Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Water Oven & Slow Cooker : Follow instructions.

More than happy with my recent purchase. In general the sous vide method of cooking is superior and i love my machine. Excellent value for the money spent.

I had been shopping for a sous vide cooker, pricing on amazon and several other places. Then i was shopping at my local meijer department store and this particular cooker had been marked down to $49. I thought ‘you can’t beat that price’ so i bought it. When i got it home first thing i did was look up the reviews, so many people complaining about the temp not being accurate. So i filled it with water and let it get up to 160^f and checked it, and it was close enough to make very little difference. I think you need to think of this as a ‘conventional’ type of oven and the circulator sous vide machines as a ‘convection’ type of oven. There will be some difference in usage, you don’t have to worry about this going dry as it will work dry (like a slow cooker) while a circulator type of sous vide machine can be ruined if the water goes below the minimum. I have had a wonderfull time cooking with this. I purchased a eye of round roast (a very tough piece of meat) on sale at $2.

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Water Oven & Slow Cooker, 6 Quart Programmable, Stainless Steel (33970)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dual functionality, twice the versatility
  • Sous vide uses precise temperature control to cook food evenly and perfectly throughout
  • Slow cooking gently cooks food over a long period of time, retaining its flavor and moisture
  • 6 quart nonstick metal vessel
  • Programmable controls

I like how easy it was to use. It shifts to warm when finished and holds the temperature.

This is a really nice slow cooker. The one that we replaced was a round faux-ceramic thing that took a long time to cook, stained really easily, and generally was small. The hamilton beach 33970 is just the opposite: it is larger, comes with everything you need, easy to clean, and very simple to use. Many slow cookers have two settings, but not this model. That’s because you can do more than just slow cook, making the 33970 also a sous cooker. While it works well as a sous cooker, it is too small for our family of five to really prepare a meal this way. Also, a side note to hamilton beach: don’t put stupid stickers on a boxed item like this. The stickers looked like they should be on a display unit in a big box retailer. If i am a consumer, opening this, i already purchased it, you don’t have to sell me on buying onecleaning is simple.

It’s way too pricey for a slow cooker, and for a single person, way too large. But okay, i was excited to have it for the sous vide feature, and that is plenty big enough for a single, although probably not big enough to sous vide for a family. My first trial, with a steak, went bad, because i used a ziplock bag. It was one of the thicker freezer bags. Even though many say you can use that, my experience was that at the end of the cooking cycle, i came back to find a waterlogged steak–basically boiled, and its juices mixed throughout the water. So ziplock method seems to be hit and miss. That doesn’t especially reflect on the cooker, but i just wanted to let you know, in case you are planning on using ziplocks. But i really really wanted to try sous vide cooking.

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Water Oven & Slow Cooker, 6 Quart Programmable, Stainless Steel (33970) : Since i wrote my initial review, i have continued to use this useful appliance both as a slow cooker and a sous vide cooker. It performs admirably in both roles. Amended november 4, 2017original review:note: i have not yet used the sous vide function. As a slow cooker, this works exceptionally well- it has easy to understand controls, and the non-stick metal cooking vessel is well sized and shaped for slow cooking, as well as being easy to clean. The glass lid seals well, and allows you to watch the progress of cooking. While it is a large appliance, it has a stylish appearance, with functional handles on the sides. From the perspective of slow cooking, this is well worth considering.

I have yet to use this as a slow cooker but the sous vide works amazing. I’ve been sou viding everydamnthing ever since.

This sous vide/slow cooker is very attractive. Reading what sous vide is all about, the recipes all seemed excessively full of fat and calories. We used this as a slow cooker. We cooked a brisket as a test. It came out moist, tender and flavorful as did the veggies it was cooked in. This unit is very attractive with the chrome and black finish. I’m not sure this will sell well at this price point unless yuou use it and are a fan of sous vide. A crock pot would do about the same as this slow cooker. One other thing, the lid did not fit tightly at all. There is a little play when the lid is placed on the cooker.

I have had this appliance for several months and absolutely love it. I was a bit skeptical when i purchased it and a bit hesitant about the length of cooking time. I have researched multiple sites for recipes ( which are easy to find) and found that cooking times vary greatly and use my best judgement and common sense in that respect. I have checked the temperature with a separate thermometer and mine is accurate. It does take a bit of time to come to temp but i allow for that in planning. The more i have used it, the more it has become my go to method of ensuring a tender cut of meat even when using cheaper cuts. I do sear the meat when done – makes for a nicer appearance. I like the fact that it is all enclosed and have no need to worry about evaporation. I haven’t used it as a slow cooker so i can’t comment on that and have used it predominantly for meat. It’s not overly large but i have not found anything that has been too large for it to accommodate.

Haven’t used enough to say, but seems like it is fine.

I’ve been curious about sous vide for a while, just never wanted to spend the money on one of the pricier units. A friend of mine in boston swears by it, so when this came up, i had to give it a shot, since i love slow cooker meals and we slow cook things all the time. This way i could test the waters of sous vide (no pun intended) and still have a unit i could use for other things if i didn’t care for it. As a slow cooker, it’s pretty much on par with anything you’d expect to see out there. Multiple heat and timer settings, and then keeps things warm. I had an oval slow cooker that i used often that worked well, so that was passed to my mom, who had one that broke and didn’t heat evenly anymore, and i got to keep this one. This one is a bit more granular than that one though, since it works in 30 minute increments, whereas the one i gave her had just four timer settings, two for low (8 and 10 hours) and two for high (4 and 6). Having the rectangular shape is odd for me, since i’m so used to the ovals now for my slow cookers over the decades. Fit and finish is fine, i’m not sure i’m a fan of the chrome. And they shipped this with two large stickers covering most of the sides on the front, and while one peeled off alright, the other came in pieces, necessitating way too much work to clean up. I will never understand the thought process of stickers on boxed items. I can see doing it for a display model, but for things already in boxes that people already decided to buy, i hate that ‘spam. ‘selecting the mode and the settings are easy enough. The metal rack for the sous vide is a bit irksome for me as well.

It’s too soon to tell about results of the food, but i’m a little disappointed with the initial impression. I just unboxed this, filled it with water, and ran the temp up to 160 degrees f and let it stay there for 30 minutes. I then inserted three different instant read thermometers out of my kitchen in the bath, and they all read 143 degrees +/- 1 degree. Stirring the water and retesting, testing in different quadrants, high and low in the water column. Has anyone else had the same problem?.

Sous vide stuffed burgers and poached eggs, slow-cooked pulled pork and cassoulet–i’ve had this for just a few weeks, so time will tell with durability, but whatever i try it on so far comes out beautifully. A snap to clean; light and easy to throw around, especially for a 6-quart cookspace. I’m still getting the hang of the keep warm setting, which takes some button-twiddling and seems to decide when it feels like shutting off. But the versatility of this baby is thrilling.

Possibly one of the best items we’ve ever purchased. It is impossible to ruin a steak with this appliance and every single steak we’ve cooked since we got the sous vide has been cooked to perfection and has been mouth wateringly good and so tender it melted in our mouths. This appliance will make you kick your grill to the curb and never buy another bag of barbecue briquets again. One other advantage to a sous vide is you can really plan your meal and not worry about when it will be ready to eat. You can keep your meat at temperature for hours and it won’t get any more done. When your ready to eat, take it out, sear it in hot oil or butter for a couple of minutes and serve. It’s ready to eat when you are. The only drawback is that everyone will need to like his or her meat cooked to the same level. You’ll need separate sous vide’s for each degree of finish your diner’s prefer. So, either train your family to all like medium rare, or stick with the outdoor grill. And expect to ruin steaks from time to time.

To be honest with you i never heard of sous vide cooking before. I am familiar with slow cooking, and have a good slow cooker, but this opens up a whole new slew of possibilities. I have been focusing during the past year on making larger quantities of food and either shrink wrapping and freezing, or using a pressure cooker/canner and storing in ball mason jars. This is a new twist to the food saver shrink wrap techniques. It is not just for meats, but rather for cooking vegetables as well. Food saver has a complete cookbook on the method.  the foodsaver sous vide cookbook: 101 delicious recipes with instructions for perfect low-temperature immersion cooking. (sous vide gourmet slow cooking)the huge advantage to this method of cooking is that you can slowly cook your food which makes it a lot tenderer. What i have been doing in the past in order to cook my chicken without the skin was to put it in a glass pyrex ware rectangular tray, add a little water to the bottom, season it with some rosemary, and cook it in the oven at 275 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. When it came out of the oven it would flake apart with a fork.

I finally got a chance to try out my new sous vide equipment, touted by hamilton beach as the ‘no fail’ method of cooking. But i can’t lay the blame on hamilton beach. As with any cooking approach it does pay to research a little about the right way to go about things. It turns out that thin, cheap cuts of beef that have been marinated three days are not the ideal cut to cook in a sous vide device. They still turned out ok, and were remarkably tender for london broil, but those cuts would have been better on the grill. But i’m here to critique the hamilton beach device, not my own mistakes. I don’t own another sous vide cooker so i have nothing to compare it to, but it does a fine job of keeping your water bath at the specified temperature and my first attempt at using it was a success insofar as the equipment worked quickly, easily, and the way it was supposed to. In fact, the whole set-up was remarkably easy.

This is the 4th slow cooker we’ve owned in the past several years. We went with the crock pot brand for our first two, but they both stopped working within a year or so of purchase, so we went with a comparable hamilton beach model that we’ve been using for many years now without any issues. When i saw this model, i thought it might be a nice upgrade. For the most part, the slow cooking features work as well as our old model. The cleanup is easier due to the nonstick ‘vessel,’ but i’m always a bit wary of using nonstick cooking surfaces. I use stainless steel pans and our old slow cooker has stoneware. Also, the lid doesn’t seal the way our old version does, rather, it just rests on top of the nonstick vessel. It seems to cook just fine that way, but i’m used the lid being tightly sealed. I’ve yet to use it in sous vide mode, but hope to do so soon. It’s not a big selling point for me, but my wife thinks it will be a useful addition.

One at my main house and one at our vacation home.

I guess this is a good way to see if you like this method of cooking. It heats slow, difficult to program. It was my intro tool to the cooking style, now i have better units but use this for small items when others are working. Price is right, much cheaper on ebay. For the money it’s okay i guess.

Hubby and i decided to make chocolates for christmas and were trying to find the easiest way to keep chocolate in temper. Well, everyone raved about sous vide and since we needed a new crock pot, we tried this one. We use it as a double boiler for doing our chocolates, works great. And this produced the best cooked steak i have ever had. It didn’t look as great as the grilled one, to the point where we were convinced it would be the worst tasting. If you are starting with a great cut of meat with lots of marbling, this does a fantastic job. We tried less marbling and it tasted like unmarbled steak. But cooks a nice piece of meat very nicely.

I have the highest respect for hamilton beach appliances, i have a number of their appliances already. I have not used this appliance yet because i am waiting to receive my 78220 vacuum sealer which should arrive wednesday 08-08-2018. I was not financially able to purchase them both at the same time. I will have to get back to you on this evaluation.

My wife uses a slow cooker all the time to cook things. I thought it was pretty cool that i was offered to try one out that was a little bigger then the one we have. I hate having to cram stuff into a pot and so does she. This thing pretty much holds whatever you want to put into it. You get a little more ability to control how long your food cooks with this one over other slow cookers. The one we have has basically one setting, cook, you get a few more with this one. The food cooks well and comes out really good, i have no issues with the slow cooker. I havent tried the sous cooking yet but i do have the ability to do so and will do so in the future and leave a not on how well the thing works. Hamilton beach makes some pretty decent stuff and i havent really had any issues using the various items for any length of time.

Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker – Great

Just what i was looking for – works great – love the color. Great price and love the warm feature.

I can fit a whole chicken in it. So much nicer than my previous crock pot. After cooking the chicken i then made broth out of the leftovers in the pot by cooking overnight. I love that i could pull the ceramic bowl out and easy clean up after a back to back cooking.

I gave this four stars because it does not have the gasket that goes around the lid to help keep in heat and reduce liquid contents from spilling over the top of the crock during cooking. I learned that some models have the gasket and some do not, but the instruction booklet refers to the gasket and so i assumed the gasket was missing and i returned the cooker. Com, is great about returns, replacements, and refunds. I was unable to find another model with the gasket, so i went to walmart.

Its nice to throw everything input it on low and let it cook all night.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this item. Received as promised in two days. Love the lift out pot for easy cleaning.

Im a mom of 4 and this has been the perfect addition to my kitchen. Keeps food warm after its cooked without burning. So far this has been great and easy to clean. Nice large pot to cook big meals.Def perfect for big families.

  • Super easy to use, works great!
  • So happy . . .
  • Nice for the Price

I spent a lot of time reading reviews and waffling over size, brand, and portability. This little number was so inexpensive, i figured i didn’t have much to lose. I’ve only used it twice (i just got it, for heaven’s sake) but i made pulled pork on day one (about 6 lbs of pork butt fit just fine) and a whole chicken on day two (a 4. I was tempted by the larger cookers because i was afraid this wouldn’t have the capacity i wanted, but it actually held more meat than the spec. Several reviewers have mentioned that it gets super hot on the outside – not so with my unit. It is certainly warm to the touch, but not grievously hot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love all the settings that this has.

Cost me 20 bucks and i am glad that i bought it. Crock pots are a hard item to mess up so naturally hamilton beach knocks it out of the part with a pretty good one. I like the keep warm setting as well because it will make sure my food stays nice and warm without having to over cook it.

Bought this slow cooker to replace a 3. Iwas amazed how much more it holds without taking up extra storage. Cooks well & can walk away without worry.

I still have my original crockpot that’s more than 20 years old, but it doesn’t come apart for easy cleaning or storage, and i wanted something i could haul in for office potlucks so i ordered this. It’s exactly what it says it is, and works great. I’ve used it once a week since getting it. And the oblong shape makes it easy to put roasts and chickens inside of it.

Features of Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits a 5lb. chicken – perfect for 5 people
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid
  • Keep warm setting
  • Can fit up to a 3lb. roast
  • 5 quart capacity

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works great and i love using it.

I have only owned rival crockpots over the years. The first 2 had broken lids that couldn’t be replaced and the last one they changed the design and all it did was burn whatever was cooking in it. I read reviews for multiple hamilton beach slow cookers and decided on this one being that it was a good size for a great price. I have made many things in it and nothing has come close to being overdone. In fact the pork roast i did today turned out perfect after cooking on low for 8 hours. If i would have left it in my old rival crockpot for that long, the entire bottom of the roast would have been scorched and it would have been dry. If you are on the fence don’t hesitate. I will never buy another rival crockpot again. Great product hamilton beach.

Just like what it seems in the photo i would recommend this to anyone . Cheap and easy to make good healthy dinners.

I had to send the first one back because it arrived with the crock in pieces. I’ve used this one a couple times and it works fine. I have found though, that it takes longer to cook a meal than my kaloric that i had previously. Both times, the food wasn’t cooked after the longest recommended time on low, so i turned it to high for an hour and that worked. So i’ll just plan better next time. I don’t like the fact that there is no power light, so you’re never sure it’s on, but the sides get warm so it’s not a disaster, just weird. I highly recommend using crockpot liners for incredibly easy cleanup in any crockpot.

Have several hb items in my kitchen and love them all. This slow cooker is terrific, i love the ‘keep warm’ setting. Cleans up well; it sits proudly on my countertop next to my hb countertop convection/rotisserie oven which i purchased from amazon in dec.

Since my husband and i got extra but with 4 children. I use this nearly every day i can slow cook beans ( for homemade chili) on cold days. . Whole chicken ( homemade chicken and dumplings) and much more. Just turn it on in the morning or late afternoon before work and dinner is ready for the family at dinner time and it doesn’t over cook or burn if you forget to turn it off. Even if you are re heating gumbo (opps.

Fits a 5lb. chicken –

Seemed to cook a bit slower than usual. What do you expect from a 20 dollar crock pot.

Gave one to my sister for xmas. She’s used it daily since and loves it. Judging by the dinners at her house it works great.

I bought this one because it is cheap and not stainless steel. The stone is great and it works perfectly.

The lid is lower quality than i would expect, and it doesn’t sit flat on the ceramic liner.

Our limited usage of the hamilton beach 5 quart slow cooker has been a positive experience. The reason for not using it more frequently is because we are having a too warm summer and meals that i would normally cook in this pot do not appeal just now. We felt the cooker did a very good job and the meal was tasty and once it cools off here we will use it much more frequently. It is easy to use and to clean. Using this cooker reminds me of hearing and reading about the old time ways of cooking with the adults on the back porch snapping beans and the children running around throwing the beans at one another. In other words, a time more peaceful and not so frantic and communicating could be done over the back or side fence and no one even knew what the word digital meant and the children played outdoors (i was one of them).

This slow cooker has cooked shredded beef, pinto beans and pulled pork so far. It has performed just fine so far. I have had it about a month. It surprised me that it was so light in weight (compared to my last one which was the brand crockpot) but that does not seem to have affected the performance.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid

I have had it for a couple of years. If your food doesn’t turn out well, it’s not the slow cooker.

This is the perfect size slow cooker and the oval shape is a real improvement over our old round 3. The high setting really gets hot and boils the liquid, which is fine because the low and warm settings seem to work as designed. We have not experienced what other reviewers are saying about the warm setting and have used it quite often.

Size is just right – not too big or too small. Love the oval shape and the stainless steel model.

I purchased this for my dad and he loves it. The size, the look, everything about this cooker is great. Arrived on time when promised too.

I have a 6 quart that is just too big for my needs as you must fill the pot at minimum half way for proper cooking, but this 5 quart fits the bill. Price is a factor and i don’t need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive cookers. I like to just throw everything in and set it and forget it. For a two or three person family this is perfect. If your like me, and don’t need the hassle of setting temps. , and don’t need a large volume of left overs than this is the one for you.

My new hamilton beach slow cooker is hotter than my old one, but it hasn’t been a problem for me since my old one was way too slow. One negative is that it’s harder to clean than my old one.

I couldn’t live without this baby now that i have it. I use it probably once a week. I never have problems with the temperature being too low or too high.

Keep warm setting

Pros:- size, plenty big enough- ‘warm’ setting, for stuff that’s cooked long enoughcons:- even on low, it’s pretty hot. – it has a hole in the lid that lets out too much moisture. – tends to scorch if left alone too long.

I researched local stores to find a crock pot that did not contain lead as many things from china have in the past. I could not find a pot that was not made in china at my local stores, and no sales people could tell me which one did not contain lead, if any. So i researched online and hamilton beach was one of the crocks that did not contain lead. Then i came to amazon and found this beauty.It is very roomy, heats up quickly, cleans up easily and the food taste great. It has some weight to it, but it is no to heavy to move around and it looks great on the counter. I am very pleased with the purchase which i thought was a little cheap once i saw how big it was when i took it out of the box.

I bought this specifically to make dishes that work better with an oval rather than tall slow cooker, such as slow-cooker lasagna. As with all slow-cookers, the main selling point is that ‘fill and forget(for a while)’ feature. This version is fairly basic-it does not have a programming feature, but it does have a ‘keep warm’ setting that is presumably lower than the low setting. This is handy when you need to wait a bit longer to eat and do not want the food to get overcooked. Like most slow cookers, the ceramic pot can be removed. Being a 5-quart oval slow cooker means that you might need to adjust recipes that are written for tall cookers or those with smaller volumes. For example, if you use a lasagna recipe you might find that you end up with fewer layers than you might want because of the shape and size of the cooker.

I own two very large slow cookers. I cook a lot for my 7 grandchildren. . We call it cousins’ dinner. But sometimes i need a smaller cooker. The only thing that bothered me at first is that it doesn’t have an actual temp. Guage, just high, medium and low. However so far that hasn’t mattered.

It does it’s job and i have no complaints.

All the meals cooked in this cooker have been wonderful. I like the larger size so i can also freeze extra meals too. Wouldhighly recommend this cooker.

Can fit up to a 3lb.

First crockpot i’ve used in years & love it. It’s the right size for my family. Great purchase, happy with it.

My original crock pot broke. It had less capacity than this new one. It’s so nice to have the house smelling wonderful again when i use it.

We researched slow cookers for quite a while after the handle broke on my old one after years of dutiful service. It seemed that many slow cookers run too hot these days, even when on warm. We figured that with the low price of this unit, we’d give it a shot and see how things turned out. We couldn’t be happier – it works great, the heating hasn’t given us any trouble at all, and the unit was incredibly inexpensive.

I’ve never owned a slow cooker before so i wasn’t sure what to buy or expect. I went with this one because of the low price ($19. 88 at the time of purchase). I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. With summer coming up, and sick of spending so much $$ going out and getting unhealthy fast food, i decided it was time to try a slow cooker as i had found many quick-to-prepare recipes. I have multiple medical issues and it’s beyond difficult for me to spend hours in the kitchen trying to fix a decent meal for my mom and myself. This hamilton beach slow-cooker worked so well my first time trying it. My pot roast with vegetables turned out great. My mom is hard to please and even she was raving about it. The beef roast was fork tender as were the potatoes and baby carrots.

Just got my first crock pot ever and it’s super cool. Slow cooking opens up a whole new universe in the kitchen. And you don’t really need to buy a crock cook book. I got me boat loads of recipes from online recipe sites. I just put them right into my recipe manager. Thing is, you can do your everyday recipes with it. Just get used to cooking longer. Setting it and forgetting it.

I love looking for slow cooker recipes now and having dinner ready when i get home. Reasonably priced and works like a charm.

Exactly what i wanted and at a special price too. I have always had a good experience with hamilton beach.

It holds atleast 8 chicken breasts. Its easy to clean and i love the little steam hole in the lid of it. It doesnt show it in this pic but mine has a steam hole in it.

Very easy to use and clean up is a snap. I would recommend this to everyone.

This slow-cooker has a hole in the lid. It’s intentional, it’s got a rubber piece surrounding it, but no way to close the hole and no explanation in the paperwork provided with the thing. All other slow cookers i have owned have had totally closed off lids. I’m so baffled and confused, and reluctant to use it.

I have used this product multiple times with good results. The size is perfect for 2-4 person meals. The ceramic insert is easy to clean and is the heaviest part of the slow cooker–the housing is very light weight.

It is pretty hard to get a crock pot that doesn’t work great.

Hamilton Beach 72610 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper, Just OK

The previous model of this chopper served us well for about 10 years and now this one has taken over its duties of liquifying our favorite brand of diced tomatoes for use as salsa or spaghetti sauce. This new model is much more powerful and efficient. My tomatoes were completely liquified in 2 or 3 short spins. The design looks almost the same as the last one but the parts feel more substantial. I don’t use it for chopping or dicing vegetables because i have a beautiful knife for that.

It’s a chopper not a processor. It chops basics, it’s not a food processor. Yes watch over filling as things like onions tend to become mush. Also be careful how you put food in. Layered items can be chopped hap-hazardly. It’s a good little gadget if you’re not in the mood to pull out the big knife and cutting board. Couple of hits, and whizsome people want cheap to do everything.

It works but can be a bit messy during clean up. It does make excellent chicken or tuna salad, however the blades sit so low that onions and other veggies are slung out of the way (upward) before being fully shredded. I wonder why they don’t put a set of blades all along the shaft of the cup?. I also wonder why things can’t fit together without gaping holes, but i guess that’s what makes us human.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 72610 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Chops and minces vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheese, nuts
  • Two pulse speeds provide precise control
  • 3-cup bowl calibrated in cups, ounces, liters, and milliliters
  • Bowl, lid, and stainless-steel blade are dishwasher-safe
  • Hide-away cord-wrap reduces counter clutter

Comments from buyers

“Best salsarina in town.
, It Works, but
, Now everyone is happy. Good product

I already had one of these however my son kept borrowing it. So i got him one for his birthday.

For the price it works fairly well. Don’t fill past the 1/2 full level or take a very long time on high to get the food smooth. If you don’t want the food smooth, only chunky/chopped, then this is a good product for that.

I got this for 20 bucks here on amazon when there was some sale goin on. This processor is worth 3 times that. Ive never left a review for an amazon product before, but this beast needed 5 stars. I was making hummus in a blender before i bought this thing. This processor had no problem turning peanuts into peanut butter. Minimal parts, easy to clean, powerful, elegant. This thing is a dominant force in the kitchen. A must have for any vegan or vegetarian. This thing could blend a $500 vitamix.

This food chopper is my favorite extra appliance in the kitchen. For salsas, the low speed lets me keep the ingredients chunky. For sauces, the higher speed can easily puree most ingredients. My favorite item to use it for is onions and it saves alot of tears. The large bowl not only holds alot, but is also very easy to clean. I highly recommend this food chopper for frequent or casual dicing cook.

This is incredibly handy, compact, and powerful. I’ve found that it’s great for baking preparation, chopping nuts, mincing vegetables, and blending thicker sauces (my peanut sauce came out great). However, there are a few problems i can’t overlook:1. ) do not fill the processor more than half way (this reduces the capacity to about 2 cups) — especially if you are making beverages or thin sauces. When you remove the canister to pour the contents out, the contents sometimes spill through the center of the canister (all over your kitchen counter), even if you have left in the blade attachment. I almost burnt out the motor trying to make margaritas. (i was on vacation and accidentally left my blender at home. )if you need a mini chopper select projects (e.

Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex 4-Cups uncooked resulting in 8-Cups Cooked Rice Cooker – Low cost, works as advertised

Not extra special but it serves the purpose. It also cooks my brown rice pretty good which i wanted.

It arrived on time, it was totally new, and it is a high quality rice cooker. I recommend this vendor for everyone.

I looked for the least expensive rice cooker and this was it, however, i didn’s have to give up anything as far as ease of use, etc. We own a second home in denver and bought one for up there, too. You just put in however many cups of rice you want and add the cups of water necessary which is slightly less than twice the number of rice cups, push down on the little lever and the cookers does the jobs all by itself and automatically switches to warm; how much more easy could it be?. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex 4-Cups uncooked resulting in 8-Cups Cooked Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 8 cups of cooked rice/4 cups of uncooked rice
  • Nonstick removable bowl
  • Automatic keep warm
  • Dishwasher safe bowl & lid

I’ve had this rice cooker for over five years no issues. I bought it after i got tired of having burned rice at the bottom of the pot and having to scrape it off. This is a small rice cooker which is exactly why i bought it – i rarely fill it up all the way because i won’t eat that much rice in a week. It’s easy to clean and low maintenance. Automatic shut off once the rice is cooked. Couldn’t be happier with it.

It is not as big as a 10-cup cooker should be, but still big enough for 2 people.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Starter rice cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Gave it as a gift

I had my doubts about ordering this and figured that it would be broken quickly. I have used this several times it holds plenty of rice for a family of four. It cooks all types of rice well, and my only complaint is that the warm function burns rice quickly.

We had a smaller one we kind of used up and needed a new and bigger one so we purchased this locally. We cook basmati rice in ours.

Maybe it is just me, but i believed it can out 8 cups and it is actually can handle 4-5 cups. It is pretty small i was surprised. And i have 6 people in my house so this is def not enough. But if a small family with 2-3 people, this might just be good.

We weren’t sure if we wanted a rice cooker or not but after my cousin convincing me, i decided i’d start here. The price was cheap and reviews were mostly good and i thought it would be a good starter rather than spending big bucks on a cooker we didn’t use very often. That’s exactly what this is, a starter rice cooker. It works great, cooks faster than in the pan and i don’t have to monitor it. It clicks and stops cooking when done. The steam makes a bit of rice residue around the cooker on the counter but easy to clean up. We’ve now started using this more often since we’ve been making our dogs food and adding brown rice so once this guy goes, we’ll upgrade. But if you’re looking for a starter rice cooker, this is the one.No issues and we’ve used it about once a week for at least 3 months now.

I purchased this from bed bath & beyond for $15. That was easily the best $15 i’ve ever spent on an appliance. I use it solely for cooking natural long grain brown rice, and it has come out perfect every time. It has a non-stick finish so clean up is as easy as it gets. The lid and cooking pot are dish washer safe, but i think you’d have to be pretty lazy not to take a whole 15 seconds to run it under some water. The non-stick works that goodi usually cook about 1 cup of uncooked rice at a time. The instructions indicate about a 1-2 ratio of rice to water. I guess if you like your rice soggy, then use the 1-part rice to 2-part water method.

I like this rice cooker very much.

I purchased this rice cooker to give it as part of a christmas gift to a needy family here in hawaii. The church that i go to participates every christmas in giving gifts to families in need and i felt since most people here eat rice as a staple, some family could use it. I have one just like it and it works great.

Very simple everything i expected it to be.

We use it several times a week and always get perfect rice. I always keep extra cooked rice in the fridge for quick, healthy brown-bag lunches – just add vegies and sauce. I have only used brown rice with it – it is fast, easy, and fool-proof. This one was purchased as a gift because we love ours so much.

This rice cooker is half the size i expected. My last rice cooker was a ’10-cup’ capacity, and was twice this size. The difference is ‘cooked’ versus ‘uncooked’ – the last one was 10 cups uncooked capacity, and this one is 10 cups cooked (5 cups uncooked). Since i usually cook only 3 cups of rice at a time, this 5-cup unit works great for me. And takes up less room in the cupboard. Good quality and should be very durable.

We received this rice cooker as a wedding gift november 2009. It worked well for small batches for 2 people. We usually used about 1/2 to 1 cup of uncooked rice to yield about 1. No, this will not yield 10 cups of cooked rice. Attempts to yield 4 cups of rice could be messy and usually led to a spilled mess. Don’t get me started on the time i tried to use coconut milk to make coconut infused rice – i was scraping stuff residue off of everything for days. Once the rice is cooked, the rice cooker switches to a ‘warm’ mode. I would always try to hear for the click the machine made, because too long under ‘warm’ and you will get that weird film where the rice meets the nonstick bowl. The rice tastes the best before enduring much time under ‘warm’.

This little guy makes perfect rice. All you have to do is follow the directions. There seem to be some negative reviews about it being messy, but my guess is that those people didn’t read the directions.

Small and cute, works as expected.

This is the third rice cooker i bought. My last two were the same model :)the part that wears out is the rice bowl. The non-stick coating comes off in about 2 years. You can get the bowl for $11 or the whole thing for a little more. It cooks rice faster than most models and is not at all complicated. Good, reliable product that does what it is supposed to do. What more can you ask from an appliance?.

I’ve been using this rice cooker for over a year, 3-4 times a week. Tonight’s rice came out every bit as perfect as the batches made when i got it. It comes with its own scoop that you use to measure both rice and water, and a list of rice/water ratios for various types of rice. You add the rice, the water, and any flavorings you want, pop the lid on and click it over to cook, and leave it alone to do its thing. In about 30-45 minutes, depending on your type of rice, the cooker switches over to warm, and you have perfectly cooked rice. The capacity for this rice cooker is half of what it states on the box, but in all honesty, i bought it because of its compact size and price and hadn’t even noticed the ’10 cup’ capacity marked on the box until i read some of the reviews here when i came to buy another one for a gift. This cooker is perfectly sized for someone with a small kitchen or someone cooking for only 1 or 2 people. I get a generous portion of cooked rice, and some left over for lunch the next day. I love trying new rice varieties, mixing combinations of rices, quinoa, and lentils. This cooker will even cook broccoli florets while it cooks your rice.

This is not a fancy rice cooker. It is extremely basic in what it does – cooks rice. It doesn’t have fancy settings, there isn’t one thing fancy about this cooker. It doesn’t even have an on/off switch, which i do find to be irritating, but seriously what do you want for $25?.The good rice cookers cost hundreds of dollars, and while i love rice, i don’t have that kind of cash to spend on something that only cooks rice. This unit is fast, easy to clean because the basket lifts out and is dishwasher safe, and cooks basic rice very well. The only things i don’t like are the lack of the on/off switch, and it does not have an auto shut off. You wouldn’t want to put rice in to cook and leave the house, it would be a dried out mess by the time you got home because it automatically goes into ‘warm’ mode after cooking. And when you plug the unit in, it is turned on to ‘warm’ mode, so you have to be sure to remember to flip the switch to ‘cook’ after putting in the water and rice. I was using an old black and decker food steamer to make rice before, and this is by far better than that ever was.

Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express Dispensing Blender : perfect

I bought this for fruit and veggie smoothies. It has sharp blades, and can chop through harder veggies and fruits such as full-size carrots and apples if they are cut in thirds. I just quickly chop the fruits and veggies into just a few pieces and this does the rest of the work for me, which is nice that i don’t have to finely chop or mince the fruits and veggies. Tried making hemp milk in it too, and it works fine. The only thing i didn’t like was that it is top-rack dishwasher safe only, and the top rack of the dishwasher is too short to fit the clear container. The instructions gave a quick way to clean the blender by putting a little bit of dish soap and warm water and then turning on the blender in order to clean it. This is a good and easy way to clean it. For the price of this blender, i am happy with it.

It is fine for smoothies, but not for general blending.

Now everyday i will use this machine to prepare my breakfast.

I decided for health to start juicing and drinking smoothies, but as a stay at home mom, i couldn’t afford a vitamix and actually was visiting my local dave and buster’s and saw this in their store. I looked up reviews about it, looking specifically for info on smoothies and including greens in those smoothies. I saw favorable reviews around the web. I went back to dave and buster’s (i have a lot of tickets saved up) and purchased it. I’ve only used it twice, but my smoothies have been smooth, with no chunks of ice or leafy greens in them. Cleaning isn’t too bad, i would prefer the bottom came off, but i found if you give it a good rinse immediately and then clean or at least leave the bottom filled with water until you can clean it, it cleans easily.

  • Perfect for making smoothies – easy to use and easy to clean!
  • Good for daily blends.
  • We had one like this a few years ago and my wife insisted

Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express Dispensing Blender with 48 oz Jar, Black (58615)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wave-Action System 9 Blending Functions
  • 48-Ounce Dishwasher Safe Dura Blend Jar
  • Stainless Steel Blades Dispensing Spout
  • Convenient Spout Cap
  • 350 Watts of power

Someone complained that you can’t clean the blades effectively. I was initially concerned about that, too. But if you shoot water through the dispensing hole, it will flush out the underside of the blade just fine. Cleaning right away, immediately after use is the best way to keep the blade as clean as possible. For the price, you can’t beat this blender. I’m extremely impressed with how it breaks apart the ice. No ice chips or clumps at all. More impressed with the wave station, opposed to my expensive $150 ninja blender that left ice chips and then broke twice. Very happy with hamilton beach.

Pro: good price and smallcon: not powerful enough for good smoothie. I would buy this product again if i use it for anything that doesn’t involve ice crushing.

Definitely not the greatest blender in the world, but you get what you pay for. Just an average blender really. I still use it and like it though.

The only flaw is that high impact with concrete surfaces, say a drop off the top of the refrigerator, invariably proves fatal to the blending unit.

This blender is awesome to make my smothies and mixed drinks. Everybody loves the added bonus of the spout.

Makes a great smoothee but the cover’s knob is hard to grab with your fingers. Old style had a better grab to pull the lid off.

They sent me a new one a year later because i broke it from all the misuse.

I got this blender as a replacement for my old one that had broken. This blender is so easy to use; i’ve never had a problem with it not crushing ice evenly or frozen fruit like some other reviewers had stated. Typically, i’ll blend about a cup of almond milk, a banana, some frozen blueberries, kale, and ice to make a smoothie in the morning after i work out and my smoothies always come out evenly blended in a matter of a couple of minutes. The clean up is easy as well – you can either soak it in the sink (i use the dispenser when it’s filled with soap and water to flush out any food underneath the blades) or can put it in the dishwasher.I usually will let it soak in the sink first and then run it through the dishwasher and i’ve never had any problemsdefinitely worth the buy especially for the low price.

Works great and easy to clean. Spout is a great bonus and does not clog at all.

We had one like this a few years ago and my wife insisted on getting the same style dispenser spout. Makes a great smoothie and quickly too. Only issue i have had with it was the handle for the dispenser spout snapped off (the plastic nub that holds it in place). But hey the thing works great and the smoothies i make are a little to thick to go through anyway.

Love this blender no drip easy to clean not like the other one i had that constantly leaked out the back.

For the price this is what i expected- it is cheaply made and hard to clean but you get what you pay for.

99 before tax for like a monthworks great, didnt not leave no ice chunk in my smoothie , love it for the price , love it for the design too. Im definitely gonna recommend this to a friend. Well actually a friend of mine got one after she tasted my smoothie.

My 14yrs old son love to make his favorite shakes so this blends is very easy for him to use not risks. Just don’t forget to make sure the nozzle is not folded back all the way otherwise there will be a huge mess to clean. The nozzle needs to be strait up to avoid spillage.

I’m able to puree meats with water. I can make milkshakes but if the ice cream is too firm you have to wobble the blender as it blends to get good consistency. After a couple of minutes i am able to make a nice milkshake though even with cookies in it. I find it easiest to let my ice cream soften for about 5 minutes before starting. Does not work well for smoothies that include ice, but if you use soft frozen yogurt or shaved ice it does do well. Crushed ice is not fine enough. Bit of a pain to shave the ice before being able to put it in the blender. Obviously any seeds or fiber will also pose a problem. Overall it’s decent for simple and infrequent use.

Hamilton Beach 22502 Digital 2-Slice Toaster – Toasty Toast

Excellent toaster that i am very happy with.

Have only had this toaster for a couple of weeks, but so far, so good. It toasts nicely, and the price was a real incentive. This is the first pop-up toaster we’ve owned after several years of malfunctioning toaster ovens (5 or 6) that die totally or partially after a few months. Hope this simple toaster lasts .

This is a great toaster for our needs, going from 4 slice to two slice. Find the the toasting is accurate and fairly fast. The unit itself is sleek and stylish. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 22502 Digital 2-Slice Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smudgeproof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost & cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Smudge proof brushed finish
  • Digital display shows toast shade setting at a glance
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff

I like the features like the wide slots and the ease in changing the toasting time.

I love the controls on the front instead of on the side where they are hardly visible. The toaster very accurately toasts the items and i’ve had no problem with over or under toasting. It is a solid, well-made product with easy to read controls.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hamilton beach
  • love design & look of toaster – this is the second one i have purchased
  • Great toaster for the price

I just received it and i’m in love. It’s compact and is perfect for a small space. I have their waffle maker and i’m pleased. Will give update when i start using it.

Consumer’s report was checked before hand. It looks great and it toasts beautifully 🙂 easy to set the level of toasting and good quality for a great price.

We purchased it as a replacement for the same model we had for several years. I had thrown out the original toaster before the new one arrived but it appears that the new one is a little bit smaller than the original one.

The toaster works ok, but it doesn’t toast english muffins well at all even on the bagel setting. It arrived looking fine, but when i opened the box, the toaster was dented across the front. Didn’t return it only because our old toaster had died a week ago, and i didn’t want to be without a toaster.

I got this toaster for christmas 4 years ago, never have had a problem with it, light still works, i did notice it didn’t toast enough on one setting, so i just upped the number & it toasted perfect. Minor thing, i don’t like how the logo on the front, if you clean it with say windex,it comes off pretty quick, so only part of the logo ‘ hamilton beach is missing’ other then that, i love this toaster, clean look, like the light up blue numbers, and settings for bagels and for defrost. I even will toast those texas toast garlic bread, instead of heating up the oven, i just pop 2 in set on defrost, then switch totoast. I went to toast and nothing, no lights on it worked, i had to hold the handle down in order for it to toast. It did last at least 4 years. I’m not sure how long toasters are suppose to last, but i’ve been married for almost 18 years and this was our 3rd toaster.

This toaster corrects the faults that previous reviews had mentioned – that the blue light is always on and therefore becomes warm, or burns out, or uses energy. Now, the light goes off when the toast is finished. The shell does not heat up to burn you, like other metal toasters often do. I only give this toaster three stars because it does not toast evenly. Most times, one side of the bread is toasted more than the other, so i have to turn the bread around & re-toast, monitoring it so it won’t burn.

This is the best toaster we’ve had in a very long time. It toasts exactly right and the choice for light or dark can be made digitally. Very easy to use, and easy to clean. The crumb tray slides in and out easily and the stainless steel body is wipe clean with no streaks.

Once again it was chosen by consumer reports write up on it. The outside doesn’t get hot, you can see the toaster setting and will heat a bagle or muffin without toasting it. Doesn’t dry out the bread or bagle when toasting.

I like the fact the you can turn it facing you rater than sideways.

I owned the exact same toaster for approx 10 years with no issues with evenness of toasting or buttons resetting themselves. When that old toaster wore out, i specifically went looking for similar model. I love the sleek compact look & location of the buttons. I found the 2nd one at amazon. This second one is not as good as the older model, in that the temp control resets itself every time to 5 and each side of bread is toasted unevenly/differently (burns at 6). Still glad i purchased it, but don’t expect the 2nd toaster to last as long as the older model did at approx 8-10 years.

This toaster is attractive and easy to use. One drawback is that it tends to toast one side a little more that the other. Once i figured that out, i just set it for half the time that i want and flip it for another cycle. It does have a bagel setting that works well.

It fails to completely toast around the edges of each slice for about a quarter inch to 1/8th inch top and bottom of the slices. One complete side of each slice comes out darker or lighter than the opposing side, with the darker and lighter sides being uneven in their coloring appearance. I attempt to correct these problems by manipulating the slices and changing the timing numbers. This uneven toasting problem was the reason i got rid of my last toaster. However, i don’t think toasters have improved much, aside from wider slots, since the very first automatics from my earliest experience and i’m 86 years old.

My husband wanted this toaster because he was tired of uneven toasting from our previous toaster. Now we just set the desired number for english muffins or toast & we always get consistent browning to our expectations . We have been using our digital toaster for about 1 month now.

After reading consumer reports, this toaster lives up to the report. It does everything well, including the bagel function which justs toasts one side of the bagel.

We tried several toasters (from average price to more expensive) and they only toasted one side. This toaster was recommended to us and we are quite pleased with it. It was a good price and toasts both sides better than any other toaster we triedl. We have used this toaster for about 3 months. It doesn’t do as god’s of a job on muffins.

Works very well and i love the custom darkness buttons and the fact you can use a button to pop up the toast at any time without forcing the handle up. Only problem i see: i like my toast on the darker side, but even and not black so i set it to 7 or 8. The unit tends to burn the very outside ‘hills’ of the bread surface while the bread surface flats and valleys are still white. T’s like the elements are too hot in an effort to toast real fast.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand Mixer, Wonderful Stand Mixer !

The mixer is my replacement for a 50-year-old wedding gift. I like the movement of the mixing blades around the bowl. However, there are always some ingredients that are not truly combined and a spatula is needed to scrape the sides of the bowl. Not a big thing, but it’s difficult to wedge a spatula in because of the closeness of the upper unit so it must me shut off. The top of the mixer is so close to the bowl, to add ingredients you must stop the mixer and lift the upper unit by pushing the button on the side. The good thing about the closeness of the upper unit is there are no ingredients flying out of the bowl while mixing. Perhaps designed by an engineer and not a baker.

Got it for my gf for xmas an she loves it.

Very happy with this product. It makes cookies +cakes easily. To get this one ,i gave up a rotating bowl. Like the idea of a steel bowl.

Comments from buyers

“Pros and cons
, Pleased with the mixer.
, I think it gets the job done. I just

Wife love it and cake is better.

Reasonably priced, doesn’t ‘slop’ the batter around, and does a fine job.

Does a great job for the price. Great if you have limited space and are looking for the same features as the kitchen aid.

Have made wheat bread , cakes, cookies. No this is not a kitchenaid. But this stand mixer got all my jobs done with out whining or sliding on the counter. No grinding when i put it under a strain. In other words i love this stand mixer . Would i recommend this product?. I already have to a number of people .

I use this mostly to make pizza dough. Plenty of power, although lighter, the suction cups compensate. It’s compact, not too loud & is much less expensive than a kitcenaid. If your not using this every day, it’s a wonderful tool & it takes up less space.

This is a rather cheap stand mixer for small household use. The moment it arrived, i tested it by making danish butter cookies and a 65% hydration formula dinner roll, so i got to know if it can do its job properly. It’s cheap and perhaps the best within this price range. It’s not too big and the mixing bowl is exactly 3. 5 qt->the 65% hydration dinner roll calls for 4 and 1/2 cups of flour, the dough fits about half of the mixing bowl. And the recipe amount will make for 12-14 medium dinner rolls, so i think the size of this mixer is good for small household. It’s not steady and the head shook when kneading the dough with the dough hook. (it’s impossible to use the 6th speed motion, because the machine moves when using 5th speed)2. I think the bottom of the bowl is too narrow, you have to scrape down the dough or batter sticks on the side very constantly which is kind of annoying. Although i can make bread with the machine, i wouldn’t think it’s good for heavy duty, if you make lots of bread almost everyday, you might want to buy some other brands (kitchenaid, cuisinart or kenwood, at least they are lot steady than this hamilton beach machine).

Does almost everything we need well. The little problem is of small consequence as we rarely make one particular receipt that has only a small amount of a few ingredients.

Great machine used it lots of times.

Heavy duty , light weight , i love it.

 i think it gets the job done. I just got it and it’s not a kitchen aid. It’s a simple stand mixer with three attachments. The price is way cheaper than a kitchen aid, that’s for sure. If you really want to wow yourself and others, get a kitchen aid.

I took the kitchen aid off my wish list. And for the price it is much better than i expected it would be. I’ve done cakes and meringue.

Hamilton Beach 33245 Stay or Go Slow Cooker, Excellent product

My grandson in college received this from us and he loves it.

I received this right before christmas and have used it several times. Loved the feature that clips the lid down as i took a soup for our christmas eve party and i didn’t have to worry about it spilling a drop.

Slow cookers are a great way to have a hot meal ready for when you come home from work. I really like this model, which allows for transporting very easily with the clips for the lid, the only reason i gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because it gets a little warmer than what i am used to in a slow cooker, other than that it works great.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 33245 Stay or Go Slow Cooker, 4 quart, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect Size for 4lb. Chicken or 2lb. Roast
  • Low, High and Keep Warm Heat Settings
  • Clip-Tight Sealed Lid
  • Full Grip Handles
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware and Lid

Comments from buyers

“Nice product
, I really like the Hamilton Beach slow cooker I purchased
, Great FIRST slow cooker, great price

Not fancy with all the bells and whistles, just a minimum crock pot that has high, low and warm temperatures and a ceramic insert that is very easy to clean. Everything i have made has been wonderful and beyond my expectations. Now i know what all the fuss is about. In addition to the ease of preparation, slow cooked food retains moisture, is more flavorful and tender and just tastes better.

Just the right size for small roasts or stews.

My wife wanted this to add to a much larger ‘slow-cooker’ of the same style. This one is much more convenient for just two people. So far, after 3 uses, we are pleased. She had me search for a ‘slow-cooker’ that met her requirements and so far, she has been pleased with this choice. Ya’ just can’t get better than that, look for what you want/need and find it. We would buy this again and do recommend that others at least give it a firm look-over.

Made some jambalaya in it for sunday’s playoff games. The food was better than the football, but i’m not a cowboys fan. ; ) it seems like it is worth every penny i paid for it. Got to figure out what to fix this weekend.

I have already used it and i am now addicted. My apartment is tiny so this cooker is just the right size for my kitchen.

Can’t go wrong with just a plain old simple crock pot. I wanted a nice smaller size that didn’t cost a fortune with all the bells & whistles. It was a blessing to get the hooks on the lid to travel with, i am the one always volunteered to bring my meatballs to all the parties so this is heaven to me for $20 and with my amazon prime to get the free 2 day shipping, you can’t go wrong.

After purchasing several hb products and using them over the past few years, my esteem for the company is high. Stay or go slow cooker are wonderful products. I find them durable, easy to clean, and great when you do want to go and arrive at your destination with your food still warm or hot. One thing i appreciate is the difference between low and high (low is low and high is high) on this 4-quart cooker. I had another less expensive 4-qt. Slow cooker in which both settings seemed to be the same. And additionally, appreciate the warm feature. It looks smart in my kitchen.

Small but works surprisingly well. We were a little scared that it couldn’t fit a whole chicken – but it did.

My son & his girl friend are enjoying their new ‘just because’ gift that happens to match their other black, partial kitchen decor items but color did not matter as much as how they love how it cooks well & easy to clean. They wanted a snap tight carry slow cooker that is great just at home & definitely a winner for on the go affairs yr round from amazon.

It’s just the right size for my husband and i and big enough to have some leftovers. Slow cooker earlier and it was much too big, so this 4 qt. It works just as it says and clean up is easy. I really like that the lid stays secure and will be great for transporting when needed. It was a great purchase and the price was right.

I really like this crock pot for small amounts of food. Perfect for three of us, small roasts, stews, etc. I think the rubber gasket helps hold the heat in and the top is vented to allow steam to escape. I wish it had a timer, but have not found one this size that has one. I highly recommend this one. Oval shape allows more versatility than a round one would.

Thanks for answering wattage/solar questions.

Works really well, has a large capacity, and is easy to clean.

Basic just 4 settings off, keep warm, low and hi. This cooker does not have a timer but i made soup with some noodles when i wasn’t feeling well and i put it on keep warm and went to bed. The next afternoon the soup was piping hot and the noodles were not over done.This cooker was very easy to clean yet lightweight enough for me to put it away for next use.

For the money, it’s a nice small slow cooker.

I have the bigger version of this pot. Love the smaller size for just myself.

Great product and shipping was so fast.

Planning to purchase this one. From all my research, looks like this one might fine. also you can buy a lead test swab on amazon. Which i plan to do and test myself. ]wish companies by law can be honest and straight forward. All products need to be bpa & lead free. ]

This was a gift for my daughter, she is very pleased with it.

. Granny loved it,the size is perfect. Easy to handle and not too much left overs.

Very nice and reasonably-sized (as opposed to the really gargantuan slow cookers on the market that tend to burn smaller portions) slow cooker. Lacks some of the bells and whistles of more expensive models, like more sophisticated timers, but this is nearly made up for by the locking transport lid and convenient size. This is the go-to slow cooker over the larger crock pot (which we also own and use for bigger meals).

Hamilton Beach 31605 HealthSmart Indoor Grill, This is a nice grill!

Bought this little guy because it would be a healthier way to cook/eat our foods and grilling outdoors is not always a good option. I can use this on a kitchen counter top or outside on a picnic table and everything turns out perfectly with very little work on my part. . And no messy grills and charcoal to clean.

Have seen these used by others and they are a nice treat in the winter time for indoor grilling, easy to clean up and fast grilling giving as christmas gifts.

I got this as a shower gift a few weeks ago. The heat is even, cleaning is easy, and no smoke. The package said using sauces could cause smoke, but we never had a problem. My only advice is don’t cook meat on the bone on this grill. It took forever to cook a few chicken legs, and they were still raw in the center. If if had a lid to hold the heat in maybe it would have worked a little better. I’m going to stick to burgers, shrimp, veggies, and boneless chicken.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31605 HealthSmart Indoor Grill:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Exceptional for healthy cooking
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Easy temperature control
  • Fits four to five servings
  • Dishwasher-safe

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic Grill!!!
, Healthy and happy
, Awesome indoor grill

I wanted to replace my george foreman grill and happened upon the hamilton beach indoor grill at this site. After reading the ratings from other consumers, which i think is a fantastic idea for target. All of the things i disliked about the gf grills were mentioned by others, especially the task of cleaning them. Cleaning my hb grill is far less difficult because everything except the electric probe is immersible. I was a bit concerned about grease splattering because the hb grill isn’t covered but that turned out to be a non-issue. Not to mention, it costs less than 1/2 the price of the comparable gf grill. Thank you hamilton beach for making such an outstanding product and thank you target.

Have used the grill many times and it works great. The challenge is cleaning the unit without ruining the grill. Foods have a tendency to stick and even with a sponge and much elbow grease it is very difficult to keep perfectly clean. I just used a portable steamer to clean it and that did the trick.

Checked the reviews before i bought this grill. Although i got it cheaper at target. So pays to check the local stores before buying it online. Assuming you’ve lightly rinsed it out.

Why buy a george foreman grill, which is a headache to clean, when there is this grill on the market??. Three pieces including the electrical cord, and the other 2 pieces can go in the dish washer. Does not smoke, and steaks taste like they have been grilled outside. I would buy another, and am giving one for a christmas present this year. You can’t go wrong with this indoor grill.

I got this grill at the store when i saw it advertised on the weekly ad. My favorite thing is being able to grill boneless skinless chicken breasts with no hassle. The only thing i had problem grilling was chicken that has the bone in. Perfect if you are onthe atkins diet to add variety.

This grill comes in handy in the middle of michigan winter when we can’t fire up our outdoor bbq. It cooks quickly and cleans fairly easily. I have never dared to place it in the dishwasher, although it sounds like a lot of people have so i might try it. There are a few downfalls – you do get grease splatters on the countertop no matter how careful you are and if you like your meat medium-well be prepared to crack a window open because the ‘burnt’ smell will linger for days otherwise.

Numbers on settings difficult to read at first.

I live in a highrise, am not allowed charcoal, and didn’t want a gas grill or large electric grill on my balcony. This little grill is perfect. I’ve used it on the balcony almost every night since getting it a month ago. Obviously i don’t leave it out 24/7. Contrary to the experiences of some reviewers, i find it heats up in 10 minutes to sizzling hot (at which point i dial it down a notch), and cleanup is easy either in the sink or in the dishwasher. I use an oil and lemon or lime juice/white wine marinade for fish and (boneless) chicken and brush veggie burgers and portabella mushrooms with olive oil. No sticking or cleanup issues. Bacon — an occasional treat that i’ve done once so far — is great on the grill and i don’t have the smell lingering in my condo or bothering my neighbors the whole day. I don’t eat beef or ribs, so i can’t speak to cooking those foods, but if you use gloppy bottled barbecue sauce, you may find cleanup harder. The high sugar content in the sauce will caramelize and stick to the cooking surface.

I purchased the hamilton beah in-door grill and it’s awesome. The clean up is fast and quick. The best part is it’s immersible after you remove the electrical cord. I have had the grill for about 3 weeks and have grilled vegetables, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak. When grilling veggies place aluminum foil on top to keep veggies from falling through. Or, you can perhaps use a grill basket. But aluminum foil wold be easier. I prefer this over the george forman grill because cleanup is quick and easy. 00) cheaper than the web price. Please check your store price prior to buying online.

After reading the reviews,most good, i bought this grill. Out of the box i was impressed with the heavy weight of the grill plate. And the way the heating element was attached to it. I just hoped it would get hot enough. So the first thing i cooked on it was a 1lb rib eye steak. I pre heated it for 10 min,sprayed some pam on the grates and threw the steak on. Four minutes and flipped it over. Another 4 min,checked the temp. Cleaned the grill in the sink with a sponge,washed the base the same way, and. I will be cooking with this often. It has an adjustable heat setting, but i just left it on high. Also, i put some water in the base under the grill plate to catch the grease.

I purchased to replace same as i have had for 20 years. It is new and much improved. The thermostat performance makes this a five star grill.

Have used a hamilton beach indoor/outdoor grill for many years. Finally decided it was time for a new one. Continue to be delighted with product. Use at least twice per week. Everything is always cooked perfectly.

I received this for my 2014 christmas present ( i was told purchased from amazon) because my older one was getting me frustrated to keep clean and the non-stick stuff was wearing off. So i told my friends i wanted a new one. I love to grill and when freezing cold weather prevent me from grilling outside i do it inside. I have an exhaust fan over my glass top stove so i just put the grill on top and away i go. I grill mostly steaks and hamburgers (i am on a high protein diet) and use this grill just about every day for the past 3 weeks. I can grill two large steaks comfortably or 4 smaller ones. I can grill four large 1/3 lbs. Easy clean up, since it has a unplug type thermostat control, just unplug and just toss the two piece design right into my dishwasher…done. The base is plastic and is sturdy. I sometimes need to scrub the inside of the base a little in the sink with hot water because sometimes things do stick to it and the dishwasher can’t get the grease all out. I think because there is writing on the inside where the grease drips and when dried it gets stuck in the raised writing. It would have been nice to have the base inside to have non-stick surface.

I have wanted this grill for a long time – so happy to have it and is great to cook on and easy to clean – no complaints at all.

This grill is the best grill i ever had bar none. The taste of the food will blow your mind. I cooked steaks chops burgers fish you nane it. I cover the grating with foil and the bottom. When your done cooking throw the foil out and wipe down the grill. One day i would like to enter a barbeque contest and put this little baby up aganist those big 7 burner grills. I would win for the price this is the grill of the centry.

Received this incredible grill for christmas this year and have already used it repeatedly. I am a bbq fanatic being from south texas and instead of waiting for weekends to grill outdoors, weather permitting, i am now able to grill whenever the feeling moves me. Very often lately with this grill. Delicious chicken, juicy burgers, succulent fajitas and outstanding steaks.

Picked up on of these used at a yard sale for $5. We just tried it for the first time grilling chicken, and the pieces came out delicious. Nice and crispy on the outside, with an intense bbq flavor. And i love the fact that the whole thing can go in the dishwasher.

This is the top rated table top grill by cook’s illustrted. It’s a very reasonable price and i’ve been very pleased with it.

When my mother gave me my birthday present (a check) i wasn’t quite sure what i was going to do with it, so i went online to target. Com because they were offering free shipping for the holidays and i came across this grill which happen to be on sale for the holiday season and i got free shipping on it. The catch at the time was that it wasn’t going to be avaible until the end of jan which i didn’t care about because it was for me. To my surprise it came within one week which i was estatic about. (and i also got free shipping so i only paid sales tax) i took it out of the box and tried it out and it works fantastic. I love to grill and now i can do it all year long and eat healtier all year long. It really cooks great and the cleanup is alot easier than with an outdoor grill. I have people over and they are jealous and they wish i told them while it was on sale. I’m really glad i was surfing target. Com and now i am a regular customer of their store.

I received this as a christmas gift in ’04. It cooked juicy chicken breasts and hamburgers. I only used it it 6 – 8 times and it stopped working.The light turns on but it does not heat up anymore.

This is a low cost excellent way to grill indoors. Fast and flexible, with great tasting results, i would recommend this for the on the run family.

Hamilton Beach 33140V 4-Quart Slow Cooker – works like I expected

Just the right size for the two of us. Would buy again for a gift would be perfect.

Compact but really heats the food thoroughly.

Aside from not having a timer, this is a great slow cooker. Works great and is very easy to clean and use. Extremely happy with this purchase. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 33140V 4-Quart Slow Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware & lid for fast, easy cleanup
  • 4 settings include off, low, high & warm
  • Perfect size for a 4 lb chicken or two 2 lb roasts
  • Stoneware is stainproof and removable for tabletop serving
  • Stoneware is suitable for refrigerator storage

I did not receive the one that is pictured. That was my main reason for ordering this product. I did however receive the silver base with the white stoneware. I am disappointed , but will keep.

Was not as heavy and substantial and i would have liked. The outside got dangerously hot, much more so than my other slow cookers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • works very well
  • Bachelor guidance
  • Healthier than Fast Food & Tastes Way Better

I love this little crock pot. I had difficulty finding any crock pot that did not have a black crock. Have cooked with it twice now (meat and veggies). It cooks more quickly than a bigger crock pot but works fine.

Good little slow cooker for the price. Pros: cooks efficiently, has a setting for ‘warm’ which is a great feature when you never know when your husband is going to work late, perfect size for a family of 4, nice clean look to it. Most importantly it is exactly as described. I have had this product for about 2 months and use it three to for times a week -sometimes for a full meal or simply just to cook potatoes and have yet to encounter any problems – however there is on huge ‘con’ it gets extremely hot on the outside. I would not recommend for those who have children.

I have had it for a while now. It is a white crock instead a black one. I have used it on high and low and it has performed very well. I have cook a variety of things in it. I’m doing paleo as a step toward healthier living and losing weight. I have made spicy taco soup, spiced pumpkin lamb stew, and venison with sultanas (pairs raisins with apricots). It have done the best paleo chili con carne. Its secrets is the mole’ sauce with dark chocolate, cinnamon & maple syrup. Nothing beats coming home from a tough day at work to the smell of dinner cooking. And because you made it you can control what goes into it. Healthier than fast food and tastes way better.

Maybe this is large enough to prepare stew for 3 or 4 people … six if you serve the stew over rice or noodles. Nice looking and does its job.

Friend says he is pleased and the size of the cooker was right for 1 person.

Have used this slow cooker so often it is so handy. Most every cut of meat comes out very tender and flavorful. I put the insert in the dishwasher and it comes very clean. Nice to be able to use it to store leftovers in the fridge. Oval is nice takes up less room on the counter. Quite surprized that it didn’t look much like the picture.

I wanted to replace a slow cooker that had a degraded teflon coating. It was smaller, a bottom-heat unit. This one is just the right size and does a nice job. The interior dish does get stained with use, but otherwise it’s easy to clean.

Getting an ‘okay’ rating only because i am still getting used to this way of cooking. However it is good value for what i paid.

This is perfect for my wants. Big enough for a small roast or chicken andcan still add other ingredients, i. Stew vegies, pasta, sauces etc. , and nothave too many leftovers.

This slow cooker seems to perform as i expected it would. There were many positive reviews so i will admit that my expectations were high and i wasn’t disappointed. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Sides do get hot but a lot of slower cooker sides get hot.

I had originally purchased a 4 qt crock pot slow cooker that only had 2 setting: super hot and boiling on the sun’s surface. This hamilton beach slow cooks beautifully and is very light weight, easy to clean, and even has a ‘keep warm’ feature.

It is cheaply made but it seems to work. The stainless steel is very thin and dents easily and gets quite hot. There are three ‘feet’ on the bottom which makes it tip if you stir the contents. The ceramic coating has impurities in it.

Bought as a present for my daughter and she loves it.

Great size for a medium family of 4 & enough for freezing leftovers.

My ex couldn’t make a roast to save her life. I don’t know why i thought i could, but it turns out i can roast up some bliss. For frame of reference (and to learn from my experiences) here’s what you’ll probably care about. When you buy a 4 quart slow cooker, that’s good for about a 4 pound roast. 5 pounder in there, but it’ll be mighty snug and may not work as well as you’d like. I have kids with hollow legs, and think i’ll soon be looking for a 6 quart slow cooker. Also- if you’re doing a roast, put it on the low heat and give it 8 hours. Yes, sure- you could use the higher heat and get the interior to 160f and eat it, but it won’t be the same. As far as the cooker goes, i like it a lot- easy to clean, convenient size, and versatile. The only thing i’d ask hamilton beach to change is to add a power led or something that will make it clear from across the room if it’s on.