NuWave 20201 Analog-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven : Great kitchen helper!

This works well and does cook food as well as it says. I used it a lot when i first got it but i found that i grew tired of the clean up afterwards. It just got easier to fall back on my traditional methods of cooking rather than go through the bother. I still use it now and then as it really does cook things well, especially whole chicken, but not as a daily means of preparing my meals.

Recommend this product to anyone looking to make great meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. As with any appliance you discover how it best suites your needs as you cook different dishes using the guide. Once you master the times and cooking levels for your needs it is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Food comes out moist and tender.

These convection ovens really work well. Got the analog type (not computer controls) simply because it is easy to use. It would of been nice if there was an on/off control instead of using the timer for this function, if there was i would of rated this oven a 5.

The nuwave with the manual timer and manual heat temperature works fine. We got this as a present 4 years ago. After shuffling it around the counter and finding the infomercial on 14 channels all at once, we decided to use it and either keep it or throw it away. To our surprise, it works great. The neat part is that tougher sirloin steaks cook tender and juicy, more like a filet. One use we found wonderful was bacon. Bacon is such a mess to cook anywhere else. We tried to cook bacon in the microwave but grease is always an issue so we end up using 30 paper towels and that is yuk. In the nuwave, 6-8 slices are crisp and ready in 11-13 minutes without supervision while you cook eggs or pancakes.

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Nuwave 20201 Analog-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven, White

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  • Patented triple cooking method: Infrared, Convection, and Conduction results in safe, healthy, fast, efficient and great tasting meals
  • Analog controled infrared oven cooks food in half the time, saves 85% more energy than a conventional oven
  • BBQ, Roast, Grill, Bake, Broal, Air Fry, Steam and Dehydrate
  • No defrosting, no pre-heating, no ventilation needed, easy to clean up as all parts except the powerhead are dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient and versatile, small, lightweight and portable for us in RV’s dorms, boats or as an extra oven for big gatherings

If the dome should crack over time you can order a new one at a fair price from nuwave. Com (until they offer it on amazon) to avoid burning yourself, just tilt the dome so the heat escapes away from you when you open it. I didn’t buy the digital since this model has a simple timer dial. So far only have used it once since i just bought it a few days ago. Fixed fresh chicken wings and they were wonderful. I did 11 minutes per side on level 10. No problem with getting burned at all. Do line the pan with foil for easy clean up. You can use any pans that work in a normal oven with the nuwave. Just ordered the secura turbo oven 4 piece accessory set to go with this little oven.

Does not live up to tv hype. Great for frozen steaks and other items that fit on rack. The instructions are really vague aa to how to cook several items together. Tried several combinations as suggested and wound up with great cooked meat and ruined vegetables. The analog works as advertised and was cheaper. The cooking instructions (besides being hard to read and half in spanish) are vague as to multiple items. This is not a “plug ‘n play” item. Must study every item you place in oven to wind up cooked at same time. Wife went back to crock pot & regular oven and i continue to use for last minute craving like frozen steaks and burgers.

I purchased this for my adult son and he loves it; he is amazed with what it will do; not only cooking meats, etc. . But just about anything else. He has said he wants to get me one now.

I bought the oven but not via amazon. Used it for two weeks so far, excellent clean up is my first positive as i detest dish washing pots and pans. I’ve cooked steak-too long, chicken flat out-wonderful, chicken pieces-great, pillsbury biscuits-yum, for veggies i use my fiestaware dishes. I say trust it because i tended to overcook items at first not believing they were really done. I’ve learned to trust the timer for the stated cook times-i have a manual version. I have thrown away many of my pans which were cluttering my kitchen-no longer need them. My microwave is about to hit the trash too; should it conk out after a year as warranted i’ll get a digital next purchase. I like this oven a lot-give it a try.

It does just what the commerical said, it is great. The fat falls to the bottom, it is far better then my foreman grill.

The product arrived in great shape. It performed exactly as advertised. It cooks items quickly and the food tastes great. I have not tried multiple items yet, but plan to soon. My wife and i are retired and it fits our needs perfectly.

I’ve had this product for about 4 years and it still works like new. I use it during the summer alot to avoid heating up the house. I have never had problems with the plastic dome cracking because i don’t use that wire gizmo to lean it on. I would give this 5 stars except i know nu-wave knows that’s what is causing the cracking in the plastic and they don’t say anything to sell more of them. Just set your dome on the counter on a dish towel and throw the gizmo out.

I loved using this in the summertime – really keeps the heat out of the kitchen. It works great for cooking fish, chicken, etc. The only problem was after about 15 months it stopped working normally. Now, after about 10 minutes of operation, it shuts off. There’s something wrong with a limit inside the cooking apparatus but it is not user serviceable. I’d buy another one but you know how it goes – once bitten, twice shy. Got more than the 100 bucks of use out of it in that year though. If you have a family, even better.

I decided to wait a year before i wrote this review. I love the nu wave and i can not see my self not having it in my kitchen. Also, a year later, it still works the same as the day i brought it.

I just love it because you can cook almost anything with it since i had my nu-wave i’ve loved very minute of it.

I have had this model since november 2009 and i use it nearly every day. I tried going by the cooking chart and overcooked a pork roast so i adjusted the cooking time and the next time it was cooked to perfection. I have cooked steak, chicken pieces, whole chicken, pork chops, roast pork, bacon, beef roast, and meatloaf, all of which turned out well. A few days ago i finally cooked from frozen and tried a frozen beef roast that turned out great. Shortly after purchasing mine i started seeing the advertisements for the nuwave oven pro and wished that i had waited to get that one. I know that soon i will invest in the pro and pass this one to another.

Love this product, use everyday, clean everyday but have not had for less than a year and container is wearing out already, scratches but it still works just turns ugly in appearance–.

I recommend this oven for healthy eating. Ease of cleaning and fast cooking of food.

Omg the best product i have purchased, i very rarely cook but now i love cooking it is so easy and convenience i recom it to everyone, i willget several for christmas presents this year.

The oven works pretty well and i like it. There have been just a few things that wouldn’t fit in it, but that’s the only problem i’ve had so far. I’ve put things in there both fresh and frozen and it works great. I would recommend this product.

Everything they said about the oven is true. It cooks everything in about half the time of a regular oven, no heat is generated in the kitchen like a regular oven, and everything comes out delicious and juicy. I highly recommend this product.

We use our nuwave every day. I prefer the digital timer but other than that its great.

My dad bought me this oven for christmas. When i was visiting my parents’ house, he and i made several dishes that came out really, really well in the nuwave oven. One night we made breaded chicken cutlets for sandwiches, and another time we made yellow cake from a mix. The chicken retained its lovely juices and was absolutely succulent. The cake was more moist and delicious than any cake i’ve ever made in my regular convection oven. Tonight, my husband and i decided to use our nuwave oven to make our usual friday night pizza. I used refrigerated pizza dough, and followed the instructions in the booklet to a t. The instructions said that i should let the pizza cook crust-side up on hi until the crust was light brown. We noticed that the middle of the pizza was browning really quickly, so we turned the pizza over using the pizza flipper. Unfortunately, the outside edges of the crust were not totally cooked, so the flipper got stuck and the pizza got totally messy.

NuWave PIC Titanium 2016 Model Year 1800 Watts Highest Powered Induction Cooktop With Variable Watts Adjuster – almost cheap feel) but my experience so far has been great. My only questionable thought would be that it

Excellent induction cooker with five diploma incremental temperature adjustments. We use it for cooking nearly everyting now. Our crafted in electric smooth major stove is now utilised for its oven only. The microwave however has its employs, having said that. Two little problems that maintain this particular nuwave 1800 watt cooker from being a 5-star ranking: 1: the lover is waaaay far too loud. So loud that you can’t converse ordinarily with a person throughout the area though you are standing following to the cooker. 2: when you set this cooker on its highest environment ‘sear’ and allow it run for a few minutes, the plug and the wire around the plug get unduly heat, indicating that the cord and plug are not rated for that variety of support. The particulars: each and every early morning i boil two. 5 quarts of water for our coffee and tea. I use the timer, set to eight minutes, which is just the correct sum to start out the kettle whistle.

1 of the most remarkable items i have at any time utilised. Prepare dinner times are slash in 50 percent, and the temperature is really exact. When i’m carried out i can let it awesome off and retail store it absent. Be sure to observe there are lots of variations of this. You want the larger wattage model.

The nuwave device operates as said. We use it in its place of the gasoline array in our rv. We have not tried to function with existing cookware. We went ahead and purchased the nuwave induction cookware established. We have not confirmed the temperature setting to the genuine temperature of the pot or foodstuff but they appear to work extremely shut to the location of the device. The electrical chord for the device is only about thirty inches extended not the 6 foot as said.Here are the specifications for the NuWave PIC Titanium 2016 Model Year 1800 Watts Highest Powered Induction Cooktop With Variable Watts Adjuster:

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  • Extremely precise 5 degree temperature increments even more temperature control; original PIC can only adjust in 10 degree increments. Titanium has a larger heating surface 9 1/2 inch the original PIC is only 9 inches overall cooking surface measuring 12 inches total to better accommodate larger pots and pans
  • PIC Titanium even has a new delayed shutoff feature. If you remove your cookware from the cooktop, you can replace it on the cooktops surface within 10 seconds, continue cooking without needing to restart
  • NuWave engineer’s the unit to meet an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. Superior quality designed to surpass the NuWave 2, NuWave Gold as well as the NuWave Pro
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to adjust the power outage to 600 watts., 900 watts, or 1800 watts. Depending on power desired, or if reduced power is needed during camping, while in a RV, on a boat, or other limited power situation. Ideal for indoor/outdoor kitchen setting.
  • ALSO INCLUDED: NuWave PIC Complete Cookbook, Quick Start Cooking Guide, 94 temperature settings boils water in 90 seconds

It seems to be operating high-quality. My only worry is not staying in a position to get a extended warranty. This is my 3rd 1, and the important pad would seem to are unsuccessful promptly. Crossing fingers on this a person.

I have 1 of the earlier models of this unit. This model is extra advanced in its structure and controls. I have employed it with a wide variety of pots and frying pans and it done beautifully each individual time. This unit can be made use of to prepare dinner food or it can be applied to warm up earlier cooked foodstuff. So significantly, i am very pleased with this device in each individual way.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I tested it with three chuck eye steaks tonight and it seared each one beautifully! It sears at 575 degrees versus 450 degrees .
  • Pretty good cooktop
  • Best device, EVAH!

Solves the difficulties i experienced with a distinct model both way too very hot or not scorching ample. Timer is great for those people timed operations at a particular temperature.

Revised review to 3 stars (from 5) three/five/18the ‘off’ button has damaged has has built the unit effectively unusable. The only way to change it off is by unplugging it. I doubt it is repairable, and it is out of guarantee. An appliance must previous for a longer time than two and 50 % many years. ===first review from june of 2015:i am transitioning from a 60′, 10 burner business garland fuel stove to a kitchen without the need of any stove, and am frustrated by the quantity of time to cook with electrical energy. (new home, renovation will never be for various years). I acquired a sizzling plate waring db60 moveable double burner, an electrical pressure cooker stainless-steel cooking pot/ 6-in-1 electrical tension cooker/sluggish cooker (8 qt) from gowise, and this induction heater. (all things from amazon)i examined the time to get 10 cups of 71f water to boiling, these types of as for cooking pasta. The two resistance gadgets experienced a running start off i turned them on in advance of filling the pot, so it gave them a moment or two to preheat. This would be my regular method for electric cooking.

I have been hunting for a transportable induction cooktop with a larger sized lively cooking space, and 1 that would have no difficulty placing a really hard sear on a steak. I acquired max burton 6400 but sent it again due to the fact it would get incredibly hot more than enough. And, it overheated repeatedly, shutting off every time. I did some a lot more investigate and observed the nuwave pic titanium 2015 edition. I will not see people speak substantially about this brand, most likely because it is in the ‘as observed on tv’ camp. I tested it with three chuck eye steaks tonight and it seared just about every a single beautifully. It sears at 575 degrees as opposed to 450 levels of a good deal of other products. And, the are living cooking space is much larger than the max burton and quite a few other induction cooktops. There is a ton of programmable operation, and contrary to most induction cooktops, it will prepare dinner continuously for 100 hrs, compared to the a few hours of other manufacturers. I really don’t know what another person would cook dinner for a hundred hrs, but you could simply and securely use it all day as a sluggish cooker. Very amazed with this device and so happy i did not go and shell out a ton of income on something else.

This is a great deal much better than my more mature model. . Heats water so darn fast, i have to continue to be near byi like the 1800 watts. Also possessing a greater warmth temps. Furthermore the 5 diploma change fromhigher to decreased. Suggests pro, i suppose that will not matterin the very long run.

I had a few of the initial nuwave pro models that gave out soon after a couple of decades of use. I go through the testimonials and made the decision to invest in 1. I loved the to start with one particular that i acquired and purchased a second unit. I have only had the very first device for a number of months but i am really pleased with it so significantly. I would certainly recommend this item.

Update: it turns out my problem about the pan heating up seriously scorching on first startup is owing to me employing solid iron. Apparently because the iron can take more time to heat up or it’s possible the warmth it radiating up through the iron, the sensors are sensing that it isn’t warm enough. Solved by just commencing off at a substantially lower temp. I am going to leave the authentic opinions below so it could help other people. Alsonyodatingntonfive stars. I have not employed it sufficient to give it 5 stars, and not sure how long it will last (i was stunned at the light-weight and plasticky, virtually cheap truly feel) but my knowledge so significantly has been great. My only questionable thought would be that it looks to heat up way over and above the temp when you 1st change it on. I hit my pan with my infrared thermometer about a moment following turning it on at 275 and the pan crimson 560 degrees. Just after reducing the temp all the things seemed in accordance with the picked placing and i no for a longer time turning on quite so large originally. Perhaps this is an original boost to get the pan very hot really rapidly?.

We had to buy new pans but we knew that. It can be light, appears nicely manufactured, and operates terrific. Heats foods very rapidly, and a lot significantly less warmth in the kitchen. The controls are maybe a tiny above-intricate, but that appears to be to be par for the training course these times. Other than that, no issues.

Had noticed the stove best with this know-how but could not find the money for the total stove. This is a perfect different. With any luck , just one day i’ll be equipped to get the total matter but this works beautifully right until that time. Isn’t going to consider up a great deal cabinet area and appears to be like high-quality. I never feed like i require to adhere it absent right after i use it.

Extended long lasting deep fry oil as this is so correct i never ever melt away my deep fry oil. Stakes for the duration of the winter correctly cooked indoors.

Really like cooking with my nuwave pic. The only draw back i have so far is obtaining cookware that will perform with the induction system. I currently have a kitchen complete of cookware and seriously was not seeking to invest in additional, but this cooker is about to persuade me to do or else.

I am handicapped and i use it every single working day. On a table so i can sit down.

Presently our family has two of these nuwave one for the kitchen area and the other for the patio. We have a fuel stove but only use it for baking. The nuwave is so precise in managing the temperature, actually does nicely for frying eggs and deep frying hen. The frying pan and pots are usually great and clean on the base. It is quite secure to use it on our table when we cook sabu sabu. Now that we use it for all our cooking, we likely can’t do without having it.

This is my next a person, this 1 getting a for a longer time guarantee with upgraded parts for toughness. We enjoy this so a lot, will save on electrical energy major time and we can cook on it controlling temp so very easily . It is an fantastic obtain and price tag is ideal. Easy to transportation, lightweight.

Update: i’ve had this for in excess of a year and a 50 percent now, and it even now operates greatthis is my very first foray into inductive cooktops – rising up, we nearly constantly experienced gasoline stovetops, and i would gotten sick of waiting around for electrics to heat up and the obnoxious cleanup or mess that outcomes when foods spills or finds it’s way into the grease pan. Execs:computerized protection shutoff has a 10 next timeout – most other units i appeared at right away shut off if you so substantially as elevate the pan to flip an egg. No concentrated heat place even with much larger pans – i have browse this can be an situation on some inductive cooktopslarge, flat prime surface area signifies you can use really substantially any measurement of pan devoid of issuesmuch, substantially more quickly and simpler than trying to use my electric stovecooktop surface area doesn’t perform heat, which suggests only the parts of the area the pan really touched are hot (all the heat is coming from the pan due to the fact it really is induction). Disadvantages:substantially more substantial than you’d count on provided the photographs, specially top – make confident you get a ruler and assess the proportions, will not go by the photos. 5-degree increments are wonderful for precision, but pushing and holding +/- won’t do just about anything (contrary to most devices with +/- buttons), so it can be obnoxious to established temperatures in-between the presets. Loud lover when unit is energetic, no matter what power amount – this is my fault for not studying far more intently. It really is not obnoxiously loud, but it is really bothersome coming from pretty much silent electric powered. Build high quality feels low cost, specially the underside. Total i am rather pleased with it so considerably. My only actual gripe apart from the loud lover is that it appears a bit tacky.

This cooktop was delivered a bit in advance of the envisioned date so that was terrific. We have made use of it a number of instances now and it works really properly. The purpose i give it four out of 5 stars is mainly because it would not heat h2o quite as quickly as we thought it would. It heats water very rapid – there is no issue on that. It takes concerning 7-9 minutes to boil a gallon of faucet-temperature h2o. Perhaps there are pots and pans that do the job greater than other individuals in phrases of induction effectiveness (i. Possibly some varieties work properly, and other kinds operate actually properly centered on their steel composition – i am not guaranteed). All that aside, this is worthy of the dollars. And the sounds from the enthusiast is not just about as loud as i believed it would be from some of the testimonials.

With just shifting in a new residence, i bought it so my spouse could prepare dinner utilizing our cast iron skillets considering the fact that i didn’t want my newglass top rated vary to get scratched. It is simple sufficient to use without using the time to study all the guidance, which is a major additionally when seeking to unpack boxes following going in. Moreover, my husband is not the neatest prepare dinner and it sure has preserve me a lot of grief and loads of ‘elbow grease’ holding a new glass prime vary thoroughly clean. Now he can pull out the nuwave, whip up his favorite bacon and eggs and i know he is happy and so am i.

NuWave 20326 Pro Digital-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven : Great Price and Easy to use

It cooks perfectly, but is a pain in the butt to hand wash. The grill, enthusiast assembly at the top rated within,is extremely hard to thoroughly clean. (unless of course you unscrew and disassemble ala store upkeep with each and every use) just after a year and a half or so of recurrent use, this assembly with it is really heating ingredient is caked with grease,the cooking suffers and yeech. Time to buy a new oneif i didn’t like the way it does turkey, hen and all those marinated morton’s beef roasts, i wouldn’t maintain paying out the hard cash. I’m wanting for a cleaning-welcoming substitute.

This is my next nuwave oven. The initial 1 the crystal clear plastic go over broke in the dishwasher. This one does not cook as nicely as the previous white just one i experienced. It takes more time to cook dinner things and they are still uncooked on the inside. The clear plastic address, i truly feel, does not in shape effectively as steam is permitting out on the sides as it is cooking. My buddy has this black one particular and suggests it functions terrific. I haven’t returned it for the reason that i was desperate when my aged 1 broke and i desired to use it straight away. But it arrived in the mail right away and was there to start with detail in the early morning.

Nuwave 20326 Pro Digital-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Cooks up to a 16 Lb. turkey /14 Lb ham with Extender Ring
  • Features Triple Combo Cooking Power (Convection, Conduction, Infrared)
  • Digital time and temperature controls
  • 3-inch Extender Ring, 2-inch rack, 10-lnch baking pan Quick and Easy Cooking Guide Cookbook and Instructional DVD included
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Digital-controlled infrared oven cooks food quickly and easily
  • Cooking methods include conduction, convection, and infrared radiant heat
  • No preheating, defrosting, or ventilation needed; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Extender ring, cooking rack, baking pan, manual, and recipes included
  • Measures approximately 14 by 14 by 16 inches; 1-year limited warranty

I been using this nuwave more than for a handful of months now and it can be been functioning beautifully. I really like how rapidly and simple it is to make a meal in this factor. It has really served me and the spouse the cease ingesting out so much mainly because of how handy it is to cook dinner at dwelling now and since of this we have equally basically misplaced some pounds. I would highly suggest this merchandise.

It really is the next a person i purchased. The initially one particular had a damaged dome, and i am hopeful that they have built the dome sturdier with the newest model. I use the nu-wave oven virtually every single time i cook.I take possibly a frozen hen breast, steak or tilapia, and prepare dinner it in anywhere from 9-24 minutes, specifically from frozen. My go-to meal is a piece of tilapia, with a spray of olive oil, sprinkled with emeril’s fish rub. Some frozen mixed veggies and possibly a potato (veggies and potato are usually microwaved). Dinner’s all set in much less than fifteen minutes.

We owned a person as soon as ahead of a long time back. Inevitably the go over cracked and experienced to be changed (and it was not affordable). They make the covers out of a improved plastic now. This a single also had two amounts of cooking – which is great for placing a number of form of items in it. And there is almost nothing like grabbing a frozen meat out of the freezer and cooking it so brief. Considerably superior than seeking to keep in mind to thaw it out early in the working day. Put in a few of sliced potatoes with a spritz of non adhere oil, a few of frozen steaks, a cob or two of corn – dinner in ten minutes. We have not tried using the pizza point – considered i especially bought this one particular for that motive. Just by no means acquired about to it. But it does great with squash, ribs, bbq hen and just about anything at all i pull from the freezer.

Nuwave 20326 Pro Digital-Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven, Black : In july 2008, i purchased this oven with the extended ring and extra rack for the same price as the one without these 2 accessories as advertised on the hearthware website. Com and bought it when amazon. I have recommended this oven to all of my friends and families. It’s quick and absolutely burns off all the grease/oil from the food. I used it almost daily for quick and tasty dinners and it does not heat up the entire kitchen as a regular oven. I have also used it many times in family gatherings and cooked up turkey, whole chicken, chicken wings, steaks, whole ham, fish, shrimp, lamb chops, french fries, yam fries and veges. I even tried cookies one time.

It labored competently and i didn’t definitely have to pay out focus also significantly given that there is an computerized timer i can set. The only detrimental side is the cleansing method. It is a small hard to clean up the metal rack. Also, immediately after about two many years, the plastic dome cracked. There wasn’t any trauma i really don’t know how it transpired, but i inevitably ordered another domeheres an case in point: i left a entire chicken in there to prepare dinner for two hours. It was cooked correctly and it was genuinely juicy. It was deliciousi’ve also cooked other food items like sausages, bacon, rooster breasts, ground beef patties, and so on.

The ideal kitchen area gadget ever. Will save so much time and creates correctly broiled total chiken instantly from a frozen as a rock. The turkey extension was utilized only when or two times so it is not well worth the added cash. The plastic dome had to be replaced 2 times (direct from the factory) immediately after it was washed in my dish washer a few occasions. I stopped making use of the dishwasher and it does not crack any additional. Right after 5 a long time of use the electric power of the infrared heater is diminished so i double cooking time for any item i cook dinner.

My mom noticed this on people infomercials, and she fell for it (like constantly). It arrived about two weeks back, and the first couple of days i did not even want to check out it mainly because i knew that it would just convert out to be a piece of junk nevertheless, i was extremely mistaken. It is everything the male on t. So considerably, i have manufactured meat loafs, beef jerky, spinach-stuffed mushrooms, clams, potatoes, and a total six-lb rooster with this (i’m feeding on the rooster as i’m examining this). My chicken is extremely juicy–not something i could attain when utilizing a standard oven. The skin of my chicken is crispy also–great.I continue to keep seeking for recipes now due to the fact i want to use the oven i despise cooking, but this oven has improved what i feel about cooking. What is terrific about this oven is that it comes with 3 recipe publications–a single in pictures in color and the other two devoid of pics. Most of their recipes are quick to make and some are quick to cook far too. Cooking time is incredibly rapid much too, and you can actually see what is heading on with your foodstuff while it is cooking. On scorching summer days, the nuwave oven will not make your home warmer like how a normal oven does when you open up the door. There is no smoke at all that is emitted from the oven or foodstuff, however, when you just take the protect out there is steam.

Watched the info-commercial this weekend referred to as the 800 selection and due to delivery value did not buy on mobile phone. Located on amazon and utilizing my primary account (totally free shipping) received the oven a lot less than 50 % the value as the facts-commercial just did not get all the free products with it. Very first night, created frozen rooster and broccoli. It was juice and browned beautifully. I then experimented and designed a pizza employing buttermilk biscuit dough from a tube. I figured out that i should really have set it directly on the 4 inch rack due to the fact the base did not brown when placing on foil in the pan. Cooked past couple minutes on the rack and it arrived out excellent. I can not wait around to continuing working with my nu-wave. I moved my mixer off the counter to make place to have this equipment out and useful for everyday us.

I obtained my nuwave again in september of 2015 i had been employing a countertop oven. I like the nuwave, how it cooks as effectively as the quickness. I would have offered this 5 stars but my gripe is with the affordable plastic dome. This is the second nuwave and as the to start with, this dome now has a crack up the facet. It is not like it will get thrown about the counter to get a crack in it. I will not know if they make it that way so you have to buy a new dome in just 6mo. As several plastics that are out there, just one would presume the dome could be produced of a plastic that wouldn’t crack at the fall of a hat.

Adore this merchandise, use it almost just about every other working day. Having said that you really should constantly hand clean the dome piece, i would not imagine about putting in the dishwasher. Also, the cooking moments are a tiny off on mine to what the details sheet states, but you should constantly use a meat thermometer to examination. Never ever purchase direct from hearthware, they’ll cost you outrageous amounts for shipping, normally invest in from marketplaces like amazon.

I like working with this having said that, the dvd that came with it only gave information on the smaller cooker, which gave certainly no thought on how to use the big a person. I am getting to go by guess and by gosh to figure out the veggies with the meat. A person should check out their inserts prior to sending the goods. By and huge nevertheless, it seems to make the meat juicier than the preceding air cooker i had. The chicken was good cooked in it. I believe, when i determine out the appropriate way to get the veggies cooked, it could possibly be great for my granddaughters for possibly christmas gifts.

I couldn’t be more happy with my invest in. I have applied it each working day given that buying it. So very simple to use and every thing has occur out best. The dome is plastic so it is effortless to take care of and not much too heavy. I’m not sure i would invest in a single with a glass dome. If you deal with it suitable, it ought to very last a extended time. This will make cleanse up pretty simple. I also spray the grates with non adhere cooking oil. I extremely propose it for any person.

Soon after looking at all of the evaluations here on amazon for this nuwave oven, as properly as hunting the ‘net for other evaluations, i obtained a single for myself a couple of weeks in the past. So considerably we have cooked roast, steaks, rooster breasts, halved potatoes (baked), and most recently hamburgers and french fries. 1 of the assessments i read listed here said the meals they’d anticipated staying crispy was not there’s a observe in the ‘how to’ booklet that comes alongside with the nuwave that claims if you want a thing crispy, take it out as before long as its done cooking to keep that crispiness, so the trapped steam and moisture inside the oven do not make it soggy. We took the french fries out ideal absent, and they were being incredibly crispythe only difficulty i’ve uncovered is in the cooking moments outlined on the cheat sheet they send alongside to you. You can want to perform with people situations a little bit till they are to your liking. The instruction booklet says to use the thickness of the meat to determine out the time, not the weight (for burgers and steaks). That idea helpsi’ve observed that the the greater part of the parts in good shape good in the dishwasher the key ring has to be washed by hand, but if it cleaned up any a lot quicker and easier, you would not have accomplished everything at all. This is by much my favorite kitchen gadget – its a terrific day when you never have to choose in advance of breakfast what you are going to be cooking for supper, so that a thing can be taken out of the freezer.

In which have you been all my life?. When i visited my cousin in texas she could not give this matter fantastic enough assessments from what she experienced professional at a pals residence. So, ahead of i still left i requested a person for myself and a person for my cousin. Boy was she stunned when it showed up at her doorway less than a week just after i remaining. This tabletop oven is flexible, so much i have cooked rooster, vegetables, steaks, meatloaf and peanut butter cookies. All the goods came out best. It also does not make my kitchen area tremendously sizzling like the oven would and it is extremely straightforward to clear. I appreciate this oven and will use it as substantially as attainable.

I just cooked a fourteen pound turkey in my nuwave oven. I adopted the directions from the video delivered by the ‘nuwave cooking club’ on nuwave’s site: [.the turkey browned beautifully, the skin was crispy, and this was without a doubt the most tender, juicy, and delicious turkey i have ever eaten, even the breast meat was very moist. I have owned my nuwave for just under a month. I am very happy with it and with the food i’ve cooked in it. My husband, who doesn’t cook but loves to eat, has raved about everything i’ve cooked in the nuwave oven. I debated between buying the nuwave or one of the glass halogen ovens. The glass on the halogen models, although obviously more durable than plastic, is of course much heavier, and the halogen bulbs are prone to burning out. The dome of the nuwave can quickly and easily be removed in order to turn over or remove food. On the other hand, i thought i would likely find it more inconvenient to remove food, especially something like a turkey, from down inside the halogen oven’s glass bowl. ]

I have made use of it various moments with distinctive meats: new and frozen. It can take a tiny extended than the chart indicates. Frozen rooster breast took about fifteen minutes per facet, not 13. I believe it will assistance if i pound the breasts to an even thickness before i freeze it. Very well finished steak took about four minutes much more for each aspect. I like that it is suitable sizing for counter or desk. That it does not get extremely hot, i will not like employing oven in summertime.

I experienced a nuwave product in advance of but the device experienced a timer like swap to transform the unit & off. Properly, like any unit with a manual system to flip it on it broke. I went to flip it on & ‘boink’ broke so i couldn’t established it anymore. So, people of you obtaining a person – get the digital on & off element. What i love about his device it the ease of use. Simple to thoroughly clean, quick to make meals, & the velocity of cooking issues which switch out tremendous. I just tried out yesterday cinnamon rolls – fantastic in fifteen minutes. Rooster was ten minutes a facet – juicy & cooked through completely. The instruction guidebook & internet site for cooking goods are easy and exciting to watch and comply with.

It substituted my normal oven. Key benefits: uncomplicated to use, doesn’t warm up all the household (which i hated with standard oven specially in summer months), any food items cooks in much less than ten min (other than big things like hole rooster or turkey), effortless to clean and it takes a tiny house on the kitchen. A further thing that i like a large amount is you can prepare dinner frozen food items and it will be pleasant and tender. The only disadvantage i see (at the very least for me) you have to discover out your way of cooking, as most of the dishes are a minimal dry. I assume it is really because of heat. So i use foil to retain the juice. The relaxation is fantastic and delectable.

Immediately after hunting at numerous shops and rate comparing, we identified the nuwave below on amazon for the best cost. We use it regularly and are incredibly happy with the invest in. It does everything it claims. If you will not have time to thaw out your meat/fish entrees, this is terrific. It cooks frozen meals so rapidly with out the inconvenience of the oven, furthermore you help you save on your electricity bill not employing the oven. At very first i did not think i would like it, since it is really not dishwasher risk-free and i’m not a admirer of undertaking dishes by hand. But, i must say, it is way a lot easier to cleanse than i expected.

I purchased this hoping to replace the microwave for remaining in excess of planning. My believed was remaining overs would be much more appetizing if they have been crispy. It talked about how quick it was. Nicely it really is more rapidly than the oven and the ‘crispy’ is attained. It will take eight minutes to re-heat an get of fries however. This is for the client people in the globe whom look nothing like my small children:-). Also- this enterprise was getting a but a person get 1 cost-free (i believe they often are) and i failed to get that selection since i shppped via amazon. Aspect notice- i cooked a roast in it and it turned out tasting improved than it seemed- rather substantially scorches the outdoors ‘crust’ by the time the middle is done.

NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender : Overall, very satisfied customer.

The only thing it doesn’t do well is nuts.

Doesn’t chop as well as i expected. I needed something that would chop ice well.

I really can’t complain about this mixer. First off, we got it for free off of our friends. We’ve been using it now 2x per day for a few months now for mostly protein shakes only. We’ve used it to mix misc frozen berries, psyllium fiber, misc proteins powders, no problems. I used to shake my protein drinks but cannot stand the foam it would produce or the consistency. I literally fill the cup with my almond milk and brown rice protein, turn it on for 3-4 seconds and have a perfect consistency protein drink. I can’t think of any complaints, it works and does the job. **update**i’ve owned this bullet for about a 1. 5+ years and still kicking w/ 1-2 uses per day. If your’re looking for a low maintenance protein blender, we really enjoy it.

  • then went to stores to compare to find which was better. There is one problem with this one
  • Does not work as well as expected.
  • Perfect for singles Works good

NuWave Twister 22091 7 Piece Multi-Purpose Blender

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Make smoothies, soups, dips, baby food, and deserts, all without making a mess of your kitchen and dirtying bowls and utensils
  • Easy to use and versatile, you’ll want to use the NuWave Blender everyday
  • Simply twist on the flat or cross blade, place the canister on the high torque power base and press down that’s it
  • Stylishly designed and compact for easy storage

I have been using the nuwave twister on and off for 2 years. I have used it mostly for protein shakes but can also count on it to make smoothies with kale and spinach and apples. If i had any complaint its that i wish the biggest blender cup would be a little bit bigger so i could make enough in one use to last me for a day or two. The blender has been extremely durable, so i feel bad for those who have had it break on their first couple uses. I would give the ‘chopping ability’ a 4 out of 5. To me it has everything i need in a blender and it leaves me wanting very little extra. I will probably look to buy something else now that has a little bit bigger capacity, but only because i fear that my blades for this blender are starting to get a little bit dull.

Easy to use, easy to clean up.

Simple, few twists and i’m drinking my shake in no time. So easy to clean and fast delivery too.

This is the third nuwave twister i have used. The first i thought was torn up and i returned it for a replacement — after using the second for a while, i learned how to clean the connections when it started having the same problem as the first and this solved the problem. After many, many daily uses of making smoothies the gasket around the blade was leaking so bad i decided to purchase a new one. Over all i love it because it is so easy to use and clean and is very portable — so small it can be easily taken on trips.

I ordered this by mistake and returned it.

It is my most used kitchen appliance.

I didn’t purchase this for myself, but instead received it as a gift from a friend. I actually had it sitting on a shelf for a long time before i ever got it out to use it. I drink homemade breakfast smoothies every morning when i get off work. This is perfect for whipping up a quick smoothie. Start to finish, including cleaning product is approximately five minutes. I use the biggest loser protein powder one scoop, with some type of fruit – frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, or fresh bananas, sometimes a scoop of peanut butter, and once in a while some ice, along with some 1% milk. Total blending time is less than one minute, sometimes one and a half minutes depending on how much fruit i put in the mixer. It’s not an expensive piece of equipment, therefore the blades are not high quality or sharp.

I did not like this unit much cause it won’t blend solid food very well.

The blade is large and high to cut through ice. The others in this price range can’t. I bought this one, then went to stores to compare to find which was better. There is one problem with this one. I use it every day and find that the plastic section that connects the blade to the machine wears out after a while. You put the blade and cup in the mixer. It says to do this no more than 30 seconds at a time. The heat from the action may cause this to melt a little. Or maybe i haven’t always let it stop before lifting out.

Great product and great price.

I use mine daily to make my morning protein shake. The seal has started to leak so have to keep an eye on it but otherwise i love it.

NuWave Englewood Oven Pro, I love my Oven

Its the second just one i have acquired for my household and i purchased 4 for friends and household.

It is the best issue i’ve gotten in a even though.

This is the 2nd equipment that i’ve made use of wore out the 1st. I gave absent my bbq grill i only use this.

Key specs for Englewood NuWave Oven Pro:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Uses triple combo cooking to prepare all of your foods perfectly
  • 50% faster than a conventional oven so you don’t have to wait for dinner
  • Uses 85% less energry so you can save green while going green
  • Built in bottom liner to collect fat and oil so your food is healthier
  • Dishwasher safe parts for convenience from the start of your meal to the finish

Comments from buyers

“Really like these ovens, except for, 3 units in this family, very happy., Wonder why I haven’t purchased it sooner.”

Totally wonderful appliance. Appreciated it so much, acquired one for my son & his household.

We use it @ minimum 2x’s a 7 days ordinarily additional than that. It really is speedy and, a much healthier way to cook dinner. There are so numerous foodstuff that prepare dinner very well. With a meat thermometer you know how perfectly cooked the meat truly is.

Was a reward for daughter and she loves it.

2nd nuwave, well worth the dollars to me. . This is my second a single, the first one experienced the enclosure crack just after a pair years of use. I never ever washed it in the dish washer. The second a single i bought was the one particular with no extender ring. I only held the extender ring and was ready to use it with the new one particular. We use it and it works fantastic.

Really valuable especially in summer months due to the fact of lesser heat in comparison to my significant oven.

I bought this oven to use for reborning and to cure heatset genesis paints. I purchased the 3′ extender ring that presents me the excess top. When not in use, i store the top rated motor section seperate. So the weight is off the dome.

Cooks more quickly but i am however learning. Wonderful for singles and partners.

Will take a minute to master to change positioning. Normally takes a moment to discover to modify positioning of foodstuff for best and quickest heating.

Surprise why i haven’t purchased it faster. . Use it for beef, rooster, fish, baking bread. So a lot far more cost-effective about my oven. Have not uncovered something but that compares with ease of use and cleansing.

I appreciate my new wave even so i have trouble keeping the. I appreciate my new wave even so i have issues maintaining the leading safe ??. Some instances when i carry it off it will come undone from the base.

It is just one of the ideal things in my kitchen. I maintain providing them absent to turn persons on to it. It is one particular of the most effective factors in my kitchen area.

My partner enjoys his nuwave–this is his 3rd a person. He’ll by no means be without having his nuwave.

This machine has a shorter wire than my outdated one particular and i had to use an extension cord. Adore that you can set the temperature and cook dinner diverse types of meals. It is smaller sized than my old a person but i have an extender that arrived with the older a single, so that is okay. Also this one particular has a stainless steel rack that is conveniently washable. My outdated 1 rusted out and i experienced to swap it.

It’s brilliant and extremely extremely hassle-free you will not be let down i swear to you. I even use it to make people frozen pizzas and they end more quickly than the in excess of and taste 10x’s superior.

I suggest any one particular and everybody to buy one. I can’t wait to get home today and prepare dinner mu dinner in it.

It was a current for my aunt.

Fantastic for cooking reduced fat meals. . Use to specifically for meats for reduced excess fat cooking. I approach on hoping other recipies. The much larger just one cooks more rapidly, hotter & superior tasting food items.

It is effective definitely nice but is a hustle to clean up it and it saves so a great deal area.

I am a new consumer so energized to discover new things on this gadget.

It saves time and cooks foods perfectly. This was my second nuwave oven. We had the 1st one a extended time and then the very clear component cracked. The substitute aspect was virtually as significantly as a new solution so we just bought a different oven. That portion is irritating, but we love the oven so significantly it was really worth it.

NuWave Pro Plus Oven – so for a year I haven’t been able to indulge in my favorite hobby, baking

Enjoy it, we use it all the time.

Wonderful products, but smelt like from a people who smoke hohse. It works as very well as the infomercials say. So glad to have bought this. Only con we had was we do not recall reading through that this merchandise arrived from a smoker house, and it took 2-three washes to get the smoker smell out of the silicone baking pans.

So for a year i have not been ready to indulge in my most loved pastime, baking. So i use this now on a everyday foundation. We live in an rv with no oven, so for a 12 months i haven’t been able to indulge in my favorite passion, baking. Now that i have the nuwave i can. The lid and oven ingredient on leading are quite large, so it can be not straightforward to choose up the best to turn, verify on points or transfer things close to at the time it is heated up, there are no handles on the plastic deal with to make it less difficult. It comes with a steel holder that you’re supposed to idea the lid over into when you want to pull off the top rated, but it’s much too large and unweldy to do this. I end up using the heating element on best off and putting it upside down. (don’t know if this is protected), then getting the deal with off and location it aside, turning or basting foods, then putting it all back again jointly yet again. It’s taller than i thought and has a extremely brief wire, so it’s a little bit hard to discover a put in my compact kitchen to use it. I have to place it wherever the dish drainer goes. It heats up quite immediately and i have not had to actually preheat it to use it. It matches an 8 inch cake pan nor a 6-muffin tin, so it can be great for a two person house. It’s easily the finest issue on the sector to use if you you should not have an oven in the house.Here are the specifications for the NuWave Pro Plus Oven:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • NuWave Oven Pro Plus Black
  • Black

Had just one for decades prior to it ultimately burnt out.

Cooks food stuff speedier and no heating up. Cooks foodstuff speedier and no heating up the kitchen with your oven to have scrumptious meals.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Daily use cooking
  • The NuWave oven is more necessary to me than my regular oven! Plus it does much of my stove top cooking also.
  • Wonderful product, but smelt like from a smokers hohse

Great obtain , i am quite incredibly glad. I use it at least five instances a week. Much less cooking mess so my wife approves it more than stove cooking . I do not think in extra buttons that i will by no means use.

Reward for mom she enjoys it is effective great.

I love warming and cooking food items in this oven. I like warming and cooking food stuff in this oven. I appreciate that it’s swift and it isn’t going to warmth up my kitchen in the summer season like my common oven does. I use this in its place of my microwave, even nevertheless it requires a little bit for a longer time than a microwave does.

Products operates but foods has to be flipped to totally prepare dinner foodstuff. This was not described in description of operation of oven.

Praise for my nuwave oven. . I have experienced my oven for seven decades, use it quite a few occasions for each 7 days. Advised that you get the orange coloured see by dome. It is a substantial grade of poly carbonate. If not, hold the distinct acrylic dome really clean due to the fact grease spatter will fad and crack it quickly. Superb equipment, cooked everything from cookies to meatloaf to mouth watering complete hams and grilled veggies also. Acquired 1 for my son in college, he loves it far too. Ribeye steak from freezer to excellent in 25 minutes.

The nuwave oven is much more required to me than my frequent oven. Plus it does significantly of my stove top rated cooking also. . Yes the nuwave oven pro plus fulfilled my expectations. I have been employing nuwave ovens for many yrs and gave mine to my sons when they moved and acquired this new a single. I did not understand all the extras that arrived with this one and was pleasantly amazed. It will work definitely welland i am thrilled to have just one yet again.

The plastic dome isn’t going to final prolonged, mines cracked in about a calendar year or two dependent how a great deal you use it. Need to be produced improved, maybe glass. Other than that very good cooking makes use of.

This performs very well and i use it each day but i would like i experienced acknowledged it would only warmth to 350 levels. I guess that is so the accomplished is not going to crack as simply as the other design. This product claims is supposedly much less very likely to acquire cracks in the dome. Replacement domes are $fifty, which is half the cost of the oven. Even although there are other additional high priced brands out there, i would have acquired just one of these had i identified this only heats up to 350 degrees. That getting stated, it normally takes everything extended to cook dinner than the other product and will not brown as nicely. I will get a different manufacturer subsequent time.

It is effective perfectly and cooks my meals quick and more healthy.

I enjoy this merchandise but only in the mini measurement. I love this item but only in the mini dimensions. The frequent size is as well major for my kitchen. I’m sorry that they no make the mini dimension any a lot more.

Does a quite good work cooking foodstuff that i use to fry.

I experienced 1 right before and gave it to my daughter.

Also a gift and my son takes advantage of it often and enjoys it.

Been getting just one for several years and enjoy it. Purchased this just one for a close friend. Was shipped instantly just as marketed by wholesalestockroom.

They seem to be to appreciate it so much. Bought it as a reward for elderly persons with the cookbook. They seem to be to appreciate it so much.

NuWave Oven Pro Plus : Love the product

This is our 2nd nuwave oven. The first gave out after 6 years of constant use.

My mother got it for christmas and she’s happy. We made burgers with it first, and they came out wonderful.

I love my nuwave oven pro plus. I bought it as a backup for one i have been using for 2 years. I love my nuwave oven pro plus. I laid a stick of butter on top of it and forgot to move it. The heat from the timer melted the butter over time and it dripped into the vent on top. So on a cold day the oven is slow getting started. I purchase the new product to replace the one that i inadvertently “ruined”, i haven’t used it because the old one took the licking and has kept on ticking.

My mother got it for christmas and she’s happy. We made burgers with it first, and they came out wonderful.

  • Like it a lot but engineered to break with the dome doomer device
  • Regularly used appliance!
  • Best used in Barracks

NuWave Oven Pro Plus with Stainless Steel Extender Ring

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Includes upgraded amber PEI dome, black base and digital panel, 2 cooking racks, porcelain enamel liner pan, and stainless steel extender ring
  • Uses conduction, convection, and infrared cooking technology
  • Settings for warm, reheat, delay and up to 10 hours of cooking time
  • Digital temperature control from 100 to 350 degrees F in 1 degree increments
  • 75% less energy & 70% faster cooking

Love it, husband loves it too. Easy, quick, healthy cooking.

It benefits my family of 4 kids to easily have snacks or meals done with less time. I cannot afford a stove as of now so i will use this until i get a stove.

This is our 2nd nuwave oven. The first gave out after 6 years of constant use.

Like it a lot but engineered to break with the dome doomer device. 10/26/2015: i love how this thing cooks. Both frozen and fresh foods, amazing “little” oven so far, i’m so happy i got it. Almost perfect design for cooking better than anything else i’ve tried before, and perfectly engineered so some of you break the dome and pay the extra $50-$75 for a replacement, i’ll explain that later. Pros: i love it (5 stars)- simple to use, and cooks amazingly, keeps food moist and browns it perfectly if you follow online tips. – very easy to clean and handle, well designed to not keep food stuck in too many places. – controls are very easy, default temp is 350f and you can change it on this model- it melts fat away slowly but surely, from a 5lb chicken i weighted almost a lb. Of fat on the tray, thanks mr. Perdue for the extra fatcons: not bad (-1 star for the cons including the dome doomer, see attached pictures)- dome holder a. A dome doomer: strategically designed to hold your hot plastic dome particles perfectly in an expanding angle by applying enough tensile stress to the bottom side of the curved surface to crack it, which i can predict will start on the base. The hot and cold change applied by the metal holder and the angle to keep warm moisture dripping down as it cools down by the metal are the perfect recipe for a middle stress break. -the metal clips that anchor the power head to the doomed dome are weak to say the least, one was already broken when i got the unit. -they should design a little bit bigger version that can actually cook a real turkey and not a miniature baby turkey the size of a chickentips-i use the 1″ rack a lot with large meats and full chickens so they don’t toast on the top too much. -i use a cooking thermometer to make sure stuff is done before i cut it-sometimes i put a solid onion slices layer under my meat to keep it moist (that didn’t sound right), it depends on the cut.

Love the product this is my 4th one wish the dome wouldn’t crack but love the product.

Wife won’t even let me use it.

I bake a lot of custard pies, which are hard to get into the oven after filling. With this oven the crust goes on the rack and pour in the filling.

Have used twice a week since i got it.

I was skeptical about this product. It does cook frozen food quickly. It does very well with chicken and beef. The machine is easy to clean, its dishwasher safe.

This is my second nuwave oven pro. I love both and use every single day, several times a day. My electric range and oven are rarely used. I cannot begin to express how easy the oven is to use and the clean up is so fast. I roast veggies, cook corn on the cob, cook mini pizzas, quesadillas, chicken breast, roasted whole chickens, fish, and so much more. Biggest thing for me, i hate dry chicken breast. Since cooking with the nuwave pro all of the chicken breast have been tender and juicy. I have also purchased one as a gift and they love it as much as i do.

We love these ovens and now have three – 1 at home, one in the travel trailer, and one in the camper that sits on the pickup truck. Cooks great and dependably, easy to clean, and does not put a lot of heat into your house, thus saving you money on your ac bill. We never use the over anymore, and do our grilling indoors where it is comfortable in the heat of the summer. We have used these almost nightly since 2008, wherever we happen to be.

Love the item this is my 4th a person would like the dome wouldn’t crack but like the item.

I employed my initially just one so a great deal i wore it out.

Have utilized twice a 7 days given that i bought it.

What far more could tyou request for??. It is a nuwave oven, may possibly just take a minimal obtaining utilized to with some meals, but as soon as you get it down, it will cook dinner virtually something in a portion of the time that any other oven can take, and only heats up the spot inside the dome. Practically completely tranquil whilst cooking as properly.

I bake a good deal of custard pies, which are tough to get into the oven following filling. With this oven the crust goes on the rack and pour in the filling.

It is an oven and it cooks like just one. Took 24 minutes to prepare dinner a steak. Steak was doner in places that other parts. Steak did not have the seared outer edge like you get from grill or skillet frying. It took extended to cook dinner the steak with the nuwave oven than if i experienced put it on a skilette. This merchandise would be fantastic in conditions exactly where you cannot have an open flame in the barracks, room or.

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner : I love but

I required some thing little to be equipped. I essential a thing smaller to be capable to get out. It has a incredibly wonderful fashionable look to is and its contact glass. Heats up truly fast and uncomplicated to use. The only issue that was strange to me was the noise of the supporter that is less than the cooktop but i am applied to it.

The 30602 operates superior than advertised. If you are into induction cooking this is the way to go. The 30602 works better than advertised. I have other nuwave gear. And this is the best so significantly.

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 900/1800 Watts
  • 100 DegreeF -575 DegreeF temperature range
  • 94 different temperatures
  • 6 different pre-programmed temperature settings
  • 2 hour “Keep Warm” feature (155 DegreeF)

Like this – never be reluctant to buy.

When you use it you comprehend this is a higher stop piece of machines. Loads of configurations, but really very simple to use.

The 30602 operates superior than advertised. If you are into induction cooking this is the way to go. The 30602 works better than advertised. I have other nuwave gear. And this is the best so significantly.

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner, Black : This unit is simply awesome. I am very pleased with the unit. It will take some getting used to as it is not as straight forward as normal cooktops. Although, the time will be rewarded as you have ultimate control of the cook temperature and reacts immediately. I boiled some eggs and approximately 1 quart of water boiled within 2 minutes. As i cooked the eggs, i noticed the temperature was too high and set the temperature lower, which immediately stopped boiling, and i had to then increase to get my temperature where i wanted it. I can imagine once i know better what temperature i want, there will be little guesswork in cooking and little chance of burning. My wife is going to love this thing and i just wager she will want such a cooktop installed to replace our standard stovetop.

I required some thing little to be equipped. I essential a thing smaller to be capable to get out. It has a incredibly wonderful fashionable look to is and its contact glass. Heats up truly fast and uncomplicated to use. The only issue that was strange to me was the noise of the supporter that is less than the cooktop but i am applied to it.

I have the initial single use nuwave and was questioning when they would develop a double. When i observed this i just had to have it.It is effective far better than my one nuwave and the temperature is essentially exact (the single use would not warmth up more than enough- on the sear environment it was like it was on medium substantial. ) i adore the contact pad and how it’s not an actual button and i especially appreciate the change on the back so i can depart the unit plugged in.

Liked it but it was much too difficult for my spouse to mess with in the morning. It is also quite big and took up what little counter room we experienced returned and acquired a 1 burner product with significantly less bells and whistles.

Months as our most important cooking supply and has been superb. Really effective and cooks foodstuff just as fast. Used this for 6 months as our primary cooking supply and has been amazing. Quite highly effective and cooks foodstuff just as rapid or more rapidly than other prepare dinner tops. The temperature options can take a discovering curve but as soon as you get the hold of it it is really neat to know the great temp for the excellent fried eggs or grilled cheese or the perfect pancakes.

I marvel how i at any time obtained alongside with no induction cooking. I am wondering how i ever acquired along without the need of induction cooking just after working with this nuwave cooktop. Instantaneous temperature regulate can make cooking a great deal a lot easier, and, without having utilizing the greatest heat options (following the tips of the cookware), h2o boils three hundred% faster. The cooktop is very easily returned to its ‘new’ appear with a uncomplicated wipe down with paper towels. On the other hand, grease spatter does not clean up up as quickly. So, if you’re cooking foods that are likely to spatter grease, a very good lid is suggested. I have found that taking away the cookware for a limited interval from the stovetop when flipping food stuff keeps grease spatter way down. Certainly, i would suggest this item.

This is my 2nd a single since i was so amazed with the 1st one so now will also use it in my annex. The only point i don’t like is that they have creating throughout the hotplates. It would have looked nicer to be simple or just an ‘n’ or a little something. I have a solitary hotplate i was making use of but this a single is so considerably far better. Now i have an understanding of why it was relatively highly-priced as opposed to the solitary 1.

Liked it but it was much too difficult for my spouse to mess with in the morning. It is also quite big and took up what little counter room we experienced returned and acquired a 1 burner product with significantly less bells and whistles.

When you use it you comprehend this is a higher stop piece of machines. Loads of configurations, but really very simple to use.

Manual very specific on excellent paper. Following a little bit discover effortless function. My very first induction one particular burner i use in rv. This two burner i use in house kitchen. Incredibly happy with nu wave 30602.

Months as our most important cooking supply and has been superb. Really effective and cooks foodstuff just as fast. Used this for 6 months as our primary cooking supply and has been amazing. Quite highly effective and cooks foodstuff just as rapid or more rapidly than other prepare dinner tops. The temperature options can take a discovering curve but as soon as you get the hold of it it is really neat to know the great temp for the excellent fried eggs or grilled cheese or the perfect pancakes.

When you use it you comprehend this is a higher stop piece of machines. Loads of configurations, but really very simple to use.

Manual very specific on excellent paper. Following a little bit discover effortless function. My very first induction one particular burner i use in rv. This two burner i use in house kitchen. Incredibly happy with nu wave 30602.

I have the initial single use nuwave and was questioning when they would develop a double. When i observed this i just had to have it.It is effective far better than my one nuwave and the temperature is essentially exact (the single use would not warmth up more than enough- on the sear environment it was like it was on medium substantial. ) i adore the contact pad and how it’s not an actual button and i especially appreciate the change on the back so i can depart the unit plugged in.

I enjoy nuwave products but this a single has some white putty on the within of digital display screen, its a modest trouble but extremely bothersome so i still don’t know if i will be returning it.

I marvel how i at any time obtained alongside with no induction cooking. I am wondering how i ever acquired along without the need of induction cooking just after working with this nuwave cooktop. Instantaneous temperature regulate can make cooking a great deal a lot easier, and, without having utilizing the greatest heat options (following the tips of the cookware), h2o boils three hundred% faster. The cooktop is very easily returned to its ‘new’ appear with a uncomplicated wipe down with paper towels. On the other hand, grease spatter does not clean up up as quickly. So, if you’re cooking foods that are likely to spatter grease, a very good lid is suggested. I have found that taking away the cookware for a limited interval from the stovetop when flipping food stuff keeps grease spatter way down. Certainly, i would suggest this item.

My only gripe with it is that. My only gripe with it is that the plastic piece working in between the two burners is not heat resistant. Pulling a sizzling pot from 1 burner to the subsequent melted it. Appears to be like a style and design oversight to me. If not, incredible item.

NuWave PIC Pro Highest Powered Induction Cooktop 1800W – Completely replaced the propane stove in our RV with the Pro.

I have had an induction cooktop burner for about 3 decades but it only five settings – the most affordable is bathwater and the highest is blowtorch. . Got the pro product for the five-diploma temperature adjustment ability. This matter performs as excellent (or possibly, improved) than my fuel stove – and i consider it can be quicker, way too.Also, understanding what the temperature is, is superior than guess (sorry, i necessarily mean fuel). Went on amazon mainly because i only required one burner and experienced tried their site. It wanted my credit card facts in advance of i even understood what i was likely to expend. Tried using their toll-free amount which was additional assist but couldn’t get away without having spending virtually $three hundred. I paid out about $one hundred fifty five for this and went to goal with a magnet and purchased some pots and pans that the magnet trapped to firmly. If you currently have some forged iron cookware, that things operates flawlessly – no want to get something a lot more.

Fairly fantastic – but not great. . I experienced an older (much less impressive) version that under no circumstances bought to the temps it claimed that it would function. This model will get up to the temps it claims in the description. I opted for the white model because i considered it appears to be like nicer but i really should have stayed with black like my old product. The control panel does glimpse nicer, nonetheless the best plate is turning brown just after a handful of employs. Granted, that portion is covered when cooking, but the discoloration does make it seem filthy when it is essentially cleanse. Whilst i am substantially happier with this more powerful model, i want to worry that the temperature settings (on the screen) are not genuine temperature readings but relatively energy options (there are no temperature sensors that detect the genuine temperature of the cooktop just beneath the cookware). I’m sorry, but you cannot only place a pot/pan on the cooktop, press 500 degrees, wait a whilst, and be assured that the pot/pan has been heated to five hundred degrees (even without the need of foodstuff in the pot/pan). Even without the meals, there is a large vary of supplies made use of to make the pots/pans that result how productive the cooktop works, plus the cooktop itself goes by cycles as effectively. With that being reported, the temperature options are not correct, but ought to be utilised a lot more as a guideline.

Also fantastic for use in my condominium. . Does not radiate heat so it isn’t going to get very hot in the kitchen like my oven and stovetop fuel burners do. Temperature control is fantastic and operates fantastically with my solid iron and lecreuset sets. Obtained this just after paying for the newwave2 unit.

  • having fun with it.
  • A product that lives up to the hype!
  • You won’t be disappointed!
  • great product once you do some slight adjustments to cook book.
  • Precision Induction Cooktop!
  • Pretty good – but not perfect.

Purchased this for my dad and mom to use in their rv. They have a typical fuel stove leading that can be protected so it can be used as counter place and considering that the stove took up a large amount of the minimal counter area there was, and they seldom want more than a person burner at a time, this seemed like a fantastic option. So considerably it has worked really well. The measurement is wonderful for what they desired when compared to some other models that had been a lot greater. The deal with/bag it comes with is also terrific to lay over the prime of it when it can be not being made use of to reduce scratches or other hurt. The controls are fairly uncomplicated to comprehend and the temperature regulation is wonderful. As opposed to guessing how sizzling your burner is, you can really established a unique temperature. It hasn’t been utilized a the very highest temperature settings so i are unable to remark on whether or not there is certainly a difficulty there. They rarely use the highest settings for cooking nevertheless, so it is really a non-problem for them, it is seriously light-weight bodyweight so it can be moved all around conveniently on the counter as desired and could even be taken outside the house if they required to use it that way, plugging into the exterior outlet on the rv.

Terrific item once you do some slight changes to prepare dinner e-book. . Updated evaluation:i have utilized this item for the earlier 7 days virtually day to day(because of to it beimg so very hot outdoors)the very first factor i created this past 7 days was tacos, it often looks to consider so long to brown meat on the stove, but with this it did it in 50 % the time on 330 which is about medium-medium high, my spouse arrived in about 545 and we were eating prior to 6 pm. ( this is including the 5 min simmer time for the beef). The other meal i cook dinner in under 12 minutes about 1/three the time it would of took in the oven, it was the innovasian brand name sweet and bitter chickenthe added gains are a moreover a faster cooking time, you don’t have to fret about the oven heating your house and remaining sizzling even just after you transform the oven off. I identified a slightly much better or enhanced temp guideline listed here [.i have been using this product off and on for the past couple weeks was kinda of upset at the “accurate temp controls” then i came across this info from healthcraft. Com a seller of very high quality cookware”but expensive”no. Setting function temperatures induction cooking guidelinewarm low warm 100°f (37°c) warmingwarm low warm 110°f (43°c) rendering chocolate, homemade yogurt1 low warm 150°f (65°c) crisping: keeping meat, casseroles, soups, vegetables baked goods warm for serving. Pasteurizing2 medium-low simmer 180 – 220˚f (80 – 105˚c) poaching eggs; roasting, stewing and braising meats; baking custards and casseroles; warming leftovers melting cheese and fondue; simmering stocks; preparing sauces3 medium-low simmer 210°f (99°c) waterless cooking vegetables and fruits; jellies and jams; hard-boiled eggs; roasting after searing4 medium boiling 240°f (116c°) boil steaming, sauté, roasting5 medium 270°f (132°c) prepare eggs, omelets and crepes, breakfast potatoes, gravies, candies, s’mores, and roux6 medium-high broiling 300°f (150°c) sauté vegetables and seafood6 to 7 medium-high browning 325 – 350°f (165 – 175°c) brown meats, seafood and potatoes; bake cakes, pancakes, and french toast; grill sandwiches7 medium-high frying 360°f (182°c) deep-fry in oil8 high searing 390°f (199°c) sear meats and poultry, stir-fry chicken, popcorn, pasta9 high pan-broiling 420°f (216°c) pan-broil meats and fish, stir-fry meats10 high 450°f (232°c) quick browning and searing meats before roastingsear max-sear max sear 575°f (302°c) max sear, blackenno. Setting hours temperatures slow cooking guidelines1 low 5 – 7 hours 150 – 160˚f (65 – 70˚c) simmer: baked beans, 4 – 6 hour stews, poultry-bone-in soups, cereals steam: hot dogs, fresh-vegetables, puddings2 medium-low 3 – 5 hours 170 – 190˚f (75 – 90˚c) simmer: appetizer dips, hot beef, barbcue, “sloppy joes,” etc. ]

Features of NuWave PIC Pro Highest Powered Induction Cooktop 1800W

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Induction burner: Offers fast, efficient heating and cooking
  • 12″ cooking surface: Accommodates large pots and pans
  • Digital LCD control panel: Easily change the temperature in 5-degree increments from 100 to 575 degrees * 6 preprogrammed temperature settings for a variety of ordinary tasks
  • User’s manual with more than 60 recipes: Teaches you how to prepare meals from breakfast to dessert and everything in-between * Includes how-to guides and usage tips
  • Carrying case: Transport your induction burner and accessories anywhere easily * Made of a durable, lightweight woven nylon material

Indeed, i did have to purchase all new cookware (oh darn), but it actually tends to make cooking and clean up up sooo substantially easier and significantly less pricey. In addition you can prepare dinner with it everywhere you can get to a plug in.

Adore our nuwave pro 1800 induction unit. Have been contemplating about receiving just one for a long time, last but not least did with designs to use it this xmas for melting chocolate, and many others. Definitely like becoming in a position to established the temperature. Now we are buying a several new items of cookware that are induction capable our latest stainless metal established did not have ample iron information evidently to do the job with it. It was truly valuable to boil water for pasta when in the middle of summer season not obtaining to use the gasoline stove to heat the property up was great.

A product or service that lives up to the hype. I had viewed the informercial and was well prepared to come across that it wasn’t as excellent as portrayed. I’m joyful to report that it functions splendidly. (as very long as your cookware is ‘induction-ready’ the uncomplicated exam is to choose a magnet and see if if will stick to the base of the pan in question. If the magnet will adhere, you’re very good to goitems heat rapidly and it can be easy to clear up. I actually like the actuality that i can decide up the pan for minor changes and the cooker retains its options. Some before designs would go into an mistake mode immediately and you’d have to reset every thing. In any case, it truly is been truly helpful and i glance ahead to working with it on the back patio far too once winter season is about.

Excellent for melting wax, simmering and keeping meals at a distinct temperature. . I bought this to melt beeswax as an choice to a double boiler around my fuel stove. I preferred restricted management about the decreased temperature ranges. This unit does that so properly i use it for simmering as properly. It was shipped and shipped intact and on time. Mine came with a vacation scenario which i thought was type of humorous but it really is amazing for protecting the unit when i stow it away concerning works by using. I read through many reviews complaining that the digital readout wasn’t accurately reflecting the real temperature. The temperature is an estimate centered on the functionality of a particular pot. A 10′ cast iron pot will have a better temperature than the digital readout. A lousy conducting, tiny or much too substantial pot will run cooler.

Not as powerful as an induction cooktop. I have been an induction cook for many years and acquired a single of these as an further/backup. For the price, it is a wonderful unit. Not as powerful as an induction cooktop, but it heats issues up quickly, even substantial pots of h2o, and the potential to finely tune the temperature selection is extremely very good. If you are wondering about likely induction from fuel/electrical, just one of these would give you a sensible plan of what it can be like.

Wholly changed the propane stove in our rv with the nuwave pro. . We use the nuwave pro in our rv. Boiling drinking water to make espresso on the propane stove usually takes fourteen minutes. The nuwave does it in 6 minutes. A pan with eggs goes from cold to sizzling in just a number of minutes. Temperature settings from ‘sear’ all the way down to a hundred degrees f. The system feature is rather good. I application it to ‘sear’ for six minutes to get the espresso boiling, then set it to 200 levels for a different 6 minutes to brew a great common percolator of espresso. When it really is finished, it beeps and quits. This unit has fully changed the gas stove in the rv.

Like acquiring a portable electric burner but faster. Not certain why white was $ten less expensive than black but i saved $10 there. Merchandise arrived on time with a limited cookbook to display how to make some basic merchandise which are still also significantly state-of-the-art for somebody like me that can burn off water. I have only applied the nuwave after so considerably and it does warmth up quick. I cooked some sausage patties that commonly choose me above thirty minutes from pulling them from the freezer to all set to consume. On the nuwave, that procedure was underneath 15 minutes. Some of the tv ads are misleading. For occasion they clearly show you can place your hand on the nuwave and it will be neat to the contact. However that only applies to in which no pot or pan has been. If you contact in which something was on the burner appropriate just after cooking, you will get burned so continue to keep that in head for compact youngsters.

Can scarcely warmth a solid iron pan to a fantastic sear temperature. This point is considerably weaker than what it leads you to think. Can barely heat a forged iron pan to a great sear temperature. My fuel stove leading performs a great deal improved. I will proceed to use this but it does not meet up with my expectations. On a optimistic be aware it does keep certain temperature quite effectively.

It won’t boil drinking water as quick as i thought it would, and i discovered the similar merchandise at wal-mart for the identical price, only it came with a non adhere frying pan $30. 00 benefit, i will have to do some shopping close to following time, not think amazon has the finest rate.

The cadillac of induction burners. My very first induction burner was a max burton. Unfortunately, its life span was also quick – about a calendar year. After you’ve applied an induction burner, you don’t want to cook on nearly anything else. I as a result replaced it with a nuwave pro. It runs circles around the max burton – it can be the cadillac of induction burners. Heat control is fantastic and can be modified in five diploma increments – temperature management on the burton was hit or pass up. With the nuwave, meals can be cooked to perfection with no burning it – you can find a warmth setting that’s appropriate for just about anything. I have only been employing the nuwave for a few months.

Construction looks far improved than the introductory types. The parts appear to be of significantly superior high-quality than the introductory models. It has a heavier gauge ability wire and it does not spark at the outlet like my previous nuwave introductory versions. I like that the lover turns off almost promptly soon after you terminate cooking. I also like that you can change the temperature in 5 diploma increments. It does not get significantly hard work to clean, and i use a very moderate abrasive for cooked on oil from my cast iron skillets. It appears to be to be a considerably a lot more effective unit as perfectly, so you will not have to wait around as long for the pan to heat up once again when cooking points like ground beef. I have not utilized my stove major given that i acquired my first nuwave cooktops a number of several years ago, so this new acquire is a testomony to the noticeable power price savings. I’ll be purchasing an additional just one with any luck , in the next thirty day period or two.

I am so in love with this that in blend with my immediate pot. I am so in like with this that in combination with my instantaneous pot i rarely use my cooktop or oven any a lot more, which is a suffering to keep clear. There is a little bit of a studying curve and pretty much all of my cookware which include my beloved calphalon cannot be utilised with it, which is why i give it 4 stars rather of 5. Among these two additions to my kitchen area, no extra sweating it out either during this long very hot summer time. Appreciate the exact temperature settings and simplicity of clean up-up as well.

Will work extremely effectively and a pretty useful edition to a kitchen with more cooking wants. Significantly better purchase from amazon than the pic website. The pans (such as the sides which is important) arrives to temperature immediately with no incredibly hot or chilly spots. The temperature manage is all the things. Am taking into consideration at least just one extra.

From our initially use this item impressed us. It heats up the pan inside of seconds, preserving time and strength in the cooking method. Getting used this as our main cooking system in our basement condominium for fourteen months now, i can notify you how trusted it is.We have had pots boil in excess of into this induction cooktop, and it just retains going. I occasionally provide it with me to huge family members get togethers mainly because i are not able to stand cooking on a gas array any more. Temperature control and even warmth distribution have been the nicest positive aspects. It cooks food stuff so quickly that you genuinely have to have almost everything presently chopped just before turning this machine in.

My glass stovetop will get hot, then cools down, will get incredibly hot all over again. Temperature goes up and down, up and down. This will get hot when it is turned on. When you transform it off it cools off quicklymy subsequent stovetop will be induction.

I purchased two, excellent merchandise but invest in via amazon, not from nuwave immediate. I selected to invest in this since it is 1800 w. A little more cooking electrical power. But, for those people not familiar with electrical circuits this will get the job done on a 15 amp circuit but you won’t be able to have just about anything else functioning on that circuit at the identical time when using comprehensive energy of the nuwave. I have every single of them on a separate dedicated 20 amp circuit (just about every wire, outlet, breaker all twenty amp) just to be absolutely sure. I utilized these to exchange my regular stove (time to substitute it anyway) as i am not a recurrent prepare dinner but from time to time like to prepare dinner two matters at once (the motive for individual electrical circuits). I also selected to get these as a result of amazon and their partner relatively than as a result of the nuwave maker even as a result of the price tag was much more utilizing this tactic. I also currently have a few of the nuwave mini ovens.

Performs effectively and heats rapidly. Functions nicely and heats speedily. And it is simple to clean afterwards–just wipe with a wet cloth. I bought this precisely to use with my stainless metal h2o-tub canner (cook dinner n property nc-00335 stainless metal canning pot/stockpot) and have canned with it just one time so far. It did a excellent occupation and the temp was easy to regulate once the water begun boiling. Considering the fact that acquiring we use it for most of our cooking now. Extremely happy we created this obtain. I like the truth that it is transportable and comes with its individual circumstance, which makes it effortless to transport.

Like how quickly things heat up. And it truly is simple to maintain thoroughly clean. I like the higher variation of temperature settings. My first one failed to have that. This was the very best value for this nuwave cooktop that i could obtain. I like obtaining the carry scenario in case i want to cook or continue to keep some thing heat at one more vacation spot or just in an additional home.

NuWave 20632 Pro Plus Oven : Best cooking appliance we own

As soon as i got it, i cooked a piece of salmon (completely frozen) in about 20 minutes and it was so delicious.We’ve also grilled chicken wings, chicken breast and more. This product does everything it says it does. Most pieces are dishwasher safe. Such a simple, great way to cook.

Takes more time to bake than a conventional oven. . I live in hawai’i and have not turned my oven on for over 11 years- it’s just too hot, even in the winter. So when i visited a friend who was using the nuwave on his lanai i was impressed. I was even more even impressed with the tender, tasty chicken he served. In the summer i put the nuwave outside so there is no heat in the house. Now, in the winter, i can use it on the kitchen counter and it doesn’t over heat the kitchen. Chicken breasts are tender and moist. Baked potato “fries” come out crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. I even cooked a turkey breast for thanksgiving which was delicious. The only problem is that it takes twice as long to cook everything as it would in a conventional oven. It takes twice as long as the nuwave directions themselves call for. For example, today i am baking a pineapple upside down cake. The directions call for 25 minutes at 350 for an 8″ pan. So far, it has been in the nuwave for 40 minutes and i just put it back for another 15 minutes (with foil on the top, as the top is getting burnt).

Like a good husband i did what she asked. After 5 years our first nuwave finally gave out. I was very hesitant to buy this product 5 years ago but, the wife wanted to try it so, like a good husband i did what she asked. My work moves us from place to place and so we live in a 5th wheel and even though its 40ft. This little oven has worked perfect for us in our tight space and we used the first one at least 1-2 times a day almost every day for 5 years so, i can say for the price we paid for it, we got our monies worth and then some. The day our nuwave died was like loosing a member of the family. I think i had grown more fond of it than my wife and how quick and easy it was to cook our meals. I did not hesitate to order the second one.My wife is a wonderful cook and has made some of the most amazing dinners on the nuwave and usually within 30-40 minutes. My favorite is making bacon and toast in the morning. I can have bacon and toast made within 20 minutes with the bacon cooked to perfection and the toast the way i like it and no big mess to deal with afterwards. If your on the fence about this product all i can say is give it a try, i don’t think you will be disappointed at all. As a matter of fact, i told a friend about it and he ordered his about a week ago and he loves it.

Best cooking appliance we own. We’ve been using a foreman grill for the last year to eat healthier. The model we have has removable grills, so it’s fairly easy to clean, but there’s a limit to what you can cook with this. We saw this nuwave on an infomercial, and it seemed like something we would use a few times and put away on a high shelf and forget. But the reviews on amazon were pretty convincing, so i took a chance and ordered it. Cooking is ridiculously easy. Most nights i head to the freezer and pull out a few pieces of fish, chicken, or beef. I brush a little olive oil on the pieces, sprinkle some seasoning, then place them in the nuwave. Hit the ‘cook time’ button, punch in 10 or 12 minutes, then hit the start button. When the machine is done, it beeps.

  • Great for Florida Living
  • On 3rd unit in 7 years
  • Great Cooking Product for which you will be ridiculed for purchasing, but the family will be addicted to cooking with it.
  • Convenient and Quicker than waiting for an oven to preheat ( mine is propane so it takes almost an hour to preheat to 350)
  • does what it says
  • I made a roast yesterday using this and could not be happier. see pictures

NuWave 20632 Pro Plus Oven with Stainless Steel Extender Ring, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Infrared, Conduction & Convection cooking
  • 75% less energy & 70% faster cooking than a standard oven
  • Warm,” “Reheat” & “Delay” settings and defaults to 155 Degree for 2 hours
  • Delay Timer begins cooking at the time you select
  • Cooks up to a 16 lb. turkey or 14 lb. ham

As you can probably tell from the first image, i clearly needed a new one of these. Lol after seeing a youtube video on how to get more life out of your nuwave oven’s dome after it starts to develope cracks, i found one where the lady used foil tape – i did this, and got an extra 6 months out of my 2nd nuwave doing this – hey, whatever works, right?. ;)speaking of “dome cracks”, i am happy to see that the company finally got a clue (as well as got tired of all the complaints) and upgraded their dome material to withstand higher heat. The old dome’s replacement cost were/are outrageously expensive to say the least (hence why i used foil tape). Now with the nuwave oven units not being as expensive, you’re almost better off just to spend a few extra bucks, and get a new one. The nuwave cooks meat flawlessly; steaks, hamburgers, chicken and bacon are the meats i tend to cook most often – and they all come out perfectly. I’ve cooked other items too that have turned out very good; baked potatoes, veggies, fish, roast, cornish game hens, biscuits, cookies, pizza rolls, single serving pizza’s, as well as many other items (too many to list). Anyway, after the foil tape was no longer an option (holding the dome together), i went ahead and purchased this latest model. So far it’s doing great, and works just as good – if not better than the older models.

Cooks fast, because it’s a conventional oven, convection oven and does infra red cooking, all at the same timeit’s really a superb appliance. Roasted a 5 pound chicken, and had plenty of room. Didn’t even need the metal extender. Half way through, i put stuffing in a foil packet down below it on another shelf and let the chicken roast and drip down onto it. Flavor like we get if it is cooked in the bird. User friendly, easy, easy clean up. Can’t say enough good things about this little baby.Live alone, use it daily for something.

Works for about a year and worth every penny. Absolutely the best meat, pizza maker/reheater and bread crisper in the world. This is my third nuwave and i have bought my brother 2 nuwaves. Just as advertised they make the most succulent meats. You will not be able to make better meats any other way. Put it in frozen, sprinkle seasoning every now and then and bam. It is also the absolute best way to reheat pizza, taquitos and anything you want to make crispy to perfection. We use ours a few times every day. My brother is a sous chef and he uses his at least twice a day.

Great for an rv without an oven and cooking outdoors. . We are using this in our rv inside and outside. I do not cook frozen pizzas on this because you have to start off cooking the pizza upside down. Nuwave has a pizza flipper, but it is challenging to do this without some of the toppings falling off. If you want to cook a frozen pizza, perhaps just getting a cheese pizza and adding toppings after you flip the crust would work better. I just use the premade pizza crust because it is a lot less complicated. When cooking a pizza, you always have to start off with the crust upside down brown/crisp the bottom. You then flip it over, add the toppings and it makes a great pizza. The nuwave cooks it to perfection. This is very large, but it fits in the rv cabinet because it breaksdown into 4 pieces.

I felt it necessary to write this review because i really don’t believe reviews based strictly on price do justice to this oven. While i didn’t give it 5 stars due to the cost as well as the bulk of the dome and motor, which does take a few times to learn to handle it well. That said, i love this oven. It’s an entirely new way of cooking, so it took a bit of getting used to, but when i’m not sure of the timing/temp to cook something, i just look online where there are youtube directions for cooking just about anything you can think of, and it also comes with a recipe book to get you started. What it did do is eliminate the need for my toaster oven since i can now cook everything in the nuwave. It even makes perfect toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, egg mcmuffins, meat loaf, juicy chicken and roasts from frozen — you name it, all in one easily cleaned unit. This is great since i’ve found every toaster oven i’ve owned nearly impossible to keep clean. It’s a very large unit, so replacing my toaster oven gave me the space to leave it on my counter. I think there’s now a mini version that may take less space.

Convenient and quicker than waiting for an oven to preheat ( mine is propane so it takes almost an hour to preheat to 350). This works great but could use a better instruction booklet. It cooks from top down and does take some experimenting to get things cooked just right. But once you figure out how long to cook something and when to turn it over you will love how it cooks. From burgers to chicken to vegetables. Baked potatoes not so much lol. I do love the fact i dont have to wait for my oven to preheat and that i can put in frozen meat to cook thru.

There really isn’t anything else comprable to these. This was a replacement to an older model of the nuwave. My grandmother (who is now 88, 89 in november) uses hers all the time. She has been through about 4 or 5 of these. My mom who is (71) has been through about 3 or 4 over the years. When the one she had played out last friday, i didn’t spend 2 minutes getting out my ipad and ordering this one. The issues these have had in the past was they burn up. My grandmother had said if you don’t put them on 10 they will last a lot longer from her experience. This is the latest model from what i understand and i purchased the protection plan so i am hoping this will resolve that issue.

I strongly recommend a rachael ray meatloaf pan set (asin: b005gyuq68). Both pieces together were too wide, so i used the inner pan, sitting on the nuwave’s rack in the 1″ position. One pound of ground beef (with all the other stuff) – it was done in 50 minutes – it was one of the best meatloaves i’ve ever made.

Got this for my step daughter for christmas. Didn’t know she had been checking them out. Said her first thing would be to dehydrate and make jerky. I just hope she gets as much use out of it as i do mine of 3 years. Have baked, broiled, cooked, and just about everything with it. Without heating up the kitchen. I do line the bottom drip pan with foil, so i cheat somewhat on the cleanup. Would definitely recommend this for anyone. My favorite is to bake a whole chicken. I use half can of beer, spices to taste, and set the chicken on the can (i use the extender ring).

I made a roast yesterday using this and could not be happier. Wow, i made a roast yesterday using this and could not be happier. I’m no chef, i just bought a 4 lb roast from food 4 less, added some rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper and then some onions and slice yams. I set the temperature at 325 for 60 minutes. After 30 minutes, i paused it and flipped over and restarted it. After letting it sit for 5-8 minutes, you get a beautiful dinner. There is a instruction sheet included (all bent up for some reason though as were instructions. If i have to nitpick, i’ll nitpick on the wrinkled instructions. Anyhow, look at pics and you’ll see how nicely it cooks. I need to get my mom one of these.

Replacing all as they seemed to last 2 or 3 years max with issues like a cracking dome and motor burning out. I have owned several halogen type dome ovens over the last 10 years, replacing all as they seemed to last 2 or 3 years max with issues like a cracking dome and motor burning out. I liked cooking with these as i didn’t have to fire up the oven as much. And many times i used frozen meats like fish and chicken. However, nothing compares to cooking with the nuwave. This cooks much faster and thoroughly whether frozen or fresh. I am sold on this unit and will never go back to the halogen type. I cannot speak for reliability and longevity of the unit yet, but i will update the post at some point in time. The yellow dome and lack of lighting during cooking are something i am getting used to, but no big deal.

My favorite appliance of all times. I was happy this one came out with the new dome. My other ones, always cracked when left on the stand over and over again. I have told people to buy one, and if they didnt like it or it didnt do what it said. My friend was amazed when she put 2 steaks in there, and then called me. Her and her husband doubted it at first, but when they ate the steaks and found out how tender and juicy they were, they were sold. I can make a rack of meatballs in 10-15 minutes, all the grease drips right off. I have done a frozen solid ham in 3 hours, i have done everything in there but a roast beef. Take out pizza comes out tasting like it was just delivered. Cheesesticks and other snacks come out crispy, and the best part of it is, you can watch as snacks are cooking, especially cheesesticks, and catch them before they split open.

It really is a wonderful oven and this is my 3rd. The very clear dome cracked on my to start with two and in shopping for this design, this is by considerably the best selling price. Satisfied to have acquired it and is a full enhance.

I had the nuwave pro the dome eventually gave out and cracked so upgraded to the pro plus, remarkably suggest this products. I hardly at any time use my oven i like the nuwave superior.

I like it simply because we can prepare dinner the food correct on. We acquired this to swap a sharper picture oven of the exact sort due to the fact of the heavy glass bowl that was hard to thoroughly clean. This oven does not get as sizzling as the sharper impression product but it does cook extremely correctly and we use it nearly each individual working day. I like it because we can prepare dinner the meal proper on the table and when ready to consume, just get the top off and convey the prime into the kitchen area. It is wonderful for roasting veggies as perfectly as cooking meat and fish. It is in particular great for cooking bacon. I should really incorporate that the amazon rate was incredibly fantastic in contrast with the on line value.

Nuwave set the dome issue and now should be near ideal. I had a more mature product nuwave 3 yrs in the past and had to replace two polycarbonate domes owing to strain cracks. I was wondering the nuwave style and design crew ought to have employed ultem (pei) also from ge plastics (now sabic) in its place of lexan for recognised info. Now the new pro plus did it, and introducing top with extending ring, and one further rack. The manage panel is upgraded to digital. All of these is for only significantly less than $20. I utilized two moments so much and it performs as excellent as the more mature model. I also purchased a three-yr guarantee for $10 in case. Over-all, it is a really great products at realistic value.

It’s an exceptional oven but only lasted for a 12 months. It is a genuinely fantastic cooker for what it is but it was not designed to past a extensive time. I purchased two of them and both of them are now damaged. But outer plastic shell is cracked in several areas and i have been unable to find replacements online for cheaper than just changing the full device by itself forcing me to just acquire a new 1. If you like buying a new 1 after a calendar year than this is for you.

The products delivers what it claims. Nonetheless, i’m nostalgic for the sharper impression design i was accustomed to employing. I overlook the versatility to raise or reduce the temperature and the cook dinner time though the oven is on–now i have to convert it off to do the adjustment. I miss out on the programmed cook buttons, and the intermittent light-weight showing how the food items appears to be like. On this newest product, it can be a good deal much easier to clear the dome because it is detachable. It also looks that the food items cooks a minor speedier than in the older sharper image glass dome model. And it’s a ton lighter to elevate and place away. ( i will not like everything on my kitchen area counter when i’m done cooking. ) my hope is that this oven will give us several many years of cooking pleasure as the initial a person did.