Hamilton Beach Toaster 2 Sl Toastation : Great size

Bought for the office, great product two in one appliances.

Its a little small but its toast your bread fast, however you must stick around because when the bread pops up it actually fly up high in the air so you have to catch it otherwise it may land where you don’t want it to.

The unit looks good on the counter. That was concern #1 of the wife. It toasts fairly well, however it takes a setting of nearly 5 on the 1-6 scale to get a decent toasting for sourdough bread. Haven’t tried wheat or white yet. Wife and son baked some refrigerator cookies on the oven tray which they said turned out fine. One issue is that the oven does not shut off when it reaches the temp set on the thermostat. Since there’s no timer, baking anything entails constant observation, with an external timer set, to monitor progress. The oven pan is very difficult to persuade to sit level; i don’t know if that’s a flaw or just operator error. The oven does heat and bake very quickly; i suppose that’s a point in its favor. My three star rating reflects a downgrade for the thermostat, the baking pan, and for the high toast setting needed.

I really love the size of this, great toaster but the oven is really limited. I expected it to be small but the heat element is above tray and burns most items quickly.

  • Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Oven
  • Toastation 2 Slice Toaster and Oven in Black is, GREAT!
  • I had this toaster oven before and I loved it. However

Toaster 2 Sl Toastation

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Save on counter space with this two-in-one appliance.
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 8 inches ; 8.7 pounds
  • The unit functions as both a traditional toaster and as a toaster oven
  • As a toaster, it provides a 1-1/2-inch-wide toasting slot that can fit up to two slices of bread
  • two frozen waffles, or two halves of a bagel or English muffin.

I sent this to my husband who lives in an apartment andwanted a toaster. This seemed to add to the idea ofjust having a toaster. He called me and told me it workswell.

I have a small kitchen with little counter space. This works great as both a toaster and toaster oven. I love it and am very gladi purchased it. Also arrived in a timely manner.

I have always missed toast from a toaster. It is wonderful to have the convenience of a toaster oven and toast that cooks perfectly. The oven arrived in great condition and in a timely manner.

Unlike a typical toaster-oven, this one is primarily a toaster and an oven of thin food. I really like that it toasts far quicker than all other [many] toaster-ovens i had, it is hard to tell from the photo, but the oven cavity is narrow and shallow. It barely holds one pizza slice. In fact pizza crust is often too high and can get burnt. Yep, the heating element is that close. The top cover slides open for toasting, and it closes for oven use. It works very well as long as the size is understood. The only shortcoming for my need is that it has no timer to shut-off the oven.

A timer would be nice but i have a timer on my stove so i just use it. Small for my very small kitchen. I’ve reheated pizza and it did a great job.

Great toaster and toaster oven- i love it’s compact size and it looks great. It is perfect for eggos and toast, as well as heating up leftover pizza and chicken nuggets for the kids. User friendly so it’s easy for my 9 year old to use.

If you enjoy your morning bagels this is a must. I’ve had many but this one looks like it is built to last.

I originally bought this back in 2006 to use at the office because we wanted to toast english muffins and bagels. The old toaster at the office really sucked. This was perfect and i used it until 2009 where i left the job and took it back with me. It then sat in my closet for 2 years. Finally bought my own place and this unit is still working like a charm. The only thing that i don’t like is the fact that i feel like i am out growing the small size. Works great but i want something bigger now. If only they made a toastaion 4 slice or something. I’ve never had any thing turn out bad with this device. I normally melt the cheese for my sandwhich, muffins, bagels, toast bread, reheat pizza, and some fries and chicken nuggets and that is about it.

Prompt shipping, great product.

This combo toaster oven and conventional toaster is great. I had one like this on loan for a while. Since it went back to the owner, i will have to get one for myself soon.

Far better for toasting than a conventional toaster oven. Compact size and quick heat up time are definate advantages.

I love that i only have to have one appliance on my counter that works like two. I would have loved having the double toaster portion, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

We rented a house for a vacation and this was the toaster they had. It is wide enough for large slices of bread or bagels. The toaster oven is also quite big to warm up food for one. We don’t use micro wave ovens as they are detrimental to your health so this is perfect to warm up a portion.

Toaster oven works well but toaster function is not great. Some toast has even fallen down in the toaster and it toasts unevenly.

The best toaster oven i’ve had; and i’ve gone through several. My only complaint about this one is that a tall slice of bread sticks out the top. So when i have a too-tall slice, i cut it in half and insert the halves side-by-side.

It’s a good product because this product have toaster and oven together. However, the disadvantage of this product is there is no timer. You have to get another timer if baking something.

Nice construction, works well.

I mainly got this to heat and reheat my girls food. Rather then using the microwave. Its small and compact but fits in most food that i need to heat. The only down fall is yes i would love some more height and a timer. But i use my oven timer so its ok.

Hamilton Beach 40882E Stainless Steel 7 – Design Changed?

The good: price, heats water fast, auto shutoff with boil-dry protectionthe not so good: n/aoverall: recommended buy.

Everyday i would use my kettle on my stove top. . And it seems compared to this it took forever.

We ran across this visiting friends on vacation. We were impressed at how well it worked. We ordered ours as soon as we got back and have used it for a month now. It heats water fast, is easy to pour (without drips), and is easy to operate. You fill it up, then fire and forget. It turns itself off without a problem. The interior of the kettle is smooth without ridges or corners, so it’s less likely to gather mineral deposits. The screen in the spout is a little difficult to replace, but we don’t need to do that very often. It’s a lot easier to use than stove top kettles or pots?. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 40882E Stainless Steel 7:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cord-free serving
  • Auto shutoff with boil-dry protection
  • Concealed heating element
  • Drip-free spout for easy pouring
  • 1.7 liter / 7.2 cup with 1500 Watts

Solid construction for sure but heavy to lift and fill and i also noticed it does take quite awhile to heat and gets really loud too. I would suggest turning it on way early and leaving the room for about 10 minutes. Try another quieter and faster brand. As long as it works, i’m happy but not too thrilled with this purchase.

The one we received is not the one shown in the listing on the amazon site. The main difference is the water level indicator window is not on the side (as shown in the picture) which is clearly visible. The one we received has the window hidden by the handle. We thought it will not make a big difference but it did. The water level is very hard to see even under bright light. We are disappointed that the seller would switch item without proper noticesc.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Still going strong
  • Finally, the search is over
  • Everyone should own one of these!

This kettle works perfectly- no problems, no strange smells, no extra functions to make it confusing. My only complaint would be that the water-level gauge sometimes takes a second or two to catch up with and accurately reflect the water level inside the kettle, but it’s not too crucial- even going over the max a bit doesn’t really hurt the kettle. It’s all that a kettle should do.

My last two beloved purple steel tea kettles either rusted out, got burnt and separated the weld sealing the bottom or both. I wanted something fast and easy so i don’t have to turn the stove on every time, and this is it. Bonus brushed look is classier than the black & decker plastic one i had back in the dorms in college. It had a really funky sulfur like smell when i heated the first pot. I did two more and now it functions normally so i can enjoy my tea without worrying about the stove.

Well designed and heats quick. Fill with hot tap water and all 7+ cups boil in less than3 minutes.

This kettle is easy to use and quick to heat water. We use it to make tea, soup cups, and oatmeal. Not a burn risk, as long as you follow included instructions and do not touch silver areas.

This steel kettle works great, no leaks or drips, heats quickly and love the automatic shut off, no more burned pots, great product for the price.

This was a wedding gift, and i do believe they liked it. I have one myself, so i know they will get lots of use out of this gift.

Exactly like the description.

Light, quick and has an appropriate size for small use; i replaced a bulkier unit which had a switch failure unfortunately.

It heats quickly, and i really like the auto shut off. My old tea kettle had the cord attached to it, so had to unplug before pouring. This comes off the charger without the cord and can go right to the table. There is a tiny plastic window, but i doubt it leaches enough plastic to worry about.

I use this almost every day and it works wonderfully. I recognize the heat coming through the outside but i never touch that area, just pick it up by the handle so it is not a problem for me. It heats the water quickly for me to make myself tea or my husband to use it with his new french press.

I have never used it but the parents have nothing but praise for it. I have the older model and it is still going strong years later.

The only issue we’ve had with this kettle is the filter screen in front of the spout doesn’t want to stay in, but we’ve determined we don’t need it. We’ve had no issues with the timer/shut off. The water still boils rather quickly. We use this kettle several times a day. The exterior is easy enough to wipe down. We have hard water, so we do have to be mindful of scale build-up on the inside, but this would be required for any kettle in our house. We often boil water in this kettle over bringing to a boil on the gas stove. It is faster and more fuel efficient. We also had this kettle at my previous apartment.

I’ve been using electric kettles for tea and noticed my last one (glass) gave the water a plastic taste. I switched to the stainless version here by hamilton beach and have been pleased. I did notice a sulfur smell during the first few pots but you are instructed to dump them out anyways. The positive side of that was that the boiling water i poured down my sink removed all the hard water deposits:) since then, there are no smells and the taste is neutral even after the water cools.

I’m very pleased with the kettle. It takes longer to boil water than my former one but gets hotter. I especially like the flip up top which enables me to empty it without steam burning me.

After seeing the idea on a you tube video for using one of these to heat water to keep your canning lids and screw bands hot, we decided to go with this particular one because of the large size and the indicators on the side. This was used extensively and worked flawlessly each time. Much much quicker than heating the water on the stove and it also freed up one stove burner, because anyone who preserves garden foods, knows that time and space is of the essence.

I have the model with the water gauge in the handle, and it works great and is easy to use. After 9 months there is no rust, no leakage, no strange malfunctions, and no performance degradation. Some say that the handle is awkward, but i don’t find that to be the case at all. In looking at some of the newer reviews, it would appear that the design changed such that the fill window is now in the front of the kettle. Hope i don’t need to replace mine anytime soon, as that other reviewers photo of a rusty kettle (with the newer design) does not look good at all.

Hamilton Beach 62666 Cupcake Creations Hand Mixer – Pink & it works!

Bought this for my camper as i am doing pink in my woman cave. This was adorable i could not resist. Was not disappointed when it arrived.

Only comes with 1 pair of beaters. My 2 main problems with this mixer are. Beaters do not click in firmly and can come out without pushing eject button2. Can’t turn it up past the 1st speed because you will sling a mess all over the kitchen. It’s good in a pinch for making cakes and stuff but it’s worthless if you need to mix something on low. It is easier to mix a cake with this than by hand but not by much except it saves a couple of minutes.

Very nice with enough power to mash potatoes and whip up cake frosting, whipped topping, pudding, etc. The case is great and the pink color is very pretty. It came with decorating bags and tips as well as a cupcake cook booklet and paper cups. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 62666 Cupcake Creations Hand Mixer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4 stainless steel decorating tips
  • 8 disposable icing bags
  • 72 paper cupcake liners
  • Icing spatula and Decorating kit retail value of $14.99
  • 24-page color booklet with recipe & design ideas

Works well for home baking needs.

Bought this to replace my old hamilton beach hand mixer. I research a lot and decided to buy this because its a great deal for the price. This mixer is a lot better than my old one and not as noisy. I used this to make the meringue for macarons and it worked greatlove the storage box but i do wish there was a handle for easy carry. The extra spatula, pastry bag, cupcake liners and the booklet is great. Can’t beat this price with so many freebies.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Better than nothing?
  • Great mixer with 6 speeds that work!!
  • Great, gorgeous and practical!

After reading many reviews about mixers that were too fast etc , i just went for this one as i wanted a case. There are 6 speeds with the slowest just mixing the dried ingredients together but the fastest totally mixing my cake mix into almost a froth. A very very nice looking and preforming mixer for the many especially considering all the extras.

Loved this mixer had previously purchased a digital mixer which i didn’t want (i like simple products). I returned it for this one and it has been an excellent product. I got it almost a year ago and it still works like a charm. The box it came in was adorable as well and has been great for keeping it stored safely in my cabinets.

I bought as a christmas gift for my grandaugther. She likes cooking and this was the perfect gift for her, who is a pink lover girl.

This mixer set is gorgeous for the girly girl, practical as it comes in a set for a beginner or the pro, and great quality, as well as makes a perfect gift for a bridal shower or a student, or the new home owner.

Bought this for my daughter to use making cupcakes & it is heavy for me to use.

Perfect size and very reliable.

Not the strongest for whipping.

The mixers are not very thick or heavy for mixing thicker foods.

I’ve had this quite a while and it’s doing great. I had a black and decker for a couple years, no really heavy duty use and part of the bottom of the wire beater came off in my cookie dough, i imagine it could have really gone flying in some cake batter. So this one, great price, no issues with construction or use, and it’s freaking adorable.

Love this little thing, i used it so far to blend cake mix and cookie dough with satisfying results. It comes with 6 different speed settings to suit our needs, includes a cook book, basic cake/cupcake baking accessories and a storage box for just under $30. I am not big on baking and as a beginner it was a great choice , i bought this mainly to have mommy and me baking dates with my 5 year old, it is moderately heavy for young kids but it is perfect weight for teens and grown ups. I got so addicted by its ease of use that now i have become a frequent baker, i have been using it from past 6 months almost once in 2 weeks and it is holding up well, it may not be a heavy duty chef quality stuff but works very well for basic recipes such as cake and cookies. Pink color appeals to kids and they get engaged in helping parents and also get to learn in the process.

The beaters are easy to insert and remove.

Nice product and simple to use. Used it to make nice cakes and every body liked it a lot.

My wife used this through the holidays and she loves itit does everything she wanted and more.

This will probably be great for cakes and frostings. But the beaters aren’t very good for cookie dough. They’re thin and rounded, flattened ones with a little with are better for that. The lowest speed also seems really strong for a low setting.

Easy to use and such a pretty pink.

This does great for the price, dont really like the color but that is what you get.

Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver, Great buy

Edit:purchased april 2012 – ice shaver 1 came out of the box defective. Ice shaver 2 arrived a week later (amazon sent a replacement)june 30th, 2012 9:55pm – a loud crunch and the death of machine 2. —– some of the parts are not very strong. It’s a machine that crushes ice. It needs some reinforcements added. ——true story: i am now a statistic of the truly ‘not smart’ people. Obviously when it comes to handling products that have big warnings listed on them regarding a sharp blade *shiver* 5 small stitches later i decided it was so stupid and yet to amusing not to share. Moral of the story: if there is a large piece of ice stuck toward the bottom that won’t shave down, don’t use your finger to try to get it out. :)i purchased this because my target bought hamilton beach ice shaver kicked the bucket. Since we are a few weeks from ice shaver season i headed to my old faithful amazon.

We had a snow cone party with grandchildren and used this, a snow cone machine and a blender. To be honest, the blender worked just as well, but this is easier clean. I love the two options for smoothie/snow cone. Quite loud, but so is blender.

I got this little gadget the 3rd of july and it worked great until half an hour ago. I’m a slushie ice junkie and had made my flavored slushie ice with everything from pink lemonade to almond milk. I used this machine about 4-5 times a day on average. I was making an almond milk slushie and all of a sudden the machine seized up. I turned the lid to turn it off and tried to remove the mixing bowl. The machine wouldn’t release the stirring arm so the bowl could be removed. The stirring arm broke, the mixing bowl broke leaving a hole in the bottom where the arm attached and a piece (probably part of the rotating section) fell out. Of course the warranty is out so neither hamilton beach nor amazon will replace it. It was great while it lasted.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make your favorite icy drinks in minutes – enjoy icy drinks, snow cones and slushies with your favorite soda,juice or fruit
  • Use the included mixing bowl or shave ice into your own dish for snow cones
  • Easy to clean – all removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Recipes included

Comments from buyers

“Solid Ice Shaver, Well Built, Worth the Money
, Bought Two, Broke Two
, Easy Bake Oven Of Ice Shavers

Spring is here, and summer is coming. Perfect time to buy an ice shaver. This thing is darn easy to use. I took it out of the box, rinsed the parts and had it working right away without checking any manual. The ice compartment is a bit small, but not really a big deal since this is, after all, a compact machine. You can adjust how fine you want the shaved ice, from slushie-size to snow cone-size, very convenient. The only real problem i had with this machine is that the slushie mixer blades are quite high above the bottom of the holder so you have to put in quite a lot of liquid for it to start mixing.

At first i was skeptical about purchasing this ice shaver. Unlike many others available, this one didn’t have a ton of reviews. Usually, i like to let others test a product out before i buy one. What changed my mind for this product was the high review the ‘hamilton beach tasty treats ice shaver’ received. I did some research and found that this one is the updated model. A bit more research and i found that the updated model hadn’t changed too much from the previous. From that, i deduced that this machine would perform at least as well as the previous model. While still skeptical, i decided to treat myself and purchase it. As soon as i received it, i opened it and tested it. I’ve come up with a list of pros and cons:pros:>easy to take apart>exceptionally easy to clean>drive mechanism is seperated from parts that need to be cleaned>pretty quick>stir arm mixes whatever is in the receiving container>simple, attractive design>not terribly loud.

Really happy with this item. You just throw in regular ice and let it go. For the larger batches you have to separate the ice it won’t all fit in the feeder at once. But i love it, no fuss with cakes or specialty stuff. Just use ice, bagged, machine, tray, crushed, cubed, whatever. My kids do complain that it’s loud but hey, it’s crushing ice. They don’t complain when i am giving them slushies and snow cones after the noise. Great purchase, left money going to sonic for slushies. Makes great grown up slushies too, even has a few new recipes to try in the recipe booklet.

Used it regularly for plain or flavored slushies for a few years of hot weather but it did not last long enough.

Purchased my first machine back in 2010, and it finally gave out after many years of heavy use (during the summer). My kids love being able to make slushes (to be honest, it’s doesn’t work well for snow cones, but is awesome to make slushes). Either way, having something cold to eat/drink on a hot summer day makes them really happy, and i just buy the syrups at a local store. I just ordered another to replace the one that gave us many years of faithful service. The only thing i dislike about it is the noise it makes – but it is shaving ice and is mechanical. Noise is just gonna be there when a machine like this is running.

Sometimes the ice cubes get stuck but you just open it and move them a little and it’s back on track. I’m a big ice eater so this was a must have- especially during pregnancy.

I got this for my son birthday. I got it fast and love that it can do snow cones and icee both in one machine. I like the cup/bowl that catches the ice. Its easy to use and clean up which i love. But the terrible noise it makes i put it two rooms away and still hear it like it was right beside me. That why i give it three stars and not 5 i have had other ice shavers over the year and this is two or three times the noise.

Monday we were out doing chores and it was really hot. So we stopped and had mocha slushies- wonderful. On the way home we decided we both really liked them. So much that i went on line to amazon and ordered the hamilton beach icy treats maker. It arrived july 3rd, just in time for the holiday weekend. It is so simple, i just get ice out of the icemaker, throw it into the icy treats maker and in just a minute i have enough shaved ice for our afternoon iced mocha. Now we are looking for more ways to use it, i think next i am going to freeze some fruit and make fruit slushies.

After the first time i used a commercial portable shaved ice machine, i’ve always thought about getting one for the family. I did quite a bit of research into the different home models around and decided to give this one a try. I’ve had it for just under a month and used it about 2-3 times for my 2 daughters. I’ve got to say for what i spent on it, it does the job, and am very satisfied with it. Considering the commercial versions costs in the hundreds of dollars, for. In about 2-3 minutes i was able to make slushed ice for 2 kids and a little left over for me. Only two concerns, one is the plastic parts around the gears, those will probably wear over time or constant use, and i may have to adjust the blade as my kids didn’t think the shaved ice was really thin enough, but i think i should be able to unscrew the blade so that i can make it slice smaller pieces. Btw, i used refrigerator ice that is somewhat half-moon shaped, and they worked well. I even tried crushing the ice first but that didn’t seem to work as well, as the way the ice helps to push down on the other ice, having crushed ice inside just makes it more messy, leaving the ice as it comes out of the freezer seems to work a lot better.

At first i was very undecided whether to go with this or the snowman, then i read some good reviews about the rival ice shaver too so it was very confusing. I decided this looked more versatile than the snowman and it had better reviews than the rival. I’m glad i went with this one. As another reviewer said, it looks like a proper kitchen appliance, not a toy like some of the others. I got some ice cubes out of my fridge and gave it a go and it worked liked a treat. It was fast, efficient and we made two huge smoothies in no time at all. I was expecting it to jam and take a while but it didn’t. It has two settings, snocone and slushie. Another thing i like about this machine is that you can use regular ice, you don’t have to use any containers that come specially with it, so you don’t have to run out of ice to use, or lose the containers and have to replace them. I used ice from my ice trays, they’re relatively small, haven’t tried using the larger cubes.

I ordered this product thinking it would shave the ice finely and make wonderful snow cones. It ultimately just crushes the ice against the blade inside it which makes ice chips, the equivalent of blending the ice. If you are using ice cubes, expect to invest half an hour in making enough ice to use for a good snow cone. Well then you’re getting something else to do what this machine is meant to do anyways. I would suggest either investing in a far nicer ice shaver, or just buy a blender as either will do what this one does better. It gets 3 stars because it does actually in fact at some point do what it says it will. Give you ice for snow cones, but it just takes way to long, and is way to big of a hassle.

Hamilton beach customer service was fantastic. They had me cut the power cord off and send them a photo. Once they received it the confirmation photo, then sent us a new one which does function properly so i have revised my original one star to a 4 star rating. Excellent customer serviceworst purchase i ever made from amazon. You can add ice and it functions as it should but it does not shave the ice. The ice remains solid in cubes. I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone.

You get what you pay for here. It works better if you smash up the ice a bit before putting it in the top, but then it takes a long time, and you have to keep filling it with ice often to get enough to meet the markers on here container. I use the long ice cubes, so results may vary depending on the source of your ice. The ice is consistent and it does work. It is as loud as you would expect something shaving ice to be. I might try putting freeze pops in it next but i don’t expect it to come out like a slushy. The biggest issue i think is that it is way too slow, by the time you get enough to use, a good bit has already melted. It was fun for the kids to help me with though, especially since we had to physically beat it to get it to continue shaving sometimes, lol. (the ice was wedged in a way that didn’t hit the blades).

I had a craving for sno cones so decided to buy my own machine. I couldnt decide which one to purchase off amazon the white hawiian sno cone or the hamilton beach. The hawiian sno cone machine had many reviews the hamilton sno cone machine none. The hamilton is the best hands down. It does everything automatically. I turn to it over and over again. I pour the ice in at the top turn the lid closed and ice automatically starts being shredded into the cup under the lid. The ice is perfect for me but not what i would call the fine fine ice, it does have chips.

I bought this as a way to make frozen margaritas with a consistent ice/slush mix that we could not get with a blender. I am very happy with that goal; it is just very slow and noisy. From start to finish, it takes about 5 minutes to make one frozen drink. Fortunately, i can walk away while it shaves the ice and mixes it in with the liquor. It has trouble with large ice cubes. If you want a good frozen drink maker and don’t mind the noise and time, this is a deal. Several friends have sampled the results and was surprised how affordable it was. We actually may give some away for christmas.

Not as loud as i had expected, at least for in ice shaver. Works well and quickly, no jams so far. I use the ‘snow cone’ setting and the results are very close to the type advertised by the hound dog (not use if you can mention brand names). The ‘slushie’ setting is very fine, it reminds me or scraping frost of the car windows, the stirring paddle in the bowl works well to keep it from filling and jamming. The large is definitely big enough for two drinks, or one massive one. Homemade syrups seem to be easy enough to make, and certainly make own this cost effective.

I love this machine, use it all the time now for low calorie treats. I bought a frozen yogurt maker at the same time and will never use it because this is so much faster and easier and there’s nothing to clean up. Plus the treats can be zero-calorie by using sugar-free coffee syrup or sugar-free sodastream flavoring or those water enhancer drops. My favorite is a bowl of the shaved ice (i use it on the slushie setting) with root beer flavored davinci coffee syrup on one side and one of the berry flavors on the other. Delicious and zero calories.

Beating the texas heat is serious business, and having a yummy slushie any time you want is a wonderful thing. We make our own syrups (boil 3/4 cup each water and sugar, remove from heat, stir in a packet of your favorite flavor of kool-aid, et viola), so there’s no end to the happiness. It’s a very well made machine with two settings for what type of shavings you want, slushie or snow cone. We’ve only used the slushie setting thus far. It’s not too noisy, and gives you enough shaved ice for about two drinks at a time. If every kitchen had one, the world would be a happier place. You can’t be unhappy with a slushie in your hand.

I have a liver disease and often have challenges in keeping things down and things actually tasting good and ‘feeling’ good in my tummy. I had ordered a different type of ice shaver and was disappointed in it’s output. This hamilton beach ice shaver is fantastic. Now i can have a slushie any time of the day or night. Made from any fruit or juice i am craving at the moment. What a great snack maker addition to our kitchen.

I bought my first one in early november. I bought the seconmd one in january, it broke the first of march. Both units broke in the same place. The reliability of the entire unit comes down to a tiny little plastic spindle in the middle of the bowl that is about 1/4 inch in diameter. This is all that holds the whole grinder unit together. It’s only a matter of time until his little shaft just snaps off. I’m a product design engineer myself. If this spindle were twice the diameter and properly cored out and ribbed, the unit could last far longer. It almost looks like it was designed to fail intentionallyup until the unit breaks it functions okay, though it is rather slow and noisy.

I had been looking around for a machine that could make a beverage like an 7-eleven icee, or slushie. Somehow i found the hamilton beach ice shaver, it wasn’t a huge dollar amount considering that the professional machines that do this in 7-eleven cost at last a thousand dollars, so what the heck, i was willing to take the risk for $29 dollars. The price was less than any i found on ebay. Unboxed it, was suprised on how simple the design is, and how few loose items are part of the machine, which are the clear lid, the stirring device, and the removable clear mixing bowl. Loaded it up with some ice, poured in coca-cola into the mixing bowl, and put the lid in place, which turns on the machine and let it do it’s work. Varying the amount of liquid you use will get you different results, either thick or thinner consistency of drinks. I make about 1 slushie drink per week, and every time i’ve used it the end result has been great.

Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Single Serve 12 Cup Coffee Maker w/Thermal Travel Mug Bundle : Two way brewer.

I had bought some of the pod filters and did not realize the sealer was discontinued. Those make great little filters for the single serving side. This maker is easy to use, easy to clean and makes great coffee.

I love the double functionality. It’s very easy to toggle between the two, there is a little slider on the front. I made the stupid mistake of toggling to the to-go side and not thinking about how much water i had loaded. I also love that i can set it to make coffee on a timer, nothings helps me wake up quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The timer is also easy to set up. A must-have for me is a clear carafe, because i am terrified of mold, so this was a huge plus for me.

Interesting coffee maker, coming from having a regular coffee pot and a keurig side by side,it took up way to much counter space so i decided to try this. First, this does not take conventional keurig cups, you actually put the coffee grounds in the side basket and let it brew. Although, you have to clean the basket from the grounds, and it does take a little longer than the keurig, the coffee is good and hot. With a flip of the switch on the front you go to a regular coffee maker. Coffee is good and hot and yes it does automatically turn off with 2 hours. Programming was easy, nothing to it. Since my coffee begins at 5 am in the carafe and my son uses the single cup at 4 am he has to remember to flip the switch or the programming doesn’t work. I did investigate the ninja to find way to many complaints on the machine, so decided on this. For the price you certainly get your monies worth but most importantly you don’t pay the added expense of the kcup.

Fits nice on my counter without taking up a lot of space.

  • Fits nice on my counter without taking up a lot of
  • So far so good!
  • gift for grandson

Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Single Serve 12 Cup Coffee Maker w/Thermal Travel Mug Bundle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Beach Camera Exclusive Bundle – Includes Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker & Copco Travel Mug
  • Two ways to brew — single cup or full 12-cup glass carafe
  • Control panel and display with hour & minute buttons to program the brewing time up to 24 hrs before
  • Equipped with programmable timer with 2-hour automatic shutoff
  • Travel mug holds a whopping 24 ounces; Hand washing is recommended for best care

Good coffee maker easy to use, just sad that its not a k-cup for the single serve side.

Great product for single and multi cup coffee lovers.

It’s not only really nice looking but makes great coffee. My husband said he doesn’t like how slow it is but it’s worth it in the end. He gets his single serve side and i get my coffee pot side.The thing that everyone else is complaining about with it leaving a bunch of coffee in the bottom and is hard to clean, must have really big hands. I can clean it perfectly fine.

Bought this for my adult grandson and he loves it.

I drink “leaded” coffee but my husband drinks decaf. I brew a few cups for me in the morning and he uses the travel cup and the single serve.

The travel mug is really nice. I would recommend it to anyone who likes coffee. The only drawback is that it only takes pod for the one cup and they are hard to find. I just put a measure that will work in the holder and it works great.

This makes great coffee but it does not take kcups. I bought as a gift and was really disappointed to hear that. It’s did come with a cup to make single serving but that makes speciality coffee a pain and no hot cocoa. It’s being used and works great for what it is. I would not buy again only because of the cup.

The pot works great in both function. The mug that was sent with it , won’t fit in the single brew.

This is written 3 years after purchase and almost daily use, cleaning every 6 mo:works great–easy to clean, but died after 3 years of use. For a little over $100, it really should be on the other side of 5 years.

Hamilton Beach 740016024002 35200 Oil Deep Fryer, Very efficient

Never had one of these before and i was afraid to try or even buy it. Well it was easy and fun besides. The first effort is now a family favorite. We’ve done fritters, fries, spring rolls and chicken. I never knew it was this easy.

Worked great love this little fryet. It’s perfect for the 3 of us.

This is a solid fryer except for one flaw: first, i think the capacity of the fryer is a little too small, where if you have more than just a small amount of food you will end up doing many batches to fry all your food. For example the food we make most often with this fryer is fries. If you follow the directions and only do a single layer of fries at a time, each batch in this fryer may not even be enough for a single serving of fries. The other issue i have is the basket does not place evenly into the fryer. When you put the lid on, it tilts the handle up where one side of the basket will be fully submerged in oil while the other side will be partially out the the oil. Obviously, this leads to uneven frying results.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 740016024002 35200 Oil Deep Fryer, 8-Cup, 1, Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 8-Cup capacity
  • Immersed heating element makes direct contact with oil for ultra-fast heating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable heat
  • Digital timer

Comments from buyers

“Perfect for a Family Fish Fry
, it’s okay, but
, The best thing about this machine is that it comes apart

This is just right to fry food for the two of us. I’ve wanted one for some time and now this is a good addition to my kitchen.

Saves so much time w large meals.

All pieces come apart to be easily cleaned. Makes two pizza puffs perfect.

I haven’t used mine yet, but purchased mine after using a friend’s deep fryer, which is great. I expect the same with mine.

This fryer is much smaller than i was expecting. For a couple small wings or whatnot it does the job if you’re only serving yourself, but if you have company or are couple be prepared to spend some time frying. I’d use this when i’m alone but i’d rather use a typical dutch oven when i’m short on time or serving more people.

Ok for the money but i would buy a better one next time, 2 pieces of chicken cools it off forever.

This fryer does everything you would expect it to, heats up fairly quickly and cooks evenly. The only thing i dont like is that it uses a ton of oil, there is a minimum fill line and the food wont reach the oil if you dont fill it up to at least that point. Not very convenient if you are cooking just a little bit of something for yourself. I got a little frydaddy cooker as well and use that instead when it’s just me, but this product is perfect if you are cooking for a family or large group.

I really like the ease of this fryer, i can fry in just minutes. Comes in handy when not a lot of time to cook.

Great buy great price wish there were other colors to match my kitchen decor shipping very efficient.

I bought two of these for each of my children who just bought houses. I didn’t want anything too bulky but big enough to cook for 2-3.

I order it for my wife for christmas and we been using it eveytime came on time if i could i’d order another one.

Sometimes you just want to do your own deep fry food. I would say i use my fryer 3 to 4 times a week. Fried potatoes (fresh and frozen) are the standard usages, but i also use it for fried shrimp, chicken patties and strips, and breaded fish. I don’t go to the fast food joints as much as i use to. If you have a george foreman type grill and one of these deep fryers. You can do some quick late night burger and fries type meals without leaving home. I have an 8 cup fryer, but i’ve learned over time that you can get by on 7 to 6 cups of oil. It’s gets hotter faster and it fries fresh cut potatoes in 12 to 15 minuets. People have complained that they can’t fry fresh cut french fries, i think it’s because they try to fill the basket. Less than half of the basket in height is suggested 1/3 the height of the basket with the fryer at maximum heat (pre-heated) for at least 10 min or until the ready light is on is perfect. I wish that you could buy additional baskets for the fryer but i don’t see that option. It’s large enough for two small servings or one large serving depending on what you are frying. If you are frying chicken wing’s or drum sticks you’re fine, anything larger, i’m not too sure would work very well with this fryer.

The best thing about this machine is that it comes apart for easy cleaning. It does everything it says it does. The heating is quick and easy to use.

I almost want to get a second one of these. It is a great little product at a great price.

I have used it many times and i have had no problems with it. Parts take up a lot of space in the dishwasher.

I bought this for a family member and they use it all the time with no problems. You must follow the directions exactly as it instructs though, because if it tells you a certain amount of minutes to cook it really does mean it. It’s not a hassle to clean or store and so simple anyone could use it.

Excellent product, very good at relationship between quality vs price, recommended 100%.

This is the second one i buy. So many people come to my home and enjoy how quick this fryer can cook. So i decided to buy a second one as a christmas gift for my brother.

Inevitably, home deep fryers are messy and a tedious process, but this one cuts down on both. It’s a quick to heat up, and the lid reduces splatter nicely. Definitely the best in its price range.

This is the best little fryer i ever had. Would reccomend it to everybody. Will now get the bigger one down the road.

Hi, delivery as promissed, ecxellent. The main reason why i bought this fryer was because i though i was going to get raid of the smell of fried stuff all over the place, specially the clothes, it did reduced the smell a lot but not enough. Ithe smell is still hanging in the air. The basket should be bigger. Had it for about a week now, hinking about sending it back.

Hamilton Beach 33258 Slow Cooker, You can find better ones for cheaper

You can stick it in the fridge for leftovers. It’s a basic slow cooker that does the job. The small one is great for queso, gravy and warming cream. I’m happy with this purchase.

I do so much of my cooking in slow cookers. This set is nice because of the small crock pot bonus.

My old one didn’t have this (it broke so replaced with this one) and i noticed a significant cooking time difference.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 33258 Slow Cooker, 5-Quart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bonus 2-Cup Food Warmer- Perfect for Warm Cheese & Chocolate Dips
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware & Glass Lid
  • Low/High & Keep Warm Settings
  • Perfect for 5lb. Chicken or 3lb. Roast
  • Easy-to-use

Comments from buyers

“excellent value
, Solid and Cheap Slow Cooker
, Handle on lid came off

Cooker works fine, seems well-built. Seems like a really good price.

This is really a bit too big for me. I live alone and would have been happier until. . I had a large corned brisket. It fit perfectly in this hamilton slow cooker. I started it on high and when it started to boil i looked and found that it was a gentle simmer and not a hard boil. Just what i wanted it to do. The corned beef brisket was cooked to perfection. I still have two corned briskets in the freezer waiting for their turn in this slow cooker.

This is the best slow cooker i’ve ever bought and the best price i’ve ever found.

I missed having a slow cooker in the kitchen – last one broke. Now i have a little mini crock pot too.

Good price, works well for me, no flaws i can notice, construction is good for the price. I’ve used it for many stews and chicken recipes. Importantly there is no plastic odor when using the product, which some of these cookers have. Also important: the settings work properly, warm, low, and high are each distinctive and make for accurate cooking. I have not used the little food warmer, and it seems a bit of a novelty, but perhaps others find greater use in it.

I’ve had the ones w/all the bells and whistles, they break quickly. I use a regular timer for lights with it if i need to, otherwise just turn this on and my dinner is ready when i get home. Also, use it to make bone broth, which requires continuous use for a couple days, works great for that too.

This crockpot i have never had and issue with. It cooks all my good perfectly. I even bough the crockpot bag inserts so it’s not as hard to clean and i love it.

I like that i got a free sauce warmer. However, after about 10 or so uses, the handle on the lid came off. I tried super-gluing and using a glue gun, but the heat from the cooker heats up the glue and the handle comes off. Would have been 5 stars without this issue.

Having the 2nd smaller pot is great to have for cheese dips or chocolate for dipping fruit.

I find myself making meals for the week with relative ease. My only gripe with it is there’s no indicator light to show if it’s on or not. That’s easily solved by whether the pot gets hot or not but it would be nice to have an indicator regardless.

The mini cooker wasn’t really necessary. I do like the large 5 quart cooker.

The large cooker is good for meals and the small one is excellent for hot dips, especially chocolate. It would be perfect if it had a band on the large one that seals the lid tight to allow for transporting foods with liquid.

Got for step daughter christmas gift. She has been using it 2-3 times a week to make roasts stew and other family meals.

The chili cook off was five days away and my old crockpot quit working. So jumped on amazon for a quick order, this one promised the bonus of a small unit as well as a replacement for my old one. Unfortunately the small unit’s lid was not in the box when opened. Not sure how to get one so will check goodwill.

I cook soup in this crock slow cooker at least twice a week. I have used it for about four months so i cannot say a lot about durability. I can say that the ceramic and top are still in ‘as-good-as-new’ shape. I like having three temperature settings and the additional warmer cup is a nice feature.

Keep warm, low and high are the settings. It is a great, nice looking crock pot for the low cost.

This is our second slow cooker that we have from hamilton beach. Works great, my wife sometimes uses two at the same time to prepare meals.

3 settings is all you need (low, high, keep warm). Glassware fits rather loose, but i think all do. Every product i’ve owned made by hamilton beach has never failed and are rather affordable. You dont need to be an expert at cooking. I just buy the prepared slow cooker packages they sell in any grocery store. Its easy to use and to clean. The size is large which should be enough to cook 5 or 6 lbs of meat.

I don’t have any issues and cooks and keeps food warm.

Does cook hotter than some on the higher setting, but i don’t mind that as i don’t like ‘wimpy’ slow cookers. The low setting allows for lower cooking if i need it.

We love our crock pot, we use it almost weekly with no problems, haven’t tried the little pot yet but i’m sure it will work fine.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : pretty good deal

My husband and i are very pleased with our new toaster. It toasts evenly and fits bread and bagels. Also, it’s stylish looking with its stainless steel exterior.

We had the 2 slices version. Worked so well that we upgraded to a 4 slices and donate my previous version (still working very well).

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smudgeproof, brushed finish
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots

Very durable and worth the money. I have had this product in the kitch for 1 year and works like a champ.

Some of the slots burn on one side but it’s only one on each side. You have to make sure to flip them if you like your toast well done. It looks nice on my counter, though.

This is a great product – toasts evenly, looks great, doesn’t show fingerprints, and at a very good price. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : I’ve had this a while now, and its worked ok. I ordered it for the 4 slice and bagel capability, but its had a couple problems. After about 3 months, the handles wouldn’t lock down anymore. I was able to repair it by taking it apart and cleaning the connections for the magnets that control the pop up. After about a year, the bread is not evenly toasted on both sides. In one slot it only toasts on one side.

This stylish and cute toaster worked right out of the box, looks great on the kitchen countertop, and gets my toast to the perfect shade without any issues. I recommend this toaster to anyone who needs a four-slot toaster that also does bagels and has an extra-wide slot to fit texas toast or waffles. I recommend this toaster, so you should get one today.

This toaster looks super cool; kind of futuristic retro. You know, like what we thought all appliances would look like in the future, back in 1969. It makes toast tender yet crisp. What i love is the bagel option where only the inside of your bread/bagel gets toasted. Works excellent with buns too.

I really wanted a stainless steel double toaster for under $50, and thought this would be the perfect product. Only 4 stars because one side doesn’t pop up all the way when the toast is done. Also, i have limited counterspace and this thing is about a foot wide, so be forwarned. Other than that, it does the job like any other toaster and it looks really nice.

I bought this toaster because the price was right and consumer reports gave it a good review. It also looks nice on the counter. It toasts well for bread but only toasts on one side for bagels. The picture shows that the bagels are toasted and sit high in the toaster for easy removal when finished toasting. The toaster shuts off when it’s done toasting but it does not hold the bread product high enough for easy removal. You must hold onto the small lever high with one hand while you’re removing the bread or bagel with the other hand. It’s a nuisance to have to do this but you have no choice. I talked to my husband about returning it, but he didn’t feel the problem was big enough to make a change. I, however, disagree, but am willing to live with it.

Great toaster, exactly what i wanted. Extra large slots, adjustable dials, smooth finish matches my other appliances.

Toast comes out evenly toasted. Heats up reletively quickly. Looks nice, feels like a solid made appliance. Tough to find a reliable toaster now days. I just can’t see spending $100 plus for a toaster, when half the cuisinarts and so called ‘upper end’ toasters get just as bad or even worse reviews. I have been looking for a replacement for our not so old sunbeam toaster which was becoming dangerous to use as it sometimes would continue toasting after the toast popped up. After very extensive research and sifting through all the overwhelming bad reviews on almost every toaster out there i decided on the hamilton beach 4 slice. Less than $36 and free shipping through amazon. Has blue light to show it is toasting, nice light to dark adjustment knobs, defrost mode, and a bagel setting which toasts just the face of the bagel.

This product came well repacked with no manual or oem packing, but it works just fine and had a reasonable price. So we gave it a shot and have had no issues to report, we are very happy with our choice.

We bought this when our sunbeam toaster (white plastic, ugly) bit the dust, so to speak. Purchased it based on consumers reports ratings, and of course, the great reviews here on amazon. It is great-looking, and easy to use. It works well, and yes, it can leave some streaks on the bread, depending on the darkness you choose. But it doesn’t make a difference to us. . I guess we’re not toast connoisseurs. It has some nice features for bagels and defrosting, which we don’t use that often. The slots are wide and we can fit some large slices of bread easily into the toaster horizontally, not placing the bread upright. So the whole slice gets toasted.

Large, stainless, each side works independently, slots large enough for bagels and hand-sliced pieces of bread. Light-dark controls work well.

This is a very high quality toaster at a very reasonable price. It toasts bread uniformly on both sides and consistently maintains the desired level of toasting where ever it is set.

My daughter-in- law loves this toaster, it is her four slice toaster and it had to be able to do bagels.

We’ve had it for almost 6 months, and it works great. Toasts evenly and it looks good in the kitchen.

This toaster is exactly what we needed. Toasts bread and bagels very nicely.

Best toaster i’ve ever owned.

Solid toaster, looks good with the rest of my countertop stainless steel appliances.

This toaster was a very good buy for the money and it fits bagels perfectly and you can pop it up with a button.

Hamilton Beach 400943318406 33184 Oval Slow Cooker : GO SLOW!!!

We have enjoyed many slow cooker meals with this.

I have been searching for a large slow cooker for a few months, because i’ve been using the 2 i own that are too small for certain recipes that i want to make for more than 2 people, or wish to have plenty of left-overs. This hamilton beach 8-quart was the perfect selection for our specific needs. I accidentally over-loaded my smaller slow cookers, and i couldn’t wait to get the right size to cook a large amount of food, without constant spills, or drips. I purchased this slow-cooker in k-mart for $36. 99, which is now the largest one i own. This is a very good quality, and hamilton beach comes through with their products, as i’ve never been disappointed in the last 20 years with the products i do own. Since my purchase, i’ve cooked several different recipes, and they all resulted in perfection. The instruction manuel offers helpful tips, questions & answers for troubleshooting, a cooking chart, and more. They give free recipes for beef pot roast, chili, and whole chicken. In addition, you can receive free delicious recipes from their website.

This crockpot works just beautifully. I wanted a really large one for cooking bone broth. And this is a really large one. There are no complicated programming panels, just on, off, hi, low, and keep warm.

After reading all the bad reviews about this slow cooker, i didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy about ordering it. It came in record time and i used it a couple days later. It is definitely an 8 quart cooker and is heavy, not flimzy. I made a huge recipe of beef stew which came up to the top of the cooker but i had no problems with it. I cooked on high for 4 hours to get it going, stirred and then cooked another 5 hours on low. Best beef stew i’ve ever madethose people leaving negative reviews leave me wondering about them. I’m extremely happy with my cooker.

  • After reading all the bad reviews about this slow cooker
  • Great big pot!
  • Can Recommend!

Hamilton Beach 400943318406 33184 Oval Slow Cooker, 8-Quart, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full-Grip handles for easy carrying
  • Removable dishwasher safe stoneware, dishwasher safe glass lid
  • Keep warm, low and high settings and red metallic wrap
  • Keep warm maintains the ideal serving temperature without over cooking
  • 8 quart capacity

This is plenty large, which is what i need with 5 adult appetites. It cooks nice, and i only need to run it 4-6 hrs. I don’t have to cook overnight anymore.

Love the red exterior & black crock inside. 3-settings including low, high, and keep warm.

The product was everything i was expecting.

Heavier than i would prefer, but it cooks great and is very attractive in my kitchen. Larger size is very useful for cooking enough to have for lunches or even freeze for a quick weekday dinner. Easy ordering and speedy delivery are great.

I needed a larger slow cooker for when i prepare meals for more than just my family. This one works well and is attractive. The only thing that was bothersome was the first time i turned it on it off gassed quite a bit. I had to plug it in outside and let it run for about 20 minutes before the strong chemical smell dissipated.

I use this constantly, love the color , size and convenience.

Just picked up one at (yes) kmart for $25. But, while the capacity is very large, it is actually 6.

Needed a new one for large amounts and this fit the bill. Works great and i would buy another one.

Love this large slow cooker. Wanted the non-digital controls. Well made and performs as advertised.

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 wife happy, everyone happy.

Just what i was looking for.

. Be careful the first few times, it cooks hotter than any other crockpot i have had (probably 5-6).

Hamilton Beach 31137 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Just what I wanted:

When i received it, i was diasappointed as it was so small. But, after using it, i love it and it gives me more counter space and not so much heat in the summer.

I was misled by the ‘fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. Roast or a 9′ pizza’ product description. This is a very small toaster oven. (discovered later that very same quote on lots of hb to descriptions. ) i returned it for something more useable/larger — something you could actually cook a chicken in, though maybe not a 6 lb.

Appeared to be larger on line. Disappointed about the size.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31137 4-Slice Toaster Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Second oven convenience
  • Saves time & energy – reheats 28% faster and uses 80% less energy
  • Fits a 9″ pizza
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9″ pizza
  • Second oven convenience
  • Saves time and energy-reheats 28% faster and uses 80% less energy
  • Fits a 9″ pizza
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9″ pizza

Comments from buyers

“One Person Delight!
, OK toaster for the price
, Description inaccurate

Smaller than the picture makes it appear. Not sure what pizza they used, but you can not put a small pizza in here unless it is baby size.

I have gone thru many toaster ovens – well i finally found one that does everything it’s supposed to – i toast bagels, rolls, etc. Toasts perfect – love the bell – oven works great – looks good to – best perk is bright heat rods inside – you can actually see what’s cooking – never had a toaster oven with this feature – great buy – thank you amazon, you did it again.

I have only had this item 1 month, but so far it is excellent. I am using it more than i expected to, because it is so easy & convenient. It is not cheaply made as some toaster ovens are.

I loved the price of this toaster oven and i am very pleased with the look and function of it so far. I’ve used it mainly for toasting bread and reheating pizza slices. It does exactly what i wanted it to do and has plenty of room for a couple pizza slices or 4 pieces of small bread. It looks great and appears to be of very good quality.

Does the job ok but the classic old type timer can’t be turned back or off once you dial it too far.

Bought this toaster oven for my daughter in college. She is in an apartment that has a full size oven. When she wants to cook or heat up something for herself, she doesn’t want to warm up the ‘big oven’. It doesn’t take up too much counter space, so her roommates don’t complain either.

Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it .

I’ve had toaster ovens made by oster, and this oven is far superior. The size is excellent – not too large and bulky, and it does everything it’s supposed to do well. I’m so pleased with this purchase.

I am happy with it thus far, but knobs are hard to turn and not real heavy as the previous one i had for many years was, just do not make things like they used to. . Would give it 4 and a half stars.

Bakes and toasts as promised. Control knob a little awkward but not a big deal. Appearance ok but not most elegant available. I am satisfied i got what i paid for.

Works for warming pizza and making toast. It was delivered on time in good condition.

Great price and good quality toaster for cooking small portions.

I use a lot and i have toasted bread 4 pieces at a time, cooked meat, frozen meals, fish this product is great for the price.

Though a bit on the small side you can still do alot with it. Cooks, heats up, and bakes food really well. It is a useful and convinient miniture oven.

Got what i wanted: an oven in which to toast bread and to heat frozen foods. Also, does not take up much kitchen counter space.

I’ve been looking for some time now for a toaster oven. I even bought one a few weeks ago at a very nice department store. I bought a brand name that is very reputable; however, when i tried to bake in it a sound like a jet plane came out of it. I decided to look on amazon. I started to read the reviews and decided this little oven seemed perfect. So far i have toasted and baked with perfect results. The salmon burgers i love came out better than in the regular oven. It also is very quiet running. I would recommend this oven to anyone who is single. It is small but that’s exactly what i was looking for in a toaster oven.

Got this to replace my old and dying toaster oven. This is way better than a microwave, food tastes better, heated evenly, crispy rather than soggy from a microwave. I highly recommend this product.

I got this for my husband at his request for a father’s day present. I love having toast from fresh italian break but using my toaster i always had to have thin little pieces, but with this i can toast up some big, thick pieces of toast.In addition, i use it for my kids. They love chicken nuggets and french friends and this toaster oven allows me to bake them in virtually the same amount of time but without having to use my oven and thus making my house a lot hotter than it needs to be. We’ve made mini pizzas in this as well. My husband and i just love this product.

Works great, but smaller than i thought when purchasing. One of the reviews said that it could toast six pieces of bread at a time, only four fit into this. The other reason for my score of three is that the toaster rack and oven tray do not both fit in the oven at the same time. One has to be removed for the other to slide in. All in all though, the product works great.

Make sure to clean the tray under it to prevent fire hazard. It has worked very well for our household needs. Not safe for teens since they forget to clean the tray. Be around, when they are using it.