KRUPS 404-70 Open Master Can Opener – Amazing

This is, by any measure, the best can opener made (that was made) in the world. Because it has the only sanitary design. The blade doesn’t cut through the can into the food. It lifts the top off the sides of the can. This eliminates or greatly reduces the growth of bacteria on the cutting edge. It also eliminates the dropping of small dangerous metallic particles into the food. Yet, amazingly, no one makes this sort of design anymore. Krups walked away from this. The design is so good that it is a matter of time before someone clones this in china and starts selling a cost effective replacement.

It came promptly (within 5 days) and it works. It is certainly expensive for a can opener but it makes life much easier. I couldn’t bear to pay the price for a new one.

My wife is a stroke survivor and it is not easy to just an electric can opener with one hand, (try it). Not only is this easy to use but the fact that it does not cut the can top but rather unseals it means no sharp edges to worry about. I can’t believe krups has discontinued it. The seller was excellent too. Great packaging and delivered ahead of schedule. Here are the specifications for the KRUPS 404-70 Open Master Can Opener:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Patented bladeless design opens cans without cutting the lid
  • Ergonomically focused
  • Measures 5-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 2-1/4 inches (height by length by depth)
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Limited one-year warranty

This has been a very good can opener i have had this for least 5 years. I think this is a good product which i had receieved as a gift and in turn given as gifts to my family and friends. It also allows your children the opportunity to help out in the kitchen without worring about sharp lids. I also like the fact that you can place the lid back on the can; perfect fit.

This thing opens cans like no other can opener. It leaves unsharp edges and a close fitting top. Instead of trash, you get a reuseable container. Then you have an nice, ergonomic gadget with a swell motor which begins to not work as well as it did over the past four or more years. All it needs is that little thing you put over the lip of the can. Daddy could fix this if he could get the part, but he can’t. I’ve bought my second krups model 404. Probably i’ll buy a couple more before i die.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Krups 404-70 – the best can opener in the world (really)
  • GREAT can opener
  • Wonderful! Oops, no spare parts.

The krups 404-70 open master can opener is the best ever, my wife has rheumatoid arthritis and loves this appliance, we would like to purchase 2 more but cannot find it anyplace. If it is still available, please let us know. A satisfied customerharold goldstein.

The unit provides a safe and easy method of opening cans. No more cut fingers as you try to dig out the top after using an old style opener. I am on my second krups unit due to a worn cutter after three years of use. Krups does not supply replacement parts for this item and, in my opinion, it is the only short coming of the unit.

This is the first can opener that i’v had that worked this easily. It is so easy to use, that i suspect that many have the same problem my wife had — its so easy to use that they couldnt believe it and tried to make it more difficult like all of the bladed openers. Just set it on top of the can and push the button and let it do all the work.

Purchased because my wife and i both have arthritis and have difficulty using hand openers. The krups is a little tricky to use but is very efficient and safe. Love not having the sharp edges as with other openers.

I have owned this product before. It lasted for quite a few years before failing. The one i ordered from amazon was an identical replacement. It is working satisfactoraly.

This review relates my experience, and anyone who tries the repair described below does so at their own risk. After about 4 years, our open master quit opening cans. The motor was ok, but the can wasn’t open after running around it. Being recently retired, i thought i’d give repair a shot. First i brushed out the opener head with a stiff brush and got out a lot of black junk. Then, i hit the bottom of the vertical wheel with some white lithium grease (in a pressure can with a tube attached). Black junk everywhere, but kept mopping up with a paper towel and blowing stuff out until it seemed clean. At this point the vertical rotor seemed to move into the case about 50% more than previously. The little horizontal rotor at the bottom of the mechanism seemed to be frozen. I rotated it with a tool and gave it a shot of lithium from below.

-to find i cannot simply order another-lasted for over 15 years but is beginning to slow down a bit.

We have had the krups 404 for maybe 3 years now and it has been a wonderful addition to our kitchen. It is so much of an improvement over traditional can openers. The fact that no shavings get into the can that you are opening is a tremendous advantage. Also no sharp lids to cut your hand or fingers with. Since there are so many variations of cans to be opened we find an occasional one that needs a little encouragement (not at all unlike the previous top cutter one we had)and we use the hand opener once in awhile. Mostly because it probably needed more cleaning of the cutting wheels, which i finally undertook to do. It was full of metal shavings which were clogging up the mechanism and it can only get worse. I used a chemical agent to spray and remove them. Anything that is used to do this procedure is done at your own risk.

Backed by krups great engineering and workmanship. Opens cans quick and is light and easy to use right out of the box. No sharp edgesonly drawback to me is that it’s not cordless.

I wanted to express a few words about this can opener. With my 3 1/2 year old twin grandsons living near by it’s important to have a can opener that doesn’t leave any sharp edges (as they like to help their oma cook). I have had mine almost 3 years and have never had a problem with it. I wouldn’t hesitate in buying another one for myself or as a gift. There is one comment i’d really like to make-can openers were not invented or made to open garbage cans.

Before purchasing this product,i carefully reviewed every one of amazon’s customer reviews – pro & con. I even brought my own can of chili with me to the retailer for an instore demonstration, as well as a magnifying glass to check for metal filings. The krups passed all the tests and received the stores highest endorsement as well. With regard to the reviewers who complained of finding metal shavings in food after using the krups may i suggest they may be from the ax they had to grind about being too dumb to operate this great appliance.

We have owned our krups 404-70 for over twelve years and absolutely love it. As mentioned in some reviews, it took a few tries to get the hang of getting the opener to connect to the can, but other than that, this opener is flawless. So easy to clean, doesn’t take up much space, leaves you with cans and lids that do not have sharp edges, leaves you with a can that will not scrunch when you are holding it. I dread the day when our opener quits because i cannot find a new one, esp. At the great low price of less than $30 that we paid for this one. Krups or leapy lee — are you listening?. Please bring this opener back — there are several customers out here who need, want, or will need another.

This opener is much more sanitary than the cutting wheel type. I am about to replace mine again, for the second time, even though i find three deficiencies:1. It doesn’t last more than about two years. It requires careful ‘jiggling’ to engage the opener with the can. There are some few types of cans that it fails to open. But health considerations win out.

This is the 2nd one of this style i have had. What i especially like is it opens the can around the outside edge, so it doesn’t fall inside the can and the opener doesn’t get dirty. Just takes a little practice to get it lined up right.

I have owned one of the krups openmaster for more than 15 years and it still opens cans like the day it was purchased not to mention it still looks like new. I had bought one for my mother around the same time and the motor recently quit working and i cannot find another one to purchase. I would love to purchase another new one for her as she is 79 years old and she thought that if she could get one more krups that it would last her the rest of her life. I have bought at least 20 of these for gifts for family members and friends and they all say the same thing ‘i’m not giving up my krups’ i would easily pay twice the price they list for to own another to have a spare.

Can’t find this new anymore. Didn’t know you could get them fixed. So, bought this refurbished one and it works great.Hope it lasts as long as the first one.

KRUPS KM1000 Prelude Coffee Maker, Love this coffee maker

This is a great little coffee maker in the $50 range. If you have read some negative reviews of this model, check the dates on those reviews, as i think krups redesigned things a little. Our cuisinart dcc-1200 died after 9 years (a pretty good run. ) in spite of some problems it developed with the clock, i was ready to by another cuisinart. But i started shopping around and i was intrigued by the look of the krups km1000. I trust both brands equally to deliver a good product, as we owned a krups before the cuisinart. We almost never filled the 12-cup cuisinart above 8 cups, so moving down to a 10-cup model was not a problem. After a week of use, i’m prepared to recommend the krups km1000 highly. First of all, it gives nothing away to the cuisinart in the brewing of great coffee. They both do an excellent job.

The krups km1000 makes excellent coffee. I only gave it 4 stars because of a strange design issue. The plastic lid on the carafe is glued on and cannot be removed. Therefore you cannot put the carafe in the dishwasher to clean it thoroughly. Other than that it’s a really good coffee maker.

Have had this for about a month. Fast brewing and easy to use. It also looks great on our counter.

Key specs for KRUPS KM1000 Prelude Coffee Maker with LCD Analog-Style Clock, Silver, 10-Cup:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10-cup stainless steel coffee maker with sleek graphite finish
  • Illuminated blue LCD analog style clock
  • Programmable clock to set the daily start time with auto shut off
  • Pause and serve feature lets you remove carafe at any time to serve; keep warm function keeps coffee hot for 2 hours; auto shut off
  • Translucent water tank; dual water-level windows; removable filter basket for esay cleaning; 1050 watts; 2-year worlwide warranty

Comments from buyers

“Solid performer
, So far, so good.
, Great coffee maker – check dates on negative reviews

I know it is a simple device being a coffeemaker. It has held up well, makes consistently good coffee and is an attractive addition to our countertop.

I have been using it every morning for 10 months up to now. I’m very satisfied about the product. What i like most is the design. It’s compact and contemporary. It keeps coffee constantly warm. Some reviewers feel it keeps coffee too hot. I don’t find this is a problem because you can turn off the power to cool it a bit before drinking. In contrary, what i like is that this coffee maker is the best at keeping the coffee warm in comparing with all other coffee makers i have used. I would be more happy if it is 8-cup. The reason i give it a 4-star is because the clock got a minor problem at about 6th month.

I’ve had this coffee maker for a year and it worked perfectly as advertised, so i have no reason not to give it 5 stars. Also, i ordered a 2nd machine for my boyfriend – i selected the cheap shipping, but it still arrived within 2 days.

 bought this machine in ’08, and it hasn’t given me a lick of trouble in all that time, and makes, in my opinion, great coffee. I suspect that folks who’ve had a bad experience are more inclined to post a negative review than folks who are simply happy with their purchase, making it seem like the product has problems. Anyway, the discoloration of the heating plate is not a functional problem, as it works just as well. It is difficult to see, but if you must look at the heating plate, simply take a scotchbrite pad, and remove all of the finish.

There are so many awful coffee makers out there. I cannot stand the analog clock as it is a pain to set. So much for what i don’t like. I do like the cone basket, the compact size, the flavor of the coffee produced, the heat of the coffee, and the durability. Ii have been using this coffee maker for a couple years and keep getting fonder of it over time. I do not like leaving coffee on a burner so as soon as brewing is done i turn off the heat.

Our son has one and has been singing its praises for a while. When we are at his house in boston, we always admire its simplicity, its ease in use, its features, and the fresh, clean taste of the coffee. We appreciate that the grounds have ample space and do notoverflow. Thanks, krups, for the consistently great ease and taste of our beloved coffee.

After my bunn hg phase brew 8-cup home coffee brewer stopped working after 18 months (which replaced my workhorse cuisinart dcc-1200 brew central 12-cup programmable coffeemaker, black/brushed metal that i’d had for years), i was on the lookout for a new coffee maker that would look good, brew a pot of coffee quickly, and be reliable. The only two specific features i was really looking for were a clock/programmable timer (for those early mornings when i want the coffee to be ready as soon as i get out of bed), and a ‘pause’ function in case i want to pour myself a cup before brewing is completely finished (the bunn didn’t have this and i quickly missed it). These two features ruled out the top-end coffeemakers i’d had an eye on (the bonavita bv1800th 8-cup coffee maker with thermal carafe and the technivorm moccamaster kb-741 coffee brewer brushed silver), so i had to find an alternative. I was wary of this krups because of the negative reviews, but after six months it’s still going strong and performing like new. My first impression taking it out of the packaging wasn’t a great one — compared to the solid build of the bunn it was replacing, the metal/plastic components felt a little bit light and cheap. Additionally, i was surprised when i brewed my first batch of coffee and the krups started putting water through the ground coffee immediately (before it would have had time to reach a hot temperature appropriate for brewing coffee). However, the coffee has turned out well, and more importantly this krups has been consistent and reliable. It can make a full put of coffee quickly, and looks nice on my counter when it’s not in use. The carafe pours well, and the see-through gray plastic water tank is a nice touch to keep an eye on how full the coffeemaker is. One thing i noticed about the reviews for this coffeemaker is that the majority of those talking about the whole machine failing look like they’re a few years old, which makes me wonder if krups has improved quality control or updated the internal components since then.

This is a perfectly good coffee maker and it’s sleek design makes it very appealing. However, it does not manifest the kind of perfection of workmanship i would expect from a german-made appliance. That’s because it’s cheaply produced in china. So, if you’re purchasing a krups thinking your going to get a finely crafted product, think again.

Such a nice-looking little unit. Although it takes over 10 minutes to brew, i like this coffeemaker because it makes good, hot coffee and takes little space. Having read the other reviews, i wonder how long it will last. So far, i have had two problems: 1. If i pour water from the carafe into the water reservoir too quickly, the carafe spills water all over. Where the basket for the coffee grinds seats into the unit, it says ‘open’ and ‘closed. ‘ at first, i turned the handle of the basket to the right, to where it said, ‘closed,’ and half-way through brewing, hot water and coffee grounds spilled out over the top and onto the counter. I figured out that i was supposed to push the little basket handle down and farther to the right to get it properly seated. That way, nothing gets pumped up and out, but the metal lid at the top is not evenly seated, and instead sits crookedly, with a slight opening on the right side. Not perfect, but good enough.

Love this coffee makerwe tried another ‘name brand’ and it did not last as long, or produce great tasting coffee. We will always stick with krups.

This coffeemaker makes a mean pot of flavorful coffee. A great size looks smooth and sleek. I especially like the compact size for a 10 cup coffeemaker. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a space saver that brews a delicious pot of coffee. You won’t be disappointed with this coffeemaker. I gave it a 4 star only because it doesn’t have a beep to signal when the coffee is ready. I just took for granted that all coffee makers have this feature. I really miss it, but am willing to give up for a better tasting coffee.

I have had this coffee maker for nearly a year now. I have had absolutely no problems with it. The design is beautiful, and while the light is bright, it is not overbearing. The pot does fit snugly, but there is no difficulty in getting it in and out. It produces a pot of coffee very quickly and i have never experienced leakage as i have with other all plastic-bodied coffeemakers. I not only would purchase it again, but i have given it as a gift to two other people who have been equally pleased with it.

This machine is a good basic alternative to my usual french press. I love being able to set it up the night before and have fresh, hot coffee first thing when i stumble into the kitchen.

Keeps overflowing on us due to the filter not clipping in without special attention.

Nothing fancy, does the job.

Unlike all the other coffee makers i have ever owned, this krups model does exactly what it is supposed to do. . Make a good cup of coffee and keep it hot for 2 hours. Making a good cup of coffee should not be that hard.

A great coffee maker for the money. However, it does not have a brew indicator to let you know it’s done making your coffee. Very stylish and attractive otherwise.

Been using this daily for about 2 years. Makes great coffee even using bargin brands. The heat plate has rusted up quickly and that’s the minus one star on my rating.

I purchased this to replace a krups combi coffeemaker. Decided to get separate machines. It makes a lot of noise, more then the previous maker i had, but it gives a perfect brew, and the timer is very easy to use.

KRUPS RK7011 4-in-1 Rice Cooker and Steamer – So far so good. Has worked with cooking rice and steaming vegetables only issue is it takes along time to steam vegetables

I thought paying more money for this it would last longer but after 5 months it stopped working. It only works off and on so was very disappointed in it.

Ha, it is super easy to use and clean. I used the recipe in the book to make the steel cut oatmeal with almond milk. I make rice in it probably 5 days a week. Easy to steam veggies while cooking the rice.

This is the second one i purchase, the first i gave as a gift to my mother and once i saw how convenient it was i had to buy one for myself.

This is an excellent rice cooker. It is extremely easy to use, and the rice cooks perfectly practically every time. Even my wife (who tends to burn foods. Please don’t tell her) can’t mess it up.Plus it keeps the rice warm. This appliance is also very easy to clean and maintain.

I have been using this particular rice cooker for about a month. I cook everyday and i am demanding of the appliances i give my valuable counter space to. This will have a place on my counter for years to come. I’ve used the rice cooker to make barley and was very pleased with the outcome. I like it because i can set it up and i don’t have to watch over it. I steamed some green beans in the steamer and was very pleased with the outcome. I will be using this feature quite a bit. I used the slow cooker to do some pulled chicken and of course it came out perfectly. This never took the cooker to the boil stage and hence my chicken was tender. I would recommend this unit for anyone that cooks.

This is one of my favorite appliances because when i come home from work i can stick a whole or large portion of a meal in it and then go off and do something else, walk the dogs, do some laundry, sew, whatever. I know among foodies there is a great debate over whether this appliance is necessary if you have a pressure cooker. Well it is for the set it and forget it factor alone. I graduated to higher end models when i going through cheap models about one per year. Since then i’ve had a vitaclay which i loved but when the clay insert’s lid broke i was unable to procure another from the company. Then i went to a panasonic and the latch on the lid broke 15 days after the 1 year warranty was up. And do you think amazon would relent?. No and it would cost as much as a new unit to ship it to a sanctioned panasonic repair facility as it would to buy a new one, then i bought a breville which is a lovely well made unit and make lovely risotto and slow cooks but makes lousy rice and doesn’t seem to do fast method of steel cut oats or grits. The breville recipe/instruction book is atrocious. I really hope this is a keeper, i went with krups this time because all of the krups brand appliances that i own are old and have lasted and i can’t stand replacing appliances that should last decades. They’re sustainable goods companiesanyway this one seems well made and i’ve made grits, rice, steel cut oats and quinoa, all were great. It’s easy to clean, wipe the inner lid after you’re done cooking. It doesn’t have a time delay but if it lasts i’ll be okay without that.

  • Disappointed
  • A Must Have Small Kitchen Appliance – Perfect Rice Every Time
  • Love this steamer!

This is a great rice cooker. I used all the four options and everything works great. I bought it from brandsmart usa for cheaper than amazon. L love it, love it and love it. It is the best rice cooker l have ever had. Thanks krups, u all did a good job making this piece of equipment.

Great rice, have not used it for anything else yet.

My friend recommended me this one so i ordered it almost blindly. After 2 minutes working, timer broke up. The cooker was still working but i couldn’t tell how much time was left, there were just zeroes. Also, in the beginning it didn’t let me change the time to my taste, it just weighs what’s inside, then you choose the mode (mine was ‘rice’) and that’s it. Because it was a lot of rice, the machine chose 1 hour. It was too much, the rice was soft-slimy-porridge like. I would like to hear the suggestion but be able to make corrections if needed. When i washed it, part of the finish came off (and i was washing it with soft sponge). So, i had to return it because of the timer but i didn’t order another one because of those flaws i learned while it was here. I hear people exclaim all the time how yummy the rice comes out of the rice cooker, comparing to regular pot, but i wasn’t impressed at all.

Rice comes out perfect every time.

This item is what i ordered and i am a very satisfied customer.

Features of KRUPS RK7011 4-in-1 Rice Cooker and Steamer with Slow Cooking function and Stainless Steel Housing, 10-cup, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4 cooking modes: rice, steaming, slow cook, and oatmeal
  • Large 10-cup capacity nonstick and dishwasher-safe bowl for easy cleaning
  • Electronic controls with digital display; delayed start; keep warm mode; hinged locking lid
  • Includes steam basket, rice paddle, measuring cup and recipe book, dishwasher-safe parts
  • 630 watts, 2-year worldwide warranty
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The rice cooker works great, timed and everything. The steamer and slow cooker are also gems, just wish there were a delay feature, but it does keep warm after done cooking.

This is a replacement for the same model i’ve had for over 6 years. I use this nearly every day for either rice or overnight slow cooking. It is the most used applicance in my kitchen. I bought another one as my original was ruined due to the housekeepers scrubbing the inside pan with a scouring pad, removing all the non-stick coating. Make sure you clean with a soft cloth only.

I bought this rice cooker after we returned from an extended stay in japan. I thought it would be able to cook rice as well as a japanese rice cooker, but it isn’t perfect. I always have to put lots more water than the chart recommends or else the rice is too dry. I tried brown rice once and i also used the chart recommendations but i had to add 2 cups more water and turn the rice back on for it to cook it fully. Also, i like cooking a lot of rice to have for the following day but the warm function dries out the rice on the bottom of the container. I steamed some carrots while i was cooking rice but the time was not long enough to make the carrots tender. I think this is a sturdy unit and my friend has had one for over 10 years. So, i guess i just need to play with the water levels and steamer timer to get the food to our liking.

This is our second krups rice cooker. The first one lasted over 5 years. This rice cooker matches all of our stainless steel appliance in the kitchen. We always get compliment from our guest. We did our research and this is the best looking rice cooker in stainless steel in the market.

This was a christmas gift, perfect.

We have 4 kids and try to make morning breakfast as easy as possible. The oatmeal setting is awesome. We don’t have to microwave 4 bowls and take up 10 minutes. Just put in the oatmeal, the water, close it and turn on the oatmeal feature. 5-7 min later we have oatmeal ready to go. We have used the rice cooker portion for rice and quinoa. I’ve never owned one before but am glad we have it now. Way easier, and easy to clean too.

4 cooking modes: rice, steaming, slow cook, and oatmeal

Bought this for my brother for christmas when he asked for a rice cooker. Fast shipping and good product.

Has worked with cooking rice and steaming vegetables. Only issue is it takes a long time to steam vegetables. Found that if i started the steamer at 15 minutes, waited till i saw steamer to put the vegetables in and restarted the steamer, it worked great. Have not tried to slow cooker part.

This krups 4-in-1 cooker is one small kitchen appliance i could never be without. A true workhorse in my kitchen all year round. I use it so much that i have 2, the oldest is around 15 years old and works as well as it did on day 1i most often use the rice and slow cook functions. Using the rice cooking function, my brown basmati rice turns out perfect every time. Rinse the rice first, then cook according to the cooker’s rice instructions. I add a bit of olive oil and dried herbs, no salt. Perfecti have found that the slow cook function is generally equivalent to the high setting on a crock pot slow cooker. My slow cooked roasts, chicken, turkey pieces, stews, meatballs, and vegetables turn out beautifully.

It is a great multifunctional tool. It is large, so not easy for small portions or single servings.

I found this in a thrift store for $10; i was, and still am, incredulous. The first thing i did was try every mode. First i cooked rice, of course; perfect. Next day we slow-cooked a piece of local pork belly for 6 hours. Just before serving we crisped both sides. For dessert, i used the steam function to make a strawberry/rhubarb custard; the steam rack held 4 custard cups. They came out okay; the recipe was bad, but the steamer worked great. Next day, i did two frittatas, one savory and one sweet, using the rice mode. The savory one had 7 duck eggs plus vegetables, and the sweet one was hen’s eggs and frozen fruit.

After using this appliance for twelve years, it finally quit cooking the rice completely without running it through two to three cycles. There’s no question that i’m replacing it with exactly the same thing.

Large 10-cup capacity nonstick and dishwasher-safe bowl for easy cleaning

I had an older version of this item and i replaced it with a newer one. I loved it so much i bought it twice. It is a quality product that lasts for 10 years or more. Very easy to use although it only has a low heat setting. I use it for rice, slow cooking and oatmeal. I have never had any trouble with it whatsoever and really love the item i have several other slow cookers and this is my all-time favorite.

I use it primarily for oatmeal and brown rice. The oatmeal setting cooks ok,but in order to prevent boil overs i have to start with less water and add more as it goes along. I sometimes leave the lid loose and that helps some. Brown rice cooking following the instructions also leads to boil overs. The rice comes out drier than i would like and so end up adding more water and continue cooking. I have not tried it for other uses yet. It is useful and would give it a higher rating if it didn’t boil over so easily. The unit is attractive and seems to be well made. If anyone has suggestions for solving this problem i would like to hear about it.

I had owned a krups rice cooker and after 12 years it was not working well. I decided to replace it with something different. I tried aroma and unfortunately had to return it because, my rice didn’t come out well, it was too dry no matter how much water i added, the taste was different and so i returned it. I saw this krups on clearance at bed bath and beyond and got an extra 20% off. I fell in love with this product again. If rice is a staple food in your home like mine this is the right rice cooker to go. I don’t like my rice too dry and too moist. The krups ricer does a perfect job.

I have had this product for 8 years and it is still going strong. Nothing is broken and all the buttons still work. We all love this rice cooker. I pretty much use the rice cooker and slow cooker function at least once a week, but there have been times where i have used it a number to times in one week. I have yet to have bad rice or a bad slow cooked meal. I have cooked brown, white, jasmine and basmati rice with my krups a number of times. My only suggestion is before the water boils down to stir the rice once. This will prevent any rice from getting a little hard on the bottom. You do not have to do this as the rice comes out just fine either way.

Electronic controls with digital display; delayed start; keep warm mode; hinged locking lid

Includes steam basket, rice paddle, measuring cup and recipe book, dishwasher-safe parts

KRUPS BW600 Art Collection Cordless Electric Kettle – Didn’t last as long as expected

I have had this kettle for 5 years, i drink tea every day, sometimes multiple times a day (hydrate). And it still works as well as day 1. I’m looking at others now to go with my other appliances, aesthetically, but may hold off since this one has never given me any issues.

I love my new krups tea kettle and wish i would have gotten it a long time ago. It is easy to use, looks great on my marble top counters and has an automatic shut off. It is great for us, as we french press everything. I wish that it would auto shut off after 10 minutes and not immediately, but still works great for us.I will be buying some next year for presents.

I did a lot research when i purchased this in 2011. Still using it in 2015, heavy use.

The chrome and faux wood look nice but the chrome gets dirty easily. It works great, except a few months in the cap broke and it would completely fall into the kettle when trying to open it. I contacted krups, emailed them my receipt, sent my broken one in and got a new replacement a couple weeks later. Good customer service on their behalf, even though i didn’t think there was a warranty on it at first. Contact them if you have an issue is my recommendation.

– the light notification is very useful in informing you when the water has boiled. – it has a very sturdy electric cord. The electric cord breaking was the reason we got rid of our previous krups electric kettle. Cons:- the metal gets very hot; so, you have to make sure to always take it by the handle. This makes it more difficult to check if water was recently boiled. – the lid flips in the middle to open, which makes it harder to clean the inside.

Truly a silver beauty and quite a large one at that. Just received it and immediately made a pot of tea. Set up was easy and it boiled a full pot in about 3 to 4 minutes. Since i’ve only used it once, i can only give a first impression but i am truly wowed by this product. Have had good experience with a couple of krupps products and hopefully this kettle will provide the same satisfaction. Of course looks aren’t everything (even though they can take you a long way). We have major tea drinkers in our household so we will be putting this pot through its paces, using it everyday. I’ll keep this review updated if we have any problems or hitches. Also, unlike others, i didn’t find the faux wood off putting; in fact, i like the way it looks (real wood would have been too impractical) and it feels quite sturdy. The pot pours nicely and feels good in the hand.

  • It would take a little bit more to make me love it, but I do like having it.
  • a thing of beauty!
  • Nicely designed kettle. Performs well so far.

The krups water heater is a very attractive addition to my kitchen counter. Since this is the first heater of this type that i have used, i don’t know if the temperature of the water is standard but it doesn’t get the water hot enough to allow for a leisurely morning cup of coffee. Usually, the coffee gets cold by half a cup. This isn’t the case with stovetop kettles. I have noticed that the temperature seems to be getting hotter with use which really makes no sense or maybe i’m just learning to drink a little faster.

This electric kettle is a beautiful piece to leave on the countertop. Yes, the outside gets hot, but you only touch it once, and if you are not a moron, you shouldn’t touch it when hot again. The finish is so shiny i thought it might be a problem to keep clean, given our hard water which leaves deposit marks. It is actually easy to clean. The wood tone grip is easy and comfortable to use, and the capacity is good. The blue on light is very attractive when lit. Gives an additional upmarket look to the appliance. Easy to open with push button, good capacity and a nice weight.

Not only is this the most beautiful electric tea kettle on the market, it works wonderfully. I bought this kettle after weeks of sorting through reviews and taking a shot on this one. My old kettle eventually stopped working. It was a cheap ge something or another, and i will never make that same mistake again. The krups kettle is easy to clean out with vinegar and unlike the non-stainless ones you can get, the bottom won’t flake off into your tea water after repeated use. This is hands down one of the best, if not the best, purchases i have ever made on amazon. If you are looking for a reliable kettle that will last you for years to come as well as a gorgeous work of art for your counter top, look no further than this krups kettle from their silver art collection– trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

If something is going to be out on the counter, i want it to look good, so i chose to order this appliance. It’s really lovely and pours boiling water perfectly with no dribbles–an important feature with water that hot. The ‘ automatic shut off’ feature is very handy for leaving the room. I ordered the ‘used’ amazon warehouse (like new) and saved $20. Like everything i have ordered used from amazon warehouse, this product was in perfect condition. I figure that it will get a scratch or two from me anyway, so why not save the money, but in the case of amazon warehouse, if it’s marked ‘very good’ or ‘like new,’ i haven’t been able to tell the difference in the used version and a brand new one. My pot was in perfect ‘new’ condition.

We moved from the uk and had to purchase all new electrical appliances. I did much research on kettles and toasters and decided on the krups range. The kettle looks stunning (my only negative criticism is that the on/off button is clear plastic and doesn’t match the silver/faux wood finish on the rest of the appliance). It pours exceptionally well and looks really beautiful on the worktop. It seems to take longer to boil than our uk siemens kettle but i think this is more to do with the electricity being 110v rather than 240v. Very pleased with my purchase.

Features of KRUPS BW600 Silver Art Collection Cordless Electric Kettle with Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, Silver

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  • 1.7-liter/57-ounce cordless electric kettle with exclusive design of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics
  • Automatic opening lid and 360-degree rotational base
  • Removable anti-scale filter for excellent-tasting results
  • Outside water level indicator window on both sides
  • Illuminated on/off switch; 1500 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This is so chic, i leave it on my counter year around. The little on/off tab illuminates a blue led glow and the lid as a release button so you can avoid fingerprints on the metal. I know it’s more expensive than the competitor, but stylistically speaking – well worth it.

It was a nice good-looking kettle. All my previous other kettles after about a couple of years had some problem with connector. This one was working fine for more then a year, now it leaks in the window area. Maybe kettles do not live longer then a year. But it certainly could if it doesn’t use windows. Upd: it still had warranty and it was replaced.

I was very happy with this kettle when it arrived – it looked good and was reassuringly expensive, i was sure it would last longer than the 5 or so we had bought and had to replace in the previous 6 years. We bought it in august 2012, its now february 2014, it hasn’t even lasted two yearsi’m very disappointed and am kettle shopping again (sigh).

Coming from europe, i am seeing an odd problem here in the u. With tea ceremony and kettles in particular. It all starts with the tea bags instead of old school tea leaves and ends with the kettles. When it comes to buying a kettle, the number of choices appears to be pretty limited, making it challenging to get a dependable stainless steel machine. During my first year here, i had been using an aroma kettle. It was ok until it just stopped working for an unknown reason. My main problem with that kettle was plastic smell (yeah, it didn’t go away even after a year of active every day use). That’s why my main criteria while shopping for a replacement one was stainless steel and strictly no ‘features’ (such as keeping water warm at certain temperature; things like this tend to break first). Krups is a well-known brand back in europe.

The first unit we received worked the first time we tried it, but on the second (and third and fourth) times it didn’t shut itself off when boiling. We let it go for a good five minutes on the last try to see what would happen, and it just kept boiling, even rocking back and forth slightly (this was really a full boil). When steam started dripping from our kitchen cabinets, we unplugged it and sent it back. But we liked it enough to try another one, and the replacement unit works fine. One thing you might not appreciate from the photo is that it’s quite large – so check the dimensions if you have limited space. The mechanism that opens the top seems very solid, unlike some kettles i’ve used. The lid pivots around a line through its center rather than a hinge on the edge, so it doesn’t really open all the way, and that can get in the way a little if you’re filling it from a pitcher (like a water purifier). Filling it from the tap it’s no problem. The base seems solidly built, and you can put the kettle on it with any orientation. Overall, i’d give it 4 stars if the first unit hadn’t been defective, 3 since it was. Update – it’s end of december 2012 (so we’ve had it 7 months) and so far the replacement unit we got is working fine.

Not quite as ‘top end’ in the finish as it looks. The silver looks good, feels solid, but the wood finish is a cheap plastic wood look. Product works as advertised, but for the price, i really hoped the finish would be truly over the top.

1.7-liter/57-ounce cordless electric kettle with exclusive design of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics

Well, i didn’t see anything i liked more than this one so i got it. Just like a really beautiful person you date, you forgive a lot of things so you can look at their shiny body. Well, for one thing, it would be more ‘art’ if it were smaller. Can’t hold that against it since i am the one who didn’t notice i was ordering a gargantuan tea kettle. It would be more ‘art collection’ worthy if a bit smaller. Okay, complaints: the spout. The spout is almost ugly in my opinion. Using my previous example, it’s like your really hot date has a weird bottom lip. They are so pretty otherwise, that you just try not to look at it.The wood is barely recognizable as wood because it has no grain and it is really dark.

Was skeptical about spending so much money on a kettle, especially since my plastic kettle worked for years and was only $20. Did a lot of looking around and trying out. And i am very happy with this kettle. Works well and looks great on our granite countertop. Since we spent so much money redoing the kitchen, i thought it was worth buying a kettle that looks good.

I looked at many of them over the past week and reviews kept saying that the kettles had a chemical taste and that made me wary. I read reviews on this one and they were mostly favorable so i ordered it. It’s not large and bulky but sleek and sits on a small heating plate and the effect is stunning. The faux wood handle makes it look retro circa 1950-1970. I did what he instructions said and boiled 3 kettles of hot water and discsrded then started using it. It’s quieter than my old one and its efficient. Heats the water within minutes. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

This appliance gets a fair amount of use with making hot tea and using the coffee french press everyday. I keep a jug of white vinegar nearby and descale this at the slightest sign of scale. After each heating i empty the water and let it dry. The scale doesn’t seem to build up this way much at all. It looks great and works quickly.

I have had this electric kettle for a month and love its look and function. The shiny stainless finish looks great with my other appliances. The kettle heats water very quickly. The minimum amount of water needed is less than my old kitchen aid electric kettle, so that means i can heat the water faster and be out the door in the morning very quickly.This kettle was a little more expensive than some of the others. However, since this is an item that i keep on the counter and use daily, i really wanted the kettle that i chose to be pretty.

One of the strangest things about moving to the us was the dearth of electric kettles, with stove top units still being relatively common. We were looking for a stylish kettle and toaster combo that would look nice in our open plan kitchen/diner. This fits the bill perfectly, the silver jug looks beautiful and the faux wood on the handle and base looks fairly convincing. We bought this with the krups kh754 silver art collection 2 slice toaster with bun warmer, stainless steel/chrome and they look great together. The other great thing about this kettle is how quiet it is, you barely hear anything whilst it’s heating and even when boiling it’s not too loud. Whilst the exterior does get warm in use (unsurprisingly) it isn’t any worse than the many other kettles we’ve owned.

Automatic opening lid and 360-degree rotational base

The one that i ordered came with a piece broken in the top. I reported it to amazon but never heard back. Other than that, it’s a great machine.

We recently purchased this electric kettle and i have to say that, thus far, i am quite impressed. It’s beautifully shaped (in fact, it reminds me a bit of the kettle jeeves used in jeves and wooster). And, at 1500 watts, it isn’t under-powered like many other kettles, meaning it boils water more quickly and, in the end, more cheaply. And it is so easy to use even i (who am quite technically challenged) worked it out in no time flat. On top of all that (and this is quite important for this household) it keeps water hot for long periods of time. Just today we boiled the water for tea a little before 11 am but got round to actually making the tea a little after 1 pm. The water was still quite hot as was the tea. In short, this kettle will, i expect, will save us on our electricity bills and is quite good for the environment to boot. And i have to say, i love the faux-wooden handle. (the handle is actually plastic but it looks and feels almost like wood.

I love this and use it every day. I saw some bad reviews before posting. I haven’t had a single issue, and it gets pretty heavy use. This piece is beautiful and feels so good just in the hand, picking it up to pour. It’s a joy to behold and use.

Been searching for a kettle with a hinged lid which opens at the press of a button. Cordless, turns itself off, non-plastic, very nice-looking. I tried 2 other stainless steel kettles, but had to send them back because they produced foul, acrid-tasting water. It does everything i want, plus it gives me great tasting boiled water. This kettle is a bit pricey, but a winner and well worth the investment. I bought one for home and then one for our church.

We were pleased with this purchase from amazon and the unit worked very well for six months. The water did heat up nicely. It was perfect for enjoying tea. Unfortunately, the unit started leaking water from the water level window. Returning it to krups was a significant problem. We had to go through extensive paperwork to prove that we indeed had bought the kettle and it had failed under warranty period. The whole process took a while. After returning it to their repair facility, we have had no communication on the state of the repaired item. We paid close to $80 for a kettle and now we have an empty space in our kitchen effectively 2 months. We do not know when the product will be returned.

It’s pretty, high quality, and works great. I think i bought this about a year or so ago (and forgot to write a review then) and it has held up to almost constant use. It still looks and works like new and i would definitely buy another one.

Looks incredible, i always get compliments on it. It steams water fast and complements any kitchen. Smells a little plastic-like though when steaming water but i’m sure it’ll fade with use. Buy it if you’re looking for a nice electric kettle.

Removable anti-scale filter for excellent-tasting results

Outside water level indicator window on both sides

KRUPS Definitive Series Stainless Steel Coffee Maker : Krupps Rocks~~~~

I have had this coffee maker for just over 5 weeks and i could not be more pleased. Having my coffee pre-made every morning is heaven sent. The coffee it makes is stellar.

Easy to use and makes flavorful hot coffee.

Definitive Series Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all relevant accessories plus a 90-day warranty
  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • Illuminated LED control panel with programmable clock to set daily start time
  • Removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • Automatic shutoff and keep warm functions

I think this might be an older model and hence no reviews, however, this coffeemaker is still being sold online and at department stores so i thought a review would be helpful. This was a replacement for a very annoying, very expensive cuisinart that made life hard for me for almost two years. It is my first glass carafe machine in about 7-8 years. I like this unit because, even though it’s mid-range in price ($59. 99) it doesn’t have lots of superfluous functions that i never use (for example, the cleaning function, disposable filters, built-in grinder, etc. Everyone knows to clean you just dump in some vinegar and water and run it through–i don’t need a coffeepot telling me when to clean it. It has a ridiculously bright led light on the front–which for me is great because it serves as a nightlight. I needed to read the instructions to set the programmable feature but it was very easy and fairly simple.

We purchased this coffeemaker recently and have been enjoying coffee in the mornings. The one big issue we have is the clock. For the amount of money that this coffeemaker costs the clock is a huge disappointment. The small circle containing the faint clock face and numbers is so difficult to see that you need to get directly in front of it and view it from about 18 inches or closer. The blue light adds to the viewing difficulty. Surely krups designers could have put in a more visible clock. People want to see the time in the mornings.

I’ve lived with a lousycoffeepot for long enough. When searching for a new one, i decided to see what krups had to offer. I zeroed in on the one i ultimately purchased & i am so glad i did. Now i can enjoy my morning coffee again.It makes great coffee, it stays hot for a long time too.

Definitive Series Stainless Steel Coffee Maker : I love everything about this coffee maker. First and foremost, it is an ease to set up and use. It has all the things a modern coffee maker should have like a timer etc. The coffee is brewed through a reusable filter so no nasty disposable filters. Just throw it in the dishwasher or since with water. I usually set it up at night so in the morning i can either just turn it on, or set the timer and not have to deal with it. I always use pure alkaline water for the best tasting coffee, and, almost always ground it fresh. Otherwise, a good ground is fine as well. I always make sure to leave the top lid open after to let it dry out or else it can get moldy.

I’ve tried many diff machines this one is amazing. Great packaging and fast delivery.

I will not own any maker other than krupps. No other unit get the water as hot as fast and makes such a great cup of coffee. You will not be disappointed. When one wears out, i just buy another.

I previously owned one which i loved& stopped working. I replaced it with this new one.

KRUPS XP5220 Pump Espresso Machine : best espresso maker

I am lucky to have two abodes, which means two kitchens to supply. After my original beginner-type espresso machine failed in one kitchen, i quickly ordered a duplicate of the krups which i had later previously purchased for the second home. It was an easy decision because i so enjoy using this krups every day because of the 15 bar pressure and the mostly quiet operation. The automatic tap down and disposal of the grounds is also a bonus.

I have to admit that i am a tea person. I can’t stand coffee (all except arabic and espresso). Lately i’ve noticed that a cup of tea in the morning just doesn’t have enough of a kick-start for me as i have been burning the candle at both ends lately. Obviously i don’t have the time to get up extra early in the morning to make a whole pot of arabic coffee for a couple of shots and then leave the rest for waste. And regular coffee is not an option. So espresso was the next best thingi went around shopping for an espresso machine and found a delonghi machine but it was completely made out of plastic and looked and felt very flimsy. And it had a very low price tag. This one looked highly suspect to me. I kept looking and found this model. I have faith in the krups name because i already own a krups ice cream maker that is really great and the family really enjoys it, a friend of mine also has the exact same ice cream machine and is really happy with it too.

Came on time and just i as ordered worked out great.

This machine makes pretty good espresso. The removable water container is pretty handy. I am not using the pump very often but it does look breakable (see other reviews).

  • Viva La Krups Expresso
  • After six months of use
  • Excellent Value

KRUPS XP5220 Pump Espresso Machine with KRUPS Precise Tamp Technology and Stainless Steel Control Panel, Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • Pump espresso machine with 15 bar pump, 1400-watt thermoblock heating system, removable filter tank
  • Universal filter holder accommodates ground coffee, E.S.E. pods, and soft pods
  • Precise foolproof tamp system can be set for 1 or 2 cups at a time
  • Selector knob for brewing or frothing, mess-free cake-ejection system
  • Measures 12-3/5 by 10 by 14-2/5 inches, 2-year worldwide limited warranty

I’ve had the 5220 for about 6 months and am very satisfied, having gone through a few cheaper espresso machines. It seemed like just the right price-point — i wasn’t interested in spending $500+, and i knew from experience that anything less than $100 means trouble. It strikes me as heavy and beefy, which in my opinion, can be an indication of quality. I thought about getting the more expensive all-stainless version of this model, but in the end decided it wouldn’t change the quality of my espresso. Best feature: the filter holder that clicks in place – when i first saw that feature, it struck me as gimmicky and made for novices. But, in practice, i find it helps me make a more consistent brew because it seems to lock into place at just the right pressure level, versus the traditional tamping process that can be inconsistent. Second best feature: there is a pressure relief valve that exits into the drip tray. This means that the back-pressure won’t create an espresso explosion each time you remove the filter holder (anyone who’s owned a cheap machine knows of this frustration). Third best feature: the heating/start-up time takes less than one minute – i suppose due to the high wattage and/or quality boiler.

This machine is the best purchase i ever made its easy to walk, clean, and keeps my husband in the house and not spending money on espressos outside.

Older models looks more durable. I hope this one is better quality overall and less problems with seal ring.

I had to replace my krups 850 that finally died. The steamer wand is a twistlock and not threaded as some reviews have stated. I have not had any trouble with the steam wand. I only make one coffee each morning, so this machine is perfect. I also buy ground espresso and the precision tamp works great. The machine is well made and not like a few krups machines i have seen in stores and read about.

Its a lot of work to make a shot.

After our 10-yr old delonghi machine quit working, we wanted another sturdy semi-automatic machine and settled on this krups model. It feels hefty and well-made compared to others at this price level. After using it for 2 weeks (4 espressos a day), we are very pleased with the design, mostly for how it simplifies working with the coffee grounds. First, you don’t need to tamp grounds into the holder – the racheting design automatically tamps the grounds as you twist the holder into place. Secondly, after the grounds have been used, the pop-out button simplifies ejecting the used grounds (the “puck”) without having to bang the holder on your counter or garbage can. If you want even more simplicity, it holds ese pods, which are readily available (starbucks 12 for $4. We actually use the ese pods for our decaffeniated espresso. Now, let’s talk about that frother, which is the subject of most of these reviews. I experimented with the frother wand and had no problems.

Today i am as happy with this product as i was when i made my first coffee with it. This is my best espresso machine ever. I owned before other espresso machines from different companies but i had only problems with them.

I am so pleasesd with this espresso maker. It has a water resevoir that is big enough for a couple of days worth of espresso but not so big that the water gets stale. It has the automatic tamping feature (forgot what it is called) that helps to achieve the perfect shot of espresso every time. It is easy to clean, smart looking and, and makes me smile when i see it. Best investment i have made in a while.

Flawless expresso, one or two cup compresses manually and heats quickly and froths effectivelysolid construction and should last at least 2 or 3 years if kept clean and maintained properly.

Bought this for my son for xmas. We have one just like that we bought several years ago and still have it.

A few weeks ago we shopped for a new expresso machine at the bed, bath and beyond store. Take in your 20% discount coupon and you will get a great deal. Overall, we give the krups xp5220 machine 5 stars. It is a quality made machine and makes good creme (foam). The nicest feature is the automatic tapping and the push-button to pop out the used coffee puck, no longer need to bang the filter holder on the garbage can to get the grinds to fall out. One word of warning: we found a number of unhappy amazon. Com users who had broken the tabs off the steam wand. A customer may not realize that in order to remove the nozzle for cleaning you have to pull the slip ring down and pull straight off which requires a bit of force. If you pry one of the 3 tabs which are in a vulnerable position they will break and then the steam wand may not stay on under pressure. Once you understand the proper removal and installation, it’s not a problem.

I’ve only had it for a few weeks but we do like it. I drink cappuccino every day so it’s gotten its fair share of usage. The thing about cappuccino machines is, people tend to think that it will be a push-one-button type of machine but those of us who brew good coffees know better. As with any complex machine or art, it takes a while to get in your stride. I got used to this machine really fast and we’ve had not problems yet but i am extra careful with the steam wand as people say it breaks easily. One other thing i noticed is that sometimes more espresso comes out of one side of the grounds cup than the other. Maybe there is a small flaw with the self-tamping mechanism. To overcome that i just use a small glass cup from a previously used espresso machine to capture all the output and pour that equally into two cups. With no flow adjuster on the steam wand, you have to work on your technique for steaming the milk as well but i haven’t found that problematic. I’ve since had to replace the plastic nozel on the steam wand twice because it cracked and thus steam was shooting out the top of the nozzel versus the bottom and it takes forever to steam the milk.

Machine and delivery were perfect.

The machine heats up very fast. However one should heat up thecoffee holder with hot water before adding the coffee to assure ahotter beverage. The self-tamping feature saves messes when having to hand tamp. And the neatest feature is the push button on thecoffee holder that dumps out the old wet grounds. No more bangingthe holder on whatever is handy to get rid of the puck. The construction is very rugged,and this machine has quality written all over it.

Inconsistent in both brewing and the steamer.

Every since buying this we use it almost daily. It makes excellent espresso and the steaming wand has worked really well with no issues. We looked at a ton of different machines before buying this one and we are extremely happy with it.

I used a krups 887 espresso vivo for 12 years,and i am so glad to choose another krups now and so satisfied it’s quality and design.

KRUPS FND111 Allegro Espresso Maker – Make your own cappucino, simple and easy!

Coffee version of this for a few years, but it had problems and flaws right from the start. This is definitely an upgrade that was not any more expensive. It’s still kind of a pain to clean the dried milk out of the steam nozzle, but no way around this, i guess.

This espresso maker does a decent job. I had one before that was another brand, but almost identical in build quality and i wouldn’t be surprised if they had been made in the same factory with different branding and exteriors. The other one had items that broke soon, so i’m taking care with this one – especially the clip that holds the filter, i don’t use it. And with the handle that holds the filter, be gentle. I wash out the filter after separating it from the handle. The other one i had broke where the handle meets the metal cup/funnel portion that holds the filter.

Bought the krups allegro for a good friend and the product is excellent thank you for making it available . Here are the specifications for the KRUPS FND111 Allegro Espresso Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy-to-use, 4-bar steam espresso machine for espresso, cappuccino, and lattes
  • Convenient large-capacity carafe with lid and handle equals easy pouring
  • Steam nozzle quickly froths milk, easily controlled by oversized dial
  • Space-saving design; removable drip tray for easy clean up
  • Built-in safety valve provides safe operation

What a great way to start out on espresso machines. I’ve had this for less than a month and i can make vanilla latte’s as good as starbuck’s. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, wonderful to have in my kitchen. Use non fat milk for the best foaming, and enjoy.Can’t beat it for the price, and it’s quality.

This is a great expresso maker, and i’ve been through many. It’s not the fastest one, but it makes great espresso, doesn’t make a mess, i’m not afraid that the seal will fail me soon (which turns a good espresso maker into garbage), it’s cute, it’s compact, and it’s by far the best one for the price. Krups makes the best espresso makers within the reasonably affordable range. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes excellent espresso with crema if you DON’T follow the instructions
  • Works, but don’t be rough
  • Good Value

You don’t really expect to buy an espresso machine for $50, do you?. Krups allegro makes good (not great) strong coffee – usually better than most drip machines. I had it for about 3 years and overall it’s a good snall machine. During this time the pitcher was broken (my favorite glass coffee mug replaced it) and the little plastic piece on the ‘portafilter’ handle fell off (no big deal), but otherwise it still runs like new. My wife forgot to turn it off a few times and realized it some 20 minutes later, and while i expected the heating elements to burn down and die – it survived. The milk frother is a joke if you were thinking of latte art, but maybe acceptable for cappuccino after you learn its limits. So, while krups calls it espresso maker it definitely is not. It lacks the pump to deliver sufficient pressure to make it a real espresso. If you try to make espresso on allegro the way it should be done (get really fine consistent grind coffee tamped to a level ‘brick’, etc. ) allegro will choke on it and the pressure build up will turn it into life-threatening device as it is not build for it.

I have suffered through owning two espresso machines by delonghi. Even though this machine costs half the price of the delonghi machines, it is a far better product, and most definitely a better value. It produces a decent crema, takes up little counter space, and is quite easy to operate and clean. Assuming you can’t afford a much more expensive machine, this is a great way to go. The handles are made of light plastic, but they are durable enough. The steam knob / on switch seems very solid and well constructed.

This is a big improvement over the earlier versions. There is now a red light to warn that it is still on, and makes even better coffee. It has held up to daily use without fail for over a year. Today my glass carafe finally broke. I was hoping that amazon or bbby would have the replacement part, but i have to order it from krupsusa. But now what do i do for the next week while i wait for the carafe arrival?.

This small, simple machine is perfect for making 1-2 servings of espresso or cappucino/latte. If you can work a regular, drip-style coffee-maker then you can work this machine. Simply add coffee, measure and add water, then screw-on the pressure-seal top. If you want espresso, turn to ‘brew’ and in a few minutes you’re done. For cappucino/latte, turn to ‘steam’ first so you can steam your milk first then turn to ‘brew’ to finish the coffee. (i like mixing in some chocolate and/or caramel syrup with the milk first) it’s as simple as thatbe prepared for a little frustration: the steaming wand is small and it only works well with your cup or the tiniest of pitchers. It’s also a bit messy to steam milk. . Krups suggests using a cup to collect the drips on the end of the wand, but i still find a way to get milk all over the countertop. And when your house-guests come over and want a coffee-drink, this machine can only brew 4 ‘italian’ cups or 2 ‘american’ cups at one time. (for me, i can barely stretch it to 2 small servings)after you compare how much you at starbucks for a similar drink, buying this machine and your own coffee is so much cheaper.

One very expensive in the kitchen and this little krups in our coffee bar. This is the second little krups i’ve owned. The first just died after 5 years of use so for the price it’s worth every penny. I use this little one every day and without fail it makes the best latte and steams the perfect chi tea. If you entertain a lot and want to make more than two drinks, this is not the machine for you but if you just make one or two per day then you can’t go wrong. The trick to this machine is to turn the steam nozzel on first and let the water run until it starts to steam, then you can start making your espresso. It makes much better froth this way. Also, the first time you use this machine you will find that the espresso basket overflows so don’t pack coffee too tight the first time. Even though the instructions indicates you should not to pack the coffee, it’ve always packed it and it never fails me.

I fell in love with this little machine when my brother turned me on to his. I couldn’t make enough coffee that weekend, i was hooked. I came home and started shopping for my own, i found it on amazon for $20 less than what he paid for his. It is of course not as fast as a traditional coffee maker but defintiely worth the weight. Fresh beans are key for sure. The lid on the caraffe could be a little better designed, falls into my cup sometimes. Have not used the milk frother yet, i prefer my coffee black, but i have turned it on and it works. It is a simple to use, basic machine that produces an awesome cup of coffee. I highly recommend it for first time espresso machine users. And this is the best price you will find.

Last year i bought an automatic krups espresso maker. I should have taken it back. The pump was totally anemic. One of the most frustrating consumer products i have ever used. I put up with it for a while, then basically i quit using the machine because it was so bad. It has sat in my kitchen unused for months. Last night i threw it out and bought the lower priced fnd111. Years ago i had owned a similiar krups unit. It served me well for many years.

For the price, this machine makes decent lattes. However, espressos are not worth the effort. Furthermore, making a hot coffee with this machine is almost impossible.

Wish it had an auto shutoff. It’s easy to use and small in comparison to other makers.

I am a traveling consultant and coffee addict that ended up on a project in one of these areas in the us that sb did not conquer yet. The closest coffee shop serving decent espresso style coffee is more than an hour away. Driven by withdrawals the 3rd week into my project, i decided to get my own little espresso maker just for the duration of the project. I had it shipped directly to my customer about 6 weeks ago and used it probably a dozen times since. All i can say: was i surprised about the performance of this machinei only drink lattes and had my difficulties to get decent milk froth in the past with different, much pricier machines. The krups fnd111 produces better foam than the $900 la pavoni europiccola professional that we brought from italy and use at home. Of course it does not have a lot of bells and whistles and it is kind of annoying that you can’t remove the steaming nozzle (which will clog if you don’t clean it thoroughly after each use) but in my opinion you can’t beat the value that you get for the buck. Even though i still don’t own it long enough to comment on quality and durability of this machine, i still give it five stars.

I’ve had it, as a secondary machine, for a few weeks now, and still like my old plain bravo better (one on-off button, turn knob to steam, off when milk is done while coffee is still brewing). This one makes ok coffee, but it takes a long time to heat, maybe a minute more than the simple old model, and the knob for steam or brew requires more attention than i like to give to any process before i had my morning coffee. If i had a third hand, maybe i wouldn’t splash the milk while turning the steam on, while trying not to push the whole thing off the counter. The cross-shaped grate at the inlet where you pour water is really annoying – unless you pour really slowly, it will splash back. The long steam nozzle cover is harder to clean than the short rubber one from the bygone years. I used to finish steaming by running it for a couple of seconds in a cup of water: no wiping, never clogged. This one is too long for that trick. I trust krups for quality, but the improvements really aren’t. You end up paying twice as much for complications you don’t need. I am developing a new taste for americanos in the morning, just to keep it simple.

I was disappointed with the typical lack of chinese quality control, the loose fit of parts, and the step down in quality from my previous krups model of the same machine which lasted 5-plus years and was, like this model, not user-serviceable, making it landfill material, unfortunately. The nearest service center is in the next state. However, i attempted to improve the situation by purchasing a machine that cost 3 times the price, made in italy. It was indeed a well-made piece, and used a pump to push the hot water through the grounds, producing the acclaimed ‘crema’ of espresso makers. We made a blind taste test and the krups allegro won out. The italian machine was much more complex to operate and clean. It took longer to produce the four 2-oz. Cups of espresso which the krups will do in very short order. I solved the loose fit of the coffee basket to its gasket by getting a slender o-ring at the hardware store and stretching it around the underside of the basket’s lip.

This is my first espresso machine, and i admit that, if i had experienced more fancy machines, i might have more complaints. Yet, considering the price, i can definitely say that this is a great purchase. It looks and is very durable and sturdy, especially so considering that it is under $50 (even less with the amazon’s $25 discount–when purchased with other stuff). It is very simple to use, and i had no problem in using it in last two months or so–everything worked well. Very happy with this purchase, i have ordered another one for my office. I decided to try a different brand just to see how other ones work–capresso’s mini-s, which is $20 more expensive than this one–and is returning that after the first use. Looked cheap, the machine was unstable, fragile, and hard to operate. But if you make espresso for more than 2, this might not be the best choice. Steam is a bit weak, and i find that it takes a bit long to steam milk. And when i make milk hot, there are already too much foam created, so for the second cup, i had to steam again (i use 20 oz krups mug), which is no big deal for me.

I am a bit of a purist, grind my beans just before brewing etc. , and blend beans to get just the right flavor for me. If you can wait about two minutes for your coffee and are not opposed to making one cup at a time this is a good reliable machine. It uses the force of steam, which strong enough, instead of a pump to drive water through the grounds. You can adjust strength of blend easilly and make a pretty good espresso with only a little practice. I have owned a krups allegro in the past and traded up for a $1250 saeco which gave me nothing but trouble. I had to send the saeco back to the manufacturer every two or three weeks to get it repaired and finnaly threw it away. Then i bought a $150 machine that did not make a very good espresso and only lasted 9 months before the heating element burned out. I bought another allegro recently because i was not willing to risk spending $1500 for a machine that may or may not give me a good cup of coffee. It’s not the quickest espresso maker and would be nice if it had capability to make more than one coffee without starting the process all over for each cup but control of flavor is in the operators hands and it works every time.

This is the 2nd espresso maker of this model that we’ve owned. It is easy to operate and does a good job of making espresso for our lattes. The first machine i owned lasted about 15 years. I then bought a fancier machine that pooped out within a few months, so i went back to the old tried and true. I’m planning on getting another 15 years out of this one.

This is a nice affordable little expresso machine that’s perfect for a household with about 1-2 coffee drinkers. It’s easier then you think if you just read the instructions and take your time. And the heat/taste/aroma all depends on how fine the grind of the beans is, the quality of the beans, the purity of the water you put in it, and whether or not you keep it real clean and make sure everything is tight before you start it up. Also the standard for pressure on a machine is 9 bars and this unit produces at 4-4. If you’re not a carnosaure of espresso i would recommend this unit as long as people remember that they should use filtered water in the unit, only put freshly ground beans into it, and get a metal container to froth milk seperately. (it causes much less of a mess) keep her clean and don’t drop her and if you get one with no defects that works for a while be happy about it. For those of you that are obsessed like i have become. And you eat the little piece of dark chokolate with your little cup of espresso at least once a day. And you can catch every little nuance of every little fraction of a taste in every drop. Then i recommend spending big bucks on an italian model because otherwise you don’t do yourself justice and you shouldn’t be trusting some college student to do it right anyway. This little krups takes up very little room and is not really that confusing considering there is a simple dial on it that shows ‘a cup’, ‘an off sign’, ‘steam being forced into the bottom of a cup’. Even an illiterate idiot could operate this thing coupled with just a tiny bit of logic. And the frothing arm is annoying at first until you learn to just tilt the frothing container properly.

KRUPS Krups® Electric Kettle Plastic 6-Cup w/ Locking Lid : So worth it

As tea drinker, use it all day long. Saves so much time, no waiting for whistling kettle to boil. I have also been using it to boil water for bigger things like pasta walker, works great.

I use this product about five times a day. It can boil water faster than any i’ve ever used. I paid twice this for my last cordless electric kettle. It had six choices of temperature.

Kettle boils water very quickly, esp. If you boil for a cup or two. The full kettle boils faster than on an electric-coil stove. Hot water cools down quicker than traditional kettle, perhaps it’s the plastic. The auto-off switch is fantastic, no need to run to a screaming kettle.

I bought this as a christmas gift in 2013, and it is still working beautifully. Good design, and very sturdy-feeling for being plastic. The locking lid mechanism has held up just fine, even with fairly heavy use. Pros: heats quickly, easy to use, well insulated, nothing has broken. Cons: i’m not sure how they chose the measurements to put line markings on for. Also could have used one side for liters and one for cups or fl. Oz or some other measurement. But it’s really not a big deal at all.

  • Tea Lover Heaven
  • Love My Electric Kettle!
  • (after several uses) it’s turned out to be a great kettle.

Krups® Electric Kettle Plastic 6-Cup w/ Locking Lid

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Concealed stainless steel heating element to protect against corrosion
  • Cordless design with 360 degree rotational base
  • Twin water level indicators ensure water level can be seen at all times
  • Wide spout for easy filling and pouring
  • Auto shutoff function

I have 1 but ordered it for my daughter.

We first used this kettle while staying at an airbnb apartment in san francisco. As soon as we came home, i ordered one. Great for making a quick cup of tea and really useful to get water boiling quickly for pasta.

Very solid and efficient easy to use kettle.

Just exchanged my 14 year old krups that we use every day to make tea. Hope this one lasts just as long. The opening on the top was changed from a part that you take out to a flip. Handle with care so that the button does not get stuck after many uses. My husband loves the flip opening.

Exellent kettle, good looking.

Superior product, heating rapidly while adding a safety barrier of cooler plastic around the hot center. Heating is accomplished very rapidly with no muss and no fuss. Easily handled and operated, are ear marks of a system for heating your water in a most efficient manner. This is our second krups as a backup, if ever needed, and is highly recommended for all users and uses. Automatic shut off is only a bonus and cleaning is a snap.

This is the second kettle of this model. The first has served well – but nothing lasts forever.

I brought my self the electric kettle a year ago after using my mother’s during the christmas holiday. I used ours on a regular basis and it is amazing. Takes less than 30 seconds to heat up the water but warning, you can burn your mouth if you drink right away. It’s easy to store as well as wash. I rinse out with water and tip over to dry. After a year, i’ve never had any issues and it never smells. It’s safe enough to let our children use. It automatically turns off once the water was reached the correct temperature. Highly recommend to anyone who drinks tea.

Far superior to the old krups that started to leak.

Once the plastic taste has gone (after several uses) it’s turned out to be a great kettle.

I didn’t get it from amazon but i bought this model at some point from somewhere in 2014 and it still works great 2 year later. I just realized i’ve had it for 2 years and felt a flash of gratitude so i thought i’d give it 5 stars on amazon. I’m sure this says something about the 21st century. I suspect someone in the 1950’s would expect an appliance to last 15 year.

Delivered on time and works great.

One of the best purchases i’ve ever made. The best feature is that it will automatically shut off if you leave it boiling for too long, so i never worry about setting it and leaving it on. Boils in just a minute or two.

. However i wonder what kind of plastic is used ???. I have my concerns about heating plastics. And then is it the non toxic kind ??so much ‘bad’ plastic out there.

Purchased this to replace a krups electric kettle that we had owned for a few years. Don’t like the design as well as the previous one because the lid is attached, which makes it difficult to fill. Other than that it is a wonderful addition to the kitchen.

Bought this from another store but i have it from 2012 and it’s still going strong and beautiful. This one is solidly built and yes the price is higher than other models but i thought when i bought it all krups were high priced. Water heats up real fast and ample volume takes care of company when they come in and i serve tea. I use it multiple times everyday as i am a tea drinker. Held up well and i only wipe the exterior with a damp paper towel to clean.

Krups improved the design from the previous version and made it slightly larger, made the button opener on top more efficient, and the stream from the spout more compact.

We really loved our old krups kettle. Too bad the new one was damaged right out of the box. The lid would not catch, and stay closed. What’s happened to you, krups?.

KRUPS 867-42 Il Caffe Bistro 10-Cup Coffee/4-Cup Espresso Maker, Best Coffee Machine Ever!

Ok, i have the older version that doesn’t have the timer. It was a wedding gift over 7 years ago. We used this machine (both coffee and espresso sides) daily sometimes several times a day and it wasn’t until recently that we had problems. We made the mistake of not cleaning with vinegar on a regular basis and ended up clogging the espresso side because of our hard water. The coffee side still works, but i miss my morning mocha latte. 🙁 technically, i did fix the espresso side by using lime away, but can’t get that smelll and taste out of the coffee for it to be safe to consume. So, my advice is to clean with 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water on a regular basis and stay away from lime away. So, i’m back in the market for an espresso machine and we will purchase a new krups dual machine as soon as we get a water softener. In the meantime i’m purchasing a cheap espresso machine, as the ‘coffee shop’ trips are becoming too frequent and cost too much. As for people complaining about the sturdiness of htis machine – i don’t know what they are talking about.

This is one great coffee maker for the price. Espresso temperature isn’t too hot, but the cappucino maker is fantastic. The instructions are very straight forward and i was able to make a good cup of cappucino on my first try.

Bought a swiss made coffee/espresso maker with expectations a little high, i guess. No original box, no manual, and right off the counter, used. I cleaned it thoroughly, ran vinegar water thru it 3 times, etc. Works very well, and all the parts were in good order. I recommend this particular krups model if you are picky about your java.

Key specs for Krups 867-42 Il Caffe Bistro 10-Cup Coffee/4-Cup Espresso Maker, DISCONTINUED:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dual-purpose machine brews 10 5-ounce cups regular coffee, 4 cups espresso
  • Separate water tanks permit simultaneous coffee and espresso brewing
  • Steam nozzle with frothing attachment covers making cappuccino and caffe latte
  • Programmable 24-hour clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; 20-second pause for mid-brew pour
  • Measures 13 by 12 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty, 90 days for parts and service

Comments from buyers

“I love the Krups coffee/cappuccino machine
, used, dirty, but cleaned up nice
, well worth it

I bought this unit in 1994 (yes 12 years ago) and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Every few years when i remember, i update the review here at amazon. I’ve made coffee with it almost every day and it still works as well as the day i bought it. It’s performance is nothing short of remarkable. I recommend cleaning it with 1/2 strength vinegar at least once a year to remove mineral deposits. As far as the espresso function, i’ve used it sporadically but have always been impressed with the quality of the foam/brew. I couldn’t imagine a better performing coffemaker in terms of appearance, quality, and function for the price. When and if this unit fails, i will definitely buy another krups model.

I purchased one of these about 12 years ago at an auction, and fell in love with it. It worked beautifully for 12 years [making coffee at least once per day, and espresso several times per week. When it finally died, i searched for it, but wanted to see if i could just buy something cheaper. I bought krups and non-krups machines – and returned every one of them and opted to go back to this machine despite it slightly higher price. This is the best coffee ever, and the espresso is perfect. ]

We bought an espresso machine that was about $250 a while ago and never made a cup of anything because we couldn’t figure it out. I caught this one on sale and picked it up for $90 and am thrilled with it. My coffee shop habit was running me about $8/day with cappuccino and a bagel, so this machine easily paid for itself. As other reviewers have noted, the machine is very easy to operate.I think the coffee is actually better than from my mom’s $200 coffee pot, but it may be that i buy better coffee. I have been thrilled and friends are amazed at the ‘fancy’ coffee and how quickly i make it. I purchased the metal frothing pitcher made by krupps for $10 and liked how the pieces worked together. It’s also a handy place to keep the little pieces when the machine isn’t in use.

I bought this maker around 1993. About years later it finally is having trouble with it’s power switch. I’m looking into a new one in the hopes that i can take advantage of some of the industries innovations. It has worked like a champ and got me through college, brewing one to two pots a day. The espresso this machine makes is ok. But the machine has been a champ. It has been with me through 10+ moves over the past 16 years and if it weren’t for the power switch i’d hope to keep it for another 16. Overall, this is an excellent reliable coffee/espresso combo maker. Your money will be well spent.

This is my 3rd or 4th krups coffee/espresso/cappuccino machine. I received the first one as a gift and every time the machine stopped working correctly, i’ve replaced it with the identical machine. Each one has lasted about 4-5 years. I make about 30 pots of coffee per week. I hope they never stop making this machine, i love it.

I am really pleased with this machine. It makes a wonderful cup of regular coffee and using it for espresso and cappuchino is quite easy. When i opened it i was a little concerned because it looks complicated – but its not. My purchase experience was great as well. Its a tidy package and i don’t have to litter my counter tops with several coffee machines – this does it all.

We’ve used the cuisinart grind & brew for over 8 years, but recently decided we needed an upgrade. After searching and reading reviews by others, decided on this machine. We were not disappointed; although this machine doesn’t grind the beans, it makes a great cup of regular coffee, and the espresso and cappuccino features are very easy to use, and make a great cuppa, as my aussie mother-in-law says. My husband also likes the easy clean up, since that’s his job~.

My wife gave me the 867-42 caffe bistro three years ago and it has been a very reliable machine. I have had none of the problems that other reviews have listed. The only design flaw that i have found is the tabs that keep the lid of the espresso caraffe in place. In krups defense, every caraffe that i have seen has the same type of lid. The coffee maker works well. The warmer keeps the brew a bit too warm, but that usually isn’t a problem. It is basically a good machine, especially considering the inexpensive price.

I gave this gift to my sister and her husband as a wedding gift, and they have done nothing but rave about it and make coffee and expresso for all their guests. They love the design and the easy to use functionality of this machine. I personally don’t drink coffee but i would recommend this as a must have appliance to any serious coffee connoisseur.

I have loved this machine for 3 years now. But today i am in the market for a new machine because this one died. It started to have pump problems and now just leaks all of the water i put into it. It would expect the product should last more than 3 years. It did a great job while it lasted.

This machine makes good coffee and espresso. Not magnificent, not spectacular, but good. It just takes a little know-how and freshly-ground beans to get surprisingly good espresso. I bought one for my mom as a gift and she’s absolutely thrilled with the timer function, she finds it really convenient to set it up the night before and have it just go in the morning (she’s not as much of a fresh-ground freak as i am though). The coffee and espresso aren’t as good as the local indie coffee shop, but then i don’t buy organic shade-grown beans, either.

I bought this coffee/espresso machine about 1 month ago and so far i am very pleased. We make regular coffee at least once a day and use the auto timer – it’s been great. The very first time we used it, it did leak some water which made me nervous after reading some reviews, but it hasn’t leaked since. I’ve also used the espresso/cappucino side and have been delighted.I would definitely recommend this product.

1994 this was purchased for me as a gift. This morning my beloved krups brewed its last fabulous pot of coffee. I will order my new one as soon as i finish writing this review and pray that they are still made as well as they used to be.

I call this my cappuccino, latte coffee dream maker machine. If you are looking for a cappuccino & latte coffee maker combo this is the machine for you. The manual that comes with this machine has even picture detail to walk you through making your first cup of latte, cappuccino or just a cup of coffee. I would take the manuals advice and get familar with each item. Because if you do not you will get confused and frustrated. It took me maybe 30 minuts to make my first and after that it has been every morning a latte on my way into work without having to stop in starbucks. Just by their coffee (or any coffee will do) and make your own. You can even control your calorie intake by making your own with this krups coffee maker. I think that it is a wonderful thing to have the coffee maker making your coffee; when you are opening your eyes getting out of bed. Your coffee is already made.

I love the combination of coffee and espresso machine. When i get up in the morning, it makes an exceptional pot of coffee, but that’s not where it ends. On my way to work, i enjoy a nice latte. It’s so nice to have both options in one unit. I know i’ll enjoy it for years to come.

If you want a machine that makes excellent espresso (for shots, machiattos, or espresso con panas) the il bistro is adequate. The espresso is somewhat diluted and you don’t get a lot of crema. Of course, you could try adding more espresso grinds and cutting the brewing cycle short to get better espresso. However, this machine steams milk well and gives an impressive amount of froth. As a barista i’ve heard a lot of people complain about not getting enough froth from their espresso machines, but that is not a problem here. The instructions only tell you to steam for 1-2 mins. , which is not going to get your milk hot enough so i suggest using a thermometer. It’s also pretty easy to clean. If you want to keep the steam wand unclogged, remove the perfect frother attachment (after every use) and place under running water for several seconds, then briefly turn the steamer on to expel excess liquid from the wand (careful, the steam and wand are very hot). The other features, the digital clock and programable coffee machine, are great and very convenient.

We got this a few months ago and fell in love with it, the only thing you may need to pay attention to is not allowing calcium buildup in the main heating chamber (where you pour the water into). I’m stationed in germany so taking it to a repair tech is not too easy since my german language skills are lacking. I took it completely apart and found crud completely clogging the frothing system that resembled rustified calcium, after thoroughly cleaning every last part, i reasembled it and it worked fine, seems better than before to me. Try using the cleaning solution more frequently if you have hard water supplies.

I received this coffee pot as a gift christmas 2001. I love the coffee pot and the expresso maker, and still do. However, in january 2003, i noticed that the automatic function no longer works. I called the krups 1-800 number. They said they would fix it if i took it to the nearest repair shop. The nearest repair shop is approximately 4 hours from my house. I live an hour south of cleveland, ohio, not in the middle of no where. Anyhow, i was told that i could ship the machine to new jersey, and they would still honor the warranty. However, i have to pay for the shipping and won’t have a coffee pot for 4 weeks. Krups sold my parents this defective pot, but does not see this as an inconvenience.

I’ve had one of these i purchased locally for about 7 years now and ran 2-4 pots of coffee through it a day. Pots of coffee plus espresso and still running strong) i took w/ me to europe and back where my wife and went to countless coffee shops over the 4 and a half years we were there. It has always made some of the best coffee around (the neighbors came to our house for coffee). Almost as good as the professional machines at shops i went to in germany. If you’re a watery,looking-like tea, one-cup-a-day drinker, then move along and have a cup up sanka you weenie. (it’s more than you need) but if you’re an avid java junkie and like whipping up your espresso-based drinks, look no more.

I have to admit i’ve been using this machine for a couple of years and quite enjoyed it, although the expresso has never really been up to par with commercial expresso (and always had some grounds mixed in). And it can’t really handle it if you pack the expresso grounds a little. I recently visited a friend’s house and tried their expresso machine – wow. The difference was quite dramatic – i’m definitely chucking this baby to get a ‘real’ expresso machine. (i’m giving it 3 stars instead of 2 because it’s a good value for folks who aren’t so picky – it’s always impressed visitors and made decent pseudo-expresso). Also, you’ve really got to stay and watch the coffee if you want to foam your milk because it only foams for about 90 seconds. So don’t turn your back to cook the rest of your wife’s breakfast.

I had been on the lookout for a new coffee maker for some time when my husband gave me krups ‘il caffe bistro’ for christmas. That was four years ago, and this wonderful machine is still brewing exquisite american coffees and excellent italian espressos and capuccinos. I don’t know why the other reviews portray it as an unstable machine. For me, it has worked wonderfully. The capuccinos come up with very rich, frothy milk. The pressure sensitive valve needs to be thoroughly cleaned with an extended paper clip, though; but if one does this simple procedure it should work alright for the longest time. As an avid reader i am also a lover of coffee of the first kind. I have made flavored capuccinos with different tasting coffees and lattes that make my friends suggest i go into the gourmet coffee business. One small – really small – drawback, is that i’ve had to buy a small pitcher on the side in order to make the milk frothy for the capuccinos. One also needs practice in order to achieve that special heavenly froth, but do not despair; it is not the machine’s fault and, with some practice, you’ll soon be on the way to enjoy coffee the way it was always meant to be: relaxing and with your own, home-made flavor.

KRUPS FME2-11 Programmable Coffeemaker : Great coffee maker

Our household is a serious coffee haven–we generally brew 2 pots a morning (those 1 serve coffee pots would never do). This is the first carafe in 6 years that does not dribble coffee on the counter when you pour it into a cup. We love the audible alert, the blue display, temperature of the coffee, & the overall design. We use the programmable feature everyday. No need to reset only fill it up the night before and voila. I too wish the white stayed cleaner, but white goes with my kitchen better than the black. Print the max fill line in the water resevoir in black.

No problems, nice looking, great coffee. Very easy to program, even if the power has been lost for a short time.

I purchased this coffee maker 4 months ago & have had absolutely no problems so far. It was a little tricky learning to program it, but i generally make my coffee fresh in the morning so i don’t use the auto-program feature very much. I do like that it has auto shut-off in case you forget to turn it off. The only problem i have is that it is hard to keep the coffee from dribbling on the counter when pouring from the carafe. Also, this product is white which requires a lot of cleaning. I use bottle spring water to make my coffee so i do not have any hard water residue problems. I will probably buy another krups when this one wears out.

I have purchased krups coffeemakers for years because i have always found them to be reliable and durable. This latest model looks like a winner. The glass carafe is made of thinner, more elegant glass than my previous model – hope it holds up as well. A couple of little things disturb me. One is that the lid attaches to the carafe by two small rubbery/plastic projections that fit into small holes in the handle of the carafe. If one of these projections breaks off, i don’t think the lid will stay on right. The second thing is that the carafe is now shaped so that it is smaller at the top than at the bottom. When you go to pour out the last of the coffee, the steam escapes onto your hand – ouch. My old carafe was straight-sided and poured out all the coffee without burning your hand. The shape of the new carafe is more pleasing to look at, but it does have this downside.

  • Krups – not as good as it used to be
  • For the Coffee Lover
  • I Am Happy

Krups FME2-11 Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, 12-Cup, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup fully programmable coffee machine with 1100 watts of power
  • 60-ounce water reservoir; built-in water filter; electronic descaling indicator
  • 1- to 3-cup aroma setting fully extracts flavor from small quantities of coffee
  • 12-cup glass carafe; LED control panel; brew-pause function; 1- to 5-hour heating plate
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 8-1/2 by 13-3/4 inches; 1-year warranty

This is a great buy and i like the looks of it on my counter. We have one in yellow for tea also. I never use the auto because it is too confusing. The bells are okay not bothersome. No trouble with the handle either. The yellow one does have an extra band to go around with the handle.

It’s a nice size pot 12 cup, the lid is stain resistant, unlike the previous krups model i had. It brews a bit slower than the last, but not unreasonably slow.

I can readily reccommend the krups coffee maker. It is easy to fill with water, the controls are straightforward, it does not leak water and is just a fine coffee maker.

I had a krups for years and loved it. So when i changed colors in my kitchen, i decided to buy another krups. At first it looked cool but the white gets stained easy and the quality isn’t as good. The glass carafe used to have a metal band around it with a removeable lid. Now the handle is glued on and the lid is attached which makes it hard to put in the dishwasher. The coffeemaker is all right, but if i had to do it over again i would pick something else.

We had a krups for about 10 years and it finally died. I went with consumer report’s advice and bought an expensive cuisinart. After trying several coffees and formulas in the cuisinart, i finally gave up and bought another krups. The new krups made coffee as good as the old one.

I already owned a krups coffee maker and bought one to replace my parents aging coffee maker. These are fast accurate and brew a great cup. I also like the water filter feature. It removes chlorine and any other after tastes.

Coffee and it didn’t work so well. The krups fme2 has worked flawlessly thus far. I hope it lasts as long as our previous krups coffee maker which lasted 5 years. With our very hard water, that is an accomplishment. The coffee tastes great too.

I like this coffeemaker alotmy first one had develpoped an air bubble, that i treated for a couple of months (it was a good way to clean the coffeeepot also), it successfully went away for months (in fact, i was definitely sure it was gone for good,then it was back again). , well, decided to get the one i have now. It’s now here at home, on standby, for when the other one acts up. Even though i’m telling you the air-bubble problem. , i still like this coffeemaker, & will stay with krups coffeemakerswilliam appelt.

It brews coffee just fine but the clock stopped working after 2 weeks and it’s too much hassle to return it.