Gourmia GR1100N Gourmet Grade 14 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful Heavy Duty Motor – Heavy duty!

The gourmia gr1100n gourmet grade 14 cup food processor by far exceeded my expectations.

I have been shopping around for a food processor for quite some time, and i ultimately made the decision to go with this one. It was a great choice, as it is easy to use and works like a charm. I would definitely recommend it.

Thé gourmet grade machine is à great processor. It’s différent than ive had before but nice.

What first attracted me to this was the fact it had the capacity & power of a cuisinart but a price my husband who hates “paying for names” (except when it comes to baseball or football tickets) could live with. Compared to what we’ve had in the past and to what i’ve seen in friends kitchens, this wins the prize for being able to thoroughly “food process” potatoes and other root vegetables amazingly fast—in fact, between its speed and the convenience of the wide mouth feeder, it can handle a whole potato in way less time than my daughter needs to peel and quarter them-which was always her job with our old machine. Probably, but this was going full force while my grandson was asleep in his carriage with no problems. My cooking repertoire is about easy, so i love it’s uncomplicated control knob plus the fact it comes with everything i need to slice, shred puree and all the expected “food processor functions”. Great for me but not for my diet is the size of the fries it produces—they’re perfect for making “flash fried” shoestring fries. The added bonus for me is the juicer, as we love fresh orange & grapefruit juice but don’t have the room for a dedicated juicer—we barely have room for my keurig (note to gourmet grade folks if you ever come out with a food processor/coffee maker i’ll be your first customer. Plus if you’re from a big family like ours, you’ll love the 14 cup capacity…i’m happy with our decision because aside from saving close to $200, this is a very well thought out machine that clearly understands what people expect from a food processor.

Haven’t used this prosessor a ot 4-5 time. Gets the job done but seems a bit under powered for the size of the machine.

The lid is poorly designed: (1) leaves space between itself and the cutting disk, which results in big chunks of vegetables remaining; (2) has narrow crevices, where the food gets stuck and cleaning it out requires using a toothpick.

  • Why isn’t this processor 3 X more expensive???
  • LARGE BOWL – FAST chop puree
  • Amazing product!

I use it regularly for making dog food. Much easier than chopping everything by hand.

I’m tempted to buy 2 more and give as a gift it is that good.

I just got this food processor. I bought it to replace three food processors i had and needed a large processor and with power to do pie dough in and that wouldn’t leak when i did large batches of gazpacho soup. I also do a lot of canning and need to process large batches of tomatoes, etc. Not only is this a beautiful food processor, it has so much power and is relatively quiet for how much power it has. The bowl is also even larger than the large one i’m replacing, which i wouldn’t of thought impossiblei honestly don’t know why this machine isn’t three times more expensive???i hope it last a long time because i appsolutly adore it.

Does a ok job you do get your moneys worth.

I am very pleased with this food processor. It is supplied with safe guards that if the containers are not properly locked in place the machine will not work. The blade is very sharp and has worked well in blending and chopping any food, and the containers are made of strong materials. The motor is strong enough to mix large amounts or chop ice, or do the shedding and slicing of foods. My only problem is removing the main container from the base when i am done, do to the suction cups not holding the base firm on my counter. I solved that problem by placing the machine on a non-slip rubber mat before attempting to twist of the container from the base. Otherwise i have no other complaints about this big well made food processor. I would buy this product from this supplier again.

Features of Gourmia GR1100N Gourmet Grade 14 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful Heavy Duty Motor, White

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  • Ultra-Quiet, Powerful “Dynamic Drive” Motor that’s Rated 600W and can Deliver Up To 1000 Watts of Power For Faster & More Consistent Results
  • Massive 14 cup bowl with ‘Easy Lock’ lid & ultra-wide ‘Fast Feed’ tube, 110v
  • Includes precision milled stainless steel blades/disks for shredding & slicing+ juicer attachment
  • Also includes the ultimate kugel blade, a whole new kind of blade for a whole new caliber of kugel
  • Includes fine shredder/thin slicer disk, French fry disk, citrus juicer, s-shaped slicer, the ultimate kugel blade

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Excellent buy, plus it comes with a variety of blades.

I am 62 and have owned many food processors since they first came on the market. This is, hands down, my favorite. It is large, but lightweight. It has many different blades/inserts for many different food prep jobs. And, it is not nearly as noisy as its counterparts. There is no challenge to locking the mechanism in place or unlocking it after use. Many other food processors are not made well. Good price for a good product.

I make 3 large size potato kugels each week using this, and it’s great. It makes kugels like hand-grated onesonly issue is that there’s some space between the lid and the blade, so some pieces don’t get chopped up completely, but i just take them out and cut them with a knifei have it for almost two years and i’m really happy.

. If this hadn’t broke on first use, it might have been awesome. It was quiet and had some good features, like the ice button and different speeds. Most processors have two or three choices. The price was fantastic too. In the middle of running through a batch of pie crust, the s-blade shaft jammed onto the lid of the processor and stripped a threaded part in the lid. I had a strong guy separate the pieces, packed it up and sent it back. The design of the center of the lid and top of the s-blade cone is problematic.

Implying this food processor is cuisinart. Also was charged way over the going retail price for thie food processor .

It’s pretty big and it chops the hell out of my food. I use it primarily for making salsa and it does a great job.

Ultra-Quiet, Powerful “Dynamic Drive” Motor that’s Rated 600W and can Deliver Up To 1000 Watts of Power For Faster & More Consistent Results

It has only been a month, but i use it everyday at my restaurant and it has performed great.

I am thrilled with this chopper. The blade are sharp and do a fantastic job. I would give it a five star. Love the frugal blade and will be looking into more blades my husband right away was impressed with the quality of this food processor. Shocked that amazon lowered the price by 30 dollars. Only one thing i would hope for is a booklet of recipes to go along. I did a lot of comparing before i chose this processor. Get it while it last nowhere else could i find it under 149.

If you just want to chop veggies, it take a second. The longer anything is in it- it’s pureed, so for a few vegetables, you have to take out what you chopped. The blade is so low, everything turns to mush. Today we took the skin off a few onions, and remove the ends, the gourmia had them finely chopped in less time than it took to skin them, i threw in stuff for meat loaf, but no go. This blade doesn’t move things around. The blades are a bit cumbersome, cutting is smooth and there are safety features. I wanted a food processor that also mixes, this blade is strictly to pulverize anything if you aren’t looking. I have not tried kugel, the french fry disk and shredder slicer are fine. For me this is too much trouble to slice, chop or grate, and then won’t mix unless you want slush.

It was a christmas gift in 2014. My wife is very happy with this food processor so far. It is very durable up to date. The versatility and power it offers is the best bang for your buck food processor at this size i can find.

The gourmet grade gr1100n 14-cup food processor, is a great food processor. It is made of high quality material and has tremendous power. It comes with the most common used attachments and there are others that can be ordered separately. I am really enjoying the juicer attachment and the julian stick attachment makes great fries or vege sticks for dips.I purchased the gourmet grade because it was priced at the hundred dollar mark, and a all the attachments that come with the one priced higher. I searched for endless hours to find a food processor with more than 1 attachments under a hundred dollars. The gourmet grade gr1100n 14-cup food processor when unboxed it huge, i liked that part, got my moneys worth for sure. I can prepare a huge salad for a block party of just a big bowel for the family. No more by buying those dried out store vege platters.

I have had smaller food processes in the past, but this one blew me away. I can’t believe all the things i can make with it. I’ve made hummus, sweet potato fries and stir fry. I love this machine and thrilled with my purchase.

Massive 14 cup bowl with ‘Easy Lock’ lid & ultra-wide ‘Fast Feed’ tube, 110v

I’m happy with our decision because aside from saving close to $200, this is a very well thought out machine that clearly understands what people expect from a food processor.

It is everything i was looking for in a food processor, it actually holds 14 cups without leaking all over the counter.

Better than any cuisinart or kitchenaid i have used.

She says it is the best food processor she has owned.

The gourmet grade machine work great.

This is a great item, i mostly loved all the different settings i could apply to make cooking and food prep a breeze. I’m a college student but i would recommend this piece of equipment for any kitchen. Can’t wait to buy more products from this company.

I’m really excited to use this product. Very practical, necessary for many recipes. Very powerful looking, i can’t wait to use it.

Includes precision milled stainless steel blades/disks for shredding & slicing+ juicer attachment

Works as advertised great unit 15 more words required so works as advertised would recommend to anyone with a need for large capacity.

I was so excited to receive the gourmia food processor. Finally a food processor with great quality and size. I’m loving how quiet it is, and all the options for the blades. I definitely recommend this great product.

I am loving my gourmia food processor. It works incredibly well and it’s very easy to use. Gourmia has great costumer service and quality products. I highly recommend this product, it is by far worth the purchase. I’m looking forward to buying many more products from gourmia. Thank you gourmia for your incredible service.

I am getting married soon and i can’t wait to use it in my new home with my new husband. This machine is the perfect size for making large quantities of different dishes. I’m so impressed by the 14-cup capacity for such a good price.

I really want to love this food processor. I have used it for a year and, because i cook for a living as a personal chef, it gets plenty of use. It looks great, it has suction cups to keep it stable, and it has more speeds than most processors. I selected it because i needed the larger capacity and the reviews looked good. But in the end i am disappointed. The blade is in two parts, which makes more cleanup. I never get a completely smooth consistency no matter how long i run it. And it doesn’t work very well for smaller jobs. I find myself using a mini-processor and double batches more often than the big guy.

I am very pleased with this unit. Suction cups for stability and speed of each is awesome. Makes great potatoe pancakes in seconds. Great product for the price.

Also includes the ultimate kugel blade, a whole new kind of blade for a whole new caliber of kugel

Searched for many different food processors, and this one is by far the mercedes of food processors, you wont find this at the mall.

Everything was seamless from ordering to delivery. As soon as i got it i used it and was impressed with the sleek look, power and quiet engine. It comes with accessories and blade options so i can use this appliance for most of my cooking needs. This is the kitchen appliance to get.

Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle – 1, GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle

Heats the water as expected. Packaging was sufficient to keep the product safe and secure in transit. It arrived in two days with prime shipping.

I bought this to replace my plastic one, as i was mildly concerned about possible health risks of drinking water boiled in plastic in my daily coffee. I’m very happy with this product. It looks very nice, boils quickly, and turns off reliably when boiling is complete–occasionally my old one would keep on boiling and evaporate a bunch of the water.

Gourmia gk-250 is pretty, boils water quickly, and still works after about a year of constant use (five or six cups of tea per day, every day).

Key specs for Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle – 1.7L- Cordless- Stainless Steel- Speed Boil – Auto Shutoff Boil Detect – Concealed Element – 360° Swivel Base – 1500 Watts,110v:

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  • SPEED BOIL: 1500 watts of sheer boiling power heats up your water in a fraction of the time taken by outdated stovetop versions.
  • AUTO EASE: Just a click, to automatically boil perfectly heated water for everything from tea, to cocoa, noodles, and cereal!
  • CORDLESS CARRY: This sleek stainless steel kettle rotates 360º on base and detaches for free cordless pouring and serving. Features a hidden heating element, eliminating the need for those rusty metal coils. Boasts a 1.7 liter capacity, and convenient rear water gauge.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Boil dry protection, lid-lock, and auto shut-off ensures completely safe scorch-free usage. Integrated spout filter for only pure water pouring.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Comments from buyers

“Great kettle, works as stated.
, I LOVE it. It is very pretty and looks great
, Pleased with my purchase

I have used this for a couple of weeks now and can say that i am very pleased with the performance. Within just a couple minutes i have hot water for tea (or instant coffee if i am in a real hurry and no time to brew). It basically brings the water to a boil, so if you do not want the water that hot just turn it off prior to this. The remaining water is usually still hot enough to make a second cup of tea 30 minutes later. This has replaced the kettle on my stove top.

Works precisely how one would hope: it brings water to a boil. Something worthy of mentioning, however, is that the heat is not contained and the outside of the kettle heats up as well. While this may seem like a “duh” statement for some, there are kettles where the design is such where the outside remains room temp, even when the contents are boiling. This is not one of those kettles. As such, be careful when handling directly after heating so you don’t burn yourself.

This model replaced my years old version which was not as high and narrow, it had more of a teapot size and shape. I love the modern take on this sleek model, does the same job at perfect quality standards, and it looks like a really cool kitchen accessory. In fact, i couldn’t help but notice that this kettle doesn’t have the same long cord as my old version, which kept getting in the way. Really well done and goes along with me from counter to table. That way everyone gets to pour and it really heats up super fast. They claim ‘faster than a microwave’ and it really is that fast.

 i received a defective one, but then, the customer service representative i spoke with was very helpful. They addressed my concern very well. I received a replacement very fast. Kudos to the seller and customer service representative i spoke with. This product is very simple but it boils fast and functions well.

I purchased the gourmia cordless kettle since it looked very impressive for its price point. It sits on the counter and is a breeze for coffee or warming baby bottles throughout the day. It’s great that it lets me know when the water is fully heated, and you definitely don’t want to lift it off it’s base mid cooking since the water won’t be fully boiled. Perfectly piping hot water every single time, and it looks great while doing it.

I was very happy with this kettle until it broke after 2 years. The plastic on/off switch mechanism relies on a very thin plastic part which snapped on me. It makes me upset that things are not made to last and our landfills just keep growing.

For hot water baths or for hot water bottles or to soak a baby bottle or for the basic tea or coffee, this is amazing. It has a very clean and sleek look, which really adds a lot to the counter, as opposed to the weak plastic kettles. I’ve been through a few hot water kettles and this one is definitely the best one – it’s not expensive, and it works really well, looks really nice, and it’s cordless, which is just an added plus.

First, let me say, i was not a lucky one who received this with a promotional discount. That being said, i like this little kettle a lot. It heats the water up quickly, holds a fair amount, and looks good in my kitchen. I love that you can take it off of the base and do not have to unplug it every time you use it. An average of 2-3 times a day in our house. If i were to have a con, i would say the power switch can be a little sensitive. Sometimes i have to push it down a couple times to get it to stay on, but realistically, that might be user error. :)in the end, i would recommend this kettle.

I use my gourmia frequently as i drink 3-4 pots of hot tea a day, every day. I have had it for about a week and it is working wonderfully. I love that the lid latch lifts the lid but i don’t have to keep holding the latch while i fill the pot–the lid stays up until i close it. The pot looks good on my counter and works very well for me.

All the good stuff is as other reviewers said, however, i bought it in feb. (return option closed in march), and just yesterday (aug. 6), a problem developed with the lid/handle assembly. The latch to open the lid now sticks, and the handle is pulling away from the pot. It looks like a screw might be loose (or broken), but the lid is not removable so i can’t get inside to see. I’m afraid i’m going to have to toss it. I’m trying to decide if $20 divided by 6 months of use is worth it.

This is a good water kettle. Better than the one i had, which was by aroma, which lasted barely 1 year.

I had no idea how much i would love an electric kettle. It’s cute, super fast and easy to use- literally just a switch flip. I could have gotten a much smaller one b/c i just use it with my french press, but whatevs. I’m sure some day i’ll be glad i can hear up so much water. Great kettle and awesome price.

Lovely looking and stylish design, and is a beautiful addition to my kitchen counter. Very lightweight, in fact much lighter than i had anticipated. Works wonderfully and came with excellent pre-use and cleaning instructions.

Just received so far so good.

Auto shut off when the water is boiling. I especially like that it is not plastic.

It works just as good as the expensive $$$$ model that my sister has in london, england. Stainless steel inside and out with a window to see your water level. Do not submerge entire pot in water when washing. Easy to clean and heat up your water so fast.

Stainless looks so good on counter.

I received my gourmia tea kettle today and used it immediately. It is very pretty and looks great in my kitchen. Easy to use and heats up pretty quickly.I would recommend this to everyone.

This is my first purchase of a gourmia product, and so far i must say i’m very satisfied with it. This is a well-built electric kettle, and does its job well, as it is supposed too. I bought for the express reason of being able to quickly make my morning cup of tea, and this works very well for that. The water reaches boiling point in about a minute or so. The kettle feels solid and well-balanced in the hand when you lift it by the handle. Plus, it also looks good on my kitchen counter.

My morning routine consisted of getting out of the shower and turning the stove top on to boil water in the kettle. It would take about 8-10 minutes for the water to boil and the pot to whistle. Now i just flick a switch and i have over a litter of boiling water in 4-5 minutes. I can’t believe how fast it is.

Needed a replacement kettle as they only seem to last about two years, after that the conductivity between the kettle and the base fades. This product seems of good quality and has a pleasing style to reside openly on the kitchen counter top. Overall the product lived up to its advertising and was delivered promptly. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good looking kettle that boils water quickly.

Gourmia EP700 7-Quart 6 Speed Stand Mixer – Three Stars

For the price, i couldn’t have asked for a better mixer. However, the real only problem i have is that it doesn’t scrape the bottom of the bowl. It’s fine if i’m making a large batch of something but if i’m trying to make a small amount of icing, i can’t beat the butter enough to make it fluffy because the mixer just pushes all of the butter to the bottom and then just spins on top of it, not mixing any so i have to continuously stop it, scrape it with a rubber spatula, and restart it over and over and over again. But other than that, it’s great. Just make bigger batches of everything i guess.

I have been researching and comparing stand mixers for a while and decided that this mixer was more for the money, bigger, better, more powerful, and way less expensive than it’s competitors’ the bowl is 2qts. Larger, the motor is 3x more powerful (this thing is a ‘beast’ nothing slows it down, not even bagel dough. ), and to say nothing about being a whole lot less expensive than it’s $350. The only issue i have is that there are no accessories (i. Meat grinder, pasta roller, sausage stuffer) which renders the front accessory drive useless for now but i’m told those are in the works.

I love love this europrep ep 700 7quart 6 speed stand mixer. I also mix are cake the same day i collect.

I bought this because i wanted a mixer that had a large capacity and this really fit the bill. It is a bit noisy but i am very happy with it.

. Especially for the price and what i will use it for.

This one of the best products ever i love this mixer i will make sure i tell everyone about it.

  • A new toy for and old cook
  • Good, but.
  • This thing is a “Beast”

I have mixed several very stiff dough’s in the proper gear, and it does a great job. I have had no problem getting the whip or paddle to mix stuff in the bottom of the bowl. I just lift the bowl a little in low speed, i am not suggesting anyone do that, you can always scrape the bottom of the bowl.

It came with some scratches.

A great value for the size of bowl and attachments. Have already made cake, frosting and two batches of bread. It arrived earlier than expected and looks awesome on the kitchen counter. Thanks europrep and thanks amazon. So far every purchase made through amazon has been excellent.

I can make my big loaves, no splashing. It works more than i expected. And the price, you can not beat that.

Blades scrape the bowl bottom-yeah. Slow start stops splashing, and one piece guard is the best.Great product for a great price.

Features of Gourmia EP700 7-Quart 6 Speed Stand Mixer, Planetery Action with Stainless Steel Bowl (Cream)- 650 Watts ETL rated 1000 Watts Maximum- Includes Free Recipe Book – 110/120V

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  • 6 SPEED: Gently mix, beat, cream, whip, and more! Super powerful 650w motor virtually eliminates motor to bowl power loss, with thermal protection that prevents overheating.h thermal protection that prevents overheating.
  • 7 QUART: Whip up large amounts of liquidy cake batters, fluffy frostings, and sticky bread doughs in just a single, sleek, splash-free bowl.
  • SMART TILT: Head lifts with just the flick of a dial, to simplify changing attachments or adding ingredients. Super suction grip bottom keeps machine firmly in place.
  • BONUS ATTACHMENTS: Comes with a balloon whisk, dough hook, flat beater, and splash guard for perfectly smooth, mess-free mixing. All feature a non-stick finish.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. We are ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving safe and efficient appliances of the highest quality.

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Love the size and can’t beat the price. I use my kitchenaid more often but this one is great for when i make larger tiered wedding and birthday cakes. The machine itself is plastic which is much lighter than my kitchenaid but it’s perfect for the price.

I purchased the gourmia 6 qt mixer recently and have made two loaves of bread and some cookies. I really do like my purchase and i think i will have fun producing more creations. I’m an older guy and always wanted to bake some bread, but never tackled the task, but the mixer and recipe on the bag of bread flour makes it just too easy. I particularly like the bowl cover that seals up and keeps everything from going all over the kitchen. The motor is quite powerful and i think i could use it as a back up outboard for my boat if i had electric power for it. A tad noisy, but not unacceptable. I also appreciated the email messages and short list of recipes that i received from the seller.

Suits my mixing needs superfluously.

Got this item yesterday and decided to try use it but it wouldn’t turn on?.

This mixer is great, wish i could get a smaller bowl for smaller recipes.

6 SPEED: Gently mix, beat, cream, whip, and more!

7 QUART: Whip up large amounts of liquidy cake batters, fluffy frostings, and sticky bread doughs in just a single, sleek, splash-free bowl.

SMART TILT: Head lifts with just the flick of a dial, to simplify changing attachments or adding ingredients.

BONUS ATTACHMENTS: Comes with a balloon whisk, dough hook, flat beater, and splash guard for perfectly smooth, mess-free mixing.

Gourmia GC150 JavaMaster 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine – K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee – Compact -Adjustable Cup Shelf – 40 oz Reservoir – : I recently purchased this coffee maker and am 100% pleased with my purchase

I absolutely love my new coffee maker. Great either with a k-pod or ground coffee. Very easy to interchange the pod to ground coffee and vice versa. Actually has a mini coffee filter for the ground coffee. I bought this for traveling but it would be an awesome addition to my countertopi highly recommend this unit.

I have had a few coffee makers in the past, and this is the first one that meets all of my coffee, kitchen, and aesthetic requirements. It’s sleek, neat, and small enough not to overwhelm counter space in my small kitchen. I absolutely love the fact that it has 2 options, so i can use k-cups, or just any brand of coffee i like, since i like to change things up. I’ve been having starbucks original every day since i got this machine. Besides the amazing taste, its quick, easy to clean, and i love the smell it brings to the whole house.

Gourmia GC150 JavaMaster 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine – K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee – Compact -Adjustable Cup Shelf – 40 oz Reservoir – Black

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  • 2 IN 1: Hydroforce extraction system ensures strong, rich brews from both your K-Cups and coffee grounds. Equipped with safety-plus technology to prevent overheating.
  • SIMPLE & SLEEK: Compact design fits neatly into any desk or kitchen countertop corner. Easy automatic controls are just one touch for small or large cup sizes.
  • LARGE RESERVOIR: No need to constantly refill; this brewer boasts a 40 oz/5 cup water tank with a convenient water level indicator.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRIP TRAY: Fits most standard-size cups or travel mugs ( “Travel Cup & Mug” for illustration purposes only.)
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Nice product for my office, has 2 in one. Can be used for any coffee or k-cup. Fits my traveling mug and a regular coffee cup. This product exceeded my expectations.

Don’t know what i would do without it​i’ve been using k cups for a while but got tired of the maintenance when running out of the actual coffee pods. I also found that variety works best when drinking coffee so often. 2 in one was the deal cincher when purchasing this coffee machine. I gotta say, it’s more than just a coffee maker. It’s my morning staple, sort of a holy ritual, i suppose. Coffee is first on the list before i sit down to my day’s itinerary. I was wary of the fact that it may be hard to maintain, with all the compartments it would have. But i was pleasantly surprised by the sleek narrow cylindrical shape of the machine, which is pretty compact for such a machine. Parts come out easily for cleaning purposes. I don’t really use the leveling piece which is meant when placing shorter cups on the tray, since all cup sizes work with the standard display tray.

I love this so much that i picked one up for my parents and they always call me to tell me this coffee machine has made their lives so much easier in so many ways. Definitely a great gift option. I also use mine on a daily basis, and i would never change this with any other machine.

Gourmia GC150 JavaMaster 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine – K-Cup Pods & Ground Coffee – Compact -Adjustable Cup Shelf – 40 oz Reservoir – Black : A great size, and works just like a charm for my k-cups.

 this gormia javamaster 2-in-1 coffee maker is such a nice addition to my kitchen. The rave today is the keurig’s and this is such a nice alternative for a fraction of the price. With this, you can use k-cups or else just brew a cup of coffee with your regular ground coffee. This comes with a filter insert for your k-cups and also a reusable and washable filter for ground coffee. You can brew an 8 ounce or 10 ounce cup of coffee, hot cocoa or just hot water for tea. You can also use a regular size coffee cup or even a travel mug size will fit under this. There is a water fill line on the side and the maximum water capacity is 40 ounces. Prior to using my k-cups the first time, i ran a few cups of just water through it just in case there was any ‘dust’ or anything in it since you can’t really wash it out. So basically you fill the water reservoir, add your coffee or k-cup, turn it on and let the water heat (the bottom light will stop blinking once it’s ready to brew) and then choose your cup size option. Once brewed, it will drip a little after but that’s the good thing about having the drip tray underneath.

I’m extremely happy with this product. It’s priced well and i love the slim design and large water reservoir. Another nice feature is the adjustable drip tray which allows for different sized cups/mugs which i don’t take for granted as i’ve worked in many offices that do not have coffee makers with this feature (no coffee = no good). Overall, i give this product a thumbs up for these reasons and recommend it for anyone who loves coffee as much as i do.

Extremely happy with this purchase. I bought this as a mother’s day gift for my wife from my 10year old. It replaced a keurig coffee maker, this unit takes up much less real estate on my counter and it does more than just k-cups so that’s a plus. I am a ground coffee drinker and my wife likes the ease of the k-cups.

This is the perfect size for me. I’m away for college and i did need something like this that took keurig​ cups and made my coffee in the mornings. I purchased this specific one because i do love the sleek look, affordable price point and the fact that it makes my coffee the same way the keurig did. A great buy, especially if you’re away from home.

It makes very good coffee with either the k-cup or good ‘ol ground coffee. Also, i buy tea leaves in bulk and using the filter basket makes a perfect cup of tea. One note is that it will ‘gurgle and sputter’ after making the brew and water will flow out of the machine onto the tray, so we put an ornate little bowl on the tray. I won’t hold that against this machine at all. Update 90 days: slowly, the amount of water coming out is less and less. Now i need to push the button three times to fill a cup. It looks like it’s headed for the trash can. I emailed the manufacturer about the problem. The answer was a shipping label to return it for an exchange. The support was fast, effortless and complete. Everyone gets a bad unit, heck, that’s a given.

Greatly exceeded my expectations. When i chose this machine i just needed a cheap keurig that i could use for coffee, but after using it i am so impressed by the ease and great taste of the brew. Really surprised by how smooth the coffee is and no bitter-ness as an aftertaste. So happy that i chose this and look forward to trying out different gourmia products now.I would definitely recommend this to friends/family.

Easy to assemble, exactly as described. Brewed a great coffee as expected. I also really like the fact that there is a strainer portion where you can put loose tea leaves as well.

Great coffee maker for its price. One reviewer said it works with san fransisco bay coffee k cups – it does but you need to poke a small hole in the center of the top first (i use a push pin). The tops on sf bay cups are too thick and not stiff enough for the nozzle to break through (a problem with other coffee makers as well).

I bought the gourmia gc-150 about a month ago, after my old machine broke down, and so far i couldn’t be happier with this coffee machine. I enjoy a great cup of coffee every morning (or at any time i feel like having a cup). The k-cups are easy to find anywhere, and if you enjoy grinding your own beans like i do, you can always use a reusable cup. All-in-all i had a really positive experience and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid machine.

I’ve had the coffee maker for almost exactly 3 months and it just quit working. I guess i should have taken heed when i read the reviews of it not working long. I really liked it when it worked. Eta: i contacted gourmia and they were great to deal with. They refunded my money within 2 days (after showing proof that i had cut the cord on the machine). I will say their customer service was great. I am still sad about this machine and i kind of want another one, even though i know other reviewers have had the same issue i did. It really was a great machine while it worked. I moved my rating up to 3 stars from 1 because of the customer service alone.

This is a great machine if you’re ok without bells and whistles. It doesn’t have delay start, keep warm, etc. Makes really good coffee though.

This coffee maker exceeded my expectations. I wanted to brew coffee for only ‘one’ and use my own flavored coffees and teas. The gourmia javamaster does just that but, also accepts the k-cups purchased in retail stores. This is accomplished by using the k-cup holder accessory provided. I also liked the fact that the water storage refill is part ofthe pot and one simply opens the lid on top of the pot to add water. The other filter accessory provided i use to fill with my own blends of coffees and teas. So there you have itit is a 2-in-1 brewing coffeemaker. I was glad to remove the large machine from my counter and acquire a less cluttered brewing area. You really do not have to spend a lot to brew yourself a great beverage.

Gave 2 of these as gifts and both recipients rave about it.

I’m not a coffee drinker so i do not know the difference between coffee machines. My husband on the other hand goes through coffee like water so i knew it was about time i bought something for him. I had to get something that would not clutter my counter nor anything that’s too bulky and that’s exactly what this gourmia k cup coffee maker is all about (for me) and coffee tastes amazing (for him).

Update: we were contacted by seller about our problems after this review was posted. I believe we have the issue resolved. We do like the size of this little coffeemakerwe really liked it but it quit working already. We only used for 2 months as it’s in our rv. I ordered a replacement k cup adapter because the other one for thrown out.

I bought it when my keurig looked to be on its last leg. Well, the keurig revived and this is in storage. My mom likes hers a lot, so that says something. Just don’t buy the insurance ~ you really don’t need it.

Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer 850 Watts Juice Extractor – Great Machine/ Moist Pulp

This is the first juicer i’ve ever purchased so i didn’t know what to expect. The juicer works great and clean up is easy. I have been rinsing the parts off and washing them in the dishwasher.

My mom needed a juicer extractor. You really do extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables. It really is was the product states.

I bought this juicer about 3 months ago and i use it almost every day. I need at least 2 large carrots and 1 apple to juice 8ozs. The machine juices the carrots easier when i cut them in smaller pieces and the machines needs lots rinsing to clean. I also end up throwing away what seems like lots of carrots, but the juice tastes absolutely delicious. The juicer is also easy to assemble, and sits nicely on the countertop. Here are the specifications for the Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer 850 Watts Juice Extractor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • WIDE MOUTH: No need to spend time cutting, slicing, and prepping. Throw in your fruits and veggies whole!
  • 850 WATTS: Simple dial with two quiet, max extraction settings. Turn low for soft fruits like oranges, tomatoes or lemons; and high for harder varieties like carrots, beets, or ginger.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Designed with a sleek stainless steel exterior and cutting blade. Holds 32 ounces of juice and boasts an 8.5 cup pulp tank for continuous pure juicing action.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Easily disassembled parts are all dishwasher safe for breezy cleanup.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Can not beat it for the price.

I juice carrots daily using this. Cleans real easy while the pulp is still moist (literally rinses clean). Comes with a brush for the blade.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very satisfied
  • The parts fit into each other like a charm
  • works great and clean up is a snap

I got this for my sister-in law for her birthday and she loves it. She said it works great and is easy to clean.

I bought another one of these for my mother. I juice a lot and i think my original one is about 6 years old now. Soon i’ll be getting myself another one as the blades are just now starting to get dull and i accidentally pushed my ginger a bit too hard through it so some of the plastic got shaved off on the thing you push the fruit down with. This juicer has been through hell with me and still runs perfectly. I juice a lot of very hard fruits and bark like items through it. I also don’t have time to chop everything up so entire apples go in. Back in my 20’s i used to own an industrial juicer that cost me around $500 at the time. This one almost works as good as the industrial one but i don’t get as much juice from wheatgrass with it but it does do a wonderful job. Super easy to put together and super easy to use.

I’ve had the juicer for over two weeks and i am very happy with the purchase. I soon found that cutting the pieces smaller than the opening before putting them in the juicer, provided more juice to drink. The pulp was wet when i inserted big pieces and dry when i cut the pieces into smaller sizes. Clean up is a breeze as long as you do it immediately. Except, in all honestly, the stainless chopping thingy takes some scrubbing to clean well. At least they included a brush just for the job. I like the carafe because it is large and when you pour the juice into a glass it keeps most of the foamy stuff from going into the glass. I have not seen the need to use the second higher speed setting yet. But as i mentioned, i cut everything up into smaller pieces.

Been juicing with this for a week now. Love the wide mouth that fits whole apples and beets. It has no problem cutting through tough veggies and everything i put in always comes out smooth and tasting great. Highly recommend this for the price point it is at.

Just received today so far very good but i will update in few weeks after used.

The juice is amazing and the pulp is so fine i have made brownies out of it and used it in pancakes. It’s super easy to use and clean up is a breeze. Suction cups hold it in place.

So far it is a great juicer. It works very nicely, and i am very happy i have bought it. The only thing i disliked about it was that their was no place indicating where the ebook could be found, but a friendly representative gave me the link to the e-book when i asked. (i asked in the question/answer section of the juicer. )update: it broke ;((((( i was putting in some fruits that were pretty soft when i heard a loud thong. The juicer stopped and wouldn’t start. I only occasionally used it and i loved it when i had it. For health reasons, right before it broke we have been trying to make juice every day for my grandmother.

Overall good product for the price. Sometimes it does seem the juice comes out a little thick, as if it still has some pulp left from the veggie/fruit. Also there is a small area that i have a hard time getting the brush to clean properly. Overall it works great and easy to put together.

There’s definitely better juicers out there; however, for the price, it works amazing. The juice ratio you get is great. It has suctions on the bottom so it doesn’t vibrate all over the counter. The juice comes out with a very slight pulp, but overall it’s not noticeable. I’ve worked with commercial juicers so i’m definitely a little spoiled when it comes to overall quality. What is a tad annoying is the small screws to take off the mesh basket that i’m convinced i’m going to lose eventually.

This is my first juicer so i cannot compare features or whether my observations are normal. I have used it more then 7 times for 1 type of juice – combination of carrot, red beet, pink lady apple, and ginger:- bubbles – the juice has bubbles on top and the collector cup cover is nicely designed to keep the bubble from pouring out into your glass- cleaning – there are 7 parts to remove/assemble and clean/dry (if you use the juice collector, 5 if you used your glass directly to collect the juice), all 5 parts gets pulp all over it, the material is easy to clean as you can just rinse it out and since they are crystal & black you don’t see any fruit stain (i was using carrots & beets). – pulp – there are 5-8 big slices that didn’t get grounded and i could sense it happens when the blades makes that big clanging noise – seems like it chopped the fruit and pushed it to the pulp collector. I would say though 90% of your fruit is juices with allowance for the big chunks and still wet pulp. – whole fruit – i tried the medium sized apple, it goes through but not all the way (there is a barrier at the bottom of the tube), it get stuck/won’t fit all the way through so i have to cut the apple.

I bought this to juice celery. It does the job however, there is some waste with smaller pieces and it doesn’t juice the leaves at all. Most of the pulp gets caught up in the plastic top instead of the receptacle bin. The juice is always foamy on top. Overall, it’s adequate for my needs so i kept it.

I have tried other juicer before, and i must say i was the most satisfied with this piece. Firstly, the spout a the top is large enough for most fruit and veggies. That’s a big plus for me to save the extra step of cutting everything into smaller pieces. The second biggest thing i look for in a juicer is how easy it is to clean. I was very impressed with the thought put into this device. Not only does all the parts come off easily there is a brush that helps clean out the hard to get to places. Took me about 1 minute to clean out the entire product. This product has a great size container for the juice and the coarse pieces. While juicing i was able to just focus on putting the fruit into the spout and not worry if the juice might overflow. It was great fun juicing together with my kids and i wasn’t afraid to allow them to put the fruit in the spout.

This is the best juicer we’ve ever had. Normally, a juicer will just sit and collect dust because of all the work it requires. This juicer is easy to clean afterwards and the most important, you actually get juice for the whole family. This is the best you can get for this price. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Great juicer – powerful enough for all fruits and veggies i’ve tried so far, including beets, celery, carrots, cucumber, herbs, lemon, apple, berries, oineapple, kale, and more. The only downside is how labor intensive the clean-up is. But that’s the case with all juicers. You have to really be dedicated to it if you want to make it worth the time.

This is pretty easy to clean and does the juicing trick as well as the jack lalane brand which we had formerly.

This juicer works really well. It’s very quiet and fairly easy to clean. It gets all of the juice out of fruits and vegetables leaving nothing but dry fiber. It doesn’t work well with berries or bananas but the manufacturer points that out in the instructions. I’m waiting to see how long it lasts as i’ve only been using it for about a month. All things considered, i’m very satisfied with this purchase especially given the price.

Gourmia GDF450 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Stainless Steel 4 – Horrible instructions

I bought this for my son and he loves it the food looks and taste delicious and clean up is easy.

I like using this deep fryer. Although it comes with three baskets, i only use the large basket. It takes about 15 minutes to heat up to 375 degrees and then it’s ready to fry. I keep it sitting on the counter beside my stove. The bottom of the fryer gets very hot, i suggest you put something fireproof under the fryer to keep your cabinet top safe. I use a wooden cutting board about two inches thick, then a large metal trivet on top of the cutting board (a metal trivet that is a little larger than the bottom of the fryer). I think a large rectangular or square pizza stone might also work, as long as it is about an inch thick. Just be sure and ‘don’t’ put the fryer directly on your counter top, even if your counter top is stone, the heat might crack it.

   this triple basket deep fryer is perfect for anyone who loves deep frying foods at home. I deep fry a lot and have wanted a multiple basket fryer for awhile. This one comes with 3 basket, 2 small and 1 large. You can use the 2 small together at the same time to deep fry 2 different things or else use the large for larger quantities or bigger pieces of food. You get the 3 baskets, 2 basket handles, instruction booklet and an extra filter with this. There is a minimum and a maximum fill line you can see on the inside of the liner where you put the oil. Fill with oil and then insert the heating element piece which attaches by sliding it into the grooves on the back of the frame. The cord is a 2 prong for your outlet and the part that connects to the fryer is actually magnetic insertion. Turn the power button on, select your temperature and then set your timer. The indicator light will be red while the oil is getting up to temperature and turn green when it’s ready. Here are the specifications for the Gourmia GDF450 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Stainless Steel 4:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • DIVERSIFY FRYING- ever wanted to fry multiple kinds of food at once well it is now available with our state of the art multi fry single/double basket design
  • HUGE CAPACITY- with a spacious 4.2 liter capacity you can fry much more food easy to use digital control panel for comfortable use
  • TASTE ENHANCING- incorporates revolutionary lock and block flavor technology maximum tastiness and full yumminess, don’t compromise on your standards.
  • ODOR FREE- dynamic odor reduction system with activated carbon fry filter for minimal odor and maximum tastiness, clean and delicious
  • EASY TO CLEAN- don’t worry about cleaning another dish, with our removable enamel fry tank; stainless steel exterior it’s easy to clean, Dimensions: 15.5 x 14.625 x 8.75

Works awesome and easy clean up, i like that i can take it apart.

For such a compact sized unit, three baskets is a real treat. Since getting this fryer, i absolutely use it all the time. I personally found it so easy to operate, after replacing an older model that had way too many parts to mention. The one part i didn’t have before, but am delighted to add now are the 3 baskets. For such a compact sized unit, three baskets is a real treat. I got to do protein, starch, vegetable, all in the fryer at the same time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • For such a compact sized unit, three baskets is a real treat.
  • Exceeded my expectations!
  • Really awesome product

No more oil spills, no more burns, comes out perfectly. I am so happy i got this deep fryer. I can bring to our events and make things fresh. I can just use it efficiently at home and the oil maintains the temperature and i don’t burn things.

Perfect for family fish fry. We have large propane cookers but it’s hard to control the temperature when cooking for family gatherings. This product makes the time with family fun and easy. Temperature holds where we set.

Used it for the first time last night, 11/27/2018. Made deep-fried chicken breast and french fries in it. Was able to fit, 4 good size breasts at a time and at least half the 5lb bag of fries. So, had to cook 3 times for chicken and twice for fries. . Best, was that everyone said it was a great meal.

My boyfriend wanted this for christmas and i thought he was nuts but we use it all the time. We do use it out in the garage because i don’t like the ‘fry’ smell in the house but other then that, we love it.

Bigger and better than the description. Was searching high and low for a great deep fryer that works really well for the family and especially when having parties. Have had various companies over the past few years and haven’t been too pleased. This one exceeds all my expectations. The baskets are perfect size for everyday use. Heats up fast and just right. Fried food came out perfect. And for the price, its worth much much more.

Used the fryer for the first time today and was really impressed. The only aspect of the unit that leaves something to be desired is the control panel. Time remaining rather than temperature displayed throughout the frying process — would like to see both, or at least be able to toggle between the two. The indicator lights (warming and ready) worked perfectly. As other reviewers have stated, the instruction manual is incomplete and of not too much help. Had no problems with maintaining temperature. No problems with heat from the unit. Love the fact most of the fryer components are dishwasher safe. Aside from the thermostat control feature, that’s why i bought this particular unit.

As far as the construction, design and easy clean-up are concerned, i give this five stars. However, the ‘owner’s manual’ doesn’t provide adequate information. I had to find more information via the internet. You can download the company’s ‘owner’ manual’ pdf from their website, but don’t bother. It’s the same little 4 page ‘booklet. ‘ that the fryer comes with. I messed up my first tries because i had no idea the secret start procedure. It quickly becomes a frustrating nightmare to unravel. Plug the device in and hit the power button turn it on.

I purchased this last week, and have used it 3 times so far. I am really impressed with how the machine maintained a consistent temperature. Doughnuts cooked thru and browned nicely. Fries from the bag got a crispy exterior and soft center. Looking forward to using this fryer for many years.

I have tried several deep fat fryer and each one has let me down. So i went to customer reports. Based on their recommendation, i purchased the gourmia gdf500. It heats up quickly, keeps a consent temperature even with frozen foods. You don’t have that fried smell when using the product. The option of teonsize baskets is a plus. I strongly recommend this product.

My kids love fried chicken but i hate the frying pan. The chicken comes out super crispy and delicious. There are separate baskets which is great because i can throw some fries in at the same time for a quick easy dinner. Product was easy to set up and use right away.

The large basket has enough room for a full batch of fries. Easy to pour the oil out into gallon jug for storage. (wait until the oil cools of course).

The stainless steal frame is a frame so the oil container comes out completely and is really easy to clean. Temperature control seemed very reliable.

Best thing since sliced bread. You have to get use to the right temperature. Once i got it figured out, i’ve been frying away. Imo, frying chicken have it set on 275 degrees.

Got this because everything i make is deep fried. It’s very simple to use, and works great. Food comes out beautifully crispy- just the way i like it.

Just received my gourmia deep fryer. After i found out that it’s healthier to deep fry rather than pan fry i decided to go for it. It has been a wonderful an easy piece of equipment to use. Convenience coupled with really nice design makes this a wonderful deep fryer. The baskets are my favorite part. Different sizes for different things and you can fry two at a time. Overall, totally worth the buy.

I received this deep fryer yesterday. This deep fryer works great. It is so simple to use for a quick supper that the kids (and adults) love. Super easy and simple directions and food comes out delicious. I specially like this product because it does not splash and is so neat and keeps counter and surroundings so clean. If your looking to buy a deep fryer then buy this one, its worth it and you wont regret this purchase because it will make your life simpler and more tasty. As i have a hard time with cooking because i burn my foods, this product came in so handy.

Gourmia GPM1300 12″ Countertop Crispy Crust Pizza Maker Oven – Fun and easy dinner maker

It’s like having your individual own pizzeria. It truly is simple to use and bakes good tasting pizza.

Well crafted and seems like a really well produced merchandise, i cant hold out to make pizza with the family and friends.

I completely appreciate thisfirst of all the structure is attractive, it appears great in my kitchen area. But most importantly, it tends to make the most delectable authentic tasting pizza. I acquired this for my young ones and they really like the rotating stone tray as it provides the oven brick flavor to this delectable pizza. At this selling price it is a wonderful steali believe my household are heading to be taking in pizza every single night from now on ) this machine is to fast, very simple to use and mouth watering to resist.

So joyful with our obtain of the gourmia pizza maker. Simple to use and enjoyable for the full family.

I acquired 2 of these to have a pizza bar at our super bowl get together. As very long as you precook the dough.

  • Great even cooking.
  • Super Duper Pizza Maker
  • had the Gourmia Pizza Maker came quick and works great and thrilled with this new adition

I was definitely searching to forward to working with the goirmia pizza maker. I enjoy producing hoke manufactured pizza but i locate that both the crust is as well gentle or the cheese receives overdone. This gave the pizza a great crust and didn’t burn the cheese. I will be using this normally five stars.

I bought a number of as gifts for family members associates as well and they indeed appreciate it as considerably as i do.

When i received this pizza maker from a community get together raffle, i was wondering that it would be a time waster. We now get the nifty pizza maker out every one sunday. It became our official fun supper night, and with baked chips and salad, every person is pleased. Although the timer is established, i adore peeking in to see the way it bakes and flips in excess of mid procedure. So a lot greater than property oven pizza. The stone tray offers it the genuine pizza conclude end result and the elements are pretty simple to clean up.

I bought this for all of the frozen pizzas that we make. Very first, i hand washed the tray and wiped off the pizza stone. I then preheated the oven for 5 minutes. I experienced an eight inch frozen 4 cheese zesty pizza that i couldn’t hold out to try. I place the pizza on the stone and established the timer for twenty minutes. When the timer went off, i opened the lid to discover my yummy pizza cooked to perfection. A tip – if you are working with a frozen pizza, defrost it 1st. I failed to do that with my to start with a person but did it with subsequent kinds and they ended up a great deal superior. It would be excellent to make one particular from scratch, so that is future on my record. The pan just wiped clear and the stone just wanted the scrub facet of a sponge. I then enable it cool down and i place it away. This would be great for higher education college students or even anyone dwelling in small quarters. I like that i you should not have to warmth up my full kitchen just to make a pizza. I would unquestionably acquire another 1 for my daughter.

Amazing item, would make the excellent pizza. Appears to be definitely wonderful on my counter. Pizza tastes like it arrived new out of a authentic brick oven.

Features of Gourmia GPM1300 12″ Countertop Crispy Crust Pizza Maker Oven with Rotating Stone Tray – 110V

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bake & cook delicious crispy fresh and frozen pizza in just a few minutes with professional brick-oven results
  • Dual heating elements which provides separate crust & topping control settings for maximum taste and texture
  • Rotating stone tray conducts and retains heat evenly to guarantee crisp, golden crusts
  • Nonstick pan is removable for easy cleanup and storage
  • 30 minute cooking timer with auto shutoff. pre-heat the pizza-maker before placing the pizza is a must. Pre-heat the pizza oven with the stone for 15-20 minutes with both (top and bottom) heating elements turned on at highest temperature for best results

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Seeing the pizza bake by the see through window is wonderful. I made guaranteed to thaw my pizza dough to start with, based mostly on the opinions. 22 minutes later on i had some amazing crusty pizza with the melted cheese that was just ideal. All i can say is it did precisely as promised, additionally much more. We additional olives, fried eggplant, and sundried tomatoes, on a few unique events and they truly had a flavor pop with further zing from the even cooking and ideal temperatures.

Offer arrived immediately with an easy established up. Labored terrific with uncomplicated to fully grasp procedure. Great purchaser services to present a recipe ebook and any observe ups. Pizza came out cooked evenly all all-around and with no clean up up mess. Makes genuinely big pizzas and has a search out window to check out how very well cooked the pizza is without opening the leading which saved my children entertained though it was cooking, good strategy. I definitely wont have any reservations about generating pizza with this maker once again.

So cool to have a this pizza maker, my kids are so enthusiastic, specially for the reason that it arrives with a stone pizza plate. It definitely awesome that it has a window so you can see the pizza revolving as it bakes. I also appreciated that it has two individual heating features for the top and bottom so your pizza is evenly baked.

These a fantastic addition to any home with young children. We have been all similarly fired up about this product or service, the kids and grown ups. They obtained to see pizza manufactured from scratch, peering into the entrance window opening. It was so so easy to do and a terrific spouse and children activity. I do recommend spraying the tray with pam. I also have a suggestion which i use for creating breads and pizzas. Spray the pan and leading with cornmeal for that crispy crunch on the bottom. The total crust good quality was just perfect, even for such a home prepare dinner gadget. My young ones commented how it looked like suitable ‘pizza shop’ success. I initial heated the bottom tray, subsequent the preheat suggestions from one more person.

This products was so effortless to use and even simpler to thoroughly clean. The pizza crust arrived out so crispy, and it cooked the dough so evenly.

Purchased this merchandise it can be amazingbakes evenly and fast. Children like creating pizza with it, they definitely take pleasure in watching it bake through the window. Least complicated and funnest dinner maker,.

Bake & cook delicious crispy fresh and frozen pizza in just a few minutes with professional brick-oven results

It is straightforward to use and clean. The pizza will come out quite superior. The only drawback is the length of time that it normally takes to bake, in comparison with our old technique which was convection oven. But the pizza genuinely does arrive out authentici certainly advocate this merchandise.

Was so enthusiastic to try it as before long as i bought it, and the genuine pizza maker is so sweet. The pizza was crispy-crusted, scrumptious, warm, and, as a college scholar, created dwelling more very affordable.

Arrived proper in time, seems to be fantastic in my kitchen. Pizza will come out like authentic restaurant pizza. Could not have asked for a far better merchandise.

I have had the gourmia pizza maker arrived speedy and works wonderful and thrilled with this new adition. It heats up well, is simple to use with a crystal clear handbook that will come alongside with it. Total truly content, undoubtedly propose.

Dual heating elements which provides separate crust & topping control settings for maximum taste and texture

Rotating stone tray conducts and retains heat evenly to guarantee crisp, golden crusts

Nonstick pan is removable for easy cleanup and storage

Gourmia Multifunction Electric 1-Hour Hot & Cold Smoker : Gave it as a gift and have heard nothing but

With such a variety of cooking functions, i have yet to be disappointed.

The pressure cooker/hot smoker function is great. Pork ribs come out tender, moist and just enough smokey flavor. Chicken was tender, moist and smokey, too. Next stop, cold smoke bacon.

I received the slow cooker earlier than expected and was so excited to open it up. It’s even bigger than i realized and has so many more functions than just slow cooking. I can’t wait for all the meals i can make with it. To top it all off, it looks beautiful so i don’t need to worry about hiding it away.

This multifunction cooker is great, it allows me to have another depth when i cook, with it being a pressure cooker and i do not have to stand and cook for hours at a time.

  • I don’t need no stinkin charcoal outdoor cooker—Anymore.
  • Smoker/Pressure Cooker produces tender, moist, smokey meats!
  • This multifunction cooker is great, it allows me to have another depth when

Gourmia Multifunction Electric 1-Hour Hot & Cold Smoker, Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and Steamer – 6.5 Qt – With Delay Timer & Removable Racks – 1300W – GPS650

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • PRESSURE SMOKE: Pressure cooking power packs in all the strong, smokey, BBQ flavor- in less than an hour! Adjustable pressure setting ranges up to 15 psi.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: Equipped with an easy-read LCD status display, and all adjustable; pressure, steam, slow cook, and hot/cold smoke functions. Other features include an 8 hour delay timer, and auto keep warm.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Stainless steel construct with cool touch base handles, removable nonstick cooking pot, and locking lid with easy grip handle and pressure regulator knob.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES: Includes smoking/steaming racks, a spoon, measuring cup, silicone cap, and charring cup.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

First time use i truly loved it. Very easy to use and clean up.

I am avid cook, but limited on space in the kitchen. It’s so easy to use and multi-functional. The indoor smoker cooks and smokes great. The steamer did wonderful with asparagus. A bonus surprise was that it’s also a slow cooker. The box or listing didn’t say that. But of all the uses, the pressure cooker is unbelievable.I pressure cooked chicken and goes from raw to cooked in 9 minutes.

I have always wanted a smoker, but did not want to use up so much space for occasional use. . When i saw this product wth so many verified positive reviews, i ordered it. I tried it twice with mixed reviews. . It appeared to have a problem with the lid; i am a pressure cooker officinado (sp??) and the lid had difficulty locking and steam was escaping from safety valve and lock area. I called the company and they were very customer-centric, sending out a new lid, which works perfectly. I wish there were more recipes with better timing, but from now on, i will undercook, as you can always add a few minutes. Great smoke flavor and not the massive footprint of an outdoor smoker.

Can use it inside, let it rain or snow, no problem.

If you can’t push the slide lock to the unlock, while lifting the lid, best to send it back. You’re too much of a moron to own one. That is the fix to the idiot that sent theirs back because they couldn’t open it. This is the best fresh tasting smoked beef in a half an hour ever devised. Don’t buy one if you don’t like smoked flavored meats. However, if you do like your ribs with a smoked taste. You’ll be in love in no time. It’s a set and go aaa product.

My husband and i smoked a brisket in two hours. No marinating just put it in and it was delicious and tender. I strongly recommend this smoker. Going to fix ribeye steaks this weekend.

The interior liner came with two chips in the coating. So far, though, after several uses it hasn’t spread. I discovered that after using the smoker option, it is very difficult to get the smoke smell out of the cooker. The food you cook the next few times comes out smokey when you may not want that flavor. I haven’t found a way to get rid of the smell after pressure smoking. I contacted customer support on both these problems and they are supposed to send me a new liner. They said there is nothing they can do about the smokey smell. The pressure smoker itself works okay, but there is very little guidance on how long to pressure cook food. I tried using an old recipe book from a previous pressure cooker we have, but the times don’t seem to work the same, and the ribs came out a little under cooked. Update: they are sending me a new unit.

It is much bigger in person than i expected so i am able to cook even more in it than i thought. The food flavors are amazing and are cooked to perfection. I haven’t experienced any issues with this product, i definitely recommend.

This slow cooker belongs in every kitchen. The size is perfect and the variety of functions give you so many options for dinners and hosting. The removable racks are great, which makes it easy to clean.

My family and i recently decided to add more vegetables in our diet, and we love it. Something like this which involves the aspects of a pressure cooker, slow cooker and steamer was so necessary for us. I mainly love to steam veggies in here. I can’t believe how fast it works – just 15 minutes, and delicious veggies.I absolutely love to slow cook different kinds of potatoes too. Sweet, white, red potatoes, and everything else in between. My friend is dying to get her hands on one too.

It made some really good brisket. This is a really good cooker, it served me better than my precious ones in the past.

I recieved this as a gift and thought great i can hot or cold smoke small amounts of fish. There are no instructions to do this so prepare to learn by trial an error. I visited numerous websites to get info. My second attempt was better than my first. The gadget seems to work well enough. Perhaps their lawyers told them hold back on information.

Just smoked my 1st total rooster in it. Despite the fact that i had to slice the rooster in 50 percent due to the dimension, it turned out excellent. I would strongly recommend purchasing this merchandise if you appreciate smoke flavor.

The structure of this unit is not incredibly superior. The heating aspects of the removable pot on the base stick out and are not flush which generates an unsafe circumstance with hot meals in it. I make alot of soup with a complete pot of extremely hot liquid. If you are not watchful, everything can spill out feasible creating burns. I am considering sending it again, but will consider it a bit lengthier.

It labored perfectly the to start with couple periods we utilised it, but now the pressure will never create up so the countdown won’t start. It looses all of its h2o and we get an error information.

Gave it as a present and have listened to absolutely nothing but compliments about the merchandise due to the fact they began employing it.

Smoked bbq ribs in 30 minutes – just does not get substantially greater than that.

I use it all the time specifically when know i would not have time to cook for myself for the duration of the 7 days. Great sizing for a university dorm.

Gourmia GDF450 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Stainless Steel 4, This works great! Only issue is it only came with 2

A very good fryer no issues, will work as it must.

It is much larger than i predicted. It is larger sized than i envisioned.

My rooster fried steak came out amazing, and my shoestring fries were beautifully crispy. Cant wait for my next deep fry get together.

Key specs for Gourmia GDF450 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Stainless Steel 4.2 Quart/18 Cups of Oil 4 Lbs. Food Capacity 1700W Anti-Grease Fry Filter with Free E-Recipe Book -110V:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 3 FRYING BASKETS- Includes 1 large capacity basket + 2 smaller baskets that attach for a double basket; do more with your deep fryer! Double basket features innovative Lock Block flavor technology; fry 2 different foods side by side without mixing flavors
  • QUICK FRYING- Immersion heating element with 1700 watts power it provides fast, even frying. It’s all crispy edges and no clumping
  • ANTI ODOR- don’t worry anymore about odor anymore with our anti-grease Fry Filter. Includes 2 bonus replacement filters
  • USER FRIENDLY- Includes spatter reducing lid, clear viewing window, separate timer and temperature controls and ready light. Auto shut down thermostat, fully detachable magnetic power cord and nonskid rubber feet included for safety
  • EASY TO CLEAN- Easy to clean removable enamel fry tank and stainless steel exterior makes it even easier to deep fry and easy to clean

Comments from buyers

“Nice and big fryer, Great For Chicken Wings!, Works like a charm”

I am just discovering this way to prepare. I’m just studying this way to get ready food and get pleasure from utilizing this gourmia model.

I was skeptical after some reviewers statements. But my relatives and i love this very little machine. I do not like cooking a great deal but with this wow it is amazing. My son who by no means eats fish sticks now eats them if i cook dinner in this and the family members enjoys the fried hen in it.

Not a good acquire if you might be on a rigid food plan or hoping. I bought this as a xmas present. He’s fried all the things not nailed down. So quite a few scrumptious recipes to consider—endless opportunities. Not a great buy if you might be on a demanding diet regime or making an attempt to eliminate body weight.

Finest new addition to my kitchen. The gourmia deep fryer is out of this world fantastic and so simple to use and massive sufficient that in property use is designed less difficult due to the fact i can repair a food and not have to fear about frying a 2nd batch of a food or two distinctive foodstuff simply because this fryer permits you to prepare dinner two foods side by aspect without the need of the mixing of flavors. There are just so several good features on this fryer. The oil filter to operate oil again via to clean up it is a excellent feature and is a terrific cash saver. The look at by way of window enables you to depart the lid on and not lessen the fryer temperature although examining on your food. The magnetic detachable twine and the non skid ft on the fryer make for terrific security capabilities. And for security it has an automated shut off as properly. Every little thing about this fryer is high quality all the way and it is really a amazing addition to my kitchen area so gourmia thank you so quite a great deal for letting me to make a honest and straightforward critique of your wonderful for merchandise at a diminished rate. You will not regret this buy and it is a quite simple clean up up. In my region kitchen, i’ve usually been a skillet fryer and this fryer can help me in cutting down our oil ingestion because it reaches the bigger temperatures to seal the food devoid of making it possible for the oil absorption.

Straightforward to use and tends to make fantastic wings. I have generally desired a deep fryer, and was ecstatic when this one particular arrived. It was simple to put together, but i would like to say a person thing about the asembly: the twine magnetically attaches to the fryer. It retains to he fryer securely, so you do not have to utilize any tension to get it to continue to be. Keep this in brain if you obtain this product. Merely contact the magnetic close of the cord to the appropriate put on the fryer, and it will stay set. I was truly surprised at how solid the magnets are. You convert the fryer on by turning the temperature dial to whichever temperature you want, and then flip the timer dial to until finally the ‘heating’ light-weight arrives on. When the heating mild turns off, the oil has reached the temperature you set the dial to. The directions say to by no means hear the fryer up without oil in it, or you can cause harm to the heating aspect.

Nothing beats ma’s southern fried hen right up until now. Need to be turning around in his grave. I purchased this for my mother to try out and she loves it. Now she literally fry’s almost everything. She likes the timer aspect and the see-through lid that keeps grease from popping all in excess of. Cleanup is a breeze with the removable vat and heating aspect. I discovered other manufacturers ended up additional high priced but were the correct exact equipment with their model name on it. I very suggest this deep fryer to anyone that is just plain hungry for very good fried food. Gourmia gdf300 3 quart compact electric deep fryer with dual temperature & timer dials – stainless steel – 1500 watts – fry 2 ½ lbs of food.

Will work excellent for fries, will make a heaping plate entire. Just include 2 quarts oil or it will overflow when you insert the basket complete of what ever you are deep frying.

Actually pleased with this deep fryer invest in. Ordered it generally for cooking chicken wings. No a lot more greasy smell and splattered mess from frying on the stove thanks to the vented lid and carbon filter. Seeking forward to striving other fried food recipes. Would absolutely suggest to a close friend who likes to make ‘bar food’ at household. Examine the operating guidelines thoroughly as the unit will never switch on without the timer in use.

First rate very little fryer for private cooking.

Good at keeping heat, great for fast meals.

Extremely awesome-smaller than i envisioned but i am happy with my new fryer.

Utilised it the working day i got it in the mail. I certainly enjoy the product or service, particularly for the price tag.

We have been looing for a single of these for yrs, just have problems storing things in our kitchen area. We last but not least broke down and obtained this, and it is terrific.Only problems we have identified is the timer is useless.

For when real frying is required, the greatest fryer​. . This fryer is just the point i was wanting for in a fryer. I genuinely appreciate the reality that i get a few fry baskets in a single, with just one of them staying larger for quantity frying. I like to get ready the vegetables though frying the items that choose more time to fry. I then basically drop the smaller baskets by the take care of and get meal accomplished one, 2, 3. The handles are wonderful for ease of use when frying and it stays put on the counter with the perfect grip base. This kind of a terrific fryer, but i even now adhere to the gourmia turbo air fryer for each day use. Classic frying is just way also a great deal oil for me. But when doing the authentic matter, i whip out this device to satisfy the crowd.

It is effective good speedier than book suggests.

At first we believed it didn’t operate but it was just the outlet in our wall being a little bit loose not absolutely sure if anybody else will have a finicky plug on their fryer as well but just check out replugging it in absolutely.

I didnt comprehend it was going to ised a great deal of oil :(.

Only concern is it only came with 2. Only problem is it only came with 2 handles for 3 baskets. Other than that i am really delighted.

I want while that the lid would be hooked up some how so you can move the fryer without the need of spilling and it would be simpler to retailer it with no obtaining to empty the oil each time.

We produced wings for the activity and fish and chips already.

Appreciate this gourmia electric fry it does just what other critiques have say how good it is.

Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker, A definite winner!

Gradual cookerbut so substantially far more. The top quality of this merchandise is great. I have only experimented with the a person operate as a result considerably (slow cooker), but i are unable to wait around to try out all of the other functions. I like a lot of other people i know broke my ceramic insert in my preceding sluggish cooker so i was searching for a alternative. Why would you want to get a equipment that only has just one functionality when you can get this 1 that has 8??. I am assuming this merchandise just isn’t that common due to the fact the larger sized little appliance corporations flood the motor queries with their products and solutions. I’ll most likely be purchasing a couple far more for christmas items. Will not search any further more invest in this merchandise you will never regret it.

Will work properly apart from the magnetic twine relationship disconnects also simply.

I genuinely adore my new gourmia product. I seriously enjoy my new gourmia solution. I have located that it incredibly beneficial when creating my specialty soups. I you should not generally amount items, but i actually have to say that i’m so happy with it.

Key specs for Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker with 5.6 Qt Bowl, Fry Basket, Grill/Steam Racks – 1500 Watts- Includes Free Recipe Book:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Functions: Boil, Grill, Fry, Steam, Fondue, Roast, Stew, Warm
  • Pre-Programmed modes with the Smart LCD Display with easy-to-read time and temperature settings
  • Temperature ranges from 122°-464° for optimal cooking results, and a Digital Timer up to 10 hours.
  • Glass cover for viewing the food as it cooks
  • Removable aluminum die cast heating pot with non-stick coating, easy to clean

Comments from buyers

“As a college student this is the perfect buy. I get to cook many healthy things , I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this pot, One of our more useful kitchen appliances. Every one who saw us use it also bought one. Very good product."

It appears to be to be very useful product and extremely quick to cleanup. It appears to be to be incredibly helpful product and quite easy to cleanup. Finding the cling of a device that serves numerous needs can take a little bit. We tried using fondue placing and even though the temp was even, we desired to commence at a better placing to get the cheese truly bubbly prior to reducing it. Wish temps weren’t preset so that we could do far more specific changes. It was wonderful to have large fondue pot on the table for all of us to use that was neat to the contact.

Gotta go through the instruction although.

One of our extra practical kitchen area appliances. Each individual just one who observed us use it also bought a person. One of our additional helpful kitchen appliances. Each individual just one who saw us use it also purchased just one.

It is excellent for operating parents. This was a christmas present we procured for our daughter and experienced it transported directly to her in another point out. From all indications, it is excellent for functioning parents. My husband and i are retired, and i’m considering about purchasing a single for myself.

Solution was transported promptly. But extra importantly we applied it to fry up japanese tonkatsu and it was amazing. No incredibly hot spots and easy to use.

This multicooker is amazing, i created some very hot wings and they ended up. This multicooker is excellent, i manufactured some very hot wings and they have been cooked to perfection – crispy on the outside / moist and delectable on the inside. The cooker is super easy to use and seems to be excellent on my counter leading.

Ubiquitous and quick to use and cleanse. Much more bells and whistles that most slow cookers, but i appreciate the capability to use it for other kinds of cooking as properly. (even deep frying) easy to cleanse, and effortless to use with time and temp clearly displayed.

The particular person we gave this merchandise to absolutely cherished it. He enjoys to cook dinner and with all the features this product has, it almost will take the spot of all your other equipment.

Remarkable all in one usefull merchandise. It does so quite a few different points with all of its usefull functions. This merchandise is substantial good quality and incredibly classy as well. I purchased this for wife and she enjoys it. She says it can make earning evening meal so substantially less complicated nowvery uncomplicated to thoroughly clean as well.

As a college or university college student this is the fantastic purchase. I get to cook lots of healthy issues. It looks as if it will work astonishingly. As a college or university university student this is the excellent acquire. I get to cook many healthful issues and it operates in another way based on what i want to make. I am loving this item and i am hoping i get to use it a ton.

Love this larger then what i was anticipating. Applied it a person time so far operates excellent.

You have to have great eyes or a magnifying glass. As considerably as cooking, the pot carried out rather very well to commence. These are my concerns: * the configurations are not that quick to set. The producing is quite compact and it is seriously tough to see the tiny indicator ‘arrow’ as it bounces from assortment to range. * hot spots are commencing to exhibit on the bottom. If browning meat, one particular portion commences to burn though the relaxation is slower to get there. * if i want to prepare dinner soup or stew, the pot will start out to boil but then slows down to a gentle simmer and then pretty much stops. * there are 3 ‘prongs’ on the bottom of the insert that have to be inserted into the exterior shell in order to create heat. This will make it extremely hard to take the pot and continue to keep in the refrigerator as it will not sit amount and can scratch the interior of the reefer. * deep frying is slowed down since you won’t be able to put more than enough oil in the fryer to let food float above the bottom.

This is much greater inside than your competition and due to the fact my dad is a wonderful cook, and extremely selective with what he cooks with, he is presently earning sauces and other recipes.

Can do lots of items, deep fryer that is not too major for each and every working day use.

I appreciate this cooker the digital settings are uncomplicated to use. I appreciate this cooker the digital configurations are uncomplicated to use. The truth that yoy can sear your meat in this initial andthen complete everthung in that pot saves on clean up up.

I enjoy< love< love this pot. I love< love< love this pot. It is truly amazing, if i had more than one, i would never need my stove or oven :) and it looks beautiful on my kitchen counter. Gladly give it 5 stars like all their other products. Thank you for making my job in the kitchen easy and fun.

Joyful so considerably, my daughter has a single and i favored it, will take area of other tiny appliances.

I just desire there ended up far better recommendations, and a cook book. But the online is a superior useful resource.

It has many wonderful capabilities and uses. Im looking foreward to try them all out. Pretty simple to assemble and clean up.

I was wanting for a multi cooker for a even though. I was seeking for a multi cooker for a whilst, and this 1 genuinely seemed to fit all my desires. It will come with a lot of extras and works properly for what i need. All the components are long lasting and appear aside and can be cleaned as perfectly.

Gourmia gmc700 supreme 8-in-1 cooker.