Nostalgia CCP399COKE Coca-Cola 2, Five Stars

Ok maybe because i actuality worked at a movie theater back when i was in high school so i learn how to work one of these a long time ago i don’t see what people are complaining about. I will say the directions weren’t poorly written just small print that made some things hard to see. My only real complaint is i wish it had caps to go over some of the bolts to hid them better. But it looks great and works like the ones i used back when i was younger. Just like the ones in the theater you will have to make at least 3 batches before you start to serve (2 if your by you self) and a tip that is not in the book on how to use it and i learned so may years ago is if count to 3 if you can do that and don’t hear a pop dump it. If you do that it come out perfect every time.

It’s smaller than we imagined however it was a birthday gift for my wife’s mother but she still liked it.

Great working popcorn machine, awesome addition to the man cave. The product was missing the wheel axel but customer service was very quick to respond. No flaws, my family loves it.

Key specs for Nostalgia CCP399COKE Coca-Cola 2.5-Ounce Popcorn Cart – 48 Inches Tall:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • MOVIE THEATER POPCORN AT HOME: Whether it’s movie night or snack time, this cart pops up to 10 cups of movie theater style popcorn per batch to keep popcorn buckets full
  • NOSTALGIA POPCORN KITS: Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits (Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit KPK400, PPB600 Reusable Popcorn Bowls, PCSP5 Pre Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit)
  • 2.5 ounce KETTLE: Stainless steel kettle holds 2.5 ounces of popcorn kernels and is designed with a built in kernel stirring system and dual hinged lid to easily empty popcorn
  • LIGHTED INTERIOR: Lighted interior creates a fun and pleasant room ambiance and allows you to watch your popcorn pop
  • TILT SERVING DOOR: Outfitted with a tilt door, scooping and serving popcorn has never been easier
  • HANDY STORAGE COMPARTMENT: Conveniently store your popcorn kernels, oils, seasonings, candy or other serving accessories in the see through storage compartment located in the base of the unit
  • EASY MOBILITY: 13 inch spoked wheels with convenient pull handle allows the cart to be wheeled wherever it’s needed
  • COUNTERTOP USE: The top is easily removable, allowing it to be doubled up as a countertop unit
  • TEMPERED SAFETY GLASS: Glass windows are designed to resist breakage while being scratch and heat resistant to keep you and your family safe
  • INCLUDED: Kernel measuring cup, oil measuring spoon and a popcorn scoop are included

Comments from buyers

“It’s a great machine you will love it
, It is movie time!
, Smaller than expected

This is one of my favorite thing every movie 🎥 time.

Sent it to our grandkids (15-24) as a late christmas gift. We (old folks) have one already and we love ours also.

I absolutely love it ,i use it almost every other day and i don’t have any dislikes about ,it’s very easy to clean with the pull out tray.

I enjoy being able to make movie theater popcorn at home and i know that it is freshly made.

It’s fun for the kids to watch the popcorn being made n is pretty easy to clean up. One of the legs did break the second or third day just by moving it but it still stands so i’m not bringing it back. Smaller then i would think also but not bad all in all.

Good solid construction, great popcorn, better than microwave. Great addition to my coke collection i would recommend this item to anyone.

It looks just like the ones we had way back when, looks origional, strong built and looks pretty. We will be able to pass it down to our others when time comes. Thank you for having it to purchase.

Not too small, fits nicely into corner of kitchen.

Love, love, love this machine, i always wanted one, it’s so easy to use, the popcorn is great, can’t wait to use it this july 4th.

The design is very unfriendly to the user, very challenging to put butter, popcorn mix in. There should be a door on the side so loading the pot with the mix would be a lot easier, very small area to work in.

Bought for my husbands man cave.

Looks nice kinda hard to clean and doesn’t do the best job of making popcorn.

Takes a bit to heat up but works grest.

It’s much smaller than i expected. Still very cute but i’m not sure we’ll keep it.

Although one of the legs broke because the weld was weak on the stand the pop corm maker itself work perfectly. This is one for the whole family.

We bought this popcorn machine because we wanted to pop and sell popcorn at a fundraising event. I should have checked the dimensions more closely when i purchased it because i didn’t expect it to be as small as it is. You can basically pop 1/2 batch of a typical popcorn maker using this cart. Everything worked well and it didn’t give us any problems but it was a lot of work trying to keep up on orders with such a small machine.

I liked the popcorn popper itself but it didn’t keep the popcorn hot after it dumped out.

Very hard to put the popcorn into the machine. And no metal strainer to strain away to seeds.

Bought this for my granddaughter’s 7th birthday. She loves it and had her dad put it together right away.

Great product, super fast shipping.

Nostalgia NGD200 Living Collection Extra-Large Non-stick Griddle, Just ok

Wish i’d bought thos years ago.

Its hard to regulate the heat, but once you get the hang of it it does the job.

For a low price it does the job, just be careful of the control unit as it gets very hot and you could burn yourself.

Key specs for Nostalgia NGD200 Living Collection Extra-Large Non-stick Griddle with Cool Touch Handles and Warming Drawer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non-stick coating
  • Adjustable thermostat: 200-400° F
  • Warming drawer keeps food ready to serve
  • Removable drip try catches cooking oil & grease

Comments from buyers

“My husband makes the best bacon and eggs every Sunday morning for the family
, Is not as nonstick as I thought it would be
, Five Stars

Very nice grill with useful warming tray.

I purchased one of these nostalgia gd20c non stick copper griddle with warming drawer after percolating (thinking) for over two years about buying a portable single induction burner to use on my kitchen countertop. I had a nice one picked out but was still wondering if it was the best choice for me and my spouse. We have an electric stovetop but rarely use it for cooking. Our kitchen is small and almost all of our food is homemade, even our bread, and i am recovering from an old back injury soi have implemented certain ways of cooking that have helped me tremendously but they do take up a lot of counter space in my kitchen. I realized it was better for me to cover my stovetop and use it as additional counter space. That is why i almost purchased a portable induction burner. My spouse and i often grill vegetarian food, like morningstar bacon. The induction burner would not help with that. My spouse and i also own a nostalgia breakfast station that has a mini grill that we use often and enjoy, but we still needed more grill space since we batch up food. I find making multiple portions is a wise use of the time it takes to make a meal; it does not take that much longer to make a huge amount of food than it does to make a small amount.

This is great, large surface area, nonstick, very nice product.

Came broken & design dose not flow to drip tray.

Just make sure you heat it up in high and oil it before you use it. They call that seasoning you cook top, you are good after that.

Food is sticking to griddle. Having a hard time getting it clean.

My husband makes the best bacon and eggs every sunday morning for the family. He had a different griddle that e used for a couple of years and we moved it to our rv. He requested a new griddle for the house so we could quit hauling it in and out of the house. We decided to try te nostalgia copper griddle. Today is the first time he used it and he likes it better than his old one. He was able to keep the bacon warm while he was cooking the eggs. The sides of the griddle are higher than on his other griddle and so the grease from the bacon doesn’t spill as easily. We are very happy with our new griddle.

We bought this hoping it would be easy to clean and to cook multiple pancakes on but it is smaller than we thought and so we were kind of disappointed in the amount you can cook on it but the worst part is the food gets stuck to the plate super easy and you have to use lots of cooking spray to keep it from sticking. Personally i hate cleaning it when we are done so i hardly use it. Wish we had gone with a different product. The good thing is it does heat really well and quickly so that is a pro.

I bought it for my daughter. She has two boys and she can prepare their meal all at one time and keep it warm until they come down to eat. It is easy to use so the oldest boy can use it without fear of setting the house ablaze. I am planning on buying one of these for everyone in my family. There are so many things you can use this grill for and the size can hold several steaks or chops.

Perfect for making a lot of pancakes at once. The warmin tray is pretty awesome too.

Loved the copper top very easy to clean.

My husband loves it to cook breakfast on the weekends.

Heat takes a while at far end from plug in but cooks even.

I purchased this product because my husband loves for me to cook breakfast. And pots & pans set ‘is not the best’. I can use the product quite easy. So far i have only used this griddle for breakfast, but i plan on using it for more food items. To sum it up:-easy to set-up-easy to clean-great temperature settings.

Great gift item works amazing.

However after using it a few times the plastic underneath melted. That’sa bummer and i could not find a replace part.

The heat range is good and pretty accurate.

Nostalgia RSM702COKE Coca-Cola Single Snow Cone Maker – Snow cones for Christmas

Good product i am satisfied with everything i recommend the product.

I really love my little snow cone maker. I purchased this 1 to replace an old 1 that stopped working. It’s great for hot summers or anytime you just want snow ice.

Exelent choise,my kids love it and i use multiple times a day. Here are the specifications for the Nostalgia RSM702COKE Coca-Cola Single Snow Cone Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 1 hands-free snow cone at a time
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Snow Cone Kits! (SCS160-Snow Cone Syrups, Straws and Cups-SCSTRAWCUP20)
  • Flip-up snow cone holder stores beneath unit
  • Includes one reusable plastic snow cone cup
  • Built-in safety switch
  • Durable stainless steel cutting blades
  • Works with standard size ice cubes
  • Convenient cord storage in bottom of unit
  • Suction cup feet for extra stability

This snow come machine will amaze you runs like the pros and has lasted over two years using it daily.

I bought three for the young ones. After the kids made me a sno cone. I would make an ‘adult’ drink out of it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I am glad that I did
  • and obviously not “professional” quality but it looks nice on the counter
  • This snow come machinee pros and has lasted over two years using it daily

Cheap but wonderful for what it can do.

Made snow cones for everyone on christmas day. Don’t know how long it will hold up but it has already been worth the price.

Haven’t used it yet but it looks great. We are waiting for the granddaughters to come over.

We bought this for our kids but also for a street blockparty we were hosting. Our street has tons of kids and thought it would be a fun idea. Because of the low cost i was worried it might not last through the 4 hr party. Not only did it last but it was the hit of the party. The device bascially ran non-stop for 4 hrs and only paused for each child to add more ice. One last note and i have to thank amazon. The cone holder device is actually hinged under the device. We actually returned our first device thinking they didn’t include in our box. When we got the second, we thought they forgot again.

They can make snow cones whenever they like. The suction cups on the bottom keep it from moving around. The downside is noise which was expected due to crushing ice, but even refrigerators make the same noise, so it is not a bad product. I recommend it for those hot days and can be used for adult drink use as well.

I had to hold the cup so the ice doesn’t get everywhere, also so loud, it was so loud my neighbor heard it.

My wife wanted a snow-cone maker for her birthday, and we have a coca-cola themed kitchen. Yes it’s noisy, and obviously not ‘professional’ quality but it looks nice on the counter, and makes decent snow cones, at a reasonable cost. Maybe not for you if you’re making 10 snow-cones a day, but for the occasional treat, it’s great.

This is a great machine if you are looking for ice for mixed drinks or are the kind of person who likes chewing on ice. I was hopping for a snow texture and got chipped ice instead. I’ve enjoyed it for margaritas and other mixed drinks but it’s not a great for ‘snow’ cones.

The article gives me a start when i turn it on. Rather messy, but the end result is there. Regret that no extra cone cups were included. Can’t find them here in canada.

I love it and use it every day.

I imagine it works that way it is supposed to for the price but be prepared to stand there and run it for about 5 minutes for each cone.

Not only does it make great snow cones, ( the ice is dry not wet like most others) but we have been experimenting with all kinds of ideas. My wife does plexus and now make a ice slushy pink drink. The kids love it a we use it almost every week now. The cup holder is kind of a joke, we just use a bowl.

Grandkids are really enjoying making snowcones for their family and friends.

We purchased this for our kids for christmas. I researched and researched them and decided on this one. It works wonderfully and they can all use it (ages 10-15) without making any mess. You just put the ice in the top, turn it on and it shaves it into the cup. They pour their syrup over the ice and they have their treat. I love the nostalgic look of it.There are many for a lot more money but i can’t see why anyone would want to spend it.

Bought it to use at my son’s birthday party and it was a hit with both kids and adults.

Nostalgia Electrics EWC008BLK 8-Bottle Wine Chiller, Five Stars

This was a good addition to our kitchen. It was easy to set up and keeps our wine properly chilled. I subtracted 1 star because it is fairly noisy. It actually is louder than our refrigerator. It’s not outrageous, but it is louder than it should be for such a small cooler.

Took several days to cool down to 51 degrees.

Fits nicely on my countertop. Some people liken it to a microwave but it still looks good against my glass backsplash. Bottles are kept at a good temperature. I would recommend this product to my friends with small spaces.

Key specs for Nostalgia Electrics EWC008BLK 8-Bottle Wine Chiller:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 8-bottle electric wine cooler
  • Single zone cooling
  • Eco-friendly; no refrigerant needed
  • Blue interior lighting with on/off switch, blue led display with touch keys
  • Auto defrost, adjustable thermostat cools within ambient room temperature.

Comments from buyers

“A great unit, quiet and stays on temperature
, Amazing performance at amazingly low price
, Love it — removed the chiller from the shipping box

Fantastic little fridge, keeps perfect temp, no complaints. Used to keep wine in the regular fridge, the difference in taste is amazing.

So easy to set up and operate.

Initially, it takes several hours to get it to the desired temperature, but it is very quiet and efficient. Hopefully, it will last a good number of years as i plan to take good care of it.

No problems yet fits counter top just right temperature has stayed adequate.

Works great and the compact size is great.

Perfect for the price and size.

Very simple operation and set-up. Perfect for the vacation home for only eight bottles,.

The unit is quiet and the perfect size for our house.

It works perfectly if you have enough air-flow on the sides and the top of the unit. I put it on a shelf and then cut an 8’x20′ hole in the top of the cabinet for the warm air to be released.

This cooler cannot be used on a shelf. I tried to use it on a shelf with more than the recommended clearance and it ran all the time and never cooled below 57°f. I decided i was going to return it. I took it off the shelf and set it on the counter. Wow, 15 minutes later, it had cooled to 53°f and turned off for the first time in weeks. I may try to build an air deflector on my 3d printer. If it works, i will raise the rating.

Arrived on time and works great. Hooked it up and have had no regrets. I waited for about three weeks to write this to see how well it would work and love it.

So far after having the wine cooler for 1. Let’s hope i don’t as time goes on and it will last a few years as opposed to a few months.

Was not working properly had to return.

8 fits nice quite and love it.

I have this little wonder for less than 4 months. Remove from box,plug in,set temp( comes with no brainier instructions) and you r good to go. 8 bottles – slightly wider ones put in backwards. If u review on internet wine chillers of this size or less they r usually annoyingly noisy – not this baby. Quiet, runs silent, never annoyingfabulous for the price- measurements great – fits under cabinets – remember to measure before orderingprice is great as well.

Perfect for apartment living.

Very quiet and cools pretty close to stated temperature; i set it at 62 and thermometer measured 59.

Our unit has run flawlessly for 14 months at keeping a few bottles of red at 55 degrees. It hardly runs after all the bottles have been chilled, it’s very quiet when it does run, and fits conveniently on a shelf in the kitchen pantry. On rare occasions an oddball ‘gift’ bottle is too long to fit after opened and re-corked, but i choose to blame the bottle and not the appliance. For about the cost of 2-3 of bottles brunello this a great value.

Looks great and cools my wine really well.

It is very quiet and keeps a constant temp that we set.

Nostalgia HKP200 2 : Great item

I bought this unit even after reading the few negative reviews – i should have listened to them. It looks great, but doesn’t pop corn. I have tried it twice now thinking maybe i needed a different type of popcorn or oil. I warmed the unit(first time 5 min, second time longer)put in the oil and then the corn. The first go round i got no popped corn at all and the second try i got about 10 – 15 popped kernels after 25 min. The unit didn’t seem to get hot enough. I have now had to clean it twice with no popcorn to show for the trouble. I agree with a previous review, only good for a paperweight. 5-2-13 amendment: i contacted nostalgia electrics and explained the problems i was having with the popper.

Ok, this product is what i expected it to be. It’s a cheap version of commercial popcorn maker. It could be worse by being an hot air popper so it has that going for it. The popcorn comes out perfectly cooked. My only gripe is that quite a few uncooked kernels pop out with the cooked ones. I’m guessing the lid is a little too light.

I bought one and the kids loved it and my parents loved too. We use it weekly for family movie night and still works great over a year later.

This popcorn machine is great. The look is unique, and better yet, it make wonderful popcorn. I pop my corn with coconut oil, and flavocol, the seasoning used in the theaters. The machine works quickly, and the whole house has that wonderful theatre popcorn smell. I deffinately recommend this machine. Makes just enough popcorn for two to three people at a time perfectly every time.

  • We have had this machine for 2 years. I
  • Very nice old fashion style
  • It pops almost every kernel and easy set up

Nostalgia HKP200 2.5-Ounce Popcorn Popper with Lighted Marquee

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pops up to 10-cups of popcorn per batch
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits! (Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit-KPK400, PCJ30-Shoft shelled Popping Kernels, PPB600-Reuseable Popcorn Bowls)
  • Large, 2.5-ounce stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system
  • Vented windows
  • Vented windows
  • Pull out drawer for easy serving access
  • Includes 150 reusable vinyl letters to customize the lighted marquee!

The pan could be a little bit bigger, but is easy to use and make fast popcorns .

I read many of the reviews on different sites and i would have to say buy it if you don’t like it send it back. For me this thing is awesome. I wanted a popcorn maker that could make popcorn like the theater and thats what this thing does.

It’s not as easy to disassemble for cleaning as our other machine. It looks really cool though.

We have a new game room and we received this as a present to entertain the grand kids. I was skeptical after i read the reviews here, but was pleasantly surprised. The kids loved listening and watching the popcorn shoot out. You do have to listen and when it is almost done popping, turn the handle to empty the pot so the popcorn left inside doesn’t burn. I used good old orvil and the popcorn tasted great. We added salt and butter, but toppings are optional for those dieting. Cleaning is a little time consuming, but not impossible. We wiped the inside down and soaked the popper and bottom bowl with soap and it was ready to go for the next party. It is harder to store than smaller units, but not an issue for us.

I really like the popcorn machine. Its real easy to used n looks good in any room.

I’ve owned the ‘nostalgia hollywood popcorn maker’ for over a year now. Used it on many occasions and quite happy with this popper. I’ve also used many different brands of kernels (tho i favor some brands over others), and on each occasion received a successful pop. There are some instructions one must follow (included), but in doing so, i’ve never experienced burnt popcorn, or an extreme of undercooked kernels. Once the kettle cools, clean it out after each use (yes, hand washing required). Note: i’ve popped an array of plain, buttered, and caramelized popcorn in this machine, and i get a yummy bunch each timeeach batch can feed 2-4 people (depending on how hungry they are). A kettle wash-&-clean is not required if a second batch needs to be made soon after the first batch. I’ve learned batch #2 is easier to make when the kettle is still hot from batch #1. Simply remove all popped corn from the kettle’s first batch, turn the power back on for a minute or two at most, fill with oil, fill with kernels and batch #2 is underwaycleaning the popcorn maker is not much of a hassle. Before replacing the clean kettle back into the machine, i wipe down the popper’s insides with damp paper towel.

It pops almost every kernel and easy set up. My only complaint is that the kettle does not have a magnet for the lid so it falls easily and since you have to preheat the kettle it can burn.

I bought 6 of them for gifts at the christmas party. 3 out of 5 had a problem out of the gate. 2 of them a kernel got stuck on the rotating arm inside of kettle. After freeing them up they have been working. The dump arm on one was stuck and would not dump the popcorn. After forcing it started working.

It was a gift for my granddaughter and her family.

The hollywood kettle poporn maker was at the top of my granddaughters christmas list (she found it in a catalog). It came with measuring cups for the oil and popcorn so it was easy for her to use correctly. It worked great from the first time, even over flowing the kettle just like at the theater. The day after christmas she had fun popping popcorn for most of the neighborhood.

The price of movies and those $10. 00 bags of popcorn are sometimes out of my budget, so i rent a movie and make popcorn in my nastalgic popcorn popper with my own name on the marquee.

I have this popcorn maker for about a year now, and we love it. The kettle could be a bit easier to clean, but over all, the popcorn comes out really good. No more microwaveable popcorn for us.

We got this machine a few days ago, we loved the look of it when we took it out of the box. But the real test came when we put it to the test because we are true popcorn lovers in my household. This machine was great and the popcorn taste was just of that of the movie theater. I do think the plastic sides, back and front could be a little thicker but still over all still give it high stars.

Last christmas, this was one of only three things my 8-year-old daughter wanted for christmas. She got it and we are very happy with it. It may not make a whole lot of popcorn all at once but once it’s warmed up, it is so fast and fun to watch, who cares. It makes plenty of popcorn for our family-of-four movie nights and it was a hit at our daughter’s 2nd grade, last-day-of-school party. We even put ‘good bye second grade’. 5 stars for the novelty of it and 5 stars for popcorn it makes.

We have had this machine for 2 years. I wouldn’t say we use it ‘regularly’. Once or twice a month when the kids have their friends stay the night, or if we are entertaining guests. We have yet to have any problems out of this thing. I would have given it 5 stars, but this thing is insanely loud.

Awesome to have a movie theater style popcorn maker at home.

I used this almost every week in my classroom. It is easy to clean and store. The price was much better on amazon than in my local stores. My purchase was refurbished i believe so i paid a great price for it.

Have not had much of a chance to use it yet. Although the few times i have used it my wife loved it.

Nostalgia KRS6100SS 6, With some upgrades it definitely serves the purpose

Have a lot of problems w/the c02 leaking.

Great kegerator for the price. It keeps the beer very cold. Two neg things, kegoretor can only hold two 5 gal kegs it will nit hold a 5gal and 7 gal slim keg. Popular lite beers only come in a 7 gal keg.

Out of the box this thing is relatively poor. I am a homebrewer so a lot of the pieces it comes with i didn’t use. The c02 tank is small and has strange fittings. But i had my own 5lb c02 tank so it didn’t matter. I already had quality lines so i replaced the cheap ones it comes with. I put a bunch more insulation into it after i removed the taps to fit them with my own lines. I didn’t have any dents or anything on mine, and overall it looks good. However, if you want a kegerator to fit with commercial kegs and use out of the box.

Key specs for Nostalgia KRS6100SS 6.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Dispenser:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The adjustable thermostat keeps beer at the perfect temperature
  • Chrome beer tower and guardrail add that touch of class
  • Includes a two American Sankey “D” tap systems
  • Made in China
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 6.1 cu.ft.
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Two spring-loaded easy-pull & release dispensing taps
  • Double meter regulator
  • Includes two American Sankey “D” tap systems
  • 2.5 lb. CO2 tank (must be filled before using)
  • 13” chrome beer tap tower & guardrail
  • Stainless steel removable drip tray
  • 1 large wire shelf
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Casters for easy mobility (front wheels lock)
  • Holds the following sizes: (2)-1/6 Barrel (5.23 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Short (7.75 Gallons), 1/4 Barrel Slim (7.75 Gallons), 1/2 Barrel (15.5 Gallons)

Comments from buyers

“A decent residential Kegerator
, Good, but not straight forward
, So far so good

. Fails to get cold enough even with set on coldest. (never gets below 45 degrees). I am going to add an external fan on the condenser (evaporator???) to see if that helps. . Built for a price point (i paid around $500.

By complete surprise, a friend of mine found this kegerator on serious clearance at a local ‘members club’ that rhymes with yams. They had one new in the box for 199. 00 which my friend bought, and they sold the display model for 149. I was lucky that most of the assembly had already been done since it was the display. Once home, i had only one issue and that was that the guy who assembled it at the store apparently lost all of the screws for the tower. An email to nostalgia was quickly answered and the (free) replacement screws arrived a few days later. I will agree that getting the right pressure is a little tricky , matter of fact i might still have it a little low but it’s ok. The kegerator temp stays at about 35 degrees, and i keep all my glasses in a freezer so i have no issues with having a cold beer. I don’t know i have nothing to compare it to, but it has served us fine for our needs. I would like a bigger co2 tank just so i would not have to have it refilled as often, but the welding shop i go to is convenient and it’s about. Side note: i browsed the instruction book, but chose to follow the instructions i found in video form on youtube.

I special ordered mine from home depot to avoid shipping charges and only paid $525+tax. I was disappointed when i saw the 2. 5# co2 tank but when i took it to airgas, they exchanged it for a 5# free of charge. The regulator it came with isn’t all that great but after replacing the flare connects with barbed, it works fine. As for the beverage lines, i just cut off the sanke fittings and crimped on swivel nuts for ball lock disconnects. I also dig the auto faucet shut offs. I think the faucets are taprite but i’m not sure. They did get stuck on me after not using it for a few weeks, but some wd-40 and keg lube fixes that. For the money, this is the best kegerator on the market. And you can always buy two 1/6 barrel sanke kegs if you don’t want to change the fittings out.

I brew beer so having something that keeps it cool and pours beer is what i wanted. The co2 tank it self did not leak. People that talk about co2 leaking don’t know about plumbers tape and don’t know how to check for leaks in the tank or the lines. It’s easy to search how to online. It took a little research and know how to switch to a ball lock keg. Once i figured it out it was easy. I recommend getting a beer tower cool to cut down foam and a inkbrid temp regulator.

I dont know what ppl are talking about on here. The only prob i have with it is that i get a lot of foam from the tap. After following the installation instructions and such, ive prob put a good 2hrs altogether into adjusting the regulator psi. When i get it to the point of pouring with a good head, its just trickling out of the tap.

Great product and pretty easy to assemble.

This nostalgia kegorator arrived promptly and seemed to be mostly what i expected, but i ran into a problem when assembling my unit. One of the co2 connectors did not have any threads tapped into it. It’s clearly a manufacturing defect, since the second co2 connector was threaded and connected ok. I’ll gladly change my review from two-stars to five stars if nostalgia quickly replaces this defective tube assembly. Just spoke with a nostalgia customer service representative who was very cooperative and agreed to send me a replacement co2 line. I’m changing my rating to 3 stars for now.

It is a beautifully constructed, impressive looking and fun piece. We’ve had some problems with the hoses we got with the kegerator maintaining co2 pressure, so we are working on giving it a thorough cleaning.

The co2 had a leak for the first few weeks. I had no way of contacting you for help. I finally just got the leak fixed although i wasnt happy it came with a broken seal.

Back corner was dented so it wobbles but still functional.

I ordered the double tap kegorator for my husband for our anniversary. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. There’s nothing like coming home to an ice cold beer. To me, beer tastes so amazing out of a tap versus a can. The only one slight downfall is our region doesn’t offer many beer selections in the small ‘torpedo’ size kegs and if i knew that before i ordered i probably would have just ordered single tap instead.

I bought this model for my boyfriend, as a college graduation present. I picked it because nostalgia was rated pretty high on the list for a kegorator. I finally chose is because i liked the look of it and, honestly, it was a little cheaper. It works perfectly fine now but the set up process was a pain, to say the least.Non of the screws fit, a couple of the pieces we had to ‘alter’ to make work and frankly don’t even try to read the instructions, they didn’t help at all. But after a trip to the hardware store and some help from people with there own kegorators we finally got it working properly, but we definitely had to jerry rig a few things to make it look nice. A few fixes would make this a top kegorator. Work on it a little more nostalgia.

I bought a sperate digital thermometer and it says its keeps the beer at 37 degrees which is perfedt for me.

This replaced an old 3 tap beverage aire commercial kegerator i had go out on me. I didn’t want to spend $1500. 00+ for a new commercial quality one, so i opted for this unit. I’ll list the pros and cons as i see them. 3) good range of temperatures (approx. )4) uses half the power of my old kegerator. 5) actually hold (3) home brew kegs (5 gallon). 6) good quality dual gauge regulator. 7) so far seems to be reliable. 1) co2 tank is too small (2.

Showed up with a small dent in the front panel. Mildly loud and could get a little colder. Other than that, it worked fine for the first two kegs.

Before you buy this know what you are getting into. The tower unit is almost impossible to get installed. You have to completely remove all of the parts so that it will fit through the whole and attach to the top of the unit. It is not part of the instructions. The pictures make it look like it just slides in. But unless the laws of physics have changed, you can’t push a larger circle through a smaller one. This is not easy and took me several hours to get it right. You also have to remove the top plastic cover. Three screws and and 3 hidden latches attach it. Again, not part of the instructions.

There was a review here earlier that explained it very well so i’m copying a few pros/cons – first the pros. 3) good range of temperatures (approx. )4) decent dual gauge regulator. 5) so far seems to be reliable. 1) co2 tank is too small (2. It is also hard to refill tanks in my area so you have to be on an exchange program anyway with 5 lb2) cheap quality beer lines. (i recommend you replace them w/ 5-6 feet of 3/16′ i. High quality beer line)3) cheap quality gas line. 5) black plastic top seems cheap. It actually sits a little low so the front door doesn’t close perfectly.

Overall i’m happy with this kegerator. It keeps the beer cold and was easy to setup. First, i’m using homebrew corny kegs so i did not really test or use the tubing or keg fittings that they provide. Maybe i will some day, but that wasn’t my intent. Second, the beer tower will not keep the lines cold. This is not unique to this product, but similar for all kegerators in this price range. (hot air rises) i built a cheap fan to circulate cold air there and things are working great now (just look for cooling keg tower on the internet). Third, for me in particular, it took a lot of trial and error with keg pressures and beer tubing length to get a good poor without it being all foam. So, while i feel the product is good, know that it is probably not as simple is just buying it and it will be perfect from day one.

Nostalgia Electrics BSM300 4-in-1 Bakery Bites Express : It got my daughter interested in cooking!

This product is very good, is made of good quality materials. It is very comfortable and the price was very good.

I did brownies and they were ready in 10 minutes; i made them in cupcake shape so they ended up really cute and tasty.

Nostalgia Electrics BSM300 4-in-1 Bakery Bites Express

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes brownies, cookies, bundt cakes, cupcakes via interchangeable baking plates
  • Comes with brownie cutter
  • Power and ready light
  • Non-stick baking surface
  • Cord wrap and carry handle
  • Makes brownies, cookies, bundt cakes, cupcakes via interchangeable baking plates
  • Comes with brownie cutter
  • Power and ready light
  • Non-stick baking surface
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

What a lovely and easy to use product. I made brownies today in 20 minutes and they whre just delish. Finally i wont have to turn on the oven for baking.

I read a lot of the reviews before buying this product. Here are some of the major elements i have found to be accurate. First, this appliance does get very hot. I did not want my 8 year-old using it without me. Second, it is easy to clean. We ran out of mini-cupcake wrappers and made the rest of the batch without them. We didn’t need to grease the pan and the cupcakes popped right out. Thirdly, you really do need to watch each item as it bakes. The directions give a wide range: three to eight minutes. I’ve found it takes longer and longer with each batch. Additionally, it doesn’t make very much at one time, so i recommend buying the smaller boxes of mix unless you want to spend almost two hours baking mini cupcakes eight at a time. In a year or so i may trust my girls to use it without me hovering, but you can’t bake without heat.

My daughter wanted an easy bake oven for christmas. I read the reviews on it and they were horrible. No need to buy expensive easy bake mixes. I can simply go to the grocery store and buy her baking mixes there. She’s already made muffins and cookies for us and they taste delicious. Only down side is if you make muffins they only brown on the bottom not so much on the top, but it doesn’t affect the taste at all.

Nostalgia Electrics BSM300 4-in-1 Bakery Bites Express : Gave it to my niece of 11 yrs old for christmas and she loves it.

Possibly the best christmas gift in the house this year. The nostalgia electrics bakery bites express makes brownies, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, little bundt cakes and more in under 10 minutes. No warming up a big oven, perfect for kid chefs, and deliciously small (but not tooo small) portions (like the easy bake oven—that was a rip-off). We have been whipping up batches of dessert daily since christmas day.Kids love helping in the kitchen. . And they can with this kid-friendly bakery. Treats are perfectly sized, in my opinion, and so easy to whip up that it isn’t a chore to use.

Took the reviews advice and put down parchment paper/foil and it took care of the bottom burning problem. Thought i would try to make a grilled cheese on a whim and in a few minutes i had a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich with melted cheese. For the price and what i use it for it is a great bargain.

I bought this product during the holiday it was very kid friendly my kids like to bake on it. Very easy to use with parent supervison. My kids enjoy baking with this without having to use the oven.

I got it for my grandma who only wants a small snack after lunch. It’s on the smaller side so it doesn’t take up a bunch of space either.

Bought it for my niece who is in boarding school. She uses it to bake tiny cupcakes and desserts for her dorm bc they do not have an oven.

Works great and perfect for the travel trailer.

I bought this back in january, never opened it, purchased at a ridiculously low price than what it is here, now. I think i mainly bought it for the price and it would come in handy during the california heat-waves when turning an oven on (or even cooking) is unthinkable. (104f now at 7pm and the next few days even hotter)enter 6 months later. Opened the box last night, looked at all of the parts, read the reviews for tips and failures. Seems to cook hot when baking without add-on parts. First item i made today was gluten-free cornbread. I don’t use recipes, added about 2-3 tablespoons of butter and an egg for the fat in the batter. Turned the baker on after i mixed the batter since i didn’t want it too hot. Tried to butter the baker but it was already too hot.

The nostalgia electrics bsm-300 4-in-1 bakery bites express makes cute mini cupcakes that are scrumptous. I used mini cupcake liners (you can buy mini cupcake liners at walmart)and were done in about 8 minutes. Used a toothpick in the middle and they just came right out of the pan. I uploaded three pictures of the cupcakes on the product item page. I will not use liners next time so you will not need to peel the liner before popping them in your mouth-they are 1-2 bite-size. I used the bottom for brownies and turned out perfectly. Tried a carrot cake mix and i put too much cake mix in and it cooked all but the middle so only fill half way with cake mix and the cake should turn out great. I have not used the bundt cake plate yet but plan to cut dough and make mini fruit pies from the mold. I gave it four stars, not five, as the bottom plate does get extremely hot, and no temperature adjustment, and if you do not take out the brownies or cake at the right time they will start to burn so must keep a good check on them while cooking and testing frequently from 8-10 minutes with the toothpic in the middle for doneness. An absolutely fun little baker and getting one for my sister.

I bought this for my niece for christmas and it is still going strong and she still loves making cakes, brownies and any other baking she might get into. She just turned 11 and this baking kit was easy enough for her to figure out all on her own. Very easy to clean up and did a great job of baking the products without burning anything.

Got this as a christmas gift and i actually like it. It’s perfect for individual cakes for parties/crowds. It has really easy clean up. My daughter feels like a real baker when she uses this.

The best thing about this is the versatility of the machine. I don’t need to warm up the entire oven to cook a tray of brownies or cupcakes. Great for something quick to take as a snack with a last minute invite. Great if you have kids over, too.

We love baking, but due to my busy schedule, i can’t always accommodate. I was going to buy one of those easy bake oven for my preteen but it doesn’t seem to be suitable for her. She likes trying out new recipes (from scratch) in small batches. Given safety instructions, my preteen was using the bakery bites. She can load/unload her creations on her own. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, bakes reasonably fast. Only cons, for now, is the ‘new’ odor when using it the first time.

I made bran muffins and they were very good. And just the right size for portion control. Being diabetic a whole regular sized muffin is too big so one of these gives me a sweet treat without putting my sugar level over the top.

I wanted to buy my niece an easy bake oven for christmas but everyone that i found people had issues with. And i use that word settled lightly because it wasn’t settling. It turned out to be the perfect thing. She can use any recipe she wants and makes her own goodies. On top of that they aren’t these tiny little treats. I would buy this over any easy bake out there.

Our daughter wanted an easy bake oven, but the reviews were terrible, it was expensive, and it produces inedible results. We took a chance on this, and have loved it. It uses regular cake or muffin mixes, bakes in 7 minutes, and is easy to clean. My 4 yo can’t use it on her own, but she still feels proud. Best of all, it produces mini muffins that actually taste like muffins.

Purchased for a 9 year olds birthday, she loved it. So much better than an easy bake oven with their expensive mixes.

Nostalgia SCC200 Snow Cone Cart – 54 Inches Tall, Pleasently surprised

But the thing in the top stopped spinning and it begin making a loud funny noise. We would have to stop move the spinner around and keep trying. Other than that my family enjoyed this.

It makes several snow cones very fast. I was able to serve a party of kiddos in no time. We used the hawaiian syrup and it was wonderful.

I recommend very good machine totally one of the best products that i have bought they can buy it with confidence.

Key specs for Nostalgia SCC200 Snow Cone Cart – 54 Inches Tall:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Holds enough snow for approximately 72 8-ounce snow cones
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Snow Cone Kits! (SCS160-Snow Cone Syrups, Straws and Cups-SCSTRAWCUP20)
  • Uses standard size ice cubes
  • Convenient paper cone dispenser
  • Storage compartment in base
  • 3-snow cone holding tray
  • Drip tray to catch melted ice
  • Includes a metal scoop, 2-syrup bottles, 100 8-ounce paper cones and 100 straw spoons
  • Pull handle and utility shelf for snow cone preparation
  • Tempered glass windows and door

Comments from buyers

“Must buy!
, It stays in great shape, it is easily portable
, Great purchase

I have 3 kids and i have both this and the popcorn machine and it has paid for itself just using it for birthday parties. The snow cone cart puts out tons of snow cones and i have never had any problems. The added cups and mixes was a nice surprise.

We love this snow cone machine it was such a big hit with both kids and adults. My husband thought it took a little long to assemble and it looks like it had to stay assembled which sticks for storage but i stil love it.

I love it 🙂 highly recommend this vendor i used it for my sons theme of villains everyone love it. The snow cone machine works really good trust me.

We purchased this to use for our youth group to raise money. So far it has been a huge success. It is very easy to use and the kids love it.

It only makes chunks and not snow cones.

We have used it for several school event serving more than 200 ice cones in a few hours. It stays in great shape, it is easily portable. I would recommend to others.

I love it everyone should get one.

Storage could be bigger and have a bigger drip tray but its ok.

I’ve only used it a couple times, but i love it. It was a hit at the birthday party we gave for my daughters boyfriend. Both with adults and high school kids. I have grandchildren, they love it, and i love snow cones too. The perfect summer day treat. It’s easy to operate, and shaves the ice quickly.

I got this for my grandson and he says the machine makes super snow-cones.

It was the perfect gift works well.

I would not recommend this ice shaver to anyone who actually wants it to shave ice. I ended up purchasing a real ice shaver and just use this as a container for the finely shaved ice that i make with an infinitely better ice shaver. If you are interested in finely shaved fluffy ice that is indistinguishable from freshly fallen snow then check out this affordable ice shaver:great northern ice cub shaved ice machine.

Just wanted for the looks in my game room.

We haven’t gotten to use it fully but we recieved our machine the next day after purchase (wow). We wanted to make sure it works some just threw some ice in it and boom, it works great. The only negitive so far would be with out windy state it wouldn’t hold up outside, but we can support it from flying away. Can’t wait to use it for the 4th of july.

Very good machine and worked great for us.

We use it for our social events for people with down syndrome at camp i can enrichment center.

Is nice, but i used for few months in three parties and not more working.

Got this for my sons first birthday party. I turned on machine and turned around and there were 40 kids in line behind me. Machine is very quick and sturdy. I went from 40 kids to 0 in 20 minutes.Perfect for pool parties and cookout.

Received my package today and i love it.

Guests are impressed with the machine. Impressed my high school male teen and his friends.

I know its gonna be har to beleve but this thing works great. I bought it more for the novelty of it expecting it to work like a counter top ice crusher. I really gives a perfect shave good enough for shaved ice forming and slushies i shreds like a snow fall and consistency of one too. The speed is excelent for a busy fundraiser event. I got way more then expected for the price. The top cant hold alot of ice at one time but because of the speed you can continuosly place ice in it. The structue is a lil flimsy more for looks then anything. The supplies that came with it i didnt use at all i advise buy your own when you order this.

Nostalgia RKP630COKE Coca-Cola 2 – Great little popcorn machine for the money

Does not pop all the kernel’s, allot left behind.

Movie night anyone?i had my family over foe movie night, it was just like we were at an actual theatre. Love love love this popcaorn maker, thanks for sharing.

Just the perfect item for our family movie nights. The popcorn got cold really fast, though.

From the first day we received this in the mail my son has made everyone popcorn in the house. Its just as good as the movie theater he is coming a pro.

For me everything was good, the only thing is the machine don’t make too much popcorn.

Perfect for my daughter’s movie night sleepover.

  • Popcorn Machine
  • We love it

I love my popcorn maker, it is awesome .

Does spill a lot of kernels while popping.

Some of the kernels pop out before they’re done so i put two small magnets to hold the lids down a bit.

After using about 3 times it wow not heat up.

It’s lots of fun watching the popcorn pop.

Features of Nostalgia RKP630COKE Coca-Cola 2.5-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pops up to 10-cups of popcorn per batch
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits! (Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit-KPK400, PCJ30-Soft shelled Popping Kernels, PPB600-Reusable Popcorn Bowls, PCSP5-Pre-Measured Coconut Oil Popcorn Kit)
  • Large 2.5-ounce dual-hinged stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system
  • 360 degree clear-view popping chamber with vented windows
  • Lighted interior for easy viewing and countertop ambiance
  • Tilt door for easy serving access
  • Includes kernel measuring cup and oil measuring spoon

From the manufacturer

Nostalgia RKP630COKEBUN Coca-Cola Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Popper Bonus Bundle

View larger

What’s included?

RKP630COKE | Coca-Cola Kettle Popcorn Maker

Pops up to 10-cups of popcorn per batch.

Large, 2.5-ounce stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system.

Vented windows.

Lighted interior.

Tilt door for easy serving access.

KPK400 | Theater Popcorn Kit

16-ounces of soft shell popping corn.

8-ounce flavor butter oil for popping and topping popcorn.

1-ounce jar of nacho cheddar, white cheddar and ranch seasonings.


PCJ30 | Popping Corn

30-ounce jar of all-natural popping corn.

Makes up to 120-cups of soft-shelled popcorn.

Works with all Nostalgia kettle and hot air poppers.

Gluten and diacetyll free.


Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I used it for family nights.

Gave it to my son for christmas for his college dorm.

Pops but end up with too many unpopped kernels. Plus is difficulty to get popcorn out of machine and into a bowl without spilling out the side.

My daughter loves this, i believe the whole dorm will be lined out her door for some popcorn.

This popper makes great popcorn. Hoping that the manufacterer will forward to us.

I bought this for my husband for christmas because he is a movie buff and loves his popcorn. The machine is cute, easy to use, and easy to clean. The only reasons i am giving it four stars is because the arm comes off a little easier than expected and it’s very much plastic. For a little bit more money, i could have gotten a glass one. However, i do love the coca cola logo on this, and the popcorn tastes great.

Pops up to 10-cups of popcorn per batch

Bulb does not work and needs replaced and i don’t see what bulb replaces original.

I bought cola products for my grandson who is in college going for his master’o. His friends love the frozen cokes and the popcorn maker. They study a lot and they enjoy what the machines make.

I thought it would come with some starter popcorn. Smaller than i thought i should have read better.

I bought this for my husband as a birthday present and he loved it. He’s big into cocoa cola and he’s always wanted his own popcorn machine it fits great on the counter. It’s fairly easy to clean the part that holds the kernels comes out so you can clean it. It’s great to look at even if it’s not in use. We have even used it at parties. Each batch is enough for 2 people.

I love the kettle corn and this popper is perfect. It doesn’t take over the counter space, but still provides for a large amount of popped corn.

Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits!

Great popcorn maker, perfect for home movie nights or just to snack on. Small size makes it easy to store.

My wife and i love theater popcorn. Now we can have it at home when we watch our favorite tv programs.

. Works great and makes quite a bit at a time.

Remember this is not an air popper.

I didn’t receive the popcorn kit which was a little disappointing. Other than that it works very well.

It throws out a lot of kernels, one scoop of popcorn makes enough for two tho.

Very user friendly for children i love it.

Large 2.5-ounce dual-hinged stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system

This kettle popcorn maker is absolutely fabulous. Very chic looking, not cheaply made. Reminds me of being in the movie theater in your own home. If you are a coke collector like me, you cannot keep from buying this & displaying/using it. I have had to improvise the directions because they tell you to heat it up for 3-5 minutes & then turn it off before adding your oil, popcorn, etc but that does not work well. The oil needs to go into a hot kettle. I ordered my popcorn supplies from popcorn supply co in ny & they will assist you in buying what makes great popcorn if this is your first kettle popper. It is a small kettle but perfect for at home use. Also has the recipe to make roasted nuts. Hint: do not wash out the inside of the kettle after popping the corn. You need to let it get ‘seasoned’ like an iron skillet & it will make your popcorn taste better & better & better. Lots of fun to use, tastes fabulous & looks amazing, too. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Has happy to see, great style of small coke machine, not sure if i received a used coke popcorn popper or this was an defaulty one, unpacked it, read directions, popped 4 different mini batches, of popcorn, each time it burnt, i was unhappy, wanted it to work, decided to repack it up, and return it, not sure what was causing the problem. In this unit you can only pop less than 1/2 cup of popcorn at one time. Wish it would of worked out. Great price for the money, and the logal of coke. Wish the kettle may have been just a little bigger. Use your own idea of ordering this,.

The kettle popper is awesome. So much fun and good popcorn. Does have a lot of unpopped kernels but other than that it is a wonderful product.

360 degree clear-view popping chamber with vented windows

Nostalgia BSC15 3-Station 1 : Perfect for entertaining

I use it every morning when i prepare breakfast for my family. The item was also delivered well ahead of estimate date, which made it that much better.

It’s perfect for a nice med size get together. Going to use it for my super bowlparty. Used it for my christmas and new years party and loved it enough to buy another for a christmas present for my bf.

The mini buffet is just perfect for small to med gatherings use for sauce or condiments, for the price you can not do better.

Maintains warmth for 2+ hours well worth 20.

  • Good enough
  • Just the right temp
  • Great product.

Nostalgia BSC15 3-Station 1.5-Quart Buffet Server Warming Tray Copper

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 (1.5 quart) stainless steel trays
  • Buffet-style base doubles as a warming tray
  • Stylish Copper accents
  • Adjustable heat control dial
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Stay-cool side handles for easy portability
  • Heat resistant Lids with Spoon slots for less countertop mess

Good concept, the 3 bucket design is great to warm different types of dips, topping, or finger foods.

This product works excellent for my purpose. It keeps my elderly cat’s food warm and she is able to smell it an therefore she will eat.

I am conflicted on how to rate this product. The problem is it arrived the day before thanksgiving. It was obviously a returned item they sold to me as a new item. The box was open, “safety” seal was broken. Half the protective plastic was off the metal parts. I started to take off the rest of the protective plastic and discovered the issue. I would have returned it, but needed it for thanksgiving. So spent the next 3 hours slowly removing the material from 2 sides of the product. But at the point i was invested more in time then money. It still shows where the wrapping was. I hope it slowly wears off in time. I guess i have more of an issue with the supplier then the produce itself.

It is nice warming tray to have in the house for dinner party or very day meal in the winter season. I am also using it to heat up my food. It takes about 45 minutes to heat my food from +4oc and the taste is much better than microwave oven heating. I also like the removable frame so i could use it chinese tea warming. It is a kind of luxury piece for every family but the price made it possible to own one or more.

This was super for christmas eve. Everything was nice an warm.

Lightweight and heats nicely. I would recommend for small side dishes as the trays are small. I would recommend also for keeping appetizers warm.

I’ve used this to warm things for two parties. I also read other reviews before buying and didn’t find some of the heating problems others had.

Handle it carefully or it will not last long.

I used it yesterday for the first time and didn’t realize when i order it how small the containers were. It works well however, it does not hold enough for 10 serving.

Used this for the first time at thanksgiving and it worked out great. For the first time in years, i got to have a hot dinner. All the veggies stayed nice and hot while i carved the turkey and the prime rib.

Great for banquets and large get togethers.

I use this smaller version with the larger one. Great way to keep food warm.

Used it to keep the hotdogs warm at a party and to keep the cheese for the nachos warm. My grandma loved it so much she asked me to order one for her so i did.

This was perfect for a variety of parties we had. For one, we used just the flat warmning tray and put bruchetta on it. It was a large size and held lots of apps. The other parties, we used the compartment feature and put separate appetizers in them. Kept fhe food warm without burning it. I’m planning to order another one.

Item was just what o needed to host a breakfast. Worked great at keeping food warm.

Cracking apart with light use.

Amazon got these 2 mini buffets to us in good order. They were triple boxed, super. Hooked them up and put 1 cup of tap water in each bin and set them on high. And checked the water temp in each bin. Bin at control knob read 140 deg. Bin at opposite end read 135 deg. Both buffets read roughly the same. Not so great in that aspect, but they’ll keep the food hot/warm.