Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker : UNIQUE & CAN’T BE BEAT!

This product makes me so excited i can hardly get to sleep at night. Frying was our goal, and the basket makes it easy and safe. It heats up fast, and is a steal for about $25 at wal-mart. When comparing to other products, the presto kitchen kettle gives you more volume for your dollar. One feature of the product (both good and bad), is the weak magnet in the power cord. It breaks away with almost no force if you trip over the cord, or whatnot. However, it makes setup slightly more difficult, as the cord breaks away (or falls off) fairly easily.

We have been using this presto cooker for french fries, my hubby is an avid french fry maker and this cooker makes them the best. Will hold up to 3 large potatoes when cut to french fry size, we cook them at the 375 degree mark. If it works this good making french fries it will work great for making fried chicken and other fried foods. This is so much better than the fry daddy on the market.Try this one, you will love it. Keep the oil in this one after use, only change your oil when it starts to taste funny or is darkened from use.

Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker

  • Make sure this fits
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  • All-purpose kettle for stewing, roasting, and deep frying
  • Heavy cast aluminum body with nonstick surface inside and out
  • Lift-and-drain basket for steaming and deep frying
  • Removable heat control adjusts from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Kettle and glass lid are dishwasher-safe; 9 inches in diameter, stands 7-1/2 inches tall

I use this multi kettle cooker mostly as a deep fryer. Although it doesn’t have designer appeal it really does the job in the kitchen.

I think the problem the first reviewer had was not ‘seating’ the plug in correctly. The safety feature to prevent accidental spills is a little too ‘safe’. You really have to make sure the contacts on the unit ‘make contact. I bought the fryer today, plugged it in, and it was at 350 degrees in minutes. I fried up some fish and it was perfect. Crispy on the outside and not at all greasy like when done in a skillet. I like the dishwasher cleanup feature. All in all, a very nice inexpensive appliance.

I was looking for a replacement for my 20-year old fry baby but found that the new ones do not have a temperature control. After spending endless hours shopping, i purchased this cooker-fryer and love it. Because at present i only use it for frying potatoes and can reuse the oil many times, i keep it in my refrigerator with the oil in it between uses. I do disconnect the temp control before doing this. This kettle has many other uses, and next time i make a batch of spaghetti sauce i will use its slow cooker abilities.

Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker : I received this product as a wedding gift 22 years ago and am now preparing to purchase my 3rd one. The teflon does eventually begin to peel, but for as often as it is used, i don’t feel it is unusual. Using utensils for teflon coated pans does help prolong the life of the coating. This product is so unique as it gives you the ability to deep fry or use the kettle alone. My original product also had a crock pot liner which was awesome. I’ve searched all over for another electric kettle and keep going back to presto. Perfect for browning meat for soups & stews and then adding your soup/stew ingredients in the same pot — without worrying about the stove being on or needing to rely on a slow cooker (taking 6+ hours). I just love this product and may purchase multiples just in case they stop manufacturing.

I use this primarily for frying and once for steaming. It heats up quickly and evenly, super easy to clean. It’s like a non-stick analon pot with an electrical cord. The only ‘negative’ feedback i have is that i wish it came in different sizes. It’s about 10 inches in diameter which is a perfect size for most people, but i cooked a lot and would love it to be a bit bigger. I’ll probably buy another soon as i love it so much.

I received this cooker as a gift and was extremely pleased with it. I made a variety of different dishes. Uses include making delicate as well as hearty sauces, steaming, boiling water for noodles, an even deep frying. It has a greater capacity and greater ease of use than a fry daddy. The non-stick interior and exterior makes for quick clean up and the fact that it is fully submerssible (sp?) is a nice convenience.

Haven’t used it for frying anything yet, but based on my experience with frying stuff, it would serve the purpose. Love the fact that i can control the temperature. I made a perfect roux for my gumbo in it. Very sturdy and easy to clean while not too expensive.

Works great for frying, slow cooking and everything else it’s supposed to do. I’ve had no problems with it at all and i love the thermostat because i can cook everything in this pot instead of just using it as a deep fryer like some other pots. I recommend it to anyone looking for a mid sized fryer and cooking pot. It’s great for chili or soups.

This is a terrific product at an excellent price. It is well made and constructed to last. I use it primarily for soups and stews. I can brown the meat in the cooker and then add the rest of the ingredients and use it as a slow cooker. The thermostat makes it easier to control than my (electric) range. Clean up is easy and everything is dishwasher safe, though it is not an easy fit in my old, small dishwasher. You really get your money’s worth with this one.

This is a great little kettle. It makes perfect french fries, boils pasta and steams veggies.

I would suggest spending a bit more to get a higher quality one. The basket dents and bends very easily.

I ordered this product because i already have the smaller version that i love and wanted the bigger one. Beware: this item is not what is described in the product details which states ‘product dimensions: 13. 7 inches’ it is the smaller version i already have. I will be returning this item.

I purchased this after considering a deep fryer. I wasn’t really aware of the presto kitchen kettle but ran across it at the local discount store with the fryers (and for under $20). The added versatility is a winner too. A friend has a fry daddy but i did not like the idea of working without a basket and having to scoop hot food out with a spoon. We have only had this about a week, the first use was to make pasta. It was so easy and with the basket was far easier than pouring a pot of boiling water through a strainer. Tonight, we made fried shrimp and fries (both from frozen) using each product’s cooking directions. The fries were done nicely done in 6 minutes, i dumped them into a bowl with a paper towel underneath and cooked the shrimp, done in 3 minutes. The wife commented on how quick dinner was ready.The oil preheated to 400f in only about 10 minutes, when the orange light on the temperature control goes off you know it’s ready to go.

I was about to buy a ‘frydaddy’ small deep fryer at a retail store when the clerk at the checkout asked whether i’d looked at this item right next to it (she’d just bought one herself). I went back and swapped my frydaddy for the kitchen kettle, with no regrets. This gives you deep-frying capability but also functions as a sort of non-crockery slow cooker. My first weekend, i deep-fried chicken wings on friday night and then made a chicken-and-rice dish on saturday, with fine results both times. The heat does come from the bottom, i should note, not from the sides as in a true slow-cooker. The instructions include recommendations for cleaning the non-stick bottom if it becomes discolored. The kettle is non-stick inside and out. Best of all, unlike my older-model slow cooker, this one can be immersed (after you unplug the electrical unit). Because of the danger posed by hot oil when you deep-fry, the unit has a magnetic breakaway cord.

Great awesome frier, highly recommend.

I can slow cook and can deep fry in the same pot. It recovers quickly when i need to keep my temp up. I mainly use it for beans and greens.

We use this all summer long cooking our garden raised zuccini and fish. It holds the temperature very well and is the right size for us.

In an age when most crockpots are pricy when they are made of heavy duty, nonstick aluminum, this little kettle is a great solution. It’s perfect for serving 2-4 people, and the cleanup is amazing. It goes right into the dishwasher (without the cords and temperataure gauge, of course). The only thing you need to know is to cook it on low (200-250) if you want to use this as a crockpot. Also, my last crockpot got so hot on the bottom it cracked my countertop. This kettle is supported by sturdy legs that lift it up high off the counter so the counter barely gets warm. Love it and the price is right. I use it at least once a weekhappy in wisconsin.

Bought this for my mom and she has made great use of it and still running strong. Also, pretty easy to clean up.

Presto Big Kettle : Recommended

Arrived with box beat up and dent in side of fryer that prevented lid from staying in place.

This is a little bigger than the ones i have purchased in the past. Big advantage – it goes up to 400 degrees.

Presto Big Kettle, Black

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Presto Big Kettle, Black

The basket was smaller than i expected, but overall, i am satisfied.

I am delighted with this product. It is by far the easiest to clean fryer ever. After the oil cools you can easily pour it out and filter with cheesecloth for reuse. Then it takes only minutes to wash out the inside with warm dish water. The outside wipes clean in seconds. Gone are the days of fryers with 10 parts to clean and filters to replace. The basket came completely clean in the dishwasher. This presto big kettle is fantastic. The control is magnetic and easy to wipe clean but also adds that element of safety so kids and critters can’t pull it off the counter by the cord. It can fit easily under the kitchen stove vent and the max fill line is low enough that the oil is not splattering all over the place.

I have the smaller one and it is great but needed a bigger one to fix french fries etc for 6. Presto makes better friers than the expensive professional ones. I have had several expensive ones. They just dont get hot enough.

Presto Big Kettle, Black :

This multi cooker is now the biggest one that presto makesit features a large 8-qt capacity pot that can accommodate just about anything that you want to cook in it. It is good for making large family one-pot meals. It is 5 appliances in onei got it mainly for deep frying. Some have said that the basket is too short. It accommodates considerable amounts of food to fry without crowding the basket. I’ve also used it as a slow cooker for the most delicious pot roast everbut i love it truly large capacity. It is 60% bigger that the average multi cooker.It is a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a dutch oven, an 8-qt stock pot, a boiler & a steamer. I’m so glad that i bought it.

This is a great multi cooker to have, it gets plenty hot and holds the heat. My only complaint is, i can’t really use the basket as a steamer as it should be used. Because the lid does not set flush on the kettle. It sets on part of the handle, so it can’t really hold in a lot of steam. It would be a huge improvement, if there was a notch in the lid. Because i have to cover it with foil otherwise. Other then that, it works great, and i would recommend.

The kettle is large enough to make large portions and the plug is magnetic which makes it easy to assemble. This is a good buy for this price. I would recommend this item.

Our big kettle was received when it was supposed to and its even better than we exspected it to be.

I filled it within an inch of the top with chicken stock ingredients, about 7 quarts. Near 20 hours at a low simmer, 190 f. Practically no loss by evaporation thanks to the lid. After straining there was 5 quarts of broth. My 5qt slow cooker cannot make more than about 3 quarts. While a common slow cooker boils even though set at ‘low’, this kettle can be set below boiling, and avoid boiling bones, creating too much gelatin, and perhaps even ‘burning’ the broth. Thanks to the large surface area, the 5 quarts broth was reduced by half in about 2 hours at a simmer. Finished broth could be boiled without any negative effects, and very quickly reduced. My slow reduction was only a test.

As a mom of 8 i needed something that could hold a decent amount of food at a time. We had one similar to this yet smaller a few years before, so i had an idea of what i wanted. It is the perfect size, having a basket that can hold a good bit of food in one batch. The legs are just high enough to keep the grease splashes off the counter tops, which makes cleaning up way easier. It heats up pretty quickly and is ready to fry in about 10 minutes. There is a grease line inside to show the desired filling. I also noticed, using a cheaper oil will make it bubble and pop. After use the handles come in handy to move and store it until the next use.

Great product, cook fast, easy to clean.

I needed an electric cooker to take advantage of the cheaper electricity in the winter where i live. Bought the big kettle cheaper elsewhere. I have this for two weeks now and have used it about 30 times cooking rice, soup, and steaming corns and potatoes. It cooks rice as well as my electric rice cooker in half the time. I haven’t fried anything with it because i don’t eat greasy food. Even though i am just one person, i am glad i bought the big kettle. The large cooking surface allows for faster cooking. I would prefer if it didn’t have the tapered design where the bottom is smaller than the top. I have a steaming rack that fits through the top and gets stuck in the middle due to the tapered shape of the kettle. I have to rest the rack on an empty soup can for balance.

Even though it does not reach 400° it actually reach 350 degrees, but i am still happy with its consistency. Works very well and is made of good quality and continues to work which is most important. I’m even considering purchasing a second one.

Got it 6 months ago and love it.

I made fried fish yesterday, excellent, you are going to like it.

 our family is a mix of many religions: pentecostal holiness, church of god, southern baptist, independent baptist, mormon, and catholic. We do our best to observe the holidays from as many religions as possible. Our muslim friends help us to understand their holy days and we do our best to honor them as we can. It is lent, a catholic holy season. Part of the observance of this holy season is to have fish on friday. It really does not seem to matter if the fish is a tuna sandwich, or fried catfish, or any other type of fish, for that matter. All the restaurants around have a lenten special this time of year because our area is heavily roman catholic. We can’t afford to eat out like that, but we did want to observe the holiday. So, we bought the presto big kettle 8-quart multi-cooker/steamer. With it, we can fry catfish for much less than it would cost to eat out every friday.

Presto 07023 W/Warming Rack Griddle – Great griddle

When the wife likes it, everyone likes it.

It is large enough to cook for my family of 4. I can fit bacon/sausage, hashbrowns and eggs on at one time. It’s also great for grilling meat, burgers in particular. This is my second time buying the exact one. My first grill lasted 4 years.

First night i cooked steaks asparagus and mashed potatoes only had to clean 1 pot. I love to cook and this makes it so much easier. Here are the specifications for the Presto 07023 W/Warming Rack Griddle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Efficient “square” shape holds more pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches than conventional rectangular griddles
  • Exclusive multi-function tray flips back to keep cooked foods Warm, flips up for use as a spatter shield, swings forward for melting and steaming, and removes for use as a serving tray
  • Great for any meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • R. Big 14- x 15″ cooking surface with built-in backstop ledge for easy food handling
  • Nonstick cooking surface for stick-free cooking and easy cleaning
  • Control Master heat control maintains desired cooking temperature

I have been using to make cheese tortillas, quesadillas,❤❤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

This griddle turned out to be much nicer than i’d expected. Very large and very even heating. It works and we use it to store the cord assembly when not in use. We just flip it over so that it is hanging over the top of the griddle and it works very well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product
  • Love that it’s more of a square shape than rectangle
  • Five Stars

Like the warmer and if you need more just remove the warmer.

Best money we have ever spent. The product is great and cooks evenly and quickly.

Easy to prepare a full breakfast for a family of six.

Bought this after my griddle broke and i’m soooo happy with it. Bought mine at walmart for $35.

One griddle i use at home and one griddle i use in my rv. Easy clean up, compact storage, nonstick surface.

My husband loves this griddle. He’s the breakfast chef in our house.

I bought this griddle to replace my last one because it was literally on it’s last legs. Plus we wanted something bigger, that could fit an entire pack of bacon at once. No more cooking three rounds of bacon on a scratched and tired surface, for this girl. The clean up on this is really easy, two or three paper towels (after you’ve put most of the grease in the grease tray at the bottom of the griddle. ) and the whole thing is clean. You can rinse it off if you want, but just a few paper towels gets the job done. Go non-stick technologythe warming tray is a great addition to this. You can put it over your food, and make it cook faster, or put it over the edge and keep your food warm. It’s also detachable, so it’s easier to clean. The grease tray underneath the griddle is huge too.

I grill asparagus, bacon to eggs and pancakes. My favorite feature on this one and not on others is the warming tray. Where this is located is better than others as it also works great as a splatter screen. Perfect for poached eggs or steaming by adding a little water and then closing it over the food.

Great griddle but there are a few cool spots which you need to remember when doing a large say batch of homefries.

I had been searching for a long time for a great griddle, i was so confused, that i saw this at a store, and bought it. In fact i am buying a presto jumbo as a gift. I would of bought this one exactly, butit wasnt on prime.

Received in a timely manner and exactly as described.

Bought as a christmas gift for my daughter and grandson. Very well made, heats evenly.

Works great and love the size.

Love the warmer it acts a backsplash.

It has made preparing breakfast much easier.

Presto 07045 Family-Size Cool-Touch Tilt’N Drain Electric Griddle – Good product, worked well for years.

This matter has been doin operate at my home. I am finding bacon and pancakes on the reg now on the weekends. I would say it was a excellent financial investment. As well as, it cleans uncomplicated and does a fantastic job draining the grease when cooking. A bit major and challenging to come across the proper place to shop it. Doesn’t collapse, but who cares?.It will make wonderful food items and has fantastic temp control.

It outlets completely within of a kitchen cupboard. The upcoming even bigger measurement does not really fit. I store mine by: placing it on it can be facet and sliding it in. Takes up only a handful of inches of horizontal house.

Owned many distinct models, but like this one particular best. Use it about five times out of the 7 days although rving complete time & would not know what to do with out it.Here are the specifications for the Presto 07045 Family-Size Cool-Touch Tilt’N Drain Electric Griddle:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 1500-watt nonstick electric griddle with efficient “square” shape
  • Tilt’nDrain function for adjusting grilling surface from level to tilted
  • Control Master heat control maintains proper cooking temperatures automatically
  • Cool-touch base surrounds grilling surface for safety; dishwasher-safe
  • Measures 19-2/5 by 15-4/5 by 3-8/9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

And you ought to consider shopping for just one for your mom.

I bought this griddle principally to cook dinner pancakes, but on the to start with use, i cooked patty sausage, eggs, pancakes and even heated tortillas. It labored flawlessly, the temperature was perfectly dispersed, and i like the ’tilt’n drain’ operation. If i have a gripe, and it truly is seriously not just one, it’s that i cannot find a excellent put to keep it due to its sizing. I extremely advocate this solution, the price is right and it works fantastic.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Presto Family Size Griddle
  • Good product, worked well for years.
  • Worth buying twice!

We are incredibly delighted with the cooktop over-all. Yes it can make uneven traces in pancakes occasionally. It’s much less noticeable if you allow for it lots of time for the warmth to normalize by way of the total cooktop. My wife has cooked bacon, eggs, & scorching cakes for breakfast various occasions by now.

Many thanks for your assessment of 12 ft three. 5mm 1/8-inch male mini plug stereo audio cable.

Just after compairing distinctive griddles, i selected the presto more than other folks simply because of its functions and the presto name. I cooked eggs and bacon as before long as i got it and was really joyful with the consequence of it. I like the tilt element as the bacon drippings poured into the grease holder. The sizing of the cooking region is sufficient. One issue that i imagine presto could enhance is the length of the electric twine which is much too limited. I use the griddle on my cooktop so i can use the vent-a-hood but the twine will not access wall outlet. In general, i am incredibly pleased and properly value the cash.

Eventually, pinpoint accuracy in grilling. Thermostatically managed. Had an outdated cast aluminum grill that sat on a fuel burner on the stove, but this presto grill is lighter, tilts, and heats up rapidly. Warmth is maintained till cooking is finish and constantly is great. Can prepare dinner a total pound of turkey bacon @ just one time or eggs & incredibly hot cakes for every person.

The ideal grill for indoors or on a camping table. The tilt function is good for simple cleanse up.

This was a xmas reward for my sister-in-regulation. She stated she preferred an electric griddle. I seemed and appeared at distinctive sorts and models last but not least deciding on the presto. She likes the point that it tilts and is large ample in case of corporation.

I received this for my father as a xmas gift and he loves it.

I’ve experienced a few of these griddles and i use them allot. They function terrific, but after about eighteen months the non stick wears off and i require to purchase a further. I would like that the non-stick lasted longer and i would be inclined to shell out for a improved high-quality area.

I liked my old presto griddle 20′. It would cook dinner pretty much anything at all you could match on that griddle and cook dinner it well. Unfortunately, i broke it when i knocking it off of my cooking island. So i requested another presto, but went to a much larger dimension with the tilt and drain feature i imagined would be wonderful. Content to get the new griddle, i utilized it nearly quickly. I was unhappily stunned that this new griddle also a great deal for a longer time to warmth up and cooks so inconsistently from a single location of the cooking region to yet another. Silver dollar pancakes prepare dinner at distinct instances and assorted in brownness on various areas of the griddle. Larger pancakes could be golden on one/2 and blond on the other one/two. It is really not almost the grill that my old a single was.

I researched quite a few brands just before getting the presto 07045 family-size cool-touch tilt’n drain electric griddle. This obtain was a gift for a good friend. She preferred a griddle that was massive enough to cook at minimum two forms of foodstuff at a time (i. But not far too substantial that she could not consider it with her on her boat on the weekends. She likes the tilt feature to drain the bacon drippings in advance of cooking another food type. She explained the cleanup is quick and straightforward. It was a great obtain and a excellent reward. In addition, the price was reasonable. This griddle is advised.

Makes cooking greasy foods easy since the grease flows naturally into the container. You can also make it level which is great for eggs and pancakes. It’s as simple as pulling out or pushing in the side flanges. Cons: uneven surface heating. The very center and edges of the grill are cold spots, food needs to be on the element to cook properly then moved to the edges or center to be kept warm. Makes it challenging to cook large pancakes or omelettes.

Owning absent by means of several electric griddles around the a long time this 1 is the select of the litter. The tilt characteristic is wonderful to continue to keep your bacon from deep frying in its have grease and can make thoroughly clean up easier. The dimension is great considering the fact that you can actually feed a crowd (thats why you purchased it right?). There are some scorching places as regular with this variety of item but absolutely nothing real significant. I would advise this item if you want to cook up a pound of bacon at a time, a mess of pancakes or 6 grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is a fantastic grill for speedy cooking just the correct measurement to just take alongside to the cabin functions good.

I’ve employed it a number of situations by now and it does precisely what it truly is intended to do. The pancakes, eggs and bacon all occur out perfectly and appear off the griddle effortlessly as nicely. The tilt-n-drain function is really practical for the bacon. The moment you tilt it, the bacon grease routinely goes straight for the catch-all, which in itself is safe. It is huge enough to make six smallish pancakes and to fry an entire bundle of bacon at the moment.

I can cook pretty much something on listed here it will come in helpful all the time. I have experienced it for awhile now and use it almost everyday.

This is my next 1 of these. The initial lasted for a long time, and we’re only replacing it simply because the non-adhere ultimately wore off and it was really hard to maintain clean. It is often heated evenly, cleanup was a breeze whilst the surface area was even now in good form. I are not able to knock the top quality of the products, mainly because the little ones rarely utilised the ideal utensils on it, inspite of me telling them no steel. Also, we used this 3-five times a 7 days, each individual 7 days. I won’t be able to find it in any outlets so i’m pretty pleased to have observed it right here because i didn’t want to have to change to a distinctive griddle.

Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill : Great product. Performs as advertized

Better than eating fast food everyday.

I love it and so does my kiddo. I was researching all of the indoor grills forever. I was going back and forth between this one and the hamilton beach grill. I picked this one because i “visited” the other grill at walmart, and it had a very small cooking surface. Two burgers if you were lucky. This one however is the same size as all the other presto griddle. Last night i cooked 4 1/3lb hamberger patties on it, and i probably could have fit 6 if i needed to. I’ve only had this about a week, and i’ve used it twice, so i can’t say how long it will work, but looks good for now.

Heats up super fast, cooks evenly and clean-up is a breeze. Scrambled eggs are doable (but not a smart choice – lol) but french toast made on this grill is wonderful.We mostly use this for quick meals like hots, burgers, pork chops and chicken breasts. It would do great toasted cheese sandwiches or tuna melts, reubens – anything you can cook in a fry pan, basically. I want to try fish fillets also.

This grill is good that it makes good grill marks for your meat and heats up quickly as well. Well obviously, it is hard to clean after the use because of the grease but this product is great for cheap grilling.

  • A Great Little Grill
  • I love it and so does my kiddo!
  • Great little grill!

Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Grease automatically drains from food into drip tray
  • Cool touch base surrounds the grilling surface on the front and back sides
  • Control Master heat control maintains the proper cooking temperature automatically
  • Fits in most dishwashers and standard 18-Inch kitchen cabinets
  • Spatula included

Fast cooking and easy cleaning. I’ve never had an electric grill before, so i did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. However, all of the “top” results were on the pricier side and i didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something i might not end up using very much (i have always grilled on an outdoor bbq) and the negatives were things like “hard to clean” or “smokes. ” so far, this is fantastic and meets all my expectations. It is in my price range, light weight, food cooks evenly and quickly, food does not “smoke” like with a bbq, the outer edge really does stay “cool. ” the raised ridges leave a nice “grill mark lines” and keep the food from sitting in any oils, and it is very easy to clean. (while the grill was still warm, i wiped it off with a paper towel and then later when it was cold, i used some hot soapy water, rinsed it, then turned it cooking side down to dry. With the plug outlet at one of the “short” ends, it is very easy to wash without getting wet (one of my concerns since the grill plate is not removable). The solid surface also allowed me to use it as a griddle for eggs.I already had it out and my nephew suddenly said he wanted eggs and pancakes for dinner.

I am in love with this grill. Easy to clean and food tastes great. I was worried it may be too small for a family of four but its the perfect size.

Its a very simple design but very effective. Heats up quickly and helps me get through not being able to use my full grill. I wish it has a full size lid but i use lids from my pots and it works just fine. I’m sure if they included a lit someone would complain about having the whole thing covered, you cant make everyone happy. This grill works great and its a good size, enough to cook 3-4 big steaks. I make steak on this primarily and it works great.I’ve cooked burgers and chicken and they came out perfect.

One of the best products i’ve ever purchased on amazon. I am using it in a condo/balcony – it’s replacing a george foreman grill. No comparison – the foreman grill took forever to heat and then sort of steamed everything. The presto heats up in less than 10 minutes and get’s to the perfect 400 degree temperature for steaks. You can put the entire thing on the dining table after removing the cable and yes, it fits in the dishwasher and comes out like new.

I’d give it a 5 star if it actually showed up in packaging. The label was just stuck onto the actual grill box itself with no brown box to cover it. We were lucky the grill wasn’t damaged. But my husband loves it and we use it at least every other night.

I just received this today and used. Greetings all, wow, what a great product. I just received this today and used it to grill veggies. Did a awesome job, can’t wait to try other things. Easy to clean, really holds a lot of food. If your looking for a indoor grill, look no further.

Excellent grill, great value. . Looked for something to replace a worn out indoor grill. Although this new grill cost less, the cooking surface on it is larger. It is also much lighter to pick up. The food is cooked very well.

It works much better than my grill pan on the stovetop. I grill fish, vegetables, and polenta. Cleans easily and the little spatula that comes with it has cut-outs so it can fit in the slots.

This grill is absolutely the best indoor grill ever made. Anything you cook on this grill is wonderful. I even bought a spare in case this grill wears out. The food tastes like you grilled it on an outdoor grill. I highly recommend this product and just wanted to tell everyone they need one.

I have cooked turkey burgers, sausage, veggies, and fruits on this grill. They all come out just as they would on an outdoor grill. I am extremely pleased with this grill. I like the tray that can catch run off juice. I used it in a hotel once and it set off the fire alarm it gave off so much heat. There is a dial so you can adjust the amount of heat.

Love this great when weather is bad and can’t grill outside.

It was my error not to have noticed that this is not the kind of grill that has a top as well as a bottom when grilling (like a george foreman kind of thing), so it’s not great for pressing sandwiches or cooking faster top/bottom. But as a flat surface grill it’s quite reliable, and what i especially like is that i can pull off the electronic part (on/off and temperature setting) and put the rest in the dishwasher.

Applied it very a couple of times presently and performs truly. Utilised it rather a handful of moments previously and performs genuinely nicely. Only drawback is the cord is a bit brief.

The surface is significant adequate to cook quite a little bit, and cleanup is a breeze. There will not look to be a smoke problem from the grilling of the food, even hamburgers. I am amazed with this kitchen area addition.

Bbq on the deck with zero problem — or inside in negative climate. Light, moveable, straightforward to clean up, and quite affordable. We are not able to use an open flame on our condo deck, so we consider this minimal guy outdoors to barbecue. You can find no mess, no coals to cleanse up, no fuel canister to refill. When we’re performed, it fits again in the kitchen cabinet. Desire i would purchased a single about 10 many years back.

Non-adhere would make cleansing a breeze. I’m not able to grill outdoors as i are living in an condominium and do not have a balcony so of class this was the next ideal thing. The non-stick surface helps make it tremendous simple to thoroughly clean. The only downfall of the product or service is that it would not have a lid so grease tends to splatter on the counter, while which is not really an challenge for me. I undoubtedly suggest this.

I are living this grill, it heats up nicely and my husband thinks it is a very good grill for no matter what he cooks. The cost was proper and the shipping of the items was rapidly, thanks.

I commonly don’t go away a evaluation but i love this grill. It cooks the food evenly and the thoroughly clean-up is quick. If you’re imagining about obtaining it , go ahead now it is truly worth it.

Presto 07050 Cool-Touch Foldaway Griddle, Cooking made easy

I purchased this to make breakfast for my spouse and children of 4. It helps make cooking eggs and pancakes a snap for the total family. The cleanup is just as simple due to the fact it is submersible. The folding legs permit us to shop it in the pan drawer with our baking sheets.

The most effective significant griddle that i know of. 1 for camper ,a person for household, one particular for sister.

Excellent griddle the legs collapse for storage and the dimensions. Amazing griddle the legs collapse for storage and the dimensions is excellent for a family meal. I really like all the features and it is simple to use, effortless to clear and effortless to shop.

Key specs for Presto 07050 Cool-Touch Foldaway Griddle:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 1500-watt square-shaped griddle with 14-by-15-inch grilling surface
  • Premium nonstick surface; cool-touch base; slide-out drip tray
  • Fully immersible with heat control removed for easy cleaning
  • Legs fold for compact storage; instruction manual included
  • Measures 19-1/2 by 15-1/4 by 3-1/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“”Foldaway” is misleading, which make it great to store away, Excellent product”

I was interested in this simply because of the fold up legs so it would retail store more quickly. But i really like the condition and flexibility of the unit as perfectly, specially to be equipped to immerse it to clean up. This has been an great acquire. Bought rid of my other griddle.

I have only cooked on this griddle twice, but i adore the dimensions and shape, and it appears to warmth evently.

Terrific for pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and burgers.

Good sizing, price tag, and options. . Nicely made, simple to use, uncomplicated to clean up, and outlets flawlessly in your cutting board cabinet. Acquiring a good deal of fun using it considering the fact that it arrived.

The ideal aspect to this griddle is the folding function. Have had this for a several several years and acquired just one for a household member. Performs pretty well and thoroughly clean up is uncomplicated.

It functions, but it truly is not remarkable. It is massive and uncomfortable and wont fit into a cupboard. The ‘foldaway’ aspect are just the 2 inches of leg that fold up beneath it. It also has a difficulty with consistency, and tends to cook dinner hotter on the edges than in the middle. I do like the large surface and relieve of cleansing, i just throw it in the sink and scrub the total detail down.

We use mainly for pancakes. Some variation in warmth intensity across griddle but not ample to say i would not buy it now that we have utilised it. Folds compactly and durable adequate when deployed. I get nine one/six cup pancakes (child dimension) at a time with out crowding.

I have had this griddle for about five months now. I generally use it for cooking pancakes, but i have used it for other merchandise. The warmth is not flawlessly even, but it is rather good. The ‘folding’ factor of this griddle isn’t really all that a lot. The side legs fold down for much easier storage, but it would not fold any additional than that.

The griddle takes up quite tiny room in the kitchen area and cleans up like a breeze. I can cook dinner bacon, eggs and hash browns all at the very same time so pots and pans cleanup is almost nonexistent.

I like the simple fact the the legs fold up for storage and that it is binge nought to be equipped to provide numerous individuals at the same time. Cleans up very easily , all in all perfect for me.

The only issue that folds is the facet supports when folded, it lays flatter but nonetheless can take up a good deal of storage room. It cooks rather evenly (a small hotter in the vicinity of the control) and genuinely can cook dinner 9 pancakes (or 9 eggs) at a time. It slopes a little toward the front, which is wonderful for bacon (drainage) but not so good for frying eggs (i in some cases shim the front sides to amount it up). I haven’t scratched the cooking surface area but, but i am very careful with it. In general i am quite content with it.

Better than utilizing a stove prime skillet. Grill had some warm chilly places in sites. Pancakes prepare dinner unevenly, but nonetheless a excellent solution, far better than working with a stove top skilletlarge for the size explained and only the toes fold in so the grill is flat for storage. Can not cook eggs and pancakes at the similar time, as the temperature is not the same for each. Good for a huge family in variety of pancakes (or burgers) that can be cooked at the identical time.

I do like the simple fact that its legs fold up and will. I acquired this merchandise for our motorhome, are unable to wait to use it. Though it is a very little more substantial than i assumed it was, i do like the simple fact that its legs fold up and will be ready to shop extra successfully.

Does what it is meant to do. Heats up rapidly, legs fold for storage and very little sticks — eggs, pancakes, bacon. This is the finest way to cook dinner pancakes. It is a minor massive and the cord is kinda small so you require to have the counter room and an outlet near by. I acquired one particular for my dad as well, and he loves it.

I did a whole lot of exploration just before obtaining this griddle, and am so pleased i picked this a person. We use it at minimum as soon as a 7 days. It cooks evenly, cleans up properly. Really like that the ends fold up for straightforward storage.

This has a massive cooking surface area and sits neatly on my counter or stove top when in use. So much far better than the very long narrow griddles with the plug sticking out even farther. It really is extremely straightforward to wipe clear or carefully wash. Being capable to fold it flat tends to make for easy storage. There are three of us in this house who use it and we all have commented on great it is.

I’m delighted with this grill. There are sizzling spots, or probably they are great spots. If you mistakenly assume this is a fold up griddle it is not. The legs fold down taking away about an inch. Its rather significant so had to discover a unique area to retail outlet it remaining that it can be sq.. These are my problems, the griddle functions just like any other griddle i’ve at any time had. Sure i might advocate it to another person.

I love that i can make nine items of french toast @a time. Possessing six sons,six daughters in law,17 grandchildren and 5 good grand small children we will need a little something that can cope with 9 grilled cheese @a time. The grill also heats evenly which is significant.

This is the most perfect griddle, ever. I have presented them as items, to people i really like most. This is the most great griddle, at any time. I have provided them as presents, to individuals i like most.At last, a way to do great pancakes for a group, even of 2 folks – absolutely much more. I consider my cool-touch (observe) fold-a-way (superb room-price savings) griddle will make great, evenly cooked grilled cheese, sausages – and the grease catcher – what more could 1 talk to??. I haven’t applied it for fancier points – but i would assure you, it will griddle, and sear, and warmth properly. I utilized to do it in a solid iron skillet.

I purchased this griddle to maintain in my motorcycle camper. House is restricted so the reality that it folds flat was pretty helpful in packing. I utilized it day to day on a two 7 days tenting excursion to upper michigan to make breakfast.

Use this every single time we go camping operate beautifully.

Presto 05201 Orville enbacher’s Stirring Popper – arrived just two days after I ordered it in good condition-I was very pleased that the reputation and description

For my spouse simply because he loves popcorn and my best close friend had a similar one. I got this for my husband due to the fact he loves popcorn and my best friend had a related one particular. I like that the lid just results in being a bowl saving you on dishes. It would not do the job as effectively as i was hoping. A great deal of the kernels keep at the bottom and melt away rather of popping. It is really also sort of a pain to clean up. I would fairly just make it on the stove leading.

Constantly had utilized a stir nuts popper for many decades until finally they commenced building cheap crap (went by three in 3 many years). Resolved to test this one particular and have been pretty happy with it.

Bought the popcorn maker as a gift for my wife. I browse all of the online testimonials and was involved, but decided to obtain anyway. It has labored flawlessly the 4 situations we have applied it. The taste beats movie theater popcorn fingers down. I read through on line about the bowl cracking but we have not experienced that dilemma. The only challenge we have experienced is that it arrived with a coupon for redenbacher popcorn that was currently expired.

  • Will never eat microwave popcorn again.
  • Popcorn Enthusiast
  • Best popcorn popper EVER!!! LOVE it !!!

Permit me start off from the starting. I acquired my initially presto popper 5 yrs in the past, it did appear with that flimsy lid every person is complaining about. The to start with lid broke, i requested a substitute for $fifteen from the presto website, it was a distinct, significantly additional long lasting plastic, that has lasted good. Then, in the the commencing of 2016 my base commenced to go out, the power wasn’t working. So i love my popcorn and due to the fact i couldn’t buy just the foundation i ordered a new one. It arrived with the far more long lasting plastic lid, and the foundation is 5x less difficult to clean, you just wipe it out. I really like this popcorn maker and glance forward to numerous content many years with it.

Greatest popcorn popper on the sector. I now have this popper and really like it. I required to have a second a single as a backup. When i opened the box there was a coupon for $. 50 off my upcoming order that expired on december 31, 2013. I tried using the popper appropriate away to make certain that it worked given that it must’ve been sitting down in a warehouse for the previous two several years. It can be not as superior as my 1st one as it does not pop all of the kernels, but maybe it just needs to be broken in.

Features of Presto 05201 Orville Redenbacher’s Stirring Popper

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Pops up to 6-quarts of delicious popcorn or kettle corn
  • Motorized arm stirs corn as it pops for virtually no unpopped kernels
  • Built -in melter distributes butter over corn as it pops
  • Cover flips over after popping for use as a serving bowl
  • 120 Volts AC, 800 watts

This orville stirring popper is all steel and the coating is even better. I had one more brand name that the center was plastic and melted off and the paint coating inside pan was chipping and pealing horrible. I area the olive oil in 1st then insert one/3 to two/three cups popcorn, melted butter, period.

We really like the popcorn from this. 2nd acquire, because by the time you get a new prime, for the cracked one on my outdated one, you may possibly as nicely get a entire new a person. I figured that my older one is finding previous, so who know when motor will crack, so used the pair dollars extra to have a entire new a person. Now that i will have two, i will possibly go with acquiring a new prime substitute subsequent time. We enjoy the popcorn from this. We like orville redenbacher white popcorn. . Scrumptious with this popper. We microwave our butter, alternatively of getting it melt on major.

Excellent dimension for 6oz popcorn kits. 1st just one lasted a small more than a 12 months. Hope this just one lasts longer, but we use alot.

Like some others on here, my lid rapidly made cracks. I experienced only had it a couple months when it got it can be to start with crack. Last evening i noticed there are two cracks at the top, so i started out hunting for a alternative. As for the machine itself it has labored great. I was popping corn with a pan on the stove ahead of, and this made it substantially a lot easier to make a excellent batch of popcorn. If the lid was not so undesirable, i would five star this point for confident. Heck, it even has small cracks down on the rim of it. Ideally i can discover a stronger substitution lid, usually i am going to almost certainly split down and come across yet another popper to use.

Pops all the kernels and pretty effortless to use. I do not use the butter well on major- i continue to keep the plastic lid of and also seat the bowl just somewhat off to allow steam to escape, helping to preserve the popcorn from acquiring chewy. If you want butter, melt it separately in the microwave and pour it more than the completed product slowly and gradually, splitting the popcorn at least in half and using it in layers to get improved protection and stay away from a soggy lump of greasy popcorn. If you do this, i would endorse working with possibly stick or whipped butter- spreadable butter and margarine have far too significantly oil (just a individual choice).

Little ones acquire popcorn to university just about every working day -preserving masses not shopping for microwave popcornpopcorn is exceptional out of this issue. Not also challenging to flip and toss it close to a very little to amazing it off quick – can make it crispy. Definitely a minor far more messy than microwave bag, but much less ‘nuclear holocaust microwave radiation’ is fantastic, certainly?complaints to the opposite seem to be to be from people who want a robotic to pop their popcorn. ‘if only it arrived with a robotic artificial intelligence arm that individually pulled each individual kernel out ideal as it was popped and lined them all up on my counter so they could all stay crisp. Properly then i would give it five stars’.

We’ve experienced a number of stirring poppers like one particular we manually stirred ourselves about the stove top rated. This popper is excellent and the bowl is awesome and thick so it would not crack quickly. The first lasted i would say two-three a long time right until the foundation was dropped by mistake. Even then it labored terrific but, the base was cracked so i felt it superior to order a new 1. We went for this one particular once more for the reason that it operates good. We appreciate it and it pops the popcorn kernnels beautifully.

This is my 3rd popper, but maintain buying them for the reason that they are the finest. In all fairness, i make about 3 batches of popcorn a 7 days and a popper willl previous me two-three decades. It helps make the very best popcorn, light and fluffy, espeically if you use the oriville redenbacher popping corn. Immediately after a long time of carries on use, the heating factor won’t get as very hot and you will know, even however it is nevertheless earning popcorn, but it will get tuff and not as fluffy, for the reason that it is not popping at a very hot ample temp.

I have been applying this device for two months and it does what it is meant to be. Tremendous uncomplicated to use:one) place corns and olive2) plug the energy cord3) wait right until popping sound is over4) unplug the electrical power cord5) delight in.

Arrived just two days after i requested it in fantastic issue-i was very pleased that the name and description. This bundle arrived just two days just after i requested it in great affliction-i was pretty delighted that the status and description exceeded my expectations-it lived up to its track record-every single solitary corn kernel popped and the butter melter labored just terrific-i have never had a popcorn popper that worked this excellent–i included too significantly popcorn the initially time but what the heck-i will know improved up coming time-also it was pretty effortless to clean up-just rinse the leading and wipe out with a paper towel-the base was also effortless to clean-i just wiped it carefully with a damp paper towel and it is completely ready to go again-terrific little equipment item-the stirrer labored like clockwork.

It’s a great popcorn maker, but as other reviewers have said, the prime cracks just after not also numerous makes use of. We have purchased two and it has transpired both equally moments. It seems to be thick, but it does crack.

I did not listen to the assessments about the bowl cracking and i bought this popper.It is really affordable, flimsy, and it does crack. I have experienced it for less than 5 months and the bowl is cracked in several locations. I referred to as presto and they are changing the bowl at no cost. Superb that they stood at the rear of it. When i named them they questioned for quantities from the base of the cooker where the cord exits, my numbers had been 2511. Which means my popper was made in 2011.

Popper failed to operate, but terrific buyer company. Just purchased for xmas and when i gained it and it did not do the job. Named presto immediate and they have been quite helpful and shocked that this popper was created in 2011. Presto explained they would substitute it rather of going by amazon. Now on the lookout ahead to receiving our new 6qt popper.

I am very delighted with this popper. I am pretty happy with this popper. I utilized it to make chocolate protected popcorn for my daughters marriage ceremony.

Will by no means take in microwave popcorn again. . As soon as you consume popcorn built from this, you can expect to by no means eat microwave popcorn once again. You can handle how considerably butter you use, and what kernels you might be popping so it is considerably more healthy. It is so uncomplicated to use, and the moment you use it a couple of moments with measuring cups, you can get to the level where you will not need them. Just pour, pour and plug it in. Thoroughly clean-up is basic and rapidly with the non stick floor, just wipe with a soapy piece of paper towel or sponge, then dry it off. You will will need to get out the spinner and hand wash it.

Fantastic value, will work quite properly, so significantly. I bought this with a little bit of apprehension mainly because of some reviewers had troubles with the best/bowl cracking but made the decision to go ahead for the reason that they were being able to get a cost-free alternative. I concur with most of the reviews that it pops corn very nicely. This just one operates much better for me that the ‘stir crazy’ i experienced ahead of despite the fact that it has labored nicely for lots of several years. I believe this could perform much better in element because the top/bowl sides are additional straight up as opposed to the ‘stir crazy’ with a dome lid. The dome may well restrict the popped corn from pushing up and creating it tougher to totally pop the remaining corn. I have had new one about a month and employed about five times. Hopefully the bowl will maintain up.

I employed a microwave or popper for yrs right until it wore out. I resolved to go a various route this time and i enjoy it. This popper pops a great deal of popcorn – sufficient to share even, if you happen to be ok with sharing (relies upon on my mood). I also really like that you can set serious butter on the prime (or margarine, or distribute, or whatever. ) and it will drip into the popping corn. Its a tiny far more of a hassle to thoroughly clean than the micro-popper, but well worth it.

God unit, works quite perfectly, butter dispenser on top works nicely, i’m really joyful with this device.

Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet : Love the skillet

The pan is shallow so you can’t cook a lot of sauce and the lids stains. Honestly what were they thinking. It’s 16″ long so you would assume that it would be used for large recipes. But it’s only 2 1/2″ deep so it’s not good for spaghetti sauce or other sauces. And the worst issue is that the lid stains when you do cook anything with tomato, bbq or ketchup. I am totally discouraged and am glad that i kept my old west bend from many years ago.

So far so good, have used this new skillet twice since it. So far so good, have used this new skillet twice since it arrived and both times, no problems. Heating appears even, and the coating remains intact. I hand wash it, and the finish has not discolored. It does mention that if you wash it in the dishwasher it will discolor the metal. It’s easy enough to clean, food wipes off without much effort. Have had the product for several months now, use it at least twice maybe 3 times a month, and i am pleased to say that the finish is very good, like new, and it heats evenly. I still hand wash it, and it wipes clean easily.

Although it looks like a nice appliance. I am just now getting around to using this skillet for the first time. Although it looks like a nice appliance, and others have recommended it, unfortunately, for me i am just now finding out that it isn’t going to always be usable for my purposes. I decided today to make spare ribs in this skillet. For that, you need to cook slowly for a couple hours and add some water to the bottom of the skillet so the ribs won’t fry. That is where the problem arrises. When you add water and put the lid on, after the water gets hot it steams and the steam leaks out of the lid where it closes. This results in constantly having to add water. If i were to not be in constant attendance to this appliance, it would soon run out of water and burn up the meat. This makes it very unhandy to use.

I’ve wanted one for years and i was forced to buy it when my apartment building had no gas for a month due to line repairs. But i had to send it back for a replacement. The first one had four screws that had to be unscrewed from the base and then be replaced when attaching the handles/legs pieces. I couldn’t get one of the four out. Everybody i know tried and couldn’t get it out. The replacement came with looser screws which were easily removed. I don’t know why the screws couldn’t be supplied in a small bag and then used to attach the pieces.

  • Great inexpensive electric skillet!!!
  • Chickens beware, you will be fried!!!!
  • Five Years Old and Still Going

Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Electric 16-inch nonstick skillet with heavy cast-aluminum base
  • Roasts, fries, grills, stews, bakes, makes casseroles, and more
  • Control Master heat control maintains accurate temperatures
  • Cover won’t dent, warp, peel, or bend; stay-cool handles; dishwasher-safe
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Great size use mine all the time. Im the chef of the family and seem to find an excuse to use the skillet all the time. Great for chops can hold about 4 to 6 chops at once. Did 4 lbs of beef for a work taco party the other day.

I love this electric skillet. After having two glass top electric skillets that warped with use, i love this sturdy lid that hasn’t warped yet. You cant see whats going on but thats a small price to pay for not having warped lids, i think its the metal on the glass lids that warps and is cheap. The only things that sucks is that there is no vent, but i can get past that.

Presto 06850 16-inch electric skillet. I have read other reviews before getting ordering the skillet and saw it had some bad and good ones, thou those seem to be from a few years ago. I order it anyway as i have always had presto for my electric skillet and they have lasted for years and years. I have had no problems with them at all, in fact my old one was just fine, i just wanted a bigger one. I have had no problem with the new skillet it is working just fine heats up great, cooks evenely. Little up keep just have to season with oil now and then which takes a minute. Clean up is a breeze everything comes off with a ease.

This is my 3rd electric skillet since i have been married (25 yrs). My skillets grew as my family grew. I still like the big skillet for when they come home for mom’s fried chicken, i can’t seem to fry chicken on the stove without burning it and the electric skillet is perfect for that. Anyway, my last one was scratched up which tends to happen over time but still was adequate, i just wanted a new one. I do want to mention that there is not a steam vent in the lid, i think that would have been better, it’s just a solid lid (thus 4 stars). Unlike another review, i feel that this has a very durable coating, it looks like it could endure a lot b/c it is like my previous skillets as far as coating goes. They make plastic everything now as far as utensils so don’t use metal. I also use my skillet for fried potatoes, stir-fry, pancakes, pork chops and so many other things. It’s a great skillet and i use it often.

And the generous size makes it a better choice than my old one. Bought this skillet specifically to fry bacon, and the generous size makes it a better choice than my old one. But there is no direct heat from the element in the center of the pan, which creates an area that fries slower than around the edges, which requires more tender loving care turning and moving your bacon around; yes, bacon is worth it.

Exactly what i was looking for. . I was looking for a replacement electric skillet with a domed lid because i like to layer items in the skillet that can steam while other items are cooking directly in the skillet. This skillet met this requirment but is also extremly well built. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I love this electric skillet. After having two glass top electric skillets that warped with use, i love this sturdy lid that hasn’t warped yet. You cant see whats going on but thats a small price to pay for not having warped lids, i think its the metal on the glass lids that warps and is cheap. The only things that sucks is that there is no vent, but i can get past that.

Our family has been using these for years, and they are always top notch. We made the mistake once to not buy a presto brand and we got burned, quite literally. We took it back and ordered this one, it’s amazing as always.The depth is a bit more then previous models we have owned but that is a good thing. Highly recommend this product for people making family size meals, with ease of clean up and room to make a big meal. This can make any kind of meal.

This frying pan works soooooo much better sizewise than the smaller square pans. This will be my 6th 16″ presto frying pan. I use the pan every day for our breakfast so it sees a ton of service. Have purchased 6 pans over many years as with my level of use the nonstick finish finally wears thin in about 12 months of continuous use. I only use non-metal turners – be sure you do as well. I also use the pan for some dinners, but we eat very few fried foods. I use a mister to apply a light coating of cooking oil when preparing eggs, pancakes, and french toast. This frying pan works soooooo much better sizewise than the smaller square pans. I can prepare pancakes and eggs at the same time – so all of breakfast is served hot.Once you try the 16″ pan you will never buy a square frying pan again.

Good replacement for my old presto. Got this to replace my worn out model. I like to cook lots of big stir fries, and this does the job. The old one lasted nearly 15 years, so i hope the new one will. I did notice however that the handles are not so sturdy, and they were a bit difficult to assemble. I had to find an alternative screw (one of the four provided did not fit) for attaching the legs. But the temps on the dial seem miscalibrated (200 sizzles more like 400). I cook by “nose” rather than strictly by temperature, so that was not so big an issue. This is a hard to find size, and that feature was the deciding one for me.

Five years old and still going. I purchased this skillet in early 2009. I bought one for my parents a few years later. I use mine an average of 3-4 times a week. It is just now starting to show signs of the non-stick surface breaking down. For that heavy of use over nearly five years, that can’t be beat. This skillet maintains the temperature very well. Much like an oven, the heating element cycles on and off to keep it at its set temperature. The light on the controller will click off to show that it’s reached that temperature and will cycle on and off during cooking.

Great inexpensive electric skillet. Great inexpensive electric skillet. I use this almost exclusively for cooking. I hate cooking so i mostly batch cook so i only have to do major cooking about every 4 days or so. (i cook coconut flour blueberry pancakes almost daily though, they disappear fast) i fry chicken (9 breasts at a time), steam saute veggies (full) and scramble eggs (12 at a time) and it never lets me down. I use coconut oil for all of my oil/lubrication needs as it can take high heats very well and is actually good for you. My last one lasted over a year and this one is lasting longer. I’ve found the key to making it last longer is the obvious 1. No metal tools and the not so obvious 2. If i have fried chicken in it or over cooked a veggie to the point of them sticking to the pan (i have adhd and frequently forget i am cooking. ) then i add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and turn it to 325. Using a flat bamboo tool i slowly let it boil and stir the stuck on food off of the surface. It will come off easily once it has absorbed the water.

Chickens beware, you will be fried. I regularly cook dinner for prolonged relatives, commonly all-around 12 individuals. This skillet is the excellent sizing. I like fried chicken, but in a frequent skillet you have to cook in batches, and the 1st batch receives cold in advance of the 2nd batch will get finished. With this skillet, i can fry up a pair of chickens at when, brown up three-five lbs . of hamburger, or even fry 6-8 normal hamburger patties all at the exact time. The dial handle plugs into the foundation securely and is quick to use. The feet and handles for the pan are just two separate parts, just one established of ft with a deal with at every end. The screws are now equipped into the screw-holes they will go into, so no bothersome little plastic saggy to tear open or get dropped. This did direct to some amusement for my son, who was observing as i began frantically tearing by means of the packaging, unable to come across the tiny dishevelled of screws that just experienced to be there someplace.

The domed lid lets me cook massive parts of meat or poultry. The glass lids do not have this attribute and aside from, you can’t see the meals cooking as the lid gets steamed. Only a small detrimental comment is that the twine is as well limited. Even so,i recognize this is a security element.

This frying pan operates soooooo a great deal greater sizewise than the smaller sized square pans. This will be my sixth 16′ presto frying pan. I use the pan every single working day for our breakfast so it sees a ton of support. Have ordered six pans in excess of a lot of years as with my degree of use the nonstick finish eventually wears slim in about twelve months of ongoing use. I only use non-steel turners – be positive you do as well. I also use the pan for some dinners, but we try to eat extremely several fried meals. I use a mister to utilize a light-weight coating of cooking oil when preparing eggs, pancakes, and french toast. This frying pan will work soooooo substantially much better sizewise than the scaled-down square pans. I can get ready pancakes and eggs at the exact time – so all of breakfast is served hot.Once you try the 16′ pan you will never buy a sq. frying pan yet again.

Thank goodness for the aged fashioned electric skillet. I have been so let down with the very last 3 electric skillets i have acquired. Their no stick interiors broke down swiftly and the digital temperature controller options had been usually too warm or not sizzling ample. The glass lids ended up significant and allow so substantially moisture escape that i experienced to view very carefully to make positive the liquids didn’t all cook absent. So, i went in lookup of an aged fashioned electric skillet and uncovered this a person and i could not be happier. The lid suits tightly, so i do not fear about all the liquid cooking off. But greatest of all, it has a temperature dial so i can established the temperature just exactly where i want it. So much, the interior coating is holding up great, but i will have to have to give it a further 9 months or so to be confident.

Terrific measurement use mine all the time. Im the chef of the household and appear to be to find an excuse to use the skillet all the time. Good for chops can hold about 4 to six chops at at the time. Did four lbs of beef for a function taco party the other working day.

Two factors would have built this stellar. Purchased as replacement electric skillet. Two points would have designed this stellar. One is that i would have most well-liked greater temperature dial. It’s a little bit complicated to get the dial established for sought after temperature partly due to the fact the dial is small. The second is that a vent in the lid would be pretty useful. I do like the metallic lid vs a glass a person. Would advocate this skillet.

Presto 07037 Jumbo Cool Touch Electric Griddle – Feeding a bunch of students

Feeding a bunch of students. What a wonderful deal and a useful obtain. It is effective completely, is quick to cleanse, and can cope with a lot of foods. I just finished performing on an annual a number of all-day, all-night time college scholar party to elevate scholarship dollars, and we are usually wanting for low-cost and resourceful approaches to keep them fed. We’ve utilised a charcoal grill for many years, but this time i added this griddle. At night time it was chilly exterior, but all i wanted was five loaves of bread, a tub of soft butter, some garlic powder, a massive package deal of cheese slices and i was set. This griddle designed a ton of excellent grilled cheese sandwiches with out leading to a mess. (note: making use of authentic butter and garlic powder allows you to use the least expensive bread and cheese and nevertheless have them style terrific). In the early morning, it was fried eggs, pre-cooked bacon strips, cheese and kaiser rolls for outstanding egg-on-a-roll breakfasts (with just some cooking spray).

Acquired as a present for my wife–and by extension me.We largely use this for bacon and i will prepare dinner on the back porch to push the neighbors crazy. I believe it functions fine for other food but which is what we use it for mainly, and it does great. I will update if this improvements.

I purchased this to use on xmas early morning for our massive family members breakfast. We normally have about twenty people in my household for xmas breakfast. This griddle permits me to cook numerous pancakes or 50 percent a pound of bacon or 3 offers of breakfast sausage at one time in get to serve a large amount of folks immediately. Just one of the ideal objects i have bought in a prolonged timeclean up is fast and effortless.

  • More bang for your buck
  • What’s Not To Like?
  • Nice griddle for the money

Was a present for my daughter and she really beloved it. This was a present for my daughter and she truly loved it. It is effortless to use and effortless to thoroughly clean, but i dropped it in her kitchen and the plastic all-around the outdoors broke and some fell off. It is as well unsafe to use now so she is out of luck and she only employed it 2 times.

We have experienced our old griddle for forty nine several years it was time to replace it. The presto griddle is light-weight, heats evenly and almost nothing sticks to the surface. It is uncomplicated to clean up by handwashing. It is huge enough to cook dinner eight pancakes at a time.

Features of Presto 07037 Jumbo Cool Touch Electric Griddle, Black

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Jumbo 10-1/2-by-20-1/2-inch cooking surface
  • Heavy cast aluminum heats evenly without warping
  • Nonstick surface for stick-free cooking, easy cleaning
  • Control Master heat control automatically maintains proper cooking temperature
  • Cool touch base; slide-out drip tray; 2-year warranty

Quick to use pretty even steady temperature. I bought this for those lazy sunday mornings when the family desires pancakes or french toast. It is so a lot easier than working with a fry pan several instances someway with the fry pan in excess of a fuel flame, there was generally a hot aspect and a cooler side. I could make eight pancakes at a time with this and they generally arrived out flawlessly browned.

I bought this griddle to replace a properly-worn older a person. It is a great deal larger than most of the ones i have found, but is not hefty or cumbersome. The handles do remain cool and the temp handle is effortless and out of the way. We hand wash it and the surface area is as good as new right after a number of months of at the very least weekly (in some cases nearly each day) use. We make pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, chicken, steak, and grilled cheese sandwiches on it. I generally use a nonstick spray with it, and it is 10 seconds with soapy drinking water to clear it. I did put the drip tray in the dishwasher on the base shelf and it melted, so do not do that.

General pretty joyful with this griddle. This griddle has been wonderful so much. Cleaning it is no difficulty at all. It distributes the warmth evenly all around the floor. It tends to make good pancakes and quesadillas for guaranteed. We ended up worried a little bit when it arrived since of the textured surface area , but it has been no challenge. My only minimal grievance, as if with just about every electric griddle i have had, is the drip tray – it likes to slide off also quickly. You would think they could place a minimal latch there or anything.

I’ve had presto griddles for several years. Last a person complete came off soon after yr or so so out it went. The aspect draining arms wouldn’t stay shut immediately after 6 months or so and it wasn’t my initially preference for a substitute. Appeared at all styles and selected this just one. Not as substantial as former one but largest grievance is you have to put towel underneath it so it won’t slide all more than the area on my counter major. Grease draining container is flimsy in contrast to other model. Griddle does the trick but it just ok.

Works but demands enhancements. Personally, really don’t like the fact that it is tilted. Eggs, oil, and other items operate to the entrance and down into the grease slot. Biggest disappointment is that the removable grease drawer upper sides bow inward so the drawer falls down.I experienced to make an expandable wedge to insert in the drawer to hold the sides straight. The finishes of the cooking surface get hotter than the center. Have used for about 2 yrs but will substitute with a various design.

I’ve had presto griddles for several years. Last a person complete came off soon after yr or so so out it went. The aspect draining arms wouldn’t stay shut immediately after 6 months or so and it wasn’t my initially preference for a substitute. Appeared at all styles and selected this just one. Not as substantial as former one but largest grievance is you have to put towel underneath it so it won’t slide all more than the area on my counter major. Grease draining container is flimsy in contrast to other model. Griddle does the trick but it just ok.

I obtained this to cook dinner various fried eggs at the exact same time. Price was great but the cons are this, i have to put butter knives underneath it to make it stage, it is intended to be tilted to drain grease but when i use it for eggs, french toast or no matter what the butter or oil tends to slide in direction of the drain dish even when i have it rigged. I would obtain a various brand that has an even ccoktop without fiddling with it.

A excellent worth for the income. . The presto jumbo griddle does what it is supposed to do, and that is the quickest evaluate ever. It heats up immediately and handles anything from pancakes to sausage and eggs with ease. Clean-up is simple with the non-stick area, while it can be a little bit challenging maneuvering the large griddle in a sink of soapy water. I possess a scaled-down presto griddle i acquired again in the mid-eighties and only inside the previous couple of years has the non-adhere area started off to display signals of don. It continues to be to be found if this griddle will hold up as effectively.

This is the 1st griddle i’ve obtained and it is really good. You can cook dinner a lot on this one particular.

Ive only used the griddle 3-4 moments but so far, so great. Its not as massive as i was anticipating but thats not a huge offer create high-quality is reasonably stable which is awesome at this price tag stage. The cooking area has been pretty non-stick & clean so far with pamcakes, french toast and some eggs. Its continue to rather new so we will see how this wears more than time but im quite happy so considerably. The heating uniformity has been just about great. I purposely cooked pancakes on distinct sections of the griddle to examination the heating uniformity out and it handed the exams. I didnt use a thermometer to validate temps but i suspect they are within a moderately shut selection to what you talk to for. Pancakes and french toast cook dinner speedily and correctly at about 350 degrees. The unit normally takes a very good 5-7 minutes to warm up absolutely.

Could make eight pancakes (scaled-down in measurement) which was awesome b/c that suggests i get to sit down and. I could make eight pancakes (smaller in sizing) which was great b/c that signifies i get to sit down and take in breakfast with anyone relatively than make a few at a time and by the time it really is my convert to try to eat, everybody has left the desk.

For this cost my husband thinks this is a fantastic griddle. Pancakes cook genuinely very well on this and this is what he required one particular for.

Ive only used the griddle 3-4 moments but so far, so great. Its not as massive as i was anticipating but thats not a huge offer create high-quality is reasonably stable which is awesome at this price tag stage. The cooking area has been pretty non-stick & clean so far with pamcakes, french toast and some eggs. Its continue to rather new so we will see how this wears more than time but im quite happy so considerably. The heating uniformity has been just about great. I purposely cooked pancakes on distinct sections of the griddle to examination the heating uniformity out and it handed the exams. I didnt use a thermometer to validate temps but i suspect they are within a moderately shut selection to what you talk to for. Pancakes and french toast cook dinner speedily and correctly at about 350 degrees. The unit normally takes a very good 5-7 minutes to warm up absolutely.

You would assume it would be uncomplicated to make a final decision about these types of a mundane merchandise, but when you happen to be faced with dozens of selections and not considerably time to compare price ranges, you require to know what is actually the ideal offer for your money. I ordered this griddle in may possibly of 2006 and have been pretty contented with it. Like other reviewers pointed out, it has a huge cooking surface, the temperature control unit is effective properly and it is cost-effective and handy to use. There is a helpful drip pan to capture bacon grease, pancake batter and the like. Oh sure, and it is straightforward to clean up — a big bonus in my e book. This is in all probability the sixth griddle i have owned about the many years, but so far, it truly is the ideal and is a serious bargain for the selling price.

Was a present for my daughter and she really beloved it. This was a present for my daughter and she truly loved it. It is effortless to use and effortless to thoroughly clean, but i dropped it in her kitchen and the plastic all-around the outdoors broke and some fell off. It is as well unsafe to use now so she is out of luck and she only employed it 2 times.

Got drained of creating pancakes in a frying pan, so acquired this. Very happy with it, in fact bought it utilised from amazon so obtained a fantastic rate. Would make pancakes nicely, quick, no sticking and can in shape 6 respectable sized types on it. Just permit it heat up all the way initial. Just take out the wire/adapter and can submerge it in sink. Con: the drip tray (for greasy meals) falls out effortlessly, i’d want it would click on/attach in it keep it from falling out when shifting this all-around. I just leave it out most of the time.

I desire i would have acknowledged about this item a prolonged time in the past. There is nothing to not like about this griddle. I prepare dinner french toast and pancakes pretty generally. I’d been employing my square griddle on my round electric stove all this time, which is primarily difficult when you might be earning pancakes, you nearly have to make them one at a time to get even cooking. We not too long ago moved into a dwelling that has a smooth surface electric stove and it was even more difficult working with the sq. griddle on the round warmth surface area. I had watched my sister on sunday mornings make a whole loaf of bread into french toast and pancakes to freeze for a entire weeks worthy of of breakfast on her griddle, just like this one. It dawned on me what a fantastic idea. I require just one of these griddles. When i seemed it up on amazon to start with, like i generally do, the rate was incredibly minimal. I acquired one straight away, received it in two days and tried out it out immediately.

I obtained this griddle final 7 days. I had appeared at 1 at williams sonoma that was more than $a hundred, but ordered this 1 since of the evaluations on amazon, not to point out the price tag. The initially time i applied it was on sunday morning which is risky simply because we go away with our four youthful small children for church by 8:thirty. I started cooking at 7am, created bacon and fried eggs, it was all cooked, eaten and cleaned up by seven:35. I practically by no means prepare dinner on sunday mornings simply because it will take so extensive to cook bacon and eggs for six in a skillet and then even lengthier to thoroughly clean up from it. I have given that built alton brown’s tummy buster burgers and pancakes on it and it has managed all fantastically. We have a custom made outdoor kitchen and i consider the burgers were far better off of this griddle (but will not inform my hubby that). I set it up on my (turned off) stove and use my hood-a-vent.

Presto 06626 11 inch Electric Skillet w/glass lid, Nice Mid Size Skillet

But with this 1 you’re unable to be definitely confident of the precise temperature- seems it can be either much too great or far too very hot. As with other electric skillets, it heats unevenly, but with this one you’re not able to be definitely sure of the genuine temperature- seems it truly is either also interesting or much too hot, and it demands regular modifying. The cover is not vented as claimed, and even though cautioned not to more than-tighten the feet, they do call for recurrent tightening. Dishwasher safe and sound and it works alright but when time comes for a replacement i will shop extra carefully.

You can turn into a chef wherever you. You can become a chef wherever you want, not just in the kitchen area. You can be seeing tv on your sofa in the dwelling home, you can be examining a mattress time tale to your youngster, you can be kicking it off with your mistress-the-laptop or computer, you can be any where as prolonged as there is an outlet and you might be a chefthis item is very quick to cleanse, heats up great and speedy, and does not adhere. It can be best to use to cook dinner for a two or a few human being food. Unquestionably advise this for straightforward cooking.

Presto 06626 11 inch electric skillet with glass lid. . (presto 06626 11 inch glass covered skillet) the skillet arrived in fantastic situation with packing paper in the skillet shielding the non-stick floor. The warmth controller is the similar design for both of those the 11 and sixteen inch skillets. The skillet heats quickly and is far more vitality efficient then making an attempt to heat a pan on a electric assortment. The heating element is sealed inside of the skillet significantly decreasing warmth reduction. The skillet does everyting, roasts, fries, grills, stews, bakes etcetera. Rice cooked beautifully lined and on a lower environment. Frozen crab cakes cooked properly and browned nicely on both equally sides. Immediately after obtaining the presto 16 inch skillet, the 11 inch skillet is a best addition for getting ready scaled-down parts. The glass protect fits the skillet correctly encouraging to retain warmth and moisture.

Key specs for Presto 06626 11 inch Electric Skillet w/glass lid:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • High sidewalls and tempered glass cover make it ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertaining
  • Tempered glass cover lets you see what is inside
  • Deluxe nonstick surface inside and out for stick-free cooking and no-scour cleaning. dishwasher safe with heat control removed.
  • Control Master heat control automatically maintains the proper cooking temperature.
  • Saves energy – it is more efficient than using a range burner or oven. 120 volts, 1000 watts

Comments from buyers

“Perfect skillet for a small kitchen and an avid cook., Nice Mid Size Skillet, Comparison to similar Rival brand 11 inch skillet., A Very Good Little Skillet, I’ve had this skillet for a couple of years now and the surface is still perfect. It is quite versatile and makes short work , Great Skillet but too many cons.”

To start with meal, i cooked in this electric skillet was rooster soup, from scratch. That was again in 2012 and we have been a best match ever considering the fact that. Wicked simple clean up, and middle coating is fading but still heats up quickly and cooks fantastic.

It can be labored so properly, it’s my main meal maker. I use this various situations a 7 days. I moved about a calendar year ago and experienced amazon provide this to my new apartment so i might have one thing to prepare dinner with while i was waiting around to get the fuel turned on. It truly is been about a year and i am just now receiving all around to purchasing other skillets. This has been my most important source of generating evening meal for two and i’m pretty impressed & satisfied with the invest in. The legs and handles need to be tightened every at the time in a when, but other than that.

This has been a good minor skillet hence far. I have used it various situations now for every little thing from quickly searing some burgers to a long braise and the effects have been quite very good each and every time. The area receives up to temperature speedily and heats evenly. It arrives back up to temperature rather rapidly following components are additional which is good for sautéing or adding liquids. For a non-adhere pan it results in a good sear on meats. Clean up-up is straightforward, just rinse with heat soapy water and dry with a soft towel and its good as new. Cleansing out the room between the handles and the pan can be a small tough. Really minimal sticks to the area and people matters are dealt with employing a swift wipe. The high sides mean it can hold a large amount of food stuff and it’s a superior depth for simmering soups and sauces or braising meats or fish.

It’s a incredibly awesome skillet for one or two persons and appears to have a first rate in general heating element. Awesome looking, strong and very quick to clean it is interesting more than enough to sit on your counter and won’t just take up as a great deal space as a standard placemat. It does not have a vent in the glass lid but you can drive the lid up towards the back again aspect of the pan to allow for steam to escape. It is delivered in its own box, no special shipping box but it is very well packed and cushioned. Make absolutely sure you clean it great although ahead of you use it. I only gave it four stars since i haven’t experienced it extended enough to say everything about its overall longevity.

Chops like mama use to make. Does anything anticipated from and electric skillet, swift and even heating, temp controls perform well, see by lid is great, easy thoroughly clean up. We had neglected how fantastic an electric skillet will work for so a lot of dishes. It is a throwback style of item that even the very best stove best eyes have a tough time matching for evenness of heating, management, and relieve of use. A really thin layer of oil can fry great pork chops with pretty much all the oil even now in the pan following cooking.

An superb pan for touring. It is a terrific addition to our vacation package anytime we remain at a lodge and require to warm up a dish real speedy without having the will need to go out for a heat foods. We created omelette and heated rice and toasted some bread in it. It warms up rapid and the temperature configurations had been just appropriate. The lid matches and wobbles just a small little bit but not a big difficulty. Washing up is also fairly simple, all you require to do is transform it off, unplug, get rid of the metallic piece from the stand and just clean the pan alone. Very delighted with this order.

Great skillet for a modest kitchen and an avid cook dinner. . I love to cook, but i have a tiny, condominium-style kitchen area, with a slim stove and limited counter top area with which to function on. I do most of my cooking and prep work in a compressed l-shaped location where the stove is to my left and my kitchen area sink just all over the corner to my proper. I tuck this electric skillet in the corner of the ‘l’ and both use it as an extension of my stove, or in its place of. The skillet’s non-adhere surface is so clean, it is really great for making dishes like crab cakes, the place i pre-prepare dinner different components for use in the ultimate assembly stage, and can only give the skillet a wipe with a paper towel among each individual cooking cycle. I only have to clean the pan at the time at the close of the food (and the tiny pan sizing suits perfectly in my smaller sink). The skillet heats up quickly, and the temperature management lights up even though coming up to temperature and turns off when the preferred temperature is arrived at. I’ve also seen that my skillet is fairly degree on my reasonably level counter prime (e. , cooking oil would not puddle up in any corner of the skillet), and the skillet’s obvious glass lid is incredibly handy for monitoring food stuff that is simmering.

Like these skillets but this 1 wobbles terribly. I’ve been using their 16′ electric skillet a ton – really awesome to cook dinner with and keep all stove burners cost-free for other factors. But, this skillet has uneven legs, so it wobbles terribly on counter. Continue to cooks high-quality, but irritating and obviously faulty. Considering that i bought from amazon, are not able to get hold of seller to notify of issue, and tossed vacant box/packaging prior to i checked (my fault).

Thanks to my parent’s dementia, i experienced to have the fuel turned off on her cooktop. Acquired this skillet due to the fact she can even now cook dinner and it is a desire. She has not skipped the cooktop at all. It cooks food stuff just as if on a frequent cooktop. The only damaging are the handles. I was unable to get them thoroughly restricted so they do wobble some. Not great when you might be functioning with sizzling food items. Other than that, adore the actuality that you can pop the entire device in the dishwasher and it is simple to clean up.

Excellent skillet but way too several drawbacks. . I really like this skillet i use it for my rv, but i generally have the continual emotion of getting to observe it for the reason that it truly is so small to the ground and i’m fearful it will start off a hearth since of exactly where it is. It does not seem as tall as it seems. Also the lid does not have a gap so you have to crack it which i seriously never like. A further point the tiny light-weight that tells you if it is really on will occasionally switch off but it nevertheless works. . But it is a fantastic skillet and i am going to use it to get my moneys truly worth. Would i propose it to any of my buddies possibly not except they correct the height issue.

Comparison to comparable rival manufacturer 11 inch skillet. . Performs wonderful and would have gained 5 stars but i imagine rival has the presto beat:cons1- assembly needed, no big offer but my rival brand skillet arrived fully assembled. 2- no non-skid toes, there again, no major deal but my other just one has rubber ft that continue to keep it from quickly sliding. three- no vent in the lid but the lid would not have a actually limited healthy, but continue to. 4- far more pricey that the rivalpros1- does feel to have a thicker a lot more durable non-adhere coating than the rival, time will explain to. two- has ‘submersible’ stamped in the steel underneath close to the heart, the rival does not. 3- would seem to be far more sturdy/tougher with the just one piece handles. The rival has leg ‘posts’ that just appear like they could be effortlessly damaged. Professional to the two presto and rival – the power/temperature command module and cord are interchangeable. All in all if i had to make the obtain all over again, i feel i would have gone with the rival with the presto a shut 2nd preference.

Thanks to my parent’s dementia, i experienced to have the fuel turned off on her cooktop. Acquired this skillet due to the fact she can even now cook dinner and it is a desire. She has not skipped the cooktop at all. It cooks food stuff just as if on a frequent cooktop. The only damaging are the handles. I was unable to get them thoroughly restricted so they do wobble some. Not great when you might be functioning with sizzling food items. Other than that, adore the actuality that you can pop the entire device in the dishwasher and it is simple to clean up.

To start with meal, i cooked in this electric skillet was rooster soup, from scratch. That was again in 2012 and we have been a best match ever considering the fact that. Wicked simple clean up, and middle coating is fading but still heats up quickly and cooks fantastic.

Very best fryer, boiling and preserve food heat solution. I acquired this electric skillet to use for operate. I’m a food stuff and item demonstrator. I warm soups in it making use of mini tins, i fill it with beans and tomatoes to hand out bean chilly, i use it to hold food i prepare dinner in my toaster oven heat and use it to fry. It is a best dimensions, quick to clear and does an ace of a career. I even use it at house now when frying hen cutlets. The obvious address and simple to clear. I will not use my frying pan on the retail store as generally due to the fact i bought this item.

We dearly enjoy our presto electric skillet. We preserve it right on the counter major simply because we use it so often. I am considering about obtaining a more substantial a single for when we have firm will come. And use the small a single for us. We almost never use the stove for nearly anything any much more and i love that due to the fact it is black and a bear to hold thoroughly clean. Sure in fact we appreciate our presto .

Quite pleased with the skillet. I made use of the skillet straight away soon after getting it just a number of weeks ago. It took a very little little bit to get utilised to this diverse way of cooking for me, but i have figured out typically what to do. Anything i have tried using so significantly, from fried eggs to a pot roast have been excellent. I have uncovered that the temperature stays continuous in all areas of the pan and that a decrease temperature will work greater than the basic acknowledged 350 levels. I utilized the larger temperature to sear a steak and then reduced it fairly to complete cooking. I am pleased with the pan and would recommend it. It cleans in a jiffy and so considerably no scratches. I did discover a spatula that operates perfectly with this pan.

Great skillet- make absolutely sure to adhere to temperature tips. Not much too significant but substantial more than enough for 3 person family. I like the sides and lid currently being a minor better. Will work incredibly properly just make sure you stick to the temperature directions that arrive with the skillet. I discover i prepare dinner every thing on the cheapest temperature recommended and it cooks perfect. I also identified out not to soak the pan. Wash it up immediately after a necessarily mean and it keeps the non stick surface area hunting great.

I have only experienced it a pair weeks so i are unable to attest to its longevity, whilst all the other presto solutions i have maintain undertaking what they’re meant to with out any breakdowns so i’d guess this one’s no exception. Due to the fact i obtained this in the mail, i’ve produced all types of stuff – fish/oyster courtboullion, pancakes, hoecakes, a seared steak (yum), even a cake.You will find so significantly you can do with it. Yet another benefit is that it really is allot much more strength effective than working with a vary major. All the electrical power is directed to 1 function, and not heating up your kitchen area as a substitute. And almost nothing sticks to the floor. The exam of this was to cook dinner coarse-floor yellow grits in it. They have a rather higher sugar information and will stick to practically just about anything although cooking more than an hour, creating a many hour soak to clean.

We requested this to change out outdated skillet that had started out to flake on the cooking floor. I actually liked how this a person came with a lid and the size was just what we were being wanting for. I am impressed with the even cooking surface area and the temps seem to be to be ideal on. Total it is every little thing we anticipated and a excellent acquire, particularly for the cost.

Great skillet- make absolutely sure to adhere to temperature tips. Not much too significant but substantial more than enough for 3 person family. I like the sides and lid currently being a minor better. Will work incredibly properly just make sure you stick to the temperature directions that arrive with the skillet. I discover i prepare dinner every thing on the cheapest temperature recommended and it cooks perfect. I also identified out not to soak the pan. Wash it up immediately after a necessarily mean and it keeps the non stick surface area hunting great.

This is a very first amount equipment. It can do all the features anybody could ask for in a multi-intent device. I purchased it largely for a frying pan, but come across myself utilizing it as a gradual cooker also. It heats really evenly with no scorching spots and retains the temperature ideal in which it ought to. I also like it as it truly is not extremely massive for the two of us, nevertheless, will get the job done terrific for 4 people today also. Obtain this pan, and you would not be sorry. Oh, the price is terrific too, and so is the high quality of the the pan.