KitchenAid KSB560OB KSB560 5 Speed Blender 56 Oz : A real shame – could be amazing

I absolutely love this blender. I had my old one for many, many years and i just bought this same exact one because it is so amazing. I use it every single morning to make my protein shake – with fresh fruit and ice. It works extremely well and it is very durable.

I was researching a lot of different blenders. Well lets just say besides the $350+ blendtec’s and vitamix’s this is probably the best blender you can get especially for this price range. Crushes ice without any issues with its ice crush feature, smoothies have all come out excellent. I registered my product so hoping the leaky carafe if it does happen will get taken care off. (seems like they have fixed this issue in the newer models).

KitchenAid KSB560OB KSB560 5 Speed Blender 56 Oz. Pitcher Onyx Black

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  • 5-speed blender offers .9 HP motor and Intelli-Speed electronic controls
  • Die-cast metal base; steel-reinforced coupler; 1-piece stainless-steel blade
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe shatter-resistant pitcher with 56-ounce capacity; soft-grip handle

I tried out a few different blenders recently and did a ton of research before buying this kitchenaid blender. Honestly, i really wanted a vitamix, but just couldn’t bring myself to pay over $350. When i bought this kitchenaid i had mixed feelings. I was happy that i had purchased a blender for under $100 that had the style of carafe that i wanted, was short enough to fit under my cabinets, and was extremely easy to clean all parts. I’ve been very impressed with it’s blending abilities. The ‘crush ice’ automatic pulsing is a great way to work through apples, carrots, beets, or whatever else might jam up another blender. I’ve never had to use a tamper with this blender, and honestly cannot even remember having to stop it to adjust any of the ingredients. This ‘crush ice’ feature really works well. I put whole beets, whole apples, large chunks of carrots, and lots of ice and it just does great. I even throw in whole flax seeds in my smoothies and they disappear into the mix while blending everything else.

I used to have a two-speed cuisinart blender many years ago which was built like a tank and could liquify anything in seconds. It died about 10 years ago and i have tried one blender after another: from cuisinart (they definitely don’t make them like they used to) to oster and everything in between. None of them worked well: most took a long time to make a smoothie, or would leak, or would start smoking, or some just died on me. A month ago got this kitchen aid model. Finally found a blender that is just as good, if not better, than my old cuisinart. The kitchen aid blender is fast and powerful. I thought i wouldn’t like the fact that the blade assembly is permanent but realize this is a much better design. Very easy to clean, and everything fits very easily. In short, i recommend this blender without reservation – it’s by far the best one i’ve come across, and believe me, i tried many of them.

Like many who’ve bought this blender, i looked closely at this one because it was rated very highly by cook’s magazine. The stainless and nickel finish models are the most highly rated, but the regular one seems to have all of the same specs, and is $50 cheaper. It is a far better blender than the multi-speed oster blender it replaced.

KitchenAid KSB560OB KSB560 5 Speed Blender 56 Oz. Pitcher Onyx Black : This blender is an over-all great piece for the price. It blends everything and anything you give it down to a fine consistency. The pulse feature for blending iced drinks is great. The flush buttons are easy to clean. The big capacity jar is wonderful. When the jar sits on the base it vibrates and rattles. You can hold the bottom of the jar and this will make it quieter and down play the rattling. It needs a tighter fit with a plastic ring to eliminate this problem.

This blender is fantastic, fantastic. I bought it to make homemade mocha frappes to save money and it crushed the ice and blended the ingredients amazingly. I made some smoothies and it blended everything quickly and evenly. I really, really recommend this blender.

It makes quick work of ice, lemons, or anything else. Even accidentally touched the blades with a plastic muddler, which was quickly destroyed but the blades show no evidence of my mistake. It cleans easily with some soapy water or in the dishwasher. Love that i don’t have to disassemble the carafe to wash or reassemble to use. I know with the kitchenaid name, i can expect this to last.

My son was having jaw surgery which ment 6 weeks of not chewing. Finally i purchased this for the affordable blender and a vita-mix $$$. I have compared the two side by side for two weeks. Honestly they are pretty close. Be sure to put liquid in the bottom and start in pulse/chop a few quick times, if done i don’t think there will be container issue. The vita-mix with the variable speed has you do the same. The only downside is not having the stick to push down the contents when an air bubble occurs and my raw vegies are a tiny bit courser than the vita-mix. I figure i can take the extra 10 seconds to open the lid and push contents down and know my body will work a tiny bit more on my green smoothies.

I’ve had this blender for over a year. I make green smoothies everyday. It has enough power to make them very smooth, however, to get them as smooth as high end blenders, you have to blend for over a full minute. So it’s a minor inconvenience to save a couple hundred dollars. On the negative, the pitcher started leaking after 7 months. Green oozed from underneath. I email kitchaid and they sent me a new one.

We purchased this blender earlier this year to replace a much cheaper hamilton beach blender. Overall, this one wasn’t much of an improvement. We had the leaky cup problem reported by the other reviewers, and finally called kitchenaid to complain. They immediately sent out a new cup, no questions asked. So far, the new cup has not leaked, but everything looks the same as the old one, so i’m not sure why the other one leaked and this one does not. We primarily use this blender for fruit smoothies, and the performance has been somewhat disappointing. The motor has plenty of power, but we have to frequently stop the blender to push down the frozen ingredients into the path of the blade.

I am thrilled by this blender. I just threw away my old osterizer, which took forever to make a thick smoothy, and usually needed help with manual stirring. No such problem with the kitchenaid. I can now make a really thick smoothy in just a few seconds of blending, and it is amazing to watch. It is big enough for three good sized smoothies, is simple to use, and easy to clean. And all for $90 – what a bargain.

Easiest blender to clean that i’ve ever owned. Love the fact that you just rinse out big chunks, add a little soap, some warm water, put the pitcher back on the base and blend. Throw the lid in the dishwasher and the cleaning is done. Our pitcher has started to cloud up with lots of use. (we make fruit and veggie smoothies almost daily. ) but this doesn’t affect the functionality.

Bought this one for my daughter she and we, went thru several ‘heavy duty ‘ ones before i got her this if you need to crush ice or do frozen drinks or smoothies don’t waste your money on anything else. Had mine fo about 5 years love it use it amost daily for smoothies and margaritas. I have no issues with leaks or cracks as others, however i did read the manual and they tell you not to put it in the dishwasher ,just rinse and fill part way with water(i add a little dawn) and run on high. Also i think if you are impatient and don’t wait till it stops spinning as i sometimes do, you could possibly strip something , but i have not (yet) 5 yrs.

I purchased this blender in may 2009 and i have nothing but glowing reviews about it. I’ve mainly been using it for smoothies/shakes, so the ice crushing feature has been put to good use. A lot of the negative reviews of this blender have noted leaking, but i haven’t had any problems with this whatsoever. I do hand wash my blender, though (i’m overly cautious, especially since it’s made out of plastic), and it sounds like some have had problems after washing in the dishwasher (?). My blender still looks good as new, though – no scratches/cracking/leaks.

We use this one more than our food processor now. It does about everything we need it to do and with a higher capacity. Of course, any blender is going to be a little noisy. I was concerned about not having a glass jar, but the heavy acrylic is really sturdy.

I called kitchenaid and even though i am over half a year past warranty, they are sending me a new pitcher. Coolold review:loved this blender until the pitcher started leaking out the bottom. Tried tightening the bolt, but it just doesn’t stay. Basically the same problem many others have had and since i use it at least once, and sometimes two to three times a day, that’s just not a good thing.

I bought this mixer 4 months ago, prior to going on a diet that prescribed daily protein shakes: my old waring mixer just wasn’t going to survive the daily use. I think it’s grand: the jar is polycarbonate instead of glass, which i didn’t think i’d like – but now that i’m using it i think it’s great. It does everything i’ve tried to make it do – it even does a great job crushing ice. The only thing i really wish it had was a smaller jar for making small batches, but that’s not really all that big a problem. I highly recommend this machine: i’ve had several brand-name blenders that weren’t worth what i paid for them. I think this one will be, even though it’s the most expensive one i’ve bought yet. I like the fact that the jar doesn’t come apart – it may make it a bit more difficult to clean, although that’s not been any kind of problem yet, but it means i’ll never have to worry about a gasket leak. Oh – and it would be nice to have a slower spinup to reduce small-batch splash, but at this price point i don’t expect that kind of feature. My grandmother has a oster that she loves, but the osters made today (even/especially the ‘classic’ ones) just aren’t built as well as the older ones. I’ve looked at them, and i can’t recommend them.

Power: this blender just plain works. I replaced an expensive blender that just would not continue to make great smoothies. Buttons: the multitude of buttons helps when one wants a variety of blended results. Sometimes i do want chunky pieces in a drink — sometimes not. Clear container: i am glad the container is clear since it allows me to see if there are contents left in it. My previous brand of blender was stainless and more than once, i unwittingly had left contents in it for more than a few days. Rubber feet: this blender has rubber feet that stay planted on the counter. My last blender would ‘walk’ around during ice-crushing.

I am so amazed by my new kitchenaid blender and its ease of use. The plastic one piece unit is far better than i thought it would be. My old glass one was so much heavier by comparison. Then there is the ease of cleaning. My old one had to be disassembled, washed, and then put back together. This one has the blades right in the plastic. I’m very impressed by the updated technology used.

I got one of these a few months ago and love it, though admittedly i don’t do anything fancy with it, just shakes. The design is wonderfully simple and elegant, and cleanup is an absolute breeze, taking me no more than a minute. Interestingly, there was a huge price difference between colors when i bought, with the white one i got priced at around $75, and the cool red and tangerine models going for $15-$20 more. I figured the designer colors were positioned to appeal especially to people looking for a memorable wedding or housewarming gift, to whom price would likely be a lesser concern; i’m sure it doesn’t cost kitchenaid more to produce a red or tangerine unit (unlike the white iphone).

Had a vitamix blender but it was just not working as good as it used to (didn’t blend as smooth and the blades would sometimes not turn, the motor would just run). To be honest it was probably over 7 years old but i didn’t want to pay $500 for another vitamix. I love america’s test kitchen and they recommended this blender. But with the huge price difference $90 v. It’s too bad atk didn’t test the vitamix to compare. I just got into green smoothies and make a minimum of 2 per day. I also just had a baby and needed a strong blender to make smooth pureed baby food. Mother’s day came along and the hubby got me this blender.

KitchenAid KHM5APWH 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer – Five Stars

Bought this after looking at various reviews. Have only used it once so far, to blend batter for pumpkin quick bread. Did the job just fine, seemed plenty fast to me, and i had no problem using it in my steel mixing bowl. Haven’t tried the dough hooks or blender stick thingie yet; i expect the blender stick thingie (can’t remember what they call it, obviously) to work just fine on smoothies, etc. , but i’m not sure this thing has enough power to knead bread dough – if i try that, i’ll come back to let you know. Also i got all the right parts in the box; i see some people say they didn’t. I’m considering adding the balloon whisk, which is supposed to add more volume to things like egg whites than you can get using a hand whisk because of the added speed. Gave it four stars only because i haven’t really put it through its paces yet, having used it only once, but i’m quite satisfied with what i see and how it works so far.

I liked mine so well that i got this one for my sister for a christmas gift.

So far this little hand mixer has done every job that my large kitchen aid mixer will do – and it takes up 1/3 the space or less. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid KHM5APWH 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer:

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  • One-year no-hassle Manufacturers Warranty
  • Five speeds, powerful enough for a double batch of cookie dough
  • Wipe clean as needed
  • Hand Wash Recommended for attachments

I had a cheap $15 hand mixer with 3 speeds –but really it had only one. This mixer really has noticeable separate speeds, so you can mix at the p roper speed and get good results. I didn’t not want the big full on version of a kitchen aid–i saw friends who had them and they were sitting in the pantry. This is easy to pull out use pop in beaters then pop those in dishwasher and you are done. I have not used the dough hooks but hope to on pizza dough. Just right for an occasional baker and moderate cook who is cooking for a couple or small family.

I dropped this on the floor before ever using it and broke something inside that now rattles, but it still works. It works well for small jobs, but i don’t think it would handle anything heavy, such as cookie dough, very well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Hand Mixer with Infinite Speeds
  • turbo-powered beaters?
  • Great so far!

I like that this mixer does not spew material all over me and the counters on the slow speed. I had to buy the whisk to get the egg whites for pies to stand up, and it takes quite a while to get them to do that. If this one lasts longer than my other one, it’s worth it, since i don’t make that many pies.

While the posting may be a bit confusing to some, this mixer is all that’s in the box. None of the shown attachments are in the box. Those must be purchased separately. All that aside, the mixer is great. It runs very quietly, makes batter nice and silky smooth, and mashes the taters with ease.

A couple of months ago i bought a cheap mixer, what a mistake. So smooth and such a treat to use.

I have purchased this hand mixer few days ago and i just made the first cake with it. For a very first time it worked well we’ll see how it’s gonna be later. I still didn’t make any whip cream with it, but i think it should be bit faster for that. I’ll write a update as soon as i’ll try making whip cream with it.

I can even use it while my kids are napping. The lower speeds are great for stirring and the higher speeds are good for whipping cream or egg whites. I’ve used it to knead gluten-free bread dough, and it does that marvelously as well.

I have a kitchen aid stand mixer but it is heavy so this is great when i don’t want to get the bigger one out and it works as well.

I was really disappointed in this mixer. After using for a couple months, i realized i didn’t like the beaters and the speed wasn’t as fast as i thought it should be. It just never seemed to mix very well, so i went back to my old hamilton beach one that’s probably 10 years old.

It was a replacement for the one i had for many years. I also have the the big kitchen aid mixer. But being reired for over 20 years i do not use it anymore.

The wire rods were much thinner than i expected. The strength of the motor is fine, i would have liked heavier rods.

My beloved 14 year old, 6-speed kitchenaid hand mixer finally mixed itself to death. My old mixer was digital, so i looked at the 7 and 9 speed kitchenaid hand mixers, but was distressed to see that some may be made in china. I hesitated buying this mixer, because it wasn’t digital but, this one is made in the usa, which is very important to me. Besides the slide speed control, the only difference between my old mixer and this one are the beaters; the new beaters are longer and a bit larger. 6 amp motor, the same as the old mixer. My old mixer was powerful enough to mix cookie dough, so i’m assuming this one is too. Since i have a kitchenaid stand mixer, and a zojurishi bread machine, this hand mixer won’t be seeing much in the way of stiff dough. In comparison, this hand mixer incorporates ingredients much faster than the old mixer.

Typical high quality kitchenaid product. This is now one of my favorite kitchen tools.

This product does well what it is supposed to do. The user should consider the characteristic of a hand mixer which requires a deep enough bowl so as to avoid splattering, particularly when operated at a high speed.

This mixer has met or exceeded my expectations. The motor is powerful and goes right through peanut butter cookie dough with ease. It is easily handled and i like that it came with the bread dough attachment.

Great gift for my grandson who will be attending college next year. He reports it is easy to use and enjoys the portability of the mixer.

Gave this as a gift and it has not been used yet. It is the same one i have owned for about 10 years and it continues to work great.

Product came quickly exactly as ordered. It was given as a gift and has not been used as of yet. I have owned many kitchen aid products and have been pleased with their mixers. I don’t expect anything different with this mixer.

KitchenAid KFP1330CU 13-Cup Food Processor : Five Stars

It’s nicer than what it looks like in the pictures and i saved a lot of money.

I didn’t use it yet, but i think is gonna be ok.

KitchenAid KFP1330CU 13-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System – Contour Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The first ever externally adjustable slicing, KitchenAid ExactSlice System gives you precise slicing and accuracy for all kinds of food—hard or soft, large or small.
  • Ultra Wide Mouth Feed Tube accommodates tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes with minimal prep work required.
  • Three speeds give precise slicing and accuracy for soft and hard foods. LOW speed works best for foods like tomatoes, mushrooms or bananas. HIGH works best for foods like potatoes, carrots or when shredding cheese.
  • Adjustable Slicing Disc from thin (1mm) to thick (6mm)
  • Storage Case for all accessories

1 coame exactly what i want, other is different model and missing some parts.

This does an adequate job, but for the money i paid and the brand name on the front, i’m surprised that i actually do have a few complaints. When i use the slicing blade to slice up celery and carrots, little slivers of food get crammed up inside the channel of the lid where it seals to the basin. The cheap one i had before never did that. When i use that double bladed thingy in the bottom for shredding/blending stuff, some of the food doesn’t get finely chopped up but gets crammed under the bottom blade. My cheapie old one never did that. This one does have some very nice features, but these two issues have really turned me sour to this machine.

Very satisfied with this processor as it has the kitchenaid quality and a huge inside for large jobs but it is a bit too big for small jobs like crushing some ice to make a smoothie. I may have to purchase a smaller one for that reason and will definitely purchase kitchenaid similar to this model when i do.

KitchenAid KFP1330CU 13-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System – Contour Silver : The machine works fine to mince meat for my usage, however the blade is very problematic to remove, because it sticks and a lot of force needs to be used to pull it back outthis is very dangerous because in pulling out the blade it can very well cut/slice youi never had this problem with the cuisinart and oster units that i used in my past.

This is the best bang for your buck processor. Powerful, capable, adjustable, big jobs (not industrial size), little jobs (not for single servings, seriously you can’t slice and dice a small job that fast?.), sturdy items like carrots to delicate items like tomatoes. The attachments are easy to swap in and out. Stores relatively well for its size.

There are things i absolutely love about this food processor. The huge feed mouth allows me to literally throw in an entire 2 lb brick of cheese. I can also do thicker sliced bell peppers for fajitas that i have never been able to do with any other food processor. The exact-slice system is awesome. Unfortunately, i tried to make a very thick nut butter/candy mixture and the blade housing stripped out and stopped spinning. I bought a smaller/more powerful processor to be able to do my nut butters (after reading that smaller bowls actually work better for nut butters because of the sticking to the edges) but i missed the large feed tube and exact slice system too much, so i bought this one again. I have gone years with the only appliance sitting on my counter was my kitchenaid mixer (because its too heavy to move), but this food processor is used on a daily basis. I have 5 kids and have extra kids/people over all the time so this processor gets plenty of use and it really cuts down quite a bit on my processing time for meals (now if only it could thaw the chicken for my fajitas). Also, don’t bother with the smaller bowl attachment that this can come with. There isn’t a water tight seal so the food ends up all over and in the bigger bowl anyways – if your going to have to clean the bigger bowl every time, just use the bigger bowl every time (and no, the smaller bowl wouldn’t work for nut butters either, with a nut butter, you want a tall, skinny bowl.

I bought a refurbished version of this model at another store yesterday. So far, i have grated cheese, made pesto, sliced loads of veggies, and chopped dried peppers to make chili powder. It has more than met my expectations. The exact slice system is wonderful. I managed to get paper thin slices of onions and nice thick slices of tomatoes, and everything in between. The grating blade is fantastic. I love being able to just flip the disc over to switch between fine and medium settings. And the multipurpose blade is pretty good too. My pesto had the perfect consistency. It did have a little trouble with the dried peppers, but it still managed to chop them.

This is a christmas present for my daughter in law.

Great price and handles every job i use it for.

I use this in nursing home facility. This kitchen aid food processor does the trick. State surveyor was really impressed with the machine.

Great food processor possibly better than cuisinart and 1/3 the price.

This item has worked out just like she wanted it to, it has saved a lot of time in the preparation of foodi have one complaint to your shipping department. I ordered this item for my wife for christmas. It came in the original manufacturer’s box. You would have thought that this item being ordered at christmas time would have been put inside another unmarked box. Unfortunately my wife accepted the delivery and therefore knew what she was getting for christmas.

This kitchen aid food processor is the best. It met my expectations,very powerful,can handle all your kitchen needs and not noisy like the other brands. I would recommend this item to anyone interested in obtaining a processor. Kitchen aid is simply the best.

The item shown online and the one that arrived did not match in the attachments included. Amazon is trying to make this right with a discount, but i would be much happier getting the full product ordered. Been dealing with this issue and haven’t even had time to try the processor. Bad taste in my mouth about the vendor.

Bought it as a christmas present and my wife loves it. The exact slice system works great. She is really happy that it came with something to store the blades in.

Best purchase for my kitchen and a great price.

This is my first food processor. After reading reviews of greatness vs reviews of it would not work. My first 3 times trying it would not turn on – nothing. I consulted the instructions several times. I fussed and checked, doubled checked – nothing. It was on the 4th try when i put the lid on i realized there are 3 different positions the lid will attach – but only 1 way is correct and i did not find that noted in the instructions. The proper way to install the lid is to have the feed tube facing you (so the max fill line is above the buttons). This also puts the black component on the lid inline with the handle of the work bowl. Once i got that figured out – it works beautifully5 stars for performance – 1 star for ‘trick’.

KitchenAid KSB655QAC 5-Speed Blender 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher : This blender does what it needs to do. Nothing

Kitchenaid still pay’s attention to build quality that is made to last. This blender does very good job for our needs.

The small canister is an amazing juicer.

KitchenAid KSB655QAC 5-Speed Blender 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher (Almond Cream Beige)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5 Speeds/Crush Ice/Pulse Mode
  • 56-oz. BPA-Free Pitcher
  • Made in USA
  • Die Cast Metal Base
  • Varied settings to easily blend a variety of food

Blends frozen fruit well and quickly. I haven’t used it for anything else yet, but i think it will work just fine.

It blends, it crushes ice, it’s red and it works like a charm. The packaging and shipping was surpassed only by the quality of this machine. From margaritas to salsa, this blender does it all with an easy to clean pitcher in two sizes. Would buy another one though i think with the quality of this machine, it will probably outlast me.

I think this machine is just as good as a nutribullet i sit back and put me some sweet potatoes in there bra and blended with some of my favorite fruits in it blends beautiful so expensive nutribullet $125this one will like it like the stars.

KitchenAid KSB655QAC 5-Speed Blender 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher (Almond Cream Beige) : Exceptionally great in every way. I was really surprised and pleased that the gaskets are built into the blender; makes for much easier cleanup. I drink high protein “smoothies” at least 4 times per week; it blends & liquifies the frozen fruit very well; also i like the “pulse” function and had never had it on previous blenders i have owned.

I am taking away one star for the weird design of the little pitcher that leaks, is difficult to clean and does not blend well. The large pitcher does not leak, is easy to clean and blends well. The motor and base unit is heavy and stable. The control buttons work well and the flush surface is easy to clean.

I haven’t really used this you but i can see the mechanism is much better than my old kitchen aid blender. On that one the coupler failed and there was no way to fix it-so the whole expensive blender had to be replaced. I liked the old one had glass not plastic, but this one comes with two sizes of jar which is nice. Why couldn’t they make the plastic on the lid and handle red also like the old model had?.

The little container doesn’t attach to the motor.

I mostly make smoothies out of fruits and veggies and i make them a lot. I also make smoothies and make them into popsicles. My last blender broke and i was looking forward to a nice one. I almost bought the ninja but read some negative reviews and decided i’d like the 2nd jar option with this model. I have never had a blender so sturdy, quiet and blend the food and ice so well. It is amazing and i am so happy i bought this product. It is super sturdy and i think it will last a long time.

I made apple butter in the blender and milk shakes and plan to do more in the future. It is a powerful machine and i fell that it works as good as a food processor.

Ive had it some time abd use it often.

Just swallowed the first gulp of my morning breakfast shake. And choked on what appeared to be shards of something. Took another sip…and confirmed there were shards in it, too. Turns out my lovely wife was making our breakfast smoothie (stupid 10-day detox…grumble, grumble) and was momentarily distracted by our howling horde. During the disruption, an orange plastic measuring teaspoon was left in the blender. I have to give praise here to kitchenaid’s blender- since it was set on “liquefy”, it did its absolute best to comply with the setting. The shards were the size of jalapeno seeds- that’s all that remained of the former teaspoon. Since the detox shake included chia & hemp heart seeds, my wife downed hers without hesitation. I have a slightly pickier palate, so i discovered the fly. The blender has not been negatively affected at all by its encounter with the teaspoon (regretfully, i cannot say the same for the spoon), continuing to shred onions and berries (no, not together) with alacrity. A very impressive little blender. Having bought it at costco, the price was right, and having tested it under what the instructions no doubt qualify as a ‘condition unquestionably voiding the warranty’, it has held up admirably well. If we’re lucky, our youngest won’t try to frappe his matchbox cars.

It’s quick, it looks great and the extra little container was a bonus i didn’t expect. Also the plastic containers are light and you don’t have to worry about breakage.

This blender does what it needs to do. But so far has been dependable. Seems to not have has much power as my last blender which was a breville but the breville did not last commiserate with the cost.

Don’t have to take apart the pitchers before tossing them in the dishwasher. They even have drip holes in the base so they don’t fill with water – nice. Pretty loud when operating, maybe louder than usual?.The ‘fingers’ connecting the motor to the blades comes together easily, one problem i had with my old unit. One negative is the pitcher is a little loose when in the base, which causes an irritating vibration and the base actually walks a little when in use. I added a few small felt cabinet bumpers to the base to reduce the problem but i shouldn’t have to do that.

It’s a nice blender, it makes fruit smoothies just fine. The only complaint i have about it is that when i bought it i was under the impression that it could blend whole fruits like kiwi in it, however once i looked in the manual it said to cut up all fruits/vegetables when making a smoothie. But other than that it’s a great product.

For the benefit of other folk like us who are transitioning out of the $20 dorm room blender lifestyle, i feel compelled to point out that by the standards you’ve been living by so far, 56 oz is a very large blender. I have never seen a blender of this size in anybody’s house. You could easily fit a pineapple in this thing. That little ‘culinary jar’ it comes with is nearly the size of the pitcher of the blender we were replacing. I wasn’t thinking too hard about it; ’56 oz?. Seems reasonable,’ i thought. Now my kitchen is the proud home of this monument to blending. We haven’t used it yet, but 5 stars for the sheer size of the thing.

Impressive piece of equipment, enjoying using 8t.

I really love this kitchen aid upright blender. Gave this kitchen aid a try when amazon featured it. . It by far makes a better smoothie than my previous blenders. It has a nice big size but not too jumbo on counter space, it has rubber feet underneath. I think the high horsepower on this kitchenaid mixed everything so well it tasted much more delicious and blended the flavors like a gourmet chef would have for both smoothies and cappuccino. I also tried the small container and i need to try that again as it sprayed out the liquid, maybe i did not press the cover down hard enough?. . So when i tried the big blender next (for the smoothies and cappucinos, mentioned above) – i made sure the cover was pressed all the way down securely (its a hard plastic and you need to press it down hard – so i figured i would use the small container for non-liquid blending and the big piece for the liquids since it was really very good / way better than what i was using before).

It was a happy ‘tuesday morning’ when i spied this for half price. Works really well, its heavy, large and pretty quiet. I love the smaller container that comes with it, perfect for making salad dressing and singe serving smoothies. You don’t have to take the bottom off to clean it (although you can) you just add water and a drop of soap and blend it, all done, rinse and dry and you are ready for the next time. It has more than enough speeds for anything you would ever want to make and its a kitchenaid which has been around forever.

KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer – : Five Stars

Highly rated by cooks illustrated.

Don’t go out any buy yourself the big kitchenaid mixer. This one does everything you need it to, doesn’t take as much room, and doesn’t require an army to lift.

KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer – White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful DC Motor
  • 3 mixing speeds
  • Beater ejection button
  • Lockable swivel cord
  • Includes 2 Stainless steel Turbo Beater accessories
  • 1 Year Warranty

Use it often when the task is easier than using my big kitchenaid mixer.

Tried to make cookies with this. I was afraid to break it but it didn’t. The speed was fast though but i don’t mind since i don’t bake that often.

Kitchenaid has, i think, about four different variants of this mixer, each at different price points, and with different features (speed, accessories, etc. I guess the not-so-secret secret is that they are all the same model – the same motor, and a similar mould – but with some hardware caps put in place. As a consequence, this cheapest model will perform just as great as the more expensive one. So if you are looking for a reliable, small, convenient mixer, search no more. If you need to whisk eggs, the speed of this mixer is completely appropriate (unlike what is implied to make you want to buy the more expensive models), and you simply need to graph the kitchenaid khmpw whisking accessory. Bought this a year ago, and it is still working fine, and never have i thought that i needed to trade up.

KitchenAid KHM312WH 3-Speed Hand Mixer – White : I got this to replace my old hand mixer that is more than 30 years old, made in the usa. We’ll see how this one holds up. I do like the beaters and the speeds. Have made a two layer chocolate cake w/chocolate icing (from scratch) and a chocolate cream pie, so far.

Has a nice slow first setting so things don’t fly all over the place when you first turn it on. It does a good job for a basic mixer. I don’t think it would be good for tough or sustained use like my heavier-duty mixer does but that more powerful oster is really fast on the low setting which is what i wanted to accomplish by buying this one. I just wanted a simple slower mixer and this one works very well.

Seems to be working pretty good – but not near as strong as my old one :(.

We’re great fans of kitchenaid appliances and also own a stand mixer and food processor from kitchenaid. We’ve owned this mixer for at least 5 years. The mixer is nicely designed, with a simple shape that is easy to clean and will not yellow with age. We use the mixer most often for beating egg whites and whipping cream. The mixer is very fast at these tasks because of the design of the beaters and the speed of the motor. It feels very solid in your hand, and does not rattle and shimmy like other mixers. It is a bit heavy, but that is probably part of the reason it feels so smooth when it operates. We have used this mixer for cake batters, but not for heavier jobs like cookie dough (we use the stand mixer for that). If you are looking for something that can replace a stand mixer, you should probably pay a little more and get the 9-speed model. Our mixer broke when we put it into a bowl that was too narrow at the bottom.

Features i like: simplicity of button system. The cord lock in that keeps the cord out of your way when using the mixer. Limitation not so good: the mixer is not as powerful as many, and thus bogs down when you are trying to blend really thick, dense recipes.

Not sure why kitchenaid chose to stop making the 3 speed hand mixer. I’ve had 3 in the the 35yrs i’ve been married – hope kithenaid changes their minds andstarts making them again.

I have owned this for about 2 years. Struggles through cookie dough. The end of the beater broke off at the weld site.

Powerful and gets the job done well.

I was just looking for a simple and reliable mixer and after reading the previously written reviews decided on this mixer. Its not fancy but as you would expect with the kitchen aid name, it is a great little mixer.

Great for little details while baking. Works as promised and haven’t had any problems with this product.

Arrived in good condition, was as advertised, works good.

I am on my second classic 3 mixer. The mixer is great for handling all of my (many) baking chores. However, in both cases, the beaters broke before the motor died. If anyone has a set of beaters which has outlasted the mixer, i’d like to talk to you.

Just a great reliable mixer for most of mixing. My favorite and have gifted several over the years and always a favorite.

She had an identical one that broke after 15 years of loving baking.

This mixer is just what i needed in my small kitchen. I bake all the time and i have always dreamed of getting a big, red counter top kitchenmaid mixer, but that’s just not in my budget and i have nowhere to store it. I have limited counter space and storage. Regarding quality of use, this handheld mixer works like a charm. The last batch of pumpkin bread, i used this lightweight hand mixer to blend all the ingredients one by one. It worked great- no splatters, mixed flour evenly, quiet motor, easy to clean. The rounded edges and lack of small crevices makes it easy to wipe down. I like the simplicity of the machine- there are only three speeds and one button to release the tools. I wish it came with the large whisk, but i’ll have to buy it separately. It works well with thicker batters too.

For a lower cost, no frills option, this is a good choice. I have the turbo 7 speed as well and the main difference is the amount of speeds. When mixing on the 7 speed, i always flipped up through the settings and back and never really stayed on one setting. This one here has 3 and that really is all you need for basic things. As with the 7 speed, the body does feel light weight and that gave me a bad first impression when i first got the 7 speed a few years ago. It has proven to not be an issue though because it is still going strong and as good as the first use. It is rather nice to have the light weight body anyway, in terms of handling it etc. The beaters are thin and i wasn’t sure how i’d like that, at first. They are also light weight and did not feel like heavy duty construction. Again, though, they’ve proven to be just fine and work very well.

I have been a kitchenaid user for many years. They were a company still making products in the usa. Now even though their website says they are american made i find it not to be true. I purchased a new 5 speed hand mixer at kohl’s yesterday. On the back it has a sticker that says st. That is where their company headquarters is i guess. On the bottom of white mixer etched in white (probably so it is hard to read) it says ‘made in china’. Now i am trying to find a decent product by another company that might be made in the usa.

KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker – Best Coffee Maker I ever had

I put alot of research into the purchase of this kitchen aid before i bought it. I wanted coffee to taste like you would get from a coffee shop and it wouldn’t burn after sitting or get cold quickly. My last coffee maker i owned had a carafe with a glass interior lining. I liked that the coffee stayed hot. After about 8 months of searching for just the right coffee maker i finally found this one. The filter in the water container insures that the coffee doesn’t have the chemical taste that some municipal waters have. I get so many compliments on the coffee and there is always a hot cup of coffee when someone unexpected drops in. Many people have said they were going to buy this coffee maker as well. I would highly recommend this coffee maker.

Well, a much needed update: this coffee maker overflowed a few too many times and frustrated, i threw it out and i bought a top end mr coffee with a removeable water tank. It also overflowed, but we modified it, removing the water filter and substituting the brew basket from the old coffee maker. In other words, don’t buy this. After my 10 year old coffee maker started leaking, i began a search for a replacement. Requirements were: removable water tank, thermal carafe, adjustable brew strength (bold was very important), automatic brew timer. I almost gave up after searching through the popular brands, talking with friends about their failures with coffee makers, and trying out several duds. But then i found this kitchenaid and all our problems were solvedit works exactly as promised. I can fill the water tank at the kitchen sink and slip it into the back without spilling the water everywhere, i can load the ground coffee into the flat brew basket, and i can pour out of my thermal carafe without the burned taste that comes from a glass heated carafe. As other reviews noted, there are initial confusions about the carafe lid not quite working intuitively.

It makes a nice cup of coffee once you wade through the directions. Heaven forbid i ever lose the manufacturer’s booklet. The first day we tried to use it, the top was really hard to turn. We tried it in a number of positions. The next way, coffee coming out of the hole in the center and the spout. The next way, the whole lid fell off and spilled coffee all over the counter. We finally figured out where the spout was located but we still hang on to the lid just in case. It is a good machine once you figure it out, but the first couple of days, i thought i had made a major/expensive mistake.

It worked good and lasted for 4 years.

My husband and i are huge coffee drinkers. We love starbucks bold coffee. This coffee maker was a last resort after we have had both the keurig and the tassimo. We love having the 12 cup option for company or to stick in the fridge for ice coffee. And, the 1-4 cup is great when it’s just the two of us wanting a hot cup of coffee. We have tried the timed brew which also worked great. Not sure what other reviews meant when they said it was hard to use the carafe because we use it no problem, with no spilling. We use starbucks coffee and use the bold brew option on the coffee maker and it’s delicious.My husband even said it was better than dd and starbucks.

I have had many coffee makers and this one is hands down the best. It is a well built and solid. Someone else said heavy, which it is for a coffee maker. This is good, not the cheap light weight plastic like others. They must have redesigned the front door because there is no way it will spring open while brewing. It snaps open and shut very positive with a couple of pounds of force. It brews great hot coffee every time. It looks good on the counter. It started to leak after a couple of months. As a reviewer pointed out, the little rubber gasket in the lid fills with grinds (especially if you use a fine grind) and plugs up.

  • 11-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Great coffee maker – with badly labeled lid
  • Best Coffee Maker

I read some negative reviews all relating the the arrow on the lid of the thermal pot being difficult to see and the electronics too complicated. With the lid, no matter how you place it on the carafe, if you just turn it to the right, it will lock in the proper position. You never have to search for it. The electronics is simple after reading the instructions. The water tank is easy to remove and fill at the sink and has a charcoal filter. The basket has a spring loaded door that snaps closed to lock and doesn’t require a lid, since it sits flush under the spray mechanism. The coffee has 2 brew settings, regular or bold. The coffee is delicious, far superior to my cuisinart grind & brew, which finally died. I am very happy with this unit.

Quality product, removable water tank.

Don’t like this new model as much as the one i have. I got this as a gift and was not pleased with the fact that when you fill it to 12 cups it runs over. Also the fact that you have to take out the pot to empty the basket is not good either. You should have left well enough alone my older model works great and i am still happy with it after 5 years. Back to the drawing board guys.

So after reading several reviews, i picked this due to style and the kitchenaid brand. I have had it for two weeks, and cannot say anything bad about it. Easy to program, this works great. Love the fact that it came with the reusable filter, cannot tell you how many times i would run out of filters with my old coffee maker.Just remember if you want to use paper filters, take out the reusable on first. Clock is easy to read and the thermal carafe is much easier to clean than my old cuisinart carafe. The opening is wide enough so i can fit most of my hand in to clean it with a sponge. The top of the carafe comes off easily without much effoert, the removable tank has a wide opening to fill it. I can only say that you do have to turn it completely upside down to empty the entire last bit of coffee or you can remove the top of the carafe. If that is the biggest flaw, i’ll deal with it.

Makes a great cup of coffee, and the thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for over four hours. One note: steam does release from the top. If you place the coffee maker under a cabinet i would recommend ordering a rolling pad to place underneath. Amazon has several good quality options for under $20.

Features of KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Onyx Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank
  • Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor
  • 24-hour programmability
  • Digital display with variable brew strength selector
  • Thermal carafe with drip-less spout

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We wanted a coffee maker with a thermal carafe that fits under a standard set of upper cabinets with a 12-cup capacity. After researching the available options we realized that we basically had only one choice – the kitchenaid. We were scared away by the poor reviews but eventually decided that we would give it a shot. Pros – it makes great coffee. Oh, and the carafe keeps it hot for hours. You would think that this would be easy. But after reading the reviews for other coffee makers it appears to be almost impossible.

Had bought a capresso 10 cup coffee make 6 month ago because it was easy to fill with water. It made too little coffee and it was bitter and got cold to soon. This coffe maker has an easy to fill removable water container, makes 12 cups of wonderful coffee and stays hot until the last cup. This is a good looking stainless steel coffee maker and we love it. Out performs the old cusinart that was too hard to fill, also.

Good features:*removable water container*reusable coffee filter*beeps when the brewing is finished*thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for a long time. *once the carafe lid is positioned correctly, it pours without spilling. Minor flaws:*the lid of the carafe is a little sticky. It took some investigation to figure out how to position it for pouring. *the coffeemaker won’t run unless the water container and carafe are positioned exactly right and the grounds basket housing is snapped shut. *even with the aforementioned failsafe, coffee occasionally leaks out onto the saucer during brewing. *the basket doesn’t hold quite enough for a full pot of very strong coffee. Major annoyance:the carafe is designed with an inside lip all the way around. This helps to keep the coffee warm, but also makes it impossible to get the last few ounces of coffee into the cup. I have to shake the carafe over the sink to empty it.

I searched for a long time for a pot that was easy to fill, made 12 cups, had a thermal carafe and was affordable. It is so easy to use and fill and is very quiet and fast. The only thing i do not like is the carafe. The carafe is heavy and does not keep the coffee hot. After about 1/2 hr it goes to warm and then gets cooler fairly fast. We like to fix a pot of coffee, put it on the table between us and refill as needed. I cannot stand lukewarm coffee and it doesn’t take long before i have to get up and put my cup in the microwave to get it hot.

We’ve been using this coffee maker for over a week now and happy to report that we are very happy with it. Looks beautiful, love the water recepticle (no issue taking it out or putting it in. Slight click when it is put into place properly), coffee is piping hot. We did have to figure out (took about 1 minute) how to click the cover to ‘open’ before pouring but really such a minor matter. We are using standard, flat bottom paper filters with no issue at all. I’m guessing that anyone who had issues with overflowing is because they are using both the ‘gold’ filter provided and a paper filter. Directions clearly say one or the other (not both). A big thank you to all who rated this previously. Your comments were very helpful.

I really like the convenience of this coffee maker and the largesize carafe – 60 ounces (12 cups). It is simple to use and makesvery yummy coffee. The instruction manuel is not very clear,mainly in the realm of how to turn on the coffee maker. You simplypush the button with the correct pressure and all is easy and well. However, if you hold the button down too long, your coffee maker willnot start brewing. I emphasize i really like this coffee maker and the only negative isthe manual.

Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank

I did not like the fact that the finish came off the part that the pot sits on. That part just rubbed off ???>?.It is hidden by the pot sitting on it but when company is here and they lift the pot off the finish is bad on the maker base.

I have always wanted a coffee maker with a thermal carafe and when i found out kitchenaide had one. I was deligted to see it was sold on amazon. I purchased this coffee maker and have had it for about a week. It is exactly what i thought it would be. It makes wonderful coffee (for a coffee lover). I am very well pleased with the looks of this product and the taste of the brew.

Love how easy it is to refill the water reservoir. The stainless steel carafe is wonderful, as my husband drinks coffee all day long and this keeps it hot, even on his deskwe have encountered a couple of overflow issues lately and can’t figure out quite why. I always ensure i leave just a little space below the 12 cup mark when filling the reservoir and it still overflowed on me (double-checked the carafe, as well, to ensure nothing was still in it). However, we’re still continuing use of this coffeemaker and just love it.

I am a coffee lover and picky about how my coffee tastes. This makes great coffee and the bold setting is nice as it makes it just right for me – i like it strong. The coffee is good and hot, hotter than my cuisi**** that i was replacing. This is very important to me as i like it with milk so it needs to still be hot after i add the milk. The water container is easy to fill as is the cup that holds the coffee grounds, it’s not the cone kind that are harder to fill. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that it is not attractive to me. It is larger than it seems in the picture and reminds me of r2d2. That bothered me at first but like i said, it makes great coffee so i overlook it.

Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor

24-hour programmability

Digital display with variable brew strength selector

KitchenAid KFP750PK 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor, Great Food Processor

Powerful motor in an attractive and easy-to-clean base (i picked chrome). The blades it comes with work well for my needs. The problems have to do with (1) the safety interlock and (2) the main drive shaft. The interlock requires fidgety plastic bits inside the handle of the bowl. They need to interconnect ‘just so’ in order to prevent starting the blades without the cover. But with time (i’ve had it about three years) the little nibs of plastic have chipped and it’s getting hard to lock it all in place. I suspect i would need a new bowl before too long. I say ‘would’ because the drive shaft problem means it’s probably not worth a new bowl.

Recommended by america’s test kitchen, this thing has proven to be a work horse. Great at mixing pizza dough as well. Fair number of attachments that work well for grating and shredding. Only thing i don’t like is the design of the handle – it’s not water tight and if you aren’t diligent it will accumulate water and begin to turn black – little bleach does the trick.

I ordered the kitchenaid kfp750ob refurbished version. What i ended up getting was the wide-mouth kfpw763ob. The seller insisted that when kitchenaid refurbished it, they put the wide-mouth top on it because the wide-mouth top is newer. The bottom label was cut out and a sticker for kfp750ob was place on it instead. I called kitchenaid and they said that they absolutely do not refurbish with a different top and they do not cut out the model number. After much trouble trying to deal with the seller who insisted that he sent me the right product and refused to provide full-refund including shipping, i ended up ordering the correct top and pusher from kitchenaid to make this a kfp750ob. So i would suggest if you cannot buy this appliance new for a reasonable price, you can order the kfpw763ob, also on amazon, brand-new, for much cheaper, and just buy the correct top (not the bowl, but the lid) and pusher. The bottom plus the bowl for the two models are exactly the same (i checked with kitchenaid).

Key specs for KitchenAid KFP750PK 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor, Cook for the Cure Komen Foundation Pink:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Measures 16-1/8 by 8-1/4 by 10-1/2-inch; 1-year replacement warranty
  • 700-Watt food processor with 12-cup work bowl and multipurpose stainless-steel blade set
  • Durable sealed housing creates sound barrier for quiet operation; pulse control
  • Dual feed tubes; 4-cup mini bowl with blade; assortment of accessories with storage case included
  • Base wipes clean easily; dishwasher-safe bowls, blades, and discs

Comments from buyers

“After much research, bought this one, glad I did!
, Good product, good customer service
, Why did I wait so long?? This is a back-saver.

After reading consumer reports and many reviews, i tracked down multiple prices for this processor and finally ordered it here on amazon. Even on amazon the price differed, so spend some time. It saves you almost $50well worth the money, this machine is heavy duty. And comes with more attachments that i’ll probably ever use, which is a vast improvement over what i had. And that machine lasted for 20 yearsmy advice is think ahead — this is something you’ll have for a long time if you take care of it. And i’m happy that i made the choice for this model over some of the others recommended. It’s quieter than i expected, and takes up some room, but it looks like this should last forever.

I had a braun food processor that lasted me at least a decade but i always had problems with the switch and the latch that kept the bowl on the machine. By the end of it’s time with me it was getting harder and harder to turn it off as well as remove the bowl from the stand. Even though it still worked, i ended up throwing it away due to frustration with having to fiddle with it every time i used it. I decided that since i like to keep these things for a long time i wanted the best. After a lot of research i decided on the kitchenaid 12 cup in empire red. It is gorgeous to look at for starters. It is also has a very powerful and relatively quiet motor. It is really heavy and has a very solid feel. There is no vibration or rattling. It is very easy to use with three buttons: on, off and pulse.

I had wanted a food processor for a very long time, but was afraid to overspend on features/gizmos i didn’t need or underspend and get an inferior product. I think i found the right balance in this onein just over an hour i was able to take it all out of the box, clean it all (plus the kitchenaid 9 and 12-cup food processor 5-disc set i bought to go with the processor), make a batch of hummus, clean the parts i used, make a batch of nut butter, and clean what i used again. One thing i didn’t see a lot of reviewers mention was how quiet this food processor is. I was able to hold a conversation at nearly normal level while working with it. To me, that is a very big plusthe only thing i see so far as a drawback is it is a little challenging to clean the multipurpose blade where the blade itself mounts. As long as you pay attention while you clean (and clean right away) it should be fine, but it did take some extra passes to get it free of food.

I bought this food processor after experiencing problems with my old braun. This kitchenaid is larger than my former food processor, and easily handles many types of processing. I have used it almost every day since i purchased it about a month ago. I especially like the small bowl that it comes with so that i don’t always have to clean the large bowl. Some people mentioned that the handle is hard to clean. I think that problem has been remedied. Sometimes food clings to the rims of the large bowl and the lid. Everything about the processor works fine and i hope it lasts as long as my former one. Hopefully, i won’t have to call customer service for any problems although that feature was one factor in making me choose the kitchenaid over the cuisinart–a hard choice because they both seemed quite good based consumer ratings.

I really like this food processor with one exception. I didn’t realize when i ordered it that it can only hold so much liquid. I recently made a soup like mixture in it and it worked great. Then i lifted the bowl off the unit and the soup went everywhere.I then read the manual and it said the water could not exceed 1/2 inch deep. Guess the soup was a job for the blender; my mini food processor could hold more liquid in it’s bowl. I would probably send it back if i could.

I’ve always wanted one of these but always convinced myself that i didn’t need it, didn’t have the room, and that i could do everything i wanted by hand. Let me tell you, i got this as a gift about a month ago and i use it all the time. Recipes that i wouldn’t have thought about like roasting my own peppers and tomatoes into a delicious pasta sauce are now easy as pie. My only complaints about the mixer is that i wish that the smaller food chop bowl didn’t sit inside the big bowl when you use it. The reason you want to use a little chopper is so you don’t have to clean the big one, but in this case it just means you have more to clean. I love that all of the other tools and blades that come with it come in their own storage box but i wish the box was stronger so i could store the processor on top of it, or i wish that i could put it on its side without everything falling out to take up less space in my cupboards when not in use. The storage box has room to put a couple more things in it (or so it looks) but i have no idea what they are, it would be good for them to include in the manual a layout of what goes where in that box, and what these mysterious additions to the set could be. All in all, my criticism is minor and the product functions flawlessly. I just wish i bought this sooner. The pretty pink matches my mixer, blender, and hand mixer.

One of my big regrets was not placing a full size food processor on my wedding registry. I felt at the time it was just to large an appliance to have in our apartment. Instead i had a kitchenaid kfc3100ob chef series 3- cup food chopper, onyx black. It was a fabulous device but was small and incredibly loud.After moving into a house and converting to a lifestyle which i make most of my family’s food from scratch i was missing the larger capacity and versatility of a full sized food processor. I read all the reviews and critiques and finally placed my money on this machine. I am totally pleased that i did. It is 10x quieter than the chopper, i can easily process smaller quantities in the mini bowl, and clean up is a breeze. I have not had any leakage or trapped particle issues. The blades are incredibly sharp so they cut the food, not mangle it into a murky paste and are easily stored in the machine and convenient storage case.

I’m very pleased with this machine. It grates cheese like a dream and make a few mere minutes work of my loads of zucchini. It’s important to do all things according to the instruction booklet, such as with cheeses. This is indeed not a very good machine for liquids however, as others have stated. You can do some liquid items, just don’t over fill and do expect a little drippage down the center hole of the work bowl. Otherwise, it hasn’t frozen up or given me any trouble thus far. The mini-bowl is also useful for when you want to chop a little something up and/or when the bigger work bowl is already dirty and you don’t want to mix flavors or wash it just yet. The accessory box is also handy for keeping things organized.

I’ve had this processor for about three months. On the first day, i decided to make bread, and the dough blade suddenly stuck to the machine. When i called customer service to help me figure out what i did wrong, they told me that occasionally, this processor’s dough blade fuses to the machine. I couldn’t even get the containers removed to pack up because everything was stuck together. Fortunately, the customer service rep was really nice and sent out a new one immediately. I received my second new processor, and tried to make cookies. This time, everything worked fine, and the machine is quiet. I can even talk on the phone when using this food processor. I’m just glad that they exchanged the first one so quickly.

It was a choice between this and the cuisinart elite 12-cup machine. I decided to go with this one because it was a simpler design, without the gasket that many users were complaining was tough to clean. So far i’ve made pesto, slaw, sliced veggies and several sauces mixtures in this machine. It has all gone quite well and cleanup was very reasonable, not much different than my 3-cup mini-prep. The machine is fast, relatively quiet and rock-solid on the countertop. As long as the motor holds up long-term i think we have a winner.

After searching for the perfect food processor i wanted to give this one a try since its specifications sounded quite convincing; and i did get convinced and impressed with this machine. I would call it the wonder machine. One important thing i wanted in my food processor; ‘quiet motor’, and it is. With such a powerful and heavy motor its quite surprizing how quiet this machine works. The first time i used it i thought it was’nt working coz it was’nt making any grating sound, but then to my surprize, it did a great job. I use it everyday, be it just mixing my pie dough, cookie dough or preparing salad and dinner. I can’t think of living without it. And oh one thing i would recommend is getting a prime membership, its well worth the price, coz if you’re an internet shopper like me and don’t wanna wait forever for your package get prime, i recieved this the very next day i ordered it. Amazing amazonyou are the best.

I’ve gone through several food processors in the past few years, and this is by far the best i have ever used. The 12 cup capacity is the perfect size in my opinion: it’s large enough to puree large batches of soups, but small enough to be practical to mince up a few cloves of garlic (especially with the mini bowl attachment). I haven’t found anything this device can’t do. I’ve liquefied onions for sauces, pureed soups, made doughs, etc, and this thing has taken care of them all. The only downside is that this base of the device is pretty darn hefty. But of course it probably has to be to house a motor this powerful. I used to drag it out of the cabinets each time i needed it, but now i just keep it out on my counter–it’s pretty enough to be on display, and useful enough to make its presence there practical.

Kitchen aid makes a very good food processor that is easy to use and cleans up easily. It makes quick work of processing any number of foods whether combined chopped, sliced or grated. The blades are easy to attach and don’t worry me that i’m going to slice off a finger tip putting them on. Parts are all dishwasher safe making this a practical and efficient machine to use. It isn’t so heavy that storing it in a cabinet is a problem.

I am pleased using this food processor. I studied all of the reviews on both consumer digest and online sites and decided on this. I had a cheaper ( 50-60 range) hamilton beach and it was made with cheaper plastic and the lid was annoying todeal with. . This is working fine and though i have not used all of the attachments yet i have used the bowl insert. It is true a little bit of the food gets on the edges of the big bowl and so you just have to rinse that part. . I am enjoying using this product and find it easy to manipulate and a pleasure to look at in my kitchen (every room should have one red item)i use it on a daily basis and it seems sturdy enough to hold up to much use. . I grind avocado smoothies for my son in the small bowl. . Sometimes you do have to stop it and re-align the banana so it all gets pureed. . I also use the large bowl for ground beef and burghul mixtures and though heavy and sticky it blends well. I have seen some of the complaints of this and other food processors. . Yes, i expect a lot in both quality and function for the price i paid but some people’s complaints tell me they are expecting no extra work whatsoever and i don’t think any appliance is that perfect. I do have to say that i tried to grind up very well cooked bones in the large bowl and though it did not grind them completely i am amazed that the blade did not break as i was taking a chance while in an impulsive mood.

I bought the kitchenaid food processor for my wife, after she kept eyeballing them while we were out shopping. I wasn’t sure how much it would actually get used, but after being amazed with other kitchenaid products, i figured it would be well worth the cost. We use it a lot, and it is something that is great to have when you need it. Sometimes it is tempting to get out the old mandolin slicer for really small job, but the food processor gets used a lot. I’ve found it can’t be beat for most jobs, including making pesto and other sauces. If you do any canning or large meal prep, you’ll wonder how you ever did it without the kitchenaid food processor. One note i’ll add is use caution when cleaning the blades. They are easy to clean without getting cut, but if you just throw them into a sink full of water and reach in blindly to fish it out, you may get cut. Not the fault of the machine, but i thought it would be worth mentioning that caution should be exercised when cleaning the parts. Cleanup is fairly simple, and the materials used in it’s construction come clean with no hassles.

We have a couple of food processors. This was a replacement for a cuisinart, something that seemed ‘just fine’ to me. We bought this because it had been praised by someone, perhaps a friend or magazine. It’s good, completely satisfactory. I don’t think it’s better (or worse) that what we replaced.

I’ve had this food processor for 3 months and have used it at least once a week since. I have made doughs, grated cheeses, sliced vegetables and potatoes, and pureed tomatoes. I think that it has cut down on my food prep time a lot.There is a limit on how much liquid you can have in the bowl (this is a complaint by other reviewers) but it is well marked on the processor and documented in the manual. If you want to process things with more than 4 cups of liquid, this is not the processor for you (and you might want to think about using a blender instead).

We’ve been punishing it with daily use for about 6 months and it’s still kicking. It can reduce an hour of food prep down to about 10-15 minutes. Makes killer hummice that my middle eastern friends ask me for seconds. Just use it as the directions state. Don’t overfill it or try to process items that you shouldn’t (nuts, extremely hard frozen foods, etc.

It’s so easy to use and clean up. It does everything it says it does and more. I’ve had it for over a month and after many uses, i definitely recommend it. It’s surprisingly quiet; it’s quieter than my $200 professional hair dryer. It’s a 12 cup food processor so it is big and heavy. This is not the type of food processor you want to move around in your kitchen. You are going to want to find a spot for it near an electrical outlet and leave it – trust me. I had another name brand food processor for years and gave it away because i love the kitchen aid one better. This food processor can handle big and small jobs.

This is a very heavy machine. I love the different bowls sizes. Also love the box of additional equipment that comes with it.

Ok, first let me begin by saying this was my first excursion into the world of food processors, with the tiny (regrettable) exception of some sort of off-the-wall wannabe chopper-ette thingy back in the early 80s that is really best forgotten. However, said chopper soured my opinion on food processors in general for two-plus decades. Couldn’t imagine the time savings of the processing itself being worth the clean-up afterwards. This baby is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Stuff that used to take me forever gets done in literally seconds. The shredded kind, where it’s such a pain to grate the potatoes?. Throw them in this baby & you’re ready to go in less than a minute. I hardly ever made fried rice (probably only around twice a month, which is the same thing as ‘hardly ever’ to a 17-yr-old male who would live on the stuff if you’d let him), ’cause all the slicing, cutting & chopping of veggies took longer than the actual cooking process – especially chopping fresh garlic, which i hate to do – but with this thing i’ve got it all done & ready to go in just a couple minutes.

KitchenAid KSM6521XSR Professional 6500 Design Series Sugar Pearl Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, PRO 6500 – vs. – OLDER PRO 600 —- A SIDE BY SIDE TEST AND IMPRESSIONS

Does everything and as much as we loved our previous kitchenaid this one does circles around the old one.

Have had one for over 16 years and it’s going strong. Bought this one for my daughter and she loves it, especially the glass bowl.

This is an upgrade from the professional 600 lift bowl 6 quart kitchenaid i recently gifted to my neighbor who bakes often. I read some reviews that compelled me to pump the brakes on purchasing online. I will say not sure what mixers others were using prior to this purchase but this unit is far superior to the standard kitchenaid pro with the ac motor. This unit has already been tested. Very quiet, durable and looks and feels luxurious:))) for a mixer that is. The color is that of a white cultured pearl. I was pleasantly surprised that i also received the flex edge beater in addition to flat beater, whip, and dough hook. The glass bowl is heavy but you wouldn’t want a flimsy glass when working with a 1hp motor. I also found this seller gourmet kitchen online and purchased the stainless steel bowl separately.

Key specs for KitchenAid KSM6521XSR Professional 6500 Design Series Sugar Pearl Silver Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer with 6 Quart Glass Bowl:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sugar pearl silver colored base with glass bowl
  • 10 different speeds
  • Mix, knead and whip ingredients with ease
  • Bowl-lift design features quiet and robust DC motor
  • Hand wash

Comments from buyers

“Wow! Don’t Settle For Anything Less! For Bread Making, This Kitchen Aid Professional 6500 Stand Mixer Is What You Want!

The best feature is the heavy duty1 hp motor. I loveeee my new kitchenaid professional 6500 mixer.

Overall it is fine; but the glass bowl is an issue. It is heavy and cumbersome to fit. Also the beaters are not close enough to the bowl, leaving material unmixed. The bowl has all the characteristics of something thought up by a designer which was never fully tested. Sure, it is very pretty but not functional. Get a stainless steel bowl; works much better and weighs a lot less.

Arrived right on time in a big box. Looks nice, we just didnt realize the bowl was so big. Caution: if you are not sure how big six quarts is, make sure you know before you order this.

How did i ever get along without this mixer?is it big?. Yesbut if you are like me and have done your homework, you knew that already. I’m no pastry chef but i do enjoy baking and experimenting with recipes. I also enjoy guns and target shooting but i digress. This mixer lives up to the hype. The dc motor is super quiet and powerful enough to mix concrete. Seriously though if you are looking for a great mixer and don’t mind spending a few bucks, grab this one. Holidays are just around the corner. Btw this model included the ‘flex edge’ beater and it cleans the sides of the glass bowl very well.

Great mixer for bread and heavy dough.

 works great, fit as my daughter and mom found out turn the speed down before starting lol. My daughter got sugar everywhereall in all it works good i have no problems with it. My mom who is 68 has some problems with getting the bowl to clip in/out, but it’s easy to fix. Just unscrew the lock clip and give it a small bend and it will slide in early. It’s helpful for older people. Also it is oily when you get a new one, so clean it well but it only takes 10min to clean up.

A substantive change of motor – more quiet – standard glass bowl – but fewer color optionsthis is a newer version of the 6 qt professional line that changes the motor from the previous ac 575 watt (in the older 600 kp26m1x) to the newer version with dc motor 1hp (6500 ksm6521). I will give a little more detail below, but you will notice the power is not a direct comparison as the older is in wattage and the newer 6500 shown on this page is in horse power. However, the company claims the newer is more powerful and i can confirm it at least feels more efficient and substantial while also being more quiet. The body is essentially the same as most 26 series so some aspects are interchangeable. Here are some key differences and impressions as i tested them side by side: — the motor on the newer 6500 is much more quiet yet substantial feeling. The 6500 is almost more quiet on speed 10 than the 600 is on setting 1. I did at least get the feeling the 6500 was either more powerful in general or better at delivering torque. It sounded smoother and less whiney or rickety than the 600. That is not to say there is a problem with the 600. I understand some old issues have been fixes many years back. I felt the 6500 was more capable of handling heavier dough than the other machine. However, this has only been on the market since around the start of 2014 so the longevity of the machine is still being decided. — the bowls are interchangeable between the glass and the standard metal.

I have a 5qt and needed the add’l capacity. I like how quiet it is; i’d say it’s quieter than my 5qt. The bowl can be hard to snap in to place, and parts “jiggle” a little more than i’m comfortable with, but it’s held up this far.

My wife loves it,she has never had a stand alone mixer before,got the slicer attachments also,very nice.

Love this mixer and the color. Love the bowl lift and the plastic cover that keeps it clean. Powerful and pretty on my counter.

I purchased the kitchenaid 600 pro for my parents. I have since purchased a kitchenaid 6 qt 6500 mixer and have noticed the differences between the two and it all comes down to power, noise and price. Kitchenaid 6500-the 600 produces a lot more noise than the 6500 but let’s be honest, it’s a mixer, it’s not supposed to be silent. -the motor of the 600 mixer has 575 watts whereas the 6500 mixer has a 1. 3 hp motor (which equals out to about 1100 watts). So yes, the 6500 is a lot more powerful and i can say that with complete confidence, having used both within a week of each other. -the 600 comes with a stainless steel bowl and mixer parts that must be used only with the stainless steel bowl.The glass bowl and it’s attachment pieces (meaning the dough hook, etc.

Purchased as a gift for my wife (who does not do all the cooking, but does do all the baking) after she got very jealous of the ones her daughters owned.

First one i ordered made a weird whistle sound. I called customer service and they sent me a new one and it is work awesome.

Wish it was easier to get the bowl on and off.

Can’t say enough good about this mixer. The bowl is heavy to pour , but you can do several batches at a time. A real timesaver when you have a lot to do.

I use it primarily for baking and doughs – heavy doughs – which it gets through without even heating up. Wish i had another bowl, perhaps a metal bowl, for kitchen efficiency.

I wanted to write this review to help other new buyers. This is a good mixer and it isn’t overly loud. It does however tend to make certainly clicking type noise from the dual planetary gear sets, that is normal. This machine also has i believe a different motor than the xca model number that kitchenaid lists (they do not even list this pca model at all). The model kitchenaid sells direct at a significantly higher price has the new upgraded 1. 3hp motor also found on their commercially rated/certified top end mixer, this one does not and has 1hp which is plenty enough for the tasks we have tried including making a double batch of bread every couple of days (we just put the ingredients in and it pretty well cleans up the bowl and leaves us a well kneaded dough on the hook) as well as plenty of heavy cookie dough. The following is intended to provide peace of mind and to prevent the odd ‘friday just before quitting time’ machine from causing somebody injury or distress. Important: the quality control may have missed small metal burs that you should try to remove before using the mixer with either or both of the following steps:1: if you’re brave, the top cover comes off (unplug first) with the single screw at the back and then four on the sides. The gear housing cover takes two small star/torx screws and then you can examine the gears for proper grease and any metal pieces or burrs. If you are going to take this step to insure you get your monies worth inspect all around inside for any metal shavings that might migrate to the circuit board and short something out etc.

Sooo excited to have it and was really pleased with how quiet it is. Totally looking forward to making gingerbread dough and royal icing for gingerbread houses this christmas.

I have mixed feelings on this mixer. . Great machine as far as the power. The paddles seem that they do not get the bottom of the bowl mixed well at all. You have to keep lifting the bottom ingredients up. I made a creamy pie the first day and it did a terrible job mixing. I make a lot of frosting for cakes, so i bumped it to the powerful model. I had the smaller mixer for years.

I simply don’t know where to begin here as there are so many things that i simply adore about this kitchen aid professional 6500 stand mixer. For one thing, this is a relatively quiet, ruggedly built, beautifully finished and high quality frosted pearl white mixer which mixes and kneads bread dough seemingly effortlessly. In fact, when working with bread dough, you wouldn’t want to use anything less than the kitchen aid professional 6500 stand mixer. Since i received this mixer about a week ago, i have been working with 2 bread loaves at a time thus far (small family), but kitchen aid clearly states on the owner’s manual that this particular mixer is designed to mix and knead up to 8 loaves at a time. Well, i can certainly believe it as this kitchen aid professional 6500 stand mixer is equipped with a 1. 4 hp output will easily make short work out of anything that you could think of.

I purchased this after owning two other (tilt-head) kitchen aid stand mixers. I loved them, but needed a bit more volume and power for when i make christmas cookies. I specifically purchased this one because of the dc motor. With my old ones, when the mixture got thicker i had to increase the speed just to maintain the same speed as it bogged down. With this one it just continues on with so much torque that you don’t need to change the speed (unless you actually want it to go faster). Pros:way more power than the smaller models. Has a lid for the bowl with a recess in the top that the head fits into, so no dust gets in it when it is stored. Glass bowl, very heavy, very solid, you can see what is being mixed and if you need to scrape the sides. Way more solid than the smaller ones (which are already really solid). Much quieter (i believe because of the dc motor)cons:there is a lot less room to work under the head than one where the head tilts away.

KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Display Hand Mixer Empire Beautiful – With : I am thoroughly satisfied with the product and would readily recommend it for

We mixed icing for 10,000 st joseph cookies and it was fast, powerful and met my expectation.

Works great, lightweight and several speed controls. I just with it had a container/holder to put it in for convenience of storing.

This hand mixer is super powerful, and unless you’re doing a serious amount of baking and mixing, this is probably all you need. And it takes up much less space.

This is an awesome hand mixer. I love every kitchenaid product i own, including my commercial capacity stand mixer.

  • The wife’s chocolate cake
  • Perfect Handheld Mixer
  • hand mixer

KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Display Hand Mixer Empire Beautiful Red – With (Free Dough hooks, whisk, milk shake liquid blender rod attachment and accessory bag).

The first thing made with the new kitchenaid mixer was a chocolate cake that has not been made in ten years. My wife said that it was so light and powerful that it was a breeze to use. Latter that day a double batch of toll house cookies can out of the mixing bowl. It’ll take an extra hour each day for a week at the gym to lose the ten pounds gained from the first days use of the mixer.

Easy to handle, easy to use. Great addition to my kitchen appliance collection. Great for removing lumps from diet shakes and mixing any single servings of eggnog, cocoa and more. However, it also mixes larger batches of banana bread, pumpkin pie filling, crepe batter, and carrot cake batter just to mention a few. I’d buy it again (as if i’d ever need to. . I have full confidence in the kitchenaid brand).

She is really happy with the look and feel of it. She also was impressed with all the included accessories. She has only used it a couple of times and was happy with the way it worked.

Costs more than others but you get what you pay for. Excellent product with great features and attachments.

This hand mixer is everything kitchenaid said it would be. I am thoroughly satisfied with the product and would readily recommend it for anyone who loves to cook.

Love the 9 speed mixer- has alot of speed and really quiet – works very good for all jobs that i do.

A good product that is robust, works great with many attachments that work great. Much power for most applications (it is a hand held after all).

I have always been a big fan of kitchenaid. The stand mixer that i use for most of my baking-mixing, is over 55 years old. My mother purchased it at an auction when she was pregnant with my older brother. Still runs like new and it has been well used. I wanted a hand mixer for some of the smaller/quick jobs and this one is a winner. Love the attachments and the unit has enough power to mix just about everything i throw at it.

I finally had to break down and get a new hand mixer when my ancient one died. I decided that this time i would get the one i really wanted. Kitchenaid is a reliable company and my new mixer works wonderfully. This 9 speed comes with the extra accessories, which is a bonus for me since i’m an apartment dweller and lack space for a full size mixer.

This hot little number is great. All the attachments work well, snap in and out easily, and help make meals a breeze. All the attachments come in a bag so they all stay together neatly.

Like any kitchen aid product, it doesn’t get any better.

Works as advertised, i wasn’t sure about bag for attachments, but it’s fine.

KitchenAid K5THSBP Tilt-Head Mixer Bowl – Easier to use than the glass bowl that came with my Artisan KSM155GBCA

I bought this as a second bowl for my kitchenaid mixer, but it doesn’t fit as well as the original. The original and this replacement are made in different countries, one in korea, the other in india, so perhaps that is the discrepancy. The more i use this bowl, the better it seems to fit, but i usually try to use the original unless i have to use this one.

I am here to tell you that this does fit my kitchenaid ksm155gbca (ksm155gb is the model, the letters that come after gb are just different for each color). I also now see on one site that the bowl is compatible with models that start with ksm150ps, ksm152ps and ksm155gb. I had previously researched endlessly on forums, the kitchenaid site, and amazon reviews and could not find a definitive answer to whether this fits as an alternative to the glass bowl, but finally i just ordered it and yes it does fit. I’ve used it about 5-10 times and i have not even gone back to the glass bowl once. It’s just so much lighter and easier to wield, to pour out the mix, or to wash, and not worry about breaking etc. Of course you miss out on the nice ‘measuring bowl’ feature of seeing how much is in the glass bowl, and whether ingredients got mixed off the edge etc. , but if i had it all to do over i’d just order the mixer with the metal bowl. The glass bowl is more of a gimmick as far as i’m concerned now.

This is the perfect size for our 5 quart kitchenaid mixer. Its great having a mixer bowl with a handle it great for heavy baking. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid K5THSBP Tilt-Head Mixer Bowl:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Polished stainless steel
  • 5-quart capacity
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits KitchenAid stand mixer models: KSM150, KSM152, KSM155

Exactly as original that came with the ksm150 artisan mixer. Also includes a plastic cover with a depressed center enabling the bowl to be covered while sitting on the mixer with the head down and no attachments installed. Made in india stamped on bowl. Dishwasher safe top rack only, made in korea, and non sealing written on cover. The lid may say ‘non-sealing’ but it snaps on tight and i put about 2 cups of water in the bowl, snapped the lid on, and shook the whole thing upside down and not a single drop leaked out.

Works so much better than the glass bowl and is much lighter. You must scrub with steel wool before you use it for the first time. It seems to have some kind of coating on the inside of a new bowl. Also the splatter screen fits perfectly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Booo:(
  • Needs a Good Cleaning Before Using
  • Easier to use than the glass bowl that came with my Artisan KitchenAid KSM155GBCA

I bought a new kitchen aid mixer that came with a glass bowl. I couldn’t stand the glass bowl. It was heavy and the bottom kept coming loose when i tried to remove it from the stand. I ordered this because my old kitchen aid mixer had this type of bowl. It’s so much better than the glass, and i don”t have to worry about breaking it.

I ordered one of these so i could have two instead of having to wash the one 1 i had immediately between cake batter & icing. I was surprised that it even came with a plastic lid.

Wanted one larger (5qt) than the one that originally came with my mixer (4. 5qt), & this is perfect, plus has a great comfy handle. Fits in the groove of mixer stand perfectly, too.

We bought this bowl in sept but didn’t get around to using it until after the refund policy for this vendor expired. Due to a manufacturing defect the bowl would not latch properly with the mixer. The vendor would not work with us but kitchenaide did, they gave me a new bowl due to factory defect. Seems to me the vendor could have communicated this to me rather than just denying my claim.

Love this bowel as it is easy to handle with the handle and lighter weight than the glass that came with the stand mixer.

Love this bowl it fits perfectly on my stand mixer and it was a great price. It was $40 now its listed over $90. I was going to order another one for my business and i guess i wont now that the price doubled.

Bought this after accidentally dropping and breaking the original glass bowl that came with my mixer – nice that i don’t have to worry about that with this metal bowl. I love that it comes with a cover (my glass bowl that came with the mixer didn’t). Wish it had the pour spout that the glass one did, but not a huge deal.

This stainless steel bowl is the way to go. My mixer came with a glass bowl and it broke shortly after receiving it. Go with the stainless steel from the get go. Easy to clean, it’s light and perfect for every step.

Very happy with this stainless steel bowl. I have a glass one which i like, but it is heavy and sometimes i worry that i will hit it on something and break it. So i got this stainless steel bowl so i have a spare, or a replacement if i break the glass one, or just want to have a lighter mixer bowl sometimes. It is very light weight in comparison, very easy attach and remove from the base. An extra bonus is that is comes with a plastic lid, which i didn’t know it would.

Purchased this bowl to help with my baking. I try to keep my oven filled while using it, so having another bowl handy is a plus.

My stand mixer came with the glass bowl and i needed the metal one for making swiss meringue buttercream frosting. I am not comfortable with heating or cooling the glass bowl so this metal one was perfect. I have a lot of recipes that require a stand mixer. Having two seperate bowls makes things easier, and faster if i am doing more than one recipe at a time.

I have a tilt head ksm158gbca mixer and needed a replacement bowl. Unfortunately, i dropped the glass bowl that originally came with the mixer while washing it. So after searching, reading all of the reviews, and asking questions online which was very helpful by the way in helping me decide to go ahead and order it. Just received it today and i’m happy to say that it fits perfectly. The bowl comes with a lid which is a bonus, it’s lightweight and shiny.

Nice having a 2nd bowl for my mixer. Came with a bowl cover that works for my cooky dough when it has to be refrigerated for an hour.

This fits my regular classic just fine. I got sick and tired of having to struggle to get the ‘handleless’ bowl off after mixing heavier doughs and batters. This is perfect to end that hassle. All of the bowls should be made with a handle.

I simply adore this stainless steel bowl for my kitchenmaid mixer. I found the glass bowl that originally comes with the mixer to be quite heavy when filled with batter and so on. This bowl however, is light and easy to maneuver when scraping batter out. Another amazing feature of this bowl is the built in rivets. I always struggled to lock my glass bowl into place, and struggled even further to unlock it without accidentally completely screwing off the bottom ring. Added bonus, if you are clumsy like me you don’t have to worry about shattering this bowl whilst cleaning it. Bottom line, i love this bowl and even purchased one for my sister-in-law.

Purchased this bowl to replace my glass one, which was heavy and the edge chipped. The only issue was i had to clean it really good several times to get the black stuff off the inside of the bowl. After trying few cleaning products, including white vinegar, i ended up using an sos pad on it, which did the job. Otherwise, the bowl has been great.