Oster 6608-14-Speed Glass Jar Blender – Good price & good value

0 out of 5 stars osterizers rule, may 14, 2009i’ve owned blenders for decades. I started with waring but tired of their motors burning out and bought an osterizer 10 speed with glass container some 25 years ago. That blender finally died this week, the motor burning out (what a smell). Now, it was only 120 watts, so i suppose i was fortunate it lasted for around 25 years considering the punishment it got — i often made peanut butter in it from oven roasted peanuts, and it died making peanut buttersoon after buying my 10 speed osterizer, i bought an oster food processor attachment for it for $10 at a local store, and i’ve used that exclusively for grinding meat. So, in replacing my burned out 10 speed i figured i’d get another osterizer so i can continue to use this food processor as well as the two glass containers i have (i picked up an extra somewhere). I was pleased to discover that the present osterizer line accommodates the old containers, etc. Yesterday i made the rounds at the local big box stores and picked up the 6694 14 speed. The glass container is wider than the ones i had already, and i figure that’s a very good thing.

Perfect product, perfect delivery.

After about 20 uses, the plastic bottom cap broke. Unfortunately, it broke off when the blender was full of hot onion cream that it took me an hour to make. So i almost killed myself and had to clean the kitchen for half hour. It’s a pity because everything else seems high quality, engine, blades, glass cup etc. Update (6/14/2017): the company has started shipping blenders with thicker bottom caps. I bought one as a spare part for maybe $5 or $10. I’m talking about like, already 5 years ago. So i’m raising my review to 5 stars. Meanwhile i forgot i had written this review and i was astonished to see that not only it’s still around after seven years, but that people have actually replied to it to tell me that i should not use the blender for hot things. I am going to use the blender for hot things. Otherwise how am i supposed to blend hot things?.Here are the specifications for the Oster 6608-14-Speed Glass Jar Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5-Cup Thermal Shock Dishwasher Safe Glass Jar
  • Stainless Steel Ice Crusher Blade
  • All Metal Drive System Reversible Disc Blade
  • 450 Watt Motor
  • Durable ABS Housing Makes Anything From Soup to Smoothie

My osterizer lasted about 7 years. I’ve used it almost daily for most of this time. I started out with frozen fruit smoothies, but the last several years have been making smoothies sans icy ingredients. It has been an ear-splitting machine. If i’m hard of hearing prematurely, this machine is probably the cause. After a couple of years, the screw-on base cracked. I bought a new no-brand one which is sturdier looking and has lasted longer. After about 5 years, the gear(s) for my most used speed wore out and the motor would just stop. I’ve limped along on the other speed settings for about six months now, with the motor suddenly stopping occassionally. Last week i finally chunked it and bought a new oster blender, the cheaper and quieter.

It has a strong odor coming from the motor which can be offensive upon using it. My old one (oster) which i had for 10 years never dispersed any kind of odor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Blender!
  • It has a strong odor coming from the motor which
  • Bottom cap breaks easily

. I’ve used this bender several times now and maybe it’s a bit early to review it but for $24. 00 at walmart you can’t go wrong. I think it’d be better if they used a low gear ratio for the low speeds but manufactures want to make money on the ‘bottom line’ so you don’t get everything. Anyway it works good with some help from the higher speed range to get things started, it’s easy to clean and it has a heavy glass jar. If i run into any problems i’ll update this review.

I have pretty much every modern appliance & gadget a kitchen princess could ever ask for. My only problem with my purchases is that colors change so i may not want to display them on the counter. Such was the problem with my original 10 speed osterizer circa 1969, a bridal shower gift from my mom, it is avocado green. I wanted to share the counter with my white cuisinart food processor, green kitchenaid mini processor, green kitcheaid stand mixer, & white mr. The scarry part is, that original is still working to this day, 36 yrs. Later, & still crushes ice to boot. It stopped on me last year & after i checked it out, it was just a little built up stickyness in the base. Cleaned it out —– good to go.Well, i bought this one in white & it’s just as wonderful as the original. I knew i could count on oster. There’s very few changes, & the one i love is the new shape—–wider glass jar—-no doubt they listened to the consumer—-that was the only thing i might have changed. This baby is a great machine—–but then ‘mom’ is still a good old gal too. Buy ‘the name’ in blenders, & i hope yours lasts 3 1/2 decades also.

Grinds up ice and everything.

I purchased this ‘used’ blender as an extra for our camper. It arrived on time and well packeged. It was in almost new condition, the original packaging just a little dented. I was amazed at how well it worked, it was clean and everything included. I liked it so much i kept it in my kitchen and put my original blender in the camperit makes great margaritas.

Oster BLSTMG-B 8 Speed Glass Jar Blender : Perfect Blender for Us!

So far this item has worked great and looked great. I use it to make smoothies and i haven’t had it for more than a few weeks so i don’t know how it is longevity wise but it seems fantastic for the price so far. Low price and great quality.

My wife and i got the cusinart blender ($100 version) for a wedding gift. We didn’t really use it for a few years and then she started making smoothies. After about a year of making smoothies (one a day) the mechanism that makes the blade turned was stripped. Needless to say that i was irritated that a 100 dollar blender was shot after a year. I tried to fix it but couldn’t. It was a stainless steel peice of junk. Point of the story is that after i did some research i decided to give this cheap blender a try (bought at walmart). It’s sad but this blender works better than the fancy cusinart. I have only owned mine for about 6 months now, but even if it goes out after a year, i could buy 3 more for the price of my last blender.

This machine is well worth the money -it is not too noisy -chops ice very easily -glad i purchased it.

I purchased this blender in green (with a plastic jar) from the big “w” for super inexpensive. This model replaces a 25 year old osterizer which was getting a bit weak. The old jar fits perfectly on the new blender. This model is rated at 450 watts and it is fairly powerful within its limits, it is not a vitamix.For what it is it is fabulous, i make 2-3 smoothies /day and this oster is perfect for the task. It crates a great vortex, it is no wonder why oster has stuck with the same blade design through the decades. It just works and you, as a consumer, know that it won’t be obsolete six months from now. Want an inexpensive blender that works?. Buy one of these with either the glass or plastic jar and be done with it.

  • It blends, but it’s not fantastic.
  • Loud, vibrates, but gets the job done
  • WOW! What a Great Blender!!

Oster BLSTMG-B 8 Speed Glass Jar Blender, 6-Cup, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 8 Different Speed Settings
  • 6-Cup dishwasher safe Boroclass glass jar
  • 450-Watt of Ice Crushing Power
  • Stainless Steel “ice crusher” blade for perfectly crushed ice every time
  • All metal drive system for lasting durability

I use this product every day for a protein drink. Easy to clean and car for, also.

Crushes okay – speeds are good – easy to operate and clean – oster is known for good products – should last.

What do we really need a blender to do?. Crush ice, mix drinks, blend smoothies. With that in mind i bought this very reasonably-priced blender. It does everything a blender is supposed to do and does it well. It is sturdy and dependable. The jar is glass – no weird plastic chemicals to worry about. Don’t throw good money away on bells and whistles.

This blender is fairly good, but it is not the most consistent blender i’ve used. Sometimes it blends stuff quickly and other times i have to use a knife to move stuff around in it. For the most part, it’s good for the price.

Bought it to replace an older one i didn’t really like. I make fruit smoothies in the morning for breakfast, usually with frozen berries and bananas and it does a great job. It’s a little loud, and sometimes does dance around the counter a bit, but nothing too crazy. I just put a dishtowel under it and that takes care of it. My mom recently came to visit and tried it and loved it so much, she took it back with her and i am waiting on the replacement now.

I bought this blender in particular because i use the same one at work for processing quality samples. The little bugger gets used almost constantly, and has never overheated, burned out, or broken down. Most blenders at this price point rely on plastic gears to turn the blade, but this is all metal. As long as you make sure the jar is properly seated in the base, you really shouldn’t have a problem. And if, after making your third batch of daiquiris, you should happen to put it on a little crooked and round out the base, oster makes replacement parts. They also make a variety of blades to customize by usage. I use my home blender almost every day for veggie smoothies, and it has never failed me. It even grinds up raw carrots without a problem.

So glad i didn’t get an expensive blender. I make at least one smoothie a day with this baby and it works just as good as the expensive ones. Love this product and the price. If i need a new blade or ring i can order that off amazon for super cheap too.

I use it to blend cooked soups and to chop bread into crumbs. This blender replaces a 25 year old osterizer. I was disappointed that i cound not get as good a product as i had privious. Under $200, all were made in china and plastic.

I bought it not expecting much for the price but this blender works great. I çan’t complain of how it works crushing ice, it has enough power. Is a little light at the base for the heavy glass cup but is not a big problem for me. It looks modern and stylish but if you are someone looking for one to use frequently, you should look to expand your budget. This blender is made for light use, as it is common in my home, for sure not for commercial use or similar frequent use expectations.

This is a decent blender for the price. Jar is substantial glass, blade assembly is all metal. I use it mainly for protein smoothies. Tasked with something heavier, such as pureeing a soup seems to be difficult for it. It is extremely lightweight, so i find i have to keep substantial pressure on the top of the beast with my hand while it’s running or else it will hop off the counter. It does start to emit a burning smell after being run for a few minutes.

Our old blender was pretty worn out and couldn’t chop ice very well or mix up the drinks my wife wanted to make. This blender is fantastic and we got it for a good price. I like the heavy glass jar better than the plastic one on the old blender. It’s quite a bit heavier, but easy to clean.

Great blender, i use it for a personal blender when couples with a small mason jar. Much more powerful and sturdy than the little blenders you see sold for personal use, that “crush” ice until the blades quickly dull, or the motor burns out because you didn’t pulse the little blender motor just right. This is a real blender that will last, and is much cheaper.

Ill keep this short and sweet, i was looking at those $400 blenders wanting to finally get a blender that would crush ice for smoothies. After some research and not really having the money for a $400 blender i bought this oster on amazon. Ive made about 6 smoothies and 3 ice blended mochas, and it blends perfect.As good as the $400 blenders ive taste tested at the warehouse clubs. Im so glad i didnt waste the extra money, this is perfect. It comes with a large heavy duty glass jar, no leaking, sharp ice crushing blade, metal connector from the base to the jar, and a nice tight lid. If i have to say anything negative about this blender it would be the base control part. It has all the speeds you would ever need but it is made of plastic. When you push the buttons for different speeds it feels like its price.

If you want a product to crush ice this is it. Bought it for my roommate for christmas and it mixes drinks like no other. Great little machine for what we needed it for and it’s not expensive.

Probably not an every day, major use blender but it does the trick for making frozen drinks, etc.

Let me admit i am a little frightened of this blender. Some others have written of the noise it makes. While it is loud, it isn’t so much that as the sense that it’s getting ready for blast-off. I keep a hand on the lid because the blender vibrates and wants to travel, and i just get a bad mental visual of the whole thing blowing clean off the counter. This means two things: (1) evidently the blenders i’ve owned in the past were weak weanie-blenders and (2) this sucker blends – you can see it hurling the bottom ingredients upward immediately. Beyond that, i like the large glass jar, especially the wide mouth which makes it easier to pour out whatever you’ve just mixed and to get your hand in there to clean it if you wash by hand. Cons: the buttons are a little weird, very close together and kinda cheap-looking. They don’t satisfyingly ‘click’ into place, they sort of ‘mush’ down. Also, it’s hard to get the blade clean because of its design. I use a clean toothbrush to really get into the tight spaces on the blades, but even that’s not totally effective.

Does what i need it to do and like that it is glass. There does need to be a certain amount of liquid for it to blend right so i normally have to add a couple tablespoons water. You are not paying for a ninja when you buy this so don’t expect one.

Adequate for nutritious food preparation of pureed or blended fruits and vegetables.

Oster Ice Cream – It’s great for a cheap ice cream maker

I bought this product somewhere else, and i use it constantly. I get six servings of ice cream from each batch. I’ve not used the vodka trick (see other reviews), so it gets very hard after a time. I sometimes give it a quick zap with the microwave to make it easier to serve. The three stars are because of how hard i find it to scrape the inside of the bowl. The paddle doesn’t reach quite to the bowl, no surprise, and a fair amount of goodie gets frozen hard against the side. I have no idea why no one else has commented on this problem.

I had a slightly used ice creamer maker that i lost parts to when i moved. I am very happy with the new one. Oster makes some well made products. Delivery was much quicker than i expected. It’s was an easy purchase and the price was right.

Easy to use makes decent ice cream, my opinions of the down sides are that you have to freeze the bowl for 24 hours and it is extremely loud. Here are the specifications for the Oster Ice Cream:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Oster Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, & Sorbet Maker
  • Sorbet maker, ice cream maker, Frozen yogurt maker
  • Fast and convenient ( no rock salt or ice needed.)
  • Designed for easy preparation (Wide ingredient feeder)
  • 1.5 Quart capacity freezer bowel ( Prepares up to 6 cups.)

As i was making my first batch of ice cream, i too was worried that it was not setting up as quickly as with my cuisinart ice cream maker but after running for about thirty minutes, it got thick enough for me to place in containers for the freezer. After about four hours i checked my ice cream and it was firm and hard like any other ice cream i’d made in my cuisinart. I purchased my oster at a fraction of the cost here, though. Had i purchased it for the $100 listed here, i may have been a bit disappointed :(. As for the ice cream maker, first batch tasty and free of all the unnecessary ingredients you get from store bought ice cream.

Gave this as a gift for my daughter’s 50th birthday and she was very pleased. Most of all, she wanted the color to be black, thanks to you and oster, her wish was fulfilled, thanks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • U scream I scream WE all scream for ice cream
  • Good ice cream
  • Loving it!

Got this for a christmas gift and have been wanting one for a while. Used it for its inaugural run today and it performed perfectly. It reversed its paddle after only 20 minutes which is the indicator that it’s done, just as it’s supposed to do. Com/recipe/easy-mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream/detail. Aspx?evt19=1 i adjusted the recipe for 6 servings so it would work in this 1. Only other changes to this recipe were i used 2 cups heavy whipping cream and 1 cup of half and half, plus after 10 minutes i added a tablespoon of vodka. Saw this tip while searching for recipes. It’s odorless and tasteless and since alcohol doesn’t freeze, it prevents the ice cream from turning hard as a brick in the freezer 🙂 i will update this review if need be. Hoping for many many batches of creamy goodness from it.

Like advertised, the ice cream was simply delicious. I’ll recomend this product highly.

My oster ice cream maker works great. I didn’t buy it from amazon but picked one up elsewhere on a whim. To get great ice cream there are some steps that must be taken. I freeze my tub in a chest freezer. After mixing my recipe, it cools in the fridge before i freeze it. If you want creamy ice cream, you must use cream, otherwise, you are making ice milk. My recipe will total 4 cups of liquid and 2 cups of that will be cream. This means you will eat a small bowl and be quite satisfied. Also, a trick i picked up on the internet is to add 1 tablespoon of vodka to your recipe. The vodka is tasteless and won’t freeze, keeping your ice cream from becoming a brick once it’s stored in the freezer.

I did not get my ice cream maker from amazon, but i’d like to give my (hopefully helpful) opinion of it. Honestly, i’m not sure about others, but i followed the directions on freezing the container for 24 hours. I poured my chocolate custard into the frozen container and turned on the machine. In about 20 minutes, i had ice cream with the consistency of self-serve ice cream from a dispenser. My kids prefer it this way and most of the ice cream was gone within minutes. A little was left over and is now in the freezer. One thing to know is the motor will reverse directions when the ice cream gets too hard to continue to stir in the same direction. This is to help prevent motor burnout. I’ve seen it do this and was relieved, because i’m afraid of leaving any ice cream maker for this reason. Cleaning the ice cream container is easy. Scooping out ice cream is easy. No messy salt/crushed ice mixture to deal with before, during or after. I have two ice cream makers: one big one and this one. This one is for new recipes i’d like to try.

Just make sure the mixture has chilled before you add it in.

It’s great for a cheap ice cream maker. I have made multiple batches of ice cream and they have come out great.

Researched so many ice cream makers and there seemed to be a pattern, they either worked or didn’t, no middle ground. So i chose an inexpensive one. One key requirement for all of them ($25 to $250) is that your freezer be zero degrees. Also all my recipes require the ice cream to set in your zero degree freezer after churning for a minimum of 4 hours. This one has produced some wonderful ice creams. Yes they are soft milk shake after churning but set up wonderful. Don’t know if folks don’t read recipes all the way through, or freezer temperature is not checked for accuracy or both. This is a nice unit and works well.

Made ice cream with the grands.

Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker – Four Stars

This product is not as good as the first one i had for 11 yrs, this rice cooker constantly burns the rice, and if you cook vegetables it also burns the food. I am very dissatisfied, and would not recommend this rice cooker to anyone.

Frankly i was surprised to see that oster is still selling this model. Usually companies refresh their product line every few years. We bought this rice cooker about 5 years ago. It is simple to operate and makes a lot of rice at a time. As others have noted, it will brown the bottom of the rice if left on ‘warm’ once cooking is complete. We pull the plug once the rice is done to keep this from happening. You can tell that the cooker is finished when the switch makes an audible ‘click’ and the operation light changes from red to orange. We always make the same amount of rice, about 7 – 8 cups, using a ratio of 7 cups of water to 4 cups of rice. We originally used the plastic measuring cup that came with the cooker, but that became tedious so we just weighed the ingredients and now pour the rice and water into the teflon pot over a scale. 1lb 2 3/4 oz of rice and 2lb 5 oz of water.

I got this rice cooker as a gift last christmas, and have been using it 2 times a week for the whole year with no problems. Jasmine rice, and it turns out perfectly every time. I did give a four star rather than a five because if you leave it on warm for more than 20 minutes the bottom of the rice can burn- i make just enough for dinner- serve it, then unplug it to keep any little extra warm enough for seconds. Super easy- one of the best gifts i’ve gotton. Now that i know i will use it, i might save up for a nicer one, but this is a great starter rice cooker to buy to make sure you will use it. Here are the specifications for the Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 20-cup rice cooker cooks both brown and white rice as well as a variety of other foods
  • Easy, one-touch operation: start cooking with a single button push
  • Automatic keep warm setting keeps food at optimal serving temperature
  • Locking lid forms an airtight seal and stays cool to the touch
  • Inner pot is removable for quick cleanup
  • Note: 20 cups of cooked rice and 10 cups of uncooked rice

A little bi9t of sticking and rice not completely cooked at times but i think she’s grtting better.

I gave a five star rating because i love this product. I wore my old one out because we used it so much. I recommend this product to everybody who loves rice as much as my family does.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • makes enough for us
  • This is a great product. It does exactly what it’s designed to
  • This product is not as good as the first one I had for 11 yrs

An asian family gave this rice cooker to us as a gift (they use the same model for their own use) and it works wonderfully. I’ve used it once or twice a week for several years and with consistent results throughout. I’d recommend this product to anyone who enjoys authentic asian ‘sticky’ rice.

Our family loves this rice cooker and would have given it five stars if it wasn’t for the fact that this was to replace the one that shorted out. These units seem to last for about a year based on use before something goes wrong with it. I gave this four stars simply for the fact that we use ours almost every day and that is a lot of use for a small unit like this.

I got this model in 2005 still have it today. It has never burned my rice. Although with its age the non stick pot does not keep the rice from sticking. I would say i cook 25lbs of rice a year, maybe a little more. So i have no complaints about the one i got. I can’t explain the problems others are having with theirs. Maybe the company’s quality control isn’t what it use to be, but the nine years of service mine has givin me makes me a fan and i am bummed that the newer reviews are so negative.

I am kind of shocked to see the other reviews on this. I have had mine for over 10 years now and use it 2 or 3 times a week. It still cooks perfect rice every single time. My mom got a really fancy one for christmas by another maker, and it is worthless. I have tried to cook with hers and it takes hours. My rice is ready quickly and perfectly every time. I am buying her this one and telling her to toss the other one.

We make alot of sushi and it does the rice perfectly. We also use it for everyday rice quite often. I’ve never had a problem of it burning my rice so long as i don’t leave it on ‘warm’ to long. I’ve had it for over a year and have never had any problems. If you are looking for an inexpensive rice cooker that still does a decent job, this is the one to use.

We keep buying the same oster rice cooker every 2-3 years. . We use it everyday, so it does wear out. If you leave it on warm for too long, then it will form a crust at the bottom, but it comes off very easily. After awhile, sometimes it under cooks the rice, but if left on warm, it will cook thoroughly. Overall, we have found this rice cooker very useful and dependable. We love the rice that it cooks.

Tends to burn on the bottom but the steamer is greati.

This rice cooker has no fancy feature but it has worked well for us. We bought ours from macy over three years ago. The non-stick coating is beginning to wear thin. But that is not surprising since we use it every single day. We use the measuring cup that comes with it to measure the rice (good quality chinese, japanese, or korean rice, no uncle ben) and put in water according to the marking in the pot. We get good rice every time. It is true that if we leave it at ‘warm’ for a while, a thick hard crust would form at the bottom. But for us, we usually unplug it as soon as it finishes cooking so this rarely happens. When it does, we would take whatever above it and pour in half a cup of water. The crust comes off easily after 15 minutes or so and it is still pretty good for eating.

It does exactly what it’s designed to do. My first unit lasted around 20 years and finally it passed away; the lever to turn on the cooker broke. So i bought a new one and look forward to another 20 years of perfect rice.

When in warming, it tends to make some parts of the rice mushy so i pull the plug.

Nice but don’t close completely.

I have had this rice maker for a few years now, and to tell the truth i was about to give up on it because the rice was always overcooked at the bottom of the pan. Then, i read some of the reviews on here and found the simple solution–just immediately unplug the machine when the light goes from red to yellow (from cooking to warm). I did that and got a perfect pot of rice in about 25 minutes or so. I am so glad i gave it another shot.

This has to be one of the best rice cookers we have ever owned. It cooks a pot of rice in about half the time and when always is perfect. I would recommend this cooker for anyone looking for a quality – reliable cooker.

This item stopped working within 7 months. I owned the exact same one and it worked for years. I would love to have this replaced or return for a fefund.

This rice cooker is awesome i keep buying this particular brand whenever the one i own goes bad.

When it comes to rice cookers, the more basic they are it seems, the better they are. We had a zujurioshi one and the rice would go bad in about a day even if you cleaned the lid everytime. The oster is usually good for about 2 days at max. Still a much better buy and for a lot less money.

Oster Chocolate Fountain : Five Stars

If i can figure out how to upload my video clip of this fountain in action i will do it. After reading, not only on this site, but other negative reviews (of course after i purchased this item from target for the same amount) i was terrified to try it. Was my daughter’s sweet 16 and i thought this would be a nice addition. I really breezed through the instructions and didn’t notice any ‘brand’ chocolate but did notice it should be melted with oil. However, while walking through bed bath and beyone looking for additional fondue forks i found a chocolate there specifically for fountains and no need to add oil so i took a shot and bought it. The machine is easy to put together and pretty straight forward. After i had it together all i could envision was an exploding volcano and chocolate all over the walls, ceiling and of course, myself. It worked wonderfully and it was the hit of the party. The only con is the clean up and taking it apart.

I seriously hesitated after reading the other reviews. My fountain worked perfectly. I did a trial run, toll house chocolate chips and canola oil melted in a double boiler then poured into the fountain — just as directed in the manual. Second run i mixed semi-sweet with bittersweet chocolate with canola. The bowl must be ‘locked’ into the base in order for the fountain to work — line up the marks and turn left. Clean up was easy, just a bit messy with chocolate on your hands — nothing that a sink of warm soapy water can’t solve, plus the fountain parts go in the dishwasher. The kids loved it — participatory food is so much fun.

Oster Chocolate Fountain

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes 8 fondue forks
  • Holds up to 2 pounds of chocolate
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Drip tray catches excess chocolate and is removable for easy clean up
  • Quiet motor with 4 position switch creates the perfect chocolate experience

My daughter attended a grad party a few years back and loved the chocolate fountain. Being good friends with the grad she was present for the clean-up and the mother of the grad offered up the fountain to the first $10. My daughter snapped it up and it sat in my craft room for a year. Then a year ago in preparation for her party we dusted it off and took it to 3 backyard bbqs. It worked perfectly every time. We chose our favorite dippers and thought we were ready. The week before her party i panicked and ordered a wilton. We realized we were going to have close to 200 guests. The wilton held more chocolate and in the end it was the right choice for us. We went through 10 lbs of chocolate.

I like this chocolate fountain. I followed exactly the recipe in the instruction to make the chocolate — just simple plain semi-sweet chocolate chips melt in microwave. Then pour into a pot of warm vegetable oil. I have used the fountain two times. One at my 6 year old’s birthday party. Another one at an early christmas party for angel tree project, which was also a dessert context. I won the kids favorite award. How could i not love the chocolate fountain?. Their eyes bright up when they see the flowing chocolate. One of kids even asked me if he was allowed to drink the chocolate in his paper cup.

Excellent seller and product.

Oster Chocolate Fountain : Such a convenient chocolate fountain. I used it for the first time on my 18th birthday, and was afraid that it might not work and i’d be screwed because i promised everyone a chocolate fountain. Fortunately, it really does make the melted chocolate taste even better.

Oster COMINHKPR95607 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41-Stainless Steel – Good coffee, no filter needed

This same coffee maker (only sunbeam name on it ) was handed down to me by a family member. It was used profusely for about 5 yrs . It just gave out but i can’t complain . Went and bought another sunbeam product (oster) coffee maker in hopes of same long performance.

This is the perfect size coffee pot. Not to large and not to small. Love that the controls are at the top of the machine.

I have owned several coffee makers and i just couldn’t deal with them not staying hot. Well this time i am very satisfied, i usually brew the coffee and drink my cup right away but by the time my mother and husband wake, it has been sitting there for about 30min. To an hour and let me just say that the coffee is still very hot as if it was just brewed.

Makes a great pot of coffee.

I’m really impressed with this coffee maker, and for the price, almost 30. 00 for shipping, its still a great price. I have seen this for almost 100. 00the carafe does not drip when pouring coffee which many other coffee makers do for this price. My other cuisinart carafe drips etc. This comes with a brew basket, and with a removable filter basket. I do use the filter basket, but put a paper filter in it. unfiltered coffee without using a paper filter, raises your ldl (bad cholesterol), and total cholesterol by 6 to 8%. Because of a chemical called, ‘cafestol’ in coffee.

I bought this coffee maker two years ago, for the use we put into it i am quite impressed with the wa it brews, i abused it and finally broke, however i loved it so much i went on line and search for the same one. I read the past reviews the only comment i have is that maybe it was a defective one cause i sure love mine.

  • Handsome and blessedly small good coffeepot
  • Works great; an old favorite.
  • Solid coffee maker

Your service was exceptional and the product was exactly what i wanted. I will order again with great confidence. Your whole procedure was easy especially for me (a senior,somewhat electronically challenged)thank you.

Good coffee for coffee lovers. My only reservation is when one cup is brewed, it is not very hot. Best to leave on burner for 5 mins or so. Otherwise best machine so far.

Having outlived two cuisinart brew central machines, the last one having a rusting hot plate, i was once again shopping for a drip coffee maker. This oster model uses a cone shaped filter, the same as the cuisinart brew central and produces the same great cup of coffee. This machine has the added feature of a special setting for strong brew. So far i am very pleased with my purchase. This oster was priced much below the cuisinart, while having the same attractive stainless steel exterior. I hope it will be more durable than my two previous coffee makers. It appears to be well constructed. Unlike the molded plastic spout on the collar of the cuisinart, this oster has a carafe with a glass spout and it pours much better.

Can’t use it for black tea making as the water is barely hot when it starts to pour over the tea leaves. The tea tastes extremely bitter if the water’s not hot enough. Otherwise the filter is much better than others for getting out of the maker and during cleanup. And the programming is really simple. The lights from the display and buttons are a bit much if your kitchen’s next to your bedroom and you’re a light sleeper.

This small elegant coffee pot was what we’d been looking for. We used and gave away huge pots that hogged counters, and small cheap pots that made bad coffee. This oster makes the strong brew we like, takes triangular filters if you want to use them, and looks quite fine in the kitchen.

Features of Oster COMINHKPR95607 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41-Stainless Steel, 1 Black, Silver

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    by entering your model number.
  • Modern design with stainless steel accents
  • Brewing pause ‘n serve
  • Removable filter basket
  • 2 hour auto shut-off
  • Adjustable aroma feature Water window , 1 year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Reliable, reliable, reliable. Recently moved to area with harder water and scaling finally did it in. Make sure to descale, especially if you live in a hardwater area every 60 brews or so. Directions to descale with vinegar in owners manual.

It keeps the coffee very hot that is good.

Not 5 stars only because it’s hard to get excited over a coffee maker. I had the exact same model for 7 years and it finally died, so i wanted something familiar. Works well, easy to program.

I did a lot of research after my cuisinart grinder/brewer broke down. Coffee because all the reviews were positive. When i got to the store and saw this oster and read some nice reviews i bought it and couldn’t be happier. It looks classy and makes a nice cup of coffee. It is the best deal for the money. It shouldn’t be a major investment. The best feature is it will keep the coffee hot for an hour then turn off. This is great for us as i get up early. , make a pot and it is still hot when my husband gets up.

It has a silly little gold-toned reusable filter that allows fine coffee particles into the coffee, making it bitter. It can take number 4 filters. But the filter holder is not shaped correctly so the filter can collapse on itself, allowing the water to flow around it. It turns itself off after two hours without warning. No ding, no buzz, just cold coffee. The pot lid is hinged so when the pot is below 6 cups, you must hold it securely with your thumb (not easy) or it swings out and drips hot water on the hand holding the cup. It makes coffee and it stays hot for two hours. Turn it off and back on to restart the timer. If you get the hang of getting the filters in jussst right, no problem. The bright blue light on it lights up the kitchen, the dining room, and the hallway all night.

Excellent, best we’ve owned in years, very pleased.

Modern design with stainless steel accents

Handle on the decanter broke on the old one. Hot coffee in about 10 minutes.

Take a few minutes to read about how to use the buttons and program the machine and you’ll figure out how to make coffee how you want it. I like that the coffee remains hot for a few hours, and the level of heat is just right. The brew is smooth and tasty. My two-person household makes a full pot and we’ve both been more than happy with the results. For the price of this machine, the value is very good.

I bought this oster coffeemaker to use in a downstairs kitchenette, however, when my grind-n-brew stopped grinding and the maker would not entertain another machine or coupon, i brought this oster up and started using it. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee. I have had success with other oster products in my home for many years.

This coffee maker works just like i expected, great. We really enjoy this coffee maker and would purchase again.

I had to replace my coffee maker and did a lot of research. I found this one appealing due to the price. I wanted my coffee to brew hot (which it does) and i wanted the coffee to brew fast (the whole pot takes less than five minutes). With my last coffee pot i would start with 8 cups of water but the coffee pot would only brew 6 cups. The rest evaporated with condensation. This coffee pot does not do this. If i make 8 cups that is what i get.

I really love the oster coffeepot. I have one and i hav egiven 2 to my daughters. The last one delivered had the carafe broken, when delivered. You gave me a credit and said the item did not have to be returned. I hope oster doesn’t give up on making them. Not everybody likes the keurig.

Brewing pause ‘n serve

Good coffee, no filter needed. It doesn’t seem to have an off switch, however, so we have been unplugging it.

This arrived on time and as described. We have had our oster coffee maker for many years and purchased this one as a backup as my husband and i cannot find another coffee maker we can agree on. The price on this one is twice what i paid for the original. Sticker shock, but worth it.

This is the second oster coffee pot i have owned. The first one was wonderful. But, i broke the plastic filter and it is taking a long, long, time to replace. Sooo, when i do receive the replacement filter, i will have 2 oster coffee pots that i think are great.

What bothered me was that i ordered the same coffee maker weeks earlier at about $45. 00, but was told they could not honor that order. They had no trouble getting me one for $70.

I receive my new oster coffee machine it looks fabulous and it works very well and it looks amazing in my kitchen.

Has absolutely nothing bad to say. Would by another one at the drop of a hat.

Removable filter basket

Makes a great pot of coffee at a reasonable price.

My mom really loves this coffee maker.

2 hour auto shut-off

Oster FPSTHM2500B 2500 5-Speed Hand Mixer, I received this Inspire hand mixer right away and

I purchased a nicer and much more powerful hand mixer than this one and then didn’t like it because it didn’t really have a low speed and ingredients would fly out of the bowl. This is not a powerful mixer, i wouldn’t even try to use it to mix something like whole grain bread, but it does have a true low speed that doesn’t make a mess and i have used it for batters, cookies and even pizza dough with great success. I think the dough hooks are silly (they are tiny) and again would say if you want a mixer for heavy doughs and to use a dough hook, look elsewhere. If you want a small hand mixer for simple jobs, this mixer does the trick.

Very nice light easy to use hand mixer. If you are looking for something to make very stiff whipped cream, this is not the tool for you. However, for 99% of all other applications small batch batters, mousse, mixing and blending this one is perfect.

Finally — a hand mixer that actually has a slow speed. I know they all say ‘5 speed’ or whatever, but that always means fast, faster and fastest. I bought this one thinking that it would probably have to be returned for that reason, but it’s a keeper. As some of the reviewers have mentioned, the beaters don’t go in or come out easily — and sometimes shoot out and across the room — but i’m getting the knack of that. It also doesn’t balance on it’s heel so it always falls over, but that’s a small price to pay for a slow speed.

Key specs for Oster FPSTHM2500B 2500 5-Speed Hand Mixer, 240-watt:

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  • 240 Watt Motor
  • 5 Speed Setting
  • Burst of Power
  • One Touch Beater Eject
  • Ergonomic design

Comments from buyers

“Finally a slow speed!
, Apparently the Sunbeam was always a little fast anyway (explains why I could never use the thing without messing up the entire k
, Actually has a slow speed.

My old mixer literally reduced me to child-like tantrums because of it’s splattering and inability to beat eggs whites properly. Ask my husband, he ducked for cover when i threw the stupid thing across the kitchen (not a normal reaction for modest, conservative me)the oster 2500 is great. I’ve been mixing, whipping, and blending like a maniac ever since i got this puppy in the mail. No, it’s not a kitchenaid, but i don’t have a kitchenaid budget, and this little mixer does the trick for less than $30.

I bought this mixer 3-4 months ago and it’s still working fine (i bake fairly frequently). While the motor hasn’t crapped out, i will say that this is pretty cheap and it might be worth the extra few bucks to get a slightly better model. My two biggest grievances:as you can see in the photo, the bottom of the mixer is quite thin and kind of rounded. This gives the mixer the annoying tendency to tip over even if you set it upright carefully and without too much goop on the beaters. This can cause anything between small, inconvenient messes and epic, couldn’t do it again if i tried messes (the mixer tipped over and in the process turned on and sprayed batter everywhere). It makes cooking a little more suspenseful but also a bit more frustrating. Also, the motor works fine but tends to emit a weird burning odor as you use the mixer. I don’t think i’m giving myself cancer or anything but it’s still not the most pleasant odor to have wafting through the kitchen.

I bought this blender after the black and decker model i had bought at wal-mart started making really scary noises while running. [and i had it less than a year i wished it came with a storage case though. {luckily the stupid black and decker case works well for this model too lol] it’s powerful enough to mix thick cookie dough but not to the point it ends up all over my cupboards. The number one setting is nice and slow for mixing dry mixes together. The beaters are a little hard to eject so if you have arthritis this may not be a good choice for you, however, you don’t have to worry about accidentally ejecting them with the blender still running. ]

This mixer is so cheap for what you get. I’ve never had a hand mixer stand up to bread dough without rapidly overheating before. The mixer can run for 2-5 min in thick dough before you start to get a ‘metal’ smell, the precursor to it burning it. Now that i know how long it can go, i plan around it and don’t think it’ll burn out too soon. It fully kneads two loaves worth of dough in about 4 minutes. 4/5 because the lowest speed is higher than expected and this reduces its versatility a little bit. The highest speed is fantastic for frostings, though, so it may be a fair trade off.

As other reviewers have mentioned (and one of the reasons i bought this) is that the slow speed is excellent. It’s so nice to be able to slowly mix ingredients before you crank up the speed so you don’t wind up with a mess. I also bought this for the dough hooks, but we haven’t had an opportunity to used them yet. The one item we make that always clogged up our previous mixer that would be better with the hooks is one that we only make in december.

Makes a high-pitched whine no matter what speed it’s on. Didn’t bother replacing it since it replaced another poorly made one. At least this one will mix cookie batter. The other one blew the motor on simple cookie batter. This does not stand well on it’s own.

This oster 2500 inspire 240-watt 5 speed hand mixer is the best one i have ever had and i am 80 years old. I just love the low speed which eliminates messes, but yet it has lots of power for whipping cream, etc. To eject the beaters i hold it against the edge of the sink (as i get more leverage) and press the ejection button, the beaters fall right in the sink. When i watch what i am doing, i do not have any trouble with it standing on its heel. I’m amazed at how reasonable the price, since it is so well made and easy to clean. I have no complaints with this oster 2500 inspire hand mixer. It arrived in 2 days after ordering. Couldn’t ask for any better service.

I bought one of these a few years ago and it has served me admirably when i don’t want to pull out the heavy stand mixer. Now my son is living in an apartment and he needs a mixer and they’re still selling this reliable model.

I was hoping for ‘slow’ to allow for a gentle stirring action to initially mix the liquid & dry ingredients. I found it no better than the old mixer that it replaced, and when the old one finally died i hoped to get the one feature that i hated about the old one. It’s no betterperhaps there is just a difference in people’s perception of, or expectation of speed control. But i suspect that maybe instead there are just enough variances in individual units to cause such wide differences in opinion. I have no opinion yet on power or durability. Only light mixing jobs so far. Most things are made in china, thus the cheap price. But ‘cheap’ usually comes at a price.

After years of my mom owning our old oster hand mixer that she got at a yard sale before i was born (19 years ago) it finally broke down on us and we got this onemy mother really despised it at first because she found the beaters challenging to put in the first 2 tries but now we got the hang of it it isnt hard at all. We like the ‘burst’ button for that moment you need a bit more speedlove it so far simple/ straight forward to use.

My last mixer had 5 places to click for speeds, but it really only operated at one speed. Otherwise, i find the unit rather bulky, and i hate that it doesn’t sit well when you want to rest it on the counter. You have to rest it on the side of the bowl. But the speeds outweigh the negatives – absolutely.

I received this oster inspire hand mixer right away and i was very impressed with that, also, it comes with dough hooks which i have not yet used. I do plan to make some bread and see how well they work but this is a 240 watt 5 speed mixer so it should be able to handle it okay. I have used the regular mixing blades it comes with when i used it to mix some egg whites into a stiff foam and it performed very well, it’s much faster than my old hand mixer which had fewer watts.

Im quite impressed with the dough hooks. Has 3 speeds witch are great because you can start off slow and not sling flour everywhere?.

Mixes real well no complaints it’s a workhorse.

Not a replacement for a kitchenaid but does a good job of mixing stuff. Dough hooks serviceable in a pinch.

I haven’t had a chance to test with heavy cookie dough yet but i’m sure it will be fine. The only flaws, and the reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5:1) it does not stand up well. You should be able to put down a mixer and have it stand up. 2) it’s hard to eject the mixers. This is more of an annoyance but if your hands are week for orthopedic reasons it will be an issue.

Excellent mixer for the price, the dough hook is a nice attachment. Almost 1 month using this mixer at least 3 times a week and still thinking that this mixer was the correct choice compared to others with similar options and higher price. 5 speeds with real slow or 1 speed so you don’t have problems at the beginning of the mixing.

Made bread with dough hooks, had to move it around some but very powerful.

For now i am giving the mixer four stars, because the beater release is very stiff. If it loosens up with use, i will change to five stars. I really love the many speeds. For the first time i don’t have to drape a towel over the bowl, because the low speed mixes without spraying all over. It is nice and sturdy and can sit on its back. I did balance it on the edge of the bowl for a few minutes even though i am not sure if it will slip off.

Gave as a gift to my mother after she told me her 30yr old mixer (a sunbeam) was finally starting to slow down. I was going to get her a sunbeam since it would probably last her the rest of her life, but they are all notorious for having really fast speeds, even when set on ‘low’. This one, however, does very well. Apparently the sunbeam was always a little fast anyway (explains why i could never use the thing without messing up the entire kitchen as a kid) so she’s a little glad to have it. Seems it will last a long while, not quite as long as a sunbeam (though we can’t say for sure) but certainly a while, especially if you don’t do a ton of baking like us. The one reason i took off a star is because the clip or button or whatever at the top that starts and stops the thing is a bit hard to use. My mother has little trouble because she’s spent her life working and has strong hands, but if you have any sort of wrist condition or weak hands/fingers, you might take the possibility of that into consideration.

I bought this product because my other mixer had no slow setting, it was fast and extremely fast. This mixer has the range of speed settings that i was looking for. The slow setting doesn’t throw flour and the fast setting is enough for all of my baking needs. I do have a few complaints about it though. The unit does not sit on it’s side very well, it has toppled over on me countless times. The beaters are a little on the hard side to get in. They are extremely hard to get it out. It maybe a one button eject system but i need both hands to push the button. I like it for the slow settings, but i would not purchase this mixer again.

Oster Extra-Large Countertop Adjustable Oven : Poor Temperature Control

Love the fact that i don’t have to fire up the large oven for many items.

I had the smaller unit and decided to upgrade to the bigger model. I keep it on my back porch, it saves my from having to turn on the oven and heat up the house. The toaster oven heats up fast.

I have cooked lasagna and various pastries in this finely made oven. The turbo seems to help cook faster and evenly. Cleans up easy with the removable bottom tray that pulls out. Pizza really comes out the best with the turbo heat. The rack combo broiler pan is very handy as well. I have cooked chicken and vegetables and the drippings just collect in the pan then easy washing after. Great for a small apartment like i live in.

The timer, i love the timer. I can set it, and work elsewhere. It also can get very hot, as my last toaster oven did not, so that’s great.

  • Love my new oven!
  • This unit is excellent in every respect except one
  • Perfect Convection Oven

Oster Extra-Large Countertop Adjustable Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Manual Controls
  • Extra-large capacity with 16″ Take and Bake Pizza Fit
  • Turbo Convection Heat technology for faster cooking and more even browning
  • Brushed stainless front and housing
  • 60-minute timer with auto shut off

I wish it had an interior light and a longer cord. But everything about it is exactly what i wanted.

The maximum temperature that this will reach is 360 degrees. The actual temperature runs 50 degrees below dial setting.

I have been using for a couple weeks now and i really love this oven.

Review this product a few years after purchase, but we love this oven. In fact, we never use the big oven appliance in the kitchen. It cooks great and is very efficient.

Simply the best countertop oven ever. Bake, broil, convection cook poultry, ribs, even extra large pizzas. Interior width and depth goes out to 17″ deep and 17″ across (max), large enough to put a 16″ round pizza directly on the upper rack and bake to perfection. My cast iron pans love the super high heat to sear beef and pork in no time. Cookies and biscuits done perfectly in a jiffy. Egg rolls come out crispy when i use the turbo (convection) feature on a wire rack baking tray. Forget separate toasters, toaster ovens, pizza ovens and air-fryers, this oven does it all. Takes a tiny foot print in my small kitchen, but produces huge results, cooked perfectly. I recommend the oster tssttvxxll oven to anyone who needs a large capacity “do all” oven. I love this oven so much, i bought another one (oster tssttvxxll) after the first one (used daily over five years) was destroyed in a cross country move.

Bought this year’s ago after being tired of hearing up my wall kitchen every time i baked but the tiny tiny toaster wasn’t cutting it. I needed something big enough to bake a pizza, an angle food cake or a 13x9bakng dish it does the job. Has held up well under daily use mynonly complaint-itnyas a digital display for time and temp but the settings are printed in black on the stove face and in low light it’s impossible to breastfeed the darn things. I solved this issue by keeping a little led flashlight by the oven. Other than that little flaw, it’s been perfect.

The cost is “up-there” but it is so worth it. In fact, i don’t even use my oven any longer. I’ve had one of these before and it hit the 4 year mark so it failed (of course/as programmed in), but had to have another one because it is durable, stainless steel, and so easy to clean. With a single oven it is helpful too when you’re trying to take care of a crowd with dishes that must be warmed while others are cooking.

It is very nice, works well, easy to use and quiet.

Perfect purchase and alternative to a microwave.

The convection fan is a bit noisy.

It gets very hot on the exterior.

Like size knobs get really hot.

It gets hot super fast, cooks half the time.

Seems to work great, and heats up quickly. Toaster feature is pretty general, hard to really fine tune, but other than that it works well and cleanup is quick & easy.

Oster extra-large countertop adjustable oven is a lot of oven for the money. The turbo convection heat function is great option to have for baking. The wire rack can be used for both broiling and grilling.

Sits in box in garage most of the time until big dinner parties. Bakes pies, while kitchen oven makes lasagne or broiled salmon. Much cheaper than redesigning entire kitchen.

Meaning cooks great and is big enough for most anything. This is a replacement to a nuwave pro (nwp). I will say the nwp did cook better but it was a flimsy pos. The oster seems very durable, cooks pretty quickly and very evenly. I’m pretty happy with it as an oven. Its definitely overkill if you want to use it for toasting bread though.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker : Used it for the first time this morning and I

Nothing on this earth is expected to be as one expects it to be granted. Therefore, granted, this is an excellent product for it’s price. The waffles take a little longer to get browner than when the ready light comes on, however one must consider what is ready for each of us, when we perceive what we see, as based on what we think. If one wants it to be browner when ready light comes on, than wattage should be their concern. Nothing is built to last when it comes to elements, you can ask your light bulbs on wattages, elements, and burnouts😉😎😲😜.

My rating for this would be good to okay. It does a job and i don’t feel i wasted my money on it. This would get more stars from me if the indicating light works properly and shuts/locls a little more completely. Not that difficult to clean but i wish it was easier or could be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker, Green (CKSTWFBF10WG-TECO)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Flip waffle maker with titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick coating lasts 8x longer than standard nonstick coatings
  • Natural, PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic coating won’t flake or peel and cleans easily
  • Cooks up to 30% faster, saving time and energy
  • Simple flip operation for evenly cooked waffles
  • Adjustable temperature control for light and fluffy or crispy waffles

It cooks fast +1it doesn’t take up much space +1simple to use +1it doesn’t lock very well, which keeps the waffle maker slightly open when pressing -1it is not simple to clean it -13/5 – it’s okay. Next time, i am going to buy one that locks well and easier to wash. You have to use a towel to wipe it, which takes up too much time. I’ve tried washing it with like a dish w/out getting the plug involved and it was still difficult. You can remove the screws, which removes the white colored area of the waffle maker and wash it thoroughly, but that takes up too much time out of your hands. Photo indicates that it does not lock very well*view my other reviews to see i’m real. Not just a manufacturer or employee reviewer.

Suggestion for your batter, whip egg white then fold into batter add a lil constarch for crispier waffle. Works well non stick i never use spray. Krusteaz waffle mix recipe with my addonsyield : 2-3 wafflesingredients2-3 waffles1 1/2 cups krusteaz waffle mix1 1/2 teaspoons corn starch*1/2 teaspoon sugar*1/2 teaspoon vanilla*1 egg3 tablespoons vegetable oil2/3 cup waterrecipe preparationseparate egg white and yolkmix egg yolk with all ingredientsbeat with wiskonce smooth, let sit for 2 minutes*beat egg white until fluffy with hand mixer for 60 seconds**fold in half the egg whites into mix and then the rest*pour batter into waffle maker and wait 10 seconds then flip leave in 1 min past green light for crisper waffles.

So far im happy with this waffle maker. I was a little disappointed that it had a few scuffs in the outside finish, but was glad the inside ceramic didnt, i know that stuff can chip, but mine was finealso was a little cautious about the cord not being wrapped up, but still had the twist ties on it, my first thought was it might be a refurbished unit. If it is, it didnt state so prior to buying it, and if it is, it works just fine4 stars for scuffs. Products works 5 starts though. Looking forward to making pizza pockets, hash browns, french toast, and all the fun stuff u can make in a waffle maker.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker, Green (CKSTWFBF10WG-TECO) : I’ve tried three different recipes and two turned out well, the light indicator doesn’t really tell you when the waffle is done but clean up is easy. Even though it’s non stick definitely recommend spraying it before putting batter in.

Real fine maker if you like belgian style thick waffles.

I wanted to love it because there just aren’t that many options for an affordable non-toxic waffle maker. But it’s pretty bad quality. The handle is especially flimsy. The ceramic coating was scratched when i got it.

We’ve used it probably ten times and the same things are consistent. The handle is not very sturdy – it folds for easy storage which is great but it doesn’t lock when you’re cooking. The timer always shows that the waffles are ready before they actually are, even with the highest setting. Sometimes the ready light comes on just after you close it. We have to use trial and error to get to the doneness we’d prefer. If you are looking for a crispy waffle, you are not going to get it. It seems like the ceramic seals in the moisture so we can never get a crispy waffle.

My husband and i love this product and use it daily. Super quick and delicious waffles, watch out though because you may get addicted. Wonderful with blueberries and chocolate mixed in. Best purchase i’ve made on amazon in the past year.

My family is switching to wheat alternatives (oat flour, coconut flour, etc) and they tended to stick on our old teflon-coated waffle iron. We also recognize that the teflon may be harmful, especially once it gets scratched or starts to flake off. This ceramic coating is amazing, and our stickiest batters are popping right out without issues. We are having to leave the waffles in a little longer to get them ‘done’ to our liking, but once we got the timing figured out, we’ve really enjoyed cooking and eating waffles.

We have been making waffles nonstop since we got it a couple of days ago and they are delicious and perfect every time. As others have mentioned, turn the heat up to high and follow the light indicators on the waffle maker – foolproof. We do no use any oil or butter on the ceramic plates and they are naturally nonstick. Best of all no teflon to achieve this.

Works really well and it’s truly non-stick. You can get that waffle nice and crispy on high. One star off because everything around the waffle irons is made out of solo cup plastic. Just be really careful with it.

I have not had any problems whatsoever with sticking. I do not grease the iron at all and have made waffles with both regular flour and gluten free flour, all vegan. Excited to try more recipes.

I was looking for a waffle maker that was free of ptfe & pfoa chemicals. I have birds in my home and most cookware fumes can kill them. This product allowed me to safely make waffles that tasted amazing with no worry. It came well packaged, a fast wipe down and it was ready to go. Followed the basic instructions to make big golden waffles.

This is a great item for a family that makes lots of wafflesfirst, the non stick surface is great, easy to keep clean and smooth. Clean up is usually a hassle when making waffles, the surface makes cleaning it easy. I usually still wipe a little oil on it when i am finished. Second, it cooks quickly and waffles are even and look good. The only thing that i found odd about it was there were no instructions. So it took me a few tries before i figured out that you had to turn and bend the handle for it to work.

Had wanted one for a while so researched these and this one seemed to be the best fit. Very happy worth this economical purchase. Evenly cooks waffles on its nonstick surface. Could not be happier with the product. Use it weekly and no problems work consistency.

When we first got this, we were going to return it because it felt flimsy and cheap compared to our old broken one. We decided to give it a try though and glad we did. We make waffles 1-2/week and feel good that we’re not get positioned by a tephlan coating. It’s true it just wipes clean each time.

Updating to say it is holding up great to the fanatic waffling it icontinues to inspire. After nine months of battering (so to speak), the coating and everything abput it is like new. Every few days, i crank it up, stuff nearly anything in it with lots of grated chedar or parmesian, press on the top (not the handle, ignore the light, flip around a few times, poke at it with chop sticks, and it transforms blah leftovers into heavenly crisp treats. Most nonstick coatings will emit fumes that kill parrots and other pet birds, and probably are not good for pet humans. I got this for the bird-friendly ceramic coating. Given how that wears out on expensive cookware pretty fast, i was not expecting much from this inexpensive waffle iron. It’s cute and space-saving, though, and i thought i’d use it quite rarely, so i gave it a try. It turns out i was born to waffle. I’m using it way more than i ever imagined and it is holding up great. Handle, hinge, swivel, and ceramic coating are all way sturdier than i expected.

This is a very nice waffle maker. We purchased it as a health-friendly replacement for a teflon waffle maker. This one is just as easy to use as the previous waffle maker and over-all appears to be better quality. We were so happy to find an affordable one like this, made with duraceramic.

It works just like the ones i use at the hotels. My kids love it since it easy to use and make great waffles would recommend to all my family and friends. Great product for the right price.

It is frustrating to clean though. Can’t remove the waffle plates.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer : The best. Why go for expensive mixer

Once you have it on hand, you can tell it is high quality mixer, and material. It is a gift for the price that is sold. I highly recommend this product.

This is a great mixer – would have given it 5 stars but (as with most consumer products in today’s market) the build quality has obviously gone down to accommodate higher profits.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Efficient Mixing with 225 Watts of Power and 6 Speed Control
  • Includes Stainless Steel Bowl with Lid for Mixing and Storage
  • Full Size Chrome Beaters Included
  • Ergonomically Designed for comfortable mixing
  • One Touch Beater Eject Button

I am delighted with the hand mixer. It fits snuggly in the mixing bowl, making it easy to store. It works real well and feels sturdy. I had second thoughts about purchasing it because someone commented the speeds were too high, but the speeds seem okay for me. I will admit the low speed is not very slow. You certainly get more than what you paid for with this item.

Gift for my son and his girlfriend setting up new apt. This looked like a great solution for now rather than spend a small fortune for a large mixer, when this was such a good value. Oater is a brand i’ve used for years so no issues there, and the fact that you had the convenience of the stainless mixing bowl/storage bowl w/ lid made it an even more practical purchase for them.

I don’t actually use this little hand mixer, but my wife does and she loves it. It’s been going strong for about a year so far.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl : Happy with the power of the machine. The beaters were hard to ejectat first, but they seem to be getting easier.

A very nice mixer that has awesome power.I love bakingdes moines, iowa.

It works great and is incredibly powerful. I think it could probably mix cement.

When this does the great job for you.

It works perfectly and actually has 6 speeds as advertised. My only reservation in giving 5 stars is that the cord just hangs there which makes it hard to store. I wrap it around the body of the mixer but it just falls off and without a solid handle you cannot wrap the cord around the handle to store it. I’m spoiled – my other hand mixer had an automatic cord reel which stored the cord within the body of the mixer and out of the way.

I was worried because the beaters were a little rusted. Not enough to send it back bit the quality wasn’t what i had hoped for.

I have not had any issues with this mixer. The settings are a little fast but that’s not really an issue for me.

It works well and storing in it’s own bowl is a big plus. Very powerful with a heavy-duty cooling fan. Other commenters are correct about not having a slow speed but that doesn’t seem to bother my lady.

It’s simple to operate, and the speeds are just right. Having the bowl to store it in is a plus. I have a kitchen aid stand mixer but haven’t needed to drag it out for anything so far. The oster has more than enough power.

I like the stainless mixing bowl. Great for storage and is a good size. Very glad i made this purchase.

I use all the time when i bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes.

I read reviews and thought i might not like this mixer because everyone said it started off too fast. I did not find that to be an issue. Has enough power to work through thick batters and i don’t have any problem with thin batters. I guess the only down side for me is it seems a little front heavy so it tips over easily when you rest the mixer.

Just wish it had more power. If you need one that can handle something thicker than cake batter, spend more money and get a different one.

Mixer, comes with a really nice metal bowl, mixer and beaters all fit in the bowl with a lid.

I use my new mixer quite a bit, and fine that it works quite well. Am very pleased with how it works.

It’s lowest setting is pretty fast, but once you get used to it then it’s not a problem. The mixing bowl it comes with is pretty good as well and serves as a nice storage container for the mixer and beaters.

Great mixer,very attractive and is great to have a bowl for use and storage. I just used it and i really love having so many speeds. Making some candy for the holidays really needs a great mixer. You can tell it is great quality. I hope it lasts as long has my other hand mixer. I like the ease of the hand mixer,and i don’t like all those gadgets the come with the big mixers. Keep it simple to use and simple to store. I also feel the price was great. Thanks amazon and the seller.