Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2 : EXCELLENT OVEN

Overall this is a good microwave. The sensor reheat option is awesome and cooks things through properly and the 1. 6ft³ size is plenty big enough. However, the electrostatic dial seemed to give the microwave a cool-factor when we purchased it but quickly grew tiresome and is now my biggest peeve. It is basically a metal surface that you rub your finger-pad around in circles on to increase or decrease the time. Your finger-pad can seem to stick to the metal and setting 20 mins just takes too long and feels a little uncomfortable/unnatural. To set 20 minutes i now skip using the dial and just hit the ‘quick min’ button 20 times; a normal number-pad would be so much easier to use. If you’re in the middle of cooking and have greasy or dirty hands a normal number-pad would allow an elbow to be employed. With this, you’ll just have to accept that the microwave will need a clean afterwards and do the spinny thingy with a smudgy finger.

I don’t know why people are complaining about the electrostatic dial. Instead of an actual dial, but i don’t see an issue. It’s solid, pretty precise and no biggie deal. If you want to just do a quick 1 or 3 min run, just press the ‘quick minute’ button and press it to the # of minutes you want. Stainless steel surroundings, but i did notice the top of the microwave bowed. Perhaps the stainless steel is too thin?.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

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  • Enjoy faster cooking times with 1250 watts high power
  • Microwave Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost speeds up defrosting time
  • Elegant electrostatic touch dial control and 6-digit display
  • Automatic sensor adjusts power and times for different foods
  • Choose countertop or built-in installation, trim kit sold separately
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 14″ x 23 7/8″ x 19 7/16″; Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 10 15/16″ x 18 7/16″ x 18 1/2″

The unit is beautiful, and easy to use. 5 years after i purchased it. You might want to consider the 4-year warranty offered by amazon, which would give you a refund if they cannot fix the unit.

How much do i love this microwave?. Enough to write a review on it. Very classy and sleek design and has a touchscreen scroller for time entries. This microwave heats up food quicker than you can take it out of the fridge. Not only that, my apartment is notorious for having appliances blow the circuit breakers — but this microwave never blew it oncei’m very impressed at the speed of this appliance and effectiveness of it options: sensor reheat, defrost is easy, and predefined cooking options are pretty spot-on. Great microwave – get it for sure.

We replaced a similar model that had buttons for the settings. This model has a dial and it’s a little more difficult and time-consuming to set the exact cooking time.

Panasonic NN-SE982S Stainless 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology : I’ve had this microwave for a few months now, and i like it quite a bit. It has a fairly large capacity, which is great for heating up leftover casseroles and such. The electrostatic dial takes some getting used to (at first i could barely get it to move up to 30 seconds or more), but it’s really cool looking, and is really easy to use once you get the hang of it. I’m not really impressed with the inverter technology or sensor cook function, but as i never intended to use those in the first place, i’m not too bothered. I really love that you can program it to cook at different power levels all at once without having to go back to the microwave and put the time and power level in again (say you wanted to thaw something at low power for a few minutes, then blast it at full power for a minute or two). The main thing i have a problem with on this microwave is that it gets really warm on top. We typically keep our bread on top of the microwave, but since we’ve had this one, we have to store it somewhere else because the heat of the microwave creates condensation in the bread, or makes the bottom of the bread harden. Like many people have said, it’s also pretty noisy. If you’re trying to sneak something at night, and you live with a light sleeper, forget about it. Overall, i’m happy with the microwave, it has it’s cons, but it does what i need it to do.

My opinion only and only mine:- the finger dial thing in the middle that some people complain about hard to control: no merit – get use to it like anything new, period: it took me a whopping 40 seconds to play with it and ‘master’ it. – pro: super techo-sexy look which is the primary reason i usually buy stuff. Not very wise but it suits me; does have lots of bells of whistles and you are into that sort of stuff. See the con- con: with all the gadgets, i find it i can do almost everything by treating like a microwave: punch the number and hit start – done. Which begs the question why all the gadgets. My conclusion is so they can charge you more. – also, some folks talked about the door issue (see their comments, not repeating here). I find it questionable: one needs to use common sense in using electronic appliances – take it easy. Of course i only had it for a week. You might see my update bring it to 0 start 12 months from now for a broken door like others complained about. But that’s future and i dont have a crystal ball and wont worry about things i have no control and might or might not happen. – conclusion: for $300 is a nice looking, full function microwave. But if you want a basic basic basic configuration.

A lot bigger then i expected which is a plus.

After a month of use i’m pleased with this microwave. My wife is a little annoyed by the circular touchpad but i’ve grown to like it. She uses the quick minute button and is happy. We both like the sensor reheat feature, it works most of the time quite well. We are careful closing and opening the door after reading other reviews that it can’t take abuse. We use a gentile touch and i think it’s going to be fine. I’m not saying this was the case for all door issues but some people no doubt slammed the door too hard causing their own problems.

Very easy to use and is the most powerful microwave oven i have ever owned or cooked with. The stainless steel exterior is also easy to keep clean. I have had very good luck with other electronic panasonic device as well.

The microwave replaced a 20+ year old top-of-the-line litton that was built-in. With the same space i gained about 30% more inside space to cook. It cooks fresh and frozen vegetables perfectly with the sensor settings. I have thawed all kinds of meats with the sensor; just remember to take it out of the packaging; warmed up leftovers and even softened butter without getting the center to become liquified because of the way this oven works on low settings. It does not pulse on high as all the other models but actually sends a lower microwave to the food. The only problem i had was that the touchpad would not respond after a power blink. But unplugging and replugging solved that. So far very happy and works as promised.

The best feature is how the inverter works,when one dials in , say 80% , the inverter lowers the magnetron to 80% output. (older microwaves simply ran the magnetron at 100%, 80% of the time )this is an important difference . Delicate foods cook much, much better. Beside, my local bowling alley café uses one like this one, what more needi say .

This microwave works as described. It heats food quickly and evenly and is very large inside. We use the minute button all the time and it is handy. Using the circle knob to program time is not the greatest idea for you often have damp fingers when cooking and preparing food and it doesn’t work unless your fingers are dry – they must slide ‘around’ it to program time. Other than this feature we love this unit and it is as expected.

Our son went to college and took our old panasonic microwave so we bought this one. As long as they maintain quality we will buy panasonic microwaves. Love it for defrosting frozen meats. This is one cool looking techno geek microwave. The bad:not really bad but we are not sure if we like the touch dial programming. The program cooks are a pain. But there is a cheater guide inside the door panel. Overall yes i would recommend this microwave.

4 starspros: microwave is awesome. Cooks quickly and evenly, and the special features are great. Cons: terrible user interface. It has this touch dial thing instead of a keypad to enter the time. Also most microwaves have a quick ‘add 30 seconds’ button that starts the microwave and adds 30 seconds. This microwave has ‘quick minute’ which adds in 1 minute increments but doesnt even start the microwave. 🙁 overall, this is a great product. But panasonic needs to hire a new a ui team.

Large enough to cook casserole dishes, but doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. I personally love the styling and design of the microwave, but more importantly the features that it has. It does heat food more evenly and the sensor reheat works really well. I’ve read some reviews about the dial not working great and when i figured out how to use it i’m not sure if others were using it correctly or not because i don’t have any problems with it. The thing is to place your finger or thumb on the metal sensor inside of the dial, not the actual dial itself. Then you keep your finger or thumb ( thumb works better for me ) on the metal sensor while rotating. It will quickly add seconds and then increase to minutes automatically. Only time will tell if this microwave holds up, but in the meantime i will enjoy it’s many benefits.

This microwave oven is faster than the 1250-watt i replaced. It cooks much faster than a 1100 watt microwave, so if you are used to an 1100-watt unit be sure to use less time. And the genius part is the way it selects the heat range. It isn’t turning oven (50% power – it stops the heat for 50% of the time) it actually reduces the power as per setting and cooks it faster and more evenly. Anyone who is not happy with their unit had better check the manual to see what you’re doing wrong,.

Edit on 9/12/2013 i have now had the micro for almost 3 months and it’s still performing excellently. I see a lot of people complaining about the interior light not being on when you open the door or when you’re cooking. My light comes on both times. I have only had the oven for three weeks and it may be a bit premature to rate it now. It replaced a panasonic microwave which i had for 21 years. So far this oven is excellent except for one thing, and that’s the reason i gave it only 4 stars. I really don’t like the eloctrostatic dial. I would much prefer a knob or keypad instead. You have to make sure your finger is completely dry and you still can’t be that exact. I was also wondering why the price changes on amazon so much. I paid $214 for it and as i check now they want $270.

The microwave works great, but it overcooks or over defrosts food when i use the automatic settings. So i have to use it by seconds or minutes. Also, this microwave is very flimsy. You barely touch the top and it dents in and out. It will not sit straight on my counter. I have to have a piece of wood under one of the legs. I called panasonic and they said i had to take it clear to a service center that is hundreds of miles away. Otherwise i would have to pay to ship it. Then i would be without a microwave for weeks. So much for good customer service.

The only dislike is the dial time selection interface. It is modeled after an ipod dial but it is cumbersome to select a specific time. If you need 40-50 seconds, it is fine. If you need 45 seconds exactly, it is much more difficult.

So far, it works well, but i’m not so in love with the circular motion finger sliding required to set the cooking time. The knob unit was more, so i went with this one. I do like that the power settings are the real deal ex: ‘medium’ setting means full-time half power instead of 100% on half the time.

So far (6 weeks) we love it. The dial is easy to get used to, just takes a few tries. It matters how you place your finger on the dial. Just lay it across flat and it works very smootyly. Not super noisy which i like when the food is done. Love the ‘enjoy your meal’ at the end. Wish it had a 30 second add button, that’s about it for what i’d do to improve it. The 1:00 is usually a little too long. Just have to add the 1 minute and stop it after 30.

Panasonic NN-SN933B 1250W 2 : Makes the Best Microwaves, Just Don’t Call Their Support

Very well, i know i said i might hardly ever get one more panasonic microwave soon after the last faulty a person, but following not becoming satisfied by the a great deal lesser samsung (which did not basically feeling the moisture while it reported it did), we decided on this design. The defective nn-se982s has a new dial that’s contact delicate, but for some in our house, including me, it failed to operate very well. But the real issue in the microwave we obtained was that the sensor was not functioning, so just after a quite unsatisfactory contact to panasonic guidance (they desired us to convey the manufacturer new microwave to a service centre), we returned it to amazon (kudos to amazon) and bought the samsung 1. The ‘auto cook’ in the samsung just isn’t computerized at all, it just makes use of preset moments. And the meals heated hot on the outside and cold on the within. So that obtained returned as well, and we got this 1 since it has buttons rather of that dial. It’s been doing work completely for the previous two months, reheating anything entirely and evenly. So pansonic still would make the most effective microwaves, just hope you hardly ever have to connect with their guidance.

Is effective excellent and incredibly nice sizing for cooking.

Panasonic NN-SN933B Black 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

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  • Inverter Technology for even cooking and delivering delicious flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost for quick defrosting
  • 1250 Watts of High Power with a 2.2 cubic foot capacity
  • 9-Menu Category Sensor Cook system, 16 1/2″ turntable; Delay Start and Timer; More/Less Control; Quick Minute, Popcorn Key
  • Membrane keypad and 5 push buttons for easy programming, 10 Power Levels; push-button door release
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 14″ x 23 7/8″ x 19 7/16″; Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 10 15/16″ x 18 7/16″ x 18 1/2″ and weighs 35 lbs.; Black finish

I had had a person of these that experienced the dial for the cooking time, etcetera. And really missed just staying equipped to place in the time that i was wanting ideal from the starting without spinning the dial back and forth mainly because the time you needed stored slipping by. You, also, could not always set in unique times simply because it would begin counting by 5’s or 10’s rather rapidly. This new one with the number buttons alleviates these difficulties. The only matter i don’t like, that i guess the bit additional high priced 1 will do, is clearly show the electricity bar when you are cooking. It’s quick at first to push the buttons in the erroneous purchase when seeking to use the electric power amount settings, and if the electric power bar showed the stage you have been cooking at, you would know for sure if you punched it in right. Other than that, i’m easily residing with out it scrolling recommendations and telling you to appreciate your food. I like this device a ton and would propose it to pals and family.

Changed my ge that burned out fewer than a calendar year. Regrettably it was maintenanced 3times by ge repairer.

As an update of a seven year aged 1100 watt panasonic microwave this operates quite nicely. The sensor reheat function receives a great deal of use and i can shave off a moment on the common time to warmth matters from the previous just one. Loads of space in the oven, even massive casserole dishes fit in this point with no problem. It has been utilized for quite a few months now and would seem to be extremely responsible. Only insignificant criticism is that i desire the oven door or the oven itself weighed a little bit extra as with nothing in the oven it is challenging to get the door to latch except if you brace the oven.

Panasonic NN-SN933B Black 1250W 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology : You don’t realize how bad your old microwave is until you’ve used this one. We keep our old one for warming our puppies food. Can’t help feel that using the larger microwave for only 30seconds all the time twice a day ruined our last big microwave. So now we have 2 on the counter. 🙂 what you don’t do for your puppies.

It really is functioning, and is no greater or worse than other microwaves i’ve utilised. The only aspect i miss out on is the capability to add a minute at a time when food is cooking. Below you have to prevent it and transform the time or wait till the timer is completed and do a couple of a lot more minutes. The only odd point i have recognized is that right after i’ve cooked one thing, even if for just a few minutes, when i open up the doorway i listen to a whine/whistle for a moment that inevitably goes away. Not sure if this is ordinary or not, but it isn’t going to see to have an affect on just about anything.

We’ve had it for a couple of months now. So significantly we are incredibly delighted with this microwave. It would not have the ‘add thirty seconds’ attribute our previous on had but other than that is does them all.

I have owned this for a yr now. It is perfectly created and cooks good much too. A durable device that is straightforward to use.

Purchased this microwave aug, 2014 and it give up doing the job feb, 2015. The code on the screen says we want to contact a repairman. It really should past have to for a longer period than six months.

A excellent microwave that is strong and simple to use. Just be mindful of how massive it is so that you can make positive that you have ample counterspace.

Bought this to replace my 4 12 months old panasonic 1250w 2. two cu ft that experienced burnout due to a energy surge. Tops in eye attractiveness and effectiveness in my reserve. The only thing that bothers me is the plastic masking more than the variety pad has kind of bubbled up, but not sufficient to get absent any stars. I imagine it is just a protecting covering, but can not obtain the edges to peel it off.

Have not experienced any issues with the latch like everyone else appears to be to. Appears sturdy and definitely heats issues up a lot speedier than smaller microwaves. We use it daily, so much so excellent.

Thoughts you we have only had this a few months, but we really like it. I normally recognize the variations in appliances, and my spouse goes together, but she is telling every person how significantly she loves her microwave. We assumed we definitely loved our last one, but this a person is really good. My spouse employs the sensor for every little thing. The having to press the button 6 or 7 times to inform it what modes you want looks cumbersome, but it is not all that bad when you get made use of to it. Ours rocks a small right up until i place a quarter underneath the left foot. The cooking is the most even cooking i have ever found of the a lot of microwaves i have utilised. No small sizzling places on the edges like most of them. Thawing proves to be the same.

I truly like the microwave but soon after only 2 weeks of use the electric power level button go over commenced splitting open. I have returned it for an additional one particular and hope it doesn’t do the same thing. The inverter was fantastic to have and this is the microwave of option, but not with this situation so immediately after invest in.

Does the position and observed the perfect sized wooden eating cart to put it on (also from amazon). Even so, i did see it $35 more cost-effective in focus on in a week of acquiring it.

I’ve microwaved almost everything i can get my palms on. I you should not do animals or modest animals (i am going to wager i could though). Acquired it a working day in advance of time. I love the 1250 watts of uncooked power. My outdated mw gave out wholly (eleven several years outdated). At demise it was supplying about 600 watts. It took 8 minutes to heat espresso. This beast does it in 2 minutes – person is it hot. I am quite joyful i obtained this mw it can be like driving in a volkswagen in the morning, and a 1200 hp funny automobile in the afternoon.

Okay – controls could be created superior.

This is the best microwave that i’ve ever owned. I bought it mainly because of the dimension and the wattage, and i haven’t next guessed my conclusion due to the fact it arrived. It is extremely straightforward to use, and the ‘sensor reheat’ function provides every little thing out warmed/sizzling to the middle. I would forewarn that one particular need to always subtract some time when cooking microwaveables, due to the fact it will absolutely overcook some points. Overall, i strongly propose this item.

Right after just below two months of use, i have not had any difficulties with the doorway as explained in some testimonials. Arrived on time, straightforward to set up and use. I am particularly pleased with this buy.

I have been utilizing this for 1 thirty day period now and have to say that it is by far the most effective microwave oven i have at any time used. It is not compact in any way and just about any measurement dish or pan you can obtain that can go into a microwave will very easily match into this oven. It would seem solidly built like the door system which is a trouble with every other panasonic microwave i could obtain a overview about. It is manufactured of plastic but it feels fantastic and limited. As far as cooking goes this matter is remarkable. It heats issues very rapidly just like most microwaves do. What can make this microwave so astounding is that it does not just cycle from 100% ability to warm only to simulate a decrease than a hundred% electricity stage. When you established this oven to fifty% power that is particularly what it runs at, all the time. You under no circumstances hear it kicking on and off like each individual other microwave i’ve ever applied the food items does not start off boiling all in excess of and then quit and then boil and quit yet again. It will make a big difference when you cook points. Rooster comes out of this microwave just like if you baked it in a conventional or convection oven (minus the brown search of program). It is not rubbery or all dried out on the edges or slender elements. It is tasty and receives finished in a quarter of the time. Oh yeah, and i have nonetheless to melt or warp a foam plate in this oven.

Turns by itself off randomly, with any luck , the substitution will operate . I would consider after 40 yrs they would have a clock that does not have to have environment right after temporary energy outage . Doorway has a whole lot of slop in it, fairly sure that this unit leaks microwaves on the additionally facet i do like the inverter technology.

Panasonic 5-Cup : I love this little cooker!!

I been use it for many years,continue to is effective very well.

Very first off, i ordered this rice-cooker ‘used in very good condition’ from amazon. When it arrived, it appeared totally new. Even the box was destruction-totally free. In phrases of performance, it is almost the similar as an more mature design that i experienced right before, but this a single also has a clock. Usually, it cooks nice rice. I have also tried earning stews in it–definitely fantastic, and even baked my favorite chocolate-zucchini bread. The bread turned out good and moist, a great deal improved than i expected.

Panasonic 5-Cup (Uncooked) Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker, Stainless Steel/White

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    by entering your model number.
  • Perfectly prepare up to 5 uncooked cups of rice, ideal for singles, couples and families
  • Microcomputer and advanced Fuzzy Logic continually control and regulate heat for precise cooking and even, tasty results
  • Durable 6-layer diamond fluorine-coated, non-stick inner pan transmits and retains heat in every grain of rice
  • Easily select and set from 13 automatic menu options for a variety of rice, plus hot cereals, soups and more on a large, easy to use and read LCD control panel
  • Smart keep warm function maintains optimum serving temperature for up to 12 hours, includes measuring cup, steamer basket and rice scoop

It took about ninety minutes to cook four cups basmati rice with four cups of drinking water at ‘brown rice’ location. Certainly it did just take bit for a longer time than my low cost previous rice cooker but i am pretty pleased by the final results. Rice arrived out extremely fluffy and cooked evenly. I advocate this rice cooker.

Even now fairly pricy as opposed to japan, but panasonic does make the ideal rice cookers. Extremely effective and adaptable, a lot of know-how inside and perfectly made.

Good device to have in the kitchen area. I personal panasonic a lot of products at home and so far they do the job flawlessly well. This just one i got only was just undesirable luck, the deal with was so really hard to shut up even for grownup, you would genuinely have to press down hard to shut the top.

Panasonic 5-Cup (Uncooked) Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker, Stainless Steel/White : This may be the best gift i ever gave my wife. I did a ton of research on rice cookers (had no idea there was such a big industry) and i really researched price vs. I didn’t want to get a cheap one, and first impression was an outrageous expensive one “must be good”. I continued looking around and decided on this perfect in-between. It’s not cheap, it’s not expensive, and reviews were decent. Figured i’d roll the dice and i nailed it. I gave it to her in february, we literally use it every single day, it still works fantastic and she still talks about how much she loves it. My mother in-law is filipino, owns the big name brand $300 cooker and she too absolutely loves ours. She complains her rice has a strange taste and brown coloring sometimes (because of cheap non-stick coating), and if she leaves the rice in too long the bottom layer will burn.

Not as good as former model, but still awesome. I really don’t like that the inside best gasket/screen element isn’t really removable. I really like the cake perform (great for cornbread too) and does excellent rice with no problems about timing.

I totally really like my rice cooker. My pal has two of these in her incredibly occupied meals cart. I had to invest in one particular for the reason that of how much she talks about this merchandise and all of astounding features it has and the time it saves her.

Smart fuzzy logic sensors, cooks any form of rice beautifully. Would unquestionably endorse it. Panasonic a person of the digital corporations that stands by it’s establish good quality and name.

This rice cooker has undoubtedly impressed me. I promptly found out this cooks rice extremely gradually, but it arrives out properly – if you evaluate effectively. I have read many responses about overflowing, around and beneath-cooked rice. Folks, just evaluate effectively, and you will get a excellent batch of rice each and every time (notice: i have not attempted to increase any seasonings to the water although cooking). One point that will catch individuals off-guard is the time that it normally takes to prepare dinner the rice. It would be troublesome if i had to start this cooker an hour or two ahead of i was preparing on feeding on. The good news is, this matter has a programmable timer. So evaluate out the rice and water, set the time for when you want it to be carried out, and voila, you will have a batch of freshly cooked rice for you when you get house. And finally, this will surely support you program your foods, and likely make you consider a tiny more about what you are likely to eat. I would like our culture could truly recognize the profit of that.

I are living in a a single place apartment. The only serious factor i had to cook dinner with was a microwave. I appreciate to bake and was actually missing staying ready to make cornbread and other things. I could not consider i discovered a rice cooker that would make cakes. You can prepare dinner just about anything you want in it. You just have to modify the time. You can open up the lid while its cooking. If you are building a thing and you are not guaranteed of the time you can just strike the prevent button. Most of the rice cookers i found did not have a start off or cease button. This was sooo really worth the income. I am building tapioca pudding in it this afternoon.

Out of the 4 rice cookers i have owned (wolf gang puck, an ‘cheap’ design of zojirushi and two aromas) this has to be my favorite. I have applied it at minimum a dozen situations now to cook dinner rice and each time each grain comes out perfect. The style of the rice compared to a non fuzzy-logic rice cooker is some thing you would have to check out for by yourself to imagine. There is certainly no comparison. I mainly prepare dinner sticky rice, as i just typically enjoy the texture of it, and it has appear out great just about every time. With the wolf gang puck and aroma cookers, there would generally be random tricky grains and a dark brown crust caught to the bottom of the pan. That does not occur with his cooker. I know the cake purpose looks a bit foolish, but it is really not. I just tried it for the to start with time, baking a cake from a vitamuffin blend and the detail cooked to absolute perfection. I baked it for forty minutes on the cake environment.

More substantial capacity cooker which is effective substantially better than our previous just one which was more compact just one that finally gave up the proverbial ghost a number of months back. It does involve the rice to be ‘cleaned’ of extra starch, but provides great cooked rice. Easy to use and can be made use of for other things as nicely.

I adore this solution – i have an more mature a person in which it has a cup for the steam & you want to pre soak rice – specifically brown rice – this a person is effective good with white rice or brown – i also cook dinner farrow & polenta in it – no pre soaking – very realistic selling price for what it does – havent applied it for everything other than grains.

Totally adore this rice cooker. A good friend linked to me how a great deal she favored hers. Words are not able to describe how great this cooker is. I have baked a cake, produced soup, steamed veggies, designed steel reduce oatmeal, and numerous sorts of rice from brown to jasmine. Just love it, enjoy it, appreciate it. I use it two to three times a week for a assortment of motives. It is uncomplicated to thoroughly clean, cooks the rice wonderfully and is so straightforward to retailer considering the fact that it has the handle for lifting and carrying.

This is my incredibly initial rice cooker. So significantly i cooked white rice in it, risotto with mushrooms, brown rice, oatmeal and even omelette. Haven’t attempted to use it as a steamer or sluggish cooker nonetheless although. The booklet also gives recipes for cake and spaghetti, pretty neat, i imagine. It is quite easy to use, particularly if you skim via the directions. You just put in rice, liquid (examine the ratio in the e-book), select which cycle (white rice or brown, and so forth) and simply click commence. It will end when h2o evaporates. If you require to use the timer, it is quite quick and practical, way too. Say, you want your risotto carried out by 6:30 pm. Place all components in, simply click timer, established it on six:thirty (nicely, eighteen:thirty for pm), push get started and it will get started cooking at the time essential to get it carried out by 6:thirty.

I experienced a frequent aroma rice cooker, which worked fantastic for a long time, but when it began performing flaky, i made the decision i essential to get a new one particular. I have built metal cut oats and brown jasmine rice in it so far and them appear out wonderful.The timer solution is awesome- i established it to be done at 4pm and it was completely ready for me when i obtained residence. I have not utilized the slow cooker function but my sister has the exact same product and she has produced the banana cake a number of situations and it will come out scrumptious. Fyi, the zojirushi web page has some great recipes that can be employed in this machine. If you need a rice cooker, acquire this a single.

Staying from hawaii, i have very the urge for food for rice, and however i’ve been making mine in $20 rice cookers for as extended as i can keep in mind. They burn your rice if you depart them on warm, you have to wait around a even though following ‘cook’ pops to ‘warm’ because your rice just isn’t essentially cooked however. But in the end, just after some love and experimentation, you can have very first rate rice. At the identical time i have prolonged been jealous of my chinese and japanese pals who have fuzzy logic rice cookers continually going in their properties with sizzling rice completely ready at a whim. So i eventually took the plunge. Pros:- fantastic rice, white or brown- maintain warm function maintains warm, scrumptious rice for several hours- precise countdown timer (10 minutes away from staying done)- effortless to cleanse (just wash the pot, and wipe the leading of the cooker)- doesn’t spill rice goo all over the place although it cooks- substantially much less expensive than zojirushi alternativescons:- brown rice normally takes pretty much two several hours to cook using the ‘brown rice’ environment. However, i have been cooking a great deal of it applying the typical white rice setting and it still arrives out wonderful. This rice cooker also has alternatives for porridge and steaming, but i have not employed them.

I am using this a single to exchange my current panasonic rice cooker which is peeling. I owned that rice cooker for about 6 several years in advance of it started peeling, and it was time to get a new a person. The pan that will come with this rice cooker reminds me very strongly of the previous design zojirushi rice cookers. The kinds with flowers and things on them, and only 3 button alternatives, cook dinner/heat/off. These pans very last a pretty very long time (my mother has two this sort of rice cookers which are at minimum 20 years old and however do the job), when compared to the new types, so i am hoping that i will not encounter the same peeling that i have with my earlier pan. Idea: in no way ever clean your rice in the pan you prepare dinner it in, and make it possible for the rice to soak off, never scrub. It is really cool that this rice cooker has a gradual prepare dinner environment. My former cooker did rice, sushi rice, brown rice, porridge, and steam. I’m very excited to get started cooking in my rice cooker (the owner’s manual has various recipes).

A good rice cooker that can prepare dinner a assortment of rice. Extremely advisable for those who are hunting for a good rice cooker.

The solution was very well produced with excellent look. The clock and timer are effortlessly programmed. The clean up is a lot a lot easier than previous models. We have been using panasonic rice cookers for numerous many years.

We obtained this to substitute a rice cooker that was shedding the non-stick coating. -this rice cooker tends to make the very same quantity of rice as our aged cooker but takes up fewer place. -the rice is very flawless. Nothing at all has stuck or gotten burned. -the timer element is genuinely beneficial. If you know about what time your meal will be done you can set it and ignore it. -it will not emit as much condensation as our previous cooker. A few of tricks:-thoroughly clean the protect ideal away. This is the simplest way to clean up the cover as it doesn’t detach from the unit. -but if you forgot to thoroughly clean it ideal away, don’t worry.

Panasonic NC-EH30PC Water Boiler 3 : This is why panasonic is a name you can trust

I acquired this very hot pot for my workplace so that i can have a constant stream of hot water for tea although i do the job and it operates completely. In my belief, i imagine this operates just as effectively as the far more highly-priced japanese scorching pots. Professionals-numerous temperature options-six hour timer is great for setting overnight- magnetic electrical power wire will make it tremendous effortless to unplug and refill- it will come with 4 temperature settings (a hundred and forty,one hundred eighty,a hundred ninety,208) which work for a large range of teas and coffees- easy to cleancons- a little slow to arrive at 208 degreestip: as minerals and lime builds up in your sizzling pot (that white stuff) just use vinegar to thoroughly clean it out. Insert as substantially vinegar as you’d like and heat it to a hundred ninety or so in the very hot pot. Rinse thoroughly later on to avoid vinegar tasting water.

My relatives have an equal zojirushi model. The only distinction is this one particular only has a six hour hold off whereas the zojirushi has a more time hold off location. It actually appears to be like the panasonic insulates and retains the warmth in better than the zojirushi as it would not seem to reheat as normally. I am certain it would help you save a several pennies in electric power costs if i could hold off it a minor lengthier though i am absent at work all working day but it isn’t really worthy of virtually double the price tag to get that. Which is the only reason for the four stars alternatively of five. I basically like and prefer the nonstick inside and unless of course you have received tricky water, you you should not have to clear it as frequently as they suggest. It is really above a month for mine becoming utilized every single working day and it doesn’t glimpse any distinct than when i acquired it. I figure i will clean up it with lemon juice every single other month. Be aware that you never have to purchase the special cleansing option. Make your very own citric acid with a 50 percent cup of lemon juice concentrate blended in with the water and then run it via the cleansing cycle.

Panasonic NC-EH30PC Water Boiler 3.2-Quart with Temperature Selector

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Electric Thermal Pot
  • Boil & Keep Warm Features
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Water Gauge On This Product
  • Energy Saver Product
  • 3.2 Quart Electric Thermo Hot Pot that dispenses hot water at a moments notice and saves energy, Ideal for noodles, tea, soup, coffee, Japanese Tea and baby food
  • “Binchotan” non-stick coated interior that is easy to clean, 4 Keep Warm Temperatures (140 to 208 degrees), Water Level Indicator, Low Water Level Warning and Steam Vent, De-Chlorination Mode to reduce chlorine
  • Multi-Lingual (English, Chinese, French) Operating Instructions Manual
  • Quick Disconnect Magnetic Power Cord in the event of spillage, Secure Dispenser Lock, 360 Degree Rotating Base, Cool Touch Body, Removable Lid
  • Measures: 8 9/16″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 10 13/16″ (H), 4.4 lbs, White w/silver trim

Regular way to make warm water below in the us is to use an electric powered or gas stove pot, but that only assists for water you will need at the minute. This boils water and maintains incredibly hot water temperature for as long as you need to have it and so the incredibly hot water you want is right away obtainable. Simply because it truly is 4 liter measurement, you have plenty of sizzling water completely ready for you and your spouse and children for anything from generating coffee, cup o noodle, to anything else. It has a security aspect to avoid incidents. My preferred portion really is just having incredibly hot water regularly managed at 190 levels which operates for most items you want to do and only draw back to this solution which i feel is a fault in all other people comparable to this is, there is no automated on/off timetable. But, i have remedied the difficulty with one more products i experienced readily available which i have made use of with other appliances. I use a outlet timer which has programmable plan and i have the boiler plugged into that and so outlet controller turns on in the morning when i wake up and shuts off when i goto operate, and turns on when i get household and turns off when i goto bed. It truly is just a tiny investment decision about $10 which you can buy at amazon or homedepot which enhances this merchandise pretty a little bit.

A not nicely-known maxim: the older your mother receives, the a lot less selections you have for seriously good mother’s day presents. At minimum that’s the way it is for mother, now 91. So, when you come across that your mom is having issues working a microwave safely, you try to occur up with some solutions that will get the job done for her and enable you slumber at night time.Mom now has scorching water obtainable all the time. She works by using it to make her instant oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat, fast rice, and scorching chocolate and very hot tea. She explained to me the other working day she believed it might be her greatest mother’s working day present at any time. Mother is delighted and my sis and i are pleased also.

We maintain this pot on the counter to right away make tea, soup, scald dishes, etcetera. The smaller sizing could have been ample for the two of us, but this unit just isn’t also large to sit on the counter. It is superior to be equipped to notify just how significantly water is left, and to pick out a temp. We normally use the reduced temp & it can be high-quality for good tea. There is no steam leakage, and the pot alone is just not incredibly hot outside the house. The cord is limited, and magnetically connected, so if the unit is moved a lot, it disconnects — excellent for security, as the device is in no way much from the wall so doesn’t tempt children.

Panasonic NC-EH30PC Water Boiler 3.2-Quart with Temperature Selector : Pro: timer, variable temperature, large capacity, safety plug, removable lid, easy to use, convenient, carrying handle and whitecons: timer is preset at 6 hours only and defaults to holds water at 190 degrees (but can by brought to 208 or boiling in about 2 minutes). I got this to save some time making french press in the morning. I tried programmable drip coffee machines which cost as much as this thermo pot, but was disappointed with the lackluster results of the coffee when compared to french press. I guess i’ve just gotten spoiled by press coffee and cannot go back. I use two frieling stainless-steel french press, one to drink before i leave the house and another to fill up my thermos nissan stainless-steel insulated bottlei first looked at electric teakettles but models with variable temperature settings cost as much as this, lack a programmable timer, and don’t hold near as much hot water. I also considered a zojirushi thermo pot but it cost a little more and only came in an ugly yellow color from the 80s. I’d rather have stainless, but white beats out that dated yellow/beige by a long shot. The panasonic thermo pot works perfectly for my routine and holds enough water to preheat both press pots and my thermos. The timer function works as specified and i wake up with 190 degree water which is reheated to 208 degrees in the time it takes to grind my coffee using a breville bcg450xl conical burr grinder. While i love this thermo pot and it has simplified and shortened my morning coffee routine, if i could change anything it would be by adding an adjustable timer instead of having a static 6 hour timer and the ability to determine the temperature setting for the timer instead of being stuck with the default 190 degree.

I arrived across this solution while hunting for a regular fashion electrical water kettle. The issue i kept jogging into was the ‘keep warm’ configurations on just about all of the water kettles only went up to an hour at the most. I genuinely preferred some thing that could hold water very hot for a lengthier period of time (at least a few hrs). I have been using it about a 7 days and love the simple fact that i have warm water when i like it. The only ‘con’ as opposed to electric powered tea kettles is that the boil time is significantly slower (this normally takes about 30 minutes exactly where an electric powered kettle will take about five). But the tradeoff is that you depart this device jogging all of the time and you have sizzling water at the contact of a button. So if you are a huge tea drinker or you like the thought of scorching water available all of the time i would go for this unit or a similar 1. If you sometimes drink tea or require warm water go for a single of the less expensive substitute electric powered kettles.

I obtained this some time back so we have been applying it considering the fact that the conclusion of april 2013. The motive why i bought this was to fill up thermoses to warmth them in the mornings prior to faculty for my young children who just take their lunches each day. But i’m also a large tea drinker, and i was normally forgetting the water i put into the microwave to heat. Then i would reheat it and nevertheless overlook about it. Well i really don’t have that dilemma any longer. Now when i want a cup of my most loved tea, the water is always hot and prepared. This is fabulousmy spouse who only will make espresso at house on the weekends uses a french press for his freshly ground beans. Very well now he will not have to hold out to warmth water in the microwave oven any more both for that. The water is often incredibly hot and ready for him, and finds the 190` temp option is fantastic for his espresso as effectively as tea. We equally take pleasure in tea in the evenings most nights.

The nc-eh30pc a to start with charge appliance that delivers wonderful comfort and security–it does what fantastic engineering is intended to do, which is make our lives a lot easier and far better. I previously dig it and rely on it. There are tiny factors and oversights in use and design and style, having said that, that keep me from providing it 5 stars. 1st, the pros:the device by itself is a high quality appliance. Almost nothing feels affordable or flimsy, and i can explain to that our tiny kettle substitute will be with us for a lengthy time. The interior chamber, the ‘binchotan,’ is a large responsibility, non-detachable heating lining that feels like a cross amongst significant ceramic and teflon. Take a search at the picture i took–it is really thick, challenging stuff, and unless you have unusually tough water or under no circumstances clean the point, there is certainly no way it’s likely to flake or rust. It heats water like a sealed electric heater should really, immediately and competently. I specially like the way it opens and seals: you just force the little lever to open up it, click it shut when it’s complete, and it can be fantastic and shut. It seals in heat, and keeps it that way, unlike kettles.

Hi,i like drinking tea at perform but hated acquiring to nuke water in a cup or pay out $3 for a cup of environmentally friendly tea at the cafe up the road. So, i acquired the panasonic nc-eh22p thermo pot and i’ve been ingesting my tea day-to-day (jan 2011). Its totally awesome – no nuking, no $3 cup of tea. The title panasonic is definitely trustworthy. You all feel, ‘what about zojirushi’. I have a zoji, i like the zoji, but i essential a thermo pot at function but failed to want to commit that type of revenue for something that will continue to be at my place of work. Nicely, i took a leap of faith with the panasonic nc-eh22p. And, i was pretty amazed. Functions on this device are rather very simple and straight forward. Operates like most other common (the excellent ones) thermo pots. Finally, its tiny, its good searching, its straightforward to function, and its wonderful price (excellent + price = value). I motivate anyone to not just pay out for the title.

I believed this thermal pot was going to be a seasonal merchandise for me i experienced planned to leave it on the kitchen area counter for each day use during the chilly, winter months and then enable it to ‘hibernate’ in excess of the summer. The a single tiny flaw in this scenario is the reality that i appreciate this very hot pot so a lot, i want to be capable to use it all year spherical. (it has changed, head you, a lovely $a hundred and fifty. 00 breville stainless metal programmable tea kettle i used to have on the counter up until now. Because i am a *purist*, i use only spring water in this machine, as it gives for a cleaner style in the tea and soups i make (i would have to believe it also prolongs the life of machine. There is a optimum fill line, so i really don’t let the water degree over that as you will find the risk of strain forcing the scorching water out all through the boiling procedure. I refill the thermal pot in the night right right before i go to bed (but not before i delight in a cup of peace tea :), and in the early morning the water is at the wanted a hundred and eighty levels. Suitable and ready for my morning green or white tea (or the occasional english breakfast tea). All in all i am very happy with this thermal pot, as it’s clean-wanting, just the proper dimension and easy to use (my mother has been eyeing my pot each individual time she arrives to stop by, so i suspect she will be receiving one from santa this xmas).

***edit jan 2014*** amazon tells me i purchased this pot in april 2011. As of jan 2014, i have got two sets of rust places in my panasonic incredibly hot pot. I have constantly been pretty careful with it, but we did transfer house past 12 months, and i observed the rust immediately after the move. I look at it feasible that both the finish bought broken all through the relocating method, the pot didn’t like becoming still left vacant for a thirty day period in storage, or the water at our new house is somehow affecting the interior in another way. (the water we have now has a much better flavor and additional minerals. Employing the similar brita filter pitcher does not consequence in the similar high-quality drinking water. )i am shopping for a new kettle, and actually torn in between the apparent value of this reduced priced model, and the likelihood that a zojirushi will last more time under what may possibly be harsher ailments. *************unique evaluate***because i received married to a person of russian heritage, we have normally stored an electric powered kettle on our counter. It is really just widespread apply, related to other tea ingesting cultures, and i readily tailored to acquiring very hot water constantly out there. We did a kitchen area transform in 2007 and i opted to install an below-sink electrical very hot water heater (by the massive brand name recognised for rubbish disposals) as a ease.

She loves to make tea and i wanted to give her an choice to employing the microwave. On equilibrium she likes it and we’ve made a decision to keep it. There are, nevertheless, a selection of style difficulties you really should be knowledgeable of. These are why i gave the product a 4-star instead of a five-star. Considering that it features and is created well i want i could give it a 5-star, but (for us) the style difficulties carry down the rating. Listed here are the troubles (imho):- steam arrives up from the again when the unit boils. Nonetheless, this is problematic if you want to tuck the unit absent beneath an overhanging cabinet. Most of our kitchen area counters have overhanging cupboards. If you tuck this device away under the cabinet, the soaring steam will inevitably warp the wooden. We resolved to set the unit on a heart island.

I go through the damaging testimonials but purchased this incredibly hot water pot in any case. It is accurately what i required since i drink a ton of warm and iced tea. I experienced an old mr cofee tea maker and even though it heated up okay, it bought dirty and experienced to be cleaned regularly. It was also a suffering since i drink 4 to six cups of tea a day and the mr coffee only experienced more than enough water for two cups. I was continuously refilling the water cylinder. Individuals who experienced problems with sediment or rusting with this warm water pot should have notified panasonic about the troubles to see if they could enable. It has a confined two calendar year guarantee. My faucet water is total of difficult water so i generally use filtered water and verify the pot for sediment. Choose treatment of it like you would with a steam iron. There are so lots of utilizes for the pot i hadn’t even thought of.

A superior and great thermo very hot water pot with basic safety attributes (as a result the fantastic household maintaining seal). The carbon activated steel (i imagine) container within does a wonderful occupation in making sure the water tastes new. I have a five stage water filter so i definitely simply cannot convey to the difference in carbonizing the water for scent and taste. But is very good to know that it is there if i need it. I would have offered it a five stars if only if it experienced a capability to extend up to twelve hrs on energy conserving manner. It would also be nicer if the max temp can arrive at 2012 as well (some teas and coffees call for that temp). On the in general, this solution would seem to be pretty perfectly-developed with excellent qc. I am hoping for this pot to final at minimum two years. On the other hand, i notice that the prices is heading north. If it gets to be also dear, then, it may reduce it really is aggressive value heck. My wife and i have built numerous a teapots and so much enjoyed the usefulness an the high quality so significantly. I think this is a excellent buy if the price ranges stays the same.

I did lots of investigate prior to paying for the panasonic nc-eh22pc 2. three quart electrical thermo hot water pot. I discovered just one identical at macy’s – the zojirushi. It was more than $one hundred greater in price and failed to present any better or distinct options. When i go through the assessments on this just one, many people today as opposed it to the zojirushi, and said that the panasonic is a considerably much better item. I am usually an ‘instant gratification’ man or woman, but thinking of that i was unable to come across anything at all that compares to this domestically, i experienced to buy it. I have only experienced it for about two weeks now, i cannot consider going back again to a tea pot. It is really quite great as very well as practical to have incredibly hot water each individual time i want a cup of tea. Even though i have to hold out for about 15 minutes 1st detail in the morning for the water to be prepared, it is no significant deal. It really is easy, lightweight, and person pleasant.

Device will work as explained and has quite a few options that actually make it a very good buy. Regrettably the consumer interface can be challenging to realize as the identical buttons are used to activate unique characteristics and it can be tough to realize exactly what functions are presently in use. I have utilised this thermopot for about four months and have gotten employed to the quirks. All round, after you have the options that you want dialed in you will never have to drive any buttons besides the dispense button, which helps make the interface a great deal far more bearable. Items i wished that i would have know right before purchasing:if you have challenging water in your space make certain to invest in some citric acid to clean it out. I have particularly hard water in my area and experienced to clean up it just about every two weeks or so. Distilled water will work even much better in it and usually means that you will hardly ever have to clean it and it will final a lot of yrs lengthier since the pump will not get clogged and overworked. The default temperature is 190f. It will always default to this temp when 1st driven on, or if you use the 6 hour delayed get started. The thermopot will often boil the water anytime it is begun, or if you incorporate far more water to it.

Negatives:no off swap, you have to change it off to unplug it. Water gauge is not accurate right until there is only two cups still left. Takes a although to heat upthe pump is a little little bit loudno timer functionnow that the undesirable things is out of the way this is an massive time saver and my tea usage has sky rocketed. I seriously enjoy to drink tea but i loathe owning to shell out so significantly time in the kitchen to bring water to a simmer 1 cup at a time. I have a different electric kettle but it only has the ability to boil water, i hate obtaining to enjoy it for five minutes and unplug it so the water is not much too scorching for my tea. Then when i have concluded my cup i have to do the whole point about all over again for just just one more cupi acquired this issue for the same rate as a good coffee maker and it sits on my desk and keeps water at one hundred eighty levels all night. I have been ingesting additional tea and fewer soda, my focus has enhanced, and i am not wasting so considerably time absent from my desk. When this one particular wears out or i get a likelihood to buy a new one i am unquestionably heading to want some essential or innovative timer capabilities so i can have warm water ready in the early morning or when i get back household at night time. I have also observed some products with a guide pump that i imagine is quieter. For the rate this is a excellent product and i am incredibly satisfied with it.

I had initially wished a zojirushi thermo pot since i grew up with one and like its top quality. I altered my head soon after looking at this panasonic nc-eh22pc because of the cost and balanced opinions. I have utilised this thermo pot for a 7 days now and it does what it is really supposed to do. I adore obtaining scorching water accessible at all instances. My spouse acquired to check out it out for the initially time a handful of times in the past and he fell in like with it. His exact textual content message to me was: ‘omg, i approve of this warm water thingy. We use the thermo pot every single day – he for his very hot chocolate, and i for my tea. Be confident to study the guide diligently in advance of use.

I have not long ago started ingesting tea and hated the time it took to consistently warmth water. I formerly requested a (substantially additional high-priced) kettle and had to return it since it did not do the job suitable. I am so glad that i ended up with this alternatively. Compared with the kettle that turns off after half an hour this product retains water hot all the time unless you established the 6 hour hold off. I find the generally scorching water convenient for far more than just my tea. I use it thoroughly for cooking as properly. When i need scorching water for pasta, or any other dish, i just get it from my thermo very hot pot. I have gotten into the behavior of filling it back again up every time i choose water out. That way it is nearly generally entire of scorching water. I just heat it with a small lemon juice mixed in with the water. Once the answer has occur to a boil, i unplug the device, dump out the water and enable it awesome. Before refilling i wipe out any remaining mineral scum with a paper towel.

This is the first incredibly hot water dispenser i bought from panasonic. I have been using one more model for the past 15 a long time. I have experienced it for a few of months. The only matter i come to feel will need advancement is the address, which feels far too think, and not good. Hope it will past for a prolonged time with out issue. Thus i am supplying it a four star instead of 5. Amazon offers greatest service. My 1st cargo obtained missing throughout cargo, and amazon promptly sent me a replacement. Just after a few months usps just situated the 1st cargo and delivered it to me, which i will be sending again to amazon.

Does not choose up much too a lot counter house. Retains plenty of water to heat a number of coffee cups and pre-heat the coffee carafe. Perfect option to the other factor we’d been looking at: spending $two hundred to $three hundred to put in a smaller water-heating tank underneath the kitchen sink. The 6 hour timer will work good for our routines, which typically are concentrated on morning-coffee brewing pursuits. When the water amount will get lower, i flip off and vacant the water boiler and enable the tank dry normally. Then just prior to mattress time — ordinarily involving eleven p. And midnight — i fill the tank and established the 6-hour timer.

Panasonic NN-SN752S Stainless 1250W 1 – 5 months and so far everything is good with it

six cu is a ton larger than i believed it would be, but that is my fault for not examining how significantly house that essentially arrives out to be.

This is essentially an current version of the panasonic microwave i ordered 10 a long time ago. My aged panasonic ‘died’ through no fault of it truly is very own – operator error (i set it on fire 2 times inside a 7 days – really don’t question). Just after reviewing all alternatives, the panasonic still seemed like the ideal alternative, conference all my specs. The sizing is ideal for our family and food items warmth rapidly and evenly. I have been utilizing it for a number of months and love it almost as considerably as my old a single. The only detail it is really lacking is a baked potato alternative.

Just what i experienced purchased and predicted.

  • Form Meets Function
  • I love this, I especially love the sensor cook feature
  • I tell everyone how cool this is all the time

This design from panasonic is definitely a very good a person. Its actually been all over for about 20 or 25 decades. I know because i have had a single that lasted that prolonged, at the very least twenty years. The only cause i had to get this one particular was mainly because the inside was rusting out seriously poor, but nevertheless labored like a champ.

Introduced my very first panasonic microwave fifteen yrs back. This one particular is the very same product but with a scaled-down inside as much as top goes. Due to the fact the final one particular lasted me 15 yrs,, there is good hope that this a single will be as superior as my initial a single. If you need to have a lot more peak in your microwave, come across a person that will go well with your intent. Thought i had checked individuals dimensions thoroughly, but i guess i was off an inch or panasonic has built this one particular a bit more compact. Anyway, almost everything else is the same with a number of new included bonus’s.

Features of Panasonic NN-SN752S Stainless 1250W 1.6 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Full-size, 1.6 cu. ft. and 4-digit display. Genius microprocessor microwave automatically sets power levels and adjusts cooking time by measuring amount of steam produced during cooking
  • Inverter Technology delivers consistent energy allowing delicate foods to simmer without edges and surfaces overcooking
  • 1-touch sensor cook and sensor reheat features
  • Keep Warm’ button pulses low power temperature at a constant level without overcooking
  • Outside HxWxD ( ” ) 11 15/16″ x 21 7/8″ x 19 7/16″. Interior HxWxD ( ” ) 9″ x 16 7/16″ x 18 1/2″

I have not employed the microwave for any issue but reheating but on the lookout forward to applying it to its likely.

Quite quick delivery, great packaging. This microwave is really pleasant and the more capacity inside is good. But it does have a massive footprint on the counter. I am continue to figuring out how to use it for our desires. We have not used it for real cooking and meal prep (except for some fresh new veggies) it really is not really intuitive. You will find no ‘ :30 2nd ‘ or ‘fresh vegetable’ button. The sensor reheat is a little bit mysterious. But i’m guaranteed we are going to figure it out.

It appears to be to be far more powerfull than my preceding microwave. The stainless metal get ‘dirty’ with fingerprints, which absolutely compromise the nice look of this wonderful pice. It can be large within (on the diameter, but it is decrease than what i was employed far too (top).

Although model new, the microwave arrived with a tiny ding on the best of the door region, luckily it is not also visible. The digital panel also had a bump on/in it (type of like an air bubble). The clock show is not pretty shiny. Other than that, the microwave capabilities perfectly. It performs best for greater more time cooking periods. Re-heating a tiny bowl/dish is not much more rapidly with this one than with than a standard microwave.

Truly would give it a 4 and a 1/2 stars. Took off 50 percent for the digital clock that is a little bit difficult to study besides when you are specifically in entrance of it. Otherwise am really happy with the device and its workings. Extremely awesome to have the meals arrive out very hot via to the center and not have cold places. Extremely rapid in contrast to our aged device and a great deal quieter much too. Certainly, the beeping when carried out is softer, but it can be heard from a space away. For myself it does not have to be heard downstairs or upstairs. . So am delighted it is softer sounding and not the loud sharp beep of our prior device. Within is roomy and what looked like a down dimensions from the confection-microwave we experienced ended up currently being the same cooking room in a far more compact unit. The device is metal, not silver plastic that some of the other models utilized.

This detail re-heats meals, heats drinking water, and cooks astounding. Does exactly what its meant to do.

I haven’t had a new microwave in a lot of years. Sensor reheat is the coolest issue i have ever viewed. I inform all people how amazing this is all the time. A single contact and all the things is heated beautifully, i crimson a lot of critiques prior to i acquired this and was incredibly sceptical pink the evaluations about the dim display and fingerprints??. I am incredibly delighted, you can get the identical sizing for a great deal significantly less money but not around as fantastic as this.

The quantities on the digital readout could be brighter.

Straightforward to use, very good sizing, and also effortless to clean up. I have never been unhappy with the panasonic brand name merchandise. This model has a further cupboard than i would have favored having said that that was my fault for not spending more attention when i ordered it.

We bought this for my father for the getaway. When it arrived, our biggest worry was the dimension. Even while we understood it would be bigger than his earlier microwave (which had just stopped working immediately after more than twenty years), when we observed it in-person, i experienced a ‘oh my gosh’.Still, once we had it all established-up on the counter, it took only a moment to get utilised to it. And, whilst my dad hardly ever employs a microwave (consequently the motive why the previous 1 was nevertheless around immediately after over two a long time), he right away permitted of the slick visual appeal and the electric power (it is noticeably much more impressive than his past microwave). Places of likely issue:-the electronic display screen is a quite, very dim environmentally friendly hue. We were being hoping that after we set the clock, it would brighten a little bit (we considered it’s possible it was in a ‘demo mode’ or some these types of). Sad to say, it remains really dim. I study the complete manual and checked on the web.

Uncomplicated to use and looks properly with the other appliances in our kitchen area.

Really joyful with this financial investment.

We have experienced this microwave for about 1. five months and so considerably every thing is great with it. There are effortless configurations, the buttons force simply and the various alternatives accommodate defrosting to cooking television set dinners. It heats food items immediately, and greatest of all, it works without having sparking, like it really is predecessor.

I enjoy this, i specifically like the sensor cook dinner attribute. I you should not even have to decide on what the food stuff wants to recook it just does it. It is quite large inside of and the tray is significantly larger and allows for entire dimension dishes to be made use of. I have only employed the white prior to but am taking pleasure in the stainless a single. I have no grievances would purchase it all over again.

This microwave is effective just fine, but the door is genuinely hard to open and near. To open, you have to press the button and pull the doorway open up at the identical time. To near, you truly have to drive it shut. I would like to be ready to open up a microwave with just one hand. I would not advise it for that reason.

Ideal microwave i have at any time owned.

Panasonic SR-G10G 5 : Good rice cooker if you know the trick

My twenty 12 months previous three cup panasonic didnt make enough rice when i had corporation so i went out and bought one particular of individuals fancy rice cookers which took to substantially time to forecast the outcome. In some cases if i experienced working day previous rice, i would put it back again in the cooker with the new rice. It confused the extravagant rice cooker so i under no circumstances knew what to anticipate. So i returned it and obtained this panasonic. Just like my reputable twenty calendar year cooker which has because eventually stopped doing work.

Does not shut off without having unplugging ability twine. I ordered this cooker to substitute an old rice cooker that finally failed right after numerous decades of service. The cooker does a tremendous career the moment you discover to modify the amount of drinking water to cook the rice the way you like it. It has a substantial ability for any wants a solitary individual or spouse and children ought to have to have. The only thing i do not like is you have to unplug the power twine each individual time you are completed cooking. Even with the rice pot taken off the device exhibits it is still on ?. I do not know if this provides a fireplace hazard if you neglect to unplug it ?.

Panasonic SR-G10G 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker, White

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Make up to 5 Cups of uncooked rice with One-step Automatic cooking and shutoff, Just press the button and ready to go, 4 Hour Keep Warm feature once the rice cooking process is completed
  • See-thru glass lid for easy viewing, Heavy Duty Aluminum Pan, 450 Watts of Power Consumption and 44 Watts for Keep Warm
  • This model is not recommended for Brown Rice and it is recommended to clean rice before cooking in a separate pan and not in included pan
  • Accessories include: Measuring Cup, Multi-Lingual (English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese) Operating Instruction Manual
  • Measures: 10 3/4″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 9 3/8″ (H), 3.3 lbs, White
  • Make up to 5 Cups of uncooked rice with One-step Automatic cooking and shutoff, Just press the button and ready to go, 4 Hour Keep Warm feature once the rice cooking process is completed
  • See-thru glass lid for easy viewing, Heavy Duty Aluminum Pan, 450 Watts of Power Consumption and 44 Watts for Keep Warm
  • This model is not recommended for Brown Rice and it is recommended to clean rice before cooking in a separate pan and not in included pan
  • Accessories include: Measuring Cup, Multi-Lingual (English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese) Operating Instruction Manual
  • Measures: 10 3/4″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 9 3/8″ (H), 3.3 lbs, White
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

Great option for compact-batch rice creating. Lesser than we assumed, but is effective as advertised. Nevertheless can scorch the rice at the base, so not suggested for leaving rice in it all day. We have cooked several varieties of rice with no challenges.

Has been working for a extended time now my filipina spouse works by using everyday.

I’ve been making use of this for a few of months now to make brown and white rice and i’ve been incredibly delighted with it. It is a great dimensions for 2-4 folks. It tends to make perfect rice if you observe the guide in the booklet that comes with it. I comprehensively rinse the rice (much more on that in the future paragraph), then soak it for 30mins prior to cooking, then when it can be completed cooking i permit it stand for 15 minutes. Cooking generally can take thirty minutes to an hour dependent on the kind and amount of money of rice. The rice cooker switches to ‘warming’ mode the moment it really is concluded cooking. I would advise you rinse your rice in advance of cooking it, though there would seem to be a debate around whether or not you must or not. Most rice offered in the usa is coated with additional natural vitamins by the producer. So, rinsing will get rid of the vitamins but will also clear away a large amount of the excess starch, building for a cleaner, lighter rice at the time cooked.

Panasonic SR-G10G 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Automatic Rice Cooker, White : Good rice cooker if you know the trick. I bought this rice cooker 2 months ago. (after having a problem with my old nonstick rice cooker) the reason i chose this one because i don’t like taflon nonstick surface. It’d come off no matter how you took good care of it. So far, i’m very pleased with it. I’m an asain who eat rice everyday. I cooked as little as 2 cup or as much as 5 cup (full capacity). I never had any experience about rice stick in the bottom of the pot. However, you have to know the trick. Every time you cook rice, you have to let it stand in the pot for at least 10 to 15 minutes (after the cook button change to warm button) before taking rice out of the pot, as a result, rice will never stick.

Purchased this since our black and decker (14 cup cooked) non stick rice cooker has been peeling (same thing with bro-in-law actual rice cooker). Employed these days and a couple of observations:one) the internal pot is not as ‘heavy duty’ and that i suggest not thick/hefty experience but feels somewhat fragile seeking (so handle with treatment – no dropping). 2) the cooking foundation is reasonably sturdy and not as fragile as i believed from the reviews i have go through. 3) no bubbling during or soon after cooking (employed five asian cups jasmine rice, rinsed the moment, and loaded a tiny bit over the 5 cup mark). 4) i do like no non adhere just for peace of brain (and asking yourself wherever the peeled bits went). But so considerably no sticking to the pot (i unplug following it has been cooking/heat for 35 minutes – sorry i didn’t know when change went from cook to warm). 6) the price tag was definitely very good for no non adhere.

Little much better but not absolutely happy. Though cooking the starchy drinking water flows out producing horrible mess on kitchen desk, returned and bought greater product of similar brad direct from panasonic, small far better but not absolutely glad.

Dimensions is perfect for two to four individuals, and cooks rice extremely properly. And its legitimate what yet another reviewer reported – permit the rice relaxation for 10 minutes right after cooking and it wont stick. I prefer to unplug it and not have the warm feature. I have cooked white and brown with this rice cooker and have received very good success. Just be absolutely sure to adjust quantity of water depending on the kind of rice you are cooking. Pair of ergonomic items i dont like: the handles are really dinky, and the cooking pot has a pretty shallow lip (unlike my aged 20-year nationwide which this changed). Also power twine is permanently hooked up which can be awkward for storing.

I wanted a smaller rice cooker that created ample rice for two-4 individuals and experienced a cooking vessel that was not non-stick coated. This suit the bill very properly as it makes good rice. The only purpose i gave it 4 as an alternative of 5 stars is the only way to flip the device off soon after cooking is to unplug it.

I was largely looking for a proper sizing rice cooker which will not only serve our family of four (father/mom and 2 kids) daily, but would also be sufficient for 3-four additional friends as once in a while necessary. Panasonic sr-g104-450 5-one/2-cup (raw rice) is right for the intent. Cooks rice evenly with no mess. The only enhancement i think panasonic would have done was to maintain the ‘warm’ indicator light (at the time the rice is completed) inexperienced or some other distinctive colour. The ‘cook’ indicator gentle is purple, and ‘warm’ indicator light is orange, hence really perplexing to distinguish amongst the two to know if rice is completed.

I bought this merchandise from amazon and i really like it. I do not know how individuals can say that they loathe it. My rice has under no circumstances spilled over in fifteen minutes i get ideal rice. I have utilized it about 20 periods now and use it when i am in a hurry to make a comprehensive food. I have manufactured brown rice, white rice, and mexican rice. I acquired the amazon warehouse deal and it arrived in new ailment the box was open up but every little thing was model new.

Item will work but it does get some of the rice trapped to the bottom but as for cooking it its right on the dollars.

I advocate depart the rice in the h2o extra than half. Considering the fact that the interior container is incredibly skinny, you will need to add a minimal bit more drinking water when you cook. Or, you will see overcooked or burned rice in the bottom. I propose leave the rice in the h2o a lot more than 50 percent hour in advance of cook dinner.

Pleasant durable little rice cooker. I have had this rice cooker for 3 decades now, and it still cooks a wonderful pot of rice. If you use the japanese proportions for cooking rice (three/4 cup of rice to one cup of water) it arrives out best with no fret. Only this is that the rice goes negative in pretty much a day. Make positive you take it out and set it in the fridge or one thing or it smells like toes.

The only purpose i did not give it. The only purpose i failed to give it a greater rating was its okay, but not as very good as the oster a person we obtained. This one particular is a very little bit too little for our family members of 3. We would generally have to make a further batch.

This is a somewhat tiny rice cooker,but is sufficeient for a family of 5. It is uncomplicated to use and does the work qiute very well.

Superior cooker, not a good warmer. I like this that the cooker would prepare dinner rice properly. Even so, the warm manner would seem to be as well heat that the rice would be overcooked conveniently. I usually have to unplug the wire as quickly as it improvements from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ so that the rice would not be overcooked.

I gave up on rice cookers just after quite a few other makes i acquired just stopped doing work following a extremely quick time. I tried out as soon as more with this panasonic brand name and have experienced pretty very good results with simply cooked rice for above a calendar year of usage. The cooker is still heading potent. And now it is jan 2018 and it carries on to get the job done nicely .

I decided to purchase this simple rice cooker just after 2. I made a decision to invest in this basic rice cooker after two other models unsuccessful following only two-three months of use. Both of those ended up fancier variations created in japan, but both of those completely disappointing. A long time in the past i experienced a straightforward panasonic rice cooker and it in no way failed. My new a person is a no frills model, newer styling of class.

Superb teflon-cost-free rice cooker. . Exceptional rice cooker, while it does only have a single prepare dinner environment, which was fantastic for our needs. We bought this a single for the reason that of the aluminum pan, to swap our cooker that experienced a teflon pan, as the teflon experienced begun to chip absent. This a single just isn’t non-adhere, and some rice does adhere to the bottom just after cooking, but it cleans really quickly after a tiny pre-soaking.

Acquired as a reward no grievances so much.

Panasonic NN-SB646S 1200W 1 : Good product, fix the legs with more friction material

Good product, fix the legs with more friction material. The casters are made of a slippery plastic, i would prefer rubber. This thing slides all over the countertop. Its size is good, and the features work as intended. A great price but you’ll need to fix the slippery shoe. I’ll likely just buy furniture coasters to give it more traction. Very lightweight, so i’m worried i’ll bump it right off the counter.

I like it but my husband doesnt.

Works fine but came with a dent. I understand mine was refurbished but it came with a dent, otherwise it works well, seems to be doing it job. The microwave is a bit bulkier than i thought. Follow up: the vendor came back to me and offer me a discount for the inconvenience.

Nice design and powerful unit. No evidence of it being refurbished.

  • Inverter Microwave – Only by Panasonic and the Only Microwave I’ll ever own.
  • Great Deal on a Full Size Oven
  • Excellent Microwave device and well made

Panasonic NN-SB646S 1200W 1.2 cft Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven (Certified Refurbished)

Does not have inside light when door opens.

So far so good, i will know more in another year. Works well and heats things up fast, looks great.

It would be nice to have the light stay on when opening the. Works great- as a few previous buyers mentioned, it would be nice to have the light stay on when opening the door, but that is panasonic design flub, not the refurbishing sellers.

Do miss the automatic rewarm function of my old one but for the price this is a very good value. . Gets hotter than my old microwave. Do miss the automatic rewarm function of my old one but for the price this is a very good value.

Replacement for storm destroyed unit. Replacement for storm destroyed unit, but all seems to be everything the original was.

Great deal on a full size oven. Purchased for $80, this refurbished high power oven arrived in new shape and even has variable output. I heated 2 hot dogs evenly with no hot spots or uneven cooking. Cooks fast, use the min cooking times, it even looks good on the counter.

I had an 900 w microwave previously and i do not think there is much difference in reheating time.

I may be not as microwave savy as some,this was a bit to strong for my needs,great brand but not for me.

Needed a new one just like our original. This item replaced the same model panasonic built-in microwave we have in our kitchen. Exact dimensions were necessary.

It’s very helpful and a great addition to our kitchen and our family our needs are met an had my family joyous during the thanksgiving holiday very thankful looking forward to christmas it will go off flawlessly.

It says it’s refurbished ,but i can’t tell looks brand newworks perfect.

Really don’t use it alot but will work pretty perfectly.

I never care for the sensor reheat function. I you should not treatment for the sensor reheat perform for the reason that you require to know how several ounces you are reheating.

Work’s very well and basic to function. Would be 5 stars, but has a compact dent on prime corner.

Our last panasonic microwave lasted seventeen many years. If this one particular lasts 17 a long time it will almost certainly out dwell me.

I am completely happy with this microwave oven. It is precisely the merchandise i wanted and the response time amongst the purchase and the shipping of the oven was excellent.

Happy to have experimented with this device.

Panasonic NN-SN973S Stainless 2 – I hope the door switch issue has been fixed in this model.

Excellent form, in good shape, and functionality. We at first had an high priced ge microwave, but it failed immediately after only a couple of a long time. I purchased one of these in black, and as it turns out, the guts and options are a hundred% similar to the ge, for 50 % the price tag, so if you are considering about buying an pricey ge, this is a a lot improved offer for the identical oven. Our black panasonic was a terrific oven right up until the door latch spring broke. As it turns out, i was capable to take care of it, but simply because i favored the kind, healthy, and purpose of this oven, i bought this one, and will retain the black a person as a backup.

This microwave is existence a thing from the jetsons in comparison to the a single it replaced. It has so a lot of features, i am positive i am going to under no circumstances get to use them all. I’ve used the reheat aspect many moments and i have to say, is remarkable.Even while it is a 1250 watt microwave, when applied the right way, my food items isn’t really overcooked and dried out. It is pretty easy to continue to keep clean and it is very pleasant seeking and compliments our kitchen area pretty well. I’ve had it for roughly two months and so significantly, i have no problems.

This microwave is existence a thing from the jetsons in comparison to the a single it replaced. It has so a lot of features, i am positive i am going to under no circumstances get to use them all. I’ve used the reheat aspect many moments and i have to say, is remarkable.Even while it is a 1250 watt microwave, when applied the right way, my food items isn’t really overcooked and dried out. It is pretty easy to continue to keep clean and it is very pleasant seeking and compliments our kitchen area pretty well. I’ve had it for roughly two months and so significantly, i have no problems.

  • GOOD NEWS: Panasonic has fixed the door latch issue.
  • Great Looking, Great Heating, Lots of Button Pushing
  • HUGE bang for your buck!!

Oh my goodness is this point massive, but great. Our plates are a minimal huge and wouldn’t turn in our old microwave, but after getting this, i believe i can cook dinner a thanksgiving turkey in it without a trouble. Straightforward and uncomplicated, with a quite pleasant glance.

I hope the door change issue has been fastened in this model. . I owned an previously model that i liked for about two years, which sad to say died thanks to the failure of the door latch swap. It was extremely annoying and disappointing, simply because i really favored that unique microwave. I’ve only experienced this one a few weeks. It is okay, even so, i am not so satisfied with some of the modifications panasonic has manufactured to the command panel and cooking presets that i appreciated so very well in the older design. I actually hope the door latch difficulty has been fixed. If this a single fails in the exact same way, i will by no means acquire an additional panasonic appliance.

Features of Panasonic NN-SN973S Stainless 2.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Inverter Technology for even cooking and delivering delicious flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost for quick defrosting
  • 1250 Watts of Power with a 2.2 cu ft. capacity; One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat for automatic cooking settings and even Keep Warm feature
  • 16 1/2″ turntable; Delay Start and Timer; More/Less Control; Quick Minute, Popcorn Key
  • Tactile keypad panel for easy-to-use programming, PLEASE NOTE: Upper-left corner of door has a small indentation to allow door to open smoothly
  • Exterior Dimension Measures 19 7/16″ (D) x 23 7/8″ (W) x 14″ (H), 37 lbs., Stainless steel with Silver wrap

I had a similar product that lasted about two decades, and commenced doing the ‘turntable turning each time the door was open’ trick. I never ever did like the way the door latch ‘felt’ on the older unit, and i imagine it lastly just give up working appropriate. Anyway just after procuring for another microwave, i really did not come across one that i appreciated other than a further newer panasonic genius, so i bit the bullet and bought this a person and sent the previous one particular to goodwill. That was in december, and so far so excellent. The latch on the new oven’s door operates significantly smoother, and anything is very good so far. I gave it four stars, because the former a person only lasted 2 yrs.

Door latch manufacturing flaw. This critique should be 5 stars. We adore the way the inverter technology heating will work, and it is actually great on electricity cooking/reheating to warm things evenly by means of. Having said that, this microwave (and other panasonic microwaves) has a sizeable production flaw that you will see talked about during the scores below if you get outside of the user ratings from individuals who have just purchased the item and are only reflecting their preliminary superior to start with perception. We’ve had our microwave oven for 10 months now, and we have had to get it in for warranty maintenance twice–the moment the doorway was replaced. The fix tech has explained to us that the issue is mostly the lubricant that panasonic uses on the doorway latches. When it dries out, you have to begin slamming the microwave doorway. Eventually, this slamming will trigger the latch region the place the computer sensor is to bend and eliminate make contact with. We inevitably had to from time to time slam the door many situations to get the sensor to interact.

Simply cannot see the quantities at large or reduced angles. Have not analyzed all the bells and whistles nonetheless (inverter technology?. Wth does that necessarily mean?) but this matter heats food evenly and quickly. Only four stars mainly because incredibly upset in the digital readout spot. Unless of course you are looking immediately at a proper angle you cannot examine the clock/figures on the electronic timer. At our property this thing sits in a recessed spot beneath our counter (about knee-superior which is very low i know but) so you are not able to browse the clock or nearly anything. If you strategy on location it on a counter 48′ or better you should really be okay.

This is the more recent product, more recent evaluations claim that the doorway dilemma is fastened. Verify your transport box, on the shipping and delivery box the barcode nn-sn973azh seems. To further more verify your newer design, seem inside the doorway of the microwave, design no. = nn-sn973s, then the csid = azh, also, mine was made july 2015. Almost everything seems powerful and only time will inform for confident. All capabilities operate wonderful so significantly and it looks so superior in my kitchen. On my 1st purchase the units exhaust fans would not do the job, could have been jostled in shipping and delivery, who is familiar with, on the other hand, amazon replaced it asap and i bought delivered to me in two days.

Sensor reheat rocks – minimal excellent led show. The most effective surprise for us was the sensor reheat function – just pop your cold plate in, protect it with a paper towel, and drive the button. Food is normally heated thoroughly and to perfection – just the ideal temperature for serving. It will take the guesswork out of what we mainly use our microwave to do – namely to reheat leftovers. It is a small hard to read through the led exhibit from selected substantial angles, so if you are tall, and your counters are ordinary top, you could obtain you stooping to go through it. That’s a indication of a cheapskate shift by panasonic. I’m not sure how several additional cents a much better led exhibit would have price tag them to use on this design, but it prompts me to clear away a star for the problems.

Simply cannot see the quantities at large or reduced angles. Have not analyzed all the bells and whistles nonetheless (inverter technology?. Wth does that necessarily mean?) but this matter heats food evenly and quickly. Only four stars mainly because incredibly upset in the digital readout spot. Unless of course you are looking immediately at a proper angle you cannot examine the clock/figures on the electronic timer. At our property this thing sits in a recessed spot beneath our counter (about knee-superior which is very low i know but) so you are not able to browse the clock or nearly anything. If you strategy on location it on a counter 48′ or better you should really be okay.

Sensor reheat rocks – minimal excellent led show. The most effective surprise for us was the sensor reheat function – just pop your cold plate in, protect it with a paper towel, and drive the button. Food is normally heated thoroughly and to perfection – just the ideal temperature for serving. It will take the guesswork out of what we mainly use our microwave to do – namely to reheat leftovers. It is a small hard to read through the led exhibit from selected substantial angles, so if you are tall, and your counters are ordinary top, you could obtain you stooping to go through it. That’s a indication of a cheapskate shift by panasonic. I’m not sure how several additional cents a much better led exhibit would have price tag them to use on this design, but it prompts me to clear away a star for the problems.

Great, quick heating beep can be turned off. Our conditions for a new microwave were being uncomplicated: prepare dinner well, and don’t bleeping’ bleep at us incessantly (every single thirty sec) when the position is concluded. Seriously, we’ll get to it when we get to it. Amazingly couple of microwaves offer you the option to disable the beep audio. Lg, samsung and panasonic are just one of the couple of that we could come across. This panasonic cooks very darn evenly, and it really is rapid. Any advised cooking times you examine on a offer really should be shortened till you get the perception of how quickly this oven heats. The defrost and sensor functions are as very good as any i have tried out, involve a latest kenmore elite model. I also like that the keys have a raised, tactile sense that basically ‘clicks’ in, but even now are seamless and effortless to clean up. The defrost bodyweight entry sign is a little bit cryptic, confusing.

I hope the door change issue has been fastened in this model. . I owned an previously model that i liked for about two years, which sad to say died thanks to the failure of the door latch swap. It was extremely annoying and disappointing, simply because i really favored that unique microwave. I’ve only experienced this one a few weeks. It is okay, even so, i am not so satisfied with some of the modifications panasonic has manufactured to the command panel and cooking presets that i appreciated so very well in the older design. I actually hope the door latch difficulty has been fixed. If this a single fails in the exact same way, i will by no means acquire an additional panasonic appliance.

I had a similar product that lasted about two decades, and commenced doing the ‘turntable turning each time the door was open’ trick. I never ever did like the way the door latch ‘felt’ on the older unit, and i imagine it lastly just give up working appropriate. Anyway just after procuring for another microwave, i really did not come across one that i appreciated other than a further newer panasonic genius, so i bit the bullet and bought this a person and sent the previous one particular to goodwill. That was in december, and so far so excellent. The latch on the new oven’s door operates significantly smoother, and anything is very good so far. I gave it four stars, because the former a person only lasted 2 yrs.

The interior dimensions are stated as ten-fifteen/16’high. The interior proportions are mentioned as ten-fifteen/16’high. Even with the tray eliminated, the top is 10-four/16′(or 10-1/4′). I have jars that are 10-1/4’that i want to be capable to warmth.

Oh my goodness is this point massive, but great. Our plates are a minimal huge and wouldn’t turn in our old microwave, but after getting this, i believe i can cook dinner a thanksgiving turkey in it without a trouble. Straightforward and uncomplicated, with a quite pleasant glance.

I hope the door change issue has been fastened in this model. . I owned an previously model that i liked for about two years, which sad to say died thanks to the failure of the door latch swap. It was extremely annoying and disappointing, simply because i really favored that unique microwave. I’ve only experienced this one a few weeks. It is okay, even so, i am not so satisfied with some of the modifications panasonic has manufactured to the command panel and cooking presets that i appreciated so very well in the older design. I actually hope the door latch difficulty has been fixed. If this a single fails in the exact same way, i will by no means acquire an additional panasonic appliance.

Good microwave with a lage ability. My microwave just stopped operating for the duration of new year’s working day meal. Right after 8 decades, i experienced to glimpse for a new microwave. Soon after significantly investigate, i chosen the panasonic genius. This is a incredibly large microwave. My last microwave was large and cumbersome having said that, this microwave is smaller sized and has a better potential on the inside. It heats incredibly very well, setting up from the inside of.

Had the older edition of this equipment for a couple yrs and truly liked it. Only trouble was the door was tricky to shut. Just one working day the latch just gave up the ghost and we requested this new 1. Doorway closes like a dream device isn’t going to look to have changed a great deal and we nevertheless appreciate it.

Fantastic information: panasonic has mounted the doorway latch challenge. . Great news: panasonic has set the doorway latch issue. If you have browse the testimonials, you know that the weak website link in panasonic’s microwaves has been the door latch mechanism. Specifically, the doorway latch bracket that holds the micro-switches has been made of quite slender metal that bends very easily. The system by itself is good, but the slim strip of steel bends around every single time the door closes. Ultimately (commonly in three-eighteen months, it would seem) it is bent much sufficient that the micro-sensor anchored to it is out of spot. As a outcome, the latches on the doorway will no more time activate the micro-switches and full the ‘door closed’ circuit, which of training course renders the microwave inoperable. I referred to as panasonic to check with why they haven’t tackled the challenge, and they certain me that they have now carried out so. They informed me they now use substantially heavier steel for this bracket. I are not able to converse to all styles, but they certain me that this design (nn-sn973saz), which is a new design, does have the heavier steel bracket.

We wished to swap our microwave that was a two-yr predecessor to this one particular. We beloved the dimensions of it and the characteristics he experienced. On the other hand, it commenced obtaining the latching challenge that other reviews have talked about. We ended up in a position to resolve it, but the take care of was short-term as it would commence acquiring the problem all over again. I spent a excellent offer of time seeking all over at alternatives to substitute it for we nevertheless want the same measurement capability. Following a great deal investigation, we made the decision on this just one. It even now had evaluations about latching difficulties, but all models at this size potential (and potentially other people) experienced some assessments along those same traces. On the other hand, this just one appeared to have less and we ended up heading to acquire the possibility. Proper off the bat, the unit seemed to latch much more simply than its predecessor.

I hope the door change issue has been fastened in this model. . I owned an previously model that i liked for about two years, which sad to say died thanks to the failure of the door latch swap. It was extremely annoying and disappointing, simply because i really favored that unique microwave. I’ve only experienced this one a few weeks. It is okay, even so, i am not so satisfied with some of the modifications panasonic has manufactured to the command panel and cooking presets that i appreciated so very well in the older design. I actually hope the door latch difficulty has been fixed. If this a single fails in the exact same way, i will by no means acquire an additional panasonic appliance.

Panasonic NE-1054F Stainless 1000W 0 : Elegantly simple machine

Best microwave for high volume concessions. This is actually our second panasonic. We do the high school concessions and need a reliable microwave. Can’t wait for the third to stop working, then i can get the correct replacement. This panasonic works perfect for high volume every friday night. O’ and it will work great for home use also. No turn table = less clean up.

Good microwave, needs slightly better manual. Easy to run after investing a few minutes reading the manual, except that it doesn’t tell you how to use the defrost setting. After some experimentation, i have developed two rules of thumb:1) for reheating, use 9 seconds per ounce on “hi”, or 18 seconds per ounce on “med”. 2) for defrosting, use one minute per ounce on “defrost”. You may need to adjust these due to the temperature of your fridge, the moisture content of the food, and your personal preferences. I would like to be able to silence the “cooking finished” beeps while keeping the keypad feedback. It would also be nice if it would weigh the food and/or had some automatic means of stopping when the food is cooked – like an imaging ir thermometer.

Bought this as it should be durable, and doesn’t have the darned “push button” arrangement. Just be aware it is a “bottom feeder”, i. The microwaves are emitted from the bottom. There is no doubt of this, in spite of what some might profess. Easy enough to verify with a magnet, as the sides and top are all continous metal, and microwaves will not pass through metal or metal grids. So, it is not compatible with any accessory when has a focus mechanism in the base. One example is the presto powerpop popcorm popper with metal in the base and the “concentrator” cups. When we heat items such as the marie callendar pot pies, which also employ heat concentrators built into the packaging. They are place on an inverted bowl. Better to be on the safe side, as this microwave is not cheap.

Yes others might think of smaller appliances when it comes to wedded bliss — but for us — hot food heated without grandiosiity is the hotplate of our mutual satisfaction. No buttons to push, no pesky round-about, no worry about inexplicable noises — just the gentle hum and easy chime of your hearts’ desire when your dish is done.

  • High Initial Expense for the Home, But Worth It
  • Fine for home use
  • Simple, simple, simple to use.
  • Two interfaces for very different situations
  • More functional space than larger models
  • Love it on the first day

Panasonic NE-1054F Stainless 1000W 0.8 Cu. Ft. Commercial Microwave Oven with 10 Programmable Memory and Touch Screen Control

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  • Heavy duty commercial grade microwave for full and quick applications of food preparation; NSF qualified
  • 1000-Watt of output power and 0.8 cubic feet cavity and stainless steel face
  • Easy cooking with 20-programmable menus in Braille with the 10 memory pads; 2 and 3 stage cooking at 6 different power levels
  • Grab and Go handles for fast and durable use; see through oven door with interior oven lamp
  • Outer Dimensions: (w x d x h) 20-1/8 x 16-1/2″ x 12″; Cavity Dimensions: (w x d x h) 13 x 13″ x 8-1/16″, 34 lbs., stainless front and wrap.

Lot of reviews here so don’t know that i can add much. Very nice compact no nonsense microwave. No you can’t cook 25 peking ducks in it and no you can’t play video games on it or talk to someone on the internet with it. But it has no funky rotating plate that knocks against the door if your food is a bit oversized or is constantly coming out of its spindle. If you overheat your coffee you just wipe the bottom. I originally worried that the. Size might be a bit small but it holds an 11″ plate easily which is about the biggest thing i ever use it for and would hold a small casserole dish i suspect. Immediately intuitive operation with easily identifiable buttons for various times that even an idiot like me can understand.

Two interfaces for very different situations. I have the touch pad version, and even though both versions are named “commercial,” the two versions of this unit are for very distinct commercial situations, so to be satisfied it is important to get the right one for your situation. Situation 1: the dial version is for when you intend the unit to be used by customers or visitors who, to be successful, need the simplest, sparest interface requiring no training or instructions. These users will not be hampered by a lack of features. It is also very good for those who prefer minimalism and simplicity in their lives without regret for loss of flexibility and control. Suitable environments: hospital cafeteria, office kitchen, hotel breakfast bar, senior household. Situation 2: the touchpad is for when the unit is to be used by skilled, trained kitchen staff who can take advantage of and not be overwhelmed by the flexibility and control the touchpad offers. This unit also allows programming, so that specific dishes that are prepared over and over can be heated with both precision and simplicity. Suitable environments: commercial kitchen, household of the technically minded. I bought a commercial grade microwave for my own kitchen because i’m willing to pay for the kind of reliability that commercial kitchens can demand from a manufacturer. I am happy enough with this unit to give 5 stars, but here are some minor suggestions that may help to improve future versions:1. I was hoping that pressing the fixed-time keys would start the oven as soon as they are pressed, but unfortunately i have to press a start button after. What i want is for the unit to start running on the first button press and add time if i make additional button presses. So i guess i long for simplicity myself.

Excellent as an enthusiast home kitchen microwave. Our old microwave passed away during a power surge during the great derecho event of washington dc in 2012, so we had to buy a replacement. We were looking for a sturdy, metal-build, 1000w minimum, easy to clean, tabletop microwave. The panasonic commercial fit the bill perfectly. What’s great about it?- easy to clean. There’s just a square white box on the inside, that’s it. Give it a wipe down, cleaning is done. No turntables, no protrusions, nothing. Despite the lack of a turntable, it is able to heat anything in an even form.

Simple, simple, simple to use. . I joked on facebook that this was the perfect microwave oven for a retired information systems professional (“someone who programs for a living”) since it has only one control and only one other moving part (the door). It does everything i need, with the least possible muss and fuss. Don’t be put off that there is no cute little turntable inside, because the microwave source rotates inside the oven housing, rather than rotating the target. It’s like the giant radiation treatment machines which rotate around you. I got it to replace a larger box, but the external dimensions are not significantly smaller than my older machine, but just enough to make it fit in more convenient spaces. Even though it’s smaller, it succeeds in heating things in less time than the larger one. Overall, i could not be happier, even if it is pricy. There is a far more fancy version of the same basic unit, with all those complicated controls.

We bought this microwave because of a number of features that others lacked:- stainless “wrap” (sides and top) vs. A stainless front and the rest painted black or gray- logical, simple buttons- a nice old-fashioned handle — much easier to use than push-button openers- absence of a turntable, allowing for use of some square and rectangular pans that otherwise would not have fit- a light that goes on when the door is opened- sturdiness (vs. The lightweight models we saw in stores that move when you open the door)we thought it might look very functional but it’s actually reasonably attractive. We ordered from amazon, which had the best price, free shipping, and no restocking fee should we wish to return the product. Initially, the projected shipping date was one to two months away, but we was pleasantly surprised: the microwave arrived in about two weeks. Some small negatives:- removing the orange-on-white sticker with panasonic’s service number was a nuisance. – we’ll miss the easy-to-clean removable glass tray at the bottom of our 28-year-old ge spacemaker ii, model jem31e, which died recently. (kudoes to it for 28 years of good service.

Heats up leftover fast food like a champ. I just adore this microwaveever have leftover (non-fried) fast food that you wanted to reheat, but every time you did that it came out funny, well not with this thing. It’s like magicdon’t let the low wattage, size, or lack of options fool yourealistically how much space do you need in your microwave?. I have had larger microwaves, now i see that all that energy was wasted heating up empty areasthis microwave heats quickly and is super easy to usethere is no clock. Power outage, no problemone knob, just a timerthe door has no buttons, just pull and it opens. Good for those “rough” people in your household. And you don’t have to worry about it moving on your countertop. Also easy to clean, first microwave i have seen where the edges are sealed with some kind of caulking material. The interior is white, so when you open the door and the light goes on, you can see the insides. This microwave touts having “anti-theft”, i had no idea what that was, but this microwave is designed to be bolted down to countertops. (no hardware included to do that)it is just a solid microwave that is easy to use. Only downside is it is significantly heavier than your typical household microwave and it costs more.

More functional space than larger models. I have only had this microwave for a few days, but already i adore it. Our built in ge profile 36″ wide microwave died after about 8 years. We needed a replacement quickly, because we use our microwave quite a bit. I ordered this one and got it within two days using next day shipping, which was ridiculously inexpensive compared to similar shipping from other companies. The first thing i noticed about this one compared with my old one is that the interior space, while much smaller, is used much more effectively. My old microwave was huge, but there were numerous “dead spots” inside. I could only place food in certain areas and expect it to get hot. Also, the fact that there is no turntable means you need less space inside, because your plates and containers do not need to rotate.

Very neat, rather small microwave. Took some time to figure out the manual programming, but when we did it added a lot of value for us. It is very good quality stainless steel. One slight short coming is that it is 1000, rather than 1100 watts, which adds a little time to cooking some items. One of the things that have really liked is the fact that you can turn off the beeper.When others are sleeping, and i’m warming up some coffee i really don’t need that thing beeping.

Ordered it thursday, and it was delivered sunday. This cool looking microwave is very substantial and works in an outstanding manner. We tested heating up a teapot of cold water (necessary for a decent pot of tea). In our previous, honking old microwave with 1450 watts of power, it took 4 minutes 45 seconds for heating sufficiently. This little microwave took 3 minutes to heat even a little hotter than the big old one. The bell to tell you time’s up was nice and clear. This is a champ in every way.

Great machine especially for defrosting; worth the money. Just so you know, i’m not one of those who buys the most expensive of everything because i have to have “the best”. I hate paying this much money for a microwave when i can pick up a decent one anywhere for $50, and i would have loved to have caught this on sale. But i have to say i think it’s worth the money. Quality: i have only had it for two months so i can’t judge its longevity, but it feels solid and well-made; i’d be surprised if it didn’t last ten years. If it doesn’t i’ll be mad because that’s part of what i’m paying for, and i will update this review with strongly-worded disgust. Cleanability: it’s easier to clean than regular rotating plate microwaves, but it does still have corners and little lip edges. I was sort of hoping for a completely smooth interior, and alas, it is not. However, still an improvement over standard machines. Heating: this thing heats quickly and evenly; fastest machine i’ve ever owned.

Just perfect, a microwave doesn’t need any controls other than. Just perfect, a microwave doesn’t need any controls other than a knob. You can set the time with it, see how much time is left, and add time. No digital nonsense or leds/buttons to break. And you don’t need to rotate your food as the microwaves themselves are rotated for you internally.

Perfect for homes with kids. I needed a microwave that’s more kid friendly and kid durable than the crap down at target. This fits the bill perfectly; simple and tough, easy to clean, no rotating plate to fall on the floor. Nobody needs gimmicks like dedicated buttons for popcorn or potatoes anyway. The only drawback is an extra loud end-of-cycle buzzer. I might try to mute that a little. Despite being commercial, it’s great that this microwave can easily do lower power or multi-stage heating too.

Very simple, strong, tremendous straightforward to clean up. I wanted a microwave that seemed useful and responsible very first, and appeared fantastic next. We compensated a minimal much more for this commercial-design and style than we would have for a extravagant-dwelling-design, but i’m hoping it provides us lots of decades of reputable use. I was genuinely turned off by evaluations of some microwaves that explained they broke in 2-three decades. Pros:-would seem pretty durable-straightforward to clear (we have now had a number of explosions, and truly, it was wonderful–no turntable to thoroughly clean, no complicated bits–just wipe it out)-cost-effective in comparison to other commercial-design and style microwaves-fast, straightforward, time buttons (that you can application if you want)negatives:- i hated the loud ‘i’m finished’ beeps, but it only took a moment to plan the microwave to not beep when completed cooking-door firmly opens and closes, no way to carefully and silently work it (but it’s really not terrible)-seemed a very little smaller as opposed to other individuals at to start with, but i have not at any time had to cook anything that does not healthy. No turntable can make it way far more cook dinner-place-effective.

Was involved about the price, but am very pleased with the merchandise. It would seem to be truly worth just about every penny. Significantly additional productive that our earlier turntable model. Not whisper silent operation, but not loud.

Wonderful oven and fairly priced for a commercial unit. . It is really really tricky to obtain microwave ovens that never have turntables these times in simple fact, i have not discovered any at all other than commercial types, most of which are really costly. I purchased this oven for use in our van even though tenting mainly because i failed to want to have to headache all-around with a turntable and glass platter in a mobile ecosystem. As luck would have it our old array leading microwave died about the similar time i purchased this unit so we set this just one into services in the kitchen. Have been using it for a handful of months now and the wife and i both imagine it truly is fantastic. Still seeking for a microwave to swap the 1 above our array as we would like to reclaim the counter space taken up by this one but have not been capable to discover a single we like as properly as this one (at any price tag).

I preferred a tough, normal-sized, microwave oven that doesn’t slide close to though becoming operated. So i took a possibility and requested this a person (with touch controls), sight unseen. I will skip the prose and depart you with my bullet list:* the body is mainly white, within and out* the door (which include the tackle) and the control panel are generally black with a metallic front* it will not appear out-of-position at home, as i assumed it may well. In actuality, it seems to be fancier (and shinier) in human being than the push photos make it seem* the door can be opened with a one finger* it will not budge though pushing buttons, or opening/closing the doorway* it does not have, or want, a turntable* it is straightforward to work. I figured out the guide controls without examining the manual* the beeps are loud, but they are not as loud to me as i imagined it would be (provided that other reviewers said that it was too loud), so no have to have to silence it* it is just not noticeably louder while cooking than any other microwave that i’ve owned* it easily retains a typical meal-sized (11′) plate* it can be hard to see the numeric button labels if there is glare, from specific anglesi’ve also uploaded some images of it below, given that there are practically none to be identified on line.

End purchasing ‘consumer’ microwaves. We acquired this panasonic microwave about five months in the past. This is the finest microwave oven we have ever owned — with the attainable exception of a instead dear panasonic blend microwave/convection oven that my spouse bought back in the ’80s. It can be not the ‘prettiest’ a person we have experienced (but not ugly), nor the 1 with the most configurations. But it heats food speedily and evenly, and cleans up extremely effortlessly. No turntable, and it’s affiliated tray and motor spindle. (the microwave antenna, which is concealed, does the turning. ) the entire inside of of the oven is essentially a clean surface area, and a damp sponge — or at most, a small windex — will entirely take out quite a great deal nearly anything that spills within, even if the mess is a couple of days aged. I also like the skill to program the buttons for cooking presets.

Quite pleased with this microwave so considerably. Pretty content with this microwave so considerably. Had a issue with a consumer quality panasonic going up in smoke (actually) but i imagined they dealt with it perfectly (despatched me a look at for about two/three of it is benefit even however it was out of guarantee) so i considered i would give them an additional opportunity. This would seem durable, heats quite evenly regardless of acquiring no relocating carousel, and defrosts properly as well. Only troublesome matter is that the beeps are quite loud and extended and you can convert them off but then you have no beeps. Wish there was possibly a quantity control or a way to make it only beep after when completed.

Panasonic NN-SN966S Countertop/Built-In Microwave : Cudoos Reheat and Cook

Cafe high quality and size. Recognize that this is a restaurant-quality and sized product. Way too large for my cabinet but it does almost everything but chop veggies.

The new unit need to have a led to gentle the inside as the lights is really great blue gentle and pretty dazzling. This unit replaces a much older comprehensive sizing panasonic microwave that died. The new device need to have a led to light the inside as the lights is really awesome blue gentle and incredibly brilliant. The doorway seems to adhere when the device warms with use. This device is a great deal more quickly than my aged one heating foodstuff in about just one 50 % my expected time. I attribute this to my outdated unit getting feeble in it is outdated age and the new a single currently being much more successful. They alert you in the homeowners manual that it is speedier. Update:i examine a write-up that advised spraying the doorway system with meals grade silicon, just 4 rapid sprays on two latches and holes.

Panasonic NN-SN966S Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology, 2.2 cu. ft. , Stainless

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  • Enjoy faster cooking times with 1250 watts high power
  • Microwave Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost speeds up defrosting time
  • Automatic sensor adjusts power and times for different foods
  • Make food preparation simpler with 12 preset menu items

So considerably it is operating fantastic and i hope it carries on to do that. So significantly it is doing work excellent and i hope it proceeds to do that. I haven’t experienced it extended ample to give a improved critique. . Will see and i will allow you know.

This microwave worked wonderful for a few of a long time below regular use by teenage boys. On the other hand, i guess liquid founds its way under the glass tray and into the area in which the round frame with the roller-ft spins to make the turntable go, and the route where by the toes roll grew to become rusty, which designed the turntable not transform so effortlessly – and now we observed the ground of the microwave has rusted through and will no more time perform. So, i’m glad it has an interior end that retains it from turning on, but i am stunned the bottom really rusted as a result of. Also, the inside of the cupboard grew to become discolored irrespective of semi-repeated cleanings. I imagine it would still be fantastic if we experienced been incredibly diligent about cleansing underneath the glass tray. But continue to, really should we have to stress about that?.

It’s only been hooked up for 48 hrs, applied. It really is only been hooked up for 48 hours, utilized a couple instances, but we expect it will be a five star as extended as there are no break-down difficulties.

Panasonic NN-SN966S Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology, 2.2 cu. ft. , Stainless : Excellent built-in replacement. . Purchased with a trim kit for built-in application. Unit is relatively quiet and powerful. Controls are well thought-out allowing simple, frequent tasks to be done easily and quickly. Door opens and closes more easily than the unit replaced.

But above time i have arrive to like the tactile really feel of them much more than the typical. Cooks much a lot quicker than our former 1200watt lg microwave. The buttons on the facial area of the microwave glance and experience various than most, but around time i have arrive to like the tactile experience of them additional than the conventional microwave.

And we had been able to very easily in shape it with the go over plate in the existing. It has only been set up for about a week, but it is operating properly, and we have been in a position to very easily in shape it with the cover plate in the present area in our wall previously mentioned the oven. No one would recognize that it truly is not the first crafted-in. I’ve employed numerous (but not all) of the functions, and all feel excellent.

I primarily like the sensor reheat and sensor cook dinner. We upgraded in dimensions from or previous panasonic micro wave, which lasted 15 several years, and the larger sized dimensions is easy.

This is the ideal microwave we have at any time owned. It is uncomplicated to use & have an understanding of, has a substantial internal capacity for defrosting/cooking big products and has an eye-catching, uncluttered external scenario.

I have only experienced it a few weeks. I have only had it a handful of weeks but it is quick to use. It is a highly effective microwave so if you had a lessen wattage just one right before it might acquire some obtaining utilized to. It evenly reheats the food items and doesn’t melt away any thing as extended as you read through the directions. I haven’t tried out the defrost still.

So far it satisfies all our expectations.

Outstanding microwave and straightforward to use.

Outside of and above my anticipations.

Will buttons crack around time?. Skeptical that buttons will past on the front panel. Viewed plenty of previous microwaves with the exact same model buttons crack over time.

We acquired this oven to substitute a sharp carousel that finally died at the grand old age of 10. This oven is a stage over in high quality and performance so much. Although the outer dimensions are the similar, the within of this oven is considerably more substantial. I was wary of switching manufacturers since the sharp had lasted so prolonged and worked so very well ideal up right up until the working day that it basically refused to generate and radiation for my afternoon snack. I went with the evaluations i go through and i have not been sorry. So much it has been really worth the cash. In 10 decades, i will let you know if it was value every single cent.

Doing the job flawlessly so considerably. . Unit it replaces only done at peak for 3 yrs. Special features seem to be to get the job done extremely properly. This is an up to date variation of the a person it replaces. Massive size of turntable, in actuality it truly is precise dimensions, was a choosing factor as we have microwave cookware demanding these dimensions.

It tends to around cook dinner almost everything. And lacks a additional simplified way to use a microwave. There is far too much intricate programming.

So much have only made use of it for popcorn. Took a even though to get this product. However in just the dates, but i believe it arrived on the past date it reported it would. Very weighty, but incredibly stunning. So considerably have only employed it for popcorn and it burned it a small, so have to figure out some factors to not burn foodstuff. Goes superbly in my kitchen area on the counter. It really is large, but honestly, in a good sized kitchen area in a corner, it is scarcely visible. Hopefully can regulate the power to make food items and popcorn arrive out ideal.

Really like the inverter cooking characteristic miss out on the preset buttons. This was a substitution for a 7 yr outdated microwave. It will not have all the preset buttons of our previous microwave but we have realized to adapt. Since of the inverter cooking feature it does not cook dinner the meat like our outdated design when in defrost mode which is a excellent moreover. We miss out on the beverage button and it was challenging to obtain the ideal time for heating beverages. Now we just hit the 30sec button let it sit strike it yet again till we get it to the appropriate temp. The led mild within is positioned towards the entrance of the device and takes advantage of reflection to light-weight the within. The within is white and the lighting is a little uninteresting but sufficient to gentle the foodstuff.

It was a tiny bigger than i envisioned but unbelievably roomy. It is strong so it heats quite swiftly and evenly.

It suits all measurement dishes and it cooks evenly.