Nesco SC-150B Oval Slow Cooker : Baking saver/ I have no oven

This is a very convenient size for making food for 2 people. It is attractive, takes up little room, and works well.

I have a 6 quart nesco cooker that i really love for larger quantities but i needed something small for just two servings. It does exactly what i wanted it to do and does it well. Cooks just like the big guys. A word of caution, i learned the hard way that you can’t fill this little guy too full because it was meant for small portions. I made ham and bean soup and filled it to within an inch of the top and it took forever to come to temperature and cook. My fault not the fault of the cooker.

I ordered the nesco cooker to learn to prepare food for one. I have cooked several dishes in it and loved them all. Another reason for buying is because the large crockpot i own is so heavy for me to handle when cleaning up. I did think it took a little longer to cook than the large one, but that may just be my imagination. If you want a small amount of food, for one or two meals, this is your pot.

Nice size for 1 or 2 people. Love the color, a splash of joy. Cooked some curry chix and it came out perfect. This is not a timed cooker, so if you get one, make sure you are home and able to turn off.

  • Perfect little slow cooker
  • These things are so adorable, perfect size for bariatric patients
  • Teeny Tiny

Nesco SC-150B Oval Slow Cooker, 1.5-Quart, Blue

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1.5-Quart Capacity
  • Removable crock can go in oven or refrigerator
  • 3 Heat Settings High/Low/Warm
  • Chic metallic blue body
  • Dishwasher safe lid and crock

This was a gift and recipient loved it.

It’s used daily x 5 days a week to warm heating media up.

Just received this today so i can’t assess it’s viability. However, i wanted to give you my first impression of the nesco 1. The purple color is gorgeous and it arrived in perfect condition. Having said that, this cooker is unbelievably tiny. It’s like a play cooker for children. I knew it was going to be small but some reviewers said it could cook for two people. I live alone and there’s barely enough room to feed one. This little pot is best served for appetizers or dips and, in fact, that’s what it says on the box.

I bought these for me and my husband because we’re both having weight loss surgery. Normally a crockpot of chili makes like four or five bowls, but after surgery we’re only supposed to eat about half a cup at a time. I don’t want to waste a bunch of food and money so i thought i’d give these a shot. They’re better quality than i anticipated and absolutely adorable. I honestly wish i’d bought them a long time ago because i always feel guilty when i have too may leftovers and don’t eat them. For a normal person this crockpot can make like two bowls of chili, which in certain situations is awesome. It seemed to be the same quality as every other crockpot i’ve had. The only thing i don’t like is the handles are solid, instead of loops with holes in the center, so that makes it harder to keep a grip on them and i’m more worried about dropping them.

I received this just in time for christmas. It is the perfect size for my mom who is widowed. Its a beautiful color and doesn’t take up much space at all. She plans on cooking soups, meatballs, baked steak, etc in it. I would certainly reccomend this product.

I love the trimmed down size of this little crockpot, and the red color looks really sharp. We bought a second one for a wedding gift. It’s perfect for the newly-wed couple.

It’s perfect for just me and my hubby.

Bought to bring hot dip to a party.

This little slow cooker blew my mind. Easy to use and great compact size. My girlfriend does not like room temperature erotic toys. I thought this would be a good way to warm them and keep them warm through the evening.

I absolutely love nesco products. They are reasonably priced and last forever. Normally i would give a 5 star rating and maybe i should now. I’m certain this new purchase will please me too. Unfortunately, there is a scratch on the violet color. Amazon is so great about returns so i buy with confidence. However, this time i ordered for an event tonight. I was short on serving pieces and knew i could get this here in time with amazon prime. I simply can’t wait for a replacement. The scratch was not due to poor packaging. Inner and litter boxes were pristine. The problem goes back further than shipping.

I bought this little crockpot for overnight oatmeal. The cooker worked out beautifully and it is so useful for a hot dip.

Great size for small family or couple. I have had trouble learning to cook smaller since my children all left home. This is perfect size for empty nesters and their is enough left over for my husband to take some to work next day.

Love the color and ease of cleaning. A bit large for my use so i have leftovers. Thanks for a reasonable price range and beautiful purple.

I love this little slow cooker. I bought it for nacho cheese for entertaining and will definitely use it next weekend for super bowl. I used it last night to heat frozen soup perfect size for 2 people, could have been enough for 3 but my husband had 2 bowls 🙂 we are empty nesters so i think i will use this often.

This is a great little crock pot perfect size for 1 person.

I’ve only cooked two meals with this slow cooker so far and i was very happy with it. I’m a single person and this is perfect for my needs. I know the newer crocks cook hotter than the old ones which is why i’ve been buying the older ones when i see them at garage sales or goodwill. But this little crock did pretty well. And when it does seem to be getting to hot i like the fact it has the warmer/auto setting i can turn it too. I wouldn’t trust cooking with it all day while i’m at work but it works great for when i’m around on the weekends and i can check on it in case it’s getting to hot for my recipe. All in all i’m very satisfied. . Plus it really is a nice looking little crock, love the color.

Just the right oval size for one or two people. Oval allows roasts and chicken to fit much better than round slow cookers.

Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator Value Package 8 Trays, Missed Home Dehydrating

. I love the dehydrator itself.

This is great for a first time dehydrator. I have used it for days consistently and it has made pounds and pounds of vegetable snacks, tofu jerky, dehydrated coconut chips & flax crackers etc. . I can’t wait to see what else i can make. I will never buy chips again.

This is a versatile machine in a complete starter kit at a very reasonable price.

Key specs for Nesco American Harvest FD-80 Square Dehydrator Value Package 8 Trays, Screens, Sheets, Book:

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    by entering your model number.
  • FD-80 Dehydrator w/ 8 trays (base FD-80 includes 4)
  • 8 – SQM-2-6 Clean-A- Screens (base FD-80 includes 1)
  • 8 – SLD-2-6 Fruit Roll Sheets (Not included in base FD-80)
  • Large Jerky Gun w/5 spices (Not included in base FD-80)
  • “How to Dry Foods” book by Deanna De Long (Not included in base FD-80)

Comments from buyers

“The perfect Dehydraor for the kitchen.
, Don’t you hate it when you buy a product that actually works
, Missed Home Dehydrating

Makes excellent jerkey and wouldn’t trade it for anything except a bigger one of the same kind.

Good deal but my cooking time is longer even with a higher temp setting then my old one. 7 hours for a batch of jerky now its 12 hours i’m guessing it’s the new larger size.

Next generation nesco dehydrator is great. Like the temp adjustment and that the trays are square not round making it easier to use the jerky press and can hold more. So far worth the money and comes with a jerky press that is more heavy duty than the nesco press purchased. Very happy with the purchase of this product, and had not seen it in stores.

I have used it to make jerky, fruit rolls, and dog food so far. The fruit roll trays are easy to peel fruit off of and the mesh trays work great for dog treats and smaller foods. I am very happy with the jerky gun that came with the kit. It is easy to use and clean. The only negatives about this is the trays are a little flimsy and a challenge to clean. Otherwise great item would buy again.

I researched and researched before finally purchasing this dehydrator. And so far i am very happy with my purchase. It came with tons of stuff for a very reasonable price. It is very quiet, a bit big but not too huge for the counter top. My only complaint is that the book that came with it had inaccurate drying times. I did bananas, strawberries, and apples the first time and it took about 10 hours. But this is not a deal breaker, the fruit was very tasty and my kids gobbled it up the first day. I’m very excited to try the beef jerky maker and make homemade fruit roll ups.I would recommend this dehydrator absolutely.

Has every thing you would ever need. In the short time we have had it. We’ve done a batch of bananas chips, 4 large loads of tomatoes, a load of apple slices and 2 batches of jerky. (beef and turkey) turkey in 4 flavors and it’s the ‘best’.

It’s been years since i’ve messed with home dehydrating and this set makes it even easier/quicker to do it. Has everything needed to get started out of the box (other than the food) to do any type of dehydrating you want. Wish i had this set when my children were younger. Definitely offers an opportunity to offer your family a healthier snack.

Making all kinds of dried fruit and leather and i love it. Comes with plenty of every thing you need to start.

I have used the round snackmaster many years now. They are at the shack, so i needed one for home use. It fits better on counter top and they made it look like it belongs in a kitchen. The jerky shooter is bigger than the old one i have, so this is really nice for getting this machine running full. And no curving so bagging of snacks it faster. This comes with one round frute rollup tray and square screen for each tray. This is easy to clean up too. The motor on top makes it real easy to clean drip tray, so you don’t have to worry about juicy stuff with this oneway better than some steel units i have used.

I had initially ordered everything seperately. The dehydrator is excellent. This came with a jerky gun, which uses ground meat. I had no idea you could make jerky out of ground meat and was a little wary of it, but it tastes amazing. I’ll be using ground meat from now on.

Takes forever to make jerky.

If you want every accessory you can get with this dehydrator, look no further. Packaging was a little poor but nothing was broken.

Working well, this kit is well, well worth the price. Having 8 trays is a blessing, plus all the accessories incl. The jerky gun and other trays. The larger cookbook is comprehensive but aimed toward industrial applications.

Used it for the first time after purchasing and was pleased with the jerky we made.

I just received this and will provide a follow up review once i’ve had a chance to use it. The rating is based on the items received and the quality of merchandise. Compared to other dehydrators this feels durable right out of the box and i am hoping it will be able to stand the amount and variety of items i am looking an wanting to dehydrate. If you’re looking at purchasing a dehydrator try to look for one that comes with a starter kit so you don’t have to go to the store and purchase the other items used in dehydrating food.

Love my dehydrator but need to learn more about it it had everything.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a product that actually works great and want to buy a second one because the first one won’t handle all the production?. Love the square trays for jerky strips. We have goats and make wonderful goat jerky. Problem is we also dehydrate a lot of fruit, apples, apricotes, grapes. All that is left is raisins. But, yes it works all the time we are dehydrating. Just have to get a second one now.

We started with an economical nesco from a local box store, added trays and fruit roll sheets to it, used it a lot, and finally broke all the trays. We decided to upgrade, and picked this one with the temp control, all the extra trays included (because we usually run a full 6-8 at a time), jerky gun, etc. We can’t believe how quiet this machine runs compared to our last (round) nesco. I could even run this one in my kitchen, instead of the basement where we had to run the other one. It is bigger with the square trays (not sure where we will store it when not in use), but is very nice and dries fine. No complaints at this point and we love all the extras with the big book that was included.

Beyond pleased with this dehydrator. It congress with everything you need in a bundle. I like the squared style because it holds some much more food to dehydrate. Shipping was fast and instructions were easy/clear. I would definitely purchase it again.

2 thing’s would like to have had 1-longer power cord first 2-on /off switch on cord would work unit does a great job on jerky used it 3 times the other thing is book doesn’t give time line on doing jerky have to test jerky over time to make it right like i did 13 pounds with 8 trays took16 hrs to get it right book says 4-6 hrs for jerky not telling you its 1 tray to get jerky done to there book instrutions.

Nesco FG-400PR Professional Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder, It’s a keeper

Was impressed by the better than expected aluminum body on this grinder. Has the size and good looks of a serious chef grade appliance. The cutting discs and blade were also better quality than expected. It has two faults i think serious, however. The rear of the auger shaft is rough unpolished metal, which spins and seals against a nylon o-ring seal. I felt the need to work on smoothing out the bumps on the shaft before use to prevent the possible early death of nylon seal. The meat tray above the grinder is a very loose fit, so loose it just rattles around. If the maker would pay attention to these two quality conrol issues, then this would be a much better grinder.

I purchased this machine last weekend and ground about 10 pounds of 2 different cuts of beef. The actual grind speed is good, and i wore earplugs so the noise didn’t bother me. What i had a problem with was the grey sludge that comes out with the ground meat. I didn’t read about this problem in any of the reviews for this machine, though i did read about this happening with some other machines. However, my impression was that it should stop after a couple of pounds of meat had been ground. The sludge with this machine persisted all the way thru the entire 10 pounds of meat. It got especially bad when the plates got gummed up at all with sinew and fat that couldn’t be cut out of the chunks of meat before grinding. So i kept stopping the grind and cleaning out the plates, which made the grind very time consuming and which also did not completely stop the sludge problem, only made it a little less bad. I have a message in to nesco customer service to see if they have any thoughts about how to stop the sludge. If they don’t, this machine will probably go back.

Making 6lb of chicken breast jerky treats for my little yorkie and me, is a quick and easy job with my new grinder, there is no more clogs of muscle to get in the way, answere—very quick and easy and easy to clean.

Key specs for Nesco FG-400PR Professional Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder, 380-watt:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 380-watt professional food grinder in die-cast aluminum housing
  • Die-cast hopper holds up to 5 pounds of meat; 2 sausage tubes included
  • 3 sintered stainless-steel plates for fine, medium, and coarse grinding
  • Motor-reverse safety switch; disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Measures 10-1/4 by 10-5/8 by 14-7/8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Looks Good, but could be better.
, What a Find!
, Venison jerky

I’ve only use it once on ground rabbit but it worked great. It is a little loud but because of how well it works, that can be overlooked. At this point, highly recommend. See the you tube video on it.

Make sure to place the cutting blades correctly.

Bought this to replace a cheaper 200 watt grinder that the plates and blade always rusted. This one was advertised as stainless steel on all parts for grinding. I am not disappointed and very impressed with the performance of this appliance. Feeding meat into this is so much easier than my last grinder since it has a larger opening. This little beast will grind faster than i can feed it and works very well as a stuffer too. When i’m done i rinse everything off and place in dishwasher.

Mom, who is getting older, still makes everything from mince meat for pies to filled sandwiches for the multitudes, but was having a hard time cranking the old grinder or doing it by hand. She finds it very easy to use and so far has handled everything she has thrown down its shute. She says clean up is a snap. Haven’t used the sausage stuffing attachment yet. She loves to cook for her family and we were thrilled to find something that made it easier for her. Kathy in mainenesco fg-400pr professional 380-watt cast-aluminum food grinder.

My first impression on getting this unit was that it was a good quality machine. A nice step up from the stand mixer attachment. I started noticing a couple of short falls when i used it for the first time. The food pusher can be a bit tricky to keep from pulling the lid off if the meat gets a bit sticky in the grinder. The smallest sausage stuffer tube is too large for breakfast links or other small sausages. I also found out (after quite a bit of difficulty in contacting the manufacturer) that this is not a standard size grinder. It is very close to a standard #8 grinder, but not quite, so you can’t purchase additional sausage stuffing tubes, grinder plates, or replacement blades when the originals wear down. Bottom line is that the unit seems solid and adequate for a basic grinder if you don’t expect to use it much, or have a need/desire to purchase additional attachments. If you plan to do much grinding or sausage making, however, i would go for one of the grinders that is a standard size, so you have ready access to additional attachments and replacement blades and knives.

Saw this machine in youtube demo by ‘country boy. ‘ its a great machine, but the largest gear inside is made of plastic, not metal, despite some misinformation on the internet. Despite instructions warnings, this machine did easily ground up pieces of turkey cart-ledge, neck bone, and 1/4’ sized chicken and turkey bones. I would not push beyond this though. I also made turkey sausage for myself and family for christmas, using this machine. Watch instruction videos on youtube for further info on how to do this. Also shows you in the book that comes with it. The design and engineering of this machine & parts was well thought out and is a very good deal for the price.

This is a very good food grinder for the price. No problem with it at all grinding raw venision into ‘burger’. Definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to grind meat to make sausage links, patties, or whatever. Works wonderful to attach the long bags that fill with the ground meat and then seal at the top to freeze.

A solid, professional machine that will function for years to come. Easy enough to clean up after use and great for making ground beef if you don’t enjoy the taste of floor sweepings in your burgers :prock solid and easy to keep clean, the real metal housing is a quality appliance. Comes with a plastic tightening tool that seems to do the job well enough and also comes with sausage stuffing attachments which i have no use for.

I have paid to have deer processed for several years at 65-100 a pop. I cut the meat from the bone and removed just the large tendons on the ends of the muscle. Once i cut into pieces to fit the opening on the grinder this thing would grind as fast as i could feed it using the included packing tube. The unit is loud but i don’t care it works so well and it never bogged down at all. Includes coarse (hamburger) to fine blades so you can make anything you want. Clean up was very easy since everything comes apart. I hand washed and dried all the parts in less than 5 minutes. I used vegetable oil to lubricate the blades and grinder assembly until next use.

Bought this for a friend and they were amazed that it worked so great for such a low-priced grinder. Of course the delivery is really quick too .

I used this grinder only once after purchasing. I did not test the sausage making attachments but used it to ground about 10 lbs of meat which it did in under two minutes. I thought it was well-designed (a large bowl fit perfectly in front with no meat escaping to the sides as seems to be the case with some other grinders i read reviews about), very fast and powerful, performing without any problems in the meat grinding task. However, here comes the big ‘but’: it is *so* loud you might actually think it’s powered by a jet engine.It was literally unbearable to stand next to it while the motor was running, which i found not just irritating but painful. I subsequently looked at a couple of other grinders and asked store associates to plug the display items for me to be able to hear the motor. Other grinders came nowhere close to the level of loudness this one created, so i tend to think that this level of noise is unusual for a household food/meat grinder. For this reason alone i decided to return it and went with waring pro mg100. Waring’s motor is somewhat weaker but is sufficient for my household needs, and i don’t need to wear ear plugs when it is on.

I have been extremely fortunate to hunt off and on for over 55 years now. I have shot and processed my own venison all my life. My friends and hunting buddies just love venison jerky.The missing link to the finished product was the most versatile grinder i believe on the market. Light powerful, easy to clean,safe. Well to me anyway, just perfect. Oh yes one more pleasant fact. I enjoy going over to my hunting buddies homes and tell tales about the deer that got away.However it’s ‘neat’ to see a few more of the same grinders i got to love in those cupboards of their’s as i reached for a glass to ‘hoist’ a brew.

I was impressed this grinder does more than expected i love this little grinder.

Nesco ST-25BR BPA Free Food Steamer : BPA Free Food Steamer

I have a larger b&d which i really like but this one is great for her making smaller portions. These work relly good for making rice too. I like it much better than a rice cooker`, and sometimes i will do some vege’s at the same time.

Very important to use only bpa free plasticsit is light weight. My husband i would recommend this product. It is dishwasher safe but i hand wash it.

Nesco ST-25BR BPA Free Food Steamer, 5-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bpa free steamer
  • 5 qt capacity
  • 3 cup rice bowl and 2 trays
  • 60 Minute timer
  • 400 watts of power

Bought this for my parents for christmas. We used it right away to steam some tamales and it did a nice job. Its the perfect size for 3 tamales. It is the perfect size for 2 people which is something i was looking for. Most food steamers, that will also cook rice, are too large for a couple but this was the perfect size. The clear plastic does feel flimsy but so far it is holding up. Asked my folks what they thought and they were pleased with it so far. Only comment was that rice cooked per the directions came out a bit dry at first but with a little tweaking on water and time it has worked out.

I purchased this steamer not knowing what to expect because there were no reviews, it was relatively cheap, and i had read some less than positive reviews about other steamers from the same company. However, this was the only bpa-free steamer i could find so i figured it was worth a shot. I am very happy with its performance. I got it just a few days ago and have already steamed edamame, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, corn on the cob and rice.I thought the steamer bowls looked small, but they actually fit quite a bit of food. I steamed four ears of corn in just one bowl (cut the ears in half) and probably could have put one more ear in there. It produces steam quickly and does a great job at evenly steaming the veggies. It is also very easy to clean. I had read a complaint about hot water boiling out the heating component in another nesco steamer review, but i have not had that problem at all after several uses with this model. The only potentially negative aspect is the plastic is kinda flimsy.

The steamer works fine, we are a little concerned about the thin plastic of the bowls, which is the reason we switched from the black and decker, which was a good unit once upon a time with a thick plastic bowl. Clearly built in obselescence. Update 7/21/13 – as i suspected, the wall of one bowl has developed a slight crack. It still works, and i think it was cracked through normal wear and tear, but the bowls could be thicker to prevent this.

Nesco ST-25BR BPA Free Food Steamer, 5-Quart : This steamer works well enough, but dealing with all the parts and waiting for it to steam the food was kind of a time consuming process. I ended up getting a pasta boat/ steamer that i used to steam veggies in the microwave for a fraction of the time.

Works great, often use it for a healthy meal.

Purchased this unit due to it being bpa free. Unfortunately its cheap and flimsy. But i expect it to break any day now.

I am very happy with this product. It works wonderful, takes little space and easy to clean. I use t every day to steam my quinoa, rice or bans and veggies.

We were surpised by the fact that it was much smaller than we expected. Because it is bpa free the plastic is thin, but since we wash it by hand that has not been a problem. Have found out that we had to add addition water for steaming brown rice. We are pleased with the product.

The only cooked food i eat is quinoa and it is perfect for it. My husband loves steamed clams and he made 8 dozen for company only having to do two rounds. It is light compact and bpa free.

I have been using this steamer for a month now. I have not experienced any problems that other reviewers encountered. The containers are a flexible plastic, but mine have retained their shape and have not produced any unpleasant flavors. I routinely wash the parts in the dishwasher, on a heated drying cycle. As far as the ‘leaking’ issue – i use the recommended amount of measured water, and have never had an overflow problem. I tried this product because of my concerns about bpa in food steamers. I just ordered one for my son who is a health conscious college student. I would never set him up with a product that i felt was inferior in any way.

I wrote a nice review when i first received this steamer, giving it 5 stars but i have changed my mind because the plastic is weak and one side did crack. I can still use it but disappointed that it is so delicate. The containers are on the small side as well so it only works for small amounts of veggies. Let’s hope they improve this product as it is difficult to find bpa free steamers.

It’s hard to visualize the construction of this unit on line. It works okay but i don’t think it will last too long. The plastic is very thin and scratches easily.

Works great, the rice comes out perfect and i love that u can steam different foods at same time :-).

I bought this for my mother and sister for a mother’s day present, and they seem to like it as far as i can tell.

I searched for a steamer that is bpa free and this is the only one i find. There is another model from the same company that is not bpa free. So if that is important to you, make sure you order the correct model number. I would have preferred to have a digital timer for more accurate time, but the dial timer is close enough. It is a very convenient tool, as i can set the timer and then go about doing other things.

It is a life-changerit is sooo much quicker and easier than steaming on the stove and it does not heat up your whole house like using the stove so it’s a much better choice in warm weather. You just set the timer and walk away. It shuts off automatically when the time is up. As long as you rinse the plastic parts right after using them you almost don’t even need to use soap to clean them. I rinse them and set them on a drying rack or towel to dry. I let the base cool down for a little bit before dumping the water and cleaning it out. My partner works over-seas and this steamer is great for when i’m by myself and don’t want to mess up the whole kitchen to cook for just me. You can cook a whole meal at one time using the two levels. Some other reviewers have said that the plastic pieces feel cheap and crack easily. They are correct that they are not a rigid plastic. I believe that this is because they are bpa-free (i bought this steamer because it was the only bpa-free one that i could find). I think that they are plenty sturdy for what they need to do. Don’t man-handle them and i would not recommend putting them in your dishwasher but i do not see why you would ever need to since they rinse out so easily by hand.

Really liking this food steamer. Lightweight, easy to assemble and take apart, steams foods perfectly and best of all, bpa free. Great compact size is wonderful, too.

Only plastic one i could find that was bpa free. It really blew us away with performance. Steams potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and more perfectly. I cannot say enough good about this steamer. Really exceed my expectations in size and performance. Some reviewers wrote that it was flimsy but come on, we’re steaming veggies here, we’re not grilling a side of beef. Dishwasher, top rack is a-okay. Today is 12/4/13 and i see there are only a couple left. Dudes, i am seriously considering a 2nd one that is how good it is.

I am getting quite a bit of use out of this. Since i no longer use a microwave it helps me get my broccoli just right and does not tie up one of the burners on my stove.

This is ok as a steamer but go another route if rice cooking is one use you’re looking to frequent on your steamer. The basket is way too small to make a pilaf of something with – i like to add veggies/broth/meats to my rice for a full meal in one. This is far too small to do this. As a steamer, its just fine.

Nesco RG-1400 Reversible Grill/Griddle – Same old problem

I love my grill and griddle. It works great and it is a quick and easy way to cook and cleaning it is easy too.

I tried other (only one sided grill) for the same price. One side is for grilling meat and the other side for things like pancakes, eggs,bacon e. I always use a brush and coat the grill with oil. The grill heats up evenly and you can put a lot of meat on it. Never put the grill part in the dishwasher. Wash it by hand which is easy to do. I love this grill and hope i get many years out of it.

Does the job i purchased it for. Here are the specifications for the Nesco RG-1400 Reversible Grill/Griddle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Reversible non-stick grill/griddle
  • Embedded heating element
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Power indicator
  • Heavy duty base/drip tray

It is good product, everything is good but it doesn’t have cover.

This reversible grill/griddle is cute and useful, but has its drawbacks. First of all, the surface area is pretty limited. We are a couple, so we’re not usually cooking all that much at once, but if you want to use this for anything more than a couple of people you’re going to be hard pressed to do so with this one. I also wish the controls were more precise. Those aren’t exactly terms that give me much information. Is ‘high’ too high for cooking a chicken breast?. Will ‘low’ enough to keep things warm at a dinner party?the smaller size does mean it takes up a bit less counter space and stores more easily, though. And the built-in drip pan removes excess fat and keeps things from steaming in released juices rather than browning or sauteeing. Just make sure that it looks like it will do what you’re asking it to do when you order it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My second Nesco product – totally satisfied.
  • It is so easy to clean
  • Five Stars

Holds heat fairly well, reheating somewhat quickly when food item put on either side. Non-stick coating worked fine for me. Cleans up easily in hot soapy water. Grease catcher has as much surface area as grill/griddle and is pretty deep. I didn’t have a problem with overflow.

Gift for my son who loves to cook.

It meet all expictaiins, i even forgot i have a stove. And great service from the buyer.

I use this griddle everyday to cook breakfast. If it were to wear out i would buy a new one as soon as possible. It is so easy to clean, doesn’t stick, and just the right size for two people. The grease catcher is big and easy to clean, no little pans that run over when cooking bacon.

The nesco rg-1400 reversible grill/griddle has three pieces – a plastic cradle that also doubles as a rather huge drip pan, the grill/griddle itself and the power cord. I’ve been cooking with it for a couple of weeks now. First, the grill is on the small side. It will hold 6 strips of bacon or 4 pancakes 4-5 inches in diameter, great for a couple but not so much if you’re feeding children. The heating control is on the power cord, as is usual with electric grills/griddles. Unlike most, this one does not give actual temperatures but only a range – warm, low, medium and high. I don’t know, but i had to cook bacon on it. (on other grills i cook bacon on about 300f.

The heating control is not always easy to control. Heat goes up and down to much.

Received this yesterday (22aug13). Used it last night for steaks. 1 big, thick usda prime ribeye (from costco) for me, and a much thinner one for my wife. First toasted the bread for garlic toast to put under the steaks. Ran the temp up to max, and the bread toasted perfectly. The heat is great (much better than my old grill) and the steak cooked fast on the outside and stayed raw in the center as i like it. About 4min, flip then 4min, flip then 4min, rotate then 4min. Added my wife’s for the last 4min, but it took a bit longer than i anticipated. Even though it was much thinner, the heat is enough to cook the outside and leave the inside alone.

Once again, another ‘healthy’ cooking alternative. On the plus side, a pretty good size cooking area, and nice to be able to flip over from smooth to grill. The unit heats up pretty quickly but do not rely on the accuracy of the thermostat temperature wheel, it goes from really hot to almost off when food is getting too hot and you turn it down. Also, despite what you read, you will need a pam spray or something, to use the smooth side especially. Now my favorite moan:-from the manual: – ‘wash with warm soapy water’you can’t submerge this thing ever, so good luck getting all those steak juice stains off, it also won’t go in the dishwasher. I had a nice unit over 5 years ago with removable and fully washable plates on a foreman style grill, and this is progress?more of a toy i suspect than getting used daily. Not very expensive, and easy to see why. Probably do well in a college dorm – 3 stars is generous.

Best decision and works good. Very happy with the grill/ griddle.

I read a lot of the marginal reviews before buying and was a little skeptical but jumped in anyway. I now use this almost exclusively when cooking. I haven’t my pots and pans for some time. In fact, it is parked on top of my glass top stove. I would say that it is probably ideal for a couple and not designed to be an indoor replacement grill to cook up a feast for a party. I have cooked ahead 6 large burgers with veggies all around the sides to the edges on the grill side. I flip the burgers and move everything around and i do not notice uneven cooking. I’ve cooked 4 eggs and 2 small pancakes and bacon at the same time on the flat side. I start with the bacon, as it shrinks i move it to the side and put the pancakes down and then the eggs.

It was just as it was described.

Nesco T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot : Like the retro look

My husband and i are very satisfied with the purchase of this lovely toaster. We have had it for over a year and use it frequently and it still performs great.

I went with other reviewers and bought the unheard of brand because it is 1000 watt. Toasts faster and more evenly than other toasters that i’ve had. Very lightweight so it gets put away after use, saves counterparts space. Easy to use, indexed toasting, wide openings and such. Just do not put too thick bread slices in, and best to stand by because it does get hot. I really like this toaster, it’s all we need, will probably last too.

NESCO T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot, 2, Grey/Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Toast 1 or 2 slices at a time
  • Extra-wide 1.375 Inch bread slots with self-adjusting guides
  • User-friendly control panel / Shade control dial with (6) shade settings
  • Bagel, Defrost and Cancel functions with blue indicator lights
  • Lift & Look lever for checking the toasting progress

Works great and toast fits in slots well.

Wide openings and variable settings for toasting. Took a little getting used to but now get perfect toast and english muffins every time.

Pros: consistently perfect toast. Basket holds artisan breads in place. I freeze some breads and the defrost and toast feature provides a crisp outside and warm inside. Cons: outside of toaster can get hot. Wish the lift-up-to-see feature lifted the toast a little higher.

NESCO T1000-13 Two Slice Toaster Wide Slot, 2, Grey/Stainless Steel : It’s bigger than i expected, but it still fits in my cupboard for storage. I recommend you set it on 4 or 5, don’t put bread in, and let it run a cycle before using. Turn your stove fan on and/or open the doors and windows. But, after that, it is good to go. I used it to make rice bread toast and it did well. It’s 1000 watts and wow, does it get with the program. It doesn’t get hot underneath and not much on the sides, mainly on top, so be careful not to put it underneath cupboards when toasting. I love the checking feature, where you pull the handle up and look at it if you want without canceling the toasting. I wouldn’t say it’s the most handsome toaster, but it appears to be very functional. It says black, but mine is dark gray and highly polished chrome, much shinier than the pictures. I’m quite happy with it, so far. Update:i changed it to 4 stars, only because it does not brown evenly. I have been using flourless bread now, not just the rice bread, so thought i should update.

This is the first toaster i’ve had in 5 years that i haven’t wanted to throw out the window after 2 days. I can make several sets of toast and have them all come out pretty much the same color. It works great with my heavy homemade bread, haven’t tried bagels yet. I really, really like the ‘lift up and check’ feature.

Nice looking toaster and works well. Love the different heat levels and how easy it is to use. Looks great on my counter and the small footprint.

Fully meet our expectations. Great to get a toaster that works like one should. We have purchased several and returned them allover several months trying to replace our old one that stopped working. After researching and reading consumer reviews, decided onthe nesco and could not be happier. The wattage difference and quality of build makes this an outstanding choice. Would recommendto anyone looking for a new toaster.

When i was reading reviews about other toasters everyone was saying how the toasters they bought wouldn’t toast the bread equally on both sides. That is not a problem with this toaster. I’ve actually never seen a toaster toast bread equally on both sides ad this one does. All the ones i’ve had i would have to flip it half way through. It may cost a bit more, but the saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is a great example here. Best toaster i’ve had by far and i’ve had many.

Absolutely wonderful toaster. I am real fussy, like most savvy buyers, did all my homework researching, and decided on this one. Finally a toaster that works like you want it to.It toasts well consistently to the darkness we like (medium) on slightly over the 2-setting (goes up to 5), and quickly (around two minutes). It is made wide enough to toast bagels, and looks great on the counter top. It also has a well constructed look and feel. We like the convenient toast crumbs clean-out tray.

Nice even color and works very fast.

I was not familiar with this brand but was pleased with the outstanding reviews so took the chance. The design is exactly what we wanted to replace our ‘vintage’ russell hobbs as we leave the toaster out on the counter. It toasts beautifully, has an icon by the slots so you know how to position bagels properly and includes a very useful defrost feature. We also appreciate that it has the ‘lift and look’ feature which does not override the actual toasting function. The only drawback, for us, is that it has a short cord. I love this as a safety feature but our outlets are under the cabinet and so the toaster has to be plugged, unplugged and repositioned for use and storage. But that is the ‘fault’ of our upper cabinet placement, and my own preferences, since i don’t want the appliance placed directly beneath the cabinets or to use an extension cord. Though not enough to deduct a star, our instruction book is incomplete in english.Particularly strange for an american made product.

The nesco t1000 i bought was made in usa. Powerful and pretty versatile. Heated it full blast first time empty to burn off the filaments.

Slots could be widder but toast comes out good.

Buy this one after purchasing and returning 4 different toasters over the last year — toasters that either didn’t toast evenly, stopped working, or fell apart, including two very expensive models — we are in love with this beauty of a toaster. It is solidly made out of metal. The bagel function actually works. The controls are simple and functional. The doneness dial produces consistent results even when doing multiple batches. Thank you nesco for making our mornings toasty and happy.

Best toast so far that we’ve ever had.

What can be said about a metal box with elements to brown bread other than it works as described and without fail. Hopefully it will hold up like the toasters of old.

It’s great to have toast again.

I love the retro vibe of this toaster. Toast is not quite as crispy as i would like, but better than other toasters i’ve had. Not crazy about the crumb tray as it is small and shallow, but it’s ok. Overall, a good purchase and i’m happy with it.

Very cool, retro looking toaster. It is supposed to be black but is actually a dark gunmetal gray, which looks even better than black.

Nesco GWK-03D – Beautiful electric glass kettle poor quality and design

I chose this kettle because it is glass and the least toxic one i could find. My only complaints are that it slides all over my counter top and doesn’t stay put, maybe i can put some rubber underneath it to keep it in place. When you choose a temperature, it does not beep when it reaches the temp, only the light flashes, so i have to keep my eye on it. If i don’t catch the kettle right when the light flashes for a temp under boiling, it continues to heat and brings it to a boil.

Bought after searching several months for a plastic-free kettle. Has zero ‘new-appliance’ smell. The last one i had ( a different brand, cannot remember which) was stainless steel and even after months of use continued to have a faint chemical smell. The only smell i detect is coming from the heating element on the base and i hope it is temporary. There’s a wonderful feature that was a pleasant surprise and a completely unexpected bonus: the ability to heat water to different temperatures – great for making different types of tea which require water to be some temperature other than ‘boil’. There are three or four different temp settings. But my favorite feature by far is an absolutely beautiful blue light illuminatomg the perimeter of the heating element – very aesthetically pleasingupdate january 2017:downgrading the review due to the following:’c-‘/cheap quality – after less than a month, the kettle developed a strong burnt plastic smell. The plastic underside of the kettle housing (not the base) showed melted plastic – i think the heating element was coming in contact with the inside of the plastic housing and was causing the plastic to burn and smell. I didn’t want to pay for returning it so ended up patching the bottom w electricians tape and continued to use. Another small annoyance (not a deal breaker though) – it also stopped shutting off automatically as soon as it reaches boiling point. It does shut off after about 10 seconds of boiling. Poor design – as other reviews mention, why the annoyingly beeps and useless ‘keep warm’ feature at lower-than-boiling temp settings??.

This is exactly the kettle i’ve been wanting. I wanted something made of glass (so that i’m no longer drinking boiled metal and plastic), and something with temperature settings (so i can properly brew different types of tea), and a nice sleek kettle shape (rather than a really bulbous shape, which is always a bit harder for me to handle). It is very quiet, and it boils water just about as quickly as other electric kettles i’ve used. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable (for my weak little hands), and the glass pitcher is much lighter than i thought it would be (weighs about the same as my old electric kettle, which is metal + plastic). It is also gorgeous and sleek– shiny all over, with a pretty blue led that lights up when its heating the water. To prevent calcium/mineral deposits from staining the glass, i put a big of vinegar into half a kettle of water and boil it, then gently swash it around as i pour it out. Here are the specifications for the Nesco GWK-03D:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1.8 Quart Glass Pitcher with Level Marks; BPA free
  • 360 degree swivel power base with cord storage
  • Stainless steel concealed heating element and trim
  • Kettle turns off when reaches chosen temperature
  • Removable, washable filter

This was a good replacement for another kettle that died after many years of service. It’s beautiful, the glass allow to see the quantity of water. I would like to have the same model in a half size or approximate one liter.

This is one of a long line of m electric kettles for me. Some stopped working in a month and the only reliable ones could only boil water. As a tea drinker i use various temperatures. Well this product delivers the goods in a beautiful package. I had a small issue with the pot and the customer service was gracious and speedy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect enough kettle at last!
  • Beautiful electric glass kettle poor quality and design
  • Annoying features mar nice kettle design

Before buying this kettle i read most reviews of most kettles that came close to filling (ha-ha) my criteria: stainless or glass, minimal or no plastic, nice looking, cordless, variable temperature settings. The most common fault with most kettles is water that’s heated which contacts plastic, silicone, etc. Of the top kettles i considered – around 12, ranging from $40-$150.I chose it even though it had one review, before this one. Here’s why it’s good:heating/heated water contacts only glass. Yes, there is plastic on the underneath part of the lid and the screen on inside area of spout (meant to keep out tea leaves, i guess), but the screen is removable, and the release-button on the top of the kettle flips open the lid so that after water is heated, there is minimal contact of steam with plastic, which might condense back in to kettle. This is why i chose the kettle. So many reviewers liked kettles for many features but complained about plastic taste, odor, or both, and fears that continual contact of plastic with hot water in water-gage windows could cause health problems. At the bottom of the carafe, there is a stainless button that connects with heating element, but i can see no plastic at all.

Several features of this water kettle deserve a thumbs up: the glass kettle, the sleek/compact design, and the removable filter. However, there are a couple of annoying features that may irritate you every time it’s used. The first is that when pressing the on button, the lightweight base tips slightly. After checking to see if it was the cord or some other reason why it tipped, i determined it was the lack of a third small ‘leg’ that makes the base sit unevenly on the counter. The second annoying feature is the beep sound that emits when the hot kettle is lifted off the base. Why was this was incorporated into the design of this kettle?. To alert parents that a child is lifting a hot kettle full of boiling water?. And there is no way to turn this alert off. This is an expensive kitchen appliance that simply heats water – if you’re willing to put up with the irritation until another quality glass kettle is available, then it’s worth it.

Within a week of purchase developed a leak at the bottom of the pot. Took off the bottom plate and tightened a nut to fix. Worked great for 13 months then the lid hinge broke. Continued to use it and then heating mechanism failed.

Best quality product, easy to clean, and much larger and faster to boil than cheaper versions. The plate is electric, and there are no open heating elements, much safer for fdmily use, and easy to clean.

I concur with all the positives. The only thing missing is a ‘beep’ when the time is up. Otherwise, it’s a fabulous kettle.

I love this kettle because of the blue light and being able to choose the temp of the water. I have ordered 2 now because the lid broke on the first one, and now the lid has broken on the second one. They need to work on the lid mechanism but the pot itself works great and has no odd odor.

This is my second electric kettle, as the previous one lasted about 10 years. This kettle is quite a nice upgrade over my previous one that pretty much heated the water to boiling, didn’t notify you that it had reached that point and probably was plastic even though it looked like stainless. This kettle is all glass except for a small filter at the top which is mostly unnecessary and quite removable. The settings for different types of teas is a very nice feature as i never remember, anyway, that it is an issue. There are other kettles that have different temperature settings, but they were quite a bit more expensive. The handle is a nice material that makes it steady to hold without slipping especially if the kettle is rather full. I like its compact size and design as i do not really like small appliances hogging up lots of kitchen real estate. Overall, i am very pleased with this kettle for its design, usability and price.

Nesco American Harvest FD-50 Snackmaster Pro 4-Tray Dehydrator : I love my dehydrator!

This was bought for my father to replace a warn out one.

This is my 2nd snackmaster pro – i’ve made hundreds of pounds of jerky and dried fruit on this machine.

This is my first dehydrator and it works great. Easy cleanup and easy to use.

We have been very satisfied with this dehydrator. It works well and does everything it claims to do. Not all of the parts are dishwasher safe which is the only drawback we found.

  • Still works like new after a decade
  • A Pretty Good Option
  • If you love fruits, you’ll love this!

Nesco American Harvest FD-50 Snackmaster Pro 4-Tray Dehydrator

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 500 watts of power dries foods and flowers quickly and evenly
  • Dehydrator measures 13-1/2 by 8-1/4 inches; four trays are each 12-3/4 by 1/2 inches
  • Patented system pressurizes heated air up through and across each tray
  • Thermostat adjusts from 95 degrees up to 145 degrees
  • Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, granola for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities

I suspect the model currently pictured (with red “nesco”) is actually model fd-40. Model fd-50 is my first dehydrator, and i’ve had it for two years. I’ve dried a lot of tomatoes. Also have dried apricots, zucchini chips, and herbs (some won ribbons at the county fair, in fact).

I’ve had this dehydrator for over a decade and it still works exactly like the day i bought it. Pros:* it is really easy to use and has the right amount of temperature settings* because of the way the trays stack it is very easy to clean. * you can also buy additional trays to expand the size. Cons* because of the way it is built you have to un-stack to check on what you are dehydrating instead of just looking into a window.

I wanted a dehydrator after borrowing a neighbors and after reading many reviews decided on this one (though i bought it at walmart). My husband and daughter love apples and go thru them so fast i can’t keep up. The book was very helpful and easy to use. The trays are easy to clean and so far everything has been great. The only thing i would like to change is that the trays were dishwashable and that if it had an on/off switch. I’m not keen on electronics that you just plug in and unplug without an on/off switch. Other than that, we use it often.

I had messed with some cheaper dehydrators in the past and when i discovered my last one dead i went out and got this one. I was shocked by the performance difference. This thing is fast and even. Does jerky in 4hrs and applechips in less than 6. In some ways i wish i had gotten the larger one as the diameter of the trays combined with the hole in the middle sometimes makes it difficult to place larger items, but then it stores well. I got the nesco jerky kit along with it and it really does work (i have reviewd the jerky kit seperately). My only wish is that this had an off switch. I feel asleep one evening and forgot it was running and then next morning everything was ruined. Since then i have learned to use a light timer.

The product works great, but don’t expect tasty treats any time soon. We found that using the lowest heat setting and letting fruit go for 24 hours works best. Caution: buy your fruit slowly or it will go bad waiting for its turn in the dehydrator (or you can always buy more racks, but then add more time to the dehydrating time).

I had purchased this dehydrator at a retail store for more than it is offered here, but it is worth it. I sit in an office chair all day and tend to get a case of the “munchies” during the day. I used to buy candy bar after candy bar, which in turn put a few pounds on me as well. With the dehydrator i can make healthy foods to snack on that are good tasting and economical. I would suggest to anyone looking to save a few dollars and a few inches on the waistline to invest in one.

This is my first experience with dehydrators but i wanted to make deer jerky so bad that i bought this one after looking a lot thorugh the different models. This is a basic, no frills model but it seemed to do the job very nicely. I do not know what the more expensice models give you but i doubt if much more. The meat was dehydrated in 5-7 hours and it came out perfect. Negatives: the fan is loud and could be heard from other rooms. A nice feature to have would have been a built in timer instead of having to buy an external one.

Bought this for my mother to replace her old one. Will buy it again when this one dies.

I have used it for fruit and for herbs. It is easy to use, no moving trays. The thermostat is easily marked for particular item, ie. Fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc. The trays have been easy to clean. The book is very easy to dicipher, with clear directions and recipes. I heartily endorse this item.

This nesco food de-hydrator works well and does an excellent job. There are newer, larger and more powerful models available, but this does a good job for me.

I’ve owned this dehydrator for awhile and have been pretty pleased with it’s perfomance overall. I found the art of drying to be challenging, fun, and productive. I make a lot of fruit leathers, jerkies, dried sauces, and dried soups. My next challenge with this unit is to make “just add water” meals for backpacking trips. It has no problems running for several days in a row and can be trusted to run overnight or while at work. I was happy with the manual that came with it – it has many expected drying times for most common fruits, vegetables, meats – though the time windows are somewhat broad. 8-16 hours) the unit comes with one fruit leather tray and one clean-a-screen sheet – something that’s not mentioned on amazon’s description. You will quickly find that more trays are an essential – it doesn’t seem powerful enough to dry the full 12 trays it’s rated for.

I use this mostly for jerky but occasionally for other foods. Unlike some dehydrators, this one has variable heat settings. I’ve loaned mine out several times and each time the person has bought one for their own household. I figure that’s the best review of all.

Actually is hard to get snack food without preservatives or anyother dangerus additives, so you have to create your snacks by yourself. Nesco is a great tool to improve family’s diet. I live in costa rica and i have used with wide range of tropical fruits like mango, papaya etc. It always does an outstanding performance.

I decided to buy a food dehydrator because we spend a fortune in dried fruit and it is the only type of fruit my toddler will eat without throwing a tantrum. I bought this based on the good reviews and dried some canned pineapple, fresh pears, strawberries, and bananas on my first use. I spaced everything so that no food touched, checked the drying at 6, 8 and 10 hours. It took about 10 hrs for everything to be dried and they turned out great. This was my only negative: the drying time ranges so much in the instructions that being a first timer, i kept checking and that may actually have prolonged some of it. There is a blurb in there about writing down the times specific to the place (and climate) you live in, so i will just do that next time. Otherwise, i was pleased with the results and so was the family judging by how fast that first batch is going.

This was our first time buying a dehydrator and this proved to be a good choice. It requires little assembly and the booklet provides good information including instructions and recipes. The applicance is quiet and easy to use. It is quite useful for those who grow their own fruits and vegetables and can be overwhelmed with the size of the bounty and cannot eat everything while it is still fresh. The times vary so you have to experiment and figure out what works best each time you do it and making fruit leather takes a bit of practice. Overall, i found this product to be a good buy and would recommend it to others.

I’m a raw foodist, and it works well enough for me. I’ve had other raw foodist tell me to never buy a round dehydrator; but i’m also a backpacker, and this was a popular choice with them–and more reasonably priced. This version does have a temperature adjuster–important to raw foodists.

I bought this dehydrator on the recommendations of all the reviewers and i have been totally pleased with it. I have tried tomotoes, mangos, bananas and jerky. The only drawback to this is the fact that drying food is more an art than a science. I have done 3 batches of jerky, and each time it gets better, but still too dry. I am narrowing the drying times down to within a few hours, but still not quite perfect. Other than the on-the-job-training in drying times, this works quite well. I am please with it and would recommend it to anyone. The plus is that i have even found accesories for it at wal-mart.

I bought this dehydrator to make beef jerky and have made about 4 pounds so far. It works just as advertised.

Nesco /American Harvest FD-80P 700 Watt Square Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker : Great Dehydrator

The nesco/american harvest dehydrator works really well. My pups all love the treats that i make in it.

I wish it had more of the fruit roll sheets, or the option to buy them separately. Otherwise it is a good machine, noise is minimal.

Nesco/American Harvest FD-80P 700 Watt Square Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 700 watts of drying power
  • Expandable to 8 trays
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Converga-Flow drying action
  • Made in USA

We’ve used this a couple years now. Works great for drying out jerky and fruit.

I havn’t had a lot of time to play with this yet. From what i hear it’s amazing. I will have to review it again at a later time once i have some experience with it.

Did an excellent job dehydrating tomatoes and onions for use this winter.

Nesco/American Harvest FD-80P 700 Watt Square Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker : For convenients it would be nice to have an on / off switch.

Wow, love it very nice fast shipping. I have use before works great and would order again. Very nice and really happy w it.

Ordered this to make deer jerky. My husband found this product very easy to use and it did a great job.

I have made dried fruits and veggies and beef jerky. The beef jerky was my own recipe and turned out great. I will be dehydrating a lot more.

My first dehydrator and i am very pleased. I bought to dehydrate leafy greens so i can crush to powder and add to my smoothies. The square design allows for 100% usage of space. My first try i packed the greens in and they dried perfectly. So easy to shift trays and clean trays.

This unit is very lightweight and easy to use. I dried lots of vegetables and spices last fall and then used them all winter. Works great and the produce and spices stayed fresh and flavorful.

I became interested in a dehydrator after purchasing a superfoods recipe book. I’ve used this model for nearly three months, and find it very useful, and a great jump into dehydrating for someone with no experience. I can see how, if i wanted to dehydrate soups and liquids, i would need an open-space dehydrator, but so far this is fine for my purposes. Because one dehydrates for hours, a timer is unnecessary imo. I have purchased two extra trays and four extra screens- one screen and four trays come with the fd-80p. The square shape affords a lot of space, though one thing i noticed is that the screen ribs become farther apart toward the perimeter and almonds, which sit nicely on the surface next to the center, fall through the tines of the plastic near the edge of the dehydrator. Seven different temperature settings between 95º and 160ºf make it easy to dry foods at specific temps, and the cooler/warmer temps are labeled with specific foods, i. , herbs and nuts are dried at cooler, slower temps; meats and vegetables at higher.

I thought it would be unwieldy but its not. Cleans easy and works very well. We have been making beef jerky for three weeks now, and it works fine.

It has a large drying area and the air/heat circulates evenly. It’s not as noisy as other brands i’ve tried.

Just what i wanted, works great.

The dehydrator arrived on time and works perfectly. I have tried several foods and they have dried well and in a short amount of time. I am most happy with this product and would recommend it and the seller as well.

My first dehydrator and i am not disappointed. It’s a pain to clean sometimes, but that’s par for the course when it comes to dried/baked on food. A timer would be nice, but that’s just one more thing that could break. My only real wish is some sort of retainer system to keep the trays together for transport and storage. As it is, they loosely stack.

My husband loves the apples and cinnamon.

Its easy to use and makes great beef jerky. I love jerky and this machine saves me so much money. I also use it to make chicken treats for my dog. I can’t believe i waited so long to buy a dehydrator. This machine is easy to clean and even easier to use. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Nesco Gwk-57 : Awesome kettle

I limit the amount of plastic in my life, and like to see the water boil, so this is a beautiful issue to my countertop. It may have limited functionality, but it works fine for me. The spout is very nice, the lid does not stick like others i have had, and it’s a very attractive design. It also seems well made and i hope it lasts awhile. Best electric kettle i’ve ever owned or used.

I love my tea and researched like crazy to replace my amazing mini russell hobbs kettle that finally gave out and settled on this one after reading the reviews. It’s made of glass and brushed stainless steel and looks just like the photo. There is a small circular strip of silicone around the concealed heating element hmm. Wish list: long lasting, bpa free, fast, small footprint and super attractive design. Good points:bpa free (silicone strip though). Glass – fun to see water boil. Fun feature: blue ‘on’ light illuminates boiling water -looks great at night. Doesn’t take up much counter space. Has on/off tab – surprisingly, some kettles don’t have this basic feature.

Nesco Gwk-57, 1.7-Liter Glass Water Kettle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 57-ounce capacity
  • 360-degree swivel power base with cord storage
  • Removable, washable water filter
  • Stay-cool handle for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean

I love this streamline and very efficient water kettle. The price range is great too.

It looks cool and all, but the button on the lid doesn’t always open the lid when being pressed. I have to press it a few times literally before the lid would open.

The product holds a sizable portion of water, without the bulkiness of a insulated heater carafe type. The unit can heat a whole pot in about 3 minutes to a full boil. It has a pleasant design, modern with a complete view of the heating water. Good value and great functionality. Cost a little more than some others , but it looks great and after a year of use- still boiling strong.

Nesco Gwk-57, 1.7-Liter Glass Water Kettle : This is different then my last hot pot and better built then many of the others. It’s clear and easy to see into the pot. The top opens with big visable button on top. The blue light is easy to see when the big toggle switch on the bottom is turned on. There is a filter at the spout to keep impurities out. I like the bright blue color and heavy plug.

Boils a french press worth of coffee in one minute, or a cup of water in about 30 seconds. The light illuminates the boil at night, really cool effect.

The best glass/electric kettle i have found to date. Holds plenty of water, fast heat time, and no smells.

It is very pretty but takes an awful long time to register that the water is boiling, so it completely soaked under my cabinet whenever i used it. I ended up returning it and getting the ‘cuisinart cpk-17 perfectemp 1. 7-liter stainless steel cordless electric kettle’ instead, and i am thrilled with that one.

The blue light is not nearly as bright as the photo makes out. It does take a long time to boil. . Longer than my previous $20 kettle.

We had an older style plastic one, but i always worried about drinking water that was boiled in plastic. We got this one for a wedding present and i love it. My only complaint is right when i start to pour out of it the stream seems a little large, like it might spill, it never has. But i always start to pour then it startles me, then i continue pouring and all is well. Just may be me over thinking is stream size.

I had one prior to this one and bought it at a local all in one super market. It lasted about 2 years and then one morning the switch would no longer work. I went from store to store and could not find it locally. I went on line and purchased this one for $40 more. It is not as nice as my previous one that is why only 4 stars. After it boils it leaves moisture beads at the top of the glass and it never goes away. My last one did not do that. I don’t know why the difference between the 2 but my first one never left moisture. After it boiled the glass was clear as could be.

Only down side is the top gets hot after boiling, so opening, refilling and closing if you have company and have to boil a lot of water is a little tricky and a bit of a chore. Aside from that, beautiful kettle, does what it’s supposed to, blue backlight is an excellent touch.

I was hesitant to purchase this kettle because it had many negative reviews. I was especially worried about the weakness of the handle and the top. However, i have been using it for six months now (and i am very rough on my kettles, boiling it at least six times a day and probably closer to ten) and i love it. It looks fantastic on the kitchen counter and i really like that you can see the water beginning to boil. The handle is plastic but i haven’t had any issues with it nor has it shown any signs of weakness. If you’re looking for a stylish glass kettle, i recommend this one.

I wanted a modern looking kettle and this was the best looking one at the price range. I got it when it was on sale so the review is slightly inflated for that. At full price, i’m not sure i would buy it. It boils water slightly faster than my older plastic kettle but is quite loud. The design is great though, it looks much more expensive than it is and has held up well so farpros- looks great- comes to a boil faster than my older kettlecons- at full price, it is quite expensive- slightly loud but i’m not sure if that can be helped?.

I’ve had this kettle for awhile now and i’m still in love with it. It’s attractive looking in my kitchen, what you see in the picture is very accurate. It heats water very quickly. It does exactly as advertised. Obviously if you fill the kettle completely full expect to wait longer for it to heat up, otherwise it starts to boil anywhere between 5-10 mins. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that the lid seems to stick. It’s just a minor problem and has no impact if the kettle works well or not so do not let my small problem prevent you from purchasing this beautiful and functional water kettle. Did i mention its not plastic.

This is a delightful small appliance. We became friends very quickly. I knew these existed, it just never occurred to me to purchase one. After decades of heating water in the microwave and stove top–and always hating it–i found this gem. It works perfectly, looks great and gives me instant hot water for my coffee, tea and oatmeal. It’s the little things that give you joy, you know?.

Love the design (and got compliments about it from visitors), but it’s quite slow in boiling water.

Love the features: cordless, large capacity, stainless and glass, auto shutoff. To me, it seems more hygienic than a plastic pot, looks really high-end and is fun to watch. I purchased and open box model and saved nearly half the retail cost.

I had chef’s choice m679 cordless electric glass kettle i have been using for one 6 month and worked excellent, but i have always problem to feel water into kettle because the button to open lid on kettle was always stuck and did not open easy and eventually broke. So i decide to look for different style and i picked nesco gwk-57, 1. So far i am happy with purchase and cover opens easy.

I had some doubt on the lid quality which has some plastic in it. Even on the very first use it didn’t smell. The kettle is a little noisy but nothing other then that. The power switch is designed to stay off if the kettle was removed from the base. That actually makes use of this product really safe in case no water in it at the moment the kettles is back on its base. Added to my review 2 1/2 years later after purchase: the power switch finally got loose. It appears that plastic tips on it broke off. The switch is not able to maintain ‘on’ position longer.

I’ve purchased many electric water kettles for work, home and friends. It has an automatic shut off, the water comes to a rolling, circular boil with a blue light shining on it which makes it interesting to look at. It’s very light weight, has a good handle, easy flip turn on switch, push button on the top that opens the lid. Sometimes i push it more than once, but that’s o. I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s still working perfectly. The price is good, it’s all good.