Oster BLSTET-C Ice Shaving Blender – For the price, it’s ok

Think of someone using jackhammer in your kitchen and this is how loud it sounds when shaving ice. Maybe the ice i use is ‘too’ frozen?. I can’t find the right time to use this blender again because it’s a big inconvenience to others around me. I’m thinking i should have gone for one of those shaved ice makers instead.

I bought this to shave ice for daiquiris, margaritas, and smoothies. My current blender just couldn’t chop the ice fine enough, so i decided to give this machine a try. Well the cons are that this machine is very noisy, and very slow to shave the ice. The ‘auto’ setting also shuts off after a few minutes and you have to use the manual pulse button to finish the job. But the pro is that it produces very finely shaved ice. Oster blstet-c ice shaving blender, for meeting my expectations.

The shaved ice takes a lot of work to get any amount worth while. Then it melts to fast when you put in the liquid. Better off just using the blender to crush the ice cubes with the liquid already in it. Comes out like a smoothie then. So the ice shaver part is a waste of space really and it is large.

We make smoothies and frozen drinks all the time. I can’t tell you how many blenders i have torn up trying to blend up ice cubes. This really does shave ice very easily into restaurant quality without tearing up or wearing out the motor it is loud, but any blender is noisy, so that is to be expected. It was easy to set up right out of the box and start making snow cones or smoothies. You will spend as much on a good blender that still can’t chop up ice as well as this. And when you compare it to the shaved ice and margarita machines, it is a much better price. I think it probably works as well as those, and you also have the blender option to use for anything else all in one machine.

Firstly i have to comment on the negative reviews, specifically the people saying it ‘doesn’t blend’. There are several components; all of which need to be attached to the one below and locked into place properly. It’s easy to think you’ve done it right but you need to use a bit of force to get them to all snap into place. It means the blender isn’t going to fly apart and smash you in the headthe blender’s controls are simple and functional. It’s a beautiful looking machine and works perfectly fine if you read the instructions and clip it together properly. I would most certainly choose this over a cheap plastic ice shaver; it is sturdy, multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing.

I only gave this 4 stars because i haven’t used the blender portion yet. Otherwise it’s perfect for what i bought it for.

  • For the price, it’s ok
  • It’s okay
  • Best product ever bought on Amazon.

I got this for a gift exchange where my sister-in-law was the recipient so from her interaction with this blender, she loves it. We were able to see it in action after christmas and it shaves ice like a champ. For those of you who may be interested in this as compared to the margaritaville shaver and drink maker it really can make drinks about as equally nice. The big difference is of course, that the margaritaville machine has the ice shaver and blender together whereas this machine requires you to remove the shaver to blend together your drinks. As the main use will be for this machine is to make shaved ice drinks, it definitely performs splendidly. I feel that is is pretty equal in consistency to a margaritaville machine, but at a fraction of the cost. If you are considering a margaritaville machine, i would highly suggest this to save some money. We did try using the machine as a blender for a fruit smoothie and it was adequate but not anything especially amazing. The fruit was pureed but still a little ‘grainy’ and not completely smooth. Really where this shines is in its ice shaving abilities.

Makes ice so fine that we enjoyed snowcones all summer. I highly recommend this one.

I have only used it a few times as i just received it less than a week ago, but there are a couple of things i have noticed. First, when using the ice shaver – there were a few ice cubes remaining in the bottom that did not shave. Second, when using just the blender – i have noticed it leaves clumps of uncrushed ice when making smoothies. My other oster blender made much better smoothies.

Have been using for close to a year now. The machine makes great ice shavings. It is a quality manufactured product, although there are a couple of plastic part i would prefer to be metal. The down sides: very noisey. Takes several minutes along with dozens of button pushes to shave a tray of ice. I think ice from an automatic ice maker might be a little softer and less trouble than tray ice.

Have been making 3 to 5 large sized snow cones daily for 3 months now. I love this for making snow cones and to have home-made shaved ice. I’ve even used it at our family and friend gathering over the holiday and it performed admirably. I’ve tried several different types of ice. Below are my personal opinions and observations:overall, i like using crushed ice from the fridge. It makes perfect snow cone/hawaiian shaved ice/ white powdery fluffy-goodnessusing the cubed ice from the fridge makes lots of noise (understandable); though if i’m making enough to fill up the separate blender carriage the engine smells a bit over worked. It works well, though i wouldn’t do this on a daily bases. If you buy commercial ice don’t buy the kind with the hole in the middle- it makes for an uneven shave and is not good for continued usage. The other kind of store ice works well when you let it warmup a bit first- i keep it out on the counter for about 20 mins or in a small plastic cooler. And if you are able to, buy sonic ice (or an equivalent-if there is one) & it is best of the bestcons- the blender, not the shaver, is glass.

Features of Oster BLSTET-C Ice Shaving Blender, Brushed Nickel

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  • Premium brushed nickel finish
  • 5-Cup dishwasher safe and scratch resistant glass jar is thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes
  • Both manual and pre-programmed electronic blending and ice-shaving settings for results with one touch that takes all the guess work out
  • Shave ice for smooth frozen drinks with high performance ice crushing blade
  • Pulse for precise blending control

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I love to chew ice, but it is bad for your teeth. I found that if i made ‘snow-cone’ ice, i was just as satisfied without hurting my teeth. This makes perfect shaved ice, super quick. I used to have a small, cheap snow cone maker, that took forever to do 1 cup of ice. Now i can do a whole bag of shaved ice in just minutes. And more importantly, it looks good on the counter.

Very loud but makes great frozen drinks.

Bought for our use at home and now when we have company this machine is the star of the show. Everyone loves the special drinks we make for them and find this item very good for the price. Can’t imagine a summer without this.

I bought this wanting to make margaritas, but i also ordered some hawaiian ice syrup for the kids. So far i’m very happy with the product. Pros:=====- great build construction- works fine with my ice from the freezer even though they recommend store bought ice- nice wide chute for shaved ice to come out, and i can just hold up paper cone to it and pulse- nice catch for melted ice water (but i do wish it was a bit bigger)- not really all that loud if you ask me- nice setup to shave ice first on top of fruit, and then swap shaver and blender and perform more blending. – great price versus other devices i looked at- nice lookingcons:======- wish it held maybe a bit more ice- if you leave ice in too long, the small water reservoir will overflow, should be bigger- pretty tall, if space is a concerni’ve still not mastered my margarita’s to compare to restaurant bought, and the ice shavings are very fine but still bigger than restaurants. I didn’t double blend it though so will try that next.

This blender is a piece of work. I have had three others in the last six month that died on me. I use blenders mainly for crushing ice for margaritas and smoothies. I can make a full pitcher of crushed ice in under a minute. The only other blender i would compare this based on price and quality would be the ninja. However the ninja doesn’t crush the ice as fine as you would want in a drink. There are different blades you can get for the ninja but i honestly don’t want to mess with a kitchen appliance. I want it to be there and ready when i need it and oster delivered on that need.

I bought this blender to replace one i’d had for about 25 years. We mainly use it to make smoothies and the old one had difficulty crunching the ice so i did some shopping and found this one. I was undecided about keeping it at first but ultimately did and it is working all right for our needs. Pro’s: it is attractive and has a large, stable base so the blender doesn’t hop around on the counter like my old one did. It has a glass jar with a very wide top so it is easy to get things into the jar without making a mess. The lid closes down firmly so nothing splatters up and out of the top during blending. Another thing i like is that the jar and blade unit comes completely apart for good and easy cleaning of each section. I haven’t used the ice shaving unit yet as we are only making smoothies, but i suspect it works similarly. Con’s: at first, i couldn’t seem to get the ice or frozen fruit to blend. The unit would jam up as if the ice and fruit were too much for it. This was rather disheartening since i had bought it to blend ice and frozen fruit into a smoothie. I did find that adding a small amount of water any time it jammed up enabled blending to occur again. After a few weeks of using it, i have been able to determine exactly how much additional water is needed to create our smoothies and not have the blender jam. In the end, i decided to keep the blender since i figured out how to make it work for us, and the pro’s at that point outweighed the con’s.

Premium brushed nickel finish

Received this as a gift (which i preselected) yesterday. This oster is beautifully made. Easy to use and does the job. I primarily wanted this to make frappacinos, smoothies, icee type drink and other frozen concoctions. Obviously, you’ll need to gauge the liquid to shaved ice proportions to suit your preference. First time out of the box was perfect. If you are considering the $250-300 margaritaville, the oster is a great product and costs considerably less. In my case, the cost of this oster willpay for itself in 6-8 weeks.

A bit bigger than expected but its quality and performance are as good as expected from this brand, no complains here.

We needed to be able to crush ice in our blender and this is crushes ice nicely.

I didn’t buy this on amazon since oster website had it cheaper and with a free food-processor attachement. But here is the catch, the food processor doesn’t work with the blender, i found out the hard way. 🙂 i called oster to complain and they were clueless. Also you can’t find any replacement parts(like seals, etc) from oster or anywhere else. So this product is dicontinued and oster gets a 1-star for supporting this product(and selling it with an attachement that doesn’t work with it)the product itself is a 5-star. It is very good for this price range, it shaves fluffy ice(very small crunchy crystals of ice) and it blends smoothies very well. The motor is not super powerful, but for that price it is very good. It is very well designed and looks very cool and not very bulky. Actually, oster gets a 0-star(not even 1-star), for the above reasons and because they twice removed my review from their website when i wrote a similar review on oster. Com (that’s why i put this review on amazon.

This works as advertised – – we have frozen drinks any time that we want, as stated it is great.

Decent, but my blendtec makes the ice much finer.

5-Cup dishwasher safe and scratch resistant glass jar is thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes

I love it to make my protein shake in the mornings. Works good for any drink when crushed ice is in it.

Who needs to buy expensive, packaged popsicles when you can make your own flavored shaved ice at thome?.

Overall, i have really loved this blender/mixer. Downside is it’s incredibly loud, but it also gets the job done. I have had it a few months now and it’s still going strong with no issues. I did find, however, that if you use the recommended ice type that it will produce a more snow-like product. Otherwise it will have larger bits of ice in it that were noticeable to me. I really liked the ‘drain’ for the top compartment that holds the ice. It helps keep everything clean and mess free. It was also simple to set up and get running. If i get overzealous and fill the blender to the top, with some fruits, i will have to keep stopping it and push the mix back down to the blades a few times until it settles right. But this is no different than with any other blender i’ve had.

Love it so far; ice is shaved quickly and perfectly for blended drinks and/or snow cones. Don’t know why i waited so long to buy one of these.

Bought this item as a present for christmas. Was well beyond what as expected. Would buy one for all my family members.

I was skeptical looking at what this could do. Using it about 2 weeks now and works great. Great for morning smoothies and a few evening drinks. Will be so good when summer arrives for those hot days.

This was purchased, as a gift. I have not heard any complaints.

Both manual and pre-programmed electronic blending and ice-shaving settings for results with one touch that takes all the guess work out

It performs well, but the ‘shaver’ doesn’t really ‘shave’ as you would think you are getting from the snow-cone shop. The granules are not as fine. One thing that i do not like is that you really can’t use whole-cubes when shaving. You need to use crushed ice to start with. But it’s a real pain if you don’t have a crusher.

My only negative comment is having a separate pitcher, but it still works as i hoped. I like to make snow cones and the ice is fluffy.

Shave ice for smooth frozen drinks with high performance ice crushing blade

Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker – Affordable, Easy to Use, Non-Belgian Style Waffle Maker

This is a very good wafflemaker. We saw this at one of the deparment stores and decided to check out the amazon ratings on this item and other similar items. In the process it happened to have a great seasonal price, so i bought it for my wife. She really likes it, and we use it at least 3-4 times a month.

I’m not sure what the previous reviewer was talking about because my oster makes perfect waffles. The only way you can really screw up is if you make a bad batter (too wet) and over fill the waffle maker. This is also an amazing little maker because it has a heat control so you can bake waffles longer times or shorter depending if you want darker or lighter waffles. (and it is one of the very rare makers that uses an 850 watt heater. Most only use 600 watts or so) i got it on sale at target so i have to give it 5 stars. Well, first try a spray coat of cooking oil spray for the first waffle. And when you are done let it cool and pull out with a long toothpick any left over waffle bits. Actually i have necer really had to ‘clean’ it since it is excellent non-stick plates. Only a wipe down with a cloth.

I’ve used this oster waffle maker for over a year without any problems. It heats up relatively fast with a quick recovery time. I use a boxed generic pancake mix and follow the waffle instructions – same as for pancakes just add 1/3 cup oil to prevent sticking. All i do is plug it in to preheat, mix my batter, when the green light turns on, i spray lightly with cooking spray (i only spray for the first waffle) and add my batter being careful not to overfill and wait until the green light comes back on. The highest heat setting makes them a little too dark for me so i back it off a little. Also as you are cooking a large batch of waffles, the iron will retain more heat and you may need to back off on the darkness control just a little bit. I place the already baked waffles in a toaster oven around 250 degrees to keep warm while the rest of the batch is being prepared. Clean up is easy with a paper towel when cool. If any batter spilled over when cooking i just use a soft bristled brush to remove the dried batter. Note: this is called a belgian waffle maker but the depth is that of a non-belgian style waffle.

I am an elderly man, who does not cook. My wife purchased an oster belgian waffle maker at christmas, and since then, i’ve made about a dozen waffles. Each one turned out perfectly, and none stuck to the waffle maker. For me the perfect waffle required the highest temperature setting and a cooking time of four minutes and fifty seconds. I was able to make an even crispier waffle in five minutes and fifteen seconds, but it lacked the soft interior i usually prefer. I don’t see how a waffle maker costing more than the oster could make a better waffle; a faster made waffle, maybe, but not a better one.

I purchased one for my girlfriends birthday. She loves waffles and this maker ‘made’ her day. Cooks evenly easy to use, and the price is right. People need to understand that good cooking comes from the details. The preparation of the items to be cooked and the tools to cook with. If you take the time and do it right you will see that this machine works perfectly fine.

I made some delicious waffles in this machine. The waffles does not get ‘glued’ in the surface.

  • Great Quality for the Price
  • Nice little waffler
  • Great Waffles!

I purchase this as a gift and the recipient made waffles the very day she opened it up and says it works beautifully.

We put all ready packaged cinnamon rolls in this and make great treats quickly.

I could not be more satisfied with this product. This is the first waffle maker i ever bought, and it worked beautiful the first time i used it, and the waffles came out delicious. If other people are having trouble with it, its because their doing something wrong. Either the recipe their using is not the right consistency, or not using a lubricant on it. I used butter to lubricate mine and the waffles came out delicious. I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to others. For the price you can’t go wrong.

Let me start by saying that i have had nearly 6 different models of waffle makers, and had a chance to use all of them for quite a while. This waffle maker works just perfect for my family. We fire it up usually once every week or two weeks, and it makes perfect waffles every time. I always turn it up to max, that seems to be the optimal setting, and depending on whether you like crispy waffles or a little bit soft, it takes about 3-5 minutes. Very sturdy and reliable, i recently ordered a second one so we can make 2 waffles at a time to speed things up. A great value at this price, i would even pay 50 dollars for this.

Awesome waffle maker there big and delicious. Very easy cleanup my family loves them and think i’m an awesome cook now.

Features of Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker, Chrome

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    by entering your model number.
  • Non-stick Belgian surface with drip rim for easy cleaning.
  • Cool-Touch handles for easy operation.
  • Adjustable temperature control for fluffy or crispy waffles.
  • Safety auto shut-off and power & ready light
  • Durable chrome finish

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I just recently bought my oster belgian wafflemaker and i am really pleased with it. Its predecessor (not an oster) was purchased because it was inexpensive. Well you pay for what you get and that one did not last very long in our house. For one thing the waffle grooves were not very deep and it tended to burn the middle while the sides were raw. Unlike another reviewer i find this wafflemaker does cook evenly throughout. I enjoy making waffles for my husband on weekends and it is important they come out well. Well i paid a little more for the oster but it works perfectly. There is even a dial on top of the wafflemaker, just like a toaster, that if you would like a darker waffle you put the dial on darker or if you want a real light waffle you put on the lighter setting. Anyway my mother got me started on buying osters. She has a food processor she just loves. I now own an oster electric griddle and this belgian wafflemaker. I highly recommend to all you homemade belgian waffle lovers.

I bought this at target for about $18. It is a good waffle maker, but the absence of a locking mechanism keeps waffles’ edges rather soggy. This could be remedied by using a cloth band to force the lids shut. The over-all quality of the waffles is good, and cleaning has been very easy.

. Because it actually makes waffles, not krumkakes like the previous item i purchased. Here’s something i found, it may not be pertinent to others. No matter what appliance, alot has to do with the type of batter you create. I’m currently using a heavy 7 grain organic and found that even though this little appliance lives up to his assignment, it strains to brown while on the highest setting. This is what’s affordable right now, so it has to do.

This easy to use waffle maker definitely gets the job done. It does sometimes cook a little uneven compared to other waffle makers that have the flip feature, but this one is also less expensive for a well known brand.

The option to adjust the crispness of the waffle is great as i prefer a crisper waffle than my husband. We have had waffles every sunday morning since it arrived :o).

This waffle maker takes some trial and error before maximizing its potential. Most importantly, don’t be shy with the temperature control. At first, i didn’t want to burn the waffles, but don’t worry about that. I tried and tried to make crispy waffles, but kept getting softer ones. You have to put it on max temperature setting, and let it get good and hot before cooking. Then, i found that it takes at least 7-8 minutes to cook a waffle thoroughly and to a crisp. Also, this waffle iron does tend to cook unevenly, so i flip and let it cook another minute the other way. I have not had significant sticking problems, but i spray the iron with pam before each waffle. For really tasty waffles, put a tablespoon or two of cinnamon sugar spice in the batter (for a large batch). This waffle maker is okay for now, but i’ll probably invest in a good flip-over type waffle maker that gets hotter and cooks more quickly.

Non-stick Belgian surface with drip rim for easy cleaning.

I’m shocked to see all the bad reviews. I’ve had this waffle maker for about a year and i have not had a problem. It heats up good, never had a waffle stick, and only takes about 5 minutes to make a waffle. I bought one for my mom and she likes hers too, no problems either. I will be buying one for my dad for christmas also.

I received my order with in a week and it has been working wonderfully best waffles ever, low maintenance easy to clean thanks.

Oster 3883 belgian wafflemaker, chrome we used it for the first time tonight. Fluffy and light (like i like ’em) or a nice golden brown crunch (like the kids like ’em). After the first waffle, the iron pumped the waffles out very quickly. We look forward to many more meals using the oster 3883.

We got this about 2 months back. I was looking for one that would be reasonably priced and work well. Right from the first time we tried it we had yummy homemade waffles. . It takes a couple of tries to get the right amount in. If you put in too much it can overflow. So when you first put it in go easy. Th batter should be the right consistency. We usually make waffles with the dial at ‘max’ so that its more brown. The only oil i use is some that i spray very lightly on the 2 sides of the waffles maker. No oil in my batter unless the mix already has any fat.

This works ok -and for the price that’s all i would expect. I have to dial it up to max to get any type of crispness in the waffles and keep it in the maker well past the indicator light indicator says it’s ready. I’ve used several recipes and it’s the same with all of them.

I never thought i could get my on the go teenage kids to stop for breakfast untill my wife bought this waffle maker- the waffles come out delcious and the kids stick around for breakfast with us.

Cool-Touch handles for easy operation.

I have found online food companies that produce low-carb, sugar-free pancake and waffle mixes. I never ate waffles much because the mixes contained such high carbohydrates and increased sugar. Once i purchased the mixes, i needed a good waffle maker. I found a good waffle maker at a good price at amazon. Unless you make waffles frequently, there is a little preparation required. In my view, the waffle mix needs to be a little liquid so it will flow evenly when applying to the grill. I usually double the amount of water to the mix so i can cover the grill with circular motions. I now enjoy waffles about once a week. The waffle maker does a good job of browning the waffle to the right color you prefer.

This is one of those appliances that never break. You’ll have this for life and pass it to your grandkids, maybe great grandkids since you won’t want to be without it. Makes light waffles that are perfectly crisp. Can mass produce waffles assembly line style.

Been using weekly for at least a year and it is still going strong. Makes perfect waffles and clean-up is easy, just wipe with a damp paper towel and put it away for the next saturday waffle morning.

Easy to use, simple, but does a good job on waffles. Heat dial is very good; my old one broke after awhile.

We make a large breakfast every sunday which includes waffles. We use two waffle irons: the village ware mickey mouse waffle iron and this one. The mickey mouse one, by far, makes the better waffles, however, these usually go to the kids and my husband and i have ones from the oster. The oster waffle iron does not cook the waffles evenly. The top center does not cook as fast as the rest of the unit. We’ve tried more/less batter, thicker/runnier batter, and adjusting the temperature and nothing helps. I usually ‘flip’ the waffle over and cook it for another 30 seconds to brown the side that didn’t cook evenly. However, it’s not ‘bad’ enough to warrent buying another one. That’s why i could only give it an ‘average’ 3 star rating.

This is a great little waffle maker. Breakfast is my favorite meal including having breakfast for dinnerwe’re a household of 2, so we don’t need a huge one that makes larger waffles or to feed lots of people. It’s easy to store because of its size and is perfect for apartment living. I plug it in before i start my batter, and i’ve never had an issue with it being hot when i’m ready. It seems to heat up rather efficiently in my opinion. I really like having the temp dial on it, because i like having crispy waffles, which is what you get on the high setting. I’m always careful not to put too much batter because i don’t like cleaning appliances but either way, it is easily wiped clean and still looks and nice as when i got it. Great waffle maker for the casual waffler.

I took it out after some time of unuse, and it works like it was bought yesterday. The coating doesn’t scratch easily. I seldom write reviews, but was motivated when i found it doesn’t burn chocolate chips or blueberries like a more impressive looking waffle maker. The temperature control makes it possible. I put it at the second setting & baked for 5 minutes. The ‘quick waffles’ recipe in the instruction booklet works great. When i got it, it was not advertised as a ‘belgian’; the grids are not as big as the other waffle maker. The other one is what i’d use if i’m time pressed & not adding things.

Adjustable temperature control for fluffy or crispy waffles.

I own 2 other wafflers, a nordicware belgium stovetop unit and a 1960’s vintage ge. These units work well, and are my basis of comparison for this review. It’s a convenient size and the top-side temperature control and ready lights are nice features. This is not a suitable waffler for a large family, but is adequate for a couple who are either light eaters or who don’t mind eating separately. The oster waffler’s maximum temperature setting is 20-30 degrees lower than the electric wafflers that i grew up with. (this isn’t surprising since the units made in the 1960s and 70 had 1200w heating coils vs the 850w oster. )using a batter that works well with both of my other wafflers, the oster took 50 percent longer to produce a waffle of equal doneness- 7 minutes vs 4-1/2 minutes. I like this waffler because i can live within this limitation.

I’ve been very pleased with this wafflemaker. It cooks the waffles nicely. It heats up quickly and you can choose different settings for how soft or crisp you want the waffle. It takes about 5-10 minutes to cook a waffle. I haven’t had any problems with sticking so far. It started sticking really badly. The waffles are nearly impossible to get out.

I’ve owned this waffle maker for 5 years and used it maybe 5 times. My number one complaint is that there’s an unpleasant smell as soon as it heats up, and that smell comes out as a bad flavor in every single waffle i’ve ever made. I’ve tried using a store bought waffle mix, as well as several homemade waffle recipes. I found that the crispness and browning of the waffle has more to do with the recipe you use than with the waffle maker itself. I always use the setting a few clicks away from ‘max’ heat (i’d call it medium-high). Most of my waffles come out nicely browned and crispy, but i just can’t get past the strange flavor that seems to be baked into every waffle. I’ll be searching for a new, different waffle maker this christmas, preferably something without teflon.

I got this waffle maker as a bridal shower gift and i love it. I seem to make perfect waffles everytime. I found the key is to keep the waffle maker on the max. Once the maker is ready you can pour your batter and bake for about 4 mins or so. Also if you make the batter too thin it does tend to leak out of the maker, but you can just wipe up the sides, you waffles will still come out perfect.

Safety auto shut-off and power & ready light

Oster BLSTSS-PZO-000 10-Speed Die Cast Blender : It is a great product

I can only comment on one thing. How this blender does for smoothies. That’s the main reason i bought it. That’s all i have tested so far. That depends on how much inconvenience and hassle you are willing to put up with. The good news is that it does make very smooth smoothies, without the lumps and tiny ice chips that my older blender left behind. The bad news is that to get that smooth consistency, i had to take the top off, and using a spoon, carefully scrape down the sides and push down the ice/fruit/liquid while it was blending. I literally had to do this the entire time. I stopped a couple of times, and when i did, the mixture stopped moving. Towards the very end, the last few seconds, i didn’t have to scrape and push because it was liquid enough to move around on its own. Still, it was definitely a hassle, and with the top off, i was waiting for my smoothie to fly out and hit the ceiling. Thankfully it stayed in the pitcher. So my dilemma is do i keep this relatively inexpensive, but kind of a hassle blender, or do i spring for an expensive professional blender, like a blendtec or vitamix. If i was really into juicing or healthy eating, the decision might be a little easier, but i’m not.

It is a good blender for its ‘best buy’ $25 price at a big box store. I use it mostly for smoothies with fruit and soymilk which is an easy task for any blender. I am guessing it can handle more difficult tasks as well. The real glass container is safe for both the freezer and the dishwasher and it cleans easily. The oster is not as loud as most blenders and on low speeds is reasonably quiet. It comes with a full 3 year warranty and a 10 year warranty on the motor. Extra blades and glass containers are available on the oster website. The feet are too small so the blender moves around on smooth tiles at high speeds.

Oster BLSTSS-PZO-000 Oster 10-Speed Die Cast Blender, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 450 Watts, made in Mexico
  • 10 Speeds with pulse
  • Stainless steel “Ice Crusher” blade
  • 6-Cup dishwasher safe glass jar is thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes
  • 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

I use my blender for making frozen drinks are smoothiesit’s fast and you don’t have a mess easy to clean. Plus it’s quiet don’t make that much noise break up the ice real quick. I love this blender the best one so far and the price is amazing.

We have tried a lot of blenders in the past, but none of them works like this one, and it is also very quiet. In the past we could never have gotten a glass jug, but now this is product is a plus for us.

It does the jobs and is nice and compact and is oster, the big name in blenders. However, costco has them for thirty bucks in the store.

Oster BLSTSS-PZO-000 Oster 10-Speed Die Cast Blender, Silver : Works great just like the one i had arrived on time love it.

It works really well, but my neighbors hate me because of this thing. On the loudness scale, it’s somewhere between ‘landing 737’ and ‘annoying leaf-blower guy’.

Arrived when promised, good, heavy construction, useful ‘easy-clean’ feature. Handles most all types of ingredients like a charm.

Ok, here’s the update on the blender. We love this blender, it’s powerful and crushes ice and frozen fruits like butter. We don’t have the shimmy across the counter issue that others had. That has never happened again. Unless you’re running a restaurant, i don’t see the need to spend $300 on a ninja blender. This does the job just fine for our needs. I bought this blender at costco. My old oster finally went on to the next world after 20+ years. For my new blender i wanted a large glass container and a metal base, which is what my old blender had. I was horrified at what a decent blender now costs.I found a really nice one by faberware on walmart.

Oster Roaster Oven : Perfect:)

This product works very well. It is attractive, as it is stainless steel. There is plenty room for cooking and compact for storage.

Lift out pans are really nice for heating multiple dishes. The reason i got this one is that it shows heat control down to 150. Most of the time i am using this to hold food warm, so i like the lower setting. I wish it had a power on light. Can’t see that adding too much to the cost.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 18-Quart capacity fits up to a 18-pound turkey
  • Stainless steel and black finish
  • Includes removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan for fast, even heat distribution and easy clean-up
  • Removable steel rack
  • Lid rest for convenient serving
  • Color:Black

I bought this roaster to replace one that had lost a knob. The knob broke to a roaster purchased from walmart during the holidays. Walmart does not carry roasters year round so i had to search online for the roaster. I found this roaster online used from amazon and it was actually brand new. This roaster was better than the previous one because it has a buffet warming tray inside. I love this product and would recommend it.

I not only love this roaster oven but i told two of my friends about it and they also bought it and love it. Great oven that works like a regular oven.

Great gift for our daughter who often cooks for a large group.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18-Quart : This was a gift to replace a much older model.

Very nice, cooks very good, just remember its a roaster, not a slow cooker, i got use to using a slow cooker and yeah put it up too high and burnt my roast, first time i ever burned a roast. It is a bit big an awkward to wash but that small thing is nothing just soak , i usually put it on stove or oven for a bit usually set a timer to remind me then go back to wash it.

We are remodeling our kitchen and this is my oven for now. Bakes a beautiful loaf of bread. Roasted a turkey and had great results. Going to use as a buffet server when we have family over to celebrate the new kitchen.

It was nice and performed excellent and the stainless steel looks great. It was exactly what i wanted and im very happy.

I used it to do hams for a dinner i was having for 50 people. I really liked the rack in it because it kept the ham from getting dry on the bottom. I haven’t used the sections yet. But am looking forward to using them.

Used it the first day she got it, even sent my pop out to get the roaster liners cus she didnt’ want to wait for the other shipment to arrive.

We bought this for thanksgiving and our turkey was so delicious that we ordered 2 more so we could use them at church events to cook food as well as keep food hot.

Love this thing, just buy liners as the inside tends to burn/wear easily.

The first time i used this stove, i had to touch it to see if it was working. , there is no indicator light. I put my hand on the side to see if it was warm. , i had to get some ice, cause it must not be insulated and yes it sure was hot. I suggest that if anyone was going to buy one, check to see if it had, has a indicator light. I bought a stainless steel one because my other one rusted out. , only the outer ring is stainless, the lid is just painted as well as the inside.

This roaster oven is super helpful for when you don’t want to use your oven or are currently oven-less like i am. I’ve used it to make cookies, biscuits and pizza. I love the lid rest feature which allows you to clip the lid to the side of the roaster. That’s great because now you no longer have to wonder where to put the hot lid as you’re moving the food. On top of that its buffet server with three compartments is awesome for keeping food warm. I really love this roaster oven.

Great size and works like a charm making turkeys or any large dishes. A must buy for large families like mine.

I bought this for heating hot stones for use in massages. Saw the recommendation for using a turkey roaster in a book on hot stone massage therapy, and it works like a champ. If you look specifically for a hot stone heater the prices are considerably higher than for this roaster, and the roaster works perfectly for the purposei have a set of 64 basalt massage stones and the roaster easily accommodates them (with a lot of room left over). A smaller roaster would work as well (this is a 18 quart one. For 64 stones one half the size would also work). I have not used it for roasting food yet, but thats another optionrecommended.

Please review items that have the self basting lid. It is much different than the lid that comes with this product. I had to purchase the self basting lid separately. My order did include the warming buffet trays although. Everything showed up in perfect condition. I’m looking forward to using for turkey.

I am impressed with what all it will do. I did come with one side of the lid handle loose – but not enough reason to go through the exchange process as i was in need of it.

This cooked our thanksgiving turkey perfectly, the problem i have is that with a busy, cluttered counter during the holidays, i did not notice that it was not turned off. I think in a busy household i should have bought a roaster with an on and off indicator. I cleaned it and then forget to turn it off. The dial is very light and can easily be touched and moved to a different temp. Setting and also there is not a clear on and off switch. But, if you are highly organized and have a great memory then it should be no problem remembering to turn it on and off.

My thanksgiving turkey turned out excellent, and the roaster freed up oven space for other dishes.

This roaster was exactly what i was looking for. Super simple set up and storing.

Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender – Smoothie Solution

Crushes frozen fruit for smoothies, easy to clean, simple to use. Great for roommates–each can get a bottle and share the blender.

Works amazingly well for a quick blending of protein drinks and ice. We’ve even begun using it as a multipurpose kitchen blender for salsas etc. . Would highly recommend this item for it’s convenience and easy cleanup. Was using the ninja to make drinks when i realized what a mess it was every time, this is the perfect solution for space and cleanliness. I haven’t had any leaking issues, just don’t be overly aggressive during tightening or securing the blade into place.

Bought to use as a smoothie maker for my son because he likes to eat healthy for sports. I put ice cubes, kale, bananas and frozen berries with some apple juice in it and it all grinds up perfectly. It’s fast and works just as promised.

I bleand up breakfast and take with for commute. Use bottle though out day for water.

I purchased this unit because it looked stronger then like products. The first one i received would not stay on auto mix. Amazon changed it out quickly and efficiently. Second one works great all you need is a long straw.

I use this every morning and it is great for making that morning smoothie. I dont know if it will be able to take the daily use but so far it cuts up my pineapple and blueberries like butter. The lock that holds it for continues blending doesnt seem to stay in place half the time and i have to either reset it or hold it in place.

  • Powerful, great design, two thumbs up!!
  • Great for mixing protein
  • The perfect countertop multifunction blender!

This is a surprisingly powerful blender for its size. I put in frozen fruit and it blends it completely and quickly. I would highly recommend this brand and model to anyone looking for a personal blender.

As long as you don’t go beyond its max load line, this product is strong and efficient. Because of its tall, skinny design it is a little difficult and time-consuming to clean without the proper brush. After several months the bladed lid still seals well and doesn’t leak onto the blender, though if it ever did there’s a hole where it can be rinsed out into. The only real discrepancy is the motor does weaken fairly soon after purchase.

Awesome, the perfect fit to go at the gym.

I have observed when making smoothies. Letting the berries thaw a bit saves the blender. . Works great and makes the perfect amount.

I have much more powerful blenders but they are a hassle to clean and so i usually don’t even bother using them. The blender is powerful enough to chop ice without a problem.

Features of Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender

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  • Blend your favorite smoothie or shake right in the sport bottle
  • Dishwasher safe 20-ounce bpa-free plastic sport bottle
  • A powerful 250-watt motor and stainless steel blade crush ice easily
  • Convenient One Touch blending
  • Sport bottle features a slip resistant rubber grip and convenient clip

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I have used this blender for 5 months now and it works great for blending smoothies. The blades do a great job breaking up frozen fruit, juice, ice and other ingredients. The bottles that come with the blender holds a good amount of product, are convenient and the caps do a good job of preventing spills. I highly recommend this blender for smoothies.

This gadget is pretty cool, and surprisingly powerful for its small size. I put about 10 ice cubes in my protein shake and in less than 10 seconds the shake was perfectly mixed and the ice cubes were crushed without a trace. An interesting note about this product is that it has no on or off switches. You simply put the bottle in upside down (it has a good leakproof seal) and twist the bottle for turbo blending. The only thing i notice that i wish would be improved is to add more measurement lines to the bottle. It only has 1 line at 20 oz. Product is overall very good and i went ahead and rounded off the rating to 5 stars.

I have been using this daily for 2 weeks for smoothies and it is perfect for my situation (i have 10 minutes from waking up to getting my fiance out the door with his breakfast/lunch/coffee)this is perfect for those with a grab-n-go lifestyle who do not need the power of a vitamix/blendtecblending power:semi-frozen fruit chunks – perfectkale – did really well and left only a few tiny identifiable bitswhole flax seeds – not so good (mostly stayed whole)ground flax seeds – mixed them in, but they were still noticeableprotein powder – complete mixed(i have not tried ice or frozen fruit)bottle design:the rubber grip and thumb loop make it easy to holdthe bottle is clear, but tinted; the stuff inside is mostly visable (not good when trying to sneak in kale)note: the bottle has indents for the grip that create ridges on the inside. Bits stick in ridgesthe flip cap is not locked when closedcleaning suggestion: contigo cleaning brush set (the various brushes work perfectly to get into all of the nooks and crannies)volume (for anyone like me who doesn’t know how much food equals 20 oz):perfect fit:1 average banana1 cup frozen fruit chunks1½ cups liquid4 tbsp additives (flax seed, protein power. )my usage:at night, i dump in all ingredients except the additives and put the bottles in the fridge (fruit gets partially defrosted). In the morning i switch the blade for the lid, dump in the additives, blend for 20-30 seconds, switch the lid for the blade, rinse blade. I have a clean kitchen and yummy breakfast to go in under 2 minutes. Note: i tried putting the additives in the bottle at night, but i ended up with concrete (tried putting them in both first and last with the same results)pros:very quickno blender to cleaneasy to holdcons:bits get stuck in the ridgesflip cap does not lock.

Love this single serve blender. I throw everything in it, screw the cap on, blend, switch to the to go top, and im off to work. It is strong enough to blend bananas, frozen blueberries, spinach, kale (although there are very very few little pieces not totally blended). I have put ice cubes in the blender and they dont get entirely chopped up – a very small ice ball usually remains, but not enough of a problem to make me rate this blender any less because i don’t usually put ice in my smoothies and protein shakes – i use frozen blueberries or fruit and they blend just fine.

The blender works but the price for the ironman version does not give an additional features than their standard personal blender. Both have 250 watts and neither have the ability to power through frozen items.

Great for smoothies including with ice or kale greens. Apples not so much and also not oranges or limes. The opening is not that large (-1 star) that is the only downside to clean the very bottom. If you wash immediately after and leave no residue it is easy, but if you plan on drinking it and letting it sit you will need a bottle cleaner to reach the bottom.

Blend your favorite smoothie or shake right in the sport bottle

It works great and even crushes my mini ice cubes. My husband and i are drinking healthy shakes for breakfast finally.

Purchased blender with bottle and second bottle right away. Small enough base to fit in cabinet. Does the job quickly with no mess.

Mechanism for mating the blending lid with the base is starting to wear, and device will not stay on – you have to hold it. I’ve only used it a couple of dozen times.

It is a well made product that not only is powerful but also the container itself is sturdy. For a busy person like me, the on the go container which in itself is a blender is so convenient. I like the rubber ring attached to the container because i can just grab it and go without worrying about dropping it as i leave the house in a rush.

I bought this to put on my desk at work so i can make my herbalife shakes. It gets the job done, but pretty noisy. But i guess all blenders are. Besides the noise, it’s pretty awesome.

I purchased this to have as a personal smoothie maker. It has excellent power for a blender in this class and does not jam unless i really pack it full. It grinds up ice and frozen berries quite well, which is what i was hoping for. It takes up minimal counter space, and, what i like best of all is you can remove the blade end and cap it with the ‘sippy’ lid, allowing you to toss the end with the blade into the sink and not have dried, crusted residue build up on the blades when you take it along with you. Many of these small, personal blenders have the grinder/blades built into the bottom of the cup and are not removable; this makes for a mess to clean it if you’ve taken the canister with you for convenience, and makes the canister portion needlessly heavy. The picture that they show of this oster ‘ironman’ blender, shows that the bottom of the canister (the portion you would lay on the table or cupholder) is facing up when it sits in the motorized base. You take the bladed end off, fill with your choice of ingredients, replace the bladed end cap, pop it into the base with a one touch motion, press down to blend, and then remove it from the base. Then, you unscrew the bladed end cap, replace it with the ‘sippy’ cup lid, and pop the bladed end cap into the sink for a quick rinse off, ensuring extreme ease of cleaning. The other big pluses are the lid does not leak (purposely laid mine on its side for over an hour with thin liquid inside and not a drop came out) and the textured / rubberized sides of the canister ensure a great grip either in your hand or in your car cup holder and will add some durability for the clumsy among us. If there is any negative to the design, it is that the canister is a tad top-heavy.

Dishwasher safe 20-ounce bpa-free plastic sport bottle

The blender is fine, but the cap does not close tightly. I spilled half of my smoothie on my car seat because of the cap. Just be careful and you’ll be fine. Blends well and is reasonably priced.

Weigh protein powder tastes a lot different when being mixed by hand, shaken, or blended. Blending gives the best results and is also the fastest. Its also convenient that this blender is basically a bottle. I wish i could buy another one.

If you just use a blender to mix smoothies/shakes for consumption on the go – and appreciate just having one thing to clean after – this may be the right blender for you.

It’s not a home blender but for your protein shakes and blending fruits is plenty. Absolutely nothing bad to be said about this product as i’ve used it religiously now for about 5 month’s and haven’t had a single issue.

The blender is large enough for a good size single serving but small enough to fit very neatly in a cabinet or on the counter top.

Great product, excellent quality.

With its small footprint on my counter, heavy duty blending capabilities, and the mix and go mug i couldn’t be happier with this item. Make my smoothie change out the mixing lid for the travel lid and i have breakfast to go.

A powerful 250-watt motor and stainless steel blade crush ice easily

Perfect for a quick breakfast shake. Just be sure to buy a bottle brush along with it.

This blender is perfect for smoothies. I gave several as gifts and everyone loves it. While you probably shouldn’t add too much ice, it’s great at blending fruits and veggies.

I bought this along with two extra cups. It has worked flawlessly for over 6 months and we also crush ice in it. I have never had a problem with it or with the lids coming open as others have mentioned.

A lot more powerful than i thought it was. Great blender for pretty much anything and the price was fair.

Extremely easy to use, blend and go, i love it, bought one for home here in michigan, one for my sister-in-law and one for my house in florida.

Still kicking after years, love this thing.

Convenient One Touch blending

Love the small compact size. Powerful enough for my needs. I usually blend frozen blueberries, bananas, almond milk, etc so i don’t need a lot of power. A wider drinking cylinder would be nice though, for cleaning. I would recommend maybe having a bottom that could be unscrewed. Overall though i am pleased with this devices functionality and durability.

I wanted something to make my life a bit simpler. If this was better with harder vegetables like broccoli or celery, it would be a five star. It meets my everyday needs well though; it blends my protein powder with whatever liquid i choose, frozen fruit, and spinach or other greens very well. Also, takes up much less counter space than my blender which i was so tired of seeing out and cleaning twice a day. Blending it into the container i’m going to be drinking from, popping on the top and heading out the door is awesome.

I bought this blender to use with our body by vi shakes and smoothies. It works beautifully with frozen fruit, ice cubes, anything i want to put in it. Then we drink it and we are losing weight.

Works great, make shakes every day, and they ready in minutes,want to order another one just for work, highly recomme.

Oster 3126 Tall Can Opener : The best for small kitchens and all can goods!

It works knife sharpener is manual pull thru. Problem opening cans unless you peel label from top 1 inch it pulls it into gear and binds up. Leaves little chewed up chunks of paper all over.

I truly appreciate the fact that the cutter blade can be easily removed and cleaned. Excellent operating power and design.

It makes sense to have a tall one because you have bigger cans like large fruit cocktail cans for making ambrosia. If it was white, it has each and every splatter mark right away. Though clean it and its gone. I’ve always had good thing with oster. I’ve had other things and they’ve rusted which i’ve always gotten frustrated with.

It was hard to choose a can opener given all the mixed reviews they all have. I have to say that i’m thrilled with my choice. I have been using this can opener for a month or so now and so far there are no problems.

  • Nice!
  • Oster Can Opener – the Best on the market
  • Not Too Impressed

Oster 3126 Tall Can Opener, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Tall can opener opens cans safely and easily
  • Patented Power Pierce cutting mechanism
  • Removable cutting blade for easy clean up
  • Built-in knife sharpener
  • Cord storage

Oster is a pretty good product, i would say. Although it took me about 3 minutes to place my large can of spaghetti sauce under it. The magnet kept catching the top, but the cutter was in the middle of the can. Finally, the magnet slid out to accommodate the height of the can and it all started to cut. Oster 3152 tall can opener redall in all, it works and i am happy to not use my non-electric can openers (relics) again.

I bought for my wife who can’t use manual can openers. I love that you don’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to line the can up just right. As long as you put the top of the can where it belongs, the can opener will do the rest of the work. I’m confident that this oster can opener will last a very long time. No cheap metal and no cheap plastics. Definitely got my money’s worth.

Great can opener, not too noisy, opens every can i attempt to. Had it for a few years now and still love it.

After reading other reviews for this product, i decided to purchase the can opener. This can opener is the smoothest, easiest to clean can opener i’ve ever owned. Well worth the price, and better than many of the higher priced can openers i’ve seen. I would purchase another one of these without a moment’s hesitation.

It’s a countertop can opener but it’s tall to fit large cans easily. Also holds them well and doesn’t drop them after they’re open.

It looks good with the other black appliances in the kitchen. Better than that, it works well and the price was certainly right. The good amazon reviews i read on this oster can opener were correct and that had a lot to do with why i ordered this particular product. Thanks amazon and your reviewers.

It’s sluggish and seems to take forever to open the cans. This unit is also very loud. I feel as though the whole neighborhood can hear each time i open a can.

This can opener does a fine job opening small cans (tuna etc. ) but with larger cans (15 oz. Beans, soups) it chugs a little slower. The magnet cannot support a medium sized 15 oz. Can, therefore you must hold the can in place while the opener turns. Update: i’ve had this for three years now and it still keeps working (knock on wood. ) i’m upgrading my review from three stars to four stars.

I really like this can opener. I was looking for something that would be easy to use, and my manuel can opener was getting to be too difficult to use(i have carpel tunnel problems with my wrist). One of the things i like best about this product is that it’s tall enough to open a large can. None of the others that i looked at were tall enough for this. Oster is also a good name, and i have found thir products very reliable in the past. This one did not disappoint me. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solid, reliable can opener.

I bought this over two years ago, and this gem is still going strong. That says a lot for a low cost can opener. I’ll buy it again when this one eventually gives up the ghost.

Looks nice but contrary to some of the reviews i read, it’s very noisy. First time i used it, the cat ran for cover. It does the job of opening a can but spits out a lot of label paper, which my old one never did, and between that and the really unpleasant noise, i would not recommend this product.

After 4 years still working like new.

Since i had started opening cans daily for my aging dog i needed something like this. The reviews were right on; this works well, although sometimes it can be a trick to get the can started. Once it digs in it just opens it relentlessly. I’m pleased with it and would buy another.

I have had a red electric can opener for about 3 years. Every time i use it, or any of my family we end up getting so frustrated because you have to be so meticulous in using it. My family said ‘throw it away’. I went to amazon and chose this one. It has made me and my family happy again when opening a can.

Have arthritis and use this daily. We had a different one that burnt out and got this one. Have had no problems with it. The cutter detaches for cleaning, i put it in the dishwasher.

My grandma’s 1970’s can opener gave up the ghost so i bought another one, same brand and it struggled with small cans and forget tall cans. Got another for christmas; same problem. This oster opens small and tall cans as advertised.

I was using hand can openers in the past and was tired of using them and longed for the convenience and speed of an electric can opener. I bought a really really cheap one at shop rite for $4. 99 on sale and it worked for a year or so, but then just wouldn’t open tuna fish cans, i don’t know why, i tried different brands of tuna – are the tuna cans made heavier than other canned goods?. Anyway, it finally stopped opening any can, so i had to recycle it. By the way best buy will recycle it for $10. 00 gift card – so it is ultimately free. While using my old reliable manual hand can opener, i researched the electric ones online, mainly at amazon and finally settled on this oster white can opener. Oster is a solid brand name (we’ve owned their blender for 50 years) and i wanted a white can opener, hate the silver and black ones. Anyway, i ordered it, got it quickly, tried it and loved it. As the other reviews indicated it is very quiet, i could talk on the phone and run it at the same time, without my caller asking, what’s that?. The only drawback i found is again, with those darned tuna fish cans. It will open it a bit, then think it is done and stop. Luckily, all i need to do is push the start button top again and it continues on it’s merry way.

Oster 3186 Juice-n-Serve 27-Ounce Automatic Citrus Juicer, Just what you need

The oster 3186 is a great light to medium-duty personal juicer. It’s built well, its assembly and usage is simple and intuitive and, most importantly, it does a great job of extracting juice. I have a handful of complaints, but all of them are minor and none are deal-killers. The motor feels like it has a more-than-adequate amount of torque (in fact, a couple of times, the entire unit started to spin slightly on the countertop before i braced it with my left hand). It succeeds in completely extracting the juice from a half-piece of fruit in only a few seconds. The directions tell you to give it 2 minutes of downtime after 4 minutes of usage. This worried me a little at first, but once i saw how quickly it works, i decided it wouldn’t be an issue. I especially love that the motor can reverse direction; this feature goes a long way to ensure you’re not wasting anything. Oddly, the direction of the motor seems to be completely random. It seems like it would have been a better idea to have it alternate direction each time you push on the fruit.

I use this almost every day now to make delicious orange juice. It is super convenient, easy to use and easy to clean. It is also light and doesn’t slip easily on the countertop. The clear plastic screen showing the volume of juice is very helpful and informative as you can see how much juice you actually get from the oranges you squeeze. This helps me to decide which oranges to buy from which grocery store to get the highest amount of juice per orange.

I went through a bag of oranges with no problems. It rotates in one direction, and if you lift the fruit and press it back down it changes the direction of rotation. Once in a while it does do this back-and-forth rotation. Not sure if it’s because the pressure i’m placing is confusing or if this is actually an added function to get the last of the juice?i’m removing one star because it is sort of bulkier than it needs to be – the shape of the pitcher makes it a bit ‘cuter’ and looks more acceptable and modern sitting on a table but it’s a bit top heavy, bulky, and the lid slips off if not put on just right.

Key specs for Oster 3186 Juice-n-Serve 27-Ounce Automatic Citrus Juicer, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 20-watt automatic juicer provides smooth, quiet operation
  • Reverse-action motor ensures enhanced juice extraction
  • Pulp and seed separator; 27-ounce detachable pitcher
  • Juice-level indicator; automatic on/off switch for safety; cord storage
  • Measures 6 by 8-1/4 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great Little Juicer – Would Buy Again
, Great Juicer for the Price!
, Excellent product for the price

Never thought i would have the need to write a negative review on amazon. My boyfriend accidentally tossed the box so i can’t return the item. Should really listened to the other negative reviews before purchasing it. On the 3rd day, it just died. **************edit: [changed rating to 5 stars i contacted the company and they send me a brand new one right away.Awesome customer service and the new product works great.]

We used this juicer just twice before the motor fried. I think for very limited use like one or two lemons, this could work fine, but it was half full of lemon juice when it died.

I juiced all my oranges from 3 trees two years in a row without incident.

This thing is a life saver for squeezing citrus fruits. I sometimes get large bags of lemons from family and friends and squeeze them all and freeze them in ice cube trays for saving and storing. Makes for easy quick lemonade at a later date. The man like fresh squeezed oj so it also works well for that. It juices into a convenient pitcher but i usually pour it out into a separate carafe. It’s prettier that way and it’s saves the juicer pitcher from accidental breakage.

I was looking for a simple juicer and looked at many on amazon and also read many reviews. I was impressed by the reviews of this one and the price and decided to try it. I am not at all disappointed. It really is simple to use, easy to wash, as everyone says and does the job. It’s quick and easy and extracts every last drop of juice from the fruit. The pulp and seeds are kept separate from the juice too. A great buy and i would recommend this to anyone who just needs something simple and quick.

We hesitated to buy this because we were afraid it would not be powerful enough to use for large grapefruits and for hard/dense limes. As it turned out, after about 4 months of use, it has handled everything we have thrown at it – lemons, to hard limes, to large grapefruits – without a hiccup. It’s also easy enough to clean. For the price ($18 we paid), you could not ask for much more. (we have not used it for any kind of heavy-duty, commercial use, of course. )if the manufacturer were to slightly improve the design, it would be helpful for the window into the juice bowl that allows you to see how much juice you have collected to be placed on the opposite side of the bowl from where it currently is, to be more easily viewed by a right-handed user. (where it is now requires that the bowl be awkwardly rotated as you are working to see where the juice level is. ) a cap to cover the juicer element when the device is not in use would also be helpful. Other than that, this seems a great purchase.

You put a little extra pressure on it, and this thing will start grinding the gears and wont move an inch. Invest $10 extra and buy something that can handle the sole task its designed to perform.

Love the feature where the juice goes into the container, no cup needed and thus no chance for spills. Very efficient, i am getting more juice out of my lemons than other electric juicers i’ve tried. Very happy with this purchase. Edit: i added another star to make it 5, because i just love this thing every morning.It works great, cleans up very quickly, and after owning other citrus juicers that required the user to put a cup or glass under the spout, this model catches all the juice and has an easy pour spout.

I can’t imagine ever hand-squeezing another lemon or lime in my life. This juicer gets all the juice out without irritating your skin. I can do dozens of lemons in less than ten minutes. It’s time efficient and really makes the job a lot easier. I’ve had this juicer for years and if it ever breaks i will not hesitate to buy a brand new one. This product gives you a great value for your dollar.

I came back from a trip to israel with a yen for fresh orange juice. I took a chance on this machine, thinking that something so cheap and small could possibly do the job right. I get 8oz of delicious juice from three oranges in a short time and every drop has been extracted from the fruit. I am also using it for lemon juice, and grapefruits will be next very satisfied.

For fifty eight years of married life i have been using the small glass juicer my mother had and used. A visit from a great nephew who had to use the old glass one to squeeze fresh lemons to make lemonade presented me with an amazon gift card and suggested i get this model as my arthritic hands tired after a few lemons being squeezed. I can’t believe i lived without this dandy appliance for so long. I really am enjoying it and squeezing is so much fun.Twenty four lemons can be juiced in less time than six used to be. Amazingoster 3186 juice-n-serve 27-ounce automatic citrus juicer.

My previous orange juicer called the citrusmate was a disappointment. The motor broke down after using it for less than 3 months. I decided to try the oster brand and already i know it is better than the citrusmate. The juice holder is a lot taller (as in picture) and bigger which makes it easier to clean. It squeezes out a lot of juice and the motor is stronger so i am sure it will last long. The instruction says to use it for no more than 4 minutes at a time.

Listen for the price this is a basic juicer and it rocks. I only needed it for citrus fruit juicing. Oranges, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. You will stop buying store bought pasteurized oj(full of sugar and not good for you) once you try it. Takes me about 4-6 oranges (depends on size), i juice it put it over ice nothing else. And drink with my toast in the am it is so yummy and natural. I do the same for grapefruit juice and put in the fridge. Use within in 5 days as it it is not pasteurized, it will go bad quicker. For highest value of nutrition use with in 24 hours.

I love everything about this juicer. Seems to be able to handle bigger citrus like grapefruit down to standard size limes. I did not expect it to be able to squeeze out so much of the fruit as i hold it down on the turning corer but it does. When i turn the orange (that’s what i juice the most) over. Almost all of the contents are usually gone. It switches back and forth in rotation direction randomly as if to maximize getting the juice. It’s very convenient to clean and you can rest the full jug on the breakfast table with the cover on and it looks nice. I’m about to buy one for a friend at her request after she’s seen how it works and the reasonable price.

This little baby has a small footprint, is light weight, easy to clean and is oster durable. It reverses automatically several times while juicing getting all the pulp out of the fruit. I use it on both small and large citrus from tiny blood oranges, lemons and limes to grapefruit. At first i thought it was noisy but soon realized most any kitchen appliance with a motor will make noise so in that light the sound is quite acceptable. The quick, easy-to-clean feature and durability is important to me and i use it every day.

Now, i’ve only owned hand-held citrus juicers. We have a large orange tree, and a lemon tree that bear quite a bit of fruit, and me being a big drinker, like making lemonade and orange juice from them. It’s a lot of work on a hand-held crank juicer, so i tried this out. This is a small juicer, so it can easily take up little space on a counter or in a cupboard, and works efficiently. When i used the hand-held squeezers, it often left a lot of the orange inside the rind, leaving me to, if i was intent enough, go back and squeeze the rest of it myself. This automatic goes right down to the edges, getting every last bit, and in a matter of secondsi would certainly recommend this juicer. It’s cost-efficient, and gets the most juice from the fruit as possible. My only downfall i noticed, is the strainer leaves a bit of pulp in the juice. Otherwise, it’s an extra step of straining, which i don’t mind, anyhow.

Really good for its job, but be careful because the cord comes with a warning to watch hands if touching the cord because it has lead.

It is light weight, it has a small footprint, it captures the juice in its own pitcher, it juices perfectly, separating pulp/seeds from the juice. It was bought specifically because i had a large supply of honeybells from florida and i didn’t want to lose them so i went from eating to juicing. I so like this juicer that now i will buy citrus to keep it working. If i had one complaint it would be that it does its job too well and that i might like more pulp in my glass of juice. But even there i can solve that my spooning pulp from the strainer. It has seen hard duty since i bought it, there are no signs that it can’t meet the challenge. I have no problems recommending it to purchasers, am thinking of giving it as a gift to some young ones on my gift list.

This juicer is a great value for the price. It was either this or the black and decker cj525, and right when i was ready to order the black and decker it went out of stock from amazon. I ended up finding the oster 3186 and am glad i didat first i thought i was going with the second best since the black and decker cj525 had so many great reviews, but after using the oster 3186 i am glad i got this instead. Pro’s:-it is easy to use-it is powerful enough to juice lemons, oranges, and i even jucied some grapefuits-it juices to the pith of the fruit, so it definitely works well-it has a strainer to catch all the large pulp and pits-it reverses its spinning order by stopping and restarting-it cleans extremely easy-the juicing pitcher removes from the base for easy servingcons’s:i haven’t experienced any cons yet. If i had to throw a few out there i would say that it would be nice if it had a setting to allow more or less pulp. Next, i would imagine the engine is not that powerful for someone who juices a lot. Neither of these con’s would affect me so i gave it 5 starsi was out to find a juicer for the occasion that i have extra oranges/grapefruits/lemons around and want to juice them. For under $18 shipped with amazon prime i am a happy buyer.

If you want a basic, not too expensive citrus juicer that requires minimal prep work and cleanup, then this is your item. It ain’t pretty or shiny, doesn’t have attachments or extras, but juices oranges and grapefruits very nicely – and quickly. The only thing i don’t like about it is that it strains all the pulp away from the juice, and i prefer my juice with pulp, thanks.But that’s a small thing and easily fixed after i’m done juicing. And the carafe is nice, if a bit small – this won’t work well for a large family or group of people – not only isn’t it large in size, it requires a bit of hand strangth to work, and if you plan on squeezing more than a half-dozen oranges daily then this is not for you. But for one or two people who prefer quick-but-not-pretty utensils, this is perfect. It’s lasted a good long while for me as well.

My husband has had more kidney stones than we care to count and we were told lemonade is a great remedy. This citrus juicer makes it easy to whip up a pitcher of it. The pits remain in the top basket so all that’s left is pure lemonade. Add some stevia and ice and you have a refreshing thirst quencher. The only reason i only gave it 4 stars is because, for some reason, on occasion, it blows a circuit and we press the reset button on our outlet. I guess it’s more powerful than we thought. Overall, we are very satisfied with this purchase.

Oster CKSTGRFM-1018 10 by 18-1/2-Inch Griddle – Three Stars

How many ways can i say i love this griddle?. I use it for pancakes but it could have very more uses. No more rotating a frying pan to flip the pancakes and the heat is consistent so they always come out golden. All the stovetop griddles i have purchased over the years can go to goodwill and free up my cabinets. I do have to add if you think the power cord is missing it is in a hollowed out area of the styrofoam in one end of the packaging.

It’s just a plastic tray that’s super hard to slide in and is pretty shallow, so if you’re looking to put more than one layer of pancakes in there, it’s not going to work. I’ve actually just thrown the tray out. I use the griddle all the time, but i wouldn’t pay extra for a warming drawer.

I keeps the food warm in the warming tray and is easy to clean. This was an excellent purchase and i would purchase from this seller again.

Product is working beautifully. It heats eavenly and cooks quickly. The only problem we have had is with the warming drawer. It sticks when sliding in or out. Runners need to be made easier to slide.

Has a slight angle to it that lets the grease travel into a channel that leads it to the removeable drip tray. One item of note: the warming tray is only as tall as the top of a standard hamburger bun. Since the tray is just sitting under the griddle, the amount the food is kept warm will vary based on temperature.

It’s large enough for all my needs and it stores right in the box right between my cabinets for easy assess.

  • Just what I was looking for
  • Awsome Griddle
  • This is a wonderful griddle.

I was pleased with my purchase, but didn’t use the warming tray. I do need to get used to the temperature as i cooked the first pancakes too dark. I had used a long electric skillet only as a griddle, and it lasted for manyyears, so this is a new experience with this item. I am sure i will enjoy it the more i use it.

The grill & bottom serving tray was not as big as i thought it was compared to the picture but i like it.

Although i didn’t mean for this to be a xmas gift, it turned out that way but we had a perfect xmas meal early in the morning.

I got this for my husband to do breakfast. You can do a lot on the surface size. What i didn’t realize was how useful it was for other things. We use to have a stove top with a griddle. When we remodeled our home, we couldn’t find one. We use it a lot more than we did the stove griddle. It is great for grilled sandwiches. We have made grilled shrimp, chicken, stir frys, fajatias, quesadillas, tortillas, grilled onions and vegetables, etc. It is super easy to clean, unlike the stove griddle we use to have. I will say, i have never used the drawer to keep things warm.

Bought this as a birthday present for my husband and he loves it. Super easy to use and clean and haven’t had any problems with it.

Features of Oster CKSTGRFM-1018 10 by 18-1/2-Inch Griddle with Warming Tray, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Warming tray slides from underneath to keep food warm
  • Removable, adjustable temperature control
  • Cool touch edges
  • 10-Inch by 18-1/2-inch cooking surface with non-stick coating

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve only tried it once, but it worked great. Looking forward to using it a lot more. Very happy with my purchase.

Good product, does its job but the tray is not functional, locks every time you try to get something.

I bought this mainly for pancakes etc when we are traveling on the road but i have used it at home a lot also.

Does not heat evenly across surface.

Perfect for pancakes and eggs. It has a lip on the backside which makes flipping the food over much easier. Easy clean up and heats fairly evenly considering where the heating is. Has a nice drawer underneath the griddle that keeps things warm.

This is ideal, in fact i ordered two of them. I have a problem when something goes away , breaks or some strange thing, then i have a backup, i’ve been doing that with shoes to. Seems no one can make the same thing twice lol.

Warming tray slides from underneath to keep food warm

I have had several griddles over the years and none have compared to the oster, it holds even heat and just love it.

I bought this griddle to replace the one my husband uses. It works great and we love the warming tray underneath.

This was exactly what i was looking for. An affordable griddle with a drip tray was all i’d hoped for, the warming tray was a surprising bonus. I went out of my way to buy a heat proof counter mat because i worried that the low clearance would mean scorched countertop. And i shouldn’t have worried, so far it doesn’t heat excessively underneath and i haven’t had any issues, but i haven’t cranked it up to max temperature yet. The only real tips i have with this product is make sure it’s fully preheated before you try cooking anything or else you’ll have a very unevenly cooked thing, the nonstick surface is great but not foolproof (you still need cooking spray for eggs, or you will have scrambled eggs), and you have to put a surprising amount of force behind inserting the heating element into the griddle itself, but you definitely don’t have to worry about it wiggling or being loose. There is a drip channel around the sides, but sometimes you have to use a spatula to shove the grease toward the channel because it doesn’t seem to tilt toward the drip tray like i’ve seen in other griddles. Also, there is no part of this that is dishwasher safe, not even the drip and warming trays, so if that’s what you’re looking for keep looking elsewhere. But they aren’t kidding when they say you can wipe it with a damp cloth, it really does clean that easily, although you may have to use some very hot water and wipe it down a few times if you’re cooking anything greasy. Oh, and the temperatures on the thermostat amused me to no end: there’s no specific indication of the major cooking temps (350, 400), it actually goes 270, 320, 370, 420.

Cooks evenly and warming tray is quite convenient.

I absolutely love this item, it has been used several times since purchase. It cooks everything evenly, the warming tray really keeps things warm, and there have been no issues with sticking what-so-ever.

This is by far, the best ever griddle. I highly recommend for anyone to cook anything on. Eggs, bacon, burgers, pancakes, you name it – the best.

Removable, adjustable temperature control

I have definitely gotten my monies worth and would recommend this item to anyone.

Warming tray is actually useful. Griddle is easy to use, makes cooking pancakes less of a hassel, less messy, and easy to clean.

When i used this griddle for the first time, i printed the return label. Uneven heating was my gripe. It gets hotter in the area where the warming tray is and i burned my grilled cheese sandwich. But a little voice in the back of my head said ‘take what you know now and try again’ glad i listened. I use it just about everyday for breakfast, lunch or last night i cooked 4 quarter lb burgers on the hottest part. Buttered one side of 4 slices of bread put them on the top where the heat isn’t so high with cheese on the up side. Once the cheese was melty put those on top of the burgers while the 4 other slices toasted. I loved the cleanup was the spatula.

No more waiting for our pan to heat up on the stove only to do one grilled cheese or a couple of pancakes. In less than 5 minutes we had 3 grilled cheese sandwiches ready to eat. Can’t wait for pancakes this weekend.

I eat breakfast on this bad boy everyday. It heats up fast and cooks great. However it does automatically shut off a lot during cooking and that can be annoying.

Has a little storage thing underneath that keeps things warm.

I had this for about 6 months now i use it quite often. Especially, during the winter months. You can cook other food and not just breakfast related food.

Cool touch edges

Seems way to hot in accordance with the dial. Warming drawer difficult to open and close. Construction is a little shoddy.

10-Inch by 18-1/2-inch cooking surface with non-stick coating

Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender – Versa is a powerhouse!

First let me say i’ve never owned a vitamix or any other top rated high dollar blender so i can’t really compare performance based on personal experience. What i can say however is that i’m absolutely loving this blender and i’m very satisfied with my purchase. Is it as good as another blender that costs hundreds of dollars more. I just couldn’t see spending that much money on a blender for fear of having a few strawberry seeds in my smoothie. I’m not quiet that refined at this point in my life. The blender itself seems like a sturdy made piece of machinery put together with metal. No plastics which was one of the things i liked when i was searching for a good one. It seems very durable and strong.

We ordered this blender and were fairly well satisfied. We used it daily for smoothies and had constant issues with it taking in air pockets. So in order to make it work we needed to add more liquids than we would like to. The drive gears broke on the jar and oyster promptly sent us a free replacement (thanks for good customer service). The new blender had the same size jar but much shorter (and has red handle). The power is the same but design to the jar is wayy better. So i would give that model 5 starts. Little hack we noticed: you can fit vitamix jars on this blender perfectly.

This blender is excellent for the jjsmith smoothies. Does require you to use the tamper but overall it gets a smooth texture. Here are the specifications for the Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The power to blend everything, wth a professional 1,400-watt motor and 28,000 rpms
  • Stainless steel blade spins at over 250 mph, thoroughly blending ingredients so recipes turn out perfect every time
  • 64-ounce bpa-free tritan jar with no-mess spout and easy to read measurements
  • Three programmed settings (Smoothies, Dips/Spreads, and Soup), pulse, and variable speed dial to instantly adjust speed as needed
  • Includes a beautiful color cookbook with recipes to inspire you; 7 year warranty

Just a wonderful and awesome as the vitamix. . Seriously everything that i have used this blender for is the same as what can be done in the versea oster. I love my blender and a few of my neighbors now want to purchase this product as well. I have made soups, dips, chocolate mousse, mixed drinks, and etc, it can be loud but not as loud as the vita mix.

I don’t have other big blenders to compare this to. Just my other oster blender with about half the watts. Wife and i have been doing this smoothie diet, so it’s blending greens, flax seeds, and frozen fruit 2 to 3 times a day and never an issue. I have notices the pitcher has turned a bit cloudy, but it hasn’t affected the performance.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Creamiest soups ever
  • Great Bang for the Buck in a high speed Blender
  • This product works wonders for me, at $179.99 this item IS a steal!

My oster versa is over two years old and is used daily. It works as well as its counterpart which is over twice the versa’s price. One small design flaw is in the pouring spout. No mater how carefully you pour, there is always one drop that is left on the end of the spout and drips when you set down the container.

I use this about 3-4 times per week to make our favorite chocolate banana smoothies (no ice). It blends them to a creamy consistency, and is much quieter than my previous bar style oster (beehive style) blender. Cleanup is easy and it will never leak unlike the the other designs where you have interchangeable blades (which are bound to leak because the seals either wear out or the collar cracks). The variable speed knob (dial it up or down) is wonderful. I also like the one touch smoothie button. I can toss everything into the blender, cover it, press smoothie and walk away. It automatically changes speeds (slow to high) and then stops when finished on its own. Note, you can not wash any part of this in the dishwasher. I find that to be quick since i have a dish soap dispenser built in to my sink. I find that if i rinse it off with hot water as soon as i am done with it, to get all the bits out, i can do a quick swirl-swish wash of it with soap later with hot water (rinse very well). I turn it upside down to let it dry on my counter – half on and half off a glass board i keep on my counter. I think it’s actually easier to care for than my old glass interchangeable blade system.

Excellent motor and blending capabilities. Foster helped me out and i now have both 64 oz jars. I agree with some other posters, though, that the jar lids and seals need improvement.

Greatly resembles a vitamix to an extent. At a much better cost to the consumer. More importantly, pulverizes greens like spinach and kale, even raw carrots and apples, ten times better than the 2 other cuisinarts i had used before deciding to spend a bit more money on a blender.

If your anything like me you can relate to wanting the best, but not paying ridiculous prices. I do not make a lot of money, so what i spend is an investment and i put time and research into my decisions because *sings* ‘i work hard for my money’. Please know i spent a good week reading reviews and researching on blenders, slowly losing hope that i was going to find one that could give me vitamix quality blending without the price tag. I stumbled across this blender, read the specs, read the reviews, watched the youtube videos, and i was sold. Same power, same metal inner working parts, and same warranty as the vitamix. The comparison on you tube sealed the deal and i bought the blender. So fitting under upper cabinets may be a challenge. Nor does the loudness of the blender, it’s loud, again, a beast. I can not say that it beats out the vitamix because i don’t think it does in regards to water like viscosity that blender achieves, but unless your super picky then that small 1% difference won’t bother you a bit. I love this blender and i would buy it again if i had to but i don’t and i have owned it for several months now with no problems. Don’t get me wrong i don’t get grainy from any of the blends i have made. Everything has been smooooooooth.

It sounds like the hellspawn of a vacuum cleaner demon and a chipper shredder and could probably mince concrete if you tried. It makes for super creamy soups, though. Is is more than a kilowatt of power spinning whirring blades of decimation +2 at 28,000 rpms. When you put soups in there it even breathes smoke. (well, steam, but it is still impressive). And it always has to take it just past your comfort zone. You hit the soup button and it starts chip and chopping away. Then it kicks it up a notch and you are all ‘whoa, that is insane. I hope that soup doesn’t come flying out of there because it is hot and it would cover everything like 16 bean napalm’.

I read a lot of reviews for this blender and i was really torn between three top contenders. Vita-mix (of course) a professional waring blender and this oster. The other big name because there were things i didn’t like about them, though for just plain power i’m sure they are in the same ball park. The waring one would have been a top choice because of it’s speed and power. It spins at about 2x the speed of the others at top speed and the reports are pretty solid about nothing surviving that beating. So if fast smooth is our goal it’s probably the one. But it carries a much shorted warrantee time than any of the others and that sent up a red flag. Between the vita-mix and the oster, vita-mix (at least the 7500 series) has some definite advantages, but that came at over 4x the price. Why might one spring for the $$$ one?. Well the oster has a soft start. That is fine 99% of the time but ‘pulse’ doesn’t really do what you expect it to do because it ramps up and doesn’t just hit speed. So for instance things like making a chunky salsa would be a lot better in the vita-mix. It’s not a big deal most of the time but it’s kind of a ramp rather than a pulse.

I’ve used the versa daily for about the last year to make smoothies, and occasionally homemade dressings, and to grind flaxseed. Best blender i’ve used, almost a different appliance compared to even a kitchen aid blender. Daughter says it makes smoother smoothies than her ninja.

Great machine, the warranty it’s outstanding. The motor it’s very strong. We had the device replace twice for issues on the blade bearing.

Pros: powerful engine that quickly and thoroughly blends frozen items. The engine makes a lower pitch when blending. (higher tin pitches make me crazy). Con: i would say it is big compared to my previous blenders.

I don’t write product reviews but felt compelled to write one for the oster versa. I absolutely love this product. Mine arrived a few days ago and has truly changed the way i cook. I had been considering getting a vitamix 750 series but just couldn’t bring myself to give up almost $700 for a blender.Then i got an email from amazon about the oster versa. I searched the internet for reviews and saw nothing but good feedback, not to mention the blender i’ve been using for the past several years is an oster that has performed faithfully. I can’t imagine the vitamix doing anytthing more than what the oster does at literally a fraction of the cost. If i had a complaint it would be that the cookbook isn’t extensive enough. The recipes in it are delicious, especially the thai barbecued chicken.

I read every review out there about the various emulsifiers available and was dismayed to realize that what i needed could cost upwards of $500. 00 for an appliance with these specifications. I looked up oster because i still have a working blender that was given to me as a gift in around 1970. I made baby food and all kinds of things over the years with it. So i looked to see if oster had an emulsifier and all reservations fell away when i was given a 7 year warranty on this product, just like the competing expensive company. 00, amazon was offering an instant coupon and i had a few amazon points, which brought the price down to 237. 00 and i think it was shipped free on amazon prime. This was not a casual purchase. For health reasons, i had been using a juice extractor to make juice combinations with healing qualities and the combinations were working for me.

The difference that using a *real* blender makes is significant. I’d been making smoothies on a very underpowered, cheap blender. I was often chewing bits that didn’t blend all the way. This has dramatically resolved that issue– blends are very smooth and consistent. The oster versa with the tall jar is much taller than i expected, mostly because the base is much taller than i expected, being used to much cheaper, older blenders. I saw comments from other reviewers saying that it doesn’t fit under cabinets, and i disregarded them, to my own chagrin. It doesn’t fit under my cabinets, but it’s really not that big of a deal to me.

Now, i tried to look for the best blender within my budget without sacrificing quality and taste, and the oster versa did not disappoint. I am mostly using this product to create supplemental dietary green smoothies, so for me it’s very important that this machine should break down things like; kale, cilantro, bok choy, celery, parsley, apple, pear, berries, etc. All the while maintaining the most liquid and uniform consistency possible. I’ll say that this machine did not let me down, it took moments to shred all sorts of veggies and fruits (including water/fruit juices) with the greatest of ease, and the taste to me was phenomenal. Pros:-it’s high performance motor cuts down greens incredibly well. -very easy to clean and maintain-the noise was a lot lower than i had expected, it’s loudest is comparable to that of the bullet, to me it sounded less. -close to perfect uniform consistencycons:-if you choose not to add ice or frozen fruits/vegetables, your green smoothies may come out warmer if you prolong high speed setting usage-is larger than where my counter meets my cupboard, this machine is pretty tall for a blender. So far weighing out the pros and cons, i would say i can sleep easy knowing that i had purchased this product for the long-haul. If i do need to report any long-term uses with the oster versa, i’ll be more than inclined to update this review.

I really like my new versa blender. Especially i love the knob that allows me to adjust the speed instantly. It has a lot of power and so blends well. The downside is that it’s base is large requiring more space and it is tricky to set the pitcher onto it at times.

Works well and no issues to date. Note that it is really loud however.

Oster 6-Slice Convection Countertop Oven : Love It!

I just bought this at costco, 47. 00, so i haven’t put it to good use yet. I looked over reviews and figured for the price i would try it out. I like the size for my available counter space. The knobs are not just painted, so no worry of marks rubbing off. I read the manual as well as a review on toaster ovens that said preheat for a bit before use to get the new appliance smell out. It does get hot on the body, i can hold my hand over about two inches comfortably, didn’t actually place my hand on the surface, the top specifically, but the things i have near it and the wall behind it were cool still so i am happy about that. I like the appearance and may buy another rack for it. I have plenty of bake ware that fits inside, so i won’t have to shop for that.

Oster 6-Slice Convection Countertop Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel |TSSTTVCG03

  • 150 to 450-degree temperature range
  • Bake, broil, toast, and warm
  • 2 rack positions
  • Fast, more even convection cooking
  • Turbo convection heat technology

Bought it as open box item from amazon market place so price was better than costco. I like the oven and enjoying it.

I too bought the costco version, $49 to replace a 15 year old black and decker toaster oven. Once i got over how much counter space this takes up, i like it. It makes very good toast in about 4 minutes. The top crust of the bread tends to get very toasty, but it’s less of a problem if i put the top of the slice to the front of the oven. It makes great baked potatoes. Get yourself some bamboo toaster tongs to get the toast out without burning your fingers. The thing that prevented me giving it 5 stars is that it would be better if it had an off switch for when the door is opened.

All i can say about this machine is great little oven.

Oster 6-Slice Convection Countertop Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel |TSSTTVCG03 : I looked at several toaster ovens here on amazon. The one i liked was this on but it was much more than my budget. So, went to my local costco and bought one for a very good price. Having read some of the reviews that were negative, i checked on the crumb tray and the removable rack. I do not see a problem with either. I had an oster toaster oven of a previous model that had the same rack and crumb tray arrangement, it was never a problem. I feel that anyone who cannot follow directions (in the owner manual) for carefully handling the cooking rack and removing the crumb tray should get a microwave or some other less demanding cooking device. I have had my new oster for a month now, it does everything very well. Bakes potatoes perfectly i use the turbo setting of the convection oven feature. You do have to set the temperature for toasting carefully because the toaster mode is very quick and you will burn your toast if you set it too dark. I am very happy with this toaster oven, i have had 4 now over the past 15 years. This is by far the best one. The only thing i would change is this one does not have an internal light to illuminate the cooking area. I first ordered a black and decker here and returned it because it arrived not working. Also it was very flimsy construction. I found the oster to be better made and a good performer. I would recommend this oster.

As advertised and great price.

I bought this oven from costco. While it’s very good, i have 3 issues with it:1) i did not realize this doesn’t come with a preheat timer/alert. You basically have to manually preheat it by turning the timer to 5-7 mins before putting your food in or cooking it. 2) the light at the top right is never explained in the manual. It’s trivial and minor but seeing how manuals are written for dummies, it seems this would be mentioned. As far as i can tell, it lights up when the oven is in actual use/on. It doesn’t light up when you set any of the other knobs except for the timer. Which brings me the final issue:3) it’s never explained or clear, but apparently the timer is the ‘on’ switch. I guess the temperature gauge should be set to the lowest setting to be ‘off’, but setting it at a temperature without the timer knob started, doesn’t seem to turn the oven on. So it heats up fast and i haven’t used it other than to heat some frozen fish so far.

Had an older model oster toaster oven and loved it too.

I purchase this to replace a 5 year old cuisinart toaster oven. I like the size because you can fit a decently number of bread slices and holds a good sized pizza. They’re clearly marked and rotate smoothly. I don’t like digital ones because i feel they can potentially have more unnecessary issues like with the display. You lose the display, then you really can’t use it. That’s just too much to deal with. It weighs half of what my old one weighed, which was the same size. Made it really easy to put on my counter. One thing i’m cautious about is when it heats up.

Got this for a gift for someone because i use mine every day.

I have to laugh at the bad comments about this little oven. Yes, the crumb tray tilts slightly, but how technologically challenged do you have to be to lift it out without spilling the crumbs?. And the individual that complained about the loudness of the timer and compared it to an mri has never had an mri. I found it very quiet, but i still like to use a portable timer instead for a louder buzzer. It cooked well, although i did not check the temperature for accuracy. Overall, a good little toaster oven for the money.

Excellent little convection oven. The crumb tray is very effective and does not tip too much at all. The functions all work excellently. The shelf slides out plenty far enough for me to see and stir the food without falling at all. Unless i am right near the oven i cannot hear it at all. I read the negative reports and cannot imagine what they are talking about. I highly recommend this little oven.

I bought this for my son as a gift and he loves it. I chose this one because i have the same one for 3 three years and love everything about it.

Perfect, you don’t need more that this anything bigger goes into the regular oven. This one heats up to the point of burn your hand on the exterior but because is small and has goo insulation it will cold down really quick. Also no easy clean surface inside meaning much healthier than others.

Good size for heating almost everything.

I love it and especially the roomy interior. The fact that it has a convection feature is an added bonus.