Hamilton Beach 10-Speed Wave-Action Blender – Great deal

After loosing my blender a few years ago i decided to get a new one. This one is a great deal, it has everything that the ‘fancy’ more expensive blenders have. The wave action on it works great.

This is a great little blender. It’s light weight, easy to clean, and very hard to find except at amazon. I was so tired of blenders i couldn’t lift, had to be careful with in fear of breaking, watch out for the blades, use half my counter space to put them out to dry. This little baby,is quick and easy to clean, does a wonderful job in short order and does not have a bunch of parts to lose or misplace. I just moved and haven’t unpacked, so needed my blender and could not find it. I bought another one of these as the price is reasonable and it’s such a joy to use, i figured i could use two, or share the other one. I still have not found the one i packed to bring with me. You won’t be sorry if you try this little jewel. I have cooked and used blenders for many many years, and i just love this one.

I originally wrote a 1-star review for this blender (see below). Later, i figured out how to prevent the leaking problem — the rubber band has to be centered just right when assembling the unit. (i posted an update to my review which apparently was not picked up by amazon. ) on the upside, it’s very easy to wash and dry by removing the bottom. Also, it still works 4+ years later (although the motor occasionally makes frightening noises during operation). Under the circumstances and for its years of service at such a low price, upgrading from 1 to 4 stars. My original review:what is more annoying than having your milkshake leak all over the counter. This is exactly what’s happening — the ‘watertight’ seal went bad after several months of *minimal* use (occasional milkshakes only; no ice crushing). The motor is showing signs of impending death — it produces a burning smell and takes increasingly longer to spin up. Why did i trade my 5-year-old perfectly working blender for this garbage?conclusion: stay away from hamilton beach.

Very affordable and does the job well. One of the best blender i have owned.

This is easily the noisiest blender i’ve ever owned. I worry about setting off car alarms on the street when i run it. But it’s also the most effective blender i’ve ever had. It’s easy to clean, easy to run, totally powerful and i’d recommend it to anyone.

I chose this rating because to of the knobs, high and low speed are malfunctioning. The others are working fine.

  • Simple and does the job
  • great new design
  • Gift for Mom and Dad

I make a lot of frozen drinks, often daily. What i have found is that you must put the liquid in first, then any powders and then put the ice and any frozen items in. If you put the ice in first it just doesn’t grind right. Put it in last and you will get a good drink. The blender has survived going on nearly 3 years now.

I have a cat who is unable to digest solid food, so this works perfectly to blend up her pate food with water. The last one i had lasted for almost two years. Not expensive and does the job.

Wonderful relatively inexpensive blender. I have had the fancy stainless steel blenders, and they were no better then this blender. It does ice and blends well.

Bought this blender as a gift for my father, and he absolutely loves it. It does a wonderful job, and is great at crushing up ice and turning it into a slushy.

Features of Hamilton Beach 10-Speed Wave-Action Blender with 56 oz Jar, White (50161N)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Revolutionary Wave Action system pulls mixture down into the blades for smooth results
  • 450-Watt peak-power motor
  • Patented stainless steel Ice Sabre blades
  • 450-Watt peak-power motor
  • Dishwasher safe 56-Ounce jar

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I have had this since 2006 or perhaps even before. I make frozen fruit smoothies frequently. The only negative issue that i relate to that others have written about is the noise, but what do you expect, it’s a blender. No leak issues, no problems with frozen fruit, no motor issues. 4 years and still going strong.

It works well somewhat; easy to clean and yet improbably inexpensiveas other reviewers say though, it breaks down without warning after little use. You begin to wonder if it’s worth even the affordable price, after buying a few of these disposables with keen planned-obsolescence (even with gingerly use). They should think hard about what this business model does to the environment.

I love the one-piece pitcher-with-blade.

Great new design, allows for quick cleaning and you dont have to worry about washer and blade wear. It is a work horse, i use it for entire harvests, no heavy electric smell, and does not over heat if used conservatively. I am highly surprised at the quality vs the price of this blender, i have used both blenders on two crates of oranges and apples and so far no problems. Somebody finally got it right.

Fantastic blender for the price.

The blender that i’ve used for 35 years was bought at a yard sale for $7. It is also a hamilton beach and is still going strong. A friend of mine told me how well this blender worked and i thought it was time to modernize my blender. It is wonderful and i am having fun playing with all the settings. (my old one only had high and low.

Revolutionary Wave Action system pulls mixture down into the blades for smooth results

I bought this blender about 6 months ago. I find it to be a work horse. What i like:- no multiple parts to clean and keep track of – the blades are attached to the container. – cleans easily in the dishwasher. I just rinse and load, i don’t have to keep track of gaskets, blades, etc. – great at grinding frozen fruits into smoothies – it has a pulsing button ‘ice breaker’ to help you break down the frozen fruit and ice. – light weight- pricewhat i don’t like:- it’s loud. But not that much louder than the oster blenders i have had in the past.

. Just keeps blending, the jar wears out before the motor does, with it came with 2.

I finally replaced my grandmother’s old ‘oster’ blender (which was about 40 yrs old) with something more modern. The reviews on this product were good and seemed like it would suit my purpose, which was making smoothies, shakes, and sometimes salad dressings. The ‘wave-action’ really works well by bringing the chunks and other ingredients back down the center, and the design on the carafe keeps ingredients from sticking to the sides. Other blenders would have chunks of items and you would need a spatula to scrape sides, even using the spatula while the unit was on to get the items back to the bottom to chop up properly. So far i have made over a dozen smoothies and the only time i needed a spatula was at the end to scrape out the last remaining amount of the concoction to enjoy every last drop. The only other feature i really liked was the ‘pulse’ selections for chopping and aerating. It worked really well when i chopped almonds to fine bits, and the blade didn’t even dull slightly. Now, the best part is the unit is completely together (parts & a molded base) so you do not have to disassemble at all.I put the whole carafe in the dishwasher and it came out crystal clean.

Great blender and good price.

I’m sure there are better blenders out there, but those blenders cost 10x as much as this one. This is a cheap blender, and for the price you paid (comparatively) you get more than you paid for in terms of functionality. I bought this blender about 7 years ago and use it 2-3 times a week for smoothies and other various kitchen tasks. It still works just fine, is easy to clean and has been a great kitchen tool.I have actually debated a few times replacing it because it isn’t a very attractive or fancy blender, but i can’t justify getting rid of it because it does do as intended. And perhaps it’s the way i make my smoothies, but i don’t find it unable to chop frozen fruit or ice, but it did take me a while when i first had this to figure out the most effective way. You do need to put a dollop of yogurt, splash of juice in first or blend a banana or 2 (use common sense how much depending on number of servings your making) and then add your frozen fruit/ice little by little, and use the ‘low’ speed on ‘aerate/ice breaker’. A little patience and it works fine.

Came quickly, well packed, works well.

450-Watt peak-power motor

Since my new blender arrived, i have been on a spree of smoothies and sauces. The unit is versatile and very easy to clean, and i especially like that the ‘wave action’ eliminates the need to use a spoon or scoop to remove finished contents. Overall, it is a superb value for the price.

The only reason i will give this 4 stars is because the cup is made of thin plastic. It gives the impression it will crack on the first fall. Other than that, it is a great product for the price. I love the motion thing it has that you dont need to scrape the sides, it will just automatically mix everything for you. It took me a while to figure out how it works. That you have to press low or high first before selecting which other setting you want, but once that was behind me, we got along pretty well ;).

Replaced old one, same brand. This is an improved version and operates even better.

I purchased this item in july 2012. I use it 1 to 3 times 7 days per week on a usual week. I rinse it out well after every use and let it drain, washing it in the dishwasher twice a week. I noticed that after every dishwasher cleansing, the lid would be more difficult and awkward to fit on the beaker. I was beginning to wonder if the heat from the dishwasher was warping the plastic jug. This week i was making my usual smoothie, attempted to put the lid on the jar, when i heard a cracking noise. The jar had cracked from the top in an inch long downward direction. I carefully prodded around the crack to assess the damage, or if i dare proceed, since my ingredients were already in the jar and set to go. I successfully made smoothies for 3 more days, knowing it was only a matter of time before my luck ran out. So in the meantime i dug up my manual, receipt, etc.

I like this mixer because it’s made of plastic, making it very light weight. I don’t like the top of the unit because it’s hard to open after blending.

It was in perfect condition and works very well. I’m very pleased, so thank you so much.

My wifes other blender gave up the ghost and we needed a new blender that would accept the old glass pitchers, and we lucked out.

Patented stainless steel Ice Sabre blades

My parents hate to spend money on themselves and hate it more when their chldren spend money on them so this was a great gift. Something they needed, not too expensive and fit their needs perfectly. They don’t have complicated requirements for a blender so buying them one that did more than what they needed or was too complicated would not do.

450-Watt peak-power motor

Hamilton Beach Blender Wave Maker 56 Oz – Second one I’ve bought

We rec’d this blender for a wedding gift 8 years ago, when it finally bit the dust (the pitcher cracked beyond repair, the motor was still running great) i decided to splurge on a ninja. I’m getting ready to box that stupid ninja back up and take it back to the store so i can just buy this one again. It turns ice and spinach into liquid in seconds. Takes the ninja about 4 minutes of running to do the same but costs 3x as much.

Still holding up well after a year.

Bought this one after the very same one i have got worn out. Maybe didn’t last as long as it could have, but so reasonably priced and got so confused with others, just went with this one. The main thing i looked for in replacement was the wave action so we didn’t have to stick a spatula down the container to free up the contents. That was equal with finding one that did not have to be broken down to be cleaned. This one, you just pop it in the dishwasher in one piece. The 3rd thing i liked about it was the removable lid insert to add things without having to take the lid off. We only use it for smoothies with frozen strawberries and milk and powder mix from one to 4 times a week. Have never had a problem with it. Gave it away and i am sure they will still continue to use it for years if they don’t use it for frozen items or ice. Me, i would have still used it, but my daughter said it didn’t work well anymore. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Blender Wave Maker 56 Oz:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Model #: 50161N
  • Color: White
  • 10 speeds
  • Capacity: 56 oz
  • Dishwasher safe jar

This blender does a better job than most when it comes to making smoothies. I rarely have to turn it off and stir the contents around a bit to get it to blend everything well. It is rather noisy, however.

We are on our 3rd blender in the past 5 years. Lets hope this brand makes it much longer. Never bought a hamilton, but the other reviews say its good. So far we have used it everyday in the past couple weeks and it works great.We make smoothies daily at our house, so its packed full of ice. And we haven’t had any problems with it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So far so good!! Works great for smoothies!!
  • No leaks!
  • Decent, cheap blender

This is the older model and it is awesome. Not expensive and is terrific and making smoothies – it really does the job. I had one before this and it lived for many years, with a house full of teenagers who loved smoothies. This one does the job just as well as the old one.

The all-in-one blade assembly is my favorite feature. No messing with leakage, making sure it’s assembled correctly, cleaning it. All i do to clean it is rinse out the blender, add water, a squirt of dish detergent and blend on low, pulse to the high speeds until it’s clean, wash the lid then rinse. It is very loud on high and two of the settings stopped working within 6 months. I still like the blender and i use it. Demoted two stars because two speeds no longer work.

It feels cheap because it is. But i had an expensive one before and it didn’t hold up as long. So we’re happy with it, it works and we already got our money out of it if it breaks.

I love the design and that the blade assembly at the bottom does not remove, we had some leakage issues with other blenders because of that. The capacity is great and can take a large load. Love the pitcher function at the top, that allows for both strainer pouring and full pouring. The controls are simple and intuitive. This is how a blender should be.

My old hamilton beach was better and sorry it gave out.

Love that you don’t have to take it apart to clean it. I’ve had the type of blender where you have to unscrew the bottom and take out the blades to wash. They always end up leaking at least a little around the gasket. Makes a mean margarita as well.

Nos that easy to do a deep clean (as it doesn’t disassembly), but it’s very good for the price.

Hamilton Beach 49983 FlexBrew 1-12 Cup CoffeeMaker, A great addition to our kitchen. Does what it is suppose to do along with brewing a great pot of coffee.

Coffee has never worked out better for me. The coffee grinder i could have lived without.

On time and as ordered – works great and has both capabilities, kcup or pot – without using up extra counter space.

And the one cup for the afternoon pick up. Haven’t used the grinder yet. Noticed it now in the local costco.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 49983 FlexBrew 1-12 Cup CoffeeMaker with 80365 Automatic Grinder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • **Hamilton Beach 12 Cup 2 Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker, 49983, Silver/Black**
  • Versatile brewing: single cup or a full pot
  • Compatible with K Cup Pods
  • FlexBrew technology allows you to brew a K Cup Pack or brew up to 14 oz of ground coffee
  • 12 cup carafe

Comments from buyers

“This is a great coffee maker
, This flex brew coffee maker replaced two coffee machines a
, Five Stars

This flex brew coffee maker replaced two coffee machines a regular one and a k-cup maker. The coffee grinder was a plus.

This is a great coffee maker. . Come out nice and hot and the pot stays nice and hot, shut off in 2 hrs so no burned coffee tasteluv the grinder, this was one of the better purchases i have made for the house.

While not as popular as other big name brands this unit has yet to fail or leak on me and i’ve been using it for well over a year. My parents and i have gone through 4() different machines total in about 1. I was even part of research team and sent my unit back for the manufacturer to inspect and resolve which i believe was a black and decker unit. They sent me a free one, that broke and i chose another model they made in return which i gave to my parents and that one eventually broke. It’s insane how poorly they’re made. They’re being used on a regular basis, cleaned and abided by the handbook. The only unit that has yet to ever fail on me is a stove powered percolatorthe coffee maker is quite basic, easy to use and the single cup feature is really nice. The coffee remains hot and never burnt. I use the mesh basket and just clean it with water and have had no problems with it. The grinder does a decent job for a bladed unit. You can grind down nearly anything besides coffee beans which is nice to have when making fresh cinnamon, ground pepper, etc. I found the consistency to be ‘ok’ but that can be solved with adjusting the grinders settings and following the directions supplied in the manual about grinding various things.

I have been using this for over a week and barring any malfunctions, it has been working great. Things i like: the carafe is large so you can brew enough for several thirsty drinkers each brew. The coffee temperature is hot also, i would say it is close to 180-190 deg. My prior k cup brewer was making it at a temperature close to 160 which didn’t cut it. The flexibility to use k cup and your own ground coffee is great. In fact, it is so easy to just quickly brew a cup of your own grounds, i don’t use k cup much anymore. A couple of minor issues: the brew time is a bit slow compared to others, but still adequate. The hot plate is very hot and if you leave your coffee on it for too long, it may scorch it. You also have to be careful not overfilling the single cup or you will get an error message and will need to ‘brew off’ some water before it clears.

Make sure you follow directions on full line for single serve side. Coffee is great with both options.

We love that you can make a single cup or a twelve cup of coffee.

Make a good cup of joe from whole coffee bean.

I like this combo coffee maker. Just had to have a good cup of coffee after having a kureg for 3 years. Now i have the two options to choose from.

Hamilton Beach 5-Quart Portable Slow Cooker, Happy Slow Cooker Cooking!

I liked the one i had so much, i sent two to family members for christmas, along with a slow cooker cookbook. Great for soups, stews, chili, roasts. Trying the new recipes for slow cooking that cover things i never knew i could cook in a slow cooker. Great feeling of warm and cozy to come home to a house filled with the delicous aroma of dinner cooking.

This slow cooker is a winner. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, and the food comes out tasting great. Nothing else to say,except: ‘you’ll love it’.

My crock pot died a violent death last night, so i came online right away to shop for another and thought i’d leave some feed back. First, i should say i was puzzled by the band and vent at first too. I have used a good number of crock pots and have never seen anything quite like it. I found it didn’t cook as quickly as i had expected and wondered if i should use the band to close it better. I wondered if i had somehow warped the gasket. After looking in the owners manual again, i decided to take my own chances and use the band for cooking. Now it cooked faster than expected. I was worried about the band melting, but i have cooked with it in place for 12 or more hours without a problem. The size is great – i use it for making yogurt and can make a gallon at a time.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 5-Quart Portable Slow Cooker, Silver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Reduce messy spills with Lid LatchTM strap and gasket lid.
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid.
  • 5 Quart capacity.
  • Keep warm setting.
  • Perfect size for a 4.5 lb chicken or two 2 lb roasts.

Comments from buyers

“Good Crock for the Money
, Happy Slow Cooker Cooking!
, Great product!

I have used this product three times and am happy with its cooking performance and ease of clean-up. It’s too early to know how durable it will be, but i have never had a hamilton beach product that didn’t last, so i’m not worried.

I bought one of these a short time back from walmart for $19. 99 on their website on their pick it up today offer. I chose to get it there instead of amazon because it is over $20 cheaper there- i could have gotten two of them for the price of one here. I am a foodie and write about cooking. I am currently doing recipe testing for a friend who is a cookbook author writing a cookbook on slow cooking vegan recipes. I do a lot of cooking every day and was so pleased that a slow cooker i got for $20 works so well. It is big and looks attractive. The lid seals nicely and it heats up quickly and well. The foods i have made in it- a wide variety of things- have been cooked to perfection.

The slow cooker is not perfect, but what do you expect for something that on average locally costs $30 vs the competition at $30. I’ll start with what it does great, which is shredded meats of any kind and soups. For like i said a $15 slow cooker it’s great. What it fails to do well are roasts and that is because this seems to get a higher than preferred temperature that causes the meat to not really absorb the juices. However if you do shred the meat an hour before you’d expect it to be done and cook it in the juices for the final hour it always turns out decent. All in all given the average price 4 out of 5.

I have a similar model i bought from the super store that starts with w for half the price though. It is no frills and totally manual – warm, low, high. Be there to turn the knob because it’s not automatic. It runs middle of the road for temperature, and all the recipes i’ve used with it haven’t required adjustment. It doesn’t seem to have one strong hot spot and cooks evenly all over. The cooking vessel is removable and easy to clean. The rubber band and gasket that make the unit ‘portable’ are questionable, but they’ve worked fine the two times i’ve moved food in it. I’ve made ten or so meals in it so far and have been very satisfied. If you’re looking for a cheap slow cooker that works well, this is it.

I purchased this 5-quart model from wal-mart in 2009 and paid 20 bucks. It has 3 settings: warm, low, high. The cord is only 2 feet long (a bit short, but it’s okay). I like the hole they put in the glass lid, since it vents steam (which keeps moisture around the base of the lid from bubbling/spraying out). The lid also has a rubber hollow o-ring type seal all around it (so it seals/sits on the bowl nicely). It is hot to the touch, so be sure to lift it by the handles when it’s ‘on’. It also comes with a rubber strap, but i haven’t used it much. I use the crock-pot about once every other month.

Great for large size, multiple heating choices but you do not have to be an it person with programing skills. Have not figured out the lid securing band.

After using this for the first time, i realized more than half of my work is spent on washing, peeling, and cutting food and not the actual cooking process. So, buying a slow-cooker didn’t cut my time spent in the kitchen. Since i still have to prepare everything, i don’t use the slow-cooker very often. Maybe three or four times a month. I have used this for over a year now, and one thing that i would like it to have is a timer to control when to turn off/keep warm. Sometimes, i want to go out the whole day and have some fun, without having to rush back home and turn it off. The outer metal case is light, and the inner stoneware pot is very heavy. This slow-cooker is easy to use since it only has four settings – off, warm, slow, and high.

I bought this to replace the actual metal part of my crackpot that my son knocked off the counter and broke. I know have two of the pot parts so when one is in tue dishwasher i can use the other one.

Great product and perfect size – this is my first slow cooker and so far i love it. 5lb pork shoulder perfectly.

I bought this from walmart about two years ago, and it was pretty good for a while. We use our slow cookers a lot, but i expected it to last at least a couple more winters. On sunday, i lifted the empty base off the counter, thinking it was unplugged. Instead of a gentle tug indicating the cord was still in the wall, i got a pop and sparks and half of the cord broke free from the base. I honestly didn’t do anything like pulling it hard or anything. It tripped a breaker and now my pot is kaput. We’re filling the landfill with the trash that passes for modern appliances.

Love the lift out pan,easy to clean easy to store.

I have had this slow cooker for a little over 5 years now and love it. I use it often in the winter for a few simple things as my husband and son don’t prefer casseroles or slow cooker meals. I have a few items i can make in this quickly that they don’t seem to take too much of an issue with. I like that i can put frozen 4 chicken breasts and a jar of pace picante sauce in here and cook on low for 8 hours and have chicken for tacos in the evening when i am ready. It does seem to cook a little hotter than my old crockpot brand cooker did, but the reviews on that one say the same thing now, so i guess it is just the way they are these days unless you want to pay a great deal more for a slow cooker which i don’t since my males won’t eat most things in a slow cooker. I like the light weight cooker itself, but the crock is heavier stoneware which is nice. I would recommend this highly to anyone wanting to purchase one of these for a gift or themselves. I needed mine quickly so paid the additional $6 on here as opposed to what it was at wal mart (ours didn’t carry it in store and would take over a week to get it) so when it arrived and was shipped by wal mart, i was a bit confused with myself.

Update after several months of use:it seems as though the temperature settings have changed, i have been cooking on low for nearly half the time that it used to require. I’m not even going to try the high setting anymore since low is very hot. Cooks my meals fine according to recipes and cook times/directions. The exact quality i would expect for the price i paid at a local store (which was half the price of this listing. ) it seems as though the back of the crock pot gets a little bit hotter than the rest but it doesn’t burn the food unevenly in that area. I like the keep warm setting, my old crock just had low and high. The lid sits nicely and has a rubber gasket around it to keep moisture in so the food cooks well, there’s a small steam vent in the lid which i like, so steam isn’t bubbling over during the cooking. The ‘giant rubber band’ which is supposed to make your crock pot portable is kind of a joke. It snapped back at me on several occasions, i would say it isn’t functionable for transporting but i don’t take it anywhere so if you plan to do so, spend a little more money for the clamp top model. Overall i recommend for stationary home use, not good traveling with cooked food in the car.

Wish it had a timer; otherwise works well. We have had ours for a year and no issues so far.

Only used once so far and it worked quite well.

Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee & Tea Maker – Loving my tea

I love this tea maker i’ve never been one that wants to bother with making tea because by the time i get about half way through the pitcher the tea taste awful. I am a diet coke girl, but i decided i needed to start being a little bit better about drinking more and diet drinks just aren’t that good for you so i thought why not. I can make one glass at a time and that is perfect for me because it doesn’t go bad on me. This little unit is really slick, i loved it so much i bought one for my daughter in law.

I found this at a local store today after looking at the mr coffee iced tea makers. This one was the perfect size for my small college apartmentit brews wonderfully and i bet i’ll be using it every day of the school year.

This met my expectations and some. Only thing – make sure ground coffee is not too fine. Otherwise, if you like iced coffee, this is a great choice.

I have purchased many types of iced tea makers over the years, even ‘cold brew’ style. This makes the best glass of iced tea ever. As a bonus, each glass is always ‘fresh’.

Best produce and very usuable.

I bought this product with some gift money as i wanted to start making more iced coffee and iced tea at home rather than purchasing it at the stores (especially as we approach the summer months). This product is a great size so its very easy to store and does not require any filters. It comes with very clear directions and even some recipes which is great. If you are looking to make single servings this is great, however if multiple people in your home are looking to get iced coffee or tea i would advise you invest in a different product. You can use your own products with no filters, however do not use espresso because it will make the machine overflow and pour coffee grounds into your cup.

  • Good Product for Individual Servings
  • Loving my tea
  • don’t know. gave as gift. no complain!

It fits in the corner of my desk.

I purchased this today and it is wonderful. You don’t have to worry about coffee grounds in your drink. It is compact and efficient. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make one drink at a time. It would be perfect for that person going to college who loves iced coffee and can’t afford to go out to get one or someone like me who lives in a small town with no starbucks.

I gave this 4 stars because it takes so long to brew and you cannot use very fine ground coffee. However, it works well for making one cup of iced coffee at a time.

I bought this because i wanted one glass of iced coffee at a time. I only need one, and i don’t like waiting. This machine works fast, and closes up compactly for easy storage. The only problem i had was not with the machine but with the process. Sugar never really dissolved well, so i bought some liquid sugar to mix in. I’ve used it to make iced coffee, iced chai and iced green tea. It’s a great little machine that does exactly what it promises.

I’m happy with this coffee maker. It’s small, fast, easy to use, and easy to clean. I use flavored coffee and no creamer, and the coffee maker produces iced coffee that tastes like the coffee i liked buying from the coffee shop. I replaced another brand maker with this one.

Features of Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee & Tea Maker (40917)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brews iced coffee right in your glass
  • Iced coffee in minutes
  • Use your favorite ground coffee
  • No paper filters needed
  • Recipes inside

From the manufacturer

ice iced coffee tea brewer ;best;rated;reviews;sellers;ultimate;reviewed

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Great for tea also

  • Brews iced coffee or tea right into your glass
  • Use ground coffee, tea bags, or loose tea
  • Convenient, compact size for personal use
  • Tea filter included
  • No paper filters needed

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Yes i like it,it’s quick and easy.

Uses it multiple times a days.

Brews iced coffee right in your glass

Iced coffee in minutes

Use your favorite ground coffee

No paper filters needed

Hamilton Beach 70550RL PrepStar Food Processor – Processor

I was a little suspicious of this item because of the extremely low price compared to other food processors. So far though, it has worked just fine. I have not yet used the slicer/grater attachment, so no comment on that. The only reason i gave it less than 5 stars is that i did not realize that the only cover that comes with the device has a shoot for the sliced or grated vegetables to come out; this just gets in the way when i just want to use the blades.

I ordered this to make cooking prep easier for me, since i have so many joint/muscle & wrist problems. It is excellent for the needs of the average kitchen and definitely a bargain at the price. Would buy it again for myself and am ordering as gifts for friends and family.

This, i think is the base model food processor for hamilton beach. I bought it because it was the only choice and i was in a hurry it does ok but has some drawbacks. It does not do well with small amounts or when you are starting a recipe. . So i am not motivated to use it for one or 2 items such as one onion or one carrot. It is very difficult to clean and you need to scrape the container or you don’t get what you have processed. I was lazy and placed the container in the dishwasher and although it survived, it is now cloudy and discolored. I also find that it either over processes or under processes. My coleslaw was almost like water. For the price, it chops food, but be prepared for scraping, cleaning, and a lot of extra steps. I am definitely in the market for something more efficient.

The company had sent the wrong product. The one i ordered was supposed to have a lid in for the bowl and i received the 70550r that did not have it. I needed to use the product and could not sent it back. Currently, the company stated they would reimburse me a protion of the cost for their mistake, but as of yet, i still have not received it.

I received the product on time and love it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great machine for the price
  • Great item for the price
  • product is ok – but

My husband and i registered for this item and i do not know what i would do without it. It is a fast and efficient machine. I cannot say enough about this food processor. My favorite uses for my processor is chopping onions, shredding cheese, and chopping nuts for my homeade banana nut bread. This is a great item for the price.

Folks my philosophy is simple when it comes to buying utility items like this, i always buy low to middle cost items that i can use for one or two years and then junk them to go for new models with more options and style etc. This way my kitchen does not fill with old (and old looking) junk, i got to try new stuff and most of all it is much healthy way of living especially when its come to cooking. You cannot beat the price vs utility, on top of that it is hamilton beach so it does carry somewhat weight of a brand name however i need more speed choices, for example while chopping the carrots or potatoes i need very slow speed otherwise they become mashed potatoes 🙂 so i have to give it a manual on/off motion to keep the speed slow. The chill lid is a good future but what i like the most about design is the way of dispensing food directly outward.

We have used this blender before. It gave us excellent service then and it is doing so now.

I bought this about 3 months ago for my mom, and so far we haven’t had any problems. Overall, i am satisfied with the product. We use it to puree, knead and grind things. The large capacity bowl is just the perfect size. I haven’t used the slicing blade yet, but i guess the chill lid is useful to collect the sliced stuff outside. The mouth is a bit small unless you don’t mind cutting up things to feed through the mouth. If it were up to me, i would change the design and make it less bulky and easier to store. I like the big mouth food processors that don’t have the control on the side, taking up less space. But for $25, this is a pretty good one and functions quite well. If you buy it, make sure the bowl and the lid are well ‘locked’ in place before you power on the unit, otherwise it won’t run.

Chops slices shreds gets the job done ,that is what i needed it for and at a good buy. Had a black and decker for 9 years thought i would give this a try works good. I thought i would give it a try scince i have had a hamilton beach mixer for 5 years and it is still going.

I bought it about 2 years ago and it still works great. It is safe, wicked fast and powerful.

I received this food processor as a birthday present about 1 1/2 years ago. It has it’s faults, but people need to realize that in buying hamilton beach, they are not buying a kitchenaid appliance. To make it plain and clear, you’re getting a chevy not a rolls royce. When you understand this, everything is fine. I agree with the person who mentioned reading the owner’s manual first as well. To the person who tried to chop up frozen bananas, what were you thinking?. I’m surprised it didn’t rip in half. I do a lot of julia child recipes with mine. I can easily make pie doughs, icings and the like with absolutely no trouble whatsoever. My biggest complaint is that stupid food slicing chute on the lid.

I was given this food processor as a gift, and i truly love it. It makes uniform pieces of everything i have tried in it. The only way it would make mush out of things is if you let it go too long. One great feature is that you can choose to have the chopped food go into a bowl instead of staying in the food processor bowl — great for cutting up vegies and fruit. The instructions say not to use the machine to crush ice, so i guess happy camper did not read the few instructions in the book. This machine is very easy to operate, has some great features (a hole to pour in oil for dressings and several blade options), and is very easy to clean as well. I am buying one for a present for someone else, i love it so much.

If you are going to pay less than $50 for a food processor, you have to be prepared for a few negatives to go with the positives. But there are plenty of positives with this machine. Chops, slices, liquifies, purees, just like it says. You can fling it into the dishwasher and it does very well. It’s quiet enough for every day use. Negatives, ok, here they are:-the bowl will overflow if you overfill it. Just pay attention to the max fill line-the spindle on the base of the machine is hard to clean. If you get liquid on it you have to make sure you get it up and it can hide in nooks and gaps in the plastic. -it isn’t the strongest machine ever, so don’t imagine that you are going to be able to make papier mache in it forever, you won’t-the slicing/grating blade leaves a large chunk of whatever you are slicing/grating whirring around on the spindle after you are all through.

Shreds carrots and zucchini very nicely for soups and salads and purees good, too. However, the food chute isn’t very big and i have to cut up everything. Other than that, i have no complaints. I just wish i had paid more attention to the size of the food chute before making my final decision on which processor to buy.

I have never owned a food processor before and this machine truly does what it says it’s going to do. Chops, blends, and is easy to use. My boyfriend and i are now obsessed with making hummus from scratch and using it to make soup and purees. I highly recommend this easy to use, easy to clean affordable machine.

This food processor is the easiest to use, clean up is a ‘snap’ food does not get caught up in the shoot, everything from cheese to carrots grates up into the best texture for salads, oriental dishes, & the cheese grated in this item comes out firm, with each piece firm not ‘globed’ into one chunk. I love my hamilton beach food processor & wouldn’t trade it for any other product on the market to this date. I have always had problems with a food processor, getting it apart, cleaning it has always been a ‘call the husband for help’ ordeal, not this hamilton beach, i take it apart with ease, put it together with ease. I could reccomend this item for people with hand problems i feel that strongly about loving this item.

I found this little gem on a store shelf and was very happy with its’ performence. No mess, easy use, easy clean. Can’t beat that now, can you?. Although single at the time, i liked to treat stay-over friends to good foods and do lots of experimenting on them. From the kitchen, of course. Most friends liked to be at my house for sunday break-fast, lunches, and of course, dinner. They also liked to see what kind of new ‘gadget’ i’vecome across. Most of these wanted one just like it, but could not find it anywhere. So, one day a really good friend asked for mine.I gave it up thinking that i could do what others could not, i was wrong .

This food processor works well enough, but the chute is too small to fit much through. A decent sized tomato has to be quartered in order to fit through for slicing, and even the smallest of potatoes doesn’t fit without cutting it. It works well for grating small chunks of food, or mincing things such as onions, but, again, you have to cut onions into quarters or smaller, if it’s a large onion. Therefore, while it’s a time saver, it’s not as good as it could be. It also has the chute out the side so you can slice into a bowl or pot, but that gets clogged quickly. Lastly, the on/off switch is a knob which has to be turned, but it has no ridges to grip, so it’s very hard to turn. I previously had a kitchenaid, which was given to me by my mother-in-law about 7 years ago. The handle broke off its bowl, which is the only reason i replaced it, and i think i’m going to tell ‘santa’ that i want another kitchenaid food processor for christmas.

My wife says she love this processor very much. She is in the plans to do some canning of caribean cooking paste & this machine cuts her prep time in half.

Does all you want and more==hint-keep the box to use for storage-then every thing will be at your finger tips=hubby’s favorite dish made possibleby using this -was german potato pancakes-he peeled and i shredded the potatoes-.

Hamilton Beach Premiere Cookware Electric Griddle – Griddle

I made a complete country breakfast on it as soon as i got it and it performed fantastic. I first started with bacon to find the hot spots. Every appliance has hot spots that’s why you need to move your food around a little while it cooks. My griddle has no major hot spots, the heat is pretty consistant. It reaches temperature quickly and it gets hot. Second i cooked hash browns, then easy over eggs, pancakes and french toast. I did not get stripes on anything. The grease tray is big enough,i cooked a pound of bacon and it was about 1/4 full. The warming tray works fine, but i took it out because i like the way the overall unit looks better without it.

Love the back splash, it helps prevent grease from splattering on the counter. Easy to clean since it’s submersible.

This is a nice griddle for the money. Only problem i’ve seen is the splash shield comes off too easily. It is only held in place by 4 friction mounts. This isn’t a problem, just letting people know.

It is easy to use and clean, it has a great storage container for cooked food and the side grease catcher is great. The backsplash goes on and off very easily and the overall appearance is professional and sleekgreat choice would definitely by it again.

I bought one for myself, then two as christmas gifts. As long as you put it on a level surface, everything cooks evenly.

I did not rate this product any lower because it was just what i was looking for. I could not rate it any higher, because i purchased it as a gift for someone else, so i do not know if it is functioning well. The person stated it was just what he wanted.

  • excellent griddle, bought it to replace one almost 20
  • Can’t be without a griddle
  • more than expected!

This electric grill is my new favorite cooking tool. I absolutely love cooking with it. Got for christmas and use all the time. Easy to clean and stow away when not in use.

Use this all the time great griddle.

My wife loves this griddle so far. We cook breakfast, turkey burgers, and other stuff on here.

We bought this to use in our camper. It is so nice we take it in the house and use it between trips as well. Very even cooking area and easy to clean. The wind doesn’t bother it either like the gas griddles. Very good quality and a great value.

Fantastic for flipping flapjacks.

Features of Hamilton Beach Premiere Cookware Electric Griddle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for family gatherings
  • Convenient warming tray – keeps prepared food warm until you’re ready to serve
  • 220-Square inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Durable die-cast pan and handles
  • Brushed stainless steel base

From the manufacturer

grill in door indoor breakfast grittle griddle best rated reviews sellers ultimate reviewed

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grill in door indoor breakfast grittle griddle best rated reviews sellers ultimate reviewed

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Warming tray to keep food warm

Perfect for a big breakfast and beyond – Hamilton Beach Griddles

A hot, hearty breakfast is a meal that comes together quickly, but it has to be served right away. No worries — this Electric Griddle has a warming tray to keep food warm (more pancakes anyone?) until serving time.

  • Perfect for family gatherings
  • 220 sq. inch nonstick cooking surface
  • Durable die-cast pan and handles
  • Brushed stainless steel base
  • Removable stainless steel backsplash
  • Temperature control adjusts from 200 to 400 degrees F
  • Easy to clean – fully immersible with cord removed

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Heats up well and easy to clean.

Love it cons handles get really hot do need pot holder best one ive had in years easy clean and easy to use i do wish the handles wern’t metal grt really hot you could cook on them.

Excellent griddle, bought it to replace one almost 20 years old (presto 7032, no longer made) that the non-stick was no longer not sticking. 3 stars because the splatter shield on the back drips outside the griddle so i have to put paper towels under it to catch the drips and it occasionally pops off as it heats. Also, the picture is not representative of the actual product. The one i received has the power jack and drip pan reversed from the picture (don’t be fooled, the tray you see in front is not a drip tray, it is a warming tray. The drip tray is on the side opposite the power plug. ) i wish the one i got had the controller position as the picture shows because that positioning works better with my counter-tops. I have to rotate around to the end of the island to use the new one with the outlet which is not as convenient. As another commenter noted, the handles do get hot in spite of the plastic insulators under the screws, i believe this is because the screws have metal to metal contact from the griddle to the handles on the outside of the insulators. An all plastic connection point would have reduced this tendency but might not have been as durable.

I bought this for my daughter. She says she likes this griddle; she also says it doesn’t heat evenly but you get used to that. Also, she says the warming tray is too small to be of any use and the splatter shield is not worth using because it’s not big enough to be effective. However, the griddle is a good size for her family and easy to clean.

I love the splash plate on this griddle. It really helps keeping the area around where you are cooking clean.

I bought this griddle to replace my presto 07039 professional 22-inch jumbo electric griddle when the teflon coating wore out after years of use. There are some things on this hamilton beach griddle that are better than the presto, and some that are worse. I just received it yesterday and tested it out with a batch of bacon. If i come across any problems or revelations in the future i will come back and change my review. Pros:splash guard – this is a great innovation and it was the selling point for me. My old presto griddle would leave a big mess on the counter and wall behind it when i cooked anything greasy. Since i used it for burgers and bacon more than anything else, there was always a mess to clean on the counter after using it. Warming tray – i must confess that i haven’t used it yet, but i pulled it out to see how hot it gets. It just stayed ‘warm,’ as it should. I am looking forward to making pancakes for guests with this griddle so i can test that drawer.

Perfect for family gatherings

Our last hamilton beach was over 10 years but that model was not available. Hash browns good but not all evenly crisp. All other items cooked well.

I love this item, and it is more than what i thought on how large it is, i love it i can cook many items at one time and the warming tray in front is larger than i expected, and the little grease tray with the holes is perfect, altho we do not use it very much its very handy. The only thing i do not like is the aluminium piece on the back, very minor dislike, i thought it would be molded a little more snug to the frame, why. When it gets hot it pops off the back. But after a little molding it with my hand i’ve had no more problems with it.

This is an awesome grill – makes cooking a large breakfast a snap, keeps food warm and i especially love the splatter guard. Hamilton-beach has done it again.

Perfect and we use all the time. We use the colder spots for the items that are cooking a little too fast.

This hotplate it’s very easy to cook on very easy to clean plenty of space does not burn in one spot a joy to cook with.

I’ve had other griddles but not as nice as this one. My husband loves the pancakes i make for him on this griddle.

Convenient warming tray –

Back plate is not as stable as it should be.

Best i’ve seen on the market.

I like the room provided with this griddle. Will cook a full pound of bacon and heats evenly. When bacon is done, the warming tray keeps it nice and warm while you cook. We fit 6 eggs on one side while cooking hashbrowns on the other side. Like the idea of the splash guard, but doesn’t stay in place very well. Hamilton beach needs to find another way to attach the splash guard that holds up while cooking. Warming tray great, for bacon, french toast, whatever you want to keep warm while you finish cooking. Iam very pleased with the performance with this griddle, and did shop around awhile before making this choice.

So far it has worked out great, here are my initial thoughts after half a dozen uses:heats up pretty quick and gets much hotter than my last griddle but is easy to regulate temp to what i needhuge cooking space, even heating means i can use all of itthe shield is actually pretty nicelightweightfairly easy to clean.

Spacious for cooking, like the removable splash guard, easy for cleaning. Have tried several other brands, none have held up, this one is the very best.

Came on time, just the size i was looking for.

I only received this griddle this morning. I made pancakes for one of my sons and the pancakes were cooked well and evenly. This is a replacement for my presto that still worked but was scratched. I went with this hamilton beach because:1) it has the warming drawer2) my presto had a small ‘lip’ on 3 sides which made it hard to make scrambled eggs (one side w/o a lip made the eggs spill off and the other sides weren’t high enough to really work the eggs).

220-Square inch nonstick cooking surface

I viewed many griddles to replace my old presto. I chose this one because of the splatter guard. It seems to cook evenly and heats up quickly. My only complaint (and 4 of 5 stars) is that the handles get pretty warm. Not to burn you but i find i need to grab an oven mit to be sure. I’d love to find a cozy that would work. The oil catcher works good and the warming tray does an average job. Not a great griddle but a serviceable one – especially for the price.

And i like that it has a splash guard. The only thing that would make it give stars is if had a gauge that told you how hot to heat it for different items that you’d be cooking.

The price for this item was so good, better than in any stores we checked. Also it is high quality and perfect for our use.

The workmanship on this griddle is just really wonderful and sturdy, i know i will get years of use out of of it because it is a hamilton beach product. I have bought many of their products in the past and always have been satisfied. I grilled as soon as i had the box opened, so great in the house with no messy clean-up thanks to the backsplash. My food was delicious and how wonderful to use the warming tray while other foods were cooking. The result was that all that was prepared was enjoyed nice and hot. I am so happy i chose this griddle and give my highest recommendatins.

I am well please with the performance of this productit really works like a charm,i would recommend it to anyone looking for a griddle.

Durable die-cast pan and handles

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Water Oven & Slow Cooker : Follow instructions.

More than happy with my recent purchase. In general the sous vide method of cooking is superior and i love my machine. Excellent value for the money spent.

I had been shopping for a sous vide cooker, pricing on amazon and several other places. Then i was shopping at my local meijer department store and this particular cooker had been marked down to $49. I thought ‘you can’t beat that price’ so i bought it. When i got it home first thing i did was look up the reviews, so many people complaining about the temp not being accurate. So i filled it with water and let it get up to 160^f and checked it, and it was close enough to make very little difference. I think you need to think of this as a ‘conventional’ type of oven and the circulator sous vide machines as a ‘convection’ type of oven. There will be some difference in usage, you don’t have to worry about this going dry as it will work dry (like a slow cooker) while a circulator type of sous vide machine can be ruined if the water goes below the minimum. I have had a wonderfull time cooking with this. I purchased a eye of round roast (a very tough piece of meat) on sale at $2.

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Water Oven & Slow Cooker, 6 Quart Programmable, Stainless Steel (33970)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dual functionality, twice the versatility
  • Sous vide uses precise temperature control to cook food evenly and perfectly throughout
  • Slow cooking gently cooks food over a long period of time, retaining its flavor and moisture
  • 6 quart nonstick metal vessel
  • Programmable controls

I like how easy it was to use. It shifts to warm when finished and holds the temperature.

This is a really nice slow cooker. The one that we replaced was a round faux-ceramic thing that took a long time to cook, stained really easily, and generally was small. The hamilton beach 33970 is just the opposite: it is larger, comes with everything you need, easy to clean, and very simple to use. Many slow cookers have two settings, but not this model. That’s because you can do more than just slow cook, making the 33970 also a sous cooker. While it works well as a sous cooker, it is too small for our family of five to really prepare a meal this way. Also, a side note to hamilton beach: don’t put stupid stickers on a boxed item like this. The stickers looked like they should be on a display unit in a big box retailer. If i am a consumer, opening this, i already purchased it, you don’t have to sell me on buying onecleaning is simple.

It’s way too pricey for a slow cooker, and for a single person, way too large. But okay, i was excited to have it for the sous vide feature, and that is plenty big enough for a single, although probably not big enough to sous vide for a family. My first trial, with a steak, went bad, because i used a ziplock bag. It was one of the thicker freezer bags. Even though many say you can use that, my experience was that at the end of the cooking cycle, i came back to find a waterlogged steak–basically boiled, and its juices mixed throughout the water. So ziplock method seems to be hit and miss. That doesn’t especially reflect on the cooker, but i just wanted to let you know, in case you are planning on using ziplocks. But i really really wanted to try sous vide cooking.

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Water Oven & Slow Cooker, 6 Quart Programmable, Stainless Steel (33970) : Since i wrote my initial review, i have continued to use this useful appliance both as a slow cooker and a sous vide cooker. It performs admirably in both roles. Amended november 4, 2017original review:note: i have not yet used the sous vide function. As a slow cooker, this works exceptionally well- it has easy to understand controls, and the non-stick metal cooking vessel is well sized and shaped for slow cooking, as well as being easy to clean. The glass lid seals well, and allows you to watch the progress of cooking. While it is a large appliance, it has a stylish appearance, with functional handles on the sides. From the perspective of slow cooking, this is well worth considering.

I have yet to use this as a slow cooker but the sous vide works amazing. I’ve been sou viding everydamnthing ever since.

This sous vide/slow cooker is very attractive. Reading what sous vide is all about, the recipes all seemed excessively full of fat and calories. We used this as a slow cooker. We cooked a brisket as a test. It came out moist, tender and flavorful as did the veggies it was cooked in. This unit is very attractive with the chrome and black finish. I’m not sure this will sell well at this price point unless yuou use it and are a fan of sous vide. A crock pot would do about the same as this slow cooker. One other thing, the lid did not fit tightly at all. There is a little play when the lid is placed on the cooker.

I have had this appliance for several months and absolutely love it. I was a bit skeptical when i purchased it and a bit hesitant about the length of cooking time. I have researched multiple sites for recipes ( which are easy to find) and found that cooking times vary greatly and use my best judgement and common sense in that respect. I have checked the temperature with a separate thermometer and mine is accurate. It does take a bit of time to come to temp but i allow for that in planning. The more i have used it, the more it has become my go to method of ensuring a tender cut of meat even when using cheaper cuts. I do sear the meat when done – makes for a nicer appearance. I like the fact that it is all enclosed and have no need to worry about evaporation. I haven’t used it as a slow cooker so i can’t comment on that and have used it predominantly for meat. It’s not overly large but i have not found anything that has been too large for it to accommodate.

Haven’t used enough to say, but seems like it is fine.

I’ve been curious about sous vide for a while, just never wanted to spend the money on one of the pricier units. A friend of mine in boston swears by it, so when this came up, i had to give it a shot, since i love slow cooker meals and we slow cook things all the time. This way i could test the waters of sous vide (no pun intended) and still have a unit i could use for other things if i didn’t care for it. As a slow cooker, it’s pretty much on par with anything you’d expect to see out there. Multiple heat and timer settings, and then keeps things warm. I had an oval slow cooker that i used often that worked well, so that was passed to my mom, who had one that broke and didn’t heat evenly anymore, and i got to keep this one. This one is a bit more granular than that one though, since it works in 30 minute increments, whereas the one i gave her had just four timer settings, two for low (8 and 10 hours) and two for high (4 and 6). Having the rectangular shape is odd for me, since i’m so used to the ovals now for my slow cookers over the decades. Fit and finish is fine, i’m not sure i’m a fan of the chrome. And they shipped this with two large stickers covering most of the sides on the front, and while one peeled off alright, the other came in pieces, necessitating way too much work to clean up. I will never understand the thought process of stickers on boxed items. I can see doing it for a display model, but for things already in boxes that people already decided to buy, i hate that ‘spam. ‘selecting the mode and the settings are easy enough. The metal rack for the sous vide is a bit irksome for me as well.

It’s too soon to tell about results of the food, but i’m a little disappointed with the initial impression. I just unboxed this, filled it with water, and ran the temp up to 160 degrees f and let it stay there for 30 minutes. I then inserted three different instant read thermometers out of my kitchen in the bath, and they all read 143 degrees +/- 1 degree. Stirring the water and retesting, testing in different quadrants, high and low in the water column. Has anyone else had the same problem?.

Sous vide stuffed burgers and poached eggs, slow-cooked pulled pork and cassoulet–i’ve had this for just a few weeks, so time will tell with durability, but whatever i try it on so far comes out beautifully. A snap to clean; light and easy to throw around, especially for a 6-quart cookspace. I’m still getting the hang of the keep warm setting, which takes some button-twiddling and seems to decide when it feels like shutting off. But the versatility of this baby is thrilling.

Possibly one of the best items we’ve ever purchased. It is impossible to ruin a steak with this appliance and every single steak we’ve cooked since we got the sous vide has been cooked to perfection and has been mouth wateringly good and so tender it melted in our mouths. This appliance will make you kick your grill to the curb and never buy another bag of barbecue briquets again. One other advantage to a sous vide is you can really plan your meal and not worry about when it will be ready to eat. You can keep your meat at temperature for hours and it won’t get any more done. When your ready to eat, take it out, sear it in hot oil or butter for a couple of minutes and serve. It’s ready to eat when you are. The only drawback is that everyone will need to like his or her meat cooked to the same level. You’ll need separate sous vide’s for each degree of finish your diner’s prefer. So, either train your family to all like medium rare, or stick with the outdoor grill. And expect to ruin steaks from time to time.

To be honest with you i never heard of sous vide cooking before. I am familiar with slow cooking, and have a good slow cooker, but this opens up a whole new slew of possibilities. I have been focusing during the past year on making larger quantities of food and either shrink wrapping and freezing, or using a pressure cooker/canner and storing in ball mason jars. This is a new twist to the food saver shrink wrap techniques. It is not just for meats, but rather for cooking vegetables as well. Food saver has a complete cookbook on the method.  the foodsaver sous vide cookbook: 101 delicious recipes with instructions for perfect low-temperature immersion cooking. (sous vide gourmet slow cooking)the huge advantage to this method of cooking is that you can slowly cook your food which makes it a lot tenderer. What i have been doing in the past in order to cook my chicken without the skin was to put it in a glass pyrex ware rectangular tray, add a little water to the bottom, season it with some rosemary, and cook it in the oven at 275 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. When it came out of the oven it would flake apart with a fork.

I finally got a chance to try out my new sous vide equipment, touted by hamilton beach as the ‘no fail’ method of cooking. But i can’t lay the blame on hamilton beach. As with any cooking approach it does pay to research a little about the right way to go about things. It turns out that thin, cheap cuts of beef that have been marinated three days are not the ideal cut to cook in a sous vide device. They still turned out ok, and were remarkably tender for london broil, but those cuts would have been better on the grill. But i’m here to critique the hamilton beach device, not my own mistakes. I don’t own another sous vide cooker so i have nothing to compare it to, but it does a fine job of keeping your water bath at the specified temperature and my first attempt at using it was a success insofar as the equipment worked quickly, easily, and the way it was supposed to. In fact, the whole set-up was remarkably easy.

This is the 4th slow cooker we’ve owned in the past several years. We went with the crock pot brand for our first two, but they both stopped working within a year or so of purchase, so we went with a comparable hamilton beach model that we’ve been using for many years now without any issues. When i saw this model, i thought it might be a nice upgrade. For the most part, the slow cooking features work as well as our old model. The cleanup is easier due to the nonstick ‘vessel,’ but i’m always a bit wary of using nonstick cooking surfaces. I use stainless steel pans and our old slow cooker has stoneware. Also, the lid doesn’t seal the way our old version does, rather, it just rests on top of the nonstick vessel. It seems to cook just fine that way, but i’m used the lid being tightly sealed. I’ve yet to use it in sous vide mode, but hope to do so soon. It’s not a big selling point for me, but my wife thinks it will be a useful addition.

One at my main house and one at our vacation home.

I guess this is a good way to see if you like this method of cooking. It heats slow, difficult to program. It was my intro tool to the cooking style, now i have better units but use this for small items when others are working. Price is right, much cheaper on ebay. For the money it’s okay i guess.

Hubby and i decided to make chocolates for christmas and were trying to find the easiest way to keep chocolate in temper. Well, everyone raved about sous vide and since we needed a new crock pot, we tried this one. We use it as a double boiler for doing our chocolates, works great. And this produced the best cooked steak i have ever had. It didn’t look as great as the grilled one, to the point where we were convinced it would be the worst tasting. If you are starting with a great cut of meat with lots of marbling, this does a fantastic job. We tried less marbling and it tasted like unmarbled steak. But cooks a nice piece of meat very nicely.

I have the highest respect for hamilton beach appliances, i have a number of their appliances already. I have not used this appliance yet because i am waiting to receive my 78220 vacuum sealer which should arrive wednesday 08-08-2018. I was not financially able to purchase them both at the same time. I will have to get back to you on this evaluation.

My wife uses a slow cooker all the time to cook things. I thought it was pretty cool that i was offered to try one out that was a little bigger then the one we have. I hate having to cram stuff into a pot and so does she. This thing pretty much holds whatever you want to put into it. You get a little more ability to control how long your food cooks with this one over other slow cookers. The one we have has basically one setting, cook, you get a few more with this one. The food cooks well and comes out really good, i have no issues with the slow cooker. I havent tried the sous cooking yet but i do have the ability to do so and will do so in the future and leave a not on how well the thing works. Hamilton beach makes some pretty decent stuff and i havent really had any issues using the various items for any length of time.

Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker – Great

Just what i was looking for – works great – love the color. Great price and love the warm feature.

I can fit a whole chicken in it. So much nicer than my previous crock pot. After cooking the chicken i then made broth out of the leftovers in the pot by cooking overnight. I love that i could pull the ceramic bowl out and easy clean up after a back to back cooking.

I gave this four stars because it does not have the gasket that goes around the lid to help keep in heat and reduce liquid contents from spilling over the top of the crock during cooking. I learned that some models have the gasket and some do not, but the instruction booklet refers to the gasket and so i assumed the gasket was missing and i returned the cooker. Com, is great about returns, replacements, and refunds. I was unable to find another model with the gasket, so i went to walmart.

Its nice to throw everything input it on low and let it cook all night.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this item. Received as promised in two days. Love the lift out pot for easy cleaning.

Im a mom of 4 and this has been the perfect addition to my kitchen. Keeps food warm after its cooked without burning. So far this has been great and easy to clean. Nice large pot to cook big meals.Def perfect for big families.

  • Super easy to use, works great!
  • So happy . . .
  • Nice for the Price

I spent a lot of time reading reviews and waffling over size, brand, and portability. This little number was so inexpensive, i figured i didn’t have much to lose. I’ve only used it twice (i just got it, for heaven’s sake) but i made pulled pork on day one (about 6 lbs of pork butt fit just fine) and a whole chicken on day two (a 4. I was tempted by the larger cookers because i was afraid this wouldn’t have the capacity i wanted, but it actually held more meat than the spec. Several reviewers have mentioned that it gets super hot on the outside – not so with my unit. It is certainly warm to the touch, but not grievously hot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love all the settings that this has.

Cost me 20 bucks and i am glad that i bought it. Crock pots are a hard item to mess up so naturally hamilton beach knocks it out of the part with a pretty good one. I like the keep warm setting as well because it will make sure my food stays nice and warm without having to over cook it.

Bought this slow cooker to replace a 3. Iwas amazed how much more it holds without taking up extra storage. Cooks well & can walk away without worry.

I still have my original crockpot that’s more than 20 years old, but it doesn’t come apart for easy cleaning or storage, and i wanted something i could haul in for office potlucks so i ordered this. It’s exactly what it says it is, and works great. I’ve used it once a week since getting it. And the oblong shape makes it easy to put roasts and chickens inside of it.

Features of Hamilton Beach 33154 5-Quart Slow Cooker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits a 5lb. chicken – perfect for 5 people
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid
  • Keep warm setting
  • Can fit up to a 3lb. roast
  • 5 quart capacity

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works great and i love using it.

I have only owned rival crockpots over the years. The first 2 had broken lids that couldn’t be replaced and the last one they changed the design and all it did was burn whatever was cooking in it. I read reviews for multiple hamilton beach slow cookers and decided on this one being that it was a good size for a great price. I have made many things in it and nothing has come close to being overdone. In fact the pork roast i did today turned out perfect after cooking on low for 8 hours. If i would have left it in my old rival crockpot for that long, the entire bottom of the roast would have been scorched and it would have been dry. If you are on the fence don’t hesitate. I will never buy another rival crockpot again. Great product hamilton beach.

Just like what it seems in the photo i would recommend this to anyone . Cheap and easy to make good healthy dinners.

I had to send the first one back because it arrived with the crock in pieces. I’ve used this one a couple times and it works fine. I have found though, that it takes longer to cook a meal than my kaloric that i had previously. Both times, the food wasn’t cooked after the longest recommended time on low, so i turned it to high for an hour and that worked. So i’ll just plan better next time. I don’t like the fact that there is no power light, so you’re never sure it’s on, but the sides get warm so it’s not a disaster, just weird. I highly recommend using crockpot liners for incredibly easy cleanup in any crockpot.

Have several hb items in my kitchen and love them all. This slow cooker is terrific, i love the ‘keep warm’ setting. Cleans up well; it sits proudly on my countertop next to my hb countertop convection/rotisserie oven which i purchased from amazon in dec.

Since my husband and i got extra but with 4 children. I use this nearly every day i can slow cook beans ( for homemade chili) on cold days. . Whole chicken ( homemade chicken and dumplings) and much more. Just turn it on in the morning or late afternoon before work and dinner is ready for the family at dinner time and it doesn’t over cook or burn if you forget to turn it off. Even if you are re heating gumbo (opps.

Fits a 5lb. chicken –

Seemed to cook a bit slower than usual. What do you expect from a 20 dollar crock pot.

Gave one to my sister for xmas. She’s used it daily since and loves it. Judging by the dinners at her house it works great.

I bought this one because it is cheap and not stainless steel. The stone is great and it works perfectly.

The lid is lower quality than i would expect, and it doesn’t sit flat on the ceramic liner.

Our limited usage of the hamilton beach 5 quart slow cooker has been a positive experience. The reason for not using it more frequently is because we are having a too warm summer and meals that i would normally cook in this pot do not appeal just now. We felt the cooker did a very good job and the meal was tasty and once it cools off here we will use it much more frequently. It is easy to use and to clean. Using this cooker reminds me of hearing and reading about the old time ways of cooking with the adults on the back porch snapping beans and the children running around throwing the beans at one another. In other words, a time more peaceful and not so frantic and communicating could be done over the back or side fence and no one even knew what the word digital meant and the children played outdoors (i was one of them).

This slow cooker has cooked shredded beef, pinto beans and pulled pork so far. It has performed just fine so far. I have had it about a month. It surprised me that it was so light in weight (compared to my last one which was the brand crockpot) but that does not seem to have affected the performance.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid

I have had it for a couple of years. If your food doesn’t turn out well, it’s not the slow cooker.

This is the perfect size slow cooker and the oval shape is a real improvement over our old round 3. The high setting really gets hot and boils the liquid, which is fine because the low and warm settings seem to work as designed. We have not experienced what other reviewers are saying about the warm setting and have used it quite often.

Size is just right – not too big or too small. Love the oval shape and the stainless steel model.

I purchased this for my dad and he loves it. The size, the look, everything about this cooker is great. Arrived on time when promised too.

I have a 6 quart that is just too big for my needs as you must fill the pot at minimum half way for proper cooking, but this 5 quart fits the bill. Price is a factor and i don’t need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive cookers. I like to just throw everything in and set it and forget it. For a two or three person family this is perfect. If your like me, and don’t need the hassle of setting temps. , and don’t need a large volume of left overs than this is the one for you.

My new hamilton beach slow cooker is hotter than my old one, but it hasn’t been a problem for me since my old one was way too slow. One negative is that it’s harder to clean than my old one.

I couldn’t live without this baby now that i have it. I use it probably once a week. I never have problems with the temperature being too low or too high.

Keep warm setting

Pros:- size, plenty big enough- ‘warm’ setting, for stuff that’s cooked long enoughcons:- even on low, it’s pretty hot. – it has a hole in the lid that lets out too much moisture. – tends to scorch if left alone too long.

I researched local stores to find a crock pot that did not contain lead as many things from china have in the past. I could not find a pot that was not made in china at my local stores, and no sales people could tell me which one did not contain lead, if any. So i researched online and hamilton beach was one of the crocks that did not contain lead. Then i came to amazon and found this beauty.It is very roomy, heats up quickly, cleans up easily and the food taste great. It has some weight to it, but it is no to heavy to move around and it looks great on the counter. I am very pleased with the purchase which i thought was a little cheap once i saw how big it was when i took it out of the box.

I bought this specifically to make dishes that work better with an oval rather than tall slow cooker, such as slow-cooker lasagna. As with all slow-cookers, the main selling point is that ‘fill and forget(for a while)’ feature. This version is fairly basic-it does not have a programming feature, but it does have a ‘keep warm’ setting that is presumably lower than the low setting. This is handy when you need to wait a bit longer to eat and do not want the food to get overcooked. Like most slow cookers, the ceramic pot can be removed. Being a 5-quart oval slow cooker means that you might need to adjust recipes that are written for tall cookers or those with smaller volumes. For example, if you use a lasagna recipe you might find that you end up with fewer layers than you might want because of the shape and size of the cooker.

I own two very large slow cookers. I cook a lot for my 7 grandchildren. . We call it cousins’ dinner. But sometimes i need a smaller cooker. The only thing that bothered me at first is that it doesn’t have an actual temp. Guage, just high, medium and low. However so far that hasn’t mattered.

It does it’s job and i have no complaints.

All the meals cooked in this cooker have been wonderful. I like the larger size so i can also freeze extra meals too. Wouldhighly recommend this cooker.

Can fit up to a 3lb.

First crockpot i’ve used in years & love it. It’s the right size for my family. Great purchase, happy with it.

My original crock pot broke. It had less capacity than this new one. It’s so nice to have the house smelling wonderful again when i use it.

We researched slow cookers for quite a while after the handle broke on my old one after years of dutiful service. It seemed that many slow cookers run too hot these days, even when on warm. We figured that with the low price of this unit, we’d give it a shot and see how things turned out. We couldn’t be happier – it works great, the heating hasn’t given us any trouble at all, and the unit was incredibly inexpensive.

I’ve never owned a slow cooker before so i wasn’t sure what to buy or expect. I went with this one because of the low price ($19. 88 at the time of purchase). I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. With summer coming up, and sick of spending so much $$ going out and getting unhealthy fast food, i decided it was time to try a slow cooker as i had found many quick-to-prepare recipes. I have multiple medical issues and it’s beyond difficult for me to spend hours in the kitchen trying to fix a decent meal for my mom and myself. This hamilton beach slow-cooker worked so well my first time trying it. My pot roast with vegetables turned out great. My mom is hard to please and even she was raving about it. The beef roast was fork tender as were the potatoes and baby carrots.

Just got my first crock pot ever and it’s super cool. Slow cooking opens up a whole new universe in the kitchen. And you don’t really need to buy a crock cook book. I got me boat loads of recipes from online recipe sites. I just put them right into my recipe manager. Thing is, you can do your everyday recipes with it. Just get used to cooking longer. Setting it and forgetting it.

I love looking for slow cooker recipes now and having dinner ready when i get home. Reasonably priced and works like a charm.

Exactly what i wanted and at a special price too. I have always had a good experience with hamilton beach.

It holds atleast 8 chicken breasts. Its easy to clean and i love the little steam hole in the lid of it. It doesnt show it in this pic but mine has a steam hole in it.

Very easy to use and clean up is a snap. I would recommend this to everyone.

This slow-cooker has a hole in the lid. It’s intentional, it’s got a rubber piece surrounding it, but no way to close the hole and no explanation in the paperwork provided with the thing. All other slow cookers i have owned have had totally closed off lids. I’m so baffled and confused, and reluctant to use it.

I have used this product multiple times with good results. The size is perfect for 2-4 person meals. The ceramic insert is easy to clean and is the heaviest part of the slow cooker–the housing is very light weight.

It is pretty hard to get a crock pot that doesn’t work great.

Hamilton Beach 72610 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper, Just OK

The previous model of this chopper served us well for about 10 years and now this one has taken over its duties of liquifying our favorite brand of diced tomatoes for use as salsa or spaghetti sauce. This new model is much more powerful and efficient. My tomatoes were completely liquified in 2 or 3 short spins. The design looks almost the same as the last one but the parts feel more substantial. I don’t use it for chopping or dicing vegetables because i have a beautiful knife for that.

It’s a chopper not a processor. It chops basics, it’s not a food processor. Yes watch over filling as things like onions tend to become mush. Also be careful how you put food in. Layered items can be chopped hap-hazardly. It’s a good little gadget if you’re not in the mood to pull out the big knife and cutting board. Couple of hits, and whizsome people want cheap to do everything.

It works but can be a bit messy during clean up. It does make excellent chicken or tuna salad, however the blades sit so low that onions and other veggies are slung out of the way (upward) before being fully shredded. I wonder why they don’t put a set of blades all along the shaft of the cup?. I also wonder why things can’t fit together without gaping holes, but i guess that’s what makes us human.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 72610 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Food Chopper:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Chops and minces vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheese, nuts
  • Two pulse speeds provide precise control
  • 3-cup bowl calibrated in cups, ounces, liters, and milliliters
  • Bowl, lid, and stainless-steel blade are dishwasher-safe
  • Hide-away cord-wrap reduces counter clutter

Comments from buyers

“Best salsarina in town.
, It Works, but
, Now everyone is happy. Good product

I already had one of these however my son kept borrowing it. So i got him one for his birthday.

For the price it works fairly well. Don’t fill past the 1/2 full level or take a very long time on high to get the food smooth. If you don’t want the food smooth, only chunky/chopped, then this is a good product for that.

I got this for 20 bucks here on amazon when there was some sale goin on. This processor is worth 3 times that. Ive never left a review for an amazon product before, but this beast needed 5 stars. I was making hummus in a blender before i bought this thing. This processor had no problem turning peanuts into peanut butter. Minimal parts, easy to clean, powerful, elegant. This thing is a dominant force in the kitchen. A must have for any vegan or vegetarian. This thing could blend a $500 vitamix.

This food chopper is my favorite extra appliance in the kitchen. For salsas, the low speed lets me keep the ingredients chunky. For sauces, the higher speed can easily puree most ingredients. My favorite item to use it for is onions and it saves alot of tears. The large bowl not only holds alot, but is also very easy to clean. I highly recommend this food chopper for frequent or casual dicing cook.

This is incredibly handy, compact, and powerful. I’ve found that it’s great for baking preparation, chopping nuts, mincing vegetables, and blending thicker sauces (my peanut sauce came out great). However, there are a few problems i can’t overlook:1. ) do not fill the processor more than half way (this reduces the capacity to about 2 cups) — especially if you are making beverages or thin sauces. When you remove the canister to pour the contents out, the contents sometimes spill through the center of the canister (all over your kitchen counter), even if you have left in the blade attachment. I almost burnt out the motor trying to make margaritas. (i was on vacation and accidentally left my blender at home. )if you need a mini chopper select projects (e.