when it really is accomplished rather of just popping out of the toaster. Our preceding 1 had a red light that came on a few seconds just before the toast would pop up, to alert us.It can be a fantastic toaster and properly truly worth the revenue. We acquired it to match our new stainless steel fridge and stove and it appears good.

We like the relieve of putting and retrieving breads which is a end result of the slanted top, and it would not ‘toss the toast’ as some other reviewers have warned. Even so, the heating aspects feel to heat additional strongly at times or perform intermittently and never toast the bread evenly, in some situations, almost burning 1 stop when hardly browning the other. Also, the slots are far too limited to accommodate the for a longer time slices of rye or sourdough bread and have to be turned all over 50 percent way through toasting to get much more even browning. Our dissatisfaction is just not good plenty of to return it, but does make distinct to us that no toaster is specifically as marketed. We are, however, happy enough with it to contemplate this type and brand yet again when it really is time to invest in a different toaster.

T-fal Grill – It seems like all I eat now is steaks and burgers

It would seem like all i try to eat now is steaks and burgers. It is every little thing they say it is, if only i could prevent utilizing it. It would seem like all i try to eat now is steaks and burgers. I do, on the other hand, very suggest the ceramic plates as the non-adhere coating on the aluminum ones scratch quite simply.

Improved than the original t-fal optigrill that we experienced. Much better than the unique t-fal optigrill that we experienced. The ceramic plates are soo easy to clear in contrast to the aged teflon plates. Meat normally comes out ideal.

I use it for bacon and sausage for our breakfast. Will make cooking breakfast much more intriguing. All the grease goes in the container, so it can be not as greasy. This more mature fashion is effective just as nicely as the newer 1.Here are the specifications for the T-fal Grill:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Includes OptiGrill, drip tray, two removable grill plates, 72-page recipe book, and 31-page recipe book 1800W^Manual setting: great for grilling vegetables, fruits, and personal recipes^Six cooking programs with present cooking temperature and cycles: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat, and fish^Ceramic grill plates

I had a smal george grill, and despite the fact that it was great when it was just my husband and i now with we have a family i essential a little something more substantial. I did a ton of study on the web -youtube etcetera. I made the decision to get this a single and i’m so pleased that i did. I appreciate the fact that if i forget about to acquire out some meat for evening meal. I can cook dinner working with the frozen button. And that this grill alerts me when my food items is at rear, medium scarce, medium and very well carried out. I can now cook dinner burgers to medium for my spouse well finished for my young ones. The grill wipes thoroughly clean really straightforward if you don’t want to choose off the grill plates but i like the point that i can consider them off if i wish way too.

We use it about three situations a 7 days. Bought one particular for my mom too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works great. Took a little getting used to it
  • Gave this one a try and was glad to find that its grilling plates were made much
  • Good grill if you get it for a good price

Does a excellent job grilling a range of foodstuff–advised. This evaluation is for the t-fal gc704 optigrill. Does a incredibly fantastic position grilling just about something and leaves grill marks on the foods you cook—a great point. Following are the pros and cons,professionals:grill surfaces launch conveniently for cleaninggrill surfaces clean up up relatively easily. How easy depends on what you grilled. For example, teriyaki sauce marinade leaves a skinny, black coating on the surfaces that involve some scrubbing to removepreset cooking time/temps cook dinner meals to normal amount of donedrip pan cleans easilycons:grill surfaces, the removable plates, are a little bit slender and truly feel affordable by some means. They do, however grill nicelytakes up a massive space when storedunit tilts ahead to permit juices to obtain in the drip pan. For illustration, if you’ve marinated or oiled a steak or sliced veggies they slide down and into the drip pan if not stopped. I alter the tilt so it truly is angle is much less and this keeps food items from sliding. Food items like steak, veggies and company fish fillets stick to the upper grilling floor, no matter of working with a spray like pam or oiling/marinating the foodstuff.

It cook my steaks and rooster breast great. I have not employed it for nearly anything else.

I am seriously having fun with my grill. It normally takes guess work out of being aware of how extensive to cook. The clear away cooking plates are so easy to snap out to clean. The only adverse for me is it isn’t going to brown the meat as a lot as i would like.

I completely enjoy my t-fal grill. I have utilised mine for more than a calendar year and haven’t experienced any genuine challenges with meals sticking to it. Warmth it up initially then wipe or spray cooking oil on the plates and cook, then permit it interesting down just before washing it. If meals sticks i merely let it soak for fewer than five minutes and wipe if off and place in dishwasher.

Every little thing has been excellent besides frozen rooster was dry. Everything has been excellent other than frozen hen was dry. Filet mignon was just one of the best ive ever experienced.

Adore, like, like this tfal optigrill. It does exactly what is states. I have cooked steaks, lamb chops, fish, greens, and hen on this great grill. I have cooked home temperature meats as perfectly as frozen and anything i’ve cooked with this grill has turned out beautifully cooked with lovely grill marks. When you cook from frozen it goes into guide mode and you will will need to determine out how extended to cook dinner the frozen foods or seem it up on-line. It will come with a grease drip tray which is required even when you happen to be grilling specified greens. With this tfal grill you will acquire a card supplying you particulars of what just about every mild signifies for a wide variety of meats these as red meat, burger, sandwich, fish/seafood, poultry, and pork. The manual mode is a set temperature for greens or if you choose to make a decision your personal cooking time. Tips are also supplied for various food stuff.

No additional about cooked steaks, pork chops or chicken. So considerably less complicated than the other grills we,ve had (foreman, cuisinart) it routinely adjusts cook dinner time and temperature by the thickness of the meat and/or if it truly is frozen.

Absolutely delighted with invest in expertise and with products. Absolutely satisfied with invest in knowledge and with product. Opti function may possibly be a tiny off, suggest turning off grill a small earlier than indicator implies for preferred cooking amount. A great price and ceramic plates are quite straightforward to cleanse.

Took a tiny receiving utilised to it. Took a tiny having utilised to it. Have cooked most every thing to medium and it has turned out just about if not ideal for us. Have cooked hotdogs, salmon, flounder, smelt, other fish, steak, shrimp on a skewer, etc. Examine a single criticism here about every thing sliding off of the grill mainly because it had a slick floor. We ordered the identical ‘plates’ for the grill as did the complainant. The only detail that desired to at first slip out was the hotdogs. All one had to do for them was stage the grill until the top rated was shut down and then every thing was back to ordinary.

I’ve experienced it for pretty some time now and it is a fantastic product. It’s great for fixing almost any sort of meat and cooks it quite properly.I especially like that it tells you when or the position of take in variety of meat. This is very great when cooking steak simply because you know how exceptional or perfectly completed it is. Really good for cooking for only a person or two people today. – also extremely effortless to thoroughly clean.I almost never have to scrub them to thoroughly clean it.

I have only utilised this new grill a handful of times, but it cooks grilled salmon correctly, finished and even now very moist. I are unable to hold out to check out it on sandwiches and hen. The ceramic plates are a great deal less difficult to clear than my earlier non-adhere metal plates. The recipes in an bundled cookbook are very tasty as nicely.

Wonderful colour and tells u when it is finished. I spray plates with pam right after it is heated, if not i recognize cigarette smoking coming from it. Also, for fast cleanup i place foil into drip pan.

If you adhere to distinctive oil cost-free eating plan , this is what you have to have , i stopped applying oil for cooking , and it will help me a large amount. I am quite pleased with it. Some moments i just spray some butter on the ceramic plates and do my cooking. I am incredibly pleased with this solution.

It cooks meat correctly and is pretty straightforward to clean up. The plates are effortlessly taken off and immediately cleaned with soap and h2o. Though it suggests they are dishwasher risk-free, i have not put them in my dishwasher because they are so simple to clean up.

Gave this 1 a consider and was glad to locate that its grilling plates were created substantially. I might tried two other grills with detachable ‘dishwasher-safe’ grilling plates in advance of this a single, both equally in the george foreman line. With the two of them, the back of the grilling plate created a black residue that would rub off on to your palms and appeared extremely hard to clean off simply because it seems that it was just whatsoever the back of the plate was designed of was donning off (the initially one particular did it when place in the dishwasher, the 2nd one particular proved to do it basically from obtaining it damp and wiping it with a paper towel), which variety of horrified me–difficult to imagine that was protected. I was questioning regardless of whether all this sort of grills had been as seemingly inadequately created. Gave this 1 a test and was glad to come across that its grilling plates were created substantially much better. No this kind of residue dilemma at all. I confess even though, i’m afraid to truly place them as a result of the dishwasher for concern that will use absent at the coating. Although these plates appear to have a uniform exterior, whilst the george foreman plates appeared like they experienced a coating on prime and had been a unique kind of uncoated surface on the residue-y again. I have only washed these plates by hand with dish cleaning soap. The diverse cooking configurations are possibly a tiny unnecessarily challenging, but if all else fails you can use the manual environment.

Have now cooked burgers and salmon on it and it is a no brainer. So straightforward–delightful foods, easy cleanse up and my husband enjoys it.

T-fal Emeril by FR702D 1, Works like a dream!

I used it to prepare dinner fish for ten people. I just wish i experienced requested the more substantial just one. I cherished that i could just move a lever and the grease was strained and stored so easily.

But printing on front not so good. Comes off with stainless cleaner.

This replaced my previous fry daddy and what an improvement. Fried rooster, pork cutlets and french fries occur out excellent. Having a basket helps make deep frying easier, safer and cleaner. I only experienced a strainer scoop on my fry daddy. T-drop and emeril place out a quality item with this fryer, bam.

Key specs for Emeril by T-fal FR702D 1.8-Liter Deep Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration, 1.1-Pound, Silver:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Automatically filters and drains oil into a re-sealable oil storage container
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Professional grade heating element gets the heat you need for crispier foods
  • Hold up to 1.1 pound. of food (1.8 litre of oil). 1200 powerful watts of power
  • Brushed stainless steel pot, lid and exterior
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Comments from buyers

“Take the cap off the reservoir before frying, Love it, but minus 1 star, Great frying quality. only for small dishes though.”

This changed my aged t-fal ultimate e-z thoroughly clean deep fryer (spherical white one). I genuinely like this emeril fryer. Regrettably, i noticed that apparently the exact same drain valve style is used in equally models. The drain valve is what caused my old fryer to leak. Changing the valve in my aged fryer failed to seem to be like an possibility, but in the emeril fryer it appears to be like with valve becoming attached to the detachable bowl, must the valve leak, replacing the detachable bowl need to remove any leaking valve troubles.

Performs solid right after several decades of use. Composing this after many years of use. There are now bigger types in the market. Oil is pit in firdge and reused as we fry a suit but it definitely would make the mess easy to cleanse following the drain.

Adore this factor, we are def. Receiving our money’s well worth out of it. 🙂 so glad i bought it , would suggest it to all people. Really like that following utilizing it you can retailer the oil in the minimal container. Of induce you have to wait for the oil to great down first but cleaning it is a breeze also. You can get the entire detail aside other than of the heating coil but all the things else comes aside and goes into the dish washer and comes out completely clear 🙂 what can i say loving it .

It functions, but as other kitchen items, it will probably get relagated to the basement. Just really don’t use it that considerably, sort of like the breadmaker.

Has all the characteristics for a house fryer. Modest footprint, merchants oil in shut container, filters oil, all components can be put in dishwasher except electrical assembly that retains the calrod. I have utilized it quite a few instances and it performs nicely. It was acquired to substitute a t-fal fryer i made use of for several decades. By miscalculation i turned it on with out oil and the basic safety handle activated. Sadly, it could not be replaced. On this unit they show up to have a reset button.

Hassle-free dimensions, heats up rapidly and retains temperature effectively. I have other units that are big and cumbersome and need oil drainage after every single use. This device is very simple cleanse up and oil storage.

I like this fryer and have made wonderful fried chicken, doughnuts, buffalo wings and apple fritters. The fried rooster was the finest i. Have ever built, and my spouse and children is from the south and the midwest so frying is about all i understood when i remaining house. My husband is a food items snob, and his to start with words just after a bite of the fried hen had been, ‘wow, that’s not greasy at all’. This gets rid of the awesome places, warm spots, and unsafe splattering that take place trying to fry correctly on a stovetop. The filtration procedure is magnificent. I enjoy being equipped to filter and reuse the oil. After the oil is drained, there is just ample drippings to make some gravy. I appreciate the fryer lid that eliminates any splatter, and the steam that will come out does not seem to be to be greasy.

Emeril will not likely stray me incorrect. French fries, shrimp, wings. You can filter the oil and retailer it in the constructed in container.

So considerably we appreciate the emeril by t-fal deep fryer. It does everything that we desired in the deep fryer. . There is temperature control, a filter for the oil and the lid matches on limited so there is no spattering when cooking.

Outstanding purchaser company. . I received the acquire on feb 20 as promised. I experimented with it with french fries, did a fantastic work (could have been crispier). Right after frying i resolved to use the filter and the oil container. I started off draining ,the oil was interesting seemed ok. Soon after about an hour i had a seem at it. The kitchen area ground was 50 percent inch deep in oil. On inspection i learned two holes in the oil container at just about every front corner. What a mess to say nothing at all of what occurred when my spouse obtained house – that’s a further tale.

We seriously like this deep fryer. It heats up rapidly and is easy to thoroughly clean. The only thing i would improve is to make the ready mild brighter, it is tricky to tell when it is on or off.

Have used 3 times and functions nicely to keep temperature and cook dinner in suitable time. The filtration for used oil is extremely practical. Oil in reduced unit is clean and all set for a further use. Still produces steam and oil scent as all fryers, but is an acceptable total.

I love the integrated oil filtration procedure and the ease of cleanup. I take the command device off and wash the heating aspect by hand then toss the relaxation into the dishwasher.

This is a respectable small fryer — heats up speedily and cooks carefully. Clean up is relatively swift, and the constructed in oil-filter is genuinely pleasant. This is a comparatively tiny fryer, so look at how considerably you want want to fry before purchasing.

Does not spatter, quietly fried and its the very best.

From box to frying french fries.

Light indicator for being on is quite hard to see. Seems to be like i will need to have to invest in a deep fry thermometer mainly because the indicator is so dim. It would be great it it had its personal digital show.

I have experienced this only a few months, but i absolutely love it. So easy to clean up, and so uncomplicated to drain the oil to put in the fridge for future time. I have hardly ever experienced yet another fryer to assess it to, but all the things i have manufactured has turned out great, and did i say – it is easy to clean.

I seriously enjoy this fryeri chose this fryer due to the fact it has a filtration system. Oil can be saved and reused. I looked a very long time for the proper sizing. I wished at minimum a 2 liter with a more substantial basket. Could not discover just one ideal. Either as well significant or far too modest. This would seem to get the job done for my uses. Fried a pound of calamari christmas eve.

Acquire the cap off the reservoir right before frying. I did not get the emeril brand name as ordered. It was the typical t-fal fryer in the 1. A single not even supplied on amazon at the time. The value was proper so i never treatment about the identify, will not make it get the job done any otherwise. This is a terrific fryer which has experienced a good deal of controversial assessments about the heat & leaking oil. So considerably the warmth has been best for the appetizers i’ve tried out. Haven’t carried out any hefty responsibility frying of hen or everything however. Employs very minimal oil so must be incredibly hot enough not to soak in.

Dropped cord to previous fryer during a move. It would expense pretty much the exact same for a alternative twine from the corporation as obtaining a new fryer, so i bought this a present for hubby. Are unable to say how a great deal he loves the filtration method – really saves on cleanse up & oil. As others pointed out, be confident not to overfill. It is on the smaller sized side potential clever, but works excellent for our relatives of 4.