Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker : Even the kids love it!

Love this appliance- super easy too. I can’t believe how much i love this. I’ve never owned one before, was kinda intimidated, but after 2 minutes googling recipes before cooking all my fear goes away as i get inspired to throw stuff in, close the lid, and 15 min later food is usually done and awesome :d someone had mentioned the directions were horrible and they were right, they are 100% useless with zero recipes which i would have expected to come with these products.

This is my new favorite kitchen must. I am a big fan of pressure cookers. I have three teen age boys and a full time job and a pressure cooker is a life saver. I have always been wary of using my on the stove cooker as i am intimidated by it and always worried about disasters, even so i use it more than once a week. I was hesitant to buy an item with no reviews, but i what i really wanted in an electric pressure cooker was the stainless steel cooking pot. My experience with stick free or coated pots is that they are good for a few months but one scratch means you might as well ditch the whole thing. This is a bare boned item, it comes with a sparse how to use guide, no recipes, no frills but it will astound you with the ease of use and the results you get. The day i got mine, i took it apart, washed it. Plunked in a half frozen chicken, herbs, spices and veggies, pushed the button and let it rip. 45 minutes later i pulled out a complete meal.

So far, this pressure cooker is really getting the job done. We have tried cooking the following: 2 types of pot roast, ribs, sausage gravy, turkey mac & cheese, beef stroganoff. Everything has turned out well. My wife even says clean up isn’t too bad at all. The meat just falls apart beautifully on the pot roast and ribs, and the veggies are appropriately cooked. The sausage gravy was fast and really tasty. Turkey mac & cheese was outstanding, as the flavor of the turkey and spices blended beautifully into the cheese sauce and the pasta. Cubes of meat for the stroganoff were tender as could be. One thing to keep in mind: electric pressure cookers apparently do not generate the same level of pressure as stove-top versions.

Great pressure cooker, if you take care of it. I’ve had this pressure cooker since february 2015, and have used it regularly. It is extremely effective in producing bone broth, pulled pork and other braised meat / stewed dishes. The stainless steel insert is also very easy to clean.Given its job to cook contents under high pressure, it does require some maintenance. I replaced the gasket about a year in; it was a simple and relatively inexpensive fix. I’ve also had to tighten the nut for the air vent / cover lock.

  • Makes cooking a snap
  • This is my new favorite kitchen must!
  • Great pressure cooker
  • LOVE This appliance- super easy too!!!
  • Great Pressure cooker
  • Very good value- a must for the kitchen

Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker (4 QT)

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  • 6 qt Stainless steel cooking pot and aluminum removable plate included for easy removal of the sealing gasket and lid.
  • 7 cooking presets: Brown Rice, White Rice, Meat/Stew, Beans, Sauté, Brown, and Steamer. Automatic keep warm function, and Slow Cook for up to 10 hours.
  • Includes stainless steel rack, sealing gasket, plastic cup, spoon, and user manual
  • Comes with a stainless steel rack, plastic cup and spoon.
  • ETL approved.

I bought this pressure cooker a month ago and i am so glad that i did. I am new to pressure cooking so i wanted something that would be easy to use and this product is that. I have cooked honey garlic chicken, macaroni and cheese, beans, collard greens and chili. After looking at various pressure cookers i was torn between this product and the instant pot. I bought this one because it is 8 quart and i will say that i bought the one right one. I highly recommend this product. It now comes with an instruction manual and i have found that the bob warden great food fast is the best pressure cooker cookbook. The pressure does fluctuate when a food is cooking but i think that is part of pressure cooking because everything i have cooked has turned out great. I love the food option buttons where i can simply press the meat, bean, or any other button for an item that i am cooking.

Cooks rice, beans, meat great and super fast. It’s much more efficient than a crock pot because of the insulation. Water capture appears to be useless. I also wish it had a way to hold the lid when taking it off for serving.

I got this for my wife as a late christmas gift. We had a small issue with the seal and lid inside of it, but it was very quickly taken care of by gowise. They emailed me within a few minutes of posting a review in the evening and quickly fixed out problem. The customer service is about the best that i have ever dealt with.

Last pressure cooker you’ll ever need. This is the best and easiest pressure cooker i have seen. No more peeling teflon because it is stainless steel and easy to clean. Love the buttons which allow you to select different modes like brown rice.

This pressure cooker is the first i have used. While as other reviewers have noted, the documentation that comes with it does not have a lot of information, the user interface is pretty intuitive. You just choose the button selecting the option you desire and toggle through to select the correct time. So far, i have made steamed artichokes, vegetable stock, cream of mushroom soup, a collard and lentil soup, lamb stew, a pot roast, and chicken breasts (bone in) with brown rice and carrots. The soups have turned out quite nicely. The meat dishes are very tender, fork tender, falling off the bones. My refrigerator is full of scrumptious leftovers. The only time i had any guesswork was with the artichokes, as the veggie steam options are only 1, 3 and 5 minutes. My internet research indicated that artichokes should steam 9 minutes in a pressure cooker, so i chose the 5 minutes and when that ended, hit the stop button and set the cooker to steam for another 5 minutes.

This pressure cooker was shipped ahead of the expected date. It was well packaged with two outside cardboard boxes, in addition to its original box. But the outside stainless shell still had a dent. It was not hard to push the dent away to recover the shape. There is only a little mark left, almost invisible. Here are some observations for potential users:1. When the pot was used the first time, there was smoke coming out of the pot for 20 some minutes. It smells like metal burning. The cooking went well though, so maybe it was because the first time use.

Well, i have only had my gowise 8qt for two days, but i have cooked for many years with a stove-top pressure cooker, and finally made the jump to an electric one. At first i saw infomercials on tv for some other brand, but decided i wanted larger capacity and a stainless steel inside instead of teflon. Read the reviews and bought this one. Yesterday i did beef minestrone soup and it came out perfect. No mushy noodles, and all the veggies were done just right. Today i did a boneless turkey breast with the rack and a can of chicken broth underneath it. I think i am in love (pssst don’t tell my husband that) i love being able to release the pressure fast if i want, add something to the pot and reseal the lid and add more time. It’s a wonderful addition to my kitchen, and i made room for it on a big shelf up front so i will use it all the time~.

Very good value- a must for the kitchen. It is a slow cooker and a pressure cooker- a very solid stainless steel inner pot which other brands do not offer. Non stick inner pots eventually peel, this will never peel or be compromised with use. I would recommend ordering an extra set of seals ( outer rim and center piece). I wish the manual would include better instructions about prepping seal or even cleaning seals immediately after use. Simple stuff seems to be missing from all documentation. They could include the basic principles of pressure cooking along with weights, types of food and times. But that is just a minor complaint- with a little research you could google everything you need to know.

I fixed some beef stew in 30 minutes and th meat was so tender you could cut it with a spoon. It is so easy to use and i think this is a great product.

You can do food canning with it (does 5 pint jars perfectly) and it cooks very well. I would recommend “great food fast bob warden’s ultimate pressure cooker recipes” talk about easy. Just load it, set the time and it will beep when it’s done. And with a stainless steel pot, it’s easy to clean too.

So far, a pretty good investment. Update 8/21/2015: i did eventually get a brand new lid, with new gasket from gowise. Since then, the cooker has worked perfectly. I use it two or three times a week, mostly to cook beans, soups and sauces, and occasionally rice. I use the slow cooker all the ways one does, with the exception that we are mostly vegetarian. For that reason, i’ve never attempted meat in the machine. I’ve also learned to use the saute function, and it is wonderful. When i make a sauce or soup that requires caramelized onions and peppers, i saute them in a teaspoon or so of water, and they brown up beautifully while i chop the rest of my veggies. Soups and sauces taste amazing.I’ve upgraded my star rating to a 4.

I’m a single man and this little toy is pretty handy. I was looking for a nice pressure cooker that could make my life simple, and i’m glad i found this one; it’s simple to use and to clean. (this is my first pressure cooker. ) and i did a lot of research before buying this one. You can’t go wrong with so many positive reviews. The 4 qt version not only has the perfect size for me , but it also fits perfectly on my kitchen. I made some beef using the cooker and i placed it frozen, pressed one button and in 35 minutes not only it was perfectly cooked but it melted in my mouth.

This labored great, i bought it in nov. 2015 and it just stopped doing the job. This is my next one, the initial a single lasted two yrs, but the twine connected to the unit arrived off, i figured it was a little something indid or a single of my kids, so i bought yet another, wired good, but now almost nothing, i will not want to have to shell out $89 every 12 months for a new 1.

Instruction missing essential element about how to use this cooker. Initial time utilized this cooker, keep arrived up e3, i unplug a lot of periods, the e3 still preserve arrived up, by no means concluded the initially time use. Waste my brown rice :-(the 2nd time. I consider to cook soup now, because yesterday it burnt my brown rice, so i set further water in it. It cooked for two several hours right up until steam evaporate all the water out. E3 occur up yet again, burnt againi have to proper my assessment, this item absence of some essential detail of how to use regulator knob. But when use it accurately, it operates fantastic. There is not instruction how to use the regulator knob, which the white pressure dot really should pointing to the white dot of the cooker to make the pressure cook performs.

If you’ve got ever experienced rice made in a pressure cooker, you know it is a lot more fluffy and flavorful than rice not cooked below pressure. I you should not consider it will make as a lot variance with white rice, which is generally empty calories anyway, and lacks the complete taste of total grain rice. For another person like me whose diet is primarily rice and veggies, it will make tiny feeling to consume nutritionless rice. And of training course, the king of brown rice is basmati, which smells a little bit like popcorn when cooking and preferences far better than other types of rice. I have been cooking rice for yrs in my kuhn rikon stove prime pressure cooker utilizing their tiny skillet that can be pressurized. Great for 1 or 2 cup rice cooking. But i preferred a electronic pressure rice cooker (so i could just established it and overlook it), but pressurized cookers like the cuckoo or zojirushi are three or five occasions as high-priced as the gowise. I also failed to want a major cooker–2 qt. Would have been perfect, but at the very least the 4 qt.

Really like this equipment- super easy much too. I are not able to believe how substantially i like this. I’ve never owned one in advance of, was kinda intimidated, but after 2 minutes googling recipes just before cooking all my panic goes absent as i get impressed to throw stuff in, close the lid, and fifteen min later on meals is normally completed and amazing :d someone had mentioned the instructions had been horrible and they were ideal, they are 100% worthless with zero recipes which i would have envisioned to appear with these solutions.

We experienced been combating with our cuisinart pressure cooker for two decades. It didn’t retain a seal, even after we acquired new seals. And, we could not continuously get the prime to appropriately in shape. It was annoying to use we at last threw it out. I made a decision to acquire a new one from a different business. After looking through the amazon critiques for the gowise usa (the worst was 3/5 and experienced much more to do with the manual than with the pressure cooker) i took a likelihood a bought just one. We made use of it very last night for the very first time and it was desire to use. It’s really uncomplicated to get the lid on with 1 small counter-clockwise shift, it shows the precise pressure, allows you know when heating and pressurizing with an led readout, and allows you know when cooking starts. It is simple to set the cooking timer, possibly with preset timers or an specific time location.

Enjoy it but. Large issue. Won’t be able to come across gaskets for this (eight qt) measurement. The day i received this i was anxious to use it but was pressed for time so i grabbed 4 frozen solid (clumped together in a big ball) hen thighs and threw them in the pot. I included the liquid, pushed the meat button and absolutely sure as something. In 35 minutes they were being slipping off of the bone when i was trying to get them out of the pot. The stainless steel insert is actually good. . Large responsibility and superior top quality. This pot also goes specifically into a warming mode when it is completed cooking, which is a good characteristic. It was so peaceful that i saved examining on it to make positive it was functioning.

GoWISE USA Electric Programmable Turbo Air Fryer w/ Wide Temperature Range : Perfect addition to the fryer

Covered with foil and the foil was sucked into the burner. With the higher or low rack, the batter was pucked in the middle by the fan. Covered with foil and the foil was sucked into the burner. Cover the foil with a big meal spoon so the top of the cheese cake has a white spoon shape. Next time will use a bundt cake pan.

Revolutionizing the way we prepare food. This is the second gowise air fryer that we’ve purchased in the last month; now we have one for the house and cottage. We opted for this particular model of the gowise brand because of the large capacity and the ability it has to defrost. It does have a larger footprint than the smaller units (no surprise) but it is still compact enough to be out of the way on a counter. The first night we had it we tried out our favourites like fries and the rotating basket design worked like a charm to keep the fries separated. This allows them to crisp up and not stick to one another. The second night we decided to see how it would work with a fresh kitchen on the rotisserie. We put a dry rub on the chicken, skewered it and put it in the air fryer on spin. After 30 minutes, we had a perfectly roasted fresh chicken with an internal cavity temperature of 165. We were absolutely amazed at how fast it was and how good the chicken turned out.

Between this and my instant pot, all my other appliances are getting jealous.

Love convience of low fat cooking, ease and speed. Great for single cooking, cleanup easy.

  • Revolutionizing the Way We Prepare Food
  • to hit the top but the product makes a great rotisserie chicken
  • Unit is fantastic but it takes up a lot of counter top
  • I love the accessories
  • Perfect addition to the fryer
  • Love this Air Fryer.

GoWISE USA Electric Programmable Turbo Air Fryer w/ Wide Temperature Range, Timer Control, 8 Cooking Modes and Rotisserie Option – 10.5 Qt., 1300W (4 Accessories Included) (Black/White)

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  • Eat your favorite fried foods guilt free! The new ETL certified electronic programmable turbo air fryer prepares your favorite fried treats without the extra calories from oil. Cook for the whole family! The air fryer has a 10.5 Qt. capacity, cooking up to 11 lbs of food. (The size of a whole chicken!)
  • Endless Cooking Possibilities! Create all kinds of dishes from cake to rotisserie chicken with the featured cooking modes, Roast, Bake, Stir fry, and Fry. The fryer features adjustable temperature from 120⁰F to 450⁰F and cooking time up to 1 hour. Extend your cooking time up to 10 hours with the new Delay timer option. Enjoy your meal quicker with the new “DEFROST” and “TURBO” modes.
  • Tongs, Rack, Baking Cage, and Rotisserie Stake included. The nonstick coating on the basket and pan makes cleaning grease and food quick and easy.
  • Hate eating soggy pizza, egg rolls, or french fries? Enjoy your leftovers as if they were freshly prepared. The air fryer will revitalize your leftovers, making them delicious and crunchy once again. The sleek modern design makes this fryer a great addition to any counter top.

Works great you won’t go wrong buying. I bought this one because it had the rotisserie also, works great you won’t go wrong buying it.

The steak basket is over the top. I have used it for many things, but for steak it is phenomenol. Crisp and brown on the outside, juicy and awesome on the inside. Makes your house smell like a steakhouse. The screen goes over the element to keep food from coming into direct contact with the the element.

Perfect addition to the fryer. These have already been very useful. I love the steak cage – we have used it for a variety of things already. This fryer is easy to program and set temperature. It has several presets that are quite accurate. I really like the internal rotisserie. We cooked a rump roast on the rotisserie and it came out perfect, juicy and tender. We love onion rings, and can now have them without the added calories of oil. This is a healthy way to cook and very easy to maintain.

Have only used it a little after receiving it. Came packed in original gowise box, i have gowise 8tq stainless steel pressure cooker that is super good. The hot air cooker will take some getting used to i think. I tried frozen french fries and they came out ok, only thing the added fat in the frozen fries was a little hard to clean off the basket end pieces and the metal rod. I tried fresh potatoes cut into fries but did not toss in oil as recipe shows. I down loaded the recipe files on the web site, however, there appears to be similar recipes that use different temps but same cooking time. The fresh potatoes did not turn out very good. I tried frozen poppers, they did ok, but watch them the cheese inside the poppers gets hot (as it should) and cracks open the popper. While cooker is larger than others, it will take a very small chicken to use the rotisserie feature.

This is a ton of fun to use, i’ve used it everyday since we purchased it. My favorite part is how easy it is to clean compared to a cleaning a cookie sheet (my old method of crisping). The rotating basket inside is so nice because you don’t need to come back later and shake the fries, it does it for you. I’ve tried all the frozen stuff so far and all came out fantastic. (sweet potato tots, sweet potato fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets (vegan), hashbrowns, all were cooked through and crispy on the outside. Sweet potatoes always burned in the oven on me, so this was such a treat to get evenly cooked fries and totsi have tried making my own sweet potato fries several times in the fryer and i can’t seem to get them crispy no matter what i do. This will probably be my ongoing project. I’ve made spring rolls and they turned out so tasty. It can be a challenge trying to figure out how long to cook and what temp, but once you get going you will love it.

Like it but they didn’t tell you that you put. Like it but they didn’t tell you that you put aluminum foil on the bottem of your meat and then you have to put oil on that or it sticks to the foil when you try to turn it.

Because it works as advertised and meets my expectations (fast cook, cooked food doesn’t lose moisture, easy to operate etc.

To hit the top but the product makes a great rotisserie chicken. Need around a 5 lb chicken for the legs and wings not to hit the top but the product makes a great rotisserie chicken. The french fries are good crispy ends soft center. With oil turned out far better than without any oil. This is very easy to use and so far we have liked everything we have made.

I love this so far the only thing it is not good with pies bottoms not done i tried heating it up first with hot pan on bottom but still soggy. It takes a little time to learn but i love it oh yes bread burns on top i tried with baking stone too but had to turn over my bread to cook bottom.

Unit is fantastic but it takes up a lot of counter top. Unit is fantastic but it takes up a lot of counter top spaceunit dimensions arefront to back – 17″side to side 13″top to bottom 13″when lid is opened 23″ – (lid has to be fully opened to latch)inside diameter of removable basket is 10 1/2″ – (in case you want to purchase a silicone cake pan to put in the bottom) makes cleanup a breezethanks.

Best new kitchen purhcase in a long while, love the spinning basket the best.

The first one we recieved was defective and had to be returned, however, based on the positive reviews, we decided to return and reorder. It comes with great attachments and makes awesome bacon in 8 minutes. So excited to try out some new recipes.

Really good,just as advertised.

I just bought my gowise air fryer and these accessories seriously are marvelous with it. I produced a excellent steak in the basket. I use the pan for every little thing and the display screen is fantastic for defending the heating factor and the supporter in the cooker. I highly propose this package to anyone who has purchased a gowise air fryer.

She and her loved ones loved it, as i understood they would. Obtained as a gift for my daughter. She and her family members liked it, as i understood they would.

This equipment employs but other than that it performs great really fast and successful way to prepare dinner rooster fish. I am not exactly guaranteed how substantially electricity this equipment works by using but other than that it performs wonderful pretty fast and economical way to prepare dinner chicken fish turkey etc. With the outside the house currently being crisp and the inside of however moist with the within currently being thoroughly cooked i personally am really content with this unit.

I experienced a challenging time selecting concerning the five. 8 qt and this mega massive one at ten. Very last week i made wonderful egg rolls, fries and homemade rooster tenders, tofu and veggie stir fry, dried apple slices, air fried tempeh, roasted chick peas and anything else that i won’t be able to recall. There is a finding out curve for temperatures and time configurations. Really happy with this fryer. Quite major, but i maintain it tucked absent in my appliance garage exactly where the toaster and a number of products slept at evening. Suits suitable in there, that becoming claimed i use it so much. It hardly leaves the kitchen island.

Just requires primary instructions and cookbook to extrain how to use it better. Also steak cage need to be provided considering that it looks to be pretty important to fry most foods.

GoWISE USA 8-in-1, Reliable and easy to use fryer, we love it!

I’m glad with the air fryer but have an difficulty with the paint pealing from the pan. I purchased february 2015 and the paint began pealing after the next use. Gowise should really be mindful of the trouble as other people have had the very same difficulty.

The fryer operates very effectively. But the drawer does open up up and. The fryer works pretty very well. But the drawer does open up and halt cooking. I use masking tape and rubber bands to retain it shut. Other than that i like the fryer really significantly. The condition of the basket makes it challenging to locate pans that suit inside of. I use a corning ware dish when building baked beans. The air fryer is a wonderful concept. I just want the drawer stayed shut for the duration of cooking.

Air fryer ‘death egg’ is a whole recreation-changer. This detail is a video game-changer. I don’t use that expression lightly, only a handful of kitchen merchandise have entirely altered the way i prepare dinner, feed my loved ones, and even shop – but this is just one of them. Do you like crispy food stuff that’s still soft and moist in the middle, and not burnt to a crisp?.Do you like the texture of freshly fried food items, but not the additional fat and calories from oil?. Do you like benefit and economy?. I got mine in black, and contact it the ‘death egg’ due to the fact it seems type of ominous sitting down on the counter leading. But it can be a miraculous minimal bugger. I can choose frozen fish-sticks, rooster nuggets or fingers, french fries, or buffalo wings toss ’em in the basket, and 20 minutes afterwards i have received something that style like it came out of the fryer at a cafe, but expenses a fraction of the price and has considerably fewer extra fat.

Key specs for GoWISE USA 8-in-1. Electric Air Fryer Digital Programmable Cooking Settings (3.7 QT, Red 2.0):

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  • Red electric air fryer; ETL certified.
  • 3.2 QT capacity.
  • 8 cooking presets: Warm-Up, Chips, Chicken, Steak, Meat, Cake, & Fish.
  • Cooking timer up to 30 Minutes; temperature control from 176⁰F – 392⁰F.
  • Healthy and easy way to fry food using rapid air circulation.

Comments from buyers

“Issue with paint pealing, GREAT ADDITION TO KITCHEN, Not a fryer but just an oven with a fan, The product works well. The directions are okay. , Great unit for a fair price., I love the fryer”

Not negative, not fantastic, but it is effective. Well it was not what i was hoping for but it did the trick. It desires handle on the major so you can shift it when it is cooking because it will get sizzling. Also the cage release button in on the inside of. So pushing it with your bare finger hurts like a b*#$terd. Only touch the handle, the vital pad instantly or the quite top rated after use. Every single where by else will burn up you.

My husband enjoys this machine. When i initially received it, we designed hen wings at minimum twice a day each individual working day for the initially week. It truly is a extremely intelligent purchase and the actuality that i don’t have to fry my chicken in oil and it however will come out incredibly crispy is thoroughly wonderful. It truly is a bit pricey but i can assure you it is truly worth it.

Reliable and quick to use fryer, we like it. Prior to shopping for this device i experienced not read of gowise. I was initially looking at a single of the philips devices. Right after seeking at the options and realizing amazon is generally there to back you up i decided to check out this a single. My wife is asian and enjoys to fry almost everything. I was getting worn out of the smell and mess we experienced to thoroughly clean up. My wife is not the type of human being who will browse a guide or get deep into the environment of state-of-the-art equipment settings. So when i arrived how soon after this was sent i was stunned that she had figured anything out and experienced now cooked in it. This fryer can make it very uncomplicated with a various button for fish, steak, meat, etcetera. You start by carrying out a 3 minute heat up and then positioning your food stuff in the basket. My spouse has been getting excellent luck utilizing the preset buttons. The only point you need to have to maintain an eye on is the dimension of your components. If you spot tiny items in there, they will obviously prepare dinner faster than a big item. So now for the meet up with of my critique.

Like my fryer use it all the time wish the basket was greater but it cooks astonishingly.

We appreciate utilizing this equipment. Quite simple to use and we are happy that we own a single now. I endorse each and every overall body to commit in 1 of the air fryers in the greatest interest of their very good wellness.

It states cake can be completed, but doesn’t give you distinct guidance. Clearly, it doesn’t go in the wire rack. Do i need to obtain a individual attachment?. Is it baked in the base reservoir detail?inquiring minds want to know08/04/2014 gained an email from gowise:thank you for your invest in. To bake a cake you will have to have a cake pan that suits into the fryer (continue to keep an eye out, we have a single coming before long), stick to the planning recommendations on your mix box and then use the preset ‘cake’ placing on the fryer. Let us know if you have additional queries, we are content to help.

I noticed this presented mr gadget on the wendy williams present and started off wanting to bid. This is an awesome addition for a kitchen. I have baked pork chops, produced grease a lot less fried chicken and cooked some frozen stuffed potatoes in it.

I love this producti no extended have to hold out for the oven to warmth up or grease in pan to get very hot. It receives matters so properly crisp that you would usually need to have to get that way by immersing in oil. I do not warmth up my whole kitchen just for a tray of nuggets any more.Cooking huge or small quantities, this handles it. Super quick and effortless cleanupi have been working with due to the fact jan 2016.

This is the greatest detail to ever take place to my kitchen area. I almost certainly cook for a single and it truly is challenging to justify turning on and end often. With the air fryer i can cook nearly something. I can just set it in set the timer and occur back when the buzzer goes off. It is really a solitary person’s aspiration especially if you hate to cook. Food stuff arrives out excellent even when you don’t know what your undertaking.

Operates as advertised i almost certainly use it 2 -. Will work as marketed i almost certainly use it two – three periods a week. But people telling you that french fries designed with this are the exact as ones created the old fashioned way are (in my impression) stretching the truth. 5′ footprint described was the cause i chose this as an alternative of a different air fryer is a bogus measurement. It is genuine that the base is nine. five inches, but the barrel condition would make it take up a full 11′ of counter area.

Good device for a fair selling price. . I noticed the phillips on television but the cost was much too large. Imagined i might give this device a shot and have been really joyful with it. My son failed to believe that they were not deep fried. I only want they presented a non adhere pan to in good shape in the basket.

It cooks and it browns but i could not get it to sense or style like foodstuff was fried. I needed to like it and it does air prepare dinner and it does give the appearance of frying but it does not taste like it was fried. I could not get potatoes to crisp or crunch and the taste is incredibly distinct as nicely. It is a much healthier way to prepare dinner but if you want the fried taste, i am not positive you will be satisfied with any of these air cookers.

Until finally a short while ago i never heard of an air fryer, when it popped up on amazon i determined to analysis it and read nothing but good matters about. I am the worst in cooking food stuff and decided to give the gowise a attempt and wow, wow, wow. This so uncomplicated to use and the food comes out good. I have cooked, fish, shrimp, fries and i even ready a steak and it came out best. No fuss, no complication, just stick to the recommendations and the meals will come out as you want. I are unable to say enough good matters about it. I want to use this day to day. Cleaning is quick as it usually takes out the oil from your foodstuff you get ready. I simply cannot suggest this ample, it you are horrible in getting ready a meal, this is a should for you.

When compared with the phillips, preserve funds, invest in this in its place. We have been on the lookout into air fryers, and then my mom acquired the phillips, which is nearly 3x the value of this unit. Soon after checking out her phillips air fryer, and all it could do, my wife and i made the decision we necessary a person for our apartment. Just after examining the testimonials we made the decision to give this device a shot. It really is amazing and a single of the most used appliances in our apartment kitchen area. For my spouse and i, we can cook dinner rapidly and stay away from heating up the oven or dirtying pans. We have carried out a wide variety of items in it:- new reduce fries- retail store bought fries- onion rings- chicken wings- hen quarters- hamburgers- steak- bacon- and extra. The steaks we built in this system have been some of the very best we have at any time eaten, at any rate or location. A good rib-eye seasoned with montreal steak seasoning and cooked to a ideal, buttery, medium uncommon in underneath 15 minutes. The only thing we cooked in the air fryer that didn’t perform out ended up mozzarella sticks, the cheese finished up leaking out of the breading and sinking to the base of the air fryer.

Tfal actifry v gowise airfryer2 distinct objective for us. We use our tfal actifry to prepare dinner food stuff as uncomplicated as scrambled eggs, to ground pork with sauce, to beef broccoli. Any food stuff that is sized about bite sized is great for tfal actifry. We use our gowise air fryer to fundamentally broil foods. It can be like a small convection oven / oven toaster with a supporter inside of and pre-set buttons so foods cooks a bit more rapidly. Each occupied domestic who can save to get both the tfal actifry, go clever air fryer ought to get both. Also have to have cuisinart force cooker, fagor strain cooker and slower cooker in one particular and tfal optigrill. All these will make daily life uncomplicated.

Not a fryer but just an oven with a enthusiast. It can be alright since i am however at the time of remaining acquainted to this product or service now. The recognizable problems are:1. Need to have to reset the time and temperature each time just after pause for shaking the components in the basket. ‘frying’ time needed is constantly significantly for a longer period than the handbook suggested. The product or service name is form of deceptive. It is just an oven which adds a lover to blow the temperature evenly all over the components for baking and broiling. So never assume it can definitely fry but a satisfactory substitute to some thing you will not want to make your kitchen area messed up when cooking. I imagine the products can even now operate for some oily elements but not everything. So i will hold it for occasional use.

I was really hoping you could do far more with this air fryer but the ideal thing i have cooked are dwelling designed french fries absolutely nothing else turned out very nicely, i haven’t provided up although i will keep making an attempt various items.

Just 8 months of provider prior to it failed. . My device was purchased on oct fifteen, 2015 and just died today. I liked how it worked until it died in flames. The control circuit died and smoke was spewing from the vents. I feel the circulating fan need to have died and the temperature rose way further than the placing i was using of 194 degrees. Good point the room’s smoke detector sounded or it would have taken me also extended to locate the device in smoke.

Terrific option to oil fryer and microwave. Believe of this as an alternative to a microwave if you like crisp frozen snacks. It can take a little bit extended than a microwave oven but i consider with a greater result in cooking. I adore that it has pre-application buttons. I have a regular fryer and took a chance on this. Now i cook anything in it. You really don’t need an oils (if you make contemporary fries from potatoes you may well require to rub them in teaspoon of olive oil)the children love it also. They make all their most loved frozen snack foodstuff in it. You someday have to perform with the timing but you get the dangle of it seriously rapidly. I did not see the gowise cake pan when i acquired it so i acquired the phillips one particular. It matches and performs just great. We ended up shocked that you could make a cake in a fryer. There are similar products. I have not attempted them so i simply cannot suggest this product or service more than a different of the similar variety. It was a very good values and had the functions i liked. If you are looking for a alternative to an oil fryer, i would say contemplate it.

I want to hold the merchandise but i want you correcting the difficulty see the photo.

Essential kitchen equipment. I was skeptical when this showed up since it looked utilized. Some put on on the manage panel and some places int he assortment pan, but i have employed it twice in as several days and i enjoy it. Ideal for men and women who like fried food but no just one requirements the grease and calories. I really feel like i have a mystery weapon for chicken wings now. So enthusiastic to make the wing bar for the super bowl bash. I do having said that want that the drip pan was teflon or a little something much easier to clean up. Maybe they will come up with a liner. For now i am going to try out placing a piece of tinfoil in the base to support relieve the cleansing.

GoWISE USA Electric Digital Air Fryer w/ Button Guard & Detachable Basket 2 : Best product ever

I made homemade french fries out of potatoes, added them to the air fryers and drizzled a tiny amount of olive oil on top and set for 15 minutes. They were super crispy and delicious without all the fat and grease. It was guilt-free and i have recommended this product to all of my coworkers in the hospital. The product came with a small recipe book and i am looking forward to making the items in the book. If you are looking for the same taste and crispiness that you get from fried food but with less fat, i would highly recommend this product.

Good choice for modern kitchen and can save a lot of time for cooking.

Fry your favorite foods without the mess.

Makes crispy french fries and other frozen foods very, very well.

  • Perfect for fries!
  • Food comes out great!
  • Very Well Made and Makes Great Crispy Foods
  • Glad I bought it!
  • This air fryer is awsome. Makes crispy french fries
  • Good quality product

GoWISE USA Electric Digital Air Fryer w/ Button Guard & Detachable Basket 2.75 QT, 1350W (2.7 QT, Red)

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • ETL certified, prepares your favorite fried foods without the added calories of oil. Fry, Bake, Roast, and Grill to make fries, steak, chicken, and more.
  • Manually manage time with the cooking guide found on top of the fryer. Included is a detachable basket equipped with a button guard to prevent accidental detachment of the basket along with a recipe booklet.
  • Adjustable temperature from 175°F – 400°F and adjustable timer up to 30 minutes. Cook worry free with the fryer’s automatic standby feature that automatically switch into standby when the cooking time is up.
  • Nonstick coating on the dishwasher safe basket and pan makes it easy to clean grease and food. Wipe down the outside of the air fryer with a damp cloth and it’ll look just like new.
  • Hate eating soggy pizza, egg rolls, or french fries? Revitalize your leftovers and give them back that succulent crunch once again. The sleek modern design will make it a great addition to your counter top.

Really surprised and happy with this little “air oven”. Wow, really surprised and happy with this little “air oven”. I cooked a whole chicken in this the other night–no need to preheat and the meat was much more moist than in the over. Add a little butter and set it to 350 for 50-60 minutes. This was a great buy, we just made chicken tenders in it with almost no oil, and they turned out like store-boughts. I am really happy with this little guy :).

I love frying any and all vegetables, and now i can feel less guilty about it. They come out super crispy and delicious. Watch out vegetables, i’m coming for you. Definitely try breaded fried mushrooms, sliced pickles, and green tomatoes.

Curly, steak, shoestring, crisscut, all of them. I spent $79 on this thing just to make fries & i am not disappointed.Sure, i’ve made other items in it such as a grilled cheese and chicken nuggets but i mainly use it for fries. Just throw those bad boys in the tray, set the timer & walk away then come back to air fried deliciousness.

Don’t rush out to buy one unless you are only feeding two. . This is ‘okay’ but no bells and whistles in my opinion. I think the air fry concept has been given way more hype and credit than necessary. The unit is very heavy and bulky and takes up an enormous amount of my counter space, so i’ve since hid it in the pantry area. I used it twice–for the french fried sweet potatoes and pork chops and found that the amount of time involved setting this big boy up to use and following the directions seemed way too much effort all for the sake of not deep frying. Additionally, the recipes do indeed use ‘oil’, more as a topping to keep things from sticking inside. I was really psyched up about this concept until i got the unit and tried it. Now it will likely sit and seldom be used or eventually go to the salvation army. I hate lugging around huge appliances and this thing is indeed big. Also, i found my pork chops and the fries did not all get entirely ‘cooked’ as you have to layer everything just so to get full coverage.

Doesn’t do anything more than our turbo cooker. Doesn’t do anything more than our turbo cooker. Very small basket, even when cooking for two.

Wish i could find accessories–ie separator or multilevel rack.

My weight watcher leader kept raving about her air fryer so i found this one which was reasonably priced. It is easy to use, though the buttons beep very loudly when you push them. Frozen foods and potatoes cook up crispy outside and tender inside. I especially like breaded clam strips in it. This is a smaller size so if you have a family you might want to get a bigger. I’m glad i bought this one and recommend it to anyone wanting to “fry” food without the fat.

Just like putting in the oven.

If you need yo go healthy it is good for you and you shoud to read the catalogue. If you need yo go healthy it is good for you and you shoud to read the catalogue before cook other wise you will not feel comfortable with it.

My 3 year old loves the crispy fries from it.

It’s not the same as deep fried, but it does make yummy fried-like food.

However, the basket is a little tough pushing in and out and the basket holder gets extremely hot. Should come with a trivet and an insert pan with a wire handle to remove with ease.

Fantastic merchandise and helps make cooking much easier. It has designed cooking so a great deal simpler and more healthy. You practically just have to throw what your having in the basket and convert it on.

Just one of the very best cooking appliances i individual quite fantastic usa engineering could be a person of the reasons. I have the modest one i cook dinner for a single i’ve cooked steak, salmon, pork chop, turkey burger all came out moist. Veggies done to my likeing with coconut oil no much more feeding on remaining overs. Took a little time to learn how substantially temp and time to established for portion.

I like fried foodstuff but not often manufactured them for the reason that of the mess, cleanup, disposing of applied oil, etc. This equipment solves all of these issues. It isn’t going to just take up as a great deal counterspace as i considered it may well. Since it does deliver a large amount of warmth, i come across myself cooking products fewer than the encouraged moments to steer clear of the close product remaining overdone. I do hope gowise arrives up with an accent line.

This is the ideal cooker ever. Food stuff arrives out tasting excellent and grease cost-free.

More healthy fryer with straightforward cleanup. I purchased this to make buffalo dry rub wings that i made use of to get pleasure from at buffalo wild wings. I had to stop eating there right after an get had not a single, but two breaded and deep fried feathers with wings. This fryer appears to be like really fashionable on my kitchen counter and tends to make crispy and delightful wings and fries with very little to no hard work and nominal cleanup.

This air fryer was procured to switch my old air fryer which broke on me. At to start with i was a minor little bit anxious, mainly because it is fairly a little bit more compact than my outdated one particular. However, it does the job, it basically does a a great deal much better work than my more mature design air fryer. I definitely like the digital screen on the item and it is extremely quick to use and work. I am very delighted with this product or service and i would advocate it. It helps make wonderful fries and chicken with no the added additional fat and calories of making use of oil and it tastes just as fantastic.

GoWISE USA GW22623 1300W 4th-Generation Electric Pressure Cooker – Measures Up to Great Quality!

Not absolutely sure what is up with individuals who. This issue is amazingnot positive what is up with those people who had troubles with the sauté characteristic. Mine lets me saute with the lid off, push terminate, and then go straight into pressure mode. I would highly endorse receiving bob warden’s cookbook to go alongside with this cooker.

So glad i bought this multi-cooker when my slow cooker died. Significant improve for not a great deal much more revenue. . I have experienced it a pair of months and i love it. It would seem to be very significant high-quality. I enjoy that it will come with a stainless pot and involves other add-ons. I’ve utilised just about every attribute on it so considerably and it will work wonderful. I particularly like producing yogurt in it. The 8 quart holds a pretty huge total chicken just high-quality. As a pressure cooker, it cooks speedy but not quite as speedy as they guide you to feel. They really don’t incorporate the time to attain pressure or launch pressure, which is about 10 minutes a lot more for each dish.

I actually like this pressure cooker, even so i am however seeking to figure out specifically how it is effective. With all the button selections that are preset, it truly is difficult to tweak what you want. First several instances i was yanking out the wire to get it to ‘stop’. To me, cancel really should indicate terminate, but that is only the circumstance in just like 5 seconds. The trick is, you only have a number of seconds right before the software locks. So even nonetheless (now) i’m urgent buttons all about the place till i ‘think’ i have what i want. It would be genuinely great if an expert person wrote a guide. Be watchful not to burn factors on the base of this. It is definitely hard to clear if you do so. Below is an example that will make clear each of the earlier mentioned. Rice pudding recipe phone calls to sauté milk/rice/salt. Initial time i did it merely applying saute button.

  • Excellent quality and easy to use
  • I “want” to give it 5 stars.but it’s got some issues!
  • Love this cooker!
  • Fantastic appliance, foolproof results
  • The shipping cost is annoying, but even with that taken into account it’s
  • Best electric pressure cooker yet

Finest electric pressure cooker still. I have come to be a admirer of electric pressure cookers. This is the ultimate with the stainless metal bowl and the egg maker rack. Programming will take a minor acquiring use to. Proposed for busy family members cooks. I make a tasty 10 bean soup that starts with dry beans and cooks tender in forty five-55 minutes. In my other cooker i cook italian seasoning, onion, garlic, celery, carrots, kale, it’s possible some broccoli or spinach, and italian sausage for a very well rounded food. A cup of quinoa soaks up the juices. Incorporate the two pots in a big bowl, stir & provide. Any left overs go into snap ware containers for rapid meal when wished-for. Very last in refrigerator for up to two months. Really exciting optimistic consequence with ‘egg maker’ hard boiled eggs – the pressure cooking separates the egg from the shell and membrane to make shelling the eggs a overall breeze. No additional struggling to keep the egg in best form for deviled eggs.

Under no circumstances employed a pressure cooker in advance of. We can cook a weeks well worth of foods in just no time at all.

Features of GoWISE USA GW22623 1300W 4th-Generation Electric Pressure Cooker with Steam Rack and Basket, 8 quart, Black/Silver

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • It has 8-in-1 multifunction cooker: pressure cooker, rice cooker, bean cooker, yogurt maker, food warmer, steamer, saute, slow cooker, and egg maker
  • 16 built-in Smart Programs, 12 cooking options with preset times: “Rice”, “Multigrain”, “Porridge”, “Steam”, “Soup”, “Meat/Stew”, “Bean/Chili”, “Saute”, “Poultry”, “Yogurt”, “Slow Cook”, “Egg Maker”, and a manual time setter
  • 2 LED LCD display for Cooker Time and Pressure. It features a delay timer for food to be cooked and ready by a certain time, and a pressure reading display to show how much pressure is being used for the duration of the cooking time
  • “Pressure Time +” and “Pressure Time -“for those who want to do it themselves,
    Power Supply-120V, 60Hz,It comes with a stainless steel steam rack, steam basket, rice scooper, and measuring cup
  • Caliber of Inner Pot (H X Inner Rim X Outer Rim)-7″ x 9.5″ x 10.5″, Dimension – 10″ X 12″ X 14″

Superb appliance, foolproof effects. Was not sure how typically i would use this, i was wanting for one thing to replace rice cooker and crockpot in my smaller kitchen. I was normally worried to use the stovetop type pressure cookers. So much i use this a couple of times a 7 days and it is awesome. So straightforward to use, just toss anything in, pop the lid on, set the lever to possibly steam or pressure and press a button. It does all the things automatically. Enjoy that you can sauté as effectively so you really don’t mess up an excess pan. So much anything i experimented with arrived out perfectly devoid of demanding me to make any changes, but i do like that you have the possibility to regulate the preset instances. All of the issues that made use of to acquire all day in the gradual cooker i can make in a portion of the time with the similar success.

Measures up to good excellent. We procured the a person on hsn and it went bad within just one particular year. The gowise truly calculated up to what it stated. The stainless steel pot is 10x better thant eh one particular marketed on television and with celebrity names. I am acquiring the smaller sized one particular for my son for christmas. Can not live without the need of this one particular. We cook and freeze the leftovers.

For me the finest a person to decide on. This is truly a person of the nicest things you can do for yourself. It cook’s every thing, and does it effortlessly and oh so rapidly. It is the next one particular i’ve purchased, the only reason getting that i beloved the very first a single so significantly i simply experienced to get an additional in situation the to start with a single experienced one thing occur to it. I use it every working day and it has done flawlessly for about two many years. You can spend much more, but i cannot picture performing any much better than this.

Finest prepare dinner ware i ever procured. Finest prepare dinner ware i ever purchased. Meat comes out juicy and tender. I put a entire rooster in with some rooster inventory and when the rooster is done i make hen soup out of the stock proper in the pot ideal hen soup ever.

I also have an immediate pot & i obtain myself likely to this product for its 8 qt dimension extra normally for soups & stews & eggs. I find it appears to be to appear up to pressure a little more rapidly than my ip & is just as simple to use. Seriously do not know what i did right before my electric pressure cookers.

I made wild rice, that commonly takes close to an hour to make on stove best,in 8 minutes. I hated my stove best pressure cooker and gave it away. I took a likelihood on this just one and i am delighted i did, i use it almost every single day.

Your next bff in the kitchen. This is my new partner in the kitchen. Ordered this at a terrific price via amazon. If you have been turned off or afraid of pressure cookers, you genuinely need to give it a different consider. This is not your grandmother’s or moms pressure cooker. This unit is thoroughly protected and quiet. Just place in the ingredients, lock the lid, established the method and timer and allow it do it is magic. I have created every thing from soups, stews, pot roasts, lasagna, mac and cheese to dessert.

The 1st matter i observed right after unboxing the cooker was how solid it felt when i eliminated the lid. The total cooker is nicely created and significant good quality. The lid locks securly so i truly feel quite secure with large pressure cooking. The silicone gasket is substantial grade and extremely quick to take away to clean up. The guidance usually are not crystal clear on how to add cooking time if you will not want to use a preset. A person e-mail to tech assistance was all i essential to come across that you enter the size of time utilizing the arrow buttons and do no touch the presets at all. (you won’t be able to adjust the time if you hit a preset initial)they replied in a lot less than 24 hours. I would recomend this cooker to everyone wanting for high-quality at a fair value.

Huge ability, fantastic options, peaceful and thoroughly programmable. I am going to start out off with five stars and reduce it if needed but i need to say i like this large lug of a pressure cooker. Initially i had a 6 quart pressure cooker of yet another manufacturer and generally felt like i was fighting for extra space designed i built laulau, a hawaiian dish that calls for a ton of leaves that will afterwards melt down. When i found that gowise will make a 12 (indeed and even a fourteen) quart pressure cooker at a fair cost i just experienced to consider it. Searching into the pot, it is cavernous. When i initial got it, just for kicks, i made tender boiled eggs. I minimize the cooking time by releasing the pressure after the moment of cooking and the eggs whites have been not completely cooked but this is effortlessly remedied. The position is that it can prepare dinner just two eggs as easily as a dozeni have made some minimal items in it so much and it is super quiet and i also like the electronic displaying of the pressure in the pot, that is a wonderful feature.

I ‘want’ to give it five stars. But it really is acquired some challenges. It really is a toss up — there are professionals and cons to this unit. We will start off with the cons:con:1) saute function: you ‘have to’ have the lid on and use the pressure in buy to saute. So, i get my unit and in accordance to the guidelines. Which are out of date and they do not notify you guidelines for this product — that you use the saute functionality with the lid off. So, i pick saute and i am browning my meat ahead of i start cooking it below pressure. It will not arrive off of saute. Basically – forty five minutes i have the issue unplugged and each and every time i change it back again on – it really is trapped on saute – i virtually finished up putting a metal bowl with ice inside of the nicely in order to cool it off adequate that it reset. When i contacted the organization gowise – they informed me you have to have the lid on to use saute.

I am in appreciate with this pressure cooker – gained this on tuesday and have currently employed it three moments. I enjoy the relieve of the programming buttons and really don’t will need to consider about how very long to cook just about anything. I designed a scrumptious pork roast on tuesday, soft boiled eggs on wednesday, and pot roast on thursday. This saves so much time and is so effective – you can use this as a rice cooker, crock pot, and pressure cooker. The meat arrives out so tender and this kind of simple clean up up.

I desire i had acquired this initially time close to it would have saved a whole lot of difficulty. I wish i had bought this initial time all around it would have saved a good deal of issues. Just after researching critiques i first bought an instant pot ip-duo50 as i thought it was the finest bang for the buck, it turned out it was not it arrived terribly packed and was dead suitable out of the box. I returned it and decided on this just one. In my view this pressure cooker is it is built significantly improved than the fast pot ip-duo50 the high quality of the stainless steel pot appears far better, it is simpler to use than the instant pot, the instructions are clearer, the enclosed prepare dinner ebook is much better, it is effectively packed and works flawlessly as well as you get a steaming basket which i did not with the fast pot and i consider it is less complicated to use for a pressure cooker newbie these kinds of as myself. Staying as it was on sale at the time i also saved revenue.

The shipping cost is frustrating, but even with that taken into account it is really. The delivery expense is frustrating, but even with that taken into account it’s a fantastic deal. You undoubtedly don’t want teflon if you want it to past. I’m not sure why the gowise rep stated it are unable to be used for canning. That’s purely a matter of temp and this should have no challenge at 1000w and guide temp settings. Bought this as a substitute for my crock pot – summer’s in this article and this should really spend for alone in electricity prices by the conclude of july. I you should not use the oven very typically from now until oct.

This device has develop into my principal way of cooking and producing yogurt. It is attractive, effortless to care for, and performs miracles without heating my little kitchen. The stainless internal pot is solid, and hugely polished. I use it many moments per 7 days.

Purchased this for my son for xmas. He is built pulled beef utilizing a chuck roast and cooked a full hen. The meals took a little bit for a longer time to cook dinner in get to make it tender. The food tasted quite good and it did cook dinner a good deal faster than a crock pot or oven. It is really quite uncomplicated to use which is excellent as it does not occur with instructions that are truly worth something. No recipe e book and the directions consisted of a pair sentences. The lid is simple to get off and switch. The pressure cooker as preset courses which are effortless to study on the entrance. There is a durable stainless steel insert that will come out simply for cleansing. You do require to be very careful not to get grease etc in the leading outer edge. It is not authentic effortless to thoroughly clean this spot. Or else, it operates fantastic, uncomplicated to use and cleanse besides that just one region.

Gowise and be a intelligent shopper. You should not think you can discover a better pressure cooker than this. (additionally time to access pressure, total time approx fifteen min), seafood paella. This unit has each and every featurethat the fast pot has, will work just as effectively, if not superior and presents you a minimal additional in the way of attributes and integrated add-ons and a stainless metal pot at a a lot decrease price tag. Has all the attributes you will ever need. Get this just one you will be incredibly happy. I have employed other pots and this one particular tops them all. It is also incredibly very well produced and appears a little bit heavier than most other folks.

Just the most effective multi-cooker on the market. I have the two the 6 and 8 quart products – they do the job exceptionally very well. As a cookbook writer, blogger and foodstuff photographer i desire dependable and dependable final results – my gowise usa multi cooker are the only that i endorse.

Manufactured some superior things with this unit. I recognized some critiques complaining about the saute characteristic staying unusable without having the lid locked in location. I have discovered this not to be the circumstance. I was in a position to saute my roast appropriate in the cooker ahead of including the other elements and locking the lid in location for the pressure cooking cycle. I have experienced no difficulties with this unit at all. As a matter of truth, i am looking ahead to employing the slow cooker feature as our outdated a person is no for a longer time functional.