Sunbeam Rocket Grill – Indoor Grilling Machine : Great Product

Easy to operate, really a handy kitchen appliance to use. Just put in frozen food and no mess, easy clean-up, just throw the bag away.

I have been using it for 2 years now. The best feature is that all the grease drains to the bottom of the parchment bags and you simply throw them away.

Sunbeam Rocket Grill – Indoor Grilling Machine

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  • Sunbeam Rocket Grill. Grills most fresh foods in 3
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Bought this some months ago–works great for grilling fish and burgers. I found that its best to thaw the food before cooking. Did not get good results with frozen items.

Takes the draining concept of the george foreman grill and makes it even better and easier. I’ve ever taken frozen steak and put it in this thing, best steak i’ve ever had.

This is one of the best grills i have ever purchased, it cooks in it own bag without making a mess. It grills to perfection and the food comes out great. All the fats and grease drip to the bottom of thebag and all you need to do is throw it away. Really great would recommend it to everyone.

Sunbeam Rocket Grill – Indoor Grilling Machine : Love this grill beats bbqing outdoors at age 71 happy years.

This is the perfect item for a single person or couple. The rocket is an indoor, smokeless grill that requires no cleaning. The steaks are perfect and grilled veggies are easy. The kids can do several hot dogs at a time and get the results of messing with an outdoor charcoal grill. We love this and will probably be purchasing more in the future.

The rocket grill is the best kitchen appliance i’ve ever purchased. It cooks meats perfectly, and there is absolutely no clean up. Steak that isn’t frozen cooks in 4-5 minutes with beautiful grill marks, and the meat is juicy and delicious. I haven’t cooked frozen meat yet, but i’ve been told it does great with that as well. I have no idea what the person who gave this one star is talking about. Maybe they have this machine confused with something else, because the rocket grill is fantastic.

Four or five years ago, when the sunbeam 7530 rocket grill electric grilling appliance first came out, i was given a gift card to purchase the then over $100 rocket grill. This was to replace my umteenth george foreman grill. I was intrigued with the idea of sunbeam 7545 rocket grill parchment pouches, 36 pack to cook the food in and then just throwing the pouches away. When my original rocket grill broke (hey, that dial timed a lot of meals) i was desparate to find another (i had forgotten how to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc. Any other way); and don’t get me started about how fast it cooks. I didn’t care if i had to spend over a hundred dollars again. Imagine my delight when i purchased it through amazon. This is the best grilling machine, not to mention the reliability of the sunbeam name.

Replaced my two year old unit that died prematurely.

Since we got the rocket grill we have made hot dogs, great burgers, steaks and pork chops, fish in just a few minutes and the tast is fantastic. It cooks on both sides so there is no turning and it cooks evenly through. The clean up is a snap because the bags go right in the trash and they hold all the grease form the meat. Our daughters saw it when they came over for dinner and we used the rocket grill to do chicken patties for sandwiches. They were amazed at how well it cooked and the clean up after cooking that they wanted one so i bought them one for christmas. The sunbeam rocket grills are great.

I loved the fact that there was no cleanup after cooking. It will take some trial and error to learn the proper cooking time to cook items to your individual satisfaction. But once you do they come out perfect. You can put steaks in directly from the freezer. Use the cooking time guide as a guide to start. Do not leave food in the grill after the timer goes off otherwise it will continue cooking.

This is my second rocket grill from sunbeam. I have used this almost on a daily basis since i got my new one. The old one worked just fine until i stripped the timer. I set the timer too long and when i tried to turn the timer off i stripped the knob. If i had not done this i would still have my old one. I love love love this machine. I use it almost like i said on a daily basis and i feel happy knowing that i am cooking my chicken, turkey, and fish in a healthier way. I am always amazed at how much extra grease and fat is extracted from your food yet the meat is still moist. I haven’t used my outdoor grill in forever since discovering this machine. Only downfall is that i have found that food cooks better if it is thawed out rather than trying to cook it while still frozen; however, i don’t mind.

The rocket grill is the best grill i have ever used. Not having time to plan and defrost meals in advance is no longer a problem. There is no messy clean-up, put the parchment bag in the trash and you are done. I had to make some modifications to the recommended heat setting and time because the food was coming out way overcooked. Now i leave the heat setting on ‘fresh/precooked fozen’ and reduce the cooking time at least a minute even if the food is frozen. I check the food to make certain that it is not overcooked and if it needs another minute or so it easy easy to turn the grill back on. The rocket is lightweight and portable so i am planning to take it to tailgate parties.

I have had this for a couple of years now so i’m confident in my review of this. I use it all the time, it’s a life saver for burger making. No muss no fuss,and more inportantly no cleanup. I tend to use the parchment packets a good four times over if i’m doing burger after burger. (i just drain the grease in the dog bowl) i even on occassion have had to make ‘my own’ folding parchment paper over and stapling, when i run out of the packetsthat would be my only complaint i wish you could buy the packets at the store rather than on line. Other than that no complaints here. This is one i use, and use often, not something you use twice and bury in the appliance graveyard, ie, way way in the back of your really high cupboards.

I’ve had one for several months and i’ve used it every day. I don’t use it when making a full dinner for more than two people, but for one or two people this is fantastic. Older kids can make sandwiches or hamburgers with this and there is no mess to clean up, just throw the cooking bag away. And we have used cooking bags more than once for things like grilled cheese or panini style sandwiches. When making hamburgers for two we have used the same bag in a row twice. It works just like a panini grill only no cleanup and you can do lower calorie cooking by not having to put oil or butter on bread if you wish. If you want a quick hamburger, this is what you need. It cooks both sides at once and takes about six minutes to get a perfect hamburger without a greasy pan to clean up or grease spatters. The grease ends up in the bottom of the bag, and the bags are designed so that the meat sits above the grease reservoir and can’t fall into it when taking the bag out and removing the hamburger.

Sunbeam 7545 rocket grill parchment pouches, 36 packsunbeam 7530 rocket grill electric grilling appliancethis product is so easy and cooks perfectly.

This is my second rocket grill. I wore the other one out in about three years using it several times a week. Place frozen or thawed food in the bag, cook a few minutes and throw away the bag. Food stays moist and fat drains to bottom of bag.

This is a replacement for my first one of 10 years.

The rocket grill is a must for every kitchen. It is as easy to use and clean as any toaster. I have owned one for several years. Each dish i prepare using it comes out perfectly every time. I am a good cook but this makes things easy given my hectic schedule. It is also healthy since all of the fat drips down and is captured in the edge of the bag. I can’t say enough about it. This christmas i decided to give it as a gift to members of my family and they have been calling me to tell me how wonderful it is. I actually bought it early to give to them in advance of christmas so that i could be assured that there would be sufficient stock.

Yes i like it a lot good product.

Love the quickness and ease of grilling in this machine. Bags are a little overpriced and not always in stock.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker : Great equipment but?

I have owned 3 of these over several years since they were introduced and basically wore out every one of them through constant use. It has the capacity to make hot tea with tea bags as well as loose tea (separate filter basket that fits into the tea bag basket). It also has a strength control for brewing. The only feature i wish it had was a stop and pour option like many coffee makers have. I tried stopping mine manually and i think that feature is not included because the tea tastes different at the beginning than when the total brewing is finished.

I purchased this from walmart and have it in white color. I like the look of the black too after seeing it here on amazon. Anyway, this tea maker works great. Now i’ve had it for almost 10 months, i’ve never had any problems with it. After i bought it, i definitely drink tea more often, which has made my life healthier. It’s so easy to use and care for (basically just cleaning the pot once in a while). I like the warming feature and adjustable steeping level. The little basket is very convenient and you could mix tea bags and make your own favorite. The first thing i do every morning is to turn this tea maker on and have a hot cup of tea. It’s a great product and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle and likes to drink tea.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker, White

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  • Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker

I’m so glad i bought this tea maker. I have only had this for about 3 weeks, and it makes perfect herb tea, that still taste good after siting hot for a few hours. I have only used tea bags,and will mix acouple of different types with my green tea. This does not turn off automaticly. There is a green light to let you know it’s on. This has a knob to turn if you want your tea mild , reg, or strong. I keep it on strong, as i drink herb tea, and feel i’m getting more antioxidents that way. Oz said when your makeing green tea, if you squeeze a , lemon, orange, or lime into your tea cup you will get all the good antioxidents from the green tea. If you do not, your basicly drinking flavored water.

Have had our sunbeam tea drop for about 3 weeks now and love it. The people who say it does not brew a strong enough cup of tea are full of beans. Before i got it, i was steeping my tea in boiling water for 15 minutes. There is no difference what so ever between the taste of the tea. (i was using green tea) it is wonderful not to have to go thru all of the extra steps and to have a perfectly brewed cup of tea in minutes. I’d buy another one when this one dies.

This was exactly what i was looking for. It makes a good cup of tea and keeps the extra warm. Small enough to fit near my computer so i can enjoy it without having to run to the kitchen constantly. My only complaint is that when i take it apart to clean after brewing that the tea drips inside and has to be wiped out. I would recommend this product. Edit: the carafe broke after i dropped it. I called to purchase a new one from sunbeam and, to my surprise, shipped me a free one at no charge.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker, White : Kepp it hot without boiling it. Cold weather came last year and i wanted tea. I got one winter’s use out of it.

Like the guage for strength of the tea and the fact you can use loose or bagged tea.

I really like this tea maker. I purchased this one to replace the one i broke on accident. I have used this tea maker for years and years–i love it. I am not a tea snob; i experimented with tea bags until i got the right strength for my taste. I put it on full strength with 3 irish breakfast tea bags and it comes out beautifully. I don’t have to time my tea. I just fill, push the button, and ten minutes later i have perfectly steeped tea. If this one ever breaks, i will be in the market for another one.

I already own this tea drop, and have loved it since day one. My sister-in-law also loves tea, but was using a pot to boil water, and she was scalding her tea. My brother let me know how unhappy she was about that and i decided to surprise her. After the first cup of tea, she called and texted me about how excited she was. Now we are sharing tea websites online.

I drink a lot of tea, and i find this little unit is wonderfully consistent in brewing. It lends itself particularly well to the brewing of fine white or green teas for which, to protect the tea from a bitter or astringent taste, the water should not be brought to a boil. It also does a very nice job with most oolongs and even some black blends. If i am in a hurry, i’m generally satisfied with the results i get with black, rooibos, mate and herbals that require hotter water and longer steep times, but when i’m fussy about these latter varieties i use a teapot and infuser so i can control the results to my taste. I find the sunbeam hot tea maker extremely easy to use. I always use loose teas which, of course, get loose if i’m not careful. The trick is to take the infuser basket out when putting leaves into it.

Just as the amazon description illustrated,this little brewer does an exceptional job. . Quite a good price for this attractive, very functional appliance. Since christmas, it has been used several times a day on both loose and bagged teas.

This tea maker workers like a coffee maker, however the ‘steeping’ time is controlled by slowing the passage of the tea/water through the tea grounds into your cup when darker tea is desired. With about twice the normal amount of tea, you can get an okay cup of tea when you select the darkest setting. The trouble is, for really good tea, you want the water to be brought to a rolling boil and you want the water and the tea to stay in contact for 2 to 6 minutes depending on the kind of tea and the strength you like. Neither of these things happen with this tea maker so even when you add twice the amount of tea, you can get a darker cup, but you won’t get the kind of full-bodied tea taste that tea lovers like to savor. That said, this tea maker does keep the tea you have made nicely warmed, so that is a plus. If you’re not a fanatic for awesome tea and you don’t mind using twice as much tea, you might find this teapot a nice convenience.

I didn’t buy this tea maker for myself but for my husband who drinks about 5 cups a day. We had a tea kettle that we would heat up on a stove top but this tea maker saves us time and money on our electricity bill. He is a teacher so he can bring it in the classroom if he wanted to. It’s a wonderful concept– good tasting tea that is quick and easy to make whenever you want a cup. If you love to drink tea throughout the day, i recommend buying this tea maker. It is small enough to go with you to the office or stay at home.

If you like hot tea, this is a great buy. It comes with its own infuser/strainer so it works with loose tea as well as tea bags. You have variable settings so you can adjust the strength of the tea it makes. I not only use it for flavored teas but also for making an herbal tea at bedtime. And, if you just want to make just one or two cups of cocoa or spiced cider, you can use it to heat the water and keep it hot. Nothing like it for making tea though. Great gift for the tea lover.

It takes 3 tea bags to get 2 medium strength cups of tea. Husband isn’t very thrilled about it but he was using a stove tea kettle and would leave the water boiling for hours. I put a stop to that because i was afraid he go off to work and leave the gas stove running all day. When you compare it to burning the house down, it’s not such a bad deal. Update 9/25/13:we’ve been using this nonstop since purchase. You can heat the water with the tea bags in the holder or just put the tea bags directly in the carafe.

My grandmother was looking for a teapot that did more then just heat up water for her tea, and it seemed that every one that would do more then one cup of water at a time was just that. She uses her teapot every day, and goes through 2 to 3 pots a day and every time i see her she thanks me again for it.

I bought this tea maker for my boyfriend last year and i’m not exaggerating when i say that we use it everyday (maybe even twice a day) after one year of continuous work the little bugger is still going great. There are some obvious signs of use however, especially on the burner (from negligence in allowing the water to spill and what not) but it works fine just the same. I read a comment about it not steeping, which is true, but i don’t think it makes that big of a difference. This christmas i’m planning on buying him the expensive and fancy zafino (i think thats the name) although i don’t expect it to be much different. That product claims to steep at the right time needed for all the different tea types, i will update with the reality and whether it’s worth the $60 extra or whether this sunbeam is just as good for a better bargain. I own the white machine but i would definately suggest the black because mine tends to accumulate smudges of sorts and the exterior needs constant wiping down to look neat (when the tea hits the cover as it drips it splashes a bit). And am so glad to have it, not only is it convienent but my regular tea pots couldn’t stand up to our endless torture of tea brewing.

We have enjoyed using this tea drop for quite a while. I hope they will put it back in production because when i need another one,i will go first to sunbeam as their products have served us so well ever since my mom got her mixmaster many years ago.

Had one of these, for several years, which i loved. Perfect for one person that drinks more than one cup, but doesn’t want to waste a large pot. I’m sorry to find it is not available, new , at a reasonable price any longer i’d like something very similar to replace this.

Sunbeam has this tea maker, see?bright green power lamp when rocker switch is left on, so if you turn the lights out in the kitchen, glance back to know if it’s on, you will. Two foot power cord will store excess into its back with a locknotch, so you can keep cat from tripping on it. Nice feature on fill reservoir in back of unit is a rubber water exit hole above the max fill line. If you don’t look and fill it twice, say, it will oops, leak out the back, not onto the case with the heater in it, due to the rubber part and a curved back on the unit, keep the carafe from overflow in front, and remind you that you blew it over and over as you soak up the puddle. Five position steep time changer is iffy, but yes, it does do something. This is a mechanical lever that ups&downs the filler tube in the brew basket. My unit, with lever on strong, from cold start fills pot in 5. 0min, after that, 4 1/2 plus or minus five seconds.

The tea drop arrived when it was supposed to and serves us great every morning.

Difficult to find for purchase. In my opinion, price is a little expensive but i use this tea maker every single day. Easy to use and i like to keep the extra tea warm until i’m ready for another cup. I’m not a sophisticated tea drinker so i use tea bags rather than loose tea for ease of brewing and cleaning.

Sunbeam FPSBCML900 Cupcake Maker, Cupcakes are my life now!

Love it, makes nice full size cupcakes in only 10 minutes. It is very well made and will last a long time.

I absolutely love this cupmaker, i have used it many times already and everytime the cupcakes come perfect and delicious. I have read some of the comments and there is some complaining, however if you follow the instructions and guidelines it is a breeze and you are not spending electricity by using the oven.

I bought this four months ago. It was a lifesaver over summer. I was able to bake yummy cupcakes for birthdays, special occasions and just because. It bakes six full size cupcakes at at time. They take about nine minutes to bake. Brownies take a little longer. Older children can use it, with supervision. It does get really hot, so you must be careful. I use an oven mitt to open the lid and a spatula to remove the baked cupcakes. It works well and looks adorable.

Key specs for Sunbeam FPSBCML900 Cupcake Maker, Pink:

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  • Enjoy fresh baked delicious cupcakes or muffins with the fun shaped sunbeam cupcake maker
  • Uniquely designed cupcake shapes allows you to create 6 cupcakes in 10 minutes
  • Warm up and ready lights indicate that the cupcake maker is on and heating
  • Easy-lift handle designed for easy and safe use
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy
  • Cupcake maker bakes up to 6 cupcakes in just 10 minutes
  • Cupcake-shaped housing; domed lid with easy-lift handle
  • Power/ready indicator lights offer added convenience
  • Nonstick cooking plates for effortless cake removal and quick cleanup
  • Measures 10-4/5 by 10 by 6-4/5 inches

Comments from buyers

“Scrumptiously efficient!
, Great, Terrific, Love it!
, Go with this Sunbeam and skip the Easy Bake Oven!

Bought it for my wife to have fun with the grand kids. They made and decorated a bunch for my 70th birthday party. The kids were quite creative with decorating, using graham cracker bears, drink umbrellas, and colored frostings. Made a ‘beach’ theme with bears in the sand and peppermint ‘beachballs’, and gummy fish in blue, ‘ocean water. ‘ makes perfect cup cakes in a short time.

I did alot of research on cupcake makers before getting this for my mother in law. This was rated the best even though it was priced a little higher than some. She gets perfect cupcakes every time in about 10 minutes per batch. I also liked that this made full size cupcakes instead of minis.

My wife loves this stupid thing. . But i get quick tasty cupcakes and muffins and doesn’t have to lite the oven. It’s a win win and i get a treat.

I was so into making cupcakes for any party that i attended. Now, it is so easy that even my daughter can make the cupcakes. They always turn out perfect and everyone loves them. You can make them at any time and even use it for muffins. I can’t tell you how great this product is – only that i use it all the time. If you love to bake and create wonderful baked goods – this is the product you need to get. I got the pink one and it is just wonderful.

This product produces the most moist, perfect cupcakes you can make. Definitely better than using an oven. It’s larger than i expected, the handle is positioned in an odd place, to me, it only makes six at a time, and it’s like playing hot potato trying to get the cupcakes out, which is why i gave it four stars and not five. But, regarding the making of cupcakes, which is it’s main function, lol, it won’t fail you. I’d definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

This cupcake maker is quick and easy to use. Take mere minutes to make cupcakes. I highly recommend using cupcake liners in it for easy clean-up. The only thing i have noticed is some cupcakes come out a little light and break easily i just add a little cornmeal and it works perfectly.

I love this little cupcake maker. No extra heat in my kitchen and the children can do it.

This little cupcake maker is fantastic. The cupcakes come out moist and round on top. Fill the paper cups 3/4 full with boxed cake batter and bake for 10 minutes. They will not look fully baked on top, but they are. Any longer than 10 minutes and they get brown bottoms. I don’t wait to remove them, i use tongs as soon as they are done, put down the lid till the ready light comes on and start the next batch. About 22 cupcakes from a boxed cake mix. I love this cupcake maker and will be ordering another.

I ordered this to make cupcakes but found that it does not brown as well as when you put them in the oven.

It has made my life so easy. I can make 6 regular size cupcakes in 17 minutes with minimum mess.

We purchased this 10 months ago and really appreciate what it can bake. From cupvakes to muffins to cornbread, it does it all. We are at sea level and 13 to 14 minutes cook time does the trick. I would recommend this as a great gift for new bride, busy mom, eager teenager or retired folks. I always use papers sprayed with a good baking spray and the papers peel right off. The only oddity is that the tops of the cupcakes get cracks from the steam release. You never really know because of the frosting.

I got this cute little appliance a few days ago to ease myself into baking. I am a good cook, but i have no baked goods in my repertoire (my only dessert is crepes). Cupcakes are both adorable and very versatile, so i thought i’d start there. The recipes i looked at online seemed nice, but i am someone who doesn’t like waiting for the oven to preheat and then scrubbing pans. So, this little gizmo seemed like the right thing for me. You plug it in, wait for the green light to flick on, put down cups, pour in batter, close the lid, set a 10-minute timer, and wait. After 10 minutes, insert a toothpick in the center of the cupcakes to see if the batter sticks or if it comes out clean. If it sticks, wait a minute more, check again (repeat as many times as necessary until it comes out clean). Once the toothpick comes out clean, i unplug the machine and use a rubber spatula to pop out each cupcake.

I do not write reviews, but this little machine rocks. I made cupcakes last night (not my best batch) and i thought they might be a bit dry. Much to my surprise, every cupcake came out moist and spongy. They baked quickly and evenly.Plus, amazon made a mistake on the price and marked it as $11. I know it was a mistake because the next day it went back up to $46. If you love to bake, this is a great piece to invest in.

It is simple to operate and easy to clean.

I bought this for my daughter (she is 8) to make cupcakes. Cooks cupcakes perfectly in 10 mins and muffins in 12. I have made breakfast tarts with pie crust and egg too. And its really nice looking too.

This is great for cupcakes but also good for muffins. Now i do think the muffin mix you need to add to are the best (scratch is even better), there are times i do not have in the house what is needed so i keep packets of muffin mix you just add water. Theyalso make 6 which fits just right in this maker. There are so many small easy to use and clean anymore i wish they had back in themid 1970’s when i was in collage, i sure would have eaten better.

I just purchased this item and it is awesome. Best kitchen gadget i ever bought. Makes perfect cupcakes, brownies, muffins, angle food. Also have made grands biscuits in it and cornbread.So easy and works perfectly.

I have boughten four of them for friends and family. They all love it, perfect gift. I’m ready for my next gift purchase.

Santa just brought this adorable cupcake maker for my 9 (almost 10 yr. Old)step daughter for christmas and she absolutely loves it. It is not only so cute (a giant pink cupcake) but it’s easy for her to use with miniml supervision and great results.

Very simple to use: no on/off switch so simply plug in and wait for indicator light to change from ‘warm up’ to ‘bake ready’, after 10 minutes, we get a perfect batch of cupcakes every time. I use baking cup with this so cleanup is super easy (non-stick surface. ) highly recommend this product.

My 8 year old daughter had an ‘easy bake oven’ on her list for christmas this year. After reading the reviews and remembering what an ordeal / disappointment it was when i had one as a kid, i explained to her: ‘honey, i’ve been reading bad reviews about the performance and dissatisfaction with the easy bake. Do you think you might want me to send santa an email and ask him to modify your list to a cupcake maker instead?. She was pleased to make the change. The cupcake maker shipped promptly from amazon and my daughter was delighted on christmas morning. A couple of days later she made her first batch of cupcakes with supervision near the hot plates. Her cupcakes turned out beautifully. She frosted and decorated them and was delighted to give each of us one of her lovely creations. As a mom, i like that it makes only 6 at a time. If you need to do larger batches, that’s easily done as they don’t take but a few minutes to bake.

Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance : Easy, convenient!

I have had this item twice before and my only complaint was that the knob broke and i therefore had to replace the griller. Hoping they had made some improvements because this is a great product.

I have had 2 rocket grills because i love the concept and there really is no clean-up involved; however. The first one i bought off hsn over 10 years ago (and was just over $100. The unit worked great and i took excellent care of it, but the vented lid eventually rotted and cracked (i think from the heat) on the unit and the timer dial also broke. (btw, the original rocket grill was not made by sunbeam). For a few years i didn’t even think they made these anymore and i had a ton of bags left. Then i finally found this one by sunbeam a few years ago. The entire unit held up great, and i thought they had made an improvement to it by making the vented lid out of metal instead of plastic, which did help as far as my lid problem went. Unfortunately, my dial broke again.I take good care of my things, so i know i was not rough with it.

Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Unique grilling appliance grills fresh or frozen foods in minutes
  • Sunbeam parchment pouches channel fat and grease away from food
  • Fresh or frozen control switch; easy-to-use timer; no cleanup required
  • Accessories include 12 parchment pouches and recipe book
  • Measures 14 by 11 by 11 inches; 1-year limited warranty

This is a backup as they are hard to find now. I would not want to be without one.It’s great for one or two people.

I have one of the first rockets they made. I need a new timer dial knob. They don’t have parts anymore.

My son recently moved out and i know he is not a cooker. He eats pre cooked, micowave food. I got him and my daughter one each. My son loves it sooooo much. Turkey burgers, beef burgers, boneless chicken breast, grill cheese and more. It’s cheaper now for him to eat and ‘no mess clean up’love, love, love the sunbeam rocket grill.

Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill Electric Grilling Appliance : I found my receipt on amazon for the purchase. Lo and behold i had six weeks left on the one year warranty. I called sunbeam and in a minute or two they promised to ship me a brand new unit. All i have to do is cut the cord and trow the old one out. . Worked for about six months before it died. Since you use little pouches to cook the food and i have 25 of them left the grill worked exactly 25 times before it broke.

The rocket grill really is the best grill ever. I belong to weight watchers and love the fact that the grease is whisked away from the meat i cook. Everything cooks so fast and there is no clean up. Just discard the used pouches. The seller is the very best to do business with. I had a rocket grill i had purchased from him that needed repair and the seller promptly sent me a new grill. I would recommend this seller to others.

I cannot believe this thing has not overtaken the foreman grills and every grill like it on the market. The sunbeam rocket grill is absolutely the best quick grill kitchen gadget on the market in regards to convenience and no mess. I have one unit, and i wanted to get this as a gift for a few friends for christmas. I could not find it anywhere. Tons of foreman grills and none of these. Sunbeam get off your duff and pay attention. You have a high demand device that most people know nothing about. The great thing about this grill. There is no mess or cleanup. You pop your turkey burgers or whatever in the parchment bag, put it in the unit.

I purchased a rocket grill about 8 years ago. It still looks like new and works well. It’s one of the most used appliances in my kitchen. The only problem i ever had with the rocket was cooking a frozen fish plank. I switched the button to ‘frozen’ which brings the grill plates closer together. When i took the fish out, it was 1/4′ thick and looked like tree bark. I guess the plates continued to move closer as the fish cooked. Now with frozen foods, i move the switch to ‘frozen’ until the plates stop moving then switch it back to ‘fresh’.

Fast-tasty and clean grilling in throw away parchment bags. Small cooking capacity and expensive cooking bags are the only drawbacks. Has a moving grill plate that closes on food and then releases after cooking is done. I wonder how durable this machine will be.

The only thing i dislike,is the knob has broken so i ordered another knob and the stem is too long and will not work the machine. My grandson had a rocket grill so i tried it on his and same thing, stem is too long. I reordered 5 knobs from sunbeam and they to are all to long. Also,why would sunbeam discontinue such a wonderful product?.The rocket grills they have on amazon are way over priced.

I was interested in this appliance when it first came out but decided it was too much money and i already had a cupboard full of appliances. It is just the two of us now and so i have to cook in smaller portions. I came across the appliance right after christmas in a discount store and the price was right. I can put 2 portions in the bag and it is quick and doesn’t dry out the meat. I use it to grill sandwiches and love the no clean up after. I don’t know how long the appliance will continue to work, but for now, i use it almost everyday for something.

I love my rocket grill, but more to the point i use my rocket grill. It was given to me by my mother as a christmas gift a few years ago. After using it the first time i was quite keen on it. It’s easy and clean to use no splatter no mess. We use it for meats of course fresh or frozen, boned or not but we also use it to grill sandwiches as well as certain vegetables. I have now gifted several family and friends with the rocket grill and it has become a commonly used small appliance in our kitchens. Besides it cooking consistency and its safety features it also is a no-mess appliance because all of the grease stays in the throw-away parchment. Which reminds me, be sure to order an extra package of sunbeam 7545 rocket grill parchment pouches, 36 pack as you will be using this grill frequently. Just place your seasoned meat, vegetables, or sandwich in the parchment bag, slip it into the top of the rocket grill, set the timer (it comes with a timing guide that slips into a drawer in the bottom of the unit for safe keeping), then wala the bell goes off, give it about 30 seconds for the grill plates to move back into their non-cooking position, lift the lid, pull out the parchment envelope and remove your food. I use short oxo good grips 9-inch locking tongs with nylon heads so i am certain to not puncture my meats (puncturing will let those wonderful meat juices escape).

However, the first one i purchased elsewhere only lasted a little under 3 years and then the knob went on it. Hoping this one lasts longer, because it’s so convenient. And there’s no mess to clean up. The only thing i don’t like is the price of the parchment pouches.

I’ve tried a good many grills, but none can compare to this one. You can take a frozen hamburg and cook it well done in 3 1/2 minutes. I’ve grilled chicken – came out just wonderful. I’ve grilled frozen chicken kabobs, again – only took a few minutes. I’ve made panini sandwiches, bread comes out nice a toasty and insides are warmed. I’ve even done a grilled cheese sandwich in it. And talk about the fat dripping away – because it’s like a toaster, all the fat drips into the bottom of the bag, aware from the food. You won’t regret getting it.

I have owned this product for over 6 months. I have yet to have to clean anything. I cook a lot of hamburgers, chicken patties, breasts, fish etc. Everything has turned out great. The bags are a little expensive but the saving in time, paper towels, soap the expense is worth it. I do think this is more a single person’s item because there isn’t a lot of room in the bags for two chicken breasts etc. I hope when mine wears out they are still making them. Update: stopped using the grill a long time ago. Main reason was that it flattened(squished) the food a little bit too much.

Great for one or two person household. Love the convenience and ease of use. The parchment bags make clean-up quick and easy.

I like this with reservations. It certainly removes all the grease from your food but it also squeezes it a lot. You have to be sure to use the lighter setting when making sandwiches or it squeezes the insides out. I guess it’s all a learning curve thing. I could live without it but i do like it for quick meals for myself. Flattens it a bit but that’s part of the reason i like it. And, of course, the best part. This is one of many of my kitchen toys i just had to try.

This is perfect if you want quick burgers, chicken etc that is juicy and not dried out.

I have had this product for a few weeks and love it. It cooked frozen chicken breasts perfectly, frozen sirloin steak,fresh chicken and awesome sandwiches. I prefer to use fresh meats and marinate them first for flavor,they come out the best. But frozen works well in a pinch for time-great for a healthy protein fix. less shipping fee and it includes 48 bags. The replacement bags are pricey but well worth the time saver in no clean-up. I am sending one to each of my kids at college-easy for use in a dorm. I use the extra thick bread for grilled cheese-comes out looking like the cover of bon appetite. ]

I have to have a tranformer to use this, but it is the best thing i have ever owned that was reliable and easy to clean. Secondly, how can you beat the fact that the fat dribbles down in the pocket and leaves your food clean?.I use this for everything, from steaks, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and grilling vegetables. I save the juice from the veggies to use in place of oil in my arroz con pollo. Secondly, you can save your drippings from the parchment pocket to separate the juice from the fat. I pour it in a little ziplock baggie, stick it in the fridge till the fat solidifies and then i snip the end of the bag to catch the broth. I use that as well in place of oil.

For john burns’ negative 2 star review – yes, i’ve had my timer knob break as well – just email or call sunbeam and they will send you a new one at no charge, but the second time it broke the recommended i contact another on-line company that’s only open two or three hours a day – plus, i felt i should not have to pay for a replacement on an obviously defective part. So my husband made me a knob, out of metal( – he used to build race cars, so a knob is not a big deal for him)we love this product. Since my stroke 9 years ago, my husband does 99% of the cooking and cleanup afterwards – so he absolutely loves it. A moist and juicy rare fillet mignon in about 3 minutes. Great for grilled squash or other veggies (trick: use a shishkabob skewer run through the bottom of asparagus stalks to keep them from falling and bunching up at the bottom of the bag. Also works with hot dogs or thin sausage) just toss the bag when you’re done. I think about every 10th or so use, i pop the lid off and wash it, as it tends to collect spatter if you broil something with a higher fat content. And there’s like a little crumb tray at the bottom that i shake out and rarely rinse off. It’s the best ‘gadget’ type item that i bought on a whim, everyou need to experiment with your cooking times at first until you get the right time for the doneness you like. My first burgers came out like hockey pucks, because i had the switch set to frozen food (which causes the grill plates to press together more tightly than the fresh food setting) in most cases, i found that the suggested cooking times were too long for most of what we cooked. So you need to set the timer for less time, then see how it comes out and adjust accordingly – you won’t be sorry you took a little extra time to figure out your ideal cook times for your favorite foods. Also check out ebay for your parchment bags, i bought 300 bags in a batch last time and it brought to per bag cost down to less than thirty cents a bag. By buying in bulk – and they don’t take up a lot of room to store.

Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Maker, Fun, fast and different

Great price and a very cute product.

My 12 yr old son asked for a fortune cookie maker for his birthday. The recipe in the included booklet made a nice crisp cookie. There is a little trial-and-error to get the right cooking time, and learn the correct folding technique; we had a few rounds of rejects, but then every one after that was perfect.

The flap lock for securing the opening during cook time is broken after a few uses. Otherwise, it’s a fine product.

Key specs for Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Maker, Red:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Uniquely designed fortune cookie shapes
  • Creates 2 delicious fortune cookies in minutes
  • Power & ready to bake lights indicate that the fortune cookie maker is on and heating
  • Includes Fortune Molder and Fork for easy removal
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy

Comments from buyers

“I like my fortune cookie maker way too much.
, Wonderful product
, This fortune cookie maker is terrific. I have made fortune cookies for birthday parties

Actually the cookie maker was incomplete the plastic piece that help to fold the cookies wasn’t in the box anyway it works and we invented how to fold the cookies.

Fortune cookie maker produced perfect fortune cookies. It was a gift for a teenager and he enjoyed sharing it with family and friends.

This cookie maker is easy to use and fun for the kids. In addition they taste better than store bought cookies. Can be used for all occasions.

Item as described at a great price.

I was very pleased with this product. I bought it for friend and she was so amazed she couldn’t wait to make them.

It takes a while to learn how to give the fortune cookies the proper shape without burning your fingers. The recipe that comes with the device is very good and makes a lot of cookies. You can also made ‘medallions’ (flat disks) and, with a small stick, you can roll wonderful mini-canoli. Warning: depending where you live, the ultra-fine or super fine sugar the recipe calls for may not be available. Plan ahead or order this special sugar online.

The quality of the cookies that come out of it are surprisingly good. In many ways, better than the fortune cookies you are used to at chinese restaurants in that they have more flavor (recipe provided in package) and make other fortune cookies taste kind of bland. Be careful when making them, the stuff is quite hot and you can burn your fingers so i would not recommend this for young kids. Very glad i purchased this and would recommend to anyone who likes fortune cookies. Being able to make up your own fortunes and stick them in the cookies is kinda fun too.

My daughter wanted a fortune-cookie maker, and after looking at the ‘toy’ options, i decided to buy a ‘real’ kitchen item (one that a cook would use). I’m so glad i picked this one. It’s easy to use, and the instructions for folding the cookies were simple to follow — we practiced on the first cookie and each got it right by the second one. I opted not to buy any pre-packaged fortune cookie mixes (none of them got great reviews). We used the recipe that was included with the fortune cookie maker, and it’s delicious. The cookies looked and tasted exactly like the kind you get after dinner in a chinese restaurant, and cleanup was easy.

I have been having fun making my own fortune cookies. It took a while to get the hang of it. I also looked up a video on youtube for better folding instructions. The recipe is okay, but there are better ones out there. Lots of great fortunes on line as well if you get stumped.

We enjoy using the fortune cookie maker. They arent as crispy as the bought ones but they taste great.

I bought this for my 9 year old for christmas and she absolutely loved it. Easy to use and includes a recipe that makes great tasting cookies.

The first batch i tried, i added motivational/weight loss ‘foturnes’, and took them to my sunday morning weight watcher meeting (only 1p+, if you’re interested). So much so, that i came home an immediately started another batch to take with me to work in the morning. Practice improves the outcome – this time i used my mixer to make the batter, as well as a little less sugar than the recipe called for (the booklets says to use less sugar for a less brown cookie). I ended up dipping these in chocolate, then drizzling them with white chocolate. I’m now coming up with all kinds of ideas for these. My co-workers loved them, and many asked if they could buy some.

I bought this fortune cookie maker for my niece, age 15, and she and i both loved it. Making the cookies was fast-paced and challenging but in a fun way. It takes about one minute to make two cookies so we were on our toes, figuring out how to improve our technique each time. We were very excited to see our cookies look like real fortune cookies. We had even more fun decorating them with melted chocolate and sprinkles. I’ve since ordered two more of these to give out as gifts.

Had fun making fortune cookies with my kids with this. We’ll run out of the special paper at some point, but it is fun and fairly easy. Getting the folded right takes some practice.

Requires some tweaking to get perfect cookies, but awesome appliance and so much fun.

I have only used this product once, but the cookies came out perfectly. We followed the recipe for the cookie batter that comes with the machine and made 10 cookies (i probably could have made 100 with the quantity of batter that recipe makes). Even on our first try, the cookies looked just like the ones you get at a restaurant and had the same texture, too. We actually thought they tasted better than any we had ever had. They key to forming them properly is to do everything quickly and not worry about the imperfections. Try to get a symmetrical fold, then snap off the excess parts when it’s hardened. Even the first 4-5 i made before i really had the hang of it still ended up looking decent. I’m skeptical of the fda-approved paper and marker for writing fortunes that comes with it. I can’t believe i can’t just use my own pen and paper without giving myself ink-poisoning.

These cookies are great and making them is fun. However, getting them out of the cooker and into the holder requires touching the cookie, which is very hot. To top it all off, the folder ‘grips’ are plastic nubs- designed specially, it seems, to aggravate your already burned finger tips. That said though, this is a great, fun product that makes awesome cookies. I plan on getting it for everyone next christmas.

A little labor intensive, but worth the effort.

This unit is probably the best unit on the market for its price and size. I like it and i would buy it again. The unit comes with a written cookie recipe but i would strongly urge you to look online and experiment with other recipes and the use of cooking grade lecithin. Lecithin will alleviate the moisture issue i found with the recipe. This is a great home unit when making a quick fortune cookies for special events and such.

This thing is so much fun after you figure out how to fold the cookies. Look for a youtube video if you have trouble with the diagram in the instructions. You also might want to wear some cotton gloves if you’re real sensitive to heat. (i’m extra-sensitive because a long term illness has greatly decreased my pain tolerance. You may not have any problems. ) the most fun part is coming up with the fortunes. I recommend a typewriter for this. The recipe in the pamphlet that comes with it is great, and makes close to 3 dozen. Much more flavorful than the plastic-wrapped restaurant variety. Great fun for parties, easy to make ahead.

Old’s present and she was absolutely zonkers. I got lots of hugs and kisses.

Sunbeam 7545 Rocket Grill Parchment Pouches, Love these!

The parchment bags make simple to prepare a well cooked low fat mealfrom start to finish, frozen or thawed meats cook in just minutesthe parchment pouches allow grease and fats to drain away from food,without messy cleanups.

The pouches were well priced here. They can be used more than once for like food types that are not messy. Great for frozen breakfast sandwiches, paninis and grilled foods. Mine works best on fresh foods. Great for small families or those that have schedules requiring a variety of meal times. I no longer have reason to go through drive throughs of fast food restaurants or order takeout. Food is as stated: fresh, quick and easy. The rocket grill will save so much time and money. I always buy two packs of replacement bags at a time.

Glad to find them still available and at a reasonable price. I love being able to make grilled cheese sandwiches without the need for buttering the outside. And cleanup is a cinch with these pouches.

Key specs for Sunbeam 7545 Rocket Grill Parchment Pouches, 36 Pack:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 36-pack of parchment pouches seals in juices for better-tasting grilling results
  • Designed for use with the Sunbeam 7530 Rocket Grill
  • Channels fat and grease away from food to a reservoir at the bottom of the pouch
  • Silicone-coated nonstick surface; no cleanup required–just toss away the mess
  • Measures 9-1/4 inches wide by 9-3/4 inches tall

Comments from buyers

“Handy to have when you want a homemade burger
, Back for more!!!!!!!!
, Sunbeam Grill Parchment bags

I purchased the sunbeam rocket grill about 5 years ago. I thought that i would have a difficult time finding the right bags. To my amazement, i found them at amazon. They shipped them immediately. The bags were correct, just like the ones that came withthe grill.

I enjoy the convenience of rocket grill cooking. The pouches make cleanup a lot easier than using direct-contact appliances, oils, and/or sprays. Unfortunately, convenience comes with having to purchase refills, but the amount of pouches in this pack should last at least a month or more, depending of course on how often you grill and for how many items. I mostly grill one or two hamburgers at a time, though i might try the occasional sandwich. The only pouches i haven’t had good results with were due to my overcooking and not due to product defects. You have to be careful not to tear through the paper where it hangs inside the grill, but that’s just part of getting used to using the appliance itself. As long as you follow the grilling suggestions that came with the rocket grill, you should have no problems with these pouches.

Works great and the bags are as good as the original ones that came with my rocket grill.

Shipping was fast and the price was pretty good. I find it odd that it is cheaper to buy multiple 36 count packs than it is to buy the 72 count.

She uses them to do the inside grilling.

Just a re-order, needed for the grill.

I love them as they don’t leak and there is little to no clean up take out your meat toss the pouch that’s it. I use my rocket grill all the time and always purchase a good supply of them, when i open my last box i order more.

They work just as advertised and if you are careful, you can reuse a pouch several times the same day. Whatever you are cooking, the grease drops to the bottom and for instance, hamburgers, they don’t turn out greasy and sloppy but still moist and delicious.

I really like my rocket grill and these are the pouches needed to use it. There is nothing to clean up and the meat grills perfectly.

This is the cheapest place to buy these pouches. The rocket grill is just the neatest thing ever invented and works like a charm. So glad to find a place i can get replacement pouches without feeling i am being gouged.

These are great and i enjoy this grill so much more than my previous grill. The grill pouches capture all the grease and leave the grill free of grease or drippings. Very convenient and easy to use.

. Just put the meat in pouch and set timer and finished. Good product for single people but you need the rocket grill to go with the pouches.

These work great with the rocket grill, no problems w/them at all. The best price is at amazon i have looked other places.

Sad to hear that sunbeam has discontinued the product. So, get your supplies while they last. These parchment pouches are factory original.

I like them very much it makes cooking very simple and fast. The one complained i have is the holes on top edge are very week and often tear and should be reinforced to be stronger.

These are a very healthy way to cook your meats. The parchment bag has a compartment at the bottom that the grease and drippings collect in. I love my sunbeam rocket grill.

This is a strange invention. It is as good as the forman but without the messy cleanup. I bought a pile of extra pouches in case this unusual machine is discontinued.

Great product, too bad my rocket grill died after only a couple of months. I have given these bags, and other rocket grills as presents, and everyone who has them really seems to enjoy the products.

Works as i expected will order again when needed how many fore words can you use to appreciate a product?.

It does the job it was designed to do and it wasn’t very hard to find on the internet.

The fat runs off into the bottom of the packets and then you can toss it into the trash. Grill and packets are so easy to use.

Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine – As a replacement

This is not as very well developed and built as the more mature model.

I bought a person of these in black for use in my store and 1 in white as a gift for my mom. The a single that i am utilizing daily has a little defect that may well show to be a quirk of the a person i gained or a broader defect that you may perhaps encounter. The dispensing valve will allow a tiny amount of money of water to leak out of the tank. The base of the unit then only makes it possible for the drinking water to operate off and on to what ever it is sitting down on. I solved this by simply just laying a rag around the base. The water evaporates from the rag quicker than the leak. The only other difficulty is that the base is not open up like it really is predecessor. This does not permit for the filling of taller mugs or some soup bowl ready meals. All and all, it functions the way in need to have and is priced reasonable for what you get.

I have experienced 3 of these hot photographs. Two were wonderful but the very last a person, the best would not remain on exposing the wires. We experimented with pushing it down but it wouldn’t remain. I was scared i would get a shock. I like it but i guess it was just a bad pot. Requested another just one so i will definitely appear it more than this time.Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heats water from room temperature to steam point in 1 minute, 20 seconds
  • Holds up to 16 ounces of water
  • Ideal for making instant soups, tea, and hot chocolate
  • Compact design features cord storage in base
  • Auto shutoff and signal light add safety

I appeared in a number of different destinations in amarillo, simply because they are constantly asking us to purchase locally. I squandered my fuel and my time. 1 of my nieces experienced this item and i had employed it at her household and just loved it. It heated up the h2o so a great deal quicker than the microwave and seemed to continue to be hotter for a longer time. She claimed, just buy it from amazon. It arrived a lot quicker than anticipated and was just what i wished. I really don’t know how i did without it.

I have had a sunbeam hot shot in my kitchen for many years and supplied several of them for gifts. All it does is warmth a mugful of water to boiling. We use it for quick coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate mixes, spiced cider, immediate oatmeal, ramen noodle soups and just about anything else that all you have to do is all hot h2o to. We have worn out various but they do previous for several years. This is a person of our most used appliances and an excellent gift.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 100% satisfied with this company
  • Great item and fast service.
  • No more burnt kettles

A mate of ours had a issue boiling h2o for her cup o’ tea. She burned the kettle and i imagined what a great thought to have a hot shot. It shuts off without the need of burning the kettle. Fantastic gift for persons that fail to remember tgeir kettles are on.

I acquired this to heat water rapidly (to heat up bottles of frozen breastmilk) and it will work as advertised. The h2o undoubtedly finishes boiling about sixteen oz of drinking water in beneath 90 seconds. Pros: very simple, very rapidly, terrific price tag, can take up tiny counterspace. Disadvantages: brief wire, a minimal complicated to drain totally, the dispenser button does not feel long lasting more than enough, reservoir could be a bit larger (to maintain more drinking water). I have experienced it for about 4 times now, so it really is far too before long to inform if it will be resilient, but since the elements look to be straightforward, there should not be an operational breakdown unless of course a section breaks. Soon after dispensing what i can, i just depart the best open up so the rest of the h2o can evaporate.

It is really compact so not taking up as well substantially room. My most favored part is it really is so functional. You can make tea, soup, something, not just espresso. I hold dry soups and tea in my workplace. The only hiccup is that i can appear to obtain it in any outlets only in this article on amazon.

I got this in 2006 and i nevertheless use it almost day-to-day. It can be incredibly handy to make tea because it heats the h2o extremely promptly and the water is at the proper temperature (not so hot that you have to hold out a while for it to awesome). I also use it at any time i need hot h2o, like for making instantaneous mash potatoes. The only con is that it from time to time leaks if you leave h2o in it. It really is not truly an problem considering that i only warmth up what i require.

I have experienced a past hot shot for probably 15 many years with no difficulties in anyway but it was wanting old so i made the decision to get a new just one. I genuinely like this just one so shiny brilliant but am upset that the dispenser leaves drinking water in the chamber and i have to turn it upside down to get all the drinking water out. Maybe if the dispenser was closer to the side of the chamber it would be less complicated to reduce the water.

This is a terrific little appliance. I bought it for my elderly aunt and uncle as they like to use instantaneous espresso. They had a teapot that they utilized and when i took this to them, they were overjoyed. They have now worn out two and are on they are third.I utilized it at operate for hot cocoa and it is a genuinely good equipment.

Our water high-quality at work sucks, so i drink bottled h2o. For tea, i did not want to mess all-around with the microwave, so this issue matches the bill correctly. nine oz bottle fits completely in the fill space. Only issue i would want unique is possibly a type of spout so that i could fill a large mug immediately from the hot shot. Appropriate now i just use a modest styrofoam cup and pour that into my significant mug.

We’ve owned a much before (it’s possible early ’90s) edition of the sunbeam hot shot, and it has served us well. In point, the outdated machine nevertheless will work we just desired to get a new 1. Evidently, there had been some troubles with individuals unintentionally turning the outdated models on with no water in them. The existing product avoids that issue. It is just as speedy at heating up water than the typical product, if not a lot quicker, and the opening into which you pour the cold h2o is far more conveniently shaped and sized. Curiously, we have seemed for these at quite a few stores at which we ended up absolutely sure we’d uncover a single. Just out of curiosity i did an amazon. Com search and discovered that many affiliate marketers experienced a number of diverse variations of the hot shot obtainable, in stock, and all set for shipping and delivery. We acquired ours within a couple of times right after placing an purchase and could not be happier with the products or the company.

This is an amzing product that i now can’t stay with no. It will make producing just one cup of tea unbelievably uncomplicated, but it’s also hassle-free for generating far more cups as very well. I’m a large tea freak, and i like to give tea to every person that will come more than, now it can be so much less complicated for the reason that i really don’t have to wait around for a big kettle to boil, i can just warmth the h2o immediately for every cup in the hot shot. My mates like it way too, and i think quite a few are planning on getting a single of their possess. By the way, i didn’t detect any of the taste challenges that other folks have mentiond either, and i am very sensitive to flavor. I only use filtered or spring drinking water to make tea, while, so that may be the change.

The sunbeam hot shot is the absolute greatest when it arrives to immediately boiling h2o for hot chocolate, top rated ramen, espresso and tea. A cup of drinking water boils in 45 seconds. Compared with boiling water in a microwave, the cup would not warmth up and there is no threat of the cup exploding owing to the microwaves rigorous heating of h2o. Furthermore, it doesn’t consider up any space and you can retail outlet it when not in use. This would make a fantastic gift for the school pupil in the dorm or the office environment jockey who is much too hectic to go away his or her desk to make a brief cup of anything at all.

I ordered this for a senior shopper to exchange one particular she had for years. You drive the on button, the drinking water heats up, you force the button to release the h2o in your cup, presto. Tea is readyi instructed her she could warmth water in her microwave but she did not believe that would perform.Loli am shifting my assessment 3 months afterwards simply because this has stopped operating wholly. My client is very upset and would not know how she will make her tea now as she cannot use her stove. She is not in a position to use a microwave both. I requested to return it for a replacement and i am hoping this can materialize. I am up to date this evaluate for the third time due to the fact this corporation promptly despatched out a substitution machine for my client. My customer was in tears as she did not think a company could be so superb in present-day world.

I requested the hot pot and acquired it while it was not a new machine, it was a return that was repaired and sent out as new. I gave it a few stars simply because it is performing fine and i use it every single working day. Having said that, when i received my machine, it didn’t have a cup, bowl or any kind of dish with it like the ad indicated. How about sending me the cup?.

I recall teasing my mom when i very first noticed this pretty specialized appliance getting up room on her countertop. Now i have a single, and i like making use of it, and truly appreciate employing it. Way greater and quicker than placing a teapot on the stove or utilizing the microwave when you want hot h2o. Toss away all your kettles and get this little guythe only way to enhance it would be to slick up the style and design a small bit so it appears much better on your counter, and make a small latch that will hold the lid open up so the unit can dry off in between takes advantage of. Following use, i prop it open up with a table knife till dry to retain the basin cleanse. I never ever have to clear it outside of performing that.

I procured this for my daughter as a present. It has changed the tea kettle and is utilised by many household users. The h2o is heated incredibly promptly and is boiling hot. The time it saves ready for the kettle is wonderful. If you figure the time cost savings for every day you are offering your self an excess forty five minutes a week. You only heat what you will need. No explanation to invest in just about anything else.

I have accumulated 4 of these (some for perform and some for household). The oldest is about twenty several years aged, and i did last but not least regulate to dress in out the lid hinge (not a issue because the lid can just sit on major) and the dispenser button immediately after about fifteen a long time of each day use. It however heats h2o to boiling, and i nonetheless use it now and then. I will echo what other reviewers have claimed: this appliance does one particular thing and does it extremely well. The only complaint i have is that i want it could accommodate a taller mug or teapot. (the pfalzgraff tea for one particular teapot does in good shape.

I choose the initial design mainly because you cannot in good shape a more substantial or scaled-down measurement teacup below the spigot.

Sunbeam FRSBWDBK- NP 4-Quart Ice Cream Wooden Bucket – Good quality with a strong motor

I obtained this as a wedding day present & the couple absolutely appreciate it. It was a top quality product or service at a excellent value.

Wonderful product or service, fairly and seems to be long lasting. It is really replacing a 1973 product, motor is shot.

Great common search to a present day ice cream maker.Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam FRSBWDBK- NP 4-Quart Ice Cream Wooden Bucket:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Motorized electric Crank turns out a creamy smooth, silky consistency
  • Prepares up to 4 quarts of ice cream in 20 to 40 minutes
  • Solid pine Wood bucket offers nostalgic, old-fashioned style
  • Easy-to-clean aluminum mixing container can also be used to serve your guests
  • Start making your own sweet treats using the recipes included in the manual

Daughter was thrilled when she opened it.

I was delighted with the price and effectiveness of this solution. I needed a wooden buck as an alternative of plastic and was happy that amazon presented this impression.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality with a strong motor
  • I’m glad I purchased this one!
  • nice quality for the price

Item was in fact what was explained – appears to operate very well, we may perhaps b not undertaking a thing appropriate ?. Right after 3 ice cream makings the motor so significantly does not stop when ice cream is completely ready/accomplished?. Not absolutely sure if its because of this motor or us ?.

Labored well, enjoyed the ice cream.

Operates quite very well and is appealing.

Would advise for anyone seeking to make homemade ice cream.

Uncover a excellent recipe and go for it. It only will take thirty minutes and it is well worth it.

Wonderful to have a thermal disconnect. Just produced a entire batch and it shut off when the ice cream acquired hard plenty of. The clamps that keep the motor down are good. Time will inform how it holds up. The motor would seem strong plenty of and operate incredibly quietly.

Shipped on time and received on time, item performs as predicted, we appreciate the ice cream. Not significantly else to truly say.

I was nervous upon examining the other assessments right here complaining of leaks, broken areas, unsuccessful motors, and so on. Given that i obtained mine at a actual physical keep, i didn’t have the gain of amazon’s reviews when procuring, but i am happy i failed to. The motor is nonetheless likely potent after 4 comprehensive batches of ice cream and sorbet, which isn’t really a big amount but a good deal of other individuals report the motor failing on the second outing. The only point that is not perfect is that the equipment will not constantly shut down immediately when the ice cream is finished. Maybe sunbeam enhanced their high-quality command, but we haven’t experienced any of the troubles that other reviewers did. We have received a freezer comprehensive of watermelon ice cream, watermelon sorbet, and cantaloupe ice cream many thanks to this product or service.

Follow the recommendations and fill the bucket with drinking water prior to to start with use. If the steel bands on the outside the house of the bucket look unfastened and you have not loaded it two/three of the way entire with h2o prior to first use, it is really consumer mistake, not the product’s fault. Genuinely amazing ice cream maker. Acquired in other places (not on amazon). Good design and capabilities well.

I had no difficulties with this purchase.

I appreciate it and it isn’t going to take a great deal of time for the ice cream to be manufactured.

Me and grand son having fun with house made ice cream 🙂 :).

This ice cream freezer is effectively developed, and great searching, but it took as well long to freeze the cream. I was unhappy in it is performance.

Just make certain to put tons of salt in it to harden the ice cream. Have used it 50 percent a dozen periods and was delighted just to uncover 1 with a wood bucket.

It has a big plenty of pail, so you can use any ice without it binding or halting prematurely.

Sunbeam SGS90701B-B 0, I like it – be very careful taking the glass turn

I bought this for my husband’s position. It had to in shape in extremely tight space which two other microwaves we purchased did not. Now my husband can have heat lunches.

It really is specifically what i envisioned. It really is pretty uncomplicated and simple to use. It is really just the right size for the tiny place i have, but a dinner plate fits.

I suggest this products to any person who likes the good quality of the item. It is quite superior device, and a terrific purchase. I have been working with it given that i obtained it, no problem or defect. I like it on the counter due to the fact of it little dimensions, the color, and straightforward to use. I have no dislikes on this device so i give this a significant rating. It heats extremely perfectly and competently.

Key specs for Sunbeam SGS90701B-B 0.7-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven, Black:

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  • 700 Watts of cooking power with 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 auto cooking/one touch menu options
  • Express cooking and weight defrost
  • Digital timer and digital clock, LED display
  • Removable glass turntable
  • 700 Watts of cooking power with 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 auto cooking/one touch menu options
  • Express cooking and weight defrost
  • Digital timer and digital clock, LED display
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Comments from buyers

“Excellent — No Complaints, Nice little microwave, perfect for smaller places yet still provides enough power.”

It does what it’s intended to do, but it is weaker than my very last microwave, so i have to retain items about 10% for a longer period than i applied to, when the glass plate spins all over, it often times will come off the observe and helps make sounds, and the plastic in excess of the buttons is previously sporting out and we have only experienced it a month. It is an in general excellent selling price if you want it for essential heating up water, or veggies in a bag type goods.

When renovating my kitchen area, i traded my enormous, eyesore, about-the-range microwave for the modest countertop edition. Due to the fact of its dimension, it does not overwhelm the counter or the kitchen. It is fairly potent for its measurement and likely heats greater than the huge microwave i had earlier. The press-buttons on the front of the microwave are uncomplicated to see and use. The purpose buttons for beverage and popcorn are utilized usually in our residence. I am pleased with this invest in. It satisfies my needs and performs within the décor of my new kitchen area.

Right entrance foot is unbalanced so microwave does not sit flat. I experienced to adhere a felt chair pad cushion underneath the foot do it wouldn’t wobble. The red clock light on button is a minor aggravating. Ideally it’s going to get the job done in my sons dorm area.

Identical size, practically the exact same keyboard but this one not only alerts when the cooking is done — it puts out a sign once again if you ignore it — and not just after. This is truly a very good characteristic for me considering the fact that i have a tendency to go away the area and go on to one thing else, forgetting i have a thing in there. This is the kind of nagging i like.

Wonderful tiny microwave, not incredibly strong though. I have to increase more time to heat things as opposed to some of the other brands i have used in the previous. The glass tray inside isn’t going to sit very well, and typically unhinges when you set/take away dishes.

This microwave appears very good and does what i will need it to do. I genuinely don’t prepare dinner with it — just reheat. Ordinarily, i’m reheating a compact sum of foodstuff (fewer than a supper plate whole) so it gets too hot if i will not end it ahead of the time’s up. I like that if i neglect something’s in there, it will warn me. When heating a beverage, you might have to come to a decision if your just one cup is actually two to the microwave. Anyone had a dilemma with sliding. I can see where that could materialize due to the fact you do have to force the door really really hard to close. Ours is sitting down on a microwave shelf and does not slide on the wooden surface. You could normally consider placing one thing below it like that rug liner substance that keeps rugs in put.

I’ve only had it a temporary period of time of time (about a thirty day period). It truly is currently being applied for a compact place of work microwave to reheat espresso, etc. It can be evidently not quality engineering and a small little bit clunky, but you seriously can’t request for extra at its price tag level, and it is absolutely performing the career it was employed to do. We will see how it handles the examination of time. For now, i am very satisfied that i got it. If i however have it in a 12 months, i will be sure i received my money’s really worth.

I will almost certainly never use this for any other purpose than to look at the time. Has a rotating plate thingy in the center so your meals or regardless of what doesn’t just get sizzling on a single aspect. Time show is accurate and simple to set. Sitting in an empty break room for common courtesy. Will in all probability be applied 5 occasions though i individual it.

We purchased this fifteen months ago for our son’s dorm home considering that it could be up to this wattage. It is a tiny noisy compared to the more substantial one at property however this could be owing to it getting on top rated of a mini fridge but it performs terrific for heating food stuff up, earning popcorn, etc. Excellent value compared to many others that are out there.

It functions extremely well and is a lot more then i anticipated for the minimal cost.

I acquired this for my daughter’s dorm condominium and she loves itit was the ideal measurement for her restricted counter room.

I wished a little microwave for fundamental reheating. It will accept a comprehensive sizing supper plate. I bought a established of the vinyl bumper dots you might see on the again of cupboard doorways and stuck them on the base to keep it from sliding on the counter and not i can open up and shut the doorway with a single hand.

Great tiny microwave for an apartment. Unquestionably suggest this product or service. I was bummed when i observed much less expensive manufacturers at walmart, but honesty, this is a excellent, nicely recognized brand, and i don’t brain spending excess for good quality merchandise.

Purchased this for my niece for her dorm place. She explained it healthy on best of their smaller fridge, and worked beautifully every single time. She goes to university in hawaii, and couldn’t discover a very good microwave in the retailers by faculty. I determined to have just one shipped to her, but shipping and delivery expenses for every single on-line keep was extra than the genuine merchandise. Then i discovered this microwave, and transport was totally free. I paid out a little additional for the microwave, but it was a better item, and with no transport fees, built it far more affordable.

This small microwave is great. Arrived on time, undamaged, functions fantastically. I dwell in a modest studio devoid of a kitchen area. I use my microwave 3 or four occasions a working day so it’s obtaining a exercise session. The previous sunbeam microwave i experienced, which was the similar size, lasted 10 yrs with continuous and constant use.

I have experienced this microwave for a 12 months now and she still works like a dream. My husband and i use it often and our daughter enjoys to pull on the door to permit me know her dinner is completely ready (we use steamed veggies typically). Our plates suit nicely in there and most bags (like popcorn bags or veggie steam bags) in shape very well in here as well. The beeper is loud plenty of to listen to but not obnoxious, and the microwave does make a white-sounds but it doesn’t hassle me or my loved ones. I figure most microwaves make sound when they are working. The microwave is compact ample to fit in our condominium with ease (with adequate room upcoming to it for my husbands coffee pot).

This oven is effective ok, purchased it for my aged mom but it is tricky for her to see what buttons to drive. Thought that i could use the presets but their cooking instances are abnormal. The sunbeam net site does not recognize this product???????????.

East to clean up, turntable will work well, notify is loud so i can listen to it when out of the space. It has a little footprint, which i wished, but the interior is a little bit on the small aspect — although i realized that when i ordered it. That is the trade off, certainly. The a person issue that is a little bit frustrating is that it isn’t going to have a ‘minute’ button, so that you can push it two times for two minutes. So you have to actually type in 2:00 for 2 minutes. I mean, it is really just four button pushes alternatively of 2 i guess i am spoiled.

I like it – be really thorough taking the glass turn desk out of the styroform :). The turntable also does not have the ‘grooves’ that most do to guarantee its placed in the right location. Nonetheless, if you glance (quite carefully) you can determine it out and it is effective just wonderful.

Really very good benefit for the price. I acquired it for my mother to replace an aged oven and she is joyful with it. But spend in intellect this is now a massive oven and massive plates will not fit into.

Ideal small microwave in this article. I acquired this for my mother in laws pretty tiny kitchen area. Her residence is 90 yrs aged and the only area in her modest kitchen was a modest shelf we set up. This matches beautifully and since she is commonly on your own, she failed to need a significant microwave for large foods in any case. Other than that it works high-quality and is effective more than enough that you can continue to stick to encouraged times for food items on the containers. Some little models are underpowered leaving you participating in a guessing game on moments for your foodstuff. This 1 is solid plenty of that it is not a challenge. It can be also fairly uncomplicated to use, even for another person a little bit more mature.