Magic Chef MCBR360S 3 : Worked for 4 years of college

Mine is whisper quiet and i can hardly tell if the thing is running. Seems to work like a champ for me. I have mine on a setting of 4 out of 7 as the 5 setting seems to nearly freeze things. I can’t comment on durability as i have not had mine for too long. It does seems to be constructed well but sadly has no light. I give mine a 5 since it as cheap, quiet, works well for me, and i have no complaints thus far. Freezer is small but i don’t think i have ever used the freezer in any mini fridge.

I’ve had this fridge for 3 years and it’s still doing its work. I’ve done mini-fridges for awhile and from my experience, if you don’t overwork the compressor meaning set the freezer level high (you might as well get a standard refrigerator), you won’t have the noise problem or have it die on you prematurely. Mini fridges weren’t meant for the freezing part on long-term basis unfortunately, because freezer require more efficient compressors which tend to be on standard refrigerators and bigger. I mean look how puny the freezer compartment is. You only fit in about 2 good-sized freezer bags of chicken breasts. The only times i use the freezer is when my standard freezer doesn’t have any room and i need some freezer storage for a few days. Otherwise, i highly recommend that you don’t use the freezer compartment for any mini-fridge on a long-term basis. You’ll be disappointed and it’s not manufacturer’s fault. It’s just the nature of compressor efficiency requires a larger unit. I mainly use this fridge to store premade meals for work the next few days and it’s been a good run so far.

Magic Chef MCBR360S 3.6 Cubic Feet Refrigerator, Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
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  • 3.6 cubic feet capacity
  • Manual defrost
  • Can dispenser
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Full range temperature control

I bought it for the fridge part not the freezer. I bought it for extra fridge space until i could find a larger one to replace my kitchen fridge which is really small. I have found a larger one that i will buy, so i sold my magic chef. It served me well : )it has a surprising amount of space and was great for keeping all the beverages that took up so much room in my kitchen fridge.

I live in the phoenix area and this refrigerator is installed under the counter of my outdoor kitchen. It experiences direct sunlight, temperatures up to 115 degrees in the summer and slightly below freezing in the winter. I use it for beverages and it runs 24/7/365. Just after its fourth year of operation, it has died but it has lasted in very extreme conditions much longer than i expected.

Packed very well and arrived unscathed. Freezer smaller than i thought but it just fits a box of ice cream and other items. All and all perfect for my fathers small needs.

Magic Chef MCBR360S 3.6 Cubic Feet Refrigerator, Stainless : The refrigerator keeps a steady temperature of 35 degrees with the dial on a setting of 5. 7 is the max setting, and 1 is the minimum. The refrigerator increases temp by about 6-8 degrees if you open the door for a minute and add more products. But if you open the door just to take out a drink, the temperature stays steady. I give this refrigerator a 3 because of the noise level. The first one i bought was so noisy that i had to bring it back. It made a buzzing sound, probably due to a loose screw or something mechanically wrong with the compressor. I got a new one, same exact model, and that annoying buzzing sound is gone, but you can definitely hear the compressor when it’s on. It turns on for about 2 minutes, then shuts off for about 5 minutes. The noise doesn’t bother me, but that’s because i keep the refrigerator in a place where it doesn’t need to be super quiet. This product does the job and even though i give it only 3 stars, i do recommend it. It fits quite a bit of food and drinks. A half-gallon carton of milk fits nicely in the bottom compartment. I keep this at work, and 4 employees can store their lunches in there, as well as drinks and some extras too.

Perfect for what i needed, nice looking.

Magic Chef MCM1110ST 1 – I love this microwave

Very good microwave for price would recommend works great and easy to use.

Bought for everyday use in our kitchen. Performance is good as i can expect for the price and the finish is easy to clean.

Read several reviews before buying this. Others had mentioned it being loud, but have not had an issue with the sound. It works great and is easy to use, only con is that the buttons are not backlit, but with it being so cheap, i cannot complain too much about that. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MCM1110ST 1:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1.1 cu-ft. capacity
  • 1, 000W power
  • Digital touch interface
  • 10 power levels
  • Electronic controls with LED display

I bought this microwave model locally new about 2 years ago. (it was my second microwave of this brand, and the previous magic chef that i got [used lasted me seven years). This microwave is simple to use, has a decent capacity, and has worked quite well up until today. Now about every third or fourth time you open the door to put something in, it starts up on its own as soon as you open the door, microwaving you and the world at large instead of last night’s leftovers. I can’t stand up for long periods of time, and really need a microwave so that i can prepare a double portion of healthy meals and have some good food ready to heat and eat when i am hurting too much to cook. So though i certainly don’t need the added expense at this time, i guess i’m on the hunt for another microwave. One that hopefully will last me longer and also refrain from trying to microwave me. ]

Purchased as a replacement for a regular toaster, and we are very pleased with it as it functions in so many other ways beyond simple ‘toast’. Easy to use and provides even heat and toasting level. Well made, sleek, functions well. My only complaint is how hot the outside of the oven gets. Make sure to keep it away from your walls and other items near it, unless you want them to melt. And don’t touch the outside while it’s in use, it gets extremely hot.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Quality Purchase!
  • Very nice microwave for the price!
  • The right power and size at the right price!

It doesn’t make a lot of noise.

I already own a magic chef so just made sense to buy her one she loves it keep making a great product ill keep buying.

Turn table stopped working after 5 months.

The price was right for an 1100w nuker. It does the job of heating my food but i wish it had a backlit display and the buttons are a bit fiddly for a touch-panel (you have to hit in the exact right spot).

Works well, seems a little cheap.

I love the easy open bar handle, no push-release to open door (which typically gets sticky and annoying). Works just fine for a countertop microwave.

Exactly as advertised and a very sleek design. It is slightly noisier when operating than other brands, but not at all bad.

If you want a cheap nice looking microwave this is a great choice. My only complaint is that the beeps are so loud in my tiny office and theres no option to turn them off.

I got this microwave last june 14, 2016. I’ve been using it ever since. Easy to clean and easy to use. I placed a snake plant (sansevieria trifasciata) on top of this microwave. In the past 7 months of daily use, i’ve never had a problem with this microwave. Then again, i don’t know if this is a contributing factor but i’m really good at taking care of my electronic appliances and i have no pets so.

Bought this based on the reviews. I myself find it to be about average. My last microwave i replaced did not seem to be cooking things that well and with this one i also find myself pushing the add 30sec button time and time again. I will give it that it seems after 1 or 2 30sec adds, it does seem to cook more thoroughly thru but for the price still not that impressive. I would say i would trust this one over lots of others just because reviews on this alone, just wished it worked a little better.

I loved the price of this item. I replaced my ancient tiny microwave in which i could not successfully make popcorn, a staple in my life. This model is spacious and makes a lovely batch of popcorn. The only drawback is that it’s noisy when it first starts.

I bought the model elsewhere, but i still love it. My old microwave was showing its age (14 years). This unit has a few newer features, and the one i like most are the 1 – 6 (minute cooking) keys. The defrost & cooking cycles take the high end of time indicated. The one thing dislike the most the hum on the unit. It is much louder than the one on my previous unit. Also, just a peeve, the light inside the unit stays on when the door is open (my old unit’s light only was on during operation).

This microwave has a very sleek design. It works great as long as you don’t have to put in anything other than 30 second increments. I have yet to figure out how to put in like 45 seconds. Most of the time i just hit the start button and then open the door early if i need less time.

First thing -we got this for $79 at another store, and feel this is what it is worth – not the $100+ that it’s listed for here and other places. Once you are over $100, you can certainly get one of the more well known brands (panasonic etc). Microwaves tend to give out just before the warranty is up, and are really tough to service (heavy, big, not user serviceable) so it really is one area where it’s worth it to spend more and get something a bit more dependable or with better warranty terms. In the end, we returned this after a month or so mainly because it was too hard coming from something a little larger and a more powerful (came from a 1. 2 1200 watt one) other than that we would probably have kept it. If you are on a budget and want something decent this would not be a bad choice. This would be best for light use for 1-2 people or a small family that does not count on this for too much. It’s large enough for a full plate but overall a slight bit smaller than what i would say the average microwave is. For us at least, it fit nicely in a corner, wasn’t a bulky eyesore, but still had enough capacity for basic stuff / a normal sized plate.

I rarely write these reviews, but i was so pleasantly surprised by this microwave that i wanted to say something about it. My last microwave was purchased at home depot and lasted exactly two years (right outside of the 2 year warranty i had purchased for $18). I have all white appliances and wasn’t sure how this stainless steel color would fit in my kitchen, but it really looks great and blends nicely. I’ve had success with magic chef in the past, but couldn’t find one when my last one broke, so purchased from home depot instead. The handle on this unit is really nice, and i agree with the other reviewers that it’s the quietest microwave i’ve ever owned. I also like the quick timer choices (30 sec and 1-5 min). Just push the button and it starts immediately. Thus far it seems to heat more efficiently than my last appliance which was the same size and power level. Not sure why that would be unless it’s just a function of quality. The price on this item was excellent.

Very nice appearance and works great.

Magic Chef MCM770B 0 – I bought this microwave and was not disappointed. But after several years

No problems to report at all after 4 months of use.

This microwave is quite good for the price that i paid for it, the only down side is that the beep it makes is incredibly loud and annoying. And i have as yet found no way to disable this. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MCM770B 0:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • .7 cu-ft. capacity
  • Quick set buttons
  • Digital touch interface
  • 10 power levels
  • Electronic controls with LED display

Nice right size for what we need. I thought that the door had blue accents on the door but it is the reflection of light. . But it was a nice thought.

What i didn’t like is the way the food tray spin around, i had a hard time putting the dish on right, it would spin all round. I was afraid, that if i did’t have it on right, when i removed the dish, it would spill on me.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It cooks as fast as the big ones and is easy to use
  • Four Stars
  • I bought this microwave and was not disappointed. But after several years

I needed a microwave that is very compact and has a 30-second timer. I bought this microwave and was not disappointed. But after several years, it arced because of putting too small a food item inside. I am glad to see that amazon still has them available.

Fits perfectly on my tiny countertop.

I purchased this as a gift for my mother, and she loves it. It’s the perfect size to fit on her counter.

My mother-in-law was so thrilled with this product it was easy to touch her sweet little fingers,but don’t do with anyone who wants a great little microwave this is it and the customer service is wonderful god bless you.

Nice small and compact little unit – good for those of us who don’t cook in microwave, but just warm things up. It has a great small footprint on the kitchen counter.

Great product, compact yet powerful enough to do a bigger microwave task.

Just the right size and works great.

I bought this online (not from amazon) b/c i needed something for smaller spaces. It does not take up much counter space and it’s not a very big microwave. After 2 months of use, i noticed that the inside door has a lot of moisture after heating something up. Not to mention the inside is wet after each use. It’s not something that goes away on it’s on. I have to use a couple paper towels to dry it. Also, the ‘start’ button has a plastic cover. That is meltingi will continue to use this microwave for as long as i can.

I was impressed by such a small microwave. It cooks popcorn and heats coffee fast. I only need it for heating water and coffee but it will most likely do a lot more. It cooks as fast as the big ones and is easy to use. It was shipped fast and packed well.

I can’t really tell you because i just got it it looks like a decent microwave for the price however it is small but not unattractive on the countertop.

Love the product, and the experience with this seller was very good. I would use this seller again.

Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1 – so so product

I replaced a similar magic chef microwave that i’d used for many years with this just-slightly-larger new version. Just like my old one, the controls are easy to understand and use, and the inside is big enough for a large dinner plate or a casserole dish. The beautiful stainless steel finish with black trim fits perfectly in my kitchen. I don’t hesitate to recommend this great appliance.

Have had mine for over 10 years, still works great, no issues so far. Older technology for the power level drops it to 4 stars.

This is the best microwave i have ever owned. My son liked it so well, i ended up buying him one for himself. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Manufacturer: Magic Chef

It cooks really quick and evenly. It looks and feels expensive with a nice handle to open the door and a light that comes on when you open it. I hate the push button models and they always break. It’s average loud and gives 3 short beeps when it’s done. I hope it lasts because it’s a keeper.

I absolutely love how safe i am knowing the govt can see everything in my kitchen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great microwave for the price!
  • Reliable and simple and nice looking
  • Heating

Worked perfect easy to use and to clean.

My first one lasted for years.

Had the previous model and this surpasses it. Stainless inside easy to clean.

I am not sure that they make things as good as they used to. We replaced our antique 1980 working microwave, for this one in 2005 because my hubby didn’t want to give our kids brain cancer. It lasted exactly 7 years, but worked well till it suddenly gave up the ghost.

This is the second microwave of this brand for us. In fact, it is exactly like one that was 10+ years old when it died. This one has some updated features or could it be that we didn’t read all the owners’ manual on the first one. We would advise anyone interested to buy it.

Although i bought this from home depot, i would give this 10 stars. I bought this very same model 10 to 15 years ago and it worked flawlessly until a couple of years ago. I kept replacing the magnatron cover but eventually it sparked all the time – so it was time for a new one. Remarkably, the new one is identical – all stainless interior and exterior except for the controls and door parts in black. The controls are easy to use, one can chose any combo of seconds or minutes or use the presets. The interior is large enough for all our uses: 14. All the other microwaves i looked at had plastic interiors or preset cooking times only.

I am very satisfied with the microwave. It offers me the functions i was seeking in a microwave. It is a classy looking addition to our kitchen and works very well.

This is a great little microwave oven. It is all stainless steel inside and out. It looks good and performs flawlessly. This is the second one of this model that i have purchased and i highly recommend this model mcd1311st.

This is a long lasting, high preforming piece of equipment. I keep 2 backups on had all the time.

This is a great microwave for the money. Completely stainless inside and out. Control panel is nicely laid out with most of the controls you’ll find on even some of the more expensive ones. The buttons are easily pushed, unlike my old panasonic. Light comes on when you open the door, also unlike my old panasonic that only came on when it was cooking. You can defrost by time or weight. Add time or take time off by a push of a button. It has small feet that help hold the microvave to your counter top so it won’t slide when opening and closing the door. There really isn’t anything i don’t like about this microwave. It’s easy to clean and has an outside handle instead of a push button to open the door.

The first one lasted at least 8 years, maybe 10, i can’t remember. Glad they still make this microwave 🙂 yay.

We bought three of these microwave for the employee break room at a distribution center. The first two died after a few months of usage. Not sure if it was a manufacture defect, power surge or an employee sticking a metal container that blew them out. We returned them for new ones and they have since been working non stop for over four years. These microwave take a beating every day and they are still going strong. The handle and the stainless steal design is ideal for cleanliness. A few months back the light blew out and our maintenance crew was able to replace it right away. The replacement bulb were about $5 at manufacturer’s website.

I must have gotten a good unit, as my magic chef has lasted 14 years . The serial number plate says dec 2002 . It finally started sparking so it is time to replace it. I think i will order another one like it. So much for planned obsolesce.

This was a repurchase as my previous mc microwave lasted several years. Was glad to see i could buy the same microwave years later. The only change is a chrome handle.

I purchased this about ten years ago and sadly it just died. The magnetron finally went out, 2 years past the very ample 8 year warranty. This was one easy to use, simple machine that did everything well. I purchased it for $80 on sale (so it cost me about $8 a year for its life), but even at today’s price on amz it’s worth it because not only is the outside stainless but the inside is stainless and that is what keeps it clean and odor free. Plus it has an easy to use handle to open the door, both of which features are almost impossible to find in any consumer model today under $8-900.

Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel – Slides and stains

Delivered timely, packaged very well and works like a charm.

A very sturdy, well built, and easy to use microwave. A good user’s manual also comes with it, which is helpful for us ‘non-engineering’ types, to properly use these high end modern appliances.

I just bought this oven to replace an lg that i had for a day. I liked that oven too but the control panel was very hard to read. You needed glasses or a flashlight as the numbers are small and not white. I replaced a 20 year old panasonic with this mc oven and like it. Nothing is perfect and i miss being able to say press 44 and start and it runs for 55 seconds. On this oven, i have to press time cook before entering the cook time. The advantage is the numbers 1-6 equal 1-6 cook minutes. Press 1, it turns on and cooks for 1 minute, 2 for 2 minutes up 6 for 6 minutes. That is convenient, as is pressing start and it cooks for 30 seconds. Press start again and it adds 30 secs while cooking. Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1.6 cu. ft. capacity accommodates a wide variety of dishes
  • 1,100 watts of cooking power for effective cooking performance
  • 6 pre-programmed 1-touch cooking menus for cooked results at the touch of a button
  • 3 auto defrost menus make it easy to thaw fridge and freezer items
  • Auto start function for convenient operation 11 power levels give you a wide variety of cooking possibilities
  • Dimension: 21.8 x 20.2 x 12.8 inch (WXDXH)

This is replacing my four year old amana of the same size/watt, etc. Which was still working but sounded like a 747 taking off. I’ve been using it for a week now. It started off super quiet but it’s starting to make a bit of noise when it starts off. Time will tell how long this one will last. I’d give this one five stars but no one makes a microwave where the buttons light up or you can shut off the beeping when you are programming it or when it’s finished. I wish you could shut it off. (hello manufacturers) we have people sleeping in the house in the mornings. The price was right the quality seems to be the same as the amana which i paid $260, more than twice as this model. Quick start buttons for minute timed cook.

I was fortunate to get this for $99. I bought it for my parents a few months ago and they reported that its been working well and that it looks really nice.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Half the price of the Amana with the exact same features
  • Great, beautiful stainless steel microwave!
  • Great Microwave

Great microwave, love the ideal of having a handle instead of pushing a hard button to open it, very quiet, i ordered this for my office, but thinking of now getting one for a christmas gift.

I had to replace my panasonic model nn-sn797s. Everytime we used it, it knocked out the wi-fi connection. Some people think it’s just a matter of putting your router on a different channel but that was not the case. I tried using alternate channels and it continued to drop out whenever the microwave was being used. The problem of course is both microwaves and wireless routers use 2. 4ghz but if the panasonic was properly shielded, this shouldn’t be the problem. . And i’ve seen a lot of panasonic users complaining about this. So when i started shopping, i ruled out panasonic. I purchased the magic chef because i like that it doesn’t rely on a button to release the door(a common complaint), the controls are easy to use, and it’s attractive. It’s the same basic size and power output as the panasonic but priced very attractively.

Thank you for giving accurate dimensions. It fit perfectly for the small opening that i have.

Better than the one i replaced.

This microwave operates just fine, so far, but it has a couple of annoying drawbacks. The first is that the legs are made of cheap, hollow plastic, which causes it to move on the countertop when you go to open the door. To stop it from happening it became necessary to place small self-adhesive, anti-skid, dots under the legs, which was no easy chore since they did not adhere to the plastic well. So, you had to place the microwave where you want it the first time, or the dots would come off when you tried to move it. Secondly, the stainless steel surface shows every little stain (no pin intended). They wipe off easily enough, but it would have been nicer to have a color choice, like white, which hides the stains well because who wants to clean the outside of their microwave all the time.

Great product looks and works as it should without any issues.

It works good, just the start button is peeling off and we haven’t even used it for 6 months and it’s not used on a daily basis. So not happy that it’s coming apart.

Out of the box and put to work.

Long wanted a stainless steel clad microwave oven. When the old one failed, i went looking and found this magic chef model for a good price. It’s the real thing, not just painted to look like stainless. Arrived on time and it works.

Work very good , i likeit for the price.

Great product at a great price.

I love the express cook (just press 1 through 6 for that many minutes) and the +30 sec. Button, which i use almost exclusively. My only real nitpick is the weight defrost is a little confusing. Some honorable mentions also include: after many months of use, sometimes the turntable will make some noise, but it’s not major and it’s working. The popcorn button cuts it a bit short for the 3. 0 oz size, but it’s just being on the safe side i suppose. It’s funny, though, because we have 2. 9 oz bags, so one might think the 3. 0 oz setting would be sufficiently long. Sometimes, i just use the +30 sec.

Best microwave i have ever owned. Looks great and heats even better.

Bought two of these for the breakroom in the company where i work. Appear to be decent quality and both have been working fine for the last few months with daily use. No complaints from our employees thus far.

This is my second magic chef in 5 years. No the first one is still going strong like the rabbit you see on tv. I wanted the larger size to accommodate new additions to the extended family.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless : Nice compact size and makes ice quickly!

I have had a few different ice makers before and this one is the best i have ever had. Recommend filtered water to make it lat longer.

This is the 3rd ice maker for my mother. It is the first that has easily found replacement parts. If it lasts more than a year i will upgrade it to a 5.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Portable Mini Ice Maker in a Stainless Steel look.
  • Makes up to 27 lbs. of ice 24 hours. Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes.
  • Choice of 3 ice cube sizes
  • Makes 9 ice cubes per 1 cycle
  • Exterior drain and See-thru window

The icemaker in our crappy kenmore fridge crapped out right after warranty expired and would cost $500+ to repair. This machine works great as a replacement although requiring quite a bit of monitoring. Only have had it for a day so we’ll see how long it lasts.

I live in an apartment that is very old & doesn’t have a line for water to make ice in freezers. I have used this machine for almost a year and it has made my life better. I make one big batch once a week to fill bucket in fridge freezer. It is time consuming because it only makes a little at a time but better than filling ice trays all the time. I just set an afternoon or evening when i’m staying put watching t. And make enough until my freezer bucket is full then good for a week. I’m extremely happy with the output for the cost of this item.

Absolutely love the magic chef icemaker. I purchased it in august of 2015. It has worked without problems, with the exception of one brief issue, since then. It is now april of 2016, so that is nearly 8 months of good service. The only issue i’ve had, which has occurred only a few times, is that the red light on the front panel indicating that the water reservoir is low/empty will sometimes illuminate and thus shut off the ice making cycle. This is quickly and easily remedied by disconnecting the power cord from the receptacle (or just cycling off and then on the switch on a power strip). This resets whatever causes the issue and it goes immediately back to making ice. I initially bought one of the other manufacturer’s models, a refurbished one, and it did not work right out of the box. Pros/other things i like about the magic chef ice maker:-the ice cubes are made in 3 different sizes (although the difference in the sizes is not very great)-the hollow design of the ice cube effectively increases the surface area of the cube in contact with the liquid within which it is immersed, thereby providing additional cooling effect superior to that of a traditional block cube-the ice cycle is surprisingly quick, although it may not keep up with the demands of an outdoor dinner party, barbecue, etc. If you need that much ice with that rapidity, do the common sense thing and buy some bags to supplement the mc.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless : This is a really great ice maker. It makes great ice in 3 different sizes. Ice is always hard and it makes ice continually. It’s pretty quiet except when the ice drops on the empty basket. If you’re looking for a great ice maker this is the one to get.

The only issue is the need to drain the water when finished for if you don’t it sits and gets stale.

Made two gallons of cubes for my freezer within 24 hours or less. I can make filtered water and not the acidic ind from the tap.

I had a ge monogram ice maker for about 5 yrs that just stop making ice consistently. A repairman visit would cost at least $150 and more to fix. A new one would cost over $1000. While i loved the ice that it makes, clean, clear, cube ice, (if you ever poured soda over frozen ice you know why this is important), these thing just do not last and are way too expensive. So i basically decide to go portable. I do not have the counter space, so it needs fit into the space left by my undercounted ice maker. After reading all the reviews this was the one to get. I followed the instructions of another post to leave it upright for a day (actually a couple of days).

We use it everyday and it’s awesome. Makes plenty of ice for a household and does t take that much counter space. Great value even if you just want extra ice for parties.

I keep it running all the time. The ice melts and then in will make some more. If your getting small ice cubes you need to add more water it works best if you always keep it half full.

My only complaint would be the tiny plug on drain. We haven’t lost it yet but guessing it gets lost at some point so wish it came with more or knew of where i could buy more in case the tiny thing did get lost.

I’ve only used it three times but was very impressed with how quickly it made ice. I got it to use when i camp with my living quarters horse trailer. It was exactly what i wanted.

This product has performed flawlessly so far and has made my camping experience much more convenient. I use it in an rv in place of dealing with filling ice trays in the small freezer. Not only has it opened up space in my freezer for other things than ice trays but it has provided more ice than i’ll ever need. It seems to be a well built unit, very quiet, and a very convenient and useful appliance.

This machine works very well. I bought it to replace the emerson model that quit after producing at least 1000 pounds of ice in over 1000 days. Magic chef took the emerson machine and tweaked it slightly in a few places. One of the tweaks was putting the ice sensor probe at a lower position resulting in a smaller batch size. I don’t agree with this one tweak as an improvement which is why i knocked off one star. For the money, this machine will probably pay for itself in short order.

So far it has performed exceptionally well. We love having ice at the ready. It starts making ice immediately so if we turn it off for a long weekend and start then start it back up when back in the office, we have ice right away. No more ice trays to fool with.

First, i will say that i believe this product operated the way it was supposed to. However, it took 8 hours to make about 6 lbs. And because the ice maker is not a freezer, if i did not stay on top of removing the ice from the ice maker and putting it in the freezer, it would melt. I bought this to supply our regular ice usage in the house, since our freezer does not have an ice maker and i often forgot to buy ice and bring it home. However, even making a return trip to the store to buy ice is much more convenient than waiting/watching the ice maker for 8 hours. This just is not the right way for me to have access to ice, so i will be returning it.

Note: in the start up instructions they have you open the drain (screw off cap with little plastic plug) and clean the unit with a damp cloth. . Make damn sure you don’t place the plastic plug near the sink. Not the manufacturer’s fault but just something to keep in mind. It works great so far, the ice is abundant but it isn’t rock hard. S if you like sonic ice, you are going to love this.

The icemaker performs exactly as advertised. My only annoyance with it is that the manufacturer does not recommend leaving it to run continuously. The recommendation is to empty and clean it frequently. Hence i leave it empty until i have need for it. One concern is that the water drain has a plug insert that can be easily lost. The cap to the drain does not have a gasket, so re-inserting the plug before putting back on the cap is necessary to keep the drain from leaking.

I live with an ice bag on my knee and the blue gel ice packs don’t do the job – and can cause freezeburn if you aren’t careful. I now fill up the bin in my freezer and fill several freezer bags with ice. I only have to make ice one day a week and i have plenty for use in iced drinks, fruit shakes and icing my knee.

Works exactly as it says it will. I wish the ice wouldn’t freeze together when i put it in my main freezer, but it does not advertise that it is a freezer so if i empty it before it runs out of water or fills the bin it is better.

This is our third ice maker. The first one was a magic chef that finally gave up the ghost. We thought we would save money and get a cheaper one the second time. This time we went back to the magic chef and have been glad we did. So far, it’s doing everything the way it’s supposed to with no problems.

Magic Chef Cu. Ft Countertop Oven with Push-Button Door MCM1110W 1.1 cu.ft. 1000W Microwave, White : Good for the price

Shipped very fast, thank you.

Its not gigantic, but its roomy enough for everything ive tried to cook in it, and cooks well. Its lasted me a few years so far, and still going strong.

Magic Chef Cu. Ft Countertop Oven with Push-Button Door MCM1110W 1.1 cu.ft. 1000W Microwave, White

  • 1.1 Cu. Ft. /1000 Watts
  • White Front/White Cabinet
  • Auto Cook and Defrost Menus
  • 10 Power Levels / Kitchen Timer
  • Child Safety Lock

Oven is large enough to fit a 9×13 pan if it doesn’t have handles.

The name of this microwave is misleading. With a name like 1110w, you would expect it to be 1110 watts, right?. But, this is a fine, low priced, medium sized microwave. I think the most important thing in a microwave is the power. This is 1000 watts, which is the ‘norm’, making this a good, cheap microwave. If you get much below 1000 watts, then it starts to take a long time to heat things up. I really like our main microwave, because it is 1200 watts and much faster at heating. Magic chef used to be a top american maker of ovens. Magic chef was bought by maytag, which was bought by whirlpool. Then, the magic chef name was sold off to a coompany that just imports cheap stuff and slaps a name on it. It is similar to what has happened to iconic brand names such as fridgedair (inventor of refrideration systems) and rca. Anyway, most microwave ovens are made by a few asian companies and just have different names and body designs. So, what about quality and brand name?. Well, since there are only a few commpanies making the components, the quality and lifetime of most microwaves is the same. I bought an expensive ge elite and it broke in 4 months. I bought this magic chef as a cheap temporary microwave while we are waiting for the parts to come in to fix our expensive, good looking one. At $80, it is cheaper to buy a microwave for a week, then to go out to dinner because we can’t heat up our food.

Had ours for 3 years and love it, never had an issue with it thankfully. It has served us well in the time we had and now were are moving and passing it to someone else.

Magic Chef Cu. Ft Countertop Oven with Push-Button Door MCM1110W 1.1 cu.ft. 1000W Microwave, White : We replaced a tappan with a born on date of 1987. Just stopped heating one day. I guess i have high expectations, as our other microwave from emerson predates the one that died. Had our hearts set on a panasonic with the reviews, but most all of the microwaves now are way too deep, and way too complex. This one had a small footprint, but wasn’t an anemic 700 or 800w. And we’ve only had it a few days, but it is definitely a step up. Pros: it is a lot quieter than the quarter century one. It cooks significantly faster and has more power settings (1-10).

I originally gave this microwave only a three-star rating, because the ‘plastic’ keyboard started to wear off, but this was my error. The keyboard (along with other areas of the microwave) has a plastic, removable protective sheet over it and it wasn’t obvious (when i bought it) that this sheet was even over the keyboard. So be sure you pull off this thin plastic piece before using it. I assumed the keyboard itself was coming off, but it was just this removable plastic piece. So i love everything else about this microwave, and hopefully it will continue working ok for more than a year or two.

I had to replace my 12 year old samsung when the coating on the bottom of the oven started peeling off (caused by the plastic wheels on the turntable scraping off the coating and causing some rust). This magic chef model is the same size and power as the samsung. It seems to work a little better (faster), but this is probably because of the age and condition of the samsung. I purchased the magic chef a week ago (11/10/2011) for $48 at home depot (special deal). Pros: good performance (1000 watts) and size (1. It’s difficult to find an oven that’s better for $48 (special deal at home depot). I probably shouldn’t have any complaints because of the ridiculously low price. Defrost cycle seems to work fast.

Magic Chef 3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator, Stainless, Have 3 and love them all. Still working great after 3 years!

I bought three of these 3 several years back and they all however get the job done. One for my son’s dorm room, a single for my business at operate, and one for our patio. All of ours have labored wonderful with unquestionably no difficulties. It would seem folks largely compose opinions only when they are disappointed. You have to try to remember that hundreds or 1000’s are manufactured and it is extremely hard that each and every product works correctly. Also, i have constantly kept ours plugged into a surge protector. Loads of gear can be ruined by electricity spikes or surges brought about by lightening and we have plenty of lightening the place i dwell. I enjoy all our refrigerators and i would purchase this model again.

Probably the enterprise has listened to the complaints?. My experience with shopper services was amazing. Fridge stopped doing work right after about six months. Immediately after a solitary cell phone simply call, the organization despatched a technician to my dwelling () to resolve the fridge at no cost. eleven months into the 1 calendar year guarantee, it stopped functioning again with a diverse issue. I made a single mobile phone call and the enterprise agreed to refund my complete invest in selling price. Could i check with for a far more trusted product?.But the customer company was so great, i am getting the identical fridge as a replacement.

Packaging was comprehensive and utter diarrhea. My fridge had dings all above each facet. Just about every corner was so weakened that it really is was essentially smoothed out. Even so, inspite of its hardships, the fridge continue to has the capacity to get freezing cold, reliably.

Key specs for Magic Chef 3.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator, Stainless:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Magic Chef 3.5 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator in Stainless Look, ENERGY STAR

Comments from buyers

“no crisper drawer and smaller freezer, exemplary customer service, Efficient cooling. Plenty of space.”

Refrigerator was dented on the sides and back again, but it will be less than a bar the place no 1 will see it.

Pretty good refrigerator for the value. I have had it for 3 years and only have two troubles with it. It usually takes a tiny more time than common to make ice and on the substantial setting the freezer at some point frosts up, but it’s possible that is usual for this kind of transportable device. I might get it yet again, especially if it goes on sale simply because it can be been responsible and electrical power efficient.

Just fairly unhappy that the mini fridge failed to occur with a crisper drawer, and the freezer is smaller sized than older variations of the very same merchandise.

My desires in a mini fridge are really primary: lots of storage, functional cooling, effective electricity use. This fridge satisfies all a few and is very well priced. There is not considerably to do for established up and the original cooling only normally takes a couple several hours. I keep it absolutely stocked with beverages in the garage (a concluded segment of it) to get just one though doing the job on jobs with no owning to run inside. I haven’t experienced it for 4 months still like the other reviewer but it can be been great so significantly.

Magic Chef MAGIC CHEF Countertop Microwave Oven 0 – I love that I can set it for 30 seconds at

To start with of all, this is an beautiful equipment. It is easy to use and all in all a fantastic microwave.

Extremely joyful with the effectiveness.

This is my second magic chef microwave in fourteen years and only just purchased the second a person. They are dependable and economical. Pretty happy with their merchandise.Here are the specifications for the Magic Chef MAGIC CHEF Countertop Microwave Oven 0:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 0.7 cu. ft. capacity is compact yet accommodates a variety of dishes and food items, 700 watts of cooking power deliver fast, effective cooking
  • 8 quick-set menu buttons quickly cook popcorn, pizza, soup, frozen vegetables and other common items, 10 power levels for a variety of cooking options
  • 30-second express cooking option offers quick, convenient cooking at the touch of a button, Weight and time defrost options help you thaw cold or frozen items
  • 3 pre-programmed, 1-touch cooking menus make hot, ready-to-eat meals just a step away, Glass turntable provides even, consistent cooking and is easy to clean
  • Interior light illuminates the cooking space, Kitchen timer for your convenience, Child safety lock helps your family stay safe

Just bought a person at my community massive box warehouse retailer for 50 percent what is listed below. It is effective fantastic, it cooks things, but it has ‘express cook’ like a cafeteria microwave. And you can’t transform it off or regulate it. If you want exactly one, 2, three, etc. But if you require fifteen seconds — difficult. Cannot be donei won’t be able to hold out to be rid of this thing.

I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks, using it daily, often twice a day. My prior small magic chef microwave was sturdier and worked faithfully, without a problem, for more than 10 years. Although it was a bit smaller than this one, it was 900w. There is a definite difference in strength between 700w and 900w. The new 700w microwave takes 3. 5 minutes to boil a cup of water, while the old 900w one took 2. Compared to how shoddy appliances are today (black & decker, i’m looking at you), this new magic chef seems relatively well-built, (how can they keep getting flimsier??) the old one had a metal door face, this one is plastic. Ps you’ll want to peel the protective plastic off the touchpad.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A great 700 Watt Microwave
  • It is easy to use and all in all a great microwave
  • Works fine but I hate the features

In fact the merchandise did not bear the magic chef name out entrance, but it performs fantastic. I advocate for anyone needing a little compact mwave oven. It is effective and hasn’t supplied me any trouble yeta wonderful get and at a fantastic priceb. A year afterwards – it truly is now july 2012 and the oven still functions greatb.

The previous microwave i experienced was on prime of my fridge because i have no counter space out there in my kitchen. Effectively, i am finding also feeble in my outdated age to maintain reaching up that large. When my outdated just one required to be changed, i downsized to this just one, pushed all the tech gear i experienced on my go via and the microwave now has a spot of honor. I adore that i can set it for 30 seconds at a time of timetable a specific amount of money of minutes for cooking. The alarm that alerts that the meals is ready is loud and clear.

My prior microwave was 1100 watts and it kept leading to me to blow a fuse, so i stepped down to this a lot less powerful microwave (seven hundred watts). Factors get a very little for a longer period to prepare dinner. For example, 400 grams of boiled potatoes (slash into thirds or quarters) took eight minutes in my 1100 watt microwave. Just after a several months with the magic chef, i am nonetheless really joyful with it.

The magic chef microwave in shape my needs. The only negative is that you cannot method time apart from in total minutes and thirty seconds. I would like to have a lot more versatility in location the time.

Tiny, compacted but packs a large punch.

Very propose this item.

Will work good and appears fantastic simple procedure with shortcuts i use usually. I have wholly pleased with it.

A superior deal for a smaller house. It can take a little bit of time to warmth points up even though.

For compact areas and cooking, heating,defrosting and nearly anything else, this is a lightweight . 7 cu ft microwave oven that does the task. It has 10′ revolving plate that reverses and 6′ of overhead home. My final magic chef was a great deal bigger, family sizing, and heavier. It lasted above thirty several years and i cherished it, but i essential a smaller sizing and this fits very nicely while i seem forward to cooking in it for years it appear.

I like the way the unit looks. It operates properly and has been in use daily feeling it arrived. I would advocate that non-skid feet be put on base of device. When i pull the take care of or shut the doorway the unit slides.

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler, The perfect size

It iis not as noisy as ome reviefwers experienced claimed. Thebottlesl in the best and bottom rows can be taken off and replaced with no relocating the sjelves. That is an advage in my opion.

As a gift for my mother and she unquestionably liked it. I got this as a present for my mother and she unquestionably liked it.

I have constantly preferred one and i’m happy i ordered. It is extremely silent and chills my wines incredibly nicely.

Key specs for Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler, Black:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • 6 bottle capacity
  • Black door / Black cabinet/ Sculpted chrome shelves
  • Quiet thermoelectric cooling
  • Temperature range: 46ºF – 64ºF
  • Interior Light and Recessed Handle

Comments from buyers

“Misrepresented or lack of, Cools fine, but the fan is a bit loud, Love it keeps wine at nice temp”

Satisfied wife is a content lifetime. . Wonderful minimal unit, this is for my wife’s wine assortment. She is content which is often a pleasure.

Really like it keeps wine at awesome temp. Enjoy it keeps wine at nice temp. Seems to be fantastic on my stop counter top. . Pretty, mild on all night time, a really great products.

Awesome compliment to my dining home.  i definitely like this tiny factor. My wine is properly chilled at the right temp. Product came speedier than i expected. Suits common and more substantial than regular dimensions wine bottles. Significant wine would have to be stored on the top rack.

Bought this for my daughter.

Present for granddaughter who loves it.

If you like your wine chilly it will work very well. If you like your wine cold it will work very well. Haven’t attempted it on increased options just lower.

Pleasant wine cooler but in my viewpoint it is a minimal bit noisier than the other critiques revealed.

It fits the bottles genuinely perfectly, keeps them cool as anticipated, has a light on it to enable you locate it at evening ). My only complaint is i want it would continue to keep the bottles just a small cooler, but i believe the temperature is what it really should be. I’m just utilized to maintaining them in the fridge.

This was a gift and they loved it. Excellent measurement to keep a handful of bottles at the great temperature without getting up as well a lot space.

Space effective wine cooler. . Just what i required, simple and room effective. Additionally the mild would make it look lovable and chic.

Could have chill the wine alittle a lot more. All round good item for a fantastic selling price.

Matches flawlessly on the countertop upcoming to the fridge. Arrived in about a 7 days, not 6 weeks like the transport information indicated. I am considering of shopping for a 2nd one for my daughter for xmas.

Far the individual who gained the gift is quite pleased. . Gave as a xmas reward and so considerably the human being who obtained the present is very pleased.

Purchased this for my son-in -law, he enjoys wine and it in good shape in his apartment on the army base ideal. He used it as a soda cooler when he did not have wine. He has experienced it for two decades now and nonetheless performs terrific.

Seems to be great, will work even far better. Plugged it in, turned it on, included four bottles of wine (it will healthy 6) and a couple of hrs afterwards, it was sitting at 45 degrees f. The led gentle is on all of the time, giving a awesome ambiance. This appears elegant and is well designed. There is a person unfavorable, although. The temperature manage knob is tiny and in the corner, appropriate higher than the led light. It is hard to see it with the light-weight shining in my eyes.As i claimed, the handle knob is compact.

Retains my worms interesting neat cool.

Be aware that if you have the unit in a incredibly hot area as it effects the minimum amount temp the fridge can realize. The seal on mine was not producing quite very good contact in the upper remaining corner. You can deal with this very easily by modifying the door at the reduced proper foot spot. Get rid of the plastic address by eliminating three philips screw. Now you have entry to three much more screws. Loosen the screws and slide the door forward in direction of you.

Ideal dimensions for us lover is a tiny loud but. Excellent dimensions for usfan is a tiny loud but would not trouble melike any appliance , it has a fanwe have ours on the counter.

Extremely satisfied with this buy. Arrived much faster than predicted. Extremely content with this acquire.

I are unable to believe that out of all the evaluations i read not just one human being was suprised or bothered by the actuality this cooler does not exhibit real tempature. You have no way of understanding this when purchasing this as description does not say it either. The cooler is great other than that important variable it really is tranquil and seems to function good so far. I had to purchase a digital temp show and i have it controlled but not effortless to go away temputure display screen in cooler as it really is in the way. At ideal it sould say in description large reduced dial gauge and no temputure show.